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Official Profile[edit]

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  • Luna is the default leader for the Shadowcraft class in Shadowverse.
  • Soul Conversion, Lord Atomy, and Phantom Howl are references to Shadowcraft cards from Shadowverse.
  • Necromancy refers to the Shadowcraft-centric mechanic of spending Shadows to activate special card effects.
  • Luna's Phantom Howl attacks with four Ghosts followed by Lord Atomy. This is a reference to the Phantom Howl+Lord Atomy card combo.
  • Luna's second art features Deathly Tyrant, a Shadowcraft follower. The Deathly Tyrant also makes an appearance when Luna uses her 3rd skill, Death's Corruption.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Wanna Go on an Adventure?[edit]

Luna goes for a stroll and comes across the Grandcypher. She asks the crew if they'd like to come on her adventure, but they invite her to play house instead to which she gleefully accepts.

While walking through the mountains of a verdant island, Luna passes by a large docked airship.
Luna: Mother, Father! Look!
Luna: What is that? It's huge!
Luna's Father: It is, isn't it?
Luna's Mother: You're right, Luna.
Luna: Father! Can we go inside?
Luna's Father: Of course we can.
Luna: Yay! Yeah!
Luna: What is all this stuff? This is fun!
Luna: Ooh, what's back there? I have to go see!
Lyria: Hm? That girl! It's Luna, isn't it?
Vyrn: Yikes! She's the twerp who keeps trying to kill people!
Luna: Oh! It's (Captain) and a lizard puppet!
Vyrn: Uh-oh!
Luna: Hey, (Captain). Why are you guys in here?
Vyrn: Cause this is our ship! Why else?
Luna: Oh, huh.
Luna: Mother, Father, isn't it funny how we keep seeing the same people?
Luna's Father: It is, Luna.
Luna's Mother: They might want to play with you.
Luna: Yeah, maybe we can have an adventure together!
Vyrn: Hey, something about this is giving me the creeps.
Luna: (Captain), want to come on my adventure? You can be the monster.
  1. Sure!
  2. Well... Uh...

Choose: Sure!
Luna: Yay! Great! (Captain), now I'm going to—
(Captain) suggests that they do something more fun instead.
Luna: Huh? More fun? Like what?
"Let's play house instead," says (Captain) suddenly.

Choose: Well... Uh...
Luna: Why? Don't you want to go on an adventure with me?
"Let's play house instead," says (Captain) suddenly.
Continue 1
Luna: Play... house?
Lyria: Yeah, we can pretend we're a family!
Luna: So you want to be like Mother and Father?
Vyrn: Eh, well... Not quite like those parents of yours. We'll be a different sort of family.
Luna: What are you saying? I don't get it. Why should we play house anyway?
"You'll be able to play with Vyrn," answers (Captain).
Luna: Oh, really? Huh...
Luna's Father: Isn't that talking puppet special, Luna?
Luna's Mother: You'll have fun if you play with it.
Luna: Okay! You're right!
Vyrn: Hey, I don't know about this!
Lyria: Uh, please—please just hang in there for now.
Vyrn: Agh! All right, I guess we can play then.
Vyrn: As long as you're a good girl, Luna!
Luna: Okay! I'm always a good girl.
Luna: Hey, where's my room going to be? I want a big, pretty one!
Vyrn: Huh! You're settling in pretty quick!
Luna: You said we're playing house, so this is my house now. Right, Mother and Father?
Vyrn: (I don't see any way out of this. Play along for now, Lyria and (Captain).)
Lyria and (Captain) nod.
Vyrn: Oh, one little thing. When you're traveling with us, don't start any new adventures of your own.
Luna: Huh? How come?
Lyria: Uh... Well... If the people who pilot our ship die, then the ship will stop moving.
Luna: What! This thing's a ship?
Vyrn: Uh-huh! It's a ship that sails the skies.
Luna: Whoa! A ship that sails in the sky!
Luna: Hey, make it fly! Make it fly! I wanna go up in the sky too!
Vyrn: Agh! She's good.
To Luna's delight the Grandcypher begins to take off.
Luna: Wow, wow! We're really flying now!
Luna: Vyrn! I love flying in the sky!
Vyrn: It's quite the feeling, huh? Be careful not to fall overboard!
Vyrn: (Who would've thought? She seems just like a regular girl.)
Laughing innocently, Luna runs back and forth across the deck.
And the Grandcypher soars up and out into the boundless blue skies.

Luna's Outing[edit]

Bored of the ship, Luna heads to a nearby town with her parents. While looking for something sweet to eat, she tries to kill an imperial soldier after he agrees to go on her adventure.

(Captain), Luna, and the rest of the crew have stopped on an island to buy supplies.
Luna and her parents debark from the docked Grandcypher and proceed into town.
Luna: It's so nice and bright out here. It feels great!
Luna: Mother! Father! What do you wanna do today?
Luna's Father: Let's do whatever you want to do!
Luna's Mother: We'll have plenty of fun!
Luna: Yay! Let's go, Mother and Father.
Before long, Luna reaches the main street of the town.
Luna: Whoa, there are so many people! It looks so fun.
Luna: ...
Luna: Hee-hee! We walked really far, and now I'm hungry!
Luna's Father: We should take a break soon.
Luna's Mother: Do you want to have some cake?
Luna: Yeah! But, uh, where is it?
Imperial Soldier: Hey, is something wrong, miss?
Luna: Who are you?
Imperial Soldier: Hm? You looked confused, so I had to help. Is there something you're looking for?
Luna: I want cake!
Imperial Soldier: Oh! Then I know just the shop for you. Let me show you the way!
Luna: Really! You want to come with me?
Imperial Soldier: Yeah, of course.
Luna: Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, you should come with me. Come on my adventure!
Imperial Soldier: Sure, miss, however you want to think about it.
Luna: All right! Well, I think you're gonna die now!
Imperial Soldier: What in the name of!
Luna: C'mon, this is part of the adventure. The part where you die!

Luna's Outing: Scene 2[edit]

Other soldiers surround Luna, but a stranger rescues her and introduces her to his wife. The couple treats Luna as if their departed daughter had returned, but imperial forces soon arrive in pursuit.

Imperial Soldier: Aaaah! Help! Please, anybody!
The soldier's cry attracts other soldiers.
Luna: Huh? Who are you guys?
Imperial Soldier: Huff, huff. Don't—don't get any closer!
Luna: Why are you running away? I thought you wanted to come on my adventure.
Imperial Soldier: Aah! Someone catch that little hellion!
The soldiers encircle Luna.
Luna: What are you doing? Are you gonna be mean to me?
Imperial Soldier: That little girl is a monster. Do something about her this instant!
Luna: Hey, how come? You said you'd come on my adventure.
As Luna knocks the soldier to the ground, someone grabs Luna's arm.
Luna: Eek! Who are you!
???: This way! I'm here to help, so follow me!
Luna: Mother! Father! What should I do? Is he a good guy?
Luna's Father: I'm sure he is. He helped you when the bad men were hurting you, didn't he?
Luna's Mother: He seems like a very nice man.
???: C'mon, miss! After me!
Luna: Okay! I'll be right behind you!
Luna and the man come to a house in an alleyway.
???: Phew, looks like we managed to shake them off! You aren't hurt, are you, miss?
Luna: I'm fine. I knew you were a good guy!
???: That's good to hear. I tell you, those imperials... What are they thinking?
Wife: Oh? That girl, is she—is she really...
Husband: It was perfect timing. The imperials were just about to snatch her up as I was passing through town.
Wife: I see... But don't you—
Husband: Ah. So you think so too?
The couple begins gazing at Luna.
Luna: Hey, what is it?
Husband: You're the spitting image of her. I couldn't help but save you.
Luna: Spitting image?
Wife: You look just like our little girl. See? She's sitting right over there.
Daughter: ...
Luna: Oh yeah!
Daughter: ...
Luna: Hey, why isn't she moving?
Husband: Well, that's only a doll. A doll that looks just like our little girl.
Luna: A doll?
Wife: She's—our little girl is gone now. She was just about your age.
Husband: Ever since she passed away we've kept this doll in her place.
Luna: Oh, you mean she's dead.
Luna: Good! My parents are dead and they don't care at all.
Wife: ...
Husband: In a way you're right, Luna. At least our daughter is at peace.
Husband: Even so, we still miss her terribly.
Wife: All of our baby's friends are grown-ups now. They're too busy to visit us anymore.
Wife: Thank you, Luna.
Luna: Mother? Father? Am I being a good girl?
Luna's Father: You are, Luna.
Luna's Mother: You're a very good girl.
Luna speaks to her parents, and the couple watches on.
Husband: Mother? Father? Luna, did you by chance—
Wife: Did you just call the two of us Mother and Father? That was so kind of you.
Luna: Huh? What do you mean?
Husband: Luna, you don't need to leave us today. Feel free to stay here as long as you'd like.
Wife: Yes. Just keep calling us Mother and Father.
Luna: Huh?
A commotion is audible outside the house's entryway. The clash of footsteps follows, and soldiers flood in.
Husband: You—you're from the empire. You followed us here!
Imperial Soldier: Enough! Out of the way!
Husband: Aaah!
The imperial soldier knocks the man into the doll. The doll falls to the ground and is damaged.
Wife: Aaaah! Our baby! Our little girl!
Imperial Soldier: Heh, what? Shut your mouth!
The soldier turns his cold, steely eyes to the doll splayed on the ground.
Imperial Soldier: Tsk! Is that piece of junk supposed to matter?
Wife: Please, that's enough! Stay away from our little girl!
Imperial Soldier: Oh, that's your daughter, huh? Well, she's wasted enough of my time!
The imperial soldier stomps on the doll and crushes it.
Wife: Aaaah! How could you!
Husband: Our little girl!
Imperial Soldier: Two adults crying over a little dolly, huh? Couple of freaks!
The imperial soldier then plants his foot into the husband's belly.
Husband: Cough!
Imperial Soldier: Damn it, hurry up and hand over the girl!
Husband: Not to a... brute like you! R-run, Luna!
Luna: Mother? Father? Those are bad guys, aren't they?
Husband: Gasp!
Wife: Luna!
Luna's Father: Yes. They do seem bad.
Luna's Mother: They're doing something very bad. Of course they're bad.
Luna: Yeah, you're right. Okay then!
Imperial Soldier: Oh now? You gonna try something, brat?
Luna: I hate bad guys! I hope you die!

Luna's Outing: Scene 3[edit]

After Luna defeats the soldiers, the couple are overcome with emotion for their deceased daughter. Luna admonishes them for thinking death is a final parting, causing the image of their daughter to materialize in the room. The crew find Luna at the house and together they return to the Grandcypher.

Imperial Soldier: Aaagh! I knew she was a monster!
Realizing they can't contend with Luna, the imperial soldiers scatter and flee.
Husband: Huff, huff. We tried to save you, but look how that turned out. You ended up saving us.
Husband: I'm so sorry.
Luna: Huh? Why are you saying sorry?
Husband: If I hadn't gotten involved then you... then our baby...
The man's eyes come to rest on the shattered doll.
Luna: Your doll broke.
Husband: ...
Wife: ...
Luna: Huh? Why are you crying?
Husband: Our baby—that doll—she's what kept us hanging on.
Husband: Maybe it was strange to treat a doll like our daughter. But still...
Wife: Once someone dies, that's it. I know that much. But I just couldn't accept it.
Luna: When someone dies, that's it? How come?
Wife: Because once someone dies, you can never hear their voice. You can never see them again, can you?
Luna: Huh? Yes you can!
Husband: Thank you, Luna. That's enough.
Husband: Maybe it's time for us to let go of our daughter's memory—to forget and move on.
Wife: Dear...
Luna: Huh? Why forget?
Husband: Because she's not with us anymore.
Luna: How come? All she did was die.
Husband: Yes, Luna, she died. She's not with us any more.
Luna: ...!
After hearing the man speak, Luna narrows her eyes.
Luna: No! No! What are you saying?
Wife: Luna...
Luna: People don't go away when they die! Why forget! Why are you saying that!
Luna: I told you it's fine to die! My parents are dead and they're happy.
Husband: But, Luna...
Luna: Stop talking! Stop! Stop! Stop lying!
An image of the couple's daughter materializes above the shattered doll.
Smiling softly, the image turns to the couple and begins to speak.
Husband: Huh! Am I dreaming?
Wife: Or is this... Luna, did you...
Luna: See? Dead people don't go away!
Luna: You were lying. And you lied when you said you'd forget.
Husband: Luna, you....
Vyrn: Ah, so this is where you've been hiding!
Lyria: Are you ready to go home?
(Captain) steps inside and listens to what happened to Luna while she was away.
Luna: Ooh, it's the lizard puppet!
Vyrn: We take our eyes off you for one second, and you get into trouble! We oughta head back to the ship now.
Luna: Yeah! See you, you guys! Oh, and you too!
After waving good-bye to the couple and their late daughter, Luna begins to return to the ship.
Vyrn: C'mon! How many times have I told you not to go wandering off on your own!
Lyria: Yeah, we were all so worried about you, Luna.
Luna: Huh? How come?
Vyrn: You've gotta be kidding. We're a family now—of course we worry about you.
Luna: Huh. I don't get it but whatever!
Vyrn: Eh... Uh... What! You really don't understand, do you! You're not even a little sorry!
Lyria: Hee-hee! It looks like Vyrn and Luna have gotten off to a great start!
Lyria and (Captain) watch them and smile.
After Luna leaves, the husband and wife lean against each other.
Husband: Thank you, Luna. Our little girl was always right here with us, wasn't she?
Wife: We're family, dear. We have to give each other the strength to go on.
The couple give their doll a proper burial and resolve to begin their lives anew.
Empowered by the memory of their daughter, they are sure to live rich lives in the days to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ルナのお友達になってよ! You should come on my adventure.
ウフフッ… Heh-heh-heh!
みんなでお散歩楽しいね! This is just like a storybook!
ねぇ、何して遊んでくれるの? What do you wanna do?
じゃあ…殺すねっ! This is the part where I kill you!
ルナのお友達にしてあげないっ! You can't come on my adventure!
嫌い。ぜんぶ嫌い! I hate this! I hate it all!
パパ、ママ、行こうっ! Mother! Father! Come on!
(主人公)さんっておもしろいね! You're funny, (Captain)!
(主人公)さんとお友達になりたいな。 (Captain), come on my adventure!

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage of Bahamut[edit]