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Official Profile

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Journal Entries

Hanamaru Kunikida
Npc zoom 3991138000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Kanako Takatsuki
NameJP 国木田花丸
Voice ActorJP 高槻かなこ
ID 3991138000
Release Date 2018-08-10
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

A first-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She is the daughter of a family who runs a temple and speaks with a unique and lovable dialect. Although she appears laid-back and easy-going, she cares deeply for her friends. She loves reading and eating, but isn't too fond of exercise. Although she originally tried becoming a school idol just to support her close friend, Ruby Kurosawa, she soon became an official member of Aqours. Her favorite foods are mikans and sweet bean paste.
Ruby Kurosawa
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Ai Furihata
NameJP 黒澤ルビィ
Voice ActorJP 降幡 愛
ID 3991140000
Release Date 2018-08-10
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

A first-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A shy, timid girl, she screams with embarrassment when she comes in contact with a stranger. Despite her shy personality, she still has a tough interior, possibly influenced by her older sister, Dia Kurosawa. She has been close friends with Hanamaru Kunikida since junior high school, and the two of them are often seen together along with Yoshiko Tsushima. She is talented at sewing and assists in making the costumes for Aqours. Her favorite foods are french fries and sweet potatoes.
Yoshiko Tsushima
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Aika Kobayashi
NameJP 津島善子
Voice ActorJP 小林愛香
ID 3991137000
Release Date 2018-08-10
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

A first-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A girl with a somewhat delusional personality, sometimes speaking in mystical and nonsensical language, she has given herself the moniker "The fallen angel, Yohane." She has been friends with Hanamaru Kunikida since kindergarten. Before joining Aqours, she attempted to play the part of an ordinary high school student, but she now embraces her true self as Yohane. She has exceptional reflexes and a secret technique, known as the Fallen Dragon Phoenix Hold. Her favorite foods are chocolate and strawberries.



  • Two of the First Years have µ's counterparts as their favorite µ's members – Ruby's favorite is Hanayo Koizumi, while Hanamaru's is Rin Hoshizora.
  • The First Years took 3rd place in the Favorite Aqours Team Poll with a total of 133,240 votes.


  • The First Years' Charge Attack, Waku-Waku-Week!, is the name of a song included in the third DVD/Blu-Ray volume of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's first season.
  • Ability Descend with Me.png Descend with MeInflict Status Blind.pngBlindedAttacks have a slight chance to miss
    Duration: 180 seconds
    and Status Gravity.pngGravitySpecial attack max charge turn is extended
    Duration: 180 seconds
    on a foe.
    is Yoshiko's catchphrase when she summons her "little demons" as her alter-ego, the fallen angel Yohane.
  • Ability It's the Future Zura!.png It's the Future, Zura!Restore 30% of all allies' HP (Healing cap: 1500).
    At level 75:
    Effect enhanced.
    (alternately, Mirai zura!) is Hanamaru's catchphrase.
  • Ability I'll Do My Rubesty!.png I'll Do My Rubesty!Remove 1 debuff from all allies.
    All allies gain Status DefenseUp.png20% DEF UpDEF is boosted
    Strength: 20%Duration: 4 turns
    (がんばルビィ! Ganbaruby!), is Ruby's catchphrase, as well as her concert call and response.
    • The phrase is a portmanteau of "do one's best" (頑張がんばganbaru) + "Ruby" (ルビィ).
  • Ability Reality Is Justice.png Reality Is JusticeGain Status DefenseUp.pngDodge AllTakes no DMG or debuffs while in effect
    Duration: 1 turn
    and Status EffectOnDodge.pngBonus Effect on DodgeRestores all allies' HP upon dodging
    Duration: 1 turn
    (Restore 10% of all allies' HP upon dodging [Healing cap: 1000].)
    is named after one of Yoshiko's lines, spoken in Season 1, Episodes 5 and 13 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime, Yohane Desends and Sunshine!!.

Special Cutscenes

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes

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Saviors of the Snack Bar

Yoshiko, Hanamaru, and Ruby agree to work at a beach snack bar to earn the materials for their new friends' concert outfits. The girls arrive to find the shop in a state of disrepair, but after a bit of spirited cleaning and cooking, they open the snack bar for business. However, not a single customer shows up.

First-Years: Last time on Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!
Yoshiko: On a fateful day ordained by the gods, I—the fallen angel, Yohane—and my little demons descended into the world of a vast blue sky!
Ruby: We were confused by this sudden turn of events, but a crew of skyfarers led by (Captain) swooped in to save us!
Hanamaru: After helping the town of Tenacie recover from having its happiness sapped by the primal beast Nihilith, we decided to put on a concert there, zura.
Ruby: And our new friends agreed to sing with us!
Yoshiko: We set out to make costumes for the show but ran into an unforeseen problem...
Sierokarte: Hmm... This is going to be a bit pricey.
Ruby: The materials we needed to make costumes are a lot more valuable in this world, so the price ended up being super expensive.
Hanamaru: But we didn't have a single rupie to our names, zura...
Sierokarte: Hmm... Okay then. We'll just have to put you all to work!
Sierokarte: If you do a good job, I'll make sure you get those costume materials in addition to your reward.
Ruby: The job Siero had in mind for us turned out to be...
Aqours: A beach snack bar?
Hanamaru: And that's how we—the members of Aqours—ended up working at a beach snack bar at the Knickknack Shack's recommendation, zura!
Yoshiko Tsushima, Hanamaru Kunikida, and Ruby Kurosawa have taken on Sierokarte's offer to work at a beach snack bar.
But their smiles quickly turn bitter as they gaze at the building before them.
Yoshiko: Doesn't this pile of junk seem familiar?
Hanamaru: Familiar? It's practically the same place where we worked before, zura...
The girls have experience helping out at another beach snack bar just like this one in their home world.
And the building they now stand before is the spitting image of that very snack bar.
Yoshiko: It even has the exact same number of customers—zero...
Ruby: This year we'll be its saviors!
Ruby: Sis was all fired up about attracting customers last time.
Ruby: But we didn't end up being saviors at all...
Yoshiko: We brought in a few more customers, but most of them were our friends.
Hanamaru: And this time we can't even invite our friends, zura... We're gonna have to figure out how to bring people in if we wanna be saviors, zura.
Yoshiko: I guess it's safe to assume we won't get paid unless we actually have customers.
Ruby: Gulp... A-are you sure we can do this?
Yoshiko: Sparkle! Just leave it to the fallen angel, Yohane, descended from the heavens! I'll think of something!
Hanamaru: What exactly are you gonna do, zura?
Yoshiko: Well, um...
Yoshiko: I'm going to do what I can!
Hanamaru: So in other words you have no idea, zura... But I guess that's not so bad, zura.
Hanamaru: Yoshiko's got a point... Let's start out by doing what we can, zura!
Yoshiko: I'm not Yoshiko! I'm Yohane!
Hanamaru: Hehehe. I just know the three of us can pull it off, zura. We just gotta do our Rubesty, zura!
Ruby: Hehehe... Yeah! I'll do my Rubesty!
The girls put their heads together and set to work.
First on the docket is cleaning up the inside of the shop and boosting its cuteness factor.
Once that's done, the girls start preparing the food to sell at the snack bar.
Hanamaru: Ruby, whatcha making, zura?
Ruby: Fruit juice! The fruits in this world are easy to squeeze!
Hanamaru: Ooh! It smells so sweet and yummy, zura. The customers are gonna love it!
Ruby: Hehehe... What about you, Hanamaru?
Hanamaru: Heh heh heh! Ta-da, zura!
Ruby: Wait, I know what these are! They're Back to the Piyoko Manju!
Hanamaru: I want the people in this world to experience the taste of Tokyo. I tried making them from memory, zura!
Ruby: Wow! These are amazing, Hanamaru! They're just like real Piyoko Manju!
Ruby: Munch... Mmm! And they taste as good as they look!
Hanamaru: Munch... Zura! I could eat every single one, zura!
Yoshiko: Hey, that's enough! Save some for the customers! Don't just sit there and eat them all yourselves!
Hanamaru & Ruby: Hehehe...
Ruby: Wait, Yoshiko... I-is that black stuff what I think it is?
Yoshiko: Heh heh heh! Behold, Yohane's very own Tears of a Fallen Angel...
Yoshiko: Reborn in another world!
Tears of a Fallen Angel—a dish that Yoshiko invented before being whisked away to a different world.
Pretend you're making takoyaki, but leave the octopus meat out, and replace it with a large helping of hot sauce. It's a fresh take on a popular dish, but there's just one problem...
Ruby: Munch!
Ruby: ...
Ruby: Eeeeep!
Ruby: Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hooot!
Yoshiko's culinary creation was so spicy it caused Ruby to let out a shriek the moment she popped a piece of it into her mouth.
Perhaps that characteristic kick is the reason why not a single order of Tears of a Fallen Angel has ever been sold.
Yoshiko: I have faith that my Tears of a Fallen Angel will be able to take flight in this new
Hanamaru: I'm confiscating this, zura.
Yoshiko: Why!
Hanamaru: It doesn't matter what world you're in! Hot food is still hot, zura!
Hanamaru: If you can't make food that tastes normal, we'll never save this shop, zura! No more spicy food, zura!
Yoshiko: Urgh... Then let's use octopus meat in place of hot sauce. We can call it Tears of a Fallen Angel Featuring the Descendants of Orochi.
Hanamaru: You just described plain ol' takoyaki, zura... We oughta just call it that so there's no confusion, zura.
Ruby: Ahaha...
Hanamaru: It was a little touch-and-go there for a while, but we're finally ready to open up shop, zura!
Yoshiko: Sparkle! Now I just need to call on my little demons and wait for their arrival!
Ruby: Yay! I can't wait!
Having flawlessly completed their preparations, the time comes to open the snack bar for business.
But things don't go quite as planned...
No matter how long they wait, not a single customer shows up.

Saviors of the Snack Bar: Scene 2

The girls head out to distribute flyers advertising the snack bar around the island, where they learn that people have been avoiding the beach due to a high number of thefts in the area. Even so, the girls manage to attract a number of customers with their publicity.

Ruby: Glug, glug... Ahh...
Hanamaru: Munch, munch... Sigh...
Yoshiko: Why! Why is no one coming!
Business at the snack bar is nonexistent, so the girls take a break to eat all the leftover food.
Ruby: I wish I knew... They're missing out on Hanamaru's yummy food...
Yoshiko: I can't believe we didn't get a single customer! Something's not right, I tell you!
Yoshiko: Gasp! I bet I know what's going on!
Yoshiko: The evil Satan is here, and—
Hanamaru: That's not it, zura.
Yoshiko: At least let me finish!
Yoshiko: But... it really is weird that we're the only ones around here!
Hanamaru: Hm... Maybe we need to start by drawing people to the beach, zura...
Ruby: But how do we do that?
First-Years: Hmm...
Arms crossed, the three wrack their brains for an answer, but to no avail.
Suddenly Ruby recalls the smiling faces of Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, and You Watanabe in her mind.
Ruby: How did Chika and the others fill the gymnasium back then?
Aqours wasn't recognized as an official school idol club at first.
In order to be approved as a real club, they first had to fulfill Mari's strict conditions.
They were required to fill the gymnasium with people to watch their first concert.
Against all odds, Chika and the others did their best to meet Mari's requirements.
Hanamaru: Hehehe. They passed out flyer after flyer, zura.
Yoshiko: They even used the town's intercom system. The broadcast was a bit of a disaster...
Yoshiko: But they at least got their passion across.
Ruby: Why don't we do something like that? We can advertise the shop together!
Yoshiko: Nice idea. I'm not sure we can do a full-on broadcast, but we can at least get the word out!
Yoshiko: All right, let's commence the operation! Zuramaru! Ruby! It's time for some flyer-making!
Yoshiko: Sparkle! Let us go forth and lure little demons to this sealed ancient sanctuary!
Hanamaru: Roger that, Yoshiko! Zura!
Ruby: I'll do my Rubesty, Yoshiko!
Yoshiko: How many times do I have to tell you! Don't call me Yoshiko! My name's Yo-ha-ne!
And so the girls set to work attracting customers to the beach and snack bar.
After a few failed attempts, the three manage to make some cute flyers and head out to distribute them around the island.
The girls make their way to a nearby beach, only to be shocked at what they find there.
Ruby: Th-there are so many people here... But we're not even that far from the other beach...
Hanamaru: Munch... It's as busy as a big city out here. Wonder why? Munch!
Yoshiko: Good ques—hey! What are you eating, Zuramaru!
Hanamaru: Well, I made too many Piyoko Manju cakes, and I'd hate for them to go to waste, zura.
Hanamaru: And they're just so yummy, zura!
Hanamaru: Munch, munch! Once you start eating you just can't stop, zura!
Yoshiko: Sigh... Guess there's no point in arguing...
Yoshiko: Anyway, this is our chance! Let's get to work!
Ruby: O-okay...
Ruby: E-excuse me!
Tourist 1: Huh? Can I help you?
Tourist 2: Are you lost, little girl? Want me to help you find your mommy?
Ruby: Oh... No... I'm not lost... Um... Uh...
Hanamaru: Ruby! Do your Rubesty, zura!
Ruby: Okay!
Ruby: Um, here! Please take one!
Tourist 2: What's this?
Ruby: We're working at a snack bar on a beach near here!
Ruby: And, um, we'd like it if you could come! We'll make sure you get the best service!
Tourist 1: Well, now this is a surprise. You're working on that beach?
Tourist 2: Say, you're not hurt, are you? Haven't been attacked or anything, right?
Hanamaru & Ruby: Huh?
The tourist shares some important information with the girls out of concern for their safety.
It seems there have been a number of thefts near the beach where the trio is working.
Since the culprits are still on the loose, people have started to avoid the beach entirely.
Ruby: S-so that's why...
Hanamaru: Munch. I didn't realize it was such a scary place, zura.
Ruby: Yeah, I had no idea. I guess that means no one's going to come to the snack bar...
Hanamaru & Ruby: ...
Tourist 1: D-don't look so sad! I never said I wouldn't go!
Ruby: Huh? Really?
Tourist 1: If it means getting served by cute young ladies like you two, it might be worth the risk.
Tourist 2: Hehe... And besides, there haven't been as many thefts recently.
Ruby: So you'll come?
Tourist 1: Sure! I'm expecting some five-star service!
Ruby: Yes! Of course! You can count on Ruby!
Tourist 2: Hehehe. So your name's Ruby? You're so precious I could just eat you up. I can't wait to visit your shop.
Hanamaru: Hehehe. Ruby, you did it, zura!
Ruby: Huh? Where's Yoshiko—
Yoshiko: Sparkle! It's my final curse project—release Lucifer!
Yoshiko: Come forth, little demons, brimming with demonic power! Gather before me!
Tourist 3: Wh-what's all that about? Is some kind of show starting?
Tourist 4: Was she just reciting a spell? Think she's a mage?
Yoshiko: Heh heh heh. Nay, I say! I am the fallen angel, Yohane, who has descended from the heavens!
Yoshiko: Come, form a contract with the fallen angel, Yohane, and become my little demons!
Hanamaru: Stop that.
Yoshiko: Ow! Wh-what was that for, Mega-Furious Demonmaru!
Hanamaru: Tone down the fallen angel talk, zura. You're bothering everyone, Yoshiko.
Yoshiko: D-don't call me Yoshiko, Zuramaru! My name is Yo-ha-ne!
Tourist 3: Heh... You're a hoot. Did I hear you're working over at the beach snack bar?
Tourist 4: Maybe we ought to pay you ladies a visit. I might even be interested in becoming one of your little demons!
Yoshiko: Heh... Heh heh heh... My final curse project was a success...
Hanamaru: Pretty sure that was just a coincidence, zura...
Ruby: Hehehe... But it sounds like we're going to have a lot of customers!
Hanamaru: Things are about to get busy! Let's give it our Rubesty, zura!
Ruby: I'll give it my Rubesty!
Yoshiko: Sparkle! Now all that's left is to lead my lost little demons to their demise!
Hanamaru: How about leading them to the snack bar instead, zura?
???: Well, well... The beach snack bar, huh?
???: Heh heh...

Saviors of the Snack Bar: Scene 3

Business booms at the snack bar thanks to the trio's publicity and top-notch service. But suddenly they discover that a number of their customers' bags—as well as their own profits—have been stolen. Luckily the girls are able to track down the thieves after hearing them scream from eating Yoshiko's super spicy dish.

Thanks to the girls' publicity, a large group of customers have gathered at the snack bar.
Whether because of the trio's charm or their top-notch service, business at the snack bar is booming.
Ruby: Yay! Everyone's so happy!
Hanamaru: And no bad guys showed up! It's a huge success, zura!
Yoshiko: Indeed. My Tears of a Fallen Angel aren't selling at all though...
Hanamaru: Huh? You mean the Descendants of Orochi, zura? I've seen a lot of people ordering
Hanamaru: Wait, those are just regular Tears of a Fallen Angel, zura! When did you make those, zura!
Hanamaru: And just when things were going so well! It'll be a disaster if somebody eats that stuff, zura! I'm confiscating it, zura!
Yoshiko: How could you!
Scream: Eeek! Th-thief!
First-Years: ...!
Tourist 1: A-a thief? Where?
Tourist 2: I think they already got away—
Tourist 1: Hey! Our bags are gone!
Tourist 3: Mine too! When did they even take it?
Hanamaru: O-oh no, zura... The thieves are at it again, zura!
Ruby: Eep!
Yoshiko: Wh-what's wrong, Ruby?
Ruby: A-all the money we made is gone! Along with the snack bar's funds!
Hanamaru: Zura! Wh-when did that happen? I totally didn't notice, zura...
Ruby: Ngh... Now we won't be able to buy the materials for Lyria's and Io's costumes...
Hanamaru: Th-there's gotta be something we can do...
Yoshiko: Urgh... Huh? Where did the Tears of a Fallen Angel go?
Thief 1: Heh heh heh. We made a killing! Can't remember the last time my pockets were this padded!
Thief 2: Yeah, nothing to complain about here... I do have one regret though.
Thief 1: Bet you wanted to try that food. Them young ladies were cookin' up some scrumptious-lookin' grub.
Thief 1: I wanted to give it a taste too... So I snatched some along with the dough! Check it out!
Thief 2: See, this is why I team up with you!
Hey... Why's it all black?
Thief 1: It may not be a feast for the eyes, but I'm sure it's a feast for the stomach! Let's dig in!
Thieves: Chomp...
Thieves: ...!
Thieves: Gyaaaaah!
Thieves: Hot! Hot, hot hot! Hot, hot, hot, hooot!
Ruby: Th-there they are! And they have the bags with them!
Thieves: C-crap!
Hanamaru: Yoshiko!
Yoshiko: Yo-ha-ne!
In the blink of an eye, Yoshiko dashes over and grabs one of the thieves by the arm.
She then skillfully twists her arms and legs around the woman, restraining her perfectly.
The move is not unlike the finishing hold used by the duelists at the Jewel Resort.
Yoshiko: Fallen Angel Secret Technique: Fallen Dragon Phoenix Hold!
Thief 2: Owww! Wh-what's up with this girl?
Ruby: W-wow... Yoshiko's incredible... That was a flawless cobra twist...
Hanamaru: L-let's go, zura! Come on, Ruby!
Ruby: Y-yeah!
Thief 1: Why, you little! Leggo of my partner!

Saviors of the Snack Bar: Scene 4

Word spreads that the thieves have been captured, and business picks up at the snack bar. The girls complete their mission with flying colors and are rewarded with the materials for their friends' costumes. Excitement running high, they begin practicing for their upcoming concert together.

Thieves: U-urgh...
The thieves are successfully captured by passing guards.
Thanks to the trio's actions, peace has returned to the beach once more.
The snack bar gets even busier as people gather to catch a glimpse of the three girls who saved the beach.
Yoshiko: Heh heh heh! Offer thanks to your savior, the fallen angel, Yohane!
Ruby: You really saved the day! Thanks, Yoshiko!
Hanamaru: I can't believe those Tears of a Fallen Angel actually turned out to be useful, zura... Yoshiko, I'm starting to see you in a whole new light, zura!
Yoshiko: Hey! How many times do I have to tell you! My name is Yohane!
Tourist 1: Ruby! Could I get a juice over here, please? With one of your lovely smiles on the side!
Tourist 3: Lady Yohane! Let's descend together!
First-Years: Coming!
The girls exchange bright smiles as they return to work at the now-bustling shop.
They have succeeded at becoming the saviors of the beach snack bar.
And finally all their hard work pays off.
Aqours: Wow!
Lyria: Hehe... Wh-what do you think?
Gran is the Main Character

Hanamaru: Wow, you two look adorable, zura!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Ruby: Wowie! You three look just like school idols! You're all so cute!
Io: You know... I didn't really notice until I put it on, but these cutesy outfits are kind of embarrassing...
Ruby: Oh, are you shy like me, Io?
Io: Th-that's not it! I'm just...
Io: Kinda nervous.
Hanamaru: Hehe. Don't worry, zura. The concert's gonna be great, zura.
Yoshiko: Of course it is! You'll have the fallen angel, Yoshiko, by your side after all!
Yoshiko: If you descend with me, we'll be able to make all the skydwellers into my little demons in no time!
Ruby: I did it, so I know you can too, Io!
Lyria: Hehe. Let's get out there and give it everything we've got, Io!
Io: O-okay!
Yoshiko: Sparkle! Let the ritual begin! The time has come for the skies to descend!
And so, having secured their costumes, the girls begin practicing for their concert in Tenacie.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ぴぎゃぁぁぁぁっ! Eeeeep!
(主人公)堕天使と契約しない? (Captain)... Are you prepared to form a contract with the fallen angel, Yohane?
ま、まだ少し怖いけど…この世界も楽しいね… It's still a little scary, but... this world's pretty fun.
ちょ、ちょっと…休憩したいずら… C-can we... take a break, zura?
(主人公)さんルビィ役に立ててる? Am I being helpful, (Captain)?
絵本の世界みたいで楽しいずら~♪ This world's so much fun! It's just like a storybook, zura!
ギラン! Sparkle!
あむ! (主人公)さん一緒に食べるずら? Munch! (Captain), you want some, zura?
ハッ…今の魔力はもしかしてサタン…!? Gasp! Could that power have been... Satan's?
Aqours、サンシャイン! Aqours... Sunshine!

Other Appearances


Saintly Core

Saintly Core.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Recover 1 evolution point.
During your turn, when an allied follower evolves, randomly banish an enemy follower with the highest attack in play, then banish this amulet.

"The sky is with you!"

Class Havencraft
Trait Machina
Card Pack Love Live! School Idol Festival Tie-in
SV Portal Saintly Core
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sagacious Core

Sagacious Core.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Recover 1 evolution point.
During your turn, when an allied follower evolves, put 2 Insights into your hand, recover 2 play points, and then banish this amulet.

Maybe I'm not as good as Sis, but...

Class Runecraft
Trait Machina
Card Pack Love Live! School Idol Festival Tie-in
SV Portal Sagacious Core
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sanguine Core

Sanguine Core.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Recover 1 evolution point.
During your turn, when an allied follower evolves, restore 10 defense to your leader, then banish this amulet.

"I shall descend on the day of Ragnarok!"

Class Bloodcraft
Trait Machina
Card Pack Love Live! School Idol Festival Tie-in
SV Portal Sanguine Core
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other