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Love Live! Door to the Skies - Opening

The nine members of the school idol group μ's have been working hard toward their goal of winning the competition known as Love Live!. But one day they awaken in an unfamiliar town named Tenacie, throwing the townspeople into confusion.

A girl stands alone in a vast meadow, her hair blowing in the gentle breeze.
She takes a deep breath and begins to sing, her expression calm but determined.
Honoka: Because I felt the possibility...
That's it! Keep on going.
Honoka: I don't want to have any regrets.
Our path is right in front of us.
Slowly, powerfully, she releases the emotions within her heart and turns them into song.
Honoka: Okay! All warmed up and ready to go.
Lyria: Oh, Honoka! There you are!
The girl turns to see (Captain) and company hurrying toward her.
Umi: Sheesh. We were wondering where you ran off to.
Honoka: Hehe, sorry... I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep.
Kotori: Well, it's the big day of the joint concert after all. Let's put on a great show today, Honoka.
Honoka: Yeah! It's our first concert in Tenacie—we gotta make sure it's a success!
Honoka: Come on, guys! Let's go put smiles on all those faces in town!
The girls nod excitedly and take off running in the direction of the town.
Honoka: My name is Honoka Kosaka. I'm a second-year student at Otonokizaka High School in Akiba!
Honoka: Our school was in danger of closing because of a lack of new students, so my friends and I formed the school idol group μ's in order to save it.
Honoka: We've been performing as μ's ever since, and now we've got our sights set on participating in the school idol festival known as Love Live!
Honoka: One morning, I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock to get some more sleep, just like I always do.
Honoka: Mm... Just a little longer...
Honoka: Zzz...
Kotori: Hey, Honoka! Wake up!
Honoka: Mm... Yukiho, tea...
Hanayo: W-we've got big trouble! This is no time to be sleeping!
Honoka: Mm?
Honoka: I opened my eyes to see the other members of μ's around me, even though I was sure I'd been sleeping in my own bed at home...
Honoka: Oh... Good morning, everybody...
Nico: There's nothing good about it! How can you be sleeping at a time like this!
Young Woman 1: Who are those girls? They just appeared out of thin air...
Honoka: Haha... Yeah. This is pretty weird, huh.
Umi: Honoka. Do you actually understand the situation we're in right now?
Honoka: Huh? Well, kinda. None of the stuff around here looks familiar.
Second-Years: ...
First-Years: ...
Third-Years: ...
Honoka: Where the heck are we!
Honoka: We awoke to find ourselves in a town called Tenacie—a place none of us had ever heard of before.
Honoka: It was the start of a brand-new adventure!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 1: A Town Without Smiles - Episode 1

The girls explain their predicament to the mayor of the town, and she offers to let them stay at her estate for the time being. The μ's members learn that the town's population has been on the decline, and the remaining residents are all in low spirits.

Despite falling asleep in their own homes, the members of µ's have awakened to find themselves in an unfamiliar town.
The townspeople are as bewildered by their sudden appearance as they are. The commotion draws the attention of the mayor, who listens to the girls' story.
Eli: So basically, we have no idea how we ended up here.
Mayor: I see. And you don't know how to get back home either.
Mayor: I'd love to help, but I'm afraid I've never heard of an island named Akiba before.
Rin: Urgh... What do we do now?
Mayor: Well, you're more than welcome to stay at this estate for the time being. There are plenty of empty rooms.
After taking the mayor up on her kind offer, the three second-year students—Honoka, Kotori, and Umi—head to their assigned room.
Second-Years: Wow...
Honoka: It's huge! And the bed looks really fancy!
Honoka dashes over to a large bed covered with a thick, fluffy comforter and dives on top.
Honoka: Oof!
Honoka: Yay, I'm so glad we found a place to stay! I wasn't sure what was going to happen to us!
Umi: Honoka! It's rude to jump on someone else's bed like that!
Kotori: Haha... We're lucky the mayor turned out to be such a nice person.
Honoka: This really is a great room, though. I wonder why nobody's using it?
Kotori: I think the mayor said this used to be her granddaughter's room.
Umi: It's been empty ever since she left town.
Honoka: Huh, so that's why. Do you think she left to spread her wings and live on her own?
Kotori: By the way it sounded, I don't think so...
Meanwhile the first-year students—Maki, Hanayo, and Rin—are shown to a separate room.
Maid: This will be your room. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Maki: Um, can you tell us where to find water in case we get thirsty?
Maid: ...!
Maid: My sincerest apologies! I forgot to prepare a pitcher for you! I am a failure of a maid!
Maki: What? I-I wasn't trying to make you feel bad or anything! I was just asking a question!
Maid: Of course—I understand! I was the one who requested that you ask questions! The fault lies with me!
The maid bows to them repeatedly and dashes out of the room with her head in her hands.
Hanayo: Sh-she seemed really upset...
Rin: Maki's careless question really hurt her feelings.
Maki: What's that supposed to mean! I just asked where we could get a drink of water!
Hanayo: Sh-she's right, Rin. Maki didn't do anything wrong.
Rin: Yeah, I know. It wasn't just the maid—the other people in town were all depressed too.
Maki: If you knew it wasn't my fault, then don't tease me like that. Sheesh...
After receiving their room assignment, the third-year students make their way into the town's shopping district.
Nico: Excuse me, ma'am. We'd like to buy ten chicken thighs.
Shopkeep: T-ten? I'm afraid I don't have that many in stock at the moment.
Nico: O-okay... Then we'll take whatever you have.
Shopkeep: Sorry about that. Our town's population is on the decline, so business has been pretty slow...
Nozomi: I was hoping we could run some errands for the mayor as thanks, but that didn't work very well.
Eli: Everyone here seems pretty down, even the vendors. Do you think something bad happened?
They look around to see no more than a handful of people walking by, each wearing a gloomy expression.
Young Woman 1: Sigh... I wish I could turn into a clump of moss... I just want to live a peaceful life in the shadows...
Young Woman 2: Bugs are so lucky... They don't have any worries...
Nico: I'd say they seem lifeless, but that would be an understatement.
After finishing their errands, the nine members of μ's congregate in the second-years' room.
Honoka: So that's what's going on... More and more people are moving away from the town.
Hanayo: No wonder the townspeople look so gloomy...
Maki: I heard someone say it's only a matter of time before the town disappears completely at this rate. I guess they weren't exaggerating.
Honoka: That explains why the mayor was so happy to see us. I remember her saying they don't get many visitors.
The girls fall silent, their hearts aching for the gradually vanishing town.
At that moment, the door to the room bursts open.
Young Girl: Sis?
Honoka: Whoa!
Young Girl: Oh... I didn't know we had company. Sorry for scaring you...
Nico: Hey, what's the matter? You sure burst in here with a lot of energy.
Young Girl: This used to be my big sister's room.
Young Girl: When I heard voices in here, I thought maybe she'd come home...
The girl looks crestfallen, and Nico speaks up to break the silence.
Nico: How long has your sister been gone?
Young Girl: A long time. She said she didn't want to live in a town she wasn't proud of, and she hated that there wasn't anything fun to do here.
Honoka: Oh...
Young Girl: She sends us letters, but they all talk about how great it's been since she left.
Young Girl: I guess she doesn't care about me anymore...
Honoka: ...!
Honoka: That's not true!
Honoka: I have a little sister of my own! Sure we fight sometimes, but nothing could ever make me stop caring about her!
Young Girl: Uh-huh...
Honoka: I... I just know your sister will come back one day! Trust me! Okay?
Young Girl: Thanks...
The girl smiles sadly and leaves the room, closing the door quietly behind her. For a while no one speaks.
Having learned more about the former resident of their room, Honoka and the others are riddled with complicated emotions.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 1: A Town Without Smiles - Episode 2

Honoka proposes they put on a concert to cheer up the townspeople, but after a discussion with the mayor, they realize cultural differences would prevent them from reaching their audience. Refusing to give up, the girls brainstorm other ways to help the town.

Honoka: ...
Maki: What's up? Why are you so quiet?
Umi: This is Honoka we're talking about. She's probably thinking up ways to help the town—what else?
Honoka: Huh? How'd you know?
Kotori: This town is facing the same problems that our school was, so it makes sense.
Honoka: That's true. And after hearing that girl's story, I feel like I'm already involved anyway.
Honoka: Listen, guys. I was thinking...
Hanayo: You want to put on a concert here? Are you serious, Honoka?
Honoka: Of course I am! After all, our performances helped raise Otonokizaka High's popularity!
Honoka: A lot of people said our songs cheered them up, so I just know we'll be able to reach the hearts of the people here too!
Umi: I had the same thought... But I'm not sure listening to us sing will be enough.
Maki: I agree. Did you hear that woman saying she wanted to be a patch of moss? We won't be able to cheer up people who are feeling that down.
Kotori: Personally, I'm with Honoka. Don't you think it would be wonderful if our songs could bring smiles back to their faces?
Nico: Yeah! Why are you guys even hesitating? This is the perfect chance to put ourselves to the test!
Nico: I've said it before, remember? Being an idol isn't about smiling. It's about making others smile!
Nico: If we can't put on a show to captivate a bunch of depressed townspeople, beating A-RISE and winning the Love Live! competition is nothing more than a pipe dream.
Rin: Wow... Nico's all fired up!
Nico: You bet I am! My dream is to become the best idol in the universe after all!
Eli: ...
Nozomi: What's eating you, Eli-chi?
Eli: I agree that the best thing we can do right now is to perform our duty as school idols.
Eli: But... something's still bothering me, and I can't put my finger on it...
Nozomi: That's a good sign things are going to be pretty tricky ahead.
Nozomi: If you're worried, how about I tell our fortune?
Nozomi pulls out a deck of tarot cards and draws a few from the stack.
Nozomi: We will face a great trial. But as long as we rise against it, the path will be revealed. That's what the cards say at least.
Eli: I see...
Nozomi: I guess the first step is to get permission from the mayor, huh?
Eli: Right. I really hope everything turns out okay...
Eli is unable to shake the puzzling anxiety in her mind, even as she and the other girls knock on the door to the mayor's room.
Mayor: School... idols?
Honoka: That's right! We sing and dance to put smiles on people's faces!
Mayor: Hm... In other words, you're similar to traveling dancers or minstrels, correct?
Nozomi: Sort of, but that's not quite right...
The girls of μ's have come to speak to the mayor about the concert, but they aren't making much progress.
Honoka: It's no use. I have no idea how to explain school idols to someone who doesn't know anything about them.
Nico: I know just what to do. The fastest way is to show her!
Nico: Nico—
Maki: Nico, hush!
Rin: Wait, Nico! If you do that now, you're just going to confuse the mayor!
Nico: Hey, don't interrupt me! If she sees my smile, she'll understand exactly what school idols are all about!
Mayor: ...
Umi: Sorry. This is just turning into a big uproar.
Mayor: There's no need to apologize. It's been a while since things were so lively around here. It's quite fun.
Mayor: I may not understand what exactly you're trying to do, but I know you're doing it for the sake of the town.
Mayor: However...
All Three: However?
Mayor: I feel obligated to tell you all to give up now, for your own sakes.
Honoka: Huh?
Mayor: I've spent so much energy trying to persuade everyone to change our town into one we can be proud of.
Mayor: But my efforts were futile, and in the end one of my own granddaughters even got fed up and left.
All Three: ...
Mayor: I'm tired... And I simply don't want you young ladies to have to suffer the same frustration.
Rin: She ended up turning us down, saying she didn't want to see us fail and get hurt.
Nico: Why! Is she trying to say we're not good enough?
Hanayo: Th-that's not it, Nico. She's just worried about us...
Eli: ...
Eli: I've finally figured out what was bothering me.
Eli: I don't think we can bring smiles to this town after all.
Nozomi: Eli-chi?
Maki: Wait, what do you mean by that?
Eli: Our cultures are just too different. The mayor had no idea what we were trying to do.
Eli: Even if we do put on a concert, as it is now the townspeople won't even know what they're looking at.
Eli: Just think—what would a concert be like if no one in the audience understood what we were doing?
All Eight: ...
Audience: ...
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'm Nico Yazawa, here to Nico-Nico-Ni your heart!
Audience: ...?
Nico: ...
Young Woman 1: What in the skies was that all about?
Young Woman 2: No idea. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react.
Audience: ...
Maki: I don't think my heart could take it.
Rin: It'd be a disaster. I'm getting chills just thinking about it!
Nico: Why'd you have to go and use me to make your point!
Eli: At any rate, winning over the townspeople will be hard. Probably even harder than it was for you guys to win me over when we first started out.
Honoka: I remember that...
Rin: You mean back when you were all like, "You'll never receive permission from the school"?
Eli: W-well, yes... The people here don't even know what idols are, much less school idols.
Honoka: Urgh... This might be harder than we thought...
Nico: What's wrong, Honoka? Don't tell me you're planning to give up already.
Honoka: Ngh...
Honoka: No way!
Nozomi: In that case, why don't we try brainstorming one more time? There might be other ways to help the town.
Honoka: Okay...
Kotori: Don't worry, Honoka. I just know we'll be able to come up with a great idea.
Honoka: Kotori... You're right. Let's put our heads together!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 1: A Town Without Smiles - Episode 3

At Honoka's suggestion, the μ's members hold a practice session in the middle of town to get people interested in school idols. Honoka ropes in a number of onlookers to participate, and slowly they begin to smile. Meanwhile a mysterious girl watches from the sidelines.

Honoka: It's no use. I can't think of anything.
Honoka cradles her head in her hands.
Umi: I guess it won't be that easy to dispel Eli's concerns.
Honoka: What can we do to show how amazing school idols are to people who've never heard of them?
Kotori: There are dancers and minstrels in this world, so there has to be a way for us to convey that same joy.
Honoka: People here enjoy watching dancers and listening to singers...
Honoka: But the way we do things is kinda different...
Honoka: Oh, I've got it!
Umi: Okay, let's get started!
All Eight: Yeah!
Umi: Here we go!
Umi: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...
The members of μ's commence their practice session in the center of town, with Umi counting and keeping time.
The choreography is quite simple. They each take one step right and close with their left foot, then they take one step left and close with their right foot.
The girls repeat this set of simple left and right steps continuously, once every four beats.
Maki: How'd we end up holding practice in the middle of town of all things?
Rin: And this choreography isn't even in any of our songs...
Nozomi: Well, I think this is the part where we'll just have to trust Honoka.
Maki: You say that, but...
Maki awkwardly glances around the area.
Young Woman 1: Hey, what's all the commotion?
Young Woman 2: What are those girls doing?
Hanayo: Urgh... Our audience just keeps getting bigger. What is Honoka planning?
As the girls continue to dance, people gradually start to gather around them.
Honoka: (Heh heh... Just as planned.)
Umi: (Are you sure this is going to work?)
Umi: (It's pretty embarrassing practicing with so many people around...)
Kotori: (But we attracted a crowd just like Honoka said we would... I'm sure it'll work out!)
Honoka had explained her idea to the other second-years earlier.
Umi: You want to get the townspeople involved?
Kotori: Involved in our performance, you mean?
Honoka: Yeah! I know they're all feeling down, but they're still curious about us since we're new in town.
Honoka: Remember when we showed up sleeping in the middle of the road? A bunch of people came to see what we were doing.
Honoka: Basically, I think they're interested in new and unusual things.
Honoka: And that's what gave me an idea. If they don't know what school idols are, we'll let them try it out themselves!
Honoka: Hey, you over there! You were watching our practice just now, weren't you?
Young Woman 1: Huh? I-I was just wondering what you were up to...
Honoka: Heh heh heh... Then why don't you join us? You won't regret it!
Young Woman 1: Er... No thank you...
Honoka: Come on, don't be shy! It won't take long!
Young Woman 2: ...
Realizing they're in danger of being recruited, the people in the area attempt to scatter, but Honoka isn't having it.
Honoka: Hold it right there! You're already here, so why don't you practice with us?
Young Woman 2: Huh? Hey, hang on!
Honoka urges the two cornered young women forward, directing them into the practice circle.
Umi: Okay, let's take it from the top! Here we go!
Young Women: ...
Though bewildered, the pair nevertheless begin repeating the step sequence. After making sure they're dancing, Honoka dashes off once again.
Honoka: Say... You just made eye contact with me, didn't you?
Young Woman 3: Eek!
Honoka: Once I catch your eye, you've got to participate or else...
Honoka: That's the rule!
Honoka continues recruiting more townspeople to join, fabricating reasons as necessary.
Umi: Okay, let's stop and take a quick break!
Young Women: Phew...
By the time Umi calls for everyone to take a break, an additional twenty people have already joined their practice.
Nico: It's just one after another. She's really reeling them in.
Umi: Honoka's as pushy as ever. I only hope she doesn't upset anyone...
Nozomi: Don't worry, they're just embarrassed. They don't look angry or anything.
Umi: I hope you're right...
Umi glances worriedly at Honoka as she hurries over to talk to the townspeople.
Honoka: So how was practice? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Young Woman 1: I have to admit, it was strangely satisfying with everyone moving in unison. Is this what school idols do?
Honoka: Yeah! Chance encounters, trying new things... That's what school idols are all about!
Honoka: Say, we're going to practice singing next—want to join us?
Young Woman 1: O-okay...
Young Woman 2: I... I don't really like being in front of people, so this is a little much for me...
Honoka: Oh? In that case, would you like to stick around and watch instead?
Honoka: Encounters like this don't happen every day. I'd love for you to get to know us better.
After warming up with some vocal exercises, the group moves on to singing practice.
The girls set up their trusty music player and speakers, and finally they're ready to begin.
Honoka: Let's go!
Honoka presses a button on the machine, and an arrangement of piano and strings begins to play.
The song she has selected is warm and tender with a moderate tempo, making it easy to sing as a group.
The lyrics speak of clearing the clouds from people's hearts and turning their sadness into smiles so they can move forward once again.
Clapping in time to the steps they've learned, the townspeople awkwardly follow the lead of the μ's members.
The reactions of the singers, observers, and other residents of the town vary from person to person, but no one leaves the area.
Young Women: Hehe...
Before long, bashful smiles begin to form on the faces of the townspeople.
???: Those otherworlders are having an influence.
???: The power of the dormant primal beast of nihility is spreading throughout the island, yet those girls have managed to resist it.
???: I must extract a random second sample.
???: Sample projected.
Mayor: What? I don't believe it. They're... smiling!
Having been lured from her home by the sudden chorus of voices echoing through the air, the mayor stares in astonishment at the town square.
Mayor: This must be what those young ladies were trying to describe to me.
Girl: ...
Mayor: Oh? Who might you be? It's unusual for our town to have so many guests at once.
Girl: So that's μ's...
Mayor: Muse? What's that?
Girl: It's the name of their group.
The mysterious girl watches the group singing in the town square with deep interest.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 1: A Town Without Smiles - Episode 4

The μ's members decide to organize a joint concert to show former Tenacie residents how much the town has changed, but they are unsure how to get the word out. A girl named Aina recommends they hire a crew to take them to other islands.

Umi: Okay, I think that's enough practice for today!
As their rehearsal comes to an end, Honoka approaches the townspeople once again.
Honoka: What did you think of your first school idol practice, everybody?
Young Woman 1: It was fun singing and dancing with everyone, but...
Honoka: But?
Young Woman 1: I can't get my voice to come out very loudly. Maybe I'm just not cut out for it...
Hanayo: That's not true at all!
Young Woman 1: What?
Hanayo: You can learn how to project with practice! And besides, there's no rule saying you have to sing in a powerful voice!
Hanayo: There are all kinds of school idols out there, including idols who charm audiences with their unique breathy voices!
Hanayo: As long as you keep practicing, you'll eventually find your niche! So don't give up! Come join us again tomorrow!
Maki: Wow, Hanayo—you're really into this.
Hanayo: Hehe... Well, I used to be quiet too, but I was able to find my voice thanks to you.
Hanayo: I thought I'd try doing the same thing you did for me.
Maki: Is... Is that so...
Rin: Look! Maki's blushing!
Maki: Oh, stop that!
Honoka: Hanayo's right though. You may lack confidence now...
Honoka: But I have a feeling if you keep practicing, everything will come together. What do you say—will you join us for rehearsal again tomorrow?
Young Women: ...
Young Woman 1: I might... give it another try...
Young Woman 3: Me too...
Honoka: Yay!
Umi: Then that's it for today.
Kotori: Oh, I almost forgot! Before we head out...
Kotori rummages around in her shoulder bag.
Kotori: Here you go! Feel free to use these!
She pulls out a few wristbands and wraps them around the young women's wrists.
Nozomi: When did you manage to make those?
Kotori: During breaks. I thought it might be more fun if we all matched.
Nico: Breaks? I can't believe you made them in such a short amount of time...
Eli: Khorosho... That's why you're our costume designer. I'm impressed.
Kotori: I should be able to make enough for everyone tonight, so we can all wear them at practice tomorrow!
Kotori: What do you say?
Young Women: O-okay!
Unable to resist the power of Kotori's smile, the young women nod vigorously.
Girl: ...
The mysterious girl continues to watch from a distance.
Thanks to the efforts of μ's, a new culture has been introduced to an island that previously had no distinguishing features.
The power of the primal beast lying dormant in the land had caused the people to lose their motivation, but not their curiosity.
Umi: Okay! Let's get this dance practice started!
Umi: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...
Young Woman 3: Urgh... I just can't stay on beat. I guess there's no hope for me...
Eli: Don't say that. It's true you aren't in time with the rhythm, but your footwork is correct.
Eli: You're able to strike the exact same pose every time, and that's a crucial part of it. You have the talent, so don't give up.
Young Woman 3: O-okay!
Though they stumble along the way, the townspeople continue to learn more about school idols.
Maki: A-all right, I'll give you a brief introduction to the process of composing music. Ready?
Young Woman 2: Yes, Maestro! I'm looking forward to the lesson!
Maki: M-Maestro? Y-you don't have to call me that! Just use my name like I said!
Young Woman 2: No can do, Maestro! I respect you too much to call you anything less!
Maki: This is beyond embarrassing! Make it stop!
Hanayo: Okay, everyone! In order to shine as a school idol, you need to develop your individuality!
Nico: There's no point practicing every day if you're just going to end up being overshadowed by other idols.
Nico: Songs and choreography aren't enough to highlight what makes you unique—you need to create characters for yourselves!
Nico: Listen up. I'll give you an example, so try repeating after me!
Nico: Here we go!
Young Women: Okay!
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'm Nico Yazawa, here to Nico-Nico-Ni your heart!
Nico: Repeat after me!
Nico-Ni! I love-Nico you!
Young Women: ...?
Hanayo: N-Nico... I don't think they're ready for that yet...
Nico: Grr!
And so the young women take their first steps toward becoming school idols.
Young Woman 4: ...
Rin: Oh? Why're you hiding in a place like this? Whatcha looking at?
Young Woman 4: Whoa! U-um... I was just wondering what you all were doing...
Rin: Hehe. Then why don't you join us? You'll understand a lot better if you give it a try!
Young Woman 4: N-no, that's not why I was watching!
Rin: Huh? She ran away! Waaait!
The young woman dashes away despite her interest, but Rin refuses to give up so easily.
Rin: Gotcha!
Young Woman 4: Um, you see... I don't think I'm suited for things like that...
Rin: But you're so cute! What a waste! I bet you'd really enjoy it if you gave it a shot.
Young Woman 4: Er, um... Someone help me...
Rin: You sound kinda like Kayo-chin.
Rin: Come on, let's go!
The practice circle continues to grow, thanks to a bit of strong-arming by the μ's members.
Nozomi: So what's the next step of your plan, Honoka?
Honoka: Um... First we'll split the people who joined into groups. Then we'll write some songs for them.
Honoka: I was thinking it'd be nice if we could all put on a joint concert together.
Kotori: That sounds like fun!
Honoka: Right? Maybe if we turn school idols into a feature of the town and show other islands how much fun everyone's having...
Nozomi: The people who left town might get curious and come back—is that what you're getting at?
Honoka: Yeah! We just need to get everyone hyped up with an amazing show!
Kotori: Hold on...
Kotori: How do we let the people who left town know about the joint concert?
Honoka: Huh? We can just use the internet...
Honoka: Waaaaait!
Honoka: There's no internet in this world!
Kotori: And traveling between islands isn't easy... So how do we get the word out?
Just as all the pieces seem to be falling into place, Honoka and the others run into an unexpected snag in their plan.
Girl: Um... Do you have a second?
Nozomi: Who are you?
Aina: Er... My name is Aina.
Honoka: Are you interested in becoming a school idol too?
Aina: No... I just had a suggestion for a way to spread the word.
Aina: You might want to put in a request to the Knickknack Shack for a crew to take you to other islands.
All Three: A crew?
Mayor: I see. And that's why you're going to travel with the townspeople to other islands.
Honoka: Yeah! We want to show off the town's brand-new school idols to the people who left!
Mayor: It was a fine idea to request a crew to serve as your transportation and bodyguards, but are you sure they're trustworthy?
Aina: They have the most strength and integrity of anyone I know. They're even strong enough to defeat primal beasts.
Mayor: I see. I know the Knickknack Shack is supposed to have a good reputation...
Nozomi: Look! There's something like a blimp flying this way. Is that an airship?
Aina: Yes, that's the airship Grandcypher. It's operated by a crew led by (Captain), the captain.
Honoka: I wonder what the towns are like on other islands? I can't wait to see.
Umi: Sheesh... We have no idea what could happen out there, you know. I've heard some islands even have monsters.
Kotori: Haha. But it's kind of comforting to see Honoka acting the same as always.
Thus Honoka and the others depart from the town of Tenacie in search of those who moved away.
Nozomi: A "great trial," huh... I wonder what's in store for us?
Nozomi stares at a single tarot card in her hand, her expression clouded with worry.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 2: All Together Now! - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew accept the μ's members' request, and they depart from Tenacie along with a number of the townspeople. The girls chat with (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, Medusa, and Athena as they make their way toward Lumacie, where they plan to have the fledgling idols get used to performing in front of a small crowd.

Honoka and the others have left the town of Tenacie with (Captain)'s crew.
Honoka: Nice to meet you! Thanks for having us aboard!
Lyria: It's nice to meet you too! I'm sure we'll have a great time together!
Vyrn: We heard there were a bunch of you, but holy cow. How many people are we gonna be guardin'?
Hanayo: Um... With the nine μ's members plus the townspeople, I guess there are about fifty of us.
Athena: That's quite a number of people to be responsible for. I see why the request was offered to (Captain).
Medusa: Why should I have to be dragged along to help with some bodyguard mission?
Athena: It's for insurance in case the unexpected happens. With you, (Captain), and I together, there will be no holes in our offense or defense.
Medusa: Hmph... W-well, whatever...
Athena: And besides, we have a large group to protect. But considering your extraordinary memory, I'm sure you've already memorized all their faces.
Medusa: Huh? Well, yeah. If anyone gets lost, I'll be able to find them right away.
Medusa: You know, you're awfully straightforward with your compliments. Are you sure you're not hiding some ulterior motive?
Athena: ...?
Not at all. I was simply stating the truth.
Nearby, a certain individual watches the exchange closely.
Honoka: ...
Nozomi: Honoka?
Nico: What are you spacing out for?
Honoka: (N-Nozomi! Nico! Isn't this crew amazing?)
Honoka: (She's gorgeous! With a great figure to boot!)
Gran is the Main Character

Honoka: (And look at those two cuties!)
Djeeta is the Main Character

Honoka: (Th-they have so many cute girls! What gives!)
Nico: Grr!
Nico: Y-you really think so? They look pretty normal to me.
Nozomi: You're right, Honoka. Especially that Athena...
Athena: ...?
Nozomi: Not only does she have the same name as the mythological goddess—she's just as beautiful as any depiction I've seen of her.
Nico: Grr...
Nico: H-hmph! So what! You keep gushing about how attractive they are, but one of them's even shorter than me!
Medusa: Excuse me? Are you talking about me?
Nico: Well, yeah. I'm just telling it like it is.
Medusa: You've got a lot of nerve for a lowly mortal!
Hanayo: U-um... Don't fight, you two...
Lyria: Haha... Yeah, let's all calm down, okay? Medusa, Nico...
Nico: What's your problem!
Medusa: What's your problem!
Eli & Athena: Sigh...
Eli & Athena: Stop that right now!
Nico & Medusa: Grr...
Nico & Medusa: Hmph!
Eli: I'm sorry for causing a scene.
Athena: No, not at all. I'm happy to see how relaxed your friend is despite this being her first time on an airship.
Umi: I'm pretty sure she's just not taking this seriously...
The three exchange pained smiles as they attempt to break up the argument between Nico and Medusa.
Vyrn: Looks like they're fittin' right in. That just makes it easier on us.
Athena: Indeed. It appears asking Medusa to come along was the correct move, especially considering her expertise on mortals.
Nozomi: Mortals?
Athena: I'm not knowledgeable about anything aside from battle. I suppose you could call it my specialty.
Athena: Should we encounter monsters along our way, never fear. As the wielder of the aegis, I will see to it that no harm befalls you.
Lyria: Um... I think our first destination is the Lumacie Archipelago.
Vyrn: You gals are dancers tryin' to boost your town's popularity, right? Why do you wanna go to a place in the middle of nowhere?
Honoka: Well, that was Aina's suggestion.
Aina: Yes... Most of the others have never sung in public before, so I thought we should let them get used to it somewhere without many people.
Umi: That's true. In order to perform at one hundred percent in front of a crowd, first you have to acclimate yourself.
Kotori: You sure know a lot, Aina. Have you done something like this before?
Aina: Just a little.
Honoka: Wait, do you have experience being a school idol?
Honoka: Does that mean there are school idols here in this world too?
Aina: No, not yet. It's just you.
Honoka: Not yet? What does that mean?
Aina: ...
Aina doesn't answer, remaining silent for the remainder of the journey to Lumacie.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 2: All Together Now! - Episode 2

After arriving in Lumacie, the μ's members and townspeople from Tenacie join forces to hand out flyers advertising their concert. Maki and Nozomi are surprised by Aina's knowledge about both their world and the Sky Realm.

Umi: So this is Lumacie. There's so much green—it's beautiful.
Athena: Indeed. It's a quiet, peaceful island that doesn't suffer from any major conflicts.
Umi: I can tell. It's covered in lush forests, and just look at all those mountains! This place is enough to get anyone excited!
Honoka: Haha... I forgot you're really into mountain climbing.
Umi: Enough standing around! Let's head for the peaks!
Rin: N-no, wait! We came here to perform as school idols!
Nozomi: That's right. And I get the feeling we shouldn't be too noisy in the forests on this island.
Nozomi: I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something... spiritual about this place. Like it houses a guardian spirit or something.
Lyria: Huh? You can tell, Nozomi?
Nozomi: Sort of. It feels similar to a shrine.
Nozomi: We should probably stick to villages and stay out of the forests.
Umi: Argh! I'll conquer those peaks someday!
Maki: Come on, enough about that. Let's hurry and look for the people who moved here from Tenacie.
Eli: But how exactly do we do that? I have a feeling they won't admit they're from Tenacie even if we ask them directly.
Rin: Yeah, they all left because they didn't have any good memories of the town...
Honoka: True. I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way.
Young Woman 1: E-excuse me! We're school idols... from a town called... Tenacie!
Young Woman 3: We're going to be... putting on a concert! The time and place... are on this flyer...
At Honoka's proposal, the μ's members and townspeople from Tenacie join forces to hand out flyers advertising the concert.
Maki: Are they going to be okay? We're used to this sort of thing, but I feel like we're putting the townspeople on the spot here.
Kotori: But the people who left Tenacie might be more interested if they see how much the residents have changed.
Athena: Excuse me, madam. Would you care to take a flyer?
Young Woman 5: Sure.
Athena: Thank you. We hope you'll consider attending.
Medusa: Wait, why are you handing out flyers too?
Athena: I simply thought it might be nice to follow in your footsteps and interact with mortals more.
Medusa: J-just so we're clear, I've never handed out flyers before! And I have no intention of starting now!
Nico: Heh. In other words, you're just worried no one will take any flyers from you. Aren't I right?
Medusa: What! You just watch! I'll pass out a hundred times more flyers than you!
Nico: A-a hundred? That's impossible! I'll show you—I'll hand out every last one of them!
Vyrn: How'd those two get to be such close friends so fast?
Athena: Medusa has the ability to get along with just about anyone, thanks to those long years she spent observing mortals. It's truly remarkable.
Lyria: Since you've spent so much time fighting, it's probably harder for you to relate to people who live peaceful lives.
Athena: Correct. But I suppose that's only natural, considering my inherent purpose.
Maki: Inherent purpose?
Athena: Even so, I must admit it's an enjoyable departure from my normal duties to engage with mortals like this.
Having said her piece, Athena resumes passing out flyers.
Maki: Her purpose, huh...
Nozomi: Are you worried about her?
Maki: N-no... That's not it.
Maki: She just talked like her future had been decided for her at birth, and it made me wonder.
Nozomi: Yeah... That actually piqued my interest too. It was a strange feeling. Like we were dealing with something supernatural.
Maki: Well, they certainly are beautiful and strong enough to be.
Nozomi: True...
Monster: Groooooar!
Second-Years: Whoa!
Honoka: It's a real monster!
Umi: This is no time to be amazed!
Kotori: Come on, Honoka! Run!
Athena: Haaah!
Monster: Groooar...
Honoka: She defeated it...
Second-Years: She's so cool!
Nozomi: Not only are they amazing fighters, but Athena and Medusa both call us "mortals."
Nozomi: That really caught my attention...
Aina: In this world, gods and spirits sometimes live their lives disguised as mortals. Those two might be the same.
Nozomi & Maki: ...
Maki: Say, Aina. Are you...
Nozomi: We sure have come to an incredible world, having the chance to walk alongside divine beings. Don't you agree, Maki?
Maki: What? Well, yes...
Maki: (Hey, Nozomi. Do you think that girl's...)
Nozomi: (She knows about school idols and this world too somehow. Pretty mysterious, huh?)
Finally, after a lot of hard work, the flyers are all distributed.
Nico & Medusa: Huff... Huff...
Nico: I-I have to admit, you're pretty good...
Medusa: Let's call it a draw...
Eli: From what I could see, everyone's responses were pretty positive.
Rin: Even though they'd never heard of school idols, they thought it was neat that we all sing together!
Umi: Thank goodness. At this rate, it looks like we'll be able to attract people from other islands too.
Young Woman 1: But we only just started performing... Do you really think we'll be able to reach the hearts of the people who left?
Honoka: Hmm... Well, either way, I feel like it's important to let them see you all singing.
Kotori: I can relate to that. Seeing your friend passionate about something and having fun makes you want to give it a try too.
Honoka: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! You hit the nail on the head, Kotori!
Honoka: Just sing like you do in practice, and you'll be A-OK!
Young Women: Okay!
The μ's members do their utmost to encourage the fledgling school idols.
(Captain) and the crew look on, brimming with interest.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 2: All Together Now! - Episode 3

μ's and the new idols hold a street concert, inspiring former Tenacie residents and Lumacie citizens alike to become school idols themselves. But Lyria senses a primal beast just as the μ's members finish their performance, and monsters of a kind they've never seen before suddenly appear and attack the girls.

μ's and the Tenacie idols hold a simple concert for the people of Lumacie.
Young Woman 1: Th-thank you for coming! We hope you enjoy our song!
They are forced to make due with the small music player and speakers they have with them for accompaniment.
Lumacie Residents: ...
But their fresh, new songs and eager smiles resonate with the hearts of the residents.
The girls of μ's clap in time and wave their arms, urging the audience to get into the music.
Finally the performance comes to an end.
As the last notes fade away, the audience breaks into applause.
Honoka: They did it... The concert was a huge success!
Young Woman 5: How could people from Tenacie possibly smile like that?
One particular young woman in the audience wears a conflicted expression.
Young Woman 5: Excuse me. Are those girls really from Tenacie?
Hanayo: Y-yes! They're trying their best to liven up the town!
Young Woman 5: I can't believe it. They used to be scared to even leave the island...
Umi: But there's still a long way to go.
Young Woman 5: What?
Kotori: The truth is, they wish they could sing with a lot more people, but there aren't enough of them.
Young Woman 5: ...
Young Woman 5: ...!
The former resident of Tenacie dashes over to the townspeople who have just finished their concert.
Following the young woman's lead, a number of lifelong Lumacie residents hurry after her.
Vyrn: What the heck? Those gals are tryin' to attract people who left Tenacie, but now they've got locals hooked too.
Lyria: Haha... I guess the people here saw how much fun everyone was having and wanted to join in.
Medusa: I've never seen anything like this before. It almost feels like a festival or something.
Athena: Is that so? I thought you said mortals did things like this quite often.
Medusa: Well... I've seen them gather to watch traveling dancers and songstresses before. They also dance themselves sometimes...
Medusa: But there was always a core at the heart of the festival, like the dancers or the town.
Lyria: I see what you mean... A lot of festivals are named after priestesses or island deities.
Medusa: Yeah. I've never seen them spread to other islands like this.
Athena: I see...
Medusa: Those mortals from another world sure are causing some interesting waves here.
Athena: Hehe. Your explanation was very helpful. Thank you, Medusa.
Medusa: Heh. You must not have a clue about all this, so feel free to ask me anything, okay?
Athena: Understood. I'll take you up on that.
Medusa puffs out her chest proudly. At that moment, music once again begins to play.
Vyrn: Oh, looks like the other gals are gonna sing now.
(Captain) and the crew move closer to where the crowd is cheering and clapping.
Honoka: Hello, everybody! We're μ's, and we'll be performing for you next!
Nico: Hehe... The time has finally come to demonstrate my true ability!
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'll Nico-Nico-Ni your heart! I'm Nico-Nico Yazawa, here to put a smile on your face!
Nico: Remember, I'm Nico-Ni, and I love-Nico you!
Athena & Medusa: ...?
Lyria: Wow! That was so cute!
Vyrn: Yeah. I have no clue what she's sayin', but I can tell she's really puttin' her heart into it!
Athena: Medusa, what does "Nico-Nico-Ni" mean?
Medusa: W-well... It's complicated.
The nine members of μ's go on to put on a performance that wows the audience.
Young Woman 6: U-um... Do you think we could do that too?
Rin: Of course! Why don't you give it a try? It's a looot of fun!
Residents of both Tenacie and Lumacie are greatly interested in the girls' music.
At that moment, the observer makes its move.
???: Influence confirmed. I must project a new sample.
Lyria: ...!
I-I'm sensing a strange presence! It feels like someone's watching us...
Nozomi: Do you think it's the god of this island?
Lyria: No! This isn't Yggdrasil!
Concerned by Lyria's panicked reaction, (Captain) and Athena draw their weapons.
Athena: Take cover inside the buildings, everyone!
Young Woman 1: Wh-what's going on? The concert isn't over yet...
Athena: Hurry!
Young Woman 1: O-okay!
The townspeople scatter and head inside.
Honoka: H-huh? What happened, you guys?
Eli: Honoka! Snap out of it! We need to take shelter too!
Aina: It's too late for that. Stay close to (Captain) and the others.
Honoka: Aina?
The birds in the nearby forest stop singing, and the sound of trees swaying in the wind becomes almost deafening.
Suddenly (Captain) and the crew hear the rustling sound of a creature running toward them through the brush.
Vyrn: Here it comes, (Captain)!
You gals stand back!
Honoka: Eek!
Kotori: Honoka!
Medusa: ...
Athena: ...
Nico: Hmph... Wh-what's the big deal? I don't see anyth—
Medusa: Get down!
Medusa grabs Nico's arm and pulls her to the ground, cutting her off mid-sentence.
Nico: Whoa!
A monster appears suddenly and lashes out at Nico, missing her by a hair's breadth.
Monster: Uuuhn...
Honoka: A...
Eli: A...
Honoka & Eli: A monster!
Having been caught off guard by the monster's sudden appearance, (Captain) rushes over to the girls.
Monster: M... Mu...
Honoka: Huh?
(Captain) and the crew stand before the monster, blocking its path.
Monster: Mu... se...
Medusa: What the heck is that thing! It's beyond creepy!
Athena: I'm not sure, but it's clearly a threat!
Athena: (Captain), to battle!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 2: All Together Now! - Episode 3: Scene 2

Once the monsters have been defeated, (Captain) and company depart for their next destination: Port Breeze. While en route, Umi mentions that the monsters had looked familiar somehow.

Monster: Uuuhn...
Honoka: Th-they disappeared...
Medusa: You mortals okay? Anyone hurt?
Nico: ...
Nico: Thanks.
Medusa: It... It's not like I saved you out of the goodness of my heart or anything!
Vyrn: That was crazy. I didn't expect a primal beast to show up out of nowhere like that...
Lyria: No... I don't think that monster was a primal beast.
Vyrn: What? But you said you sensed one...
Vyrn: And plus, I've never seen a monster like that before.
Athena: I haven't either. Not across the span of several hundred years.
Rin: I'm just glad everybody's okay.
Hanayo: Yeah. It looks like the people who hid inside are all safe too...
Despite an interruption by some terrifying surprise guests, the girls have successfully finished their concert.
Though unaccustomed to singing in front of people, the Tenacie idols have been able to overcome their fear and gain confidence.
Vyrn: So our next stop's Port Breeze, right?
Eli: Yes. We heard a number of former residents of Tenacie moved to the large town there.
Eli: Now that the other girls have gotten some experience in Lumacie, they should be ready to sing in front of a larger crowd.
Lyria: That way they can let a lot of people know about what's happening in Tenacie!
(Captain) and company chat as the Grandcypher makes its way toward Port Breeze, but one passenger remains quiet, lost in thought.
Umi: ...
Aina: Um... Is something bothering you?
Umi: I can't quite place it, but I feel like I've seen those monsters somewhere before...
Aina: Do you mean in your original world?
Umi: No, our world doesn't have monsters. But then why do they look so familiar?
The school idols are in high spirits as they head toward their next concert in Port Breeze.
But try as they might, they can't shake the worry over the mysterious monsters lingering in their minds.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 2: All Together Now! - Episode 4

After arriving in Port Breeze, Hanayo finds an old idol magazine from their world in a shop, causing Aina to wonder if the primal beast might have summoned people from a time in their past. Later, μ's and the fledgling idols hold another concert, but monsters appear once again.

Monster: Uuuuunh...
Hanayo: H-help me!
Maki: Ugh! Why is this happening again!
The girls had intended to hold a concert in Port Breeze to convince former residents of Tenacie to return, but all did not go according to plan.
Thanks to an unforeseen situation, they have been forced to put their concert on hold.
Monster: Uuuuunh...
Athena: Tch! It's those same monsters again!
Vyrn: Wh-what's goin' on! Those creepy things are showin' up all over the place! What the heck are they!
Monster: Mu... se...
Aina: μ's? Are the monsters targeting them?
Athena: That seems to be the case. They're ignoring us and heading straight for the μ's members. But now that we know what they're after, we can counter them.
Athena: Medusa! (Captain)! Surround the girls and protect them!
Medusa: I'll show those creeps who's boss!
Medusa: Medusiana! I've got some delicious snacks for you! Gobble those monsters up!
Medusiana: Groooooar!
Athena: (Something must be triggering the emergence of these monsters.)
Athena: (I need to think back on the moment they appeared.)
Athena: Haaah!
In her mind, Athena recalls the events that occurred immediately after they landed in Port Breeze.
μ's: Wow...
(Captain) and the crew arrive in Port Breeze. As a popular trade hub, the streets are bustling with people.
The girls are astounded by the sight.
Honoka: Wh-what a huge crowd! I had no idea there were so many people in this world!
Umi: And look at all those shops!
Kotori: Amazing... There are restaurants, bookstores, and parts shops as far as the eye can see. Reminds me of Akiba.
Lyria: Is there a town like this in your world too, Kotori?
Kotori: Yeah! We hang out there all the time.
Honoka: Akiba holds a lot of precious memories for us. If I hadn't encountered A-RISE there, I never would've become a school idol.
Lyria: Arise?
Hanayo: A-RISE... They're the school idol group that reigns above all others!
Hanayo: Their skill at singing and performing is second to none. They won the first Love Live! tournament hands down—they're amazing!
Lyria: I... I see...
Honoka: Haha... When the topic switches to school idols, Hanayo turns into a totally different person.
Rin: I like her this way too!
As they talk, (Captain) and company stroll through the streets of Port Breeze, on the lookout for a location to hold their concert.
Suddenly Hanayo comes running up to the group.
Hanayo: B-big news!
Rin: What's up?
Hanayo: I found something amazing in one of the shops!
Hanayo holds out what appears to be a magazine.
Vyrn: What's it say? I can't read a word of it.
Hanayo: This is a magazine from our world. And can you believe it?
Hanayo: It's the legendary first issue of the world's first idol magazine, published decades ago! It's super rare!
Eli: Hold on a second. Don't you think something's strange? It doesn't look very old to me.
Nozomi: It's not damaged at all. In fact, it looks brand-new...
Nico: I never heard anything about this magazine getting a reprint.
Aina: Maybe others were brought here from your world, but from a time in your past.
Aina: They must have been summoned here by the primal beast Lyria sensed.
Athena: But if a primal beast like that exists, what is its goal—or rather, what is its purpose?
Aina: If we can figure that out, I have a feeling it will give us a clue about how to return the girls to their own world.
Athena: In that case, we should investigate the matter while the others work to bring people back to Tenacie.
Aina: Yes...
As they talk, they hand out flyers in town.
Gradually, people begin to gather in their vicinity.
Eventually, a crowd larger than they had ever dreamed of has assembled around them.
Rin: Wow... This is pretty crazy...
Honoka: We'd have to pack them in to fit this many in the gym...
Umi: Apparently news of the concert in Lumacie spread through the Knickknack Shack's information network.
Medusa: The residents here are mainly merchants or other mortals with a weakness for rare objects, so they seem to have taken an interest in you.
Young Woman 1: I-I'm not sure I can sing in front of this many people...
Honoka: You'll be just fine! You've already put on a concert before, remember?
Honoka: Concerts are all the same, whether you're performing for ten people or a thousand!
Young Woman 1: Urgh... I see your point, but still...
Nico: I think we might need to go first this time.
Rin: If we can show them that concerts are concerts no matter the size of the audience, I think it'll give them more courage.
Honoka: Okay! Then let's get out there!
And so the concert in Port Breeze begins.
The reactions of the audience members vary. Some are bewildered by the unusual spectacle but try their hardest to get into it.
There are also those who are inspired to become school idols themselves, as well as others who watch with a twinge of envy.
Athena: ...
Medusa: You look totally mesmerized.
Athena: Gasp! Do I?
Medusa: Yeah. I've never seen you with such a dazed look on your face.
Medusa: Hehe. Let me guess—you want to perform with them.
Athena: No, I prefer to watch. It's just... I sense some sort of great power from them.
Medusa: A great power? What do you mean?
Athena: It's still only a vague sense, so I'm not sure how to describe it...
Lyria: I... I feel it!
Medusa: What! You too, Lyria?
Lyria: N-no! I feel the presence of the primal beast that summoned those monsters!
Athena & Medusa: ...!
Lyria senses the primal beast's presence once again, and the same monsters appear.
Monster: Uuunh...
Athena: Hyah!
Athena: (Both times the monsters appeared, μ's had just finished singing.)
Athena: (Is the primal beast who summoned the girls here trying to pit them against those monsters?)
Athena: Lyria. What is the status of the primal beast?
Lyria: I can sense it watching us intently, but it doesn't seem to be planning anything else.
Medusa: In other words, if we defeat those things that'll be the end of it!
Vyrn: Then let's get 'em! There's a bunch more than last time, but with (Captain) it'll be no sweat!
Athena: Yes. We must vanquish them at once.
Athena: (For the sake of those girls... as well as to discover what it was that I sensed while watching them!)

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 2: All Together Now! - Episode 4: Scene 2

(Captain) and company vanquish the monsters and discuss how they seem to be targeting μ's. Umi realizes that the monsters resemble mythical creatures known as yokai from their world, but with no idea as to their enemies' objective, they end up with more questions than answers.

Honoka: Is... Is it over?
Medusa: I think so. You can relax now.
Aina: At the very least, one thing's for certain... Those monsters are targeting μ's.
Umi: Those yokai are after... us?
Athena: Yo-kai?
Umi: They looked really familiar to me, and I finally realized they're a lot like yokai I saw in a book a long time ago.
Nozomi: Yeah, now that you mention it... I've seen pictures like that somewhere too. I think it might have been the Hyakki Yagyo Emaki.
Vyrn: So those monsters chased you gals here from your world?
Umi: Well... technically they're from our world, but they only appear in legends and folklore. I'm pretty sure they don't exist in real life.
Nozomi: Do you think that magazine might be a clue?
Hanayo: The legendary idol magazine?
Nozomi: If someone came to this world from our past, it makes sense that something could have come here from an even older era.
Umi: There's a theory that yokai really existed in the past, but it's not very convincing.
Maki: But even if yokai really do exist, why are they after us? I just don't understand...
The girls of μ's have learned that the monsters appearing in the Sky Realm are targeting them.
With no idea as to their enemies' objective, they are troubled by the ominous situation they find themselves in.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 3: Self-Restraint - Episode 1

On their way back to Tenacie, the μ's members are deeply troubled by the fact that their concerts seem to be summoning monsters. Worried that people might start connecting their group to the monster appearances and put all their efforts to waste, they reluctantly decide to pull out of the joint concert.

Second-Years: ...
First-Years: ...
Third-Years: ...
As a result of their concert in Port Breeze, the girls have succeeded in drawing the interest of former Tenacie residents.
However, the fact that monsters seem to appear whenever they perform weighs heavily on their hearts.
Lyria: U-um... Try to cheer up, everyone.
Honoka: Urgh... But...
Honoka: But Lyria... Now that we know our performances are summoning monsters, we have no clue what to do next!
Lyria: Urgh... I see what you mean...
Aina: Do you really have no idea where those monsters are coming from?
Rin: Of course we don't! None of us have ever seen real yokai before!
Hanayo: B-but... We heard what they were saying...
The girls think back on the appearance of the unworldly monsters.
Unworldly Monster: Mu... Mu...
Unworldly Monster: Mu... se...
Eli: It definitely sounded like they were saying "μ's"...
Nozomi: I wonder how they know about us?
As visions of the terrifying monsters dance in their minds, no one knows what to say.
Midway through their course for Tenacie, a heavy silence falls on the deck of the ship.
Eli: ...
Nico: (What's with Eli? She looks really upset...)
Nico: El—
The moment Nico opens her mouth to speak, Nozomi creeps up silently behind Eli.
Nozomi: Squeeze!
Eli: Eek!
Nozomi: Squeeeeze...
Squeezing you never disappoints, Eli-chi.
Eli: N-N-Nozomi! Where do you think you're touching!
Nozomi: Huh? I was just trying to help you relax.
Eli: I don't think you know what that word means...
Nozomi: What's got you so worried, Eli-chi?
Eli: Huh?
Nozomi: I don't need fortune-telling to know you're feeling anxious. It's written all over your face.
Eli: ...
Eli: I was just realizing how completely different this world is from ours.
Nozomi: You've got that right. It's full of dangers like monsters and yokai.
Nozomi: But we're safe as long as (Captain) and the crew are with us. Isn't that right?
Eli: ...
Nozomi: You know that, but you're still worried. And you're conflicted about whether or not to talk to (Captain) about it, right?
Eli: What?
Nozomi: The captain seems really busy, and a conversation like that would take a lot of time, so you're at a loss for what to do.
Nozomi: Does that about cover it, Eli-chi?
Eli: Sheesh... You see right through me.
Nozomi: Of course I do. I'm your vice president after all.
Nozomi: Now then, what do you say we go talk to (Captain) together?
Eli: Why should you have to be dragged along?
Nozomi: It's the vice president's job to accompany you when you have to make a difficult request.
Eli: Okay, I'll take you up on your offer. Thanks.
Nozomi: Don't mention it.
The pair is spotted by Nico, who watches from around the corner.
Nico: Hmph... What are those two whispering about?
Maki: Hang on, Honoka! What do you mean we're not performing in the joint concert?
Rin: Yeah! We went to all that trouble gathering people from Tenacie—it's gonna be super exciting!
Hanayo: W-wait, you two... Let's hear what Honoka has to say, okay?
Honoka: Well... I mean... If we perform, that means those yokai are going to show up again, right?
Umi: Maki, Rin. Try to understand that this is a very difficult decision for Honoka to make.
Maki: I know, but still!
Aina: We still don't understand how you and those monsters are connected.
Aina: The only thing we know is that they say μ's when they attack. That's why...
Maki: Why what?
Aina: If people found out that you were connected to those monsters, I can only imagine the rumors that would spread.
Umi: In the worst case, people might think we're traveling to islands conducting ceremonies to summon monsters.
Honoka: And then the people of Tenacie might give up on being school idols, even though they've finally cheered up.
Maki & Rin: ...
Kotori: But Honoka says there are still things we can do even if we don't perform in the concert.
Kotori: I can help with the costumes, and Umi and Maki can write the songs, right?
Kotori: And we can all work together to design a stage that will let everyone shine at their brightest!
Hanayo: If we're going to make this show exciting, it can't be like a street concert—we'll need a real stage!
Honoka: That's right. I was thinking we could help out with stuff like that instead of performing.
Maki & Rin: ...
Maki: Ugh, I don't understand!
Rin: We already came up with a setlist and everything!
Hanayo: I-I understand where you two are coming from. But Umi's right—it would be dangerous...
Maki: I know that. But I can't accept things the way they are now.
Rin: Stupid primal beasts—why do they have to get in our way?
Medusa & Athena: ...
First-Years: Oh...
Athena: I see. So you aren't going to participate in the joint concert.
Maki: Th-that's right. We weren't badmouthing you behind your backs or anything.
Athena: Don't worry, we didn't think you were.
Medusa: So you're bowing out, huh? That's a shame after all the work Athena put in.
Athena: True. Based on the enemy attacks thus far, I considered the worst-case scenarios and how to counter them.
Athena: I also thought through where to position our forces to maximize both our offensive and defensive capabilities.
Medusa: Look at this. These sheets of parchment are filled with her plans. It was a lot of work for me too, just so you know.
Medusa shows the girls a thick stack of parchment filled with battle formation maps.
Hanayo: There's so much... You really thought this through.
Athena: It's my purpose to protect others, so I can't allow any oversights.
Maki: Your purpose?
Medusa: That's right. Her purpose as a primal beast. It's like second nature to her, so there's not much she can do about it.
Maki: ...
Maki: Say, Athena. If there's anything I can help with, let me know, okay?
Rin: Maki, what's wrong?
Maki: W-well, I can't just sit around and make her protect me all the time!
Maki: There has to be something I can do for her sake!
Athena: ...
Medusa: You heard her. Good for you, Athena.
Athena: Hehe... Indeed.
Thank you, Maki.
Maki: Wh-what are you laughing for! I'm being serious here!
Maki doesn't understand why the two primal beasts before her are smiling so kindly.
Meanwhile, the Grandcypher continues on its way toward the town of Tenacie.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 3: Self-Restraint - Episode 2

Upon the group's return to Tenacie, the town is filled with the delighted voices of residents reuniting with friends and family. Although happy to have completed their primary objective, the μ's members' feelings remain conflicted.

(Captain) and company return to Tenacie with the former town residents in tow.
Vyrn: So this is the town those gals are from.
Lyria: ...
After landing on the island, Lyria appears to sense something.
  1. What's wrong?

Choose: What's wrong?
Lyria: I sense a strange presence on this island...
Aina: There's a primal beast slumbering here. That must be what you're sensing.
Vyrn: Don't tell me that's the thing that's been summonin' monsters.
Aina: No, it's still dormant right now. It would be best to let it be.
Vyrn: Wait, how do you know that?
Aina: ...
Aina doesn't answer. Just as Vyrn opens his mouth to repeat the question, their conversation is interrupted.
Young Women: Wow!
Young Woman 2: You're back...
Young Woman 4: Yeah... It's good to see you again...
The area is filled with the delighted voices of Tenacie residents reuniting with their friends and family.
Mayor: Incredible... You really brought back the people who left.
Honoka: We were able to show them just how much everyone wanted to save the town.
Kotori: Some people thought it was an impossible dream at first, but they changed their minds when they saw everyone trying their best at the concert.
Kotori: They came to believe that it just might be possible after all.
Mayor: Our town started with nothing, but look how much it's changed.
Mayor: You've done more for this town than any of us could have ever imagined.
Girl: S-Sis!
Young Woman 5: I'm home...
Honoka: I... I guess that's the mayor's granddaughter...
Honoka: Thank goodness. She came back to her little sister.
The mayor's granddaughter—the former occupant of the room Honoka and the others stayed in—has returned to Tenacie.
The nine members of μ's smile warmly as they witness the sisters' reunion.
Kotori: Say, Honoka. I know we can't perform in the joint live, but...
Honoka: Yeah.
Girl: This used to be my big sister's room.
Girl: When I heard voices in here, I thought maybe she'd come home...
Girl: She sends us letters, but they all talk about how great it's been since she left.
Girl: I guess she doesn't care about me anymore...
Honoka: Thank goodness. I knew she still cared about her sister.
Nico: Well, I guess this means we've accomplished our goal... Our first one at least.
Umi: Yeah...
Mayor: I heard you young ladies won't be participating in the joint concert.
Honoka: That's right. It's complicated...
Mayor: That's too bad. Everyone was hoping you'd be the grand finale.
Second-Years: ...
First-Years: ...
Third-Years: ...
The girls of μ's intend to do their very best to help with the upcoming concert.
But despite having completed their main objective, their feelings remain conflicted.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 3: Self-Restraint - Episode 3

The girls are downhearted by their inability to perform in the joint concert. Although Nico understands they can't put the townspeople in danger, she still resents the decision and leaves to get some air. Outside she meets a young fan of hers who asks her to sing, and she obliges.

Honoka: ...
Kotori: Here, Honoka. Have some tea.
Honoka: Oh... Thanks, Kotori.
Kotori: You seem really down.
Honoka: What! N-no, I'm just fine!
Honoka: I've just been busy thinking about a lot of stuff! Like advice I can give to make the concert as exciting as it can be!
Honoka: I've been doing a lot of thinking... since we can't perform ourselves...
Kotori: It's hard to accept, isn't it?
Honoka: Yeah...
Nico: It sure is! Everyone's practiced so hard—we were just getting started!
Umi: But if those yokai show up whenever we sing, we don't really have a choice.
Umi: We can't put the townspeople in danger... This is just how it has to be.
Nico: What's that supposed to mean!
Maki: Nico, you're not the only one who doesn't like this. None of us do.
Eli: But we already discussed this. We agreed we'd let the townspeople focus on rehearsing by helping with the construction and whatnot.
Nozomi: That's right. We can't exactly use those tiny speakers we use in practice for accompaniment at the concert.
Nozomi: And it's not just equipment—we need to build a proper stage too. We'll have to take care of all the arrangements.
Hanayo: Yeah, the townspeople said they had no idea how to prepare on their own...
Nico: ...
Nico: Can't we delay the concert until we figure out what to do about those yokai?
Rin: We have no idea how long that might take.
Rin: Plus, a bunch of people just came back, and everybody's excited—I feel like it's now or never.
Nico: Grr!
Unable to bear it any longer, Nico stands angrily and heads toward the door.
Eli: Nico, where are you going?
Nico: I'm going to get some fresh air.
She departs from the mayor's house in a huff.
Nico: I get it! I do! We can't put everyone in danger!
Nico: But I can't stand giving up because a bunch of yokai got in our way! I just can't!
Nico wanders aimlessly, unable to quell her irritation.
Nico: ...?
She comes to a stop as she notices someone watching her.
Girl 2: Um... Nico?
Nico: Huh?
Girl 2: Are you Nico? From Muse?
Nico: Th-that's right! I'm Nico Yazawa of the school idol group μ's! In fact, I was even in the running to be the leader!
Girl 2: Really? You're the real Nico? Hey, do that thing!
Nico: That thing? Oh... that? Heh. Well, if you insist...
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'm Nico Yazawa, here to Nico-Nico-Ni your heart!
Girl 2: Wow! You really are Nico! I can't believe it!
Girl 2: Hey, what kinda song are you gonna sing at the concert? Can you sing some of it for me?
Nico: Huh?
Girl 2: Please?
Nico: ...
Girl 2: ...
Nico: ...
Nico: Okay, fine. I'll give you a little sneak peak.
Girl 2: Yay!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 3: Self-Restraint - Episode 4

A monster appears in response to Nico's song. Lyria senses the primal beast's presence, and (Captain) and company rush off in search of Nico, only to find her casting a defensive barrier and reprimanding the monster. (Captain) uses the opportunity to launch an attack.

Honoka: And apparently sound equipment in this world is powered by magic...
As Honoka and the others discuss the construction of the stage, they hear the echo of footsteps in the corridor.
Lyria: Is everyone okay?
Honoka: Huh? What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: I-I'm sensing a primal beast! I think those monsters are about to show up again!
Eli: No way... But none of us are singing!
Eli: ...!
All Eight: Nico!
The girls leave the hall in a panic and set out to search for Nico.
Nico: Okay, here goes!
Girl 2: I'm ready!
Nico: ...
Before (Captain) and company can find her, Nico begins to sing.
The song is filled with her desire to use the magic of singing and dancing to bring happiness and smiles to everyone.
It possesses a warmth capable of reaching out to those who have lost the joy in their lives.
As Nico sings, her voice echoes even more powerfully than usual through the quiet city streets.
Girl 2: Wow!
Nico: Hehe. So? Did you have fun? Nico!
Girl 2: I sure did! I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up!
Nico: That's a pretty big statement. My dream is to become the best idol in the universe, you know! Do you really think you can keep up with me?
Girl 2: Uh-huh! You just watch!
Nico: Then you better give it everything you've got. As long as you don't give up, you'll be able to make your dream come true.
Girl 2: Okay!
???: I've connected once again.
Unworldly Monster: Uuuuunh...
Nico: ...!
Girl 2: What's that thing?
Nico: Your guess is as good as mine! Get away from it!
Unworldly Monster: Mu... Mu...
Nico: ...
The monster shows no interest in the young girl and instead stares directly at Nico.
Nico glares back coldly, completely unshaken.
Nozomi: Nico-cchi!
(Captain)! She's over there!
Eli: Run, Nico! Hurry!
The monster creeps closer to Nico as her friends call out to her desperately.
Unworldly Monster: Mu... se...
(Captain) dashes toward Nico at full speed, but the monster reaches her first.
Honoka: Nico!
Unworldly Monster: Uuuuunh...
Nico: ...!
Nico: Phalanx!
As she shouts, she produces a bluish-white barrier that stops the monster in its tracks.
Unworldly Monster: Unh!
Honoka: Huh?
Second-Years: Whaaat!
Nico: Monsters appear when we sing? So what!
Unworldly Monster: Uuuhn!
Nico: Listen up, you! I don't care who you are, or what you are for that matter!
Unworldly Monster: ...!
The monster is forced two, three steps backward by the barrier.
Nico: If I'm going to chicken out just because the likes of you get in my way, I should have never made my comeback as a school idol!
Unworldly Monster: Uuuhn!
The monster falters momentarily before Nico's intimidating air, and (Captain) takes that opportunity to launch an attack.
Medusa: Get back, mortal! That's dangerous! You've got some explaining to do after we get rid of this thing!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 3: Self-Restraint - Episode 4: Scene 2

After the monster has been dealt with, Nico explains that she, Eli, and Nozomi learned a defensive spell from (Captain) to protect the others. Moved by Nico's passion, Athena suggests that they devise a plan to defend against monsters so μ's can perform at the concert after all.

Eli & Nozomi: Nico!
Nico: Urk!
(Captain) and company manage to defeat the monster.
As soon as the threat is gone, Nico's friends surround her.
Eli: How could you be so reckless!
Nico: ...
Honoka: I'm so glad you're okay. It was really cool how you stopped that yokai in its tracks. What was that?
Nico: I learned it from (Captain). It felt like Eli and Nozomi were trying to upstage me, so I forced my way in...
Athena: You want to learn how to protect yourselves?
Eli: Yes. There's a lot more danger here than in the world we come from.
Nozomi: Eli-chi and I just don't want to see anyone get hurt. We're a pair of worrywarts.
Eli: Isn't there anything you can teach us, (Captain)? Athena?
Nico: What are those two doing sneaking off by themselves!
Athena: Do you intend to use the techniques you learn to stand up to those monsters?
Eli: Well... I guess that depends on the situation...
Athena: Hm... What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Let's give them a chance.
  2. Maybe if Eli can land a hit on me.

Choose: Let's give them a chance.
Athena: I'm afraid I can't give my full approval.
Eli: Don't say that! No matter how rigorous the training is, I can take it!
Nozomi: Wait, Eli-chi. Athena must have a reason for saying that.
Athena: Eli. You possess a strong sense of responsibility, as well as the desire to protect those around you.
Athena: You are constantly fighting to protect others. That is the impression I get.
Eli: ...
Nozomi: I'd expect nothing less from a goddess. You hit it right on the nose.
Athena: I cannot allow you to expose yourself to danger. I am a guardian after all.
Athena: So please stay close to us at all times.

Choose: Maybe if Eli can land a hit on me.
Eli & Nozomi: What!
Athena: Oh, I see. That's a fine idea.
Eli, why don't you visualize the captain as an enemy and try throwing a punch?
  1. Don't hold back, okay?

Choose: Don't hold back, okay?
Athena: That goes without saying. Eli, just think of this as a test you must pass before you learn the art of warfare.
Eli: S-so... Wh-where should I aim?
  1. Right in the face.
  2. Punch me in the gut.
  3. Anything goes.

Choose: Right in the face.
Choose: Punch me in the gut.
Choose: Anything goes.
Eli: O-okay...
(Captain) assumes a defensive stance, signaling for Eli to bring it on.
Eli: ...
Seeing this, Eli strikes a fighting pose.
Nozomi: Are you really going to do this, Eli-chi?
Athena: Don't worry. (Captain) is a seasoned skyfarer. The captain won't die from such a mild injury.
Eli: ...!
Eli balls her right hand into a fist and pulls back to swing, but then her arm drops to her side.
Eli: I can't do it.
Athena: Correct. You're not the type of person who can strike someone without reason or hesitation.
Athena: You will face this inner conflict each and every time you place yourself in battle.
Athena: I imagine that holds true whether your opponent is (Captain) or a monster.
Eli: ...
Athena: In order to rid yourself of that inner turmoil, you must fill yourself with rage or despair, or otherwise learn to repress your emotions.
Athena: But even if you understand it's a necessary step you must take to stand on the battlefield, it's not exactly an easy thing to do.
Athena: Personally, I have no interest in seeing you girls become accustomed to war.
Eli: Oh...
Athena: So please stay close to us at all times.
Continue 1
Athena: If you sense danger, leave the fighting to us and run to safety. That is the best course of action.
Eli: I... I understand...
Athena: But I know you must feel anxious over having no method to protect yourself. Perhaps a single lesson is warranted.
Eli: Oh?
Athena: (Captain). What can one do to hold back the advance of an enemy, if only for a moment?
(Captain) thinks through an extensive list of techniques learned through countless battles.
Finally the captain settles on one.
  1. Phalanx!

Choose: Phalanx!
(Captain) shouts and produces a blue, shining defensive shield.
Eli & Nozomi: Wow!
Nico: Wh-what was that!
Nico: That was super cool!
Athena: It's a fairly basic spell, but it's effective.
Athena raps on the barrier with her spear.
Athena: As you can see, this amount of force from my spear isn't enough to break it.
Athena: This technique is only to be used as a last resort when escaping or protecting someone. If you can agree to that, I will agree to teaching it to you.
Nozomi: Eli-chi, can you promise to only use it at times like those?
Eli: Of course.
Eli: Thank you, (Captain)! Athena!
Nico: Hold it right there. I heard everything.
Eli & Nozomi: Nico?
Nico: How could you leave me out of the loop? I deserve to be included in discussions like these.
Nico: You're not the only ones who care about the other members. In other words, I want in on this little training session.
Nico: I can't let you two look cool without me...
Athena: Then you're welcome to join us, Nico. But you have to promise that you won't do anything to put yourself in danger.
Nico: Got it!
Nozomi: You promised, Nico-cchi! Now you must be punished! Prepare to be squeezed!
Nico: Gyah!
Eli: How could you be so reckless!
Nico: Well! I just couldn't take it any longer!
Nico: What have we been practicing for all this time? To make the audience smile, right?
Nico: So why are we acting like performing in a concert is a bad thing?
All Eight: ...
Nico: Yokai or not, who cares! I couldn't be satisfied until I gave it a piece of my mind!
Athena: ...
Medusa: Still, a mortal trying to stand up to a monster? That's just plain dangerous.
Athena: That just shows how strong their conviction is.
Athena: I've made up my mind. Let's start making preparations for you girls to appear in the concert.
Vyrn: H-hang on, that means more monsters will show up. Are you serious about this?
Athena: As long as we make the proper arrangements in advance, there will be no reason to fear the monsters.
Athena: I've heard a number of townspeople clamoring for μ's to take part in the concert.
Athena: And besides, we can't have any of you running off and putting on your own private concerts like Nico here.
Nico: Urk...
Honoka: So we can perform in the joint concert?
Athena: Yes. As long as the proper arrangements are made beforehand.
μ's: Yay!
Lyria: Hehe. They all look so happy!
And so the members of μ's decide to participate in the joint concert in Tenacie after all.
To that end, (Captain) and the crew begin making the preparations to fend off the anticipated monster attack.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 4: A Purpose to Fulfill - Episode 1

As the μ's members prepare for the concert, two figures observe them from the darkness. The first-years ask (Captain) and the crew if there's anything they can do in return for all their help, but they have no real requests, so the girls vow to put on an amazing concert as thanks instead.

Honoka: Let's make the most of this chance and build a stage after all!
Kotori: I'm with you, Honoka! We have plenty of time before the concert to make a really great one!
Umi: Then let's come up with a design and gather the materials we'll need.
???: ...
Within the darkness, a mysterious figure observes the town of Tenacie.
The figure carefully surveys the changes the town has undergone since the nine members of μ's arrived.
???: The mortals once consumed by the power of the primal beast slumbering on the island have regained their liveliness.
???: Even now their morale continues to improve... Just what power does μ's possess?
The observer continues to watch the town, unmoving. Suddenly, a second figure draws near.
???: Are you the one who summoned me here?
???: It would be more accurate to consider yourself part of a random sample.
???: Why exactly have you called me to this place? I demand to know your objective.
???: Observation... of the influence caused by beings from another world.
???: Then why not observe me instead of those little girls? I'm far more powerful.
???: Your size is far too great. I have no way to project you. The connection those girls have created is not yet enough.
???: I am waiting for μ's to take action. Once their connection to the town becomes stronger, I will be able to send you there.
???: Kehehe... Then I suppose I'll just have to bide my time.
The two figures whisper in the darkness as they stare at the town of Tenacie with devouring eyes.
Rin: Man, I'm beat.
Rin: My whole body is sore from sawing logs and building that stage.
Hanayo: Hehe. You sure worked hard today, Rin. Preparing for a joint concert sure is a huge job.
Maki: Seriously. I'm super busy writing songs too—there are just so many. At this rate, they won't be ready in time for the concert.
Hanayo: But you don't look tired at all, Maki.
Rin: Guess she doesn't hate being called Maestro as much as she claims.
Maki: Th-that's not true!
Maki: I'm just glad all the skills I've developed can actually be of use, so I want to give it my all.
Hanayo: I see... Hehe. You're really cool, Maki.
Maki: Wh-where did that come from! I don't understand!
Rin: Aw, she's blushing!
Maki: Shut up!
Her face bright red, Maki stands and walks briskly toward the door.
Rin: Oh? Where are you going?
Maki: The bathroom, okay?
Hanayo: Oh... I'll come too.
Rin: Hehe... Me too...
Maki: Why are you two tagging along anyway?
Hanayo: Well, the hallways are only lit by candles, so they're pretty dark...
Rin: It's a little scary at night...
Maki: Sheesh...
Maki walks slowly down the hallway with Hanayo and Rin huddled behind her. As they approach the lobby, they spot some familiar faces.
Medusa: Huh? What are you three doing awake?
(Captain) and company are seated around a table with a map spread out on top of it, holding a battle strategy meeting.
Vyrn: You gals have practice early tomorrow, right? Shouldn't you be gettin' to bed?
Rin: Yeah. We're just gonna grab a drink of water and head back to our room. But what about you guys?
Medusa: We were just about to call it a day. We've already lost Athena and Lyria.
Athena: Mm...
Lyria: Zzz...
Vyrn: Athena was diggin' holes around town all day or somethin'.
Medusa: She said she was fortifying the area with traps so we can deal with whatever enemies show up. She really loves this kind of stuff.
Hanayo: I feel bad for making her go to all this trouble for us...
Medusa: There's no reason to feel bad. She's the one who proposed it in the first place.
Vyrn: Y'know, I've never seen Athena havin' so much fun before.
Medusa: She seems to have really taken to the idea of school idols. I'm not sure she even understands the reason herself.
Medusa: I think she's just happy to have found something that interests her aside from her purpose.
Maki: Her purpose... Athena mentioned that before, but what exactly does it mean?
Medusa: All primal beasts possess a purpose. At the time of our creation, we are bestowed with a purpose and powers for the sake of combat.
Medusa: Athena is the primal beast of the aegis, so you could say it's her instinct to prevent conflict.
Maki: Does that mean primal beasts have their future decided for them at the moment they're born?
Medusa: Right. Part of the reason Athena is working so hard is to fulfill the meaning of her own existence. So there's nothing to feel bad about.
Maki: ...
Rin: Maki, what's wrong?
Maki: Nothing. I was just thinking about the past.
Maki: Say, (Captain). Medusa. Is there anything I can do to help?
Medusa: Huh? Why?
Maki: I want to show my thanks. You avoided the question when I asked before.
Medusa: Hmm... I can't say I need any help. I won't do anything I don't want to anyway.
Medusa: As for Athena... Why don't you ask her yourself?
Medusa: Come on, Athena! Wake up!
Athena: Ngh...
Medusa shakes Athena and gets a strange sound in response, but the primal beast shows no signs of waking.
Maki: Huh? Wait, don't do that! She's sleeping!
Hanayo: It's not nice to wake people up...
Medusa: She's always acting like she's got it all together, but talk about a sleepyhead...
Medusa: Come on!
Irritated, Medusa pinches Athena's nose shut.
Athena: Ungh!
Medusa: Hahaha! What a ridiculous sound!
Lyria: Yawn... What's going on, Medusa?
Athena: Mm... It doesn't appear to be an enemy attack...
Maki: Ah... I-I'm sorry for waking you...
Athena: Maki, Rin, Hanayo. Good morning.
Lyria: Morning...
Medusa: These girls were saying they wanted to do something to thank you. Do you have any requests?
Athena: W-well...
Athena: Hmm... Could I have some time to think about it?
Rin: Sure!
What about you, (Captain)? Anything we can do?
  1. I'd like to hear you sing.
  2. Could you play some music for us?
  3. How about some dance moves?

Choose: I'd like to hear you sing.
Rin: Singing, huh... That sounds like a job for Kayo-chin!
Hanayo: What! M-me?
Lyria: Is Hanayo good at singing?
Maki: She sure is. She's the best out of all of us.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? I've never heard her sing by herself before. I can't wait!
Rin: Then why don't we have Kayo-chin put on a little solo concert for us!
Hanayo: S-seriously?
Maki and Rin sit down next to (Captain) and the crew and turn to face Hanayo expectantly.
Hanayo: Urgh...
Everyone Else: ...
Hanayo: Someone...
Hanayo: Help me...
Medusa: W-wait, what's wrong? You sing all the time!
Hanayo: B-but I'm alone... And you're all so close...
Maki: Sorry for putting you on the spot like that.
Rin: But you're so cute when you're embarrassed, Hanayo!
Hanayo's eyes roll in her head as Rin hugs her tightly. (Captain) and the crew look on, thoroughly entertained by the exchange.

Choose: Could you play some music for us?
Hanayo: Like with instruments? Maki's really good at the piano.
Rin: She's always playing in the music room after school.
Athena: You can play an instrument in addition to singing and dancing, Maki? You truly are a young lady of many talents.
Maki: What! N-no, I'm just like everyone else.
Hanayo: And that's not all she can do. She writes our songs too.
Medusa: Hmm... So that's why the mortals of the town call you Maestro.
Maki: U-ugh! Stop calling me that!
Rin: Ohh? Does that embarrass you? Maestro?
Maki: Stooop!
Maki blushes furiously as the others smile fondly at the sight.

Choose: How about some dance moves?
Maki: Dancing, huh? Sounds like you're up, Rin.
Hanayo: Yeah. You're the most athletic of all of us.
Athena: I see... I can tell she's strong merely by the way she carries herself.
Rin: Hehe. When people compliment me like that...
Rin: It gets me all excited!
Rin leaps lightly into a backflip and sticks a beautiful landing.
Lyria & Vyrn: Whoa!
She then runs forward and bounds into the air.
Maki: Wait, Rin! Don't forget you're inside!
Rin: Oof!
Maki's warning comes too late, and Rin smacks her head on a beam hanging from the ceiling.
Rin: Owww!
Hanayo: R-Rin, are you okay?
Vyrn: She jumped really high...
Rin: Hehe... Pretty amazing, right?
Maki: In more ways than one. Sheesh...
As they tend to the newly-formed bump on Rin's head, (Captain) and the crew are able to put the impending battle out of their minds, if only for a moment.
Continue 1
Medusa: So Athena, what are you going to ask for?
Athena: Hehe... I'm not sure. I can't think of anything.
Medusa: I figured.
Athena: I've been blessed with people like (Captain) and the girls who care about me. I'm content just to talk to them and forget about fighting for a time.
Athena: All I want is for the girls to perform at their concert, and I will see to it myself that it happens. I wish for nothing more.
Vyrn: You don't have a selfish bone in your body, do you? That goes for (Captain) too.
Athena: Hehe. I suppose that's what happens when one's only strength is fighting.
Athena: Now let's get some rest so we'll be ready for tomorrow. I'm sure you're tired too, (Captain).
And thus the meeting is adjourned.
Hanayo: I feel like we weren't able to help at all in the end...
Rin: Maybe it was too hard for us to try to do something off the cuff like that.
The girls fall silent, unsure of how to show their thanks to (Captain) and the crew, until finally Maki speaks up.
Maki: Hey, Hanayo. Rin.
Rin: What's up, Maki?
Maki: Let's put on an amazing concert as thanks for everyone's help.
Hanayo: Yeah! Let's give it everything we've got!
Filled with resolve, they vow to make the concert the very best it can be.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 4: A Purpose to Fulfill - Episode 2

(Captain) and company put the finishing touches on their stage, sound equipment, and battle strategy in preparation for the joint concert. The captain, Medusa, and Athena assure the μ's members that they won't let any monsters reach the stage. Soon the day of the concert is upon them.

After days of preparing for the joint concert, (Captain) and company at last enter the final stretch.
Aina: ...
Aina stands at a distance, quietly watching over the town.
Aina: This is the event that will arouse the nihility slumbering in this town.
She murmurs to herself as she sees the bright smiles on the faces of the townspeople.
Aina: The town will be delivered from darkness only to fall into darkness once more.
Aina: But for now all I can do is watch.
Aina turns to gaze at the town square where (Captain) and the others are gathered.
Lyria: Wow! Did you all make this stage?
Honoka: Hehe. It was pretty tough work, but we somehow got it finished!
Umi: It's just a temporary stage built from wood, but it should be sufficient for the concert.
Kotori: (Captain) and the others have made a bunch of preparations to ensure our safety, so we should have no problem performing. I'm so glad...
Kotori: Thank you, (Captain).
Umi: But when those yokai show up, (Captain) and the others will be the ones who have to fight them. I feel bad...
  1. Let's all do our best for the town.
  2. This will be a major accomplishment.

Choose: Let's all do our best for the town.
Having heard how gloomy the town had become, (Captain) had been surprised to see smiles on the townspeople's faces.
The captain conjectures that the nine girls of μ's had a big impact on the town, along with the culture they brought with them.
Their songs cheered up the townspeople and gave them courage, a feat that most likely no one else could have accomplished.
(Captain) encourages everyone to work together to help the town in their own way.
Umi: We're all helping the town in our own way... That's one way to look at it.
Vyrn: You gals made all the costumes and songs, right? We're just in charge of the fightin'.

Choose: This will be a major accomplishment.
No matter how you look at it, the town of Tenacie is currently under the threat of unidentified monsters.
(Captain) believes that if the crew can resolve the situation, the accomplishment will prove beneficial to them in the future.
Honoka: Ooh! Those are the words of a real pro! That was so cool!
Lyria: You can always count on (Captain) at times like these. So rest easy and put on a wonderful concert!
Continue 1
At that moment, Medusa speaks up to get their attention.
Medusa: Hey, Athena has some announcements to make. Everyone gather around.
Athena: The enemy will likely head straight for those who we have deemed to be the targets.
Athena: Taking that into account, I've dug a number of deep, narrow trenches both inside and outside the city.
Vyrn: Seems like that'll make it hard for folks to get around town. What are they for?
Athena: If a running monster steps in one, its knee will bend backwards, causing a bone fracture and hindering its movement.
Honoka: Urgh... Th-that sounds painful... Haha...
Medusa: In those cases, all we'll need to do is deliver the finishing blow. That's only if they fall for the traps though.
Athena: I've also installed a number of foot pedals on stage. They can be used for defense in the case of an enemy attack.
Athena: I'll demonstrate what happens when you step on one...
Athena: The spears are arranged diagonally. The mechanism behind it is a simple seesaw, so it's quite reliable.
Eli: S-so... When the yokai come running toward us, we're supposed to activate these spears...
Nico: And when they rush in to attack, they'll get stabbed?
μ's: ...
μ's: μ's music start!
Unworldly Monster: Uuunh...
Honoka: They're here, everybody!
Rin: All right! Here we gooo!
Rin: Yeah!
Umi: I'll pierce your hearts!
Umi: Bam!
μ's: ...
Honoka: Haha... Rin, Umi, that's pretty extreme...
Rin: Wait, I could never do something like that!
Umi: M-me neither!
Vyrn: W-well... They're only a last resort.
Medusa: That's right. No matter where those monsters show up, we won't let them get near the stage.
Nico: Hmph. Even if they do, I'll stop them in their tracks, so don't worry.
Medusa: ...
Nico: What?
Medusa: Don't get hurt, okay?
Nico: O-of course I won't! There's no way we'll fail after everything we've done to prepare!
Nico: B-but anyway, all that's left now is the equipment. What do we do about that? Don't tell me we're going to use our practice speakers.
Eli: Well...
The moment Eli starts to speak, they hear loud music flowing through the city.
Honoka: Huh? Is that our song?
Nozomi: Apparently the mayor gathered the equipment for us.
Nozomi: I guess she saw the strides the townspeople have made and wants them to continue what they're doing.
Honoka: I see...
Athena: With that, our preparations are complete. All we need to do now is rework our battle strategy until there are no holes remaining.
Eli: (Captain), Athena, Medusa. Things might get a little crazy on the day of the concert, but...
μ's: We're counting on you!
Thanks to the help of (Captain) and the crew, the arrangements for the concert are complete.
Although concerned about the threat of monsters, the members of μ's wait excitedly for the big day to arrive.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 4: A Purpose to Fulfill - Episode 3

The joint concert begins, and μ's wows the audience with their heartfelt singing. Lyria senses the primal beast summoning monsters outside town, and the crew rushes to confront them. Meanwhile Aina is approached by an enormous monster that attacks her when she refuses to disclose the μ's members' location.

Honoka stands alone outside the town of Tenacie, her hair blowing in the gentle breeze. She takes a deep breath and begins to sing.
Honoka: Because I felt the possibility...
That's it. Keep on going.
Honoka: I don't want to have any regrets.
Our path is right in front of us.
Slowly, powerfully, she releases the emotions within her heart and turns them into song.
Honoka: Okay! All warmed up and ready to go.
Lyria: Oh, Honoka! There you are!
Honoka turns to see (Captain) and company hurrying toward her.
Umi: Sheesh. We were wondering where you ran off to.
Honoka: Hehe, sorry... I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep.
Kotori: Well, it's the big day of the joint concert after all. Let's put on a great show today, Honoka.
Honoka: Yeah! It's our first concert in Tenacie—we gotta make sure it's a success!
Honoka: Come on, guys! Let's go put smiles on all those faces in town!
The girls nod excitedly and take off running in the direction of the town.
μ's: Face forwards, face upwards.
Don't wait for anything.
μ's: Let's go now. Let's go quickly.
It doesn't matter where.
μ's: The sun is shining, and welcoming the future.
Come, let's go. Let's go.
Let's head towards tomorrow.
Young Women: Wow...
Finally the time comes for μ's to take the stage. The first song is one performed by Honoka, Umi, and Kotori.
After a long discussion, the girls had decided their first song would be a manifestation of their burning passion to save their school.
Perhaps they wanted to use it to tell the townspeople that if they keep moving forward, they can change the world.
Athena: ...
Their voices reach (Captain) and the crew who stand on alert at their positions around town.
Medusa: ...
With no sign of a monster attack yet, the crew waits for the song to end.
Lyria: I can tell they're all putting their hearts and souls into it.
Vyrn: Yeah. It's a shame we couldn't watch 'em up close.
As (Captain) and the crew listen to the singing and applause echoing from the town square, memories of the past flow into their minds.
(Captain) thinks back on leaving Zinkenstill and flying to Port Breeze on a small airship piloted by Katalina.
The captain then recalls the feeling of accepting a mission for the first time as a skyfarer.
Gran is the Main Character

That was the moment (Captain) had transformed from a young man dreaming of adventure into a skyfarer, changing his world forever.
Djeeta is the Main Character

That was the moment (Captain) had transformed from a young woman dreaming of adventure into a skyfarer, changing her world forever.
If you set out with passion in your heart, you can change the world. The lyrics of the song provide a sense of encouragement for (Captain).
It almost feels as though the song is expressing (Captain)'s joy at fighting on behalf of others and the rich rewards that come with it.
Just as the captain is filled with a newfound resolve, Lyria raises her head.
Lyria: They're coming. I can sense the primal beast summoning them outside town.
Vyrn: Outside town, huh? Is that the only place they're gonna appear?
Lyria: Yeah. I don't think the primal beast can summon monsters to more than one location at a time.
Vyrn: I'll let Athena and the others know!
Lyria: Okay! Thank you, Vyrn!
As Vyrn flies off, Lyria turns to point toward the location where she believes the monsters have appeared.
Lyria: Over there, (Captain)!
(Captain) and Lyria hurry off to protect the townspeople and fulfill their mission.
Aina: ...
Meanwhile, Aina stands outside the town as though waiting for something.
Giant Monster: Mm...
A massive monster appears before her, one far larger than any the crew has ever faced before.
Giant Monster: Ohh... The sun is shining... It's been so long since I've felt its warmth.
Giant Monster: I've made it here at last. The connection was finally powerful enough to project my form into this place.
Aina: Who are you?
Giant Monster: Oh, little girl. Perfect timing. Do you know of the ones called Muse?
Aina: ...
Giant Monster: It appears you do. I'd appreciate it if you could inform me of their location.
Giant Monster: Now that I have been successfully projected into this sky world, I must demonstrate my power...
Aina: ...!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 4: A Purpose to Fulfill - Episode 4

(Captain) and company are shocked when they arrive to see the monsters filing into ranks like a battalion. Athena attempts to reason with the enemy leader, but negotiations fall through, and the monster army attacks.

By the time (Captain) arrives on the scene, the monsters have already appeared.
But something's strange.
Lyria: What's going on? The monsters are just standing there.
The unworldly monsters stand unmoving, staring in their direction.
Another monster appears and gestures at one positioned at the head of the group before disappearing into the horde.
A sense of foreboding begins to grow within (Captain) upon seeing the monsters' strange behavior.
Vyrn: You okay, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I brought Athena and the... others...
Vyrn speeds over to (Captain), but his voice trails off as he notices the monsters glaring silently in their direction.
Vyrn: H-hey... Why are those things so well-behaved today?
Medusa: I expected them to be attacking in droves, but instead they're just frozen there silent. What's the deal?
Athena: Don't tell me...
Unworldly Monster: Ouuunh!
One of the monsters begins to howl, and the others join in. Their appearance is somewhat familiar...
Athena: I knew it—they're in formation!
We're not dealing with ordinary monsters here, (Captain).
Medusa: What do you mean?
Medusa looks to Athena for answers, thoroughly confused.
Athena: That's no mere swarm of monsters. It's an army.
Medusa: Huh? Meaning they can fight like skyfarers? Sounds like things are starting to get interesting.
Medusa: Medusiana! Show them what we're made of!
Medusiana: Groooooar!
(Captain) and the crew prepare to intercept the advancing army of monsters.
Lyria: Yggdrasil! Lend me your power!
Yggdrasil summons pillars of earth from the ground, creating a protective wall in an instant.
Meanwhile, back on stage, Honoka and the others continue their performance.
μ's: Let's go. We can change this world.
Do! I do! I live!
μ's: Let's go. As long as the possibility exists, we won't give up.
As Honoka, Umi, and Kotori near the end of their first song, they hear the roars of monsters outside the town.
Honoka: ...!
Realizing that the battle is even greater than anticipated, the girls falter slightly.
But they quickly recover their composure and finish the song to the end.
Umi: Did you hear that sound?
Honoka: Yeah. (Captain) and the crew must be fighting.
Kotori: Honoka, I'm worried. Do you think everyone's okay?
Honoka: They'll be fine—I'm sure of it! Let's make sure to do our part too!
Finally the time comes for all of μ's to sing on stage together.
Honoka: Come on! Let's go, everyone!
Nico: Let's make the townspeople smile brighter than they have all day—no, brighter than they have in their entire lives!
μ's: Yeah!
Honoka: One!
Kotori: Two!
Umi: Three!
Maki: Four!
Rin: Five!
Hanayo: Six!
Nico: Seven!
Nozomi: Eight!
Eli: Nine!
μ's: μ's music start!
(Captain) and the crew listen as the next song begins.
The captain stands courageously to face the monster army, intent on preventing the concert from being interrupted.
Unworldly Monster: Uuunh...
As the unworldly monsters draw closer, (Captain) steps on a foot lever to trigger an attack.
But as soon as the row of spears rises, the enemy comes to a stop.
Unworldly Monster: Kehe... Those would have been dangerous if we'd been using horses.
Vyrn: Th-they can talk!
To the crew's surprise, the monsters leap over the cleverly hidden trenches and continue their approach.
Unworldly Monster: Were you trying to catch deer with these? Kehehe...
Athena: Since it appears you can speak, allow me to pose you a question.
Athena: Is there no way this conflict can be resolved without the use of weapons?
Unworldly Monster: All is for the sake of our master. We can show no mercy against Muse.
Athena: I see.
Unworldly Monster: Uhn!
Unworldly Monster: Hmm, your skill is impressive. It seems you will be a worthy opponent.
Athena: It is truly a pity that we cannot come to an agreement.
Athena: (Captain)! We need to stop them!
Vyrn: We're on it!
Let's go, (Captain)!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 4.5: The Joint Concert

The crew emerges victorious over the monster army, and the joint concert is a huge success. But in the middle of their song, the μ's members suddenly appear back home in Akiba, only to find it deserted. They encounter the crew and Aina there, who are just as bewildered as they are.

Medusa: Let's go, Athena! Make sure to keep up!
Athena: Of course!
Athena & Medusa: Haaah!
Athena reduces the attacking monsters to ash as Medusa turns them to stone and smashes them to pieces.
(Captain) charges into the fray, slicing down monster after monster.
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: ...?
What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: I'm really worried about the primal beast that keeps watching us...
Lyria: It feels like it's becoming more sure of itself... or something. Like it's gaining confidence...
Vyrn: That's weird... And speakin' of weird, what's up with these monsters?
Unworldly Monster: Kehehe...
Vyrn: They don't act like they're under pressure at all—feels like they're takin' it pretty easy...
Unworldly Monster: Through this, the master's wish will be realized.
Overwhelmed with a sense of dread at the grinning monster's words, (Captain) nevertheless continues to fight.
After all the monsters have retreated into the darkness, (Captain) and the crew hear the sound of singing in the distance.
It sounds as though the concert has entered its final stretch, as applause and cheers erupt from the town square.
μ's: Just like we feel after the rain, as our anticipation grows.
Even if we should stumble, let's keep it in our memories.
μ's: Tomorrow is blooming! Hope is blooming!
A fun melody is blooming.
The nine members of μ's continue to dance and sing with all their might.
Their performance is an inspiration to the young women who have just set out in pursuit of a new dream.
The fledgling idols' eyes sparkle with excitement as they watch μ's dancing on stage.
They feel a sense of pride in their hearts, having trained alongside the talented members of μ's, albeit for a short time.
Their feelings do not go unnoticed by the girls on stage, who feel their hearts swell as well.
At that moment the unexpected happens.
μ's: ...
Honoka: Huh? Is this... Akiba?
Umi: Does this mean we made it back home?
Nico: Do you think it's because our mission in that world is complete?
Kotori: B-but... Don't you think something's off?
The girls look around the area.
Hanayo: You're right. It's awfully quiet...
Maki: It sure is. Too quiet, if you ask me.
Nico: Did something happen? There's no one here.
Rin: There aren't any cars on the road either...
Nozomi: ...?
Eli: Nozomi?
Nozomi: It's nothing. I just thought I heard a voice.
Following Nozomi's gaze, they spot a few familiar faces.
Lyria: Oh! There you are, everyone! Thank goodness!
Vyrn: Man, where the heck are we?
Medusa: What are all those gleaming buildings? This is creepy.
Athena: This town is filled with rows of high towers. What purpose could they have been created for?
Honoka: Hey! It's (Captain) and the crew!
All Eight: ...
Honoka: Thank goodness! We were glad to be back in Akiba, but it was scary with nobody else around...
Kotori: H-hey, Honoka...
Umi: Do you actually understand the situation we're in right now?
Honoka: Huh? We came back to Akiba and met up with the crew...
Honoka: ...
Honoka: Wait, why are (Captain) and the crew in Akiba?
Vyrn: Huh, so this place is called Akiba?
Lyria: Isn't that the name of the town you came from?
Medusa: It's pretty unlikely, but do you think we got sent to their world this time?
As (Captain) and company look around in bewilderment, a figure approaches.
Aina: No, I don't think this is their world.
Honoka: Aina?
Umi: You're hurt! What happened to you?
Aina: There was a monster chasing me, but I managed to shake it off, so don't worry. This is just a scratch.
Kotori: You call it a scratch, but it looks like it must really hurt... Hold still—I'll take care of it.
Aina: Thank you.
Kotori wraps a bandage around Aina's injury as the conversation continues.
Eli: Aina, are we really still in the Sky Realm?
Aina: Yes. You can tell, can't you, Lyria?
Lyria: Oh... Yes. Somehow...
Honoka: So that means...
Umi: We're still in the same situation as before. Actually, I'd say it's gotten even worse.
Honoka: This can't be happening...
The girls are shocked and disappointed to learn that they have not, in fact, made it home from their perilous adventure through the skies.
(Captain) and the crew are bewildered as well, having suddenly found themselves in an unfamiliar town. What fate lies in store for them?
To be continued...

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 5: Wonder Zone? - Episode 1

Lyria senses a presence and wonders if the Akiba-like town is actually a primal beast, and the group sets out to investigate. They are dumbfounded to discover that they are surrounded by ghostly silhouettes of girls waving their arms and kicking their feet throughout the town.

Honoka: Last time on Love Live! Door to the Skies!
Honoka: After finding ourselves in a mysterious world, we decided to think of something we could do for the townspeople who took us in.
Honoka: We thought maybe if we invited the girls in town to be school idols and put on a concert together, we could make everyone smile.
Honoka: The only problem was, monsters kept showing up every time we sang...
Honoka: But thanks to (Captain) and the crew, we were able to turn the joint concert into reality and cheer up the townspeople!
Honoka: After showing the Sky Realm what school idols are all about, we were suddenly bathed in a bright light and appeared back home in Akiba...
Honoka: Or so we thought. But something about the city seemed strange...
Lyria: Oh! There you are, Honoka! I'm so glad you're all okay!
Honoka: Lyria! Yeah, we're fine. We were just talking about how it's kinda quiet and scary around here though!
μ's: ...!
Aina: I don't think this is really your world.
Lyria: That's the feeling I get too...
Umi: In other words, nothing's been resolved.
Honoka: What do we do now?
Honoka: It turns out our adventure wasn't over yet!
After reuniting with μ's, (Captain) and company survey their surroundings.
Nozomi: Aina, earlier you said you don't think this place is our world, but how can you tell?
Aina: I just can somehow.
Nozomi: Okay... What about you, Lyria?
Lyria: Um... I guess because I can still sense the primal beast? But something's strange...
Vyrn: You don't sound very sure. Seems like that's been happenin' a lot lately.
Lyria: Yeah... It feels like we're surrounded by the primal beast's presence. It's incredibly close.
Lyria: I think it's possible we might be inside the primal beast itself.
Athena: It seems unlikely, but at the same time...
Medusa: You're telling me this whole town is a primal beast?
Lyria: I think so.
Vyrn: What a mess... Doesn't that mean we're in big danger?
Honoka: Hmm...
Honoka: Say, (Captain). I don't think it's doing us any good standing here wondering. How about we do a little exploring?
Vyrn: I just said we're in danger, and now you wanna look around? You've got guts.
Umi: He's right! There's no guarantee that this place is safe!
Honoka: I'm sure we'll be fine. We've got to get out of here one way or another, and we know Akiba like the back of our hand.
Honoka: If we run into trouble, I bet we can count on Kotori to show us some shortcuts.
Kotori: Yeah! Everyone in the crew has done so much for us, so I'd love to return the favor.
Umi: I suppose we won't have peace of mind until we manage to escape this place... What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Leave the danger to us.
  2. Whatever happens, happens.

Choose: Leave the danger to us.
Athena: Yes. If anything happens, make sure to inform us right away.
Medusa: Yeah. Don't get any funny ideas about handling things on your own.
Nico: Why did you look at me when you said that?
Honoka: Got it. We know we can always depend on you guys!
Kotori: Yeah! They'll never fail us!
Umi: I'm sorry to keep causing you trouble, but thank you for looking after us, (Captain).

Choose: Whatever happens, happens.
Honoka: See, Umi? (Captain) agrees!
Umi: (Captain)'s opinion is based on experience. It's completely different from your baseless optimism!
Honoka: Hey, that's mean! I did a lot of thinking too, you know!
Vyrn: That Umi gal's pretty ruthless when it comes to Honoka, huh.
Kotori: Haha... I think it's just proof of how much she cares about her.
Continue 1
After a brief discussion, (Captain) and company set out to explore the strange town.
Honoka: Huh? Is that someone... waving?
Honoka spots something and points in its direction.
???: ...
Sure enough, a figure appears to be waving in the distance.
Honoka: Look, everybody! Over there!
Honoka hurries off, thinking the person might be a resident of the town.
Honoka: There's someone over... there...
Ghostly Girl: ...
They discover the faintly glowing silhouette of what appears to be a girl swaying back and forth.
Umi: What in the world is that?
Kotori: First yokai, and now ghosts?
Honoka: I think it's safe to say this isn't Akiba... But I guess we knew that already...
Ghostly Girl: ...
(Captain) and company realize there aren't merely one or two figures floating through the town.
Spotting the flickering silhouettes of girls waving their arms and kicking their feet all around them, the group is at a loss for words.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 5: Wonder Zone? - Episode 2

Hanayo notices that the apparitions seem to be a mix of idols and school idols from the past, present, and future. Lyria determines that the presence she senses might belong to the primal beast that had been summoning monsters. (Captain) and company continue their investigation, remaining on guard.

Ghostly Girl: ...
The group's reactions to the ghostly girls vary widely.
Medusa: What is all this?
Aina: From what I can tell, they're all girls.
Hanayo: Hm?
Some of them stare at the figures with great interest.
Ghostly Girl: ...
Medusa: Oh, it disappeared.
Athena: They don't appear to be dangerous.
Lyria: A-are they r-really ghosts?
Kotori: Oh... I don't think so, Lyria—they're just illusions. So don't worry. Sorry for scaring you.
Nozomi: They're not giving off evil vibes, so I don't think there's anything to be afraid of.
Rin: B-b-but... That one looks like it's staring right at us!
Hanayo: D-don't say that, Rin! You're creeping me out!
Ghostly Girl: ...
Rin & Hanayo: ...
Rin & Hanayo: Sneak...
Ghostly Girl: ...
Rin & Hanayo: Sneak, sneak...
Ghostly Girl: ...
Maki: Rin's right. It's following the two of you with its eyes.
Hanayo: Urgh... This is scary!
Rin: Ugh! Why is it watching us?
Others of the group are frightened by the mysterious beings.
Lyria: I'm sorry... It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but I'm afraid of ghosts...
Honoka: D-don't worry... I think most people are... Myself included...
Umi: If... If another one shows up, I'll shoot it with an arrow!
Eli: ...
Maki: What's wrong, Eli? You look pale.
Nozomi: Come to think of it, I don't think Eli-chi's a fan of ghosts either.
Nico: H-hmph! She's always so responsible, but here she is falling to pieces when we really need her.
Rin: Y-y-you say that, but you're scared too!
Nico: Th-that's not—
Ghostly Girl: ...
All Five: Eek!
Hanayo: Hmmm?
Umi: H-Hanayo! Don't get so close to it!
Hanayo: ...
Umi's warning falls on deaf ears as Hanayo continues staring intently at the phantom figure.
Rin: K-Kayo-chin? What's wrong?
Hanayo doesn't answer and instead begins inspecting the silhouette from every angle.
Hanayo: ...
All Three: ...
All Three: ...
Hanayo: Oh!
All Five: Eek!
Hanayo: I figured it out! This girl is a school idol!
Honoka: Huh? Really?
Hanayo: I'm sure of it! She's a member of the group that missed out on winning the Tohoku regional preliminaries for Love Live!
Hanayo: They're rumored to be talented enough to go head-to-head with A-RISE! But they weren't able to perform at their best and ended up losing...
Hanayo: The movements she's doing right now are from that very performance!
All Eight: Huh...
Hanayo: By the way, that girl over there is the most popular school idol in Okayama...
Hanayo: And that's a school idol from Saga who only has a few, but extremely dedicated, fans!
Honoka: So you're saying all these ghost-like girls are school idols just like us?
Hanayo: Not all of them. Some of them look like idols who were active way before school idols even existed.
Nozomi: Now that you mention it... Look, that person over there looks like she's wearing priestess robes.
Nozomi: I'm not sure what the significance of her outfit is, but I can safely say I've never seen any school idols dressed like that.
Hanayo: Yeah. Also, some of these girls formed their groups just recently, and yet they look like they popped straight out of concert footage...
Honoka: What does it all mean?
Hanayo: The past, present, and future seem to be all mixed together... But I don't really get how or why.
Honoka: Th-that makes two of us.
Nozomi: They look like they're mainly school idols, with a few girls wearing outfits from other eras mixed in.
Nozomi: I thought the outliers might give us a clue as to what's happening, but I guess not.
Lyria: ...
Aina: Did you figure something out, Lyria?
Lyria: Now that I've calmed down some, I was trying to focus on the presence in the area...
Lyria: This enormous primal beast might be the same one that was summoning monsters to the concerts.
Aina: I see... Merely knowing that could be a huge benefit to us.
Lyria: Haha... If Hanayo hadn't explained what the ghosts really are, I probably would've been too scared to notice.
While remaining on guard against the strange phenomenon occurring around them, (Captain) and company continue their investigation.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 5: Wonder Zone? - Episode 3

The group wonders what the primal beast's purpose might be. They attempt to communicate with the primal but are interrupted by the sudden appearance of a monster army, and the crew must take up arms to thwart them.

Vyrn: Wonder what the Astrals made this primal beast for anyway?
Maki: Good question. All primal beasts are born with a purpose, right?
Athena: Correct. But it's unclear to me what a primal beast of this scale would have been created for. Do you have any idea, Lyria?
Lyria: Well... not really. I can't imagine why it would have summoned μ's and those monsters to our world.
Medusa: Why don't we stop worrying what it's up to and just defeat the thing?
Medusa: I don't know where its true form is hiding, but Athena and I would have no trouble putting it to rest.
Aina: Wait. If this is the primal beast that summoned μ's to our world, we ought to leave it alone...
Medusa: Why's that?
Aina: ...
Medusa: Just who are you anyway? You sure seem to know a lot about primal beasts. What are you after?
Aina: In the future... this primal's power will be necessary.
Medusa: That doesn't answer my question!
Aina: Please trust me. I'm not your enemy. I just want to try pacifying this primal beast first.
Athena: Medusa, I ask that you consider her request. I, too, would like to settle this matter with words if at all possible.
Medusa: ...
Athena: Please.
Medusa: Okay, okay. I know you've got the patience for it, considering you chased me around the skies for seventy-nine years.
Rin: Wait, "words"? Primal beasts can talk?
Medusa: Of course they can. Athena and I are talking right now, aren't we?
Medusa: This thing might look like a town, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a way for us to communicate with it.
Rin: Hmm...
Rin: Heeey! Primal beeeast! We wanna talk to yooou!
Aina: ...!
Medusa: Wh-what are you doing! Don't just start yelling out of nowhere like that!
Hanayo: Y-yeah, Rin! It could be dangerous!
Rin: Huh? But if we're gonna talk, wouldn't it be faster to call it over to us?
Rin: And look...
Rin: These things aren't even real.
Unworldly Monster: Hmm...
Rin: Aaahh!
Although taken unawares by the monster's sudden appearance, (Captain) is able to leap between it and Rin in time.
Unworldly Monster: Kehehe... I'm impressed you managed to make it to this place.
Unworldly Monster: It's time to see which side will emerge victorious—you lot, or the master's elite soldiers.
Monsters appear out of the nearby alleys one after another and file into formation.
(Captain) and the crew draw their weapons, prepared to intercept them.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 5: Wonder Zone? - Episode 3: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew defeat the army and learn that the monsters have been attacking μ's on their master's orders. As they wonder if their enemy's objective might be the fighting itself, they are suddenly engulfed in a blinding light that separates the μ's members and the crew.

Unworldly Monster: Urgh... Kehehe... You are as formidable as I had heard.
  1. Why do you fight?
  2. Why are you after μ's?

Choose: Why do you fight?
Unworldly Monster: We are the master's elite soldiers. What use are we if we do not fight?
Unworldly Monster: With this, the master's wish is one step closer to being realized...

Choose: Why are you after μ's?
Unworldly Monster: It is the master's order... For the purpose of... once again...
Continue 1
Unworldly Monster: Kehehe... I believe your name was (Captain)? The strength you wield is most impressive...
Nozomi: The master?
Eli: In other words, those yokai were ordered by someone to target us?
Vyrn: Guess so... Y'know, it kinda feels like they're not after anythin' in particular. Like they're just interested in the fightin' itself.
Lyria: The primal beast might be the same.
Lyria: It's been watching us all along, and every time we fight it feels like it becomes more... sure of itself somehow.
Aina: More sure of itself?
Medusa: Wait, what do you mean by—
Just when it seems they may have finally had a breakthrough, (Captain) and company are engulfed by a blinding light.
Honoka: Huh? What's happening? We're... floating!
Nico: Arrrgh! What now!
The girls' voices become more and more distant. (Captain) reaches out desperately, but it's no use.
Honoka: (Captain)!
The captain's outstretched hand closes around nothing but air as the girls' voices disappear completely.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 5: Wonder Zone? - Episode 4

When the μ's members open their eyes, they are confronted by a primal beast calling itself Beobachter. Beobachter states that it desires to recreate the battle known as Love Live! and demands to know more about it. But the leader of the monsters—an unworldly eidolon—appears and threatens the girls to answer in a way that will convince the primal to use its power for war.

The next moment, (Captain) stands in an unfamiliar town.
The area is filled with buildings clearly created using some sort of advanced technology. Among them, a sea of people stretches out as far as the eye can see.
People in the crowd shoot (Captain) strange looks as they pass, perhaps due to the captain's glaringly different attire.
Interestingly, none of them seem to be equipped with weapons of any sort. It would seem that monsters don't exist here.
(Captain) overhears a pair of girls in the area shouting excitedly.
Girl 1: The Love Live! competition is finally here!
Girl 2: A-RISE is sure to be the winner! I can't wait to see what kind of show they put on for us!
Girl 1: My favorite school idols are just as good as them! I hope they get a good score!
The full contents of their conversation are impossible to decipher, but it's clear that some sort of battle is about to begin.
As the captain stares at the excited duo, the girls make eye contact and come walking up.
Girl 2: Wow, look at you! Are you a school idol too? Will you be appearing in the competition?
(Captain) has no idea how to respond.
Girl 1: Wait, don't tell me you don't know about it! Want to come watch with us? They're going to be broadcasting it on that monitor over there!
The captain follows the girls at their insistence, and they weave their way through the crowd.
(Captain) looks up to see a battle between some sort of idolized entities being projected through a highly developed information network.
As the deities clash, their adherents raise their voices in support. The battle rages on.
Finally the winner is declared, clearly and brutally.
The defeated fall to their knees, shedding tears in place of blood.
(Captain) awakens from the daydream, head shaking back and forth to clear the fog.
Vyrn: Wh-what was that just now? I had some kinda hallucination...
Athena: You too, Vyrn? It appeared to be an event that once occurred in this town.
(Captain) mulls over the illusion in a daze. But suddenly the group notices something.
Aina: The girls are gone!
Medusa: What! Where'd they go?
Lyria: They must have been taken by the primal beast when we were surrounded by that light earlier.
Aina: How could I have been so careless! Hurry, we have to find them!
Honoka: Mm...
The nine members of μ's look around to find themselves in a different location.
Honoka: Hey, is everybody okay?
Umi: Yes. But what in the world was that vision?
Kotori: I think it was from the day of the first Love Live! tournament. People were talking about A-RISE appearing...
???: It's just as I suspected. You know about the battle that took place that day.
μ's: ...!
???: What you saw were the memories of my creator.
Eli: Who are you?
Beobachter: I am Beobachter, the observer. I am a primal beast created with those memories recorded in my primal crystal.
Beobachter: Since you know of that battle, tell me—why was I created?
Nico: What kind of question is that? How are we supposed to know anything about the person who created you?
Beobachter: My objective is to recreate the clash between those idolized beings—eidolons—and their adherents, in order to exert a mighty influence on the world.
Beobachter: But my creator was never able to fully understand the events that took place during that battle.
Beobachter: My purpose remains unclear until I can see what my creator saw and truly understand what it was all about.
Beobachter: That is why I have summoned eidolons here from that other world. In order to discover the truth behind that battle.
Umi: In other words... You want us to explain to you what the Love Live! competition is?
Beobachter: If I can understand that, my purpose will be clear. I will finally know the reason I was created and what my role in this world is.
Honoka: What's Love Live!, huh? It's kinda hard to explain...
Honoka: Well, to me, it's—
Unworldly Eidolon: Did I not tell you, Beobachter? Your purpose is to make my power known throughout this entire sky world.
μ's: ...!
Umi: Wh-what is it this time?
Nozomi: An oni?
Unworldly Eidolon: Heed my words. You are to use the "connection" created by these little girls to assemble my forces and incite a rebellion.
Beobachter: Among the random samples I projected, these nine held the strongest connection of those contained within the memories I possess.
Beobachter: Therefore I will have their response determine my purpose.
Unworldly Eidolon: Very well... Little girls. What will your answer be?
Unworldly Eidolon: Will you use your song and dance to connect with the people and summon forth my soldiers?
Umi: O-our performances aren't for summoning monsters or causing wars or anything like that!
Unworldly Eidolon: Kehehe...
Reinforcements appear around the massive monster, interrupting Umi's protests.
Unworldly Eidolon: I recommend thinking carefully before answering.
μ's: ...!
Umi: Depending on how we respond, the entire meaning behind school idols in this world could change.
Maki: Are our performances going to actually turn into monster-summoning ceremonies?
Kotori: What should we do, Honoka?
Honoka: ...
The girls find themselves in the biggest predicament of their lives. What will their fate be?

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 6: Door to the Skies - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew dash through town looking for the missing μ's members, but their search is interrupted by the appearance of monsters.

Vyrn: Dang it! Where'd those gals disappear to!
Aina: There must be something we can use to find them... Anything!
(Captain) and the crew dash through the town in search of their missing friends.
But having no clue as to the layout of the area, they end up wasting their time running around aimlessly.
Athena: Lyria. Would it be possible to decipher the girls' location by searching for the primal beast's presence?
Lyria: I don't think so... Since we're inside the primal beast, its presence just feels like one big jumble.
Medusa: So the question is—what do we do now?
Unworldly Monster: Uuunh...
Medusa: We can't find the others, and the monsters just keep coming! We're really up against the wall here!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 6: Door to the Skies - Episode 1: Scene 2

Honoka refuses to yield to the eidolon's threats and attempts to explain to Beobachter what school idols are. The eidolon attacks, but the third-years protect her with three defensive barriers. However, their hope is short-lived as the monster easily breaks through one of the shields.

While (Captain) and the crew have their hands full battling monsters, the girls of μ's continue trying to decide on a response.
Unworldly Eidolon: Have you settled upon your answer yet?
Beobachter: What should I do with my ability to project eidolons into this world, using the tremendous power of connection you mortals possess?
Beobachter: Furthermore, you have given people the power to resist the primal beast of nihility. To what purpose should it be used?
Honoka: ...
Nico: What are you so conflicted about, Honoka?
Honoka: Well...
Honoka: So how was it? Did you have fun dancing with us?
Young Woman 1: Yes, I did. Would you mind if I joined you again?
Honoka: Not at all! You're welcome anytime!
Mayor: I never dreamed I'd see the people of the town working together like this.
Mayor: Everyone's smiling brightly—they look like they're having the time of their lives. Thank you, Honoka. Thank you so much.
Honoka: ...!
Nico: Quit worrying about us when you already know the right answer.
Kotori: Yeah, don't stress, Honoka. We'll back you up on whatever decision you make.
Umi: Agreed. So hold your head high and say it.
Umi: What is it that you started? What have we been pouring our hearts into all this time?
Honoka: You're right!
In the face of the unworldly monster army looming before them, Honoka finds her courage and takes a step forward.
Honoka: We school idols do what we do to make everyone smile! That's my answer!
Beobachter: ...
Unworldly Eidolon: Curse you!
Angered by the girls' refusal to yield to threats, the unworldly eidolon dives at them.
Third-Years: Phalanx!
The third-years leap in front of the other members to produce three defensive shields.
Unworldly Eidolon: Hmm... I won't be able to lay a finger on you girls with those three splendid shields standing in my way. Whatever am I to do?
Nico: Hah! You're not going anywhere!
Unworldly Eidolon: Unh!
The unworldly eidolon swings its club to easily destroy one of the shields.
Third-Years: No way!
Unworldly Eidolon: Kehehe... It seemed neigh impossible, but I somehow managed to make it past one of your mighty barriers.
Only two protective shields remain. What can the girls of μ's do to overcome this crisis?

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 6: Door to the Skies - Episode 2

Athena senses a battle taking place, and Aina begins searching desperately through the ghostly girls, hoping one will point them in the direction of μ's. Meanwhile the eidolon destroys the last two protective barriers and threatens to cast μ's into the darkness it came from.

Athena: ...!
As (Captain) and company run through the streets of the town, Athena suddenly comes to a stop and looks up at the sky.
Medusa: What is it?
Athena: A battle is taking place. I heard the sound of a protective spell being shattered.
Vyrn: Don't tell me those gals are bein' attacked by monsters somewhere!
Lyria: Oh no... We have to hurry and save them!
Medusa: But we don't have a clue where they are. We'll never be able to find them in this sea of buildings.
Aina: ...
Aina remains silent, lost in thought. Finally she speaks.
Aina: Let's search through the silhouettes.
Vyrn: Huh? What good will that do?
Ghostly Girl: ...
Aina: I have a feeling one of them will be able to tell us where μ's is!
Aina takes off running.
Medusa: Hey! What do you mean? Explain yourself!
Third-Years: Urgh!
Unworldly Eidolon: Now then, how shall I break the two remaining shields?
The third-years do their best to stand their ground as the leader of the monsters mockingly scratches its chin in thought.
Beobachter: To make everyone... smile?
Honoka: That's right—to spread smiles! But that's not all!
Honoka: We were really happy when we made our first fans, and when people told us they enjoyed our performance! That's what keeps us going!
Honoka: To me, school idols are—
Unworldly Eidolon: Hyah!
The monster swings its massive arm, instantly smashing the second barrier to pieces.
Honoka: ...!
Honoka recoils reflexively for a moment, but she soon recovers and continues.
Honoka: To me, school idols are made of passion! They shine up on stage!
Honoka: When I discovered school idols for the first time, it felt like my heart was going to burst! I wanted to jump up and start running!
Honoka: But there was still a lot I didn't understand until I tried it myself. I came to realize just what makes the top idols so amazing!
Honoka speaks desperately, fear mingling with her passionate feelings toward her dream.
Beobachter: ...
The primal beast Beobachter listens silently to her words.
Unworldly Eidolon: I must admit you have courage, girl. I commend you for your spirit. It reminds me of my own during my lifetime.
The unworldly eidolon shatters the final remaining barrier to cut off Honoka's speech.
Unworldly Eidolon: Now then, it sounded as though you weren't finished. Do you have anything else to say?
Honoka: Urgh...
Realizing that there is nothing left to protect them, Honoka begins to tremble with fear.
Unworldly Eidolon: What's wrong? I'm not going to eat you.
Unworldly Eidolon: I merely intend to give you more time to consider your answer—within the hollow twilight where we once dwelled.
Unworldly Eidolon: Where there is no sunlight to bask in, no earth to stand upon. Only frigid darkness.
μ's: ...!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 6: Door to the Skies - Episode 3

Aina succeeds in finding a girl who has a strong connection to μ's and deduces that their friends must be on top of the tall tower where the girl is looking. Athena and Medusa instruct (Captain) and the crew to head to the tower while they handle the attacking monsters.

Ghostly Girl: ...
Aina: Not this girl!
Ghostly Girl: ...
Aina: Or this one!
Vyrn: Hey, what're you doin'?
Aina: Out of all these illusions, there must be a girl who has a strong connection to μ's.
Lyria: A strong connection?
Aina: Yes... Like a fan, or someone who sees them as role models or rivals.
Aina: Those girls weren't staring at the μ's members earlier to scare them...
Aina: They were watching μ's because they consider them their role models, their rivals.
Athena: But these phantoms are looking in every possible direction. Will you really be able to tell the μ's fans apart?
Ghostly Girl: ...
Aina: I found one!
Aina: I can tell the difference... I know another girl who became a school idol because she looked up to μ's.
Aina: This apparition has the same look in her eyes as she did when she spoke of them.
Aina turns to point toward the top of an especially tall tower.
Aina: The girls are on the roof of that building. I'm sure of it.
Vyrn: Whoa... That's really high up...
Lyria: Then we need to start climbing! If we don't hurry, who knows what could happen to them!
Medusa: Hold on. Can we really trust what she says? It's really fishy how she seems to know so much about everything.
Aina: ...
Aina: I can't let anything happen to μ's or the primal beast. If nothing else, I can assure you that's the truth.
Medusa: Huh? Hang on, what are you talking about?
Aina: I'm going.
Medusa: What is with that girl? I just don't get her.
Athena: But we don't have any other leads. And besides, it doesn't seem as though she's trying to deceive us. We have no choice but to trust her word.
Athena: In any case, one thing is certain.
Unworldly Monster: Uuunh...
Athena: These monsters don't appear to want us to head to the top of that tower.
Medusa: Is that so? Then we'll let you handle the tower, (Captain).
Lyria: Huh? What are you going to do, Medusa?
Medusa: Athena, Medusiana, and I will deal with this riffraff, so you take care of the rest.
Athena: I see. In other words, we'll bring up the rear in order to give our formation both the offensive and defensive advantage.
Medusa: Now get going. Don't worry—we won't let a single one past us.
Medusa: Hurry!
Vyrn: O-okay... Leave it to us!
As (Captain) and the crew take off in the direction of the tower, Athena and Medusa move to stand shoulder to shoulder.
Medusa: This is what you wanted, right?
Athena: Thank you, Medusa.
Medusa: It's not like I understand your feelings or anything!
Medusa: I just knew if I said I was going after the primal beast, you'd object—and who knows, you might even start blubbering again!
A crowd of countless monsters swarms before the pair.
Medusa: Looks like we have a lot of company. I'll save the rest of my complaints for later.
Athena: Understood. Feel free to lodge as many grievances as you like.
Unworldly Monster: Now then, are the two of you prepared to start?
Athena: Of course. I dare you to do your worst.
Unworldly Monster: I am Yae of the Sasaki clan! I proudly serve at the vanguard of the master's forces! En garde!
Medusa: They wait for us to be ready, and now they're introducing themselves? They've got integrity if nothing else.
Athena: Indeed. In that case, I must follow suit.
Athena: I am Athena, wielder of the aegis and the shield! I shall use my Aigis to stop your spears in their paths!
Medusa: So... Are we good now? Did you two get all that out of your systems?
Athena: Yes.
Unworldly Monster: Indeed.
Medusa & Athena: Let's begin!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Chapter 6: Door to the Skies - Episode 4

Aina appears at the top of the tower and engages the unworldly eidolon in battle. The crew arrives on the scene, but the fighting has already caused Beobachter to fuse the concepts of school idols and battle together in its mind. The μ's members begin to sing and dance, bringing an end to the fighting and causing the eidolon to attack them instead, but the crew leaps in to protect them.

Unworldly Eidolon: Oh? It seems someone has sniffed us out. They must have good intuition.
They hear a chorus of battle cries, followed by the sound of weapons clashing. The ground rumbles as a blaze of flames streaks upward between the buildings.
As the soldiers begin fighting back on the ground, the unworldly eidolon deciphers that its location must have been discovered.
Unworldly Eidolon: Back to the matter at hand. I would much rather resolve this without needing to take unnecessary action. Before I cast you into the darkness, I will ask you once more.
Unworldly Eidolon: Why do you sing? Tell me.
Honoka: M-my answer's not going to change no matter how many times you ask! We won't cooperate with your scheme!
Unworldly Eidolon: Your bravery is impressive. In that case, my soldiers and I will lead you into the darkness as you wish.
Monsters surround the μ's members to prevent them from fleeing.
Honoka: Urgh!
Umi: I guess this means... it's all over for us...
Kotori: Honoka...
The monsters creep closer, reaching out threateningly toward the girls.
At that moment, dark shadows appear out of thin air, wrapping themselves around the advancing monsters.
Unworldly Monster: Uuuhn!
The next thing they know, the monsters fall limp and collapse to the ground.
Honoka: What? Huh? What happened?
Unworldly Eidolon: Hmm... It seems our guest has arrived earlier than expected.
The unworldly eidolon looks on, seemingly amused. Suddenly, a myriad of blades appear from the ground and attempt to skewer its hulking frame.
Aina: I'm sorry I took so long. I know you must have been scared. Are you all right?
Honoka: Y-yeah...
Umi: Aina... Why are you here?
Aina: I can't let anything happen to you girls. I won't allow that monster to harm you any further.
Kotori: D-does that mean we're saved?
Unworldly Eidolon: Kehehe... We meet again. I'm surprised you came, considering how you ran from me during our first encounter.
Aina: I simply chose not to fight you then. I was afraid you might have been to connected to μ's.
The monster dodges another fierce attack of blades and grins fearlessly.
Unworldly Eidolon: Kehehe... I had no idea you were concealing so much power.
Aina: I am a primal beast after all.
Unworldly Eidolon: Oho? Interesting. But do you truly think your power will be enough to defeat me, a being once hailed as a mighty warrior?
Aina: A mighty warrior, you say? Hee-hee-hee... Yes, it will be plenty.
Aina: I was bestowed with my power for the sole purpose of battling against warriors just like you!
The two opponents appear to be on equal footing. Aina's blades clash with the monster's club, sending sparks flying across the rooftop.
Beobachter: ...
Meanwhile Beobachter remains silent, watching the battle unfold.
Vyrn: Finally... We made it to the top. How many floors does this tower have anyway?
Lyria: Huff... Huff...
Is... Is everyone all right?
Hanayo: (Captain)! Lyria! Vyrn!
Rin: Y-you won't believe this! Aina's fighting that oni!
Vyrn: Wait, seriously? She must be crazy strong.
Lyria: Thank goodness... Aina made it in time...
Nozomi: I'm not so sure.
Eli: Nozomi?
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddya mean?
Nozomi: I have a bad feeling about this. That oni was... smiling.
Maki: Come to think of it, Beobachter's just been standing there watching them the whole time.
Lyria: Wait, it can't be!
Lyria concentrates on Beobachter's presence.
Lyria: It feels like the primal beast's doubts are being washed away by their fight.
Unworldly Eidolon: Kehehe... You seem to have a connection to Muse as well, more or less.
Unworldly Eidolon: So the more you use your power...
Beobachter: ...
Unworldly Eidolon: The more Muse is being linked with the concept of battle within that primal beast's mind. Kehehe!
Aina: ...!
Unworldly Eidolon: But it's already too late for you act.
Unworldly Eidolon: At this very moment, those spectral girls are disappearing...
Unworldly Eidolon: And they are being replaced with my very own soldiers.
Unworldly Eidolon: Just like this.
Vyrn: There are so many of 'em! We have to help Aina, or this is gonna be bad!
Lyria: B-but... If we fight any more in front of Beobachter, there'll be no turning back!
Beobachter: I have determined... my purpose...
Unworldly Monster: Kehe...
Monsters appear one after another, leaving the crew no time to think. (Captain) narrowly intercepts their blows.
Unworldly Eidolon: My commiserations, Muse. It seems the primal beast has attained its purpose without needing to await your answer.
Unworldly Eidolon: So what will it be? Will you continue to sing and dance in order to call forth my soldiers?
Honoka: This can't be happening!
Honoka: The townspeople were finally starting to smile!
Hanayo: They were so happy to have a dream to chase after...
Maki: The person who created that primal beast couldn't have wanted this to happen!
Rin: Is there really nothing we can do?
Nico: There has to be something! But...
Umi: What?
Kotori: What?
Eli & Nozomi: What should we do?
Honoka: ...
Amidst the clash of weapons, Honoka wracks her brain desperately to find an answer.
Before her, the phantom-like girls appear and disappear without a word.
Ghostly Girl: ...
The apparitions stare intently at Honoka. Meanwhile, Beobachter's purpose continues to take shape.
Honoka: ...
Honoka: This isn't over yet!
Just then, they hear the sound of a piano echoing though the air.
Honoka: This melody...
Come on, guys!
Nico: Huh? You seriously want to do that now?
Honoka: Yeah! It's the only thing we can do!
Umi: Sheesh... You're the only person who would think of doing that at a time like this.
Kotori: But if that's what you've decided, I don't think any of us will have any regrets. Right, everyone?
Honoka: Then let's do this!
All Eight: Yeah!
Honoka: I've been searching for the door of dreams.
Umi: I was searching for—
Eli: Our connection.
Vyrn: What!
Lyria: Huh?
Aina: ...!
Unworldly Eidolon: What! What are you doing?
The nine girls suddenly begin to dance and sing. The fighting stops as everyone's focus turns to μ's.
As if in support of the girls' decision, the powerful strumming of a guitar joins the accompaniment.
Despite the unworldly eidolon's plan to entice Beobachter to battle, there was one thing the monster could not foresee.
μ's: Yes! Believe in yourself and everyone.
Tomorrow is waiting and we'd better go.
μ's: Yes! Stars of premonition rain down in my heart.
Shine and stand with uncertainty.
Beobachter: ...
Beobachter observes μ's intently.
Beobachter: Their song... It stopped the battle...
The primal beast finally begins to understand the true power behind the school idols' song.
Unworldly Eidolon: Curse you!
The unworldly eidolon flings itself at the girls in a rage.
However, (Captain) dashes forward to intercept the strike.
Unworldly Eidolon: I won't allow you to interfere!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Ending

After hearing Honoka describe the Love Live! competition, Beobachter finally understands that its purpose is to summon beings who will bring smiles to the world, and it disappears along with Aina. Several days later, a second joint concert is held in Tenacie. Honoka awakens in bed with no recollection of her dream, and the μ's members return to their everyday lives.

Unworldly Eidolon: Urgh... Augh...
The unworldly eidolon's appearance begins to flicker.
Beobachter: ...
Having had an epiphany, Beobachter begins lessening the amount of power channeled to the monster.
Unworldly Eidolon: C-curse you...
The colossal eidolon leaps over the side of the roof, scaling the building to make its escape.
Beobachter: What exactly did you do? Why did the battle stop the moment you began to act?
Beobachter: You must know the reason. Tell me. Tell me the meaning behind the Love Live! battle that my creator witnessed.
Honoka: Hmm... I tried my best to explain it before, but...
Honoka: I wonder what the meaning behind Love Live! and school idols really is?
Umi: What are you talking about? You're the one who reeled us all into it in the first place!
Honoka: Good point...
Honoka: Hmm...
Honoka: There were these girls I wanted to be like, so I gave what they were doing a try and realized just how amazing it really was.
Honoka: Our group was lucky to start out with a few people cheering us on, and along the way we made more fans than I could've ever imagined...
Honoka: And it was really fun getting better at lots of new things, little by little!
Honoka: Yeah, that's it—I kept going because it was fun.
Beobachter listens attentively to Honoka's slightly rambling thoughts as she struggles to regain her composure.
Honoka: I found something I really wanted to do, and then suddenly we had fans who supported us, and we were able to make them smile in return.
Honoka: I think that's what the person who created you saw.
Beobachter: I was made to summon that joy into this world? Not to recreate the wars of otherworldly eidolons?
Honoka: Yeah. I'm sure of it. I mean, school idols are no good at fighting. We're just ordinary girls.
Beobachter: ...
As the battle between the unworldly eidolons came to a close, the winner was declared, clearly and brutally.
The defeated fell to their knees, shedding tears in place of blood.
But when all was said and done, everyone was smiling.
What was the point of that battle? Why were there smiles on the faces of both camps in the end?
Beobachter had decided to reach out to that world once more in order to find the answer.
Honoka: Huh? Beobachter? Why do you look like you're fading away?
Lyria: I think it finally understands what it's supposed to do.
Honoka: Oh. Well, that's good then...
Aina: I guess I was able to fulfill my role too.
Vyrn: Hey, so who are you, really? And whaddya mean by your role?
Aina: My role was to watch over you all so that μ's could leave behind a crucial spark in this world.
Aina: I wanted to make sure Beobachter was led in the right direction. And the members of μ's were the only ones who could do that.
Aina: As of now I'm still slumbering, but one day I'll have an encounter that teaches me what it means to shine.
Aina: I once had nothing, but they helped me take the step from zero to one... My precious, precious friends...
Honoka: Now I've got even more questions than answers. I wonder what that oni meant when it said she has a connection to us?
Lyria: A connection to μ's, huh... I have a feeling it must be something very powerful to have brought her here.
Meanwhile the silhouettes throughout the town begin to disappear one by one.
According to Lyria, Beobachter will likely call others to their world one day to spread smiles to the people.
Unworldly Eidolon: Ngh... Argh!
As the weakened eidolon continues to fade away, it drags itself along the ground, its breathing labored.
Unworldly Eidolon: I will see my wish... realized once again... in this world!
Medusa: Hey, isn't that the boss of all those monsters?
Athena: Yes, I believe so.
Unworldly Eidolon: Tch! Curse you, little girls!
The massive monster aims its club at Athena and Medusa.
Athena: It appears you have not yet lost your will to fight. But I have no desire for further conflict. I ask that you lay down your arms.
Unworldly Eidolon: What?
Medusa: You really don't make any exceptions to that philosophy of yours, do you?
Athena: If this battle can be ended through words, that is the path I would prefer.
Unworldly Eidolon: To think I've fallen to the point of being pitied by my enemies!
Athena: ...
Nozomi: Um, could I talk to you for a moment?
Medusa: Nozomi? This is dangerous. You shouldn't get involved.
Nozomi: But it would be best to resolve this by talking through it, right?
Nozomi: I came because there's something I'm curious about. I'd like to ask that eidolon a question.
Athena & Medusa: ...
Nozomi: That's not your true form, is it?
Unworldly Eidolon: ...
Several days pass.
The strange events that had been occurring as a result of Beobachter's power cease, and songs no longer summon any monsters.
The people of Tenacie have decided to redo the joint concert, since it was put on hold when μ's disappeared in the middle of their song.
Mayor: You young ladies vanished so suddenly in the middle of the concert, we had no idea what happened to you. I'm relieved to see you're safe.
Honoka: Haha... We had a pretty rough time though...
And so the day of the joint concert arrives.
The μ's members listen to the townspeople's songs as they await their debut as the grand finale.
Vyrn: All that chaos we went through, and she calls it "a pretty rough time." She's a tough cookie.
Rin: But everybody made it out safely, and there won't be any more yokai showing up—everything's just peachy now!
Honoka: Yeah!
Honoka & Rin: Right?
Umi: Honoka, Rin... Are you two being serious right now?
Honoka & Rin: Huh?
Nico: Don't play dumb! Why...
Unworldly Eidolon: Ohoho...
Nico: Why is that thing hanging around like everything's normal!
Unworldly Eidolon: Not to worry. I won't fight you any longer. And neither will my soldiers.
Unworldly Monster: Uuuhn...
Honoka: You heard 'em! See? Everything's just fine!
Umi: Wh-whatever you say...
Kotori: They really turned around after Nozomi talked to them.
Hanayo: Wh-what did you say to them, Nozomi? They're totally different...
Nozomi: Beobachter called the leader an "eidolon," remember?
Nozomi: That plus the fact that it resembles an oni made me wonder if it might actually be a god.
Maki: What do you mean? I don't understand...
Nozomi: Well, depending on the time period, beings with followers who worshipped them as gods were often called oni, right?
Umi: I've read that in mythology before, but I never dreamed I'd see the real thing...
Vyrn: Really? I get the feelin' there are a bunch of primal beasts like that.
Lyria: That's true. The circumstances were a bit different, but Tiamat forgot herself and went berserk once too.
Hanayo: I guess it happens...
Nico: Man... We sure did end up in an unbelievable world.
Eli: Khorosho...
Eli: S-so Nozomi, what exactly did you say?
Nozomi: I asked the eidolon what its name was and how it came to be... Basically I just treated it with respect.
Unworldly Eidolon: I never thought the day would come when someone would once again consider me a god... It seems all hope is not yet lost for me. Ohoho...
The eidolon's words drift on the wind as it and its subordinates transform into a small stone statue. Nozomi lifts it and holds it to her chest.
Nozomi: Hehe. I'm glad they were able to have a happy ending.
As Nozomi smiles warmly, they hear a familiar voice.
Young Woman 1: μ's! You're almost up!
Honoka: Time for us to take the stage! This time we're going to sing until the end!
All Eight: Yeah!
Medusa: ...
Medusa watches the girls run off with a complicated expression on her face.
Medusa: Hey, Athena. Isn't it about time you told me?
Athena: Told you what?
Medusa: The reason we didn't fight that primal beast Beobachter.
Athena: Oh...
Athena: I came to a realization as I was watching the concert that took place in this town.
Athena: If all the fighting disappears from our world someday, the influence μ's has created here will become essential.
Medusa: Huh?
Athena: Hatred, jealousy, looting to survive... There are many reasons that mortals stir up conflict. And sometimes they don't even have a reason at all.
Athena: I have witnessed mortals who commit senseless violence or theft merely because they have gotten accustomed to peace and are starving for excitement.
Medusa: You're talking like you have some sort of ulterior motive.
Athena: Hehe. I have no such thing.
Athena: If my duty to put an end to conflict is one day fulfilled, I will need what I received from those girls to protect peace into the next era.
Athena: As long as the people have a place that accepts them for who they are, where they can discover their own shine... I have faith that everything will work out.
Athena: If that primal beast might be needed to create such a place, I didn't want to hurt it unnecessarily... Though I suppose hindsight is twenty-twenty.
Medusa: I see. I wonder when your duty will be over anyway?
Athena: An excellent question. I imagine it won't be for hundreds of years.
Medusa: Now that's what I call patience.
Athena: I have all the time in the world after all.
At that moment, they are surrounded by cheers and applause as μ's takes the stage.
Honoka: Hi, everybody! Honoka Kosaka from μ's here! We hope you enjoy the show today!
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'm Nico Yazawa, here to love-Nico your heart!
Medusa: Are you sure that "Nico-Nico-Ni" nonsense can really protect peace into the next era?
Athena: Yes. I believe that "Nico-Nico-Ni" will play a large part.
Medusa: Sounds pretty crazy to me.
Athena: Then what do you say we see what the future brings together?
Medusa: I'll think about it. Come on, the concert's starting.
Athena: Right.
Athena and Medusa stand side by side watching their friends on stage.
Upon seeing the girls' shining figures, their hearts are filled with joy.
Honoka: One!
Kotori: Two!
Umi: Three!
Maki: Four!
Rin: Five!
Hanayo: Six!
Nico: Seven!
Nozomi: Eight!
Eli: Nine!
The girls each say their respective numbers, smiling at the audience for a brief moment before continuing.
μ's: μ's music start!
And so the curtain rises on a dreamlike performance sure to thrill and delight the audience.
Honoka: Mm...
Honoka has fallen back to sleep after hitting the snooze button on her alarm clock, just like she always does.
Suddenly her dreams are interrupted by a ringing sound, and she reaches out to grab the cell phone by her bedside.
Honoka: Yawn... Hello?
Umi: Hello? Honoka... Did you fall back asleep?
Honoka: Umi, is that you? Morning... What's up?
Umi: Kotori and I have something to talk to you about.
Honoka: Yeah?
Kotori: Hello, Honoka? Listen to this. There's this maid I met in Akiba the other day...
Kotori: She's thinking of starting a school idol group with her friends, and she was wondering if they could come watch our morning practice.
Umi: They were hoping that watching us would give them some encouragement.
Honoka: Really?
Kotori & Umi: Whoa!
Umi: Don't shout all of a sudden like that!
Honoka: Hehe... Sorry about that. I just got all excited.
Kotori: Hehe. I take it that means you're awake now?
Honoka: Yeah! Did they want to come today?
Umi: Yes. We were thinking it might be good to start a little early. Would you be able to make it?
Honoka: You bet! I'll get ready right now!
Honoka ends the call and hops out of bed to start fixing her hair.
Honoka: Hehe. Brand-new school idols want to watch our practice for encouragement. That makes me so happy!
Honoka: All right! Time to give it better than my best at morning practice today!
And so the incident stemming from the first Love Live! competition comes to an end.
The members of μ's have no way of knowing what they left behind in the Sky Realm within a night's dream.
The connections they created may one day become a great power, perhaps even deciding the fate of the world.
The End

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 1

Honoka: Wow... This world is right out of a fantasy story.
Umi: How can you be so relaxed? We have no idea where we are or how to get back home, you know!
Kotori: Now, now, Umi... There's no use getting all worked up.
Maki: This place is definitely weird though. There are islands floating in the sky, and the areas outside town are crawling with monsters...
Hanayo: Speaking of weird, the townspeople are acting pretty strange too. They all seem really down...
Nico: Yeah. I don't have a clue what this town is usually like, but I doubt widespread depression is the status quo.
Rin: All those gloomy faces are gonna drag me down in the dumps too!
Eli: Whatever the case, I think our first step should be to learn more about the town.
Nozomi: Eli-chi's right. We might even figure out what it is we should do here along the way.
Honoka: What we should do, huh...

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 2

Hanayo: The sky is full of ships... I guess those flying vehicles are the main form of transportation in this world.
Kotori: Those must be the airships we heard about. It's fascinating to see so many of them coming and going at once.
Honoka: Hey, wouldn't it be fun if we could hold a concert on one of those ships?
Honoka: The breeze must be great up there! I bet we could put on an amazing show!
Hanayo: An idol concert above the clouds... It would be revolutionary!
Kotori: I'm in! We could make the costumes out of light fabric so they flutter in the breeze...
Hanayo: We could even land the ship on the edge of an island and use it as a stage!
Honoka: Great idea! Let's talk to the mayor about it later!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 3

Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni!
Eli: What's Nico up to? She's been rehearsing her catchphrase over and over for a while now...
Maki: Apparently she wants to teach it to the townspeople.
Maki: She's been experimenting to figure out how to express herself properly.
Nico: You angle your hands like so, adjust the pitch of your voice to around this level, and then top it off with a big, bright smile!
Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni!
Eli: Nico? I'm not sure you're going to have much luck practicing teaching methods all by yourself.
Maki: Yeah. If you're going to put in all this effort, you might as well do it front of the townspeople—
Nico: No. I need to get this down first.
Nico: The people here aren't used to any of this stuff, so I want to make sure to teach them in a way that's easy to understand.
Maki & Eli: Nico...
Maki: Oh, fine. If you want, we can watch and tell you if your process is simple enough.
Eli: You should be able to practice to your heart's content with us as your students, right?
Maki & Eli: Nico-Nico-Ni!
Nico: You guys... You finally understand the brilliance of my catchphrase!
Nico: All right! I'll cook up the perfect teaching method and spread my patented Nico Smile to everyone in town!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 4

Umi: You know... I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever be able to return home safely...
Rin: You shouldn't stress about it so much, Umi.
Nozomi: Rin has a point. Meanwhile Honoka's been having a blast exploring every nook and cranny of this world.
Umi: That's because she's far too optimistic! We don't know the first thing about this place...
Rin: But that doesn't change the fact that we can't get home as it is now. Right, Nozomi?
Nozomi: Don't you think it's better to stay positive and tackle the things we need to do here while we search for a way to get home?
Umi: Maybe...
Rin: Yeah! That's the ticket!
Rin: The first thing we need to do is take care of the shopping Eli and the others asked us to handle!
Nozomi: All right, let's go!
Umi: W-wait! If you two end up getting lost in town, you'll really never get home!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 5

Lyria: You and your friends are so good at singing and dancing, Honoka!
Honoka: Hehe... Thanks!
Honoka: But you know, we weren't that great at dancing when we first started out.
Honoka: Umi made us do laps up and down the shrine steps to build our stamina...
Honoka: And Eli was ruthless in teaching us how to dance from square one. It's thanks to them we were able to improve, little by little.
Lyria: I see... School idols sure put a lot of effort into what they do.
Honoka: Hehe. Want to try practicing with us too, Lyria?
Lyria: M-me? But it looks pretty hard...
Honoka: Don't worry, I know you'll have fun if you give it a try!
Honoka: Let's start by trying to keep a smile on your face—during push-ups!
Lyria: Oh my... I-I'll do my best!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 6

Lyria: Umi, Kotori, you both seem to get along really well with Honoka.
Umi: Well, we were childhood friends, so we've been together the longest out of all the μ's members.
Kotori: Honoka's been dragging us into things for as long as I can remember.
Kotori: We even formed our school idol group because she talked us into it.
Umi: Honoka introduces us to things we never would have experienced otherwise.
Umi: So even though we're always at the mercy of her whims, we eventually find ourselves wanting to follow along.
Lyria: I think I know what you mean! I have someone like that too! We're always discovering brand-new worlds together.
Kotori: It's almost like (Captain) is your very own Honoka.
Umi: The captain doesn't seem like the type to drag others around though...
Lyria: Hehe. Actually, (Captain) can be surprisingly reckless sometimes.
Kotori: Really? I'd love to hear some more stories about the captain.
Lyria: Sure! I hope you'll tell me more about your world too!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 7

Vyrn: Munch, munch... Nothin' more delicious than a juicy, red apple...
Hanayo: Haha. You must really love apples, Vyrn.
Rin: His face looks like yours when you're eating rice, Kayo-chin!
Vyrn: Is rice your favorite food?
Hanayo: It sure is! Just looking at a big bowl of glistening rice makes me happy!
Vyrn: I can relate! I see a shiny apple and instantly start to drool...
Rin: Me too, me too! Just the sight of ramen is enough to make my mouth water!
Hanayo: Talking about rice made me hungry.
Rin: Well, it is lunchtime. Why don't you, Vyrn, and I head into town for a bite to eat?
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan! I know just the place!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 8

Medusa: Hmph. Passing out flyers is a piece of cake. I just need to force mortals passing by to take these pieces of paper, right?
Nico: Hah, what an amateur. If you underestimate how hard this is, you'll regret it.
Nico: Don't blame me when you can't manage to hand out a single flyer.
Medusa: What's that supposed to mean! Same to you—don't come crying to me when I leave you in the dust!
Nico: What! There's no way I'll lose to the likes of you!
Maki: Nico? Quit picking fights and pass out those flyers—
Nico: Maki! Come on, let's show Medusa what μ's is made of!
Maki: H-hang on! Why are you dragging me into this!
Medusa: Hah! Bring it on!
Nico: You got it!
Maki: Ugh, I don't understand!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 9

Nozomi: Want to join us for a stroll in town, Athena?
Athena: A stroll? Are you referring to the act of walking around without an objective in mind?
Eli: You can have an objective... Like in this town, we could try foods at various restaurants or shop for accessories.
Athena: Is that so? I've gone into town many times with Medusa...
Athena: But as a result of my inherent purpose, I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable about the pastimes of mortals.
Eli: I see... That makes sense.
Nozomi: You know, you sort of remind me of Eli-chi, Athena.
Athena: I do?
Eli: There used to be so much I didn't know. Everyone in μ's had to show me how to hang out with friends after school and whatnot.
Nozomi: Yeah! So what do you say, Athena? Would you like to go for a walk with us?
Athena: With you? I don't mind in the least, but it might be best if you asked (Captain) or Medusa instead...
Athena: Actually, it would be my pleasure. I'd like the opportunity to learn more about you.
Nozomi: Then it's settled. We don't know much about this town yet either, so let's invite the others and make a day of it!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 10

Eli: I think the songs flow best in this order... And the lighting should be like this...
Nozomi: Are you coming up with a setlist for the other girls, Eli-chi?
Eli: Yes. And they asked me to teach them how to position the lighting as well.
Eli: You and Nico were giving the other performers advice too, right?
Nozomi: There were a lot of girls wanting words of wisdom from Nico-cchi.
Nico: Naturally. I'm the number one idol in the universe after all.
Nico: It's no easy task to master the teachings of yours truly, though.
Eli: Even so, you've really earned a reputation for yourself. You're teaching them important things like how to relax their nerves, right?
Nozomi: I heard you told them they have no reason to worry since they're already magnificent school idols. Talk about encouraging!
Nico: Well, yeah. You can't put smiles on other people's faces if you're nervous.
Nozomi: Hehe. That's our Nico-cchi.
Eli: Let's do our part to put smiles on everyone's faces during the concert too!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 11

Rin: Sigh... Building a stage sure is tough!
Maki: But who knows? This might be good experience for us on our way to winning the Love Live! competition.
Maki: Not to say it isn't tough...
Rin: Listen to you being all deep. You've got your hands full writing songs too, right?
Maki: Yeah, it's hard work, but it's my responsibility. I've got to do it right.
Maki: And besides... The townspeople are giving this everything they've got, so I want to do the same.
Rin: Aww, Maki, you're so sweet!
Maki: Hey! Cut that out!
Hanayo: Riiin! Makiii!
Rin: Oh, Hanayo!
Hanayo: I brought you both some rice balls. Why don't you take a break?
Maki: Nice timing. I could use a breather.
Hanayo: Here you go!
Hanayo: I think I'll pass some out to the townspeople too.
Rin: I'll go with you! Come on—you too, Maki!
Maki: Oh, all right. Let's go, Rin. Hanayo.

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 12

Honoka: Kotori, you've been making costumes ever since you came to this world. Aren't you worn out?
Kotori: Not at all. Everyone's been helping me out, so I'm managing just fine.
Kotori: Besides, there are so many clothing styles here that we don't have in our world. Seeing them really gets the ideas flowing!
Umi: I can tell. You've been sketching nonstop since we got here.
Umi: I'm encountering so many things for the first time too... Hopefully I'll be able to use them as inspiration when writing lyrics.
Honoka: Wow, you two have been thinking about a lot of stuff. I'm impressed...
Honoka: Meanwhile I haven't been thinking about anything deeper than how delicious the bread here is.
Kotori: Hehe. But it's kind of comforting that you're acting the same as always.
Umi: True. I have to admit, I love how you never get rattled, no matter the situation.
Honoka: Hehe... If you keep complimenting me like that you're gonna make me blush.
Umi: Then I guess it's time I lecture you for all that bread I saw you inhaling earlier.
Honoka: Whaaat! You knew about that?
Umi: Of course I did! Now let's burn off all those calories you consumed! Give me five laps around town!
Honoka: Nooo!
Kotori: Haha... Hang in there, Honoka!

Love Live! Door to the Skies - Day 13

Honoka: It's finally time for the joint concert!
Umi: I just hope we don't have any accidents...
Kotori: I'm sure it'll be fine. We and the rest of the townspeople have practiced so much.
Rin: The costumes and the stage are both ready and raring to go!
Maki: And we were able to write some songs and lyrics I think the audience will enjoy.
Hanayo: Everyone has a bright smile on their face!
Eli: They do. We've all given it our very best.
Nozomi: As they say, fortune helps those who help themselves. I have a feeling everything will go well.
Nico: You have a feeling? Don't be so wishy-washy. Now that we've come this far, we'll make this concert a success no matter what!
Honoka: Okay, let's do this!
μ's: μ's music start!