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Event Story

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These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Opening

Lancelot is locked away in a dark and gloomy dungeon when somebody appears before him.

???: Ungh...
Lancelot regains consciousness in the deepest dungeon of a castle, a pit so deep that sunlight has never graced its walls.
Lancelot: Huff... Huff...
Dazed and delirious, Lancelot feels the cold touch of a hand brush against his cheek.
???: Good morning, Lancelot. How are you feeling?
Lancelot: Isa... bella...
Isabella: Heeheehee!
Isabella: That's Queen Isabella to you! Imbecile!
Isabella coldly strikes Lancelot across the face with all her might.
Lancelot: Urgh!
Isabella: Ahahahahaa! This is a complete reversal of roles, isn't it? Isn't it, hmm? Laaancelot?
Isabella: Ahahaha, heh... Muahahahahaa!
Isabella's violence continues with a strange and zealous passion.
Isabella: Argh! How do you like this, pig!
Lancelot: Aaagh... uurgh! Uuurngh, argh!
Isabella: Pant... Pant... Oooh, how beautiful!
Isabella's shaky breathing is paired with an expression that could only be described as euphoria.
Isabella: A symphony of pain and agony... How perfectly beautiful... Ohh, Lancelot...
???: Isabella, my queen, it is almost time.
Isabella: Oh, how time flies when you're having fun.
Lancelot: G-Gareth...
Gareth: ...
Lancelot: Gareth... Wh-why...
Many moons have passed since (Captain) and the crew last saved Feendrache from disaster.
Lancelot, who was under orders from the king to travel to many different kingdoms and learn of their ways, is returning home.
After Isabella's downfall, under the advice of a distinguished knight named Gareth, Lancelot also began to serve on the council.
Lancelot: Gareth, is there any news from the front?
Gareth: Yes. Vane spearheaded an attack on an enemy battalion, completely crushing them.
Gareth: We've made gains that may decide the outcome of this war.
Lancelot: Good... good. That's reassuring to hear.
Ever since the defeat of the primal beast Sylph, the people of Feendrache have lost the ability to make the alma extract.
After mingling with certain militias on his travels, Lancelot focuses his attention on the military of his own kingdom.
Upon his return Lancelot implements a political measure to send the Order of the White Dragons to war in a far away land.
Lancelot: If I'm confined in this castle any longer, my body will begin to falter and my sword arm will weaken!
Gareth: Hehehe, be patient. It's just until the investiture ceremony.
Lancelot: Ahh, my absence will be a burden on you, Gareth, but I'll finally get to go to the front line!
Lancelot: (Wait for me, Vane.)
A kitten swaggering about the castle in a lordly manner looks at its master's face with an innocent expression and meows happily.
Later a ceremony is held in the capital to congratulate Lancelot, Gareth, and others on their new job titles.
Lancelot: (Vane, where are you?)
Gareth: Would you like a drink?
Lancelot: Ah, o-oh... That's wine...
Gareth: Hey now, can't we celebrate just for today?
Lancelot: Sigh... I guess we do have cause for celebration... I'll have a sip.
Gareth hands Lancelot a goblet.
After quickly sweeping his eyes across the room to make sure everybody has a drink, King Carl stands, raising his own goblet.
King Carl: Join me in a toast, everyone!
King Carl: To the honorable Order of the White Dragons and a glorious future for Feendrache!
In accordance with the king's congratulatory address, the knights raise their goblets and drink in unison.
Gareth: (And it begins... Now is the time to unleash your power...)
Lancelot: Hmm, Gareth? Did you say something?
Gareth: No, nothing!
After everyone drains their goblets, Gareth steps in front of the king.
Gareth: Once again I wish to bestow my greetings upon you, Your Majesty...
King Carl: Is everything okay, Gareth? Haven't we already greeted one another?
At that moment Isabella appears in the throne room.
Isabella: You kept me waiting.
Lancelot: Isabella?
Everybody in the hall seems unable to move as if entranced by her appearance.
Wrapped in the strange tranquility that has fallen over the scene, Isabella takes a goblet from Gareth.
Isabella: Nice to meet you... you filthy scumbags.
Lancelot: Isabella!
Gripped by a strong spiritual power, Lancelot is drawn toward Isabella.
Gareth: Kneel before your queen!
Lancelot: Argh! Urngh...
Helpless, Lancelot is easily overpowered by Gareth.
Isabella: Teeheehee! How does it feel being humiliated in front of everybody, Laaancelooot?
Lancelot: You heartless demon!
Isabella: And now to continue with the investiture ceremony...
Isabella: The new ruler of this kingdom... is me! Isabella!
Everyone in the hall raises their goblets to Isabella's declaration.
Isabella: Uhaha... Uhahahaaa... Wahahahahaa!
Lancelot: Why?
Gareth: ...
Isabella: You go ahead. I'll stay here a little longer.
Gareth: Yes, Isabella.
Without so much as a glance at Lancelot, Gareth leaves the dungeon.
Lancelot: What have you done to my friends... to the king?
Isabella: Oh, don't worry your little head. They're still useful to me.
Isabella: But you... I will make you weep with despair! With so, so, so, sooo much more anguish than you can ever imagine.
Isabella: Teehee... Uhahahaaa... ahahahahaha!
The sound of Isabella's vulgar ridicule echoes throughout the dungeon.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 1: Return of Percival - Episode 1

With Percival taking the lead, the crew follows an animal trail and takes out some monsters on the way to the royal capital of Feendrache.

On their travels (Captain) and the crew became acquainted with Percival, the Lord of Flames.
The crew now visits the royal capital, Feendrache, which houses the order of knights that Percival once belonged to.
Percival: Humph, this place is as rural as ever.
Percival: Vassals. Are you coming?
Lyria: Yeees! We're right behind you!
Percival is of noble ancestry, born into the royal House of Wales.
While journeying to learn the secrets of nation-building, the knight grew to like the tight-knit crew and made them his vassals.
Percival: Vassals. Here.
Vyrn: Wait a sec, those look like monster tracks. Are you sure it's okay?
Lyria: Ahaha... It sure looks like a monster could pop out any second...
Percival: Monsters will come.
Vyrn: What! Th-they will?
Percival: Humph, it's not a problem.
Percival: You need not fear. I will deal with all of them.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 1: Return of Percival - Episode 2

The crew takes a shortcut under Percival's direction; but when everyone hears swords clashing from up ahead, they rush toward the sound.

Vyrn: Hey, Percival. Why are we following this trail?
Percival: It's a shortcut.
Lyria: If I came alone, I'd be lost for sure!
Percival: Only a fool would get lost on such a simple route.
Just then the crew hears the sound of fighting from up ahead.
Percival: Ergh, it seems there's still more monsters.
Percival: Don't lose focus, (Captain)!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 1: Return of Percival - Episode 3

The crew bumps into Vane on the road to the city. Although Percival immediately grows tired of Vane's behavior, they all end up traveling together.

(Captain) and crew help the knight who was surrounded by monsters.
???: Phew, you saved me!
Oh, (Captain)!
Lyria: Hey, it's Vane!
Vane: Oho, Lyria and Vyrn too!
The crew is delighted to reunite with Vane.
Strong ties had formed between them when they overcame the primal beast Sylph together.
Vane: You really helped me out back there!
Percival watches the exchange from nearby.
Percival: Vassals. Night is closing in fast.
Vane: Oh, you must have helped me too. Thank you! I'm a knight of the Order of the White Drag—
Vane: Huh? P-P-P-Percival!
Percival: And who are you, boy?
Vane: It's me! See! I'm a childhood friend of Lancelot, our leader! I'm Vane! Vane!
Percival: I have no memory of you.
Vane: Hahahaha! I get it! I don't think I ever spoke to you, Percival!
Percival: Your incessant chatter is irksome. Please be quiet.
Vane: Oh, okay, okay! You must have all come to see Lancey's big moment!
Vane: Yeah, you must have! Let's go together! Hey, this way. Come on!
Percival: Do not order me around, boy!
Percival: Vassals, leave him be. We're going this way.
Vyrn: Sigh... Vane's convinced we're going with him.
Lyria: Yeah, that worries me too...
Lyria: Won't you come with us, Percival?
(Captain) agrees with Vyrn and Lyria.
Percival: Humph. I see (Captain) is in agreement too.
Percival: Very well. If anything happened to my vassals in my absence, it'd be too late for me to help.
Vane: Hey, what's going on over there? Come on, I know a shortcut!
Monster: Groooar!
Vane: Ah, another one!
Percival: Tch, that meddling fool!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 1: Return of Percival - Episode 4

On their way to the capital, the crew and Vane catch up with everything that's happened since they last met. It turns out Vane has been made vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons.

The crew heads for the royal capital of Feendrache under the guidance of Vane.
On the way, the crew and Vane explain their current situations to one another.
Vane: Hehe, I'm surprised to hear you say that!
Vane: I've also been working hard since then, and I've finally been made vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons!
Vyrn: Wow! I knew you could do it, Vane!
Vane: Thanks! But I never thought this many people would come to see Lancey.
Vane: Lancey really is beloved by all!
Vane explains to the crew that Lancelot's investiture ceremony is being held in the royal capital.
Percival: Humph... If anyone asks, I'm only passing by. Got that, everyone?
Percival's intimidating air compels the crew to nod.
On the way, Percival grows agitated after hearing from the crew about the series of incidents that occurred in the royal capital.
He tells the crew of his anxiety in visiting the royal capital, but vehemently forbids them to speak of it.
Lyria: I wonder how Siegfried's doing...
Vane: Erm, Siegfried said he had some business to take care of.
Vane: Anyway Lancey is gonna be super happy to see you guys!
Percival: You, boy. Where are you taking us?
Vane: Huh?
Percival: Isn't it this way?
Vane: Oh, y-yeah! I must have gone into a daze while talking.
Vane: Thanks for letting me know, Percival!
Percival: Surely you didn't just take us the wrong way?
Vane: Hahaha, no way! Right, (Captain)!
For the sake of Vane's dignity, the crew exchange glances with him and nod.
Percival: Astrals above... The fact that this man is vice-captain of the order is inconceivable.
Percival: Let's go, (Captain).
Vane: H-hey, Percival, wait up!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 1: Return of Percival - Episode 4: Scene 2

While the crew heads to the city, a knight in black armor senses something amiss in a remote village. He mounts an investigation into the matter.

While the crew heads to the royal capital, a knight clad in black armor wanders around a remote village.
Villager 1: Hey, did you hear? The castle's been attacked by monsters!
Villager 2: Ahh, a disturbing tale. But reinforcements are coming to help, aren't they?
Villager 1: Doesn't seem like it. The castle town has fallen into chaos, so I wouldn't go there for a while.
???: (Something is afoot...)
???: (It seems a little more investigation is in order.)

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 2: Treachery Unleashed - Episode 1

King Carl and Gareth receive the crew and show them to their seats at the banquet. Vane is flustered at Lancelot's absence but also excited to feast.

The crew arrives at the royal capital and receives a warm welcome from King Carl and Gareth in the throne room.
Vane: Vice-captain Vane, reporting back from the battlefield!
King Carl: Ahh, Vane. I'm glad to see you return safely.
Gareth: Vane, who are these people you've brought with you?
Vane: Erm, these guys are skyfarers. I bumped into them on my way back to the city.
Vane: Oh, you don't know them, Gareth. There's no need to be suspicious though. They're okay!
Gareth: Oh...
King Carl: Ohoho, come over here! Is that (Captain) I see? And Vyrn and Lyria?
Lyria: It's a pleasure to see you again, King Carl!
Vyrn: Hehehe! You're as jolly as ever! How have you been?
(Captain) and crew each greet King Carl in their own casual way.
King Carl: The kingdom owes you so much for all you've done for us...
King Carl: Oh! C-could it be? Is that... Percival?
Percival: ...
With a dignified bow, Percival greets the king with politeness and decorum.
King Carl wears a gentle smile as if nothing is wrong.
King Carl: Ohoho, isn't this grand? A full house of familiar faces. I'm glad you came, old friends.
King Carl: Gareth, please show our guests to their seats.
Gareth: I've already made the preparations.
Vane: Hey, hey, hey. Wait up, Gareth!
Vane suddenly latches onto Gareth.
Gareth: Huh? Vane!
Vane: Lancey isn't here! What's happened to Lancey?
Vane: Isn't he meant to be the star of the show today?
Vane shakes Gareth by the shoulders.
Vane: Huh? Gareth! There's a reddish mark on your neck. Are you okay? Maybe you should rub some ointment on it...
Gareth: I-I'm okay!
Gareth quickly adjusts the uniform's collar to hide the mark.
Percival: ...
King Carl: No need to get flustered, Vane.
King Carl: Lancelot will come here after finishing his preparations.
While listening to King Carl, Vane realizes something and whispers to Gareth.
Vane: (Psst, I know about the thing...)
Gareth: (Wh-what?)
Vane: (Oh, I just wanted to apologize for asking such a brazen thing! Ahahaha! My apologies!)
Vane: Anyway I'm hungry! Let's go to the feast!
Gareth: Of course. Everybody, please, this way.
Although (Captain) and crew don't quite understand the situation, they are swept up by Vane's enthusiasm.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 2: Treachery Unleashed - Episode 2

As the crew marvels at the veritable smorgasbord of lavish cuisine, Percival confronts Gareth about Lancelot's absence. Then Isabella barges in, throwing the hall into chaos.

Lavish food is laid out before (Captain) and the crew, who have taken their seats at the feast.
Vane: Ooh! My stomach's rumbling in anticipation!
Lyria: Wow, it all looks so delicious, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Heehee, I'm having difficulty choosing where to start!
King Carl: Ohoho! Don't hold back. Eat as much as you like!
Gareth: Here are your aperitifs.
Goblets are placed in front of the group and amber liquid is poured in.
Percival: ...
Vyrn: (Lyria, what's wrong? Are you feeling sick?)
Lyria: (No, I... I just have a bad feeling about this drink.)
Percival: You, boy. I have something to ask you.
Gareth: Yes, what is it?
Percival: Tell me again. What is it you said Lancelot is doing?
Gareth: Err, he's on the way...
Percival: Hm... He must be coming from someplace really far away.
King Carl: Hey, no point worrying about the details.
Vane: Yeah, Percival. They already said he's coming.
Vane: (What are you doing, Lancey... If you don't hurry up and get here soon, Percival's gonna snap.)
King Carl: Before we begin, let us raise a toast.
Vane: Your Majesty? Er, y-yes, of course!
Vane: (I get it! He's timing the toast to mark Lancey's arrival!)
King Carl: And so let us celebrate this auspicious day of joyous reunion! Cheers!
Everyone raises their goblets in response to the king's toast.
Percival: Don't drink!
As he shouts, Percival holds the tip of his sword to Gareth's neck.
King Carl: Wh-what are you doing, Percival! Lower your sword!
Percival: I cannot do that. You're as naive as ever, but...
Percival: I know full well that Lancelot is a total stickler for rules and punctuality.
Percival pulls back the fabric covering Gareth's neck.
Gareth: A-ack.
Percival: Where did you get this mark?
Gareth: A-argh, let me go...
Percival: Answer me! What are you plotting, boy?
Gareth: (Cripes, they didn't drink...)
Percival: What are you murmuring? Answer me or you'll never speak again!
Vane: Wh-what's going on! Percival, you need to calm down!
Vyrn: Yeah, we want an explanation too!
Just then the door to the hall bursts open.
Vane: Yeah, finally! This is what we've all been waiting for! It's Lancey!
Isabella: Idiot. You're like a poodle, yapping at your master's legs.
Isabella: It seems the plan has gone awry... But it'll be back on course as soon as I get rid of you lot!
Isabella appears, accompanied by knights from the Order of the White Dragons.
Vane: Whaaat? I-Isabella!
Lyria: Isabella? But you should have grown old...
Percival: Humph, so you finally show yourself.
Gareth: Agh!
Percival: Oof.
Spotting his chance, Gareth escapes from Percival's grip.
Isabella: What are you doing here, Perci-smell, you damp firelighter?
Isabella: You've always been such an impertinent little twerp, haven't you? Humph.
Since the appearance of Isabella, Percival, unfazed, has been sporting a bold grin.
Percival: Nice to see you too, Isabella. What a coincidence... us meeting here.
Percival: You know, I never liked you.
Vane: Wh-wh-what's going on! Percival?
Vane: Why are Gareth and Isabella... Where is Lancey?
Vane: Isabella! What have you done with Lancey!
Isabella: Hah! I'll let you see him as soon as you surrender yourselves!
Isabella: Gareth, do it.
Gareth: As you wish, my queen.
Gareth: Men! Seize these imbeciles!
White Dragons: ...
Vane: H-hey! Since when did you guys do Isabella's bidding?
Percival: If we hesitate for even a moment, they will strike us down.
Percival: Vassals, behind me!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 2: Treachery Unleashed - Episode 3

Amidst the fighting the crew tries to assist King Carl, but he is bound by magic and resists their attempts to help him. Thus they focus their efforts on saving Lancelot in the dungeons instead.

The crew tries to protect King Carl from the fight that breaks out in the hall.
But the king resists their attempts to help him.
Vyrn: Whoa... It's almost like the king's a different person!
Percival: We should stop trying. He's probably bound by magical powers.
Vane: Percival! Do you know something?
The crew is attacked by one knight after another, without any time to even breathe between fights.
Isabella: Argh! What are you doing? Just hurry up and finish them off!
Gareth: Surround them and don't let them escape!
Percival: Tch... We should retreat for the time being.
Vane: B-but we have to save Lancey!
Percival: From the way Isabella spoke, it seems she has him locked up somewhere. Do you know where that might be?
Vane: Hmm, if I were to lock somebody up... I'd probably use the dungeons!
Percival: Then take us there, boy!
Percival: I'll make an opening for us! There's no time for hesitation!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 2: Treachery Unleashed - Episode 4

The crew finds Lancelot held captive in the dungeons and fights off a few prison guards to rescue him.

Lancelot: U-uh, argh...
Raised voices can be heard outside the dungeon.
Lancelot: What's... happening...
Vane: Lancey!
Percival: Lancelot!
Lancelot: Is someone... calling my name?
Suddenly prison guards appear before the crew.
Percival: Ergh, obstinate fools.
Vane: Let's kick their butt, Percival!
Percival: Humph, don't tell me what to do.
Percival: I can handle this alone.
Lyria: Teehee, Percival is the same as ever.
Vyrn: Right, the rest of us should get going. C'mon, (Captain)!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 3: Escape from the Capital - Episode 1

Having rescued Lancelot from the dungeons, the crew fight off their pursuers in order to clear an escape path.

The crew finds Lancelot held captive in the dungeons.
Vane: Lancey! Are you okay?
Lancelot: Vane, thank goodness...
Lancelot is more relieved at his friend's safety than his own.
Vane: Lancey...
Vane sees Lancelot's dire situation and gently removes the cold metal chains that bind him.
Lancelot: Huh? Why is (Captain) and everyone else here?
Vyrn: It's kind of a long story, but we bumped into Vane and...
The crew describe to Lancelot how they ran into Vane when going to the royal capital.
Lancelot: I see. (Captain), everyone... You've saved me again.
Vyrn: Hey, don't sweat the small stuff!
Lyria: Oh no! Hold still—I'll treat your wounds...
Lancelot: Thank you, Lyria.
Percival: Pathetic. Lancelot.
Lancelot: P-Percival! Why are you here?
Percival and Lancelot exchange glances without speaking, their expressions speaking for them.
Percival: We'll talk later. For now I suggest we withdraw.
Lancelot: Wait! We have to save the king and everyone else!
Percival: Fool! You think you can do anything in this state? We will quietly retreat until things have died down.
Vane: I know where you're coming from, Percival, but...
Vane: Won't you think of Lancey's feelings as a man who cares for his friends?
Percival: Don't speak to me of such nonsense. Personal feelings should never dictate one's actions.
Percival: Don't you see that running back into the fray without a plan could put even more of us in danger?
Vane: You think I don't know that?
Vane: The least you could do is try to explain that without being so harsh!
Lancelot: Vane, it's okay.
Lancelot: I'm sorry, Percival. I was careless.
Lancelot: You're right. We should be thinking about how to escape from here.
Vane: Lancey, take my arm. You can lean on me.
Lancelot: Thank you, Vane.
However the relief is fleeting, as footsteps echo through the dungeon.
Percival: Tch, they've found us already!
Lancelot: Percival, they're only being manipulated. Please don't be too hard on them.
Percival: Yeah, I know. This'll be the perfect handicap for me.
Lancelot: Heh, how reassuring. We shall fight them together.
Vane: No, no, no! You need to rest until you've recovered, Lancey.
Vyrn: Uhh, (Captain), tell him!
Lancelot: I'm sorry, everyone. I am in your debt.
And so the crew begins the fight to clear an escape path for the wounded Lancelot.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 3: Escape from the Capital - Episode 2

As Lancelot and the rescue party continue along the underground passage, they brief each other on the situation before taking on another group of pursuers.

The crew progresses along a secret passage that runs underneath the royal capital.
Percival: But if even men of your skill are being led around by the nose... Tell me. What happened here?
Lancelot describes the events that happened on the day of the investiture ceremony.
Lancelot: Come to think of it, Gareth was the one who prepared the goblets...
Percival: I suppose it's obvious enough that Gareth and Isabella are in cahoots.
Lancelot: Yeah, though I don't want to believe it.
Vane: Huh! Wait! The investiture ceremony has already happened?
Lancelot: Huh? Yeah, I thought it was odd that I didn't see you there...
Vane: Aww, man! I missed your big moment, Lancey...
Lancelot: But the ceremony was ruined. Wouldn't you have rather not come at all?
Percival: It no longer matters.
Percival: Where are those knaves getting their power from—that's what we should be concerned about now.
Lyria: But you already seem to know so much, Percival...
Vyrn: Yeah! Spit it out. You're talking like you know something we don't!
Percival: I know... about that mark on Gareth.
Percival: It resembles a summoning circle I saw a long time ago in the library of the house I was born into.
Lancelot: What! The House of Wales?
Percival: Yes. A summoning circle that potent could let the bearer manipulate others at will, but...
The knights pursuing the crew catch up from behind.
Percival: Ergh, when it rains, it pours.
Vane: I'm in a bit of pain, but I can grit my teeth and fight!
Percival: Humph, keep moving. I'll handle this.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 3: Escape from the Capital - Episode 3

Back in the throne room, Isabella hurls abuse at Gareth, who collapses from exhaustion. Isabella cooks up another plot.

In the throne room, Isabella hurls abuse at Gareth.
Isabella: Gareth! What are you doing! Get out there and capture Lancelot!
Gareth tries to summon up the strength to control the minds of the troops, but collapses from exhaustion.
Gareth: Isabella... I... I need a little break.
Gareth blacks out where they stand.
Isabella: Aaah! Is there no one I can rely on?
Isabella: I guess I'll have to capture him on my own!
Isabella: Lancelooot, wait for meee! Come out, come out, wherever you aaare...

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 3: Escape from the Capital - Episode 4

As the crew reach the end of the tunnel, the air before them begins to distort and a grotesque demon appears. Percival, Vane, Lancelot, and (Captain) join hands to confront the demon.

The crew defeat their pursuers and continue along the underground tunnel.
Vane comes up with an idea and suggests it to the crew.
Vane: When we come out the other end of this tunnel, we'll be in the forest near the royal capital.
Vane: The village where my grandmother lives is near there! Maybe we could lay low there for a while. What do you think?
Lancelot: Oh yes, I remember her. A great idea.
Percival: Any place is better than here. But first we need to find the exit.
Lancelot: Hmm... The exit shouldn't be much farther now.
The crew can see light at the end of the tunnel.
Vane: Just a little further!
Lancelot: Thank you, everyone. I'm feeling a little better now.
Percival: We aren't out of the woods yet. We don't know if our pursuers are still following us.
All of a sudden, the air in front of the crew begins to distort and bend.
Vyrn: Huh! Wh-what's happening!
A grotesque monster appears from the spatial distortion.
???: I've... found... you... Lancelot...
Lyria: Oh no! It's aiming for Lancelot!
(Captain), Percival, and Vane immediately step in front of Lancelot.
Percival: This one's different from anything we've faced before.
Percival: (Captain), be ready for anything.
Vane: Lancey, get behind me!
Lancelot: I'm fine, Vane.
Lancelot moves to stand alongside the crew and face the monster.
Vane: Lancey...
Lancelot: I too will fight! Everyone, lend me your strength!
Vane: Okay, let's do this!
Percival: Don't get in my way, Lancelot.
???: Graaah!
Lancelot: Ready, (Captain)... Attack!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 4: Pause for Reflection - Episode 1

The crew stops for a short break at the village near the royal capital. The night wears on as Vane and Percival argue about what to do next.

The crew arrives at the village near the royal capital and stops for a short break.
They nurse Lancelot, who collapsed after the fight earlier.
Lancelot: Ungh...
Vane: Lancey!
Lancelot: Vane, I...
Vane: You're awake! After the battle you just suddenly collapsed on the ground! Everyone was so worried!
Vane practically jumps with joy as Lancelot opens his eyes.
Lancelot: Vane, stop being so hyper. You're making me dizzy!
Vane: Sorry, Lancey. I guess you're still recovering...
Percival: Lancelot. Do you remember that thing we fought in the tunnel?
Lancelot: What in the skies was that thing? I've never seen such a grotesque monster...
Vyrn: Hmm... Could it be related to primal beasts?
Lyria: It can't be. I didn't sense anything.
Percival: Hmm... the symbol that appeared in the secret passage... It looked a lot like Gareth's mark.
Vane: Huh? But that means...
Percival: It was his doing. I'm sure of it.
Lancelot's expression turns somber.
Lancelot: I'm going back.
Vane: Lancey, I think you should rest a little more and—
Lancelot: But even as we speak, the king and our comrades are...
Percival: Wait, calm down. How many times must I repeat myself.
Percival: If you're gonna lose your cool and rush headlong into the enemy, you'll just be throwing your life away. What do you think we rescued you for?
Vane: Aww, c'mon, Percival. Why can't you show some tact and decorum for once?
Percival: Heh, I was born like this.
Percival: Lancelot, your death would be self-serving. But I'm sure your pet dog will follow you wherever you go.
Vane's expression changes upon hearing Percival's harsh words.
Vane: Oh really!
Vane: You don't know anything! You abandoned the order!
Percival: Say that again, boy! I dare you!
Vane: Heh! I'll say it as many times as I like! An insensitive brick like you wouldn't get it the first time...
Vane: You don't understand Lancey's feelings at all!
Percival: Nonsense! Since when has the order been about this mawkish, silly notion of friendship you seem so fond of?
Percival: You're such an unenlightened leader, trying to help others when you can't even look after yourself.
Percival: I bet your subordinates really have their work cut out with you, boy!
Vane: H-how dare you!
Lancelot: Stop it already!
Vane: Lancey...
Lancelot: Both of you! Just stop!
Percival: ...
Lancelot: I have friends back in the capital, and I have friends here too. I don't want to lose any of you...
Percival: You all need to cool down.
Percival walks away.
Lancelot: ...
Lancelot: I've caused so much trouble for everyone...
Vane: No, Lancey. None of this is your fault...
Lancelot: Maybe we should take a little break.
Vyrn: I guess so.
Lyria: Yeah, I'm quite tired too...
Lancelot: I'm sorry I've caused such a fuss, (Captain).
The night wears on for the crew.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 4: Pause for Reflection - Episode 2

Isabella's pained groans can be heard emanating from the castle's bedchamber. Gareth appears before Isabella in casual dress to nurse her.

Isabella: Ungh, uhuugh...
In the royal capital, Isabella's pained groans can be heard from the castle's bedchamber.
Isabella: Ugh, why you... Laancelooot...
Gareth appears before Isabella.
Gareth: Isabella, my queen, I've brought your extract.
Isabella: Quickly! Give it to meee!
Isabella snatches the vial from Gareth's hand and drinks it in one gulp.
Isabella: Gasp... Wheeze...
Isabella: Why you... you...
Gareth gently touches the mark on Isabella's chest, just visible above her neckline.
Gareth: Isabella... You've looked after me from the very beginning... You saved my life.
Gareth: I will give everything to protect you!
Isabella: That sentiment is irrelevant! Bring me Lancelot! Nooow!
Isabella strikes Gareth hard across the cheek.
Gareth: Ah!
Gareth: Just give me a little longer... Just a little longer... I'll bring him to you, my queen.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 4: Pause for Reflection - Episode 3

The crew gathers at the village entrance where Percival waits. He and Vane have a heated argument as they all head for the capital.

The next morning (Captain) and company gather at the entrance of the village.
Lancelot: ...
Vane: Lancey! Let's get going!
Lancelot: Ah...
Vyrn: Hey, where did Percival go off to?
Vane: Hmm, maybe he decided to abandon us and left...
Lyria: But I don't think Percival is that kind of person...
Vane: Hmm, I lost my cool with him... Perhaps I went too far...
Percival: You're late.
Vane: Ahh!
Percival: What do you think you're doing, making me wait?
Lancelot: Percival! You came back...
Percival: I'm concerned about Gareth's mark. That's all.
Lancelot: Thank you, Percival.
Lyria: Teehee, it sure is reassuring to have Percival back with us!
Vyrn: Hehe! (Captain) looks happy too!
Percival: Hm. I, as acting king, should probably not abandon my vassals.
Vane: What! When did I become your vassal!
Percival: You're a novice, boy. You should be thanking me.
Vane: Why youuu...
Percival: But to make matters worse, when we consider how feeble-minded you are, you are practically beyond saving.
Vane: Aaagh! That does it!
Vane: Let's fight! Right here. Right now!
Percival: As you wish. I'll end it in a second.
Percival: If you act this rashly when you become a prisoner behind enemy lines, you're going to have a problem, boy.
Lyria: Ahaha... I guess you have to be cruel to be kind...
Vyrn: Can't you two just make up and get along?
Vane: Not possible!
Percival: No.
Lancelot: Heheheh...
Vane: L-Lancey, why are you laughing?
Lancelot: It's just... You two would make a surprisingly good couple!
Vane: Stop playing around, Lancey!
Lyria: Heehee, I see it too!
Percival: Nonsense.
Percival: We're wasting time, let's go, (Captain).
Vane: Huh! Hey, Percival! Wait for me!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 4: Pause for Reflection - Episode 3: Scene 2

On the way to the capital, Percival and Vane compete to see who can fell the monsters fastest. Lancelot and the crew hurry after them.

A veritable horde of monsters stands between the crew and the royal capital.
Lancelot: Strange... There weren't this many monsters here before.
Percival: It's not a problem. I will burn through any hindrance that gets in our way.
Vane: Hah! I'll slice them all to ribbons before you even get a chance to do so!
Lancelot: You two! Stop with this selfish one-upmanship!
Lyria: Oh! They've gone...
Vyrn: Sigh... Let's hurry after them, (Captain)!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 4: Pause for Reflection - Episode 4

(Captain) and crew enter the castle town only to find it overrun with monsters. They immediately take action to save the townspeople.

The crew arrives outside the royal capital, but they sense something strange in the air of the castle town.
They rush ahead to the city only to find it overrun by monsters.
Vane: Woah, whoa, whoa! What in the skies is going on here!
People run for their lives.
Percival: I don't understand. Allowing a monster invasion like this to happen is unforgivable. What are the guards doing?
Lancelot: Never mind that! We need to save the townsfolk!
Lyria: Yes! We'll help too! C'mon, (Captain)!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 4: Pause for Reflection - Episode 4: Scene 2

In a tavern in one of the towns bordering the royal capital, a man in black armor discovers that an army has departed for the border. He grows worried and rushes off toward the city.

Meanwhile the knight clad in black armor visits a tavern in a town near the border of the royal capital.
???: (It seems everybody that lives in the vicinity of the city has met with the same grisly fate...)
???: (The outbreak of monsters... The appearance of reinforcements... This is no coincidence.)
Merchant 1: Hey, did you hear? An army is headed for the border.
Merchant 2: Huh, a whole army? That's a lot of men...
Merchant 1: Hm, maybe something has happened up there again...
Merchant 2: You mean at the city?
Merchant 1: Hehehe! Yeah, huge orders are gonna be coming in at this rate! This is our chance to strike it rich!
Merchant 2: Right! We should start preparing...
The knight stands in front of the two merchants, blocking their way.
???: You. Explain what you were just talking about.
Merchant 1: Oh! Err, o-okay!
The knight squeezes the information he needs out of the merchants.
And with surprising agility, he heads off up the mountain road.
???: I must hurry...
???: Argh, will I make it in time?

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 1

The crew puts on a brave face and rushes to save the townspeople surrounded by monsters.

Monsters have flooded the royal capital, and the townspeople are in a state of utmost panic.
Lancelot: Argh, where are they all coming from?
Percival: We must wipe them all out. Leave not a single beast standing.
Vane: Look, the people trying to escape over there are surrounded by monsters!
Vyrn: (Captain)! We need to hurry!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 1: Scene 2

The crew rescues a timid man from the monsters and asks him how the monster outbreak occurred. He is, unfortunately, as clueless as the crew.

Timid Man: Eek! Don't eat meee!
Monster: Grooaar!
Lancelot: Hrraaah!
Monster: G... rugh...
Vane: Good sir, are you okay?
Timid Man: Sir Vane, it's you! Thank you! Thank you for saving me!
Percival: You, townsperson. Why are monsters running rampant in the city?
Timid Man: Erm, well, when I noticed them, they were already here...
Monsters: Graargh!
Percival: Tch... They're everywhere!
Lancelot: Vane! Percival! You two take the flanks!
Vane: Got it, Lancey!
Percival: Leave it to me.
Lancelot: (Captain), we'll mount a frontal assault! Attack!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 1: Scene 3

Meanwhile in the throne room, Isabella twitches about disturbingly. She calls forth monsters from the summoning circle drawn in the center of the room.

Meanwhile in the throne room, Isabella twitches disturbingly.
In the center of the room is a depiction of a summoning circle with the same design as Isabella's mark.
Isabella: Ohh, Lancelot! Wheeze... Lancelot! Ugh, ahaha. Come to me! Laaancelooot... Aaah!
Isabella: Here... Huff... Lancey, Lancey! If you don't come soon, you'll lose what is most deeear!
Monster: Groooaar!
Isabella: Lancelot... Lancelot...
Lancelot, Lancelot, Lancelot...
Lancelot... Aaah!
Isabella: Uhehehehaaa... A city without you is... Ohh...

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 2

Struggling to wipe out the monsters entirely, the crew decides to lure the monsters into one place by gathering the townspeople in the church.

Vane: Jousting dragons! There's no end to them!
Lancelot: There's not enough able fighters to deal with all the monsters in the town. They're just too spread out!
Percival: If that's the case, how about we gather all the townsfolk in one place?
Lancelot: Yes! That might just work!
Vane: What should we do?
Lancelot: Vane! Percival! Guide the townsfolk to the church!
Vane: Got it! Leave it to me!
Percival: I'll deal with this block.
Lyria: (Captain)! We should go and gather people up too!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 2: Scene 2

The crew reassures the townspeople gathered in the church of their safety before heading out to drive away the remaining monsters.

The crew gathers all the panicked townspeople into the church.
Lancelot: Good work, everyone!
Lancelot: I'm glad we've managed to get this far.
Unanimous sighs of relief can be heard from the people gathered in the church.
Young Woman: Sir Lancelot, you're injured...
Lancelot: Hah, 'tis but a scratch. A mere flesh wound.
Lancelot: Fair maiden, do you know what has caused this turmoil?
Young Woman: Well, I don't really believe it myself, but...
Young Woman: I have a feeling this all stems from inside the castle.
Lancelot: Inside the castle...
Monster's voice: Grooaaar!
Young Woman: Eeek!
Lancelot: Fair maiden! Hide, quickly!
Percival: Lancelot! The monsters are at the doors!
Lancelot: All right, let's go!
At that moment a child trembling with fear timidly speaks to Percival.
Young Child: E-excuse me... M-Mr. Red Man...
Percival: What is it, child?
Young Child: Umm, a-are you going to fight the scary monsters?
Percival: Yes. You should hide somewhere, girl.
Young Child: O-oh, yes... Okay... Please win...
Percival: Hm, of course I will. Do you not know who I am?
Percival: Be patient, child. Soon you can go outside and play.
A light tremor caused by the monster attack shakes the church.
Murmurs of unease rise from the townsfolk.
Timid Man: The ceiling won't fall on us, will it?
Vane: Huh? It's fine, it's fiiine. This building is as firm and robust as me, so you can rest easy.
Timid Man: R-really?
Vane: There's nothing to worry about. We're dealing with the problem, so everything's fine!
Vane: Hah hah hah! Look, I'm laughing! You can do it too!
Timid Man: Ahahaha...
Vane: That's the spirit! Now keep watch and make sure nobody goes outside!
Timid Man: Y-yes! Sir Vane, leave it to me!
Vane: Haha! I knew I could rely on you!
Lancelot: Knights! Are you prepared?
Vane: You betcha! I'm ready!
Percival: This ends now.
Vyrn: Yeah! C'mon, (Captain)! Time to make our chivalric debut!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 3

The crew wipes out the monsters that rushed the church and heads toward the castle to ascertain rumors of the monsters' whereabouts.

The crew wipes out the monsters that rushed the church.
Vane: Phew, I think that's the lot.
Percival: The immediate vicinity of the church is now safe.
Lancelot: Right! Now to the castle!
The crew heads inside the castle to ascertain rumors that the monsters are coming from within.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 3: Scene 2

As the crew carefully continues down the hushed halls of the castle, Vane rushes toward an injured knight. A monster attacks from the shadows, but Percival quickly ends it.

Lancelot: How strange... There's not a soul in here.
Percival: Something happened here. I'm sure of it.
The crew proceeds down the hushed halls of the castle with utmost vigilance.
Vane: Look! Over there! That man is injured!
Injured Knight: Ungh...
Vane: Are you okay?
Injured Knight: Throne... room... Ungh... monsters...
Vane: What's happened in the throne room? Hey, come on, tell me!
Monster: Graaargh!
Lancelot: Vane, watch out!
Percival: Have at thee, cur!
Monster: G-grugh...
Vane: Th-thanks...
Percival: On your feet, boy. More are coming.
With a surly face, Percival offers his hand and hauls Vane to his feet.
Monster: Grooaar!
Lancelot: Vane, are you hurt?
Vane: No need to worry. I'm fine!
Vane: We should deal with these guys fast and get to the throne room as soon as possible!
Lyria: Let's join the fight, (Captain)!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 4

A mysterious detachment marches along the road to Feendrache. A man confronts the troops and puts a stop their advance.

Meanwhile in the Feendrache border region, a mysterious detachment of troops march, kicking up clouds of dust as they go.
Vanguard 1: Huh, what's that?
Vanguard 2: Oi, you! What are you doing there!
The knight in black armor stands quietly in front of the vanguard.
Vanguard 1: Company, halt!
Vanguard 2: Did you not hear him, dog?
???: I heard you. There's no need to shout.
???: What business do you have here?
Vanguard 2: I could have your tongue! If you don't want to lose it, or anything else for that matter, I suggest you get out of our way now!
???: Interesting. And which of you is going to try and take it?
Vanguard 2: Okay, you asked for it. Get him!
???: Heh.
With a smile the knight effortlessly dispatches the flailing attacker.
Vanguard 2: Ungh...
Vanguard 1: Wh-what! With just one strike...
???: Heh... You don't want to underestimate me.
The vanguard's commanding officer appears from within the ranks.
Commanding Officer: What in the skies is going on here!
Vanguard 1: Sir! This man is being a nuisance, sir!
Upon seeing the man before him, the commanding officer gasps.
Commanding Officer: Y-you! What are you doing here!
???: This is merely the road to Feendrache, is it not? Is my being here a concern for you?
Commanding Officer: Tch... What is it you know?
???: Well, let's just say there's a scent coming from you, and it smells a lot like trouble.
Commanding Officer: You're outnumbered! Do you really want to face all of us?
???: If you think your numbers are great enough to defeat me, then go on. Try.
Commanding Officer: (Urgh, what's going on... What trickery is this?)
???: Heh, are you scared?
???: I hope you're ready for what's coming!
And so the black knight stops the detachment from going any further.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 6: Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Episode 1

Isabella and Gareth argue over using King Carl as a medium for a massive summon. Lancelot busts in with the crew, but must first fight the White Dragons set on them by Gareth.

Isabella: Ugh! No, no, no! These cowards are utterly useless!
Gareth: But his body can't take any more summoning!
Isabella and Gareth argue in the throne room.
Isabella: Use his worthless flesh to summon me a beast!
King Carl: ...
Gareth: I can't do that! If King Carl dies, we'll...
Isabella: Your voice irks me! Now obey meee!
Lancelot: Isabella!
(Captain) and the crew burst into the throne room.
Isabella: Ooh, my Lancelooot... I've been waiting for you for such a long time.
Lancelot: You evil witch! Let the king go!
Isabella: The king? Oh, you mean this pig?
Isabella: Gareth, buy me some time.
Gareth: ...
Gareth: Yes, my queen.
Vane: Hey, Gareth! What are you doing!
Vane: Don't tell me you're being manipulated by Isabella too!
Gareth: Manipulated?
Gareth: Hah, don't make me laugh! My will is my own! I serve Isabella of my own accord!
Percival: If you insist.
Percival: But know this: I destroy all evil.
Gareth: How short-sighted... Fools like you know nothing of my struggle!
Gareth: All you understand is your own happy little world—where the sun always shines and you gambol and frolic among the flowers.
Percival: Go cry elsewhere.
Gareth: White Dragons! Slice them to ribbons!
White Dragons: ...
Vane: Whoa! Hey, hey. Now just hold on a minute...
Lancelot: Our brothers-in-arms they may be, but we must stop them... Please, everyone, lend me your strength!
Vyrn: Got it. Leave this to us! Let's go, (Captain)!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 6: Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Episode 2

Gareth summons up the last of her power to reanimate the defeated White Dragons. Percival deals with Gareth while Lancelot and the crew head straight for Isabella.

The Order of the White Dragons is no match for the crew.
Percival: Give up and come quietly.
Gareth: Pant... Gasp... Never! Uuugh...
Percival: Those powers must be taking their toll on you.
Percival: If you value your life, stop these nefarious machinations.
Gareth: Silence! You don't get to order me around!
Gareth: If you meddling fools hadn't interfered... Isabella and I could have... This kingdom would have been...
Percival: You're not getting away with this. You are no king.
Gareth: I won't hear this! Shut up, shut up, shut up!
Gareth: Aaahh!
White Dragons: ...
Vane: Damn him! He's treating our knights like rag dolls!
Lancelot: Vane, calm down! He's at the limit of his power!
Percival: Leave this to me. You save the king.
Lancelot: Understood. This one's all yours, Percival!
Lyria: (Captain), c'mon!

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 6: Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Episode 3

Being held at sword point, Gareth reveals to Percival that she was sent by the House of Wales. And that they've dispatched an army to march toward the royal capital.

Gareth: Ugh, is this the end?
Percival thrusts his sword at Gareth, holding her at sword point.
Percival: Where did you get that summoning circle? Answer me!
Gareth: Hehehe, don't play dumb. I think you know the answer already.
Percival: It's the same symbol that I saw in my birthplace many years ago!
Gareth: And so... in other words...
Percival: What are you trying to say!
Gareth: I was sent here to take the kingdom... by the House of Wales.
Percival: What! Say that again, you cur!
Gareth: While you lot are messing around in here, the army is probably taking over the city!
Percival: You lie! Do you think we're going to take this lying down?
Gareth: No problem. When the House of Wales clears out the monster infestation, they will be welcomed as heroes.
Percival: Not if I stop you!
Gareth: Ahahahaha! You flounder like a fish in mud! Nothing more.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 6: Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Episode 4

As Isabella prepares the king's body for sacrifice, Siegfried shows up and snatches the king away in the nick of time. Trembling with rage, Isabella steps into her own summoning circle and calls forth the Otherworld Nomad.

Lancelot: Isabella! Stop!
Isabella: Ahahaha! You're too late! The time has come!
Vane: Darn! Are we too late?
King Carl: ...
Isabella: Open the gate to the Crimson Horizon!
Isabella: I offer in exchange a bountiful soul! The soul... of a king!
Isabella: I summon ye, otherworldly visitor. Arise!
In response to Isabella's chant, the summoning circle on the floor activates.
Suddenly a dark shadow drops down into the throne room and spirits King Carl away.
Isabella: What!
Siegfried: Your tyranny is at an end, Isabella.
Isabella: Siiiegfried! Why are you here, you meddling twerp!
Isabella: Aaagh, this can't be happening! Interloper! Encroacher! Trespasser! Infiltrator! Interferer! Ahhrgh!
Lancelot: Siegfried! How did you...
Vane: Oho! I knew you'd come!
Isabella: Ahhhrrgh! Hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate! Aaagarblearblearhh!
Isabella, who has completely lost her mind, staggers toward the summoning circle, her eyes glazed with insanity.
Siegfried: Stop her! Get Isabella away from the summoning circle!
???: At last, I am free.
A dark shape manifests, rising from black flames that have now begun erupting from the summoning circle.
Siegfried: No, we were too late...
???: Caro et os... Cogito, ergo sum... Finally I am risen.
Percival: Zounds! What is that vile abomination!
Gareth: !
Percival: Over there... Is that... Siegfried?
Gareth: Isa... bella...
Percival: Gareth!
Percival: Tch... Halting this demon comes first!
Otherworld Nomad: Crimson Horizon, de principibus et regibus daemoniorum, pseudomonarchia daemonum, ego sum Dominus. I will soar among the azure.
Otherworld Nomad: To bind me to this realm, I require a blood sacrifice. Oderint dum metuant!
Isabella: Heeheehee. Of course, of course! Anything you require... Submerge this world in a vortex of woe!
Isabella: Heeheehee... Ahahahaaa... Huff... Wheeze...
Gareth: No! Isabella, he means to take your soul!
Gareth: Dammit! What am I to do? Aaahhgh!
Isabella: Uuuhrgh... Gasp...
Gareth: H-he'll destroy everything for us! Isabella, you have to command him!
Isabella: Uuurghh! D-destroy... them... all! Uuungh...
Otherworld Nomad: You should be honored. Dulce et decorum est, pro? Dominus mori. Annihilation will reign upon them by the mere lift of my finger.
Siegfried: Humph... I guess he's not going to leave quietly.
Otherworld Nomad: Mad king, false king, distorted by love and hate. Ahahaha! Indeed it is comical.
Otherworld Nomad: Or it would be, were it not so pitiful... You people never cease to entertain me.
Otherworld Nomad: This city is filled with the pandemonium I revel in. Regnat chaos!
The three knights naturally gather beside Siegfried.
Lancelot: Siegfried, what is that thing?
Siegfried meets the gaze of the gravely wounded Lancelot and nods deeply as if to acknowledge his struggle.
Siegfried: Lancelot, this demon has been called here from another world using long-lost, forbidden magic.
Percival: You're going to have to explain a little better than that, Siegfried.
Siegfried: Percival? It's been a while.
Siegfried narrows his eyes at Percival, emotion seething in his gaze.
Siegfried: There will be plenty of time for talk if we get out of this alive.
Vane: Anyway all we have to do is send it packing. Right, Siegfried?
Siegfried's mouth lifts into a wry smile.
Siegfried: Vane, I see you've grown a little as a man, but you make it sound so easy.
Otherworld Nomad: Have you knights quite finished?
Siegfried: Heh, how cool and collected... But your attempt at politeness is irritating.
Percival: Humph, letting that thing linger a moment longer would be a disgrace to our order.
Percival: Let us not cling to past honor. Failure to act will make this a nightmare. That thing's going down with Isabella!
Vane: Right on, Percival! Let's make him sorry he ever slithered into our realm!
Lyria: Us too! We want to fight by your side!
Vyrn: Are you ready, (Captain)?
Lancelot: Thank you, (Captain).
Lancelot: Now to show you the power of the knights worthy of the name White Dragon!
Otherworld Nomad: Ahahaha! You would join forces against me?
Otherworld Nomad: Sic infit. Do your worst.

Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Ending

Isabella and Gareth escape as the crew focuses on the Otherworld Nomad. Days later the people of Feendrache voice their support for the king during his address. The four knights, relieved to see the reconstruction efforts, stand united and ready for whatever may come next.

(Captain) and the crew corner the grotesque demon.
Siegfried: Hraaahhh!
Otherworld Nomad: Cursum perficio... I never imagined this possible...
Siegfried: Heh, you should not have held us sons of men with such contempt.
Otherworld Nomad: Grrrh!
Siegfried: For we are the proud knights of the Order of Dragons!
Siegfried: Now! End him!
Vane: I'll stop him in his tracks! Percival, Lancelot! The rest is up to you!
Percival: My blade will not falter. Vane, do not err.
Vane: ..!
Vane: Raaah!
Vane throws his entire body into the attack, incapacitating the demon.
Otherworld Nomad: Uuuargh! Such power... this imperfect realm...
Percival: Hah, you've come up with an excuse in your final breaths? Don't make me laugh.
Percival: Time to show you our true power!
Otherworld Nomad: No... the power of this world... It's...
Lancelot: Now, Percival!
Percival: Together, Lancelot!
Percival: Raaah!
Lancelot: Raaagh!
Percival invokes the earth on which they stand, Lancelot calls the power of the skies, and they strike in unison.
The Otherworld Nomad is enveloped in a dazzling light.
Otherworld Nomad: Ahahaha! One day an army of thousands will block out your sun. Transit lux, umbra permanet. Para bellum... para bellum...
The demon of darkness vanishes in a bright flash of light, leaving behind only echoes of deeply-held resentment.
The throne room, unable to withstand the force of the fierce combat, begins to collapse.
Vyrn: H-hey, (Captain)! If we stay here, we're gonna be buried alive!
Lyria: Everybody! Quick, we need to get out of here!
Siegfried: Your Majesty, take my hand.
King Carl: Siegfried... What in the skies...
Vane: Ah, watch out! We need to move!
Percival: Wait. What about Gareth? Where is he?
Lancelot: There!
Isabella and Gareth are huddled together in the collapsing throne room.
Gareth: Isabella, my queen... Are you tired?
Gareth: Soon we can rest...
Isabella: ...
Gareth: Here, Isabella...
Gareth lifts Isabella gently in her arms and disappears inside the castle.
Lancelot: Damn you! I won't let you get away!
Vane: Lancey, don't go any further! It's too dangerous!
Siegfried: Lancelot. Our first priority is to get the king and ourselves to safety.
Percival: Let's hurry. This place won't hold much longer.
Running for their lives, (Captain) and the crew leave the throne room far behind them.
As the crew reaches the castle town, they hear the throne room collapse.
The crew breathes a huge sigh of relief, but Percival's expression remains grave as he begins to speak...
Percival: This is no time to rest.
Percival: According to Gareth the army of the House of Wales is bearing down on us.
Lancelot: What!
Percival: I don't know the details, but there was no reason for him to lie to me. We need to think of what to do, and fast...
Siegfried: Wait. I don't think we have to worry about that right now...
Siegfried tells the crew of his encounter with the army of the House of Wales.
He explains that the House of Wales is using long-lost, forbidden magic to conquer other kingdoms one by one.
And that he has already repelled the approaching army.
Percival: What! You faced off against an entire army by yourself?
Siegfried: Yes, but it was only a temporary solution to buy us some time... They will return.
Siegfried: We need to consolidate the defenses of the royal capital as soon as possible.
Percival: I'm astonished... To repel an army alone... You've surpassed mortal limitations.
Vane: Woooah! Amazing! You really are our hero, Siegfried!
Lancelot: ...
Vane: Hmm? What's wrong, Lancey? You look like you have something on your mind... Are you worried about something?
Lancelot: No, I was just thinking about what might've happened if Siegfried hadn't turned up...
Siegfried: What are you saying? Feendrache would have fallen without you...
Siegfried: You have grown, my friends.
The knights gaze at Siegfried, a look of contentment on their faces.
Lancelot: Thank you.
Percival: Hm.
Vane: Right! Now that that's all done with! Let's get to rebuilding the city!
Lyria: Yeah! We wanna help too!
Vyrn: Yup, yup! We'd be happy to lend you guys a hand. Right, (Captain)?
Over the next few days, the royal capital, Feendrache, is rebuilt little by little.
King Carl addresses the people of the city who are gathered in a plaza in the shade of the castle.
King Carl: This turmoil was the result of a rebellion orchestrated by Isabella... and a knight of the White Dragons, Gareth.
King Carl: And also by me—for once again inviting chaos into our beloved city, I must apologize from the bottom of my heart.
Timid Man: Wh-what! Your Majesty! It's not your fault!
Young Woman: Yeah! Gareth and Isabella are the bad guys! You can hold your head up high!
King Carl: Thank you, everyone.
King Carl: Thanks to the calm and collected manner in which you all responded to this threat, damage has been kept to a minimum.
King Carl: I am so very proud of you, my loyal subjects.
A single man steps out in front of the king.
Percival: I want to ask you something. Even before this spectacle, did you really think yourself worthy of the throne?
Percival: A king should lead his people. Do you not consider yourself a fraud?
Lancelot: Percival!
King Carl: It's okay, Lancelot. Stand down.
Hearing Percival's words, King Carl pauses a while to think.
King Carl: I see your point.
King Carl: A king is the leader of a kingdom. He must stand alone as a figurehead for his people to look up to.
King Carl: He must embrace the ethics he stands for and lead his people with a will of steel.
King Carl: That... is the king I strived to be.
Percival: ...
King Carl: Hahaha... And so with a heavy heart, I must announce... I am not fit to be your king.
Percival: Then why? You knew of your incompetence and yet remained on the throne?
Timid Man: No! King Carl is a magnificent ruler! He always thinks about what's best for us before anything else!
Young Woman: That's right! We all love the kingdom that King Carl has built for us!
King Carl: Th-thank you for the kind words, but I am undeserving.
King Carl: Percival, I admit I am incompetent.
King Carl: And compared to my father, I have ruled miserably.
King Carl: However I wish to continue to bear this responsibility as long as the people acknowledge me as their king.
King Carl looks down at the faces of his subjects and addresses the crowd in a strong yet gentle voice...
King Carl: My beloved people, will you help rebuild this kingdom with me?
The people of the kingdom answer King Carl's question with generous applause.
The knights of the Order of the White Dragons kneel before King Carl and silently pledge their loyalty.
Siegfried: ...
Lancelot: ...
Vane: ...
Percival's lips form a wry smile upon seeing this.
Percival: I wonder... Is the king merely soft, or is he just what the people yearn for?
Vyrn: Y'know, I see a new side to King Carl now. He might seem a bit unreliable, but he's a great king!
Lyria: Yeah! It feels like he's a father to everybody in the kingdom, and I think that's really nice!
And so King Carl's speech comes to an end.
Night falls, and Percival is nestled up high on a tower overlooking the city.
Percival: ...
Siegfried: What is it? Does looking down at the city fill you with sentimentality?
Percival: Siegfried...
Percival: No. It's just... hearing King Carl's speech earlier...
Percival: I've been thinking that there's more than one way to be a good king.
Siegfried: Hmm, this isn't like you.
Percival: What is a kingdom if not its people?
Percival: I'd say as long as the people love this kingdom, Feendrache's light will never be extinguished.
Siegfried: It seems your journey here was not in vain.
Percival: Siegfried, I'm sorry for not believing in you from the very beginning.
Siegfried: No worries. It is fate that decided old friends like us would be gathered together once again.
Siegfried: That alone is enough for me.
Siegfried's cheery expression suddenly turns grave.
Siegfried: Percival. What will you do now?
Percival: I cannot ignore the fact that my house, the House of Wales, had something to do with this calamity.
Percival: I have been made to look like a fool... I, and I alone, must settle that.
Siegfried: I see. If there's anything I can do to help, do let me know.
Percival: Heh. Well, building a new kingdom in my stead wouldn't be a bad start.
Vane and Lancelot show up on the lookout, accompanied by the crew.
Vane: Hey, hey! What's going on here? Are you two having a secret chat?
Percival: And the incessant noise returns...
Percival: It's insufferable! You're as excitable as a mongrel!
Vane: Grr... Woof, woof, woof!
Percival: Wh-what? Was that meant to be an impression?
Vane: Hold your horses! That really gets my goat! My impressions are the cat's meow. The bee's knees!
Suddenly a cat pops its face out of Vane's jacket and lets out a loud meow.
Percival: L-Lancelot! Make him stop!
Lancelot: Hahahaha! You reap what you sow, Percival.
Vane: Oh, I get it!
Vane: Percy is just the sort of guy who starts a conversation with sarcasm!
Percival: Wh-what! P-Percy? Don't call me something so childish, boy!
Vane: But why? It's so cute, Percy!
Lyria: It does sound really cute, Percy!
Vane: You see? Even Lyria gets it!
Percival: Stop joking around! Take that back! Now!
Siegfried: Heh.
Vyrn: Whoa! Even Siegfried is laughing!
The laughter is contagious and (Captain) starts to chuckle too.
Vane: So it's decided! From now on Percival shall be known as Percy! It makes him seem so much more friendly and approachable!
Percival: Very well. You continue to taunt me... It seems you wish to be sent to an early grave...
Vane: Woooah. Percy's mad...
Percival: Keep still, mongrel. I'll make this quick.
Vane: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It was just a joke!
Percival: Are those your last words?
Vane: F-forgive me! Sir Percival!
The evening continues in the same lively manner in which it started.
These four knights, guided by destiny, vanquish the evil scheming to destroy the kingdom.
And now they stand united, ready to face whatever ordeals may lie ahead.
Four Knights of a Fallen Land
The End