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Winter Nights, Stardust Memories

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These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - Opening

As the holidays draw near, (Captain) and the crew arrive at an island. There, the first person they encounter is a wounded, elderly man, whom they rescue. The man introduces himself as Santa Claus and says that he was getting ready to deliver presents to children when he was suddenly attacked. Now the party must deliver the presents in his stead.

When (Captain) and the crew stop off at an island on their journey, they are greeted by a vast, snowy landscape.
Lyria: Wow, there's so much snow here! Nothing but white as far as the eye can see!
Rackam: All the islands around here seem to be covered in snow. Yuletide is coming up, after all.
Lyria: Yule...tide?
Vyrn: Yuletide is the longest night of the year during the winter here. Everyone gets together and celebrates!
Walder: Moreover once the children have fallen asleep, Santa Claus arrives!
Lyria: Santa Claus? Wait, Walder, what's with that getup?
Rosetta: Well, during Yuletide, people decorate the fireplace and put up a tree. So maybe it's... a costume?
Walder: Indeed! To protect the forest, one must blend in with the trees! I am now a Ghillie Ranger!
Vyrn: So cool... uh... I guess...
Rackam: You certainly are blending in. So, ah... Where were we? Santa Claus?
Rackam: Santa Claus is a grandfatherly man who brings presents to children while they're sleeping.
Rackam: He has a white beard and red clothes... Nobody knows who he is or where he comes from.
Lyria: Really! I wonder if Santa Claus will bring me a present.
Walder: Santa Claus only brings presents to good children!
Walder: In other words I will absolutely be receiving a present!
Lyria: (I've never met Santa Claus before... I wonder if that means that I'm a bad child...)
Lyria: Wow, a sleigh! I've always wanted to ride one... Huh? It's all beaten up...
???: Uuugh...
Lyria: Oh no! There's a wounded old man in the sleigh! We have to help him, (Captain)!
The party boards the damaged sleigh and rushes over to the motionless old man.
(Captain) and the others tend to the wounds of the old man, who has red clothes and a white beard.
Rackam: Something awful must have happened here. Were you attacked by monsters while you were travelling, sir?
???: I'm not so sure myself. An aggressive young lady just attacked me all of a sudden. She took my sack of presents, too...
Lyria: E-excuse me! You have a white beard, red clothes, and a sack of presents too... Are you by any chance Santa Claus?
Santa Claus: Why, yes, I am indeed Santa Claus. I was just on my way to bring presents to the children around here.
Lyria: Woooow! It's the real Santa Claus!
Rackam: Uh, wait... Santa Claus is just a fairy tale. You're just an impersonator, right?
Rosetta: Heh... I wonder. Still, whether he's real or not, he's making children happy.
Santa Claus: I still have one sack of presents left, so I should go back to delivering these... Ouch!
  1. Don't push yourself.
  2. I want to help!

Choose: Don't push yourself.
Lyria: Yeah! You're injured, so you shouldn't overdo it.
Santa Claus: But... hrmm. Then would you perhaps help me deliver these presents, little (Captain)?

Lyria: Eeee! That's a great idea! Let us deliver the presents for you!
Choose: I want to help!
Continue 1
Walder: Indeed! I, the Ghillie Ranger, will lend my strength in the name of good children everywhere!
Rosetta: Besides if that girl comes back to try to steal the rest of the presents, we can chase her off.
Vyrn: In fact if she shows up again, we'll steal that sack of presents right back from her!
Santa Claus: I'm very grateful... Oh, I know! Let me give you these clothes.
As Santa Claus speaks, he reaches into his sack and produces two sets of red clothes similar to the ones he's wearing.
Since there is one for a man and one for a woman, Rackam and Rosetta each try one on.
Rackam: Ah! I feel like I'm really Santa's helper now!
Rosetta: A perfect outfit for the celebration. Well? How do I look?
Lyria: Both of you look great! You're like two perfect Santa's helpers!
Rosetta: Thank you, Lyria. Then I suppose the children who are waiting up for Santa Claus won't be disappointed to see us.
Rackam: Yeah! Actually, when I was a kid, I did try to capture Santa Claus a few times. I wonder...
Walder: Hah! Those kids will never catch a Ghillie Ranger like me! I shall leave no present undelivered!
Rosetta: Haha, then I suppose we ought to head out to deliver them at once.
Rackam: That's right! There are lots of good children out there! Let's get going!
Lyria: Yeah! We're off to deliver those presents now!
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. What a reliable bunch of Santas! I'm counting on you.
Thus, (Captain)'s party sets off to deliver the presents in Santa Claus's place.
And in the snowy landscape of the wintry island, they would soon have yet another unexpected encounter.

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - Ol' Saint Nick

Rackam is startled when Santa Claus knows Lyria's name without her having introduced herself. He wonders if this is proof that the stories about Santa Claus are true, but learns that Santa Claus must know Lyria's name because he is an acquaintance of Rosetta's. Looking at him, Rosetta gives a meaningful smile.

Lyria: Oh, that's right? I haven't introduced myself yet! My name is—
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. Lyria, right? It's a pleasure to meet you.
Lyria: Huh? Mr. Santa, I hadn't even said my name yet...
Walder: This is the one and only Santa Claus! Of course he knows the names of all the children of the world!
Lyria: Really? That's amazing, Mr. Santa Claus!
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho.
Rackam: He knew Lyria's name... Does this mean he really is Santa Claus?
Rackam: No, it can't be... Santa Claus is just a fairy tale... Right, Rosetta?
Rosetta: Oh my, you don't believe in Santa Claus? I suppose that's natural for a proper adult.
Rackam: Well, yeah... I did believe when I was a kid, though. I got presents and everything.
Rosetta: Haha... I see. Well, shall we take a break? We still have plenty of time before nightfall.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho, Rosetta. Drinking your tea sure brings back memories.
Rosetta: It certainly does... It's been a long time since we've had tea together.
Rackam: Huh? Rosetta, you know this man?
Rackam: I get it! So that's why he already knew Lyria's name.
Rosetta: Heh... That's right. We are acquaintances, I suppose.
Rosetta: Of course, all the children or people who were once children of the world are his acquaintances.

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - Bah Humbug!

The primal beast who attacked Santa Claus and stole his presents, Fenrir, and her master, Loki, appear before (Captain) and the crew. Loki takes an interest in Lyria, Vyrn, and Rosetta, and plots to steal them away for his own. Loki vanishes for the time being, but Lyria has lingering anxiety about him.

Fenrir: Hey, you! Why're you dumbasses helping that old geezer?
Walder: Don't get in our way! We are delivering presents—nay, dreams—to the children!
Fenrir: You guys are the ones getting in the way! After we finally found all those toys!
???: My apologies. I've just taken this one in recently, but she still has quite a wild disposition.
???: I was taking her on a walk when she mistook that round, red old man for a ball to play with.
Rackam: W-what's up with these guys? They don't seem normal.
Rosetta: Impolite children won't get any presents, you know.
Lyria: Are you the ones who took Mr. Santa's presents and hurt him like that?
Lyria: Apologize to him and give all the presents back right now!
Fenrir: Shaddup! Want me to eat you like I did those reindeer? Huh?
Fenrir: That does it! Now I'm pissed off. I'm gonna kill 'n' eat all of you right here!
Lyria: Oh! This power... is that a primal beast?
Rackam: What! Is that possible?
???: Now, now. Heel, Fenrir!
Fenrir: C'mooon! Loki! Can't I just...
Loki: I am your owner, remember. If you don't listen, I'm not going to feed you.
Rosetta: Loki... Your name is Loki, is it?
Loki: Hmm? Ah, yes. My name is Loki.
Loki: And this one here is Fenrir. A pleasure to meet you.
Fenrir: Grrrrr!
Rosetta: (Loki... Impossible. Does that mean that they're...)
Lyria: Fenrir is a primal beast, but Loki is...
Lyria: He's not a primal beast, a human, or a monster. What is this strange sense I'm getting?
Rackam: I don't know what's up with this kid, but hurting an old man is unforgiveable.
Rackam: But these guys are no ordinary beings. (Captain), be careful!
Loki: Humph!
Loki: Very well. We won't be bothering that old red fellow any longer.
Loki: I've found some much more interesting toys.
Loki: You, with the blue hair and blue eyes.
Lyria: Y-yes?
Loki: And this lovely lady, with the rose-like aroma. Now that I get a good look, you're really quite beautiful!
Rosetta: Oh, yes. It's one of my many skills.
Loki: Also, that red lizard there.
Vyrn: What! Hey, I'm not a lizard!
Loki: I'll be taking you three home with me. How lovely, Fenrir! You'll have new friends!
Rackam: What!
The next moment, with a strong gust of wind that sends the snow dancing in the air, Loki and Fenrir vanish.
Walder: Fenrir and Loki, huh? What's up with those two?
Lyria: Hmm... It looks like they only ever think about themselves. They don't seem like very good listeners...
Vyrn: Jerks like those shouldn't get to do whatever they want with Mr. Santa Claus's presents!
Walder: Yeah! We'll definitely get all of the presents to the good children that deserve them!
Lyria: Right! (Captain), let's do our best for Mr. Santa Claus!

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - The Best Way to Eat Treats

Lyria receives candy from Rackam as thanks for helping shovel the snow. She invites Santa Claus to eat with them, and he tells her that she is a good child, which puts an expression of wonder on her face. When Lyria remarks lightly that food always tastes best when it's shared, Santa Claus looks at her and smiles.

(Captain) and the crew clear off the snow that has piled up on the ship.
Lyria: Rackam! How does this part look here?
Rackam: Where? Oh, great job! This'll be fine.
Rackam: It's very good of you to offer to help clear off the snow of your own accord!
Lyria: Heheh... Well, I want to get a present from Santa Claus, too...
Rackam: Ha ha! So you're trying to be a good child, huh?
Rackam: When I was a kid, I always used to try to be good when the holidays came around, too.
Rackam: Well, regardless of your reasons, thanks for helping me out. Here, have this.
Lyria: Ah! Candy? Are you sure?
Rackam: Of course. You gotta reward people who help you out! Here, (Captain), you too.
Lyria: Thank you, Rackam! Let's take a little break, (Captain).
Santa Claus: Hello, you two. Is it snack time now?
Lyria: Ah, Mr. Santa Claus! Yes, Rackam gave us candy to thank us for helping with the shovelling.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho, how very nice! They look delicious, don't they? Be sure to eat them slowly.
Lyria: Oh, yeah! Mr. Santa Claus, would you like to have a snack with us?
Santa Claus: Hmm? But those candies are your reward for helping out, aren't they?
Santa Claus: I didn't help at all, so you should have them, Lyria.
Lyria: But I've got plenty! Here, have some.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho! Well, I suppose I'll hold on to a few, then. Lyria, you're a very good child.
Lyria: A... good child?
Lyria: Whether it's candy or a meal, food always tastes better when you share it with someone. Everyone knows that, good or bad!
Santa Claus: Ho ho! That's true enough. You've got me there.
Lyria: Well then, let's eat! Mmm... delicious! Hey, (Captain), aren't they good?
Santa Claus: Ah, very tasty! Ho ho ho.

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - Naughty and Nice

Having never received a present from Santa Claus, Lyria worries that she is not a good child. Seeing this, Rosetta assures Lyria that she is indeed a very good child. At that moment, Loki appears and demands that Lyria and Vyrn give themselves over to him. Rosetta drives him away, but Lyria is unable to calm down.

Lyria: ...
Rosetta: What's the matter, Lyria? You look upset.
Lyria: Ah... Rosetta. It's just...
Lyria: Um, well, I was thinking, since I've never gotten a present from Santa...
Lyria: Does that mean... that I'm not a good child?
Rosetta: Hehe... Someone who's worried about that couldn't possibly be a bad child.
Rosetta: And, besides, you always worry about people, even if there's nothing in it for you. Of course you're a good child, Lyria.
Lyria: Rosetta...
Rosetta: As for a bad child, I think... Hmm, maybe that's someone who says selfish, childish things, like that Loki?
Loki: My, that's hurtful. Talking about me behind my back, are we?
Lyria: L-Loki! When did you?
Loki: Heh, I'm everywhere, you know. And at the same time, nowhere at all.
Rosetta: Oh, my. Have you come to try and carry us off again?
Loki: I was just waiting for an opportune moment. However, it seems my chance won't be coming anytime soon.
Loki: More importantly, calling me a bad child is quite inexcusable.
Loki: A bad child is one who squanders things away.
Loki: One who has great power, but doesn't put it to use... (Captain), for example.
Loki: You have enough power to change the world, yet you don't even notice.
Loki: A precious gem is of no use if you stow it away. If you're not going to use it, you should just give it to me.
Loki: You don't mind, right? If I take Lyria and that lizard, I mean.
Rosetta: Loki. Kindly step away from (Captain).
Loki: Aha! Rosetta. Are you jealous that we're getting along so well?
Loki: Heh, very well. I won't cause any trouble, since you're Fenrir's playmates and all.
Loki: However, (Captain)... If you ever find your powers burdensome, do let me know. I'll be waiting.
Loki: Heh heh...
Lyria: Ah... He disappeared again. What was that Loki trying to get at?
Lyria: For some reason, his words are still rattling around in my chest... I can't seem to calm down.

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - That's a Wrap

When the party gets the sack of presents back from Fenrir, they discover that many of them have been unwrapped. Seeing Santa Claus's disappointment, Lyria cheerfully suggests that they rewrap them. (Captain) and the others happily get to work, much to Santa Claus's joy.

Fighting off an attack from Fenrir, (Captain) and the others manage to take back the stolen sack of presents.
However, much of the candy has been eaten, and many of the toys are unwrapped.
Santa Claus: These were all presents that were meant for the children to unwrap...
Vyrn: Mr. Santa...
Lyria: Um, Mr. Santa Claus! Why don't we just rewrap the presents now?
Lyria: We can't do anything about the sweets that've been eaten, but if the presents are unwrapped, we can just wrap them back up again!
Santa Claus: Why, you're right! Instead of moping about it, wrapping the presents will be much more fun.
Santa Claus: All of my leftover wrapping paper and ribbon is in this bag. Shall we get started?
Vyrn: All right, Santa! We'll help you out too!
Walder: Heh heh heh... Wait until you see the power of the Holiday Ranger!
Rackam: Oi, Walder, if you wrap them like that you're going to crumple the paper!
Walder: H-huh?
Lyria: Ah... Tying the ribbon is really difficult. (Captain), can you do it?
Rosetta: Oh my, this stuffed animal has gotten a bit torn. Better sew him right up.
(Captain) and everyone cheerily wrap the presents.
As Santa Claus helps them along, he smiles bashfully.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. This certainly is fun when we do it together.
Santa Claus: I'm the one who should be giving out presents, but...
Santa Claus: The truth is, all of you have given me a wonderful present instead. Ho ho ho!

Winter Nights, Stardust Memories - Ending

On the day of his departure from the airship, Santa Claus gives Lyria a present in the form of a shower of stardust. Elsewhere on the island, Loki and Fenrir watch the stardust as well; Loki won't be giving up on Lyria and the others so easily, it seems. Unaware of this, Lyria watches the stardust and says to (Captain) that she wants to keep traveling and seeing new scenery like this together.

(Captain)'s crew travels around and delivers presents to the children of the surrounding islands.
Since Santa Claus's wounds have healed, the day has come for him to leave the airship.
Santa Claus: I cannot thank you enough. With your help, I was able to deliver the presents to all of the children.
Santa Claus: (Captain)... everyone... Thank you so much.
Vyrn: Make sure you don't get attacked by Fenrir or anyone again!
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho, indeed. I'll be more careful from now on.
Lyria: Mr. Santa Claus...
Santa Claus: Lyria, thank you for everything. You really are a very kind, very good child.
Lyria: I'm not a good child or anything like that. I'm sad... and I don't want to say goodbye...
Lyria: Even though I know there are lots of other children waiting for you...
Seeing Lyria's dejected expression, Santa Claus gently pats her head.
Santa Claus: I'm sad to say goodbye, too. However, instead of saying goodbye, we can always say "let's meet again."
Santa Claus: Lyria! Let's meet again next year!
Lyria: Right! We'll definitely meet again!
Santa Claus: Now then, I still haven't given you and your friends a present.
Santa Claus: This time I think I'd like to show Lyria something she's never seen before! Ho ho ho!
Getting onto his sleigh, Santa Claus departs from the airship.
The sleigh then leaves the snowy landscape, gently ascending into the sky.
Rackam: Wh... A red sleigh that can fly?
Rackam: It's just like in the stories! So that old man really was...
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho! Keep on believing!
Lyria: See you then, Mr. Santa Claus!
Vyrn: Be careful, Mr. Santa!
Walder: A flying sleigh... I want to ride in it too!
Even after Santa's sleigh has vanished, Lyria keeps looking up at the sky.
Lyria: Oh! (Captain), look! Something's sparkling in the sky!
Lyria: Wow, it's like a rain of stardust from the sky! It's not quite like snow at all. Wow... It's so beautiful!
Rosetta: Stardust, is it? Heh. That Santa Claus... What a wonderful gift.
Fenrir: Grrr...
Loki: Ah, looks like we failed this time. Well, it hasn't been long since your awakening, so there's not much to be done about that.
Fenrir: Why, you? Don't mock me! You're the one who chained me up!
Fenrir: Watch your back, or I'll eat you in your sleep!
Loki: Now, now, take a look... Stardust. How beautiful!
Loki: It's important to take the time to look at beautiful things like this. You don't do nearly enough of that.
Fenrir: Are you ignoring me? Don't make fun of me!
Loki: Goodness, you're annoying! It's because of your stupidity that those three fascinating toys are getting away!
Fenrir: Grarrr...
Loki: Well, I can't do everything on my own, so I have no choice but to rely on primal beasts like you.
Loki: Still... Rosetta and Lyria, and that red lizard... I definitely want to get a hold of those three.
Loki: For now we'll just have to bide our time until you're stronger. Come, Fenrir. We're going home.
Fenrir: Tch... Just you wait. I'll show them, and you too!
Lyria: Mr. Santa Claus's present was so lovely! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: There are so many things that I don't know, things that I haven't seen...
Lyria: If I hadn't run away from the empire, I would've never known about any of it.
Lyria: When I was locked away, Katalina helped me escape...
Lyria: When I still didn't know anything, you took my hand, (Captain).
Lyria: To me... that's the best present I've ever received by far.
Lyria: Um, you know... I'd like to keep travelling to different places and seeing new things with everyone.
Lyria: With you, (Captain)!
Side by side, (Captain) and Lyria watch the stardust fall from the sky.
As they look upward, they hear Santa Claus's laughter echo as he dashes into the night.

Mission Merrymaking

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Mission Merrymaking - Let Them Eat Cake

The streets of the town are aglow with brightly colored lights in celebration of the holidays.
A large crowd can be seen milling about the market in the central square.
The townspeople have come to the market to buy cakes and other delectable dishes for a special holiday meal with their loved ones.
Ferry and Metera stand outside a store on the corner, donned in festive attire.
They have been tasked with a mission to help at a cake shop in desperate need of staff.
Ferry: C-cakes! Get your cakes here! W-we have a delicious selection to choose from!
Ferry: H-how about enjoying a nice cake... with your family on this special night? Cakes for sale! Come and get them!
People: ...
Ferry: Sigh. People aren't even stopping to look, much less buying anything.
Ferry desperately attempts to advertise to passersby, but they don't even spare her a second glance.
Metera: Ugh... What was (Captain) thinking accepting a request like this?
Metera: I want to be out on the prowl for a man, not selling cakes.
Ferry: Apparently the shop was really understaffed, so I bet the captain had a hard time declining.
Metera: Ugh, I can't take this! Just look at that couple over there showing off.
Ferry: For now let's focus on attracting as many customers as we can.
Ferry: If we hurry and sell these cakes, we can go out and enjoy ourselves.
Metera: ...
Ferry: Back to business...
Ferry frowns in thought as she stares at the mountain of remaining cakes, seeing that they've barely made a dent.
Ferry: (But how exactly do we sell more cakes?)
Ferry: ...
Ferry: Well... We at least have to try. We came here to sell cakes, so that's what we're going to do.
With the fire relit within her, Ferry resumes her efforts.
Ferry: W-welcome! G-get your cakes here, everyone!
Ferry: Our cakes are, um... very delicious! And, uh...
Metera: (Sheesh. Look at her. That girl just doesn't know when to give up.)
Ferry: U-um! Come take a look... We have a wide selection of cakes available...
Ferry earnestly calls out to the people walking by, but to no avail.
Nevertheless, she keeps trying.
Metera: ...
Metera sits watching Ferry in silence.
Metera: (Ugh... No one's going to stop no matter how hard she tries. Why even bother?)
Metera: (I just don't get it.)
Metera: (But something about this feels familiar...)
Metera: (Oh! Ahaha, I know. She's exactly like Sutera.)
Metera: (They're both earnest and a little awkward... Oh, and honest to a fault. Suddenly it all makes sense.)
Metera rises from her chair to stand beside Ferry.
Metera: Well, if I'm going to be stuck here anyway, I might as well put in my share of the work.
Metera: And besides, I want to get this over with so I can go snag myself a man.
Ferry: Metera...
Metera: Watch and learn. I'll show you how it's done.
Metera fixes her gaze on a man walking by and links her arm with his.
Metera: Say, handsome. How about a sweet, sugary cake on this steamy holiday evening?
Man 1: Huh? W-well, er...
Metera: A guy like you must have a nice girl waiting for him. I bet she'd be over the moon if you brought home a delicious cake.
Man 1: How did you know that?
Metera: Well, let's just say I have a lot of experience. I wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers by making a pass at a claimed man.
Metera: But enough about all that. What do you say? Actions do speak louder than words after all. Nothing beats a nice present.
Man 1: You have a point... All right, I'll take one.
Metera's smooth talking convinces the man to buy a cake, and he leaves the shop in high spirits.
Ferry: Wow... You sold one in no time flat.
Metera: Now, time for round two.
Metera: My, look at those pecs! Might I have a word?
Man 2: Haha! Can I help you with something, ma'am?
Metera: I just have a teeny-tiny favor to ask.
Man 2: Oh? Of course. Anything for you.
Metera: Really? Thank you! One holiday cake for this gentleman here!
Man 2: C-cake?
Man 2: Now hang on a second. I never said anything about buying a cake—
Metera: Whaaat? But you just said you'd do anything!
Metera: Or wait... Was that a lie? And you call yourself a man!
Man 2: Fine, you got me. Not like I have anything against sweets anyway.
Metera employs various strategies to win over prospective customers.
She gushes about how delicious the cakes are, and occasionally she dashes out into the street, calling out in a loud voice to get people's attention.
Soon the cakes begin to disappear one by one.
Ferry: We started out with a mountain of cakes, but now they're just flying off the shelves...
Ferry: You're incredible, Metera. I never could have managed this on my own.
Metera: Now, now.
Metera: Don't make that face! Those cute clothes will go to waste.
Metera: Come on, give me a smile!
Metera: Don't worry. I'll teach you all you need to know about making sales.
Ferry: ...
Metera: Listen closely. You need to show excitement—there's no point in calling out to people in such a meek little voice.
Metera: Select your target and attack.
Metera: Simply stating the cakes are delicious isn't going to create a vivid image in anyone's mind.
Metera: Even if you have to stretch the truth a bit, just keep describing how amazing the cakes are.
Metera: Well... The most important thing is to not think too hard—just get out there and do it!
Ferry: ...
Ferry: I wonder if I'll ever be able to sell them as well as y—
Ferry: Ouch!
Metera pinches Ferry's cheek, cutting her off mid-sentence.
Metera: I told you to just get out there! Eventually the confidence will follow.
Metera: I know you can do it, Ferry. Trust me.
Metera smiles and lets go of Ferry's cheek.
Ferry: The confidence will follow, huh...
Ferry: E-excuse me!
Man 3: Wh-what is it?
Ferry: (I need to be forceful... throw myself into the role... and speak loudly!)
Ferry: Please buy one of our cakes!
Man 3: Huh?
Ferry: The owner of this shop poured his love into baking these holiday cakes—they're his prized creations!
Ferry: Just one bite and you'll agree that it's the best cake you've ever eaten in your entire life!
Man 3: ...
Ferry: (And now... I top it off with a smile!)
Ferry: So what do you say? Would you like one?
Ferry flashes the man her best smile.
As though won over by her passionate display, the man's puzzled expression transforms into a smile, and he nods.
Man 3: All right then. I'll take one of your recommended holiday cakes.
Ferry: Thank you!
Ferry continues thanking the man who bought the cake until he disappears from view.
Ferry: Metera... I did it! I sold a cake!
Metera: Of course you did. That's why we're here after all.
Ferry: Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you.
Metera: Oh, please... If you could smile like that, you should have done it in the first place!
Metera ruffles Ferry's hair as if to draw attention away from her own embarrassment.
But the affectionate exchange is suddenly interrupted by a loud, gruff voice.
???: Hey, girlie! Got a sec?
Ferry: Of course. Welcome to—
Hooligan 2: Heh. Whaddya say we have some fun? Let's take this relationship to the next level.
Hooligan 1: Aww yeah! If you've got time to sell a bunch of dumb cakes, you've got time to hang with us!
Ferry: ...
Metera: Ugh, enough. You're interfering with our sales.
Hooligan 1: Ooh, we've got a spunky one here! Just how I like my women.
Hooligan 2: The quiet one's more my type. Hyahaha!
Metera: I said you're in the way. Why don't you do us a favor and get lost? Now.
Hooligan 1: Hah... Don't push your luck!
The hooligan overturns the display, sending the cakes there tumbling to the ground.
Ferry: ...!
The cakes!
Hooligan 1: Heh. Serves you r—
Hooligan 1: Urgh!
Metera: Are the two of you too boneheaded to understand what we're doing right now?
Metera: You see, we're selling these cakes. She and I are trying to finish this together.
Ferry: Together...
Metera: But you two ruined that, didn't you? You're going to cough up every rupie those cakes were worth!

Mission Merrymaking - Let Them Eat Cake: Scene 2

Metera and Ferry see to it that the hooligans are punished thoroughly for their ill deeds.
They also force the men to hand over payment for every single cake they ruined.
Metera: They'll still taste fine even though they're all smashed. Make sure not to leave a single crumb.
Hooligan 1: Y-yes, ma'am...
The hooligans disappear into the crowd, heads hung low in utter defeat.
Metera: Now then... I guess that means our holiday cakes are all sold out!
Ferry: A-are you sure it was okay to end things that way? I don't think they'll be able to finish all that cake...
Metera: They'll eat every bite if they know what's good for them. If we catch them throwing any out, we'll just have to teach them another lesson.
Cake Shop Owner: I-I heard a lot of commotion out here... Is something wrong?
Metera: Oh... No, everything's fine!
Metera: But have we got news for you! We sold every last cake! So I guess that means the request is complete, right?
Amazed that the mountain of cakes has vanished, the cake shop owner addresses them happily.
Cake Shop Owner: You two are lifesavers! I'm so glad I had you girls around to help! Thank you so much!
Metera: Well, it was a breeze for the two of us together.
Metera: Isn't that right, Ferry?
Ferry: Well, I suppose that's true. I was able to sell cakes because Metera was there to teach me how.
Cake Shop Owner: Oh, I almost forgot! I have a little something for you on top of your compensation...
Cake Shop Owner: This is a token of my gratitude. I hope you two will enjoy it later.
The shop owner presents them with a large, freshly baked cake.
Ferry: Thank you. I bet this cake would go wonderfully with some herbal tea.
Metera: That sounds lovely.
Cake Shop Owner: Now then, my wife and kids are waiting for me, so what do you say we clean up and head out?
After bidding farewell to the cake shop owner, Metera and Ferry look at each other and smile.
Metera: Well, that wasn't as bad as I expected.
Ferry: It was a very valuable learning experience.
Metera: Is that so?
The pair quickly finish tidying up the shop and prepare to head out.
Afterward they devour the cake they were given while enjoying a delicious teatime together.

Mission Merrymaking - Santa's Nice List

(Captain) and the crew have accepted a request to help with a holiday party at an orphanage.
Anre, Yaia, Ladiva, and Walder decide to put on a play as part of the entertainment.
The four rehearse their hearts out in preparation for the day of the party.
Walder: The day of the play's finally here! Let's make like rangers and put a smile on every little munchkin's face!
Ladiva: Yes, I just know they'll love it. Hehe. I can't wait!
Yaia: Where is he? I don't see him yet...
Walder: Huh? What's wrong, Yaia?
Yaia: Um, I'm just waiting for Anre.
Ladiva: Now that you mention it, he's very rarely this late. Maybe it's taking him a while to change.
Ladiva: Are you all right in there, Anre? Do you need any help?
Anre: Oh, sorry about that. I'll be right out.
Walder: Guys, let's not forget this is a holiday play!
Walder: Anre's playing Santa Claus, so he's practically the star of the show! It's only right that he'd be hyped!
Walder: But no worries! I can almost guarantee you that Anre'll be able to pull off that costume like a boss!
Ladiva: Hehe. Well, Siero picked it out, so I'm sure it will suit him perfectly!
Yaia: Yeah! I think so too!
At that moment Anre slowly emerges from the dressing room.
Anre: Sorry for the wait.
Yaia: Wow! It looks great on you!
Anre: Heh. I'm glad you think so.
Anre strokes his prized mustache, smiling somewhat bashfully.
Walder: All righty, looks like we're all in costume now. Let's get on with our last rehearsal!
After a meticulous rehearsal, they make their way to the orphanage in hopes of delighting the children with their play.
Anre, Yaia, Ladiva, and Walder receive a warm welcome upon their arrival at the orphanage.
While the adults prepare for the party, Yaia plays with the children and keeps an eye on them as one of the oldest.
Yaia: Here we go...
Yaia: My snowman's finished!
Well-Behaved Girl: Wow, it's so cute!
Yaia: Ehehe... Now for the finishing touch.
Yaia slowly pours a bucket of water over the snowman to show the other children how it's done.
Energetic Boy: Huh? What'd you pour water on it for?
Yaia: Well... Pouring water on it makes the snow freeze so it doesn't melt as fast.
Energetic Boy: Whoa! You're really smart, Yaia!
Walder: Heh heh... Yaia's definitely smart, but that's not all. She can cook too!
Well-Behaved Girl: Wow! Will you teach me how to cook later, Yaia?
Yaia: Sure! Let's cook up something together.
Ladiva: Gather round, everyone! We've finished setting up for the party!
Anre: Make sure to wash your hands first thing when you come inside.
Yaia: Okay!
Young Children: Okay!
And so the long-awaited holiday party begins.
Well-Behaved Girl: This chicken is super yummy!
Housemother: Hehe. Settle down while you're eating or you'll make a mess. Look, your mouth is all sticky.
Energetic Boy: Hey, what about the cake! Where is it?
Anre smiles warmly as he watches the children making merry.
Anre: Heh... Their faces are practically glowing. What a wonderful party.
Ladiva: Yes, it really is. You can tell how much the housemother loves the children.
Walder: Hey, you two! We still have our performance coming up. This is no time to be standing around!
Anre: Sorry, you're right. I just got taken in by the children's smiles. Let's start getting ready.
Yaia: ...
Anre: Are you nervous? There's nothing to worry about.
Anre: You practiced a great deal, so I'm sure everything will be fine. You'll do great.
Yaia: Okay!
Yaia and the others listen to the ringing laughter of the children as they head to another room to prepare for the play.
Ladiva: Okay, everyone! This party is already filled with love, but let's add our own love into the mix!
Walder: That's the plan! I'll stake my pride as a Ghillie Ranger on this play!
Anre: Are you ready, Yaia?
Yaia: Yeah! I'll do my best!
Anre: Heh. Glad to hear it. Let's get out there and show them the results of all our rehearsing.
As if on cue, they hear the housemother's voice from the next room.
Housemother: Attention, everyone! Our skyfaring friends are going to put on a play for us!
Housemother: Let's give them a warm welcome!
Yaia: ...
The curtain rises to the cheerful applause of the children.
Walder: Hello, all you good boys and girls in the audience! Tell me—have you heard of Santa Claus?
Young Children: Yeah!
Walder: Good! I like your enthusiasm.
Walder: Yes! While you all are fast asleep, Santa Claus is hard at work.
Walder: He flies through the skies on his sleigh pulled by his trusty reindeer, leaving presents for all the good children.
Walder puts on a dramatically confused expression.
Walder: But, hm... What do we mean when we talk about good children?
Energetic Boy: Umm... Kids who say please and thank you!
Well-Behaved Girl: Um, um... Kids who help their housemother!
Older Boy: Hmm... What about kids who help look after the younger children? Hehe.
Walder: Now then! Tonight, we skyfarers are going to tell you the tale of a good child not too different from that.
Yaia: Steppity-step...
Yaia: I have to hurry. It's the most special night of the year, and there's so much to do.
Yaia: It snowed a ton, and now everything's white! Hehe. It's so pretty!
Yaia: Whew. But shopping sure took a long time.
Yaia: I need to hurry home to help with the cooking.
Yaia: Hurry, hurry...
Yaia: Mm? What's that?
Walder: I'm an outdoor holiday tree. I've been decorated with beautiful lights and ornaments, and today is my day to shine!
Walder: But I'm covered in snow from that heavy snowfall last night...
Walder: Now I can't shine like I'm supposed to. And I'm so very, very cold...
Yaia: Oh! I didn't know there was a holiday tree here!
Walder: Whoops! Holiday trees aren't allowed to talk to people! I have to follow the rules.
Walder: ...
Yaia: It's covered in snow. The poor thing must be freezing...
Yaia: I have to get rid of all that snow!
Yaia: Here we go...
Walder: ...
Yaia: Ehehe... There, you're all better now.
Yaia: If it snows again, I'll come back to brush you off.
Walder: My! What a wonderful child!
Walder: Thanks to her, I can fulfill my duty to light up this special night.
Walder: As a Ghillie Ranger—
Walder: I mean, as a holiday tree, I need to give her my thanks!
Walder: Oh... And I need to make sure Santa knows there's a good child around.
Yaia: Zzz...
Walder: Good. She's sleeping soundly.
Walder: I must take care not to wake her. I'll just thank her and be on my way.
Walder: Thank you. You saved me.
Yaia: Mmm...
Yaia: Huh? The holiday tree?
Walder: I wish you all the happiness in the skies on this special night.
Yaia: It's gone...
Yaia: I hear bells... I wonder if it's Santa?
Yaia: But...
Yaia: But... Um... Uh...
Yaia: (Wait, what was the next line? I can't remember...)
Yaia mumbles as she struggles to recall the next part of the script.
Yaia: (Wh-what do I do?)
Young Children: ...
Suddenly aware of the children staring at her, Yaia freezes in place.
Just as she begins to panic that the children are going to realize she forgot her line, help arrives.
Ladiva: Hehe. Mr. Claus! Could that be the child that holiday tree mentioned?
Anre: Ho ho ho!
Yaia: ...
Anre: She must be so surprised by our sudden appearance that she doesn't know what to say.
Anre: We usually make sure to visit while the children are asleep so they don't see us...
Anre: But this is a special case. We wanted to make sure to thank you, little one.
Yaia: (Anre and Ladiva were supposed to enter after my line...)
Yaia: (Did they come out early to help me because I forgot what to say?)
Yaia: ...
Yaia: Santa! What did you want to thank me for?
Anre: Well... You saved a holiday tree from the snow, correct?
Anre: You see, that tree is one of my dear friends. Its duty is to light up this special night.
Yaia: It's no big deal. I just did what anybody else would have done.
Ladiva: Hehe. But you see, not everyone would have done what you did.
Ladiva: Even though your tiny hands were frozen solid, you were still willing to help. That deed was only possible because your heart is full of love!
Anre: A good child like you deserves a present. Here, this is for you.
Yaia: Thank you, Santa.
Anre: Ho ho ho!
Walder: And so Santa Claus bid farewell to the kindhearted girl.
Walder: Then he took flight once again to deliver presents to all the good children across the skies.
Walder: The end.
Young Children: ...!
As the children applaud, the actors on stage wave to show their appreciation.
Walder steps forward to address the children one last time.
Walder: I hope you'll all try to be kind just like the little girl in our story!
Children: We will!
Ladiva: Now then! Since you're all such good boys and girls, Santa Claus has presents for each and every one of you!
Ladiva: Don't be shy now! Come line up!
The children scurry to line up, bursting with excitement.
Anre smiles and pulls a present out of a large sack.
Anre: Happy holidays, little one.
Energetic Boy: Thanks! Hey, know what? When I grow up, I'm gonna be Santa Claus!
Anre: Ho ho ho! I can't wait to see that.
Well-Behaved Girl: Santa! I'm always helping the housemother!
Anre: That's a fine attitude. Happy holidays.
Well-Behaved Girl: Thank you!
Yaia approaches Anre and tugs lightly on his sleeve.
Yaia: ...
Anre: Hm? What's wrong?
Yaia: Um...
She stands on her tiptoes to whisper in Anre's ear so the other children can't hear her.
Yaia: Thank you, Anre.
Anre: Heh... No need to thank me.
Anre: You've really grown today, Yaia.
Anre: Trials such as these only come to those who can overcome them and learn from them.
Yaia: Ehehe...
Yaia smiles shyly as Anre pats her head.
Even as the years pass, Yaia will never forget the trial she was able to overcome that night with the help of her friends.

Mission Merrymaking - Day 1

Lyria: Wow, the town is sparkling all over! It's so pretty!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! Look over there in the square!
Lyria: Wooow, what a huge holiday tree! I didn't know that was there!
Vyrn: Lights everywhere, plus a big tree...
Vyrn: Hehe. Really makes it feel like the holidays are comin' up, huh!
Lyria: Yeah! And the townspeople seem to be in high spirits...
Vyrn: Betcha they're the same as us. Everybody's lookin' forward to the big day!
Lyria: I wonder what it will be like this year?
Vyrn: Hehe. It's gonna be the best ever, of course!
Lyria: I'm sure it will! I can't wait!

Mission Merrymaking - Day 2

Mary: Heh heh heh.
Feena: Huh? What are you so happy about, Mary?
Mary: Ta-da! I found treasure in a nearby cave!
Mary: Since the holidays are coming up and everything, I thought Lady Luck might be on my side.
Mary: This is basically a holiday gift for me after all.
Feena: ...
Mary: Huh? What's wrong? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?
Feena: Hearing about holiday presents is making me itching to do something...
Mary: Don't tell me you're thinking about helping Santa Claus again this year...
Feena: I bet you wanna help too, Mary!
Mary: Well, if you reeeally want me to chip in, I guess I wouldn't mind.
Feena: You're just not being honest with yourself.
Feena: Try to remember the kids' beaming smiles when they got their presents!
Feena: Ahh, they were so cute!
Mary: Man... Now I'm starting to get fired up too.
Mary: Well, what do you say we ask Santa Claus if we can help out again this year?

Mission Merrymaking - Day 3

Yaia: Ho ho ho!
Ferry: Hehe. You're the spitting image of Santa Claus with that fake beard on.
Yaia: That's right! I'm Santa now!
Yaia: Achoo!
Yaia: This beard is making my nose itch...
Ferry: Hehe. Then why don't you go ahead and take it off?
Yaia: Yeah, I think I will...
Yaia: Ehehe. My nose doesn't itch anymore. I'm all better now.
Ferry: You know, I wonder how Santa Claus and Anre do it?
Ferry: Doesn't all that facial hair tickle their noses?

Mission Merrymaking - Day 4

Metera: Oh, snow...
Metera: Looks like the holidays might turn out to be quite romantic.
Metera: Ugh... I really need to find myself a good man...
Walder: Haha! It's snowing!
Walder: Hey, Metera! The holidays are shaping up to be pretty sweet this year, huh?
Metera: You always seem like you're having the time of your life.
Walder: Well, yeah! Can you blame me? I mean, I'm traveling the skies with such a fun-loving crew!
Metera: So what exactly is your idea of a great holiday?
Walder: Heh heh... Spending time with my good buddies on the crew, of course!
Metera: Hmm...
Metera: Well, it's not very romantic, but I suppose that sounds nice in its own way.

Mission Merrymaking - Day 5

Children: Wow!
Ferry: Hehe. They sound like they're having fun.
Ferry: Wait. Is that... Anre?
Boy: Whoa! His mustache moved!
Children: Awesome!
Anre: Heh...
Anre: Oh, do I hear your mother calling for you?
Boy: Yeah! Bye, Santa Claus!
Ferry: Anre... What was all that about?
Anre: Oh, hello, Ferry.
Anre: Those children mistook me for the real Santa Claus.
Anre: I tried explaining that I wasn't him, but it was no use.
Anre: Well, I can't really blame them for being confused considering what I'm wearing.
Ferry: By the way, um... I heard them clamoring about your mustache or something...
Anre: Heh. Do you want to see me move my mustache too?

Mission Merrymaking - Day 6

Ladiva: What a beautiful night.
Ladiva: For each and every one of those countless lights, there's a warm family gathering taking place.
Ladiva: They are truly lights of love!
Cagliostro: Oh? It's rare to see a busybody like you here by yourself.
Ladiva: ...
Cagliostro: Hey... What's wrong? You're acting really weird.
Ladiva: Hehe. I'm sorry. I guess I was feeling a tad sentimental...
Ladiva: I was just... thinking about when I lost my family.
Cagliostro: Tch...
Cagliostro: Come on! You have a new family now!
Cagliostro: The kids at the orphanage...
Cagliostro: And, well... the other crew members.
Ladiva: Cagliostro...
Cagliostro: Whoa, hang on! Stop looking at me with those sparkly eyes.
Cagliostro: Geez... I know the holidays are getting close, but don't go acting out of character on me...

Mission Merrymaking - Day 7

Sen: Hmm...
Clarisse: Heeey, Sen!
Clarisse: Have you already finished writing your holiday cards?
Clarisse: Wanna go out with me when we get to the next town?
Clarisse: Wait, are you still trying to figure out what to write?
Sen: Yes... I'm trying to express my feelings in my messages just like you said, but it's not going so well...
Sen: I've thought a lot about it, but I just don't know what to write...
Clarisse: Sen... Yeah, you're overthinking it.
Clarisse: Try emptying your mind and focusing on the person you're writing to.
Clarisse: And then just write down whatever pops into your head!
Sen: Empty my mind... and write what pops into my head...
Sen: (Um... So now I need to think about (Captain)...)
Clarisse: Is it working?
Sen: Yes. When I think about (Captain), I feel all warm inside.
Clarisse: Aha! Then hold on tight to that feeling and get writing!

Mission Merrymaking - Day 8

Feena: Man, this excitement is just too much! I can't handle it!
Yaia: I'm excited too!
Feena: Hard not to be, huh! How about you, Anre?
Anre: Heh. Are you looking forward to your presents from Santa Claus?
Feena: No! Well... Actually, yeah...
Feena: But that's not all! We're talking about the holiday feast!
Feena: Didn't you know? Everybody's been preparing special performances in secret!
Feena: Walder and Ladiva were having a really fun-sounding meeting earlier!
Feena: And (Captain) was rehearsing a song with Vyrn and Lyria...
Feena: Man, I can't wait for the feast!
Yaia: Me neither!
Anre: Heh... Waiting is just another part of the fun. Go ahead and let the excitement build up until the big day.

Mission Merrymaking - Day 9

Metera: Are you sure there are turkeys around here?
Feena: Yeah, don't worry—I made sure to do my research beforehand!
Feena: All right, Metera! Ready?
Metera: Sheesh... We're just here to catch a turkey. How did it turn into a competition?
Feena: Come on, don't you think it's more fun that way?
Metera: Maybe for you. I'm not looking forward to a bunch of physical labor out in the cold...
Feena: Hmm? Don't tell me you're intimidated by the invincible, adorable Feena?
Metera: ...
Feena: Ahaha! Oh well, that's fine with me!
Feena: Well, guess I'll be getting a head start! Here I gooo!
Metera: Sheesh. That girl never changes.
Metera: But I guess flat-out ignoring her would be a bit dull...
Metera: Hehe. I guess I might as well join in.
Metera: She dared to challenge Metera, the pinnacle of perfection...
Metera: I'll have to show her just how big of a mistake that was.
Metera: Here goes!

Mission Merrymaking - Day 10

Clarisse: The holidays at the Jewel Resort are always so glittery and beautiful!
Mary: Hey... This is no time to be frolicking around! Come on, you need to get ready!
Mary: Don't forget—you're here to participate in the winter duel tournament!
Clarisse: Oh, I almost forgot...
Clarisse: All right, time to focus!
Mary: Yeah! Make sure not to get hurt out there.
Clarisse: Right! I'll do my best. I'm counting on you to cheer for me!
Clarisse: Wait... You're not taking part in the tournament?
Mary: Me? Ahaha, no way.
Clarisse: Then why are you here?
Mary: Well... You see—
Ladiva: Oh! There you two are.
Ladiva: Clarisse, you're up! Christy's waiting for you. Are you ready?
Clarisse: Oh, yeah... But what about Mary?
Mary: Umm...
Ladiva: Hehe. Mary, you must have come along so Clarisse wouldn't be lonely all by herself!
Mary: H-hey!
Mary: Aww... You didn't have to tell her, Ladiva!
Ladiva: Hehe. I guess that was none of my business... But you know, Mary, it's important to be candid about your love once in a while!
Clarisse: Mary...
Mary: Well, can you blame me for worrying when I heard the news?
Mary: I mean, your opponent is—
Cagliostro: You'll be up against me.
Clarisse: M-Master...
Mary: G-good luck out there, Clarisse! I'm rooting for you!

Mission Merrymaking - Day 11

Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. Looks like all the good boys and girls on the crew are fast asleep.
Yaia: Dad... Zzz...
Santa Claus: (Heh. Her sleeping face is so precious. I'm glad she seems to be having a pleasant dream.)
Santa Claus: (What a good little girl you are to care so much about your father. Here's a present from me to you.)
Yaia: Santa...
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. I'll be back again next year. It's a promise.
Lyria: Vyrn, guess what! When I woke up this morning, there was a present by my pillow!
Vyrn: Really? Same here!
Lyria: Since I got a holiday present from Santa Claus...
Lyria: I guess that means I was a good girl this year!
Vyrn: Hehe. That's no surprise!
Yaia: I got a present from Santa too!
Lyria: Hehe. You know what that means...
Yaia: Lyria! Vyrn! Let's keep trying to be good kids, okay?