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Fate Episodes

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Arisa, Forest Guardian

(Captain) and the crew rescue a young girl named Arisa from a monster. Learning that she had been chasing a creature that took her friend, the sympathetic crew decide to assist Arisa.

After accepting a request to investigate strange monsters, (Captain)'s party heads for the mountains.
There they encounter a young girl being attacked by a monster. They immediately step in to aid her.
The girl, who is named Arisa, has been traveling with them.
Arisa: Uh, thanks for your help.
Arisa: You guys really saved me.
Vyrn: Hee-hee, don't worry about it! The most important thing is that you're safe.
Lyria: But, Arisa, what were you doing in a place like this?
Arisa: Um, I'm not so sure.
Vyrn: What? You're not sure? What's that supposed to mean?
Arisa: Well, I was in the forest when this bright light flashed. The next thing I knew, I was here.
Arisa: What was I doing!
Arisa: That's right! I was chasing after Losaria!
Arisa: I have to find her right away!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa! Take a breath first!
Arisa: Sorry, you're right. This is just a lot to handle.
Lyria: If you want to talk about it, we'd be happy to hear.
Arisa: Thanks, I'd like that.
Arisa explains to the party what happened.
Arisa: I was training to be a forest guardian with Losaria, my best friend. We trained together in the woods where we lived.
Arisa: Losaria is so strong and cool. I've always looked up to her.
Arisa: But she was kidnapped by a weird creature, and it was all my fault.
Arisa: I had to rescue her, so I chased the creature as far as I could.
Arisa: But then suddenly there was a flash, and I wound up here.
Lyria: Oh no.
Arisa: You know, Losaria was always helping me.
Arisa: So this time I want to be the one to help her!
Lyria: We'll help you out then! Right, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Leave it to us! (Captain) will lend a hand too!
Arisa: Really? Thank you so much!
Vyrn: Hee-hee! It'll be a little extra work, but we're used to that!
Arisa: Uh, used to what?
Lyria: (Captain) always helps people in trouble!
Arisa: Really, (Captain)?
  1. We can't let someone so adorable go alone!
  2. Do you need a reason to help others?

Choose: We can't let someone so adorable go alone!
Arisa: A-adorable! What do you mean by adorable!
Vyrn: (Captain), you don't have to tease her!
Arisa: Oh, okay! It was just a joke!

Choose: Do you need a reason to help others?
Arisa: Helping someone without a reason?
Arisa: (Captain), you really remind me of Losaria.
Vyrn: Is that so? That's our (Captain) for ya!
Lyria: Yeah, (Captain) even saved me. Ha-ha!
Continue 1
Vyrn: You'll never see a bigger softie!
Vyrn crosses his arms and smirks at (Captain).
Arisa: Hee-hee! Well, (Captain) is really nice!
Arisa: I don't know anything about this place.
Lyria: Of course! It'll be nice to have you around.
Vyrn: Then that's settled! But first we have to figure out how to get you back to your world!
Arisa: Thanks! I won't slow you down!
And thus Arisa found herself a member of (Captain)'s party.
Her power and caring attitude would become great assets for her new comrades.

Devoted Friend

While searching for creatures from another world, (Captain) and the crew stop by a village. There they accept a request to find a lost child in a nearby forest. Arisa is reminded of her friend as they enter the woods.

(Captain)'s party hears a rumor about monsters from a different world. They've been searching everywhere for the creatures.
While searching they accept a nearby village's request to find a child lost in a nearby forest.
Arisa: Heeey, (Captain)! Over here! This way!
Lyria: Arisa, you're really into this today!
Arisa: Hee-hee! It's because I was born and raised in the forest!
Arisa: I know my way around a forest. I'll find the missing child in no time.
Vyrn: Are you sure about taking on the request just like that?
Arisa: Huh? What do you mean?
Vyrn: Well, it doesn't have anything to do with Losaria.
Arisa: You've got a point. Losaria needs me, and I shouldn't be wasting time.
Arisa: But I can't just ignore someone in trouble!
Arisa: And I know that Losaria would rescue that kid first!
Vyrn: Well, we don't mind if you don't mind, Arisa.
Lyria: I don't mind. If we all search together, I'm sure we'll find the child and Losaria!
Arisa: Watch out! There's a monster around here.
Arisa: Don't let your guard down! Let's show this monster what we can do!

Devoted Friend: Scene 2

Arisa senses that the party is being followed, but the pursuer is revealed to be a local village girl. She guides (Captain)'s crew to the Sacred Tree where clay golems have congregated, trapping the lost girl in its branches.

Arisa feels a strange presence behind her.
She huddles with (Captain) and the other crew members.
Arisa: (Captain), did you feel it too?
Arisa: I think we're being followed.
Vyrn: What? Did you notice anyone, (Captain)?
Arisa: It didn't feel like one of the creatures, so we should be safe.
Arisa: Hmm, but we shouldn't ignore them. I think I've got an idea. Can you guys help me?
Lyria: Really? What are you thinking?
Arisa: Well, uh...
Arisa whispers to (Captain)'s party, detailing her plan to lure the pursuer out into the open.
As Arisa directed, the party walks on as if nothing were amiss before suddenly hiding among the brush.
???: What the! Shoot! Where did those guys go?
The instant the party disappears from sight, a young girl rushes out of the bushes.
Feisty Girl: Ugh, now what! I give up.
Feisty Girl: Ahh! W-who are you? Get off me, jerk!
Arisa: Sorry for this! But why were you following us?
After capturing the feisty girl, Arisa gently inquires why she was tailing the crew.
Feisty Girl: The girl who's missing is my best friend!
Feisty Girl: A-and I just want to help find her! Can I please help?
Arisa: Oh, all right then!
Arisa: Is it okay, (Captain)? Can she tag along?
Arisa: I know how it feels to be worried about your friend.
Arisa: Please! I'll watch her so she doesn't get hurt!
Inspired by Arisa's conviction, (Captain) nods in approval.
Arisa: Really? It's okay? Thank you, (Captain)!
Feisty Girl: Thanks, miss! Oh, and (Captain)!
The feisty girl says she has an idea of her friend's whereabouts and begins guiding the party through the forest.
Feisty Girl: Hm... Ah! This way! This way!
Vyrn: Hold up! Are you sure you know where you're going?
Lyria: Well, they said she was near the Sacred Tree, didn't they?
Feisty Girl: That's right! C'mon on you guys. Hurry uuup!
Arisa: Hey! You're going to get hurt if you run!
Feisty Girl: I'll be fine! Hurry!
Arisa: Kids will be kids, I guess!
Arisa: Ah-ha-ha!
Lyria: What's so funny, Arisa?
Arisa: Huh? Sorry, I just reminded myself of Losaria.
Arisa: But I guess now isn't the time for that.
Arisa: Oh, (Captain), looks like we're here.
As the party members approach the Sacred Tree, they notice the lost girl quivering among the branches.
Lost Girl: ...!
Arisa: Look up! There she is! In the tree!
Arisa: She looks scared. Come on, we've got to help her!
Arisa: Heeey! Are you ok? We're coming to help!
Lost Girl: ...!
The girl in the tree silently gestures something to the party.
Arisa: Huh? Something seems wrong.
Feisty Girl: We're coming, so stay put, okay!
The feisty girl makes a mad dash for the Sacred Tree.
Arisa: Hmm? Wait!
Clay Golems: Oooo!
Clay golems rise from the ground at the base of the Sacred Tree.
Feisty Girl: Waaah! What are those things?
Vyrn: Wait, are those—
Lyria: Monsters! They're coming this way!
Arisa: Ah! The girl was warning us about the monsters!
Arisa: We have to save her!
Arisa: Come on, (Captain)! Help me out!

Devoted Friend: Scene 3

The rescued girl had gone to the Sacred Tree to make a gift for her feisty friend, reminding Arisa of her own friendship with Losaria. Sensing Arisa's loneliness, the crew resolves to help her.

The villagers thank the party for returning the lost child safely.
The party then begins to head toward its next destination.
Lyria: I'm so glad we found that girl safe and sound!
Vyrn: No kidding! But why on earth did she go to the Sacred Tree by herself?
Lyria: Apparently the two girls have always been best friends.
Lyria: But the lost one said she is always relying on her friend. She just wanted to pay her back somehow.
Lyria: So she went to the Sacred Tree to get a feather from a rare bird. She wanted to make a pretty gift for her friend.
Vyrn: Whaaat! We went through all that for a feather?
Arisa: I know how the girl feels.
Lyria: Really, Arisa?
Arisa: Yeah. It reminds me of before.
Arisa: Back when Losaria was always protecting me.
Arisa: I've always wanted to show her how strong I've gotten.
Arisa's voice is tinged with a hint of loneliness.
Vyrn: Hee-hee! Well, we'd better help you find Losaria right away then.
Lyria: That's right! I'm sure Losaria is waiting for you, Arisa!
Arisa: You're right! Thank you, everyone.
Arisa: Let's get going, (Captain)!
Together with her allies from the Sky Realm, Arisa continues searching for her best friend, Losaria.
Even in this unknown world, Arisa continues to be positive for the sake of her friends.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ここは私に任せて! Time for me to prove myself!
私の力見せてあげる! I'll show you how good I've gotten!
じゃあね!ばいばい! See ya!
まっ、また出た! Not more monsters!
もうっ!えぇっ!? Wha-what!
くっ!これ以上は邪魔をさせないよ! You better get out of my way!
ロザリア、待っててね……! Losaria, hold on just a little longer...
これで森番の試験も合格間違いなしだね! You can tell all my training has paid off, right?
(主人公)さんって優しいんだね! (Captain), you're so nice!
(主人公)さんには親友っている? Do you have a best friend, (Captain)?

Other Appearances

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