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Fate Episodes

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An Oh-So-Strange Feeling

Our heroes explained this world to Mizuki, who had become lost in the Sky World. Mizuki could not hide her befuddlement. Lyria frantically proposed that she travel with the party. Mizuki was concerned that she would be a burden on the party, but (Captain) convinced her to join them on their journey. Lyria divulged to Mizuki that she had an indescribably affinity for her.

Mizuki: Indeed...
So said Mizuki as she was explained the party’s situation and this world.
Lyria: Are you alright? You look unwell, Miss Kawashima...
Mizuki: Thanks, Miss Lyria. That surprised me.
Vyrn: Well you have come to an entirely different world, Mizuki...
Mizuki: Though it's not as if I did not know of this sort of fantasy world...
Mizuki: Now getting lost in one... That’s something I would not even have dreamed of.
Mizuki: I have to get back to my original world and be with my producer again...
Mizuki: Even though I don't know how I got here... This is difficult.
Mizuki: And I know nothing about this world.
Lyria: H-hey! In that case... Why don’t you just come with us?
Lyria: I think it would be best if we all worked together to find a way for me to get back to my original world!
Mizuki: Miss Lyria...
Vyrn: Ahuhwha? Why are you so frantic, Lyria?
Mizuki: Thanks, I am very pleased you feel that way.
Lyria: Is something wrong?
Mizuki: Um, Miss Lyria... I am extremely happy with your invitation... I would like to respond as well...
Mizuki: I will surely en up being a burden. If I travel together with (Captain) and friends, that is.
Mizuki: I am very grateful to (Captain) and friends. This is a once in a lifetime obligation...
Mizuki: Therefore, I don't know about turning into your luggage...
  1. We still want you to come along
  2. Miss Kawashima will be fine

Choose: We still want you to come along
Mizuki: ...!!
Mizuki: Oh, I see... Teehee! Is that so? ...Thank you, I'm flattered.

Choose: Miss Kawashima will be fine
Lyria: Exactly! Miss Kawashima will be fine, for sure!
Mizuki: Well if you have that kind of expectations for me, it will be a problem!
Continue 1
Mizuki: So that’s how you feel about me, (Captain)?
Mizuki: Your kind words remind me of something someone else said to me.
Mizuki: You look nothing like him, but somehow you remind me of my producer.
Mizuki: Thank you, (Captain)... Now that you’ve said that, I can take the plunge.
Lyria: How exciting... So then...?
Mizuki: Yes... My fate is in your hands, Miss Lyria, Vyrn, (Captain).
Lyria: Yay! Welcome aboard! Miss Kawashima!
Vyrn: Haha! You seem happier than usual! Lyria!
Lyria: Hahaha... Actually Miss Kawashima makes me feel a way like no one else...
Mizuki: Ah! I understand. Somehow, I feel a mysterious affinity for you, Miss Lyria...
Vyrn: Hm... Maybe you have some kind of ind even though you are from different worlds!
Mizuki: Haha... Maybe... Thank you, Miss Lyria.
Lyria: Yes! Welcome aboard!
Thus Mizuki was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
Lyria and Mizuki, who shared the same mysterious perception, looked at one another’s faces and smiled as if they were being tickled.

The Legend of Magical Mizuki

At a tavern on their journey, Vyrn asks to see the Magical Mizuki pose.The children of the village see the pose and believe that this is a sign of a true hero of justice.While the party angst over how they can handle this misunderstanding, they hear a fight breaking out outside between imperial soldiers and the villagers. They immediately go out to see what is happening.

The party had been eating their meal at a tavern while on their travels.
Vyrn: Hey. Can you show us that thing you did for us before?
Mizuki: That thing...? Well, that’s a little...
Lyria: Oh yeah, that! The one you showed us back on the airship, right? I want to see it too!
Mizuki: R-really? Erm... Well, okay. If Lyria insists...
Mizuki: Frosty mage, Magical Mizuki! At your service! Watch out bad kids! These frost bugs will bite!
Mizuki: ...
Mizuki: U-um... Uh... Haha...
  1. So cute!
  2. Way cute!
  3. Real cute!
  4. How cuuute!

Choose: So cute!
Choose: Way cute!
Choose: Real cute!
Choose: How cuuute!
Mizuki: Th-thanks... I’m glad you liked it but it’s a little...
Girl: Wow! That’s so cool! So your name is Magical Mizuki?
Mizuki: Huh?! Uh, well... How do I explain this...
Villager: S-someone! Anyone who can fight?! The guys are back in the village...!
Vyrn: What’s happened? It kind of sounds like a bit deal.
Lyria: What could have happened? Let’s go see! Miss Kawashima! (Captain)!
Mizuki: Y-yea, coming. It might be dangerous, so don’t follow us, okay?
Girl: Okay!
Imperial Soldier: ...
Villager: Eep!
Vyrn: Uhm! Why are those imperials pointing their swords at the villagers?
Lyria: I’m not sure... But we have to help them!

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 2

The village was being terrorized by the Imperial Army. (Captain) and the party walk in to put a stop to them. One of the children then taunt the soldiers saying that Magical☆Mizuki will punish them for being bad. Mizuki and the party slightly panic but realizing they have no other choice, they decide to fight the imperials as Magical☆Mizuki.

Imperial Soldier: Tch... You must be hired skyfarers.
Imperial Soldier: Hey. Didn’t I tell you to give me all your money? Was I not clear enough?!
Villager: Grh... I-I told you we can’t anymore! We don’t have any more money to give you!
Imperial Soldier: Did I hear you right...? You want to fight against the great Erste Empire?!
Mizuki: Well, the situation here looks pretty obvious.
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! What do you think you’re doing?
Lyria: Look at the villagers! They’re all suffering because of you!
Girl: Yeah! Bad kids are gonna get bitten by Magical Mizuki!
Mizuki: Huh?
Imperial Soldier: What...? Magical who?
Imperial Soldier: You think this is a joke, you little geezer?! You little brat!
Girl: Hmph! Magical Mizuki’s gonna punish you real bad!
Girl: Right? Yeah. Magical Mizuki!
Mizuki: Uhhhh...
Vyrn: Haha. Well, you can’t go around crushing little girls’ dreams. Can you? Magical Mizuki!
Lyria: Yeah! Don’t worry! We’ll fight along with you!
Mizuki: But... Oh, fine. You’re right.
Mizuki: I have to answer to my fans. If they cheer me on, I have to give back. It’s my job as an idol!
Mizuki: Frosty mage, Magical Mizuki! At your service!
Mizuki: Watch out all you bad kids terrorizing the village! You deserve a good spanking for this!

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 3

(Captain)’s party defeated the imperial soldiers who were oppressing the town. Although the villagers still thought her name was Magical Mizuki and not Mizuki Kawashima, she didn’t mind as much when she saw that she had helped bring back their smiles.

(Captain)’s party defeated the imperial soldiers, bringing peace back to the village.
Villager: Thank you... Magical Mizuki! You saved our village!
Girl: Thanks! Magical Mizuki!
Mizuki: Hah... haha... Well I’m glad I was able to bring back all your smiles...
Lyria: Is something wrong? It looks like you’re twitching a little...
Mizuki: N-no, of course not. We got rid of the bad soldiers... All is well.
Mizuki: (Yes, that’s right... ) (No matter the details, the villagers are happy now. )
Mizuki: Haha... All’s well that ends well... Right?
And so, (Captain)’s party and Mizuki leave the village as they are sent off by the villagers’ happy faces.
Thus, the new legend of Magical Mizuki was born. Wherever Mizuki and the party went, their stories quickly followed.

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 4

Mizuki should be in the green room, waiting to shoot a scene for her movie, but a blinding flash of light has transported her to the center of a forest. Despite her bewilderment, she ventures into the woods, only to be assailed by an enigmatic bunny that resembles Anzu's stuffed animal. Mizuki narrowly escapes with her life thanks to the sudden appearance of Kirari and (Captain), who explain to her all about the strange world she has strayed into.

Mizuki: Oh, I give up…
Mizuki: Where could Miku and Anzu have got to, I wonder? And what exactly was that light…
Mizuki: And more to the point, where am I?
Mizuki had been waiting with her friends in the green room to shoot a scene for her film…
When suddenly, Miku and Anzu had been enveloped in light, and the pair of them had vanished before Mizuki's eyes.
Mizuki was dazzled by the blinding light. When her vision returned to her, she found herself in the middle of a strange forest.
Mizuki: Even so, a forest as deep and dense as this would make a great location for a scene in, say, a secluded hot spring…
Mizuki: No sign of any people around though… I wonder which direction I should head in?
Mizuki: In a situation like this, one false step and I'll be lost forever…
Mizuki: Huh? Wha?? What was that sound! Is someone there?
???: Schnargle!
Mizuki: Wh-What is that? Huh? But, that face… I feel like I've seen it somewhere before…
???: Schnaaaaaargle!
Mizuki: Wah!
Suddenly, a strange creature came swooping down, and a blast of freezing air came surging from the wand that Mizuki held aloft.
???: Shnargle!
The strange creature was frozen in mid-air, then tragically came crashing to the ground, where it shattered into tiny pieces.
Mizuki: Huh? Just then, w?was that me?
Mizuki gingerly waved the wand, leaving trails of beautiful ice crystals floating in the air.
Mizuki: Wow! It was me! This is like magic… I wonder how it works?
Mizuki: Heehee… In any case, it fits my role.
Mizuki: I'm no Ranko, but I have to say I"ve always wanted magic powers…
Mizuki: Magical Mizuki and her ice magic! I'm on my way! I'll use my magic to punish the bad boys and girls…
Mizuki: Wha-? Wh- who's there? Is it that same… thing as before?
???: ………
Mizuki: Oh? Isn't that Anzu's stuffed animal?
Kirari: Watch out!
Mizuki: Huh? Kirari, is that you? What do you mean, "watch out"… Argh!
Spinning round to face Kirari's voice, a stretchy rabbit's ear shot past Mizuki's face.
Mizuki: Wah!
Kirari: I'm coming! Kirari Attaaaaack!
Kirari: Mizuki! Did you get hurt?
Mizuki: No, I'm OK… Thank you, Kirari…
Mizuki: Wh-what was that thing?
Vyrn: Are you OK, lady? And you, Kirari?
Mizuki: Wha-? Did that stuffed animal just s-say something?
Vyrn: Oh for crying out loud! I'm not a stuffed animal!
Vyrn: We can deal with that later! First of all, let's get somewhere safe!
Mizuki: Thank you for helping me just now… And, um…
Mizuki: So… How to put this… This place is like the world from a game or a movie or something?
Kirari: Yup yup, you've just about got it.
Vyrn: Just about got it? Kirari, when we first met, didn't I explain everything about this world to you?
Kirari, who had run into (Captain) and the crew earlier, explained to Mizuki all about the Skydom.
But due to the abrupt shift in her situation, Mizuki found herself unable to accept this new reality.
Mizuki: By the way… Just now that, um, stuffed rabbit…
Lyria: Well… actually, it wasn't a stuffed animal…
Lyria: I can sense the power of the stars in that "rabbit" as you call them…
Lyria: So there's no doubt that "rabbit" is what we call a Primal Beast…
Mizuki: Primal what?
Kirari: They've got tons of power, they can make stuff go, like, "kaboom"!
Mizuki: Kaboom…?
(Captain) explained about the Primal Beasts to Mizuki.
Vyrn: Don't you know anything about that rabbit? You're not the sharpest tool…
Vyrn: There's a rumor going round that it hangs out with those weird green dudes…
Mizuki: Weird green dudes… Those ugly things? I feel like I've seen those things somewhere, too…
Lyria: So… Miss Kawashima, do you know something about that rabbit?
Vyrn: Right, did you inadvertently get close to that shifty dude?
Vyrn: As it happens, we're on a hunt for that rabbit, so…
Mizuki: Hunt…? Sounds vey dangerous…
Mizuki: So in fact… that stuffed animal is a Primal Beast?
Mizuki: At any rate, that rabbit is very similar to this stuffed animal that a good friend of mine has.
Lyria: Actually, Kirari, didn't you also recognize it?
Kirari: Yeah… Now that you mention it…
Kirari: That rabbit really is just like Anzu's stuffed one, isn't it?
Vyrn: What? You mean to say that this "Anzu" person is the mastermind behind this whole affair?
Kirari: No, you've got it all wrong! Anzu would never do anything bad…
Mizuki: That's right… She lazes around all day long, but she isn't actually bad.
Vyrn: In that case, both of you should join us on this hunt.
Mizuki: What?
Vyrn: This is quite the opportunity for you, Miss! We Skyfarers are plenty strong!
Mizuki: Yeah… Certainly pressing on by ourselves seems dangerous…
  1. Join us
  2. Leave this to us

Choose: Join us
Mizuki: Thank you. Well then, we accept your invitation.

Choose: Leave this to us
Mizuki: Heehee… There's more to you than meets the eye, isn't there?
Continue 1
Mizuki: You mean to say that you are the leader? Even though you're so young?
Vyrn: No, (Captain) is the captain of this crew!
Lyria: We may still young, but we're very reliable!
Mizuki: Yes, yes… and this fantasy world is certainly not to be taken lightly.

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 5

Miku, who has been transported into the forest in the same way as Mizuki, believes that she's in a hidden camera show, and wanders off into the forest to search for her friends. Following the appearance of the strange green creatures and a mysterious rabbit, Miku encounters (Captain) and the crew, and they escape. The crew deduce where the rabbit must be heading and so follow its trail, hoping it will take them to Anzu.

Miku: Helloooo! Can anyone hear meeeeeow!
Miku: (Glancing around)
Miku: Yikes, this is a tight spot. What should I do I wonder…
Miku: (Glancing around)
Miku: (An inexplicable phenomenon assailing stars who have come to shoot a movie…)
Miku: (I bet this is for a special hidden camera show, meow)
Miku: (being surrounded by a dazzling light, and then coming to in this forest…)
Miku: (though I have no idea what is actually going on…)
Miku: (I hope the audience is enjoying my reaction!)
Miku: (Ha ha ha… The paw, defenseless little kitty, bravely searching fur her friends, the ratings'll explode!)
Miku: Miss Kawashima! Anzu! Where are you? Answer me-eeow!
Miku: (But, if this is a hidden camera show, which direction is the prank going to come from… ?)
Miku: (Was the whole film just a part of this hidden camera show… ?)
Miku: (And if that's the case, does that mean that Miss Kawashima and Anzu are in on the prank as well…?)
Miku: grrrrrr…
Miku: Be that as it may! I will show them just how purrfessional I can be!
Miku: Mew? Wh-what was that? Come out, whatever you are, hiss!
???: Shnarg… Shnargle…
Miku: Meow? Wh-what are you?
Miku: Meow? Don't come any closer, hisssss!
???: ………
???: Shnargle shnarg…
???: ………
Miku: (I-is this still the hidden camera show, mew? That stuffed animal, it's moving!)
Miku: (Meow? But that rabbit… I feel like I've seen it somewhere before…)
Kirari: Awwww… I could squeeze this cute little lizard's squishy tail forever!
Vyrn: Humph… If you could let go of me, any time this century would be nice…
Lyria: Heehee… Vyrn, you look just like a stuffed animal right now!
Mizuki: That's so weird…
Mizuki: Hey, Lyria. In this world, are there any animals apart from lizards that talk?
Lyria: Sure… why do you ask? I think that some of the Primal Beasts can talk.
Mizuki: Primal Beasts… There really are a lot of unusual phenomena in this world…
Lyria: There are! There are still so much that even I don't know about it.
Mizuki: Hee hee hee… Your enthusiasm is dazzling, Lyria!
Mizuki: Well, I say that, but I'm not ready call it quits just yet!
Lyria: Huh? Um… What do you mean by…
Miku: Meooooooow!
Mizuki: Wha-? M-Miku!
???: Schnaaaaaaaaaaaargle!
Vyrn: Wha-! Those weird green things is back! Ready your weapons! (Captain)!
The crew repelled the strange creatures and, having calmed Miku down, began to explain to her about the Skydom. However…
Miku: What? There…there's no hidden camera?
Vyrn: What are you talkin' about, "hidden camera"?
Miku: Oh? Of course! You won't fool me that easily! You guys are all part of the hidden camera set-up, I bet!
Miku: Ha! And what about that stuffed animal behind those weird green things?
Miku: That stuffed rabbit is just like the one that Anzu has!
Miku: Which means that Anzu and the others are in on the prank, just as I thought!
Vyrn: Huh? Behind the green dudes?
Vyrn: I thought there were only the green dudes.
Miku: Not nyacessarily! I was sure I saw a stuffed rabbit behind the green things…
Miku: Huh? It's gone? Where'd that rabbit go, nyaow?
Mizuki: From the look of things then… Miku, it seems you also encountered that rabbit.
Lyria: But there's no rabbit here… You were separated from your friends on your journey here, right?
Mizuki: Hey, is it possible that the rabbit was protecting something?
Mizuki: So after it drove Miku and the others away, it just decided to come back here…
Miku: ………
Vyrn: I see! Well, that's certainly a possibility!
Kirari: Wow Mizuki, you're such a brain box!
Miku: W-wait just a moment! This doesn't have anything to do with what I was just talking about!
Miku: If this isn't a hidden camera show, then what was that thing? One of you have to explain it to me in a way I can understand, meow!
Vyrn: All righty! In that case, let's head in the direction this cat girl came from!
Mizuki: Anzu has probably come to this world as well. We have to find her quickly.
Mizuki: If we can find Anzu we should be able to get some clues about that rabbit.
Lyria: Yes! If we're all agreed, let's go and get her!
Miku: Meeooooooow! Don't forget about me, meow!
After that, the crew explained everything to Miku all over again, and set off on the trail of the rabbits.

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 6

While on the trail of the mysterious rabbits, (Captain) and the crew find Anzu sleeping like a log in a castle. Miku questions Anzu about the resemblance between the mysterious rabbits and Anzu's stuffed animal, but on examination of the stuffed animal that Anzu always has clutched in her hand, it is revealed that Anzu was not involved in the creation of the mysterious rabbits. Although they didn't solve the enigma of the rabbits, the crew help the stars escape from the castle so that they can return to their own world.

Mizuki: Hyaaa!
???: ………
Mizuki: Hmmm… Something like this?
Kirari: Woah! Your magic is so cool, Mizuki!
Mizuki: Y- You think so? I get a little bit embarrassed whenever someone tells me that.
Miku: Miku won't be defeated! With one swipe of my Cat Punch I'll bash everyone to pieces, yeow!
Kirari: Of course, your powers are also very cool, Miku.
Miku: Humph! Naturellement!
Vyrn: But I'm not sure that that'll be enough if those rabbits pop up again…
Lyria: Yes… it feels like there's definitely something here…
The crew, who were following the trail of the rabbits, set foot inside a shadowy castle.
Miku: You say there's something here, but how do we search for this "something"?
Miku: A castle as big as this, we'll bust a gut if we just wander around aimlessly, mew.
Kirari: HeeHeeHee! Don't worry, I've got that covered.
Kirari: Check it out. I picked this up earlier.
Kirari produced a small piece of paper and showed it to the crew.
Vyrn: What is that…? Is it some kind of clue?
Lyria: (Sniff, sniff)… This paper has a slightly sweet smell.
Miku: Oh! Is that by any chance…
Kirari: Yah-ha, this is the wrapper from Anzu's faaaaavorite candy.
Kirari: If these have been dropped, it means Anzu is here, ain't no doubt.
The crew followed the trail of discarded candy wrappers until they discovered a locked room.
Lyria: The trail of candy wrappers stops at this door…
Mizuki: Yeah… Which means that inside this room…
Kirari: Anzu…
The crew readied themselves, and opened the door.
On the other side was a tiny, but very trim and pretty room.
Anzu: (Snore… burble…)
Kirari: Anzu! I'm so glad you're OK!
Anzu: Nnnnn? Nnnwh- who? Kirari? Morning… I'm still sleepy though…
Mizuki: Teehee… Anzu is nothing if not consistent…
Miku: Yeah, a little too consistent, meow!
Anzu: Huh? Is that Miku and Miss Kawashima? So that means all of us were…
Mizuki: That's right. Suddenly I was surrounded by light, and before I knew it I was in the middle of this forest.
Mizuki explained to Anzu everything she had learned so far about the Skydom.
Anzu: The middle of a forest? For me it was a little different.
Anzu: When I came to I was here in this castle…
Anzu: Right in front of me these weird green things and a weird rabbit started battling, so I ran away to this room here.
Miku: That's right, a weird rabbit, hiss!
Miku: Anzu, what exactly are these violent rabbits, mew?
Anzu: Huh? How should I know?
Miku: Well, because, don't you think those rabbits look just like your stuffed animal?
Anzu: Oh, right… Well, they're certainly very similar, but…
Anzu: Those other rabbits are just knock-offs. If you look closely, you'll see my one is totally different.
The crew carefully inspected Anzu's stuffed rabbit, comparing it to the rabbits they'd been battling up until now.
Mizuki: Well, certainly if you look closely, there are parts that are different.
Miku: So that means those other rabbits are knock-offs of Anzu's stuffed animal?
Miku: So what we're saying is that the template for those other rabbits is…
Lyria: I don't get it… I thought they were definitely Primal Beasts…
Vyrn: Yeah, well, it's as clear as mud. There are heaps of Primal Beasts after all…
Vyrn: They were devised by The Astrals, and beyond that, we haven't a clue!
Miku: You guys really don't know much, meow…
Mizuki: Anyway, first shall we get out of this castle? We've found Anzu now.
Anzu: It's OK, you can leave me here. I'll behave.
Miku: What? Anzu? What are you saying, meow?
Kirari: Anzu!
Anzu: It's just that I can't be bothered to go outside…
Anzu: I've settled in here, so I thought I'd just chill… no, not chill, hibernate here awhile.
Miku: Anzu! We've been transported to another world, and yet you're just carrying on as usual, yeow!
Vyrn: This girl is a real couch potato…
Lyria: Um, well… I'm sure she has her reasons.
Lyria: Because we closed the door, I don't think any rabbits got in here…
Kirari: Anzu… Shall we go home now?
Kirari: If we don't get out of this castle quickly and get back to our world, Mr. P will be worried about us too, right?
Anzu: Aaaaw, do I have to…
Kirari: If we go back to our own world, and tell Mr. P all about what happened here, I'm sure he'll be pleased to see you Anzu.
Kirari: Once Mr. P knows that you used all your effort to rouse yourself and get back to our world, I'm sure he'll be pleased.
Anzu: Mmm? Wait… Tell him the story of our journey?
Anzu: (Like, getting flung into another world, that does sound like it could be a thing…)
Anzu: (If we could turn my experiences here into an autobiography and put it on sale…)
Anzu: (Get rich quick… live off the royalties!)
Anzu: All right, Let's split! Kirari! Miku! Miss Kawashima!
Anzu: We've to get back to our world quickly and put our producer's mind at rest!
Mizuki: Tee hee hee… True to your reputation, Anzu, it seems you have a soft spot for our producer…
Miku: Why the sudden change of heart? I reckon you're up to something, hiss…
Kirari: Let's all bring our A game and bust out of this castle!
Anzu: Follow me. When I was looking for a room to hide in, there was some kind of hidden passageway over this way…
???: ………
Miku: Ah! Anzu! Behind you!
???: ………
Anzu: Aah! I knew I should've stayed holed up in that room a while longer…
Miku: Quickly, run away, meyaa!
Even as fresh obstacles were piled up ahead of them, the crew, following Anzu, somehow managed to escape from the castle.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
レッツエンジョーイ! Let's have some fun!
お洗濯日和ねぇ… The weather's so nice today...
私、負けないわよ! I won't lose!
まだまだイケるわ!そうでしょ? We can still win this! Right?
マジカル☆ミズキ!いっきまーす! Here comes Magical Mizuki!
まだまだ頑張っちゃうわ! I'm not done yet!
若い子には負けないわ! I won't lose to the younger girls!
ねぇ、そろそろ休憩しない? Hey, wanna take a break soon?
(主人公)さんはアイドルはお好き? Do you like idols, (Captain)?
(主人公)さん!どう! 可愛いでしょ! How do I look, (Captain)? Cute, right?