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Official Profile[edit]

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Fate Episodes[edit]

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A Blue Light in the Darkness[edit]

Sophie is swallowed up by a distortion in the space-time continuum and finds herself in a flower garden, wherein she has a fateful encounter with Io. One night, having decided to join (Captain)'s crew in their travels, Sophie is standing on the deck of the Airship, staring at the sky. Sensing Sophie's unease, Io combs Sophie's hair in her room, the pair of them enjoying the moment together.

Sophie: (So dark...)
Sophie: (I seem to be in complete darkness.)
Sophie: (Even with my eyes open, I can't see anything.)
Sophie: (Even if I cry out, I can't hear anything.)
Sophie: (I can't sense my own body. I'm just floating in darkness.)
Sophie: (I was absent-mindedly thinking of Richard.)
Sophie: (I was cut off from Richard wasn't I...?)
Sophie: (What should I do when my friends have made a mistake?)
Suddenly, the air around her began to distort and her body was enfolded in dazzling light.
Sophie: Wha... My head!
After being sucked into the maelstrom of light, she had the sensation that her body was plunging down through space.
Sophie: Wh? Whaa...
She felt the earth against her skin, and a sweet scent teased her nostrils.
An azure sky spread out without end while flower petals fluttered down.
Sophie: Where... Where am I...?
Opening her pale eyes, she slipped into unconsciousness, as if falling into a deep sleep.
How many hours did she sleep for?
She heard someone's voice calling from far away.
???: If I may say so, won't you catch a cold sleeping here?
Turning around, she felt a warm sensation.
Sophie: Urrrgh...
Slowly opening her eyes, she saw two gem stones sparkling clear blue.
???: Looks like she's waking up! Hey, are you okay?
The girl's pale blue eyes met with Sophie's.
Sophie: Hmn... Who are you?
Io: Me? I'm Io.
Sophie: Ee...oh...
After meeting Io, Sophie joined (Captain)'s crew on their travels.
After joining (Captain)'s crew, Sophie spent quite some time journeying with them.
One day, after the sun had gone down completely, Sophie stood alone on the deck of the Airship.
Sophie: ...
Io: Oh, Sophie. What are you doing in a place like this?
Sophie: Just... looking at the sky.
Io: Right. And does it remind you of something?
Sophie: No. Nothing yet...
Io: I see... Well, there's no rush!
Io: The members of this crew are so kind that you'll soon get used to it here, Sophie!
Sophie: Uh-huh.
Io: Enough of that gloomy look already, can't you answer more cheerfully?
Sophie: Cheerfully?
Io: For instance, um... A more chic answer.
Sophie: "Chic?"
Io: You're hard work! Chic refers to one's natural sense of discernment.
Io: Nevermind, come here a second!
Grabbing her hand forcefully, Io began to lead Sophie off somewhere.
Io sat Sophie down in a chair, and began to show her around her room.
Sophie: Io... Are you angry with me?
Io: Huh? Why would I be angry?
Sophie: Well...
Io: The thing is, you've got a good foundation to start from.
Sophie: A good foundation?
Io: Look, I'm saying that it's a shame to have your hair as unkempt as this!
Io stood behind Sophie, untied the two plaits of her long, lavender hair, and gently combed them.
Io: How about if you had the same hair-style as me? And tried mixing up your appearance a little?
Sophie: OK... Thank you, Io.
Io: Hey! Don't make sudden movements! I don't want to break any strands.
Sophie: Ok, I understand. I won't move from now on.
That evening, the voices of the two girls, laughing together just like they were sisters, could be heard from afar.

Little Sisters[edit]

Sophie and the party are walking through the woods to find a get-well present for Io. Just as frustration is mounting over their inability to find their destination, monsters abruptly appear.

Earlier, in the woods outside of town, Io had been wounded protecting Sophie from a monster.
Io insisted it was no big deal, but was sent back to the airship for treatment as a precaution.
Sophie and the party are now traversing the woods together in search of a get-well present for Io.
Sophie: I wonder if she'll like it...
Lyria: I really think she would!
Vyrn: Come on! Who's ever not been happy to receive a get-well present?
Sophie: I hope you're right.
(Captain) flashes a gentle smile at Sophie.
Lyria: Hmm... What do you think, (Captain)? Is this really the right path?
(Captain) shrugs.
Lyria: You don't know? How about you, Vyrn? Is this it?
Vyrn: Me? I thought you were the one who knew where we were going, Lyria.
Lyria: Oh. Suddenly I have a very bad feeling about this.
Sophie: Everyone! Get back!
Lyria: What is it?! What's wrong?
Sophie: Monsters! I'll take care of this!
Vyrn: All right! Let's give her a hand, (Captain)!

Little Sisters: Scene 2[edit]

Following a sweet aroma, Sophie leads the party to a hidden field of wildflowers. But the field has been ravaged by monsters, who then promptly attack the party. Sophie meets their charge.

After slaying the monsters, the party continues deeper into the woods.
But they still seem to be a ways from their destination.
Vyrn: Aw, geez. The sun's gonna be setting soon!
Lyria: Oh no... are we lost?
Just then, Sophie stops walking and closes her eyes.
Lyria: What's wrong Sophie? Are you mad? I'm sorry—I know we've been no help at all!
Sophie: No, it's not that.
Sophie: It's this way. I can smell it.
Sophie turns and begins walking down an overgrown side trail.
Lyria: S-Sophie, wait! Please slow down!
Vyrn: Hold up! We're coming!
The party follows Sophie through the thick foliage, into a beautiful field of wildflowers...
Or at least, it was supposed to be beautiful. But the field has been ravaged by rampaging monsters.
Sophie: Oh no...
A monster suddenly appears and launches itself at Sophie as she stares, staggered, at the ruined field.
Monster: Rrrraaawwrrr!
Lyria: Sophie! Look out!
Sophie: Those were Io's flowers! How could you!
Fists clenched in anger, Sophie turns to meet the incoming monsters.
Vyrn: Yikes! She's gonna need some backup, (Captain)!

Little Sisters: Scene 3[edit]

After exterminating the monsters, the party discovers a single undamaged flower. Sophie tenderly carries it back to the ship and presents it to Io. The flower, called a "little lady," strengthens Io and Sophie's sister-like relationship.

The party has wiped out all the monsters in the area, but their efforts came too late to save the ruined field.
Sophie looks upon the shredded flowers with despair.
Sophie: Even with everyone's help, I...
Vyrn: Aw, that's too bad Sophie. It was such a good idea, too.
Lyria: W-Well, maybe we could go into town, and look for a florist there...?
Sophie: Oh!
Sophie cries out and drops to her knees in the ruined field.
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong?
Lyria: Oh, poor Sophie... She's so distraught!
The party rushes to Sophie's side.
Sophie: Look! There's still one flower left!
Sophie rises to leave the field, tenderly carrying the intact flower.
Back on the airship, the party leads Sophie's to Io's room.
Sophie: Io... How are you feeling?
Io: Huh? From that little wound? I'm fine, of course!
Io: It's being laid up in my room that's driving me crazy!
Sophie: I'm so relieved that you're well.
Io: I've been telling you all along that it was just a scrape!
Io: So where did you all go off to, leaving me stuck here by myself?
Sophie: I went to get you this.
Sophie hands the flower to Io.
Io: Whoa! It's a little lady! That's my favorite flower!
Io: How did you...
Sophie: Hee hee! (Captain), Lyria and Vyrn helped me!
Io: Oh... So that's why everyone...
Io: Hey, wait a minute! THOSE woods?! Those are full of monsters!
Io: You promised you wouldn't put yourself at risk again!
Sophie: Oh! I... I'm sorry Io...
Vyrn: Hey, hey! Don't get mad at her!
Io: I'm not mad! I just worry about you, Sophie.
Sophie: Io...
Io: But... Thank you. It means a lot that you would go through all that for me.
Sophie: You're welcome. I only wish I'd been able to find more flowers...
Io: That would have been a mistake! The little lady is a dignified flower. It's at its most beautiful when it blooms alone.
Sophie: Really? When I saw this flower, I immediately thought of you.
Sophie affixes the little lady to Io's flaxen hair.
Io: Heh heh. Looks pretty great on me, huh?
Io: I'm glad you've finally awakened to the world of fashion!
Sophie: Only because of you, Io.
Lyria: Hee hee. You two are like sisters!
Vyrn: Yeah! Io's taken on a real big-sister vibe ever since Sophie got here...
Later, Io would dry out the little lady and display it in a vase in her room.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お花は好き、心があったかくなる Flowers make me feel all warm inside.
わたしとイオは友達… Io's my friend!
見切った! You're done for!
まだまだ! This isn't over yet!
このペンダントは…わたしの宝物 This pendant means so much to me...
なぎはらう! I'll take them all down!
逃がさない! You won't get away!
さよなら Goodbye.
(主人公)達は、わたしが守る! I'll protect you guys, (Captain).
(主人公)は…懐かしい感じがする I feel like I know you from somewhere, (Captain).

Other Appearances[edit]

Tales of Asteria[edit]