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Fate Episodes

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It's Joints That Tend to Feel Stiff

Hijikata and Okita continue their search for the owner of the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon. While investigating an island where eyewitnesses reside, they save a young girl from a monster attack. As a thank-you, she offers Okita a small mechanical doll she picked up at a nearby scrapyard, which he names "Hijikata." The two then escort the girl back to her home.

Sogo Okita: Do you think we'll really find the enemy's hideout in a place like this?
Toshiro Hijikata: Less talking, more walking.
Hijikata and Okita make their way through an unfamiliar forest.
Their objective is to find the owner of a weapon called the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.
It has come to light that the device is being used to create rifts between dimensions, putting the Sky Realm in grave danger.
Thus, in part to find a way to return to their world, Hijikata and Okita are searching for the culprit's whereabouts with (Captain) and the crew.
After following eyewitness reports to a certain island, the pair have split up with the crew to investigate.
Toshiro Hijikata: The weapon's not exactly subtle. There are only so many places you could hide a thing like that.
Toshiro Hijikata: And just look around at this forest. The trees are so huge, you can barely see the sky.
Sogo Okita: Yeah, they really are massive. Makes you look extra puny.
Toshiro Hijikata: Why am I being compared to a bunch of trees! And besides, we're not even that far apart!
Sogo Okita: I'm not talking about height. I meant the size of your soul.
Toshiro Hijikata: Say that again!
Sogo Okita: You sure are a ball of energy today, Hijikata-san. Did you decide to cut loose a bit since we're in another world and all?
Toshiro Hijikata: You're the one who got me riled up...
Toshiro Hijikata: Ugh. I can't believe I wasted my stamina on something so pointless.
Toshiro Hijikata: My nerves are already fried enough as it is just from being in this strange world...
Sogo Okita: Then why don't we take a break? It'd be pretty stupid if you were too tired to fight when you needed to.
Toshiro Hijikata: I feel like I should be telling you off for that... but I guess you have a point.
Toshiro Hijikata: All right, let's take a five-minute rest. After that, it's time to buckle down and get serious.
Sogo Okita: Roger that.
Oh. Look out, Hijikata-san.
Toshiro Hijikata: Whoooooa!
Okita swings his sword, narrowly missing Hijikata as he leaps out of harm's way.
Toshiro Hijikata: The hell are you doing!
Sogo Okita: Sorry, I saw a strange insect.
Sogo Okita: This world is one big question mark for us. You never know what dangerous creatures might be lurking out there.
Toshiro Hijikata: That doesn't mean you have to start swinging your sword! You're the real danger here!
Sogo Okita: Don't worry. I'll collect your remains and bring them back with me.
Sogo Okita: We're in the middle of a secluded forest. No one will ever have to know the truth of how it happened.
Sogo Okita: I'll make sure to tell Kondo-san that you died an honorable death.
Toshiro Hijikata: You bastard! So that's what you're after!
Sogo Okita: The vice-chief position is mine, Hijikata!
Girl's Voice: Eeek!
Toshiro Hijikata: ...!
Did you hear that?
Sogo Okita: Yep. That was quite the cutesy scream you let out, Hijikata-san.
Toshiro Hijikata: Knock it off and follow me!
Monster: Groooooar!
Girl: Wahhh...
Sniffle... Sob...
Hijikata and Okita rush to the scene to find a girl surrounded by monsters.
Toshiro Hijikata: ...!
There she is!
Sogo Okita: I'll take the ones on the right.
Toshiro Hijikata: Don't let them lay a scratch on that girl!
Toshiro Hijikata: Let's go! Haaah!
Monster: Groooooar!
Sogo Okita: Hup!
Monster: Graaaaah!
Sogo Okita: Down for the count already? That's disappointing.
Toshiro Hijikata: Everything's okay now, kid. Are you hurt?
Girl: Nope! Thanks for saving me!
Toshiro Hijikata: You got it. By the way, what's a kid like you doing out here by yourself?
Girl: I went to play at this place with lots of abandoned toys and machine parts.
Girl: It started getting late, so I left to go home, but then I got lost...
Toshiro Hijikata: Did you find that toy there?
Hijikata motions toward the mechanical doll in the girl's arms.
Girl: Yup, I sure did. How'd you know?
Toshiro Hijikata: Well, I just thought it seemed a little rough and tough for a gal like you.
Sogo Okita: I'm a sucker for this sort of thing myself. The design's pretty cool.
Girl: You can have it if you want!
Sogo Okita: Huh? Really?
Girl: Yeah, I just found it lying around. It can be my thank-you gift to you!
Sogo Okita: If that's the case, I can't exactly turn it down.
Sogo Okita: Thanks. I'll take good care of it.
Okita accepts the mechanical doll and gives it a thorough once-over.
Sogo Okita: The elbows and shoulders sure stick out. Looks like an elementary school kid's failed summer project.
Sogo Okita: I'll give you a name to make you a little less sad. From now on, you're Hijikata.
Toshiro Hijikata: What!
Sogo Okita: The more I look at you, the uglier you get, Hijikata.
Toshiro Hijikata: Hey, why'd you give it my name!
Sogo Okita: What're you talking about, Hijikata-san? I didn't name it after you.
Toshiro Hijikata: Huh?
Sogo Okita: Hiji can mean elbow, and kata can mean shoulder, you know. A nice, straightforward name, don't you think?
Sogo Okita: Hey, Hijikata. Bet you're sick of being insulted for no reason, huh?
Toshiro Hijikata: You're the only one insulting it.
Sogo Okita: All right, Hijikata. I've got a special mission for you.
Sogo Okita: The enemy's hideout is supposed to be around here somewhere. Think you could go find it for me?
The mechanical doll remains silent in response, to no one's surprise.
Sogo Okita: Ignoring me, huh? You're no fun.
Sogo Okita: Usually you won't shut up, and now suddenly you've forgotten how to speak. Talk about being good for nothing, Hijikata.
Toshiro Hijikata: You were talking about me that time, weren't you!
Sogo Okita: Oh well. Looks like we'll just have to do the legwork ourselves.
Toshiro Hijikata: Well, yeah! Why the hell do you think we came here in the first place!
Sogo Okita: True. Guess that means it's time to resume our investigation...
Sogo Okita: Are you hungry, Hijikata-san? Let's go back to the town at the foot of the mountain.
Toshiro Hijikata: Already? We haven't even gotten anywhere with our investigation yet...
Toshiro Hijikata: But we need to get this gal home anyway... so why not.
Toshiro Hijikata: Can you tell us where you live, kid? We'll make sure you get back safe.
And so Hijikata and Okita descend the mountain, intent on keeping the girl out of harm's way.

It's Joints That Tend to Feel Stiff: Scene 2

After safely escorting the young girl back to her home, Hijikata and Okita rendezvous with (Captain) and the crew and are sharing what they learned over a meal. While Okita continues to fiddle with the doll, Hijikata goes to top his food with his favorite condiment, mayonnaise. As his luck would have it though, it appears he's dropped his only bottle somewhere after getting sucked into the Sky Realm. After lamenting the fact that mayonnaise is nowhere to be found in this world, he proceeds to exhort the joys of the creamy white dressing to (Captain) and the rest of the crew.

Hijikata and Okita have returned to the mountainside town and safely escorted the girl home.
After rendezvousing with (Captain) and the crew, the group sits down to exchange information over a meal.
Vyrn: So how'd things go for you two? Find any clues?
Toshiro Hijikata: Nope, not a one. We ran into some trouble along the way, actually.
Sogo Okita: There was a girl under attack by monsters in the forest. We just got back from dropping her off.
Lyria: She wasn't hurt, was she?
Toshiro Hijikata: No, not even a scratch.
Lyria: Oh, thank goodness! I'm glad you both made it out okay too!
Toshiro Hijikata: That sort of thing's all in a day's work for us. It'd take a lot more to bring us down.
Toshiro Hijikata: We were in a pretty sorry state when you found us, but something like that's usually not a big deal.
Sogo Okita: You make it sound so easy. Our demon vice-chief really is a whole different breed.
Toshiro Hijikata: Whoops, we'd better dig in before the food gets cold.
Toshiro Hijikata: But first, for the finishing touches...
Vyrn: Finishing touches? Looks pretty tasty to me already.
Sogo Okita: Brace yourselves—his taste buds are beyond screwed up. You're about to see something right out of a horror flick.
Toshiro Hijikata: ...
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong? You're frozen stiff...
Toshiro Hijikata: My m-m... ma-ma-ma... ma...
Lyria: "Ma"?
Toshiro Hijikata: My mayonnaise is gooooone!
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd that come from!
Lyria: Wh-what's the matter? Did you lose something important?
Toshiro Hijikata: My... My precious...
Sogo Okita: You probably dropped it when we got sucked over to this world.
Toshiro Hijikata: That's probably it... What fresh hell is this...
Sogo Okita: No, hell would be us having to see that dog food of yours. We'd lose our appetites in an instant.
Sogo Okita: And do you think you could quiet down a little? Hijikata here's really delicate. If you make us all jump like that, I might end up breaking him.
Toshiro Hijikata: Don't take this lightly! I'm having a crisis here!
Sogo Okita: Not my problem.
Sogo Okita: You know, Hijikata-san, you were acting all cool just a second ago, and now look at you.
Sogo Okita: Too bad the rest of my squad's not here, or we could all make fun of you together.
Toshiro Hijikata: Argh, you bastard!
Lyria: Um, Hijikata?
Toshiro Hijikata: Oh, sorry for the way I reacted. To think it would come to this...
Vyrn: You're lookin' pretty pale.
Lyria: That, um... mayonnaise? It must have been really special to you.
Vyrn: If it's that big a deal, I wish I could've seen it.
Toshiro Hijikata: I'm scared to even ask... but do you not know what mayonnaise is?
Vyrn: Nope, I don't... You?
Lyria: No, I don't think so...
Toshiro Hijikata: You can't be serious... So mayonnaise doesn't even exist in this world?
Vyrn: Well, maybe it does, but we just haven't run into it before.
Toshiro Hijikata: Wait! Maybe that's why my mayonnaise disappeared...
Toshiro Hijikata: Since mayonnaise doesn't exist in this world, maybe it couldn't cross the dimensional boundary!
Sogo Okita: Yeah, that's definitely not it. Sounds like your brain's finally as broken as your taste buds.
Vyrn: Is mayonnaise really that amazing? I can't even get my head around it.
Toshiro Hijikata: Heh. An excellent question.
Toshiro Hijikata: Mayonnaise is an all-purpose condiment. It goes perfectly with everything from katsudon to coffee, not to mention dessert.
Toshiro Hijikata: In other words, you can make anything delicious just by putting mayonnaise on it.
Lyria: That sounds just like magic!
Toshiro Hijikata: Yep. Pretty great, right?
Sogo Okita: Ugh, I can't take any more of this. If you need me, I'll be napping over there.
Hijikata continues to preach the glory of mayonnaise to (Captain) and the crew, completely losing track of time in the process.

It's Joints That Tend to Feel Stiff: Scene 3

Once again splitting away from (Captain) and crew to conduct their investigation, Hijikata and Okita discover that Hijikata the doll is actually an explosive device. Upon further observation, what they once took as a simple scrapyard is actually a workshop occupied by a middle-aged man. Thinking they have their perp cornered, the two plan a raid on the workshop not only with the intention of saving the skies, but also hoping they will finally catch their lead for getting back home.

After finishing their meal, Hijikata and Okita part ways with the crew once again to continue their search.
Sogo Okita: We've been walking around for almost an hour, but he still doesn't have a single lead.
Toshiro Hijikata: Only because you've been fiddling with that doll all day. You won't find anything like that.
Toshiro Hijikata: You're not a kid anymore, so quit playing around and get to work.
Sogo Okita: What are you talking about, Hijikata-san? Men should be hanging on to their shonen souls.
Toshiro Hijikata: You sound exactly like a certain someone from Yorozuya.
Toshiro Hijikata: Ugh, just thinking about him ticks me off...
Toshiro Hijikata: Come on, Sogo. Let's find that weapon and get back to Edo!
Sogo Okita: Boy, I never get tired of little Hijikata here. I wouldn't mind living in a world full of fun things like this.
Toshiro Hijikata: Hey, were you even listening? I was just saying we should try to get home ASAP.
Sogo Okita: Hmm, the joints are kind of stiff. They could probably use some oil.
Sogo Okita: Wait, I bet this mayonnaise would work. Good thing I happened to have it on me—
Toshiro Hijikata: That's miiiiine!
Sogo Okita: Oh, right. I picked it up when we got sucked over here, but I hadn't had a chance to return it to you.
Toshiro Hijikata: You had a ton of chances! Selective memory much?
Toshiro Hijikata: Give it back! Before I slice you in half!
Sogo Okita: Come on, don't get so upset. I'll hand it over.
Toshiro Hijikata: O-oh. Okay, good. That's awfully big of you.
Sogo Okita: Here you go, Hijikata-san.
Okita tosses the mayonnaise bottle to Hijikata along with the mechanical doll.
Toshiro Hijikata: Hey, I didn't ask for the doll too. This doesn't count as an apology, just so you know...
Toshiro Hijikata: Huh? It kind of sounds like it's beeping.
Sogo Okita: So long, Hijikata!
Toshiro Hijikata: ...!
Don't tell me...
Feeling a sense of foreboding, Hijikata hurls the mechanical doll away, only for it to explode into tiny pieces a split second later.
Toshiro Hijikata: ...
Sogo Okita: Wow, talk about going out with a bang.
Toshiro Hijikata: Were you trying to kill me?
Sogo Okita: Please, Hijikata-san. Why would I have thrown a bomb at you if I wasn't trying to kill you?
Toshiro Hijikata: You've got a lot of nerve... Time to turn you into tiny pieces! Prepare yourself!
Sogo Okita: Now, now, calm down. I finally figured it out.
Toshiro Hijikata: What do you mean?
Sogo Okita: Think about it. A normal doll would never just explode like that, right?
Sogo Okita: I bet the explosives were embedded in its shoulders and elbows, and that's why they were sticking out.
Toshiro Hijikata: Someone planted a bomb in a doll? Why would they do that?
Sogo Okita: Good question. Must've been the work of someone pretty twisted. Even the deactivation method was designed to be malicious.
Toshiro Hijikata: Deactivation... So that's why you were spending so much time messing with it.
Sogo Okita: Well, yeah. I failed in the end though.
Sogo Okita: But it's true that thing was a bomb.
Sogo Okita: How many people do you think there are on this peaceful island who would make something so dangerous?
Toshiro Hijikata: I see what you're getting at. That gal found the doll at a junkyard...
Toshiro Hijikata: And someone who frequents that place could've dumped it there without raising any flags.
Toshiro Hijikata: So if we can identify the culprit, we may be in luck. That's the gist of it, right?
Sogo Okita: It's just a possibility though.
Toshiro Hijikata: Either way, it's worth looking into.
Toshiro Hijikata: It's not like wandering around is going to get us anywhere. We'd be better off following any leads we can find.
Toshiro Hijikata: Come on, Sogo! Let's report this to the crew!
Sogo Okita: Sure thing.
After meeting up with (Captain) and the crew, Hijikata and Okita return to the home of the girl they had rescued.
She tells them that the junkyard belongs to a certain workshop and fills them in on the owner's personality.
Although relieved to finally have an actual destination, the pair leave the house wearing conflicted expressions.
Toshiro Hijikata: A workshop run by some old-timer, huh? That's probably our culprit.
Sogo Okita: According to that girl, he's a kind man who sometimes gives her sweets.
Toshiro Hijikata: Having second thoughts?
Sogo Okita: No, that's not it. He just doesn't really fit the criminal profile.
Toshiro Hijikata: It's not exactly unusual for appearances to be misleading.
Toshiro Hijikata: I've seen my share of people trudging along with a heavy burden, all the while acting like they're perfectly fine.
Toshiro Hijikata: But that's no excuse for them to involve others in their problems.
Sogo Okita: Agreed.
Determined to capture the culprit, Hijikata and Okita set out for the workshop with the crew.
And so their quest to save the Sky Realm and return to their original world continues.

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