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Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Opening

One day when the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are exploring Mementos, they come upon a crack in a wall emitting blue light. When they try to investigate further, the light swallows them, transporting them to a world where islands float through the sky.

???: ...!
Ren Amamiya's eyes flutter open, and he sits up with a start.
Two young girls are observing him from the other side of cold, steel bars.
Caroline: Humph! Took you long enough to wake up, Inmate!
Justine: You've been working diligently on your rehabilitation recently. Our master is also pleased.
Justine: However, try not to let it go to your head.
Justine: An abnormal presence swirls around you.
Caroline: Our warning's for your own good! So you'd better stay on your toes!
Ren waits for further explanation from the two wardens, but it doesn't come.
Taking their ambiguous tip to heart, Ren is pulled back into dreamland.
Ren Amamiya: (What was that all about?)
The next day Ren gathers all the members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts inside Cafe Leblanc.
This eclectic band isn't interested in swiping art, jewels, or money.
Each of them has experienced suffering at the hands of corrupt adults and society at large.
They spend their waking hours stealing the hearts of criminals in a bid to rectify what a court of law can't seem to fix.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Sigh... Seriously though, when're we ever gonna use this equation?
Morgana: Doesn't matter if it's useful or not. If you can't even solve this one, then I've got doubts about your Phantom Thief career.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Look, man, I'm really more of a brawn over brains kinda guy. You feel me?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Aw crap. That's sad comin' from my own mouth.
Having to juggle school and thievery, the Phantom Thieves gather to do homework and discuss their next move.
Ryuji Sakamoto: You've seen the reactions goin' around, right? All the kids at school are talkin' about us!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Favorable impressions are still low, but it does seem like we are starting to be recognized little by little.
Ryuji Sakamoto: So true, so true! We're on our way up to the next level!
Ryuji Sakamoto: We don't look the part, but there's actually stuff we can do to help people out.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Which got me thinkin'. Say we keep changin' more an' more hearts. Eventually we're gonna—
Ann Takamaki: You need to chill out!
Morgana: Lady Ann's right. You're jumping the gun!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Shut up!
Morgana: Besides, a Palace doesn't appear out of thin air.
Yusuke Kitagawa: In other words, exercise patience.
Ryuji Sakamoto: It's easy to sit back and say that! But how many people out there need us right now?
Ann Takamaki: All right then! How about a trip into Mementos?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Hell yeah! Bet someone's left a tip or two on the Phan-site...
Ann Takamaki: Right? We've got time to kill before we find the next target.
Ann Takamaki: Now that we've made Madarame have a change of heart, there's probably more to see in Mementos.
Ann Takamaki: And maybe we'll find a clue to Morgana's memory in there too.
Morgana: That's my Lady Ann! Brilliant!
Ren Amamiya: Guess we're good to go.
Joker: All right.
Ren dons an outfit designed to hide his identity. He also adopts the moniker "Joker."
In order to hide their identities, the Phantom Thieves refer to each other by code names whenever they infiltrate a target.
Skull: Um... So there's still some stuff I don't get.
Mona: Mementos is born from the collective unconsciousness of the people. Think of it as everyone's Palace.
Mona: There's no telling what could happen. That means no slacking—
Mona: Uh...?
Joker: What is it?
Mona: Look at that!
A stunned Mona points to a wall in front of them with a large crack running along its surface.
Panther: What is that? There's some kind of blue light leaking out?
Fox: Marvelous. Such an exquisite hue brings to mind Hokusai's greatest works.
Skull: Hawk's eye? What's that?
Fox: Forgive me. It was an unsuitable reference.
Skull: Why, you... You were makin' a fool outta me!
Joker: This is...
Skull: Yo, Joker! That looks dangerous, man!
Skull's warning causes Joker to pause.
But the glimmering blue light seems to reach out to envelop them all, whether they want it to or not.
Everything around them changes instantly, the walls of Mementos melting away into an open field of verdant grass.
Skull: Whoa! The hell's this?
Fox: When in the heck did we get here?
Mona: Don't drop your guard for a second. We're still in our Phantom Thieves gear.
Panther: So this is still part of Mementos?
Mona: I don't know. But at the very least, it's not a Palace.
Mona: That's as much as I can tell anyway, but what exactly is going on?
Skull: ...
Panther: Why'd you clam up all of a sudden?
Skull: Hey, check it out... Over there...
Skull points to what has caught his eye.
Off in the distance is a steep cliff standing tall in a sea of clouds.
Numerous islands float against the backdrop of the pristine blue sky.
Panther: No way...
Is that... an island floating in the air? Tell me I'm dreaming...
Joker: ...
Justine: An abnormal presence swirls around you.
Joker: (But what is it exactly?)

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 1: Lurker in the Dark - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew are in Port Breeze restocking supplies when they encounter a group of five peculiar strangers. Sierokarte suggests everyone move to a nearby warehouse so they can have a conversation without drawing any unwanted attention.

After obtaining the massive airship known as the Grandcypher, (Captain)'s crew uses it to fly westward to Valtz.
However, the crew needs to restock on supplies and has flown back to Port Breeze Archipelago.
They are now walking down a shopping street on the main island of Eingana.
Rackam: Food, fuel... The total comes to...
Sierokarte: Oh me, oh my! Hello again to (Captain) and the crew!
Vyrn: Ah! It's the Knickknack Shack lady!
Lyria: Hi, Siero!
Sierokarte: Weren't you all heading for Valtz?
Rackam: That was the plan, yeah, but we were almost out of supplies. Had to come back.
Sierokarte: Well, how do you like that! You just leave this to ol' Siero!
Sierokarte: I'll get you sorted out so you can waltz into Valtz! Pfft...
Katalina: That would be wonderful. I feel much better knowing you're handling this, Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: All right then. If you'll just hand me your shopping list—
???: Da hell you people come from!
Rackam: Hm? What's that ruckus?
Sierokarte: Sounds like a hoodlum is starting a fight.
Katalina: Judging from their tone of voice, I don't think talking is going to settle anything.
  1. Let's put a stop to it!

Choose: Let's put a stop to it!
The crew follows the voice into a back alley. There they see a ruffian surrounded by strangely-dressed people who seem to be agitating him.
Rackam: Um... Four people and... an animal?
Rackam: Whoever those people in the weird getups are, they don't look like skyfarers.
Lyria: Yes... I wonder who they are?
Skull: Damn it! Can't get a straight answer here!
Ruffian: What's wit' da attitude? Ya wanna throw down?
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Sparks are about to fly!
Katalina: Hold on! All of you!
The crew quickly moves to defuse the situation. They somehow manage to calm the ruffian down and violence is averted.
Panther: Geez, Skull, give me a heart attack, will you?
Skull: Uh, my bad... Didn't mean to start a fight.
Rackam: Haha, this guy's a wild one, eh?
Panther: What a relief. I was worried we'd only run into awful people here.
Panther: We have no idea where we are.
Panther: So thanks a lot for helping us out!
Joker: Thanks.
  1. You're welcome.

Choose: You're welcome.
Rackam: So what brings you guys out here? You aren't locals, right?
Joker and his comrades explain that they were swallowed up in a mysterious light.
It dumped them into this world, where they chased after a flying ship in order to seek out answers.
Mona: There are a few questions we'd like to ask you—
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: You can talk?
Mona: How rude! What do you think I am?
Vyrn: I could've sworn you were a magic cat or something.
Mona: Don't call me a cat! I'm a human!
Mona: And I especially don't wanna hear it from a lizard!
Vyrn: Wha!
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard, okay?
Vyrn: And you sure don't look like no human to me!
Mona: What's that, you little punk!
Katalina: Please, Vyrn. And the other adorable one too. Let's keep it civil.
Vyrn and Mona: Grrrr...
Skull: I'm totally lost...
Sierokarte: Hey, everyone! Is everything all right?
Fox: Huh? Reinforcements?
Lyria: N-no! Siero's a friend! Please don't be alarmed!
Sierokarte: The guards are coming to check out the commotion. Why don't we all hide in a nearby warehouse?
Rackam: Agreed. All that yellin's attracted a bunch of gawkers.
Sierokarte: And will you people come too?
Skull: They asked, so...
Fox: I don't sense any malice from these people.
Fox: They intervened when violence was about to erupt and brokered a peace. I don't think they're dangerous.
Panther: We probably don't want to draw any more people to us. It's hard enough trying to explain how we got here.
Panther: We should at least go somewhere quiet and listen to what they can tell us, right?
Joker: Yeah, sounds like a plan. Please lead the way.
Fox: On the other hand, I'm pretty sure this is how a kidnapping starts. I saw it in a movie once.
Panther: Keep that scary stuff to yourself! It's not funny!
A group of five oddly-dressed people have a chance encounter with the crew.
This meeting will go on to have consequences for both parties.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 1: Lurker in the Dark - Episode 2

While exchanging information with the crew, Mona concludes that the world the Phantom Thieves find themselves in is neither a Palace nor part of Mementos. Katalina guesses that a primal beast brought the strangers to the Sky Realm.

Sierokarte leads everyone to a warehouse.
The crew and the newcomers exchange information over a light meal arranged by the Harvin merchant.
Mona: I've never seen this style of cuisine before.
Panther: Well, they went to the trouble of making it for us. Least we can do is have a few bites, right, Sku—
Skull: Delicious! What kinda meat is this? Tastes like ham!
Fox: It has a subtle flavor that never overstays its welcome. Especially this sauce, with its harmonic blend of sweet and sour undertones...
Panther: They never listen to me.
Joker: Let's dig in too.
Skull: Right, so... Port Breeze, you said?
Rackam: Yeah. More specifically, Eingana Island of the Port Breeze Archipelago.
Rackam: We're a skyfaring crew. We stopped here to load up on supplies before headin' out on our journey to the end of the skies.
Skull: Okay, so Port Breeze... Eingana Island... And, um, sky-what?
Skull turns to the other Phantom Thieves and whispers to them.
Skull: Uh, guys? I don't think we're in Japan anymore. There's no prefecture called Port Breeze, is there?
Fox: I've never heard of such a place. Moreover, floating sky islands are not a natural occurrence.
Panther: Definitely not! That's insane to start with!
Panther: And all this sky-stuff they talk about—their flying ships don't look like our airplanes at all.
Skull: The language is one thing, but look at the buildings and the people too. It's like we're in a fantasyland.
Seeing the confusion on the Phantom Thieves' faces, Mona gives his take.
Mona: I would know if there were any Shadows around.
Mona: I can say for a fact this isn't a Palace or Mementos.
Mona: However, it's very different from our world in almost every way.
Mona: There's no way you could look at all those floating islands and think things are normal.
Mona: It's not easy to believe right off the bat, but facts are facts.
Mona: We should consider this place as a world separate from Palaces and Mementos.
Panther: Why do you think we were brought here from Mementos? More importantly, how do we get back?
Mona: I don't know. There's not enough info to go on for now.
Mona: All we can say is we're not in a Palace or Mementos.
The Phantom Thieves try to ascertain their current situation amongst themselves.
Katalina: Now then. Could you please tell us a little about yourselves?
Katalina: Your clothes are different from ours, and you appear to be quite young still.
Katalina: You seemed confused when we mentioned things like crews and skyfarers as well. Just who are you people?
Skull: Uh... We, uh...
Skull consults with his comrades again.
Skull: How do we even explain this?
Ahem. I'm. From. Japan.
Panther: Why are you suddenly changing your accent?
Fox: The problem is what do we call ourselves. Can we simply say we're the Phantom Thieves?
Fox: If the police arrest us here, we can kiss any chance of going back to our world goodbye.
Mona: But what else are we if not the Phantom Thieves?
Rackam: Oh, you guys are phantom thieves? Who'd have guessed that, huh?
Panther: W-wait a minute! Even if we were the Phantom Thieves, we'd never stoop to doing anything bad—
Chat Noir is a crew member

Rackam: I believe ya. You guys feel different from Chat Noir, but I still get the dignified vibe.
Chat Noir is a crew member

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Chat Noir not in crew

Rackam: Ah, I see. No wonder you keep your faces hidden. Don't think I've ever met a real phantom thief in person before though.
Continue 1
Vyrn: That's pretty wild!
Lyria: Yes! Very cool!
Skull: Huh... That was quick. Maybe a little too quick?
Mona: She called me cool... Hehehe...
The crew's reaction is unexpected. The Phantom Thieves breathe a sigh of relief.
They explain again how they arrived in the Sky Realm via a tear in Mementos.
Rackam: Geez, you guys are in a heckuva jam.
Katalina: Could this glowing light connecting to your world be related to a primal beast?
Panther: Primal beast? Is that a clue or something?
Mona: We want to get back to our own world, so we'll take whatever we can get.
Skull: Want to get back? I think you meant have to get back.
Fox: Yes. We still have hearts to steal.
Joker: Will you tell us about this world?
  1. Gladly.
  2. Might as well, I guess.

Choose: Gladly.
(Captain) has no qualms with answering their request.
Vyrn: Skyfarers never abandon those in need!

Choose: Might as well, I guess.
(Captain) is reluctant to answer their request.
Rackam: Look, if we don't tell 'em anything, the town's gonna get caught up in all sorts of trouble.
Continue 2
And so the crew and the Phantom Thieves continue to exchange information with each other.
The line between different worlds proceeds to blur.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 1: Lurker in the Dark - Episode 3

While (Captain)'s crew and Joker's thieves continue to learn about each other, Sierokarte gives matching rings to Lyria and Panther, and Mona and Vyrn realize they have similar mystery-shrouded backgrounds. Before the conversation comes to a close, Vyrn quietly flies away from the group.

Mona: I see. Astrals made primal beasts.
Mona: These all-powerful beasts definitely sound capable of interfering with our world.
Katalina: Well, I wouldn't exactly say they're all-powerful...
Katalina: Speaking of Astrals and primals, it seems that both our worlds have their share of mysteries.
Katalina: If we are in fact dealing with a primal beast, then we don't mind helping you find your way home.
Mona: Hm, I'm not sure how I feel about owing a favor as a Phantom Thief, but...
The crew and the Phantom Thieves slowly learn more about each other.
Many topics are discussed, ranging from daily life in the skies to observed customs.
The thieves lose their jitters and come to enjoy the friendly banter.
During the conversation, Panther takes an interest in the clothes and accessories lying around the warehouse.
Panther: I kind of noticed it earlier, but is this the fashion of your world?
Panther: It's got like a medieval feel to it. How cute!
Panther: Don't you think so too, Lyria-chan? Do you usually wear things like that necklace?
Lyria: Um...
Katalina: Haha. Go on, Lyria. It might be nice to have some girl talk for a change.
Lyria: Okay then!
Lyria: Show me more, Panther!
Fox: Those two bond well together.
Katalina: Haha. You're very polite, aren't you?
Katalina: It must be tough to stay so humble in an unfamiliar situation.
Katalina: You don't have to worry about manners with us. Feel free to speak however you like.
Fox: Well, if you insist.
Katalina: Returning to the topic at hand, Lyria's like family to me.
Katalina: I would give my life to protect her.
Fox: Yes. I understand why you'd want to safeguard someone of such sweetness and grace.
Fox: Hmm... Is there a place we could be alone... just the two of us?
Katalina: Wh-what do you mean by that? How can you say that after having just met us!
Fox: Ah, excuse me. All I'm asking for is a model to pose for my painting.
Katalina: Painting? Model? I'm so confused...
Fox: I would also accept you as well.
Katalina: P-please don't joke around like that!
Mona: Sheesh. Carefree, every single one of them. Don't they have any street smarts?
Vyrn: Just let 'em be. If you don't rest now and then, you'll collapse at the worst time.
Mona: Yeah, I get that, but...
Mona: You know, now that I think about it, you're pretty interesting.
Mona: Are there other non-human lizards like you that can talk?
Vyrn: I've said it before—I ain't no lizard!
Vyrn: Reptiles aside, I don't think I've ever met anyone else like me.
Mona: Really? So even you are a rarity in this world.
Vyrn: Um, well, there's still a lot I don't really know about myself.
Lyria: Oooh! That ring fits you like a dream!
Panther: Right?
Sierokarte: Does it tickle your fancy?
Panther: Yep! It's super cute!
Sierokarte: You've got a discerning eye. I like that design too.
Sierokarte: But those two sizes are all I have left in stock.
Sierokarte: Since you like it so much, why don't I just give one to you? And you can have the other one, Lyria.
Panther: Wait, really?
Lyria: Are you sure I can?
Sierokarte: Of course. All I ask is you take good care of them.
Lyria: Thank you so much, Siero!
Panther: Thanks! I'll be sure to keep it safe!
Lyria: Heehee. Now we match!
Mona: Isn't that lovely? Once I become human again, me and Panther will—
Skull: Human, my butt. We ain't got any proof of that, man.
Mona: I don't need proof to know what I'm talking about!
Mona: I'm definitely a human...
Seeing how serious Mona has become, Vyrn is compelled to ask him a question.
Vyrn: I don't know if I can comment on this, but do you want to be with her that badly?
Mona: Eh, it's not like that, I guess...
Mona: I'm just scared of not knowing who or what I really am.
Mona: What if I were actually something truly monstrous?
Vyrn: ...!
Mona: When you frame it that way, doesn't it frighten you? You know what I mean, don't you?
Vyrn: Y-yeah...
Skull catches a fragment of the grim conversation between Mona and Vyrn and interjects.
Skull: Hey, c'mon, look on the bright side. Bein' an unknown makes you a more excitin' Phantom Thief!
Mona: Grrr... You're thinking of someone else!
Panther: Hey, stop fighting, you two!
Joker: Sorry. We're a bit rowdy.
  1. Rowdy is nice.
  2. So are we.

Choose: Rowdy is nice.
Joker: Thanks for saying that. I don't have to worry as much.

Choose: So are we.
Joker: I guess we're alike.
Continue 1
The jovial atmosphere feels much like a get-together between old friends.
But one little figure hasn't joined the circle.
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn leaves without telling anyone where he's going.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 1: Lurker in the Dark - Episode 4

Vyrn, still processing Mona's words, hears a voice reverberate within himself. It reaffirms his anxiety about his origins and causes him even more stress when he realizes he can't deny the voice's accusations.

Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: (What am I doing, suddenly flying away like this?)
Vyrn: (Something the Phantom Thieves said didn't feel right to me...)
Vyrn: (I wonder if they'd be worried if they found out I was suddenly gone...)
???: Hah! Why would they worry about you?
Vyrn: Wh-wha? Who's there!
???: Everyone's havin' a blast now that they've forgotten about you.
Vyrn: Says who! Cut the nonsense and show yourself!
???: No can do. I am you, and you are me.
Vyrn: You're... me?
???: Look, right now your heart's in pieces, yeah?
Vyrn: What are you talkin' about! How do you—
???: You don't have to keep it bottled up. You can tell me. That wave of negative emotion building inside you...
???: The fact that you have no idea who or what you are is clouding your heart.
Vyrn: S-stop it! I don't wanna hear it!
???: Heheh! You're finally starting to come clean with yourself!
???: You want to know if it's true, but you can't do it.
???: You're scared. Terrified. Afraid of what all your buddies think of an unknown like you—
Vyrn: It's not like that! Not... at all...
???: Whatever. Keep poutin' until you tire yourself out.
And just like that the voice ceases to be heard.
Vyrn: Darn it! What was that?
Vyrn: ...
I... I...
Vyrn's lonely voice reaches no one and fades into the background of the sky.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 2: Warping World - Episode 1

That evening (Captain) notices that Vyrn is nowhere to be found. Everyone heads out to find him, but instead they soon spot a mysterious purple haze covering the sky. The Phantom Thieves note that the foreboding atmosphere resembles that of a Palace.

The crew and the Phantom Thieves are enjoying their time together well into the evening.
(Captain) is suddenly hit with a sense of unease.
  1. Vyrn's not here.

Choose: Vyrn's not here.
Mona: Hm? He's not?
Rackam: You're right. I haven't seen him in a while.
Lyria: I wonder where he went?
Katalina: I don't think he's hiding. When did he leave?
They all search the entire warehouse but find no trace of Vyrn.
Rackam: Maybe he went into town?
Katalina: That's not good. There could still be imperials around.
Katalina: If they knew we were here, they could take Vyrn hostage.
Lyria: I don't think he's ever suddenly left without saying anything to us before.
  1. This is a first.

Choose: This is a first.
Rackam: Even if nothing bad's happened to him, if there's even a slight chance he wandered outside of town...
Rackam: Port Breeze is fine, but the outskirts are a different matter. With monsters crawling around out there, who knows what could happen!
The crew grows nervous by the second. Mona senses this and speaks tentatively.
Mona: I'm guessing you could use a few extra hands to help you search.
Skull: Yeah! We'll pitch in since it looks like you guys're in a sticky situation!
Panther: You've taken us in and told us so much about this world—it's the least we could do!
Mona: Yep. The Phantom Thieves would lose face if all we did was mooch off others.
Fox: This world is still unknown to us, but we'll help you find him.
Joker: Let us join your search.
  1. Thank you.
  2. You're lifesavers.

Choose: Thank you.
Choose: You're lifesavers.
Katalina: Vyrn, please be okay!
The party leaves Sierokarte, and they run around town looking for Vyrn.
But Vyrn remains missing, and without any clues to show for their search, their anxiety comes to a head.
Before they know it, the sun begins to set, casting a pall over the streets.
Skull: Where the heck did he go?
Panther: Even though he really sticks out, there's no trail or anything we can follow.
Rackam: Damn it. Did he really leave Port Breeze?
Katalina: Vyrn...
Lyria: If it's Vyrn, then I know he'll be okay! Stay strong, Katalina!
Katalina: There's nothing else we can do at this point but tear every inch of the island apart looking for him!
Rackam: Wait, wait! Searching without a plan isn't going to solve anything either!
Katalina: But—
Driven by agitation to find Vyrn, the crew is unable to think clearly.
Skull: Sun's goin' down. It's gonna be nighttime soon, you guys...
Fox: No, something is odd about the color of the sky.
Panther: What is this?
They all look up at the sky with baffled expressions and draw in a sharp breath.
The once blue sky has been replaced by a strange, purple haze.
Rackam: I've never seen the sky like that before!
Katalina: Wh-what is this awful view I'm seeing?
Mona: Could this unpleasant feeling be...
As Mona says this, the haze engulfs its surroundings and everything begins to waver.
Rackam: Ugh... Crap... Getting dizzy... Everything just got all wavy.
Lyria: Me too. I feel wobbly...
Joker: This has to be...
Mona: You noticed it too, Joker.
Mona sucks in a deep breath in an attempt to mask his surprise.
Mona: This feels like a Palace.
Apprehension and unease creep into everyone's chests at this unexpected phenomenon.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 2: Warping World - Episode 2

The Phantom Thieves explain to the crew that a Palace is a separate world manifested from an individual's distorted desire. Within the heart of a Palace lies a Treasure, a physical manifestation of that same desire. Armed with more knowledge, they head to a town to look for Vyrn, but the only resident they see turns into a monster and attacks them.

Skull: Did you say Palace?
Panther: This world has Palaces too?
Mona: I'm not sure. All I can tell is the feeling in the air has changed.
Mona: But it's pretty close to what we feel from the Palaces in our world.
The crew are also bewildered by the changes in their surroundings, which they've never experienced before.
Noticing that the Phantom Thieves are exhibiting a different type of anxiety, Rackam demands answers.
Rackam: Oy! Wait a minute! You guys sound like you've seen this before...
Katalina: You said Palace. Can you explain to us what you mean?
The Phantom Thieves oblige, though they remain on heightened alert.
A Palace is a manifestation of an individual's distorted desire. It appears as a separate world.
At the heart of a Palace is a Treasure—the physical embodiment of the desire that created the Palace.
Katalina: So you steal the Treasure, which forces that person to have a change of heart?
Rackam: Like lifting a curse placed by an evil mage? You'd need some kinda powerful relic to manage that.
Mona: Eh, it's not quite the same. A Treasure is like the Palace's core.
The crew is totally lost trying to keep up with the unbelievable information.
Based on what little they know, they can't distinguish between fact or fiction.
Katalina: This is quite the situation, but I'm still worried about Vyrn.
Panther: Let's take a walk for now, okay? Palace or not, we can't do anything without more information.
Skull: If this is anything like a Palace, there'll probably be Shadows. Stay frosty.
Everyone watches for danger as they walk down the street.
The crew become more and more shaken as they see the bizarre changes gradually overcoming the town.
Rackam: Is this Port Breeze? I thought I knew these streets...
Katalina: Speaking of which, I don't see anyone around. Where did all the shoppers and such that were just here disappear to?
Lyria: Oh, I see someone over there!
Everyone turns quickly to look. Sure enough they can see someone.
Lyria: Should we try asking that person? They might know something!
Mona: No, wait! You can't be reckless in a dimension like this!
Lyria rushes to the approaching figure and calls out to them.
Lyria: Um, excuse me! Are you from around here?
Pedestrian: ...
Katalina: Lyria, get back! Something's wrong!
Mona: Run! That's—
Pedestrian: ...
The figure appears to liquefy, losing its shape and oozing to the ground.
It then takes a new form right before their eyes.
???: Oooo... Oooo...
Skull: Yo, that's gotta be a Shadow!
Katalina: Do you know something? What is that thing!
Joker: We'll explain later.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 2: Warping World - Episode 3

Joker defeats the foes with the power of his Persona. More of them soon appear, and the crew along with the Phantom Thieves head down a long alleyway to make their escape. During their getaway, Lyria spots a Vyrn-like silhouette hovering ahead of them. When they make it to the end of the alleyway, they discover the Grandcypher wrecked on the outskirts of the town.

???: Ooo...
Joker uses his mysterious power to end the battle quickly. The enemy liquefies again—this time melting into the ground and disappearing for good.
Mona: Nice going, Joker! That was too easy!
Rackam: That power you used just now...
Lyria: It didn't feel like a primal beast.
Mona: It's a Persona!
Katalina: Per... sona?
Mona: Personas are like your "other self" kept hidden in your heart.
Katalina: We know of highly-skilled magic users who fight with spirits of the deceased. Do Personas fall in that category?
Skull: Aw, who cares 'bout the details! You saw what our powers can do!
Rackam: And that thing we saw is... what exactly?
Fox: We're not entirely sure ourselves.
Fox: It's eerily similar to the enemies we call Shadows, however.
Mona: You thought they were people and hesitated to attack, right?
Mona: Assuming they act like Shadows, there's no reason to worry about that.
Mona: You guys said you have monsters that you have to defeat. Just think of Shadows like that.
Shadow: Ooo...
Skull: Here comes more of 'em!
Mona: Let's get away from here for now!
Katalina: Understood!
The party flees, trying to escape the pursuing abnormalities by slipping into an alley.
Skull: Huff... Huff... Hey! How long we plannin' on runnin'?
Mona: Until we get out of this long alleyway! If they cut us off on both ends, we'll be sitting ducks!
Fox: Where are we going?
Mona: Outside of the town! Inside's probably crawling with enemies!
No matter how much they run, they never see anything resembling an exit.
The concern that this alley might not lead them out of town grows with each step they take, until Mona suddenly comes to a halt at the front of the pack.
Mona: Wait!
Skull: Whoa! Why'd you stop like that!
Panther: What is it, Mona?
Mona: I saw something just now...
Lyria: Oh, isn't that Vyrn?
Lyria spots a figure hovering up ahead. It's too far to make out clearly, but it's shaped like Vyrn.
Rackam: That little...
You okay over there?
The Vyrn-like silhouette ignores the party and flies farther down the alley.
Although finding their friend in this manner is unsettling, the party chases after him.
Rackam: Vyrn probably has no idea why the environment's gone all wonky!
Katalina: He's by himself! We can't let any of those awful things chasing us get to him first!
Lyria: But something about Vyrn feels—
  1. Just run!

Choose: Just run!
Skull: Damn... He's fast!
Fox: Hold on. We're about to leave the town.
Vyrn's pursuers finally come across the town exit, the very one they'd been unable to find since they started running.
Without a moment's pause, the silhouette that looks like Vyrn heads into the outskirts.
Rackam: Heh. Guess he hasn't calmed down yet!
Lyria: Vyrn! Wait for us!
The party leave the town in their dust and arrive at a hill.
But it's not Vyrn that awaits them.
Rackam: What the heck...
Skull: Dude... It's huge...
Fox: So this is an airship... Up close, it is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Katalina: What is the Grandcypher doing in a place like this? It should be docked at the port.
Rackam: And look around. It's like we've gone back in time.
Panther: Do you know what this big ship is?
Rackam: This here's the Grandcypher. Call it a buddy of mine.
Rackam: I know for a fact I flew this baby... Didn't I? So why is it here again...
Rackam: Damn it! How did this happen to you?
Rackam can't believe the sight in front of him.
He looks back at the town, finding that the port has been swallowed by the haze.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 2: Warping World - Episode 4

Rackam recounts how the Grandcypher once crashed to the Phantom Thieves. This helps Mona figure out that the Palace belongs to someone with a connection to the Grandcypher. Just as they begin to search the airship for clues, enemies appear and attack.

After the initial shock wears off, Rackam is able to cool his head. He recounts his connection with the Grandcypher to the Phantom Thieves.
Panther: Hmm... It doesn't make sense why the world would start feeling like a Palace.
Panther: One minute we find Vyrn-kun, the next minute he's gone.
Katalina: I'm sorry we dragged you into this.
Panther: Huh? Oh, sorry! I didn't mean anything by it!
Joker: We've brought our share of trouble.
Skull: Can't ignore a thing like this either. Not when the sky's turned all Palace-like.
Mona: Leave the Palace stuff and what it all means to us.
Mona: In return, help us out when it's time for us to go home.
  1. Thanks.
  2. We'll be there for you.

Choose: Thanks.
Choose: We'll be there for you.
Fox: You're the right people for the right job.
The two parties promise to band together to overcome the obstacles in front of them.
Mona: Let's pretend this place is a Palace since there are many points in common.
Mona: Considering this irregular dimension extends to the crew's ship too...
Mona: The crew, or maybe someone inside the ship, is the owner of the dimension.
Panther: So the form of the dimension changes based on the Palace owner's cognition?
Rackam: Okay, time out. You're saying one of our own crew members is responsible for this?
Mona: No, we can't be sure of anything at this point. According to what you've told us, this ship's been here for a long time.
Mona: A ship of this size is hard to miss. It's possible for any of the island's inhabitants to have remembered something after seeing it.
Katalina: I do think we need to clear up this baffling puzzle before we can look for Vyrn.
Katalina: However, without knowing who the owner is, we have no leads on the Treasure you mentioned either.
Mona: Yep. Plus we'll need to send out a calling card to steal the Treasure anyway.
Mona: This place is probably not a Palace, but it sure acts like one.
Mona: And just like a Palace, you can't steal the Treasure without a calling card.
Skull: Um... Can you go over it again or somethin'?
Mona: The sensation we're feeling is just like a Palace. Or should I say one that's like 99.9 percent similar.
Mona: But something's not right. Something's... different.
Fox: Wouldn't a Palace from our Metaverse feel different?
Mona: Maybe? But then again, it's different from a Palace...
Mona can't wrap his head around what's going on.
Katalina: In any case, we need to gather intel.
Katalina: Let's consider the same reasoning behind how a Palace is formed.
Katalina: Then the existence of this irregular dimension is being affected by the cognition of its owner.
Katalina: Wouldn't that imply that the irregularity itself is a clue to finding the owner?
Panther: Ah, when you say it like that, it does sort of make sense.
Rackam: The easiest thing for us to do is to check what's right in front of us.
The party follows Rackam's lead, walking out onto the deck of the Grandcypher.
Skull: Holy... Now that I'm actually on this beast, it really is huge! How much bigger is it than my room you think?
Panther: How can you be so carefree at a time like this?
Mona: I know you're excited, but try to stay focused...
Shadow: Ooo...
Skull: Oh, crap! They spawn here too?
Rackam: Don't board other people's property uninvited. Prepare to be kicked off!
Mona: You ready, Joker?
Joker: I was born ready.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 2: Warping World - Episode 4: Scene 2

After defeating the foes, the crew and the Phantom Thieves investigate the Grandcypher. They are dumbfounded when they find a door inside the airship that seems to lead to Zinkenstill.

Shadow: Ooo... Ooo...
Rackam: Damn! They just keep coming—
Skull: Orraaah!
Skull: Watch it, man! Your back's wide open!
Rackam: Sorry, thanks for the save. I get distracted when the Grandcypher's gettin' hurt.
Skull: I feel ya. If anyone had their way with somethin' special o' mine, I'd let 'em have it!
Katalina: But how can there be foes lurking around even here?
Lyria: I'm worried about Vyrn. Let's get searching!
Rackam: All right. We'll try checking each room one by one.
Ever vigilant, the party opens the door to the ship's tail in order to check the rooms inside.
But they're not ready for the scene in front of them.
Katalina: That's impossible!
  1. Now that looks familiar...
  2. Zinkenstill?

Choose: Now that looks familiar...
Choose: Zinkenstill?
(Captain)'s village lies on the other side of the door.
The place where (Captain)'s journey all started, Zinkenstill, stretches before them.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 3: Voice of the Heart - Episode 1

The Phantom Thieves explain that although Palaces are formed from an individual's desires, they have the ability to change form. After the explanation, they continue the search for Vyrn and eventually arrive at (Captain)'s house. They manage to find their little dragon friend, but he flies off before anyone gets a chance to reason with him.

The deck door of the Grandcypher opens to reveal a picturesque view of Zinkenstill.
Everyone is stunned by this abnormal phenomenon.
Rackam: I just don't get it anymore...
Mona: There's a village inside a ship... You guys know this place?
  1. Vyrn and I used to live here.
  2. I do, but something's weird.

Choose: Vyrn and I used to live here.
Mona: The memory of a place relating to Vyrn and (Captain)... Yeah, sounds like a Palace all right.

Choose: I do, but something's weird.
Katalina: Yes... This is slightly different from the hometown of (Captain) and Vyrn that I know of.
Mona: The memory of a place relating to Vyrn and (Captain)... Yeah, sounds like a Palace all right.
Continue 1
Mona: Going back to what we discussed earlier, Palaces change based on the cognition of the owner.
Mona: So the ones with ties to both the Grandcypher and the village are...
Mona: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and Katalina.
Rackam: Whoa, whoa, whoa... You're saying one of these four is—
  1. The owner of this irregular dimension.

Choose: The owner of this irregular dimension.
Katalina: ...
Lyria: ...
Fox: Hmm... I don't see any warped desires in any of them.
Panther: Th-that's right! We've been fighting together all this time.
Fox: By the process of elimination, that makes Vyrn the owner of this dimension since he isn't here.
  1. That's impossible.
  2. It's hard to imagine.

Choose: That's impossible.
Lyria: That's right! Vyrn wouldn't have warped thoughts like that!

Choose: It's hard to imagine.
Katalina: I agree. Vyrn's always been free-spirited. I can't imagine him harboring such emotions...
Continue 2
A cloud of gloom hangs over the two groups after a possible conclusion is offered.
Joker: It's strange.
Mona: You think so too, Joker?
Mona: I knew I wasn't the only one sensing something off. You can't tell how warped thoughts are gonna show up.
Mona: But Vyrn disappeared just before this dimension appeared.
Mona: And we observed those silhouettes in town too.
Mona: Perhaps there's a link between his disappearance and the creation of this dimension.
Skull can't bear the seriousness any longer, blurting out in impatience.
Skull: C'mon, let's keep lookin' already. Thinkin' isn't gonna get anythin' started!
Panther: Yeah, let's. We'll definitely find something!
Joker: Care to lead the way?
  1. You got it.
  2. Give me a hand.

Choose: You got it.
Joker: Thanks. We'll leave it to you.

Choose: Give me a hand.
Joker: Of course.
Continue 3
(Captain) takes the lead, and they all head through the door on full alert.
Once through the door, they step foot onto Zinkenstill.
The sky is still clouded by the purple haze, but everything else feels like Zinkenstill, from the crunch of the soil to the familiar sights and smells.
Fox: What a calming place. If it were not for our current situation, I could see myself spending time here.
Panther: Yeah. This is the kinda laid-back lifestyle you wish for after living in the city.
Skull: Ey, Vyrn! Where you at? We came looking for you!
Mona: Quiet, you numbskull! You're gonna draw the enemies to us!
Skull: Sorry. I didn't think there'd be anyone else here 'sides us...
Fox: No response. It's all too quiet.
Mona: Should we try searching the houses like we did with the rooms on the ship?
Skull: Seriously, though... If we find another portal to somewhere else, I'm gonna lose it.
Panther: Hold on. This is Vyrn-kun's village, right?
Panther: So he's probably at home or somewhere important to him.
Mona: That makes sense...
Mona: (Captain), you guys lived together, right? Can you take us to your house?
(Captain) guides them all to the house.
(Captain) is about to open the door when Mona stops the captain.
Mona: Careful! You never know what might happen...
Steeling themselves, they open the door with caution.
They're welcomed by a familiar figure in the center of the room.
Lyria: Vyrn!
The little dragon sits alone on the dining table.
Vyrn: ...
Rackam: Oy, Vyrn! You know how worried we were when you suddenly went missing?
Katalina: In any case, are you hurt—
Vyrn: What am I?
Lyria: Vyrn?
Vyrn: We travel together on this journey. But what if the real me were...
Vyrn: Zinkenstill and the Grandcypher are probably all I have.
Vyrn: So it's better that I don't know anything about my true self...
Lyria: ...!
What was that just now...
Mona: This doesn't feel right. Don't tell me he's—
Vyrn: ...
Rackam: Stop, Vyrn! Where are you going now!
Vyrn suddenly leaps into the air, and without looking back, flies off for the forest.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 3: Voice of the Heart - Episode 2

After watching Vyrn fly away, Mona surmises that perhaps a Palace has appeared, springing from the little dragon's desires. However, Lyria senses something else—the influence of a primal beast from Vyrn. Fox infers that the primal beast is creating a Palace-like dimension instead.

Everyone stands rooted to the ground, unable to figure out why Vyrn is acting the way he is.
(Captain) snaps back to reality first, preparing to chase after Vyrn.
Mona: Wait! It's not safe to chase after him!
Katalina: But we can't leave Vyrn like this!
Mona: You saw him with your own two eyes! That's probably not the real Vyrn.
Mona: It looks like a Shadow copy of Vyrn.
Katalina: A copy?
The Phantom Thieves explain the connection between Shadows, Palaces, and the Palace's owner.
Rackam: So that's why Vyrn didn't seem his usual self back there...
Panther: Then this irregular dimension really does seem like Vyrn-kun's Palace.
Mona: Probably...
Joker: So what's the uncomfortable feeling you felt between this dimension and a Palace?
Mona: I don't know. Maybe it was just how similar they are and nothing more.
Mona: Maybe there never was anything odd about them, and I made a mistake.
Lyria: Um, do you really think that's true?
Mona: What?
Lyria's timid voice surprises everyone. She faces the Phantom Thieves and continues.
Lyria: I don't completely understand everything about Palaces...
Lyria: But when we were talking to Vyrn, I felt the presence of a primal beast.
Skull: Whoa! A primal beast!
Uh... Someone refresh my memory here...
Fox: They are transcendent beings in this world, with power rivaling that of gods. I think.
Lyria: Yes. The presence didn't last long, but there's no mistaking it; it was a primal beast.
Lyria: I think this dimension is being affected by a primal beast.
Mona: How is that possible?
Mona: Because I definitely think this dimension feels like a Palace.
Skull: Doesn't sound like either of you are mistaken...
Lyria and Mona nod at Skull's assertion.
Skull: So then... how do you explain it?
Panther: But we saw those Shadow-looking things.
Panther: They gave off a Palace-feel too.
Katalina: As for us, it's much easier to accept that this is the work of a primal beast.
Rackam: After hearing certain legends about the primals, I don't think it's a stretch to say they're capable of making weird dimensions.
Faced with two contradicting scenarios, the group puzzles over what it could mean.
Finally Fox addresses the crew with an unsure voice.
Fox: Is this really all that complicated?
Skull: Well, I mean... Palace or primal beast, it's not, like, super clear which one makes more sense...
Fox: What if you were to combine both theories? That should fix the discrepancy.
Panther: Both at once?
Fox: A primal beast makes a Palace, or it makes a dimension that acts like one and makes Vyrn the owner.
Fox: What do you think of that?
Mona: A primal beast makes—
Lyria: A Palace?
Mona and Lyria are surprised at a conclusion they hadn't thought of.
It would prove to be the seed needed to solve their current dilemma.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 3: Voice of the Heart - Episode 3

The Phantom Thieves decide that the only way to help Vyrn now is to steal the Treasure associated with the Palace-like place. The crew agrees, and the two groups move out with a renewed sense of purpose.

Mona: A primal beast made the Palace?
Fox: Or a dimension that feels like a Palace.
Fox: You can't call it a Palace if it doesn't completely feel like a Palace.
It's an unorthodox idea but a logical one. Although not totally convinced, they try to build a theory around it.
Fox: Primal beasts are fairly capable of the extraordinary, are they not?
Fox: Does this action seem out of their range of possibility?
Rackam: Well, extraordinary is kinda... No, you know what? They do seem like gods sometimes...
Katalina: You're proposing that a primal beast made Vyrn take ownership of this irregular dimension.
Katalina: Could that be the reason behind Vyrn's disappearance? That he was taken away by a primal beast?
Mona: Yeah. It flies in the face of your standard Palace. Maybe that's the weirdness I was feeling.
Mona: Let's try to combine what we know and what you guys know.
First the party discusses the primal beast Lyria sensed.
Lyria: It didn't last long though.
Lyria: If I concentrate, I can almost make it out...
Katalina: Are you trying to find its origin?
Lyria: No. Its presence is spread all over, so I can't pinpoint where it's coming from.
Mona: How do we even devise a strategy for this? Sure would be a lot easier if turned out to be a regular old Palace.
Joker: Shouldn't be that different from how we normally approach Palaces.
Skull: Then it all comes down to the Treasure. I bet you yen to donuts its in here somewhere.
Fox: The Treasure's the core. Steal that, and the Palace comes crashing down on its own.
Katalina: That's what you refer to as "changing someone's heart" if I remember correctly. I just don't see what could be changed about Vyrn though...
Katalina: However, I suppose that's necessary for releasing Vyrn as the owner of this dimension.
Mona: We need a way to grab the owner's attention if we want to figure out where the Treasure is hidden.
They review what they've learned so far.
Mona: This is his village, the place he grew up in.
Skull: Yeah, he said this is where he belongs or something.
Panther: And don't forget that huge ship, the Grandcypher.
Fox: Hometown... A place of belonging... "Home" in every sense of the word.
Mona: You might be on to something there.
Rackam: So Vyrn saw the Grandcypher that way, huh?
Katalina: Then how do you explain the fact that it was stranded on that hill?
Mona: This is just my guess, but I think he's afraid of continuing the journey past this point.
Rackam: Afraid? Afraid of what? Are you saying he doesn't want to keep going with us?
Mona: No, the opposite. He wants to stay together the entire way, but he's afraid of moving forward.
Mona: He's worried about his true self, just like I am about myself.
Rackam: His true self, huh... Frankly I've never seen anyone like Vyrn. Is that really such a scary thing to realize?
Mona: Of course it is! How would you guys act if you started suspecting there was an unknown side of you hidden below?
Rackam: I don't know...
Mona: It really sucks. It breaks the confidence you had inside.
Mona: I know how painful that feels...
Panther: Mona...
Mona: He's got nowhere else to call home. He's linked to this island and the Grandcypher.
Mona: When he stops to reflect, these two places are all he has.
Mona: I can imagine him wandering this place alone, being crushed under the weight of insecurity.
Lyria: Oh no... We'll never leave Vyrn by himself!
  1. We'll definitely go find him.

Choose: We'll definitely go find him.
As the groups pushes on through the dimension, the knowledge of Vyrn's loneliness reinvigorates their resolve to save him.
One by one the riddles that line their path guide them toward the real truth.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 3: Voice of the Heart - Episode 4

Everyone considers the location of the Treasure. Knowing Vyrn's love for apples, (Captain) wonders if there might be a clue in the forest they used to visit back in their younger days.

Everyone in the group has committed their objectives to heart: terminate the irregular dimension and free Vyrn from being its owner.
The only problem is they have no Treasure to target.
Lyria: If it's Vyrn we're talking about, then I think his Treasure would be an apple.
Panther: Um... Are you sure there's nothing else you can think of?
Panther: Because after you eat an apple, it's gone forever, right?
Panther: Try to come up with something Vyrn-kun can hang onto for a long time...
Lyria: Aww... I thought it was a good idea...
Skull: Treasure's usually in the deepest part of a Palace.
Panther: Deepest part...
Panther: Of course! What about a place he has cherished memories of?
Panther: Ring any bells, (Captain)?
The sight of the forest suddenly reminds (Captain) of an apple tree.
As a young child, (Captain) and Vyrn would sneak away from the adults to pick apples to eat.
Mona: He went in the direction of the forest, so it's probably connected somehow.
Skull: Either way, scratchin' our heads all day won't get nothin' done! If there's even a chance, we gotta take it!
Having determined where they need to go, the party is about to venture into the adjacent forest, hoping to find clues.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 4: Foundation of the Heart - Episode 1

They proceed to the forest, but its distorted paths prove to be more maze-like than anticipated.

The party heads for the apple tree located within the forest.
As they draw closer to the tree line, they are struck by the irregularity of what they see.
Skull: The hell's this?
Each tree is warped and twisted, entwining with its neighbors as if to form a natural labyrinth.
Panther: This is creepy. It looks like a witch lives in there. We'll be okay though, right? Right?
Fox: This scene deserves to be painted. If only I could make a sketch for later...
Mona: A heightened state of awareness in response to a heightened state of danger, I bet.
Mona: Well? Are we going in or what?
  1. This doesn't bother me at all.
  2. We need to help Vyrn fast.

Choose: This doesn't bother me at all.
Choose: We need to help Vyrn fast.
Katalina: We have to. We mustn't succumb to the fear ahead lest we lose what's important to us.
Joker: ...
The party sticks close together and enters the forest, wary of what may come.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 4: Foundation of the Heart - Episode 2

Eventually the thieves and the crew arrive at an apple tree, but it seems to have withered. Discouraged, Lyria suggests they go to the shrine where Vyrn and (Captain) first met her. There Lyria and (Captain) find an apple, but when they pick it up, shadowy versions of themselves appear and attack.

The party proceed through the forest while wrestling with their own anxiety. They finally find the apple tree.
Skull: It's all dried up?
Fox: It barely has any leaves left, and it seems rather sickly. I wonder how it came to be like this.
Most of the tree's leaves have fallen. It bears no signs of life, much less fruit.
Lyria: This place is supposed to hold special meaning for Vyrn and (Captain). Why is it in such bad shape...
Panther: It doesn't make sense. All the other trees around here are doing fine except for this one.
Mona: Yeah. The irregularity surrounding this tree is definitely pointing to something important.
Fox: What could it be hinting at?
Rackam: Now where do we go from here? Is a tree enough to help figure all this out?
Mona: I can't think of anything at the moment. But since it seems to have some sort of meaning, I'm guessing there's more to it...
Skull: How 'bout we scope out some other places?
Skull: (Captain) and Vyrn grew up in the village next door, so this whole forest is probably full of memory spots.
Katalina: Good point. We're not licked yet.
Lyria: Okay! Let's go find some more clues!
They all scour their surroundings again, unsurprisingly seeing nothing but distorted trees. No one says a word.
Lyria: That's...
Mona: What? Bad guys?
Lyria: Oops, sorry. I just thought something over there looked familiar...
Lyria is referring to an old shrine that has existed for many generations in Zinkenstill.
It's the same shrine where she first met (Captain) and Vyrn.
Lyria: It's kind of weird though. It hasn't been that long since we left it...
Rackam: Hm? Someone's made an offering to the shrine. Is that an apple?
Fox: The luster of the peel is proof of its ripeness.
Katalina: First the apple tree, and now an actual apple. What is the significance behind it?
Lyria: It must be that this apple is actually Vyrn's Treasure...
Lyria: Shouldn't that mean that he'll come back if we take it?
Mona: Uh, hold up. That means the apple really is the Treasure...
Mona: But I thought Treasure's not s'posed to appear until we send out a calling card...
Lyria quietly reaches for the apple.
Suddenly the ground beneath her feet begins to undulate as if it were liquid.
Lyria: Eeek!
Panther: What is it, Lyria-chan!
Lyria: How strange! The ground is swaying...
Lyria: Aaah!
Lyria can bear it no longer and leaps back from where she stood.
Two figures, darker than the night, surface from the ground.
???: ...
Lyria: Huh? You're...
???: ...!
One of the figures raises their sword and takes a swing at Lyria without warning.
Panther: Lyria-chan!
Panther's quick reflexes pull Lyria to safety just in the nick of time.
Panther: Are you okay? Did you get hit?
Lyria: I-I'm okay...
Skull: Son of a... It was a trap—
Skull: Wait, what!
Skull is the only one to vocalize his outrage, but everyone is visibly surprised.
The two figures reveal their true selves to be (Captain) and Lyria.
Copies: ...
Rackam: Uh, what are we looking at here?
Skull: What now? Can we attack them?
Mona: The real ones are on our side! Those are probably fakes posing as Shadows!
Katalina: The real (Captain) would never attack Lyria.
Skull: Damn it! Got no choice!

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 4: Foundation of the Heart - Episode 3

After the impostors are defeated, the real Vyrn shows up. He explains that he heard a voice inside his head, and before he knew it, he was in a different place. Mona has a lot of questions for the little dragon, arriving at the conclusion that the apple found at the shrine has already played an important role.

Fake (Captain) and Lyria are defeated. They melt away into the ground.
Looking around once more, the party is shocked to discover that the apple is gone too.
Lyria: What in the world...
Mona: Vyrn loves apples. So when you went to touch that one, two fakes popped out to stop you?
Vyrn's Voice: Noooo!
Panther: Hm? Didn't that sound like Vyrn-kun?
Vyrn: How could you do that to them!
Lyria: Vyrn?
Vyrn comes flying out of the trees. Halfway to tears and full of anger, he wallops (Captain) on the head.
Vyrn: Take that! And that!
  1. Calm down, Vyrn!
  2. Ouch!

Choose: Calm down, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Shut up!

Choose: Ouch!
Vyrn: You don't get to say that after what you—
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Vyrn: Huh? (Captain)? Lyria?
Lyria: Vyrn...
The two people Vyrn thought were killed turn out to be very much alive.
He recalls what he saw again in his head and realizes that the defeated ones were fakes.
Vyrn: Sorry... I thought (Captain) and Lyria were goners...
Lyria: We're absolutely fine. You can stop worrying now!
Rackam: Geez, had us worried sick, you know. What in the world happened to you?
Panther: On the bright side, we finally found him!
Mona: Wish we could call a timeout, but I've got a mountain of questions for you.
Mona: (Judging from his behavior, I'd say this is the real Vyrn.)
Mona: (But if the real one's here, where's the Shadow Vyrn that controls this dimension?)
Mona: To recap, a primal beast more than likely created this dimension, which acts like a Palace, and you've been made its owner.
Mona: That's what we've concluded so far, and we can't leave this dimension the way it is.
Mona: We'll follow our usual Palace procedures.
Mona: And the way to bring down a Palace is to steal its Treasure. Does any of this sound familiar?
Vyrn: I honestly don't know. I was already here before I knew it.
Vyrn: I heard a weird voice in Port Breeze... I think I came here after that?
Mona: A weird voice? Explain!
Vyrn explains that back in Port Breeze, he didn't feel right and stepped outside. That's when he had a conversation with the voice.
Katalina: It sounds like Vyrn's inner voice exploited his insecurities and backed him into a corner.
Mona: That's the other Vyrn. The one appearing as a Shadow.
Mona: But if that's the case, did the primal beast that created this dimension already tamper with Vyrn?
Skull: Man, we got nothin' definite to go on. And now the apple's disappeared too.
Mona: ...
Mona: It may be gone, but I think the apple served an important purpose.
Mona's words carry significance, but the others can only scratch their heads at his cryptic remark.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 4: Foundation of the Heart - Episode 4

Mona asks Vyrn what his true feelings are, which he divulges to the rest of the group. She explains that the shadowy versions of Lyria and (Captain) were manifestations of Vyrn's love and anxiety concerning his friends. Suddenly Vyrn winces in pain and transforms into a rampaging primal beast.

Joker: Did you figure out something, Mona?
Fox: It sounds like he wants to draw out the suspense.
Skull: Quit actin' high and mighty and spill it!
Mona: Keep your pants on! I'm gonna start from the top!
Mona: But first...
Mona: Vyrn. I need to know what your true feelings are.
Vyrn: My true feelings?
Mona: This dimension may be a primal beast's creation, but it shares a common component with a Palace.
Mona: A Palace owner's heart is heavily influenced by the owner's cognition. So your heart is the key.
Mona's serious gaze bores into Vyrn, who is speechless.
Mona: You're scared to learn about your true self, aren't you?
Vyrn: Wh-what!
Katalina: Please, Vyrn. I don't want you to hide this from us.
Vyrn: Fine... Yeah, I talked to the voice about myself.
Vyrn: That's when an awful thought came to me. What if I was a freaky monster?
Vyrn: Then I couldn't travel with you guys anymore, and you'd leave me forever. That's what scared me.
Vyrn: But if I ain't a monster, and I probably ain't a primal beast... what exactly am I?
Lyria: Vyrn...
Mona: Sorry about that. I know we asked you to confess some heavy stuff...
Mona: But thanks to that, I have a different picture of the situation now.
Mona: Okay. Think back to what just happened.
Mona: Just as we were about to touch the apple, copies of (Captain) and Lyria appeared.
Mona: Nothing else up to that point had drawn a response. You could make a strong argument the apple is this dimension's core.
Panther: Oh! I think I get it!
Panther: The apple is a projection of Vyrn-kun's friendship and trust in (Captain)-san and Lyria-chan!
Mona: Most likely.
Lyria: I don't think I understand...
Mona: It's the thing that supports Vyrn's heart. In other words the apple is his heart's foundation.
Mona: Vyrn sees (Captain) and Lyria as the ones who protect him, and in return the ones he must protect.
Mona: His subconscious produced two fakes to protect the apple.
Katalina: But why is that the reason Vyrn feels tormented?
Katalina: And why does it feel like you're talking about friendship and trust as if they're negatives...
Joker: It's because of your close relationship. There are some things you keep to yourself when you don't want to jeopardize such a bond.
Joker: And then that leads to a growing anxiety. I'm sure everyone's had this experience before.
Rackam: Got me there. Memories and friendships can sometimes feel more like shackles.
Fox: What you're saying is the two distorted figures that appeared are in fact the very anxiety Joker just mentioned.
Mona: We have a winner!
Skull: So... This time the apple's the Treasure?
Mona: Yeah, should be.
But something still bothers me...
Vyrn: ...
  1. Vyrn?

Choose: Vyrn?
Vyrn: I'm scared... I... I...
Lyria: Something's wrong with him!
Vyrn: Unngh...
Katalina: Vyrn! Stay with me!
Vyrn: Urgh...
Vyrn: Waaargh!
???: Guh... Gwaaah!
Rackam: Hey, what the hell is this all about?
Katalina: Is that really Vyrn?
Lyria: No, it's a primal beast! It's the same one I felt in (Captain)'s house!
Mona: Then this must be the primal beast that created this dimension!
???: Guuuuh!
Joker: Here it comes!

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - The Mastermind

After the battle, Vyrn returns to normal and identifies the creator of the dimension as Dantalion, a primal who wanted to control the skies by using Vyrn's power. However, this peace is short-lived as the primal returns even more powerful before. Before the Phantom Thieves realize what's happening, they look around to see that they've been brought back to Mementos.

???: Guuuh...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: Vyrn!
(Captain) dashes over to Vyrn and scoops the limp dragon off the ground.
Vyrn: Hey... (Captain)...
Katalina: Vyrn! Are you hurt?
Rackam: He seems okay as far as I can tell. But what was that form we just saw?
Mona: What does this all mean?
Mona: (Vyrn suddenly transformed into the enemy... That by itself points to this Vyrn being a Shadow.)
Mona: (Is he the real deal or not? Thing is, I don't get the sense this Vyrn is a Shadow...)
Vyrn: Hold that thought and listen to me! I know who the primal beast is.
When Vyrn transformed, the intentions of the voice's owner were revealed to him.
Vyrn: It called itself Dantalion.
Vyrn: He said, "With your power, I will rule the sky and the stars".
Lyria: Primal beast Dantalion...
Vyrn: Yeah, I guess he was hiding inside of me.
Mona: He was hiding inside of you?
Mona: Aha... Now I understand.
Mona: That explains what happened earlier and why the real you is here.
Skull: So the mastermind is that Dandelion creep!
Panther: Not the flower! Dan-ta-lion!
Fox: This situation is already complicated, but on top of that, what is its objective? Why was this dimension created?
Vyrn: He said something about the power I'm supposed to have. I don't know what he meant by that.
Vyrn: But I get the feeling he's after me. I think he created this dimension to trap me here.
Mona: Then what we saw back there was Dantalion trying to hijack your body?
Vyrn: Yeah, seems like it. If I let my guard down, that's when he'll strike...
Fox: The question is how do we fight him if he's hiding within Vyrn?
Katalina: Is there anything you can do, Lyria?
Lyria: ...
Unfortunately he's mixed in with Vyrn so well that I can't get a good hold...
Skull: That's effin' dirty! With the apple gone, we're stuck in a crappy stalemate!
The plan to tackle this dimension as a Palace hits a snag—the Treasure they're after, the apple, has vanished.
And with Dantalion hiding within Vyrn, the party is unable to take direct action against the primal beast.
As they stand there thinking of other options, groans begin to leak out of Vyrn's mouth once more.
Vyrn: Uungh... Gwaah!
Lyria: Vyrn! Are you okay?
Vyrn: Everyone, get back! He's coming back out again!
Skull: Good, this time we'll—
Vyrn: No! He's... even more—
Dantalion: Graaaah!
Lyria: Aaah!
Katalina: Ugh!
Skull: Seriously? It's like a hundred times bigger now!
Lyria: It's stronger than before because it's merging with Vyrn!
Lyria: There's nothing I can do!
Mona: This isn't good... This power is beyond what we faced earlier!
Joker: Take cover, everyone!
Dantalion: Raaaah!
The giant, black dragon looses a roar that shakes the air, striking fear in the hearts of all.
Shockwaves from the roar uproot the ground in chunks, generating a gigantic fissure that rips the island in two.
Skull: Oh, come on. This isn't a battle manga!
Katalina: Tch. We need to get away from here!
Joker: It's not done yet!
Panther: No way! Ru—
Dantalion: Graaaah!
Skull: Whoa! Where are we?
Bathed in dazzling light, the Phantom Thieves open their eyes.
They're back in a familiar place—Mementos.
Panther: Huh? This has to be Mementos. Are we back in our own world?
Fox: Hmm, I would say it's more like...
Fox: We were expelled from their world by the black dragon's attack.
Skull: Which means we're saved, right? Not that I feel so good about it...
Mona: Guess our brains are frazzled. Even mine.
Joker: ...
The Phantom Thieves exit Mementos racked with confusion and fatigue.
Ren Amamiya: ...
Ren Amamiya: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn...
Ren Amamiya: Is this how it ends?
Ren Amamiya: ...
Ren falls into a deep sleep, as if he's being pulled into the darkness.
Ren Amamiya: ...!
Ren awakens in a cell, his eyes meeting the icy stares of two young girls from across steel bars.
Caroline: What's wrong, Inmate? Did that beast of the heavens force you to turn tail and run?
Caroline: Not that the affairs of that other world are of any concern.
Justine: It's a pity, isn't it? Now their world will be unable to find peace.
Caroline: That's right, Inmate! Do you have any idea what it means to cross over worlds?
Caroline: It's only fitting that trouble found you after you took your first step into that place.
Justine: Is it implausible that they were unexpectedly pulled into that situation?
Caroline: They weren't lost tourists. They were invited into that world!
Justine: The reasons for your actions will not be questioned, Inmate. You are not foolish enough to not know what you are getting into.
Caroline: Humph. If that's what you guys think you need to do, then go on and do it.
Confusion stings Ren's mind for a second. He is reminded of the people he met in the Sky Realm.
What's happened to them? How did the two wardens know about them?
Before Ren can speak his mind, his consciousness slowly drifts away.
To be continued...

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 5: Strategy Call - Episode 1

The Phantom Thieves have gathered at Cafe Leblanc to reminisce about their foray into the Sky Realm. Unable to rest easy while their skydwelling friends could possibly still be in trouble, the thieves decide to find a way back.

The Phantom Thieves have gathered once again in Leblanc to discuss yesterday's foray into the Sky Realm.
Ryuji Sakamoto: So 'bout yesterday... What do you guys make of it?
Ren Amamiya: ...
Yusuke Kitagawa: I don't know what to think, but I'm confident in the existence of that other world. We're not through with it yet.
Morgana: We were sent back right when we were in the thick of it.
Morgana: We didn't get to solve anything, and the favors we owe to the crew go unfulfilled.
Morgana: I'm not gonna let others bear the burden of Vyrn's problems.
Morgana: If there's anything I can do to ease his suffering...
Ren Amamiya: Then let's figure out how we can help them.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Heh. Excellent. It's no use playing a guessing game.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Just gotta head back to Mementos and find that crack again.
Ann Takamaki: The one with the blue light!
Morgana: Hold your horses. We could lose everything if we stick our limbs in without a plan.
Morgana: There's no guarantee the crack will still be where we first found it either.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Aw, come on...
Ann Takamaki: Hmm... There's got to be a better way...
Yusuke Kitagawa: ...
Ryuji Sakamoto: 'Sup, Yusuke? Starin' at Ann's legs again?
Ann Takamaki: Huh?
Yusuke Kitagawa: Not the legs. Her hand is what I found eye-catching.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Have you found a lover recently?
Ann Takamaki: Wh-what! Where did that come from?
Morgana: Fat chance, Yusuke! Lady Ann would never have a lover!
Ann Takamaki: I find that offensive...
Morgana: I didn't mean to say it like that—
Yusuke Kitagawa: Actually I was referring to that exquisite ring on your finger.
Ann Takamaki: Ring?
Ann Takamaki: Oh, this!
Lyria: Oooh! That ring fits you like a dream!
Panther: Right?
Sierokarte: Does it tickle your fancy?
Panther: Yep! It's super cute!
Sierokarte: But those two sizes are all I have left in stock.
Sierokarte: Since you like it so much, why don't I just give one to you? And you can have the other one, Lyria.
Lyria: Thank you so much, Siero!
Panther: Thanks! I'll be sure to keep it safe!
Lyria: Heehee. Now we match!
Ann Takamaki: This ring followed me home when we left their world.
Ann gently brushes the ring, remembering fond memories.
Ann Takamaki: It's not just Vyrn-kun, you know.
Ann Takamaki: (Captain)-san, Katalina-san, Rackam-san, and Lyria-chan...
Ann Takamaki: They're all still fighting against Dantalion.
Ann Takamaki: We'll always be filled with regret if we don't make it to them in time.
Ren Amamiya: Then that's where we're going.
The Four: Yeah!
The Phantom Thieves vow to cross into the Sky Realm once more, the bonds of fellowship urging them to save their friends.
They prepare to draw up a plan to accomplish their new mission.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 5: Strategy Call - Episode 2

Before heading back into the Sky Realm, the Phantom Thieves discuss how they should manage Dantalion. Because Vyrn is trapped in the strange Palace-like dimension of Dantalion's creation, they decide to steal the Dantalion's Treasure to save the little dragon.

Morgana: I know we don't have much time, but that doesn't give us an excuse to do anything rash.
Morgana: It'd be embarrassing to shoot ourselves in the foot. Come up with a plan and stick to it.
Ann Takamaki: Lyria-chan said something about Dantalion and Vyrn-kun merging, right?
Yusuke Kitagawa: Yes. And because of their merging, Lyria is unable to act, even though she's the one most equipped to face a primal beast.
Morgana: Obviously a frontal assault is out of the question...
Ann Takamaki: Then let's think about what we can do on our side.
Ann Takamaki: Have we considered what makes that dimension similar to a Palace? Maybe that'll give us a hint.
Morgana: Get a different viewpoint, huh? Yeah, that does sound like a good idea.
The Phantom Thieves go over what they know so far.
Morgana: Number one. Vyrn is definitely the owner of that dimension.
Morgana: But a Palace's Shadow owner, or in this case the one controlling the irregular dimension, is probably the primal beast Dantalion.
Ann Takamaki: Are you sure an owner and a Shadow can be two different things?
Morgana: No, I'm not, but this isn't a Palace like we usually deal with. This is a dimension made by a primal beast.
Morgana: Which leads to number two. Dantalion is gradually merging with Vyrn.
Morgana: So taking care of Vyrn's Shadow falls to us.
Ryuji Sakamoto: We can start by sending a calling card.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Then we steal the Treasure when it materializes!
Morgana: A calling card to draw out the Treasure...
Morgana: Wait a minute...
Morgana: Vyrn said Dantalion created the dimension with the intention of trapping Vyrn within it.
Yusuke Kitagawa: The Treasure must still exist given that the dimension hasn't collapsed.
Ann Takamaki: But the apple was the Treasure, right?
Ann Takamaki: It disappeared somehow, and we don't know where it's gone to.
Ryuji Sakamoto: That dimension has an actual town in it, not to mention it's on a friggin' island.
Ryuji Sakamoto: It could take us years to search the whole damn thing for a measly apple!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Then how do you feel about this?
Yusuke Kitagawa: Let's consider Dantalion's objectives from his point of view.
Yusuke Kitagawa: What's his goal? What's troubling him? Wouldn't that be beneficial?
Ren Amamiya: That's deep, Yusuke.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Heh... How flattering.
Morgana: I see. Then let's devise a plan based on what Dantalion's trying to achieve.
The Phantom Thieves begin to think from Dantalion's point of view in order to find a way to rescue Vyrn.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 5: Strategy Call - Episode 3

Dantalion wants Vyrn's power to control the skies, so the thieves conclude that Vyrn himself is probably the Treasure. To make matters worse, Vyrn is still merged with Dantalion, meaning it won't be an easy feat to steal him. Despite the setback, Morgana is confident that they'll succeed.

Morgana: Do you remember what Vyrn told us about Dantalion's goal?
Yusuke Kitagawa: He said that Dantalion would use Vyrn's power to rule over the skies and the stars.
Ryuji Sakamoto: So Dantalion hijacks Vyrn and that's that?
Ann Takamaki: Oh, hang on. That makes Vyrn-kun the most crucial thing to Dantalion, doesn't it?
Ann Takamaki: And since we're assuming that Dantalion is the one pulling the strings of that dimension...
Morgana: Of course! The real Treasure, the one that forms the core of the dimension, is Vyrn himself!
Morgana: That's why the non-Shadow version of Vyrn is able to exist inside the dimension!
Ann Takamaki: You could say it's something you'd want to keep under lock and key.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Way to go, Ann! You had a rare flash of brilliance!
Ann Takamaki: Why'd you add the "rare" part!
Yusuke Kitagawa: This introduces a new problem. How are we supposed to steal Vyrn away from Dantalion?
Yusuke Kitagawa: Dantalion's probably accelerating the merge with Vyrn in order to prevent Lyria and the others from getting in the way.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Uh... We have to steal Vyrn to separate him from Dantalion...
Ryuji Sakamoto: But Dantalion's swimmin' inside Vyrn, all merged and junk... So Vyrn is Dantalion?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Crap... My head's spinnin'...
Ann Takamaki: Unh... Feels like we're going in circles.
Nothing appears to be falling into place for the group. However, Morgana beams with unflappable confidence.
Morgana: Don't worry. I have a good idea that'll take care of that.
Ren Amamiya: You do?
Morgana: Yep. What's the one important factor we've been leaving out?
Morgana: The one item we Phantom Thieves can't operate without?
Morgana: You guessed it!
Morgana: The calling card!
Ryuji Sakamoto: ...?
Although Morgana is triumphant in his declaration, Ryuji still doesn't seem to get the point.
What is Morgana planning on doing with the calling card?

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 5: Strategy Call - Episode 4

The Phantom Thieves eventually settle on using a calling card to force the Treasure to appear in the Palace before severing the link between Vyrn and Dantalion. They return to Mementos and enter the Sky Realm through the same crack.

Ryuji Sakamoto: How's sendin' out the card gonna help us now? Vyrn and the apple already showed us their physical forms...
Morgana: Looks like Ryuji needs a crash course in how to think like a seasoned Phantom Thief!
Ryuji Sakamoto: What was that? It's your fault 'cause you never spell things out!
Ann Takamaki: Be quiet!
Morgana: Think about it. Why do we send out calling cards in the first place?
Ryuji Sakamoto: To... force the Treasure in the deepest part of the heart to manifest itself physically, right?
Morgana: Exactly, Ryuji.
Morgana: We send out a calling card in order to have a tangible Treasure to steal.
Morgana: Can we steal Vyrn right now from Dantalion?
Yusuke Kitagawa: Impossible. There's no way for us to untangle him from Dantalion.
Morgana: That leaves us with only one option: to send the calling card.
Ann Takamaki: And doing that will separate both of them?
Morgana: Yeah.
Ren Amamiya: We provoke Dantalion with the threat of thievery.
Morgana: Bingo! I knew you'd get it, Joker!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Wait, wait, wait! How's a threat gonna separate 'em?
Ann Takamaki: Oh, I think I got it... Since they're merged together...
Ann Takamaki: That's it! It has to be!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Say what?
Morgana: Geez... Fine, think of it this way.
Morgana adds gestures to his explanation.
Morgana: Consider that Dantalion is also part of that irregular dimension.
Morgana: In our world, Treasure is merged with a Palace until we send out a calling card. You know that, right?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yeah... I mean, that's why we send the card, to let the Palace owner know somethin's 'bout to get stolen.
Ryuji Sakamoto: They freak out, which makes the Treasure appear physically in the Pal—
Ryuji Sakamoto: Oh.
Morgana: Heh. Understand finally?
Morgana: The way Vyrn and Dantalion are merged together right now is kinda like how a Treasure is merged with its Palace.
Morgana: The calling card causes the Treasure to physically manifest within the dimension.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Thus Dantalion will forcibly extract himself from the Treasure, in this case Vyrn.
Ann Takamaki: If it works, we can then do our thing. And we'd have you to thank, Mona!
Morgana: Heehee... Nothing beats a compliment from Lady Ann...
Yusuke Kitagawa: However, there is no way to test out this theory. It's all-or-nothing.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Still gotta go for it anyway, am I right? We're out of ideas!
Ryuji's words cut straight to the matter, drawing nods of agreement from the rest of the Phantom Thieves.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Who should we address the calling card to?
Dear Mr. Primal Beast Dantalion?
Ann Takamaki: Let's have Vyrn-kun read it. They're already together anyway.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yeah, but what if Vyrn's still...
Ren Amamiya: He could have disappeared again.
Ren pulls the brakes on their train of thought, but a voice quickly sets it back on track.
Morgana: It's okay. I realized that too.
Morgana: It's real easy for us to say we'll send the card and then do this or that.
Morgana seems to be drawing from sad personal experience as he speaks.
Morgana: You saw how things were in that dimension.
Morgana: None of it was related to warped desires. It was all Vyrn's anxiety.
Morgana: He's scared. And I understand that better than anyone else.
Vyrn: That's when an awful thought came to me. What if I was a freaky monster?
Vyrn: Then I couldn't travel with you guys anymore, and you'd leave me forever. That's what scared me.
Vyrn: But if I ain't a monster, and I probably ain't a primal beast... what exactly am I?
Lyria: Vyrn...
Mona: Sorry about that. I know we asked you to confess some heavy stuff...
Vyrn: I'm scared... I... I...
Lyria: Something's wrong with him!
Vyrn: Unngh...
Katalina: Vyrn! Stay with me!
Vyrn: Urgh...
Vyrn: Waaargh!
Dantalion: Guh... Gwaaah!
Morgana: None of us—not even (Captain) and the others—have said anything to soothe Vyrn's anxiety.
Morgana: The withered apple tree and the shrine with the apple are important places to Vyrn.
Morgana: As far as the dimension is concerned, they symbolize Vyrn himself.
Morgana: If heartfelt sentiment is offered at those places, I think it'll reach him.
Morgana: And once we clear up his anxiety, I believe he'll show his face again.
Yusuke Kitagawa: That's beyond what we as outsiders can do. It's up to his friends to relieve what's bothering him.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Let's go tell 'em already!
Ren Amamiya: Come on. Let's go save them.
The Phantom Thieves quickly find the wall with the blue crack and set aside Mona's concerns.
The crack is slightly bigger this time but still gives off the blue glow.
It's almost as if it were beckoning the Phantom Thieves.
Skull: Well, that's convenient. Wasn't expectin' to find it this easy.
Panther: And does it seem bigger to you?
Fox: Almost as if it's urging us to hurry.
Joker: Probably because that world needs us.
Skull: Sweet! Get pumped, you guys!
Joker: Into the Sky Realm!
Equipped with the resolve to save (Captain) and the others, the Phantom Thieves reach out to the blue light.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 6: Somewhere I Belong - Episode 1

Joker and the others arrive in the same place they encountered Dantalion. (Captain) and the crew lie defeated on the ground, and Vyrn is nowhere to be seen. The thieves share their plan to rescue Vyrn with the crew.

The Phantom Thieves re-enter the Sky Realm, alighting on Zinkenstill.
They're back in the forest where Dantalion launched his onslaught.
White smoke from the aftermath of an intense attack rises off the fractured ground.
Mona: It doesn't look like Dantalion's here anymore.
Skull: Hey! It's them!
The Phantom Thieves rush over to the fallen crew.
Skull: Hey! You guys okay? We're back!
Rackam: Ugh... Hey... You're all okay...
Katalina: Yes, that's good to hear...
Fox: We had no intention of letting you slip into the afterlife.
Lyria: Panther...
Panther: Lyria-chan! We came to help you!
The crew had blacked out, but luckily they sustained only minor injuries.
Joker moves to (Captain)'s side and offers up some heartening words.
Joker: We'll save Vyrn. We have a plan.
(Captain) and company tell the Phantom Thieves what happened in their absence.
Rackam: After Dantalion hit us with an attack, he slipped back inside Vyrn.
Rackam: Vyrn seemed pretty out of it and went off somewhere.
Rackam: That's all I can remember before I lost consciousness.
Lyria: I think Dantalion's trying to buy time before completely merging with Vyrn...
Fox: That leaves us with almost no time to prepare.
Mona: We did account for the fact that he wouldn't stick around.
Joker: We'll proceed with the plan.
It's now the Phantom Thieves's turn to explain to the crew what they've been up to while away.
Mona: If there's a chance of meeting Vyrn again, you guys gotta do something first.
Mona: We're not the ones who can get rid of his worries. That's all on you!
  1. What should we do?
  2. Let's clear up Vyrn's misconceptions.

Choose: What should we do?
Mona: When Vyrn told us why he was troubled, we weren't able to address his worries before Dantalion showed up.
Mona: So tell him this: "It's all in your head. You don't have to worry about it."

Choose: Let's clear up Vyrn's misconceptions.
Mona: You got it! You're quick on the uptake!
Mona: Tell him this: "It's all in your head. You don't have to worry about it."
Continue 1
Lyria: Yes, I don't think there's anyone who wants Vyrn to be scared like that.
Lyria: If we tell him our feelings, then I—
Lyria: No, we will always be together!
Katalina: Lyria...
Rackam: This isn't gonna destroy our bond. Vyrn knows that better than anyone, but he went overboard this time.
Mona: If you tell Vyrn that, he can kiss his anxiety goodbye!
Katalina: Once his anxiety is gone, he'll reappear.
Rackam: Thanks a lot. We couldn't have figured it out without you guys.
Skull: Hold the thanks, man! We just wanted to help out!
Dark clouds seem to hover over Vyrn's rescue attempt, but with support from the Phantom Thieves, a ray of hope shines through.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 6: Somewhere I Belong - Episode 2

Everyone returns to the apple tree to execute the first part of the plan. The Shadows of (Captain) and Lyria appear once more, ready to defend the tree. Joker and the thieves fend off the Shadows while (Captain) and Lyria call out to Vyrn.

Rackam: So about the shrine... It got blown to smithereens by Dantalion.
Katalina: At least it only happened in this dimension, otherwise...
Mona: That's too bad, but not much we can do about it. Let's check the apple tree instead.
The party hurries to the apple tree, a symbol of Vyrn's being, in order to deliver their messages for him.
Lyria: There's the tree, but it's still withered.
Panther: Wait! Look closely. There's a small apple growing!
Rackam: You're right!
Fox: It was completely barren before. Is it a projection of the change in his mental state?
Mona: The withered tree is like Vyrn himself, and this budding apple is the collection of people and memories that are important to him.
Mona: I mean, that's what I think anyway...
Katalina: Vyrn...
Mona: The pieces are falling into place. Are you guys ready?
Lyria: Y-yes!
Panther: Don't lose heart, Lyria-chan. Let your honest opinions do the talking!
Mona: It doesn't matter what you say as long as it's heartfelt.
The copies of (Captain) and Lyria appear once more, ready to protect the apple until the bitter end.
Copies: ...
Skull: They're back!
Mona: That's fine! Just talk!
Lyria: Vyrn! Can you hear me?
Lyria: There's something we all want to tell you!
Lyria: I know you're full of worry. I'm sorry I didn't notice...
Lyria: But it's not what you think! We would never hurt or abandon you!
Lyria: Whenever we feel pain or sorrow, we always count on you!
Lyria: So when it's your turn to feel sad, let us be the ones to protect you!
Lyria: Please...
Lyria: Have faith in us!
Copies: ...
Skull: They heard her! I think it worked!
Fox: No, don't let your guard down!
Fox's warning rings true—the fake (Captain) immediately attacks Lyria.
Joker: Arsene!
Joker repels the attacker, but instead of falling, it splits into more foes. They turn their attention to the Phantom Thieves.
Mona: Joker! This is where we come in!
Joker: On it!
Skull: I got this! Captain Kidd!
Panther: Stay out of Lyria-chan's way! Carmen!
Fox: It's do or die! Goemon!
Mona: It's our turn now! Show your might, Zorro!

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 6: Somewhere I Belong - Episode 3

(Captain), Lyria, Katalina, and Rackam call out to Vyrn, telling him how much he means to all of them. After everyone has shared their sentiments, the Shadows stop moving and melt back into the earth. Moments later they hear a grateful voice approaching them.

Lyria: Vyrn! I'm not the only one who you're important to!
Lyria: Please listen to what everyone else has to say!
Katalina: That's right, Vyrn! I feel the same way Lyria does!
Katalina: You know it yourself. You've helped me and Lyria many times before.
Katalina: Lyria and I were exhausted from being chased by the empire. The world became our enemy.
Katalina: But that all changed when we met you and (Captain).
Katalina: Lyria's smile grew more radiant with each passing day we all spent together. That means more to me than anything.
Katalina: I want to keep seeing her smile. And your smile too of course!
Rackam: Hey, Vyrn... What's the point of our journey?
Rackam: To get to Estalucia. That's one dream we're trying to make come true.
Rackam: But there's another important side to that. It only matters if we all make it there.
Rackam: So it means nothing if you're not there with us. Am I right? You know I'm right!
Rackam: So what if you're a monster? If you try to hurt us, we'll do whatever it takes to calm you down!
Rackam: It doesn't matter what your true self is! We want you to stay with us!
Mona: It's rare to meet such great friends! You should be grateful!
Mona: The rest depends on your courage! There's nothing to be afraid of!
Lyria: Vyrn! Come journey with us again!
Lyria: We'll overcome any pain and sadness that comes our way! Together!
  1. Come back to us!

Choose: Come back to us!
Copies: ...!
(Captain)'s words prove to be the last push needed. The copies stop moving, like machines void of fuel.
Everyone's sentiments seem to have reached their target, and the copies melt into the ground, never to appear again.
But then a reverberating voice breaks the silence.
???: Heeey!

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Chapter 6: Somewhere I Belong - Episode 4

Vyrn returns, his anxiety washed away thanks to his crew mates. After sharing a sentimental moment with their reunited friend, Skull hands the little dragon a calling card, and Joker announces the Phantom Thieves will be taking Vyrn. Dantalion emerges from Vyrn, ready to defend his Treasure.

Vyrn: Heeey!
Lyria: Vyrn!
Mona: Where have you been all this time!
Vyrn: Before I knew what was happening, I was wandering around in this forest. I couldn't find anyone, so I went looking.
Vyrn: And then I heard everyone's voices in my head!
Skull: I knew the apple wasn't crapple!
Vyrn: It finally dawned on me after I heard everyone's voices.
Vyrn: You all believe in me.
Vyrn: Except I let Dantalion take advantage of my weak heart and caused headaches for everybody.
Vyrn: I always want to believe in you guys! To keep traveling far and wide together!
Vyrn: Can you ever forgive me for the trouble I've caused?
Rackam: Why are you apologizing? We were never angry with you.
Katalina: Trials are simply a part of life. But that's what friends are for—to be there to help.
Lyria: Let's go to the end of the skies with everyone, Vyrn!
  1. Welcome home, Vyrn.

Choose: Welcome home, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Sniff... I'm sorry...
Mona: He's got great friends.
Skull: All right! Now for the ace in the hole!
Fox: Vyrn, will you please read this?
Fox pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and hands it to Vyrn.
Vyrn: Calling... card...
What's this?
Mona: Just read it to yourself! It's part of the plan to save you!
Skull: Hey, Dantalion! I know you're watching us! So prick up your frickin' ears!
Panther: Nothing's going to stop us!
Fox: Give it up.
Joker: The Phantom Thieves will be taking Vyrn!
Vyrn's body shudders at Joker's declaration as if he had been hit hard. A guttural sound leaves his lips.
Vyrn: Guuh...
Mona: We got a bite!
Vyrn: It's that feeling again, but something's different...
Vyrn: He's coming out of me?
Vyrn: Uuugh!
Lyria: They're unmerging—I'm sensing a primal beast again!
Mona: Looks like Dantalion got the hint about us coming to steal Vyrn.
Mona: Thanks to that, Vyrn as the Treasure has been separated from the primal beast!
Vyrn: Everyone! Watch... out!
Dantalion: Gruuuh!
Vyrn: Cough... Cough, cough...
Vyrn: I finally get to meet him face-to-face.
Skull: Hell yeah! All's left is to wipe the floor with that fool!
Fox: We should still be careful. Otherwise we will end up dead.
Panther: We can't afford to lose after coming this far!
Dantalion: You intend to defy me to the end. The extent of interference from the masked ones was unexpected...
Mona: It can talk!
Skull: Hey, ugly! You can save us trouble by keeping your trap shut and staying right where you are!
Dantalion: Even facing one such as I, you do not retreat. Very well—behold Bahamut's power!
Lyria: He does look a lot like Bahamut... Does that have something to do with Vyrn, I wonder?
Dantalion: I have finally found him. Who are you feeble whelps to stop me?
Dantalion: The power within me now is enough to crush you all into dust!
Dantalion: I will destroy the Sky Realm at my leisure and replace it with a world of my own!
Rackam: Don't you ever shut up? I don't know what kinda power you're talkin' about.
Rackam: One thing's clear though. You're up to no good.
Katalina: And what you did to Vyrn is unforgivable!
Lyria: We won't give Vyrn to you! He's our friend!
Joker: Are you ready, (Captain)?
  1. Let's finish this!

Choose: Let's finish this!
Dantalion: I will scorch you whelps into oblivion.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Ending

After Dantalion falls, Lyria absorbs its power, causing the dimension to disappear. Back in the real Sky Realm, a crack like the one the Phantom Thieves found in Mementos appears. The thieves give a heartfelt goodbye to the crew before returning to their own world.

Dantalion: Gwaaaah!
Dantalion: Incomplete as I may be... They have managed to surpass this power?
Katalina: Lyria! Can you take him?
Lyria: Yes!
Lyria: Dantalion... Please go back to sleep...
Dantalion: Uwaaargh!
Skull: Whoa... She just, like, sucked it in...
Mona: I guess we can relax now, huh?
Lyria: Yes. He won't go on a rampage anymore.
Mona: Then this dimension's going to—
Now that the Treasure, essentially Vyrn, has been taken away from Dantalion, the primal beast's power fades away to nothing.
The purple haze gradually dissipates, the distorted trees reverting to their original shapes.
As the Sky Realm settles back to normalcy, the treetops part to expose a dark canvas dotted with celestial jewels.
Panther: Beautiful...
Fox: Regardless of whatever world you're in, the splendor of a starry sky never changes.
Katalina: Phew... It's been a hectic day.
Rackam: Eh, it wasn't all bad. We got to see an important side of Vyrn.
Rackam: Have you guys noticed yet? Vyrn's tryin' his best to hold back his tears.
Vyrn: K-keep that to yourself! Who's cryin'? I ain't cryin'!
  1. It's okay to cry.
  2. Didn't see it.

Choose: It's okay to cry.
Vyrn: But I wasn't!

Choose: Didn't see it.
Vyrn: Actin' like you didn't see just makes it worse!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Pfft... You guys are reading too much into this.
Vyrn: But I'm feelin' nice, so I'll let it fly this time!
Mona: ...
Skull: Why so glum? You're not comparin' yourself to what Vyrn went through, are you?
Panther: Even if it turns out you're not a human, we'll never abandon you, Mona.
Fox: If you don't have a place to go, I'll take you in.
Mona: Who decided I was a pet up for adoption?
Mona: When we get back, I'm gonna work you all like dogs!
Skull: Okay, cool. Mind tellin' us how we're gettin' home?
Panther: How? Well, all we have to do is...
Panther: Um, yeah, how?
Skull: Crap, total brain fart! Dude, Joker. Got any bright ideas?
Joker: I do.
Skull: Figured you wouldn't in a jam like this—
Skull: Wait, was that a yes?
Joker: Mm.
Joker points to something they all missed. It's a crack overflowing with blue light, much like the one that brought them here.
Skull: Whoa! How'd that...
Joker: I think it's a sign that our mission is done here.
Panther: Is that how it works?
Fox: Let's just assume that's how it works.
Mona: I don't see a point in overthinking it. We've found our ticket home.
Lyria: Oh... Then I guess this is goodbye...
Panther: Aww, Lyria-chan!
Panther: I'm sure we'll see each other again! I don't know how, but I think it's possible!
Panther: If you ever get lonely, remember the ring! It's proof of our friendship!
Lyria: Okay! Let's see each other again!
Skull: Wish I could stay a bit longer and check out more stuff though.
Rackam: Can you afford to do that? Don't you have a mission only you guys can accomplish?
Rackam: You oughta get back quickly to the ones who're waiting for you.
Fox: This was a valuable experience. I think I've acquired some lovely ideas for my canvas.
Katalina: I'm glad to hear that. I would've liked to have seen one of your works.
Fox: Then keep an eye out for an invitation to my future exhibition.
Katalina: Haha. I'm looking forward to it.
Mona: I wasn't expecting to have anything in common with you.
Mona: Sorry about when we first met. You know, for calling you lizard and stuff...
Vyrn: What's done is done! I ain't no lizard, and you ain't no cat!
Mona: You said it!
Mona: See ya, Vyrn! Don't cause problems for your friends anymore!
Vyrn: Hehe! You don't have to tell me twice! Stay outta fights with your fellow thieves!
Joker: Thanks for everything. 'Preciate it.
  1. Let's meet again.

Choose: Let's meet again.
(Captain) and the crew are sad to see these visitors from a peculiar world depart.
Though they are worlds apart, the ties formed across this boundary aren't easily cut.
Fast-forward to the next day.
The Phantom Thieves are all gathered in Leblanc, reminiscing about the Sky Realm while enjoying fresh-brewed coffee.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Dude! That was the trip of a lifetime!
Yusuke Kitagawa: A Metaverse separate from Palaces... My knowledge doesn't extend as deeply as I had hoped.
Ann Takamaki: You guys are in a good mood, huh?
Morgana: Something tells me (Captain) and the others are gonna be just fine.
Morgana: But we can't be kicking back, you know. There are still a lot of hearts out there that need to be shaken up!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yeah! Let's ride this wave and change society!
Ann Takamaki: And we have to discover Morgana's true self while we're at it!
Yusuke Kitagawa: It appears we shall have no time to rest.
Ren Amamiya: Time to discuss our next target.
Meeting (Captain)'s crew has strengthened the bonds between the members of Ren Amamiya's team.
The Phantom Thieves of Hearts continue their mission to save the downtrodden from corrupted adults and the society they've wrought. And today is no exception.
The End

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 1

Ryuji Sakamoto: Nom—Dude! My snack went bad!
Ann Takamaki: Already? But you just opened it today.
Ann Takamaki: Munch... Yeah, that's gross. Too bad it's the new flavored one too!
Ren Amamiya: It's probably because of the high humidity.
Morgana: My fur's getting all frizzy and matted.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Although the rainy season is inevitable, there's no denying what a headache it can be.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Japanese paintings have a higher tolerance for moisture compared to oil paintings, but no artwork fares well in the face of excess water.
Ren Amamiya: Speaking of paintings, is Sayuri doing okay downstairs?
Yusuke Kitagawa: For now, yes. I'm checking it regularly, so it should be fine.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Gaaah! Frickin' rainy season's depressin' as hell! Every day—rain, rain, rain, rain!
Ann Takamaki: Stuff it, Ryuji! You're depressing!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Sigh... Get your butt out here, sun. Gimme that clear blue sky...

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 2

Panther: Hey, Katalina-san. Can I bother you for a second?
Katalina: What is it, Panther?
Panther: So I was thinking about going shopping with Lyria-chan...
Katalina: Say no more. You're worried about there being only the two of you, right? I can tag along as an escort—
Panther: Um, that's not the point!
Panther: Er, well, actually it is, but it also isn't...
Katalina: Huh? What are you saying?
Panther: I do want you to come with us, but not because it's dangerous or because it's your job.
Panther: I'm really interested in talking to you about a bunch of stuff. So... would you like to come shopping with us?
Katalina: Haha. Sure. I'd be delighted to accompany you both.
Panther: Really? Sweet! Obviously this place is all new to me, so please give me the grand tour.
Panther: Oh, I'd better go let Lyria-chan know. You should get ready too, Katalina-san!
Katalina: She's mature for her age, but I can see the innocent little girl inside of her when she's candid.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 3

Katalina: Aah...
Mona: Hm?
Katalina: Such a round head... And those little hands and feet...
Mona: Hey.
Katalina: I could just ask... But what if...
Mona: Hey, Katalina!
Katalina: Gasp! Mona! C-can I help you?
Mona: That's what I should be asking you. Sometimes you stare at me, other times you steal nervous glances...
Mona: Do you need something?
Katalina: Yes, well... I...
Katalina: Phew...
Katalina: I have a favor to ask of you.
Mona: Oh yeah? Must be a doozy if you're giving me the prim and proper routine!
Katalina: Your hand...
Mona: My hand?
Katalina: Your paw to be exact—
Vyrn: Hey, whatcha doin', Katalina?
Katalina: Ack! Vyrn!
Vyrn: What?
Katalina: It's not what it looks like! I simply gave in to frivolous impulse! Er, no, I mean I would never, never, ever go behind your back!
Vyrn: H-hey, get a grip, Katalina!
Katalina: Aaaah...
Mona: Yeesh. This crew is full of weirdos.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 4

Panther: Tell me something, Vyrn-kun. You're a dragon, right?
Vyrn: Yep!
Skull: Dragons are bad to the bone, man. But you're kinda, I dunno, scrawnier than what I imagined.
Vyrn: I-I'm still growing, okay?
Skull: S'all good. Bein' small doesn't change the fact that you're super rare!
Panther: Rare doesn't come close to describing him. Dragons aren't even real in our world.
Panther: But now we've actually met one we can get our hands on... That's crazy.
Panther: Right, Vyrn-kun?
Vyrn: Shucks, you're makin' me blush.
Vyrn: Hey, enough with the tickles! Ahaha!
Skull: Infiltratin' Palaces and wreckin' Shadows all day makes you numb after a while.
Skull: But this place? Gives off RPG vibes, doesn't it?
Panther: Yeah! It's like I'm living in a fantasy world! The sky is really nice too of course.
Vyrn: I don't know what you guys are talkin' about, but I'm glad you're having a good time.
Panther: Haha! Might as well have fun while we're here. Karma's not gonna catch up to us for that, right?

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 5

Lyria: Look, Katalina! Panther and the others wrote in my journal too!
Katalina: You're always tracking our journey wherever we go.
Lyria: Mm-hm! I get excited every day thinking about what will go onto the next blank page!
Katalina: I see.
Fox: ...
Lyria: What are you doing, Fox? Why are you making a square with your fingers?
Fox: I am observing you two...
Katalina: Why us?
Fox: Watching you both fills me with emotion.
Fox: Aha. I see a portrait of a mother and child.
Katalina: Mother and child!
Lyria: Me and Katalina?
Katalina: I don't mean to disagree, but I'd say we're at least more like sisters...
Fox: My apologies, though my point still stands.
Fox: You both exhibit a connection similar to a familial bond.
Fox: That I am unable to capture this moment on canvas is a true loss.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 6

Justine: Something is stirring within the inmate.
Caroline: It seems Master is still trying to figure out what this glimpse into the blue sky world means.
Justine: However irregular it may be, I do believe it favors his rehabilitation.
Caroline: Yeah, too bad the inmate's such a coward. You saw how he came slinking back halfway through!
Justine: I do not think the matter has ended with that.
Caroline: Humph, course not. It'd be a waste not to take advantage of an opportunity like this.
Justine: It is best that he acts as he wishes on the path to rehabilitation.
Caroline: As long as the inmate can do it, then I guess Master will be happy too.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 7

Ryuji Sakamoto: Man, I thought that was game over for sure.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Yes, I as well. The moment of impending doom flashed before my eyes.
Ann Takamaki: Stop. My hands are shaking just thinking about it.
Morgana: Lady Ann...
Ann Takamaki: I know we've faced danger in Kamoshida's and Madarame's Palaces too, but...
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yeah, we've had to claw our way through hell and back every single time.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Don't remind me. Our work straddles the line between life and death.
Ren Amamiya: But why were we brought back here?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Don't know. We got saved, but I really don't get why.
Ann Takamaki: What if Lyria-chan and the others are still in trouble?
Morgana: There's probably no way for us to know right now. But we should start thinking about what else we can do.
Yusuke Kitagawa: I agree.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yeah. Better to turn our brains on 'stead of whimperin' like scaredy-cats!
Ann Takamaki: Right!
Ren Amamiya: Okay. Let's keep this meeting rolling.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 8

Fox: Hmm...
Mona: Huh? Whatcha looking grumpy for, Fox?
Fox: I just remembered my stomach is empty.
Mona: That's because you keep waiting too long to eat anything.
Vyrn: What, you hungry?
Vyrn: It's almost time to eat anyway, so come join us!
Fox: Great! You have my thanks!
Fox: What are you serving?
Vyrn: No idea, but it's not Katalina's turn to cook, so it should be fine!
Mona: Is it a bad idea to have Katalina in the kitchen?
Vyrn: Let's just say the less said about it the better.
Vyrn: Moving on! What do you guys like to eat?
Mona: I want sushi! Ootoro for me!
Vyrn: I prefer apples myself!
Fox: Interesting. Though your choices differ in category, the essential commonality is the color red.
Vyrn: Huh?
Fox: Then I suppose I'm in the mood for pasta all'Arrabbiata today.
Mona: Just because it's red, huh...
Vyrn: You lost me there, but I get the feeling this Fox guy is a real oddball.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 9

Mona: So your crew flies all over the place on the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Yes! This airship is our home.
Skull: Makes sense. Can't live in a normal house when you're travelin' all the time.
Lyria: Actually (Captain) and Vyrn have a house on Zinkenstill too.
Mona: Living at home with the parents, huh?
Skull: Aha! Then that makes your ship more like a hideout!
Lyria: Ooh, a hideout! That has a nice ring to it!
Skull: I ain't never seen a hideout this big before. You guys hit the jackpot!
Lyria: Yay! Hideout, hideout!
Mona: It's totally different from the place we use. Not like having a spacious hideout would be good for us Phantom Thieves anyway.
Skull: Sure beats ridin' inside a transformin', cramped-up cat car!
Mona: How dare you meowth off at me!
Lyria: Can you really transform, Mona?
Mona: I use what the public gives me. Their collective cognition seems to think cats can turn into cars for some reason...
Lyria: What! Are you saying cats can be used as transportation?
Skull: Uh, it's more like... like everyone's collective imagination? And then, based off that...
Lyria: Collective imagination? Huh?
Mona: I don't think she gets it. Different worlds hold different perspectives of what's considered normal.

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 10

Vyrn: By the way, that thing you guys are carrying? The calling card or whatever?
Vyrn: Gotta say it's pretty cool! What's that picture drawn on it?
Skull: Good eye, bud! That's the logo of the Phantom Thieves!
Vyrn: You don't say! You guys take this thief stuff seriously!
Skull: I know, right?
Skull: Hey, why not design your own logo for the crew?
Rackam: A crew symbol, eh? Not a bad idea, but when would we ever use it?
Skull: Huh? You can figure out a ton of uses for it after you make it. Starting with...
Skull: Slapping it on the sides of your ship!
Rackam: Aw, gimme a break!
Skull: What? Lame?
Vyrn: Who cares about how we use it. I'm getting excited just thinking about having our own logo!
Skull: Right on, brother. What you got brewin'?
Vyrn: Um... Ummm...
Vyrn: An apple?
Rackam: Uh, that's just your favorite thing.
Vyrn: It's hard to come up with something on the spot, you know.
Skull: I know how you feel, man. Took me a long time too when I first started thinkin' about it.
Skull: Look, come talk to me once you come up with something good. I'll hook you up with a sick design!
Skull: Made by Fox!
Vyrn: Wait, this was your idea!

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 11

Vyrn: Why do you guys go bwoosh when your Personas come out?
Mona: Hm? What's a bwoosh?
Joker: I think he means the bluish-flames that surround us.
Mona: Haven't really noticed it myself.
  1. It's kind of freaky.
  2. It's pretty.

Choose: It's kind of freaky.
Mona: Oh, come on. Focus on the Personas. They're so awesome!

Choose: It's pretty.
Vyrn: Yeah, I think so too. It's kinda like...
Joker: The color of the sky.
(Captain) nods, meeting Joker's gaze.
Joker: ...
The pair then turn their eyes to the vast blue expanse that stretches off into the horizon.
Continue 1

Persona 5: Thievery in Blue - Day 12

Ryuji Sakamoto: Back to reality...
Ann Takamaki: You make it sound like you didn't want to come back.
Ryuji Sakamoto: That's not what I said! But my gut tells me we won't be seeing those guys again.
Ann Takamaki: I feel that way too.
Ann Takamaki: Lyria-chan was such a sweetheart...
Ren Amamiya: ...
Morgana: To be fair, we have no proof how this incident even happened.
Morgana: I don't know how we'd ever get back there, but it doesn't mean it can't happen again.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Perhaps the power of primal beasts and the mysterious occurrences here go together in some way.
Yusuke Kitagawa: In any case this is no normal situation. That's all just my guess.
Ann Takamaki: And we haven't figured out how we're able to come and go between Palaces and Mementos either.
Morgana: That's right. I don't think we'll find any answers by brainstorming,
Ryuji Sakamoto: Then let's stop thinkin'!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Actually, you could use a little more cognitive exercise.
Ryuji Sakamoto: What was that? Try saying that one more time to my face!
Yusuke Kitagawa: As you wish. Actually, you could use a little more—
Ryuji Sakamoto: Aargh! Not literally!
Morgana: Sigh... Watching those two bicker, it's like everything's back to normal.
Ren Amamiya: You said it.
Ryuji Sakamoto: What're you fools doin' rubberneckin'?
Ryuji Sakamoto: C'mon! Time for the Phantom Thieves to kick into high gear!
Yusuke Kitagawa: We're counting on you, Leader.
Ren Amamiya: Right back atcha, team.