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Stamp16.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Second Advent - Opening

In a desolate world far removed from the Sky and Astral Realms, a young man does battle with strange life-forms. He dispatches them one after the next, but as he is about to leave, another appears behind him.

There exists a world wrapped in the embrace of a cold, indifferent abyss. It's a world far removed from a familiar, pale blue dot. A world devoid of nature's warmth.
Strange beings can be found on this barren, frigid landscape. They are humanoid in appearance, except their bodies ripple like heat waves seen on a hot day.
???: ...
The four arms dangling from their shoulders sway back and forth as the beings mill about without concern.
That is, until a young man arrives.
???: ...!
???: Atgert dounf.
???: Tragnist insiosm.
The young man thrusts his spear through the beings' bodies one after another.
???: ...
They pulsate in agony, grow dim, and then dissipate into the darkness.
???: Atgert wond.
With all the beings dead, the young man turns his back to the slaughter.
???: ...
???: ...

Second Advent - Opening: Give and Take - Episode 1

The young man deflects the sneak attack with ease and kills his attacker. In doing so, he angers the other life-forms, which attack once more.

???: ...
As soon as the young man turns away from his killing spree, a shadow sneaks up behind him.
Four arms strike at the man's neck with silent, deadly precision.
But the would-be victim suddenly vanishes from the ambusher's sight.
???: ...
The bewildered being's body flashes with light. The young man has stabbed it from behind in the blink of an eye.
???: ...
???: ...!
Another being flickers wildly, perhaps in agitation over the murder of its companions.
???: Atgert eggneda.

Second Advent - Chapter 1: Give and Take - Episode 1

Battle concluded, the young man—whose name is Cassius—returns to his sparsely furnished quarters for a brief rest before being summoned to receive his next mission.

With his battles over, the young man retires to his room—a pure white box that feels sterile in all respects.
He stows his weapon with a short sigh of relief and reaches for the only creature comfort he has: literature.
He begins to read the pages inscribed with symbols resembling black-and-white geometric abstractions.
The only way to tell if the man truly understands what is written is from an occasional contemplative nod.
A mechanical alert cuts through the silence of the room as he's about to turn a page.
He touches his earpiece.
Artificial Voice: Tagen sussica.
???: ...
The young man sighs upon hearing the voice in his head and fiddles with the choker around his neck.
Soon the voice is transposed into a different language.
Artificial Voice: Congratulations, Agent Cassius.
Artificial Voice: You have eclipsed a new contribution tier, which grants a promotion from sigma-18 to alpha-9.
Artificial Voice: You are free to use the alpha-9 living quarters and class-1 rations.
Artificial Voice: One additional personal effect has been authorized. Daily free time has been extended by one hour. Requesting time-off is now—
Cassius, as the voice called the young man, listens with disinterest.
The monotonous droning is suddenly cut off and replaced by a clipped, raspy voice.
Raspy Voice: Is the multilingual converter working properly, Cassius? Are you hearing everything in fossil speech?
Cassius: It works fine. I find this erratic, illogical language to be fascinating.
Raspy Voice: I see. Very typical of you.
Raspy Voice: Cassius. How far will you go to sate that curiosity of yours?
Raspy Voice: Instead of paying lip service to your promotion, I'd rather entrust you with a special mission.
Raspy Voice: Details to follow at Central Axis.
Cassius: Heh.
Cassius puts his book away and exits the room.

Second Advent - Chapter 1: Give and Take - Episode 2

Beatrix is called to the Society research facility known as Site Zero for what she thinks is a top-secret assignment. She is disappointed to find Zeta, Vaseraga, Eustace, and Ilsa already there. Their speculation about the nature of the summons is interrupted by the appearance of an elderly man.

Any version of Beatrix is a crew member

Beatrix: Heheh! Secret agent Beatrix! Secret agent Beatrix!
No version of Beatrix in crew

???: Heheh! Secret agent Beatrix! Secret agent Beatrix!
This happily-humming young woman is Beatrix.
She's a member of an organization known as the Society. They authorized her to make a pact with Embrasque, a sword capable of killing primal beasts.
In the past she fought alongside (Captain) and has flown with the crew on several occasions.
Beatrix has been summoned to Site Zero, a Society installation, for reasons she was told are classified.
She's in a good mood because in her mind, classified can only mean one thing: she's getting her own top-secret mission.
Beatrix: Heheh! The bosses finally noticed me!
Beatrix: I mean, how could they not after all the stuff I've been doing recently?
Beatrix: Well, I can't take all the credit though. (Captain) helped too.
Beatrix: And I definitely couldn't have gotten this far without you, Embrasque.
Beatrix: So let's keep the good times rolling, you and me!
Beatrix lets out a laugh as she gently strokes Embrasque.
She eagerly skips all the way to the designated meeting room where she encounters a terrible shock.
???: Ah. Hey, Bea.
Beatrix: Wha! Zeta? Wait, what!
A few familiar faces are already assembled in the room.
Beatrix: Nooo! It was supposed to be just me—
Any version of Eustace is a crew member

Eustace: Fool.
No version of Eustace in crew

???: Fool.
The man with a dour expression on his face sighs in exasperation. His name is Eustace.
He's a member of the Society and known for his taciturnity. He's also Beatrix's superior.
Beatrix: Are you serious? That's not how you say hi to someone you haven't seen in a while!
Zeta: Hahaha. But he's right, Bea.
No version of Zeta in crew

Teasing laughter comes from a young woman named Zeta.
She's a top-class trooper for the Society and one of Beatrix's oldest friends.
Beatrix: You're killing me, Zeta!
Any version of Vaseraga is a crew member

Vaseraga: This is a highly-classified meeting just as you thought, Beatrix. The only difference being, we're all included.
No version of Vaseraga in crew

???: This is a highly-classified meeting just as you thought, Beatrix. The only difference being, we're all included.
Vaseraga is the imposing man clad in black armor.
He's a stalwart warrior of the Society and Zeta's partner.
Beatrix: Tch. This sucks. I thought they were gonna give me my own mission.
Any version of Ilsa is a crew member

Ilsa: Were you explicitly told this meeting would be about a mission? What made you think that?
No version of Ilsa in crew

???: Were you explicitly told this meeting would be about a mission? What made you think that?
The stern woman is Ilsa.
She's a drill sergeant for the Society. She mentored Zeta and Vaseraga in the past.
Beatrix: Erm, you mean it's not about a mission?
Eustace: There was no mention of a mission. Only that this meeting is classified.
Eustace: Let me guess: you assumed "mission" just because you heard the word "classified"?
Beatrix: Urk!
Ilsa: You're always jumping the gun. Promise me you won't do that on the battlefield, Hellcat.
Zeta: Snort... Ilsa's been saying that since basic.
Beatrix: Aw, put a sock in it!
Beatrix: Fine! If it's not about a mission, then what else would they want to tell us?
Vaseraga: It's probably about Grynoth.
Vaseraga strokes his chin as he remembers a past incident.
Grynoth was a Society weapon entrusted to Vaseraga that went berserk due to interference from the Foe.
Grynoth, in its rampaging state, transformed into an automagod. It pushed (Captain) and company to the brink.
But after a hard-fought battle, Grynoth was the one ultimately destroyed. Its parts were collected by the Society for further research.
Zeta: Oooh. So that's why we're meeting at Site Zero.
Beatrix: Wait, why?
Ilsa: Site Zero is the nucleus of the Society's research efforts.
Ilsa: All the best researchers and technicians are stationed here. Day after day they eat, sleep, and develop new weapons and gadgets for us.
Beatrix: Huh... Which would mean Grynoth is being studied here too.
Ilsa: Incidentally, Hellcat, I'm pretty sure the topic of Site Zero was covered during your training days.
Beatrix: Ack!
Ilsa: I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure you haven't forgotten everything I drilled into that bird-sized brain of yours.
Ilsa: Or am I wrong? If you're telling me your head's empty, I'll gladly stuff it full of facts the hard way.
Beatrix: Eeep!
Beatrix: Course not! I just needed a sec to jog my memory! Ah, got it! This facility is super important!
Ilsa: Very good. Then I suppose you can tell me the name of the facility's administrator?
Beatrix: The administrator's name? Er, uh...
Zeta: I know this one. It's—
Beatrix: Z-Zeta! I got this! Shush!
Vaseraga: Cut it out, Zeta. Don't bully her like that.
Zeta: Ahaha. My bad.
Eustace & Ilsa: Sigh...
Beatrix: Oh, give me a break with the sighing! I totally remember, okay? And I'm going to tell you right now!
Beatrix: Um... It's—
???: That's all right. No need to fumble about for the name of a doddering old man.
Beatrix: Huh?
Ilsa: S-sir! Why are you here?
The sudden entrance of an intimidating older man shocks everyone into silence.
The mood instantly grows tense. Beatrix holds her breath for what's to come.

Second Advent - Chapter 1: Give and Take - Episode 3

Elsewhere, Cassius is given a spear called Yek and ordered to recover Automagod Pyet-A's 'enigma memory' from the 'fossil world' where it was defeated. He boards a pod to descend to the Sky Realm.

Meanwhile in the world uninhabited by skydwellers or Astrals...
Cassius enters an immense, minimalistic room.
Machinery stirs, and a pillar of light beams up from the exact center of the room.
The light slowly takes shape, forming an image of an elderly man.
Raspy Voice: Welcome, Agent Cassius.
Raspy Voice: Let's skip the pleasantries and get to your special mission, shall we?
Raspy Voice: I'm sure you know that Pyet-A was defeated by the fossildwellers?
Cassius: I have heard the claims, but I also have my doubts. It is too extraordinary to believe.
Raspy Voice: Nevertheless it's true. We're still unsure of the exact cause of defeat.
Raspy Voice: The battles to come may very well end in a similar fashion as long as we lack information. We must hedge our risk.
Raspy Voice: Pyet-A has recorded battle data in its enigma memory. That data must be recovered and analyzed at once.
Cassius: In other words this is a recovery mission.
The elder nods and raises his hand.
The floor slides open, and a spear rises up in tandem with his hand.
Raspy Voice: This is Yek. It's the culmination of knowledge and technology compiled by the Central Axis.
Raspy Voice: You should be able to operate nearly any machine created from fossil and relic technology.
Raspy Voice: When you find the automagod, speak this key code, and you will gain direct access to its enigma memory.
Cassius: Interesting.
Raspy Voice: The spear is yours now. It should be of great help to you on your mission.
As soon as Cassius takes the spear, a string of characters appears in his mind.
He nods several times, confirming he has registered the character string.
Cassius: Yek and the key code. Loadout acknowledged.
Raspy Voice: Good. You may leave when ready.
Cassius: Understood.
Raspy Voice: I look forward to seeing you in action, Agent Cassius.
All at once the light disappears, taking the old man with it.
Armed with his new weapon, Cassius heads for a transport pod.
As the room's door slides up past his face, his expression softens just a tiny bit.
Cassius: Relics of the past...
Cassius: Heh. Fascinating.
Cassius walks out of the room to the sound of the closing door.

Second Advent - Chapter 1: Give and Take - Episode 4

At Site Zero, the old man introduces himself as Alandus, administrator of the site and developer of much of the Society's tech. He collects Beatrix and the others' weapons—which he calls 'seal weapons'—for research. Meanwhile, Cassius crash lands on Moon Sliver. He summons insect-like drones before passing out from his injuries.

The situation has taken a different turn back at Site Zero.
Ilsa is clearly startled by the unexpected visit of an elderly man she recognizes.
Beatrix notices that even Vaseraga and Eustace exhibit palpable nervousness.
Beatrix: Hey, Zeta. Who is that guy anyway?
Zeta: Beats me, but if I had to guess—
Ilsa: You'd be correct.
Ilsa: He oversees all of the scientists and researchers at this site.
Ilsa: Mr. Alandus.
Beatrix: S-so basically he's the guy at the top?
Alandus: At the top?
Alandus: Technically true, though it's mainly because I've been in the Society for much longer than any of you have.
Alandus: You needn't be intimidated just because I haven't gotten around to dying yet.
Ilsa: Don't take that literally, Hellcat, and keep any inane remarks to yourself.
Ilsa: This man has many accomplishments to his name.
Beatrix: He does? Like what?
Eustace: He more or less invented the weapons and devices used by the Society at large.
Eustace: Such as our transceivers.
Vaseraga: The tracking device Zeta used in our last op is also his design.
Mention of this particular tracking device jogs Zeta's memory.
Eustace: Present your left hand, Zeta.
Zeta warily extends her hand.
Eustace snaps a snug metal ring around her wrist.
Zeta: What's this?
Ilsa: A tracking device. All personnel in connection with the loss of Grynoth will have their movements and whereabouts under constant surveillance.
Zeta: So he's the one who invented it...
Vaseraga: He also created the device that Guzaletha used to control a stolen primal beast.
Beatrix: A device that controls primal beasts...
Beatrix remembers the time she and her allies fought a wild bunch of outlaws calling themselves the Odajumoki.
Guzaletha: Mwahahaha! You're right! Be afraid! You picked the wrong side!
With a fearless laugh, Guzaletha produces a crystal emanating a bewitching radiance and shows it to the crew.
Beatrix: What is that!
Guzaletha: It holds the power to control primal beasts... It is the control device created by the Society!
Beatrix: Wait! That's the thing he used to control Agyo and Ungyo!
Eustace: Recently, it seems he's also managed to develop fully-automated manikins.
Eustace points to the figures around Alandus.
The unpolished automatons bow in greeting to the Society members.
Manikin: ...
Zeta: By fully-automated you mean they can move around as if they're alive even though they're not? That's amazing...
Eustace: I'm not finished.
Beatrix: You're kidding! There's more?
Eustace: Alandus is one of the founders of the Society as we know it.
Zeta: A founder!
Beatrix: He's like a legend! Still, I can't see him as anything but an old grandpa though—
Ilsa: Hellcat! What did I just say!
Beatrix: Ack!
Ilsa: I apologize, sir, for my officer's rudeness—
Alandus: Grandpa? Has a nice ring to it.
Alandus: I don't mind what you call me. As I've said, you needn't fear me.
Alandus: I've only had a tiny bit more freedom to do what I like compared to the average person.
Alandus: People throw around titles like administrator and founder, but when you get down to it, I'm just another old man confined to a desk.
Alandus: You can't possibly be scared of someone as boring as I am. So relax.
Beatrix: Huh, he seems pretty down-to-earth. Totally fooled me with that scary face of his.
Zeta: Yeah, he's like the opposite of what I was picturing. I figured he'd be more of an oddball.
Ilsa: That's enough, you two!
Zeta & Beatrix: S-sorry!
Alandus: Haha. Ah, the impetuousness of youth.
Ilsa: Again, I'm terribly sor—
Alandus: It's fine. It's refreshing to be treated as an ordinary person for a change.
Eustace: Alandus.
Alandus: Yes?
Eustace: You must have something important to tell us if you've come in person.
Alandus nods, signaling the manikins to bring in something to show the Society members.
Their eyes grow wide with astonishment when they see what the manikins have brought in.
Vaseraga: That's Grynoth!
Zeta: But it was totally wrecked and in pieces the last time we saw it.
Alandus: Thanks to our research, it has been completely restored.
Alandus: We utilized the same properties found in your armor, Vaseraga.
Vaseraga: Is that so?
Zeta: Actually I didn't pick up on it at first, but you're pretty much back to how you've always looked.
Vaseraga: The healer was able to restore my armor to its normal state using Grynoth's machine cells that had fused to my own cells.
Alandus: Trace amounts of that astonishing self-regeneration ability remained in Grynoth as well.
Alandus: Utilizing that, we were able to restore Grynoth to its original form as a weapon.
Alandus: Although I truly wonder if its weapon form is actually its "original" form.
Alandus: Ah, before I forget, its so-called automagod form couldn't be resealed.
Vaseraga: So there's a chance it could lose control and transform again.
Alandus: Grynoth is only sleeping for the moment. There's no telling when it'll awake as an automagod.
Alandus: When that happens, there's no guarantee you'll be able to put it down again.
Alandus: That's not limited to Grynoth either. Any one of your seal weapons runs the same risk.
Ilsa: Seal weapons?
Alandus: To make things simple, the weapons used by you contractors are called seal weapons.
Alandus: And yes, I know it's misleading to call them seal weapons when some aren't completely sealed.
Alandus: The point is we're pushing the schedule to develop methods for resealing and fully sealing those weapons.
Ilsa: I see. I understand now why we were summoned today.
Eustace: You need our seal weapons for research.
Alandus: You catch on quickly, Eustace, Ilsa.
Alandus: Even as we press for more research, the lack of materials makes that impossible.
Alandus: I would like you to hand over your seal weapons temporarily.
Alandus: I promise to return them as soon as we make a breakthrough.
Beatrix: Wow, that's kinda sudden, isn't it?
Zeta: It's not like we've got a lot of options. Go ahead. Research away.
Ilsa: I have no reason to refuse given what you've told me.
Eustace: ...
Beatrix: Hold on, you guys! You're just gonna give 'em up like that?
Zeta: Like I said, nothing else we can do about it. It's for the good of the Society's research.
Beatrix: I know that, but...
Eustace leans in close to Beatrix and whispers into her ear.
Eustace: (Go along with it for now.)
Beatrix: (Huh?)
Eustace: (I'll explain later. Okay?)
Beatrix: (Okay...)
Beatrix reluctantly relinquishes Embrasque to the manikins.
Alandus: Thank you. Your sacrifices won't be wasted. We'll spare no effort in making progress.
Alandus: This concludes our meeting.
With a final word of parting, Alandus leaves with his manikin entourage.
But just before Embrasque leaves Beatrix's sight, she sees a flash of light glint off the sword.
Beatrix: Ah...
She watches sadly from afar as Embrasque is taken away.
Shortly after the sealed weapons are collected by Alandus...
A curious incident takes place on Moon Sliver, the former battlefield where (Captain) and the Society fought Grynoth.
The sky flashes for an instant as a large meteor hurtles toward the surface of Moon Sliver.
The meteor smashes into the ground with a thunderous blast and disintegrates.
A large, mechanical sphere can be seen amid the debris as the dust clears.
Black smoke rises off the sphere, cracks and fissures running along the entirety of its curved surface.
Cassius: Cough... Huff... Huff...
One panel of the sphere breaks off, revealing its passenger who is in a critical state.
He manages to crawl away from the wreckage just before it explodes.
Cassius: Tch. Was there a lapse in maintenance? I guess it doesn't matter. The mission comes first.
Cassius: Vacitterae.
Cassius's arm shakes as he struggles to raise his spear toward the sky.
Despite his success, nothing happens, and he clicks his tongue in displeasure.
Cassius: No response...
His vision begins to blur.
That's when he notices the blood hemorrhaging from his head.
Cassius: Unh... Severe bleeding... Losing... consciousness...
Cassius: No choice left...
With his last ounce of awareness, he waves his spear at the sky in a circular motion.
A swarm of grotesque, insect-like drones zoom into view.
???: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Cassius: Guh...
The last thing Cassius sees before he blacks out is the swarm descending upon him.

Second Advent - Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Unknown - Episode 1

Beatrix and the other weapon contractors meet on the Grandcypher to discuss their next move. Without Beatrix's knowledge, Eustace and the others have been investigating the Society itself ever since their battle with the automagods. Just then, Ilsa and Eustace receive reports of attacks by the insect-like drones which first appeared along with Pyet-A. The Grandcypher also comes under attack.

Beatrix and her comrades leave Site Zero after entrusting their weapons to Alandus.
They head for a secure location to discuss sensitive matters where they can be certain they will not be overheard.
That location happens to be the airship belonging to their trusted ally, (Captain).
Vaseraga: Sorry for intruding on you, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Aw, it's nothin'. Happy to help.
Lyria: This must be a very important conversation. Are you sure it's okay for us to be here too?
Eustace: Yes. I want you to hear this.
Vyrn: Oh? Why's that?
Ilsa: You guys have already tangled with automagods. It's only fair that we share information.
Ilsa: Plus we trust you and the crew members you've gathered.
Ilsa: If it's all right with you, (Captain), we'd like to ask for your help.
  1. You got it.
  2. Depends on the reward I guess.

Choose: You got it.
Vyrn: Hehe. How can we refuse after the compliments?
Lyria: Yep! You can count on us!

Choose: Depends on the reward I guess.
Ilsa: We obviously don't expect you to work for free. Whether it's money or resources, ask and you shall receive.
Lyria: Oh, we couldn't ask for anything...
Zeta: What's fair is fair! Take an advance if you need to!
Vyrn: I'm still on the fence about that... But, in any case, friends help each other out!
Continue 1
Eustace: Thanks.
With (Captain)'s pledge to cooperate, the Society members disclose what happened at Site Zero.
The crew listens intently, nodding at pertinent points.
But Beatrix still can't accept reality. She frowns throughout the conversation.
Her mood isn't lost on Eustace. He lowers his voice.
Eustace: Here's why we gave our weapons to Alandus.
Eustace: We didn't want to make waves just then. Even if it creates a liability for us further down the road, we decided it'd be better if we obeyed for the time being.
Beatrix: Waves?
Zeta: Being uncooperative is only going to hold us back. We won't be able to act freely if they're on to us.
Zeta: I'll be honest. I was sweating through that whole meeting. I thought we were busted, and that's why we got called in.
Ilsa: Even I wasn't expecting Alandus himself to show his face. I lost a bit of my composure.
Beatrix: Um... What are you guys talking about?
Vaseraga: There's something we've been hiding from you.
Vaseraga: We've been investigating the Society without their knowledge.
Beatrix: What! I hadn't heard about that!
Ilsa: Like Vaseraga said, we kept it hidden from you.
Beatrix: But why! Why all the secrecy?
Eustace: Because you're bad at keeping secrets.
Eustace: One way or another, you'd end up exposing everything to the Society.
Beatrix: N-no way! I'm a master at keeping secrets!
Eustace: Give me one example.
Beatrix: Well, there was that one time... Um...
Zeta: A master at keeping secrets? That's a new one.
Beatrix: Grrr! I am!
Beatrix: I just haven't been assigned to any missions that require secrecy yet! Simple as that!
Beatrix: Some friends you guys are, leaving me out in the cold! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
  1. I mean, they're not wrong.
  2. Just terrible.

Choose: I mean, they're not wrong.
Beatrix: I can't believe even you agree with them... Sniff...
Beatrix hangs her head despondently. (Captain) and Lyria gently pat her on the head.
Beatrix: (Captain)... Lyria...
Vyrn: It was a joke! Of course it's sad when a friend gets left out.
Vyrn: Even though I get where they're coming from...

Choose: Just terrible.
Beatrix: Thank you! They're absolutely awful!
Vyrn: Well, I kinda see where they're coming from about your ability to keep secrets, but...
Lyria: It's sad to be left out.
Continue 2
Beatrix: Waaah, you guys are my only friends!
Zeta: Ahaha... Thanks for sticking up for Bea.
Beatrix: Sh-shut up! You're on my crap list, Zeta!
Zeta: Hey, I'm sorry, okay? I'll make it up to you with a parfait.
Beatrix: ...
With pudding in it.
Zeta: Sure, sure. I'll even toss in all the cake and chocolate syrup you can handle.
Beatrix: And you have to go shopping with me.
Zeta: Okay. I'll help you put together some cute outfits.
Beatrix: Fine... I forgive you.
Vyrn: (Hook, line, and sinker...)
Lyria: Ahaha...
Eustace: Can we move on please?
Beatrix: Mm-hm.
Beatrix: What's so darn important about this investigation that you couldn't tell me about it?
Eustace: Everything.
Eustace sketches out the main thrust of their investigations.
Why are the Society and the moon enemies? Why does the Society possess weapons which will sooner or later revert into automagods—tools of the moon?
Which begs the question: what is the Society's true objective? That is what Eustace and the others have been investigating.
But the Society's leadership has split into numerous factions, throwing the organization into disarray. Answers won't come easily.
Vyrn: I see. So all you've got are questions...
Eustace: Not exactly. We did discover one thing that has us worried.
Vaseraga: After our battle with Grynoth, we went back to check Moon Sliver.
Vaseraga: There was no trace of Grynoth, Neutronon, or Pyet-A.
The crew remembers those names well.
Vyrn: Wh-where am I?
A black automaton walks through a barren landscape while carrying Vyrn, trapped within a crystal.
It eventually comes to a stop in front of giant doors.
???: You've come.
Vyrn: Whadda h-heck?
???: I do wish to speak with you, but first I have a prior guest that demands my attention. I ask that you wait.
Eustace: We've thinned out most of the ones that landed. That leaves the tough one...
Automagod Pyet-A: ...
Vaseraga: Automagod Pyet-A. You're all that's left.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah. Those guys.
Vyrn: Hmm... So what are you worried about?
Vyrn: Didn't they go boom in that battle and explode into, like, a million pieces?
Eustace: If only.
Before Eustace can continue, his transceiver vibrates.
He frowns and takes the incoming call.
Eustace: This is Eustace.
Eustace: ...!
Eustace: Say again?
Beatrix: Wh-what is it?
Eustace: Those insect-like machines we fought from before. They're back.
???: Bzzzz...
Zeta: What's that? Doesn't look like a bird. Is it a huge bug?
Beatrix: That thing's been buzzing around the edge of the island since yesterday. Looks like a bug to me too.
Zeta: Creepy is what it is. I've never seen anything like it before.
Zeta: Why are those yucky bugs back again?
Eustace: Reason unknown. Multiple reports of incursion were—
Vyrn: Whoa! What was that!
???: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Ilsa: Speak of the devil... I hope this isn't the start of the apocalypse.
Eustace: They must be destroyed. Let's go, (Captain).
(Captain) nods, and the battle against the invaders is on.

Second Advent - Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Unknown - Episode 2

Ilsa and company head out to handle the bug attacks on multiple islands. Worried that Beatrix may lose her cool and blow their investigation, Eustace sends her with (Captain) and crew to investigate Moon Sliver, where the bugs originated.

???: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Beatrix: Last one!
Beatrix: Heheh! Easy!
Eustace: Enemies eliminated. Proceeding to secure the area.
Ilsa: I received a preliminary damage report over my transceiver.
Ilsa: We're dealing with a large combat radius. They're attacking islands indiscriminately.
Lyria: Oh no! What do they want?
Eustace: Zeta, Vaseraga. Are you ready?
Vaseraga: To exterminate the drones? Leave it to us.
Zeta: Okay. This won't take long.
Eustace: Ilsa.
Ilsa: Roger. I'll move my units into position.
Ilsa: We'll cover the evacuation, reconnaissance, and combat duty.
Eustace: It's a good thing you're on our side.
Beatrix: Heck yeah! I'll fight on the front line too!
Eustace: No. You stay.
Beatrix: Oh, come on! Are you leaving me out again?
Eustace: That's not what I mean. You're going with (Captain) to investigate Moon Sliver.
Vyrn: Again? I thought you guys took care of that already.
Eustace: There was an addendum to the transmission. It's possible that the machines originated from Moon Sliver.
Beatrix: Why there?
Eustace: That's for you to find out.
Eustace: Can you handle it?
Beatrix: Heheh! Who do you think you're talking to? You bet your butt I can!
Beatrix: Full steam ahead, (Captain)! Lyria, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Aw yeah!
Eustace ensures Beatrix is too distracted in her eagerness, and then whispers to (Captain) and Lyria.
Eustace: (I'm going to keep looking into the Society while dealing with those bugs.)
Eustace: (In the meantime I need you to keep an eye on Beatrix.)
Eustace: (There's a chance she might retaliate for being left out. We don't want her going off on us.)
Vyrn: (I get it. That's the real reason why you needed our help, huh?)
Eustace: (Yeah, sorry. But she really trusts you all.)
Eustace: (Watch her for me.)
Beatrix: Hey! What's the holdup! We gotta get ready to go!
Vyrn: Y-yeah! We're coming!
It's hard for the crew not to feel a little sorry for Beatrix in all her enthusiasm.

Second Advent - Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Unknown - Episode 3

Dressed in new finery to match her new sword, Beatrix heads with the crew to Moon Sliver, where they meet another horde of bugs.

(Captain) and company depart for Moon Sliver. Beatrix is itching for action.
She even changes into a new outfit. Now she waits, merrily humming and talking with Lyria.
Lyria: You look great in that, Beatrix.
Beatrix: Heheh! I know, right? Now Zeta and I match!
Beatrix: And swinging this new sword they gave me feels like second nature! It's real easy to handle!
Lyria: Heehee! How cute!
Beatrix: Haha, thanks, Lyria!
Vyrn: Yeah, but are the new clothes really that necessary?
Beatrix: Absopositively!
Beatrix: Any sword that isn't Embrasque would clash with my old armor. Not cute at all!
Vyrn: That's what you're worried about? Whether you look good or not?
Vyrn: Eh, whatever makes Blue happy I guess.
(Captain) grins and nods at Vyrn's opinion.
But in the next moment a telltale buzz has (Captain) tensed for battle, weapon in hand.
Vyrn: You hear that? It's gotta be those bugs!
???: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Lyria: Look at them all! This has to be where they're coming from!
Beatrix: First things first! Let's wreck 'em, and then we can get to investigating!
Beatrix: Let's go, (Captain)! Cover me!

Second Advent - Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Unknown - Episode 3: Scene 2

The crew discovers a wounded young man on Moon Sliver and hurries to defeat the bugs surrounding him so they can treat his wounds.

Beatrix: Huff... Huff... I think we're good here.
Vyrn: Yeah, feels that way.
Beatrix: But at this rate, more of 'em might show up at any minute. We gotta find the source, and fast.
Lyria: I agree...
Although the battle ends in success, the crew remains on guard as they search their surroundings.
They check all possible locations where the drones might be coming from but come away empty-handed.
Just when they're about to call it quits, they spot someone in the distance.
???: Hmm... Fascinating.
???: Fire is fueled by the oxygen present in this atmosphere.
???: Hehe. Very interesting indeed.
Lyria: Why is there a fire burning over there?
Beatrix: Dunno.
Beatrix: But it looks like that person is really hurt!
(Captain) takes a second look at the man who presumably started the fire.
Beatrix is right. He is covered in injuries from head to toe and losing a good deal of blood from a head wound.
  1. He needs medical treatment, stat!
  2. I wonder what happened to him?

Choose: He needs medical treatment, stat!
Lyria: Right!

Choose: I wonder what happened to him?
Vyrn: No idea, but this ain't right. No one's supposed to be here, especially not someone who's all messed up like that.
Beatrix: Got that right. We can't just leave him though...
Lyria: No, we can't. We have to give him treatment, (Captain)!
Continue 1
(Captain) and the others all dash toward the injured man.

Second Advent - Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Unknown - Episode 4

The young man—Cassius—expresses confusion as to why the crew would help a complete stranger like him. Beatrix explains that it's simply an act of kindness. Still unable to get a straight answer regarding Cassius's situation, the crew leaves Moon Sliver with him in tow.

(Captain) and the others defeat the bugs that had been gathered around the young man.
He continues to stare into the fire, seemingly unaware of the crew's presence.
Beatrix: Hey! Are you okay? What are you doing here?
???: ...
???: I started a fire.
Vyrn: I can see that. You're missing the point!
???: Why are you asking me a question that you already know the answer to?
Lyria: Let's not worry about that right now! You need to have your injuries looked at!
???: ...?
The crew proceeds to perform first aid on the young man.
He maintains a bewildered silence throughout.
Beatrix: We've stopped the bleeding and disinfected your wounds. The worst is over for now.
Beatrix: You're still in real bad shape though. Like, your head is drenched in blood.
Vyrn: He's lucky he doesn't have any broken bones at least.
Lyria: Yes, thank goodness.
???: Your behavior is highly illogical.
Lyria: Huh?
???: Why does treating and stabilizing a complete stranger make you happy?
Lyria: Why? Um, because it isn't nice to ignore someone who's really hurt.
???: But why. I doubt I can be of any benefit to you.
Lyria: B-benefit? Well...
Beatrix: You're a real weirdo. There's no tricks or anything.
Beatrix: Maybe you think we're butting in, but we're simply doing this out of kindness.
???: Kind... ness? Hmm...
Beatrix: Say, how'd you end up out here all alone anyway?
???: My original business suffered a setback.
???: I grew bored and started a fire, which I have been observing.
???: I was in the middle of pondering the concept of gravity when you all arrived, and now this is the situation we find ourselves in.
Vyrn: Uh-huh. Whatever you say, pal.
More questions are directed at the young man, but they're always met with a non-answer.
Not only is the reason for his injuries a mystery, but what looks to be a mangled machine nearby is yet another.
Vyrn: What's all this junk on the ground? Doesn't look like it came from those bugs.
Beatrix: I know it's not wood, but it kinda looks like airship wreckage.
Vyrn: Do you think his airship got ambushed by the bugs and crashed?
Lyria: Oh, that makes sense. And that's how he got these horrible injuries...
???: ...
Beatrix: Then he banged up his head in the crash.
Beatrix: That could explain why he seems out of it and keeps saying weird stuff.
Vyrn: The shock to his head probably messed with his memory.
???: ...
???: It is foolish to hypothesize based on so little evidence.
???: However, if your conjecture is within the realm of plausibility, I will allow it.
Vyrn: "I'll allow it," he says. You're supposed to be telling us what happened. Your brain really took a hit.
Beatrix: Do you remember your name at least?
Cassius: Cassius.
Lyria: Okay. That's a good start.
Beatrix: I think we should take him with us, (Captain).
Beatrix: He's basically stranded. I'd never sleep again if we abandoned him here.
Beatrix: And if he got into this mess because of those bugs, the Society should be the ones to take care of him.
Vyrn: Your call. We're cool with whatever.
Beatrix: Roger! Then that's what we'll do!
Beatrix: Can you walk, Cassius?
Cassius: Yes, I can walk. However, I cannot understand your motives.
Cassius: First you provide medical aid, then you offer me safe haven without asking for compensation. I don't understand why you are doing this.
Cassius: If you are expecting to profit in return, then present your terms. Both parties must be fully informed of the specifics in this trade.
Beatrix: Man, you are one suspicious guy. I don't have any such intentions.
Cassius: Why not? Is this also what you call kindness?
Beatrix: Yes, exactly! What's so hard about this? We're getting you outta here whether you like it or not! Let's go!
Cassius: Very well. I will hold you to your word that this will cost me nothing.
(Captain) and company depart from Moon Sliver, having somehow convinced the young man named Cassius to leave with them.

Second Advent - Chapter 3: Friend or Foe - Episode 1

The crew rendezvous with Eustace and the others on Ilsa's troopship, hoping to get medical treatment for Cassius. The ship nearly crashes under the bugs' onslaught, but Cassius manages to stabilize it, saving the day. Ilsa hears that Site Zero is under attack and the troopship changes course to assist.

Beatrix proposes that Cassius receive medical treatment at a Society facility. They are now aboard Ilsa's troopship.
(Captain) and Beatrix explain Cassius's situation to the other Society members.
Eustace: I see. Instead of finding the source of the bugs, you found an injured person.
Beatrix: I think he's got some memory problems caused by the shock from the crash.
Beatrix: The healers back at the Society can fix him up, can't they?
Eustace: That depends on what they diagnose him with. Whether an examination will even be granted is a different story.
Lyria: Oh? But why wouldn't they?
Eustace: There's a huge risk to bringing someone with no background check into a Society facility.
Cassius: ...
Doubt lingers in the eyes of all those who side with Eustace.
Suddenly the ship shudders from a violent attack.
Ilsa: What was that! Sitrep!
Ilsa's transceiver comes alive with the panicked voice of one of her subordinates.
Ilsa's Subordinate: Sergeant Ilsa! We're being hit by the bugs! There's too many of them! They're swarming the ship!
Ilsa's Subordinate: All units are returning fire!
Ilsa's Subordinate: Damn it! Eat this, you oilsuckers!
Ilsa: That's right! Pour on the pain! Do not let them get any closer to the ship! We're moving out to reinforce the line!
Ilsa's Subordinate: Yes ma'am!
Ilsa's Subordinate: Come get some!
Ilsa: Eustace! We're mounting a counterattack! Provide covering fire!
Eustace: Mm, got you covered.
Ilsa: Pupper! Hellcat! Chicken! Get on the ship's guns and start firing!
Ilsa: If those bugs want to bite us, we'll stuff 'em full of lead!
All Three: Roger that!
Lyria: We'll do what we can too! Come on, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods, jumps onto an empty turret, and opens fire on the assailants.
The sky glows from a hailstorm of bullets and magic that shower the drones.
The sustained firepower is overwhelming, and soon all the enemies are destroyed.
But the troopship doesn't escape unscathed. Black smoke belches out from the damage done by the drones.
The ship lists wildly in the aftermath of battle, prompting the party to scramble to the bridge.
Ilsa: What the hell are you doing! Right the ship!
Helmsman: I can't! None of the equipment is responding!
Vaseraga: Even the instruments were damaged?
Helmsman: If we keep losing altitude at this speed, we're going to dip below the buoyancy threshold!
Zeta: What! But we'll crash if that happens!
Beatrix: Nooo!
Zeta: Get a grip, Bea! Aagh! What do we do now?
Cassius: Hmm.
While everyone is in a state of panic, Cassius taps the shaft of his spear on the floor a few times.
Cassius: I see.
Cassius nods and approaches the ship's controls.
Cassius: Switch with me.
Helmsman: Huh?
Ilsa: What are you planning to do!
Cassius: Rectify the situation. I don't have the time to go over every little detail.
Cassius: Switch with me if you want to live.
Helmsman: Just because you say it doesn't mean—
Ilsa: Do it. He sounds confident enough.
Helmsman: Roger that!
The conflicted helmsman relinquishes his seat to Cassius who immediately fiddles with the controls.
Eustace: Can you fix it?
Cassius ignores Eustace, continuing to flip switches and press buttons until he's able to gain control of the ship.
Slowly but surely the vessel stabilizes.
Helmsman: Altitude is leveling off! I don't think we're going to crash!
Ilsa's Subordinate: Yahoo! Hell yeah! You saved us, man!
Lyria: Thank goodness... I was afraid for the worst.
Beatrix: That was awesome, Cassius! How'd you pull it off?
Cassius: Wings three and five had lost the pressure necessary for shaft rotation, resulting in erratic movement.
Cassius: By closing the proper valves, I shifted power away from the damaged wings to undamaged ones, temporarily restoring stability.
Zeta: You don't say... Well, thanks all the same for the save.
Beatrix: Are you a professional mechanic or something?
Cassius: ...
Ilsa: Your quick actions saved my subordinates. I owe you my thanks.
Cassius: I wanted to avoid crashing. That would have resulted in death.
Ilsa: Yes, but—
Ilsa's and Eustace's transceivers go off at the same time.
The two members give each other a look before picking up.
Transceiver: Sergeant Ilsa! This is Site Zero! We're under attack!
Ilsa: Tch, not again. Which idiots want a piece of us this time?
Vaseraga: Not good. Very few combat units are stationed at that location.
Ilsa: Which means we're the only ones close enough to be the cavalry!
Ilsa: Eustace—code red. Cassius is coming with us to Site Zero!
Eustace: Understood.
Ilsa's troopship flies for Site Zero as fast as it can.

Second Advent - Chapter 3: Friend or Foe - Episode 2

The crew fights back the insect-like drones at Site Zero with Cassius's help. Grateful for his assistance, Beatrix and the crew take Cassius to get his wounds treated. Eustace remains suspicious of the newcomer.

The combined forces of crew and Society members come out firing upon arriving at Site Zero.
Cassius holds his own against the drones as the battle rages.
Cassius: Heh!
???: Chzzk!
Zeta: He moves pretty well for someone who's hurt.
Ilsa: He fights with great resolve, but I wonder if there's something else to it...
???: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Researcher: Aaah!
???: Chzzk!
A fleeing researcher is about to meet his end. Luckily Cassius quickly steps in and smashes the drone.
Cassius: Hurry and evacuate.
Researcher: O-okay!
Researcher: Thank you very much!
Vaseraga: What an unconventional man. He risks his life for others without a second thought for his own wounds.
Zeta: Reminds me of someone I know.
Vaseraga: And who is this "someone"?
Zeta: Forget about it. C'mon, we're lagging behind!
Everyone works together to successfully destroy all the drones and end the carnage.
In this moment of peace, the others gather around Cassius to offer words of gratitude.
Ilsa: You saved us again, Cassius.
Cassius: It was nothing. I was looking out for myself as well.
Vyrn: Haha. You say that, but you still helped out a bunch of strangers.
Beatrix: Is it because you're embarrassed?
Cassius: Humph. That is highly illogical.
Eustace: Yeah, exactly. Your actions are highly illogical as you put it.
Cassius: What?
Eustace: Why did you put on that display of heroism? It doesn't benefit you in any way. What's your angle?
Beatrix: Cut it out, Eustace! Call off your dogs!
Cassius: No, it's a sensible question. I suppose you could call it...
Cassius: A simple act of kindness. Accept it with my regards.
Eustace: What?
Lyria: Oh! I know where he got that from! Heehee...
Beatrix: Haha! I never expected to hear that coming from you!
Zeta: Am I missing something?
Vyrn: It's a long story...
The crew relates the conversation they had with Cassius when they first found him.
Eustace's mistrusting glare never leaves Cassius for a second.
Eustace: ...
Ilsa: I understand your suspicions, Eustace, but that doesn't change the fact that he helped us when we were in dire straits.
Ilsa: As someone who owes him a debt for saving the lives of my troops, I'd like to see him be rewarded with a speedy recovery.
Ilsa: (A medical examination will prove if he actually lost his memory. Something about him doesn't sit right with me either.)
Eustace: (All right. I'll trust your judgment.)
Eustace: Beatrix. (Captain).
Beatrix: Hm?
Eustace: Both of you will escort Cassius to Site Zero's sick bay. I'll tell you how to get there.
Lyria: That means Cassius can get the treatment he needs!
Beatrix: Woo-hoo! Isn't that great, Cassius?
Cassius: Yes.
Vyrn: Oh, brother. Cold as usual. Would it kill you to smile for a change?
Eustace gives them the directions and watches them leave with Cassius.
Eustace: ...
His glare is still fixed on the injured man.

Second Advent - Chapter 3: Friend or Foe - Episode 3

En route to the medical room, Beatrix tells Cassius about Embrasque. He is mystified but fascinated by how Beatrix calls a weapon her partner. He asks how she could have parted with it. As she is lamenting the loss of Embrasque anew, Cassius slips away.

(Captain) and Beatrix are taking Cassius to Site Zero's medical room, which is equipped with advanced healing pods.
Beatrix converses with Cassius to pass the time on their way there.
Beatrix: I noticed you've got a knack for fighting, Cassius.
Vyrn: I'll say. Threw me for a loop at first. You blew those trained soldiers outta the water.
Cassius: I am average at best.
Beatrix: Aw, cut the modesty! I'm not dishing compliments just for fun. I really mean it!
Beatrix: (Captain) thinks you've got skills too. Right, (Captain)?
  1. He can do anything.
  2. It's surprising how strong you are.

Choose: He can do anything.
Vyrn: You fixed an airship as it was falling in midair and then flew it to safety. Who else can do that?
Cassius: It is not as notable as you make it out to be.
Cassius: Apart from a few minor deviations, all I did was execute standard operating procedure. I simply put common knowledge to practical use.
Cassius: That battle was the same. I merely proceeded by the book.
Beatrix: Well... I still think the stuff you can do is amazing!

Choose: It's surprising how strong you are.
Cassius: Oh? I surprised you, did I?
Beatrix: Yeah, I felt that way too.
Beatrix: Considering the bugs made you crash your airship on Moon Sliver, you did really well against them back there!
Cassius: Hm...
Continue 1
Beatrix: Especially the way you handle your spear. It's like you both move as a single unit!
Beatrix: That shows me how much trust you put into your weapon.
Cassius: Nonsense. What meaning is there in trusting a weapon?
Cassius: This spear is a tool. I use it to accomplish my goals. We are both merely performing our functions.
Beatrix: Well, if you're both doing your jobs—together—that's what a partner is, right?
Cassius: I don't understand what you are trying to say. Do you mean the reliability of its specifications?
Beatrix: No, more like... You believe in your weapon, and your weapon returns that trust...
Cassius: You fail to make any sense.
Lyria: A partner makes you feel safe when they're around, ready to rescue you in times of need.
Lyria: That's what I think a partner is anyway...
Beatrix: I couldn't have said it better myself! (Captain) knows what we're talking about!
(Captain) nods and flashes a smile at Lyria and Vyrn.
Cassius: I see some truth in your words. I would not have performed as well in the previous skirmish without a specialized weapon.
Cassius: While your view is a novel one, I cannot imagine calling an inanimate object a trusted partner.
Beatrix: Why? I trust Embrasque from the bottom of my heart.
Cassius: Who is Embrasque?
Beatrix: That's the name of my sword.
Beatrix: It's my cherished partner.
Beatrix: It's always at my side, no matter what I'm wearing—from Halloween costumes right down to swimwear.
Beatrix: It even gets excited for Halloween and transforms!
Cassius: A weapon can become excited? Is that a metaphorical expression?
Lyria: Now that I think about it, Embrasque kind of looked like a Halloween decoration.
Vyrn: Probably 'cuz Blue was going gaga for pumpkins and candy.
Beatrix: Wr-wrong! I wasn't going gaga!
Vyrn: Oh really...
Beatrix: Quiet you! Moving on!
Beatrix: Embrasque has been with me through thick and thin.
Beatrix: I make a lot of mistakes, and something bad always happens because of them.
Beatrix: But even then Embrasque has never left my side.
Beatrix: That's why I call Embrasque my partner.
Cassius: I still don't fully grasp what you are saying, but I find that story quite interesting, assuming it is true.
Cassius: So where is this Embrasque? I would not mind seeing it just once.
Beatrix: Erm... I kinda had to give it away for a little while...
Cassius: Hm... What could have compelled you to give away something you value so highly?
Beatrix: Well...
Beatrix: I mean, I didn't want to give it away, but it was a direct order from the top, so...
Cassius: Your excuse is full of holes. You speak of trust and reliance, yet surrendered it of your own accord.
Lyria: I don't think that's fair. Beatrix really didn't want to let Embrasque go.
Beatrix: No, he's right, Lyria.
Beatrix: Back then I should've stuck to my guns.
Beatrix: Maybe it's just my imagination, but I swear Embrasque felt sad when I handed it over.
Beatrix: Almost as if it were crying... I'm sure I heard it.
Beatrix: Because I was the one who...
Beatrix: I'm sorry, Embrasque...
Lyria: Beatrix...
Beatrix: Huh? Hey, what happened to Cassius?
Lyria: Did we get separated along the way?
Beatrix: Craaap! If he goes somewhere he's not supposed to, Ilsa and Eustace are gonna rip me a new one!
  1. We gotta find him!
  2. Maybe he'll come back if we wait?

Choose: We gotta find him!
Beatrix: Yeah! Let's go, gang!
Beatrix: Sorry, but I'm gonna need all of you to help me!

Choose: Maybe he'll come back if we wait?
Vyrn: I wouldn't count on that. How's he gonna find his way back here if he doesn't know the way in the first place?
Lyria: We should probably go look for him.
Beatrix: Yeah! Search party! Move out!
Continue 2
Beatrix: Aagh! Please, for the love of all that's holy, don't be somewhere off-limits! It'll be my head on a platter!
Vyrn: C'mon, it'll work out, okay? So don't flip out.
While (Captain) tries to calm Beatrix down, they all begin looking for Cassius.
Cassius: ...
But Cassius is off conducting a search of his own.

Second Advent - Chapter 3: Friend or Foe - Episode 4

Cassius arrives at the room containing his objective and, despite interference from Eustace, succeeds in reactivating Pyet-A. The automagod loses its head, however, and attacks Cassius. (Captain) and the others arrive and help fight Pyet-A.

Cassius seems to know exactly where he's going as he strides down a long corridor.
He eventually arrives at a room shrouded in darkness.
Next he raises his spear—Yek. Cassius nods with assurance, noting that Yek has resonated with something.
Cassius: ...!
Cassius feels cold, hard metal press against the back of his head. He immediately freezes.
Eustace: Mind telling me what you're doing here?
Cassius: You were following me.
Eustace: Answer the question.
Cassius: What am I doing? I am not doing anything.
Eustace: Don't give me that.
Cassius: I want to be transparent. So let me rephrase myself to be more accurate.
Cassius: I am not doing anything yet.
Cassius, without looking back, makes an almost imperceptible flick of his spear toward Eustace.
Eustace: Ngh!
Eustace instinctively leaps away from what he perceives to be a hostile action.
Then with blinding speed, Eustace takes aim at Cassius and pulls the trigger.
But Cassius melts into the darkness and Eustace's bullet sings through empty air.
Eustace locks on for a second shot, but Cassius calmly stabs the air with his spear.
Eustace: Tch...
Bright light floods the room, forcing Eustace to shield his eyes.
It only takes a second for his eyes to acclimate, and once they do, Eustace is stunned by what he sees next to Cassius.
???: ...
Eustace: Pyet-A... Why is Pyet-A here!
Cassius: Heh.
Cassius waves his spear in front of Pyet-A.
Cassius: Vacitterae.
Pyet-A emits a mechanical whine in response to Cassius's unearthly tongue.
Pyet-A: ...!
Eustace: Damn, so this was your objective!
Eustace immediately moves to take Cassius out, but the unexpected happens.
Pyet-A: ...!
Cassius & Eustace: ...!
Pyet-A shakes with such violence that its head clangs to the floor.
For once there appears to be a break in Cassius's unflappable facade. He can't make sense of this turn of events.
Cassius: What? This isn't—
Pyet-A: ...!
Pyet-A's tail swings with a speed that should be impossible for a machine of its size and knocks Cassius off his feet.
Cassius: Gwah...
Cassius somehow defends himself against the vicious hit, but he drops his spear in the process.
Cassius: Impossible... Utterly impossible...
Eustace: I'd love nothing more than to lock you in an interrogation chair...
Pyet-A: ...!
Eustace: But the big one comes first.
Eustace fires off a couple of rounds to pin down Pyet-A.
The commotion brings Beatrix, (Captain), and the rest running.
Beatrix: What's all the racket?
Lyria: Cassius! Eustace!
Vaseraga: This can't be right... Why is there an automagod here?
Zeta: Don't ask me! The hell's goin' on?
Eustace: Save your breath. Just concentrate on what's in front of you.
Ilsa: Roger that! You owe us an explanation after we clean up this mess!
The crew and the Society members prepare to take on the rampaging Pyet-A.
???: ...
They have no idea that they're being monitored from the shadows.

Second Advent - Chapter 4: True Colors - Episode 1

With Pyet-A down, Cassius and Eustace race to recover Yek, but Alandus beats them to it. Alandus reveals that Cassius is a moondweller spy. Alandus escapes with Yek, saying it will allow him to extract data from Pyet-A's head and advance his research. Manikins and bugs prevent the crew from pursuing.

Zeta: Haaah!
Beatrix: Haaah!
Pyet-A: ...
Ilsa: Phew... Any fight that ends without casualties on our side is a good one.
Ilsa: Now about that explanation—
Cassius: ...
Eustace: Tch!
Cassius confirms that Pyet-A is out of action before making a mad dash for his spear.
Eustace opens fire on Cassius, but the man nimbly dodges the shots.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa! Cut it out! Why are you shooting at him!
Eustace reloads for another barrage rather than bother to answer Vyrn.
But someone else is one step ahead of Cassius. Eustace removes his finger from the trigger when he sees who has picked up the spear.
That someone is...
Alandus: Having fun playing spy, moondweller? Too bad it has to end.
Ilsa: Mr. Alandus?
Ilsa: Pardon me, but what's this about a moondweller?
Beatrix: W-wait... Are you telling me people live on the moon?
Beatrix: No, no, no, wait. First things first!
Beatrix: Are you calling Cassius a spy? Haha, get real...
Cassius: ...
Beatrix: Tell them! Tell them they're wrong, Cassius!
Cassius: ...
Alandus: If you don't have the guts to answer, then I'll do it for you.
Alandus: That man is undeniably a moondweller. This spear contains moon technology that is responsible for activating Pyet-A.
Ilsa: Then it's his fault we had to go through that rodeo.
Alandus: Indeed it is.
Alandus: Haha... I had my doubts, but in the end they actually came.
Vaseraga: What do you mean?
Alandus: From the moondwellers' point of view, we've got a piece of their property.
Alandus: I wondered to myself: if we waited long enough, would they come here in an attempt to recover it?
Alandus: No, not to recover Pyet-A per se.
Alandus: It's the data stored in its head that you're after, am I right?
Cassius: ...!
Alandus: What happened to your poker face, moondweller? Hehehe. I can't blame you for being flabbergasted.
Alandus: Surprise! Pyet-A's head was a fake. And then it turned against you, didn't it?
Vaseraga: You knew more than you let on, Alandus. I guess you're the one who ordered the secret salvaging of Pyet-A.
Eustace: Not just Pyet-A. Probably Neutronon too.
Alandus: Absolutely. Both of them provided me with a wealth of knowledge.
Zeta: Hold on a minute. What's the point of keeping the salvaging under wraps?
Zeta: The Society researches stuff all the time. All you had to do was say you needed them for research.
Ilsa: Which implies there's a reason behind the secrecy.
Ilsa: Mr. Alandus—oh, whatever. Forget the formalities.
Ilsa: What's going through that wrinkled head of yours?
Alandus: Don't make that scary face at me, Ilsa. Loosen up.
Alandus: I'm just having a little fun like I always have.
Ilsa: What's that supposed to mean?
Alandus: Hahaha! This is too good. Finally! Finally I can further my research!
Alandus: Now that I have this spear, I can tap into the data stored in Pyet-A's head!
Alandus: All the pieces are mine! The seal weapons, the spear, and the automagod's data!
Alandus: My ultimate desire will come to fruition! Hehe... Bahahaha!
Alandus cackles wildly as if gripped by madness. He turns away from the party.
Ilsa: Stop right there, Alandus!
Manikin: ...
Ilsa and the others take a step toward Alandus, but his manikins quickly form a wall between them.
Zeta: Damn it! These... things... are strong...
Vaseraga: He even designed them to fight if needed. How troublesome.
Vaseraga: But they're still no match for us.
Alandus: I figured as much. Your capabilities are the real deal.
Alandus: Luckily for me, I have insurance.
Alandus: Vacitterae.
Cassius: Tch... He even acquired the key code.
Alandus grips the spear, clears his throat, and speaks in a tongue indecipherable to nearly all present.
A faint buzzing quickly grows to a deafening din as a swarm of bugs floods the underground room.
Beatrix: Crap, crap, crap! Where'd they all come from!
Vaseraga: Were they summoned by the spear? If so, those previous bug attacks were perpetrated by—
Ilsa: Cassius! You rotten spy!
Cassius: ...
Alandus: Well, I bid you a final farewell.
Alandus laughs with delight. He isn't interested in seeing how this battle will play out.
The crew and Society members are blocked from getting their hands on Alandus by a combined force of bugs and manikins.
The best anyone can do is glare at the old man as he walks away scot-free.

Second Advent - Chapter 4: True Colors - Episode 2

The crew now knows that Cassius was behind the bug attacks, but decides to forge a temporary alliance to stop Alandus.

It's been a few hours since Alandus made his exit.
The forces of the crew and the Society finally break through the blockade of bugs and manikins.
Ilsa: Huff, huff... Damn it...
Zeta: Their numbers are crazy! I swear there are hundreds of 'em!
Vaseraga: At least we finished them off. Reinforcements don't seem to be coming.
The weary fighters take a short breather before turning their attention to Cassius.
Beatrix: Cassius! What the heck's going on with you!
Cassius: ...
Zeta: You're the one who started all this.
Zeta: Those bug attacks were meant to lure Society members to check out Moon Sliver.
Vaseraga: You ordered the bugs to ambush our troopship, and helping us against the attack on Site Zero was also a calculated move.
Ilsa: Every action you took was for the sake of retrieving the automagod.
Beatrix: You tricked us! What do you have to say for yourself!
Cassius: I remember making myself clear once before.
Cassius: "It is foolish to hypothesize based on so little evidence."
Vyrn: Well, we've got nothing to work with 'cuz you never answer anything we ask!
Cassius: Are you angry with me? That is your choice to make, but I should be the least of your worries right now.
Beatrix: How dare you!
Ilsa: Stop it, Hellcat. That man is more irritating than a dysfunctional bowel, but he's right.
Ilsa: We need to go after Alandus.
Eustace: There's something he hopes to achieve with his research. We don't know what that something is.
Eustace: But it's safe to say it can't be good if the seal weapons and Cassius's spear are involved.
Beatrix: Does that mean he'll experiment on Embrasque?
Eustace: We have to catch up to Alandus. How to deal with this traveler from the moon will have to wait.
Beatrix: Tch...
Eustace: You're coming with us, Cassius. We can't have you roaming around unsupervised.
Cassius: I would not have it any other way. Working together will increase the likelihood of recovering the spear.
Zeta: Sigh... You can play innocent, but I know you're up to no good.
Zeta: If I catch a whiff of shadiness on your part, I'll be recovering my spear from your dead body. So don't even think about it.
Cassius: Fret not. I recognize defeat when I see it. I can't win against your numbers.
Zeta: Hah. Actions speak louder than words.
Vaseraga: We don't have time to worry about him. If he acts suspiciously, we'll restrain him.
Beatrix: Yeah, Embrasque is all I care about. We gotta go after Alandus!
Beatrix takes off running with a tempest of emotions swirling in her chest.

Second Advent - Chapter 4: True Colors - Episode 3

Alandus absorbs all sorts of moondweller knowledge from Yek, then tries to use it to activate Pyet-A's enigma memory: all the data stored in its head. However, some of the data is damaged, and Alandus turns to the seal weapons as a means of repairing and activating it.

Alandus is all smiles as he enters an empty room.
Alandus: Vacitterae.
Images are projected throughout the room from the glowing spear.
Alandus: Just as I thought! That word allows the spear to automatically extract what's in someone's mind!
Alandus: Haha... Gahaha! Moon technology is almost too good to be true!
Alandus: Aah, it's simply astounding!
Alandus: All the tech I've developed thus far—all the tech used throughout our skies—is thoroughly primitive in comparison!
Alandus: Praise be! Miracle of miracles! This is true enlightenment!
Alandus absorbs the knowledge of the moon from the projected images as he raves to no one.
He struts over to the head of Pyet-A and brings the spear in close.
Alandus: Vacitterae.
Pyet-A's Head: ...!
Viscous black sand oozes from a hatch located on the red generator installed within Pyet-A's head.
Not a drop of the thick substance hits the ground. It gathers in Alandus's open palm instead.
Alandus: This must be a data cluster. They call it enigma memory, don't they?
Alandus: At a glance it appears to be nothing more than a mass of sand, yet each grain is a self-contained machine.
Alandus: They would be impossible to detect without the proper knowledge.
Alandus: Which is why I've never been able to observe them, though my research had led me to suspect their existence...
But when Alandus gleefully touches the enigma memory, his smile quickly fades.
Alandus: Some of these are damaged, which means the activation sequence will fail...
Alandus: But if my hypothesis is correct, it should be possible to force a proper activation...
Alandus examines the seal weapons he collected from Beatrix and the others.
Alandus: Perfect. Haha... Gahaha!
Alandus: I have the keys to unlocking my deepest desires...
Alandus: Gaha... Gwahaha!
Alandus's laughter echoes in the darkness.

Second Advent - Chapter 4: True Colors - Episode 4

Alandus's trail has gone cold, but Beatrix claims she can hear Embrasque's voice calling to her and sets out to follow it. Cassius is doubtful, but first Zeta and then the others choose to believe in Beatrix and follow her lead.

Facilitated by Cassius's spear, Alandus's research is progressing rapidly.
Suddenly his hands stop moving as if something has caught his attention.
Alandus: Hmm... Perhaps I'd better throw more bugs and manikins into the mix.
Alandus: I hate being interrupted during my precious research time... Hehehe...
Alandus: Vacitterae.
Insect-Like Drone: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Manikin: ...!
Beatrix: Hiyaah!
Beatrix: Huff... Huff...
Insect-Like Drone: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Manikin: ...!
Zeta: Oh, come on! How are we supposed to fight machines when they have no expressions to read!
Vaseraga: Even without the bugs, there's a whole battalion of these manikins.
Ilsa: I can't believe their combat capabilities have come this far! It's like they're calling us obsolete and rubbing it in our faces!
(Captain) and company are being pushed back by another onslaught of bugs and manikins.
The pursuers have completely lost track of Alandus.
Ilsa: Get out here, you coward! Where are you hiding!
Vaseraga: Eustace, do you know the layout of this facility? We can try to narrow down his location.
Eustace: No.
Ilsa: A critical facility like this runs on secrecy. Even we don't have that kind of clearance.
Zeta: Great. He's holding all the cards.
Beatrix: ...?
Vyrn: Argh! They've got us boxed in!
Beatrix: Hang on. I hear something.
Cassius: I do not.
Beatrix: No, I definitely hear something! It's calling out to me!
Lyria: Who could it be?
Beatrix: I'm not sure, but I think it's...
Beatrix: Embrasque!
Cassius: Your so-called partner.
Beatrix: Now I'm sure of it! I can hear Embrasque's voice!
Cassius: Embrasque is a sword, correct? Is it equipped with a voice emulation device?
Beatrix: Nah, it's just a regular sword. What I'm hearing only sounds like a voice...
Vyrn: Well, we don't hear anything, so...
Zeta: Bea, maybe it's the wall creaking or something?
Beatrix: It's not my imagination! I can hear it right now clear as day!
Beatrix: There aren't any words, but... I feel it speaking to my heart!
Eustace: Auditory hallucinations. Or maybe you've lost your mind.
Beatrix: I'm not crazy! It's coming from over there!
Beatrix: Embrasque is definitely there with Alandus!
Cassius: ...
Beatrix is on the move again. Cassius doesn't budge.
Cassius: There is no logic in what she is claiming.
Cassius: I normally would not recommend a brute force approach, but if the alternative is trusting a hallucination...
Cassius: Checking every room individually in this installation would be comparatively more efficient.
Zeta: You might be right. But my gut tells me to believe Bea.
Cassius: Why? She has provided no proof to support her claim.
Vaseraga: There is none. The Beatrix phenomenon surpasses the explanatory power of science.
Eustace: That fool.
Eustace: She always punts reason and charges in headfirst.
Ilsa: Sigh. She's been like that since day one. That's why she's our Hellcat.
(Captain) nods in agreement, and the party chases after Beatrix.
Cassius: Incomprehensible.
Cassius is the last one to follow suit. He's still trying to find a rationale for the actions of these skydwellers.

Second Advent - Chapter 5: Enemy of the World - Episode 1

Beatrix leads the group to Alandus's private study where they discover Alandus's plan to create a new automagod. Beatrix finds a secret passage leading deeper underground. The group's continued faith in Beatrix's seemingly illogical claims interests Cassius deeply.

Manikin: ...!
Beatrix: Eat this! Outta my way!
Beatrix is leading the pack, scattering bugs and manikins every which way.
But she gets sloppy and allows a manikin to get the drop on her.
Manikin: ...!
Beatrix: Ack! G-get off me!
The manikin restrains Beatrix with vise-like strength.
A bug sees this opening and zooms in for the kill.
Zeta: Haaah!
Insect-Like Drone: Chzzk!
Manikin: ...!
(Captain) and Zeta come to the rescue, destroying the two machines.
Beatrix: Z-Zeta... You saved my butt.
Zeta: Get it together. I'm putting my faith in you, so you better know where you're going!
Beatrix: You have faith in me?
Beatrix: Heheh! Right on! Call me Miss Reliable!
Beatrix: All right, gang, this way!
Zeta: Ugh, don't let it go to your head!
The party shares a brief laugh as they push forward with Beatrix at the forefront.
Eventually Beatrix stops in front of a door.
Beatrix: This is it!
Her voice full of conviction, she flings open the door.
It's a dingy, dimly lit research room.
Piles of old books and documents are stacked everywhere, and the faint smell of yellowing pages wafts through the air.
But no matter where they look, there's no sign of Alandus or the seal weapon.
Cassius: Is Embrasque here?
Beatrix: N-no...
Cassius: Then are we to assume you have either a hearing disorder or a mental disorder?
Beatrix: Neither! I know what I heard!
Beatrix: Even now I—
Beatrix: Huh? I can't hear it anymore!
Beatrix: Embrasque? Hey, Embrasque!
Beatrix scurries around the room, looking for any means of validation.
Cassius: I recommend sedating her until she can be examined for cranial damage.
Eustace: Forget it. Leave her alone.
Ilsa: She's like a dog chasing her own tail.
Zeta: Ahaha! You can say that again. Like watching a puppy.
Ilsa: I guess you both came from the same litter then, isn't that right, Pupper?
Zeta: What!
Vyrn: Hate to spoil the fun, but if there's nothing here, shouldn't we keep looking elsewhere?
Vaseraga: Actually we might have lucked out. Take a look at this.
Lyria: A book?
Vaseraga: All of these documents and books seem to be Alandus's research materials.
Ilsa: Hmm. This is probably his private study.
Vaseraga: A few entries in this book caught my eye.
Vaseraga: I only skimmed the pages, but it seems Alandus was studying everything he could about the moon.
Vaseraga: There are data tables from experiments performed on Neutronon.
Vaseraga: Alandus used up every part of Neutronon in his experiments. From his internal organs and brain to his skin and bones.
Zeta: I guess we won't be seeing him again...
Vyrn: Neutronon was a bad guy, but that's an awful way to go...
Eustace: ...
Eustace quickly flips through the book Vaseraga found. He then looks at Beatrix, who is still tearing the room apart.
Eustace: Let's trust her instincts.
Eustace: I'll poke around these documents. I have a feeling we'll discover Alandus's plan in here somewhere.
Lyria: Okay! We'll help you too!
Cassius: Have you thought this through?
Zeta: What's that supposed to mean?
Cassius: Your decision is highly illogical. This is no time to be digging through books.
Cassius: If we have that kind of time to spare, it should be clear to you that abandoning this room to search elsewhere is the most efficient use of said time.
Vaseraga: I understand how you feel.
Vaseraga: I'd be saying the same thing myself if I didn't know Beatrix that well.
Lyria: Beatrix really is one of a kind.
Zeta: She's kind of a ditz, but her intuition is sharper than most. This is exactly the kind of thing she's good at.
Cassius: So this disregard for logic or evidence... is what you would call "trust"?
Ilsa: That's the gist of it. Now if you're done being disagreeable, come give us a hand.
Cassius: Hm. I am inefficient on my own. I do not agree with this arrangement, but I will help.
The party begins rummaging through the research materials in the study.
They find blueprints of gadgets and weapons along with other research data.
More writings pertaining to the moon are also discovered, but their meaning is difficult to decipher.
Unfortunately none of what they find is particularly useful. The mood is dismal until Eustace comes across a curious find.
Eustace: What do we have here...
Ilsa: All the pages are covered in symbols. Did he create his own code?
Vaseraga: Those black-and-white shapes? They look a bit like geometric designs...
Cassius: ...!
Cassius: "Automagod Versatile."
Vyrn: What did you say?
Zeta: Don't tell me you can read that.
Cassius: Give it here.
Cassius snatches the book out of Eustace's hands and starts to read.
He closes the book not long after and scowls.
Cassius: Alandus. You are quite a dreadful man.
Cassius: He is trying to create a new automagod by himself.
Ilsa: That's impossible!
Cassius explains to the stunned party what he read.
First, Alandus intuited the existence of an automagod component which should have been impossible for a skydweller to perceive.
Then he plotted to use the seal weapons to create a new god from that component and a skydweller's brain.
This new god's name is the one Cassius had spoken aloud: Automagod Versatile.
Zeta: Using a person's brain and seal weapons as materials to make an automagod? Is that even possible?
Cassius: It sounds impossible.
Cassius: However, that man now has Yek in his possession.
Cassius: The knowledge of moon technology is stored within it. Alandus must have already come in contact with that information.
Cassius: He is already possessed of an intellect powerful enough to deduce the existence of things he cannot directly observe.
Cassius: Armed with this new knowledge from the moon, he is surely in the process of logically refining his plans.
Vaseraga: Why is he doing all this?
Cassius: That is not written here.
Vaseraga: Then I have just one more question for you. Are those symbols the language of the moon?
Zeta: If you can read it, then Alandus was right. You did come from the moon.
Cassius: ...
Cassius doesn't speak as Zeta's glare bores through him.
Tensions flare but are dispelled just as quickly by the sound of a loud crash and Beatrix's yelp.
Beatrix's Voice: Yaah!
Beatrix's Voice: Ow, ow!
Zeta: What the heck are you doing, Bea!
The party turns toward the noise to see that a big hole has opened in the floor near the room's entrance.
Beatrix pokes her head out from the hole and tumbles onto stable flooring just as the others reach her.
Beatrix: What do you think I'm doing? I'm looking for Embrasque.
Cassius: So you never ceased your pointless search the entire time we were talking.
Beatrix: Shut up! Just now I heard Embrasque's voice again!
Vyrn: I get that you were looking around, but where'd that hole come from?
Beatrix: Um, I thought I heard the voice coming from below. All I did was give the floor a tap, and then...
Eustace: In other words, you just happened to stumble upon the switch to reveal a secret passageway. How cliche.
They take the stairs revealed by the secret hatch deeper underground.
Zeta: I don't know how to put this, but I think we're getting closer to the end.
Beatrix: Let's pick up the pace! Alandus might be getting ready to use our seal weapons!
Spurred by her own words, Beatrix rushes ahead down the stairs.
Vyrn: Say what you want about her, but she's got guts.
Eustace: We're not here to discuss her personality traits. But she's right.
Eustace: Our top priority is Alandus.
Zeta: You don't have to tell me twice.
Zeta: Hey! Don't go by yourself, Bea! Wait for us!
Cassius: ...
The party heads down the stairs behind Beatrix.
Cassius watches Beatrix, his stern expression softening slightly.
Cassius: She opened a new path by hearing a voice that she logically could not have heard.
Cassius: And with nothing but her word, her companions trusted her completely.
Cassius: It is highly illogical. Nonsensical.
Cassius: Nevertheless, I find it all so fascinating.
Cassius keeps his thoughts to himself.

Second Advent - Chapter 5: Enemy of the World - Episode 2

In a darkened room, Alandus's manikins operate on him. As he loses consciousness, he dreams of all the lost knowledge he will soon attain.

Alandus: ...
Machines beep and clank in a dreary room. Liquid gurgles and drips.
Alandus lies supine on an operating table.
Manikins swarm around his body—some cutting, some draining, but always busy.
Alandus: ...
Even as Alandus's awareness drifts into the ether, a sliver of a smile crosses his lips.
Alandus: (This is it. After all these years.)
Alandus: (Back to lost beginnings... All their wisdom...)
Alandus: ...

Second Advent - Chapter 5: Enemy of the World - Episode 3

(Captain) and the others reach the basement operating room and find that Alandus has merged his own brain with Pyet-A. The crew hurries to stop him from absorbing the seal weapons to perfect his new automagod form.

Swarm: Chzzk-chzzk-chzzk!
Manikin: ...!
As the party continues down the stairs, a torrent of bugs and manikins seems to be giving chase from behind.
(Captain) and company have to stop and face the machines lest they be swallowed in the swarm.
Beatrix: Gaaah! They're so annoying!
Beatrix is fed up with the constant harassment from the machines, but for some reason Eustace isn't fighting back.
Eustace: Cease fire.
The party is confused but follows his order.
The bugs and manikins blow past them in a flurry of clanging metal.
Ilsa: What just happened?
Vaseraga: Whatever it is, it can't be good.
Eustace: Let's go.
(Captain) and the others soon come to a large room.
Mold grows along any metal surface it can find, producing an acrid smell that stings the nose. The party strains to see in the dim light.
Alandus?: ...
Finally they notice the body of Alandus lying motionless on a metal table.
Beatrix: There you are, Alandus!
Beatrix: Give me back Embras—
Zeta: Ick! What the hell!
Beatrix: Yaaah!
Lyria: Hm? What is it?
Eustace: (Captain). Don't let Lyria see this.
(Captain) nods and leads Lyria away by the hand.
For the ghastly image in front of them is not for the faint of heart.
Alandus?: ...
Beatrix: No way!
The crown of Alandus's head is missing, exposing a hollowed-out cranium.
Ilsa: He used himself as material for the automagod? Alandus!
The hissing of machinery shakes the party's nerves even further.
Pyet-A has finished feasting on bugs and manikins and now eyes the party.
Pyet-A: ...
Zeta: Pyet-A? How'd it get down here?
Vaseraga: No. That must be—
Pyet-A?: Body functions restored. Yek consumed.
Pyet-A?: Only the seal weapons are left.
Beatrix: Is that Alandus's voice?
Cassius: A skydweller fused with an automagod... Or should I say Pyet-A has been commandeered?
Cassius: Interesting.
Eustace: This is not the time.
Eustace immediately fires at the hybrid of Pyet-A and Alandus.
Pyet-A?: ...
His bullets glance off the monstrosity with no discernable effect.
Alandus strides toward the seal weapons which are being kept in a glass case.
Beatrix: Embrasque!
Beatrix: Come on, guys! We have to stop him!
Zeta: No duh! We're screwed if he gets to those weapons first! Let's do this, (Captain)!
The party members ready their weapons for a brutal showdown.

Second Advent - Chapter 5: Enemy of the World - Episode 4

All the seal weapons are recovered but for Embrasque—which Alandus swallows. He transforms, and his anguished flailing starts to bring Site Zero down around him. The crew has to drag Beatrix away as she mourns her fallen partner.

Alandus: Don't you dare rain on my parade.
Ilsa: Flail around all you want, but there's no way in hell we'll let your asinine plan come to fruition!
Alandus: Ungh...
Ilsa: Now! Recover your weapons!
Every contractor dashes for their own seal weapon in the glass case.
Alandus: I don't think so.
Alandus whips his long, heavy tail at the contractors.
His tail cuts through the air so quickly that Ilsa and company can't avoid taking the hit.
The Three: Ugh!
The Two: Guh!
But the Society members aren't the only ones caught in the blow.
Alandus's tail smashes into the glass case, scattering the seal weapons in every direction.
Alandus: Naughty, naughty children... Those weapons are the last pieces I need.
Alandus starts to move again, but Ilsa is already pinning him down with gunfire.
Alandus: Tch.
Ilsa and Eustace seize the opportunity to break for their weapons, slide, and pick them up all in one motion.
Ilsa: Looks like he didn't tamper with Nybeth. It's ready to be locked and loaded.
Eustace: Flamek is in working order too. On your command.
Alandus: You worthless grunts!
Alandus suffers another barrage of firepower as he rages.
Alandus: Urgh...
Vaseraga: Now's our chance. Go, Zeta!
Zeta: Way ahead of you!
Just like their other two comrades, Zeta and Vaseraga successfully recover their own weapons.
Zeta: Arvess! Boy, am I glad to get you back! The battle is on!
Vaseraga: Grynoth... Something about holding you in my hands puts me at ease.
Alandus: I'll crush you like flies! Stay out of my way!
Beatrix: I'm the last one up! I'll be right there, Embrasque!
Beatrix makes a beeline for her weapon. Alandus sighs and charges up his tail.
Alandus: You still refuse to listen! I said stop getting in my way!
Beatrix: Oh, crap!
Alandus arches his tail and blasts a beam of light from its tip.
Beam after beam burns through the air, melting the walls and floor on impact.
With his opponents unable to make a move, Alandus quickly scoops up Embrasque.
Ilsa: Damn it!
The sword dangles above Alandus's jaws.
Beatrix: Stop it! St—
Beatrix: No!
Beatrix: Aah, aaah!
Beatrix: How could you!
Alandus: That's it... I've finally done it!
Alandus: Hehehe... Bahahaha!
Beatrix: No...
Beatrix: I can't... I can't take this!
Beatrix: Embrasque!
Beatrix: Embraaasque!
The color has drained from Beatrix's face. She screams in anguish, glares at Alandus, and charges at him.
Before she can get far, Zeta quickly holds her back.
Beatrix: Let go of me! Let go! Embrasque was—
Zeta: Cool it! You can't go near him right now!
Cassius: A sound assessment.
Cassius: I suggest we retreat immediately. According to his research data, a new automagod is about to be born.
Alandus: Ah, this feeling welling in my body... Ah, ah, aaah!
Alandus: Hahahaha!
Cassius is right. The armor on Alandus deforms and warps. His entire body, even its color, mutates into an entirely new form.
Alandus: Ahahaha!
Haha... Hah!
Alandus: Gwah? Yaah-gaaah!
Alandus writhes in torment and then snaps.
He digs up the floor and smashes the walls. The facility isn't built to withstand this kind of punishment.
Alandus: Aaghaa!
Ilsa: It's coming down! All units move out!
Beatrix: But, but!
Zeta: Bea, please listen to Ilsa!
Beatrix: Sob... But that's my partner!
Beatrix: Embrasque!
Beatrix, her eyes red with tears, cries out in vain. Her companions can only listen with broken hearts.
They half-drag Beatrix out of the facility as it all comes down around them.

Second Advent - Chapter 6: When Worlds Collide - Episode 1

(Captain) and crew escape from the collapsing site. Alandus emerges from the rubble in his new form: Versatile, the fourteenth automagod. Versatile has lost all sanity and is ruled only by a lust for destruction. The crew prepares to stop it.

Ilsa: Fall back! Fall back! All combat personnel escort noncombatants to safety!
Subordinates: Yes ma'am!
Thanks to training and leadership, Ilsa and company successfully evacuate everyone that was inside the collapsing facility.
Vyrn: Whew... I can't believe we got everybody outta there in one piece...
Lyria: Ilsa's amaz—
Vyrn: Whooaa!
The whole island suddenly dips as if it's about to fall from the sky. The shaking intensifies.
???: Ooowoo!
An earsplitting roar echoes into the sky, nearly drowning out the final collapse of Site Zero.
Steel and debris are pushed aside as a figure slowly rises from the rubble.
???: Wheeze...
Vyrn: It brought the whole place down! What is that thing!
Cassius: It is the god he always wanted. Automagod Versatile.
Versatile: Aaghaa!
Everyone simply stares in shock at the enormous size of Versatile.
The automagod points its head toward the sky and does little more than moan. After a while it goes silent.
Vaseraga: Why isn't it moving?
Ilsa: I don't know, but now would be a good time to get everyone to—
Ilsa may have spoken too soon. The automagod raises one of its arms and points it forward.
Light begins to gather in the center of its palm, accompanied by a swelling electrical buzz.
Eustace: Oh no...
Find cover!
Eustace's order jolts everyone back to their senses. They hastily comply, confused as they are.
Versatile: Gyaagh!
First there's a flash of light, and in an instant a bluish-white ray of light blasts from Versatile's palm.
Lyria: Eeek!
It doesn't matter that everyone has managed to find cover. They still feel the scalding heat singe their skin.
Once the light dissipates, the party members scramble to get back on their feet.
But their legs grow weak when they grasp the full extent of the blast.
The automagod's beam has carved a semicircular gash in the earth extending all the way to the far horizon.
Ilsa: What destructive force... Is it trying to sink the island?
Zeta: The hell's it thinking?
Versatile: Aaghaa...
Cassius: There is no sense in asking it questions and expecting answers.
Cassius: Alandus is gone. It is Automagod Versatile we are dealing with.
Cassius: Only the original thirteen automagods are worthy of their title. This fourteenth creation is nothing but a false idol.
Cassius: Given that it has an automagod at its core, such a preternatural existence is not implausible.
Cassius: Although the flesh is gone, a person's ego lives on inside it. Versatile's rage-filled behavior may be attributed to this inheritance of ego.
Cassius: I theorize that Alandus's ego was amplified during the fusion process, culminating in a lust for ruination.
Cassius: Left alone, Versatile will rain destruction until there is nothing left in this world to destroy.
Lyria: Oh my gosh...
Vaseraga: We'll make our stand on this island! We are the last line of defense!
Ilsa: Damn straight! All units, prepare to engage!
Versatile: Aaghaa...
Versatile: Aaghaaa!
The crew and the Society members point their weapons at the towering menace.
Lyria: I'm going to fight too, (Captain)!
Lyria: I won't let it destroy the sky we love so much!
Lyria: Please hear me and lend me your strength!
Lyria: Primeval dragon—
Lyria: Child of flame and darkness...
Lyria: Thy name is...
Lyria: Bahamut!
A giant primal beast heeds Lyria's plea and emerges behind her.
Bahamut: ...!
Ilsa: Heh... Can't ask for better backup than that.
Ilsa: Everyone on me! Show me what you're made of!

Second Advent - Chapter 6: When Worlds Collide - Episode 2

The crew's attacks are not enough to stop Versatile. Cassius proposes driving a wedge between the three imperfectly fused entities that make up Versatile: Alandus, Pyet-A, and Embrasque. The lynchpin of his strategy is Beatrix.

Zeta & Beatrix: Haaah!
Versatile: Aaghaa!
Subordinate 1: Sustaining Zeta and Beatrix's assault!
Subordinate 2: Witness the results of the drill sergeant's tough love!
Subordinates: Raaah!
Ilsa: Humph. Guess not all my training has been wasted on you. Problem is...
Zeta, Beatrix, and Ilsa's subordinates blast away at Automagod Versatile.
A normal creature would have been dead ten times over from this sustained attack, but this is no ordinary being.
Versatile: Guuooh!
Versatile draws out even more of its power.
Ilsa: Tch! Damn it, he's every bit as durable as he looks!
Cassius: Its combat potential is outside my original predictions. We do not have enough personnel.
Cassius: Enhanced durability is to be expected, but the problem lies in its staggering firepower. Perhaps it stems from the combination of the machine's killing power with the man's destructive impulses.
Cassius: It leaves no openings whatsoever, which makes attacking it quite difficult. Heh. Fascinating.
Ilsa: I don't need an analyst, I need a soldier! Do your—
Ilsa stops talking when she realizes that Versatile's palm is aimed right at her.
Ilsa: Tch.
She sees a ball of light forming. The image of what that ray did to the island earlier flashes into Ilsa's head, causing her to brace for the worst.
Lyria: Please protect Ilsa!
Bahamut: ...!
Bahamut's mighty claws slam down on Versatile before it can fire off the beam.
Versatile: Aaghaa!
Versatile crumples from the blow, and the beam escapes harmlessly into the blue, sparing Ilsa's life.
Lyria: Hurry! Now's your chance to run!
Ilsa: Right. Thanks, Lyria!
Versatile: Ooowoo!
Bahamut: ...!
Versatile is already back on its feet. It howls with rage and grapples with the primal beast.
The primal beast shakes off the automagod with ease and counters with another swift talon slash.
Versatile: Gyaa!
That single attack leaves Versatile open for a split-second.
That's more than enough time for Vaseraga to charge in with Grynoth.
Vaseraga: Don't let up! Let's do this, Grynoth!
Vaseraga: Sabet odem.
Vaseraga: Rrraaagh!
Vaseraga unleashes a bestial war cry and repeatedly slashes Versatile with blinding speed and ferocity.
Versatile: Gaaah!
Versatile: Graagh!
Slash after slash cuts at Versatile, but the automagod roars back and pulls a reversal on Vaseraga.
Versatile's countering blow is so forceful that it easily sends the mighty warrior flying backward.
Vaseraga: Ugh!
Vaseraga slams into the ground. Such an impact would incapacitate the average skydweller, but Vaseraga gets right back up.
Zeta: Vaseraga! Are you okay?
Vaseraga: More or less. This automagod is tougher than Pyet-A.
Vyrn: Are you kiddin' me? Not even a hulked-out Spiky can take it down?
Ilsa: Its exterior is too heavily fortified! What other options do we have?
Eustace: ...
Ilsa: I don't care what it is, just give me an idea!
Despair begins to creep into the hearts of the combatants as the battle drags on with no path to victory in sight.
Cassius, who has only been observing since the start, breaks his silence.
Cassius: Heh. Highly illogical.
Eustace: What is?
Cassius: Versatile itself.
Cassius: (Captain), Lyria. Can you both still fight?
Lyria: Y-yes! But I don't know for how much longer...
Cassius: What little time you can buy is all I need. I will use it to tell the others my plan.
Vyrn: You got something in mind?
Cassius: Yes. But it is a plan that lacks sensibility.
Ilsa: As if sensibility matters right now. Let's hear what you've got.
Cassius: Very well. Keep the pressure from Versatile off of us for as long as you can.
Lyria: Okay! Come on, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods, and the captain and Lyria engage Versatile.
After a quick glance at their two decoys, Cassius turns to address the Society members.
Cassius: I will make this quick.
Cassius explains that despite Versatile's strength, it has a flaw.
The enigma memory in Versatile's core holds more than one consciousness. They are unable to unify into one collective will.
First there is Pyet-A's consciousness, then Alandus's, and lastly...
Cassius: Embrasque's.
Beatrix: ...!
Cassius: This volatile instability just needs a strong spark to crash the enigma memory.
Cassius: Vaseraga, your assault earlier seemed to be effective against Versatile.
Cassius: It makes sense that your weapon, Grynoth, would be able to deal sufficient damage. There is an automagod residing in that scythe after all.
Cassius: Now! Unleash the seal weapons!
Vaseraga: An eye for an eye. I can do that.
Ilsa: Listen, Chicken. Versatile's bad enough; I don't need you flying off the handle with your happy-go-slashy routine.
Vaseraga: I can stay in control if I release Grynoth for a short period of time.
Vaseraga: Any longer than that might prove to be difficult.
Vaseraga: But what other choice do we have?
Ilsa: ...
Zeta: Don't worry. If Vaseraga loses control and gets all murdery, I'll snap him out of it.
Zeta: That's why I'm going with him.
Zeta: Fill me in on how to unleash our seal weapons. I want to go all out with Arvess.
Vaseraga: It's no walk in the park. The risk is high.
Zeta: Hah, like the situation we're in now isn't risky enough? We're partners. We've been fighting side by side since as long as I can remember.
Zeta: Besides, there's nothing you can do that I can't.
Zeta: I'll bust out an attack so big it'll make you jealous. Watch me.
Vaseraga: Heh. I think not. Fine. Watch my back, Zeta.
Eustace: Are those two enough to take it down?
Cassius points to Beatrix without saying a word.
Beatrix: Huh?
Cassius: Beatrix. You are the lynchpin of this plan.
The young woman has been moping the entire time over the loss of her weapon.
The unexpected call to action takes her by surprise.

Second Advent - Chapter 6: When Worlds Collide - Episode 3

With her friends providing a distraction, Beatrix manages to scale Versatile and appeal to Embrasque. Her sword awakens and Beatrix is able to retrieve Embrasque's hilt from Versatile's throat. Versatile begins to lose structural integrity, but (Captain), Zeta, and Beatrix are caught in the path of its next desperate attack.

Beatrix: I'm the lynchpin?
Cassius: Regardless of my continued skepticism, you are the only one who claims to be able to hear the voice of your weapon.
Cassius: Embrasque's core is its own enigma memory. It's still inside Versatile. You have to reawaken it.
Cassius: I will leave the method up to you, but if Embrasque can be awakened...
Cassius: It should conflict with Versatile's enigma memory.
Beatrix: ...
Beatrix: Do you know where Embrasque is inside that thing?
Cassius: It's inside Versatile's torso.
Beatrix: Got it. Leave it to me.
Ilsa: You got this, Hellcat.
Beatrix: Huh?
Ilsa: Solo assaults are your specialty. You thrive under adversity.
Beatrix: Yeah. Because I'm Embrasque's contractor.
Eustace: I can't say I agree with your way of doing things, but show me how you'll overcome this situation.
Beatrix: Heh. Sit back and watch!
Beatrix barely finishes her thought before she's off and running.
Cassius: ...
For once in this dire situation, everyone is able to muster a small smile. But then it's back to business as they prepare to put their plan in motion against Versatile.
Bahamut: ...
Lyria: Huff... Huff... I can't hold on any longer...
Lyria and (Captain) have been valiantly holding Versatile back.
However, Lyria reaches her limit, and (Captain) has to prop her up.
Lyria: Th-thank you, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Darn it. This is about all the time we can buy! Are they still not done with their little meeting?
Ilsa: Aim!
Vyrn: ...!
Ilsa: Fire!
Subordinates: Yaaah!
Cassius: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. I am done sharing my plan.
Ilsa: Now it's our turn to do our jobs!
Ilsa: Fire everything we've got! Anti-Astral, HVAP, HE—load 'em up!
Ilsa: I want that overgrown scrap heap melted down by the sheer intensity of our bombardment!
Ilsa: Let's get this party started!
Subordinates: Yes ma'am!
Beatrix: Thanks for the cover, Sergeant Ilsa!
Versatile is immobilized by the pounding of shells against its frame. Beatrix charges full tilt toward the automagod.
Although Versatile is locked down by artillery fire, it can still swing its mighty tail at the approaching young woman.
Beatrix: Urk!
Beatrix instinctively drops to the ground. She feels the pressure of the wind as the tail whizzes past her head.
Versatile: ...
She hears a high-pitched whine and looks up to see light gathering in Versatile's palm.
Beatrix: Oh, crap! That'd better not be that beam attack from before!
Versatile: ...
Beatrix: Urgh!
Of course Beatrix's opponent says nothing. The young woman reflexively squeezes her eyes shut.
Beatrix assumes it's all over for her the moment she hears the thunderous impact.
She peeks through one eye to see lightning striking Versatile twice, thrice, and more.
Versatile: Graagh?
Beatrix: That's gotta be—
Eustace: Get a move on, Beatrix.
Beatrix: Yeah, I got it, Eustace!
Beatrix covers the final distance between her and Versatile. She latches onto one of its legs.
Versatile: Guuooh!
Versatile flails about trying to dislodge the invader scaling its body, but Beatrix perseveres in reaching its torso.
Beatrix: (I am invincible! I am fearless! No matter what trials were thrown at me, I overcame them!)
Beatrix: (But that's all because I had you with me! Only together are we unstoppable!)
Beatrix: (You give me the strength that makes me invincible!)
Beatrix: (I'm a complete wreck without you!)
Beatrix: (So hear me out, Embrasque!)
Hanging onto the machine's torso for dear life with one hand, Beatrix strikes at the metal casing as hard as she can with her free hand.
Beatrix: Shake yourself out of this funk!
Beatrix: C'mon, Embrasque! You and I are invincible!
Something seems to change within Versatile. Its chest takes on a bluish glow.
The glow gradually becomes stronger and envelops Beatrix.
Versatile: Gaah... Guuaah!
The automagod stops for a second, then begins to shudder and convulse.
Its great maw opens as if to let out a cry. Embrasque's hilt rises from its throat.
Beatrix: Embrasque!
Beatrix reaches up to grab hold of the handle as she falls away from Versatile.
Beatrix: I'll never let you go again, partner.
???: Neither will I.
Beatrix: ...!
???: Together we are one. Together we are invincible.
A soft unknown voice echoes in Beatrix's head.
But the woman knows exactly who it belongs to.
Beatrix: Sob... Embrasque...
With tears of joy in her eyes, Beatrix hugs the broken sword close to her chest.
Zeta: Beaaa!
Zeta and (Captain) catch Beatrix before she crashes into the ground.
Zeta: Phew! Nice catch, (Captain)!
Zeta: Damn it, Bea, quit scaring me like that!
Beatrix: Sorry...
Zeta: Well, looks like you got it back though.
Beatrix nods and gives Embrasque's hilt another squeeze.
Versatile: Guuooh! Aaghaa!
Versatile groans in misery at having coughed up Embrasque, with more vomiting to follow.
Versatile: Guuooaagh!
Cassius: There!
Cassius spots his spear amid the stream of metallic debris spewing from the automagod's mouth.
Cassius: Recovering Yek is a pleasant surprise. Has Versatile started to break down?
Beatrix: Looks like the automagod's gotten weaker.
Zeta: That's our cue to finish it off! Come on, Vaser—
Vaseraga: Get out of there!
Zeta: ...!
Versatile: Graaoogh!
Versatile thrusts a hand into the ground and gouges out a huge chunk of soil.
It hurls the gigantic mass straight at (Captain), Zeta, and Beatrix.

Second Advent - Chapter 6: When Worlds Collide - Episode 4

Cassius saves (Captain), Beatrix, and Zeta at the cost of part of his own foot. Without Embrasque to serve as its core, Versatile is weakened. The crew prepares for the final assault.

Vaseraga: No!
Ilsa: Zeta! Beatrix! (Captain)!
Eustace: Tch!
Vaseraga, Ilsa, and Eustace had split up to attack. Now they hurry to check on their comrades.
Beatrix: That was close...
Ilsa: You're all okay!
Cassius: I made it... in time...
Lyria: Cassius, your leg...
Cassius looks down at his feet.
The front half of his right foot is missing.
Cassius: I thought it would be worth trying to stop Versatile by using Yek.
Cassius: It would seem that Yek no longer functions as a key as it once did, perhaps as a result of being consumed by Versatile.
Cassius: The best I could do was to push you all out of the way.
  1. You saved us?

Choose: You saved us?
Lyria: Thank you so much!
Vyrn: I'm glad everyone's alive, but your foot...
Eustace: What you did was, in your own words, illogical. What do you hope to get out of this?
Cassius: Losing one war asset is better than losing three. Is that not logical?
Eustace: Hmm...
Cassius: My mobility is now limited, but I can still contribute to the battle.
Cassius: Defensive reaction times against attacks from certain axes have dropped to sixty percent of optimal values, but that should not have much effect in this fight.
Cassius: Without Yek, my contribution against the automagod was insignificant from the outset.
Ilsa: That's what you think. Even the smallest help can amount to something great.
Ilsa: Let me tell you how we do things around here!
Ilsa: Those with low self-worth are thrown into the fray and toughened up through practical experience.
Cassius: Heh. I'll stand on the front line. But do not forget who the keys to this battle are.
Cassius points to Zeta and Vaseraga.
Zeta: Gotta unleash the seal weapons, right?
Vaseraga: What should we target? We might be on the verge of victory, but we can't release our weapons indefinitely.
Cassius: It's lost Embrasque, which was functioning as its core.
Cassius: It's having trouble sustaining structural integrity and is about to break.
Cassius: It can barely hold Alandus's mind and Pyet-A's body together.
Cassius: If left alone, it will start to rebuild its core, and it could begin the process of self-regeneration.
Ilsa: That's a well-polished turd you got there, Alandus. You must be real happy with yourself.
Cassius: Self-regeneration is only a possibility, but if that happens, we will have no chance of winning. You will need to muster everything to destroy it right now.
Cassius: Are you ready, Vaseraga, Zeta? It won't be vulnerable for long. The moment it is immobilized is the moment you unleash your weapons and strike.
Vaseraga: Zeta, I'm counting on you if the worst happens. Just this time.
Zeta: That doesn't sound like you. Well, it's nice to be needed!
Beatrix: What about me? Will I be able to unleash Embrasque too?
Cassius: Who knows. As far as I can tell, the next person able to do so is Zeta and only Zeta.
Cassius: Maybe it has to do with her compatibility with Vaseraga who wields the awakened Grynoth. Perhaps their bickering fosters a stronger bond.
Beatrix: Seriously? How? It's like they're married!
Zeta: Huh?
Vaseraga: Quit screwing around. Here it comes.
Versatile: Gyaaagh!
Cassius: (Captain), Lyria. We will need your help.
Cassius: We have to create a diversion so that the others can use their weapons.
Cassius: Can you do that? I will fight as well.
  1. Gotcha.

Choose: Gotcha.
Ilsa: Good! Roll out! Smush that lumbering blueberry into fertilizer!
The Three: Okay!

Roger that!

Roger that.

Second Advent - Ending

Zeta and Vaseraga finish off Versatile by unleashing their seal weapons. Cassius wakes up seven days later in a Society medical facility, being treated as a combination prisoner and honored guest. Unable to return to the moon for the time being, he finds himself oddly excited at the prospect of exploring this realm so different from his own.

Versatile: Gyaagh...
Versatile weakens under the combined arms of the crew and the Society and staggers to a halt.
Cassius: Now! Unleash the seal weapons!
On Cassius's signal, Vaseraga and Zeta let loose with Grynoth and Arvess.
Vaseraga: Listen closely, Zeta.
Vaseraga: Grip the weapon and feel its presence. Form an image of you and the weapon entwined as one.
Vaseraga: Once you have that image, say this.
Vaseraga: Sabet odem.
Zeta: Um, what? Say that again?
Vaseraga: Sabet odem.
Zeta: What the hell... Do I really have to say that?
Ilsa: What are you two standing around for! Have you soiled yourselves?
Vaseraga: Let's go!
Zeta: Wait!
Vaseraga goes first. He leaps at Versatile with Grynoth.
A confused Zeta follows up on Vaseraga's attack.
Vaseraga: Great Scythe Grynoth!
Zeta: Spear of Arvess!
Vaseraga: Great Scythe Grynoth! Drink in the blood of the primal beast and let your soul shape my blade!
Zeta: Spear of Arvess! Give form to my faith and become a piercing fang!
Vaseraga: Sabet odem.
Vaseraga utters sounds unintelligible to skydweller ears.
The shape of his scythe begins to transform along with his armor.
Vaseraga: Unh... Oooo!
Zeta: ...!
Zeta: Aw, screw it! How does he expect me to pronounce that right off the bat!
Zeta: Arvess! If you can hear me, please lend me your power!
Versatile: Grroah!
Vaseraga: Oooaaah!
Zeta: Haaah!
Versatile flinches from the fierce combo strike.
Ilsa: Did they get it?
Vaseraga: Ooaargh!
Grynoth seems to be affecting Vaseraga as well. His hostility and aggression are approaching abnormal levels.
Vaseraga: Uurrgh!
Zeta: Vaseraga! You can't push it any further!
Versatile: Gaa... Gaagh!
Beatrix: Vaseraga!
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: Damn!
Cassius: Zeta! You have to unleash your weapon to stop Versatile's attack!
Zeta: I know that!
Versatile: Guuagh...
Seeing the wounds Vaseraga inflicted closing themselves triggers something inside Zeta.
Zeta: Damn it all!
Arvess is wrapped in a pale glow. Numerous spears of light surround Zeta and pierce Versatile.
Zeta: Spear of Arvess!
Zeta: Show me your strength!

Second Advent - Ending: Scene 2

Zeta and Vaseraga finish off Versatile by unleashing their seal weapons. Cassius wakes up seven days later in a Society medical facility, being treated as a combination prisoner and honored guest. Unable to return to the moon for the time being, he finds himself oddly excited at the prospect of exploring this realm so different from his own.

Spear after gleaming spear bombards Versatile, leaving it no time to regenerate. Holes begin to open in the automagod's armored shell.
Zeta grips Arvess and takes aim at the largest hole in Versatile's armor. Then she drives her spear home with her full weight behind it.
Zeta: Taaah!
Arvess pierces through Versatile. The automagod's knees crash to the ground, and it remains in that position in silence.
Versatile: ...
Zeta: Huff... Pant... You're up...
The backlash from the spear's power hits Zeta hard; the armor she wears breaks, and she drops to her knees.
Cassius: Finish it, Beatrix! Slay the automagod with Embrasque!
Beatrix: On it!
Gripping her sword's hilt tightly, Beatrix raises it above her head as if to pierce the heavens.
Beatrix: Embrasque Sword! Devour the surging karma before me and carve open the path to victory!
A blue light emanates from Embrasque's bladeless hilt.
The glow settles into a new form: that of an even larger blade.
Beatrix: Suck on this!
The warrior swings down her weapon with every ounce of strength she has and cleaves into Versatile's head.
Versatile: ...!
Versatile: Wanted... the... moon...
Versatile: ...
Versatile goes quiet, marking its end.
Eustace: That should do it.
Ilsa: Job well done! Mission accomplished!
Subordinates: Yeaaah!
Cassius: Heh...
Cassius actually looks happy for a brief moment. Then he sags like a marionette whose strings have been cut.
Lyria: Cassius!
A few days later.
Cassius: ...
Lyria: Cassius! You're awake!
Vyrn: Glad you're back with us! How do you feel?
Cassius: Having just awoken, I am not yet able to properly evaluate my condition.
Cassius: Therefore it is difficult to formulate an appropriate diagnosis. Given the state of my right foot, however, I doubt it will be overly positive.
Cassius looks at his bandaged right foot whose toes are missing.
Vyrn: Well, he hasn't lost his charm. I guess he's doing fine.
Cassius: (Captain), can you tell me what happened to the automagod?
  1. We beat it.
  2. You just worry about resting.

Choose: We beat it.
Cassius: I see.
Lyria: You've been asleep for seven days. We're in a hospital run by the Society.
Vyrn: Red and Spiky already woke up. They're back on their feet.
Cassius: I see.

Choose: You just worry about resting.
Cassius: Is there a reason for withholding information from me? Was it not defeated?
Lyria: Don't keep him in suspense like that, (Captain)!
Lyria: The automagod was defeated. We're in a hospital run by the Society.
Vyrn: (Captain) just didn't want you to get your bandages in a twist.
Cassius: I see.
Continue 1
Cassius: Then I will be on my way.
Ilsa: No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Cassius: ...
Ilsa: Your tactics got us out of that fight alive. Victory would've been impossible without your direction.
Ilsa: So to repay you, you'll be staying here until you make a full recovery.
Cassius: Am I a prisoner now? I will not reveal information about the moon.
Eustace: Fickle as ever, moondweller. Why did you help us earlier then?
Eustace: You're our enemy, aren't you?
Cassius: Heh...
Cassius: It was simply an act of kindness.
Beatrix: Are you sure you know what that means? I don't think you're using it right.
Cassius: I get the gist of it.
Cassius: Oh, and in regards to Embrasque...
Beatrix: Hm?
Cassius: Allow me to examine Embrasque later. I find it fascinating that it did not lose its power in the ordeal.
Beatrix: Ooh, so you've realized how awesome it is too, huh? Sure thing! I'll go grab it right now!
Cassius: Technically this is "later," but perhaps I should have clarified and specified an exact time.
Zeta's Voice: Ouch! Watch where you're goin', Bea!
Beatrix's Voice: Sorry!
Zeta: Oh, you're up. Whoa, looks like someone's popular!
Vaseraga: Thank you for your efforts, Cassius.
Cassius: Heh.
Ilsa: Returning to your previous remark about being a prisoner, yes, I can't deny that.
Ilsa: As an enemy of the Society, you possess a wealth of information about automagods, seal weapons, and an account of the previous chain of events.
Ilsa: That's info we want. On the other hand, you did save us. It would be nice if we could talk this out.
Cassius: I have nothing else that I can tell you. I recommend that you dispose of me quickly, so that you may save on personnel and medical costs.
Ilsa: Is this another one of your "acts of kindness"?
Cassius: Yes. You will derive no benefit from me.
Eustace: What about that spear you were carrying around? Yek, or whatever you call it. Doesn't it mean anything to you?
Cassius: It once held significance, yes. But now it is no different from an ordinary piece of iron. There is nothing I can do about that.
Cassius: Regardless...
Lyria: Cassius?
The young man closes his eyes. The way he trails off could be mistaken for him taking his last breath.
Beatrix: Cassius! Speak to us!
Cassius: ...
Lyria: I think he's sleeping.
Vyrn: Well, that was unexpected.
Zeta: Isn't it obvious? I'd be exhausted too if I woke up in a hospital to an interrogation.
Ilsa: I don't know how this is going to end, but we'll keep him under observation until he recovers. They're making him a prosthesis in the meantime.
Eustace: Are you sure we should help him regain full mobility?
Vaseraga: You're taking this too far, Eustace.
Vaseraga: You two are more similar than you think. I don't think we have to worry.
Eustace: Don't come crying to me if something goes wrong.
Cassius's mind drifts to a different place, but he can still hear the voices around him.
Cassius: (The pod is damaged. The mission has failed. I can reclaim Yek, but it has lost all key functionality due to Versatile.)
Cassius: (As for myself, rehabilitation should be my primary focus.)
Cassius: (Returning to the moon will have to wait given these conditions.)
Cassius: (Luckily there are plenty of inhabitants in this fossil world that pique my interest.)
Cassius: (Shall I become a traveler? Observing this world for what it is doesn't sound bad at all.)
Cassius: (Indeed it sounds... fascinating.)
Sleep claims the young man. The thought of exploring a world much different from his is cause for excitement.
The Sky Realm and a world beyond. What has the chance meeting between the dwellers of these two worlds wrought?
The End


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