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Menu Voice Lines
JapaneseThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Notes Play
Home Screen 空が…青いな…いや、空が青いことは元から知っていた。


The sky... is blue... No, I knew from before that the sky was blue. However, it doesn't matter whether the vast sky is closer or not. Well, the fact hasn't changed that I'm still a copy.

 これだけの人数がいれば、変わったやつも多いだろうによくまとめている。  …何故俺をじっと見る…俺が変わっていると言いたいのか。

やめろっ!布を引っ張るな!何度も言っているが、俺はこれを外すつもりはない Stop! You're pulling off my cape! No matter how many times I say it, I don't intend to take it off.
Add to Party 何を期待しているのやら I wonder what exactly is expected of me.
わかった Understood.
俺で…いいのか? Are you... sure I'm the one you want?
Uncap ふっ……どんなに強くなっても、所詮は写しとか思っているんだろう?
Journal 山姥切国広だ。……何だその目は。写しだというのが気になると? I'm Yamanbagiri Kunihiro. ...... What's with the look? Does the fact that I'm a duplicate bother you?
相手が何だろうが知った事か。斬ればいいんだろ? I don't care who the opponent is. It doesn't matter as long as I can cut them apart, does it?
山姥切国広は、刀工国広第一の傑作。決して偽物なんかじゃない I am the first masterpiece of the famed swordsmith Kunihiro. I am no fake.
EM Lvl Up 写しの俺を使うとは…あんたも変わってるな To use a copy like me...you've changed, huh?
EM Perk Lvl Up この布なら、取るつもりはないぞ I have no intention of taking off this cape.
綺麗とか、いうな Don't call me beautiful.
俺は…俺だ I am... myself.
Battle Voice Lines
Action JapaneseThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Notes Play
Normal Attack 斬る Cut!
はあ! Haa!
Enemy Defeated 終わりだ You're finished.
Skill 1 俺なんかが相手で悪かったな。 Sorry you have to have someone like me as your opponent.
Skill 2 その目…気に入らないな I don't like the look you're giving me.
Skill 3 俺はここだ、かかってこい I'm right here, bring it on.
C.A. Ready いいかげんにしてくれ Give me a break.
Charge Attack 俺を写しと侮った事、後悔させてやる I'll make you regret slighting me because I'm a duplicate.
Skip Charge Attack 俺の力、見せてやる I'll show you my strength.
Damage Taken ぐう…っ Guh...
Red HP 血で汚れているくらいでちょうどいい Being bloodied like this is perfect for me.
Knocked Out 俺は…ここで朽ち果てるのか? Am I... going to rot away here?
Debuffed Under confuse/sleep/sealing debuffs:
Under confuse/sleep/sealing debuffs:
Under turn-based damage debuffs:
Under turn-based damage debuffs:
Healed 俺なんかのために? For someone like me..?
Join Battle それで?どうするんだ So? What are you going to do?
Victory 俺は…偽物なんかじゃない I'm not a fake!
Turn Start 参る Here I go.
MC Defeats Enemy これで良いだろ? This is enough, isn't it?
MC C.A. Ready 相手は関係ない、斬る No matter who the enemy is, cut them down.
MC Red HP 嫌な空気だ What a foul aura.
MC Knocked Out このまま黙ってはいないぞ With this, I cannot stay silent.

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