Winter Nights, Stardust Memories

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Event duration: 10:00 UTC, December 15, 201819:00 JST, December 15, 2018 - 14:59 UTC, December 25, 201823:59 JST, December 25, 2018
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Winter Nights, Stardust Memories is a Holiday event. The 2018 iteration of the event runs alongside Cerberus & Fenrir Showdowns.

Play the event story to see the characters' first encounter with Santa Claus!

Challenge battle completion progress from 2017's Holiday event, A Granblue Carol, carries over to this event.

For new players

  • This event consists of challenge battles that cost no AP. These challenges can be cleared by players of any rank.
  • All weapon rewards are fully uncapped when received.
  • Each quest also awards a trophy for additional crystals

Notable Rewards

Challenge Battles

Let Them Eat Cake

Metera and Ferry run into trouble while selling holiday cakes in a bustling marketplace.

Santa's Little Helpers

As the holiday season approaches, a request arrives from Santa Claus himself to prepare a holiday tree.

Operation Ornamentation

Mary and the others employ the help of the townspeople to help them finish decorating their holiday tree.

Underneath a Tree of Lights

In order to return the tree, Feena and the others make their way through a monster-infested forest.

Bonus Story

Santa's Nice List

As part of a mission, Anre, Yaia, Ladiva, and Walder decide to put on a play for a holiday party at an orphanage.

Event Rewards