Big Bad Shadow

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Big Bad Shadow is an annual April Fools' event. It sometimes lasts for only 24 hours, but more recent iterations now last for a few days. Other April Fools' events may also run concurrently with Big Bad Shadow.

Past April Fools' Events

Page Date
Theatrhythm Granblue Fantasy 2016-04-01
Big Bad Shadow 2017 2017-04-01
Big Bad Shadow 2018 2018-04-01
Big Bad Shadow 2019 2019-04-01
Enigma Fantasy 2019-04-01
Big Bad Shadow 2020 2020-04-01
Wiggin' War in the Sky World 2021-04-01
Wiggin' War in the Sky World Pt. 2 2022-04-01
Big Bad Shadow 2022 2022-04-02