Granblue Summer Festival

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Campaign multi battle summer2022 crystal.png

Event duration: 20:00 UTC, July 31, 202205:00 JST, August 1, 2022 - 19:59 UTC, August 12, 202204:59 JST, August 13, 2022

The Granblue Summer Festival: Take Down Foes to Get Your Share of up to 1 Million Yen and 10 Billion Crystals event will begin from 5 a.m., Aug 1 (JST).


Clear raids and you can get crystals based on the number of honors you obtain in battle during the event period. A grand total of up to 10 billion crystals can be obtained between all players!

You can also get special prizes such as 1 million yen, selectable gifts, tons of crystals, and other awesome in-game items.

You must reside in Japan to claim certain prizes.


All players with valid accounts who complete the tutorial by 19:59 UTC, August 12, 202204:59 JST, August 13, 2022 are eligible to win.
Valid accounts include any registered account on Mobage.

Applicable Quests and Raids

Prizes can be obtained from all raids and Hard+ Pro during the event period, excluding those listed below.

Event raids
A raid will count toward the event regardless of if it was started or joined.
If starting a quest that counts as clearing several raids at once, such as Tiamat Showdown (Hard+), you will be rewarded with loot for the number of total clears.


There are two types of prizes that can be obtained during the event: daily crystals and special loot.

Daily Crystals

Crystals might be obtained based on honors when clearing an eligible raid battle.

Up to 1,500 crystals can be obtained each day.

Crystals obtained by individual players will be subtracted from the obtainable grand total of 10 billion crystals.

The number of crystals that can be obtained will vary by raid battle.
Crystals can no longer be obtained once the grand total of 10 billion crystals has been depleted.

Special Loot

Special loot has a chance of appearing once a day when clearing applicable raid battles.

One of the items below will appear at random as special loot.

Please note that special loot will be selected at random and can't be chosen by players.
Check the event screen for more details about the following prizes.

Monetary prizes can be won by 113 players every day.

Prize Winners per Day
One Million Yen 3
100,000 Yen 10
Selectable Pay 10,000 Points 100

Crystal prizes can be won by 6,000 players every day.

Item/Amount Winners per Day
Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×10,000 500
Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×3,000 5,500
Crystals obtained as special loot will not be subtracted from the number of remaining crystals for the day they are obtained.
Crystals obtained by individual players will be subtracted from the obtainable grand total of 10 billion crystals.
Crystals can no longer be obtained once the grand total of 10 billion crystals has been depleted.

In-Game Prizes

Item Amount
Damascus Crystal.jpg Damascus Crystal 2
Brimstone Earrings square.jpg Brimstone Earrings 1
Permafrost Earrings square.jpg Permafrost Earrings 1
Brickearth Earrings square.jpg Brickearth Earrings 1
Jetstream Earrings square.jpg Jetstream Earrings 1
Sunbeam Earrings square.jpg Sunbeam Earrings 1
Nightshade Earrings square.jpg Nightshade Earrings 1
Intricacy Ring square.jpg Intricacy Ring 1
Silver Centrum square.jpg Silver Centrum 5
Gold Spellbook square.jpg Gold Spellbook 1
Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moon 1
Silver Moon square.jpg Silver Moon 5
Bronze Moon square.jpg Bronze Moon 10
Shiva Omega Anima square.jpg Shiva Omega Anima 3
Europa Omega Anima square.jpg Europa Omega Anima 3
Alexiel Omega Anima square.jpg Alexiel Omega Anima 3
Grimnir Omega Anima square.jpg Grimnir Omega Anima 3
Metatron Omega Anima square.jpg Metatron Omega Anima 3
Avatar Omega Anima square.jpg Avatar Omega Anima 3
Ruby Awakening Orb square.jpg Ruby Awakening Orb 1
Sapphire Awakening Orb square.jpg Sapphire Awakening Orb 1
Citrine Awakening Orb square.jpg Citrine Awakening Orb 1
Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixir 100
Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berry 300
Daily crystal and special loot drops won't overlap.
If the daily number of intended recipients of special loot such as monetary prizes or crystals hasn't been reached, it will be carried over to the following day.

Notes About Obtaining Loot

  • Battles in Progress
    • Loot received from raid battles that were still in progress and cleared after the daily reset at 5 a.m. (JST) will count toward the next day's limit.
  • Pending Battles
    • The loot count will begin at the time any raid battles are added to the pending list.
  • Battles Started Before the Event Period
    • Event loot and prizes can't be obtained from battles started before the event period, even if they are cleared within it.
  • Battles Cleared After the Event Period
    • Loot can be obtained from raid battles started within the event period until 19:59 UTC, August 14, 202204:59 JST, August 15, 2022.
    • Loot obtained after the event has concluded will count as being picked up on the event's last day.

Leftover Daily Crystals

In the case there are still daily crystals remaining, they will be split evenly and distributed to all players.

  • Eligibility
    • Players who have obtained daily crystals or special loot from clearing an applicable raid or quest at least once during the event period.
  • Period of Distribution
    • After Aug 15, 2022 (JST)


You will be ineligible to claim prizes if you participate in this event with multiple accounts on the same platform.

  • Final Distribution
    • Leftover crystals were distributed on August 17th (JST). Final payout was 2,550 crystals per player. Official Twitter