Scenario:Lowain - Party On, Shopkeep

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Party On, Shopkeep

Something new has caught the bros' eyes: the cafe guestbook. SOS messages appear throughout its pages, leading the bros to speculate the meaning behind them, with the shopkeeper cast as the lead role.

Once again in their favorite cafe, Lowain and bros are chatting up a storm in their own little world.
Today something new has piqued their interest: the cafe's guestbook.
Lowain: "Thanks for the cup o' joe. It was so-so."
"Try going easier on the eggs next time."
Elsam: "We're here on our honeymoon! Ahh, love!"
"Now we're divorced! Aw, hell!"
Tomoi: "Eternals in the house!"
"All who read these words shall die in a hundred years."
Lowain: Whoa. This place actually has customers.
Elsam: Not that I've ever seen 'em. That's what you get when your shop's in some dark back alley.
Lowain: You guys wanna order anything else?
Lowain: No more holding back, boys窶背e're gonna party tonight!
Elsam: I'll pass. Sold my wallet to pay the innkeeper.
Lowain: What? Dude, a man's gotta have his wallet.
Lowain: But never fear, Lowain's got you covered! Bam!
Elsam: Huh? One... Two... Two rupies?
Lowain: Think we can split some sky-high fries?
Elsam: Ha! Yeah, right. Keep dreaming, bro. Right, Tommy?
Tomoi: ...
Ah, there it is again.
Lowain: You still reading that guestbook? Any lines in there worth a laugh?
Tomoi: ...
One here too.
Elsam: C'mon, man. Spill already! What is it? I gotta know!
Tomoi: Huh? Oh, it's not exactly funny or anything, but look... It's some sorta code.
Lowain: Oh? 808? That a room number?
Tomoi: It says SOS, man. It just randomly pops up on some pages.
Elsam: Wait, SOS... Sounds like someone's killer fighting move or something.
Tomoi: No, it's a call for help.
Tomoi: The dates and handwriting are different, but all the messages have the same desperate feel to 'em.
Lowain: Desperate? Maybe their bathroom was outta toilet paper.
Tomoi: I told you, it ain't a room number. That does sound like high time for an SOS though.
Elsam: I got it! Sunrise Strike!
Tomoi: What about the O? And like I said, it ain't a fighting move either.
Lowain: SOS, huh... But why'd they write that in here? No one reads the guestbook but the shopkeep anyway.
Elsam: You got a point there.
Hey, what if he's the one they're trying to reach out to?
Tomoi: Well, why'd they take the trouble to write it in here? They could just go talk to him straight up.
Shopkeep: Hmm... What should today's special be...
Lowain: Wait... What if they were trying to pass him a secret message?
Lowain: That's it, dudes! I'm a genius!
Elsam: Oooh! I like where this is going!
Tomoi: Yes! Theory time! Three, two, one, let's go!
Any version of Eustace is a crew member

Lowain: Underground stuff, man, I'm telling ya. Just like Eustace was talking about.
Elsam: Eustace?
Elsam: Oh, man! I can't wait to hear this!
No version of Eustace in crew

Lowain: Underground stuff, man, I'm telling ya. Just like that book on the shelf.
Tomoi: Book? Oh, Confessions of an Assassin?
Lowain: Like, you're a spy, but you gotta keep it secret and stuff. That sorta deal.
Lowain: And you gotta leave secret codes by the street to contact your contacts all hush-hush on the down-low.
Lowain: You catch my drift?
Elsam: Aww yeah! I know where this is going! I bet there's dark forces huntin' someone down!
Tomoi: Yep, a beautiful girl! The dark forces are always distressing some damsel.
Lowain: Definitely. And that means this SOS is...
All Three: A call for help from the girl to the shopkeep!
Silence grips the town as night falls. Only the echoes of a young woman's footsteps can be heard.
Her frantic footsteps stop only when she trips trying to turn a corner.
Damsel: No... It's all over... The Dark Forces are going to catch up to me at any moment.
Damsel: But I can't give up! I can't let them capture me!
Damsel: Who's there? Stop right there, or I'll shoot!
Shopkeep: Easy there, ma'am. You won't be needing that with me.
Damsel: I-I'm sorry. But who are you?
Shopkeep: I'm the one you called for. Remember the guestbook?
Damsel: Huh? M-my SOS? I thought that was nothing but a legend.
Shopkeep: It is. Nothing tonight actually happens; it's all a dream. Got it?
Shopkeep: Now, let's get you outta here.
The mysterious man takes the damsel by the hand and escorts her through the dark streets.

Party On, Shopkeep: Scene 2

Lowain suggests that the shopkeeper is a secret hero, rescuing those in distress. Events take an unexpected turn as they flesh their story out.

Lowain purports that the shopkeeper of the cafe is actually an underground agent. But the story doesn't end yet.
Elsam: Whoa! Shopkeep's so mad cool!
Tomoi: Ahahaha! She is so falling for him!
Lowain: I know, right? Our shopkeep's the underworld's number one, bros!
Shopkeep: Oh, we're out of peanuts... Maybe there's some left in the pantry.
Elsam: My vote goes to Lowain's theory. Mystery of the SOS窶敗olved.
Tomoi: For real? I mean, it's a rad theory and all, but it doesn't check out.
Tomoi: How's Shopkeep gonna fight off the bad guys? I've never even seen him get in a fight.
Lowain: He was a mega-top agent in the past. Case closed.
Elsam: Whoa! Talk about an awesome resume!
Tomoi: Where'd you get that info? I call baloney, man. Not that he doesn't look the part, but...
Lowain: I heard some grannies talking about him. Said he's seen tons of battles.
Elsam: Then it has to be true! Grannies don't lie, man!
Tomoi: What? Why? What's up with you and grannies anyway?
Tomoi: Hmm, but even if he was an agent, he just runs a cafe now.
Tomoi: It's been a long time since he was in his prime...
Dark Goon 1: Ack!
Dark Goon 2: Gah!
Shopkeep: Humph. That all you got?
The Dark Forces home in on the damsel, but the shopkeeper fends each assailant off with ease.
Or so it seems.
Shopkeep: Let's get moving. We need to get you off the island and窶
Shopkeep: Hm? Where'd she go?
Damsel: Ngh!
Dark Ringleader: Mwahahaha! Looking for this, Shopkeep?
Shopkeep: Curse you, Dark Ringleader! I've been out of action for too long窶敗hould've been more careful.
Dark Ringleader: Humph. You've gotten rusty, ol' bud. Anywho, thanks for handin' over the damsel! See ya!
Damsel: No! Shopkeep, heeelp!
Shopkeep: Damsel!
While bitter over his oversight, the shopkeeper chases after the dark ringleader and kidnapped damsel.

Party On, Shopkeep: Scene 3

The bros make an appearance in the fantasy, aiding the shopkeeper in battle against the Dark Forces.

A large flaw in Lowain's claim has been made apparent by Tomoi.
Lowain: Dude! The girl's been kidnapped!
Elsam: This is heavy, man! I'm not sure Shopkeep can handle this!
Tomoi: Life can be so harsh sometimes...
Shopkeep: Yawn...
Oh, look at the time.
Lowain: No, I ain't standin' for this! Shopkeep can't lose yet!
Tomoi: Oh? Dost thou dare challenge fate?
Elsam: Heck yeah, we will! We're gonna take that dark ringleader down ourselves!
Tomoi: So be it...
Tomoi: Then go forth, my dudes, and make true thy conviction!
The shopkeeper's search for the damsel has brought him to the Dark Headquarters窶罵air of the Dark Forces.
Damsel: Huh? Shopkeep!
Shopkeep: Here's your order, ma'am. One large helping of me with a side of rescue.
Dark Ringleader: Heh! You show up in my house and expect to get out alive? You're crazy.
Shopkeep: Enough talk. Give her back. Unless you want me to serve up a plate of steaming-hot justice instead.
Dark Ringleader: Humph! I'll take my chances!
Upon the ringleader's signal, a horde of his lackeys appear.
Shopkeep: Full house today, huh.
Damsel: Oh no! Run, Shopkeep! Save yourself!
Shopkeep: And turn away all these hungry customers? Don't worry, when the tables get packed, you just need to call in some extra hands.
Shopkeep: Time to get to work, boys!
Tomoi: Welcome to Bro Cafe!
Elsam: Table for fifty?
Lowain: Right this way, sirs!
Dark Ringleader: What?
Shopkeep: Heh heh. Serve 'em up, boys!
All Three: Yessir!

Party On, Shopkeep: Scene 4

After finishing their story, a swordsman said to be the leader of the strongest crew in the skies strolls into the shop. He and the shopkeeper appear to be old acquaintances, and the bros realize their story might not be as far-fetched as they thought.

The bros are content after having rounded out the backstory they've made for the shopkeeper.
Lowain: Hahaha! Never thought too much business would be a bad thing!
Elsam: Haha! I need a raise before I'll take on a crowd like that! Twenty percent at least!
Tomoi: Pfft! Hahaha! What'll you do if he doesn't? Call the underground union?
Lowain: Wait. What if the reason this place is still running is because he's getting money from underground agenting?
Elsam: That has to be it. But I don't see how he's getting paid for saving the girl.
Tomoi: Whatcha gonna do, man? We're just making it up. Guess he must be doing some business on the side.
Seofon: ...
Shopkeep: Welcome to窶蚤h, Seofon, it's you.
Seofon: Good to see you, Chief. I was in town and thought I'd drop by. Care if I sit by the counter?
Lowain: Huh? Wait, is that who I think it is?
Shopkeep: It's been a while. You want the usual?
Seofon: Please and thank you. By the way, have you gotten any special visitors lately? I told them they could count on you in a pinch.
Shopkeep: Heh, so that's why my guestbook's full of SOS messages. I run a cafe now, Seofon, not a troubleshooting business.
Seofon: Sorry, sorry. I just think it's a waste, y'know? A guy of your talents...
Shopkeep: Oh, stop. That life's behind me now. The reason I became an agent in the first place was to earn enough to start this place.
Seofon: Wow, is that so? Well, eleven Eternals would have been weird anyway. Nobody likes uneven numbers.
Oh, and I'll have a parfait for dessert.
Seofon is a crew member

Lowain: Dudes, dudes, dudes. I think that's Seofon.
Elsam: Huh? Argh, the darn plant's blocking my view. Shopkeep knows Seofon?
Tomoi: They look like they're laughing. How does the leader of the strongest ever crew know the shopkeep?
Seofon not in crew

Lowain: Dudes, dudes, dudes. Did you hear what they said?
Elsam: Something about... being an agent... eleven Eternals?
Tomoi: Eternals? The Eternals? The strongest crew in, like, ever?
Lowain: Don't tell me... Could that mean our made-up story...
Elsam: Isn't actually all made-up?
Tomoi: Like, it's not even a story... it's real?
All Three: Naaah!
All Three: ...
Lowain and brothers are enthralled by what they hear, and they find themselves eavesdropping well into the night.