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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Unknown.png
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Voice Actor Miku Itō
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991253000
Release Date 2018-12-09
Princess Connect! Re:Dive: Dinner at the Turned Table

A member of the Gourmet Guild of wandering snackers. Descended from the long-lived elves of the North, Kokkoro is calm, polite, and soft-spoken, but her upbringing in the remote mountains can manifest in some odd ways. She loves helping her lord with all his daily tasks.



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Fate Episodes

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Night and Day, Ever on My Mind

On their way to investigate a potential lead in the missing lord case, (Captain), Kokkoro, and the others meet a lost bunny. Kokkoro names it My Lord Hoppity-Hop due to a resemblance only she can see. She is suffering from sleep deprivation caused by concern for her lord, but finally manages to sleep cuddling her bunny friend.

With help from the Gourmet Guild, (Captain) and the crew safely defeat the monsters in Flavorville.
As thanks, the crew joins the effort to find the guild's missing member, and begins asking around town for information.
At the edge of town, (Captain) and the others encounter a familiar face.
Kokkoro: Excuse me... Do you know which of the nearby mountains is the one with a large spring?
Passerby 1: Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
Kokkoro: I'm sorry to bother you, but I have reason to believe my lord may be found on a mountain with a large natural spring.
Passerby 2: Lord? Uh, I've got no clue what you're talking about.
Kokkoro's inquiries don't seem to be going smoothly.
Vyrn: Hey, isn't that Lordette over there?
Lyria: Uh-huh. I wonder what's wrong—she seems really flustered.
Kokkoro: Please... Won't anyone help me? I have to get to that mountain right away...
Vyrn: Hey, now... What's got you all in a tizzy?
Kokkoro: Oh, (Captain). And Vyrn and Lyria...
Lyria: What's wrong, Kokkoro? You seem really upset.
Kokkoro: Well... I heard some information in town pertaining to my lord...
Kokkoro: I need to investigate a "mountain with a large spring," but I can't find it...
Vyrn: A mountain with a large spring? Pretty sure we saw that from the air before we landed.
Kokkoro: Then you know where it is? Could you point me in the right direction?
Kokkoro: Please. Time is of the essence.
Vyrn: Okay, okay, settle down. Look. Y'see that mountain over there?
Vyrn gives Kokkoro directions to the mountain with the large spring.
The silver-haired girl turns on her heel, prepared to dash off, but immediately seems to lose her bearings.
Kokkoro: Ah... Wait, no. This wasn't it... He said it was over there, didn't he?
Vyrn: Somethin' seem a little off about her? She's all discombobulated...
Lyria: She seemed so much more composed the last time we spoke...
  1. We'd better go after her.

Choose: We'd better go after her.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm worried too. C'mon, gang!
(Captain) and crew hurry after Kokkoro toward the mountain and soon catch up.
As they walk through the wooded foothills, Kokkoro fills them in on her situation.
Kokkoro: In the course of my inquiries in town, I learned of a band of thieves whose hideout is on this mountain.
Vyrn: Seriously? I didn't realize this was such a sketchy neighborhood!
Kokkoro: Indeed. And it seems they recently abducted a traveler.
Kokkoro: There's a possibility it could have been my lord.
Kokkoro: Even if the chances are slim, I have to pursue every possible avenue...
Kokkoro: But I didn't realize until I was on the outskirts of town that I'd completely forgotten to ask for clear directions to the mountain in question.
Vyrn: So that's why you were wandering around like a lost sheep!
Kokkoro: Yes. No one I approached seemed able to help me.
As they move further up the mountain, a small animal scampers across the trail.
???: ...
Vyrn: Hey, look, a rabbit! A really dinky one.
Kokkoro: That hoppity-hop is still a baby.
Lyria: Hoppity-hop?
Vyrn: Is that what you call rabbits?
Kokkoro: Yes, I have since I was small. Do you find that strange?
Lyria: No, I think it's adorable! I'm going to start calling them hoppity-hops too.
Vyrn: Whatever you call it, doesn't it look kinda droopy to you?
Kokkoro: Hmm. It may have become separated from its mother.
Lyria: Where could she be?
(Captain) and the others look around, but can't spot a second rabbit.
Kokkoro: You poor thing... There, there. It'll be all right.
Kokkoro lifts the rabbit into her arms and gently strokes between its ears.
Bunny: Whimper...
Vyrn: Wow! Looks like you're chillin' him out.
The rabbit's eyelids sag in contentment at the stroking. It relaxes in Kokkoro's arms.
Lyria: Hehe... Looks like he really feels safe with you.
Vyrn: I guess he just senses your maternal instincts, Lordette.
Bunny: Prrr...
Kokkoro: In the right light... This hoppity-hop bears a certain resemblance to my lord.
Lyria: Huh? He does?
Kokkoro: Yes. Especially his quiet air of kindness. I think I'll name him My Lord Hoppity-Hop.
Vyrn: Wait, what? You're naming him?
Kokkoro: Yes.
Kokkoro gently strokes the rabbit's back, but her exhaustion shows in her blank expression.
Kokkoro: I'm perfectly fine... Never you worry, my lord...
Vyrn: Hey, uh... Who ya talkin' to there, Lordette? That's not your lord—that's a bunny.
Kokkoro: Yes... My Lord Hoppity-Hop.
Kokkoro: Yaaawn...
Kokkoro: Ah, excuse me.
Lyria: You seem really tired...
Kokkoro: I haven't slept very well recently.
Kokkoro: Thoughts of my lord's whereabouts keep me awake.
Vyrn: You really shouldn't be wandering around half-asleep in these woods.
The trail, such as it is, is overgrown, with the dense trees making it difficult to see far ahead. Add to that the steep incline and you have a recipe for disaster.
Kokkoro: I am rather tired... But I can't afford to flag in my search... Yaaawn...
Kokkoro: ...
Oh, my lord...
Even as her eyelids droop, Kokkoro continues to pet the rabbit lovingly.
Vyrn: No, seriously... That's not your lord.
Lyria: Ahaha... She might be a little more than half asleep, Vyrn.
All of a sudden, the rabbit springs from Kokkoro's arms and races away through the underbrush.
Bunny: ...
Kokkoro: Ahh! My lord, wait for me!
Kokkoro: Please, don't leave me behind!
The sleep-deprived girl goes staggering off after the rabbit.
Vyrn: Hey, don't let her go! She's gonna wander off and get lost!
Lyria: Kokkorooo! Come baaack!
The crew hurry after her.
The group crash through the forest, Kokkoro chasing the rabbit, the crew chasing Kokkoro.
At last they come to the edge of a steep cliff.
Vyrn: Hey, this is the end of the line!
Kokkoro: My lord... Where are you, my lord?
Vyrn: Are you callin' the boy or the bunny, Lordette?
Kokkoro: Well, I... Both...
Kokkoro: My looord? Hoppity-hop? My Lord Hoppity-Hop?
Vyrn: Hey, she's out of it. She's swayin' all over the place and her eyes are all glassy.
Lyria: Kokkoro, let's call it a day, okay? You need to rest.
Kokkoro: But my lord is still...
Lyria: Kokkoro, snap out of it! Don't go any further—it's dangerous!
But Lyria's warning falls on deaf ears, and Kokkoro sways unsteadily toward the cliff.
Kokkoro: Aaah!
The rabbit bursts from the underbrush, startling Kokkoro, who loses her footing.
She stumbles and pitches toward the cliff.
Lyria: Kokkoro!
Vyrn: Look out!
As Kokkoro tilts backward into the void, (Captain) darts forward and grabs her arm.
Kokkoro: Hngh... Whimper...
Vyrn: Nice one, (Captain)!
Lyria: Don't let go, (Captain)!
With a grunt of effort, (Captain) manages to haul Kokkoro back from the brink.
Kokkoro: Huff... huff...
Vyrn: Phew... I'm sweatin' bullets here. I thought Lordette was a goner!
Kokkoro slumps to the ground and bows her head.
Kokkoro: Please forgive me. I've caused you so much trouble.
Lyria: Don't apologize, Kokkoro. We're just relieved you're safe!
Kokkoro: I'm supposed to be a guide, but failure seems to dog my every step... I can't even locate my lord...
  1. Don't worry so much!
  2. We've just got to keep looking!

Choose: Don't worry so much!
Vyrn: Yeah! This lord of yours is some kinda hotshot, right? I'm sure he can take care of himself!
Lyria: We'll find him for sure! So please cheer up...

Choose: We've just got to keep looking!
Lyria: Yes, we've barely even started looking. We're here to help, so let us share the load!
Vyrn: Yeah, we've got your back! So don't be afraid to ask for help!
Continue 1
Kokkoro: I can't tell you... how deeply I appreciate that.
Kokkoro's expression lightens. The rabbit pokes its nose out of the brush and approaches with an apologetic air.
Bunny: Whimper...
Kokkoro: There, there. I'm sorry I scared you, My Lord Hoppity-Hop.
With a kind smile, Kokkoro scoops up the rabbit and pets it behind the ears.
She turns back to the crew and bows politely.
Kokkoro: Everyone, I would like to once again humbly request your aid in my search for my lord.
  1. We're with you!

Choose: We're with you!
Kokkoro: Thank you. That sets my mind at ease.
Kokkoro: Yaaawn...
Kokkoro sinks back to the ground, rabbit cradled in her arms, and closes her eyes.
Lyria: Kokkoro! Are you all right?
Kokkoro: Zzz...
Vyrn: Is she... napping?
Lyria: Hehehe. She looks pretty content too.
Kokkoro: Hehe... My lord...
Vyrn: She talkin' in her sleep?
Lyria: She must be dreaming about her lord.
Vyrn: Sigh... Day in, day out, it's always Mister Lord with this one.
Lyria: I hope we can reunite them soon.
Touched by Kokkoro's devotion to her friend, the crew strengthens their resolve to assist her.

My Lord, Help Is on the Way!

(Captain), Kokkoro, and the crew search for mountain bandits who they've heard abducted a traveler. Following the bunny they befriended, they meet a woman who offers to guide them in return for their assistance in gathering fruit. Their harvest is then interrupted by monsters.

After calling a halt to their search the previous day, (Captain) and the others return to the mountain with the large spring.
Kokkoro: I let my exhaustion get the better of me yesterday, but today nothing will keep me from my lord.
Vyrn: You're as pumped as ever! But don't forget you've got backup, okay? You ain't in this alone!
Lyria: That's right! Whatever you need, you can rely on us!
Kokkoro: Thank you all. I feel much better knowing that.
(Captain) and the others are back fresh for another day of Lord-hunting.
Vyrn: So the idea is that the bandits who work this mountain might've kidnapped Mister Lord, right?
Kokkoro: Yes, so our first order of business should be to locate their hideout. That's the most likely place they would be keeping my lord.
Vyrn: Yeah... But bandits don't exactly advertise their home addresses...
Kokkoro: They certainly don't. When I asked around Flavorville, no one had any idea where they were based.
Vyrn: We're not gonna find 'em just chargin' around at random.
Lyria: These woods don't have a lot of obvious landmarks either... It seems like an easy place to get lost.
Vyrn: Yeah, I mean, even the local critters get turned around.
Kokkoro glances down at the critter in question—the baby rabbit she met here yesterday.
The bunny seems extremely attached to her—it followed her back to her inn the previous day, only to return with her on this expedition.
Lyria: This bunny lost his mother, didn't he?
Kokkoro: I believe so, yes.
The rabbit's large eyes dart around, its pink nose twitching, apparently searching for something.
Kokkoro: This hoppity-hop looks terribly uneasy and lonely.
Vyrn: No surprise, since he can't find his mother.
Kokkoro: Yes... In that sense, hoppity-hops are no different from us.
Kokkoro leans down to pet the bunny between the ears.
Kokkoro: (My lord is probably feeling just as isolated as this hoppity-hop right now...)
Kokkoro: And my lord is on his own in an unknown land... I have to find him as soon as possible.
Kokkoro: But how are we to find those bandits' hideout?
Kokkoro: Do you know where it is, hoppity-hop?
Vyrn: I don't think he speaks our language, Lordette.
Kokkoro: If you really try, animals can grasp your intent, if not your actual words.
Bunny: ...
Kokkoro: Oh, the hoppity-hop...
The rabbit begins to move through the grass.
A few paces away, it pauses and looks back at the crew expectantly.
Vyrn: Hm? What's he up to?
Lyria: It looks like he's waiting for us to follow him.
Kokkoro: Yes... This seems different from when he tried to escape yesterday...
Kokkoro: It appears he understood me, and now wishes to act as my guide.
Vyrn: Uhmm... You might be overthinking this...
Vyrn: But I guess we don't have anything else to go on.
Kokkoro: In that case, let's try following his lead.
The rabbit leads Kokkoro and the skyfarers through the forest, where there is barely anything that could be called a trail.
After a decent hike, the bunny comes to a halt, and the crew spot a woman up ahead.
Woman: Oh my. I hardly ever see anyone out here.
Vyrn: That's our line! Don't you know there are bandits prowling these mountains? What're you doin' here?
Woman: I'm picking fruit for the Gourmet Festival.
Lyria: Fruit grows in these woods?
Woman: Oh, yes. There's something of a natural orchard nearby.
Woman: But what are children like you doing here by yourselves?
Kokkoro: We're searching for someone...
Kokkoro explains about her missing friend and the bandits.
When she describes her lord, the woman gives a gasp of recognition.
Woman: Why... I've seen someone like that!
Kokkoro: Really? Where?
Woman: It was near here. He was with the bandits.
Woman: I hid because I was frightened, so I couldn't see him clearly, but I think it was your friend.
Lyria: Then the traveler who was kidnapped by bandits is—
Kokkoro: My lord!
Vyrn: Say, miss, do you know where those bandits hang out?
Woman: Hm... I have a general idea, but...
Kokkoro: Could you guide us there? Please?
Kokkoro bows deeply, desperate not to lose the first solid lead she's found in days.
But after a moment's hesitation, the woman shakes her head.
Woman: I'm sorry, but with the Gourmet Festival so close at hand, I have to get this fruit back to my restaurant as soon as possible.
Kokkoro: Well then, could you tell us the rough location?
Woman: I doubt I could give you good enough directions through this forest—it's a veritable maze. Without a guide, you're certain to get lost.
Vyrn: Huh... Then could you take us there after you finish gatherin' fruit?
Woman: Hm. I'll think about it...
Kokkoro: Will you? Please do!
Woman: But on my own, I won't be able to work very quickly. Maybe if I had some help...
Lyria: Then we'll help you harvest the fruit!
Woman: Would you? Thank you! That'd be very helpful!
Vyrn: All right! Let's get pickin'!
(Captain) and the crew follow the woman, but more than fruit awaits in the orchard.
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Okay, c'mon now. This fella's pretty an' all, but he ain't no flowerin' fruit tree.
Woman: I did hear there'd been monster sightings lately...
Woman: I never expected they would have come this far up the mountain. How am I going to harvest fruit now?
Monster: Grrroooaaarrr!
Lyria: Yeek!
Kokkoro: We've been spotted. Here it comes!
Vyrn: Time to do or die, (Captain)!

My Lord, Help Is on the Way!: Scene 2

Pleading fear of the bandits, the woman—who had agreed to guide the crew through the forest—instead draws the crew a map which leads them to a ravine spanned by a rope bridge. Halfway across, the bridge suddenly begins to come apart, and the crew barely makes it across before the entire thing collapses.

After driving off the monsters, (Captain) and the others follow the woman's instructions to correctly harvest the fruit.
Woman: Here, see! Doesn't this look delicious? Even with all the wonderful food in Flavorville, this fruit is extremely popular.
The woman holds out a yellow fruit. Just a brush of its skin makes it clear how juicy the flesh is, and releases a faint, sweet aroma.
Lyria: Ooh, it looks so tasty! I'm getting hungry just looking at it.
Kokkoro: It truly does look delectable. I'd like to give some to my lord.
Kokkoro: Ah... I hope he isn't hungry, wherever he is... I wish he were here so I could feed him...
Lyria: He really is important to you, isn't he?
Kokkoro: He is irreplaceable. So I always want him to have plenty of delicious food to eat.
Kokkoro smiles fondly as she contemplates the fruit.
Woman: I'm sorry, these are earmarked for use at our restaurant, so I'm afraid I can't give you any.
Kokkoro: Oh, no, I didn't mean to imply...
Vyrn: It's kind of a shame, but let's focus on rescuing him from those bandits first, huh?
Woman: About that... I'm really afraid of them, so...
Kokkoro: I understand your feelings, but I promise I will keep you safe, so please...
Woman: Oh, I know! What if I draw you a map?
Vyrn: But you said this place was like a maze, and without a guide we'd never—
Kokkoro: No, I'm certain a map will be sufficient. Please, if you would be so kind.
Woman: Okay, leave it to me.
The woman sketches out a simple map and hands it to (Captain).
It proves difficult to decipher, however.
Vyrn: This is kind of a mess...
Lyria: Well, there really aren't any clear landmarks, or any proper trails...
Kokkoro: This map will suffice. I will lead the way.
Vyrn: What? Can you actually make heads or tails of this?
Kokkoro: Yes. I will be your guide. I was raised in the mountains, so I believe I can follow this map.
Lyria: Kokkoro, you're so talented!
Woman: ...
(Captain) and the others part ways with the woman and set off with Kokkoro in the lead.
Just as the woods open up before them, they find their path blocked by a wide ravine.
It is spanned by a rope bridge so narrow that two people could only pass one another with difficulty, and whose ropes show clear signs of fraying.
Vyrn: That thing looks like it'll collapse if you so much as look at it funny. Can we go a different way?
Kokkoro: According to the map, we have no choice but to cross that ravine.
Vyrn: If we walk a little further along, dontcha think we might find a better-lookin' bridge?
Lyria: I second that! We don't have to use this one...
Kokkoro: I'm going. I can't bear to keep my lord waiting a moment longer.
Before (Captain) can stop her, Kokkoro steps onto the rickety bridge.
Kokkoro: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, are you gonna be okay?
Kokkoro: Yes, it actually feels sturdier than it looks.
Trusting her evaluation, (Captain) and the others gingerly follow.
Lyria: Whoooa, it's really rocking!
Vyrn: But Lordette was right, it is pretty strong!
They creep along to the middle of the bridge.
Lyria: Meep! What was that!
They hear something strike one of the ropes, and the entire bridge sways.
Bunny: !
Kokkoro: Ah! Hoppity-hop!
The bunny leaps out of Kokkoro's arms and she dashes after it.
As the bridge sways even more wildly, Kokkoro and the crew chase the rabbit all the way off the other side of the bridge.
No sooner has the last person set foot on solid ground than the bridge goes hurtling into the ravine, dashing itself to pieces as it collides with the rock walls on the way down.
Vyrn: Geez... That was too close...
Lyria: Huff... huff... We made it...
Kokkoro: Yes, but only barely. It's thanks to this hoppity-hop that we escaped calamity.
Bunny: Whimper...
Kokkoro once again scoops up the bunny and gently soothes it.
Lyria: But... with no more bridge...
Vyrn: How're we gonna get back to town?
Kokkoro: We'll have to cross that lack of a bridge when we come to it.
Kokkoro: But we're a step closer to finding my lord now.
Kokkoro: Hold on, my lord. Your faithful guide is on her way.
Undaunted by the crumbling bridge which nearly claimed them all, Kokkoro's eyes blaze with renewed determination.

My Lord, Help Is on the Way!: Scene 3

(Captain) and crew find the bandits and discover the woman they met earlier is one of them. When she attacks Kokkoro, the bunny leaps to Kokkoro's defense and is knocked senseless. The crew prepares for battle.

Having crossed the ravine, (Captain) and the others find themselves on another densely wooded, overgrown mountain trail.
Vyrn: Does it seem like this trail is gettin' more dangerous the further we go?
Lyria: You're right, it is getting harder to walk.
Kokkoro: Hmm. The map indicates that this is the correct direction, but...
Kokkoro: ?
I thought I heard—
  1. Look out!

Choose: Look out!
(Captain) grabs Kokkoro's arm and pulls her backward. An arrow sings through the air a mere hairbreadth from her nose.
Kokkoro: Th-thank you, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Wh-what was that! Who's shooting at us!
Kokkoro: I believe I triggered a trap. I must have stepped on a switch or lever of some sort.
Vyrn: A trap? Sounds like bandits' handiwork!
Lyria: I guess this means we're getting close to their hideout...
Guard raised, (Captain) and the others proceed more carefully toward what they hope is the bandits' lair.
There are a good many more traps hidden in the underbrush which they must evade on the way.
Eventually, they emerge from the trees into a more open area.
Vyrn: Ohh! Finally, I can see more than a tailsbreadth in front of my nose!
Kokkoro: As far as I can tell from the map, this should be the bandits' hideout...
Lyria: Ah! There's a house over there! Do you think that's where they live?
Vyrn: Then if they've got Mister Lord, we should find him inside...
Kokkoro: My lord... I'm coming for you!
Brigand 1: Not so fast, short stuff.
Barring the crew's path is a group of extremely unfriendly-looking types.
Brigand 1: Welcome to our home. Make yourselves comfortable, why dontcha.
Brigand 2: Can't believe you actually came all the way here. What a buncha blockheads.
Lyria: What... do you mean?
Brigand 1: Hehe, you're such sweet kids. You made it all the way out here without catching on?
Brigand 2: She was supposed to try an' pick off at least one of 'em, though.
Kokkoro: What are you talking about? And more importantly, let me see my lord!
The bandits throw their heads back and laugh.
Vyrn: What's so funny!
Kokkoro: Please, tell me. Where is my lord?
Brigand 1: If you mean the twerp we nabbed, he's tied up tight in that cabin over there.
Brigand 1: But if you think we're handing him over to you, you got another thing comin'! Now empty your pockets and scram, if you know what's good for ya!
Kokkoro: No... Please, I'm begging you—
Brigand 2: Shut yer yap and let's see those valuables!
Vyrn: What'd you say! If that's how you want it, we won't go easy on you!
(Captain) and the others draw their weapons and prepare for battle.
Woman: Wait!
Kokkoro: You're the one who drew the map for us...
Vyrn: Huh? What're you doin' here? I thought you said you were too scared to come with us.
As the crew puzzle over her sudden appearance, the woman lunges forward.
Woman: Eat this!
She draws a knife from her belt, sights set on Kokkoro.
Kokkoro: !
Bunny: Eeeyee!
Woman: Ow! What the hell was that!
Just as the knife is about to make contact, the rabbit cannonballs into the woman's arm.
The woman stumbles back, arms flailing, and the point of her blade grazes harmlessly through the air.
Woman: You little hairball!
Bunny: Yiiieee!
The enraged woman dashes the bunny to the ground.
Kokkoro: Hoppity-hop!
Kokkoro runs to gather up the fallen bunny, cradling it to her chest, but there is no response to her desperate calls.
Kokkoro: Hoppity-hop! Hoppity-hop!
The bandits, unmoved by her distress, go on the offensive.
Woman: Tch! Get 'em, boys!
Brigand 1: Gyaha! This ain't the time to be worryin' about your pet!
Kokkoro: Hoppity-hop...
Kokkoro lifts the rabbit's unmoving body to her ear. She can hear faint breathing.
Kokkoro: He's alive...
  1. We'll protect him!
  2. You won't lay another finger on that bunny!

Choose: We'll protect him!
Vyrn: Yeah! We gotta keep him safe!

Choose: You won't lay another finger on that bunny!
Lyria: Yes! I'm sure he'll be all right if he just gets some rest!
Continue 1
Kokkoro tenderly lays down the bunny and takes up position in front of it. She levels her weapon at the bandits.
Kokkoro: Not only did you abduct my lord—but you injured an innocent hoppity-hop. You won't get away with this!

My Lord, Help Is on the Way!: Scene 4

The person being held prisoner by the bandits turns out not to be Kokkoro's lord—the woman had lied to lure the crew into a trap. (Captain), the crew, and the bunny comfort the disappointed Kokkoro, and she is given hope by the sight of the bunny reuniting with its mother.

(Captain) and crew tie the bandits up and go to investigate their cabin.
Kokkoro: So this is where they're holding my lord...
Vyrn: That's what it sounded like.
Kokkoro: All right. In we go.
Kokkoro pulls open the door, and a man comes rushing out.
Man: I'm saved!
Kokkoro: You...
Vyrn: Is this...
Lyria: Is that...
Kokkoro: You aren't my lord.
Vyrn: He isn't? Then who the heck is he?
The man explains that he is merely a traveler in town for the Gourmet Festival.
Man: They found out I come from a wealthy family and decided to kidnap me for ransom.
Kokkoro: No one else was imprisoned here with you?
Man: No, I haven't seen any other prisoners. But you have my deepest gratitude for setting me free!
After saying his thanks, the man beats a rapid retreat.
Confused, the crew turns to the bandits for answers.
Vyrn: Just what is going on here?
Kokkoro: Where is my lord? What have you done with him?
Brigand 1: Not a damn thing! Are you dumb?
Vyrn: You said you had him!
Woman: We just told you what you wanted to hear to lure you to our hideout.
Kokkoro: So it was all a lie from the start?
Woman: Now you're getting it. It was easy since you described him for me. I've never seen anyone matching that description!
Vyrn: And we ate it up like a buncha rubes...
Woman: I thought I'd thin out your numbers by walking you right into a pack of monsters and all those traps...
Woman: I never expected a bunny to throw a monkey wrench into my plans.
Kokkoro: I can't believe it. Who would do something like this...
Kokkoro is crushed to realize that she is no closer to finding her missing friend.
Bunny clutched in her arms, she takes a few wobbly steps before crumpling to her knees.
Kokkoro: Forgive me, my lord... I've failed you once again...
Bunny: Whimper...
Kokkoro: Hm? Hoppity-hop?
The rabbit moves at last. It hops down from Kokkoro's arms and begins to run around her feet.
Kokkoro: Are you all right, hoppity-hop?
From the looks of its sprightly frolicking, the rabbit doesn't seem to be injured.
Lyria: He seems good as new all of a sudden.
Kokkoro: Just a moment ago he wasn't moving at all. What could have happened...
  1. Was he just pretending to be asleep?

Choose: Was he just pretending to be asleep?
Kokkoro: Just pretending?
Kokkoro: Haha, I see.
Lyria: What is it, Kokkoro?
Kokkoro: It just reminded me of my lord. Sometimes he pretends to be asleep too.
Lyria: Hehe... He does? He sounds like fun.
Kokkoro: He is. He's kind and also quite playful...
Kokkoro: Ah, my lord... I miss you...
Lyria: You'll see him soon! We're going to make sure of it!
Vyrn: Yeah! There's still plenty of stuff we haven't tried.
Kokkoro: Thank you all.
Kokkoro bows deeply. The bunny approaches her.
Bunny: Prrr... Prrr...
Kokkoro: Are you trying to comfort me too, My Lord Hoppity-Hop? The two of you really are alike.
Kokkoro lifts the bunny into her arms with a gentle smile.
A soft rustling in the long grass draws Vyrn's attention.
Vyrn: Hey... Is that...
A large rabbit emerges from the grass.
The critter eyes the crew with suspicion.
Lyria: You don't think that rabbit is...
Bunny: ...!
My Lord Hoppity-Hop leaps from Kokkoro's arms and runs toward the larger rabbit.
It pauses only a few paces away, however, and looks back uncertainly at Kokkoro.
Bunny: ...
Kokkoro: Hehe, I'll be all right. Go home with your mother.
The rabbit almost seems to nod its head. It turns and runs to its mother.
The two rabbits nuzzle each other affectionately, then turn as one and disappear between the trees.
Lyria: I'm so glad that bunny found his mother!
Kokkoro: Yes. Seeing that reunion did my heart good.
Kokkoro: Soon, my lord and I will be...
  1. Back together again for sure!

Choose: Back together again for sure!
Kokkoro: Exactly!
Sadly, this line of investigation has proven to be a dead end, but Kokkoro refuses to be discouraged.
With dependable new allies at her side, Kokkoro looks forward to the day of her happy reunion with her lord.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ガイド役のわたくしに お任せください You can trust me as your guide.
主さまのためにも 頑張らなければ…… I have to do my best for myself and my lord...
お困りの時は 遠慮なく仰ってくださいね If you're ever in trouble, call on me.
ふむ?  何か問題がございますか? Hm? Is something the matter?
わたくしがお導きするので どうかご安心を Rest assured, I will never lead you astray.
主さまに仕えられて、 わたくしは果報者です♪ I'm so lucky to serve my lord.
わたくし、それほど ちいさくはないですよ I'm not that small.
わわっ、 お気をつけください Oh dear, please watch your step.
今のところは順調に 進めていますね Things seem to be progressing nicely.
あぁ、主さま…… いったいどちらへ…… Ahh, my lord... Where have you gone?

Other Appearances


Nature's Guidance

SV Nature's Guidance.png
Click to reveal card data

Return an allied follower or amulet to your hand.
Draw a card.

Let me guide you, my lord. Just follow this light.

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Princess Connect! Re:Dive Tie-in
SV Portal Nature's Guidance
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Kokkoro, Faithful Guide

Kokkoro, Faithful Guide.png Kokkoro, Faithful Guide E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Draw a card. If at least 2 other cards were played this turn, draw 2 cards instead.
Union Burst (10): Give +1/+1 to all allied followers. Restore 3 defense to your leader.

My name is Kokkoro, and I have been charged to act as your guide. It is my duty to protect and look after you, my lord. I'm honored to make your acquaintance.


I am the happiest person in the world to have the pleasure of serving you, my lord. Please allow me to remain by your side always.

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Ultimate Colosseum
SV Portal Kokkoro, Faithful Guide
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other