News:WhatsNew 2021-12-03

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  • Twitter Vyrn emoji.png [Wiki] We are still in the process of verifying and updating pages related to today's update.

Icon New Content.png New Raid

BattleRaid Super Ultimate Bahamut Impossible.png

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Weapon Uncap
Weapon m 1040007400.jpg
Weapon m 1040106700.jpg
Weapon m 1040205400.jpg
Weapon m 1040304300.jpg
Weapon m 1040407000.jpg
Weapon m 1040504500.jpg
Weapon m 1040604400.jpg
Weapon m 1040703700.jpg
Weapon m 1040803800.jpg
Weapon m 1040904400.jpg
Weapon m 1040011900 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040109700 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040208800 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040307800 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040410800 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040507400 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040608100 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040706900 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040807000 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040907500 note.jpg
Icon Bonus Debuff Resist.png Updated Characters
Npc s 3020063000 01.jpgDrusillaNpc s 3030232000 01.jpgIppatsu (SR)Npc s 3040133000 01.jpgNina Drango