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The Many Lives of Cats - Opening

Upon arriving at Micenos Island, Dante entrusts his cats with Sen, and then disembarks for a brief leave of absence. Meanwhile the stray cats of Micenos are dealing with internal strife.

Soothing rays of sunlight warm the deck of the Grandcypher.
Sen: Snooze...
Sen is curled up in a comfortable, blissful ball as she enjoys her afternoon catnap.
Sen: Mm... Zzz...
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: Mm...
Vapaus: Meow...
Vapaus, one of Dante's cats, pokes Sen's cheek with his nose.
Sen: Mm?
Sen: Yawn...
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen: Vapaus?
Sen: Oh! I'm sorry, Vapaus. I must've fallen asleep.
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: Did you want to take a nap in the sun too?
Sen: Or are you hungry?
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: Um...
Sen lets out a nervous chuckle. She stares at Vapaus, unsure of what message the cat is trying to convey.
Sen: If it's not a nap you're looking for, then how does going for a walk sound... meow?
Mewmew: Mew!
Sen: Oh, hello, Mewmew.
Mewmew: Mew!
Sen: My, my. Are you asking for cuddles? I can do that!
Sen bends down and picks up the little kitten attempting to climb her boots.
Sen: Heehee... You're such a little flufflepuff. Mm... Nice and warm.
Sen: Do you want to go upsy-daisy too, Vapaus?
Vapaus: Meow...
Vapaus, however, insists on pawing at Sen instead.
Sen: Um... What's it going to be?
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: Vapaus, I—
Vyrn: Heyo, Sen!
Lyria: What are you up to?
Sen: Hi, Vyrn! Hi, Lyria! And you're here too, (Captain)!
Sen: The sun felt so nice that I dozed off on the deck...
Sen: Vapaus was kind enough to wake me up.
Vapaus: Meow.
Vyrn: So now you're hangin' out with Dante's cat crew.
Lyria: Haha. Oh, Mewmew. She just has to have her hugs.
Mewmew: Mew.
Sen: She's quite the pampered little fluffball.
Vyrn: You guys get along so well you might as well be a bigger version of them.
Sen: You think so? That would be just lovely, but...
Sen: It's just that everyone is always looking out for me, so I still feel like I'm not pulling my weight.
Vyrn: Everyone helps in their own way, you know?
Sen: Vapaus was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't figure out what it was.
Sen gently scratches under Vapaus's chin.
Vapaus: Purr...
Lyria: Look at how happy he is!
Sen: At least I can figure this much out.
Vapaus: Purr...
Sen: I wish I could be like Dante and understand what the cats are saying.
Vyrn: Well, that guy's kinda special, if you get my drift.
Lyria: Here's an idea. What if you came up with a set of signals?
Sen: Signals?
Lyria: Like...
Lyria: Two wags of the tail means "yes," and three wags means "no."
Lyria demonstrates by wagging her finger from side to side.
Sen: Yeah! That's easy to remember!
Sen: Or I could...
Sen: Use my hands and feet to tap out beats.
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen taps the deck with her finger, and Vapaus playfully attacks the source of the beat.
Sen: Hehe. Do you understand, Vapaus?
Vapaus: Meow.
Lyria: Hmm... What else could we say using signals?
Lyria: Any ideas, (Captain)?
  1. How about, "Are you feeling okay?"
  2. How about, "Are you hungry?"

Choose: How about, "Are you feeling okay?"
Sen: Yes, that's a good one to ask!
Lyria: Okay. So "Are you feeling okay?" will be...
Lyria: Tap-tap, tap, tap-tap!
Lyria: How does that sound?
Sen: Combined with the tail wagging from earlier for yes and no, the cats can answer us back now.

Choose: How about, "Are you hungry?"
Sen: That'd be really helpful to know!
Lyria: Okay. Let's try...
Lyria: Tap, tap-tap-tap, tap-tap.
Lyria: That means "I'm hungry"!
Vyrn: Ahaha! Perfect for Lyria!
Lyria: Come on, Vyrn! I don't need to tap out my feelings. I'll definitely let you know when I'm hungry.
Continue 1
Sen and the others while away the time by coming up with more signals to use on the cats.
Rivera: Merow.
A new feline friend wanders in and nimbly leaps onto Sen's shoulder.
Sen: Rivera!
Rivera: ...
Sen: Did you catch the signals we came up with just now? Do you understand them?
Rivera: ...
Rivera answers Sen's question by silently staring back at her.
Sen: Sigh...
Sen: I guess it's back to square one.
The old-timer yawns deeply and continues to loaf on Sen's shoulder.
Dante: Ah, here you all are.
Sen: Hello, Dante.
Dante: Hm. It seems Lord Rivera has taken a liking to resting on your shoulder, Sen.
Rivera: Merow.
Dante: Well said, Lord Rivera. You remain undaunted regardless of your circumstances.
Dante: You are a free spirit, liberated from the constraints of permanence and time. You are my inspiration.
Vyrn: Speaking of crazy cat people...
Dante: By the way, (Captain). I hear we are nearing the next island.
(Captain) confirms Dante's statement with a nod.
Lyria: It's called Micenos Island, right? We're only stopping by real quick to pick up supplies.
Dante: I see...
Mewmew: Mew!
Sen: Hey, Mewmew!
Mewmew gracefully leaps from Sen's arms to Dante's.
Dante: What a fabulous vault, Lady Mewmew! Simply breathtaking!
Mewmew: Mew.
Dante gives the little mass getting cozy against his body a quick stroke before turning his attention to the crew.
Dante: I will be taking a short leave of absence once we arrive at Micenos.
Vyrn: Huh. That's not something that happens every day. Something up?
Dante: Just a small matter that I would like to investigate.
Mewmew: Mew, mew!
Dante: Ah, my apologies for neglecting to pet you, Lady Mewmew. There's a good girl.
Mewmew: Mew.
Vyrn: Right, so what about the cats? Are you gonna take 'em with you?
Dante: The circumstances this time around will not allow us to travel together.
Dante: Therefore I request that Sen attend to the lords and ladies while I am away.
Sen: What? Me?
Dante: Yes. May I leave them to you?
Sen: Erm, I... I'm not sure if I can handle this.
Dante: The lords and ladies have been enjoying spending time with you recently.
Dante: In some ways you may resemble one of their own.
Dante: That is why I believe you are the most appropriate person to handle this task.
Sen: Well, if you put it that way, I'll do my best!
Dante: There is no need to strain yourself. They prefer the relaxed version of Sen they've come to know.
Sen: Oh, I see.
Lyria: It's going to be fine, Sen! I also think the cats like the lovable Sen that you are.
Sen: Heehee... I certainly hope that's true.
Sen: I'm going to prove how useful I can be!
Dante: Good. I leave them to you.
Micenos Island.
The harsh cry of a cat echoes from a hill.
???: Hiss!
???: Reeow!
???: Reeow!
A young cat, who has yet to learn much about the world, is surrounded by a clowder of other cats.
???: Hiss!
???: ...!
???: Gyaawr!
???: ...!
???: Hiss!
???: Hiss!
The young cat takes a flurry of blows and is forced into submission.
???: Fss...
???: Gyaawr!
The subdued cat is then dragged away somewhere.
???: ...
Amid the ruckus of the frightening dispute, another cat quietly sneaks away.
???: ...
Little does anyone know that the cat community on this little island is about to suffer a catastrophe.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 1: Let's Take a Walk with Sen - Episode 1

Sen and Dante's cats go for a walk on Micenos, where they encounter a young girl and her mother. The mother seems adverse to the cats, forbidding her daughter from getting close to them. But after Sen explains that they're skyfarers from off the island, the mother reluctantly allows her daughter to pet the felines.

As the radiant morning sun makes its way up past the horizon, the Grandcypher pulls into port.
Dante: Well then, Lord Rivera. Please excuse me for this brief separation.
Rivera: Merow.
Dante: May you enjoy your day in good health as always.
After saying his goodbyes to his furry companions, Dante disembarks alone.
All is peaceful on the Grandcypher. Time passes like any other day without incident.
Mukuta: Myeow!
Sen: Yawn... Good morning, Mukuta. You're pretty perky in the early hours.
Afaka: Meyaow...
Sen: Finished your breakfast already, Afaka?
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen: Huh? Vapaus?
Mewmew: Mew!
Sen: Hey! Not you too, Mewmew. Where are you two going?
Sen: Just give me a second if you want to go out!
Aselia: Ryeow.
Sen: Are you up for a walk too, Aselia?
Aselia: Ryeow.
Sen: It'd be better if we all go together then.
Sen: Wait! Ooh, there go Rivera and Afaka...
Sen: Please stay where you are! I have to go tell (Captain) first!
Mukuta: Myeow.
Sen: Hold on, Mukuta! I was just about to leave!
Sen frantically calls out to (Captain).
Sen: (Captain)! Me and the cats are going out for a walk!
Vyrn: No prob. Take care!
Sen: Thanks! We'll be back for lunch!
The girl catches up to the cats who had run ahead, and they all hit the island to start their walk.
Sen: Mm, the sun's got me feeling nice and toasty.
Mukuta: Myeow.
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: How's the view up there, you two?
Sen: I don't want to be left out...
With a few hops and jumps, Sen scales the rocky outcropping to where the two cats are sauntering along the top.
Sen: Ehehe... It's fun to be high up.
Mukuta: Myeow.
The members of this little hiking group take turns leading the pack without straying too far from each other.
Soon they have an encounter.
Girl: Look, look! A kitty!
Aselia: Myah!
An excited young girl comes bounding toward them.
Sen: Hello.
Girl: Wow! So many kitties!
Mother: Stop it! Get back here!
Girl: No! I wanna pet the kitty!
Mother: Absolutely not! Cats are...
Mother: They're dangerous and filthy!
Aselia: Ryeow.
Sen: Um, hello!
Mother: Yes? What is it?
Sen: All of these cats take great care of themselves. They're very tidy.
Sen: Aselia's a little on the shy side, but...
Sen: Mewmew loves being held, and Afaka and Vapaus would be happy to let you pet them!
Mother: I-I see...
Sen: Mm-hm. So they're not dangerous at all. You have nothing to worry about!
Mother: I haven't seen you before... Are you from off the island?
Sen: Oops! I'm sorry, I should've introduced myself first.
Sen: My name is Sen. I'm a skyfarer.
Mother: How about that? A skyfarer.
Sen: Yep! These cats are also traveling with us on our journey. We just arrived this morning.
Mother: Is that so. Well, I suppose that should be all right then... I hope...
Sen: Um, yes?
Girl: Mama! Can I touch the kitty now?
Mother: I guess there's no harm. But ask the lady first, okay?
Girl: Yay, yay!
Girl: Excuse me. Can I pet a cat?
Sen: Sure! Let me just get one for you. Um...
Sen: Mewmew? Are you okay for a snuggle?
Mewmew: Mew, mew!
Sen: Yeah, I think she's ready.
Girl: Here kitty, kitty!
Mewmew: Mew...
Girl: Nice kitty... Hehe...
Sen: Oh, be careful not to touch her back paws.
Girl: I won't. Hehe... Foofy-poofy...
The little girl is beside herself with delight as she boops the kitten's nose with her own.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 1: Let's Take a Walk with Sen - Episode 2

Sen's hiking group meets a kind elderly lady who walks with a cane. Although the lady is delighted by the cats, she politely declines to join their hike when invited, citing her poor constitution. She sincerely hopes they will find the island to their liking.

After parting from the mother and her child, the hikers pick up where they left off.
Afaka: Meyaow.
Sen: Here's a pleasant spot in the sun. Shall we take a break?
Mewmew: Mew...
Sen: Want me to carry you? I bet you're all tuckered out.
Mewmew: Mew, mew.
Sen: Don't worry. I've got you.
Sen brings the kitten in close to her. She thinks back to the mother they just met.
Sen: I don't think she likes cats very much.
Mewmew: Mew?
Sen: I wonder if she had a bad experience. It's kind of sad, isn't it?
Hobbled Old Lady: Bless my heart, would you take a gander at this bundle of cuteness.
Sen: Oh, good day.
Hobbled Old Lady: And a good day to you too.
Afaka: Meyaow.
Hobbled Old Lady: Yes, you deserve a treat.
Afaka: Meyaow.
Sen: Lucky you, Afaka.
Hobbled Old Lady: Hehe, I see other cute feline friends with you.
Hobbled Old Lady: Are they all yours?
Sen: Mine? Oh, no, no! I don't think I could ever keep a cat!
Hobbled Old Lady: So you're saying you're not the owner?
Sen: I mean I help out here and there, and I play with them sometimes.
Sen: But I'm not ready for such a big responsibility!
Hobbled Old Lady: Hahaha, what a peculiar girl you are.
Sen repeats the same introduction from before—how she's a skyfarer who just arrived on the island.
Hobbled Old Lady: I see. Well, have fun with your walk.
Sen: Thank you!
Sen: If you're not busy, would you like to join us?
Hobbled Old Lady: I would if I could, my dear.
Hobbled Old Lady: Unfortunately, these poor old legs aren't what they used to be. This trail is too much for me.
Sen: I'm sorry to hear that.
Hobbled Old Lady: Hahaha, it's quite all right.
Hobbled Old Lady: As long as you come to love the sights, sounds, and smells of the island, I'll be a happy camper.
The kindly old woman sees them off with a smile.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 1: Let's Take a Walk with Sen - Episode 3

Sen and her feline friends approach an odd-looking building constructed out of machine parts and scrap, when they're suddenly surrounded by stray cats and drawn into a fracas. Sen desperately tries to break up the fight, but she loses consciousness after taking an unexpected blow from behind.

Sen: It's almost lunchtime.
Sen squints at the high midday sun.
Sen: Now's probably a good time to head home, don't you guys think?
Mukuta: Myeow.
Sen: Take a look at that weird building over there, Mukuta.
Sen: It's made of metal scraps and junk. I've never seen any building like it.
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen: Vapaus! Where are you going! You shouldn't run ahead like that!
Vapaus: Meeow.
Sen: Huh?
Apawling Cat 1: ...
Rivera: Merow...
Sen: Hey...
Rivera cautiously backs up with his eyes locked forward, causing Sen to go on high alert.
Sen: It must be a cat that lives here.
Sen: That's funny. This is the first one we've met so far...
Apawling Cat 2: ...
Sen: We're sorry for the intrusion. You see, we just landed on your island today, and—
Apawling Cat 1: ...
Sen: Huh?
Mukuta: Hiss!
Sen: Come on, everyone! Let's go back to the airship!
Rivera: ...
Sen: I've seen this before with the wildcats that live near my village. These cats will get mad if we enter their territory.
Sen: So let's leave before a fight breaks out!
Sen tries desperately to get her friends to leave with her, but it might be too late.
Apawling Cat 3: ...
Sen: Uh-oh!
More strays come out and block the hikers from fleeing, their glaring eyes watching every move.
Sen: We're just passing through, and we'll be out of your hair soon!
Sen: Isn't that right, Rivera?
Rivera: ...
Mewmew: Mew...
Sen: Uh-huh. I know you want hugs, Mewmew! And I'll give you some as soon as we get out of here!
???: ...
A noticeably larger feline appears from behind the wall of cats.
???: Hiss!
Apawling Cat 1: Nyaawr!
Rivera: Merow!
Following the larger cat's command, the stray cats pounce on the hikers in an instant.
Sen: Eeek!
Sen freezes in fright while holding Mewmew.
Sen: U-um, hey, you guys!
Mukuta: Rawr!
Vapaus: Myeeor!
In the blink of an eye, ears are laid back flat, claws are out, and fur goes flying everywhere.
Sen: No, no, no! What should I do?
Apawling Cat 2: Fsss!
Aselia: Meow!
Sen: Aaah! Aselia!
Sen wants to save Dante's precious lords and ladies, but at the same time, she doesn't want to risk injuring the strays.
The best she can do is try to wedge herself between flying claws and teeth.
Sen: Please stop this, everyone! Stop!
But of course the furious warriors aren't listening.
Sen: I don't know what to do, (Captain)... But I have to do something!
That's when it happens.
Sen: Eeek!
Something strikes Sen hard in the back.
Sen: Urk...
As she falls to the ground, everything goes black.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 1: Let's Take a Walk with Sen - Episode 4

Sen awakens in an unfamiliar room to find that she and Dante's cats are unharmed but under lock and key. Burdened with the responsibility to get everyone back to the Grandcypher, Sen grows increasingly flustered. Rivera attempts to talk sense into her.

???: Hello, lovelies. How nice of you all to welcome me home.
???: Purr...
???: There's a good kitten.
???: Purr...
???: Yes, yes, it's time for num-num.
???: ...
???: Hehehe, as for you, you're the pick of the litter.
???: Mrrr...
???: You'll never leave me, will you?
???: Meow, meow...
Sen: Ngh...
Sen: Unh?
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: Mm?
Sen's eyes are slow to open, so Vapaus presses his face against hers one more time for good measure.
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen: Vapaus? I...
Sen: Gasp!
Sen: Where are we?
Now fully awake, Sen realizes she's in an unfamiliar room.
Sen: Where is everyone? Are you all okay?
Mukuta: Myeow!
Aselia: Ryeow.
Afaka: Meyaow...
Mewmew: Mew, mew...
Rivera: Merow.
Sen: Phew. Thank goodness you're all here.
Sen breathes a sigh of relief for the time being.
Sen: The next problem is...
She stands up and examines the confines of the room.
Sen: What is this place? I remember being outside where we were attacked by all these cats...
Sen: The door's locked.
Sen: Almost feels like we're in jail, doesn't it? Not that I've ever been jailed before...
Sen: Wait...
Sen: Why are we even locked up in the first place!
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen: Vapaus?
Sen notices Vapaus trying to squeeze himself through a small gap under the door.
Sen: I don't think you'll fit...
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: See? It's too small. Now what...
Sen: Obviously we can't get back to the ship if we're stuck in here.
Sen: I can't believe this is happening after everyone put their trust in me.
Sen: They're going to be worried sick if we don't get home soon.
Sen: Ooh... What to do...
Rivera: ...
Sen: Rivera?
Rivera's tail gently taps against Sen's cheek. He looks at her with piercing black eyes from his perch on her shoulder.
Rivera: Calm yourself, child.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 2: Her Name Is Sen - Episode 1

As Sen and the cats search the room for a way out, two strays unlock the door, and a young cat orders the captives to follow him. Rivera and the others are able to understand Sen, but Sen only hears the cats' words as regular meows. Sen unwittingly complies with the young cat's order, and her reluctant feline companions have no choice but to go along with her.

Rivera: Calm yourself, child.
Sen: Rivera?
Rivera: Merow.
Sen: What's gotten into you?
Rivera's words sound like normal meows to her ears. As usual she doesn't understand what he's saying.
Rivera: What's done is done.
Rivera: What are you getting worked up for? Now is not the time to cede to anxiety.
Sen: Mm-hm, you're right. I have to take responsibility!
Vapaus: D'oh! In one ear and out the other.
Sen: I'll make sure no one gets hurt and that we all make it back safely! Just you wait and see!
Mukuta: So much for not getting worked up. Is she going to be okay?
Rivera: Well, she seems to be thinking more clearly at least. That's good enough.
Aselia: I suppose we ought to investigate this room further.
Afaka: Lookee, lookee! A hole in the floor!
Sen: Did you find something, Afaka?
Afaka: Aah... This is my hole. It was made for me...
Sen: Afaka?
Mukuta: Ignore her, Sen. There's no telling what goes on in that head of hers.
Mewmew: Sen! Hugs!
Sen: What is it, Mewmew? Want me to hold you again?
Rivera: Sigh...
Mukuta: Unsurprisingly there's one of us that you seem to have no problems understanding.
Vapaus: I looked around. Didn't see any holes we can slip through. I have no idea what's higher up on the walls though.
Vapaus: I'm not the best climber around, so could you go take a look for me, Mukuta?
Mukuta: Got it. Up I go.
Aselia: Rivera, the door is locked tight and there's no possible way we can crawl under the door.
Rivera: There has to be a way out...
Sen: It stinks being cooped up in here. Too bad this door looks like the only way in or out.
Sen and the cats rack their brains as they stand before the one exit in the room.
Rivera: ...!
Mukuta: Sen, step away from the door.
Vapaus: Mukuta, what did you see up there?
Mukuta: Nothing. No way out. But more importantly—
Aselia: Someone's coming.
The cats grow nervous, sensing someone approaching the door.
Sen: Hm? You all seem agitated.
Aselia: It's not safe, Sen. Take a few steps back.
Sen: Do you need a scratch, Aselia?
Sen: That sound...
The unmistakable clack of a lock being turned reaches Sen's ears.
The door slowly swings inward, and two cats enter the room.
Apawling Cat 1: Guess you're all up already. Saves me the trouble of having to slap you awake.
Young Cat: ...
Sen: Um...
Mukuta: Now isn't this an awkward reunion...
Vapaus: I remember you! I saw you outside!
Rivera: Are you the ones responsible for imprisoning us?
Apawling Cat 1: You talkin' to me?
Sen: Did that cat unlock the door?
Sen: Wow! That's one skilled feline!
Mukuta: Sen... Be a good girl and keep quiet for a bit.
Sen: Oh, don't worry, Mukuta. You're a clever boy too. I remember the time you and Vyrn played tug-of-war with a piece of string...
Vapaus: Really? Was it fun?
Mukuta: Ahem. This isn't the—
Apawling Cat 1: Hey! No one said you could talk! Shut yer yaps!
Rivera: In that case would you be so kind as to explain why we find ourselves in this predicament?
Apawling Cat 1: I don't like that snooty attitude of yours one bit.
Apawling Cat 1: You!
Young Cat: Yes?
Apawling Cat 1: Take 'em to the communal room. Give 'em the usual spiel.
Young Cat: Okay.
Apawling Cat 1: I'm sure you know this already, but you'd better not start anything funny!
Apawling Cat 1: You don't wanna be chased around by that now, do ya?
Apawling Cat 1: Myahaha!
Mukuta: Hey, wait!
Young Cat: ...
Mukuta tries to chase the departing cat, but the young cat steps in to block his way.
Mukuta: What's your problem?
Young Cat: Please come with me.
Mukuta: Huh? Why should we?
Rivera: You are free to make demands, but that does not mean we will comply.
Young Cat: Just be quiet and come.
Mukuta: I don't like this one bit.
Vapaus: But aren't you curious? They're gonna give us an explanation.
Sen: I wonder where that cat went.
Aselia: They said something about a communal room. There's no telling what's in store for us, and we simply can't take them at their word...
Young Cat: Hey. Let's go.
Sen: Oh? It came back. Maybe it wants to take us somewhere?
Sen: Okay! After you!
Mukuta: That idiot! Sen!
Vapaus: D'oh.
Afaka: Whoops-a-daisy. There goes Sen. And she had little Mewmew with her.
Rivera: Dante placed that child in our custody. We can't allow her out of our sight.
Mukuta: Bah. What a mess.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 2: Her Name Is Sen - Episode 2

Sen and her furry friends are led to the communal room, where a resident cat explains that they're all being held in Mao Mera's Cage. The cage acts as a reeducation facility to increase the number of subordinates under one boss cat, Torajiro. Tensions flare when the strays make fun of Dante's cats for their perceived domestication—Sen tries to break the ice by introducing herself to everyone.

The young cat leads the captives to another room that is larger than the previous one.
Old-Timer Cat: This the fresh meat?
Young Cat: Yes.
Sen: Ooh... So many cats.
Mukuta: What the heck is this?
A row of cats lined up side by side stares at the newcomers.
Sen: Is this a cat convention?
Vapaus: Scuse me, what's all this? What's everybody doing here?
Old-Timer Cat: I can tell from the stupid looks on your faces that you don't grasp the situation you're in.
Sen: Should I be here too?
Afaka: Yawn...
Old-Timer Cat: Hey, fleabag! You think this is a joke?
Aselia: All she did was yawn...
Old-Timer Cat: Even though you just got here, you're already acting like you own the place!
Old-Timer Cat: Show some manners!
Mukuta: Oh. Well, you see, we're just in shock that someone who's hurling insults at us is giving a lecture on manners.
Old-Timer Cat: Don't you start with me!
Ginger Cat: Eh, might be fun knocking some sense into a smart aleck.
Skinny Cat: Yep. I wanna see how long they can keep up their bluff.
Vapaus: By the way, what's with the seating arrangements? Why you gotta sit like packaged sausages?
Long-Haired Cat: H-how dare you!
Vapaus: It's weird. Don't tell me I have to sit like that too.
Vapaus: Oh, maybe you're on a heated pad or something? I wanna hop on!
Old-Timer Cat: Did I say you could talk? Y'all best get this through your thick skulls: you don't get to do anything without permission!
Sen listens with confusion to the cacophony of caterwauls directed at Dante's cats.
Sen: I'm starting to think those other cats are really angry...
Afaka: All this shouting isn't very nice. It hurts my ears.
Old-Timer Cat: Who asked you!
Young Cat: Um...
Old-Timer Cat: What is it? This better be good!
Young Cat: I just think it might be helpful to at least give them an explanation.
Young Cat: That's what I was told to provide anyway...
Old-Timer Cat: Humph.
Old-Timer Cat: All right, fine. I'll run 'em through the basics.
Old-Timer Cat: This place is called Mao Mera's Cage.
Old-Timer Cat: It's the big boss's castle, where all the cats on this island are ruled from.
Old-Timer Cat: It also acts as a prison where dissenters get locked away.
Aselia: P-prison?
Mukuta: What happens to them in prison?
Ginger Cat: Their numbers are added to an ever growing army of subordinates.
Ginger Cat: Basically this here's a "reeducation" facility, so to speak.
Vapaus: Bleh. That doesn't sound fun. Why would you stick around a place like this?
Old-Timer Cat: Hah. You're in the same boat.
Old-Timer Cat: You feisty furballs antagonized Torajiro's mob, and you got locked up for it.
Afaka: Torajiro... Is that the big guy we met outside?
Mukuta: Probably.
Afaka: Mm... He definitely has a Torajiro-kinda face.
Skinny Cat: Shush! Didn't we just tell ya not to speak out of turn?
Old-Timer Cat: That's just perfect. We got a buncha clowns on our paws.
Old-Timer Cat: Where did you guys come from anyhow? Why'd you beef with Torajiro?
Rivera: I'm called Rivera. We only arrived on the island this morning.
Mukuta: We don't have beef with that big guy. He's the one who started it...
Old-Timer Cat: Wait a minute. You've all been given names?
Mukuta: Yeah, so what? Mine's Mukuta.
Ginger Cat: Pfft...
Long-Haired Cat: Nyahaha!
Old-Timer Cat: Here I was expecting a bunch of tough customers! But you're just soft little housecats!
Skinny Cat: Nyahaha! What a bunch of sad sacks!
Rivera: Freedom is not so fickle as to crumble when one is bestowed a name.
Old-Timer Cat: Huh? Get a load of this guy.
Skinny Cat: Poor thing has no clue what he's talking about. These guys ain't even embarrassed at having a name.
Aselia: What matters is there's someone I enjoy being with, and because of that, I have nothing to be ashamed of.
Old-Timer Cat: Nothing but loudmouth mewings from a pack of know-nothing brats!
Sen: H-hello!
Old-Timer Cat: Hm?
Although Sen doesn't understand the argument among the cats, she senses the unease and finally speaks up.
Sen: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I haven't had the chance to properly introduce myself, so...
Afaka: You're amazing, Sen. How did you know we were all introducing ourselves?
Old-Timer Cat: Oh, right. I completely forgot to ask why there's a stinkin' furless in our midst.
Rivera: She's—
Sen: I'm Sen! Nice to meet you, meow!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 2: Her Name Is Sen - Episode 3

Rivera states that Sen is instrumental in their escape from the cage, which prompts even more derision from the strays. They claim Torajiro's mob has strength in numbers in addition to other tricks, meaning escape is impossible. The argument comes to a head, and a fight breaks out between Dante's cats and the strays.

Old-Timer Cat: Who's the two-legged weirdo?
Mewmew: Mew...
The kitten in Sen's arms pines for attention.
Mewmew: Sen... Head pats please...
Sen: Um, this little one is Mewmew.
Mewmew: Here, Sen! Scratch me here!
Sen: What's wrong? Do you want to go down?
Mewmew: No! No down!
Sen: Sorry, sorry! I guess you want to stay in my arms.
Old-Timer Cat: Is she your keeper?
Rivera: She is not.
Rivera: This child is a friend of our disciple. She flies with us on our ship.
Old-Timer Cat: Disciple? Ship? What are you goin' on about?
Afaka: Sen doesn't always bring the food out on time, but she means well.
Aselia: Her petting technique has improved considerably as of late.
Mukuta: Sometimes she does ridiculous things, but no harm, no foul.
Vapaus: Let me sit on your lap, Sen.
Sen: What is it, Vapaus? Are you all done talking?
Rivera: She can be a real pawful, but that's just how some furless are.
Rivera: I'm sure she'll be helpful in making our escape.
Old-Timer Cat: Escape?
Young Cat: ...
Mukuta: Yeah. She's stronger than we are, so—
Old-Timer Cat: Stop right there. Are my ears playing tricks on me or did you say escape?
Aselia: We most assuredly did. Why is that so hard to understand?
Skinny Cat: Psst... Didja hear that?
Long-Haired Cat: Yeah, I heard it. These screwballs...
Cage Cats: Nyahaha!
Ginger Cat: Talk about climbing up the wrong tree!
Skinny Cat: See what happens when they give you a name? You become too dumb to see the trouble you get into!
Long-Haired Cat: Just so you know, Torajiro's mob is always watching us.
Old-Timer Cat: They have all the numbers, and they have all the muscle.
Old-Timer Cat: We were like you once. We fought the claw and the claw won.
Old-Timer Cat: Escape is categorically impossible.
Ginger Cat: Obviously! Hey, young 'un! Tell 'em how it is!
Young Cat: They're right... It's impossible.
Ginger Cat: So my advice to you newcomers is to settle in and follow the rules like we do.
Ginger Cat: It's honestly not so bad once you get used to it.
Long-Haired Cat: Yeah. Besides, Torajiro's got other horrors on his side...
Skinny Cat: Oy, zip it.
Vapaus: What, what? What horrors?
Old-Timer Cat: Shut up! Newcomers ought to keep their heads down and do as we say.
Ginger Cat: Mm-hm. That's how the system works here.
Skinny Cat: Obedience is the key if you don't want a visit from that.
Vapaus: Hm? Sounds interesting, whatever that is.
Aselia: It's almost as if they're afraid of something.
Rivera: We should try to scrounge up more information if we can.
Mukuta: Right with you. I have no intentions of following these nitwits and their rules.
Long-Haired Cat: Prick up your ears, youse!
Old-Timer Cat: Have you learned nothing from our gracious explanation?
Rivera: We understand perfectly.
Rivera: You lot have forgotten what it's like to be free.
Old-Timer Cat: Mangy fleabag!
Mukuta: Look, if you want to sit around with your silly customs, that's no fur off my back.
Mukuta: I'm not here to tear down traditions.
Vapaus: Nope, not at all. But they don't work for us, so we'll be on our way!
Old-Timer Cat: You must be either deaf or stupid! You don't have permission to act freely!
Ginger Cat: Ugh, this is going nowhere. Let's just do this the hard way.
Old-Timer Cat: All right. If words won't get through to them, maybe a lesson in pain is what they need!
Mukuta: Oh, for the love of...
Rivera: This fight is unavoidable if we wish to maintain our autonomy.
Old-Timer Cat: Pounce!
Sen: Eeep!
Mukuta: Listen, Sen! Keep Mewmew close to you!
Sen: Huh? Why is everyone so frisky all of a sudden?

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 2: Her Name Is Sen - Episode 4

Torajiro enters the communal room to break up the fight, which ends abruptly when Afaka accidentally tackles Torajiro. He has Afaka thrown into the detention room—a room so abominable that Rivera and the others are unnerved simply from listening to the harrowing experience of one unfortunate former detainee.

Sen: Oh no, they're at each other's throats! But I don't know if I should—
Sen is paralyzed with uncertainty as she watches the fur fly.
Sen: Why are these cats always starting fights? Why are you doing this, everyone?
Sen: I should stop them, but...
Mewmew: What's everybody doing? I can't see anything!
Sen: What are you doing, Mewmew? Are you scared?
Mewmew: I'm getting a better view!
Sen: No, wait! Don't climb up on my head! It's not safe up there!
Apawling Cat 1: What's with the racket in here?
Apawling Cat 2: Cut it out! Now!
Skinny Cat: Oh, fiddlesticks!
???: ...
Old-Timer Cat: It wasn't us, I swear! These newcomers, they—
???: Bwuh? He moved out of the way!
???: You will stop this right now. Or else—
???: I'm gonna crash!
???: Reow!
Afaka: Wah!
Old-Timer Cat: Ah...
Long-Haired Cat: Gulp!
Amid all the confusion of cats darting here and there, Afaka lands on top of Torajiro.
Torajiro: ...
Apawling Cat 2: B-Boss!
Vapaus: D'oh...
Afaka: Sorry about that. Does it hurt?
Torajiro: You.
Apawling Cat 1: Y-yes?
Torajiro: Toss her into the detention room.
Afaka: Huh? What did I do?
Apawling Cat 1: Gotcha, Boss!
Vapaus: Detention room?
Apawling Cat 1: Carry out your orders! Pin down the newcomers!
Afaka: Wait, what? Where am I going?
Mukuta: Hold on! Where do you plan on taking her?
Apawling Cat 2: Come quietly!
Apawling Cat 3: Hurry up!
Afaka: But whyyy!
Torajiro: ...
Aselia: Afaka!
With an echoing slam, the door closes with Afaka on the other side.
Sen: Huh? Afaka left the room!
Mewmew: Where did she go? I wanna go too!
Rivera: What is this detention room they mentioned?
Long-Haired Cat: A scary place, to be sure.
The cat's fur bristles as it speaks.
Skinny Cat: That's right. You've been there before, haven't you?
Long-Haired Cat: Yeah... I never want to see that place again.
Mukuta: Tell us what kind of place it is! Will Afaka be okay?
Long-Haired Cat: It's just a really big room with nothing inside it.
Aselia: Nothing at all?
Long-Haired Cat: No shelves to lounge on, no boxes to squeeze into.
Vapaus: Yikes...
Long-Haired Cat: The walls are slippery smooth too, so you can't sharpen your claws.
Mukuta: Awful...
Long-Haired Cat: Worst of all...
Aselia: There's more?
Long-Haired Cat: Not a single sunbeam enters the room.
Vapaus: Meowzers!
Rivera: That's too cruel...
Just imagining this desolate hellscape makes the newcomers' fur stand on end.
Sen: Um, what am I missing this time?
Sen doesn't know what's gotten into the cats, but her voice is full of concern at the abrupt change in their behavior.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 3: Sen, Tear Down This Wall - Episode 1

In the course of devising a plan to rescue Afaka, the cats notice that the communal room door, which is normally left unlocked, is locked for the first time. Water pours down from the ceiling into the sealed room, sending everyone into a panic.

Rivera: Time is against us.
Rivera refocuses the cats' attention, interrupting their fearful imaginings of the detention room.
Mukuta: You're right about that.
Mukuta: Even for someone as laid-back as Afaka, spending time in there won't be good.
Aselia: We have to go rescue her!
Vapaus: Rescue her how? There's a lot of them and only a few of us.
Rivera: And we learned earlier that charging straight in is not a viable plan.
Aselia: Then—
Sen: Okeydokey!
All eyes dart to Sen, whose random outburst has interrupted the serious discussion.
Mukuta: What's with her?
Sen: I'll figure out a way to bring Afaka back.
Sen: So let's all be happy again, okay?
Sen's unbridled enthusiasm seeps into the room.
Rivera: Sigh...
Rivera: Calm yourself.
Rivera leaps onto Sen's shoulder and thwaps her on the cheek with his tail.
Sen: R-Rivera? Um...
Rivera: No one's asking you to do this alone.
Sen: ...?
Rivera: Freedom isn't something one is given. Either we all go or it means nothing.
Sen: Um... Don't worry, everyone! I'll get us out of this mess!
Mewmew: Sen? Where are you going?
The kitten brushes against Sen's legs and looks up at her with big, round eyes.
Sen: Afaka is in trouble, Mewmew.
Mewmew: Is Rivera going too? It's not fair that only Rivera gets to ride on your shoulder!
Sen: I think Afaka was catnapped, and that's why everyone's worried.
Sen: I'm going to go rescue Afaka and come right back!
Sen: So is it okay if I give you your cuddles when I return, Mewmew?
Mewmew: No, it's not okay! I'm going too!
Sen: Mewmew...
Mewmew: Sen...
Vapaus: Have you all forgotten that the door's locked? We're not going anywhere.
Aselia: Trapped like rats. Figuring out a way out of here comes first.
Old-Timer Cat: Locked?
Old-Timer Cat: Did you say locked?
Vapaus: Uh, yeah? Makes sense that they'd lock the door when they left...
Ginger Cat: Seriously?
Skinny Cat: Th-that's not good...
Rivera: You mean to say it's usually unlocked?
Old-Timer Cat: Of course it's unlocked!
Old-Timer Cat: You claimed we lost our freedom, but I keep telling you it ain't like that! We could go in and out as we pleased.
Old-Timer Cat: As long as we met our food-collection quota, they let us do whatever we want.
Vapaus: Then why'd they shut us in this time?
Skinny Cat: Because you newbies started a riot!
Vapaus: Oh, really? So what are they trying to prove by locking the door?
Long-Haired Cat: If they've locked the door, that can only mean one thing...
Mukuta: What's that sound?
Aselia: Above us!
Sen: Hm, there's a hole opening up in the ceiling.
Mukuta: Hey! Sen! Get back!
Sen: Ack! Water?
Mewmew: Waaah!
Vapaus: Gyah!
Water showers down from the hole in the ceiling, sending the cats into a fit of panic.
Mukuta: What is this!
Vapaus: Ugh, ugh! Don't let it splash on me!
Aselia: Aiie! I don't want to get wet!
Sen: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Vapaus and the others scramble up Sen's body to escape the pool of water rising from the floor.
Rivera: Stand up straight, child!
Vapaus: Sen! Save us!
It's not just Dante's cats who have completely lost it.
Skinny Cat: Yipes!
Long-Haired Cat: W-water!
Young Cat: I'm all wet! I'm drowning!
Old-Timer Cat: Get to higher ground!
Ginger Cat: Gah! My leg touched the water!
Vapaus: Wha? Stop pulling on me!
Aselia: Aaah, I'm going to fall!
Young Cat: It's cold! So cold!
Sen: Eeep! Please, everybody, please just hold still for a second!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 3: Sen, Tear Down This Wall - Episode 2

Sen tries to bash a hole in the wall to no avail while the cats cling to her body to avoid the rising water. Seeing Sen's lack of progress, the young cat intentionally dives into the water and paws at a specific spot on the wall. After much meowing and many gesticulations from the cats, Sen finally understands and aims for this weak spot in the wall.

Rivera: Child! We can't go on like this!
Rivera meows desperately at Sen as he clings to her shoulder for dear life.
Sen: Hang in there, Rivera! Try not to fall, everyone!
Mukuta: The water's really coming up fast! We have to do something!
Long-Haired Cat: What's the holdup? Don't stop! Go higher!
Old-Timer Cat: Move it, fleabag! I'm going up!
Vapaus: No way! I don't wanna!
Young Cat: Darn it!
Sen: We're going to drown if we don't get out of here!
Sen: Hiyaah!
Sen: This wall...
Sen: Is sturdier than I thought!
Sen: It won't break!
With cats dangling from every limb, Sen punches the wall with no success.
Young Cat: The water level's still rising!
Long-Haired Cat: Yiiie! This is the end!
Vapaus: I can't stand water! I'm serious! Get it away from me!
Mewmew: I don't like this! Why is everybody climbing on Sen? She's my cuddle buddy!
With no escape in sight from this watery coffin, the cats grow increasingly agitated.
Sen: Ow! Ow! Um, I'm sorry, but...
Sen: Could you all go easy on the claws?
Old-Timer Cat: Stop fidgeting, furless!
Mukuta: She's fidgeting because your claws are digging into her! Stop hurting her!
Sen: I know this must be so frightening for all of you.
The water level has already risen past Sen's knees.
Sen: I won't keep you waiting much longer. I'll tear down this wall in no time!
Aselia: You can do it, Sen!
Vapaus: It just keeps gushing and gushing! We're screwed!
Young Cat: Punching blindly is a fool's errand!
Rivera: Hm?
Young Cat: No pain, no gain!
Ginger Cat: Gyah!
The young cat clinging to Sen's waist dives into the water without warning.
Vapaus: What the heck is he doing!
Young Cat: Gasp! Cough!
Mukuta: Hey, you okay! Keep your head above the water!
Sen: Oh no! Did you fall in?
Young Cat: Gulp... Pant...
The young cat somehow cat paddles to the wall, nearly drowning in the process.
Young Cat: Pant... Here!
Rivera: Is that our ticket out?
Young Cat: Once... when I was sharpening my claws...
Young Cat: This spot... The sound was different!
Sen: Hang on, little guy!
The half-drowning cat scratches frantically at a spot on the wall before Sen pulls him out of the water.
Young Cat: Pant... Wheeze... That's probably where it's thinnest!
Mukuta: I see what you're getting at!
Rivera: Listen to me, child! Aim for that part of the wall!
Rivera leans toward the wall, trying to get Sen to understand where her fist needs to strike.
Sen: What is it, Rivera?
Vapaus: C'mon, Sen, you need to hurry! I'm too young to die!
Mukuta: Sen! The wall! Quickly!
Mukuta points his tail earnestly at the wall.
Sen: Is there something about this wall?
Young Cat: Argh! Slow on your feet and slow in the head!
Young Cat: I'll make this simple!
The young cat plunges back into the water and paws at the same spot on the wall.
Young Cat: Right here! Aim for this spot!
Sen: Little cat! Um...
Sen finally senses that the young cat is trying to tell her something, and she nods tentatively.
Sen: I-I understand! Well, no, actually I don't, but... I think I understand!
Sen: Okay, everyone! Hold on tight!
With water lapping at her thighs, Sen takes her stance.
Sen: Because here... we...
Sen: Go!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 3: Sen, Tear Down This Wall - Episode 3

Back on the Grandcypher, (Captain) and company grow worried that Sen and the cats haven't returned. They head into the island with Dante to gather information about their whereabouts. Meanwhile Sen and the captives manage to escape from the watery death trap but are immediately accosted by Torajiro's subordinates.

Meanwhile back on the Grandcypher, Sen and the cats' tardiness hasn't gone unnoticed.
Lyria: They still haven't come back yet...
Vyrn: Yeah, they're a little late...
Lyria: Sen said they'd be back by lunchtime.
Lyria: But that was a while ago. We already finished eating.
Vyrn: It'd be one thing if the cats went off on their own, but Sen's with them, and we haven't heard a peep from her.
Lyria: I'm worried, (Captain).
  1. Should we go look for them?
  2. What about Dante?

Choose: Should we go look for them?
Lyria: Yes, I think we should!
Lyria: This is our first time on this island, so maybe they got lost.

Choose: What about Dante?
Lyria: Dante? Um, he...
Vyrn: Actually, I don't think he ever mentioned when he'd be getting back.
Lyria: No, he didn't. So that makes Dante, Sen, and the cats...
Continue 1
Lyria: Let's go find them and give them all a big "Welcome back!"
Vyrn: Gotcha! Then off we—
Dante: I have returned.
Vyrn: Ah, it's the old man! Perfect timing!
Dante: Did I miss something? You all look like you are about to depart.
Lyria: Actually—
Dante: Wait. Where are Lord Rivera and the others?
Vyrn: That's what we're tryin' to tell you.
Lyria: Sen and the cats went for a walk, but they haven't come back yet.
Lyria: We were on our way to go look for them.
Dante: The lords and ladies went out for a walk?
Vyrn: Yeah, with Sen. She said they'd be back for lunch, but...
Dante: ...
Dante: I fear a dreadful incident has befallen them.
Lyria: What do you mean by dreadful?
Vyrn: You know something, old man?
Dante: I may have an idea of what's happening. I shall leave at once.
Vyrn: H-hey!
Lyria: Please wait! We'll go with you!
Vyrn: Don't leave us in the dark if you know what's up!
Lyria: I'm really worried about them. I don't think I can sit still and wait.
Dante: Very well.
Dante: If anything, your assistance may be necessary considering what is afoot.
Dante nods his approval and leads them off the ship.
Sen: Cough... cough... Is everybody okay?
Sen and a glaring of wet cats spill out from a hole in the wall, riding a tide of water that sloshes into the hallway.
Aselia: Cough... cough... Achoo!
Vapaus: Ugh... Let's never do that again...
Young Cat: Pant... pant...
Mukuta: You saved us back there. Thanks.
Young Cat: It was nothing.
Vapaus: Are you kidding me? You were awesome! I could never in a million years dive into the water like that!
Young Cat: ...
Vapaus: Huh?
Vapaus: You know, you were pretty talkative back there, but now... What's up? Mouse got your tongue?
Young Cat: Just drop it.
Vapaus: Aw, c'mon. What's the big—
Old-Timer Cat: How can you be so cheerful after we had an entire pond dumped on us? Especially when it was all your fault!
Vapaus: How was it our fault?
Old-Timer Cat: Seriously? Is he being serious? Whose fault was it then!
Aselia: I hate to be the voice of reason, but maybe it's best if we don't linger here?
Mukuta: Whoops. Good call. Let's scram.
Old-Timer Cat: Oh no you don't! You've had your fun, but now you're going to listen to us, damn it!
Sen: Um...
While the two sides are busy bickering, Sen moves in closer to the young cat and bows her head to him.
Sen: Thank you for before, little cat.
Young Cat: What?
Sen: You jumped into the water to tell me about the wall, right?
Sen: You're soaking wet. I bet you're cold, but unfortunately I don't have a towel with me.
Young Cat: D-don't act buddy-buddy with me!
Sen: I'm sorry!
The young cat arches his back and shrinks away from Sen's outstretched hand. She pulls it back in a hurry.
Mewmew: Mewmew will let you pet her, Sen.
Sen: Oh, Mewmew. I guess you're cold too, eh?
Apawling Cat 3: Stop right there!
Apawling Cat 2: Prison break! Alert the boss immediately!
Mukuta: That was fast.
Sen: Hm? Aren't those the cats who—
Rivera: Forget about them! Focus on getting away from here!
The soaked cats bolt, ignoring the fact that Sen is still staring curiously at the cats who intend to capture them.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 3: Sen, Tear Down This Wall - Episode 4

Sen and the felines elude their pursuers and find the detention room where Afaka is being held. This time a cat-like golem called MEOW-TRON stands in their way, but Dante's cats have complete faith in Sen, expecting her to make short work of the mechanical menace.

Apawling Cat 1: Boss! Those fleabags from the communal room are at it again!
Torajiro: ...
Torajiro: Send you-know-what into block fourteen.
Apawling Cat 1: Y-you mean... Understood!
Apawling Cat 1: Are you sure it should be going into block fourteen though? That's the opposite direction from the exit...
Torajiro: I'm assuming they're heading for the detention room.
Torajiro: They won't leave as long as their friend is still detained.
Rivera: Is this the way to the detention room?
Young Cat: Y-yes... Further in and to the left...
Rivera and company scamper down a hallway, trying to elude Torajiro's pawlickers.
Sen: I wonder where they're all running to. Do they know where Afaka is?
Mukuta: You'll bite your tongue if you talk and run at the same time, Sen!
Aselia: Is it just me, or are we not being chased anymore?
Vapaus: Whoa, she's right! Lucky us.
Mukuta: Something tells me they didn't simply give up halfway through. Still, this is as good a chance as any to bounce.
After running for a little while longer, the party arrives at a door.
Aselia: Is this the detention room?
Young Cat: Yeah.
Sen: Maybe Afaka is in there somewhere.
Rivera: Indeed.
Mukuta: I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this door is locked.
Mukuta places his head and front paws on the door and pushes. Sen takes a cue from the cat and tries turning the doorknob.
Sen: Nope. It won't open. We need a key...
Rivera: No, that won't be necessary.
Aselia: Sen, you know what to do.
Aselia slips in and out between Sen's legs before settling in front of the wall. The cat looks back at Sen, and then the wall.
Mukuta: Come on, Sen. We're waiting on you.
With his front paws kneading at the door, Mukuta looks up at Sen too.
Sen: Erm...
Catching on, Sen lightly raps on the outer wall of the detention room.
Sen: It doesn't feel very thin... But I don't think it's made of solid rock, so... I'll give it my best shot!
Sen: Oh, wait...
Sen: I already broke one wall because I had to. Is it okay for me to break another one in a stranger's house?
Rivera: Hang on. I hear something.
Skinny Cat: I know that sound!
Old-Timer Cat: No mistakin' it... It's that thing!
Vapaus: That? Who or what is that?
Long-Haired Cat: Yiie! I'm outta here!
Long-Haired Cat: Aaagh! Too late!
Skinny Cat: It's MEOW-TRON!
An unsettling mechanical figure comes into view at the end of the hallway.
Mukuta: What is that thing!
Rivera: It looks like a so-called golem—a mechanical doll.
Sen: Wow, it has a cat face!
Old-Timer Cat: What an idiot! Is this the time to be admiring it?
Sen: Eeek!
Rivera: It's attacking us!
Ginger Cat: S-stop!
The cats of Mao Mera flee from MEOW-TRON's swinging claws.
Old-Timer Cat: Argh! We were getting along fine until you mangy outsiders showed up!
Mukuta: I'm not saying that mechano-doll isn't scary, but...
Vapaus: One measly machine? I don't think we have anything to worry about then.
Aselia: Mm-hm. No problem at all.
The lords and ladies nimbly dodge the flailing claws of MEOW-TRON and alight behind Sen.
They look up in unison at the girl, eyes shining with expectation.
Rivera: Child. Show it who's boss.
Sen: Not to worry, cat friends! I won't let it touch a single hair on you!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 4: You Did It, Sen - Episode 1

The battle between Sen and MEOW-TRON opens a hole in the wall of the detention room from which Afaka calmly steps out of as if nothing had happened. The cats of Mao Mera are shocked that Sen defeated MEOW-TRON, but they say there's still another one. Rivera and company are unimpressed, vowing to leave the cage no matter what the obstacle.

Sen: I won!
Mukuta: Nice whoopin', Sen!
Old-Timer Cat: That's impossible... It was defeated?
Afaka: Sure is noisy out here.
Sen: Afaka!
Rivera: She appears none the worse for wear.
Vapaus: Good to see you again, but how'd you get out of the room?
Afaka: First I heard a big crash, and then there was a big hole, so I was like, "Don't mind if I do."
Mukuta: Sen's battle caused a bit of collateral damage.
Aselia: Are you okay, Afaka? Did anything happen to you in there?
Afaka: Not really... It was sooo boring. I couldn't stop yawning.
Afaka: I was about to doze off when I got that wake-up call.
Skinny Cat: Getting thrown in solitary didn't even faze her in the slightest...
Ginger Cat: I wish I were that chill...
Old-Timer Cat: To come out of the detention room with your sanity intact is one thing, but that furless who defeated MEOW-TRON is just as mind-boggling.
Rivera: I cannot speak for the child's normalcy, but this is her capability.
Mukuta: When Sen gets going, even that freaky machine is nothing more than a big pile of scrap.
Long-Haired Cat: You call that a pile of scrap?
Mewmew: Are you done, Sen? Then pick me up!
Sen: Wasn't that scary, Mewmew? You didn't get hurt in the scuffle, did you?
Young Cat: If you ask me, the only advantage the furless have over us is their size. I don't see what the fuss is.
Rivera: Ahem. I'm more interested in the purpose behind this golem.
Vapaus: Is this that thing you all were so scared of?
Old-Timer Cat: Yes. It patrols the cage like a warden supervising its jail.
Old-Timer Cat: It'll come after you if it senses the slightest antagonism.
Long-Haired Cat: I'd rather take my chances with Torajiro and his thugs.
Aselia: But it looks like this golem's warden days are over.
Mukuta: Thanks to Sen forcing it into early retirement, that is.
Old-Timer Cat: Hah! You're huffing catnip if you think this ordeal is over!
Ginger Cat: Another MEOW-TRON stalks these halls...
Vapaus: Whoa, for real?
Rivera: Be that as it may, our business here is over.
Mukuta: Yeah. Now that we've got Afaka back, we should leave before those goons realize what's up.
Afaka: My belly is rumbling.
Vapaus: Onward and homeward!
Sen: Er, are we leaving already? Wait for me!
Sen falls in behind the pitter-patter of the cats.
Sen: I'm still confused though...
As the party leaves, Sen looks back at the inoperative MEOW-TRON.
Sen: I'm pretty sure that's a golem...
Sen: What kind of place has something like that roaming around? Where in the skies are we?

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 4: You Did It, Sen - Episode 2

Dante's investigation on the island uncovers evidence of conflict among the strays of Micenos, with the islanders possibly being involved. After speaking with the townspeople, the crew learns that the troublesome strays have claimed Mao Mera Hill for themselves.

Vyrn: Okay, so... What's going on exactly?
Having disembarked from the Grandcypher, (Captain) and the others urge Dante to explain what's happening on the island.
Dante: It has to do with the investigation I carried out earlier this morning.
Lyria: What were you investigating?
Dante: I heard a rumor that the lords and ladies of this island are experiencing a bout of turmoil.
Vyrn: Lords and ladies? Oh, you're talking about cats.
Lyria: Are they having a tough time with something?
Dante: Yes. It seems that a certain lord is employing a frightening power to tyrannize the greater part of the feline population.
Dante: Anyone who stands in opposition is taken away somewhere.
Vyrn: Sounds like a cat-on-cat turf war to me.
Lyria: Do you know where they're being taken to?
Dante: Well, this is not a matter that only pertains to the lords and ladies.
Vyrn: Meaning?
Dante: Some "furless," as the lords and ladies refer to us, may be involved.
Dante: Therefore the next step is to gather information from the townspeople.
Vyrn: We can handle that!
Lyria: Since we can't understand cats like you do, we'll go talk to the townspeople instead!
Dante: My thanks. I hope you find something.
Mother: Yes, I ran into a young girl traveling with some cats just before noon.
Mother: She said she was a skyfarer who just arrived on the island this morning.
Lyria: Really?
Vyrn: That had to be Sen and the cats!
Lyria: Speaking of cats, could we ask you about the ones who live on this island?
Mother: Ah, those creatures...
The woman frowns when presented with this question.
Mother: Cats aren't entirely welcome in this town.
Mother: I for one am not too fond of the little beasts, and I'd say a fair number of others agree with me.
Lyria: How come?
Mother: I don't know about cats on other islands, but here on Micenos, they're vicious balls of claws and fangs.
Mother: Not to mention the health risks they pose to people in regards to cleanliness.
Mother: You should be careful too.
Lyria: We will, thanks...
Mother: Oh drat. I forgot to warn the young lady as well.
Mother: For her sake, I hope she didn't wander close to the hill...
Vyrn: What hill? Is it a dangerous place?
Mother: Yes, it's called Mao Mera Hill. That's where the ferals take refuge.
Mother: It's more or less a junkyard now. No good can come of going there.
Vyrn: Why'd it turn into a junkyard?
Mother: Well, it happened over time. The hill didn't start off as a dirty mess...
Vyrn: I don't think cats are as dangerous as that woman makes 'em out to be.
Vyrn: But we'd better find Sen and the others as soon as we can.
Dante: Lord Rivera is with them. That alone is enough to ensure their safety.
Vyrn: Well, they've got Sen with 'em, so they shouldn't get into too much trouble.
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria blinks as each of her two companions backs a different horse in this particular race.
Lyria: Um...
Vyrn: Ahaha.
Vyrn: So why don't we head for Mao Mera Hill?
Dante: No, there is someone I would like to see first.
Lyria: Who?
Dante: The same source who provided me with information about this island earlier.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 4: You Did It, Sen - Episode 3

The cats of Mao Mera are through going along for the ride with Dante's cats and part ways. The young cat has trouble choosing sides but ultimately sticks with the cats of Mao Mera. As the young cat walks away, Rivera asks him to consider the meaning of freedom.

Sen: Hmm...
As Sen and the others walk through the interior of Mao Mera's Cage, Sen surveys their surroundings with curiosity.
Sen: Now that I look around, this is such a weird building. There are mechanical parts and gizmos everywhere.
Sen plucks up something that seems to have fallen off the wall.
Vapaus: What's that, what's that?
Sen: Vapaus!
Vapaus: Meow!
Vapaus swats the doodad out of Sen's hand and begins rolling around on the floor playing with it.
Sen: Ahaha. Looks like you've found yourself a new toy to play with.
Sen: Still...
Sen: A wall made out of machine parts and that golem from before...
Sen: I don't think this place was built as a shelter for the cats...
Sen: Wait a minute. Are we inside that building we saw earlier, just before we got into the fight with the other cats?
Vapaus: Meowzers, look at it go. I can't stop batting it around.
The doodad has captured Vapaus's full attention. Round and round it goes in his paws.
Rivera: That must be some sort of component. I do not enjoy the smell of rusted metal.
Mukuta: I wish I could take a closer look at some of this stuff—like that golem—but escape comes first.
Aselia: Mukuta is right. The longer we're away from home, the more worry we're causing Dante and the others, and we don't want that.
Vapaus: Yeah...
Vapaus: Ah! Speaking of going home, you guys wanna come with?
Skinny Cat: You talkin' to us?
Mukuta: Oh yeah, that reminds me. I thought you guys said you had no intention of escaping.
Long-Haired Cat: O-oh, uh... We weren't... going anywhere...
Vapaus: Didja change your minds? Gonna come with us?
Old-Timer Cat: Enough with the jokes! There ain't no way in hell we're allowed to go with you!
Young Cat: ...
Old-Timer Cat: Come on, gang, we're outta here! I ain't gonna stick around to find out what happens to us if we follow the newcomers!
Skinny Cat: I-I'm with you!
Ginger Cat: Don't leave without me!
Sen: Huh? Where are they going?
Mukuta: Forget them, Sen.
Sen: Mukuta, Rivera! Those cats are going the other way!
Sen: Shouldn't we follow them?
Old-Timer Cat: Don't you dare think about tagging along, you two-legged oaf!
Afaka: Excuuuse me? Don't be mean to Sen.
Old-Timer Cat: Like I give a damn!
Hey, young 'un! Quit draggin' your paws and get your tail over here!
Young Cat: Y-yeah...
The young cat briefly hesitates, but he ultimately heeds the veteran cat's command.
Rivera: What is freedom?
Young Cat: ...?
Rivera: Freedom, above all else, is a state of mind.
Rivera: Refuse to follow your heart, and you will stay caged no matter where you go.
Old-Timer Cat: Huh? What's he squawking about?
Ginger Cat: Dunno. If it's the same no matter what, why bother escaping?
Long-Haired Cat: Who cares. Let's go already.
Young Cat: ...
Sen: Um...
Still out of the loop, Sen anxiously watches the other cats slink away.
Sen: Are they going to be okay on their own?
Sen: It's hard to tell what else might pop out in here. Isn't it better for all of us to stick together?
Mukuta: From their point of view, sticking with us would be a larger liability.
Sen: Oh dear... I wonder why they're going that way...
Vapaus: Yep. It's pretty clear they don't wanna hang out with us.
Sen: I mean don't get me wrong, you guys! I wouldn't dream of leaving you behind to go with them!
Afaka: Never even crossed our minds, Sen.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 4: You Did It, Sen - Episode 4

Sen becomes depressed, believing that the series of events is her fault, but Afaka and Vapaus are quick to cheer her up. However, they soon find themselves in another trap; the cats have fallen victim to a bewitching substance called matatabby. Sen breaks the hypnotic spell of matatabby by throwing it into an air duct.

Sen and only half the number of cats from before choose to continue looking for the exit.
They walk on in silence.
Rivera: ...
Sen: ...
Rivera leads the way. Sen gazes at his tail and thinks back to when she and Lyria were devising communication signals.
Lyria: Here's an idea. What if you came up with a set of signals?
Lyria: Two wags of the tail means "yes," and three wags means "no."
Sen: Lyria... (Captain)...
The gloominess Sen feels in her chest is suffocating. Her head droops.
Sen: (How much longer will it take to find a way out of here?)
Sen: (I want to go home...)
Sen: Sigh...
Mewmew: Mew...
Sen: Mewmew?
Sen feels the familiar rub of a little kitten against her legs, and she bends down to pick her up.
Sen: One petting coming right—
Mewmew: Mew...
Sen: Huh?
Something isn't right. Mewmew's body feels limp, causing Sen to panic.
Sen: Mewmew! What's wrong?
Mukuta: Mewmew's had too much excitement for one day.
Aselia: We've covered quite a distance today.
Mewmew: I can't walk anymore. Take me home...
Sen: What should we do!
Mukuta: Keep your skirt on. She's just tired.
Aselia: We're all aware of that, but Sen isn't.
Mukuta: Oh. Guess not.
Rivera: In any case, it'll do Mewmew good to be carried.
Aselia: Yes, but what about Sen?
Sen: I'm so sorry, Mewmew... Sorry, everyone...
Vapaus: Hm? Why are you apologizing, Sen?
Sen: We're in this mess because I wasn't able to handle the situation properly.
Sen: Look at me. All I can do is follow behind all of you.
Rivera: None of us were pressuring you to lead us in the first place, child.
Sen: Why am I so useless?
Afaka: Something wrong, Sen? Are you hungry?
Sen: Afaka?
Sen looks down at Afaka who is pawing Sen's leg. The cat tilts her head to stare back up at the girl.
Afaka: I'm hungry too, but I'm going to give this to you instead.
Sen: When did you catch this mouse?
Vapaus: Aw shucks! Afaka beat me to the punch. Mine's bigger, so nyah.
Sen: You caught one too, Vapaus?
Vapaus: Pfft, I can catch 'em in my sleep. Are you good? Want any more?
Sen: Hm... Did you hunt them for me?
Afaka: An empty belly is the fastest way to a bad mood, you know.
Afaka: And I don't like seeing Sen sad.
Sen: Thank you. Both of you.
Sen: ...
Sen: I'm okay now! This is no time to be crying over spilt milk!
Sen: I might not be useful, but I'm not going to let that stop me from doing my best! All right, everyone! We're getting out of here!
Aselia: Haha, indeed we are.
Sen: But first...
Sen looks at the two mice splayed before her feet. She laughs with bemusement.
Sen: Unfortunately I can't really eat these. Why don't you snack on them instead?
Afaka: Can I? You really don't want it, Sen?
Sen: I'm not hungry right now, so don't let them go to waste—
Sen: Er...
Sen quickly tries to stifle the growl escaping from her stomach.
Sen: Ehehe...
Vapaus: See, you are hungry! I wasn't kidding when I said this mouse is for you!
Mukuta: You do remember that Sen needs people food, right?
Vapaus: Oh yeah...
Sen: I wonder what time it is. I told (Captain) we'd be back by noon.
Afaka: The rumbly in my tumbly tells me it's way past lunchtime...
Rivera: Hm? Look!
Sen: A wall came down from the ceiling!
Aselia: The passageway has been blocked off!
Mukuta: Crap! Over there too!
Vapaus: Are we trapped?
Sen: Um, with those two hallways blocked off, our only choice is to turn this way.
Vapaus: Oh, is there still a way out?
Afaka: That's way cool... The walls move on their own in here.
Rivera: No, I'm quite certain they're being controlled by someone.
Aselia: Oh no! That one over there closed too!
Sen: Another one? What's going on? This is getting kind of scary...
Vapaus: At least we don't have to guess anymore. This way it is.
Mukuta: Yeah, this isn't suspicious at all, being herded like cattle...
The party takes the only path open to them, progressing forward as the closing partitions deem fit.
Then at long last...
Vapaus: Dead end.
Aselia: Maybe we're supposed to find something here?
Rivera: What!
Afaka: Aw... The wall behind us closed too.
Sen: We're completely sealed in!
Rivera: It would seem so.
Sen: Th-this isn't good!
Sen: I know! I can just break down the wall like before...
Sen: Oof... That's really thick...
Sen: I don't think it's going to budge at all. Maybe there's some other way out...
Sen scans the area and sees an opening close to the ceiling.
Sen: What is that? An air duct?
Sen: Yes! I think the opening is big enough for the cats to fit through!
Sen: Rivera! Maybe you could—
Rivera: Merow...
Sen: Uh, Rivera?
Vapaus: Meow...
Sen: What's with you all?
The cats are rolling on their sides, stretching their limbs out as far as they'll go.
Sen: Did you all suddenly come down with something?
Sen: Snap out of it, Mukuta!
Mukuta: Mm... Sen? What is this... Drool...
Sen: Mukuta!
Vapaus: Hyuh-huh. Feels good, Sen...
Sen: Vapaus! Not you too!
Sen: Wait, what do you have there, Vapaus?
Vapaus: What, this? This stuff here? This is the good stuff...
Sen: Sniff... sniff...
Sen: What is this weird smell? Kind of light and airy.
Whatever the smell is, it's coming from what looks like a dried-out stick.
Vapaus: Meeeow... Meooow...
Vapaus embraces the stick. He nuzzles it with his entire being.
Sen: I remember reading about something like this in a cat book once. Oh, what was it called again...
Sen: Mat-something...
Sen: The book said that when a cat gets a whiff of it, they act like someone who's been out for a night of drinks.
Rivera: Meerooow...
Sen: This is strong stuff jammed into a little package.
Sen: Sorry, but I have to put a stop to it for now!
Sen: Let me have it, Vapaus.
Vapaus: No waaay. What's that you say? Sorry, I can't hear yooou...
Sen: Vapaus, please! Be a good boy and let go!
Vapaus: Meow!
Sen: Got it! Now I just need to get rid of it somewhere...
Sen triumphantly wrestles the stick away from Vapaus, holding it up high like a trophy. She swivels around looking for a place to dispose of it.
Sen: There aren't exactly a lot of hiding spots in here...
Sen: Ah, I know where I can chuck it!
Sen: Hang on, Mewmew. This is going to be a little dangerous, so I'm going to put you down real quick.
Mewmew: Mew?
Sen: This won't take long.
Sen places the kitten on the floor.
Sen: Hup!
Sen: Just a little higher...
Sen climbs up one of the walls to reach the mouth of the air duct.
Sen: So long, matatabby!
With that, Sen hurls the stick into the opening.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 5: Sen Displays Her Courage - Episode 1

The cats of Mao Mera, who had left the group to avoid getting mixed up with the outsiders, suddenly come running back because they're being chased by a large snake. Sen shields two of those strays with her body, leaving herself vulnerable to the snake's attacks.

Apawling Cat 3: Sh-she can climb the walls?
Apawling Cat 2: That furless is ruining everything!
Apawling Cat 1: She's dangerous!
Torajiro: This is beyond aggravating. Just proves how loathsome bipeds can be.
Apawling Cat 1: What are you gonna do, Boss?
Torajiro: What do you think! No biped's going to get the best of me!
Torajiro: Open wall number seven and let it loose.
Apawling Cat 2: Wall seven?
Apawling Cat 2: But that's—
Torajiro: Do it if you know what's good for you!
Apawling Cat 1: R-right away!
Mukuta: Whew... Boy, am I glad Sen was there to snap us out of it...
Rivera: ...
Aselia: So true. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if she weren't here.
Vapaus: So that's what the fuss is over matatabby! It was my first time!
Afaka: It was like I was floating on a cloud of cotton candy...
Rivera: Most people would find this wall difficult to climb, child.
Sen: You know, you're licking yourself a lot, Rivera...
Rivera: I am free to groom myself as I see fit.
Sen: You too, Mukuta. You keep rubbing your face...
Mukuta: I just feel like it, y'know?
Sen: Ah! Maybe it's because the smell of matatabby is still on your fur? Are you going to be okay?
Vapaus: Nice guess, Sen! But I know the real reason why! Rivera and Mukuta can't handle the embarrassment!
Mukuta: Zip it, Vapaus!
Sen: Take your time. We can use a break.
Aselia: I don't think Sen gets it. Your secret's safe.
Rivera: Anyway, we must consider our next course of action.
Afaka: Sen was trying to say something before she got interrupted.
Sen: Listen, everyone. I found an opening near the ceiling.
The cats look to where Sen is pointing.
Sen: I was thinking you all could use it to escape.
Mukuta: There's no way you'd fit though.
Sen: On the other hand, I threw the matatabby in there...
Afaka: I don't wanna go anywhere without Sen.
Rivera: Regardless, the threat of the matatabby makes traversing the duct too risky.
Sen: Maybe the stick's effect will wear off after a while? What if we wait it out?
Rivera: I disagree.
Sen: I would climb back up there and take a sniff myself, but my nose isn't as sharp as yours.
Aselia: We have to think of a different way.
Sen: What a pickle.
Just then a commotion from beyond the closed partition catches the party's attention.
Mukuta: Something's heading this way.
Sen: Hm? Sounds like cats screeching...
Vapaus: Uh, I'm more worried about the other sound...
Afaka: Ew, I'd recognize that sound anywhere. I can't stop shivering.
Aselia: Isn't it too loud though?
Rivera: Which means its size matches its volume.
Aselia: Eek!
The cats' imaginations run wild as the foreboding presence comes closer and closer.
Sen: Hey! The wall is opening up!
Vapaus: Yikes!
Skinny Cat: Gyaaah!
Long-Haired Cat: Save me!
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Aselia: Get it away!
The other cats from earlier burst in beneath the raised wall, chased by a large slithering scourge.
Vapaus: Whoa! When did you learn to jump that high, Aselia?
Mukuta: Is this the time to be funny? No, it isn't!
Sen: Mewmew!
Mewmew: Mew!
Sen quickly snatches up the kitten, who was curled into a terrified ball on the floor.
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Aselia: Snake! I hate snakes! Why did it have to be a snake!
Rivera: It's abnormally large!
Afaka: Eew! Snakes are gross!
The narrow dead end becomes a whirlwind of activity—a giant snake thrashes against its confines while cats frantically try to escape.
Old-Timer Cat: Damn it! Shoo! Shoo!
Vapaus: Someone wake me from this nightmare!
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Sen: Come at me!
Sen stands between the snake and the riled cats.
Sen: I hate snakes too, but I'm going to protect the kitties!
Sen: You don't belong here, snake, so I'm kicking you out!
Sen clenches her shaking fists and prepares to fight the reptile. But then...
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Cats: Argh!
The snake's tail whips out and sends two of the cats flying.
Sen: Oh no!
Sen leaps to scoop the flustered felines into her arms.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 5: Sen Displays Her Courage - Episode 2

The snake relentlessly attacks Sen, who is unable to fight back without exposing the two cats in her arms to danger. The young cat leaps into action and gouges the snake's eyes, allowing Sen to break free from the snake's ferocious lashing and launch an attack of her own.

Sinister Snake: Sss!
Sen: Ngh!
Sen clutches the two cats tightly to her body as the snake's tail lashes against her back.
Old-Timer Cat: Furless!
Sen: Don't move, you guys!
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Sen: Eeek!
The young girl curls up into a tight ball so as to ensure no harm comes to the felines in her arms.
Sen: Ugh...
Mukuta: Sen!
Sen: Now, everyone! Run away while you can!
Rivera: I cannot believe this!
With his back stiffened and his fur standing on end, Rivera issues a call to arms.
Rivera: Look upon the bravery of this child and ask yourselves if you dare remain silent!
Mukuta: Damn straight! Freedom isn't free... There comes a time when you have to fight for it!
Mukuta: Charge!
Mukuta is the first to pounce on the snake, with the others attacking in succession.
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Vapaus: Meowzers!
Afaka: Waah!
Rivera: Its scales are too thick!
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Even as the cavalry's claws dig at the snake, the serpent's predatory senses are focused entirely on Sen.
Sen: Urk!
Aselia: Wh-why is it only attacking Sen?
Mukuta: What, are we that unappetizing?
Sen: Rivera! All of you! Stop it! This is too dangerous! Get out of here!
Mukuta: You're the one in the most danger, you idiot!
Young Cat: Why?
Vapaus: What was that? We're a little busy here! Speak up!
Young Cat: Why don't you just leave her behind? What happened to all that talk about being free?
The young cat yells at Mukuta and the others as he cowers against the wall.
Young Cat: What are you doing? This is your chance to run toward freedom!
Young Cat: Why are you trying to save a furless? She's not your friend! She's nothing to you!
Mukuta: That's a stupid question.
Vapaus: Let me ask you this: why do you care what we do then?
Vapaus: We have the freedom to do what we want.
Young Cat: But—
Ginger Cat: I can't believe you're arguing about philosophy at a time like this!
Long-Haired Cat: If you outsiders hadn't come, we wouldn't have to deal with this!
Long-Haired Cat: Who cares about freedom or whatever? You can't eat principles, now can you?
Afaka: Let's not talk about food. I don't need to be reminded of how hungry I am...
Mukuta: Eyes on the target, Afaka!
Sinister Snake: Sss!
Long-Haired Cat: Ack! I can't take this anymore...
Ginger Cat: I've been saying we oughta run from the beginning! Let's go!
Young Cat: But I...
Long-Haired Cat: What are you doing? Come on!
Young Cat: Screw it!
Sinister Snake: ...!
The young cat leaps high into the air and clamps onto the snake's head.
Mukuta: The whiskers on that guy!
Claws extended, the young cat aims for the snake's eyes.
Sinister Snake: Hisss!
The snake writhes in agony from having its eyes gouged.
Rivera: Now, Sen!
Afaka: Sen!
Sen: Everyone!
Sen escapes from the snake's wrath. She releases the cats in her arms and hops to her feet.
Sen: Thank you, you guys! You were awesome!
Mukuta: Don't relax yet, Sen!
Sen: Now it's my turn! I'll take it from here!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 5: Sen Displays Her Courage - Episode 3

Torajiro thinks back to the time when an old lady, the only person who'd ever shown him kindness, nursed him back to health. This memory rekindles his fire to maintain order in Mao Mera's Cage.

Apawling Cat 2: The snake bit the dust too?
Apawling Cat 1: How are we supposed to stop that furless?
Torajiro's subordinates are in an uproar after witnessing the defeat of the large snake.
Apawling Cat 3: I hate to be the one to say it, but everything's heading for the litter box if this keeps up...
Torajiro: Keep your wits about you!
Apawling Cat 3: Urk!
Torajiro: Those of you who have lost the will to fight are welcome to leave. Get out.
Apawling Cat 2: B-Boss?
Torajiro: But do so only if you're confident you can survive this island on your own.
Apawling Cat 3: Gulp...
The big cat's declaration quiets the room.
Torajiro: I'm about to open a can of pain on those outsiders. They won't get away with this.
Apawling Cat 1: Meow yeah!
Torajiro: I will never allow this castle to fall. Never!
Islander 1: Yeugh! That is one ugmo cat!
Torajiro: ...
Islander 2: What's wrong with it? It's bleeding.
Islander 1: And filthy to boot. Who'd wanna pet a walking parasite magnet? Let's go.
Islander 2: You said it. It's probably looking for a good place to die.
Torajiro: ...
Torajiro: Sniff...
Hobbled Old Lady: Why, hello there. Now how in the world did you go and get those cuts and bruises?
Torajiro: ...
Hobbled Old Lady: It's okay, precious. You'll be right as the rain that's falling on us with a little care and food.
Hobbled Old Lady: Up you go.
Torajiro: Wha?
Hobbled Old Lady: Ahaha, you're a big kitty, aren'tcha?
Torajiro: Let go of me, you... you biped!
Hobbled Old Lady: Shh, shh... Don't be a squirmy-wormy. Everything's going to be all right. You'll see.
Hobbled Old Lady: Nothing beats warming up by a roaring fire.
Torajiro: Huff... huff...
Torajiro: Open the gate for the other you-know-what.
Apawling Cat 2: You got it, Boss!
Torajiro: I want the rest of you to be ready too. No one's leaving this castle!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 5: Sen Displays Her Courage - Episode 4

After Sen defeats the snake, the young cat decides there's merit in freedom and wants to guide Rivera and company to the cage's exit. But before that can happen, another MEOW-TRON appears and gives chase, forcing them to flee. Mukuta notices that Sen is limping.

Sen: I... won...
The girl plops down onto her knees, exhausted from her victory over the snake.
Mukuta: I knew you could do it, Sen!
Afaka: You go, Sen!
Aselia: You were something else! We can't thank you enough!
Sen: Phew... That was scary...
Aselia: It really was, wasn't it? Especially considering the size of that reptile! Brrr...
Afaka: Everything's fine now, Sen. It's all over.
Afaka and Aselia reward Sen's endeavors by rubbing their heads against the girl and giving her licks.
Sen: Haha, thanks. I'm feeling good again.
Vapaus: Okay, folks. What's next on the agenda?
Rivera: There's no guarantee that we've encountered our final obstacle.
Rivera: We cannot afford to linger, nor can we proceed with reckless abandon.
Mukuta: It's tough fighting on someone else's turf.
Young Cat: I'll be your guide.
Skinny Cat: D-do you realize what you're saying?
Old-Timer Cat: Who gave you the right to take matters into your own paws, huh?
Young Cat: If you all want to stay here, then be my guest.
Old-Timer Cat: Don't sass me!
Young Cat: Can't you even think for yourselves?
Young Cat: We just saw how far some will go in order to get a taste of freedom!
Young Cat: I'm sick of these worthless rules and routines. I'm sick of feeling helpless.
Young Cat: This might be my only chance to slip off those shackles, and I'm not going to let it pass me by!
Long-Haired Cat: Look, that's the adrenaline talkin'. Take a deep breath and think it over.
Ginger Cat: Definitely! You gotta be objective—
Young Cat: We've been visited by a flock of golden geese!
Skinny Cat: Wha?
Afaka: Oooh, birdies? Where?
Young Cat: After all they've done for you, you'd kill the geese laying the golden eggs of freedom?
Afaka: Aww. What a waste.
Vapaus: Hang on, hang on. Is he calling us birds?
Mukuta: Let's just see where he's going with this.
Young Cat: You're throwing away a golden opportunity!
Old-Timer Cat: No, I understand what you're getting at. But did you stop to think that maybe it's too good to be true?
Old-Timer Cat: So while you're mesmerized by that glittering gold, a snake or an eagle will sneak up and carry you off to your grave!
Young Cat: Even if it is too good to be true, it's better than sitting in this cage and letting the hunger for freedom kill me.
Long-Haired Cat: Read between the lines, kid! Freedom ain't gonna satisfy your belly!
Young Cat: I don't care if it doesn't. I don't care what dangers I have to face.
Young Cat: Having freedom alone is worth it. That's why I—
Sen: Hm? That wall just went up.
Another partition opens across from where the snake entered.
Sen: We haven't gone that way yet, so I guess we should see where it leads?
Rivera: Wait! I hear something...
Sen and the cats hear the growing drone of a motor. They're not ready to face this new obstacle.
Sen: I thought that golem couldn't move anymore!
Long-Haired Cat: Yiie!
Young Cat: Run!
Sen: We have to run too!
The young cat takes the front while Sen, carrying Mewmew in her arms, brings up the rear.
Sen: Unh!
Sen: ...
Sen: Wait for me!
Vapaus: You know where we're going? Is this the way out?
Young Cat: Unfortunately it's not.
Aselia: What? Then why are we going this way?
Young Cat: That machine is chasing us away from the exit.
The young cat glances back without slowing down.
Vapaus: D'oh...
Sen: Pant... Pant...
Mukuta: What's wrong with your leg, Sen?
Sen: Huh?
Mukuta slows down to fall into step with Sen.
Sen: What's the matter, Mukuta?
Mukuta: It's not me you should be worried about...
Mukuta: You're limping. Were you injured fighting the snake?
Sen: Um, you might hurt yourself if you don't watch where you're running, Mukuta.
Mukuta: You're the one who's in trouble, you know. Your leg is—
Long-Haired Cat: How 'bout saving the chitchat for later, yeah? It's gaining on us!
Rivera: We might as well be chasing our own tails.
Young Cat: Doesn't matter which way we go, that thing won't let us head for the exit!
Sen: Um...
Sen, judging from the cats' behavior, senses that they're stuck at an impasse.
After a couple of glances back at the pursuing golem, Sen limps to a stop.
Sen: I'll kick its metal butt one more time!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 6: Sen Is All Ears - Episode 1

Rivera stays behind to lower a partition, which allows the others to escape but traps him and MEOW-TRON on the other side. Sen is shocked into tears at Rivera's selfless gambit. The young cat gives her several whacks with his paws in an attempt to snap her out of her funk.

Sen: I'll hold it off while you guys escape!
Sen: I already beat it once! I know I can win again!
Mukuta: You don't get it. You're not kicking any butts with an injured leg.
Sen: Ow! Mukuta!
Mukuta: What'd I tell you? All I did was poke your foot. You think you stand a chance fighting at less than full strength?
Sen: Erm, th-that didn't hurt at all! My foot is A-OK! Meow!
Mukuta: Sigh... Meow? Really? As if I'd fall for that.
Sen: Are you angry, Mukuta?
Mukuta: I sure am. Gah, this is irritating. I'd give you a piece of my mind if only you could understand me.
Young Cat: Is the furless hurt?
Aselia: I'm worried about her. She's pushing herself too hard. I wish we could rest somewhere...
Vapaus: And have that mechanical demon eat us alive? We can't let it catch us!
Rivera: ...
Afaka: What are you looking for, Rivera?
Rivera: Found it.
Aselia: Rivera?
Rivera scrambles up the wall and into a recess in the ceiling while the others watch in confusion.
Rivera: Just as I thought.
Afaka: What's up there?
Rivera: Go now.
Mukuta: Ah, gotcha.
Young Cat: Wait, what's he talking about?
Mukuta: It's fine! Just keep running straight!
The cats pick up speed, leaving Rivera behind.
Sen: Huh? What?
Sen: ...!
Sen senses something off and looks back just in time to see a partition slam down behind her.
With Rivera on the other side.
Sen: Wait, what just happened?
Sen teeters to a stop.
Mukuta: ...
Sen: Rivera, he—
Sen: Yeep!
The clang of MEOW-TRON crashing into the partition rings in everyone's ears.
Sen: This is terrible! Rivera! Rivera, can you hear me!
Sen desperately pounds on the partition.
Sen: I hate this! Why is this happening to us...
Mukuta: Come on, Sen, let's keep moving.
Mukuta nudges Sen's heel, and she looks down despondently.
Sen: Tell me, Mukuta. Why did Rivera stay behind?
Mukuta: We gotta keep moving. Who knows how long this wall will keep us safe for.
Sen: I...
But Sen sits down and doesn't budge.
Sen: Even though I promised to protect everyone...
Sen: Even though I knew what I had to do...
Sen: Sniff...
Sen: How can I ever look Dante or (Captain) in the face again?
No longer able to hold back her emotions, Sen begins to cry, tears falling on the little kitten still nestled in her arms.
Mewmew: Sen?
The awakening kitten wriggles onto Sen's shoulder and licks the tears on her cheeks.
Sen: I'm sorry, Mewmew...
Aselia: Oh, Sen. Please don't cry.
Vapaus: Now that I think about it, Sen hasn't been able to understand what we've been saying this entire time.
Vapaus: I'd want to cry too.
Mukuta: Yeah.
Mewmew: Is Sen sad? Then I'm here for petting.
Sen: Sob...
Young Cat: ...
Young Cat: Quit your sobbing, furless!
Sen: Ouch!
The young cat leaps at Sen and swats her on the nose.
Young Cat: That floor must be comfy!
Young Cat: But if you haven't noticed the situation we're in, we can't afford to be wasting time!
Vapaus: She's not doing this on purpose...
Young Cat: Shut up! This isn't what Rivera wanted either!
Young Cat: So get off your knees and stand up!
Sen: Huh?
Showered by a stream of meows, Sen is too flabbergasted to continue crying.
Sen: Are you trying to encourage me?
Young Cat: Wrong!
Mukuta: Nah, you totally are.
Young Cat: That's not—
Sen: Thank you. I'm sorry for worrying you all. I'm not going to let it get to me anymore!
Young Cat: Who said I was worried about you...
Sen: I'm definitely going to protect my new kitty friend too!
Young Cat: Since when did we become friends? Who does this dolt think she is!
Vapaus: So you can talk up a storm. Why were you playing possum with us when we first met?
Young Cat: Shut it! Let's go before—
Mukuta: ...!
The cats suddenly grow tense. Someone is coming their way.
Aselia: Who is it?
Young Cat: Did Torajiro's goons find us? Ugh! I tried to warn you to get moving, but no one ever listens to me!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 6: Sen Is All Ears - Episode 2

An acquaintance of the young cat has snuck into the cage using a narrow vent shaft to bring word that the crew is coming to the rescue. In the meantime Sen urges the cats to leave the cage via the same vent shaft while she stays behind.

The wary cats are surprised by who they see.
Small Cat: H-hello...
Young Cat: You!
Small Cat: 'Sup...
Vapaus: Who's that? A familiar face?
Young Cat: Yeah, someone from the outside. But what are you doing here?
Young Cat: I thought you managed to get away back there.
Young Cat: Hiss!
Small Cat: ...!
Torajiro: Gyaawr!
Young Cat: Fss...
Small Cat: ...
Small Cat: Sorry...
Young Cat: What'd you say?
Small Cat: Never mind. Which one of you is Rivera?
Aselia: Are you looking for him? Sadly, he...
Mukuta: He's away on business. Wanna leave a message for him?
Small Cat: No, in that case, I have a letter for someone named Sen.
The small cat tilts his head to reveal a piece of paper strapped to his neck.
Vapaus: A letter, you say? From who? Are you sure it's addressed to Sen?
Aselia: You've got mail, Sen.
Sen: What's this paper? Can I read it?
Sen: Ah!
Sen's face immediately brightens after reading the letter.
Sen: It's from (Captain)!
Vapaus: Seriously? How?
Sen: (Captain) and the others are on their way to come get us out! Dante too!
Aselia: Purrfect!
Small Cat: That's the gist of it. I was asked to deliver this message by the furless named Dante.
Young Cat: Dante? (Captain)? Who are they?
Afaka: Dante is our disciple, and (Captain) is... Um, (Captain)'s the captain.
Young Cat: Disciple? He's a furless though. How does that work?
Mukuta: Simple. A disciple is a disciple. Now shouldn't we be discussing what to do next?
Young Cat: Fine. Guess you're right.
Young Cat: Hey, how'd you get in here anyway? Can we get out the same way?
Small Cat: Well, I can. But...
Small Cat: It's gonna be a tight squeeze for anyone bigger than me.
Aselia: That pretty much rules out Sen.
Young Cat: Let's go check it out anyway.
Mukuta: Mm, as long as it gives us a way to make contact with the outside world. We can go from there.
Young Cat: Lead the way, you.
Small Cat: O-okay.
As the small cat leads the way, the young cat immediately walks up next to him.
Young Cat: I gotta know why you agreed to carry messages to such a dangerous place.
Young Cat: You'd have to be crazy to willingly walk into the cage.
Small Cat: After I saw them take you away, I knew it was up to me to do something.
Small Cat: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, but I couldn't just leave you in here...
Young Cat: Humph. I see...
Before long the small cat brings the party to the mouth of a vent shaft.
Young Cat: That's... small.
Mukuta: I'd barely fit in there.
Sen: Hmm, that vent might lead outside.
Aselia: Don't worry, Sen. It's not like we're talking about leaving you behind.
Sen: If so, then maybe all of you can fit through it to get out.
Aselia: Sen!
Sen: Great! Please use the vent to escape!
Mukuta: Sigh... I had a feeling you'd say that.
Sen: While you guys crawl through the vent, I'll stay behind and look for Rivera.

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 6: Sen Is All Ears - Episode 3

Sen taps on the wall of the cage to communicate with the crew members who are on the other side. The crew breaks the wall, but before Sen and the cats can pass through the hole, Torajiro blocks their way. The young cat challenges the boss cat to a duel in the name of freedom.

Aselia: I don't know about this, Sen.
Aselia nuzzles Sen's foot. Her tail wraps around the girl's leg as if to say she doesn't want to be separated.
Sen: Thanks for your concern, but I'll be fine.
Sen: I don't want to be the one holding everyone back.
Vapaus: But you're not, Sen.
Vapaus: We would've been snake food or trampled by that golem without you!
Sen: (Captain)'s on the way. I just know the crew will make things right again!
Mukuta: Dante and (Captain) would definitely be a big help, so...
Aselia: Please don't tell me you're entertaining the thought of leaving her by herself.
Mukuta: Come on, stow the glare. No need to get your tail in a knot.
Sen: All righty then! Who's first? Step right up!
Afaka: Actually we haven't decided if we're even going, Sen.
Sen: Oh yeah. Do you mind looking after Mewmew, Mukuta?
Mewmew: Mew...
Sen: She must still be tired, judging from the way she keeps nodding off.
Mukuta: Slow down there, girl. At least give us a chance to talk this out.
Young Cat: I don't get it.
Sen: Looks we have a volunteer.
Sen is referring to the young cat making his way to the front.
Sen: Be careful in there. It's kind of cramped.
Young Cat: I've squeezed through worse. But that's beside the point.
Young Cat: You turned on the waterworks because Rivera made the choice to stay behind.
Young Cat: But now you're practically pulling the same stunt he did.
Sen: Um... I'm sorry, I don't understand...
Young Cat: Are you an idiot?
Sen: Yeow!
Sen had crouched down to meet the cats at eye level. The young cat takes this chance to thwack her in the cheek with paws of fury.
Sen: What was that for? I didn't do anything!
Young Cat: Shut up! I don't wanna hear it!
Sen: Ack! Stop smacking me!
Young Cat: Freedom this, freedom that... You're just a bunch of self-sacrificing dummies!
Small Cat: I don't think that's what they're trying to do.
Young Cat: What do you mean?
Small Cat: It's like that time you put yourself in harm's way so I could escape.
Young Cat: That's... not the same thing...
Small Cat: I was glad to get away at first, but then I felt miserable afterward...
Small Cat: You know the feeling I'm talking about, don't you?
Young Cat: I...
Sen: Huh?
Sen suddenly perks up and puts her ear to the wall.
Mukuta: What are you doing, Sen?
Sen: Gasp!
Sen concentrates on the vibrations traveling through the metal, then she gives the wall two raps with her claws.
Sen: Yeah, I'm okay! I'm in here!
Sen: Lyria! (Captain)!
Vapaus: Has she lost it?
Aselia: I think she's using those signals she and Lyria came up with earlier to try to communicate with us.
Lyria: Like...
Lyria: Two wags of the tail means "yes," and three wags means "no."
Lyria demonstrates by wagging her finger from side to side.
Sen: Yeah! That's easy to remember!
Sen: Or I could...
Vapaus: Oh, I get it!
Vapaus: All I remember is two taps means yes though.
Aselia: I'd forgotten all about them. We should've been listening more closely to our crewmates.
Sen continues corresponding via the wall.
Sen: Okay! I got it!
Back to her cheerful self, Sen stands up clutching Mewmew.
Sen: Listen, you guys. We're going to retreat to a safe spot farther back!
Young Cat: Uh, what do you mean by "safe spot"?
Mukuta: Just do what she says.
Afaka: Understood, Sen!
The party moves away from the wall and the vent shaft.
Sen: Everything's fine now. (Captain)'s come to the rescue!
Vyrn: Boom! Open sesame!
Lyria: Nice one, (Captain)!
Dante: Mm. Now to check on everyone's condition...
Sen: We can all go outside again! Let's not keep them waiting!
Old-Timer Cat: Wait a flea-scratchin' minute!
Old-Timer Cat: You better think long and hard about the consequences of leaving!
Young Cat: ...
Vapaus: But leaving was always the plan. No? You guys staying?
Aselia: Might I ask why you tagged along with us if you didn't intend on leaving?
Skinny Cat: We just kinda... got swept along with you all...
Young Cat: This cage has made you so complacent that you don't even know how to make your own decisions.
Old-Timer Cat: Nonsense!
Long-Haired Cat: Does it even matter? There's no way to survive out there if you're on Torajiro's bad side!
Young Cat: I can't deny that.
Mukuta: Hmm... In other words you plan on staying here too?
Young Cat: That's not what I said.
Vapaus: Who else is confused? Raise your paw.
Afaka: I need some chow in me, so I'm heading out first. Ciao.
Torajiro: You will do no such thing!
Long-Haired Cat: Yiie!
Apawling Cat 1: Another hole? Is there nothing they won't break?
Apawling Cat 2: We ain't gonna go easy on any of youse after all the damage you've caused in here!
One by one members of Torajiro's mob rush in to confront the escapees. Sen steps in front of her friends to defuse the situation.
Sen: Excuse me! We were just about to leave!
Sen: We're very sorry for trespassing on your territory. I promise we weren't trying to steal anything!
Sen: So—
Young Cat: She's right. Turf war's what kicked off this whole shebang.
Sen: Hm?
The young cat throws the confused girl a quick glance before focusing on Torajiro.
Young Cat: I challenge you to a duel.
Apawling Cat 3: How dare you yowl at the boss—
Torajiro: Quiet!
Apawling Cat 3: B-but, Boss...
Torajiro: Your lapdog yapping is embarrassing me.
Torajiro stalks closer, looming over the young cat.
Torajiro: You asking me for a one-on-one fight, kid?
Young Cat: Yeah. You're not going to tuck tail and run, are you?
Torajiro: Hah. You might be brash, but you're still suckling at your mother's teat!
Old-Timer Cat: You can't be serious, young 'un!
Young Cat: I've never been more serious in my life.
Old-Timer Cat: What!
Mukuta: Need any help?
Young Cat: Nah.
Young Cat: Rivera said that freedom is a state of mind.
Young Cat: Though I don't really understand the philosophical side of what he says.
Afaka: Rivera's always had a funny way with words. Try not to think too hard about it.
Young Cat: I think I have to fight to carve out my own territory. A territory called freedom.
Young Cat: If I can't even do that much, then escaping from this cage is meaningless!

The Many Lives of Cats - Chapter 6: Sen Is All Ears - Episode 4

The young cat bests Torajiro, and Sen and the others finally reunite with the crew outside the cage. The old lady from the morning walk is also there; when she tries to tend to the injured Torajiro, she misinterprets his will to continue fighting for her sake as a sign of rejection. The disappointed owner calls in MEOW-TRON to teach the cats a lesson.

Torajiro: Gaah!
The fierce battle sees its end as Torajiro rolls out of the cage from the hole.
Apawling Cat 2: B-Boss!
Apawling Cat 3: This is a joke, right? No one can beat the boss!
Young Cat: Victory is mine!
Mukuta: Nice fight.
Old-Timer Cat: My eyes deceive me...
Long-Haired Cat: Does that mean he and his thugs aren't gonna lord it over us anymore?
While the caged cats fuss over the cathartic upset, Sen hurries over to the victor.
Sen: That was an amazing fight! Are you hurt anywhere?
Young Cat: Hey, hey! Keep your grubby mitts to yourself!
Sen: Oops! Sorry!
Vyrn: Heyo! Everybody okay?
Lyria: Sen!
Sen: Vyrn! Lyria! (Captain)!
Sen: I'm so, so sorry! Thanks for coming to get us!
Sen is overjoyed to be reunited with the crew.
Vapaus: Aah, finally! It's all over!
Afaka: My belly's gonna eat itself.
Dante: Dear lords and ladies, allow me to extend a heartfelt apology for my tardiness.
Dante: Hm. Where may I ask is Lord Rivera?
Sen: It's my fault, Dante! Rivera stayed behind so that we could escape.
Dante: He did, did he?
Sen: But I'll make things right, I swear! I'm going to go back in to look for him—
Dante: Remain calm, Sen.
Dante: I see that you are injured. You need to be treated first.
Sen: But what about Rivera?
Dante: Lord Rivera is not one to glamorize self-sacrifice.
Dante: He has a plan.
Sen: But...
Hobbled Old Lady: What have we here? A fine collection of feisty felines.
Sen: Oh! You're the old lady we met in the morning.
Hobbled Old Lady: How did you all get outside?
Hobbled Old Lady: Oh, I see. There's a hole in the house.
Hobbled Old Lady: You were trying to leave, weren't you? Naughty, naughty.
Sen: Um?
Mukuta: What's her deal?
Young Cat: Mao Mera's Cage is the castle from which the big boss rules over us cats.
Young Cat: That old woman is the big boss.
Vapaus: Wait, wait, wait. I thought the big boss was Torajiro!
Hobbled Old Lady: I see Masamune... and Asagi, and... Oh my gracious, Torajiro!
Torajiro: ...
Hobbled Old Lady: You poor thing. Let's get those awful wounds cleaned and bandaged.
Torajiro: I can still move. I'm not going anywhere until I take care of the escapees!
Torajiro shakes off the old lady's helping hand, choosing to stagger up under his own power.
Hobbled Old Lady: Oh?
The woman seems hurt that Torajiro would turn his back on her.
Hobbled Old Lady: I see, I see. So it's finally come down to this...
Torajiro: Give me a little more time. I'll herd them back into the castle soon enough.
Hobbled Old Lady: Even you've decided to leave me.
Torajiro: Huh?
Hobbled Old Lady: I have nowhere else to go. But I guess that's not the case for you...
Torajiro: You misunderstand! I would never leave your side! I haven't forgotten what I owe you!
Torajiro: I'm doing this for you!
Torajiro: I thought gathering more followers and keeping them from leaving was what you wanted...
Torajiro tries his hardest to clear up the misunderstanding, but the old lady has jumped to a one-sided conclusion.
Hobbled Old Lady: So many bad little boys and girls...
The old lady pulls out a remote from her bag.
Hobbled Old Lady: Naughty children ought to be taught a lesson.
She pushes a button with her bony finger.
Vyrn: Is that a golem?
Sen: That's the cat golem that attacked us while we were inside!
Hobbled Old Lady: This lesson isn't going to be pretty.
Hobbled Old Lady: Come to me, my tiger!
Vyrn: Yipes! It transformed!
Lyria: The old lady is riding on top of it!
Old-Timer Cat: Yaagh! I've had it up to here with this crap!
Apawling Cat 2: Stop it! Stop the madness!
Apawling Cat 1: We surrender! We don't wanna fight!
The cats seemingly go crazy, bouncing off each other in their panic to get away from the terrifying golem.
Young Cat: What do we do!
Sen: Oh no! The cats are in trouble!
Sen: I have to stop that golem!
Seeing Sen's spirit get the best of her judgment, (Captain) steps in to handle the situation.
  1. Take five.

Choose: Take five.
Sen: (Captain)?
Vyrn: Don't forget you're injured. You should hang back or else you'll make it worse!
Lyria: You did a good job, Sen. So now let us be the ones to protect you!

The Many Lives of Cats - Ending

After learning the truth behind MEOW-TRON's creation, Dante and Sen provide their insights on Torajiro's motivations and the meaning of freedom. Presented with a new outlook on life, the old lady is determined to find her place in the world together with Torajiro and the other strays. As the crew sets off for new horizons, the young cat takes to the skies with them.

Hobbled Old Lady: Aaah!
The old lady goes tumbling from the busted but still operational golem.
Lyria: She fell off!
Hobbled Old Lady: Ooh...
Aselia: Ryeow!
Apawling Cat 3: Hiss!
Lyria: Watch out!
Vyrn: We'll be right there, old lady!
(Captain) and company hustle to shield the collapsed old woman from the out-of-control machine.
But someone else arrives first.
Torajiro: ...!
The cat cowers, waiting for the golem's claws to end his life.
Torajiro: ...
Hobbled Old Lady: Torajiro, you...
Torajiro: Gyawr...
Hobbled Old Lady: Look who's made a full recovery.
Hobbled Old Lady: Hahaha. I've never seen so many cats before. I love it.
Torajiro: Gyawr...
Hobbled Old Lady: But of course you'll always be the pick of the litter.
Hobbled Old Lady: No!
Torajiro: ...?
Vyrn: Huh? The golem stopped?
Torajiro: Gyawr...
MEOW-TRON's claws come to rest just above Torajiro, as if caught on an invisible barrier shrouding the cat.
Vyrn: That's weird. Did it break down?
Dante: No. If anything, that is probably how the golem was designed to operate.
Lyria: How it was designed? What do you mean?
Dante: It was created with instructions not to bring harm unto the tailed masters.
Vyrn: Is that even possible?
Dante: Perhaps the good lady could shed light on this mystery?
Hobbled Old Lady: Well...
Wife: I see you've drawn up a blueprint for another golem.
Husband: Yep. What do you think?
Wife: Looks like fun. But why is this part blank?
Husband: Heh heh heh. That's where the secret sauce goes.
Wife: The what now?
Husband: That, my dear, is why it's called a secret. But I'm a nice guy, so...
Husband: I'll give you a hint: we both love cats.
Hobbled Old Lady: Secret... sauce...
Hobbled Old Lady: Ah-ha!
The old lady crumples to the ground, tears streaming down her face.
Hobbled Old Lady: So that's what you meant, dear...
Hobbled Old Lady: You knew how much I loved cats, and I know you felt the same.
Hobbled Old Lady: Sob...
Sen: I'm not sure I really understand, but...
Sen: Does that big cat belong to her?
Sen: What is this strange building anyway?
Sen is bursting with questions, but she knows not to disturb the old lady for the moment.
Lyria: That striped cat probably does belong to her.
Lyria: We heard that she used to live in town with her many cats.
Lyria: But eventually she kept too many, and...
Vyrn: The neighbors complained about the trash and the smell coming from her place.
Lyria: There was a dispute, and she had to leave town. All she had left were the cats.
(Captain) and company tell Sen what they learned about the old lady from their investigation.
Sen: I sort of had the feeling the townspeople didn't like cats very much, but I never would've guessed that was the reason why...
Vyrn: Actually it's because the cats have gotten rowdy lately, with that big cat taking center stage.
Lyria: They've been stirring up trouble for the townspeople...
Sen: I see...
Lyria: As for this building—
Hobbled Old Lady: My husband and I built this lab to conduct research.
Hobbled Old Lady: In the eyes of the townspeople, machines and scrap are probably one and the same. Over time the hill turned into a trash heap.
Hobbled Old Lady: But to me and the cats who were thrown out of our home, it serves as our castle.
Sen: Why were the cats and I brought here in the first place?
Hobbled Old Lady: I suppose it's because Torajiro thought the more cats I had, the happier I'd be.
Vyrn: Yep, Dante did some digging and discovered cats were being catnapped.
Lyria: Yes. That's what he meant when he said the cats were facing turmoil.
Hobbled Old Lady: After my husband died, my legs gave out, and I was chased out of my home...
Hobbled Old Lady: These babies are all I have left.
Hobbled Old Lady: My only crime was loving them too much.
Dante: Unfettered love.
Dante: To mindlessly love something should not be mistaken for free will.
Dante: Society is predicated on a system of social order. Love and desire are no excuses for disturbing that order.
Dante: To do so is not freedom. That is selfishness.
Hobbled Old Lady: Selfishness, is it...
Vyrn: Oh, about that...
Vyrn: This dude left the Crew of Enforcers to go live alone with his cats in the mountains somewhere.
Dante: It is nothing so grandiose. I simply felt that such a life was closer to the freedom I sought.
Hobbled Old Lady: The townspeople often told me I was being selfish...
Hobbled Old Lady: My love was too self-centered, and it drove everyone away. That's how I lost everything...
Dante: To that I say—
Rivera: Merow.
Dante: Lord Rivera!
Sen: Rivera! Thank goodness you're okay!
Rivera: ...
Dante: It appears you are well. Thank you kindly for your efforts today.
Rivera: Merow.
Sen: How did you find your way out of there?
Dante: The golem had to open a path to get to us. Do not doubt the resourcefulness of Lord Rivera. For him, it is kitten's play.
Rivera: Merow.
Dante: Ah, where are my manners?
Rivera, standing at Dante's feet, stares up expectantly at him until Dante crouches down.
Rivera: Merow.
The cat leisurely takes his throne atop Dante's shoulder.
Dante: Welcome back.
Hobbled Old Lady: Hahaha. Your cat came home. I envy you.
Sen: Actually I've been thinking about something.
Sen: I don't think Torajiro was trying to leave you at all.
Hobbled Old Man: Oh?
Sen: He was definitely trying to save you.
Sen: I think he wanted to say that he could still fight on despite his injuries. Um, because he loves you.
Sen: That's the way I see it!
Sen: I mean, that's just my opinion and stuff...
Dante: Mm.
Sen: Wh-what do you think, Rivera?
Rivera: Merow.
Rivera gives two flicks of his tail from his perch on Dante's shoulder.
Hobbled Old Lady: Is that so?
Hobbled Old Lady: Are they telling the truth, Torajiro?
Torajiro: Gyawr...
The wounded cat totters over to the old lady, and she swoops him up in a loving embrace.
Hobbled Old Lady: Oh, Torajiro! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Dante: Freedom without love is mere isolation.
Dante: Love and trust are not supposed to restrict the freedom we seek.
Hobbled Old Lady: I realize I'm not long for this world, but I don't know where to go from here.
Hobbled Old Lady: Perhaps you and I can find our place together?
Torajiro: Gyaawr.
Dante: The ability to seek one's own path is a respectable form of freedom. I, too, am still only partway along that path.
Dante: Lord Rivera, I await your further teachings.
Rivera: Merow.
After ensuring the matter has been settled, the crew is on the road back to the Grandcypher.
Sen: I hope the old lady and her cats can find a way to live in happiness.
Dante: Time is required to mend the rift between them and the townspeople.
Dante: But she still has Lord Torajiro.
Vyrn: I hope she can learn from the experience and find the lifestyle that works best for her!
Lyria: By the way, how is your leg, Sen? Can you walk?
Sen: If it's only to the airship, then I'll be fine.
Sen: (Captain)?
(Captain) insists on lending a shoulder for support.
Sen: Thank you, (Captain).
Sen: Ehehe. You're warm like a happy summer's day.
Mukuta: Myeow.
Young Cat: Mrow.
Sen: Oh. Hello, little guy. I didn't notice you following us.
Sen: Ah! Maybe you'd like to join us?
Young Cat: Mrow!
Sen: Owie!
The young cat punches the tip of Sen's nose twice in quick succession.
Vyrn: Did we pick up another cat?
Sen: Hm... Looks like it!
Sen strokes the young cat and a murmur escapes his throat.
Young Cat: Purr...
Sen: Ehehe.
Young Cat: ...
Satisfied, the young cat turns away from Sen and trots over to Dante.
Vyrn: Yep, looks like the cat's settling in with us.
Lyria: Hooray! We've made a new feline friend!
Lyria: We should think up a name, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah, it wouldn't be fair if all of Dante's cats had a name except for one.
Lyria: Heehee, I can't wait to hear what name you come up with, (Captain).
Caught up in Lyria's enthusiasm, (Captain) starts to brainstorm.
Seeing the gently swaying tail of their newest furry friend brings a smile to the young captain's face.
The End


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