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, a character attribute.
Click the Style button on a character's detail screen to swap to another Style.

Swapping styles changes a character's skill and charge attack stats. A character's style can be swapped by tapping on the Style button on their character details screen.

A character's style can also be swapped and their style details confirmed in the Characters section of the journal. (When a character's style is swapped in the journal, only the style displayed there will change. This will not affect the current style or stats of actual characters you may have.)

Unlocking and Using Style Swap

There are certain requirements to unlock and use style swap. By fulfilling these requirements, a character's style can be changed.

  • Only the specified version of a character can use style swap. Other same-name versions of the character won't automatically be able to change styles.

Unlock Requirements

A new style will unlock for a specified character once the required quests are cleared. Requirements to unlock a style for a certain character can be fulfilled after that character has joined you.

  • Unlocking a style for a specified character does not mean they will join your party.
  • If a quest needed to unlock a new style is currently unavailable, said style can't be unlocked until the quest can be cleared.

Styles can still be unlocked even if the specified character has not yet joined you.

Usage Requirements

A specified character's style can be swapped once certain requirements are fulfilled. Once these requirements are met, other same-name versions of the specified character will be able to equip styles as outfits. These characters' appearances will change, but their stats will be unaffected.

  • Certain styles might not have usage requirements.

Bonuses and Perks

When swapping between styles, certain bonuses are kept regardless of the selected style.