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Official Profile

Age 16 Height 162 cm Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)
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Age 16歳 Height 162cm Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)
Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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The Confused Visitor

A dark rift transports Tear from Baticul—the capital of the Kimlasca Kingdom—to an unfamiliar place. While trying to gather information, she is left bewildered by a host of unfamiliar words. After regaining her composure, she realizes that she must act swiftly to rectify her situation, which will lead to her encounter with (Captain)'s crew.

At Duke Fabre's palace in Baticul, capital of the Kimlasca Kingdom.
Tear: To think the Crystallization Anomaly would have spread this far...
Discovering an instance of the spreading Crystallization Anomaly in a bed of flowers, a sorrowful expression crosses Tear's face.
Tear: What is happening to this world?
Tear reaches toward one of the shining crystals in the flower bed.
Tear: Wait... This feeling...
A black fissure suddenly appears behind Tear, as though a gash has been torn in the very air itself.
Tear: What? There was nothing here a moment ago!
With all senses on alert, Tear raises up her guard.
Tear: Eek!
The space between Tear and the black fissure begins to contract.
Tear: Oh no... I'm being pulled in!
Tear: Aaaah!
The black fissure swallows Tear without remorse or mercy.
Tear: Nnngh...
Tear: Mmm...
Tear: (Where... am I? I was just in the courtyard of the mansion, wasn't I?)
Tear: What happened?
Tear's words escape her lips, only to be carried away by the wind.
Tear: Okay, hold up. I need to be calm and get a grip on my situation.
Tear: The fissure that swallowed me seemed similar to that space-time distortion I fell into before.
Tear: Luke said he came out of the other end in a world called a fractured dimension. Might the Great Spirits have something to do with this?
Tear: Regardless, what I need now is information. Standing around in a daze isn't going to get me anywhere.
Tear begins walking toward a city in the distance.
Tear: Um, pardon me...
Townsperson: Hmm? Can I help you?
Tear: (I can't just ask where I am—that would be far too suspicious.)
Tear: Er, could you tell me the best way to get to the capital?
Townsperson: You mean Agastia?
Tear: Agastia? Uh, I mean... Yes! That's right! I definitely want to go to Agastia.
Townsperson: Then you'd best grab an airship at the port. Mind you we're a bit far out, so you may need to transfer a couple of times.
Tear: Is that so?
Tear: (Airship sounds like some manner of vehicle, though I've never heard the term. Looks like I may be up the river on this one...)
Townsperson: Something wrong, miss?
Tear: Oh, sorry. You, um... You wouldn't happen to know a place close to Baticul, would you?
Townsperson: Can't say I've heard of Baticul. Is that in Erste?
Tear: No, that's fine. Thank you for your help.
Thanking the man and taking her leave, Tear lets out a long, bewildered sigh.
Tear: (I've never heard of a country called Erste, and I have no idea what an airship is either...)
Tear: I may be in a worse situation than I thought.
Tear: But if something unusual is going on, this is no time to be dragging my feet.
Tear: I need to hurry and find a way back.
Looking to suss out more information, Tear begins to walk to the city center.
Little does she know, a fateful encounter with (Captain)'s crew awaits.

Her Real Feelings

As thanks for the crew's aid, Tear decides to prepare a meal for them. Despite being surprised by the food's rugged appearance, everyone enjoys the meal. As they eat, Tear begins to stare at Vyrn. When he asks her what's wrong, she flees the room.

Lyria: Wow, that smells great!
The famished crew assembles in the mess hall of the Grandcypher, where a tantalizing aroma floats through the air.
Lyria: Hee hee! Thanks for cooking for us, Tear!
Tear: Don't mention it. I've never used this world's ingredients before, but I hope it's to your liking.
Tear claims to have come from another world through a rift in space-time, an effect known as the Dark Scar.
She finds herself traveling with (Captain)'s crew while searching for a way back to her own world.
When the subject of cooking duty came up, Tear insisted that she do something to repay the group for their kindness.
Io: Say, (Captain)? Don't you think Tear is surprising?
Vyrn: Hmm... Not sure the best way to say it, but her cooking is kind of... dynamic. Like it's for big boys. Definitely a bit of a surprise!
Io: Yeah, look how the meat and vegetables are cut in such large chunks. Oh, and how it's all piled onto a huge dish.
Io and Vyrn exchange quiet words while warily eyeing the food. Meanwhile Lyria quickly takes a bite.
Lyria: Chomp... Chomp... Oh! It's delicious!
Tear: Really? That's a relief!
Io: For real? Lemme see... Chomp... Oh my gosh, it is good! Can't say I'm a fan of how it looks though.
Tear: Now that I think about it, we also have apples. Would anybody like one for dessert?
Vyrn: You bet your buns I would!
Tear: I didn't know you were such a fan. Here you go.
Tear passes an apple to Vyrn.
Vyrn: Crunch... Munch... Oh boy, apples are just the best.
Tear: Ahhh...
Lyria: Hmm? What's the matter, Tear? Why are you staring at Vyrn like that?
Tear: Huh? Oh, uh... it's nothing!
Tear: I'll go clean up the kitchen!
Vyrn: Okay? Why'd she run off like that?
Lyria: Well, she was staring at you for quite a while. Maybe there's something she wants to talk about.

Her Real Feelings: Scene 2

As Vyrn confronts Tear and asks why she was staring at him, Tear sheepishly asks to pet him. A perplexed Vyrn consents, and Tear begins to stroke his head and mutter about how cute he is. The session is cut short, however, when she realizes that (Captain) is watching.

Vyrn: Hmm? Oh, there she is! Hey, Tear!
Tear: Vyrn? Is something the matter?
Vyrn: I should be asking you that, what with how you stared at me while we were eating. Something you want to tell me?
Tear: Uh, no! It's not that there was... anything in particular.
Vyrn: Come on! You were totally staring! No need to hold back—lay it on me.
Tear: Well, would you... mind if I... touched you?
Vyrn: Touch me? Well, I... guess that would be fine?
Tear: Thank you! Ah...
Tear extends her hand and slowly begins to pat Vyrn.
Vyrn: ...?
Tear: Ohh... So cute...
Vyrn: Um, (Captain)? You have any idea what's going on here?
Tear: Ah!
Tear realizes (Captain) is standing behind Vyrn and withdraws her hand with a gasp.
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay?
Tear: It's nothing! I'm sorry!

Her Real Feelings: Scene 3

Tear seems embarrassed that (Captain) catches her petting Vyrn. The way (Captain) and Vyrn are always together reminds Tear of her friends Luke and Mieu, which makes her worry about events going on in her world. With her determination to hurry back renewed, (Captain) and the others offer her their assistance.

Deeply absorbed in petting Vyrn, Tear realizes (Captain) is standing to the rear and quickly withdraws her hand.
Tear: Um...
Tear: (So (Captain) was here as well...)
Vyrn: Are you okay? Your face looks a little flushed.
Tear: I-I'm fine. Thank you.
Tear: You and (Captain) are always together, aren't you?
Vyrn: Just about! We're partners, after all.
Tear: Partners, is it?
Tear: (It's just like...)
In the back of Tear's mind, she sees a red-haired youth and a small, fluffy creature that is always at his side.
Tear: (Mieu always refers to Luke as "Master," but I wonder if those two would also count as partners.)
Vyrn: Something wrong? What are you spacing out for?
Tear: It's nothing. I was thinking about the other side.
Vyrn: The world you came from, you mean?
Tear: Yes, that's right.
Tear: (I'm sure Luke must be slacking off with his studies again... And I'm worried about what's happening with the Crystallization Anomaly.)
Tear: I must hurry back.
Vyrn: Well, there's no need to carry that burden alone. We'll do all we can to help!
Tear: Thank you.
Vyrn's reassuring words inspire a warmth in Tear's chest, and she smiles faintly.
Vyrn: Ha ha! Don't mention it!
Catching a hint of Tear's inner feelings in her soft expression, the crew members can't help but break into smiles of their own.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
こちらも本気よ……逃がさないわ! No holds barred... You won't get away!
さすが(主人公)ね Great shot, (Captain).
ビィって……かわいい♥ Vyrn is... so cute!
あせらないで。慎重にいきましょう Be patient and proceed with caution.
余計な戦闘は避けたいわね I'd like to avoid meaningless conflict.
この調子でいきましょう Let's keep this up.
考える前に反応できなければダメよ You need to react before you think.
油断は禁物よ Stay alert.
詠唱中は守って! Cover me while I'm casting!
落ち着いて次に進みましょう Let's stay calm and keep moving.