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Journal Entry

Kaede Takagaki
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Saori Hayami
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991736000
Release Date 2020-05-15
Cinderella Fantasy: To the Skies Once More

A former model who transitioned to idol when her agency began dipping its toes into the idol business. She's been traveling as a skyfarer ever since coming to the Sky Realm, where her breathtaking singing voice accompanies her magic spells, sweeping up all in a whirlwind of positive energy.



  • Kaede is the only Cinderella Girls character whose outfit is not taken from the Dice DE Cinderella minigame from The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls mobile game.
  • She is also the only Cinderella Girls character who is not playable in Dice DE Cinderella.
  • Instead, her outfit is based on her [Yokaze no Sasoi] Takagaki Kaede+ card from The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage.
  • Her skill, Ability m 1157 3.png KoikazeAll allies gain Status 6848.pngOverflowing EmotionsATK is boosted / Double attack rate is boosted / Triple attack rate is boosted (Can't be removed)
    Strength: 30% ATK Up, 20% DA Up, 10% TA UpMultiplier: NormalDuration: 5 turnsSpecial buff
    refers to her image song of the same name.
  • She is a huge fan of puns.[1]
    • In particular, she enjoys homophones. She thinks they are the "perfect pun material".

Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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Hot Springs Nocturne

Sensing a tinge of melancholy in Kaede, the crew tries to cheer her up. Fellow idol Mizuki recommends taking a relaxing trip to a magical hot spring resort up in the mountains.

Some time has passed since Kaede joined the crew.
Kaede: ...
She is gazing at the night sky from the Grandcypher's deck, a tinge of wistful melancholy in her eyes.
Vyrn: Hey, isn't that Kaede over there? I wonder what she's up to.
Lyria: From the look on her face, she seems really worried.
Kaede: Sigh...
Kaede: (Airship... Air... ship... Shipping in the air?)
Kaede: (No, I need to knead out the kinks in my puns...)
The serene moonlight highlights the features of her pensive profile, while the night breeze gently ruffles her hair.
(Captain) and company continue taking in the sight of Kaede.
Vyrn: Is it just me, or does something about Kaede look picture-perfect? Sure, she's just looking at the sky, but there's this aura about her...
Lyria: Yeah... It's like we're watching someone on stage.
Lyria: No, that's not quite right!
Lyria: The way she sighed just now makes it seem like she's reminiscing about her home world.
Vyrn: Wish we could do something to cheer her up—just as long as it doesn't involve any drinks...
Mizuki: Oh, what's everyone doing out here? Staying up late isn't good for your health or your complexion.
Mizuki Kawashima is a twenty-eight-year-old who, like her good friend Kaede, works as an idol back home.
Ever since wandering into the world of the skies, she and Kaede have been traveling together with the crew.
(Captain) and company explain to Mizuki that they'd like to cheer up Kaede.
Lyria: Kaede-san seems really worried about something... I can't imagine how lonely she must be feeling.
Mizuki: Oh, I see...
Mizuki: (I know that face... No doubt she's just trying to work out some pun.)
Mizuki: (But yeah, I can see why they're concerned... She looks worried sick when she gets like this.)
Mizuki: (Then again, this could be the perfect chance for Kaede-chan to really hit it off with (Captain)-san and the others!)
Vyrn: Hey, did we lose you back there?
Mizuki: Ah, sorry! I hope I wasn't putting on an unpleasant face. Smile, Mizuki, smile...
Mizuki: By the way... Did you know Kaede-chan loves touring hot springs? How about we all go together some time?
Mizuki: The two of us came across this flyer when we went for a walk in town today.
Mizuki produces a leaflet that details a hot springs resort deep in the mountains.
Mizuki: This particular one is filled with magical energy that's great for the skin. Kaede-chan seemed pretty interested.
Lyria: A group trip to the hot springs? Sounds like fun! Thanks for the suggestion, Kawashima-san!
Vyrn: You two get along like best buds. Do you hang out together a lot?
Mizuki: Haha. Let's just say there's a lot that comes with being mature magical girls.
Following Mizuki's advice, (Captain) and company call out to Kaede.
Kaede: Oh, yeah. I was curious about the magical hot springs. How nice it'd be to take a dip in one.
Kaede: In my world, there was no such thing as a hot spring filled with magic for people to spring into after all.
Kaede: Heheh.
Vyrn: Ooh, not bad!
Kaede: So we'll be heading out early then? I guess that means we should hurry up and lay down so we aren't delayed in the morning.
Kaede: Teehee. I can't wait. Good night.
Lyria: Mm-hm, good night.
Lyria: Did you see that spark in Kaede-san's eyes? She must really love hot springs!
Vyrn: Yep, sure didn't expect her to brighten up like that. And did you notice she was punning the whole time? Or was I imagining it?
  1. I noticed too.
  2. She's an incorrigible punster...
  3. You definitely imagined it.

Choose: I noticed too.
Vyrn: Thought so! You know, I even thought it was Siero talking for a sec!

Choose: She's an incorrigible punster...
Vyrn: Oh, please don't tell me that we should incorrige her.
Vyrn: Ahaha, I could get used to this.

Choose: You definitely imagined it.
Vyrn: You think so? Hm, I guess I've just got an active imagination!
Continue 1
(Captain) and company are relieved to see Kaede quietly walking away in high spirits.

Hot Springs Nocturne: Scene 2

On the following day, (Captain) and company experience the magical hot springs for themselves. While enjoying dinner, the crew has a brief chat with the easygoing owner of the establishment and other visitors and remarks on what a wonderful place it is.

Mizuki: Whew, I feel incredible!
Lyria: It was so beautiful how the bath water glowed pink!
Mizuki: And I can already feel the magic soaking into my skin! Look at how silky smooth it is!
It is a day after (Captain) and company invited Kaede to a hot springs resort.
They have just gotten out of a long relaxing dip in the magical hot spring and are now gathered in the establishment's foyer.
Vyrn: How was it for you, Kaede? Did it live up to your hype?
Kaede: Um, well... The bathing area was really well-maintained, and I could definitely feel the magical properties of the water...
Kaede: I'm satisfied, to be sure. But it didn't exactly live up to my expectations either.
Kaede: I can't put my finger on it, but it seemed to be missing something very important...
Mizuki: I know exactly what you mean, Kaede-chan. Here's what it was missing!
Mizuki: Ta-da! No good hot spring dip is complete without a healthy helping of drinks and snacks!
Kaede: That looks familiar... Weren't they selling those at the food booth?
Mizuki: Haha, I noticed you had your eyes on the items they had too!
Mizuki: Nothing beats a glass of sweet alcohol after a refreshing dip—especially when that alcohol is an unknown variety from a whole new world!
Mizuki: And I picked up juice for the rest of you. We should have a toast!
Kaede: Hehe, you know me so well, Mizuki-san. A good spirit always lifts my spirits!
Mizuki: Oh, there you go again, Kaede-chan!
Soon enough each person is holding a glass, some filled with alcohol and others filled with juice.
Kaede: Here goes, everyone...
Kaede & Mizuki: Cheers!
  1. Cheers!

Choose: Cheers!
Kaede: Glug... Whew.
Kaede: Mm... What a refreshing taste. I'm guessing it's made from... grains?
Mizuki: Great stuff, huh? It's a lot like the type of sake we have back home! I heard this is what the locals drink around here.
Vyrn: These fried mushrooms are somethin' else! They go together with apple juice like bread goes with butter!
Kaede: Yeah, the snacks are really good too—so good that I might just keel over and turn to mush. Give me some legroom... or a bedroom.
  1. Spoken like a true punster!
  2. ...

Choose: Spoken like a true punster!
Lyria: Oh, I get it! Turn to mush, legroom, bedroom... mushroom! Wow, you're so good at this, Kaede-san!
Mizuki: Lyria-chan, you'll be bushed before you know it if you respond to all her wordplay. 'Cause once she starts drinking, she doesn't stop.
Kaede: Haha, I'm sure we can stomach more! Let's drink, eat, and pun the day away.

Choose: ...
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)... Wasn't that a pun just now?
Mizuki: Hehe. Looks like (Captain) noticed but decided to keep quiet.
Mizuki: You know what's up then! Respond to every one of Kaede-chan's quips, and you'll just tire yourself out!
Kaede: But I'll be so lonely if everyone gives me the cold shoulder... Sniff...
Seeing Kaede pout, (Captain) is quick to change tune and praises her for the masterful pun.
Continue 1
After a fun chat in the foyer, the crew proceeds to the resort's dining hall for dinner.
Kaede: Phew... Good food, good drinks, it's almost unbeerlievable...
Mizuki: Can you believe how flavorful this simmered dish is? This is top-of-the line cuisine you wouldn't find at your usual resort!
Kaede: Ooh, that reminds me...
Kaede perks up as she waves her staff at the sake bottle.
Kaede: Lalala...
The bottle glows a light green color and warms up their surroundings.
Mizuki: K-Kaede-chan, you absolute genius! Why didn't I think of that!
Kaede: Teehee. I figured hot sake probably goes really well with this simmered dish.
Mizuki: Leave it to Magical Mizuki to chill ourselves some ice-cold beer then!
Vyrn: Way to go, Kaede! You're a pretty nifty spellslinger yourself!
Kaede: It definitely comes in handy when we're looking to spice up our drinks.
Kaede pours some hot sake into a small cup, her mischievous expression lighting up with bliss.
Kaede: Mm, perfect, just as I thought. Why don't you try some too, Mizuki-san?
Mizuki: You're the best, Kaede-chan! I'll have a cup!
Kaede: Would you like me to warm up your apple juice too, Vyrn? It might taste better...
Vyrn: Ack! Please, no! I like my apple juice as is!
Kaede: Aw, too bad... Haha, I jest.
Vyrn: C'mon now...
Vyrn: I took you for the quiet sis type, but you betrayed my expectations in a good way.
Lyria: Teehee, I know exactly what you mean.
Lyria: I wouldn't have expected such a pretty girl to love alcohol, hot springs, and puns so much.
Kaede: Yeah, I get that a lot... "You're such a beauty; too bad you just pun it all away," they tell me...
Mizuki: It's not easy for Kaede-chan. She started out as a model, so she's expected to act the part for a lot of jobs.
Mizuki: Besides, Lyria, we all have our own interests.
Lyria: Ehehe... That's true too!
Lyria: I guess I had a slightly different idea of idols.
Vyrn: Can't be easy upholdin' your image to keep the fans happy.
As their conversation continues to blossom, a cheery man approaches.
Grandpa: Hello there, travelers! I hope you enjoyed the hot spring!
Vyrn: Huh? Didja need something, mister?
Grandpa: Ah, forgive me for being so forward. I manage this resort. Please feel free to call me Gramps.
Mizuki: Oh, we love this place! You not only have a wonderful bath, but the food and drinks are also especially fine!
Grandpa: Heheh, appreciate the compliment!
Regular Patron 1: Yo, Gramps! You better not be gettin' too excited chattin' up the ladies!
Regular Patron 2: Yeah, I never see you smiling like that when you talk to me!
Grandpa: Hahah, you guys come here so often that I almost forgot you're my guests! But rest assured, miss: you're as beautiful as a goddess!
Grandpa: Well, I'll be getting back to work now. Please enjoy your time here!
Lyria: That grandpa really gets along with his customers, huh!
Regular Patron 2: Mm-hm. You couldn't ask for a better proprietor. He does everything he can for his guests... Did you know he even prepares all the meals?
Regular Patron 1: His sunny optimism is so infectious that I can't help but come by regularly just to see him!
Kaede: That's a great relationship to have. Like the connection that booze and hot springs share... Scratch that—more like booze and snacks...
Mizuki: Hehe, like the best friend you never knew you needed.
Vyrn: Er, you sure that even makes sense?
Regular Patron 1: Man, you guys are a riot! I've got a special brand of whiskey tucked away. I'll be right back to share it with you guys!
Regular Patron 2: How about a few small bites from the resort's secret menu? Since we're all gathered here, we might as well enjoy our time together.
Kaede: Oh, how kind of you. We'll take you up on that offer.
The crew enjoys a splendid time with this friendly pair in the resort.

Hot Springs Nocturne: Scene 3

The crew spots the proprietor sprinkling magical powder into the hot springs. He explains that the natural wellspring of magic for these springs dried up long ago, but he has been keeping that knowledge to himself so as not to let down his guests. Kaede admonishes the proprietor to come out with the truth, then suggests that there may be a way to restore the magical energy of the hot springs.

After a satisfying dinner, the crew head out for their stroll back to the Grandcypher, happily rubbing their bellies along the way.
Mizuki: Wow, today was such a blast! Although I might've eaten a bit too much.
Lyria: You can just exercise it off tomorrow!
Mizuki: Lyria-chan, my sweet summer child... Producer-kun's not going to be too pleased if we don't watch our weight.
Kaede: ...
Mizuki: W-wait. Kaede-chan, where are you going?
Confused as to why Kaede is going off in another direction, the crew chases after her.
Kaede stops in a clearing behind the hot springs resort.
Lyria: Kaede-san, is everything okay?
Kaede: Something feels amiss about the wind blowing from this direction...
The resort's manager shows up, carefully surveying his surroundings as he moves along. The crew ducks out of view.
Grandpa: ...
Vyrn: Hey, it's the old man from earlier. He's looking awfully suspicious right now...
The grandpa takes out handfuls of powder from the paper bag in his hand and sprinkles some into one of the baths.
The water begins to glow pink.
Mizuki: That's the same color as the one we went into!
Lyria: Doesn't that mean the powder's—
Grandpa: Who goes there!
Vyrn: Crud! He's gonna spot us!
Kaede: ...
Kaede slowly comes out of the shadows and stands before the old man.
Kaede: It's me, Gramps.
Grandpa: Y-you're the lady from earlier!
Grandpa: I can't let you leave now that you've seen what I do here!
The grandpa grabs a nearby tool and directs it at Kaede.
Kaede: Your hands are shaking. You're not the type to hurt others.
Grandpa: ...!
Kaede: I'm more than willing to listen, if you'll tell me how things came to this.
Grandpa: ...
Grandpa: I suppose the jig is up, eh...
They move to the resort's office, where the grandpa explains his circumstances to the crew.
Grandpa: As I'm sure you know, our magical hot springs are our main selling point.
Grandpa: There's some rock mass not too far off from here filled with arcane energy that seeps into the hot springs.
However, that energy is finite. The source began to dry up a few years ago, leaving the hot springs nearly devoid of any magical properties.
Grandpa: Thing is, my guests come here for the magic in those hot springs. That's why I went out of my way to procure some magical powder...
Kaede: So that's why it felt like something was lacking when I went in for a dip earlier.
Kaede: Even though I could sense the magic, it didn't quite blend in with the bath as it normally should.
Grandpa: Haha, I suppose there was no fooling a skilled sorceress like yourself...
Grandpa: What a dumb thing I've been doing... Yeah, even I know that...
Grandpa: But it was the only thing I could think of to keep my guests smiling!
Mizuki: Gramps...
The grandpa's unfortunate circumstances are now laid bare to the crew.
Kaede: ...
A thick silence fills the air, until Kaede finally speaks up.
Kaede: Those two guests I spoke to today? They were so happy just to be here.
Kaede: And I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with the magical hot springs.
Grandpa: Wh-what are you saying! Without the magical baths, this place is practically worthless!
Kaede: Your guests come because they trust you.
Kaede: They see how much effort you put into tending to the needs of your guests day-in, day-out, even going as far as preparing all the meals yourself.
Kaede: You are what makes this place so special and keeps the guests coming back for more.
Grandpa: Y-you think it's all me?
Kaede: How about you? Do you trust your guests?
Grandpa: Course I do! Some of them have been regulars for over a decade, come rain or shine—even before this place's reputation started to spread.
Kaede: In a way, they climbed the steps to success along with you. And magic had nothing to do with it.
Kaede: So, Gramps. Why don't you show your guests the truth about how things really are?
Grandpa: B-but...
Kaede: Yes, you don't want to fall short of their expectations... I can understand how that might feel.
Kaede: But it'll be okay.
Kaede: Even if you lose a bit of the magic in these hot springs, you're still here.
Grandpa: ...!
Grandpa: Sniff... What a stupid thing I've been doing all this time...
The grandpa grits his teeth, then wipes his tears and looks straight ahead.
Grandpa: Okay... I'm going to tell them the truth and ask for their forgiveness.
Grandpa: It's time to turn this place back into the upstanding resort it once was!
His sunny disposition restored, the grandpa speaks with conviction.
Kaede: Wonderful... I'm glad to see you so determined.
Kaede: And... there's just one more thing.
Looking the grandpa right in the eyes, Kaede has a surprise in store for him.
Kaede: There might be a way for you to keep the magical hot springs running.
Grandpa: Huh?
The grandpa is struck speechless at the revelation.
However, no one else present is quite sure what exactly Kaede has in mind.

Hot Springs Nocturne: Scene 4

The crew finds the magical source of the hot springs, which Kaede manages to reactivate. She credits Mizuki for helping her train in magic recently. Days later, Kaede is on the Grandcypher's deck reminiscing about her home world, hopeful that her experiences in the Sky Realm will prove to be a boon upon her eventual return.

Following Kaede's lead, (Captain) and company arrive at the source of the hot springs deep in the mountains.
They see steam rising up from a lake.
Kaede: ...
Kaede: The dormant arcane energy I'm sensing here must be coming from the magical rock mass underwater.
Kaede: If I can just use my own magic to resonate with it, like a metronome...
Mizuki: Kaede-chan! If you do that...
Vyrn: Whoa... You sayin' you can activate the dormant magic of the rock mass, Kaede?
Grandpa: You're being reckless! It'd take an inordinate amount of magic to pull off such a feat!
Kaede: Don't you think it's at least worth trying?
Grandpa: But... Using that much magic at once could be dangerous for you...
Kaede: I'll be fine. Trust me.
Kaede shoots the alarmed grandpa a gentle smile as if to calm him down.
Kaede: If it works on sake, then it'll definitely work on a hot spring.
She takes a deep breath before swinging her staff toward the lake.
A torrent of magic bursts out from her weapon and plunges into the lake.
Kaede: Lalala...
As Kaede gracefully breaks into song, her magic takes the form of a brilliant light that radiates outward.
It isn't long before the entire lake begins to emit a light green glow.
A mystifying breeze tickles the cheeks of (Captain) and company as they watch in wonderment.
What happens next comes as an even bigger surprise.
A pink jet of water gushes forth, rising high into the skies.
Vyrn: Whoa! What are we seeing here?
Grandpa: Aah, the water's spouting again! This is how it used to be in the glory days!
Mizuki: Turning a lake back into the hot spring it used to be? That's an impressive display of magic!
Kaede: This is such a relief to see.
Kaede: Heheh.
Proud of her feat, Kaede cracks a buoyant smile.
The crew parts with the teary-eyed and thankful grandpa, leaving the hot springs resort behind.
Mizuki: I know he said he'd be apologizing to his guests, but...
Kaede: I'm not worried. I'm confident they'll come to forgive him. More importantly...
Kaede: He was so delighted and sincere when he told us to come visit again anytime.
Mizuki: Yeah, he even gave us some sake from his personal stash. That's one favor I wouldn't mind repaying!
Vyrn: I'm still reeling from how you managed to save those magical hot springs! You're a total wiz, Kaede!
Kaede: Aww, you're making me blush. Of course, I have to give credit to Mizuki-san too.
Lyria: Kawashima-san? What do you mean?
Kaede: Truth is... I spent some time practicing my spells with Mizuki-san.
Kaede: I thought honing my skills might come in handy as a skyfarer.
Mizuki: Mm-hm! I might've said this earlier, but there's a lot that comes with being a mature magical girl.
Mizuki: But even then, I really have to give it to you for pulling off that feat, Kaede-chan.
Vyrn: So that's what you two went out together for! I figured you'd just gone bar-hopping!
Mizuki: Well, we did kind of did that too...
Kaede: Pacing yourself is important after all. Both for your skin, and for your magical skills.
Kaede: Anyway... Sorry to change the subject, but why don't we have a soiree when we get back to the ship?
Vyrn: Oh, there you go again! You're really somethin' else, in more ways than one...
Mizuki: Haha, that's part of her charm.
Mizuki: All right then, Kaede-chan! Seeing as we don't have any assignments for tomorrow, I'll keep you company tonight!
Kaede: You're the best kind of company, Mizuki-san!
Laughter fills the air as they continue on their way.
One night, some time after the hot springs visit...
Kaede: ...
Kaede is gazing at the night sky from the Grandcypher's deck, a tinge of wistful melancholy in her eyes.
Vyrn: Hey, isn't that Kaede over there? I wonder what she's up to.
Lyria: From the look on her face, she seems really worried.
Vyrn: I'm gonna take a wild guess here, but you think she's just working out some pun again?
Lyria: Kawashima-san did mention that's what she was doing last time!
Vyrn: Welp, I wouldn't wanna break her concentration, so let's just leave her be.
Lyria: Teehee. Maybe she'll tell us the pun later!
Kaede: ...
Kaede: (Producer... What are you doing right now? I hope you haven't fallen asleep from overworking yourself in the office again.)
Kaede: (We've spun so many precious songs together for the fans...)
Kaede: (Singing those songs warms my heart and gives me strength... And that seems to be a constant in this world as well.)
Kaede: ...
Kaede: (I wonder...)
Kaede: (No, I'm certain that I'll be able to sing by your side again someday...)
Kaede: (After all... There's still so much for us to do together.)
Kaede: (That's why I'll make the most of my time here and use what I've learned to help me as an idol.)
Kaede: (The next time we go drinking together, you're going to tell me all about your favorite drinks.)
Kaede: Ah...
Suddenly reaching an epiphany, Kaede mutters toward the night sky.
Kaede: As a skyfarer, I couldn't ask for a fairer dream to come true.
Kaede: Teehee.
Catching a gust of wind, her dress flutters like the leaves of a blossoming poplar.
Her heartfelt attitude will continue to prove to be a breath of fresh air for the crew.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
どうして空は蒼いのですかい…ふふ Can someone tell me what makes the sky blue? Teehee...
夜風が吹いてきて…飲み屋さんが呼んでる? The night breeze blowing against my skin is a sign... A sign that it's time to go drinking.
魔法って便利ですね手軽に熱燗にできるなんて It's so much easier to make hot sake with these magical powers.
大切な歌なんです踏み出す力をくれる… That song means a lot to me... It gives me strength.
あたたかくて心強い風…ここにいても感じます These warm, soothing winds are such a relief.
(とびきり酸っぱい梅が食べたい…) (I could really go for some extra-sour pickled plums...)
ビィさん…ビール…あ、思いつきそう Vyrn... Vodka... Oh, what am I saying.
ルリアちゃんとの出会いはなんだか運命を感じます My meeting with Lyria-chan can only be kismet.
(主人公)さんは頼りになりますね It's so reassuring to have (Captain)-san around.
(主人公)さんともいつか酌み交わしたいです I'd love to have a drink with (Captain)-san one day.


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