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Teardrop in the Sand - Opening

Sara, Priestess of the Dunes, fated to sacrifice her life in order to seal the Rain God Manawydan, was saved from death by Lyria's power. Suffering from a mysterious illness and reviled by her fellow citizens for diverging from the path of previous priestesses, Sara remains cooped up in the Desert Castle.

Sable Island was once plagued by floods sent by the primal beast Manawydan.
(Captain) and the crew decided to accompany the current Priestess of the Dunes, Sara, on her journey to seal Manawydan.
Meanwhile, the Erste Empire coveted Manawydan's power. They attempted to intervene midway, but the crew fended them off.
Sara tried to sacrifice her life to seal the Rain God, but Lyria absorbed its power just in the nick of time.
In doing so, she managed to both maintain the seal and spare Sara's life.
Now freed from her role as priestess, Sara goes on a journey with her bodyguard Volenna. However, all is not yet resolved.
Sara: Cough, cough...
Volenna: Sara... Stop forcing yourself to sit up. Just lie down for a bit.
Sara: Cough... I'm sorry, Captain...
Volenna: It's not your fault, so don't apologize. Everyone gets sick.
Volenna: Anyway, just get some rest for now... Once you're feeling better, we can go on another journey.
Volenna: I'm sorry. I know your memories of this castle aren't the fondest...
Volenna: If only I still had my home from before the journey, we would have somewhere else to stay, but...
Sara: No, don't worry, Captain. I'm just happy you're here caring for me... Cough...
Volenna: No need to thank me.
Volenna: Lyria, (Captain), and the others should have arrived at the island by now. I should go meet them.
Volenna: I'll have them pay you a visit. It'll help take your mind off of things, I'm sure.
Volenna: Just take it easy until I get back. Got it?
Sara: Got it... See you soon...
Sara: Cough, cough...
Left alone in the room, Sara overhears a conversation between two castle servants outside her door.
Servant 1: Hey... You take in the towels.
Servant 2: What? N-no way! I don't wanna go into that room!
Servant 1: Well, neither do I! And I changed the towels in there yesterday! Trade with me, just this once!
Servant 2: Sigh... Normally, the Priestess of the Dunes is supposed to die after sealing Manawydan, right?
Servant 2: So why did she survive? It's creepy...
Servant 1: Yeah... That girl is a bad omen. I don't want to be around her.
Sara: Cough!
Sara: Oh, Graphos... No, no, don't worry about me!
Sara: I'm not lonely; I've got you and Volenna... I'm fine.
Sara: Don't say that, Graphos...
Sara: It's my fault for not being able to properly handle your power...
Sara: Cough! Cough, cough!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 1: Sable Island Revisited - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew visit Sable Island to see Sara and are met by her guardian, Volenna. She explains that monsters known as the Nox are appearing mysteriously all over the island. It seems to be one catastrophe after the next on this island.

(Captain) and the crew come to Sable Island to visit Sara and Volenna, who had helped them defeat the primal beast Manawydan.
Lyria: Sigh... I hope Sara's doing okay...
Katalina: Lyria, I understand that you're worried, but try not to let it show.
Katalina: You have to keep smiling, if only for Sara's sake.
Lyria: Y-yeah, you're right! Otherwise, I might make Sara worry about me instead!
Lyria: I'm so worried. It was supposed to be just a common cold, but it still hasn't gotten any better.
Katalina: Indeed. Apparently she hasn't gone outside the castle walls in a long time. Perhaps going on a journey was too hard on her.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa! Katalina! Don't you go all doom and gloom on us too! Whatever kinda sickness it is, it can't be that serious, right?
Katalina: Oh, I suppose you're right. I'm sorry, Vyrn.
As (Captain) and the crew are talking, Volenna arrives at the airship dock.
Volenna: Looks like I'm late. I was supposed to be here when you arrived. Sorry for the wait.
Lyria: Hi, Volenna! Long time no see!
Volenna: It's been quite a while, hasn't it? You all seem the same as ever.
Vyrn: Think again! We're awesomer than ever now that we've got a few more adventures under our belt!
Volenna: Save your stories for later then. I'm sure Sara would love to hear them.
Volenna: I'll take you to the castle. Quickly now, follow me.
Vyrn: Sheesh! Happy to see you too...
Katalina: Don't hold it against her, Vyrn. She's just in a rush, I'm sure. She likely doesn't want to leave Sara alone for too long.
Lyria: Good point! After all, Sara's waiting for us all by herself...
Katalina: Volenna's finally started to admit to herself how important Sara is to her.
Katalina: She's changing for the better.
Volenna: You'd better pick up the pace! I'm not waiting for any of you!
Lyria: Oh no! C'mon, (Captain), let's go!
Katalina: There are a lot of monsters around here. What's worse, they seem especially hostile...
Volenna: Normally, you'd hardly ever come across monsters on this road...
Volenna: But lately there's been an unusually high number of monsters on Sable Island, the likes of which we've never seen before.
Lyria: Monsters you've never seen before? How're they different?
Volenna: They're rather difficult to describe... We call them the Nox.
Volenna: They appear out of nowhere, be it bubbling up from the ground or falling out of the sky... It's unsettling, to say the least.
Volenna: Just when I thought we'd put Manawydan behind us, now we have to deal with this. These are trying times.
Katalina: We certainly haven't seen any monsters like that...
Volenna: As for where they come from, or why they're attacking people, it's all still a mystery.
Volenna: But we don't have time to investigate. Right now, we're too busy just dealing with them.
Nox: Geh... Ggggeeehhh...
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd that thing come from!
Volenna: The Nox! Let's take them out!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 1: Sable Island Revisited - Episode 2

Katalina notices that daily life seems to be going on as usual despite the appearance of the Nox. It seems the high priest, Lord Omar, is managing to keep damages to a minimum. Remembering their promise to eat snacks together, Lyria has brought some to comfort the ailing Sara. Volenna hopes it will help Sara recover her appetite.

Housewife: My, my, that's a mighty plump passel of pears!
Shopkeep: Oho, you've got an eye for quality! Fresh off the morning shipment these are!
Housewife: Wow, really? Well then, I guess I'll get me a few!
Katalina: After hearing about an outbreak of monsters, I expected the island to be in disarray.
Katalina: But the villagers are all living fairly peaceful lives, it seems.
Volenna: Apart from the Nox appearances, things are mostly normal.
Volenna: And even if the Nox do appear, Lord Omar handles them fairly quickly.
Volenna: His special forces are constantly ready to dispatch the moment word is received. Even to the smaller villages.
Vyrn: Uhhh, Omar's that old bigwig, right?
Volenna: Right. He's our head priest, as well as a major political figure in our country.
Vyrn: Wow. Last time I saw him, I thought he was just some creep, but I guess he's an okay guy!
Volenna: Yes. There's a reason he's been responsible for our national affairs for so long.
Volenna: That being said, I have no intention of forgiving him for what he put Sara through.
Katalina: Haha.
Volenna: What are you smirking about?
Katalina: Oh, uh... Ahem! Who, me?
Volenna: Humph... Sara's waiting for us. Let's make haste.
Lyria: I hope Sara likes her presents...
Katalina: You put your heart and soul into choosing them for her, Lyria. I know she'll love them.
Vyrn: Come to think of it, what did you end up getting her, Lyria?
Lyria: Just some snacks! Hehe! We did make a promise to eat together, after all!
Vyrn: Hmmm... Why am I not surprised... Well, at least food will do her some good. More than flowers, at least.
Volenna: Sara hasn't had much of an appetite ever since she fell ill...
Volenna: But she might feel like having a light snack, if it's with you.
Lyria: I sure hope so...
Nox: Ugeehhh... Geeehhh...
Lyria: Eeek! Nox!
Lyria: I won't let you have these snacks! These are for Sara!
Katalina: Get back, Lyria! We'd better deal with it fast, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 1: Sable Island Revisited - Episode 3

Volenna tells the crew that neither rest nor medicine seems to do Sara any good. Volenna is frustrated by her helplessness to halt Sara's deterioration. When Lyria is frightened by the Nox's resentful voices, Katalina takes her hand to comfort her. Some Nox appear and a battle ensues.

Katalina: Volenna... If you don't might mind my asking... Could you tell us of Sara's current condition?
Volenna: To be honest... it's troubling. The first doctor who looked at her said it was just a common cold...
Volenna: But no matter how much rest she gets or medicine she takes, she never shows any signs of getting better.
Volenna: In fact, she's coughing more, and her fever won't go down... She's slowly getting worse and worse.
Volenna: Every other doctor who's looked at her has just shrugged their shoulders. Useless, every one of them.
Katalina: Is that so... I wonder what the cause of her illness is.
Volenna: Damn it! They're all quacks!
Lyria: ...
Katalina: What's the matter, Lyria? You seem lost in thought.
Lyria: Well, since we came to this island, we've fought the Nox multiple times, but...
Lyria: It's like I can't get their voices out of my head.
Lyria: Their voices are just so hateful and bitter...
Katalina: It's all right, don't be frightened. Here, take my hand.
Lyria: Thank you, Katalina...
Lyria: Aah! That voice again!
Nox: Aa...aaaghh... Geeehh...
Volenna: Humph. Monsters are monsters, no matter what their voices sound like. Let's go, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 1: Sable Island Revisited - Episode 4

Sara seems happy to see the crew, but Lyria is dismayed to see how little energy Sara has. Volenna asks them all to act normally in front of Sara so as not to worry her. (Captain) and company decide to do everything they can to raise Sara's spirits.

Arriving at the castle, (Captain) and the crew head straight for the room where Sara is resting.
Lyria: Sara! We're here to see you!
Sara: Cough... Lyria! Thanks for coming! I'm so happy to see you!
Katalina: Whoa there! No need to get out of bed. Just take it easy.
Vyrn: Yeah, don't push yourself, okay, Sara? If you don't rest, you won't get better!
Sara: All right... Thanks, everyone...
Lyria: Just get lots of rest, let your body recover, and then we'll hang out and eat snacks together again!
Sara: Yeah... I sure hope so...
Sara: Um, (Captain). Thank you for coming to see me.
Sara: Have you talked to Lord Omar?
Sara: You and your friends are the heroes who saved our island, so I'm sure he wants to see you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Nnn... Do we have to go say hi to that dude?
Katalina: Well, he is the lord of the castle, after all.
Katalina: We shouldn't disrespect someone in their own home, Vyrn.
Volenna: Very well. I'll take you to him.
Sara: Please do, Captain Volenna. Thank you.
Lyria: Wait, what? Sara, you went back to calling her Captain Volenna?
Sara: Huh? Oh, uh, um...
Lyria: But you dropped the formalities with her after Manawydan was sealed...
Sara: Oh, umm... well... you see... how do I explain it...
Volenna: Hmm? What are you talking about?
Sara: Oh, uh, nothing! Nothing at all, Captain!
Katalina: Hehe... Perhaps Sara just feels a little embarrassed, circumstances being what they were...
Lyria: We'll be back to talk more soon, Sara!
Sara: Okay. I'll be waiting... Cough...
Lyria: I guess Sara really isn't feeling too good...
Volenna: Not knowing the cause of her illness is probably causing her some anxiety.
Volenna: She's lost hope, and I don't blame her. That's why we have to act normal, to comfort her.
Lyria: You're right! We need to give her our support!
Nox: Eeegghh... Eeeeggghhh...
Lyria: Huh? A Nox? Where did it come from?
Katalina: Lyria, get back! Let's go, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 1: Sable Island Revisited - Episode 4: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew accept a request from Omar to battle the Nox. Volenna decides to join them to earn money for Sara's treatment.

Katalina: I never thought the Nox would appear within the castle... This is very serious indeed.
Volenna: They ooze out of the walls and floor like water. Nobody knows how to stop them.
Katalina: I guess all you can do is defeat them once they show up...
Omar: Exactly. They're giving us a run for our money, that's for sure.
Lyria: Oh! Long time no see, Lord Omar!
Omar: Yes, it's been a long time, hasn't it? Allow me to thank you all once again for saving our land.
Lyria: No need to thank us! Anyone would do the same for people in trouble! Right, (Captain)?
Omar: I see... Well then, could I ask you for your help once more?
Omar: As you are all well aware, this island is currently overrun with those Nox monsters.
Omar: They're turning up all over the place, and we simply don't have enough people to take them all on.
Volenna: Sir, these are our guests. Surely we can't trouble them to take on such a dangerous mission!
Omar: Naturally, you'll receive a proper reward befitting of an airship crew. Volenna, should you join them, then you too shall be compensated for your efforts.
Volenna: What? But sir, I already resigned from my post as captain of the guard!
Omar: That doesn't stop me from hiring you. Consider yourself a skyfarer, if that's easier.
Volenna: No, no, I should stay at Sara's side.
Omar: Doesn't Sara need medical treatment? The reward from this job could help pay for it.
Volenna: That's true, but...
Omar: I'm sure many of us would feel more at ease knowing that the former captain of the guard was on the front line.
Omar: But most importantly, don't you want Sara to receive the best treatment possible?
Volenna: ...
  1. Leave it to us!
  2. Yikes, dude.

Choose: Leave it to us!
Volenna: But this is Sable's problem to deal with. Are you all truly willing to help?
Vyrn: Well, the dude is hiring us.
Vyrn: You heard (Captain). We're going to accept the request, and that's final!
Volenna: Humph... I forgot what a meddling bunch you are.
Vyrn: Heh! That's no way to talk to the people who saved your island!
Lyria: Volenna, please, let us handle it!
Volenna: Humph... You people are too kind for your own good. I can't let you do this alone.
Volenna: Besides, when it comes down to it, I really want to find Sara a better doctor, so I'll take up Lord Omar's request.
Lyria: But Volenna, didn't you want to stay with Sara?
Volenna: Once Sara is back to normal, we can spend as much time together as we want.
Lyria: You're right! We'd better work hard so that Volenna can come back as soon as possible, (Captain)!

Choose: Yikes, dude.
Vyrn: Yeah! Although... it kinda feels like Sara's being held hostage.
Vyrn: I mean, Sara risked her life to save Sable Island, right?
Vyrn: Shouldn't you guys be the ones shelling out for her medical treatment?
Omar: I'm afraid I do not have the authority to use the treasury's money however I like.
Omar: The best I can do is pay out a reward for a job request.
Vyrn: Pfft! And here I thought you were in charge of this place!
Katalina: Vyrn, you know Omar is in no position to do such a thing.
Katalina: There are many others besides Sara who are in trouble right now, and we can't just abandon them. We should accept the request.
Continue 1
Volenna: Thanks... I'm truly indebted to you.
Omar: On behalf of the people, I thank you. Our hopes rest on your shoulders.
Katalina: Understood! Let's do it, (Captain)! For Sara and all the people of Sable Island!
And so, together with Volenna, (Captain) and the crew accept Omar's request.
Not one of them suspects, however, that this will soon involve them in something much, much larger.

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 2: Menace of the Black Demon - Episode 1

When she learns of their mission, Sara wants to go too, but Volenna convinces her to remain at the castle and convalesce, promising to return as soon as possible. (Captain), Volenna, and the crew head out to a village where Omar says the Nox have been causing trouble.

Having accepted the request from Omar, (Captain) and the crew decide to return to Sara's room and tell her about it.
Sara: You're going to defeat all the Nox? You too, Captain?
Volenna: When I get back, we'll find you an even better doctor. Hang in there until then, all right?
Lyria: Don't worry, we'll be helping her. She'll be home before you know it!
Sara: Urmm... Could I... come with you?
Volenna: Absolutely not. Your condition will just get worse.
Sara: But...
Katalina: Sara, are you worried about us?
Katalina: Please don't be. We'll be just fine. We may not look like it, but we've been through our share of battles.
Lyria: Yup! We'll be home safe and sound, don't you worry! In the meantime, please get plenty of rest!
Sara: Okay... I'll wait here.
Sara: Please take care, everyone... Captain Volenna... (Captain)... Lyria... Katalina...
Volenna: I will. And I'll be back as soon as possible, Sara.
Sara: ...
Under Omar's orders, (Captain) and the crew travel to a remote village plagued by the Nox.
Villager 1: Aaaah! Help! Heeelp!
Nox: Geeehh... Geehhh, geeehhhh...
Villager 1: Eek!
Volenna: Hraagh!
Volenna: You! Get home and lock the doors!
Villager 1: Y-yes, ma'am! Thank you so much!
Volenna: Blast, there's so many... Don't let your guard down, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 2: Menace of the Black Demon - Episode 2

The resentful voices of the Nox remind Volenna of the tale of Branwen, a lonely woman constantly weeping because she was plagued by the voices of the grief-stricken. Her tears transformed into monsters which spread more suffering throughout the world, so neither the voices nor Branwen's tears ever stopped.

Nox: Oogh... Aauuuggghhh...
Lyria: ...
Katalina: Are you all right, Lyria? You're shaking!
Lyria: I... I'm fine... Those monsters' voices were just so... drenched in hatred...
Volenna: You find the monsters voices hateful, do you?
Volenna: It reminds me of Branwen's Cauldron, though that's nothing more than a silly fairy tale.
Vyrn: A fairy tale, huh? How does it go?
Volenna: Branwen was a lonely creature that could always hear the resentment, bitterness, sadness, and anguish of other living things.
Volenna: So Branwen was always crying, making her cauldron overflow with her tears.
Volenna: The tears that spilled from the cauldron turned into monsters, and those monsters spread sadness further into the world.
Volenna: And so the hateful and sorrowful voices rise, leading to more of Branwen's neverending tears, or so the story goes.
Lyria: What a sad story...
Katalina: Volenna. That story about Branwen...
Katalina: Is that a well-known fairy tale on this island?
Volenna: It is. I'd imagine most people here have heard it at least once in their lives.
Volenna: Parents teach it to their children as a sort of lesson.
Volenna: "Sorrow and hate only begets sorrow and hate." That kind of thing.
Katalina: Oh, I see. That's fascinating.
Katalina: A lot of fairy tales are derived from real-life events, you know.
Katalina: Maybe this one is based on a true story too.
Volenna: Who knows. Maybe—Katalina! Look out!
Nox: Ooogeehh... Auuugghh...
Volenna: Humph! I don't know what they're so resentful of, but we're going to strike them down!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 2: Menace of the Black Demon - Episode 3

Waiting alone in her room for (Captain) and the others to return, Sara is further dispirited when a servant recoils from her in fear. Meanwhile Volenna, desperate to return to Sara's side, doesn't want to rest for even a moment. The crew arrives at the village in question to find Yusuf, a guard who once worked under Volenna, fighting a pitched battle against some Nox. The crew step in to let the wounded Yusuf fall back.

While (Captain) and the crew are busy fighting the Nox, Sara waits alone for their return.
Sara: Captain Volenna... Lyria... I hope they aren't hurt or anything... I hope they're safe...
Sara: Cough, cough...
Servant 1: Lady Priestess... I've brought you some water. I'll leave it here.
Sara: Oh, you brought water for me? Thank you.
Servant 1: Eek! D-don't touch me!
Sara reaches out to accept the jug of water directly, but the servant recoils.
Sara: Huh? Oh, um...
The servant runs out of the room, leaving Sara confused.
Sara: ...
Meanwhile, (Captain) and the crew have just received a letter containing orders from Omar.
Volenna: It says to head over to help a village east of here.
Lyria: But Sara is waiting for us.
Volenna: We can't sacrifice the villagers' lives. Let's go!
Katalina: Wait, Volenna! If you don't stop to rest, you're going to collapse!
Volenna: I'm stronger than I look. Sorry, but we have to keep moving.
Katalina: If we don't hurry and find the source of the Nox outbreak, this is going to turn into a battle of attrition!
When (Captain) and the crew arrive at the eastern village, the guards are struggling to fight off the Nox.
Nox: Gyaaahh... Geeehh, geeehhh...
Guard: Nngh!
Katalina: Are you all right? Omar sent us to assist you!
Guard: Much obliged! The Nox have driven us into a corner.
Guard: We don't have enough soldiers. There's no end to them!
Volenna: Looks like the villagers have evacuated safely, so we can fight here without worry.
Guard: Captain Volenna! You're back!
Volenna: You're Yusuf of the guard, aren't you? It's been a while.
Yusuf the Guard: I'm so glad you're here with us, Captain! Now this fight is as good as won! Nngh...
Lyria: Oh no! He's injured!
Yusuf the Guard: No, I'm fine... This is nowhere near enough to take me down!
Volenna: Just get back already, you're in my way.
Yusuf the Guard: B-but...
Katalina: Leave this to us, Yusuf. There will be plenty of battles to come, so right now just focus on treating your wounds!
Yusuf the Guard: Yes, ma'am, understood! I'll leave this place to you!
Volenna: Humph, that kid... Now then, let's show 'em what we're made of! Let's go!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 2: Menace of the Black Demon - Episode 4

Sara is upset to hear servants maliciously whispering about her outside her room. Omar explains that people are uneasy because Sara has upset tradition by failing to give her life to seal Manawydan. Sara is shocked at his assertion that their gossiping is perfectly natural.

Yusuf the Guard: Captain Volenna! Everyone! Nice work out there!
Volenna: At ease, soldier. I'm not Captain of the Guard anymore.
Yusuf the Guard: But you were the one who trained us all. You'll always be Captain Volenna to us.
Volenna: Humph... Fine, suit yourself.
Lyria: Hehe! Looks like Volenna's as popular as Katalina!
Volenna: Yeah, right! Whenever I put them to work, all they'd do is complain.
Yusuf the Guard: That's not true... Oh, more importantly, Captain Volenna, is it true that the Priestess of the Dunes is unwell?
Volenna: Yes, and we don't know what's causing it. She's resting at the castle right now.
Yusuf the Guard: So it's an unknown illness... I see... I'm sorry to hear that she's ill while she's still so young...
Katalina: Sorry, but we're trying to get back to her as soon as possible, so can we leave the cleanup to you?
Yusuf the Guard: Of course! Take care on your way back!
Volenna: You have our thanks. Let's go, (Captain)!
Servant 1: That priestess really gives me the creeps. Y'know she almost touched me the other day?
Servant 2: I thought she needed to surrender her life to keep Manawydan sealed?
Servant 2: It was her duty as priestess! There's something wrong with that girl.
Servant 1: What if she's only alive because she didn't do the ritual right? What if tomorrow's the day the seal breaks!
Servant 2: Oh no... That's it... That's definitely it!
Servant 2: And I wouldn't be surprised if the Nox are her fault too.
Omar: ...
Omar: Sara, how are you feeling?
Sara: Oh, Lord Omar...
Omar: It seems the castle gossipmongers are spreading rumors about you.
Sara: ...
Omar: Does it bother you?
Sara: Yes...
Omar: I see. Well...
Omar: Sacrificing yourself for the sake of the seal is what being the Priestess of the Dunes is all about.
Omar: Until now, that's the only way our people have enjoyed peace.
Omar: You overturned that time-honored tradition, so it's only natural that the people would hate you.
Sara: ...!
Omar: If they resent you, it's only because you lived.
Volenna: Whew... If we can just get through here, then we'll reach the castle.
Katalina: Just a little longer, everyone. Lyria, how are you feeling? Are you tired?
Lyria: I'm fine! I just want to see Sara as soon as possible!
Katalina: Good! That's the spirit!
Monster: Groar!
Volenna: Humph. Finally some regular monsters for a change, eh? Let's fight our way through, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 2: Menace of the Black Demon - Episode 4: Scene 2

Volenna returns and Sara begs her not to leave her side again. To protect the people Sara saved from Manawydan and to earn the money for her treatment, Volenna is forced to refuse. Sara screams that she should not have saved the island in the first place, and disappears along with Graphos.

Volenna: Sara! I'm back!
Volenna: Sara?
Sara: Sob... Sob...
Lyria: S-Sara? What's wrong? Where does it hurt?
Sara: Captain Volenna... Don't leave me alone again...
Volenna: What? Sara, what are you...
Sara: Stay with me...
Volenna: I... I can't.
Volenna: Sara, new Nox are appearing every day. As long as we don't know where they're coming from, we have to keep fighting them off.
Volenna: You worked so hard to protect our people. We can't just abandon them now.
Volenna: (And, most importantly, we need to be able to afford your medical treatment...)
Sara: ...!
Katalina: Did you have a bad dream? You look pale, Sara. You should rest...
Sara: I should never have saved them in the first place!
Volenna: ...!
Sara's anger unleashes a blast of Graphos's power, and (Captain) and the crew are thrown backward.
Sara: ...
Volenna: Sara? Where are you going? Sara!
When Graphos's dust cloud settles, Sara has vanished.
Her friends are left behind in a daze.

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 3: The Wandering Girl - Episode 1

Volenna and the crew set out to look for Sara. Lyria says she thinks that Volenna's presence seemed to do Sara the most good, causing Volenna and Katalina to regret ignoring Sara's wishes.

With the power of Graphos, Sara has vanished from the room, leaving Volenna standing dumbfounded.
Lyria: Sara... Why?
Lyria: She's still sick. She might collapse...
Volenna: ...
Katalina: Volenna, snap out of it! We need to go after Sara!
Volenna: You're right... We need to find her!
Katalina: Volenna, do you have any idea as to where Sara might have gone?
Volenna: Not really. Here on Sable Island, Sara hardly ever left the castle.
Volenna: I can't imagine there's any place around here she'd want to go, so... no. I have no idea.
Volenna: But in all honesty, I don't imagine she'll get far from the castle in her current state.
Katalina: Good point. Well then, let's be sure to search the surrounding area thoroughly.
Volenna: What if her condition gets worse because of this? Aargh!
Lyria: We just wanted Sara to feel better...
Lyria: That's part of why we agreed to help defeat the Nox in the first place...
Lyria: But maybe the best thing for Sara was for Volenna to stay by her side...
Volenna: ...
Lyria: Now that I think about it, it seems so obvious.
Lyria: I mean, when I'm sick, the most reassuring thing for me is having Katalina nearby, so...
Katalina: Lyria...
Volenna: Sara is a kind girl... For her to say the things she did, it can only mean that I was in the wrong.
Volenna: But what was I supposed to do then?
Katalina: We thought we were acting in her best interests, but it seems we completely ignored what she wanted.
Katalina: Sometimes there's a difference between what you want to do for someone, and what they want you to do...
Katalina: Anyway, let's find Sara as soon as possible so we can apologize.
Katalina: After that, we can start thinking about what we really ought to do for her.

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 3: The Wandering Girl - Episode 2

Sara arrives at a village and saves a child from a Nox attack. Lyria feels the burst of Graphos's power and leads the crew in that direction.

(Captain) and the crew are traversing the desert. Meanwhile Sara arrives at a village.
Sara: ...
Man: Hey there, little lady! You're not from around here, are you? What's wrong? Why are you all by yourself?
Sara: Urmm... well...
Old Woman: Oh my! Are you lost, dear? Are you from one of the neighboring villages?
Man: There are monsters everywhere these days, so it's dangerous. Are you in trouble?
Sara: I... I...
Nox: Geeehh... Geeehhh, geeehhh...
Man: Aaahh! Monsters!
Group of Nox: Hgghh... Eeegghh...
Young Villager: Aaah! Help!
Old Woman: My grandson! Please, someone, save my grandson!
Sara: Oh no!
Sara: Whoa!
Sara: (I was right, Graphos's power is getting stronger.)
Sara: (With Manawydan's power gone, Graphos's power has nothing to seal and no other outlet, so it's getting out of control.)
Sara: I gotta... suppress it... gotta... save that child... and the villagers!
Group of Nox: Ugeeehhh... Aaaaggghhh...
Sara: Stop... Get away from them! I... I'm the one you want!
Lyria: Huh! I just felt Graphos's power!
Lyria: I think Sara might be using it!
Volenna: Really? Please, Lyria, lead the way!
Lyria: Okay! Follow me!
Volenna: How about now, Lyria? Can you still feel Graphos's power?
Lyria: Yeah! It's coming from over this way! Follow me!
Volenna: Sara! I'm almost there!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 3: The Wandering Girl - Episode 3

The villagers realize that Sara is the Priestess of the Dunes and beg her to save them from the Nox. When she explains that she cannot continue fighting because her body will give out, the villagers grow angry and accuse her of cowardice. They surround her, hurling abuse. As if in response to Sara's distress, a primal beast appears.

Group of Nox: Eeehhh... Eeeggghhh...
Sara: Gasp... Wheeze... Thanks, Graphos... Cough...
Old Woman: Was that... the Sand God? Then that means... Are you the priestess?
Sara: Oh... umm... well...
Man: What are you doing here, Lady Priestess? Did you come to save our village?
Old Woman: Oh, Lady Priestess, please, protect the village! Save this island from the monsters!
Sara: Huh? Oh... But I... I...
Lyria: Graphos's power is fading...
Volenna: What's going on?
Lyria: I don't know... We'd better hurry! This way!
Sara: Cough... Cough...
Boy: Is she going to protect us from the monsters?
Old Woman: Yes, she is! The priestess has saved our land many times, you know!
Boy: Wow, really? Lady Priestess! Pretty please, make all those bad monsters go away!
Sara: Cough... I'm sorry... I can't.
Boy: Huh? How come? Why can't you help us? You're the priestess, aren't you?
Sara: Well... See... Graphos's power is for keeping Manawydan sealed, so...
Man: But didn't you just defeat those monsters with it?
Man: Please, you have to help! They show up out of nowhere, and us normal people are totally powerless against them...
Sara: But I can't fully control Graphos's power anymore... If I keep going, I'll...
Old Woman: I beg your pardon! I've never heard of such a pathetic priestess in all my life!
Sara: I... Urmm...
Boy: If she won't save us, is she really the priestess?
Old Woman: This is nonsense. The priestess is a noble woman who sacrifices her life to borrow the Sand God's power.
Man: I see how it is... You're so afraid of dying that you'd rather abandon us!
Man: Surely you understand how much damage these things have done to our island!
All the blood drains from Sara's face as the villagers surround and begin to berate her.
Sara: Stop! I'm telling the truth! I really can't! Why won't you understand?
Man: I can't believe you'd actually abandon us! You're so cruel!
Sara: Aah! That hurts! Let go of my hand!
Man: Aagh! L-Lord Graphos!
Old Woman: The Sand God would never hurt us! That priestess... She made him do it!
Old Woman: No, she's no priestess... An evil omen, she is! A cursed girl!
Sara: Aaahhh... Stop! Just stop!
Sara: People like you... never deserved my help in the first place!
As Sara screams, the earth shakes and everything is engulfed in white light. When the light fades, Sara is no longer alone.
???: Nnn... Nnnnn...
Lyria: Oh no! This isn't good! All of a sudden I'm sensing a primal beast!
Volenna: What! A primal beast? And it's not Graphos?
Lyria: Definitely not. It feels completely different. But it also seems kind of... familiar.
Volenna: What? You're not making sense.
Lyria: Well, it's like both Graphos and the primal beast are... Oh, it's too hard to explain!
Katalina: Don't panic, Lyria!
All right, we'd better find Sara. Fast. Let's go, (Captain)!
Nox: Aaggghhh... Guuuhh...
Volenna: Tch! I don't have time to deal with all of you right now!
Lyria: Wait! The primal beast I sensed earlier... I feel something similar from these Nox!
Volenna: What! What do you mean?
Lyria: Oh no! They're coming this way! Be careful, (Captain)!
Nox: Hggeehh!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 3: The Wandering Girl - Episode 4

Volenna and the others find Sara at last, but as they try to reach her, monster after monster appears from the primal beast Branwen's cauldron to block their path. Lyria asks Branwen to stop summoning Nox, but Branwen cowers and becomes agitated. (Captain) and the crew have no choice but to try and stop Branwen by force.

???: Nnn... Aaagh!
Man: Waaaugh! Wh-what is that thing?
Appearing out of nowhere, the primal beast clings to Sara and begins to cry. Just then, (Captain) and the crew arrive.
Volenna: Sara! Are you okay?
Sara: Sob... sob...
Volenna: Move, people! Sara, it's me! I've come to get you!
Wading through the crowd of villagers, Volenna tries to get to Sara, but her path is suddenly blocked by monsters.
Nox: Geeehhh... Geeeeh, geeehhhh...
Boy: Eeek! A bunch of monsters are coming out of that big pot!
Old Woman: A cauldron... overflowing with tears? No! Don't tell me! Is that Branwen?
Volenna: Sara!
Sara: Urgh... I've had enough... I can't take it any more!
Branwen: ...
Katalina: That cauldron is creating the Nox... The primal beast must be the source!
Katalina: I don't know what it's doing here, but for now, let's just get Sara away from that thing!
Branwen: Nnnn...
Lyria: Umm, B-Branwen? Please, could you let Sara go?
Lyria: Please! She's my friend!
Branwen: No... Alone... No...
Lyria: No! Stop! Please don't summon any more monsters, Branwen! The people of this island are suffering!
Branwen: Nnnn...
Man: First she sent the Sand God on a rampage, and now she's summoned a primal beast that creates monsters! She's cursed I tell you! Cursed!
Volenna: Why you... I dare you to say that again, swine!
Man: Eeek!
Volenna approaches the man who insulted Sara and knocks him to the ground.
Branwen: ...
Volenna: Humph... Eyesores... All of you!
Volenna: And as for you! I don't care if you're Branwen, or the culprit behind the Nox...
Volenna: Just get away from Sara!
Branwen: Nnnn... Aaaagh!
Lyria: It's no use. She's too distraught to listen to us!
Katalina: I suppose we have no choice but to use force. Let's lend Volenna a hand, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 3: The Wandering Girl - Episode 4: Scene 2

Lyria tries to convince Branwen to let her take her power, but Sara intervenes. She tells everyone that a land that prospers by sacrificing countless priestesses ought not to exist. Then she vanishes, taking Branwen with her.

Branwen: ...!
Lyria: Please, Branwen! The monsters you make are scaring people...
Lyria: Can't you hear their pain?
Lyria: If you let me take your power, those voices will grow quiet and you can be at peace.
Lyria tries to persuade Branwen, but Sara interrupts her.
Sara: No!
Lyria: Sara?
To protect Branwen, Sara and Graphos move forward to face (Captain) and the others.
Volenna: Sara! What's the matter with you? Why would you protect that thing?
Sara: This place doesn't deserve to exist...
Sara: A country that prospers by sacrificing countless priestesses... I'd rather it be destroyed!
Volenna: Wha!
Sara: I hate people who only think of using me! And I hate you too, Captain Volenna, for never trying to understand how I feel!
Sara: I hate... I hate everyone!
Sara's cry whips up a blinding sandstorm.
When the dust finally settles, Sara, Graphos, and Branwen have all vanished.
Volenna: Sara! Sara, where are you? Why? Sara!
But only the echo of Volenna's voice answers.

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 4: A Search with Determination - Episode 1

Volenna is devastated by Sara's departing declaration that she hates her, and worries that her treatment of the girl hasn't sufficiently changed. Katalina comforts her, saying that Sara simply spoke in the heat of the moment. Volenna makes up her mind to protect Sara to the bitter end, no matter what she says.

Sara had returned to Sable Island due to sickness, only to suffer the slings and arrows of the citizens' hateful words.
Overcome with sadness, she disappeared, along with the primal beast Branwen who has been creating the Nox.
Volenna now stands dumbfounded, staring at the cloud of dust where Sara had been only moments ago.
Volenna: Have I... trampled on her feelings again?
Volenna: I... I thought I had changed, but I guess I was deluding myself.
Volenna: Sara... I swore to protect you, but I...
Lyria: Volenna...
Katalina: Listen, Volenna. You shouldn't take what Sara said personally.
Volenna: ...
Katalina: When in pain, people often say things they don't mean.
Katalina: I'm sure she doesn't hate you. She just wants to know if you'll forgive her for feeling the way she does.
Katalina: She wanted to get an answer out of you, even if she went about it the wrong way. That's all.
Volenna: I...
Vyrn: I know you're feeling conflicted, but right now we gotta find her! Wouldn't want her to pass out somewhere!
Lyria: Vyrn's right! No matter what, finding Sara comes first!
Lyria: Ah! Hold on a second!
Volenna: Hmm? Don't be ridiculous. We need to hurry!
Lyria: Listen! I'm sensing a large number of Nox all around us!
Nox: Hghh... Eeegghh...
Nox: Aaaagghhh... Guuuhhh...
Katalina: What! Where did they come from? We're surrounded!
Group of Nox: Aabbgghhh... Aaauuugghhh!
Lyria: Yikes! They're going to attack!
Volenna: Out of the way, vermin!
Volenna: It doesn't matter what Sara thinks of me...
Volenna: Keeping her safe is all that matters.
Volenna: And anything that tries to stop me is going to be one steaming heap of regret!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 4: A Search with Determination - Episode 2

Volenna seems to be back to her old self, but Katalina suspects Volenna is struggling. However, Katalina agrees they don't have time to waste worrying, and tells (Captain) they should catch up with Volenna. Lyria worries for Sara's safety, and Katalina reminds her that Graphos is with Sara.

Volenna: Humph... I've never cared much for what others thought of me anyway.
Volenna: Worrying is just a waste of time. Let's go!
Vyrn: Looks like the bodyguard's back to her old self!
Katalina: She seems to be pushing herself... Still, she's right about one thing. We don't have time to stand around!
Katalina: Let's go, (Captain). We shouldn't fall behind.
Lyria: This island sure is dangerous... If it's not the Nox, it's the native monsters.
Lyria: I hope Sara stays safe...
Katalina: I'm sure she'll be fine. Graphos is with her, after all.
Nox: Geeehhh... Geeeh, geeehhh...
Volenna: I wouldn't be too sure. It feels like the number of Nox is somehow increasing.

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 4: A Search with Determination - Episode 3

Lyria realizes that the number of monsters pouring from Branwen's cauldron relates to the depth of Sara's despair, and blames herself for not noticing her friend's pain. No one at the next village has seen Sara. The crew worriedly wonders if she is wandering the desert.

Katalina: Humph, there are definitely more Nox than before.
Katalina: We may know where they're coming from, but regardless, we can't keep going like this.
Lyria: The more sadness Branwen hears, the more she cries, and the more monsters are created...
Lyria: It just shows how much Sara is hurting.
Lyria: I called myself her friend, but I didn't notice at all...
In search of Sara, (Captain) and the crew arrive at a nearby village.
Volenna: Blast it... No one here has seen Sara.
Katalina: She couldn't be wandering the desert, could she?
Volenna: I don't know. I just hope she's not doing anything reckless.
Nox: Geehh... Aaaggghhh...
Volenna: Branwen's monsters are starting to spring up in all the villages.
Volenna: They don't seem intelligent enough to tell us where Branwen is. We'll just have to get rid of them!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 4: A Search with Determination - Episode 4

The crew return to the Desert Castle, hoping information on Sara's whereabouts may have filtered back to that central location. There, Volenna overhears two servants insulting Sara. Volenna is furious at them for insulting the young girl after she saved their lives, and even more furious at herself for leaving Sara in their care.

Volenna: ...
Let's go back to the castle.
Lyria: What? Why, Volenna?
Volenna: We need clues as to where Sara might have gone.
Volenna: And the castle acts as a central hub of information for the entire island. Someone there might have heard something.
Katalina: Good point. It's got to be better than searching blindly.
Katalina: We should probably let everyone know that Branwen's the one creating all the Nox too.
Vyrn: All right, it's a plan! Let's hurry back to the castle!
(Captain) and the crew arrive at the front gates of Omar's castle.
Volenna: There's one of Lord Omar's servants. Let's have them pass on the message.
Servant 1: Did you hear? Apparently the cursed girl's disappeared.
Servant 2: What a relief! She was so creepy!
Servant 1: But Lord Omar's been keeping an eye on her all this time... Is it safe to just let her run free?
Servant 2: Hmm... Good point... Especially since the Sand God does whatever she says.
Volenna: You... You filthy swine!
Servant 1: Yikes! Oh... Lady Volenna?
Volenna: I can't believe what I'm hearing!
Volenna: Why did I ever leave Sara in the hands of lowlifes like you?
Nox: Uuuaagghh... Geeehhh...
Servant 2: Aaah! N-Nox!
Servant 1: Help us! Please, help us, Captain Volenna!
Volenna: ...!
Volenna draws her sword and slashes the Nox.
Katalina: They don't deserve our help, but we can't abandon them. Get ready to fight, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 4: A Search with Determination - Episode 4: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew report to Omar, who says that Sara is a cursed child and is controlling Branwen to bring ruin to Sable Island. He decides that Sara is to be disposed of, and so (Captain) and the crew decide to find Sara before that can happen.

Servant 1: Thank you! Thank you so much, Captain Volenna!
Volenna: Am I really the one you should be thanking?
Servant 1: Eh?
Volenna: Oh, forget it! Let's go, (Captain). We don't have time for this.
(Captain) and the crew inform Omar of the events that transpired.
Omar: What? The primal beast Branwen that the legends speak of? It can't be...
Omar: So now she's controlling a primal beast to create monsters and throw our land into discord? Cursed girl, indeed.
Volenna: Wh-what? How can you say that!
Overcome with anger, Volenna grabs hold of Omar's collar, but he doesn't seem to react.
Omar: The moment she ran from her duty to sacrifice herself to seal Manawydan, she lost the right to be called a priestess.
Omar: I knew she was bad luck, but I never thought it would be this bad.
Lyria: Wait! I don't think Sara is controlling Branwen!
Omar: Then why did she run off together with it?
Lyria: Well, um...
Omar: That cursed child invites only disaster. She must be disposed of.
Volenna: Disposed of? I'll not stand for this!
Omar: Your stance matters not. You gave up your right to a voice when you left the guard and turned your back on the island.
Omar: Truth be told, Volenna, the only reason you and Sara's little friends here haven't been arrested is because you sealed Manawydan.
Omar: But if you try to oppose me, you will be shown no mercy.
Volenna: Do you know how much Sara has endured for the sake of this island?
Volenna: She comes back alive after fulfilling her duty, and instead of celebrating her you call her cursed?
Omar's bodyguards attempt to apprehend the infuriated Volenna.
Katalina: Getting arrested won't help us find Sara! Let's take Volenna and get out of here!
(Captain) and the crew take the enraged Volenna with them and slip past the castle guards and out of the audience chamber.
Volenna: How dare he... How dare he call Sara cursed!
Volenna: Why? What did Sara do to deserve all this?
Katalina: Calm down, Volenna! We all feel the same way, but...
Katalina: Right now, we're running out of time. We need to find Sara before Omar does!
Volenna: Grrr... You're right...
Lyria: If only I could sense where she was...
Lyria: But right now I can't feel Graphos's or Branwen's power anywhere...
Under Omar's orders, the soldiers begin their search for Sara.
Will (Captain) and the crew be able to save her?

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 5: Beyond the Grief of the Dunes - Episode 1

Sara wanders the desert with Graphos and Branwen. Filled with self-loathing, she regrets having lived through the sealing of Manawydan. Meanwhile, Volenna has a hunch that since Sara is with Branwen, they might find her by following the trail of Nox attacks. They encounter Yusuf, who has returned to the castle to receive new orders. Yusuf is to assist Omar's special forces in defeating the Nox, and Volenna humbly asks him to tell her where they are headed next.

Having left Volenna, (Captain), and the others, Sara now wanders the desert with Graphos and Branwen in tow.
Unconsciously she follows the same path she once did toward the cavern where they sealed Manawydan.
Sara: Cough... Cough...
Arriving at the cavern, Sara collapses from exhaustion.
Sara: Cough... Mommy... Daddy...
Sara: I miss you... I want to see you...
Sara: Why am I the only one... who has to go through this? Is this... what I deserve?
Sara: If it was going to turn out like this, I would have been better off dying to seal Manawydan.
Sara: Sob... Cough...
Branwen: Nnn... Nnn...
The sight of Sara lacking the strength even to call Graphos drives Branwen to tears.
The cauldron catches her tears and gives life to more Nox, one after another.
Meanwhile, (Captain) and the crew are trying to find Sara before Omar can.
Katalina: How in the skies are we going to find her?
Volenna: It's just a hunch, but Sara is traveling with Branwen, right?
Volenna: What if we follow the trail of Nox? That might lead us to her.
Katalina: That makes sense... It's entirely possible, yes.
Volenna: Then all we need is to find out which villages are being attacked.
Yusuf the Guard: Captain Volenna! You've returned! How's the Lady Priestess doing?
Volenna: Yusuf... How are your wounds?
Yusuf the Guard: I've got my mobility back! Thanks again for saving me, Captain.
Yusuf the Guard: Right now I'm about to join up with Lord Omar's special forces.
Katalina: I see. The special forces are responding to the outbreaks of Nox in the villages, yes?
Yusuf the Guard: Yes, ma'am. The special forces have been making quite a name for themselves during this Nox uproar.
Yusuf the Guard: But they have so much on their plate right now that they're asking for support from other units as well.
Katalina: And you're responding to the call, then.
Volenna: Yusuf, I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me what village they're headed to next?
Volenna: I know you're not allowed to reveal such information, but I beg you to make an exception.
Yusuf the Guard: C-Captain, I—
Volenna: I'll be forever in your debt!
Nox: Geehh... Geeeehhh, geeeehhh...
Katalina: Good grief. Do the Nox have to interrupt us every time? Let's wipe them out fast, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 5: Beyond the Grief of the Dunes - Episode 2

Volenna tells her former subordinate Yusuf that Sara has gone missing, and tells him about the primal beast Branwen. Yusuf informs them that the special forces are heading to Duna Village. Lyria tells the crew that she should be able to sense Branwen's presence to help find Sara. She wants to find her and apologize for making her feel so lonely.

Yusuf the Guard: Captain Volenna? What's going on?
Volenna: Well...
Katalina: Volenna, I think we ought to tell Yusuf everything.
Volenna: All right. It's a long story, but...
Volenna tells her former subordinate Yusuf that Sara has gone missing, as well as about the primal beast Branwen.
Yusuf the Guard: What? The Lady Priestess is missing? And what's that about Branwen?
Volenna: I know it's hard to believe, but we don't have much time. Please, just trust me right now. I beg—
Yusuf the Guard: Captain! There's no need to beg me! I trust you! And I want to help you find the Lady Priestess!
Yusuf the Guard: The special forces will be heading to Duna Village, but they won't be leaving for a little while yet!
Volenna: Duna Village? Thank you, Yusuf. I owe you for this. Let's go, (Captain)!
Katalina: We're lucky that Yusuf knew where the special forces were heading.
Volenna: Agreed. The special forces are Lord Omar's personal guard, so they normally don't work together with other units.
Volenna: You could say that Branwen's rampage has worked in our favor this time.
Lyria: If Branwen's among a large group of Nox, I should be able to detect her.
Lyria: Then we'll trace her presence and let her lead us to Sara!
Lyria: We need to say sorry for making her feel so lonely... and then we can eat snacks together!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's show her the time of her life!
Vyrn: Although, I gotta say, this Branwen or whoever is sure making a whole lot of Nox...
Vyrn: Seems like there are a few stragglers in the area. We'd better be careful!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 5: Beyond the Grief of the Dunes - Episode 3

Volenna tells (Captain) and the crew that Duna Village is the closest village to the Cavern of the Rain God, which they had visited previously. Volenna suspects that Sara may have gone there. Arriving at the outskirts of Duna Village, (Captain) and the crew find it beset by Nox, so they hurry to the rescue.

Volenna: ...
Katalina: Volenna, what's wrong? You seem lost in thought.
Volenna: Well... Do you remember the Cavern of the Rain God, where we sealed Manawydan?
Vyrn: I sure do! Man, it feels like it was so long ago.
Volenna: Well, Duna is the closest village to that cavern.
Volenna: And Sara never left the castle, so she only knows of a handful of places here on Sable Island.
Volenna: There's a chance she went to the Cavern of the Rain God.
Lyria: But, Sara didn't exactly have fun the last time she went there...
Volenna: That's true. It's why I didn't consider going there until now.
Volenna: There's just this... restlessness in my heart. A terrible feeling of foreboding.
Volenna: I don't have anything concrete to go on, but I think we ought to search for Sara there.
Lyria: If that's what you think we should do, then let's do it!
Lyria: After all, you've spent the most time with her out of all of us.
Lyria: I just know your hunch is gonna be right!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's go check out the Cavern of the Rain God!
Volenna: There it is. Duna Village.
Katalina: I see. This isn't the way we came last time, so I didn't realize there was a village here.
Group of Nox: Geh... Geeehhh... Geeeh, geeehhh...
Vyrn: Uh oh! Nox are pouring into the village!
Vyrn: Quick! We gotta help 'em, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 5: Beyond the Grief of the Dunes - Episode 4

(Captain) and the crew encounter the special forces in Duna Village. The soldiers attempt to ignore the Nox in order to search for Sara, but Yusuf convinces them to prioritize fighting the Nox. Meanwhile, (Captain) and the crew find Sara passed out in the Cavern of the Rain God. Upon waking, she declares her hatred for all the people who mistreated her, and unleashes Graphos's power, vowing to destroy Sable Island.

Katalina: Good! Looks like we defeated them before they could cause any damage to the village.
Commander: You there! What are you doing? We haven't prepared to engage the enemy!
Volenna: Humph, it seems the special forces caught up with us while we were busy fighting.
Commander: Hmm? Aren't you Volenna, the former captain of the guard? What are you doing here?
Commander: If you attempt to interfere with our mission to combat the cursed girl, we will show you no mercy!
Volenna: Watch your tongue! I'll not have you call her that!
Nox: Geeehhh... Geehh... Geeehh, geeehhhh...
Katalina: Oh, not again! Does this mean that Branwen is close by?
Commander: All hands, begin the search for the cursed chi—
Yusuf the Guard: Commander! Please wait!
Yusuf the Guard: We can't ignore these Nox! Duna Village needs us!
Yusuf the Guard: Surely the special forces, the heroes of Sable Island, would never allow such a thing to happen!
Commander: Grr...
Yusuf the Guard: (Psst! Captain Volenna! Now's your chance!)
Volenna: (Thanks! I really owe you!)
Commander: Hold it, Volenna!
Nox: Heeee... Eheee, geeehhh...
Commander: Blast it, we have no choice! All hands, eliminate the monster threat!
Lyria: Sara! It's me, Lyria! Are you there? Please say something!
Arriving at the Cavern of the Rain God, (Captain) and the crew head inside to search for Sara.
When they reach the innermost sanctum, they find Sara passed out beside Branwen's cauldron.
Sara: Urgh...
Volenna: Sara! Sara!
Volenna runs over to Sara and holds her tiny frame in her arms.
Volenna: She's burning up, and shaking!
Volenna: Sara! Sara, I'm so sorry! I never knew how badly they were treating you back at the castle!
Volenna: And I never noticed your sadness or suffering!
Sara: Urgh... Cough, cough!
As if in response to Volenna's cries, Sara opens her eyes.
Sara: ...!
Volenna: Graagh!
Sara had been trying to suppress Graphos's power, but as she awakes, it is unconsciously released.
Katalina: Volenna! Are you all right? Whoa!
Lyria: Graphos's power is overflowing!
Lyria: Sara! Are you okay? It's me, Lyria!
Sara: Lyria...
Sara: I... I can't hold on any longer...
Sara: Without his counterpart Manawydan, Graphos is losing control of his power...
Sara: I tried so hard to suppress it, I really did! I didn't want Graphos to hurt anyone else...
Sara: It hurt so much, but I wanted to be with Graphos... I couldn't tell anyone...
Volenna: So that was the cause of your condition? You weren't sick at all!
Sara: But, you see...
Sara: Everyone... Everyone says I'm cursed.
Sara: Because I didn't sacrifice myself, everyone blames me whenever anything bad happens on the island. Why?
Lyria: I'll never forgive the people who talked about you behind your back!
Lyria: So please, won't you come back with us? Please, Sara!
Sara: No... I don't want to go back!
Sara: All this time I've spent as Priestess of the Dunes... To think I was going to sacrifice myself to protect people like that!
Sara: If the people I protect are just going to turn around and call me cursed...
Sara: Then I'll give them a curse! I'll destroy this whole island! And Graphos and Branwen will help me!
Lyria: Graphos's power is surging more than ever before!
Volenna: Sara, stop! Don't burden your body any further!
Sara: Sob... Aaahhh!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 5: Beyond the Grief of the Dunes - Episode 4: Scene 2

Lyria tries to end Graphos's rampage by taking his power. Sara, not wanting to be left alone, prevents Lyria from doing so because it would send Graphos into a deep slumber. Just then, Omar and his special forces appear.

Sara: Urgh...
At the end of the battle with (Captain), Sara collapses, unable to endure Graphos's power any longer.
Volenna: Sara!
Volenna lifts Sara up, but the girl is unresponsive. Graphos gazes at the two of them.
Graphos: ...
Lyria: I see... Graphos wanted to separate from Sara before its power became too much for her.
Lyria: It fought us because it wanted to weaken its own power.
Graphos: ...
Lyria: But at this rate, Sara won't make it!
Lyria: Graphos, please! Give me your power!
Lyria: Doing so will send you into a deep sleep, but...
Graphos: ...
Lyria: Thank you, Graphos. I'm sorry that this is all I can do.
Sara: N... No...
Lyria: What? I can't take Graphos's power! Sara is pulling it back!
Sara: Urgh... Don't... take... Graphos... away from me!
Volenna: Please, Sara! Let go of Graphos!
Volenna: If you keep going like this, you won't make it! Please!
Sara: Don't... leave me all alone... please... Graphos... Volenna...
Volenna: Sara!
Commander: There you are, cursed child! Volenna and her friends are here too, I see!
Katalina: Grr... The special forces caught up to us!
Commander: Hold still and face your punishment!
Volenna: Shut up! You don't get to punish us!
Omar: Oh? If we don't punish you, then who will?
Katalina: Grrr!
Omar, along with his special forces, arrives at the Secluded Temple of Rain and attempts to capture Sara.
As (Captain) and the crew square off with the special forces, Sara's consciousness ebbs further and further.

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 6: She Who Wiped Her Tears - Episode 1

Omar prepares to attack Sara. He declares that he only took her in for the good of the island, and that she must now be eliminated for Sable Island to be rid of her curse. Volenna realizes that Omar was after the cauldron all along. In order to keep the cauldron secret, he orders his troops to get rid of (Captain) and the crew.

Lyria attempted to save Sara by absorbing Graphos's power and putting him to sleep.
However, Sara refused to let go of Graphos. Meanwhile, Omar and his special forces have caught up to the crew.
Omar: Surrender. I do not wish to use violence against the heroes who sealed Manawydan.
Volenna: You were like a father to Sara!
Volenna: Why would you drive her to desperation like this? Have you no heart!
Omar: I took the Priestess of the Dunes as my ward for the good of the land. Nothing more.
Omar: Now that her curse threatens the land, she must be exterminated!
Katalina: He's not going to listen to what we have to say. Let's take Sara and fight our way out of here, (Captain)!
Branwen: Nnnn... Nnnn...
Commander: Lord Omar! We have seized Branwen's cauldron!
Omar: Good work. As long as we have the cauldron, the cursed girl doesn't matter.
Volenna: Just destroy that thing! A cauldron that summons monsters won't do this country any favors!
Omar: I don't take orders from you. Troops, carry it with the utmost care!
Commander: Yes, sir!
Volenna: It's almost as if he was after the cauldron all along...
Volenna: Why does he want it so badly?
Omar: Now that the cauldron has been safely retrieved, all that's left is to clean up.
Katalina: Clean up? What do you mean by that?
Omar: You people may be heroes, but I can't have anyone knowing that I have the cauldron.
Omar: Troops! Before you carry the cauldron out, finish them off! Don't let them interfere!
Commander: Yes sir, as you command! Soldiers, battle formation!
Vyrn: Hey now, what's the big idea? Darn it! We're just gonna have to fight them, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 6: She Who Wiped Her Tears - Episode 2

While (Captain) and the crew are fighting, the rest of Omar's special forces carry off the cauldron. As the crew pursue, Volenna reproaches Branwen for not putting up a fight. The special forces escape the cavern, but find Volenna's former subordinates in the guard waiting for them outside. The guards declare that they've taken Sara's side, and Volenna is touched by their determination.

Lyria: Oh no! While we were fighting, some of the soldiers took the cauldron away!
Volenna: After them! Good grief, Branwen! You're supposed to be a primal beast. At least fight back a little, would you?
(Captain) and the crew chase after the soldiers who are carrying Branwen's cauldron out of the cavern.
Volenna: Grrr! Wait!
The special forces exit the cavern, but come to a sudden halt.
Yusuf the Guard: This is as far as you go! Don't let the special forces through, guys!
Volenna: Yusuf! And the rest of the guards too!
Yusuf the Guard: Yes, Captain! Some of us who'd joined the special forces entered the cavern and overheard what Lord Omar said.
Yusuf the Guard: We've decided to take your side and protect the Lady Priestess!
Volenna: You...
Omar: Blast! And after I allowed you the great honor of serving as my soldiers!
Omar: Special forces! I ordered you to dispose of these villains! Do it now!
Volenna: Humph... Go ahead and try!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 6: She Who Wiped Her Tears - Episode 3

With the special forces defeated, Omar starts to panic, but the special forces commander rescues him. (Captain) and the crew hurry after them. Branwen appears frightened by Omar's incantation. Worried for Branwen, Sara begs Omar to stop, but it's too late. His incantation summons a large number of Nox from the cauldron.

Omar: Aargh! How could my special forces lose?
Commander: Lord Omar! This way!
Vyrn: Hey! They're loading the cauldron onto a camel and trying to get away!
Volenna: That's not gonna happen! After them!
Volenna: We've got you now, Omar!
Omar: Haha! Oh, Volenna. You've got a lot of nerve to think you can take me on.
Sara: Urgh...
Volenna: Sara! Are you awake?
Omar: How unfortunate... If only she had stayed unconscious, she could have been spared this pain!
Sara: Huh? Lord... Omar? Cough, cough!
Omar: I call out to thee, great cauldron... That which holds the tears of despair...
Branwen: Nnn... Nnn...
Sara: Huh? No! Lord Omar, please stop!
Sara: Branwen doesn't like that! I don't know what you're trying to do, but please just stop!
Omar: Now is the time to fill the world with resentment! Come forth, children of the dark tears!
Branwen: Aaaah!
Group of Nox: Aaaah!
Vyrn: Whoa! Nox are pouring out of the cauldron like crazy!
Vyrn: I don't know what's going on, but we gotta fight 'em! Let's do it, (Captain)!

Teardrop in the Sand - Chapter 6: She Who Wiped Her Tears - Episode 4

The captured special forces commander reveals that Omar used Branwen's cauldron to cause the Nox attacks so he could then defeat them and increase his popularity. Volenna burns with rage as she realizes that he was trying to use Sara as a scapegoat. Omar boasts that without him in charge, Sable Island would not know peace. Using an incantation, he sends Branwen on a rampage.

Volenna points her sword at her captive, the special forces commander.
Volenna: Don't waste my time.
Commander: Eeek! I'll talk, I'll talk! Just put the sword down!
Commander: You see... Lord Omar held sway over the people because he possessed the only way to seal Manawydan: the Priestess of the Dunes.
Commander: However, once Manawydan was sealed, the priestess lost her significance, and in turn so did Lord Omar.
Commander: The people grew complacent and began to oppose Lord Omar's rule. He was on the brink of being deposed.
Vyrn: Huh? But I thought everybody loved the guy? Y'know, for keeping the Nox at bay and stuff.
Commander: About that... Branwen's cauldron is actually an heirloom of Lord Omar's family line...
Volenna: So that's why he knew how to summon the Nox!
Commander: Precisely. It was Lord Omar who was using the cauldron to summon the Nox.
Commander: We would follow his orders, go to where the Nox appeared, and defeat them. We were revered as heroes and Lord Omar regained his clout.
Sara: You sacrificed the people of the island for that? How could you?
Sara: All those people trusted you, and you used them. You wrought havoc on the island that we've been protecting all this time!
Commander: You ignorant child! Don't act like you understand!
Commander: We have to make a living somehow. What do you think would have happened to us if Lord Omar fell out of power?
Volenna: And that was when Sara returned, unwell...
Volenna: And you chose to pin all the blame on her!
Sara: ...!
Volenna: I won't forgive you, Omar! Not now, not ever!
(Captain) and the crew finally corner Omar, who had fled with the cauldron.
Sara: Lord Omar! Please, don't use Branwen anymore!
Omar: Oh, Sara, the last Priestess of the Dunes, who I dutifully raised...
Omar: There is no more use for you. The least you can do is help the people of this island live in peace by ceasing to exist!
Sara: I see... Now that you're done with me, you're going to use Branwen to maintain your power?
Sara: Why? Why do you want power so badly?
Sara: What's wrong with living a happy, normal life?
Omar: Hahaha!
Sara: L-Lord Omar?
Volenna: What's so funny?
Omar: Hahaha! You're so young... So very young...
Omar: You know nothing of human desire or sin. You are indeed a priestess of the utmost purity!
Omar: You speak as if you know the struggles I faced to attain my position, but you are woefully ignorant.
Volenna: Humph! I don't care about your excuses, old man!
Volenna: Sara doesn't need to know what a disgrace you are! Do the right thing and confess your sins to the people!
Omar: Confess? Why should I?
Omar: This country belongs to me, and without me in charge, it would not know peace!
Omar: If you mean to interfere with that, then I shall show you no mercy!
Omar: You who is lost to the depths of suffering! May you know no peace, no comfort! May you shed blood in place of tears!
Branwen: Aaaah!
Volenna: Look! There's a crack in Branwen's cauldron!
Sara: Branwen! Calm down, Branwen! Cough, cough!
Lyria: Oh no... Branwen's about to lose control!
Sara: Please... Captain Volenna... (Captain)... Help Branwen...
Volenna: Sara?
Sara: Branwen is... lonely... She's suffering... I feel sorry for her...
Sara: Cough... I ... I understand how she feels... Cough, cough!
Sara: Urgh...
Volenna: Sara? Stay with us, Sara!
Lyria: (Captain), if Sara wants to help Branwen, then so do I.
Lyria: We need to work together to calm her down!

Teardrop in the Sand - Ending

(Captain) and the crew subdue Branwen. Thinking that her time is almost up, Sara gives Branwen permission to take her soul. However, Branwen merely absorbs Graphos's excess power, then leaves. This cures Sara's illness, and she sets out with Volenna on a journey into the skies with the crew.

After the fight with (Captain), Branwen finally calms down.
Omar: What is the meaning of this! Branwen?
Branwen: Blergh...
Sara: Oh!
Volenna: Sara! Are you back with us?
Sara: Branwen...
Branwen: ...
Sara: I know you're lonely and sad. You've been hearing those nasty words all this time... all alone...
Sara: Just like me...
Branwen: Blurghle...
Sara: Listen, I'm not going to last much longer... Once I'm gone, you can go ahead and take my soul...
Volenna: Sara! What are you saying!
Sara: I'll stay with you, Branwen, so... you don't have to cry anymore...
Branwen: ...
Volenna: Stop! Stay away from her, Branwen!
Volenna: Please don't take her away! There's... there's so much joy in the world that she's never experienced!
Branwen: ...
Sara: Branwen?
Branwen: ...!
Branwen reaches out and touches Sara as Volenna holds her in her arms.
Volenna: Sara!
Sara: Huh?
Sara: My body feels... lighter. The pain's gone!
Graphos: ...!
Lyria: The power raging inside Graphos... It's... disappearing?
Sara: Branwen? Is this your doing?
Branwen: ...
Sara: I see... If you take part of Graphos with you, then you won't be lonely?
Branwen: Huhu...
Branwen nods ever so slightly and disappears.
Sara: She... She smiled.
Lyria: Branwen was happy that you understood how she felt, Sara.
Lyria: And that you wanted to help.
Sara: You're right... Wait...
Sara: Captain Volenna, are you... crying?
Volenna: Sniff... O-of course I am, you idiot! You do nothing but make me worry!
Sara: I know... I'm sorry... Captain Volenna... Lyria... Everyone...
Volenna: Sara? Hey! Keep it together!
Katalina: She may not be burdened by Graphos's rampaging any longer, but I doubt she's out of the woods quite yet.
Katalina: Let's take Sara back to the castle, Volenna.
Volenna: You're right. There are a few loose ends that need to be tied up!
Omar: Nooo!
The special forces commander brings the incident to light, and Omar is immediately impeached.
(Captain) and the crew decide to wait for Sara to fully recover before leaving Sable Island.
Lyria: Come on, Sara, let's go! There are plenty of fun and happy memories waiting to be made!
Sara: Mhm... Thanks, Lyria.
Sara: ...
Yusuf the Guard: Captain Volenna! Lady Priestess!
Volenna: Yusuf? What is it? What's wrong?
Yusuf the Guard: I've heard that you and the Lady Priestess will be leaving on a new journey today, and so I've come to see you off!
Yusuf the Guard: The rest of the soldiers wanted to come too, but they could only spare me, Lady Priestess!
Sara: Oh...
Yusuf the Guard: I'm glad to see you're well. I wanted to come sooner, but thought you wouldn't want to be bothered by some lowly guard.
Sara: Huh?
Yusuf the Guard: Please, go and enjoy yourself on your journey! And whenever you get back, please drop in and see us guards sometime!
Yusuf the Guard: Oh! It's almost time to report for duty... Well then, Captain, Lady Priestess, take care!
Volenna: Really... Being direct is all well and good, but he's a soldier, not a puppy dog...
Katalina: But we couldn't have made it back safe without him and his fellow soldiers.
Katalina: That's a good man you've served with, Volenna.
Volenna: Hmmm... With me gone, he'll probably just goof off... I need to thank him next time I see him, though.
Sara: ...
Lyria: What's wrong, Sara? You look totally shocked.
Sara: Well, you see... I never expected to hear such kind words from someone who lives here...
Sara: I... I still haven't completely forgiven the people of this island.
Sara: But... knowing there are people like him out there makes me feel like maybe... at least some good came from the sacrifices all the priestesses have made.
Lyria: Sara...
Volenna: Sara... I was once ready to sacrifice you myself; I won't ask for your forgiveness.
Volenna: But I hope that you'll at least allow me to try to atone for what I've done.
Sara: Atone? No, no, you don't need to! If I had only tried a little harder...
Lyria: Oh, good grief! All this trying is the real problem! That goes for the both of you!
Sara: Huh?
Lyria: You both care so much about each other that you'd rather silently endure your own suffering than let the other worry about you...
Lyria: Well, you need to change that! Sure, you might get into a fight or two, but it's not the end of the world! You can make up later!
Volenna: You're right... You're absolutely right, Lyria.
Volenna: Sara... I didn't explain your treatment to you properly, and I left you all alone...
Volenna: And when you heard the servants talking badly about you, you didn't tell me.
Volenna: Lyria's right. We should have a real heart-to-heart conversation. Don't you agree, Sara?
Sara: Yes... I agree, Captain Volenna.
Volenna: That. That right there.
Sara: Eh?
Volenna: Captain Volenna is how my subordinates addressed me. Little things like that can make a big difference.
Katalina: That reminds me, didn't you drop the Captain once before?
Sara: W-well, yeah, but... that was because I thought I'd never see her again... It's, uh, complicated...
Lyria: Don't be embarrassed, Sara! You can do it!
Sara: Nnn... Nnnn... Vo... Volenna!
Volenna: Yes, Sara?
Sara: I love you, Volenna! You're the big sister I always wanted!
As if to shake off her shyness, Sara glomps Volenna.
She hugs her tightly, and Volenna hugs her back just as tight.
With their unbreakable bond affirmed, the two of them would soon set off on a brand new journey.