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Fate Episodes

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A Day with Anya

Anastasia suddenly finds herself in a strange new world. When she starts to enjoy the snowy scenery, Vyrn and Lyria take notice. She tells the crew about Russian, her mother tongue, and how she hopes to one day become a pop idol and shine like a star in the night sky. (Captain) and company support her dream and accept her as one of their own. Together they hope to make lots of fun memories and great strides forward in this world.

Anastasia, who suddenly finds herself in another world, begins working alongside (Captain) and company by chance.
Anastasia: Crunchy, crunchy, squeaky snow. Crunchy, crunchy, squeaky snow.
Anastasia walks the snowy path, clearly enjoying herself.
Anastasia: Tee hee... It feels good to walk through the snow.
Vyrn: Heh heh! You've sure been in a good mood lately, Anya!
Lyria: Yeah! Did something nice happen, Anya-san?
Anastasia: Sneg... Ah, I mean snow. I have been looking forward to the snow.
Vyrn: Ah ha! Do you not get to see the snow very often, Anya?
Anastasia: Nyet... But when I see the snow, it reminds me of where I grew up.
Lyria: Oh, I see! What kind of place was your hometown, Anya-san?
Anastasia: Hm... Well, you see...
Anastasia: I grew up in two places called Russia and Hokkaido.
Anastasia: They were both cold and had beautiful, snowy scenery.
Vyrn: Really? First I've heard of 'em!
Lyria: Um, do these places you grew up in have anything to do with the interesting words you use?
Anastasia: Da... I mean, yes. These words are from a language called Russian.
Anastasia: I am half-Russian. My mom is Japanese.
Anastasia: I lived in Russia until I was 10, though, so I feel more comfortable speaking Russian.
Vyrn: Wow! You don't say!
Vyrn: Heheh! Mind teaching us some Russian words then?
Anastasia: Um... Sure.
Anastasia: The perfect word for you, Vyrn... is yashcheritsa.
Vyrn: Say what? What's yashcheritsa mean?
Anastasia: It means lizard.
Vyrn: Hey, I ain't no yashcheritsa!
Lyria: There, there, Vyrn. Let's have her teach us some other words.
Anastasia: Hm... As for you, Lyria...
Anastasia: Misticheskiy seems right.
Lyria: U-um, what does misticheskiy mean?
Anastasia: It means mystical.
Lyria: Heheh... I'm mystical?
Anastasia: Yes, very much so!
Vyrn: Wait a sec! Why do I gotta be a lizard but Lyria gets to be mystical?
Lyria: Teach us all sorts of other words too, Anya-san!
Anastasia: Konechno! Of course!
And so in the time leading up to their arrival in the village, Anastasia teaches the crew a number of Russian words.
Anastasia: Yabloko.
Vyrn: Um, what's yabloko mean?
Anastasia: Something you love.
Vyrn: Oh! So it means apple?
Anastasia: Molodets! Correct!
Vyrn: Oh, so that's how you say apple!
Lyria: Heheh... Learning new words is fun!
Lyria: Um... What's your favorite word, Anya-san?
Anastasia responds to Lyria's question by muttering a certain word with great care.
Anastasia: Zvezda...
Vyrn: What's Zvezda mean?
Anastasia: It means star.
Lyria: Wow! Do you like stars, Anya-san?
Anastasia: Da. I love them.
Anastasia: Long ago, I would often watch the stars with my dad.
Anastasia: As a pop idol, I want to shine brighter than all others, like a star in the night sky.
Anastasia: Obeshchaniye... That's why I made a promise to my producer.
  1. I'm sure you can do it, Anya.
  2. I want to see you as Anya of the Stars.

Choose: I'm sure you can do it, Anya.
Anastasia: Spasibo. Thank you... (Captain).
Anastasia: I am overjoyed to be here.

Choose: I want to see you as Anya of the Stars.
Anastasia: Anya of the Stars... Prelestnaya, it sounds lovely, doesn't it?
Anastasia: I think it sounds cute. I like it.
Continue 1
Anastasia: Talking to everyone here gives me energy and motivation.
Vyrn: Hey, glad to hear it!
Anastasia: I want to get back to my world soon and do the best job I can working alongside my producer.
Anastasia: But... I also want to enjoy this world and make lots of fun memories with everyone.
Lyria: Okay! We'll make sure you have lots of fun here, Anya-san!
And thus the friendship between Anastasia and (Captain)'s crew steadily grows deeper.
It seems Anastasia's positive and kindly personality will allow her to have lots of fun with her friends in this astonishing new world.

Hope for the Stars

The crew hears word of a secret spot where they can enjoy a view of the stars. Anastasia hears this rumor and asks to go stargazing. To find out more, they visit a nearby elderly astronomer said to be knowledgeable about the stars. The astronomer explains to the crew that monsters and miasma are preventing a clear view of the sky. The crew offers to help and sets out to vanquish the monsters.

On the way to town, the crew hears tell of a secret spot where they can enjoy full views of the starry night sky.
When Anastasia hears this rumor, she tells the crew that she wants to go to the spot and gaze up at the stars.
Anastasia: I want to see the twinkling zvezdas.
Anastasia: Hmm, is it okay if we go stargazing, (Captain)?
Anastasia looks over to (Captain), who responds with a beaming smile and nod.
Vyrn: Ooh! Looks like (Captain)'s interested!
Lyria: I want to see the zvezdas too!
Lyria: Hee hee... Let's go stargazing together, everyone!
Anastasia: Tee hee! This makes me so happy!
And so the crew goes to visit a nearby elderly astronomer said to be knowledgeable about the stars.
Astronomer: Hm... You wish to go to Stargazer Hill?
Anastasia: Da. I want to see the stars.
Astronomer: Yes, well... There's a thick, poisonous miasma hanging over the hill right now. You won't be able to see the stars very well.
Vyrn: Hey, wait a sec. What's something like that doing there in the first place?
Astronomer: Much as I'd like to investigate the cause, there are monsters preventing such action.
Astronomer: Sigh... I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but you should probably give up for now.
Lyria: It's okay! Let us handle the monsters!
Anastasia: I'll use my magia—magic—to clear away the poison cloud.
(Captain) and company entreat the astronomer to let them handle the situation.
Astronomer: Dear me. Very well, I'll make this a special case and tell you the location, I suppose.
Astronomer: However... under no circumstances are you to do anything rash.
Anastasia: Spasibo! Thank you, sir!
And with that (Captain) and the crew leave the old man's house and head to Stargazer Hill.

Hope for the Stars: Scene 2

The crew reaches the hill and finds it blanketed in miasma. The crew searches the hill and finds the source of the miasma: a mountain of garbage. Monsters suddenly appear out of nowhere, and (Captain) and company battle them to restore the hill to its former glory.

The crew reaches Stargazer Hill. Unfortunately it's blanketed in miasma, just as they were told.
Anastasia: Uzhas! This is... horrible.
Vyrn: Yeah, and what's that smell?
Lyria: My nose feels like it's going to fall off.
The crew proceeds with caution toward the thicker part of the miasma.
When they finally reach the source of the flow, the crew finds a mountain of garbage.
Anastasia: Musor... There's so much of it.
Vyrn: This is awful! Is this the source of the miasma?
Anastasia: Da. We have to clean it up if we want to do any stargazing.
Something behind Anastasia suddenly moves.
Anastasia: Hm? What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Huh? I didn't do anything.
Anastasia: Da. Was it you, Vyrn-san?
Vyrn: Nah, I didn't do anyth—
H-hey, Anya! Behind you!
Anastasia: Behind me... What is it?
Monster: Grooar!
Anastasia: ...!
(Captain) narrowly pulls Anya out of the way before a monster can attack her from behind.
Anastasia: Spasibo! You saved me, (Captain).
Anastasia: There are monsters everywhere. When did they get here?
Vyrn: Uh-oh! What should we do, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yikes... T-this isn't good!
Anastasia: It's all right, everyone. I can handle this!
Anastasia: Now then! Let's go, (Captain)!

Hope for the Stars: Scene 3

Having eliminated the monsters, the crew gets the villagers to help clean up the garbage. The next day the crew goes stargazing, and Anastasia discovers a new star that has yet to be named. While the crew is excited to name the star, Anastasia looks up at the night sky with dreams of one day shining like a star herself.

After defeating the monsters, the crew gets the villagers together to help clean up the garbage.
The next day the crew assembles for a completely miasma-free evening of stargazing.
Anastasia: Prekrasny! What a beautiful starry night!
Lyria: Yes! It's very pretty!
Astronomer: Sob... sob... Thank you, everyone. I never imagined I'd be able to see such a beautiful starry sky again in my lifetime.
Vyrn: Heh heh! You hear that, Anya?
Anastasia: Tee hee hee... We really did our best, didn't we?
Anastasia: Ah, that bright star over there... What's it called?
Astronomer: Oohh? What's this? I've never seen that one before! It must be a newborn star!
Anastasia: A newborn star?
Vyrn: Whoa! You discovered a new star, Anya? That's incredible!
Lyria: Yeah! Isn't this wonderful, Anya-san?
Astronomer: You found it. Interested in giving it a name?
Anastasia: Pravda? Can I really?
Lyria: Yes! Please pick any name you like, Anya-san!
Anastasia: I get to... name a star...
Anastasia thinks a bit, and slowly raises her head to the sky.
Anastasia: That star... We all found that star.
Anastasia: So... I want to think of a name with all of you.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Sounds good to me!
Lyria: Yippee! That's wonderful! What name should we pick?
Anastasia: Tee hee hee... Good question.
(Captain) and company excitedly try to decide what name to give to the newly discovered celestial body.
Anastasia takes a brief look up at the star, surrounded by the smiling faces of her friends.
Anastasia: (Novy zvezda... A new star.)
Anastasia: (I'm still a small star... But by working together with everyone, I'll shine just as bright as that brilliant gem in the sky.)

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ヌー パカーまた、どこかで。 Nu poka. Until next time.
イズヴィニーチェ、ごめんなさい。 Izvinite. So sorry!
カーク ヴィー パジヴァーィチェ? Kak vy sebya chuvstvuyete?
ヤー スタラーユシ、私、頑張りますね。 Ya budu starayus! I'll do my best!
私のマギヤ見て下さい! Behold my magia!
カーク ジーラ?ご機嫌いかがですか? Kak dela? How are you?
にゃ? ねこ…かわいい、です。 Meow? Cats sure are cute.
闇に飲まれよ!素晴らしい言葉です。 Let the darkness embrace you! Ah, Ranko has such a wonderful way with words.
ンー、(主人公)は寒いのは好きですか? Hm... Do you like the cold, (Captain)?
(主人公)は温かい人ですね。 You are a very warm person, (Captain).