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Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Opening

As her year spirit duties come to a close, Kumbhira discovers that the Joya has gone missing, but this time she suspects its disappearance may be linked to theft. Elsewhere on the island, Mahira is constructing a special device shaped like a bell.

The end of the year is close at hand. An austere sanctuary on a certain island stands shrouded in morning mist.
Two men and two young women stand outside, faces grave.
Kumbhira: I don't believe it... The Joya was right where it should be when I checked in yesterday.
This young woman's name is Kumbhira, guardian of the north-northwest and keeper of the Boar Shrine. She carries with her a sacred treasure fashioned from a huge piece of bamboo.
Young Man: I am deeply sorry, Lady Kumbhira.
Village Elder: We here in this village have devoted our lives to watching over the Joya, and yet again, we have failed in our duty.
Kumbhira: No, it's not your fault.
Kumbhira: If I'd paid closer attention when I checked on it yesterday, I probably could have stopped it.
Kumbhira: And after Vajra warned me about the rampages it went on before...
The Joya is a bell crafted to absorb all the Kleshas—earthly desires and negative impulses—of people living throughout the skies in order to maintain balance in mortals' affairs.
At New Year's, one of the Twelve Divine Generals is tasked to strike the Joya, thereby banishing all the Kleshas it has gathered during the year.
This lessens the psychological strain on skydwellers as they go about their daily lives.
Because the Joya was designed as a vessel, with no way of purging that negativity on its own, there is a limit to how many Kleshas it can store.
Burdened by an excess of dark emotions, the Joya has lost control and gone on a rampage three times now.
It has caused so much trouble in recent years that the primal beast responsible for maintaining the Sky Realm's balance was forced to step in.
Young Man: I don't think this is like the other times it went missing.
Kumbhira: You mean it hasn't lost control and flown off somewhere?
Village Elder: Look at the snow here in front of the sanctuary. See all these footprints?
Young Man: It snowed until sundown yesterday, so we can assume these prints were left sometime since yesterday evening.
Young Man: The tracks clearly do not belong to shoes made on this island. I believe we are dealing with intruders.
Kumbhira: Then the Joya was stolen?
Village Elder: I believe so. The trail leads to the edge of the island, where I suspect they had a ship moored.
Kumbhira: I see. Now that I think of it, if the Joya had lost control, this whole area would be swimming with Kleshas...
Kumbhira: But what do you think these thieves would want with the Joya?
Kumbhira: This is the time of year when it holds the most Kleshas—even we generals have to approach it with caution.
???: That's true. I'm worried about both the Joya and the thieves.
Beside Kumbhira, a young woman wearing large fake ears stands with her arms folded over her chest.
Kumbhira: I'm sorry, Vikala. I promise I'll sort this out before it's time for you to take over as year spirit.
Vikala: Haha! We gotta cure you of that tendency to take everything on by yourself!
Vikala: I'm a Divine General too! I'll help you find the Joya. Two heads're better than one, y'know!
Kumbhira: Thanks. Glad to have you on board.
The two Divine Generals set out together to find the missing Joya.
Mahira: So this part here goes in the slot on the bottom...
In the village warehouse, not far from the Joya's sanctuary, a girl is absorbed in a building project.
Her name is Mahira, Queen of the Roosters, guardian of the west, and keeper of the Rooster Temple. To realize her dream of flying like a bird, she builds all manner of machines.
Mahira: So the larger spring should go... Oh. There's that same character string again. Which must mean...
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum... Wing-a-doodle-fly...
Mahira: Mm... This is definitely where the cipher is displayed. So then, according to the blueprint...
Joya (?): ...
Mahira slots the last part into place, completing a bell-shaped contraption. The parts inside begin to turn.
Mahira: Oh, it came online. Time to analyze its construction.
Mahira attaches a rectangular device to the side of the newly constructed bell and adjusts a dial, trying to match the two devices' wavelengths.
Joya (?): ...
Joya (?): ...
Joya (?): ☆ & * @ ♪ # & ! ? ! ?
Mahira: Whoa! Let's adjust that.
Joya (?): ...
Joya (?): ...
Joya (?): !
Mahira: Did that do the trick?
Mahira: I've never seen a wavelength like this before though...
Mahira tilts her head thoughtfully as she adjusts the dial, continuing her analysis.
Joya (?): ...
Joya (?): ~~♪ ~~♪
Neither Mahira nor anyone else could possibly guess that the hopes of the entire Sky Realm will soon be pinned on this little bell.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 1: Joya Junior - Episode 1

The crew hears Mahira's voice coming from a shack and enters to discover that she's about to complete construction of Proto-Joya, a small-scale bell built for the purpose of researching why the original Joya might go on a rampage. Lyria is delighted to exchange greetings with Proto-Joya, which is capable of speech.

Vyrn: Yeesh, this place is always snowbound!
Lyria: Hehe. Coming here really gets me in the year-end spirit.
Last year's ringing of the Joya went off without a hitch.
(Captain) and the crew have come to watch this year, confident in the expectation that the ceremony will be similarly peaceful.
Vyrn: We wrapped up that last request so quickly that we got here with lotsa time to spare before the ceremony.
Vyrn: Long as we're here, why don't we head into the village and say hi to the elder?
Lyria: Yeah! I hope we can catch up with Kumbhira before she has to work.
As they walk along the snow-covered road, (Captain) and the others begin to feel that something is off.
This village is usually bustling with preparations for the Joya-ringing ceremony at this time. Today, however, it is strangely quiet.
Lyria: That's odd... Where is everybody?
???: Changing the initializing values just causes coordinate errors... Which means this result...
Vyrn: Hey, doesn't that sound like Mahira?
Lyria: It's coming from that warehouse. Let's go look!
Mahira: But then what do these two repeated symbols mean? Why does it keep displaying them?
Mahira: It looks a bit like it's staring at me. Wait...
Vyrn: Yooo, Mahira! I thought that was you!
Any version of Mahira is a crew member

Mahira joined (Captain)'s crew in order to perfect a personal-sized airship—her own set of wings.
Recently she took some shore leave, saying she intended to investigate the cause of the Joya's rampages.
No version of Mahira in crew

When the Joya went rogue, (Captain) and the others fought alongside Mahira to bring it under control.
They have been on good terms ever since.
Mahira: Yes, I'm sure it is. This isn't some random phenomenon.
Vyrn: Huh? What're you talkin' about?
Vyrn: What's that you're fiddling with? A new airship? Nah... That thing looks just like the Joya.
Mahira: Mm... First hypothesis disproven. Proceeding to test hypothesis number two.
Lyria: Ahaha... Looks like Mahira's wrapped up in her tinkering again.
Vyrn: She really does live in her own little world... And look at the books scattered all over the place. Aren't these important research materials?
Mahira: Cluck?
Mahira: Oh. Hello, everyone. I didn't know you were in town.
Lyria: Hello, Mahira. What are you working on there?
Joya (?): ...
Mahira: A miniature Proto-Joya. I just finished it.
Vyrn: Finished it? You mean you built a Joya from scratch?
Mahira: I found blueprints for the Joya here in the warehouse, so I tried following them.
Lyria: Oh! Can I see the blueprints?
Mahira: Go ahead. They're sitting right over there.
Mahira points to a large collection of open books arrayed on the floor in the shape of a temple bell.
Lyria: Uh... Which book are the blueprints in?
Mahira: Oh, sorry, I should have been clearer. All of those books together form the blueprint.
Mahira: Each book contains a particular symbol, so I arranged them to overlap at that point. There's also a string of identical characters in each. I drew lines connecting them, and the blueprint more or less emerged.
According to Mahira, the Joya was built by the Twelve Divine Generals about a century ago.
She figured there might be some more detailed information about the bell stored away here.
After a long search, she did indeed hunt up the blueprint for the Klesha-gathering vessel known as the Joya.
Vyrn: You say it "emerged," but you basically discovered and then deciphered a secret code, right?
Lyria: You're so smart, Mahira! I never would've caught on!
Mahira: Oh, I still have a long way to go. Even if I managed to follow the blueprints, I'm not sure what most of the parts are actually for.
Mahira: The whole reason I built this Joya prototype was to shed some light on the original bell's malfunctions.
Mahira: I installed this little readout to help me analyze its behavior, but I can't make heads or tails of the waveform it displays. I was just scratching my head over it when you arrived.
Proto-Joya: ...
Proto-Joya: ...
Lyria: Huh? Is it looking at me?
Vyrn: Is this the readout you were talking about? Where the symbols keep movin' around? They do look like eyes, don't they?
Proto-Joya: ...
Lyria: Oh! It's smiling! Hehe. Hello there.
Proto-Joya: ...
Proto-Joya: ...
Proto-Joya: Hel. Lo. There.
Lyria: Yeep!
Mahira: It... spoke?

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 1: Joya Junior - Episode 2

Finding "Proto-Joya" to be too stiff of a name, Lyria decides to call the newly made bell "Joy." When Mahira sees how pleased Joy is with its new name, she wonders if the Joya, which shares the same construction, might possess similar emotions.

Lyria: Again! Can you say that again?
Proto-Joya: ...?
Vyrn: It clammed up. It definitely said "hello," though, right? I heard it.
Mahira: I did too. No doubt about it.
Lyria: Come on... Hel-lo! Just like that! Hello!
Proto-Joya: Come. On. Hel-lo. Just. Like. That. Hel-lo.
Lyria: Meep! That startled me!
Proto-Joya: Meep! Star-tled!
Meep! Star-tled!
Vyrn: Gyahaha! This thing's a little copycat!
Mahira: Now that I think of it, the Joya spoke occasionally too. It could say "happy New Year," for instance.
Mahira: Maybe it's using its hollow interior to amplify vibrations from its mechanical parts in order to produce a voice.
Lyria: Hehe! I wonder what other words we can teach it.
Lyria: My name is Lyria. Can you say Ly-ri-a?
Proto-Joya: Ly-ri-a?
Lyria: Oooh! Great job!
Vyrn: My name's Vyrn! Say my name too!
Proto-Joya: My name!
Vyrn: No! Not "my name"! Vyrn!
Proto-Joya: ...
Vyrn: That's right! See, that wasn't so hard!
  1. My name is (Captain).

Choose: My name is (Captain).
Proto-Joya: (Captain)! (Captain)!
Proto-Joya: ...
Proto-Joya: Name... Name...
Vyrn: Huh? Whassa matter, li'l dude?
Lyria: Oh, maybe it wants to know what its name is.
Vyrn: That makes sense, after hearing all of ours.
Vyrn: Your name is Proto-Joya. Pro-to Jo-ya.
Proto-Joya: Pro... to?
Lyria: That's kind of a big name for a little bell. Can't we give it a nickname?
Vyrn: A nickname, huh? How about Joya Junior?
Proto-Joya: Jo... ya... Ju... nior...
Vyrn: Hey! You don't have to make it that obvious that you hate it!
Lyria: Jo-ya... Jop-py... John... Jol-ly...
Lyria: Oh! What about Joy?
Proto-Joya: Joy?
Proto-Joya: Joy! Joy!
Lyria: It likes it! That settles it! Your name is Joy!
The newly christened Joy goes rolling all around the warehouse, ecstatic over its brand-new name.
Mahira: It has expressions... Language-learning faculties... And shows interest in a variety of things...
Mahira: How strange. Apart from making it smaller and adding the readout, its specs aren't any different from the Joya's.
Mahira: Does that mean the Joya has exactly the same sorts of feelings as Joy seems to?
Joy has wildly exceeded Mahira's expectations. The little inventor's brow furrows in thought.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 1: Joya Junior - Episode 3

Lyria suggests the crew go look for the Joya, so that Joy can find companionship in one who shares a similar appearance. Kumbhira shows up with Vikala, who is set to be the next year spirit, and they relay the Joya's disappearance to the crew. Mahira suggests tracking it down by going after the traces of Kleshas it leaves behind.

Joy: ...?
Joy cheerfully rolls around the warehouse. It comes to a sudden stop in front of a tall mirror.
Lyria: This is called a mirror. Look. That's you and me reflected there!
Joy: Lyria? Joy?
Joy: Joy, different. Lyria, different.
Lyria: Huh?
Joy: Joy and Vyrn, different. Lyria and Vyrn, different. Lyria and (Captain), different-different.
Lyria: Uh... What's the matter, Joy? What do you mean, "different"?
Mahira: Ah... I wonder if that was a double-negative? Different-from-different.
Lyria: Oh. So Joy means (Captain) and I aren't different?
Vyrn: So Joy and me are different, Lyria 'n' me're different, but Lyria an' (Captain) aren't different.
Vyrn: Is Joy talkin' about how we look?
Mahira: Could be. I'm surprised Joy managed to grasp the concept of a mirror so quickly.
Joy: Joy, different. Different... Different...
Lyria: Don't worry, Joy. You have a friend out there who looks just like you.
Lyria: Its name is Joya! It lives at the sanctuary near here, so why don't we go introduce you two?
Mahira: That's a good idea. Joy is making incredibly fast progress just by processing readily available stimuli.
Mahira: Meeting the original Joya might unlock all sorts of new abilities.
Vyrn: What're we waitin' for then? Let's hit up the sanctuary!
Vyrn: Uh, how do we take Joy with us? If it rolls along the road, it's gonna get buried in the snow.
Kumbhira: I thought I heard you in here, Mahira.
Mahira: Kumbhira, Vikala... You both look awfully flustered. What's wrong?
Vikala: The Joya's missing from the sanctuary. Seems like it's gotten mixed up in some kinda mess.
Lyria: Missing? You mean it's lost control and blasted off into the cosmos again?
Vikala: Huh? How do you know about that?
Kumbhira: Allow me to introduce (Captain)—a great skyfarer whose crew I joined.
Lyria: Pleased to meet you! Are you going to be the year spirit after Kumbhira?
Vikala: That's right! You can call me Vicky! I'm the guardian of the north and keeper of the Rat Temple!
Vikala: Make sure you stop by at New Year's, okay? I'll be waiting!
Vikala: And this is my shikigami partner, Dormouse!
Dormouse: ...!
Kumbhira: So, about the Joya...
Kumbhira and Vikala bring Mahira, (Captain), and the others up to speed on what they discovered this morning at the sanctuary.
Vyrn: We got completely sidetracked playin' with Joy, but we did notice on our way in that the village didn't seem like its usual, bustling self.
Lyria: So the Joya didn't go rogue? It was stolen?
Kumbhira: That's the theory at the moment, anyhow.
Vikala: If the Joya was losing it again, the place would be crawling with people going gong-zo, right?
Vikala: So it doesn't look like that's the deal this time. That's what the village elder said.
Mahira: I see. In that case, it might be easier than last time to bring the Joya home.
Mahira: If skydwellers carried it off, then all we have to do is figure out where they took it.
Mahira: Even in an airship, they can't have gotten that far since last night.
Vyrn: Yeah, anywhere in the sky is closer than the cosmos.
Lyria: But it doesn't sound like the thieves left many clues. How do we track them?
Mahira: We Divine Generals can sense Kleshas.
Mahira: (Captain), please take Kumbhira and Vikala aboard the Grandcypher and start looking for Kleshas.
Kumbhira: Right... The Joya is filled to the brim with Kleshas right now. We should be able to track it down that way.
Vikala: I knew you'd have the answer, Mahira! You're such a brainiac!
Mahira: I shouldn't have just started giving orders. (Captain), is this all right with you?
  1. You can count on us!
  2. What are you going to do, Mahira?

Choose: You can count on us!
Mahira: Hehe, thank you.
Mahira: I'm going to stay here on the island. I can't leave the warehouse in this kind of a mess.

Choose: What are you going to do, Mahira?
Mahira: For now, I'm going to stay here on the island. I can't leave the warehouse in this kind of a mess.
Continue 1
Mahira: And I think I'd better get in touch with Anila and Andira, just in case.
Kumbhira: Yeah... Better safe than sorry.
Kumbhira: I'm really glad you're here, Mahira. Thanks to you, we at least have a place to start.
Mahira: You're too kind, Kumbhira, but thank you.
Lyria: Quick, (Captain)! Let's get going before the Joya gets any more of a head start!
(Captain) and the others make their preparations to leave in a mad rush.
Joy: Jo... ya?
Joy watches them with a worried expression on its readout.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 1: Joya Junior - Episode 4

While Joy is practicing movement and speech aboard the Grandcypher, Kumbhira takes notice of its fondness for a rolling pin that resembles a bell-ringing mallet. (Captain) offers the rolling pin to Joy as a gift. The Divine Generals sense Kleshas coming from a nearby island, leading the crew to their next destination.

Joy: Cock-a... doodle... dum... Wing-a... doodle...
Lyria: Wow, look! Joy can float all the way from one end of the room to the other!
(Captain) and the others have piled back aboard the Grandcypher to search for the missing Joya.
They have been flying around the island where the sanctuary is located, sniffing for a Klesha-scented clue to where the Joya-nappers went.
The Grandcypher's search pattern spirals gradually outward from the island.
Vyrn: Never figured you'd be able to float like the Joya. That'll make it a lot easier for you to tag along with us.
Lyria: It gets tired pretty quickly now, but someday it might be able to travel into the cosmos just like the Joya.
When (Captain) and the others set off, Mahira had a request for them.
Mahira: Joy seems to be discovering its capabilities as it learns.
Mahira: I'd like Joy to develop to the same level as the Joya in order to gain insight into the Joya's issues.
Mahira: So please teach it everything you can. I'd appreciate it if you could let Joy interact with the Joya too. If it seems safe, that is.
Vyrn: The cosmos, huh? I guess if it's built the same way as the Joya, that could happen.
Vyrn: Hey, do you think that was part of why Mahira built Joy?
Lyria: If so, then Mahira really might be able to build that ship that can sail the cosmos, just like she wanted!
Kumbhira: How's Joy doing? Mastered flight yet?
Vikala: The warehouse was an unholy mess, but I never guessed there was something like that in there!
Joy: Kumbhira! Vikala! Joy flew!
Vikala: Haha! Aren't you clever! You already learned our names!
Kumbhira: Yeah! You're starting to speak really well! You sure are a quick study.
Lyria: Hehe! Everyone's so proud of you, Joy!
Joy: Proud of. Joy! Proud of. Joy!
Joy: I will. Learn more! Learning... Learning...
Joy seems fascinated by everything it sees, bouncing around the room in search of new stimuli.
Vyrn: So, how about those Kleshas? Up on deck earlier, you two looked like you had your eyes on somethin'.
Kumbhira: Sorry. It turned out to be a false alarm.
Kumbhira: Maybe it's because the Joya isn't rampaging, but I'm having a lot of trouble sensing it.
Vyrn: Hey, don't take it so hard. It should be easier at a shorter distance, right? Take a break until we hit the next archipelago.
Lyria: You'll wear yourselves out if you're on alert all the time. Why don't you relax here with us?
Kumbhira: Yeah... That sounds good.
Kumbhira: You should take five too, Vikala. That kind of concentration can be really tiring. I'll put on some tea.
Vikala: Actually, I think I'll go take advantage of that room you guys gave me. I should put away my luggage and stuff.
Joy: ...?
Vikala: Hm? You need something, short stuff?
Joy: You have. Four ears?
Vikala: Nope, just two. The ones on top of my head are fake.
Joy: Fake ears?
Vikala: That's right. These down here are the real ones.
Vikala: My rat-ear headband is like my ID badge. It proves I'm Vicky! There's another lesson for ya!
Vikala: Later, gator!
Vikala skips out of the room, humming a little tune.
Vyrn: Kind of a strange Divine General, isn't she? Sorta weirdly cheerful...
Kumbhira: We might be dealing with the other Vikala right now. She is here as a Divine General, after all.
Lyria: The other Vikala? What do you mean?
Kumbhira: Ah... Um, never mind.
Kumbhira: Hey, look. Joy's messing around with that cabinet over there.
Joy: Learning... Learning...
Joy: Meep! Oh no!
Meep! Oh no!
Vyrn: That's a little more than "meep," Joy. Look at all these dishes you dropped.
Lyria: Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Joy: Joy is o-kay! Must learn more!
Kumbhira: Hehe. It really is just like a little kid. Reminds me of my siblings back home.
Kumbhira reaches for the dropped plates, showing them to Joy as she tidies up.
Kumbhira: These are plates, Joy. They'll break if you drop them, so be careful, okay?
Joy: Plate... Break if you drop!
Kumbhira: That's right.
Kumbhira: This is a fork. You use it to eat.
Joy: Fork... Pointy!
Kumbhira: Mm-hm. It's pointy and sharp at this end.
Lyria: Hehe, you're so motherly, Kumbhira.
Kumbhira: Huh? You think?
Kumbhira: I'm just used to this kinda thing because the piglets are always asking questions.
Joy: Kumbhira. What is this?
Joy is staring at a long, thin rod sitting on one shelf.
Kumbhira: That's a rolling pin. You use it to get dough nice and flat and even.
Joy: Rolling pin! Joy likes rolling pin!
Kumbhira: You like this? Oh... Does it remind you of a bell-ringing mallet?
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)? Can we give Joy this rolling pin? It really seems to want it.
Smiling, (Captain) nods and holds out the rolling pin to the little bell.
  1. Take good care of it, okay?

Choose: Take good care of it, okay?
Joy: O-kay! Joy will take care! Of rolling pin!
An arm extends from the bell, latches onto the rolling pin, and pulls it inside.
Vyrn: Wait just one minute. Where did that arm come from?
Kumbhira: Ah!
Vikala: Kumbhira, did you sense that?
Kumbhira: I did. (Captain), there are Kleshas nearby.
Lyria: Which island are they coming from? We have to hurry!
Around the same time that the Grandcypher is changing course to hone in on the Kleshas, another scene unfolds.
Man in Black 1: Urgh... My everything...
Man in Black 2: You okay, bro? Here, lean on me.
Yuisis: ...
Yuisis: How dare you ruin this ceremony... How dare you attack my family...
Yuisis: You'll pay this debt in blood.
Standing before the smoking ruin of a building, a young woman lays hands on her prey.
Henchman Harry: (That oddly shaped blade... No doubt about it. That has to be her.)
The figure intently monitoring Yuisis from the shadows drops something, then beats a hasty retreat.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 2: A Congregation in Black - Episode 1

The crew enters a Klesha-filled town to find it a shambles. The townspeople scampering at the sight of Joy is a clear indication that whoever stole the Joya is involved. After the Divine Generals purify the locals of Kleshas, a grim-faced Yuisis shows up.

A column of black smoke rises from the center of the island Kumbhira and Vikala pointed out, where a large area appears to have been devastated by an explosion.
(Captain) and the others head down the road toward the town, uneasy about what they will find.
Vikala: No doubt about it. I'm sensing Kleshas from that town.
Kumbhira: It's diffuse, though. There's no center to them. The Joya may already have been moved.
Lyria: Is this where the bad guys are hiding?
Vyrn: Maybe the village was attacked. Let's ask around.
Kumbhira: Oh, I think I see some residents! Excuse me!
Townie Tara: Huh? Do you need something?
Kumbhira: What happened here? Could you possibly fill us in?
Joy: Hup-two.
Townie Tara: Aaaahhh!
Vikala: W-where are you going! What's wrong!
Townie Thomas: Hey, what's going on? I thought I heard someone scream—
Joy: Finally. Here.
Townie Thomas: Gyaaah! They're back!
Lyria: Wait! Please, we just want some information!
Vikala: Why's everyone running away from us? What'd they mean, "they're back"? Who do they think we are?
Kumbhira: Whoever attacked them, probably.
Kumbhira: It looked like it was Joy that scared them.
Kumbhira: Which makes me think whoever wrecked the town had the Joya.
Vyrn: That makes sense. Joy's just a li'l clapper, but it looks almost the same.
Joy: They... hate Joy?
Kumbhira: Oh, no, Joy, they don't. Once we explain the situation, everything will be fine.
Vyrn: Let's head for the town center. We've got some investigating to do.
Klesha-Ravaged Rae: Hey! Hand over that medicine and make it snappy, gong! You trying to keep it all to yourself?
Townie Tim: Why the heck would I do that? As soon as I'm done applying it, I'll give it to you, so just keep your shirt on.
Vyrn: Oh geez. We got a gonger.
Vikala: With this many Kleshas buzzing around the area, that's no surprise.
Kumbhira: But Vikala and I can handle purification on our own, since not that many people seem affected. Hang on a minute, (Captain).
With practiced ease, the two Divine Generals banish the Kleshas from the townsfolk.
Regular Rae: Ah! What was I... just doing?
Vikala: Looks like they're Klesha-free. That's a relief.
Joy: Kleshas... go gong? Puri-fy?
Man in Black 2: Lady Yuisis! I found 'em! They're over there!
Yuisis: Thanks. I'll handle this.
Yuisis: So the note that guy left was true. I've heard of criminals returning to the scene of the crime, but I never thought you'd have the guts.
Joy: Joy...
Joy: Not Joy! Wrong bell! Not guilty!

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 2: A Congregation in Black - Episode 2

After learning that Joy is a different bell from the Joya, Yuisis apologizes for mistaking (Captain) and company to be the culprits. She explains that the man controlling the Joya rained down red-hot bullets on a funeral she was attending. Yuisis wants revenge, while Joy doesn't want the Joya to be made a scapegoat; (Captain) is glad to have them both along.

Lyria: Oh no! What's the matter, Joy?
Vyrn: Huh? Is that Yuisis over there?
Yuisis: Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain)!
Yuisis: But you've got the bell-weapon with you, just like the note said...
Yuisis: What's goin' on here?
Yuisis looks back and forth between the crew and Joy, clearly befuddled.
Vyrn: Bell-weapon? You mean Joy?
Lyria: Yeah, this is Joy. It looks a lot like the Joya, but it's a whole different bell!
Yuisis: Now that you mention it, it does look smaller than the bell I saw at the funeral...
Joy: Joy and Joya, different!
Yuisis: Wha? It talked... And more importantly...
Yuisis: I'm sorry, Boss. I can't believe I suspected you...
Vyrn: Hey, forget about it. You weren't the only one around here who jumped to conclusions.
This young woman's name is Yuisis. (Captain) so impressed her with an act of selfless heroism that she decided to join the crew.
To seal the deal, she broke bread with Lyria, Vyrn, and the captain according to mafia traditions. She has considered them family ever since.
It was some time before (Captain) and the others would discover the real motivation behind Yuisis's journey.
Yuisis: My family... We were the leaders of the Ditoria Knights. We had a whole island under our control.
Yuisis: But one day that lowlife betrayed us and my entire family... the whole gang...
Yuisis: Anyway, that's why I'm going after him.
Yuisis: It's down to me to get my gang back on its feet. The burden's on my shoulders.
Yuisis: And I'm gonna get payback for what he did too.
(Captain) promised to help Yuisis achieve her goal.
Lyria: Yuisis, do you know what happened here?
Lyria: You took leave from the Grandcypher to attend a funeral... Is that what brought you to this island?
Yuisis: Yes, I know the whole story. I feel weird putting it this way, but I'm essentially one of the victims.
Yuisis embarks on her tale with a strange look on her face.
Yuisis: Like you said, Lyria, I came to attend the funeral of a member of my old gang who had been sick. The service was held at that funeral home over there—that building that's in ruins.
Yuisis: This person was very important to the whole gang, and was always really kind to me.
Yuisis: A lot of the family turned up. We wanted it to be a proper send-off.
Yuisis: But right in the middle of the service, the roof blew off, and things started exploding all around us. Inside the building and out, all hell broke loose.
Yuisis: I managed to protect the casket somehow, and we were damn lucky no one was killed, but a lot of people I care about were seriously injured.
Yuisis: I'll never forgive them! Not as long as I live!
Yuisis clenches her fists, barely containing her rage.
Lyria: How awful... I can't believe it...
Vyrn: Just nailin' down the details here, but those guys who attacked the funeral home—they had a bell with 'em that looked just like Joy?
Yuisis: That's right. It was floating above the roof when it blew off.
Yuisis: A man with lousy dress sense was controlling it, shooting red-hot bullets out of the bell's mouth.
Vikala: Hot bullets? Is that something the Joya can do?
Kumbhira: I heard that when it went on its rampage, it flooded people with Kleshas in order to twist their minds. But this is new.
Yuisis: Boss, I have a request.
Yuisis: I have to pay those lowlifes back for the pain and humiliation they've inflicted on my family.
Yuisis: I've got a good idea where they're hidin' out, so all we've gotta do is bust in and bust some heads!
Yuisis: Please! Let me at 'em!
  1. Let's go! Bustin' makes me feel good!
  2. Yeah. We need to get the Joya back anyhow.

Choose: Let's go! Bustin' makes me feel good!
Yuisis: I owe you one, Boss!

Choose: Yeah. We need to get the Joya back anyhow.
Yuisis: You got a score to settle with 'em too, Boss? Nothin' I'd like better than to mess 'em up right by your side!
Continue 1
Vikala: If that's where the Joya is, then that's where we're headed! Right, Kumbhira?
Kumbhira: Yeah. If the Joya's mixed up in it, that's our mandate.
Yuisis: Thank you. If we're all decided, then I'll go get ready to leave.
Yuisis hurries back the way she came.
Joy: Joya did bad things?
Lyria: I don't think it meant to, Joy. It sounds like the man Yuisis saw made the Joya do that stuff.
Kumbhira: The Joya is our friend. Sometimes it loses control, but it wouldn't act like this on its own.
Kumbhira: What happened here isn't the Joya's fault.
Joy: But...
Joy: Everyone sees Joy. Gets scared. Because of Joya.
Joy: They think Joya. Friends with bad men. Joy sad.
Kumbhira: Me too, Joy. I don't like them getting the wrong idea about the Joya either.
Joy: Everyone should know. Joya is good bell!
Joy: Can Joy go save Joya?
Kumbhira: Umm, I don't know... This might be dangerous.
Vyrn: Well, if Joy's built like the Joya, it's not gonna get hurt that easily.
Lyria: And we'll be watching Joy! Come on, Kumbhira, let's all go together!
Kumbhira: If you guys say so. Joy is pretty durable, at least.
Kumbhira: (I'm surprised how determined Joy is to save the Joya though. They've never even met.)
Kumbhira: (Maybe Joy feels a connection because the Joya is the only other one like Joy out there.)
Joy's unexpected reaction to the Joya's predicament weighs on Kumbhira's mind as they prepare to depart.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 2: A Congregation in Black - Episode 3

Seeing that Joy is curious as to why the men picking rubble at the funeral home are all wearing black, Kumbhira explains the concept of death to it. Joy goes into a panic upon learning about death, but the Divine General calms it down with a round of flower fortune-telling.

Man in Black 2: Sigh... Look at the state the flowers are in...
Man in Black 3: They're ruined. How are we supposed to show proper respect to the dead with these?
Man in Black 2: It's a miracle the casket survived in the middle of all this.
Man in Black 3: Yeah, if Lady Yuisis hadn't shielded it from that hell bell at the last minute, it'd be kindling right now.
A group of men in dark clothing pick through the rubble inside the funeral home.
Joy: All wearing black. Why?
Kumbhira: They were wearing black to attend the funeral. The dark clothes show how sad they are when they say goodbye to the departed.
Joy: Fu-ne-ral? What is de-par-ted?
Kumbhira: Mmm... How should I explain this...
Kumbhira: The departed—the person who died—won't move anymore. They won't ever open their eyes again.
Joy: Close eyes and don't move. Sleeping?
Kumbhira: It does look a little like they're sleeping. But it's completely different.
Kumbhira: If someone's asleep, they'll eventually wake up. But if they die, they'll never wake up, no matter how long you wait.
Joy: Dead people... don't wake up? Dead can't talk?
Kumbhira: No. They can't talk. Can't laugh. As far as we know, they don't feel anything at all... That's what death is.
Joy: Death... Can't talk. Can't laugh. Don't feel anything.
Joy mutters to itself as it watches the mourners go about their task.
Joy: Everyone sad. Why?
Kumbhira: Because they had to say goodbye to their dead friend.
Joy: Goodbye?
Kumbhira: They'll never see that friend again. This goodbye is permanent.
Joy: Per-ma-nent. Goodbye. Everyone lonely...
Joy: Joy will stay. With you forever! No goodbye!
Joy: Kumbhira not die! Joy not die!
Kumbhira: That'd be nice, Joy. But I'll die someday too.
Kumbhira: Not just me. Everyone alive has to die... Eventually.
Joy: Kumbhira... You die?
Joy: Will Joy... die?
Kumbhira: Huh? You? Well...
Kumbhira: (I wonder. Will Joy experience death?)
Joy: Death... bad! Joy not die! No! No!
Kumbhira: Easy, Joy! Oh no... I scared it...
Kumbhira: Oh! I know!
Kumbhira picks up one of the broken flowers lying scattered around the casket and blows the dust from its petals.
Kumbhira: Let me teach you something, Joy. It's called flower fortune-telling.
Joy: Flower... for-tune? What is that?
Kumbhira: You ask the flower a question, and pull off the petals one by one...
Kumbhira: When you pull off the last petal, whatever you say will be the answer to your question.
Kumbhira: Here, watch. I'll tell your fortune, Joy.
Kumbhira recites three fortunes as she pulls off the flower's petals.
Kumbhira: Good luck... Bad luck... Great luck...
Joy: ...
Kumbhira: Good... Bad...
Kumbhira: Great luck!
Kumbhira: Wow, Joy! You got the best possible fortune! So you'll be just fine!
Joy: Great luck? Best for-tune?
Joy: Yay! Great luck! Joy has great luck!
Joy bounces around the funeral home, bursting with good spirits.
Kumbhira: (This flower always has the same number of petals, so they're not really supposed to be used for fortune-telling...)
Kumbhira: (The important thing is it cheered Joy up. It's still a kid. It shouldn't have to think about things like that.)
Kumbhira breathes a sigh of relief. Yuisis returns, flanked by men in black.
Man in Black 1: Please take this medicine with you, Lady Yuisis. I'm sure it will be useful.
Yuisis: Thanks. You take care of yourselves too, you hear?
Man in Black 2: Good luck, Lady Yuisis!
Man in Black 3: We'll have this place cleaned up by the time you return.
Yuisis: I appreciate it.
Lyria: Yuisis's friends sure do care about her.
Vyrn: They must've been really fond of her back when the Ditoria Knights were still together.
Yuisis: Thanks for waiting, Boss. I'm ready to go.
(Captain) nods, and the party troops out of the devastated town.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 2: A Congregation in Black - Episode 4

Using Yuisis's map, the crew tracks down the enemy hideout and clears out the guards at the entrance. Before going further, Yuisis questions the frightened Joy's resolve. Joy responds that it will press on, determined to save the Joya, and a satisfied Yuisis knocks in the hideout door.

(Captain) and the others head into the wilderness, looking for the people who made off with the Joya.
Vikala: Barely any time has passed since they trashed the town. How'd you figure out where the culprits went so quickly?
Yuisis: I found this on the ground near the funeral home.
Yuisis shows Vikala a map.
Yuisis: Just to be safe, I asked the townspeople which way they saw the Joya go.
Yuisis: They all said the same direction as the spot marked on the map. Can't be a coincidence, right?
Vikala: It's like they're laying out the welcome mat for us.
Yuisis: Fine by me. Would've been more trouble if they'd vanished without leaving any clues.
The two fall silent as they make their way toward the bellnappers' hideout.
Lyria: Is this where the bad guys are hiding?
Following the map, the group comes to a building with a soot-blackened chimney.
Vyrn: What's with all the smoke pumpin' outta that chimney? It looks like a Valtz factory.
Yuisis: ...!
There's someone hiding over there.
Yuisis draws her sword and moves toward the shadows behind a nearby crag.
Yuisis: You're not doing a very good job of hiding. Show yourselves!
Henchman Harry: Tch... How'd ya spot us?
Henchman Gary: Just hafta do this head-on now. Let's grab her and haul her in to the boss!
Yuisis: "Boss," huh? So you're mafia too.
Yuisis: No need to go easy on you then. You're about to learn the difference between a boss and a mook!
Henchman Harry: Gyah!
The battle is over almost before it starts. Yuisis takes both lackeys down with a single mighty swing of her sword.
Joy: ...!
She sends her two ill-matched opponents flying. They roll to a stop some ways away. Joy watches the violent encounter, speechless.
Yuisis: You go back to your boss. Tell him his bill is due, and he's gonna pay... with interest.
Henchman Gary: Quit dreamin'! Our boss'll chew you up an' spit you out!
Henchman Harry: Yeah! Hope ya like pancakes, 'cause he'll pound ya into dough an' roll ya out flat!
With those parting shots, the two underlings turn tail and bolt into their hideout.
Joy: Scary, scary, scary...
Kumbhira: Are you okay, Joy?
Joy: Fight, scary. Angry. Hurting. Scary.
Yuisis: You should look away if it bothers you. I'm only fighting because I have to.
Yuisis: Everyone has their own beliefs and their own way of life. I'd never force my lifestyle on you.
Kumbhira: You're probably going to see more scary stuff if you keep going, Joy. Are you sure you want to?
Joy: Joy...
Joy: Joy will go!
Joy: Joy wants to save Joya! So Joy goes too!
Kumbhira: Okay. You're a good kid, Joy. And you're very strong. But if you change your mind, just tell me, okay?
Joy: O-kay. But Joy is all right. Joy will work hard!
Yuisis: Then let's do this.
Yuisis raises her sword and knocks down the hideout's door.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 3: Storming the Hideout - Episode 1

When the crew heads for the Klesha-scented basement, Vikala inadvertently activates a trap and falls into a pit. Joy jumps in to save her, only to find that flying while carrying someone isn't so easy. The rest of the crew rushes to save them both.

The interior of the hideout is filled with a constant mechanical sound like the grinding of gears, as if a large machine is running somewhere deeper within.
Lyria: From outside it looked like this place was about the size of a regular house, but it's actually a lot bigger.
Vikala: I'm sensing Kleshas coming from directly below us. There must be a basement.
Kumbhira: And pretty deep too, by the feel of them... It's all coming from the Joya...
Kumbhira: So I think we've got a pretty long way down to go.
Vyrn: I don't like that there doesn't seem to be anyone around either. Where'd those two mooks run off to?
Mysterious Machine: ...!
Vikala: Aah! Something came outta the wall!
Mysterious Machine: ...!
Yuisis: Look out!
Vikala: You saved me, Yuisis! Thanks!
Henchman Harry: (Heh. Gotcha right where I wantcha. Eat this!)
Mysterious Machine: ...!
Vikala: Sorry, but we don't have time to play around here.
Vikala: Your turn, Dormouse! Get—
Vikala: Huh?
Vikala: Waaaugh!
The floor beneath her opens up, and Vikala falls into the gaping hole below.
Dormouse: ...!
Dormouse manages to latch onto the hanging floorboard with its teeth and grab hold of Vikala, leaving them both dangling above the abyss.
Henchman Harry: (That interferin' little rodent! Well... I'll get 'em with the next trap!)
Vyrn: Vikalaaa! You okay down there?
Vikala: I'm fine, thanks to Dormouse!
Yuisis: I'll get you outta there in a jiff!
Yuisis: Agh!
Yuisis gasps, realizing the machine is gearing up to attack them again.
  1. No you don't!

Choose: No you don't!
(Captain) leaps out and fells the machine with a single sword strike before it can fire at Yuisis.
Yuisis: Sorry, (Captain). I was careless...
Lyria: Quick, let's get Vikala up before anything else happens!
Kumbhira: How? I can't even reach Dormouse!
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: Hang on, Dormouse! I'll... climb up somehow!
Vikala: There's no way I'm going out like this!
Vikala: My name is Vicky! With the power of dreams and hope, my magic can make any miracle happen!
Vikala: They're waiting for me back at the Rat Temple! I have to... get back... up there!
Vikala: Dormouse, bite down harder! We're slipping!
Vikala: Wait... That wasn't a good sound. Ahhh! Dormouse, forget what I said! Ease up!
Vyrn: Crap! They're not gonna last much longer! If we don't do somethin', Vikala's gonna die!
Joy: Die? Vikala... die?
Joy: No! Vikala not die! Joy will save!
Vikala: Aaahhh!
Vikala: H-huh?
Joy: Gooonnnggg...
Vyrn: Whoa, nice going, Joy! It flew under Vikala and scooped her up!
Kumbhira: Are you two okay? Come on up here. Easy now... Slowly...
Joy: O-kay.
Vikala: What's wrong, Joy?
Joy: So. Heavy.
Vikala: I beg your pardon!
Kumbhira: That's true, Joy only just learned to fly on its own...
Kumbhira: We'll be down soon to get you! Vikala, find somewhere for the two of you to hide!
Vikala: Got it, Kumbhira! Don't worry about us!
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: You're coming with us, huh? That makes me feel better.
Carrying Vikala and Dormouse, Joy slowly sinks into the darkness below.
Yuisis: Let's go, Boss. No telling what might happen if we leave them alone too long.
(Captain) and the others find a staircase and barrel down it in search of their friends.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 3: Storming the Hideout - Episode 2

Vikala finds a duct leading out of the pit that she and Joy have fallen into. With a bit of help from the trusty bell, they manage to make it out. When a group of engineers comes by, they mistake Joy for one of their boss's creations and get to transporting it—with Vikala hiding inside.

Vikala: Oof, finally reached the bottom. We're a long way down...
Vikala sighs, looking up at the hole she fell through, tiny at this distance.
Joy: Sorry, Vikala. Joy can't fly good.
Vikala: Hey, don't be silly! If it wasn't for you, I'd've died. Thanks for saving me, Joy.
Vikala: Now the question is—where are we? It's pretty cluttered...
Joy's readout casts a faint light on the surrounding area.
By that illumination, they can see various broken machines, bent screws, and rusted metal parts haphazardly discarded.
Vikala: There's a door here, but it's locked.
Vikala: Kumbhira said to hide, but I think we'd be better off looking for an escape route.
Vikala: Oh, there's a duct here. Maybe we can get out that way.
The duct is too far up the wall for Vikala to reach.
She rummages around among the detritus, but can't find anything that looks stable enough to stack and climb.
Vikala: Rats... Oh, I know!
Vikala: Hey Joy! You could float a little bit carrying me, right?
Vikala: Could you try doing that again?
Joy: But... Joy failed.
Vikala: Hey, everybody fails sometimes! What's important is that you dust yourself off and try again!
Vikala: That duct isn't all that high, so even if I fall, I won't get hurt. We can try as many times as it takes to succeed.
Vikala: You're a clever kid, so I'm sure you can do it if you try! Will you give it a shot? For me?
Joy: Joy... is clever?
Joy: O-kay. Joy will try. Next try. Will work!
Vikala: That's the spirit! Believe in yourself!
Joy: Gooong...
Vikala: That's it! We're halfway there—keep going!
Joy: Gooonnnggg...
Vikala: Look at that! You did it!
Joy: Joy did it! Thank you, Vikala!
Vikala: Don't thank me! That was all you!
Vikala: Now you just wait here, okay? I'll be right back!
Vikala: Haha! Lucky break! The duct let out right on the other side of the door!
Vikala unlocks the door, and Joy and Dormouse come bounding out.
Joy: Escape! Escape!
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: Let's go find Kumbhira and the others!
Vikala: Uh-oh! Someone's coming!
Joy: Vikala, hide! Inside Joy!
Vikala: Inside you? Wha—Yeep!
Joy reaches out its arm and yanks Vikala into its mouth, then settles on the ground.
Vikala: Wow... I can't believe I fit all the way in here.
Joy: Shhh! Hiding!
A shadow approaches from around the corner. Joy turns off the light from its display.
Dormouse scurries into a nearby wooden box to hide.
Evan the Engineer: Geez... What is that guy thinking, making the Joya into a weapon?
Enis the Engineer: It's a sin, is what it is. But I guess we're just as guilty, since we're helping him out.
Evan the Engineer: His theory about converting Kleshas into thermal energy for an explosion was impressive, but I really wish I could get off this ride.
Evan the Engineer: With its power to melt metal instantaneously, no one'll be able to stop that weapon.
The two pass Joy on their way to toss something into the room from which Vikala and company just escaped—a thick steel plate with a huge hole burned through its center. They return shortly.
Joy: ...
Enis the Engineer: Huh? Was this here before?
Evan the Engineer: Pretty small for a Joya. Maybe it's a demo model of the mass-produced version.
Enis the Engineer: Does that mean we're supposed to test this one too?
Evan the Engineer: Probably. Grab it, would you? We can load it onto that wagon over there.
Vikala: (Oh no. Are they going to pick Joy up?)
Enis the Engineer: Got it. Heeeave-ho!
Vikala: No!
Evan the Engineer: Did you say something?
Enis the Engineer: No?
Evan the Engineer: Huh... Must've been my imagination.
Evan the Engineer: This thing's a lot heavier than it looks. Careful you don't drop it.
Gritting their teeth, the two engineers lug Joy along.
Joy: (That was close.)
Vikala: (Joy's using its arms to hold me up near the top...)
Vikala: (It worked, luckily. Those guys didn't notice I was in here... But there's something really weird about Joy's insides.)
Joy and Vikala cling on and stay silent, doing their best to pretend to be an ordinary bell.
Dormouse scampers after them, keeping to the shadows.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 3: Storming the Hideout - Episode 3

While being transported on a conveyer belt, Vikala has a little scuffle with the engineer who picks up her rat-ear headband. She soon finds herself in the testing area for the Joya, where a henchman reports to his boss that Yuisis and company are fast approaching.

Evan the Engineer: Let's get it onto that wagon. Uuups-a-daisy!
Vikala: (Ack! My headband!)
Enis the Engineer: Huh? Something fell outta the bell. Are these supposed to be... mouse ears?
Evan the Engineer: Gross! What the heck was something like that doing in there?
Enis the Engineer: Who knows? Why does it freak you out that bad?
Evan the Engineer: I can't stand rodents. When I was a kid, a rat jumped out of a bag of candy just as I was trying to take a piece. Haven't been able to stand the sight of 'em since.
Enis the Engineer: So that's your origin story...
Evan the Engineer: Yeah, so go get rid of that thing. I'll check on the test.
Enis the Engineer: Gotcha. I'll cart this bell over when I'm done.
With a weary sigh, one engineer heads out of the room.
Enis the Engineer: Too bad... I really like rats.
Vikala: Aaaah! He's gonna throw away my headband!
Joy: Shhh! No moving!
The engineer opens the lid of a bucket marked "Disposal" and is about to toss in Vikala's headband.
Vikala: Ah...
Enis the Engineer: Waugh! Wh-where'd you come from!
Joy: Vikala, no! Come back!
Vikala: Give it back...
Enis the Engineer: Huh? Did you say something?
Vikala: ...!
Enis the Engineer: Wh-what are you doing!
Vikala: Give it back... D-don't... throw it away... It's... mine...
Vikala: I can't... manage... without it... Without it... I'm powerless...
Enis the Engineer: What're you babbling about? Does this belong to you?
Dormouse: ...!
Enis the Engineer: Gyyyaaahhh!
Joy: Waaah!
Vikala: Huh? What was that sound?
Enis the Engineer: Oh no! That conveyor belt leads to the prototype testing area!
Enis the Engineer: Where's the emergency stop lever? Is it this one? No, wait... This one?
Joy: Aaaah!
Joy: Gong-ong...
Vikala: Uuurrrghhh... Somebody make the world stop spinning...
Vikala: Gyah! Why are we going up all of a sudden!
Joy: Up, up, up.
Fall! Fall! Fall!
???: ...
Joy: Oh? Who are you?
Vikala: Kleshas... I sense Kleshas. Is that the Joya over there?
Joya: Gooonnnggg!
Dormouse: ...!
Joy: Gong?
Oh, Dormouse!
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: What's that? The Joya is about to attack?
Vikala: Well, I guess this is how I die. I'm sorry, Kumbhira... I wish I'd at least had the time to write my will...
Joy: Vikala will be o-kay!
Joy will save you!
Vikala: That'd be great, Joy, but unless we can fly outta here, we're about to be blown to smithereens.
Vikala: Oh yeah... You can fly.
Joy: Gooonnnggg!
Joy manages to lift Vikala out of range of the Joya's attack. Together, they follow the conveyor belt out of the testing area.
Joy: Meep... That was... close...
Vikala: Blurgh... That's it. I'm finished. I feel like I've died five times today.
???: So? Was I right or was I right? Did my ingenious modifications improve the convergence rate or did they?
Joy: Someone coming! Vikala, hide!
Vikala: Huh? Hey, no, wait—
Vikala: Phew, finally! Okay, Joy, gotcha.
Evan the Engineer: Yes, just as you hypothesized, the convergence rate improved by 10%. And Klesha-to-heat conversion efficiency was the highest it's ever been.
Flashy Fella: Did I tell you or did I tell you? Wrecking that funeral home was kids' stuff! A mere warm-up!
Vikala: (Is that the big cheese? Quite the getup he's wearing.)
As Vikala, Joy, and Dormouse watch from the shadows, a conveyor belt comes to life in front of the mystery man and brings out a familiar bell.
Joya: ...
Flashy Fella: Yeeheehee! It's finished! Only a staggering genius like myself could've perfected it this quickly!
Flashy Fella: The power that rampaged across the skies, plunging the whole realm into chaos is mine to use however I please!
Brimming with glee, the man turns to a control panel on the wall and begins pushing buttons.
Joya: Help...
Joy: Hm? What did you say?
Joya: Help... me...
Joy: What is wrong? Hard to hear you.
Vikala: Who are you talking to, Joy?
Joy: Joya. Vikala can't hear?
Flashy Fella: Gooood. Call me when it hits critical.
Henchman Gary: B-Boss! That woman'll be in the hall any minute now!
Flashy Fella: That was fast. What happened to the traps I set up for you?
Henchman Gary: They're not slowin' her down at all!
Flashy Fella: I guess I'll go lay out the welcome mat personally then, while you get the Joya ready.
Hoisting a strange device, the man leaves the engineers to their tasks.
Joy: Joya...
The Joya sits silent after its earlier plea for help.
Joy sits, not far off, unable to respond.
The small bell finds itself powerless to do anything but watch.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 3: Storming the Hideout - Episode 4

Yuisis takes down henchman after henchman before finally reaching their boss, who is eager to test his flashy weapon against Yuisis's shape-changing sword. Sensing that this gang leader—calling himself Ravening Raizo—is a dangerous foe, the rest of the crew also prepares to face off against him.

Yuisis: Hngh!
Henchman Harry: Gwah!
Kumbhira: Amazing... She's been mowing down the opposition almost single-handed.
Yuisis: They're just mooks. They could send in a million of 'em—they still wouldn't slow me down.
Yuisis's double-edged blade glows brighter as she swings it, seeming to respond to her will.
Yuisis: Haaaaggghhh!
Yuisis: I'm gettin' real sick of your ugly mugs. Cough up your boss already!
Flashy Fella: What a tough customer... The boys won't like you if you beat them black-and-blue, you know.
Vyrn: What's up with this dude and his crazy outfit?
Yuisis: He's the one. The one who ruined my friend's funeral and hurt my family.
Henchman Harry: Boss! You came for us!
Flashy Fella: Looks like you boys are out of your depth. Leave this to me.
Bowing to their leader, the underlings beat a hasty retreat.
Yuisis: So you're the head of this organization, huh?
Yuisis: I'm about to pound some respect into your worthless skull, but first let me ask you something.
Yuisis: Did you know the person being laid to rest was one of the top brass of the Ditoria Knights when you decided to blow the funeral to hell?
Flashy Fella: Yeeheeheehee...
Yuisis: What's so funny?
Flashy Fella: Not funny. This is so beautiful I've got goose bumps.
Flashy Fella: You want to know why I attacked that funeral? Because you were there.
Yuisis: I thought so.
Flashy Fella: I've been wanting to meet you since I spotted you at the service. So honored you came, Princeeess.
Yuisis: I don't like your tone at all. So you dropped the map at the scene of the crime to lure me here, huh?
Yuisis: What's your angle?
Flashy Fella: All I want is a chance to go toe to toe with you.
Flashy Fella: That way we can see who's stronger—you and that funny shape-changing weapon you carry, or me and the flashy weapon I developed!
Ravening Raizo: Well? Ready to step up? If you don't take this seriously, I—Ravening Raizo—will blast you into a fine mist!
Kumbhira: Here he comes! I've got your back, Yuisis!
Lyria: That weapon looks dangerous, (Captain)! We'd better help too!

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 4: Mortal Foibles - Episode 1

Raizo reveals that he learned about Yuisis's sword from the target of her vengeance. Yuisis presses for more info, but he doesn't budge. When the floor they're standing on begins to open up, it becomes clear he was trying to buy time.

Ravening Raizo: All right! I admit defeat! I am utterly bested! Routed, even!
Vyrn: You don't sound very defeated.
Yuisis: Seems to me like you were after something else the whole time.
Ravening Raizo: What makes you say that? I've only ever been after one thing.
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee... Seeing it up close gives me the shivers...
Ravening Raizo: Technology that adapts to its user's battle tactics. Endlessly versatile... It's just as he told me.
Yuisis: Who's "he"?
Ravening Raizo: Oh, you know him quite well. I've heard he used to be one of the Ditoria Knights.
Lyria: Yuisis, do you think he means...
Yuisis: Where is he now? Answer me.
Ravening Raizo: I suppose I could tell you... But I'm not in the habit of giving things away for nothing.
Ravening Raizo: So how about a trade? My information on that man...
Ravening Raizo: For that fascinating weapon of yours. Not a bad deal, I'd say.
Yuisis: No thanks. If he's the one who told you about this weapon, you also know its significance.
Ravening Raizo: I'm well aware. That sword symbolizes your leadership of the Ditoria Knights, doesn't it?
Yuisis: Then you knew from the start I wouldn't make that deal.
Ravening Raizo: I figured. But fair trades are against my personal policy.
Ravening Raizo: I always get what I want, no matter what it takes!
Yuisis: You lost this fight. You're in no position to set terms.
Yuisis: If you're not smart enough to cough up the info on your own, I'll just have to beat it out of you.
Henchman Gary: Boss! We're ready to roll!
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee... I knew it wouldn't be long.
No sooner has the underling spoken than the room begins to shake violently.
Lyria: (Captain), the floor's going to open up!
Vyrn: Quick, get outta the way!

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 4: Mortal Foibles - Episode 2

Vikala and Joy hide in the room directly underneath (Captain) and company. The modified Joya is pulled up from below, and Raizo uses it to blast Yuisis with concentrated Kleshas. While Yuisis is able to withstand it, the mastermind himself is quickly affected and excitedly runs off to town to test the modified Joya's new capabilities.

Vikala: Ah! The ceiling's opening up!
Far below, Vikala and her two companions see the same scene in reverse.
Evan the Engineer: There we go.
One of the engineers pulls a lever, and the platform on which the Joya sits begins to rise, lifting the bell toward the rafters.
Joy: Ah! Joya!
Vikala: Wait! We can't let them see us. Stay hidden until I give you the signal!
Joy: But... Joya...
Kumbhira: It's the Joya!
Ravening Raizo: Ohh! So you've heard of it?
Ravening Raizo: Not just any old Joya though. Oh, no. I've painstakingly overhauled this bell by the sweat of my brow. I call it the Joya Cannon!
Joya: ...!
Raizo activates the Joya and leaps onto its conical top with childish glee.
Ravening Raizo: Bet you never thought of using the Joya like this! Left you speechless, eh?
Vyrn: Nah... I mean, when it comes to riding around on weird stuff, Miss Batter-for-Brains kinda takes the SHRIMP cake.
Kumbhira: Return the Joya immediately! You don't know how dangerous it is in its current state!
Ravening Raizo: You're a real bore, you know that? Just sit tight and enjoy the show.
The miscreant tilts the Joya so its mouth points at Yuisis.
Yuisis: ...!
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee... Time for a trial shot in Klesha Mode!
Yuisis: Hurgh! Something's... trying to get into my head...
Kumbhira: Oh no... Exposure to Kleshas that dense is incredibly harmful!
Lyria: Ngh!
The Kleshas look really thick around Yuisis too.
Ravening Raizo: Yeeeeheeheehee! Come! Give yourselves over to avarice!
Ravening Raizo: Abandon logic! Rage! Kill! Look at all the throats around you just begging to be cut!
Yuisis: Nnh... Hurgh...
Vyrn: Fight it, Crazy Girl!
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee! No one can resist Kleshas! Desire is graven into mortals' most basic instincts.
Ravening Raizo: With the Joya and all those Kleshas at my command, I will rise to total dominion over the skies! That is my dream!
Ravening Raizo: Gong!
Vyrn: This doofus is Klesha-crazy!
Ravening Raizo: I was planning to grab the Princess's weapon and power up the Joya...
Ravening Raizo: But maybe it'd be more efficient to let the Kleshas warp her till she kills all her friends... then gongs herself in desperate remorse. I can take the sword once she's done falling on it.
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee! I really am a genius!
Yuisis: I can't be... corrupted... so easily...
Ravening Raizo: Gooong? You're tougher than I expected. I wonder how long you can hold out.
Ravening Raizo: Just give in and get to slaughtering your friends. And don't forget your own comeuppance afterward!
Vyrn: Hey, come back here!
Roaring with laughter, Raizo sails toward the exit astride the Joya.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 4: Mortal Foibles - Episode 3

Yuisis is starting to succumb to the Kleshas and attacks (Captain). Vikala reunites with them and works with Kumbhira to purge the Kleshas from Yuisis while (Captain) distracts her.

Yuisis: Ngh... Hngh...
Lyria: Yuisis!
Kumbhira: Stay back, Lyria! Yuisis is under the influence of incredibly potent Dvesha right now.
Vyrn: Dvesha was... anger and hatred, right? For someone as obsessed with revenge as her, that has to be the worst one!
Yuisis: Boss, please... You have to kill me, before it's too late!
  1. I can't do that!

Choose: I can't do that!
Yuisis: This is no time for weakness! In this state, I might kill you!
Yuisis: I can't get that man's face out of my head... I'm trying not to think about it, but I can't help it... The rage is just bubbling up!
Yuisis: My body... isn't listening to me. Getting dizzy...
Yuisis summons all her mental fortitude to fight against a year's worth of Dvesha gathered from people all across the skies.
But Dvesha amplifies the hatred inside her, fed so long by the loss of her loved ones. The emotions swell beyond her control.
  1. Focus, Yuisis! Hang on!

Choose: Focus, Yuisis! Hang on!
Yuisis: Urrggh! Aaaagh!
Somehow, (Captain) manages to block Yuisis's crazed blow.
Kumbhira: This is my chance to purify her! If you can just get her to hold still—
Kumbhira: Agh!
Yuisis pulls her blade smoothly away from (Captain)'s and swings it. The blade slices through the air just shy of Kumbhira's nose.
Yuisis: Urgh... Please... Run...
Kumbhira: Damn! I need to get closer to purge the Kleshas from her...
Vikala: I heard shouting—are you guys okay?
Riding atop Joy, Vikala comes floating up from below.
Lyria: Vikala! Joy! You're safe!
Joy: Strange feeling... Are these... Kleshas?
Vikala: I think I see what's going on here.
Vikala: Kumbhira, I'll help you purge the Kleshas from Yuisis!
Kumbhira: Yeah! The two of us should be able to do it! I'll leave timing up to you, Vikala!
Vikala: Sorry, (Captain), but can you keep Yuisis distracted? Kumbhira and I will take it from there!
  1. I'm on it!

Choose: I'm on it!
Carefully, (Captain), Vikala, and Kumbhira advance on Yuisis.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 4: Mortal Foibles - Episode 4

After regaining her senses, Yuisis intends to pay with her life for having attacked (Captain), but (Captain) persuades her not to. Joy then surprises the crew when it absorbs the surrounding Kleshas without causing any harm to itself. At the same time, the crew senses Kleshas spreading from the direction of the town.

Vikala: Kumbhira! Now!
Kumbhira: Okay!
Yuisis: ...
Kumbhira: Oof... Thank goodness. Looks like Dvesha's lost its hold over her.
Lyria: Yuisis, are you okay?
Yuisis: Yeah... I just feel like I got my strings cut, now that I'm not boiling mad.
  1. Welcome back, Yuisis.

Choose: Welcome back, Yuisis.
Yuisis: Boss...
Yuisis: I'm so sorry for attacking you.
Yuisis: The only way I can make this right is to turn my blade on myself.
Lyria: Aaah! Stop pointing that sword at yourself, Yuisis!
Vyrn: Yeesh, Crazy Girl, you don't hafta live up to your nickname, ya know.
Vyrn: Does (Captain) look angry to you? Take a good look. That's the face of someone who's just glad you're back to normal.
Lyria: I know there must be a lot of pain and anger in your past, Yuisis...
Lyria: And even so, while you were fighting off all those Kleshas, you were more worried about us than your own safety. You're amazing.
(Captain) tells Yuisis about being possessed by Vicikitsa—the Klesha of doubt and suspicion—and twisted to the point that even Vyrn seemed like an imposter.
Yuisis: The same thing happened to you, Boss?
Vyrn: Yeah... It really threw me for a loop...
Vyrn: It just goes to show that you can do crazy things under the influence of Kleshas that you never normally would.
Lyria: So no one's blaming you for what you did, Yuisis. Are we, (Captain)?
Yuisis: You guys...
Yuisis: Thank you for being so forgiving. I'll be on my guard the next time.
Yuisis sheathes her sword with a sigh of relief.
Joy: Kleshas... scary...
Kumbhira: They are, aren't they? Strong worldly desires like that can be a very bad influence.
Kumbhira: But desires on their own aren't a bad thing. In the right amounts, people's hopes and aspirations can lead them in the right direction.
Vikala: That's why the Joya collects excess Kleshas. That's the Joya's job.
Joy: Joya's... job?
Vikala: Aaah, Joy! There are a whole bunch of Kleshas building up around you!
Kumbhira: All the Kleshas we banished from Yuisis seem to have gravitated toward Joy. Why would that be?
Joy: Kleshas, scary! Too scary! Will they hurt Joy?
Joy: Hm?
Vikala: No way... It sucked them up. Joy, do you feel okay?
Joy: Joy feels fine!
Kumbhira: Hmm... Maybe Kleshas can't affect a mechanical being?
Joy: Joy has great luck! Kleshas can't hurt Joy!
Kumbhira: Haha, that's right, I forgot about that. But make sure you tell me if you start to feel weird, okay?
Yuisis: Whoa, what was that!
Vikala: It feels like the Kleshas are spreading... That guy might be up to something with the Joya in town.
Lyria: We have to follow him! The townspeople are in danger!
(Captain) and the others hurry back the way they came.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 5: The Joya and Joy - Episode 1

The town is in shambles, what with the Klesha-filled residents stirring up commotion and Raizo raining down destruction from above with the Joya. When he lets loose a few bullets on (Captain) and company, Joy leaps up to take the punishment.

Townie Tim: Why am I the only one schlepping rubble here? Gong your weight, would you?
Regular Rae: Shut your gong! Maybe if you yapped less, you could carry more!
Vyrn: Oh, no. Everybody's fighting and gonging!
Joy: Lots of Kleshas. Oh no! Oh no!
The crew finds the town replete with Kleshas and the residents already falling victim to their worst impulses.
The instigator of the whole mess floats above the chaotic scene, laughing uproariously.
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee! This is great! Better than I imagined!
Joya: Gong...
Fully in the Kleshas' sway, the Joya-thief rains volleys of ominously glowing bullets down upon the townspeople.
Formed from superdense Kleshas, the bullets tear through buildings, gouge the pavement, and even blow holes in the nearby mountains.
Yuisis: How did it get this powerful this quickly? It was nowhere near this destructive when it attacked the funeral.
Vyrn: Guess his weapon-making skills are better than his fashion sense, huh?
Vikala: Every shot he fires peppers the area with more Kleshas too.
Vikala: It's no good purifying people if he's just gonna pump 'em fulla Kleshas again. We've gotta stop him!
Lyria: But how do we get up there to do it?
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee! More! I want them all soaked to the marrow in Kleshas!
Ravening Raizo: Take that! And that! And that! Gonng!
Henchman Harry: Whuh? What's goin' on!
Henchman Gary: This place is comin' down! Everybody out, on the double!
Ravening Raizo: Gooonnnggg! What did you do to my lovely hideout!
Ravening Raizo: Who did this! Who dared to ruin my beautiful lair!
Vyrn: You did it yourself, ya dink!
Ravening Raizo: What did you say to me! You're asking for a world of hurt, lizard!
Vyrn: Yikes!
The furious fellow trains the Joya on Vyrn.
Yuisis: I'll draw his fire! (Captain), you get Lyria and Vyrn outta here!
Lyria: That's crazy! Even the mountains are being blown to bits!
Joya: Gong...
Joy: Joya...
Joy: Joya. Your job is gathering Kleshas. You protect people.
Joy: How can Joy fix you? Tell me, Joya! Please!
Yuisis: Boss, quick! Run!
Lyria: We can't do that! We won't leave you!
Joy: Joya. You asked Joy to help.
Joy: Joy wants to help. Joy can't just watch!
Ravening Raizo: Time for the big finish! Take this!
Kumbhira: Joy!

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 5: The Joya and Joy - Episode 2

Because Joy is a Klesha-gathering vessel, it is able to absorb all of the Klesha bullets and deflect them back, destroying the control device for the Joya. It releases a strange, dark mist—engulfing both itself and Joy. Yuisis captures the man responsible, while Kumbhira and Vikala purge the town of Kleshas.

Joy: Nggghh!
Joy throws itself into the path of the Joya's high-temperature bullets.
Joy: Gooong!
Kumbhira: Joy! Are you okay, Joy?
Joy: Go... Gong...
Joy: Ah! Joy is o-kay! Joy is super fine!
Lyria: Huh? That fall didn't hurt you?
Joy: Not hurt! Joy protected friends!
Kumbhira: I'm so glad you're all right...
Ravening Raizo: How'd you survive that! Looks like you need another gong!
Joy: Gong!
Joy: Joy's got this!
Vyrn: Yeesh. How did Joy just shake that off?
Kumbhira: The Kleshas coating those bullets seemed to weaken right when they hit Joy...
Kumbhira: Maybe Joy absorbed them and neutralized the bullets that way?
Vikala: Oh! Even though Joy's a miniature version, it's built the same way as the Joya...
Vikala: So Joy has the power to act as a Klesha-collecting vessel too!
Kumbhira: That must be how it absorbed those Kleshas earlier!
Ravening Raizo: Grrr! Take this! Die, die! Gonging die, already!
Joy: No way! Joy is in it to win it!
Lyria: Just because Joy wasn't hurt doesn't mean we can just sit here and let it protect us!
Kumbhira: What do we do though? Oh!
Kumbhira: Joy! If you can stop those bullets, can you fire them back too?
Joy: Return fire? Joy will try!
Joy: Gooonnnggg!
Joya: Gooong...
Ravening Raizo: You dare to use my Blazing Bullets against me! You're getting above yourself, you overgrown wind chime!
Ravening Raizo: Let's see how you like it at full power! Eat this!
Joy: Here goes!
Ravening Raizo: You little squit! Two can play at that game!
Joya: Gooong!
Joy: Useless! Goooonnnggg!
Ravening Raizo: I'm not gonged yet!
Joya: Gong!
Joy: Gooong!
Joya: Gooonngg!
Joy: Goooonnnggg!
Ravening Raizo: Oh, gong! My control device came loose!
Ravening Raizo: Wh-what's happening! Is this thing transforming? Wh-whoooa!
Joya: Goooonnnngggg!
The moment the sacred rope falls away, the Joya seems to surge to life. Its shape begins to change, and it tolls in a sonorous, menacing tone.
Inky smoke pours off the Joya's surface to hang heavy in the sunset sky.
Vikala: Is all of that Kleshas? I've never seen anything like this!
Joya: ...
Joy: Goooong?
Lyria: Oh no! Joy's being pulled into the mist!
Vikala: This is bad! Joy! Joya!
The black mist begins to envelop everything around it, and finally swallows the two floating bells.
Seeming satisfied, the mist comes to a standstill.
Kumbhira: Oh no... Joy...
Yuisis pounces on the fallen Raizo and ties him up.
Ravening Raizo: Ow, ow, ow! Quit twisting my arm, gong!
Yuisis: Kumbhira, Vikala, can you get the Kleshas out of this guy so I can have a chat with him?
Vikala: Sure. We have to purify the town anyway.
Kumbhira: With an area this large, we'd better erect a barrier. Let's move quickly, Vikala.
Standing at a remove, Kumbhira and Vikala synchronize their breathing, then begin the ritual.
Kumbhira: Guardian of the north-northwest, Kumbhira!
Vikala: Guardian of the north, Vikala!
Kumbhira & Vikala: To battle!
The two generals' barrier envelops the town, instantly driving Kleshas out of the unfortunate citizens.
Lyria: Anila and the others used this technique before when the Joya lost control. It's just as impressive as I remember.
Vikala: That takes care of the town, but some people outside may have gotten a headful of Kleshas too.
Kumbhira: (Captain), the two of us have to go look for other victims. We'll be back.
With (Captain)'s approval, the two run toward the town limits on their mission of mercy.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 5: The Joya and Joy - Episode 3

Joy watches the Joya's thoughts and memories play out inside the mist. The big bell laments how it has transformed into a weapon that now terrorizes the people it was meant to protect.

Joy: Aaahhh!
Joy: Can't stop. Won't stop.
Where will Joy gooo?
Joy plunges into the strange, dark void inside the mist cloud released by the Joya.
The void seems to be constructed of superdense Kleshas. They exert a crushing pressure on everything within.
Joy: Stranger! Stranger, scary! Too scary!
Joy: Kumbhira!
Joy: No... Not Kumbhira?
Familiar, shadowy figures gather around Joy.
But upon closer inspection, though there is a resemblance, these are not the people Joy knows.
First Shadow: Looks like it's ready. What should we call it?
Second Shadow: What about "Joya"? It means "last night of the year."
First Shadow: Joya... Yes, I like that!
Joy: Joy is not Joya. Wrong bell.
Second Shadow: With this, we'll be able to purge Kleshas from people who can't make the journey out to any of our temples.
First Shadow: I have huge hopes for this bell... The Joya is going to be an important ally to the Divine Generals.
Joy: You can't... hear Joy? You can't see Joy?
???: Once, I represented hope for the Sky Realm...
Joy: Who is there!
???: To collect the surplus Kleshas from people all across the skies—a job too large for even the Twelve Divine Generals to handle.
???: That was my role. Twelve gods made me long ago to safeguard the children of the skies.
Joy: Joya? Is that you? Are you close to Joy?
From the limitless void, a silent voice speaks directly to Joy's thoughts.
Sensing a being similar to itself, Joy intuits the voice's true identity.
Joya's Thoughts: I enjoyed the gratitude of many. I maintained balance in the skies' emotions and kept the suffering caused by an excess of worldly desires to a minimum.
Joya's Thoughts: As the Divine Generals predicted, people whose hearts were at ease were able to achieve greater prosperity.
Joya's Thoughts: I was satisfied. Secure in my snowbound sanctuary, I was proud of my role in the scheme of things.
First Shadow: Happy New Year, Joya. I'm the year spirit this time around, so we're partners. Let's give it all we've got.
Joya's Thoughts: "Happy New Year." Whenever I heard those words, I was motivated to strive for another year.
Joy: Joya, Joy, same. Joya loves them too.
Joya's Thoughts: But as people's prosperity grew, so too did the volume of Kleshas they produced. It was around then that a change occurred in my body.
Joya's Thoughts: Unable to handle that volume of Kleshas, I lost control. At first, I didn't know what was happening.
Joya's Thoughts: It began to happen more and more frequently. Alone in my sanctuary, I lamented my inability to fulfill my function.
Joya's Thoughts: The constant cycle of rampage and regret took its toll on my body... and once again, a change took place.
Joya's Thoughts: Then came my greatest rampage to date. I lost myself to the influence of the Kleshas I carried, and plunged skydwellers into chaos the likes of which they had never experienced.
Joy: Joya...
Joya's Thoughts: Even so, the year that Vajra served, I was able to fulfill my duty without incident. I thought this year would be the same.
Joya's Thoughts: Now here I am, perverted into a weapon to terrorize the people I was meant to protect.
Joya's Thoughts: All the hopes that rested on me... How could they come to this?
The Klesha-infested emptiness around them seems to reflect the depth of the Joya's despair.
Joy listens quietly to the big bell's words, borne along like a leaf on the surface of a dark river.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 5: The Joya and Joy - Episode 4

By the time Kumbhira and Vikala return, the sun has begun to set. Yuisis learns that Raizo was ordered to go after her sword, and that he knows little about the traitor she seeks. Just as she's about to land a finishing blow on Raizo, the black mist begins to roil in the skies above.

As Joy listens to the Joya's story deep within the mist...
Kumbhira and Vikala finish purifying the Kleshas on the island and rejoin (Captain) and the others.
Kumbhira: (I didn't even notice the sun setting.)
Kumbhira: (The Joya-ringing ceremony was supposed to be tonight, but it doesn't look like that's in the cards...)
Ravening Raizo: Boo-hoo-hoo... Where, oh where has my Joya gone?
The man who unleashed the modified Joya on the skies kneels on the pavement, bound hand and foot by Yuisis.
With the Kleshas banished and his ultimate weapon missing in action, the mastermind is so despondent he seems like a different person.
Vikala: Don't worry, (Captain), we purified the area outside town too!
Ravening Raizo: Siiigh...
Now how was I supposed to account for the honest-to-goodness Divine Generals showing up?
Ravening Raizo: If I'd realized that's who they were, I wouldn't have taken my eyes off you, Princess.
Yuisis: That's what you get when you don't think things through. Now sing like a good little stool pigeon.
Ravening Raizo: About that guy who betrayed the Ditoria Knights? To be honest, I don't know much about him.
Ravening Raizo: As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for weird weapons and weapon modification.
Ravening Raizo: He said if I caught you, he'd let me have your weapon, so I did some digging on you.
Ravening Raizo: It was a stroke of good luck that one of your gang's leaders was getting buried nearby, and I took advantage of it.
Ravening Raizo: Well... I guess it's not actually a coincidence that one of your top brass was on this island.
Ravening Raizo: He paid me a visit, actually. Maybe to pump me for information on your traitor, don't you think?
Yuisis: Is that all? Really?
Ravening Raizo: I'm the head of an organization too, you know. I understand what position I'm in right now.
Ravening Raizo: So I'm through lying. I've lost the Joya and my beautiful hideout. My dreams of the ultimate weapon have been dashed.
Ravening Raizo: All I have left that'd be worth lying to protect is my dear, dear family.
Lyria: This is just a feeling, but I think he's telling the truth, Yuisis.
Yuisis: I think you're right.
Yuisis: If you really don't know anything about that traitor, then we have nothing more to talk about.
Yuisis: Now there's just the matter of punishment for ruining my friend's funeral, hurting my family, and injuring innocent bystanders...
Yuisis: And that's coming outta your hide!
Vyrn: What was that!
The sky overhead echoes with a low, ominous rumble.
The sound emanates from the dense mist cloud hanging overhead, which begins to pulsate.
Kumbhira: The Kleshas are expanding! Everyone stay on your guard!
(Captain) and the others ready their weapons and keep their eyes glued to the cloud.
It feels like something big is about to happen. They wait, breathless, ready to act.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 6: The Hopes I Shouldered - Episode 1

The Joya, taking on an even more terrifying form, appears before Joy and sprays forth a fountain of concentrated Kleshas. The island breaks out in turmoil. As terrified as Joy is, it nevertheless musters the courage to fly in front of the Joya, pleading it to stop while being soaked in black droplets of Kleshas.

Joy: What... What is happening?
Joy hears the same booming sound that (Captain) and the others do.
The little bell is flustered, unable to determine the source in this void where direction means nothing.
Joy: Coming closer! But where?
Joya: ...
Joy: Ah! Joya!
The Joya appears, flying directly toward Joy. It is wreathed in dense Kleshas and has shifted into an even more fearful form.
Joya: Goooonnnngggg!
Each toll like a roar of rage, the Joya raises its wooden bell-striker and brings it down with shattering force.
It tears a rent in the surrounding mist, which sprays forth a fountain of concentrated Kleshas.
Kumbhira: Something's coming this way!
Vyrn: What is this? Rain?
The Klesha cloud unleashes a torrent of dark rain.
Lyria: Aah! This isn't water!
Vikala: It's condensed, concentrated Kleshas. Any ordinary person who gets hit by this will be completely overcome!
Kumbhira: Anila told me about something like this...
Kumbhira: Once, she touched the black water in that puddle behind the Joya sanctuary and was pulled into a dark dimension.
Kumbhira: If this is the same substance, then we have to stop it before something awful happens!
Vyrn: Gyah! This is way worse than the last time that bell lost its marbles! We gotta fix this!
Townie Tara: This food is mine! Get your filthy gongs off it!
Townie Thomas: How dare you! I did a lot more work than you, so I deserve more grub! Gimme everything you got!
Kumbhira: It's already affecting people! There's no time to waste.
Vikala: Let's go, Kumbhira! We'll start by purifying the people who seem violent!
Lyria: (Captain), let's see if we can help calm people down!
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee... Look at you all gong!
Yuisis: You too, huh?
Yuisis: I'm gonna go check on my family. You, don't move from this spot if you know what's good for you.
Yuisis: If I find you so much as an inch from where I left you, you've had it.
Ravening Raizo: My goodness, have a little faith. Have a nice triiip! Gong!
Yuisis gives one last threatening waggle of her sword in Raizo's direction before running off to join her friends.
Joy: What is Joya doing? Joy is scared!
Joy: Joy doesn't like scary things. Stop, Joya. Please stop!
Joya: Goooonnnngggg!
Joy: Joy... Joy said stop!
Joy's feelings finally get the better of it, and it yells at top volume.
The Joya pays no heed, continuing to swing its bell striker with single-minded focus. Joy flies into its path.
Joya: Gonnng?
Joy: Goooonnnngggg!
Joy: Aaagggh!
But the Joya shows no mercy. The next swing of its striker drenches Joy in black droplets of condensed Kleshas.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 6: The Hopes I Shouldered - Episode 2

Joy manages to overcome the onslaught of Kleshas in its effort to bring the Joya to its senses. On the ground, Kumbhira and Vikala set up a barrier to protect the townspeople. Raizo's underlings take advantage of the unrest to free their leader.

Joy: Nngh...
Joy is covered in liquefied Kleshas which begin to painfully corrode its surface.
Joy: (Is this what Kleshas do?)
Joy: (Joy feels... strange. Wants to... get mad. Wants to... do bad things...)
Joy: (So... Angry...)
Joya: Goooonnnnggg!
Joy: (No. No good. Joy came here... to save Joya.)
Joy: (If Joy lets Kleshas win... Joya will turn into a very bad bell...)
Joy: (Joy can do this... Joy is... a clever kid!)
Joy: Goooonnnnggg!
Joya: Gong?
Joy: Joy did it! Joy beat the Kleshas!
Joy manages to fight back the Kleshas attempting to twist its thoughts, and trains its sights on the Joya once more.
Joy: Joya. Joy understands now. Holding Kleshas is hard, isn't it?
Joy: But this is an important job. A job only Joya can do.
Joy: Joya worked so hard for so long! Joya was proud!
Joy: So Joy will stop you! Joy will take it all on!
Joy: That way Joya can help everyone again!
Joy: We can all have a happy New Year together!
Joya: Goooonnnnggg!
Joy: Joy is o-kay!
Determined not to let the Joya be burdened by any further sins, Joy does its best to absorb all the condensed Kleshas.
Kumbhira: It seems like the Kleshafall has tapered off some.
Kumbhira: I wonder if that's thanks to Joy. Well, I can't let Joy do all the work!
Man in Black 2: Who the gong are you! Tell me the truth!
Man in Black 3: You can't fool me! What's your game, gonging yourself up like Lady Yuisis!
Yuisis: Well, this is no good. My friends all think I'm an imposter.
Vikala: Theeere ya go! Squeaky clean and Klesha-free!
Man in Black 2: Huh? What was I just...
Man in Black 3: How could I not recognize the young miss when she was standing right in front of me? I'm so sorry, Lady Yuisis!
Yuisis: Don't worry about it. But I think we're likely to see more Klesha showers, so keep your wits about you.
Regular Rae: You again! What's your gong with me!
Townie Tim: You're the one who gonged into me! Get off my gong already!
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: Vikala, I don't think we're going to get anywhere trying to purify people one by one.
Kumbhira: If we want to keep everyone safe, I think we're going to have to use that.
Vikala: Yeah. It might be the best way to keep the mayhem to a minimum.
Lyria: Are you going to cast another barrier? You can't use them that often, can you?
Vyrn: And that black rain is still falling. Even if you purify the area, won't you just have to do it again?
Kumbhira: If we lower the purification power, we can hold the barrier in place for longer.
Kumbhira: It won't keep out all the Kleshas, but it should keep the density down.
Kumbhira: And with people like you guys who are more resistant, we should be able to keep a handle on fights and injuries.
Vikala: But the two of us will need to give the barrier our full concentration.
Vikala: So, (Captain), could you go gather up the townspeople, and bring them inside the barrier?
Lyria: We can handle that. Let's go, (Captain)!
Yuisis: Can you guys help out with that? The more people on the job, the better.
Man in Black 2: Of course! You can count on us, Lady Yuisis.
Kumbhira: Let's do this, Vikala!
(Captain) and the others hurry out to bring as many townspeople as possible into the protected zone.
Ravening Raizo: I'm bored.
Is it too gong to ask for a little New Year's festivity?
Ravening Raizo: Aaargh! Stupid ropes! Get... offa... me, you hempen filth!
Henchman Harry: Boss, we been lookin' everywhere for ya! I'll untie ya right away!
Ravening Raizo: Ohhh! You found me, you clever lad, you! Please do, and hurry!
While (Captain) and the others are distracted with their evacuation efforts, the henchmen free Raizo.
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee... By the by, did you bring the gong with you?
Henchman Harry: You bet we did! Here ya go!
Ravening Raizo: Bright boy! Now we can have a New Year's to remember!
Raizo takes the device from his henchman and strides off toward the commotion in town.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 6: The Hopes I Shouldered - Episode 3

Having completely lost control over itself, the Joya begins to cease all functions. Joy realizes this will essentially be the Joya's death, and so vows to take on the role of Klesha-gathering for future generations. The situation looks desperate when the mist cloud shatters the Divine Generals' barrier, but Joy leaps out of the mist, determined to set things right.

Joy: Joy is o-kay! Joy will hold all the Kleshas!
Joy: Joy will stop Joya's rampage! Wake up, Joya!
Joya's Thoughts: (I can hear someone... cheering me on...)
Joya's Thoughts: (But it's too late. After multiple losses of control, and the outrages that man made me commit, I am a wreck.)
Joya's Thoughts: (I can no longer fulfill my role the way I once did.)
Joya's Thoughts: (I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I think I'm reaching my limit.)
Joy: What will happen... when you reach your limit?
Joya's Thoughts: (All my functions will shut down. In mortal terms, I will die.)
Joy: No!
Joya's Thoughts: (I can no longer stand this pitiful existence.)
Joya's Thoughts: (I was made to bring hope to the skies... It's hard to believe that this is how it ends.)
Joya's Thoughts: (I've failed you all... I am so disappointed in myself... So sad...)
The Joya swings its striker, pain seeming to explode from its body.
Kleshas spew forth—more than Joy could hope to absorb.
Joy: Joya, please tell Joy! If Joya dies, who will gather Kleshas?
Joya: Gooonnnggg!
The Joya seems beyond hearing, lashing out blindly in its pain.
Joy: Please, Joya! Tell Joy who!
Joya's Thoughts: (...!)
Joya's Thoughts: (No one. All the Kleshas spread throughout the skies will return to the mortal hearts which birthed them.)
Joya's Thoughts: (Mortals will not die from harboring their own worldly desires. But they will be forced to live with the pain of dark impulses they cannot suppress.)
Joya's Thoughts: (This poison is strong enough to destroy the mortal world. Some will fight the infection. Some will succumb. Conflict will be inevitable.)
Joya's Thoughts: (That is all that will happen... Only that.)
Joy: ...!
Kumbhira: More of that black rain started falling all of a sudden... Ah!
The black mist swells further and finally bursts. Liquefied Kleshas streak across the skies.
Kumbhira and Vikala can sense the drops raining down on other islands. They send up plumes of negative emotion like smoke, plunging unsuspecting islanders into darkness.
Kumbhira: I didn't think it would be able to reach other islands from here... That mist is incredibly dangerous.
Lyria: The trouble is only spreading. What should we do?
Vikala: It's okay, Lyria! Once we get the Joya back, we can save everyone, on every island.
Lyria: What? How?
Kumbhira: The Joya has always collected Kleshas from all across the Sky Realm.
Kumbhira: So no matter how far they spread, the Joya can gather them all up again.
Lyria: Oh... I see.
Kumbhira: The problem is, how do we get the Joya out of there?
Kumbhira stares into the mist cloud, brow furrowed.
Vyrn: Did that sound to you guys like the barrier cracking?
Lyria: Meep! Are you two okay?
Kumbhira: Ngh! I can't believe how strong they are...
Vikala: Don't give up! We've got to keep this shelter going!
The two generals summon every scrap of power they have to feed their barrier.
Joy: Only that?
Joy: How can... you say that?
Joy: Joya will... be o-kay! You can do your job again!
Joy: Joy is a clever kid! Joy won't give up!
Joya's Thoughts: (You seem like a good child. But some things in this life are beyond help.)
Joya's Thoughts: (Soon, I will die... with all my regrets over my failure to perform my role.)
Joya: Gooonnnggg!
The Joya lashes out again, its crazed body entirely divorced from the thoughts Joy hears.
With every splash of that dark liquid, Joy can feel the depth of the Joya's pain. Joy is unable to bear it in silence.
Joy: Then Joy will gather Kleshas!
Joy: Joy will do Joya's job!
Joya's Thoughts: (You?)
Joy: Maybe... Joy can't stop... Joya's death.
Joy: But Joy can stop Joya's pain! Joy can gather Kleshas!
Joy: Joy will protect what Joya wanted to protect! Joy can do it!
Joy: So... even if you have to say goodbye... don't be sad, Joya!
Joya's Thoughts: (...!)
Divine Generals: ...!
Despite the two generals' valiant efforts, their barrier is finally shattered by the hail of Kleshas.
Lyria: You guys!
Kumbhira: Sorry... I'm tapped out.
Vikala: I think by now, Mahira will have realized what's going on, and be getting the rest of the generals together. We just have to wait for backup...
Vyrn: Okay, we got it! You two just take a rest!
With the barrier gone, (Captain) and the others are drenched in the rain of liquid Kleshas.
At first contact with skin, the liquid vaporizes, and (Captain)'s thoughts are invaded by a host of Kleshas.
  1. My head...

Choose: My head...
Lyria: (Captain), hold on! Um... I know! We need a song! That'll cheer us up!
Lyria: Let's pick a bunch of wildflowers, for a nice bouquet... One pink, two yellow, but oh no, the white flowers are...
Lyria: All gong...
Lyria: Ahh, no, not gong... They're all, um...
  1. Go...

Choose: Go...
Lyria: No, no, no! Don't say it, (Captain)! Don't say go—
Vyrn: Hold it together, you guys! Lyria's starting to go under!
Yuisis: I'm not doing so hot myself. At this rate, we're all going to be Klesha-crazy!
The crew is pinned down, bombarded by concentrated negativity.
(Captain) is beginning to feel like all is lost.
Joy: This is... Joy's job now!
Kumbhira: Huh?
Vyrn: You've got a robot form now too?
Light bursts from the Klesha cloud, and Joy soars forth. It touches down in front of (Captain) and the others.
It turns and fixes its gaze on the cloud above, where the Joya is still suffering. Joy's eyes blaze with determination.

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Chapter 6: The Hopes I Shouldered - Episode 4

When Raizo reemerges with huge firework charges, the quick-witted Yuisis knocks him into the sky, where his explosives go off and tear through the mist. The Joya falls to ground level, leading to a final bell-ringing with the crew.

Joy: Kleshas located!
Joy unleashes its Klesha-capturing power, and in the blink of an eye, the negative impulses plaguing the crew are sucked into the bell.
Kumbhira: Thank you, Joy. Um, why do you look like that?
Joy: When Joy decided to take Joya's job, this happened!
Joy: Kumbhira, Vikala, Yuisis, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn...
Joy: Joya is in there. Suffering. Please, help me save Joya!
Lyria: It's suffering? Just what happened?
Joy explains how the Joya has lost control of itself and is going wild in the cloud overhead.
Vikala: So being modified like that, on top of all its previous rampages, has destroyed its self-control.
Lyria: It blames itself for hurting everyone... Isn't there anything we can do to help?
Joy: Joy used this rolling pin to cut a way out.
Joy: If we destroy mist from outside, Joya can escape!
Joy: Want to stop Joya from doing bad things and being sad! Please help stop Joya!
Vyrn: We're in! Right, (Captain)?
Kumbhira: How do we destroy the mist? If Joy was able to get out on its own, does that mean a strong impact will do it?
Vikala: Coordinating our attacks on something that high up might be tough. How are we gonna manage that?
Ravening Raizo: Yeeheehee! So here's where you've gonged to!
The author of all this chaos reappears with his lackeys in tow.
Vyrn: How'd you get loose!
Yuisis: I thought I told you not to budge from where I put you.
Ravening Raizo: Really? Did I agree to that? I simply can't recall.
Ravening Raizo: More importantly, let's talk about that weapon. This time it's mine, so get ready to fork it over! Take this!
Raizo waves a large device at them threateningly.
Yuisis: You're coming at us again with the same weapon? It didn't work last time, idiot.
Ravening Raizo: If you think this is the same weapon, you're dead gong!
Ravening Raizo: I wasn't using full firepower before, because I didn't want to gong up my lair. You're about to see what it can really do!
He opens the device and shows them what appear to be huge firework charges, densely packed inside.
Ravening Raizo: Behold my Superhot Bombastic Boomers! Just one of these beauties can reduce an airship to splinters! Prepare to meet your maker!
Yuisis: An explosive that can tear apart an airship?
Yuisis: Yeah... That oughta do nicely.
Ravening Raizo: The fuse is lit! You're all dead unless I stop it!
Ravening Raizo: If you value your lives, then hand over the weapon! You've got 5, 4, 3, 2...
Yuisis: ...!
Vyrn: Hey, get back here, Crazy Girl! That thing's dangerous!
Ravening Raizo: Agh! What do you think you're doing!
Yuisis: Time for you to go... sailing!
Ravening Raizo: Gooonnnnggg!
Henchmen: Boooooss!
Vyrn: Holy handbells! She launched that dude sky-high!
Yuisis: Joy, you do the honors!
Joy: O-kay!
Joy: Kleshas, begone!
Ravening Raizo: Ooowww! Are you trying to split my sweet patoot?
Ravening Raizo: Am I supposed to say, "Hey, I'm Klesha-free. Thanks for that!"
Ravening Raizo: As if! What's going to happen to me, you irresponsible little lice! Aaaaggghh!
Yuisis and Joy send Raizo flying into the Klesha cloud, where his explosive device goes off.
Superhot Bombastic Boomers go tearing through the mist, sowing sparks which bloom into brilliant aerial flowers.
From somewhere inside the cloud, a bell tolls, as if to herald the arrival of the new year.
Joy: Happy New Year!
Kumbhira: Yeah! Happy New Year!
Henchman Harry: Oh no... Boss!
Henchman Gary: Boss! Bo-ho-hooosss!
You jerks'll pay for this!
Vikala: Look! The mist is clearing!
Joya: Gooonnnnggg!
Joy: You finally got out.
Joy: Time for Joya's last ringing!
Joya: Gonnng?
Kumbhira: Well, we got it down. Everyone ready?
Lyria: Yes! Let's go, (Captain)!
Vikala: Time to ring, ring, ring in the new year!

Elegy for Auld Lang Syne - Ending

The crew puts an end to the Joya's rampage and offers it one final farewell before it ceases all functionality. Back at the sanctuary grounds, Kumbhira goes through one last "Joy"-ringing ceremony, marking the end of her term as year spirit. The crew welcomes in the new year with a bountiful feast from the village elder.

Joya: ...!
Kumbhira: Phew... It seems to have wound down.
Vikala: Kumbhira, let's use the Joya to gather up all the Kleshas that scattered to the more distant islands.
Kumbhira: Okay.
Kumbhira: I'm sorry to ask so much of you, Joya, but do you think you can keep working just a little longer?
Joya: ...
Kumbhira: Joya, what's wrong?
The Joya seems to be attempting to grant Kumbhira's request and draw in all the Kleshas spread across the skies.
But the bell begins to shake, and there's no sign of anything being gathered.
Kumbhira: Oh no. Do you think it's still out of control? What should we do?
Joy: Joya will... die soon.
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean?
Joy: Joya said its functions would shut down. It can't do its job anymore.
Joy: So Joy decided to do the job in Joya's place.
Vyrn: You sayin' you're gonna gather all the Kleshas from the whole Sky Realm?
Joy: Yes! So Joya doesn't have to be sad.
Joy: Joy still needs to learn more about skydwellers and Kleshas.
Joy: So Joy will learn lots. Joy will work hard. And Joy will do a good job!
Joya: ...
Kumbhira: Joy... You really are a good kid. You're so strong.
Joy: Watch Joy do Joy's new job!
Joy unleashes its Klesha-capturing power.
Vikala: I can sense the Kleshas disappearing!
Lyria: That's amazing, Joy! Keep going!
Without anyone to teach it how, Joy manages to perform the Joya's function without a hitch.
Joy: Finished! Got all the Kleshas!
Vyrn: You're one heckuva bell! That ties everything up!
Joya: ...!
Joya: ...
Joy: Ah! Joya!
Joy: Joya? Hey... Joya!
The old bell is silent and still as the grave.
But Joy clearly heard what it whispered before it shut down.
"I will pin my hopes on you. Thank you, little one. And happy New Year."
Joy: Sniff... Sniff...
O-kay, Joya. Joy will do it for you.
Joy: This is goodbye, isn't it? Happy New Year, Joya. Joya...
Joy leans against the motionless Joya, grappling with the weight of the first death it has ever experienced.
Kumbhira: Joy...
Kumbhira: Let's see the Joya off together, so it won't be lonely.
Joy: O...kay... Joy will... Say goodbye right.
Kumbhira and Joy close their eyes. Together, they pray for a peaceful rest for the hardworking Joya.
Vikala: ...
(Captain) and the others follow suit. They all gather around the great bell and close their eyes.
Their thoughts are filled with gratitude, and heartfelt apology for their failure to realize the extent of the Joya's suffering.
New Year's Eve comes to a close, and a new year dawns in the Sky Realm.
Vikala: It just doesn't feel like the New Year until I hear that sound.
Mahira: Hehe, agreed.
Vikala and Mahira are relaxing under the kotatsu in the village near the sanctuary.
Mahira: I never expected Joy to take over for the Joya though.
Mahira: It learned and matured faster than I could ever have predicted. I really have a lot more to learn.
Sensing the overabundance of Kleshas during the Joya's induced rampage, Mahira sent word to the other generals and was preparing to head to the source.
But the uproar died down before she could depart, so she ended up waiting in the village.
Mahira: With Joy doing the Joya's old job, it won't be able to leave the Sky Realm.
Mahira: I wanted to try riding Joy to the cosmos, at least once...
Mahira sets her chin on her hands, her thoughts flying far above the clouds into the distant cosmos.
Vikala: Oh, welcome back everyone!
Kumbhira: Thanks. The Joya-ringing ceremony was a success.
Joy: Not Joya. Joy-ringing ceremony!
Kumbhira: Haha. You're absolutely right.
Lyria: Joy was so good, sitting still to be rung!
Joy: Joy likes making a big noise! Gooong!
Kumbhira: Well, it certainly was an eventful term, but now I can hand over my year spirit duties.
Vikala: Great job, Kumbhira! I'll take it from here!
Joy: Mahira, thank you for making Joy so well!
Mahira: This is the first time one of my inventions has thanked me. I like it.
Vyrn: Y'know, I've been wondering. Joy's supposed to be built the same way as the Joya, right?
Vyrn: It seems fine now, but is Joy eventually gonna get overloaded and go rogue like the Joya did?
Mahira: I have a plan to deal with that. You all brought back the deactivated Joya, so I analyzed it.
Mahira: Now that I know which of its parts took the most wear and tear in the completion of its duties, I think I can give Joy the right routine maintenance to keep it running much more smoothly.
Lyria: Thank goodness. If you can fix the problems before they get serious, then Joy should never have to lose control like that.
Yuisis: Ah, here you all are.
Vyrn: Huh? Shouldn't you have left already?
Yuisis: I've got a little time before the airship departs, so I was taking a stroll when I heard your voices in here.
Joy: Yuisis, where are you going? Someplace far?
Yuisis: No, not far. My friend's funeral was ruined, so we decided to have another ceremony.
Yuisis: Don't worry. I'll be back once we've said our goodbyes properly.
Joy: O-kay! Joy will wait!
Yuisis: You're back in bell form, I see.
Joy: Yes! This is everyday Joy.
Joy: Mecha-form is for extra tough times!
Yuisis: Aha. Each form has its function, hm?
Yuisis: Hey, can I ask you something?
Yuisis: Was that transformation part of your original programming, or was it something you figured out how to do on your own?
Joy: Joy doesn't know. Joy just copied Joya.
Yuisis: I see...
Yuisis: There are many legends about the strange power slumbering in this relic I carry.
Yuisis: I wonder if one day, my sword might awaken, kind of the way you changed shapes by pure force of will.
Yuisis mutters this so quietly it isn't clear whom she's addressing, eyes fixed on her beloved sword.
Joy: Its power... will awaken?
Yuisis: Maybe...
By the way, there was something else I wanted to tell you.
Yuisis: You've grown so much, Joy. We're all proud of what you've accomplished so far. We're counting on you to be a great little Klesha-wrangler.
Joy: Ehehe. Joy got compliments! Joy will work hard!
Village Elder: Everyone, your New Year's meal is ready.
Village Elder: It is but a paltry token of our gratitude, but we hope you will come eat your fill.
Lyria: Yaaay, a New Year's feast! Thank you so much!
Vyrn: I'm feeling pretty hollow myself! Let's go, (Captain)!
Yuisis: I'll be heading out, then. Have fun, everyone.
Vikala: Mahira, Kumbhira, you're coming too, right?
Mahira: Of course. I wonder what they're serving.
Kumbhira: Come on, Joy. I'll tell you all about New Year's good luck charms.
Joy: Really? O-kay! Joy wants to come!
(Captain) and the others head out, talking cheerfully among themselves.
It looks like a typical New Year's Day in the Sky Realm. But people's smiles today seem to hint that they are savoring their happiness a bit more than usual, without truly knowing why.
It was moments like these the Joya worked so hard to preserve, and which Joy will labor to protect from now on.
With weighty responsibilities riding on Joy's small frame, its voice will ring out across the skies, clear and proud.
The End


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