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My Friends

Mimori, Ferry, and Lyria spend an afternoon together, but Mimori seems hesitant to talk about herself. Eventually the trio winds up in a cake shop.

Mimori: There's this building in my hometown, Nekome City, called Shadowverse Stadium.
Mimori: It's a place to where people from all around gather to test each other's Shadowverse skills.
Ferry: Shadowverse Stadium, huh? It sounds like it must often get crowded.
This is Mimori Amamiya. She's a shy Shadowverse player who was unfortunately defeated while playing in the Shadowverse Grand Prix.
After appearing in the Sky Realm, she encountered (Captain) and the Grandcypher crew, and decided to set sail with the friendly bunch.
Lyria and Ferry have invited her to a cafe to get to know their new crewmate and help her adjust.
Lyria: Did you go to the stadium often, Mimori?
Mimori: Me? Yes, I did.
Mimori: But I'm honestly just an average player.
Ferry: Really? It seems to me like you know everything about the game.
Mimori: I wouldn't go that far. Heh...
Lyria and Ferry find themselves infatuated with Mimori's account as the girls draw comparisons between Mimori's home world and the Sky Realm.
Lyria: So what kinds of things do you do other than play Shadowverse?
Mimori: Other things? Let's see... I'm not into anything special, so...
Waitress's Voice: Welcome, welcome! Sorry for the wait. We're a bit busy right now.
Mimori & Ferry: Ah.
Ferry: The place sure got packed. It's getting a bit cramped for me.
Mimori: It really is. Shall we find another place?
Ferry: Are you sure? You had a headache and passed out before waking up in this world. We shouldn't leave before you're ready.
Mimori: No, it's all right! I'm completely fine!
Lyria: Okay, but only if you don't push yourself! Let's head out!
And thus the three girls exit the Shadowverse Cafe, intent on finding the next spot.
Ferry's Pets: ...
Mimori: Um...
Ferry: Haha. I think they like you.
Ferry's Pets: ...
Mimori: ...
Ferry: Oh, sorry. You're not a fan of animals?
Ferry walks over to Mimori's side and calls her pets to heel.
Mimori: No, no! They're just so cute.
Ferry: Want to pet them?
Mimori: What! I couldn't...
Ferry: Just ask them first. They can't speak, but they understand our language. Nothing to be worried about.
Mimori: Can I touch you?
Ferry's Pets: ...
Ferry: Hehe. They said, "Go for it!"
Mimori: Really? Well, here we go. How's this?
Mimori: Hehe. They're so adorable.
Lyria & Mimori: Hehe.
Ferry's Pets: ...
Lyria: Is it just me, or have your pets really taken a liking to Mimori?
Ferry: They're just happy she's not scared of them.
Mimori: Scared? Why would I be scared?
Ferry: Well, ghosts who take the form of beasts don't make for the friendliest-looking spirits.
Mimori: Eep!
Lyria: Mimori! What's the matter?
Mimori: These little guys... are g-ghosts?
Ferry: Um, well... Yes, in fact, they are.
Ferry: Are you scared? I knew this was a bad idea.
Mimori: ...
Mimori: No. They really aren't scary.
Ferry's Pets: ...
Ferry: Haha. I'm glad there's no problem then.
Lyria: I'm not good with scary things myself.
Lyria: But there are a lot of nice ghosts out there too.
Mimori: Wait, so there are terrifying ghosts in this world after all?
Lyria: Um... This one time, when we went inside an old mansion, this ghostly girl popped out at us like "WooOOooo..."
Mimori: Eep, a ghostly maiden...
Lyria: I could feel a presence behind us, and when I turned around...
Lyria: There she was!
Mimori: Aaah!
Ferry: Lyria, don't frighten the poor girl. Ghosts with bad dispositions are few and far between.
Mimori: Really? That's a relief.
Ferry: Phantoms aside, it seems like the world you come from is very different from this one.
Ferry: If there's anything you don't understand about life here, feel free to ask.
Lyria: You've already taught us so much about your world, it's only right we return the favor!
Mimori: Thank you both! That would be a big help!
Ferry: Well, it seems we've still got some time before we have to meet with the rest of the crew. What should we show you next?
Lyria: Ooh! I know a place full of sparkles! It's really pretty.
Mimori: Um... Like a jewelry store?
Ferry: Yep! Do you have them in your world too?
Mimori: Yeah. I don't really go to them though.
Ferry: Neither do I. Personally speaking, I've never seen the point.
Mimori: Shall we check this one out? I wouldn't go to it alone, but...
Lyria: Yeah, let's go together! It'll be fun!
Ferry: Hopefully. After you, girls.
The Three: Whoa.
The jewelry store is filled with lustrous accessories.
Shopkeeper: You won't find products like ours anywhere else. Our pieces change colors depending on the elemental composition of the wearer.
Mimori: So jewels can change color here...
Shopkeeper: They certainly can! Care to try?
Mimori: Um, maybe?
Lyria: I want to! Let's do it!
Lyria slips on a bracelet, lighting the stones with a brilliant luster.
Lyria: It looks like a rainbow.
Shopkeeper: Now, isn't this rare! They say that anyone who displays that array matches every element.
Lyria: Hehe! It's your turn Ferry!
Ferry: Me? I don't really care.
Lyria: When else are we going to have the opportunity? Besides, it doesn't hurt or anything!
Ferry: Okay, if you insist.
Ferry slips on the bracelet next. The jewels shine in a different set of hues.
Shopkeeper: How beautiful! This means you've got both light and dark swirling around inside.
Ferry: Light and dark, huh? That's neat.
Lyria: Your turn, Mimori—huh?
Mimori: ...
Lyria: Mimori! It's your turn!
Mimori: But, but...
Lyria: What's the matter?
Mimori: Hah... Haha. I'm not sure why, but this has made me nervous.
Mimori: I'm nothing special. The bracelet won't shine nearly as beautifully as it did for you two.
Lyria: It doesn't matter! You're a great person—no matter what color appears!
Ferry: Yeah, you're being too hard on yourself. There's nothing to worry about.
Mimori: Okay. I'll try it. Could you help me?
The shopkeeper slips the bracelet on Mimori's wrist.
Mimori: This light... What does it mean? It's a combination of green, blue, and brown.
Lyria: Wow! That's so pretty!
Ferry: What a vivid spread of colors. It suits you, Mimori.
Shopkeeper: Yet another rare combination! A mixture of wind, water, and earth could mean you're protected by the power of nature.
Shopkeeper: But there's also light in the center. Rather than being your personal element, perhaps this is hinting that there's something conflicting within you as well.
Mimori: Something that conflicts with light? So, in other words... darkness?
Shopkeeper: Indeed. Does that ring any bells? Anyone you know that would match darkness?
Mimori: (Hmm... That sounds like Alice, I guess. No... It couldn't be her.)
Shopkeeper: I bet whatever it represents, it'll be an eventful encounter for you. I hope it turns out well.
Mimori: Me too. Thank you.
Ferry: That was fun. But we've still got some time left. What else do you want to do, Mimori?
Mimori: Hmm... I'm not sure.
Lyria: Whoa! Really? That's a great find!
Mimori & Ferry: ...?
Lyria: Huh? Ferry, Mimori?
Lyria: There you are. I went ahead on my own and thought I'd lost you two.
Ferry: Sorry, Lyria. We were absorbed in our chat. What did you find?
Lyria: Well, I heard that there's a great store just ahead!
Lyria: How about it, Mimori?
Mimori: Sure thing! I'm game!
Ferry: Hehe. Lead the way, Lyria.
Lyria: You got it!
Lyria: Are there market streets in your world too, Mimori?
Mimori: There sure are. But this one seems pretty big.
Ferry: Having all the shops in a single place sure is convenient. Did you go to your market streets often?
Mimori: Sometimes, I guess? I bought this hair ornament at one. I went by myself, though.
Lyria: It's so pretty! It's perfect for you!
Mimori: Hehe, you think so? I thought it might have been too flashy for a plain-Jane like me.
Ferry: ...
Mimori: Heh. So what do you and Lyria do to pass the time?
Lyria: Let's see... We hop aboard our airship and travel to lots of different islands!
Ferry: It's hard work, but it's got its perks. Thanks to our friends.
Mimori: Traveling with friends... Haha, sounds great.
Lyria: Sometimes we even sing and dance in the mess hall when musicians visit! It's so much fun!
Lyria: Ah! That's right! There's actually a musician who's going to lead us all tonight!
Mimori: In the mess hall?
Lyria: Yeah! It's easy to gather everyone there, so we can all clap along to the beat!
Mimori: That... that does sound fun.
Mimori: But I, um, can't really carry a tune very well.
Ferry: I, for one, would love to hear your singing voice, Mimori.
Lyria: Me too! Ferry and I will sing with you.
Ferry: Wait! Me too?
The girls continue walking and chatting down the market street, when suddenly Lyria comes to a halt.
Lyria: Here we are! This place is supposed to have great cake!
Mimori: Cake! I love cake!
Ferry: Me too. Let's head in!
Ready to rest their tired feet, the three girls enter the cake shop.

My Friends: Scene 2

None of the girls can decide which cake they would like, having narrowed down their options to three potential choices each. The owner suggests that the girls play Shadowverse in order to come to a decision.

At Lyria's insistence, the three girls enter the famous cake shop.
Mimori: Wow! Amazing!
Ferry: So many options...
Lyria: Everything looks delicious. But I doubt even I could finish everything here.
The three peer at the cakes lined up in the shop's showcase.
Old Lady: Hehe. Everything has been made with love. Whatever you choose, it'll be the right choice.
Lyria: That doesn't help me decide at all.
Mimori: Haha. Now I'm more lost than ever.
Ferry: There's still time before we have to meet up with the others. We can take our time to think about it.
The three stand there, no further decided than the moment they entered the store.
The Three: Umm...
Old Lady: Hehe.
Ferry: Has anyone else made up their mind yet? I'm still deciding. Give me a second.
Lyria: Mm. I'm not sure yet either.
Mimori: I've narrowed it down to three choices. But getting down to one is too hard.
Ferry: Same. Do I go for the fluffy cheese souffle, the pancakes, or the mega cream puff?
Lyria: I'm trying to choose between the cake and ice cream, a strawberry parfait, or the shortcake.
Mimori: I've got my eyes on the tiramisu, the roll cake, or the apple pie.
Ferry: Ugh, this would have been so much easier if we all had overlapping tastes.
Lyria: Yeah, now that I hear what everyone else wants, it's kind of making me change my mind.
Mimori: Yeah, no kidding...
The Three: It's too hard to choose!
Old Lady: Now, dears. While you've been trying to make up your minds, it's gotten quite late. I'll have to close soon.
Mimori: Sorry! It's just they all seem so good.
Old Lady: I'll take that as a compliment! But if you're still making up your mind, how about playing Shadowverse with each other to decide?
Old Lady: There's nothing a little friendly competition can't settle.
Mimori: Shadowverse? But, I...
Ferry: It's a solution that befits this island. But we just learned the rules, so we wouldn't be much of a match for Mimori.
Lyria: It sounds like a good opportunity to learn! How about it, Ferry? Mimori?
Mimori: Yeah. Okay, let's do it!
Ferry and Lyria agree to team up against Mimori due to the difference in experience.
Old Lady: Are you finished making your decks?
Mimori: I'm ready.
Ferry: We are too. Maybe. I made one like you taught me to, at least.
Lyria: Um, don't you think this card would be stronger though?
Ferry: Good point. But if we take that one out, it makes it harder to play this spell.
Old Lady: You're still having trouble deciding? Hurry up! The shop will be closed soon!
Ferry & Lyria: Yikes!
With grim determination on their faces, the three girls take their crystal slates in hand.
Old Lady: Shadowverse!
The Three: Showdown!
A battle to determine all things cake and glory has begun!

My Friends: Scene 3

It's clear that Mimori is taking it easy on Ferry and Lyria, who have only recently been introduced to Shadowverse. After some remarks from the owner, Mimori realizes that the pair would benefit more from seeing her true skill, and she wins the battle. The trio then gallivant off to enjoy their cakes and deeper bond.

Mimori: (I go first. And my draw was pretty good.)
Ferry & Lyria: ...!
Mimori: ...
Mimori: I'll play Elf Child May and end my turn!
Old Lady: Oh? When you play her, she deals 1 damage to a random follower. You sure you should put her out now?
Mimori: Um, yes. I think it's the right time.
Lyria: Then it's our turn! First we'll draw!
Ferry: Let's see... We'll play a Goblin and end our turn.
Mimori: Okay, draw! I'll attack your Goblin with May! Then I'll play this, and end my turn!
Lyria: Now it's our turn! Sorry, but Mr. Goblin is going to attack you, Mimori!
The turns pass one by one.
Mimori: Now I'll put two Fairies into play and then play an Elf Guard!
Mimori: Now my Elf Guard has Ward! I'll end my turn there!
Ferry: Ngh! Now we can't attack her...
Lyria: Nope! But we can play our own Ward! That ends our turn!
Lyria: We've still got a lot of life left. We're doing fine, Ferry!
Ferry: Yeah. But what do we do next?
Old Lady: Oh, come now. This battle hasn't even started yet.
Lyria: Huh?
Ferry: ...
Old Lady: Let me remind you: there's nothing a little friendly competition can't settle.
Old Lady: But if you don't start competing, there's no point. So start putting your backs into it, girls!
Mimori: ...!
Ferry: Mimori. You may not want to hear this, but I think we're a lot alike.
Ferry: You've shown me great kindness. And I'm grateful for your friendship. But...
Ferry: But, we have to settle this. Because I want to know you even better.
Mimori: Ferry...
Mimori: Okay. You're right.
Mimori: I'm sorry, you guys. It's not that I mean to hold back.
Mimori: It's just, I have no confidence. I wasn't sure if I could give you a match that would be fun for you.
Ferry: This match isn't just for Lyria and me.
Ferry: If you aren't enjoying yourself too, then this is all just a waste of time.
Mimori: You're right. Yeah... Thanks!
Mimori: I'll show you everything I have, so...
Mimori: So! Get ready for it!
Ferry & Lyria: ...!
Mimori's expression shifts; her determination becomes plain.
Mimori: It's my turn! Draw! I'll play an Elven Princess Mage and evolve her!
Mimori: I'll attack your Feathered Patroller and destroy it!
Ferry: (Her play style has changed! She used an evolve point aggressively!)
Lyria: (Wow! Mimori is going all out!)
Ferry: Hehe! I see we'll need to put in a little more elbow grease ourselves! Let's go, Lyria!
Lyria: Yeah! It's our turn! Draw!
Ferry & Lyria: ...!
Ferry: Lyria.
Lyria: Yes!
Lyria: We'll play a Skeleton Knight, evolve it, and attack your Elf Guard!
Mimori: Ngh!
Ferry: Now you don't have any Wards left! Which means we can use this!
Ferry: I'll cast Phantom Howl! Which will put four Ghosts with Storm into play!
Ferry: Two will attack your Elven Princess Mage! And the rest will attack you directly, Mimori!
Mimori: Aaah!
Lyria: That's the end of our turn!
Mimori: I've only got one health left—this is my last turn!
Ferry: Hehe. But you won't be giving up, will you?
Lyria: Keep going till the very end, Mimori!
Mimori: Right! It's my turn! Draw!
Mimori: (This card doesn't help! There has to be something I can do!)
Mimori: Okay, first thing! I'll play two zero-cost Fairies!
Mimori: Then I'll play Nature's Guidance to return a Fairy to my hand and draw a card!
Mimori: Come on! Give me something good!
Ferry & Lyria: ...!
Mimori: ...!
Mimori: I'll play all the Fairies in my hand! And then...
Mimori: Divine power of the wood—
Mimori: Spring forth! Go, Brilliant Fairy!
Ferry: That's...!
Lyria: It's Mimori's trump card!
Mimori: Yep! This will be the biggest play I can muster!
Mimori: Brilliant Fairy's effect will activate, evolving all Fairies and giving them Storm!
Mimori: I'll attack you directly! Fly, my Fairies!
Ferry & Lyria: Aaah!
Mimori: Pant, pant... Did I win?
Mimori: And, um, are you two okay?
Lyria: That was amazing!
Mimori: Huh!
Lyria: Mimori, you're so talented! You're really good at the game—it brings out your confident side!
Mimori: Lyria...
Ferry: Your feelings came across in your play, Mimori. I'll never forget this match. It was enjoyable and endearing.
Mimori: I won't either! It was so much fun!
Old Lady: Ahh! That was a match for the ages!
Mimori: Um, thanks to you, I was able to really give it my all!
Old Lady: Then I'm glad I could help! I'll have your cake right up!
Old Lady: I've got an acquaintance who owns a nearby dining hall. You can enjoy your cake at their place.
Mimori: A dining hall?
Lyria: Yay! Thank you very much!
Old Lady: Haha! Well, good-bye for now! Take care of yourselves!
Lyria: I can't wait to dig into the cakes! Let's hurry to the dining hall!
Ferry: Shouldn't we have a light meal or something before we dig into dessert?
Mimori: ...
Mimori: Wait! Lyria, Ferry, could I ask you guys something?
Lyria: Sure! What is it?
Mimori: Earlier, you said that a musician would be leading us in a song and dance in the mess hall, right?
Mimori: When you first invited me, I wasn't feeling very brave, but now...
Mimori: I was just wondering, if... If you would both sing and dance with me!
Mimori: It seems like a fun way to bond, and I'd like to be even better friends!
Lyria: Yes, yes, yes! That sounds great!
Ferry: It'll be a little embarrassing, but, hey... Getting a little exercise before we gorge ourselves doesn't sound half bad.
Mimori: Thank goodness! I'm not exactly a talented musician... But I'll give it everything I've got anyway!
Shadowverse has brought the three girls closer together.
It was this bonding exercise that allowed Mimori to discover a newfound confidence—and, perhaps, unlock a hidden talent.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
本物の妖精さん見てみたいかも… I'd like to see a real live fairy.
騎空艇で空を飛ぶって気持ちよさそう……! I can't wait to soar through the skies on an airship!
なんだか夢を見てるみたいだよ… It's like I’m dreaming...
こ、怖いお化けかぁ…もし会ったらどうしよう… W-what if a big, scary ghost leaps out at us?
ブリリアントフェアリーが私に勇気をくれるんだ Brilliant Fairy helps me feel confident.
フェリちゃんとまたシャドバしたいな! I hope I get to play Shadowverse with Ferry again soon!
ビィ君って可愛いドラゴンだよね Vyrn's such a cute, little dragon!
ルリアちゃんと歌えて楽しかったなぁ…! Singing with Lyria was great fun!
(主人公)さんはどんなデッキが好き? What kind of decks do you like to play, (Captain)?
(主人公)さん達が一緒で心強いな! I feel like I can accomplish anything now that I'm in your crew, (Captain)!