News:WhatsNew 2019-04-30

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  • The character page for Medusa has been moved to Medusa (Promo). The Premium Draw version of this character can be found under the page Medusa. Note that these are unofficial signifiers used only for organizational purposes on the wiki.

Notification icon 19.pngNew Characters

Npc m 3040214000 01.jpg
Npc m 3030267000 01.jpg

Item kind icon 001.pngNew Weapons

Weapon m 1040415400.jpg
Weapon m 1030505400.jpg
Weapon m 1040911200.jpg
Weapon m 1030206900.jpg
Weapon m 1030405800.jpg

Item kind icon 002.pngNew Summons

Summon m 2040327000.jpg
Summon m 2040328000.jpg

Item kind icon 039.png New Character Skins

Keeper on a Mission (Zooey)

Icon New Objects.png New Character Skin

Npc m 3710096000 01.jpg