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Bursting with Curiosity

Together with our heroes, Mio dropped into the nearest town. The towns of this world were new to her eyes, and with great interest she bombarded the party with questions. While doing so, Mio suddenly asked the party if she could come along with them on their journey. When they heard the reason she had decided to trust (Captain), the party were pleased to grant her request.

Mio: Wha... wow! What a pretty town... It looks like a theme park!
Mio: Hey! Right, (Captain)? What kind of shop is that?
Mio: Hm...! Something smells delicious...
Vyrn: Good grief... don’t get so worked up.
With Mio in tow, our heroes passed through the forest and dropped into the nearest town.
Mio: The sky is clearly visible from here... Ah! Those are airships flying about, aren’t they?
Lyria: Yes! We also travel by airship.
Mio: Oh! That’s amazing... That’s the kind of world this is!
Mio: Huh? That shop clerk has sprouted horns...
Vyrn: Hm? Yeah, that clerk is a member of the Draph race. Both male and female Draphs grow horns.
Mio: Whaaaa! What is the deal with that person who has ears like a cat?
Lyria: That person is an Erune. Not everyone has the same kind of ears, you know.
Mio: Makes sense! I see...
Mio: Hey! Hey, what about that shop?
Vyrn: Mmm? That is the Knickknack Shack. It has been a great help to us.
Mio: The Knickknack Shack?! How about that! Such a shop!
Mio: So what about the shop next to the Knickknack Shack? What kind of shop is that?
Lyria: Um... I think that’s a tailor! Or so that sign would seem to indicate...
Mio: So there is a tailor here, too! Well, it certainly seems to be that!
Mio: That's it!From here on out, would it be okay for me to come along with you on your journey, (Captain)?
Vyrn: What's that?
Vyrn: What’s the matter? Asking something like that all of a sudden...
Mio: Hahaha... I tend to think about a lot of different things...
Mio: (Captain), there is something about you that reminds me of a producer.
Mio: A producer is somebody in a distant world who helps me shine...
Mio: Anyway, I know I can count on you! Because you feel just like my producer, (Captain).
Mio: Therefore, it seems like I would be able to rely on you, (Captain).
Mio: Plus I haven’t the slightest idea how to return to my original world...
Mio: Honestly, I would like for (Captain) and friends to help me!
  1. Not a problem!
  2. It might be difficult...

Choose: Not a problem!
Vyrn: Yeah! I think if you went with us to various islands you would find a way to go back!

Choose: It might be difficult...
Vyrn: Hey hey... It’s fine! Abandoning somebody in trouble would not be worthy of a skyfarer!
Mio: Thank you! I can rely on you and your friends after all, (Captain)!
Lyria: Okay then! I look forward to traveling with you! Miss Mio!
Mio: Yeah! I’m quite looking forward to it! Lurian!
Lyria: Um... “Lurian?"
Mio: Hahaha... It’s easy to say, and it’s cute!
Lyria: Haha... yes! Thanks for the wonderful nickname!
Vyrn: So, girl, are you getting nicknames to everyone?
Mio: Yeah! Nicknames are easy to say, and they bring us all closer together!
Vyrn: Hmph... So what nickname you have in store for me?
Mio: Vyrn... Hm, Vyrn, maybe. That already sounds like a nickname!
Vyrn: No way...
Once again, Mio was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
Mio racked her brain for a while coming up for a nickname for Vyrn, but ultimately could not think any bright ideas.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Mio, whose hobby is shopping, shows interest in the various stores offered by the skydoms. As they make their way around the stores, Mio learns of Lyria's circumstances and promises to show her how girls enjoy a day in the town. At that time, however, monsters suddenly appear.

Mio: There are so many different shops... Hey! What's that shop selling?
Lyria: U-Umm... That place is...
(Captain)'s party explored the town with Mio, who seemed to have an endless interest in the stores around her.
Vyrn: Geez. How does she not get bored?
Mio: Well! First of all, shopping is my hobby...
Mio: And to me, these are shops of another world! Of course I won't get bored!
Mio: Sooo, first let's check out that dressmaker's shop!
Vyrn: H-Hey! Hmph... Oh well. Let's go after her, (Captain).
Lyria: Hehe... Mio seems to be having so much fun.
Mio: I see... So these are the kinds of clothes they sell.
Lyria: Ohh! I didn't know there are clothes like this!
Mio: Mmm? Do they sell rare clothing here or something?
Vyrn: Nah... I've seen someone wearing clothes just like that at Zinkenstill.
Lyria: Ahahaha... To tell you the truth, I've barely ever gone clothes shopping here...
Mio: Huh...? Wait, you mean... Are you from a different world too?
Lyria: Umm... No, I don't think so...
Lyria explains to Mio that she was once held captive by the empire, she doesn't remember her past.
Mio: I see... So that's why you find this stuff unusual, like me...
Mio: Hm... Then today, I'll gonna teach you!
Lyria: Hm? T-Teach me what?
Mio: The fun of shopping, how to find lovely stores, and...
Mio: About fashion! We're girls after all! Leave it to me!
Mio: Let's see... First, let's check out clothes! Something that will look good on you...
Townsman: S-Someone! Is there anyone that can fight?! There are monsters in the town...!
Vyrn: Say what?! If a monster goes wild in a busy place like this...!
Lyria: Let's go! (Captain)! We need to beat it quickly!
Mio: Wha?! W-Wait a minute! Don't leave me!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Scene 2

As Mio is impressed with the fact that monsters appearing in town is part of daily life for Lyria and company, Lyria replies that it isn't only hardships in this world. A resident of the town appears to thank them as Mio wonders what she meant by that comment. As she proudly talks to the nearby children, monsters reappear and Mio joins (Captain) in battle.

Mio: Whew... That surprised me! Monsters appearing even in the middle of town like this is daily life for you guys...
Lyria: Indeed. Monsters can appear anywhere...
Lyria: But... we can't just ignore people in need.
Mio: I see... I admire you guys. You choose to live such a difficult life...
Lyria: Hehe... But it's not just all hardships you know.
Mio: Hm?
Mother: Thank you... I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't stopped that monster...
Girl: Thank you! You guys were so cool!
Mio: O-Oh, I see! You were watching us huh! You didn't get hurt, did you?
Girl: Nope, I'm okay!
Mio: Good! But it's dangerous, so you need to stay back while we fight!
Monster: Gwoooaaarrrgh!
Mio: And this is what I'm talking about... Go on, get back!
Mio: Looks like there were still some of them left! Let's take care of this quickly! (Captain)!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Scene 3

Night fell by the time they finished clearing the monsters, and Mio apologizes for not being able to show how girls normally have fun as promised. However, she is relived when Lyria replies that she still had fun. With the day's events, Mio learns that the sense of accomplishment gained from making someone smile through hard work is the same, no matter what world she is in.

Mio: I'm reeeally sorry, Lyria! I didn't think it would get this late...
Lyria: Ahahaha... It's okay, don't worry.
(Captain)'s party cleared the town of monsters, but night had already fallen.
Mio: I wanted to pick out clothes that will look cute on you today, Lyria...
Lyria: But... I had a lot of fun today thanks to you, Mio!
Mio: Oh! I'm really glad to hear that...
Lyria: ...?
Mio: Instead of being captured by bad people, or fighting for others...
Mio: You're a girl too, so I wanted you to have fun like a normal girl...
Lyria: So that's why...
Mio: Sorry for being so pushy. I can be too meddling at times... Heh.
Mio: But if you had fun, it's all good! All's well that ends well!
Mio: And besides, today I learned why you guys try so hard!
Lyria: Yes! Did you have fun too, Mio?
Mio: Yeah... Well, it's a bit different from fun, I guess.
Mio: But I feel really accomplished! It really feels good to make someone smile after trying hard at something!
Lyria: Yeah! Don't you think so too, (Captain)?
(Captain) quietly nods in response to Lyria's question.
Even when the world around her changed drastically, Mio's earnest attitude hadn't changed a bit.

Her Origins

Mio hums along to their usual tune on their way to accept a job. As cheerful ever despite having no idea how to return to her home world, Mio explains that a pop idol who delivers happiness to all can't afford to be upset. Lyria has something to ask about that, but the crew is attacked by monsters first.

Having accepted a job to hunt monsters, (Captain) and the crew head for the monsters' nesting grounds.
As they travel, the crew hears Mio humming cheerfully as she presses on ahead toward their goal.
Vyrn: Hey, what's up? That's some cheerful humming you're doing. Something good happen?
Mio: Hm? Oh, I was just doing a rhythm exercise.
Mio: I haven't had much time to practice singing since I came to this world.
Mio: I thought it would be good to find some time for it here and there, so I can practice a little, at least.
Vyrn: I get it! You're amazing, you know? Always looking forward.
Vyrn: Hehe, even though you said you can't go home, you're still working as hard as you can.
Mio: Hee hee… I guess I am. Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried…
Mio: I've been thinking a lot about my work, my friends, and Producer.
Mio: But I can't let it get me down! Being cheerful is part of my image as a pop idol. My job is to make people smile!
Lyria: Wow… Being a pop idol sounds like a wonderful job.
Lyria: I'm kind of curious… Mio-san, why did you become a pop idol?
Mio: Whoa, look out, Lyria!
Mio draws her gun, steps behind Lyria, levels it at the approaching monster, and pulls the trigger.
Monster: Grrrrrr…
Monster: Grrrrrr!
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: Oops… I guess we've reached our destination. Thanks, Mio!
Vyrn: All right! Let's take these monsters down.
Mio: Yeah! This skyfaring pop idol is ready to fight! Let's go, (Captain)-san!

Her Origins: Scene 2

(Captain) and company arrive at a town overtaken with a depressing atmosphere. The children there say it's because there is no fun to be had in the town. Mio sings and dance in an effort to cheer them up. As the townspeople plead for more, she tries to sing at the municipal cafe too, but gets caught up with a rowdy bunch.

Having finished taking care of the monsters, the crew stops in a nearby town to rest and heal up.
However, the town is wrapped in a gloomy atmosphere, and all the passers-by seem to be angry about something.
Vyrn: Hmm… I'm getting some bad vibes from this place. For now, let's go into that tavern and—
Angry Voice: Why you— Hey! You wanna start somethin'?
Vyrn: Ugh… Wait here a minute. (Captain) and I will take a look and see if it's safe in there.
(Captain) nods, and enters the tavern with Vyrn.
Lyria: Hmm… I hope nothing happens to (Captain).
Mio: (Captain) is strong. I'm sure everything will be all right…
Mio: I wonder why everyone is so tense.
Mio gazes out across the strange town, and she spots a sad-looking little boy sitting on a nearby bench.
Mio: Hey there, are you all right? Are you lost?
Child: Nah. I just wandered off 'cause I got bored.
Lyria: B-bored?
Child: Yeah, this town is so boring. There's just nothing to do here.
Child: Ugh… The grown-ups are always at the tavern, partying and getting into brawls.
Lyria: I see… So that's why everyone here looks so unhappy.
Mio: All right, I know what to do!
Mio: I'm gonna give this my all!
Child: H-huh? What does that mean?
Mio: Hee hee… After all, I am Mio, the Grand Magician!
Lyria: What? Really?
Mio: Ah, well, the "Grand Magician" part was a joke, but I think I can pull off a little magic.
Mio: Some extra special magic to cheer everyone up!
And so, in an effort to make people happier, Mio begins to sing and dance there and then.
At first, the boy is confused, but as he watches Mio's performance with interest, he gradually begins to smile cheerfully.
By the time Mio finishes her performance, the child's eyes are sparkling, and he claps enthusiastically.
Mio: Hee hee! How was it? Are you feeling a little better now?
Child: Ahaha! Not just a little! This is the first time I've felt this happy!
Mio: Hee hee… I'm glad!
Mio smiles in relief, but suddenly she finds herself surrounded by a group of people.
Grumpy Man 1: Hey, you!
Mio: Whoa, hey—
Vyrn: What are you talking about? Telling us we should leave town…
Shopkeep: Um… The people in this town are always on edge. It doesn't take much to provoke them.
Vyrn: Huh? How did people end up like this?
Shopkeep: A long time ago, this town used to be very poor. Everyone was desperate to work harder, and it became more prosperous.
Shopkeep: But they worked so hard that they lost something in the process, and burned themselves out.
Shopkeep: (Sigh…) Now all people want to do is hang around the tavern and start fights.
Shopkeep: The locals often go up to strangers and try to pick a fight, and it causes all sorts of trouble.
Vyrn: Hmm… I get it. What a sad little town.
Vyrn: Maybe we should take Lyria and the others to another town.
Vyrn and (Captain) leave the tavern, and see Lyria and Mio surrounded by a group of angry-looking townsfolk.
Vyrn: Damn it! We only took our eyes off them for a moment. Hey, you!
Grumpy Man 1: It… it was so beautiful! I'm all weak at the knees! Miss, please…
Grumpy Man 2: Hey, miss! Maybe you can do something to help this town. Please, come with me!
Vyrn: Huh? What's going on here?
Mio: Hee hee, it looks like I have some new fans.
Vyrn: Um… So it seems. He wants you to follow him, though. What are you going to do?
Mio: Hmm… He really does seem to be in trouble, so I guess I'll go with him.
Grumpy Man 1: Thank you so much! This way!
Head bowed, the man leads the crew into the tavern (Captain) just left.
As they enter the tavern, the two men begin pleading with the patrons.
Grumpy Man 1: Ah, you're all in here! Everyone, listen to this!
Grumpy Man 2: This girl helped us find something we thought we lost!
Angry-Looking Woman: Hm, that girl did? OK, let's have a look, then.
Tavern Regular: Humph! There's no way that little girl has anything to offer us!
Vyrn: Come on, there's no need to be like that.
Tavern Regular: Huh? You got a problem? Fine, bring it on!
Vyrn: Damn, he has a weapon! Quick, (Captain), let's cool his head a little!

Her Origins: Scene 3

Previously uncertain as to whether she could continue on as a pop idol in the Sky Realm, her fear are laid to rest upon seeing everyone in such good spirits after hearing her sing. Lyria wonders what spurred Mio into becoming a pop idol in the first place, to which she responds "So everyone can become my friend, and so I can bring a smile to their face!"

The defeated man mutters curses at the crew, and moves to leave the tavern.
Mio: Hey, wait!
Tavern Regular: Humph… What, you want me to get down on my knees and apologize?
Mio: What? No, no. It's just… I haven't even started my performance yet.
Tavern Regular: Huh?
Mio: I think… I figured out something about this town. I know what you're all missing!
Mio: Well, I think I do. So I'm going to give it back to you. Please, stay and watch!
Tavern Regular: Fine, if you're that desperate to show me, I guess I can stay.
Mio: Yeah, you have nothing to lose by watching! Now, it's time for this evening's special live performance… Let's go!
Mio jumps up onto the tavern stage, flashes the audience a brilliant smile, and begins to sing and dance.
The tavern patrons are captivated by Mio's performance as it fills them with joy.
When Mio's performance ends, the tavern patrons rise to their feet, cheering and clapping.
Tavern Regular: Wow! That was amazing! I've never had so much fun before, Mio-chan!
Grumpy Man 1: Ah… That was wonderful. I haven't had this much fun since the town's humbler days.
Angry-Looking Woman: It wasn't always easy back then, but we knew how to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
Angry-Looking Woman: I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed listening to music.
Tavern Regular: Ha ha… I think I'll be able to go back to work feeling positive again tomorrow.
Tavern Regular: But it makes me a little sad to think today is the only day we'll be able to enjoy this.
Mio: The only day? If you like, I can come back again for another performance.
Tavern Regular: What, really? Th-that makes me so happy to hear… (sob…)
Mio: Aw, there's no need to cry. And I'd just got you smiling! Come on, let's turn that frown around!
Tavern Regular: Heh… These are tears of joy. OK, everyone, let's give Mio-chan and her friends a proper welcome!
Angry-Looking Woman: I'm already working on it. Come on, let's throw a feast!
The gloomy atmosphere lifts from the town and disappears without a trace, and everyone comes together to enjoy the feast.
Mio: I'm so glad everyone has cheered up!
Mio: To be honest, it's something I've been worrying about. Whether there's a place for me as a pop idol in this world.
Mio: But now I understand. I'm the same person wherever I go.
Mio: I want to make people smile, and that's not going to change, so I'm going to do my best as a pop idol!
Vyrn: Hehe… You really are full of joy.
Mio: Tee hee, thanks! Oh, by the way, Lyria, were you trying to ask me something this morning?
Lyria: Oh, yeah, I was. It's nothing much, just something I was wondering…
Lyria: Why did you become a pop idol, Mio-san?
As she hears Lyria's question, she gazes fondly at the smiling townsfolk.
Mio: I want to become friends with all kinds of different people.
Mio: I became a pop idol because I want to make friends and bring smiles to everyone's faces!
Lyria: That's a wonderful reason, Mio-san! It's just like you.
Tavern Regular: Heeey, Mio-chaaan! Please sing us another song!
Mio: All right, let's bring those smiles out one more time!
Mio: (I wish Shiburin and Shimamu could be here to sing with me, too…)
As Mio climbs onto the stage, she imagines singing and dancing with her precious friends.
Mio: (Hee hee… If we could get everyone together, this would be the best concert ever!)
With that thought in mind, Mio begins to sing and dance again.
For a short time, everyone in the tavern enjoys watching the songstress shining like the sun as she gives her performance.

Natural Charisma

(Captain) and company learn that Mio is trying to hold a concert with Rin and Uzuki. Under Vyrn's urging, Mio goes to Sierokarte for advice and learns how much it will cost to go through with it. Mio takes on quests like any good skyfarer to save up money for their live performance to come.

One day, Mio asks Rin and Uzuki to join her in the airship mess hall.
Mio: Ahem… It's time for our strategy meeting to discuss how to spread the name of our group "new generations" in this world!
Seeing Rin and Uzuki sat in front of her, cheerful Mio can't help but grin.
Uzuki: Um…
Mio: Hey, what's wrong, Shimamu? You're looking a little down.
Rin: I'm feeling troubled myself. Where did this come from, all of a sudden?
Mio: Ha ha… Sorry, this did come out of nowhere, didn't it?
Mio: Um, anyway, what I'm saying is, I want new generations to put on a concert in this world!
Mio: I mean, ever since we came here, we haven't had a chance to be the pop idols we are.
Rin: It's true… With all this skyfarer and "other world" stuff, we've been under too much pressure to be pop idols.
Mio: Right? So I think it would be great to put a show on, and bring some smiles to the people in this world!
Uzuki: Oooh, that's a great idea! It's been so long since I've had the chance to do that!
Rin: Hmm… But we still have to think about the venue, how to invite people… There's a lot to work out.
As Rin worries, the door to the mess hall opens, and someone calls out.
Vyrn: Hehe! About these problems of yours…
Mio: Wait, is that… Vyrn! Are you here to help us out?
Vyrn: Of course I am! For you three, anything!
Mio: Vyrn… Thank you so much!
Rin: Haha, what's all this about?
Vyrn: Hehe… I don't really know. Mio is just so cheerful that it's infectious!
Vyrn: Anyway, for now, let's visit our friend at the Knickknack Shack. I'm sure she'll be able to help.
Mio: You mean Sierokarte-san? Yeah, I'm sure she can come up with something.
And so, the crew sets off for the Knickknack Shack.
Mio explains the situation to Sierokarte when she and the crew arrive.
Sierokarte: I see! So you need a venue, and a way to draw in guests. Hmm… I can help, but…
Sierokarte: Well, this sort of thing doesn't come cheap, you know?
Sierokarte reluctantly tells the crew how much it will cost to put the show on.
Vyrn: Whoa… That's a lot of money. I guess there's not a lot we can do, then.
Mio: Th-then, let's work as skyfarers! We can earn the money by accepting jobs, right?
Mio: And then we can practise between assignments!
Rin: I guess that could work. It's not like we're in a hurry.
Uzuki: Yeah, let's make this happen!
Mio: All right, it's decided! Now let's get to work, OK?
At Mio's words, the crew nods. They quickly take a monster hunting job from the Knickknack Shack.

Natural Charisma: Scene 2

Just a few days before the live performance, a large horde of monsters nearly destroys the town. It was surely too late to restore the town in time for the concert, or so they thought. Those who had previously heard Mio's singing all came running to help with the repairs, and they managed to fix the town and set up the stage just a day early. Unfortunately, another horde of monsters comes to attack the town.

Work and practice alike have been going well for Mio, Rin and Uzuki.
It takes some time, but eventually they successfully raise the capital to book a stage in a large town.
With help from the crew, Sierokarte prepares a large quantity of tickets, and the concert sells out.
Mio: Yeah, now it's sure to be a success!
Rin: I can't believe all those tickets actually sold…
Uzuki: The ticket sales are just numbers. People will actually turn up, right?
Mio: Aw, we'll be fine! We've been practising, and I know we can pull this off!
Mio: Come on, Shimamu, Shiburin! Shrug off those worries and have some fun, all right?
Rin: You're right, Mio. Let's make this work.
Mio: Great! Now, let's get practising ready for the big day.
Mio cheerfully throws herself into practice for the concert with Rin and Uzuki.
Everything has been coming along well, ready for the big day, but something is about to happen…
Mio: W-what? The stage and the town… We can't use them?
A few days before the concert, something happens. A swarm of monsters attack the town hosting the show.
Town Mayor: I'm very sorry… The town needs to be repaired, and we're just not in a position to host a concert.
Sierokarte: Hmm… This is quite the problem. What are we going to tell all the fans who bought tickets?
Uzuki: I don't know… They were all looking forward to it.
Rin: There's no way we can find another venue. We don't have the time or money…
Mio: No, we can't just give up now!
Mio: Mr. Mayor, please! Will you let us use your town?
Town Mayor: What? But I already told you the town is—
Mio: We'll help with the repair work! If we start now and work really hard, I'm sure we can do it!
Mio: Besides, the townsfolk must all be feeling pretty down right now…
Mio: I want to cheer them up, make them smile! So I want to sing right here, in this town!
Rin: Mio, Mr. Mayor… Let me help, too. With the town repairs.
Uzuki: Don't forget about me! I'm sure I can do something to help!
Town Mayor: Thank you so much… Please, go ahead and help.
The town is in a sorry state, and the residents are miserable, walking around with downturned faces.
Townsperson 1: …It's no good. This town is done for…
Mio: Aw, don't be like that! In times like these, you have to put on a brave face. So smile!
Townsperson 2: (Sigh…) It's pointless. Look at this place…
Mio: I guess I'll just have to show you. I'm gonna cheer you all up!
Mio gets to work, breaking out into song and dance from time to time, hoping she can bring a smile back to the resident's faces.
Repair works on the town continue, but every hour brings them closer to the day of the concert.
Lyria: Oh, no… We're not going to make it at this rate!
Mio: Don't worry, we'll be fine. Come on, let's keep working!
Mio: (It's gonna be fine… We're almost out of time, but we'll make it work, right?)
As Mio worries to herself, she hears a familiar voice.
Tavern Regular: Heeey! Miiiooo-chaaan!
Vyrn: No way, is that… The guy from that tavern?
Angry-Looking Woman: Hee hee, not just him! We all came running when we heard.
Grumpy Man 1: The lady from the Knickknack Shack told us Mio-chan was in trouble.
Grumpy Man 2: That's why we came. Mio-chan, you helped us out, and now it's time for us to return the favor!
Mio: Th-thank you so much, everyone…
Mio: All right! Let's all work together and finish this!
Everyone cheers in response to Mio's shout, and the laborers return to their work with renewed vigor.
In the end, the day before the concert, repairs to the town are finished, and construction of the stage is completed.
Vyrn: Hehe! We did it! I almost thought we wouldn't make it.
Mio: Yeah… Thank you, everyone! We couldn't have done this without your help!
Townsperson 1: Hahaha, we're the ones who should be thanking you. If you hadn't been here, we would have given up.
Town Mayor: That's right… Thank you so much!
Mio: Hee hee, you're making me blush!
As Mio smiles bashfully, one of the townsfolk comes running over in a terrible state.
Townsperson 2: Quick, it's awful! The monsters are back, a whole horde of them!
Vyrn: W-what? But we've only just fixed the town…
Mio: I… I won't let those beasts take the smiles from these people for a second time! Come on, let's go!
Vyrn: Yeah, let's take them down, (Captain)!

Natural Charisma: Scene 3

Rather nervous in front of such a large crowd, Mio manages to keep her cool with Rin, Uzuki, and the rest of the crew rooting for her. The beaming Mio responds to the crowd's shouts of excitement and cries of joy for an encore, and begins the final song and dance for the day.

Once the monsters have been safely defeated, the day of the concert finally arrives.
A large crowd has gathered in the newly-repaired town square where the concert will be held.
Rin: Wow, that's a lot of people… It's the first time I've seen so many in one place since we arrived in this world.
Uzuki: Mio-chan…
Mio: Oh, it's fine! Don't worry about me!
Rin: Mio, your hand…
Rin points at Mio's hand, which is trembling a little.
Mio: Th-that's just because I'm excited! I-I'm fine!
Rin gently takes Mio's hand in her own.
Rin: It's OK, Mio. We can do this.
Seeing this, Uzuki reaches out and take's Mio's other hand.
Uzuki: This is going to be the best concert ever, and everyone will love it!
Mio: Shiburin, Shimamu…
Lyria: It's OK, Mio-san. We're all here to cheer you on!
Vyrn: That's right! You perform with everything you have, and we'll support you with everything we have!
Mio: Lyria… Vyrn…
Mio: Thank you, everyone…
Mio: All right, let's get this show started! We'll make everyone smile!
As she smiles happily, Mio's hand stops shaking.
Mio, Rin and Uzuki head on stage relaxed and happy.
Mio: Thanks for waiting, everyone!
The three pop idols answer the crowd's cheering with smiles, and begin to dance and sing.
Tavern Regular: Wow! Mio-chan, that was amazing!
Townsperson 1: So this is a pop concert, huh? It was so much fun!
Mio: I hope everyone enjoyed themselves with a smile…
Rin: Of course they did. They all look happy.
Mio: You think so? Hee hee, I'm glad.
Mio: Even in a fantasy world, we can still make it as pop idols.
Mio: Well, I knew this already, but being a pop idol really is the best!
Uzuki: Yeah, I really love doing concerts with everyone! Let's do it again some time.
Grumpy Man 1: Heeey! More, more! Give us another song!
Starting with one man's cry, soon the audience is demanding an encore.
Mio: Looks like they're asking for us, hee hee. Let's go!
The three pop idols answer the call for an encore, and once again begin to sing and dance.
The sight of the three girls shining on stage brings light and cheer to the people's hearts, and smiles to their faces.

Natural Charisma: Scene 4

Mistaking the skyfarers and Vyrn for part of her idol shoot, Mio goes off on her own in search of her producer. However, Mio loses her way in the dense forrest, and finds herself back with (Captain) and the crew.

???: Shnargle…
Mio: Whoa, that was amazing! Thanks for helping me out just now!
Vyrn: Don't mention it! We were just here for the bounty on these monsters.
Mio: Oh I see. So you guys are going for that kind of setting…
Lyria: Uhh, setting?
Mio: I was so surprised, though. I actually thought I was being attacked or something…
Mio: Special effects have really come a long way! So are there people inside those things?
Vyrn: Err… What are you trying to say?
Mio: Well, in any case, thank you all soooo much! I best be off now. Ciao!
Mio: If I'm any later the producer will be so angry!
Vyrn: Hey, wait! Ah, too late. Where's she running off to?
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. What did she mean by "setting"?
Lyria: Who knows…
Mio: Hmmmmm. I've got to get back to the shoot, but…
Mio: …Where even am I? Is this one of the sets? But then, when did I…?
Mio: Am I daydreaming or something? Oh, I hope the producer doesn't get angry with me!
Mio: Wait, is that them over there? Hey! Mr. Producer!
Vyrn: Huh? She's back again, (Captain).
Lyria: What's the matter? Did you forget something?
Mio: Huh? Oh dang, I'm sorry. Seems I went the wrong way…
Lyria: And off she goes again…
Mio: What's going on? I thought I was walking in a straight line, but…
Mio: Aha! Over there! This time is has to be the producer!
Mio: Heeeeeey! Mr. Producer!
???: Shnargle?
Mio: Wha?
???: Shnaaargle!
Mio: Aah, there's more of em!
???: Shnargle…
Vyrn: Hey, you all right? Oh, it's you again!
Mio: Seems I keep running into you all…
Mio: Err… Th-this isn't a set, is it?
(Captain)'s crew explained to Mio about their world.
Lyria: From what I can make out, it sounds as though you're from a different world to this one.
Mio: So, that strange noise I heard was all just the sound of that green creature?
Vyrn: Exactly! And we were hired to cull those critters!
Mio: I seeeeee…
Vyrn: This area is still dangerous. For the time being at least, it's probably best if you stick with us.
Mio: I guess so. OK! I'm Mio Honda, by the way. It's nice to meet you all!
Lyria: Our pleasure, Mio!

Natural Charisma: Scene 5

Just like Mio, Mika is transported to another world, and wanders the forest in search of both Mio and Kirari. Suddenly, she is attacked by mysterious green creatures. Just when things are looking bad, Mio and (Captain)’s crew step in to save the day, allowing Mika to get out of harm’s way.

Mika: Mioooooo! Kirariiiii! Where are you?
Mika: Humph, what's going on here?
Mika: That light… What was it? Both Mio and Kirari were absorbed into it and disappeared…
Mika: And I've ended up here, in this strange forest…
Mika: I feel like I've been walking for hours, it just keeps going on… I don't even remember any of the scenes taking place in a forest…
Mika: My phone has no signal either… What have I gotten myself into…?
Mika: Come to think of it, I wonder what Rika is doing. Maybe they've started the shoot…
Mika: We disappeared so suddenly, everyone must be worried… The producer must be worried, too…
Mika: Huh? Wh-what was that? Is someone there?
Mika: Could it be… Mio? Or the producer?
???: Shnargle.
Mika: Huh?
???: Shnaaargle!
Mika: Whoa! Wh-what ARE these things!
Mika: Wait, what are you? Are you angry, little… thingies?
???: Shnaaargle! Shnargle shnargle!
Mika: Aargh! This can't be happening! Someone help!
???: Shnargle?
Mio: Mika! Are you okay?
Mika: Mio! Boy, am I glad to see you safe! But who are these people?
Vyrn: Save the chitchat for later! First, let's do something about these things! Get ready, (Captain)!
Mio: …And then, just when I thought I couldn't leave the forest, these guys turned up and saved me.
Mika: I see.
Mio: Mika, were you OK? I had the fright of my life. Those green things just keep coming, and are really scary when they're angry.
Mika: Well, y-you know me. I had everything under control.
Mika: Those furballs were homing in on me like granny coming for a kiss, so I gave them a taste of my Kung-fu!
Mio: That's so you Mika, taking matters into your own hands!
Vyrn: You're one to talk… If I recall correctly, you were on the verge of crying when we showed up.
Mika: Hold up there! Maybe me and the lizard need to have a little chat later.
Vyrn: Whoa, your eyes are getting all scary! And who are you calling a lizard!
Lyria: Hahaha! In any case, I'm glad that Mio's friend turned out to be all right.

Natural Charisma: Scene 6

The crew head out to look for Kirari, who is alone after disappearing into the light. As they head back toward the town, they find her, but she has been made into a giant by the power of a primal crystal. Lyria absorbs the power from Kirari, and the friends are safely reunited.

Vyrn: ………
Mika: Really? It doesn't have a fastener? What about a tag with washing instructions?
Mio: I looked too, but I couldn't find one anywhere…
Mika: So… It's handmade? It's put together pretty well if that's the case!
Vyrn: I keep telling you, I'm NOT a stuffed animal!
Lyria: Um?Excuse me. Vyrn really isn't a stuffed animal…
Lyria: R-right, (Captain)?
  1. Actually… he's a stuffed animal!
  2. He's a… pal!

Choose: Actually… he's a stuffed animal!
Vyrn: Oi! What are you trying to say!
Mika: I knew he was a stuffed animal! When I think of him like that, he seems kinda cute actually.
Vyrn: But I'm NOT A TOY! (Captain), you have to tell them!

Choose: He's a… pal!
Vyrn: Hehehe. Me and (Captain) go back a long way.
Mio: Awww. When he was a kid did he hold you in his arms as he fell asleep?
Vyrn: I've watched him grow up since he was just a sprout of a boy!
Continue 1
Mika: Guys, we really don't have the time for this.
Mio: Huh? What's up, Mika?
Mika: That's right, you were the first one to disappear, weren't you, Mio?
Mika: The thing is, Kirari was also enveloped in the light and disappeared right after you.
Mio: So you're saying… Kirari is here in this world too?
Lyria: If what you're saying is true, then that sounds quite probable.
Vyrn: Oh boy, that's not good. There are some dangerous islands about that are swarming with ferocious monsters.
Mio: Oh no! We've gotta start looking for her right now!
Vyrn: We could start with the town.
Mika: There's a town? Then, we should probaby gather information there first.
Lyria: What if those monsters have appeared in the town, too? We should go quickly!
Kirari: Nyowah!
Mio: ………
Mika: ………
Lyria: ………
Vyrn: What's…going on?
Kirari: No way! It's Mio and Mika!
Mio: We've found her all right, but…
Mio: Wh-what's happened? Kirari, why are you…? It is you,isn't it?
Mika: It seems that she's safe at least! That's a relief… Right?
Kirari: Woo hoo hoo! There's a cutesy-wutesy lizard too!
Vyrn: Wha??
Lyria: Hmmm. This feeling…
Mio: What's wrong, Lyri-wyria?
Lyria: This power… I feel the power of a primal crystal…
Mika: A primal crystal? I think I've heared something about that… A primal something or other…
Mio: Soooo, the reason that Kirari is so big all of a sudden has something to do with this primal crystal thing?
Kirari: Ooh ya ya ya ya! Mr. Lizard! Wait for me!
Vyrn: Gimme a break! Lyria! Does a primal crystal really have something to do with this?
Lyria: Yes! I'm going to try and absorb the excess power!
Kirari: Whoa whoa whoa! Hey hey hey! I'm shrinking!
Vyrn: So, you've returned to your normal size now? Even so, you're still pretty big…
Kirari: Slooowly… Slooowly… Gotcha!
Vyrn: Waaa!
Kirari: Mwahahah! The lizard is MINE!
Mio: Soooo, I guess everything is sorted, then?
Vyrn: Yeah, but… Why did this girl have the power of a primal crystal in the first place?
Kirari: I had what?
Lyria: Yes, it would seem that the power of a primal crystal made her grow so big.
Kirari: A primal crystal… OH! Now that you mention it, back in the forest I did pick up this twinkly stone that looked just like a star…
Kirari: Lookee here!
Kirari showed the crew a crystal harboring the power of the stars.
Lyria: I feel the power of the stars… This is probably a primal crystal fragment…
Kirari: So, it's 'cos of this thing that I became big!
Mio: This world really is an amazing place!
Mika: It may have taken us a little while, but all of us who disappeared in that light… we're all here now, right?
Mio: Yeah… It seems we keep getting saved by (Captain).
Mio: I'm so glad that I got to meet (Captain) and the crew in this world. Thank you!

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ほら~次いくよーっ! Come on! We're moving ahead!
負けないぞーっ! I won't lose!
うんうん、いい感じっ! Yep! We're doing great!
キマったぁっ! Take that!
やるときはやるそれが私だよっ! You can count on me to help!
どーんと私に任せちゃって! Just leave it all to me!
一緒だから大丈夫っ! Stick together and we'll be alright!
笑顔はいつも忘れずにねっ☆ Don't forget to smile!
えへへ、(主人公)どうだった? Hehehe! How was that, (Captain)?
(主人公)!ちゃんと見ててね☆ Watch me, (Captain)!