Starspawn Grimoire

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Starspawn Grimoire square.jpg


Starspawn Grimoire is used to uncap Rarity SSR.png, Rarity SR.png, or Rarity R.png characters instead of using treasures. One grimoire is consumed to uncap one time.

This item can be used to uncap Rarity SSR.png characters to 5★. Uncapping Rarity SSR.png characters to 5★ typically costs Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystals ×3 and Champion Merit square.jpg Champion Merits ×6. Large amounts of Blue Sky Crystals are used in various weapon series upgrades, whilst champion merit is a resource that is required in large quantity due to character uncap, weapon series upgrades, and unlocking newer Extra Classes like Drum Master, Dancer and Mechanic. This may be of lower efficency than simply grinding the items required to uncap a SSR character.

Alternatively, Starspawn Grimoire can be used to uncap Eternals to 5★. Fully uncapping Eternals requires Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prisms ×100, which are required in large quantity during the process of recruiting an Eternal. Using a Starspawn Grimoire means avoiding the need to grind Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prisms ×100, players could also choose to grind Violet Trial, or to leech Xeno Clash Event raids to reliably obtain Rainbow Prisms. Violet Trial on Very Hard drops Rainbow Prisms somewhat reliably and should be considered during 1/2 AP for cost efficency. Xeno Clash raids on the other hand is not always available to the player due to being tied to events, but does drop rainbow prisms more reliably than Violet Trials. Whether or not to use a Starspawn Grimoire is up to the player's discretion.