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The Dragonblood War - Opening

With Heles's cousin Miach in tow, the crew sets a course for Alster Island, only to be blocked off by uncanny dark thunderclouds surrounding its perimeter. Constance shows up and leads them to a small isle nearby where a rescue party is forming.

Situated in Sphiria Kingdom of the Phantagrande Skydom is the Hall of Knowledge, a grand library housing valuable tomes from all over the Sky Realm.
The crew has come here to pick up a person for transport.
HoK Staff: Yes, this is most certainly the seal of Princess Heles of Alster Island's former Irestill Kingdom.
HoK Staff: Please wait here a moment. I'll be right back with the transfer student Miach.
Lyria: Great! Thank you.
Vyrn: Phew, they sure take things seriously here! Just getting our details confirmed was a hassle...
Lyria: Even with the letter and documents from Heles, I wasn't sure if everything would be okay!
(Captain) scans through the contents of the letter once more.
Heles: "Dear (Captain),
Much time has passed since Seruel, Naoise, and I took leave from the crew."
Heles: "At first, it was to celebrate Scathacha, or rather Deirdre, as Alster Island's true dragon."
Heles: "But the island was attacked by another true dragon—Medb. And so we had to stay behind to help with reconstruction."
Lyria: What a surprise that was...
Peering at the letter beside (Captain), Lyria thinks back to memories past.
Lyria: Scathacha made coexistence with the monsters possible on Alster Island...
Lyria: I don't understand why Medb was against that...
Vyrn: She even said Scathacha's not worthy of bein' a true dragon.
Vyrn: Went off about how people and monsters shouldn't be treated as equals to true dragons.
Vyrn: But if you ask me, she's the one who puts her kind to shame, puttin' the hurt on everyone just to prove she's superior!
Agreeing wholeheartedly with Vyrn's quip, (Captain) grips the letter tighter.
Heles: "Despite us joining the crew and then taking such a long leave of absence..."
Heles: "You didn't mind it in the least and went as far as to deliver supplies and offer medical aid to our injured. I cannot thank you enough."
Heles: "As a result, the island's reconstruction is progressing smoothly. Seruel, Naoise, and I should be able to travel again soon."
Heles: "When that time comes, I hope you'll let us rejoin you aboard the Grandcypher."
Vyrn: Haha, she's way too formal in her letters.
Lyria: Teehee. I can't wait to travel with them again!
Hearing the sound of a doorbell, (Captain) puts the letter away.
Heles: "But until then, I have a favor to ask. Alster Island lost countless airships in the battle with Medb."
Heles: "As such, I'd like to request your help in bringing someone to Alster Island."
Heles: "Could you possibly bring my cousin Miach back from Sphiria's Hall of Knowledge? She's currently studying there as an exchange student.
Thank you."
Miach: Good day.
Miach: I am Miach, successor to a duke of the former Irestill Kingdom.
The crew responds in kind as he gracefully bows.
Lyria: Nice to meet you! We're a skyfarer crew that traveled with Heles!
Miach: She told me much about you in her letter. It's an honor to meet you.
Miach: I hear you were a boon to Alster when the true dragon Medb attacked as well.
Miach: As a member of the duke's family and as a citizen of Alster Island, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Vyrn: Hey now, there's no need to be so formal!
Vyrn: We're gonna be headin' off to your home island together anyway! So let loose those shoulders and learn to relax!
Miach timidly takes (Captain)'s outstretched hand for a handshake.
Miach: Thank you. I hope to become good friends with you all.
Miach: May we enjoy this voyage to Alster Island.
HoK Staff: Miach, it's been a pleasure having you at the Hall of Knowledge. We'll pray for your safe travels.
Miach: The pleasure is all mine. I'm certain everything I've learned here will help me become a better librarian back home.
Miach says goodbye to his place of study and sets off for Alster with the crew.
Miach: My goodness! This must be the Grandcypher!
Miach: I can't believe I get to ride an airship that Heles and Seruel made a home of for some time!
Vyrn: Glad to see ya enjoyin' yourself already!
Lyria: Let me show you around the ship, Miach!
Miach: I'd like that very much! Thank you.
Lyria: It's been a long time since you were last in Alster, right?
Miach: Yes... When I first started studying in Sphiria, the Irestill Kingdom was still standing.
Miach: Though I did go back once to help Heles and Seruel...
Vyrn: I take it that was the time when Scathacha... I mean when Dierdre was away, and the island was overrun by monsters?
Miach: Yes... Fortunately things had settled down quite a bit by the time I arrived, thanks to the kingdom's knights.
Miach: Or so I was told... The way I saw it, the island was in ruins. I can't imagine how tough it must have been on everyone.
Miach: The most I could do was look into some old records...
Lyria: Hm... If that was your only time back, that means you haven't seen Alster in its reconstructed state.
Miach: Various circumstances at the Great Court led to me returning to Sphiria to study at the Hall of Knowledge.
Vyrn: Ooh, you're gonna be in for a surprise when you see what Alster looks like now!
Vyrn: I know Medb made a mess of things, but they've been rebuildin' stuff so fast that you might not recognize it now!
Miach: Yes... I certainly do look forward to seeing what it looks like now.
Miach: Of course, I also look forward to seeing my father, Heles, and everyone else.
Lyria: So are we. Right, (Captain)?
The pleasant voyage continues on.
Traveling on favorable currents, the crew reaches the vicinity of Alster Island, when something unexpected happens.
Lyria: Normally, we could see it by now...
Miach: What bad timing for us to have rainfall...
Lyria: The wind's getting stronger too... Let's get inside so we don't catch a cold.
Miach: Yes, that'd be for the best.
The weather seems to get worse the closer the crew gets to Alster Island.
Vyrn: Strange... We usually get nice weather around these parts.
Lyria: Yeah, the wind and rain never get this strong around Alster...
Miach: Excuse me!
Lyria: Ah! Miach, you were still on deck? You're all wet—we'd better wipe you down.
Miach: Lyria, um... You should see outside...
Seeing that Miach is unable to put into words what he's seen, (Captain) steps onto the deck.
Lyria: ...!
The sight of an unnaturally large stretch of clouds emitting the occasional flash of lightning greets the captain.
Lyria: Huh... Those clouds are...
Miach: They're covering up Alster Island!
Vyrn: How's this even happening?
Not wanting to risk storming through the clouds, the crew steer the Grandcypher around in a circle as they survey their surroundings.
Miach: Could these clouds be responsible for the inclement weather?
Miach: I sense powerful magic from them. What could this mean...
Just then, (Captain) hears a wispy voice calling out.
???: Excuuuse... meee!
Lyria: Huh? Where have I heard that voice before...
(Captain) and Lyria scrunch their eyes amid the poor visibility and notice a mid-sized airship coming their way.
Constance: (Captain)! It's me, Constance!
Lyria: Aah! I thought I recognized your voice!
It turns out to be Queen Constance who calls out to them from the airship. She rules over Sharom Island, a place where monsters and people coexist in peace.
(Captain) and company know her from an incident revolving around the Crystal of Beginnings. They invite her aboard the Grandcypher.
Constance: I can't see with all the fog on my glasses...
Lyria: Constance! Are you okay? Let me bring you to an empty room!
Lyria: Here's a towel!
Constance: Thank you... And sorry to have to use a towel that you probably need for yourselves...
Vyrn: Nah, it's all good! More importantly...
Miach: What's become of Alster Island!
Constance: Eep! I-I'm so sorry... I don't know either...
Miach: Ah... My apologies. I didn't mean to raise my voice.
Constance: No, I'm the one at fault for not being more situationally aware...
Constance: (Captain), would it be all right for us to stop at a small isle nearby?
Constance: The locals there were just talking about getting in touch with others who might be able to send aid to Alster Island.
Vyrn: That'd be a big help! And we can be the first to join whatever rescue party they've got in mind.
Vyrn: Miach, we're gonna save your home together!
Miach: Th-thank you!
Constance guides the crew to the isle.
Elisheba: Rations to the west wing! Bring daily necessities to the third estate on the east side!
Great Court Aide: Okay! I'll guide the supply wagons!
Ferdia: Elisheba! The evacuees from Cloch Village have entered the assembly hall!
Elisheba: Thank you, Ferdia. Can you gather some firewood for me after you've rested up a bit?
Ferdia: Sure! The usual place, right? I can go right now!
Elisheba: Since we can't see what's ahead, try not to do anything too reckless. Are we clear on that?
Ferdia: Ah... Of course!
Elisheba: Next is...
Sir Quill: Requesting passage! I have a wounded soldier with me!
Elisheba: Sir Quill! The doctor's—
Chulainn: Grandpa Quill! Over here! The doctor's this way; I'll show you!
Sir Quill: Thank you!
We're going to save you yet! The nation's safety depends on us!
Chulainn: Hang in there! I'm sure the doctor'll see you right away!
Chulainn: It's not too far!
While guiding the elderly knight who's hauling an injured soldier, the half-dragon child grits her teeth and musters the courage to persevere.
Chulainn: (Everything's going to be okay... We have Elisheba, Heles, Seruel, and Scathacha on our side!)
Chulainn: (It has to be... okay...)
Chulainn: (Sir N-Naoise...)
Though Alster has survived its kingdom's collapse and Medb's assault, a third calamity awaits it.
Esteemed for having forged bonds between man and monster by the efforts of a true dragon, the island now sways like a skyskimmer in the midst of a thunderstorm.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 1: Fleeting Yet Noble Spark - Episode 1

Days before Alster is covered in thunderclouds, Heles shows up before Chulainn and explains that in a few days, she, Seruel, Naoise, and Scathacha will be returning to their duties as skyfarers. She asks for Chulainn to be friends with her cousin Miach, who will be coming in soon to fill the void left by the others.

Days before Alster Island is visited by thunderous clouds...
Above the Great Court of the old castle Emmain Macha, Scathacha is on a rooftop teaching Chulainn how to control her dragon powers.
Chulainn: Inhale... Exhale...
Scathacha: Yes... You want to bring your power out into the world like this...
Clutching Chulainn's hand and hoping to draw out her power, Scathacha transfers some of her mana into the little girl as a conduit.
Chulainn: Hngh!
Scathacha: Chulainn, I'm going to let go. It'll be up to you to direct the mana of your body, then retain it. Ready?
Chulainn: Y-yeah—
Chulainn: Aiieee!
Chulainn: Sigh... I did it again...
Scathacha: Pfft... Haha! You let go when you blinked. Surely you can hold out longer, Chulainn.
Chulainn: Sorry, Lady Scathacha... I'm feeling really nervous and fidgety for some reason...
Scathacha: I suppose it feels most natural for you to have your mana inside.
Scathacha: Your dragon blood has lied dormant for most of your life after all. We'll just have to keep up with the training.
Chulainn: I'll do my best!
Scathacha: That's the spirit. Okay, let's go again.
Heles: I see you're hard at work, Scathacha. Chulainn too.
Chulainn: Yes, Lady Heles!
Scathacha: Hm, the fact that you're here must mean the appointed hour draws near.
Heles: Yes. The parliament wishes to confirm matters one last time before the big meeting in a few days.
Chulainn: A meeting...
Chulainn: When it's over, Lady Heles, Sir Seruel, and Sir Naoise will be going away on a journey, right?
Heles: Indeed. We must pay our dues to (Captain)'s crew.
Heles: Not to mention the presence of my brother and I does no favors to the current political situation on Alster Island.
Chulainn: ...
Scathacha: This is not goodbye for life. Besides, I will still be here. While I have my vessel travel with them, my main body always remains in Alster.
Scathacha: We'll have to take a break from your training a few days before and after the meeting, but once it's over we can resume as normal.
Heles: If you need a mortal's opinion on mana control, you can try asking Miach.
Chulainn: Miach?
Heles: Yes, she's my cousin. And she'll be returning soon from her studies abroad, hopefully filling the void caused by our absence.
Heles: Of those in the Irestill royal family bloodline, she's especially skilled with magic. I'm sure she'll have some advice for you.
Chulainn: She's even better than you in magic? That's amazing!
Scathacha: Hm? Is she the Erune child who was present during the creation of my vessel while my core was protected?
Heles: Yes. Although my mana was used to create your vessel, it was Miach who weaved the spell for it all to happen.
Heles: It was also she who scoured through ancient records to determine the nature of your agreement with the first Irestill king.
Scathacha: Oh? I'll have to thank her in person.
Heles: I'm sure Miach would like that. I hope you'll get along with her too, Chulainn.
Chulainn: Of course! I can't wait to meet her!
Heles: I look forward to the day I return from my travels and get to see you all grown-up, Chulainn.
Chulainn: ...!
I'll do my best to live up to your expectations, Lady Heles!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 1: Fleeting Yet Noble Spark - Episode 2

Ferdia, who happens to be at the Great Court's library, hears from Seruel about Miach returning to Alster. He reveals he has already been asked by Elisheba to clean up Miach's room and tend to his needs.

Ferdia: ...
Seruel: Good day, Ferdia.
Ferdia: Urk!
Ferdia: Ah! Sir Seruel! How embarrassing for you to see me like this!
Seruel: There's nothing shameful about focusing on a good book. Knowledge can enrich your life.
Seruel: I only wish more of the island's residents would use the Great Court's library.
Ferdia: You mean this library is open to everyone?
Ferdia: Wow... Where I'm from in the boondocks, we hardly had any books...
Seruel: Papermaking and printing technology isn't exactly evenly spread across the Phantagrande Skydom.
Seruel: Alster adopted the technology at an early stage, and we now boast the highest literacy rate of all the islands in the area.
Seruel: But still... It's not enough.
Ferdia: You think so? The way I see it, it's incredible that most people on the island are able to read.
Seruel: That's a fair assessment, but you must remember Alster has abolished its monarchy for a parliamentary government...
Seruel: The citizens themselves must elect their own representatives.
Ferdia: Hm... In my village, the job of village elder is passed on within the family from generation to generation...
Ferdia: If I'm understanding this right, that's basically the same as a monarchy, right?
Seruel: Yes, that's one way of putting it. Tell me, Ferdia: what is the correct way to choose a parliament member?
Ferdia: Er... Well, if we had a parliament back home, maybe we could see who can best negotiate the water supply with neighboring villages...
Ferdia: Or we could decide based on who produces the best harvest... But surely there's more to it than that...
Seruel: Exactly—there's so much more to being a leader for the masses.
Seruel: To know what sort of issues parliament members must decide on, the citizens must first understand the problems that the island faces.
Seruel: For instance, the problems faced by people living in the highlands would be very different from those living in flatlands.
Seruel: And naturally, the average person would not be aware of such issues unless they go out of their way to learn them.
Ferdia: I see what you're saying... As a woodcutter, my grandfather made for a good hunter, but the most he could do at the farm was assist.
Seruel: And there's a limit to how much you can fill in the blanks with your imagination. People's opinions tend to sway based on lived experiences and the information they have.
Seruel: In order for parliament to work as it should, it is imperative that the citizenry actively deepen their knowledge of all things.
Ferdia: That makes a lot of sense!
Seruel: I believe this library serves as a decent foothold. We have our ancestors to thank for that.
Seruel: Miach, who has been studying at the Hall of Knowledge to become a librarian, will be instrumental in furthering education among the citizenry.
Ferdia: Lady Miach... She's from the former duke's family, isn't she?
Ferdia: Lady Elisheba has asked me to help clean up her room and look after her when she gets here.
Seruel: I'd like to ask the same of you. She had to leave the island for a long time due to political reasons.
Seruel: I'm sure it'd be very reassuring for her to have someone close in age nearby.
Ferdia: I promise to support her to the best of my ability until you return from your travels!
Seruel: (Ferdia and Chulainn are not originally from Alster, which means they're free of any constraints that come with being a native.)
Seruel: (On top of that, they're under Scathacha's protection. The two make should make good deterrents for anyone that tries to use Miach for political gain.)
Seruel: (Despite all the time that's passed since the kingdom's collapse, change doesn't always come so easily.)

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 1: Fleeting Yet Noble Spark - Episode 3

While out in town for an errand, Chulainn bumps into a lost traveler looking for Deirdre and shows him the way. They find Naoise at the castle gates, who the traveler takes control of, forcing him to pierce through Scathacha's chest with his spear. Naoise then goes off with the traveler.

Currently in a period of recess from training with Scathacha, Chulainn is assisting Great Court attendants with various chores.
Chulainn: Miss! I finished milling the grain!
Great Court Aide: My, my! You did it all at the drop of a hat! I'm impressed, Chulainn!
Chulainn: Heheh! I'm pretty strong, so chores like this are a cinch for me!
Great Court Aide: What a relief. Some guests for the upcoming meeting arrived early, and I was afraid we wouldn't have enough bread.
Chulainn: Is there anything else I can help with?
Great Court Aide: Hm, aren't you tired from turning the grindstone? Are you really okay to keep at it?
Chulainn: I'm as fine as can be! I want to make myself useful, so please let me know if there's anything else you could use a hand with!
Great Court Aide: Let's see... Do you think you could deliver an order form to a shop in town?
Chulainn: Consider it done!
After confirming with her peers what materials they'll need, the attendant hands an order form to Chulainn.
Great Court Aide: Just as long as this gets there by tonight, we'll be okay. So take your time. Thanks again!
Chulainn: Okey-doke! I'll be right back!
Chulainn: La-di-dah...
As Chulainn cheerily dashes down the hallway, a passerby going the opposite direction shoots her a stern look.
???: ...
Chulainn: Ah...
Chulainn: (I almost forgot! I promised Sir Seruel I wouldn't run in the hallway!)
Recalling an earlier conversation with Seruel, the girl slows down to a stroll.
Chulainn: (Manners, Cu! Manners!)
???: ...
Once out of the Great Court, Chulainn picks up the pace again.
Chulainn: No more chores for the day.
Having delivered the order form, the girl saunters around town in high spirits.
Old Woman: Ooh! What good timing, little Miss Chulainn!
Chulainn: You're the nice granny from the accessory shop! How can I help you?
Old Woman: This traveler seeks to go to the Great Court...
The elderly lady, who owns a hair accessory stall and is also acquainted with Scathacha, gestures at the man standing next to her.
Traveler: ...
Chulainn: Hello there!
Traveler: Hey.
Old Woman: I wanted to show him the way myself, but I can't very well leave my stall unattended...
Old Woman: Chulainn, won't you please be a dear and bring him along on your way back?
Chulainn: Sure! I've finished up my chores for the day, so that won't be a problem! Let's get going, Mr. Traveler!
Traveler: Appreciate it.
Old Woman: Thank you, Chulainn. I hope you'll stop by with Scathacha again.
Chulainn: Mm-hm! See you later, Granny!
Chulainn: The Great Court should come into view any moment now!
Traveler: Uh-huh.
Chulainn: ...
Chulainn: Um, I might be wrong about this, but are you a dragon by any chance?
Traveler: That's right... How did you know?
Chulainn: I knew it! My scales tend to stir when there's a dragon around me!
Chulainn: And they were stirring the whole way here, so I figured that had to be it.
Traveler: I see you have trouble controlling your detection powers.
Chulainn: Yeah, I'm not very good at this dragon thing.
Traveler: Oh?
Chulainn: But thankfully, I have Lady Deirdre to train me!
Chulainn: Um... Are you a half-dragon—a dragonewt—like me?
Chulainn: Have you come to ask Lady Deirdre to train you too, Mr. Traveler?
Traveler: ...
Something like that.
Chulainn: Lady Deirdre is a really, really nice true dragon!
Chulainn: So I'm sure she'll agree to helping you out!
Traveler: Good to know.
Chulainn: Mm-hm!
Chulainn: Oh, there's the main gate! That's the Great Court!
Chulainn runs ahead and calls out to the guard station.
Chulainn: 'Scuse me! We have a visitor!
Naoise: Chulainn? What's this about a visitor? I was told you were on an errand...
Chulainn: Sir Naoise! I guided a traveler here! He's come to visit Lady Deirdre!
Naoise: Oh?
Chulainn: He seems to be a dragonewt like me!
Naoise: I see. I'll take over from here and see what Deirdre has to say.
Chulainn: Thank you!
Mr. Traveler!
Chulainn waves to the traveler and introduces him to Naoise.
Naoise: So I hear you're looking to meet Deirdre. What island do you hail from?
Naoise: Before we enter, there are a few things I'd like to ascertain...
Traveler: ...
Chulainn: Mr. Traveler?
The traveler suddenly grabs Naoise by the arm.
Naoise: Wha—
Traveler: Just as I thought.
Naoise: ...!
Scathacha: What's this sensation...
Naoise: Ngh!
Chulainn: Sir Naoise!
Scathacha: Naoise! Chulainn!
Chulainn: Lady Scathacha! Sir Naoise is...
Stepping in front of Chulainn and a hunched-over Naoise, Scathacha confronts the traveler.
Scathacha: Another true dragon? What have you done to Naoise!
Traveler: Come to think of it, this is our first time meeting in person.
Ailill: My name is Ailill, and I'm here by Medb's request.
Scathacha: No, not her again—
Before Scathacha can press him any further, the unexpected happens.
Scathacha: ...!
Naoise: ...!
Chulainn: Sir... Naoise?
Scathacha finds her chest pierced from behind by Naoise's spear.
Naoise: ...!
Ailill: Goldilocks, you're coming with me.
Naoise: Ngh...
Chulainn: W-wait!
Chulainn cries out in agony, her arms clinging to a fallen Scathacha.
Scathacha: ...
Chulainn: Wait, Sir Naoise...
Chulainn: Sir Naooiise!
Old Woman: The day getting dark all of a sudden is one thing, but pitch-black clouds?
Old Woman: Phooey, we might have rainfall soon. I'd better gather my things...
Sincere Monster: ...!
Clever Girl: Fluffykins! It could rain any moment now, so we should get inside...
Clever Girl: Why do you look so afraid, Fluffykins?
Sincere Monster: Gwooh...
Clever Girl: Eep!
Clever Girl: A w-wyvern?
Medb: Ahahaha!
Medb: Consider this your just deserts, Deirdre—senseless true dragon who honors the wretched refuse that is man!
Medb: I'm going to help you clean up! Take this as a chance to cry tears of joy!
Medb's ominous thunderclouds soon cover the entirety of Alster Island, holding its residents captive.
The wyverns under Medb's command spread fear and terror throughout a land swamped by clouds darker than the dead of night.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 1: Fleeting Yet Noble Spark - Episode 4

It turns out the traveler was True Dragon Ailill in disguise, who is working with True Dragon Medb to cover the island in darkness. While Ferdia sets off to perform his duty as a liaison between villages, Chulainn stays behind, regretting having shown the traveler the way.

Elisheba: ...
Heles: Elisheba. How is Scathacha faring?
Elisheba: Though she told us not to worry, she certainly doesn't look too well.
Elisheba: There's a large fissure in her core, otherwise known as a true dragon's heart. Healing magic seems to have little effect on it.
Heles: I suppose that just means healing magic meant for people is ineffective when used on a true dragon's core.
Elisheba: She had some points she wanted to pass on; I wrote them down here. Please be sure to bring these up at the meeting.
Heles: Thank you. Tell her I'll be sure to make use of the memo.
Elisheba: Understood.
Elisheba: Naoise...
Elisheba: (Where could you possibly be now after letting the enemy manipulate you into hurting Scathacha?)
Elisheba: (I recall raising my child to be stronger than that...)
Those capable of deciding on a plan of action against True Dragon Medb's second assault on the island are gathered at the Great Court.
Sir Quill: Now, to relay the info I've gathered across various parts of the island...
Sir Quill: First off, the entirety of the island is awash with black clouds accompanied by strong winds and flashes of lightning.
Sir Quill: The clouds themselves contain great magical power, making them difficult to dispel with our own magic.
Seruel: And that makes escape from the island via airship impossible.
Sir Quill: Yes. We've already lost a few skyskimmers on patrol to lightning strikes. I've suspended all further air patrols for the time being.
Seruel: Good call. We wouldn't want to be lacking in airships when we truly do need them.
???: On what grounds do you surmise the magical dispersion of the clouds to be an impossibility?
Sir Quill: The dark clouds are likely the product of true dragons Medb and Ailill.
Sir Quill: Even if we gathered all the island's mages, it would not be realistic to think we can best the magical prowess of two true dragons.
Seruel: Were Deirdre to fight at full strength—unlikely given the heavy injury she's sustained—the odds would still be stacked against her.
???: The island's defender...
???: It's our fault for relying so heavily on a single existence and deciding the island's policies around her.
Seruel: Uncle, now is not the time to be second-guessing the island's governance.
???: You would be king now if that foster brother of yours had not done a fine job of ruining things for us.
Seruel: ...
Mac Nessa, former duke and the late King Connor's older brother, maintains a stern expression as he rebukes Seruel.
Heles: According to Deirdre, the dark clouds are meant to do more than just restrict the movements of the island's residents.
Heles: The clouds serve as an intermediary, making it possible for Medb to spread the Curse of Intoxication throughout all of Alster.
Mac Nessa: The Curse of Intoxication, eh? This won't be our first tangle with the affliction.
Seruel: Be it monster or man, those under the curse lose themselves and enter a berserker-like state... It's cause for concern, to be sure.
Heles: Deirdre is currently holding back the Curse of Intoxication, preventing it from taking full effect.
Mac Nessa: But with her injury, who knows how long that'll last.
Seruel: We're on a timeline. We have to defeat Medb and Ailill before it's too late.
But how? An oppressive air fills the meeting room, a battle with an overwhelmingly powerful enemy looming large.
Faced with an unprecedented crisis, those attending to the Great Court are swept up in a panic.
Great Court Aide: Hurry the antidotes!
Knight: Prepare the magical arrowheads!
Chulainn: ...
Ferdia: Chulainn! There you are!
Chulainn: Ah... Ferd!
Ferdia: Whoa... Careful grabbing onto me when I'm holding a gun.
Chulainn: I didn't even notice... It's been a long time since I last saw you carrying a gun.
Ferdia: The one Grandpa had was a worn-down hunting rifle, nothing fancy like this.
Chulainn: Mm...
Understanding why Ferdia is toting a gun, Chulainn tightens her grip on Ferdia's arm.
Ferdia: I'm to act as a liaison between a few villages. Works for me since I'm a good hiker...
Chulainn: I see.
Ferdia: The people of Alster have done so much for me. It's time I returned the favor.
Chulainn: Mm-hm.
Chulainn: As for me... I'll continue helping the attendants of the Great Court.
Ferdia: Don't push yourself too hard, and be sure to follow Lady Elisheba's instructions.
Chulainn: Okay...
Ferdia: Cu...
Ferdia finally returns her embrace.
Ferdia: I'm sorry to leave you alone. But I assure you I'll come back in one piece.
Chulainn: You be careful out there, Ferd.
Ferdia: You too, Chulainn!
Chulainn: Ferd...
Chulainn: It's all my fault for showing that traveler the way...
Chulainn: ...
Great Court Aide: Chulainn! Think you can lend a hand?
Chulainn: Ah... Sure! I can help!
The clouds darken not only the skies but also the islanders' hearts.
But that's as far as it goes. Not intent on seeing their futures shrouded in darkness, the people of Alster come together as one.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 2: Umbral Cloud Coffin - Episode 1

Scathacha explains to Seruel that her true dragon blood that once spilled over into Naoise's body is being used as a conduit for Ailill to obstruct her power. Naoise must be brought back to their side while Scathacha still has enough strength to hold off Medb's Curse of Intoxication. Seruel, realizing how frail Scathacha currently is, steels himself for what must be done if worst comes to worst.

Alster Island is now isolated, its communications with the outside world cut off by true dragons Medb and Ailill.
The children, elderly, and sick are being evacuated from villages to a town with protective walls.
Knight: Please be at ease! I promise we'll get you to the town hall safely!
Boy: Sniff...
Calm Monster: Fwee?
Fluffykins snuggles up to the weeping boy, who feels uneasy from traveling without his parents.
Clever Girl: Are you okay? I'll hold your hand if it helps. Let's walk together.
Boy: Okay...
Clever Girl: (I'm afraid too... But as the children of knights, my brother and I have to set an example for the other children.)
Clever Girl: (Seruel...)
Seruel: Hence considerate children such as yourselves have nothing to worry about.
Clever Girl: Seruel and Deirdre will keep us safe for sure. Right, Fluffykins?
Calm Monster: Fwee!
Knight: ...!
Knight: Keep your heads down and take cover behind those boulders, everyone!
The group, protected by knights and volunteer forces, conceal themselves from the flight of wyverns.
Clever Girl: Huh? What was that glimmering in the sky just now?
Recognizing it as something different from the usual flash of lightning, the girl looks on in fear.
Clever Girl: ...!
Clever Girl: It can't be... That hair color... It's Naoise!
Clever Girl: (What's Naoise doing on a wyvern? Has he been captured?)
Scathacha: Seruel... You've come.
Seruel: We couldn't possibly ask for your assistance in your current state.
Seruel: It's best if you focus on recovery for now... Anyhow, you had something to speak to me about?
Scathacha: It's about Naoise.
Seruel: ...
Scathacha: In the previous battle against Medb, Naoise fought to the brink of death. It was my blood that kept him alive.
Scathacha: A true dragon's blood is akin to a soul. That's why every true dragon's blood confers a different effect.
Scathacha: Because our respective mana pools aren't the most compatible with each other, my blood remains mine even as it flows within his body.
Seruel: What exactly does that mean?
Scathacha: On its own, not much. However...
Scathacha: However, Ailill is using the traces of my blood within Naoise to block off my power.
Scathacha: It's why I'm unable to disperse the clouds covering the island.
Seruel: So if we can just get Naoise back to our side...
Scathacha: Yes, we need him back while I can still hold off the curse.
Scathacha: I'm loathe to admit it, but currently... focusing my energies on the curse entirely makes it difficult to preserve my core.
Seruel: I didn't realize how weakened you were...
Scathacha: It's my fault for letting my guard down. Forgive me.
Seruel: As the true dragon that safeguards the island, it is unbecoming for you to have to bow to me.
Seruel: I would prefer you retain your dignity, no matter the situation. That'd put the citizenry at ease too.
Seruel: As for how Naoise is being used to interfere with your powers, I'll let everyone know.
Seruel: If worst comes to worst...

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 2: Umbral Cloud Coffin - Episode 2

Having been led by Constance to an isle near Alster, the crew meets a strange woman who is disappointed to see no couples among them. They are pleased to see Feldrac there and offer to join the rescue party.

Miach: ...
Vyrn: What brings you here anyway, Ms. Queeny?
Lyria: Now that you mention it, Sharom Island is pretty far away from Alster Island, isn't it?
Constance: You know how the people of Alster chose to coexist with monsters under True Dragon Deirdre's guidance?
Constance: While Sharom has a higher monster-to-people ratio, we live by the same creed.
Constance: We received a request for a talk on what steps can be taken to further improve coexistence between people and monsters.
Vyrn: Haha, makes sense! Sharom Island really is one of a kind!
Constance: The needs of monster and man differ... But understanding how exactly those needs differ would go a long way in improving things.
Constance: Learning that Sharom wasn't the only island to find peace with monsters gladdened my heart.
Constance: I didn't expect all this to happen... Sniff...
Miach: Um... Here, use this.
Seeing tears flow from Constance's eyes, Miach hands her a handkerchief.
Constance: I'm sorry you have to see me sobbing when you must be so worried about everyone back home, Miach...
Constance: I really need to pull myself together.
Before long, the Grandcypher reaches the isle by following Constance's directions.
Constance: Let me tell the rescue group about you, (Captain)! I'll be right back.
She rushes off to a small cottage that seems to have been hastily constructed, while (Captain) and company wait at the docks.
Miach: Now that's a lot of airships...
Vyrn: The docks are practically packed to the brim...
Lyria: It just goes to show how many people want to pitch in and help Alster Island.
Miach: I'm really gratef—
Miach: Eep!
Alarmed by the sudden and tight embrace from behind, Miach lets out a yelp. (Captain) pulls him back to shield him.
???: Hrm... That strong reaction tells me you two are a dyad...
Gran is the Main Character

Miach: A-a dyad?
Djeeta is the Main Character

Miach: A-a dyad?
Still reeling from the sensation of the embrace, Miach is unable to respond to the tall woman's earnest query.
???: No? Okay, you two must be a dyad then.
Lyria: Huh?
The woman bends forward to get a better look at Lyria, who can only blink in surprise.
Lyria: Um, a dyad... Are you asking if we're a couple?
???: Am I mistaken? Hm, how boring.
???: Aha, I know! You must be the one to complete the pair! Am I right?
Vyrn: Ack! You're way off! If anything, me and (Captain) are family!
???: Strange... Why do I keep getting it wrong? It shouldn't be so hard to find two people devoted to each other...
???: When the night lanterns are lit and winds give way to the nooky-nook, the next generation is welcomed into this world... By that logic, there should be proper dyads all over the skies...
???: And yet...
With a deep sigh, the woman walks off in a confused daze.
Lyria: What was that all about?
Vyrn: She must be with the rescue team...
Soon enough, Constance returns with a few people in tow.
Constance: Sorry for the wait.
Huh? Why does everyone look so tired?
Constance: Oh, I should've known you might need to take a break! How inconsiderate of me...
Vyrn: Nah, it's all good!
Vyrn: So who'd you bring along with you?
Feldrac: It's been a long time, mortals.
Feldrac is the ruler of Medvecia, an island that is home to vampires.
The crew once helped to resolve a primal-beast incident in Medvecia, putting them on good terms with the vampire lord.
Lyria: Wow, long time no see! What a surprise to see you outside of Medvecia!
Feldrac: Ever since Vania showed us the good in the outside world, we vampires have begun looking more outward.
Feldrac: Alster Island opened up its doors not only to monsters but to skydwellers of all kinds. That's why I agreed to attend their meeting...
Lyria: But the clouds got in the way of that meeting...
Helmsman: Yeah, the winds are too strong for our skyskimmers to even get close. Man—
Helmsman: Ah, where are my manners. I'm the one leading the rescue group.
(Captain) greets the helmsman and offers to join the effort with the crew.
Helmsman: We could always use more help! Truth be told, we weren't sure how best to go about this...
Helmsman: For now, we have the skyskimmers loaded with supplies and ready to ship out at a moment's notice.
Miach: Have you learned anything about the clouds?
Helmsman: So far, we just know that they seem to be the product of some sorta sorcery.
Helmsman: I'm leaving the investigation on that to Feldrac and Constance. Seems to be their forte.
Miach: Please allow me to join that investigation. I'm a bit of a magician myself.
Helmsman: You sure about that? No disrespect to our friends here, but the average person tends to shy away from their kind.
Constance: It can't be helped that people are afraid of those they're not used to seeing...
Helmsman: I guess that's a topic for another day...
Feldrac: Not like there's an instant solution to that problem anyway. We should focus on the rescue for now.
Vyrn: My thoughts exactly!
Lyria: Let's work together to make sure the people of Alster are safe!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 2: Umbral Cloud Coffin - Episode 3

(Captain) and company discuss a way to break through the dark clouds covering Alster. Miach believes they can destroy the barrier if they apply magical pressure on it from both inside and outside simultaneously. Their next step is to find a way to communicate with Scathacha.

Feldrac: We still don't know much about those clouds.
Feldrac: At the very least, it's clear that they've been infused with supernatural magic.
Lyria: Supernatural?
Constance: Beyond the realm of mortals... Think along the lines of spirits or true dragons.
Miach: True dragons!
Miach: Deirdre would never do something so drastic as to shut off the island!
Vyrn: No doubt about that. No way would she do anything to harm the people of Alster...
Lyria: True dragons...
Lyria: Ah! Could it be the doing of Medb?
Constance: We believe that to be very likely.
Feldrac: Most true dragons choose not to interact with people. And from what I hear, Medb is an especially proud true dragon...
Feldrac: This may be her way of retaliating, to show Deirdre that being friends with mortals is an insult to their kind.
Vyrn: Darn it, how is it "retaliating" when she's the one who came pickin' a fight!
Miach: If Medb truly is the culprit, we'll have to watch out for the Curse of Intoxication. It's a dreadful affliction that'd make us give in to bloodlust and fight amongst each other.
Lyria: So many monsters were lost during the previous attack because of that curse...
Constance: Heles once spoke to me of that curse.
Constance: That's why I brought this along from Sharom Island. Thought it might come in handy.
Constance picks up a large glass bottle from the corner of the room.
Vyrn: What's that inside? Some kinda powder?
Constance: It's pollen from the flowers of Sharom.
Lyria: Oh, that's right! The monsters of Sharom are especially calm thank to this pollen!
Constance: Mm-hm. Since the effect stems from the power of the primal beast Sharom, I think it'd be strong enough to counteract a true dragon's influence.
Constance: Of course, I can't be entirely certain of that. Pollen was the most I could bring since our primal beast is currently asleep.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria, didn't you manage to pick up some of Sharom's power?
Lyria: Uh-huh! A fragment of her is sleeping in me right now.
Feldrac: Splendid... By combining that power with the pollen, we may stand a chance against the Curse of Intoxication.
Helmsman: Still though, there's no delivering the pollen if we can't break through those clouds.
Helmsman: I can't imagine it being easy, especially now that I know they're formed by a true dragon.
Miach: I may have an idea.
Miach: Penetrating the barrier from the inside or the outside alone may be difficult.
Miach: But if we were to push the barrier with our magic from both inside and outside at once, it may be possible to destroy it.
Vyrn: I like the sound of that! Except...
Vyrn: How do we get in contact with the people inside?
Miach: Normally, it's impossible to communicate with someone on the opposite side of a magical barrier.
Miach: But fortunately we have Deirdre on the inside, and I'm capable of pinpointing her mana.
Lyria: Oh, I didn't know that was possible!
Miach: I once helped to create her vessel, since her core had to remain in Alster.
Miach: But despite all this, there's a good chance our communication will be jammed by the magic embedded in the clouds.
Vyrn: It's still worth a try! Who knows—it just might work!
Constance: I brought some monsters proficient in magic. Please let them help!
Miach: Thank you! You're all doing so much for Alster...
Helmsman: It's only right to help those in need! Besides, we're still in the planning phase!
Vyrn: Let us know if there's anything you need! We can make a quick trip on our airship for any supplies!
Miach: Thank you all!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 2: Umbral Cloud Coffin - Episode 4

Back on the Grandcypher, (Captain) grants Jeanne d'Arc and Nezahualpilli permission to return home to call for further reinforcements. Meanwhile, Miach struggles to call out to Deirdre, but the strange woman from before helps out with that. Learning that Deirdre's core is greatly injured and won't last long, Miach can't help but worry about his father and everyone else in Alster.

Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain), I have something to discuss...
Back on the Grandcypher, crew member Jeanne d'Arc approaches the captain.
Vyrn: Huh? Everything okay?
Jeanne d'Arc: I request permission to take leave from the crew.
Jeanne d'Arc: I'd like to use one of the rescue party's skyskimmers to return to Orleans and recruit a small detachment that will be able to help Alster.
Vyrn: Sounds good to me! Whaddya say, (Captain)?
(Captain) readily agrees but also expresses concern about the strain this might place on the citizens of Orleans.
Jeanne d'Arc: It will not be a problem. The people of Orleans train not just in anticipation of an Astral reinvasion but also to preserve the peace for all.
Jeanne d'Arc: There's always the chance that True Dragon Medb may target another island next. It's best if we settle things here and now.
Nezahualpilli: Mind if I tag along on your skyskimmer?
Lyria: Oh! Nezahualpilli!
Nezahualpilli: My homeland is not too far from Alster Island.
Nezahualpilli: I may not know much about these dark clouds, but I would not want my island to be engulfed in them.
Nezahualpilli: What's more, we have many in the Family of Feathers who are proficient at reading the winds! Let us guide you through the air turbulence!
Lyria: Thank you, Nezahualpilli! I'm sure that'd be a big help!
Jeanne d'Arc: We must make haste. Nezahualpilli, let us head to the docks.
Nezahualpilli: Right! Just don't expect me to pilot the thing!
After seeing the two off, Lyria clenches her fists, psyching herself.
Lyria: The helmsman suggested some in the rescue party are fearful of vampires and monsters.
Lyria: I'll try to smooth things out and help everyone communicate!
Vyrn: Wait up, Lyria! (Captain), let's follow her!
Miach: ...
Miach: (Deirdre... Deirdre. Please answer me.)
Miach: Eek!
???: Hm... You could use more meat on your bones.
Miach: Ummmm! I'd appreciate it if you'd stop groping me.
???: Come now, I'm only trying to help. There's nothing shameful about being powerless against an overwhelming darkness.
Miach: Huh?
???: I sense the mana of three true dragons... No, there's a slight hint of one more... Now which of these is it you have business with?
Miach: ...!
Miach: (The flow of mana I could hardly detect before is now so vivid!)
???: Aha! One of them is a dragonewt! No wonder its dragonic presence is minute. I'll be able to feast my eyes on a proper dyad soon enough!
Miach: Dragonewt... That must be Chulainn.
Miach: Deirdre's mana is...
Miach: So frail...
???: Her core's damaged. She won't last long at this rate.
Miach: Wha? No, that can't be...
???: Oh? Is she your other half?
The outlandish question fails to reach a stunned Miach's ears.
Miach: How is Deirdre not able to sense me!
Miach: Normally, true dragons can sniff out the mana of mortals even when they try to hide it!
???: True dragons can lose their lives just as easily as mortals. That's why they, too, must eventually pass the torch onto the next generation.
Miach: Given Deirdre's state, the island is in grave danger...
Miach: Heles, Seruel... Father...
???: Wait, you carry the torch now and are trying to set things right. Why do you continue to look troubled?
???: Antiquated winds must eventually fade into the darkness.
Miach: ...!
Miach: You don't get it, do you... You've probably lived away from mortals, so you wouldn't understand.
???: Ooh! But do you not see? I'm a Draph!
Miach: Most Draph women are short-statured, while the men tend to be very large.
???: What? There was such a distinction?
???: Cut from the same mold, but ultimately given different builds. For what reason...
Miach: Some broad categorizations of mankind are: people and subspecies, which are often just lumped together as "people"; Erunes, Draphs, Humans, and Harvins; male and female.
Miach: But those are ultimately just generalizations. Every person stands out in their own unique way.
???: Hrm...
Miach: Every person adopts a certain culture when they come into this world, and they each act of their own volition.
Miach: Just as you're different from every other existence out there.
???: Hm, I'm not sure I understand... Well, it's not entirely inconceivable to me... Perhaps I just need to give it more time...
Miach: We find others precious precisely because of their differences from us. That leads to the coupling of dyads, followed by the birth of offspring.
Miach: Though I may fall in love one day, I do not see myself ever getting married.
???: You do not wish a mate for yourself? For shame! I wanted to see what that'd look like!
Miach: Finding a mate and producing offspring with them is a respectable endeavor, but that's just one way to live a life.
Miach: Watching over all the children in the land, regardless of blood relations, is another.
Miach: It'd certainly be an effective method of passing on the culture of those who came before us.
???: Oho...
???: I suppose there is more to the winds of change than I thought.
???: Magnificent! I wish to hear more! Come closer!
Miach: Ummm... I'm finding this uncomfortable... Would you stop petting me?
Lyria: Miach! You've been concentrating for a while now. How about a break?
Lyria: We wouldn't want you to pass out from working too hard!
Miach: Thank you, Lyria.
Let us go.
???: Humph...
They go up to the Grandcypher for some tea.
???: Nom, nom... Not bad... Cookies, I believe you called them?
Vyrn: Geez, you're eatin' the whole batch... Save some for the rest of us!
Lyria: Ahaha... Have some tea too to help the cookies go down!
Miach: Haha...
Underneath his smile lies concern over how the dark clouds—and beyond—outside the window will be dealt with.
Miach: ...
Miach: (At times... I can't help but feel animosity toward certain persons who live their lives just as I do...)
Miach: (Father... I understand you had your part to play, but you never once responded to my letters during my studies aboard...)
Miach: (I hope you won't mind me showing concern for you, Father...)
Not wanting to worry the others, Miach keeps his thoughts to himself and puts on a cheery expression.
The rescue party continue to discuss the challenges lying ahead of them.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 3: For the Homeland - Episode 1

Ailill brings Naoise to Medb at a mountain summit. By using the Deirdre blood within Naoise as a medium, Medb strengthens the Curse of Intoxication, putting the islanders under her spell.

True Dragon Medb sits atop the summit of a mountain that cuts across the lightning from the thick, dark clouds over Alster Island.
Letting loose her wyverns and the Curse of Intoxication, Medb scowls at the island below.
Medb: What a bore! This gets more tiresome by the second.
Medb: It's as if I'm playing cleanup. Why won't Deirdre just drop dead already.
A wyvern with a figure atop it lands before the yawning true dragon.
Medb: Ailill!
Ailill: Yes. I've returned, Medb.
Medb: Why are you still in that unsightly form? Change back at once.
Ailill: Unsightly, you say?
Medb: You heard right! As a true dragon, you're among the noblest, most beautiful, most wonderful of life-forms.
Medb: Why would you want to ruin that by taking on the form of those lowly mortals? We can crush the island easily enough without debasing ourselves.
Ailill: True enough.
Ailill: But, Medb, I thought you wanted to overthrow Deirdre with your own two hands.
Medb: I did say that, didn't I...
Ailill: Young as she is, Deirdre is still a true dragon. There's no need to settle things upfront.
Medb: I refuse to beat around the bush against the likes of her. I need only trample over her skull...
Ailill: Medb, my dear. You wept the last time your face was injured.
Ailill: Surely you don't wish to see a repeat of those events.
Medb: Know that your lover is no fool, Ailill!
Medb: I'm going to utterly obliterate her and prove that I am in the right as a true dragon!
Ailill: Very well, Medb. I have something for you.
Ailill gestures to a wyvern carrying someone, which draws up to Medb.
Naoise: ...
Medb: What is this filth?
Ailill: A mortal infused with the blood of Deirdre. You can use him as an intermediary.
Medb: Hm... I've seen faces like this before, perhaps once every hundred years or so.
Medb: Seems like the perfect tool for me to use Deirdre's power over the island against her.
Ailill: Indeed.
Medb: Humph... Consider it an honor upon your death to be of use to me, mortal!
Naoise: ...
Naoise: (I...)
Naoise: ...
Medb: Heed my call, intoxicated ones! Sing my praises and dance to my tune!
Wyvern: Graaah!
Sir Quill: Let loose your arrows!
Get someone to make sure the villagers are safe!
Knight: Right away, sir!
Ferdia: Sir Quill! I've come with more arrows! I'll fill the quivers with them!
Sir Quill: Much appreciated. What does our remaining supply look like?
Ferdia: We have about a third of what we started with. If you think we'll need more, I can run back to the Great Court!
Sir Quill: No, that won't be necessary. We can't spare the time it takes to meet up with the supply corps.
Sir Quill: Not to mention there's no guarantee of a proper resupply. Mass production of the magical arrowheads needed to pierce through wyvern scales takes time after all.
Ferdia: Maybe we can add some guns into the mix?
Sir Quill: Magical bullets aren't traditionally used for hunting quarry and can do a real number on the gun barrel.
Sir Quill: And guns aren't built for rapid-fire. They'd work just fine if enemy numbers were few, but given the current situation...
Ferdia: I'm sorry, I had no idea...
Sir Quill: No, no, it's better to live your life not having to know these things. That's where we knights come in.
Sir Quill: Well, how's that village doing?
Knight: Hold it down! Do we have any bolas?
Ferdia: ...!
What's happening...
Concerned with the clamor, Quill and Ferdia go to check out the village they thought had been secured.
Knight: Huff... Huff...
Islander: Ngh...
Ferdia is greeted by the sight of knights trying to break free of an angry mob.
Knight: Sir Quill! Some of the villagers turned violent without warning...
Sir Quill: It can't be...
Sir Quill: This must be the Curse of Intoxication which Medb used against us before!
Ferdia: Oh no...
Ferdia: (I thought Lady Scathacha was holding the curse at bay. Unless...)
Quill rallies the knights and soldiers to action.
Sir Quill: Stand strong, my men! The weak-willed are first to succumb to the curse!
Sir Quill: As the protectors of the populace, remain firm in your hearts and show Medb that we will not bend to her will!
Knight: Yes sir!
Reports of other regiments falling to the curse come pouring in.
Seruel: (Scathacha can only do so much...)
Seruel: (The more that fall to the curse, the more our forces are divided. It's only going to get worse...)
Mac Nessa: I hear there have been sightings of Naoise.
Seruel: Yes.
Mac Nessa: Why are you not pursuing that lead? His existence magnifies the spread of the curse.
Mac Nessa: Or do you simply not wish to be known as the killer of your foster brother, Prince? You would save his life over the countrymen's?
Seruel: I am no longer the prince.
Seruel: But I swear upon the Gorm Glas that I shall protect the people of Alster. That much, you can be sure of.
Mac Nessa: Let us not forget your father Connor was also deemed worthy of that blade.
Mac Nessa: Its acceptance of you does nothing to prove your honor.
Seruel: I simply ask you to see with your own two eyes and judge for yourself.
Mac Nessa: If only I could be there to lop off your head the moment you stray from righteousness...
Mac Nessa: But alas, we do not have enough commanders as is. I must lead my own regiment into battle.
Mac Nessa: I hope you can at least manage your barracks, inheritor of the blue-green!
Seruel: ...
Seruel: Naoise...

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 3: For the Homeland - Episode 2

Chulainn goes to the mausoleum to clean it up, as instructed by Elisheba, and bumps into Heles and Seruel's uncle, Mac Nessa, there. Meanwhile at Scathacha's quarters, Heles offers to give up her mana to the true dragon but instead receives instructions on how to defeat Medb. Invigorated by Scathacha's words, Heles prepares herself for battle.

Chulainn: There, there...
With a bucketful of water in one hand and cleaning implements in the other, Chulainn makes for the mausoleum behind the Great Court.
Chulainn: I'm here in Elisheba's stead, and I'm going to make this place spick-and-span!
Elisheba: What's wrong, Chulainn? You look as if you just took a bite out of a sandwich that used unsavory ingredients.
Chulainn: Oh, that's definitely not it! The food you made was top-notch as always, Miss Elisheba!
Elisheba: Then what is it? Ah, perhaps you're feeling lonely without Ferdia?
Chulainn: I guess that's part of it. But he's doing what he can to help Sir Quill!
Chulainn: Meanwhile...
Chulainn: I'm hardly of any use here...
Elisheba: That's not true. You did so much for me today.
Chulainn: There has to be more I can do to help everyone on the island!
Chulainn: Anything...
Elisheba: Chulainn...
Elisheba: There is a favor I'd like to ask of you. But you'd have to wake up early.
Elisheba: Are you okay with early mornings?
Chulainn: Sure! What do you need me to do!
Elisheba: Would you be willing to tidy up the mausoleum every morning?
Elisheba: It's an important place where we honor the ancestors of Seruel and Heles.
Elisheba: You'll have to sweep the ground, leave an offering of flowers, and pray... And you'd be doing it all in place of me.
Chulainn: Sounds easy enough! If that'd lighten your load, then I'd be glad to do it!
Elisheba: That's settled then. Thank you, Chulainn. Let's eat up for now before continuing with other chores.
Chulainn: Okay!
Chulainn: Huh?
Mac Nessa: ...
Chulainn: (That man in front of the mau-so-le-um looks familiar...)
Chulainn: (Is he praying? I wouldn't want to get in his way...)
Mac Nessa: Child.
Chulainn: Eep! Y-yes!
Mac Nessa: If you have a job to do, then get on with it. Shirking your duty would be a sin.
Chulainn: Uh... I'm here to clean! I wouldn't want to get in your way though...
Mac Nessa: Don't mind me. I was just grumbling to myself.
Chulainn: Oh... So you're not here to pray then?
Mac Nessa: I have no prayers for those who failed to do their job right while they were still alive. As if they'd be able to hear my prayers anyway.
Chulainn: ...
Chulainn: Um... Did you have a fight with the people of the mausoleum, mister?
Mac Nessa: A fight? Hm... We certainly argued back and forth plenty.
Mac Nessa: I admonished my younger brother time and time again that politics couldn't be further from his metier.
Chulainn: Your brother is one of the people in the mausoleum?
Mac Nessa: No. He has no right to be one among our ancestors.
Mac Nessa: Regardless, there is nothing we can do for the deceased. It is us living who shape the world, not the dead.
Mac Nessa: But never mind me. As you were, child.
Chulainn: Ah... Wait!
Mac Nessa: Yes? I'm a busy man. State your business.
Chulainn: Are you going to battle, mister? Please be safe!
The man continues on his way without uttering another word.
Chulainn: (He seemed like a scary person, but he's actually really nice!)
Chulainn: (The people of Alster Island are so kind...)
Chulainn: I want to be a kind person too... But one step at a time; cleanup comes first!
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha: Heles...
Heles: Yes. I apologize for disturbing your slumber.
Scathacha: It's fine. A fleeting daydream is hardly enough to replenish my mana or heal my wounds anyway.
Heles: Perhaps you can take my mana for yourself.
Heles: The mana of the royal family should be highly compatible with yours. At the very least, doing so should help secure your core.
Scathacha: Let's not be wasteful now, Heles. We need both you and Seruel at full strength to defend the island.
Scathacha: Should Medb get away again and attack Alster a third time, the island's fate will most certainly be sealed.
Scathacha: Surely you understand that.
Heles: Yes... Even if we were able to repel Medb a third time, I doubt we'd have the strength to rebuild again. Not after all we've been through.
Scathacha: We must defeat her now at all costs. To that end, are you willing to leave your fate to me?
Heles: As I live for the people of Alster, I couldn't be happier than to serve as your arms and legs, Scathacha.
Scathacha: Heh...
Scathacha: You resemble your brother so much in your solemnness. Or rather, you both remind me of your parents.
A slight smile on her lips, Scathacha instructs Heles on what to do.
Scathacha: I'm counting on you.
Heles: I won't let you down, Scathacha.
Heles: ...
Heles: (That expression on her face... It was identical to Mother's before she passed...)
Heles: Mother...
As memories of her mother come flooding back to her, Heles clasps her hands to her chest as if in prayer.
Mugain: Heles, my beloved daughter. I bear all responsibility for the troubles you'll have to face in your life.
Mugain: It is I, your mother Mugain, who decided not to hand down the crown or the Gorm Glas to you.
Mugain: I accept the blood curses unto myself and grant the blood blessings unto your father and baby brother.
Mugain: In your time together, there may come moments when you can't help but despise them.
Mugain: But I ask you never to forget that the responsibility ultimately lies with me.
Mugain: So please, my daughter, help your father, protect your baby brother, and always do right by the people of Alster.
Mugain: Oh, Heles... My beloved Heles...
Mugain: I hope you'll find it in your heart one day to forgive your frail mother... for not being there to console you throughout all the sadness and anger in your most trying times...
Heles: Mother... All blood bonds to affect my life have been my pride and joy. I regret nothing.
Heles: And that's not going to change, now or ever! You'll see, Mother!
With resolve and so much more in her heart, Heles heads out to greet the royal guard.
Royal Guard: Heles! The royal guard is ready to move out!
Heles: Proud soldiers of the former Irestill Kingdom!
Heles: Follow my lead, so that we may carve a path to glory! Let us form the foundation from which Alster's cries of triumph shall reach our forefathers!
Royal Guard: Let's go! After Heles, everyone!
The royal guard move in flawless formation as they board the few skyskimmers remaining on the island.
Meanwhile at the Great Court, Mac Nessa prepares to lead his regiment into battle.
Mac Nessa: Heed me, knights! Kingless you may have become, but your glory has never waned!
Mac Nessa: I, Mac Nessa, may not be of the main ancestral line, but I carry the king's blood within me! And I dare say you make up the finest knights in the land!
Mac Nessa: As the progeny of history, let us raise our spears, swords, and shields! We shall become the legends told of in the fairy tales of tomorrow!
Heles leads her regiment to the frontlines calmly, while Mac Nessa whips his into a frenzy.
Seruel watches them from a window at the Great Court.
Seruel: Godspeed...

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 3: For the Homeland - Episode 3

Frustrated with the continued resistance of Alster's inhabitants, Medb escalates the situation by sending a berserk Naoise to the Great Court. Seruel confronts him and gains the upper hand, but in his moment of hesitance to strike down his friend, Naoise's spear heads straight at the former prince.

In a forest that's completely covered from an aerial view, Mac Nessa and his knights wait for other regiments to arrive.
Ferdia: Sir Mac Nessa! I come with a message from Sir Quill!
Mac Nessa: There's no time. Speak.
Ferdia: Our archers are positioned in—
In the meantime, Medb grows increasingly flustered at the resistance of the populace.
Medb: Why? Why would they do something so pointless? Do they not see the depravity in wasting my time?
Medb: This is why I hate life-forms with short life spans. No matter how many ages pass, no matter how many of them congregate, they never learn from their stupidity.
Ailill: Medb.
Medb: Yes, Ailill?
Medb: Oh, not again... Did I not tell you to stop changing into that form?
Ailill: Yes, but Deirdre grows especially feeble...
Medb: Using that mortal's body to check on Deirdre's condition? You really enjoy the handiwork, don't you?
The bemused Medb realizes something as she darts her eyes back and forth between Ailill and Naoise.
Medb: There's no need to wait for them to die, is there, Ailill?
Ailill: Indeed, all things must eventually come to an end. If you tire of waiting, Medb, it wouldn't hurt to expedite the process.
Medb: Then hand me that mortal, a favorite of Deirdre's. Dying by this mortal's hand should be a dream come true for her.
Medb: Be grateful for my mercy, Deirdre!
Chulainn: ...!
Great Court Aide: Chulainn, what's wrong?
Chulainn: This is bad! Dragons are coming!
While keeping the buzz of her scales in check, Chulainn runs to Scathacha's room to warn her of the impending threat.
Scathacha: Splendid work, Chulainn. I could not sense them in my current state.
Scathacha: Elisheba!
Elisheba: Yes, I'm right here.
Scathacha: Prepare to engage the enemy. And try to capture a wyvern—just one would do.
Elisheba: Leave it to me. I'll make sure everything is in place.
Elisheba: Chulainn, would you mind letting Seruel know what's transpired?
Chulainn: I'm on it!
All in the Great Court stop what they're doing to prepare for the incoming attack.
Elisheba: It's been a long time since I last had to wield this...
Mugain: Elisheba.
Mugain: My chamberlain, my protector, my little sister, my friend...
Mugain: I bequeath to you all that is dear to me.
Mugain: But unlike the greatshield I once gifted you, this is more of a personal request.
Elisheba: ...
Elisheba: Seruel!
Seruel: My, you cut a gallant figure. I haven't seen you like that since my sister last trained with you.
Elisheba: My strength may have dwindled, but I was once Queen Mugain's royal chamberlain. I can handle a greatshield with the best of them!
Seruel: That's good to know. Though we have catapults ready to fire, they're an easy target from above.
Seruel: I wonder how many wyverns we can take out before they close the distance—
Seruel: ...!
Elisheba: Isn't that...
Expecting flying creatures, what shows up before them comes as a surprise.
Naoise: ...
Seruel: Naoise?
Naoise: Graaaah!
With a bestial roar Naoise unleashes a devastating thrust, only to be parried by a greatshield.
Elisheba: Rgh!
Seruel: Elisheba!
Elisheba: Seruel! Now's our chance!
Elisheba: The catalyst for the Curse of Intoxication leaves him vulnerable!
Seruel: Ngh!
Naoise: Hraaaah!
Elisheba: As if your inelegant strikes could pierce through my greatshield!
Seruel: Naoise!
Naoise: Graah!
Seruel points his Gorm Glas in Naoise's direction.
Seruel: Prepare yourself!
Naoise: ...!
Before the Gorm Glas can make contact, Naoise musters just enough willpower to raise his chin, exposing a chink in his armor.
Seruel: ...!
Naoise's willingness to sacrifice himself stills Seruel's movements.
Elisheba: Seruel!
Taking advantage of Seruel's moment of weakened resolve, Medb reasserts her grip over Naoise.
Naoise: Uuooooogh!
Seruel: Urgh...
Elisheba: Seruueeeel!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 3: For the Homeland - Episode 4

In order to fulfill a promise Scathacha once made to Naoise, she intercepts and takes Seruel's place in the duel right before he suffers a fatal blow. She rends Naoise's heart as his spear pierces through her core. Meanwhile, Heles mounts an offensive against Medb at the mountaintop, weaving the spell that Scathacha taught her.

Scathacha: Forgive me, Naoise.
Naoise: ...
Scathacha forcibly halts what would have been a fatal blow to Seruel.
Naoise: If I ever go mad and stray from the path of righteousness, I want you to strike me down with your own hands.
Naoise: Not Seruel, not Heles, and not (Captain). You, Scathacha. I'm asking you.
Scathacha: My lapse in judgment resulted in the torment you now feel from having struck your lord.
Scathacha: I should have finished you off the moment Ailill put you under his spell.
Naoise: Ngh...
Scathacha: Regardless, the time has come to fulfill my promise! Your beating heart is mine!
Elisheba: Scathacha!
Scathacha: Don't mind me! See to Seruel!
Scathacha begins her duel with Naoise.
Naoise: Yaaargh!
Scathacha: Your technique lacks the focus and control you once had, but I'm not exactly much better off...
Scathacha: This may as well be a reenactment of our very first encounter... Don't you agree, Naoise!
Naoise vaults back to create some distance, drawing all his might for a charging strike.
Scathacha: Come at me!
Welcoming the attack, Scathacha reaches for Naoise's chest when he comes within range.
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha's claws rend Naoise's heart at the very moment his spear pierces through her core.
Scathacha: ...
Heles: ...!
Royal Guard: Heles, could this be...
Heles: Yes. Deirdre has uncovered Medb's location.
Heles remains unaware that, unlike originally planned, Medb's location was uncovered not through her wyverns but through Naoise.
Heles: ...
Heles: Steel yourselves, men, for our retribution against the true dragon Medb is at hand!
Following her command, the royal guard move in perfect unison as they make for the true dragon.
Medb: Their foolishness knows no end...
Medb, perched atop a mountain where thunderclouds swell overhead, turns her attention to the approaching presence.
Ailill: Medb.
Medb: I can handle the nuisance on my own. Why don't you go for a stroll, Ailill?
Ailill: Very well. So I shall.
After watching Ailill walk off, Medb wearily waits for her prey.
Royal Guard: Fire!
Medb: How meddlesome.
A flap of her wings is enough to ward off the volleys of cannon fire from the skyskimmers.
Royal Guard: Do not falter! Now is our chance to prove ourselves to the princess!
Medb: Rgh... How irritating!
As the cannon fire continues to pound away at Medb, Heles masks her presence.
Heles: (Our sole advantage over the true dragon is our numbers.)
Heles: (We can delay her response by drawing her attention from multiple directions...)
This is as much a life-or-death battle for the royal guard as it is for Heles.
Heles: (The spell Scathacha taught me is an extremely delicate one that few are capable of casting...)
Heles: It only goes to show that I'm still lacking in many ways. I was searching for the resolve within myself to push forward... in hopes of preventing a repeat of the day's events.
Seruel: You mean to say you'll continue polishing your literary and martial smarts?
Seruel: If you become any more valorous than you already are, Sister, there will be no man left in the skies to challenge you.
Heles: (But after all that training in stabilization and control, I believe I have what it takes to bring out the full effect of this spell inherited from the first royals of Irestill!)
Heles: ...!
Heles quietly and swiftly summons a magic circle, directing it at Medb.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 4: It Runs in the Family - Episode 1

With the help of her royal guard, Heles successfully seals off Medb's Curse of Intoxication. But because the citizenry have already been infected, there is little practical difference at the moment. An enraged Medb tosses Heles aside, then makes for the Great Court with her entire wyvern army. Realizing this, Mac Nessa and Quill also hasten to the Great Court with their regiments in tow.

While the royal guard keeps Medb distracted, Heles weaves a spell to seal the true dragon's Curse of Intoxication.
The spell proves successful, shutting down a portion of the true dragon's power.
Heles: ...
Heles: Scathacha!
Medb: ...
Medb: Heh...
Medb: Ahahaha! Could you be any more indiscreet? How befitting for the foolish thralls of Deirdre!
Heles is tossed around like a leaf in the wind, then slammed against the ground by Medb's magic.
Heles: Rgh!
Medb: You sought to seal my Curse of Intoxication? Well done. I won't be able to use it for a while.
Medb: But consider this, mortal: when you put down a glass of wine, does the effect of the portion already consumed no longer have an effect?
Medb: Nay, the intoxication has already done its part—just like my curse on the people of Alster!
Heles: ...
Medb: You simpletons are good for nothing more than irritating me!
Heles: (This will lead to something down the line...)
Heles: (As long as we don't give up...)
Medb: Humph.
Medb: Fine—have it your way, Deirdre. I never liked going about things the roundabout way.
Medb: But I'll make an exception. I'm going to expunge you and enjoy every second of it!
All wyverns scattered across the island flock to their incensed master.
Mac Nessa: Where are the wyverns headed...
Sir Quill: What in the...
The citizenry is perplexed as to why the wyverns would abruptly cut the battle short to fly elsewhere.
Seruel: ...
Elisheba: Stay with me, Seruel! We're going to cast a healing spell on you!
A healer's restorative magic brings Seruel back from the brink of death.
Great Court Aide: Elisheba!
Elisheba: Calm down! What's the situation?
Great Court Aide: Um, well...
Great Court Aide: Wyverns—enough of them to fill the skies—are converging in our direction!
Elisheba: What!
Mac Nessa: They must be after the Great Court!
Mac Nessa: Or rather, they're after it later than expected... Medb should have already known that it's located in the center of the island.
Mac Nessa: I suppose she's done dallying around and has mounted a full offensive.
Mac Nessa and his knights chase after the wyverns, treading the path they came out from.
Regiments elsewhere have also noticed the mass migration.
Sir Quill: Back to the Great Court!
Knight: Yes sir!
All forces on both sides are set to converge on the old royal capital for a major showdown.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 4: It Runs in the Family - Episode 2

Having barely recovered from his injuries, Seruel takes command of a regiment to face off against Medb's wyverns along with Mac Nessa, Quill, and Ferdia. As the battle rages on, Mac Nessa finds himself severely overnumbered and suffers a critical injury.

Great Court Aide: No running on your way to the dance hall! Walk swiftly but calmly!
Boy: ...
Clever Girl: It'll be okay. Let's pray for victory together.
Boy: Okay...
Evacuation of the island's residents to the inner depths of the Great Court is progressing steadily.
At the same time, preparations to engage Medb and her wyverns in battle are underway.
Seruel: Mages, hasten the enchantment of those stones!
Seruel, having had his wounds patched up, leads the fighting forces that remain in the Great Court.
Seruel: They've come!
Medb: Go and turn the city into a giant pile of rubble and skeletons! Use their remains to erect a tower worthy of my name!
Medb: Ahahahaha!
Wyvern: Gwooooh!
Mac Nessa: Away with you!
Sir Quill: Watch your back, Mac Nessa! I hope it's a lesson you haven't forgotten after all these years!
Mac Nessa: Quill! Cover me and my men!
Sir Quill: You can count on it!
Seruel: Let loose!
Seruel: Stop enchantment of the stones! We're going to hold back the first wave with catapults and attack spells!
Seruel: Load the catapults!
Chulainn: Ergh!
Chulainn: W-we'll be fine, Lady Scathacha!
Chulainn: I'll keep both you and Sir Naoise safe! That's a promise!
Scathacha: ...
Naoise: ...
Having been entrusted by Elisheba to keep watch over the fallen Scathacha and Naoise, Chulainn tries her best to not panic.
Sir Quill: Keep firing! Don't spare any arrows!
Ferdia: ...!
Ferdia: Next!
Mac Nessa: Yaaargh!
Mac Nessa: Ngh! Damn you all!
Mac Nessa: I won't go down so easily!
Mac Nessa: ...
Mac Nessa: Cough...

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 4: It Runs in the Family - Episode 3

Ferdia helps a severely wounded Mac Nessa reach Scathacha, who musters the last of his strength to transfer all his mana to the true dragon. He thinks of his son Miach before breathing his last breath. Scathacha, despite the great influx of mana, realizes her core cannot recover and transfers her power to the slumbering Naoise.

Sir Quill: Mac Nessa!
Mac Nessa: Quill...
Mac Nessa: I... can't die here... Someone... give me a hand!
Ferdia: I'm here!
Mac Nessa: Bring me... to Deirdre...
Ferdia: Don't talk! I'll get you a healer!
Mac Nessa's injury is too far gone for healing magic to do much more than stop the bleeding. By his urging, Ferdia helps him to the Great Court.
Chulainn: Lady Scathacha...
Ferdia's Voice: Lady Deirdre! I've brought Sir Mac Nessa!
Chulainn: Ferd?
Chulainn quickly opens the door and is taken aback by Mac Nessa's injuries.
Chulainn: Mister!
Ferdia: Hang in there, Sir Mac Nessa! We made it to Lady Deirdre's room!
Mac Nessa: Well done...
Mac Nessa: ...
Mac Nessa: True Dragon Deirdre... Your pact with the first royals of Irestill still stands...
Mac Nessa: Though I am not of the main royal family, the blood of the first king flows within me.
Mac Nessa: As such, I offer you all my mana... and my life...
Mac Nessa: Please bring peace to Alster Island as the contract dictates!
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha: I accept your offer.
Mac Nessa: ...
Chulainn: Mister!
Ferdia: Sir Mac Nessa!
Having collapsed to the ground, the blood quickly drains from Mac Nessa's face as he breathes his last breath.
Chulainn: No! Mister!
Miach: Father—
Mac Nessa: Miach...
Mac Nessa: Follow your own path in life...
Mac Nessa: I love you, my child...
Chulainn: Mister!
Mac Nessa: ...
Chulainn: Mister...
You were supposed to come back safely!
Ferdia: Cu...
Chulainn can't help but shed tears as the warmth fades from Mac Nessa's hand, her grip tightening around it. Ferdia gives her a hug.
Scathacha: Mac Nessa. You fought well.
Kneeling beside his corpse, Scathacha leans in to close his eyelids.
Scathacha: (For shame... I may have a fresh supply of mana, but my shattered core is no more...)
Scathacha: (In that case...)
Scathacha goes to the corner of the room where Naoise is laid on the ground.
Scathacha: Naoise, knight of Irestill. Protector of Alster Island.
Scathacha: My very existence has caused you to fail in your duty not once but twice.
Scathacha: That said, if you still remain steadfast in your conviction to protect the people of Alster...
Scathacha: Then rise!
With a hand on Naoise's chest, Scathacha transfers all of her mana to him.
Naoise: ...
Chulainn: ...

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 4: It Runs in the Family - Episode 4

Before taking that one last footstep to shuffle off this mortal coil, Naoise hears the voice of his father, Uisneach. A brief yet heartfelt conversation between father and son reveals to Naoise that he still has much to do, bringing him back from the brink of death.

Naoise: Where am I...
Naoise: Ah...
Naoise: Scathacha stopped me in my mad rampage, where I was manipulated by Medb into attacking Seruel...
Naoise: ...
Naoise: It's unfortunate I'm unable to ascertain Seruel's safety...
Naoise: But I must go.
Realizing he has come to the end of his journey, Naoise prepares to step into the afterlife. However, his legs refuse to budge.
Naoise: ...?
Naoise: How...
Am I dead?
???: Yes. You are, Naoise.
Naoise: ...!
???: But the importance of your mission demands that you return to the land of the living.
Naoise: Is that really you... Father!
Naoise: Father!
Uisneach: I have long passed. What you see is a fragment of myself that flows within your bloodstream.
Uisneach: Deirdre's infusion of blood has given me this chance to communicate with you.
Naoise: Father, I—
Uisneach: Don't apologize, Naoise. Just focus on fulfilling your duty as a knight.
Uisneach: Your blood may be your own, but it is also inherited from me, your mother Elisheba, and Deirdre...
Uisneach: With all of our blood flowing within you, consider what it is you must do.
Naoise: I...
Naoise: I do have an idea, but most of it would be for personal satisfaction.
Naoise: I cannot say if that makes me worthy as a knight.
Naoise: However...
Uisneach: True. I only ask that you take responsibility for whatever it is you decide.
Uisneach: I died in battle against monsters. Perhaps there was a path to concord with those monsters.
Uisneach: But it was I alone who resolved to protect the people, even if it resulted in hostility from the monsters.
Naoise: Even if I must stain my hands with blood...
Naoise: I will stop at nothing to protect those dear to me... Seruel, Heles, Mother, Chulainn, Ferdia...
Naoise: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, the people of Alster...
Naoise: And Scathacha.
Naoise: That much is certain.
Uisneach: It seems you know the path you must tread. Then go, Naoise.
Naoise: I shall!
His legs are as light as feathers again, carrying him forward as his father watches.
Uisneach: Naoise...
Uisneach: I am always watching over you, my son... Many blessings upon your journey.
Brought back from what would have been an eternal rest, Naoise does not waver for a second in what he must do.
Such is the strength of his resolve.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 5: We Stand United - Episode 1

At the nearby isle, Miach suspects that Scathacha may already be trying to break the cloud barrier from inside and asks the strange woman for help in detecting her mana. Unaware of this, Scathacha is indeed already attempting to destroy the barrier with Chulainn's help.

Shortly before Medb's assault on the Great Court...
The rescue party stationed at a nearby isle is still trying to figure out a way to break through the cloud barrier surrounding Alster Island.
Nezahualpilli: It's done! I've had my brethren survey the nearby winds.
Nezahualpilli lays out a map on which ink of different colors is splattered all over, detailing the flow of the winds.
Feldrac: Splendid work. This will make our lives that much easier.
Helmsman: Hrm... You're saying there's a huge difference in air pressure inside the clouds? Makes me wonder where the winds stem from.
Miach: The entire barrier is likely composed of multiple layers.
Miach: I believe the magical force fields in each layer work in tandem to generate air turbulence.
Constance: If that's how it works, then the air flow would likely change the moment each single force field goes down.
Nezahualpilli: If we can accurately predict the winds to a certain degree, my tribesmen should be able to help our helmsmen steer us in the right direction.
Jeanne d'Arc: Comparing the position of Alster Island to the position of the clouds, it seems we'll have to get through quite a lot of layers.
Jeanne d'Arc: Though it'd be difficult to pinpoint the exact number, adjusting our course to match the changing current with each layer destroyed hardly seems feasible.
Vyrn: Not like we've got enough Feathered Ones to accompany every airship in this rescue party anyway...
Miach: It might be easier if we focus on predicting the mana flow via the currents so that we can destroy the barriers in rapid succession.
Constance: But even if we could do that... Resisting a true dragon's magic is quite a feat for the average person.
Feldrac: Perhaps I should have brought other vampires with me to increase our total mana output.
Feldrac: My concerns that coming out here with a large group of vampires would only elicit fear ended up working against us...
Miach: We're happy to have your assistance at all.
Miach: Besides, given the overwhelming power of a true dragon's magic, I think what's more important here is the quality rather than the quantity of our mana.
Miach: Eek!
???: My goodness, why is there no dyad here either? How utterly hopeless!
Vyrn: Geez! Wouldja stop gettin' in the way when we've got important matters to discuss?
Jeanne pulls Miach behind her to protect him.
Jeanne d'Arc: Huh?
Miach: S-sorry to trouble you, Jeanne...
Jeanne d'Arc: I, too, am sorry for the sudden physical contact.
Jeanne d'Arc: (I definitely felt that... I took Miach to be the daughter of the duke... Unless... But why?)
Lyria: I think we can assume that Scathacha is trying to break through the barrier from the other side too.
Miach: If we could somehow detect where her energies are directed and focus on the spot with our own magic...
Miach: It'd create a chain reaction and destroy the whole barrier. That might be our most realistic option.
Miach: Um, if you don't mind... Do you think you can help me trace Deirdre's mana?
???: What do I have to gain from this?
Miach: Er, well... You want to see dyads, right?
Miach: If Alster Island is freed of its plight, you'll bear witness to dyads galore. Husbands and wives as far as the eye can see...
???: That's hardly enough! If I just wanted a peek, there's countless other islands I could go to.
???: How about you promise to show me the methods mortals use to pass on the torch?
Miach: That... might be a bit difficult... But I think I can at least teach you the basic steps...
???: Truly? Do I have your word?
Miach: Yes, it's a promise!
???: Very well! Then use my power as you see fit.
Feldrac: I suppose it's up to those of us magically attuned to work together to cast a high-level spell.
Constance: I'll give it my best shot too!
Constance: Oh, and we'll also need a way to spread the pollen of Sharom throughout the island once we break through the barrier.
Lyria: I think I can help with that!
Lyria: Wait, actually... I don't know how this magic works...
Feldrac: How about we make it so that the spell automatically activates once all of our mana converges?
Constance: We'll consider how to incorporate your powers while building our spell, Lyria. Can you stand by in the meantime?
Lyria: Sure! I can do that!
Vyrn: You guys just lost me with all that magical mumbo jumbo...
Jeanne d'Arc: Well then, Master Vyrn. Why don't you join (Captain) and I for the discussion on airship formation?
Nezahualpilli: Different airship types fly at different speeds after all! There's more to it than just lining them up in an orderly fashion!
Helmsman: And chances are it'll take some time for the currents to return to normal once the barrier's destroyed.
Constance: Maybe we can control a portion of the currents to ease our entry.
Feldrac: The winds themselves will contain no mana once the barrier is gone, meaning—
The rescue party is nailing down the final details of its strategy.
Scathacha, unaware of the help from outside, works to destroy the barrier from within.
Seruel: Uncle Mac Nessa? I see...
Scathacha: Yes. He has fulfilled his duty.
Seruel: He valued that above all else...
Seruel: I always admired how he could toss aside all emotion for the sake of the mission.
Seruel: It was a lesson I failed to learn...
Scathacha: The citizenry look up to you because of the way you are.
Scathacha: The monumental task of rebuilding the islanders' lives still lies ahead.
Scathacha: A task which I will now contribute to.
Scathacha: Chulainn.
Chulainn: Yes, Lady Scathacha! I'm right here!
Scathacha: I'm going to work on breaking Ailill's barrier. But I lack the mana needed to complete the task.
Scathacha: Won't you lend me your power?
Chulainn is already gripping Scathacha's outstretched hand in the next instant.
Chulainn: You don't even need to ask, Lady Scathacha!
Chulainn: My power's all yours! Let's do this!
Scathacha: You have my thanks.
Chulainn: I hope you see how useful I'm being, Ferd!
Ferdia: You sure are. I'm proud of you, Cu.
Seruel: (A true dragon borrowing Chulainn's power...)
Seruel: (I wonder about Scathacha's current condition...)
Scathacha: Seruel.
Seruel: Yes!
Scathacha: Chulainn and I will be defenseless for some time. I ask that you protect us until the barrier is destroyed.
Seruel: Of course.
Scathacha: We begin now, Chulainn!
Chulainn: ...!
Ferdia: Hang in there, Cu!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 5: We Stand United - Episode 2

As the rescue party prepare their airships to fly into Alster upon the barrier's destruction, Ailill finds himself unable to uphold the barrier due to the power of someone beyond the boundaries of nature.

Miach: ...!
Miach: Constance! Feldrac!
Feldrac: There's already movement on the other side?
Constance: We can close the spell from our end like this!
Constance: There!
Feldrac: ...
Feldrac: Okay, no issues with mana circulation. We can now combine our powers for the big one!
Vyrn: This lamp's gonna blink when the barrier breaks, right?
Feldrac: Yes, it's outfitted with mana-detecting ore. Use it as a signal for charging ahead.
Constance: And Vyrn, please hand this talisman to Lyria! I've already explained to her how to use it!
Vyrn: All righty! Be back in a jiffy!
(Captain), who has been standing by on the Grandcypher, raises a flag from the deck after receiving word from Vyrn.
The helmsmen of the other airships at the dock see the sign and lift off from the isle.
Vyrn: Lyria! Constance told to me to give you this!
Lyria: Thank you, Vyrn!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)!
The crew sets a course for Alster Island.
Miach: Deirdre...
Miach: ...!
Scathacha: ...!
Scathacha: (This power... It seems to be coming from the other side.)
Chulainn: ...?
Why does it feel so warm?
Scathacha: Chulainn! Don't let that sensation get away! Lean into it, so that we may destroy the barrier together!
Chulainn: Huh? Um, okay!
Medb: Deirdre... Who do you think the barrier belongs to?
Medb: That would be Ailill! He created it for me!
Medb: And to have it be dispelled by the likes of you—
Ailill is away from Medb, trying to keep the barrier up.
Ailill: ...?
Ailill: Such power...
???: Lla rsoloc ndet ot ckabl.
Ailill: This is no ordinary person I'm dealing with!
Ailill is cut off from his own barrier.
???: Raef eth ssenrkad.
Medb: Ailill?
Medb: Ailill, what are you doing! Don't tell me you've forsaken me...
Medb: Ailiilllll!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 5: We Stand United - Episode 3

No longer able to sense Ailill's presence, a frenzied Medb lashes out at Scathacha. The rest fight to defend her and Chulainn, but though the barrier at last falls amid the fighting, the group is ravaged by Medb's attacks. Before things can get any worse, Naoise—having awakened as a dragonian thanks to Scathacha's offering of true dragon blood earlier—pierces through Medb's hand with his spear.

Chulainn & Scathacha: ...!
Medb: Aaaaaaahh!
Medb: De... ir... dreeeeee!
In her hysterical outburst, Medb dives headfirst toward the roof of the Great Court, forgetting to command her wyverns.
Seruel: Ngh!
The magical pebbles summoned by every flap of her wings collide with every round of catapult and cannon fire, rendering her unharmed.
Elisheba: Scathacha!
Medb: Graaaaaaah!
Her giant claws are parried by a stalwart shield, leaving her momentarily vulnerable.
Miach: We did it...
???: Phew...
Vyrn: The lamp's on! That means the barrier's down! Now, (Captain)!
  1. Here goes nothing!

Choose: Here goes nothing!
The airships of the rescue party cut through the dissipating dark clouds as they head straight for Alster Island.
Miach: Please... Save Alster Island, everyone!
Miach: It's all I ask...
Chulainn: Ngh...
Ferdia: ...
Chulainn: Ferd?
Ferdia: ...
Chulainn: Ferd!
The shockwave from Medb's attack passes through Elisheba's greatshield to tear away at Ferdia, who was sheltering Chulainn's body with his own.
Chulainn: Lady Scathacha! Ferd's...
Scathacha: ...
As Chulainn, too, has been blown away by the shockwave, she struggles to move and can do little more than call for help.
Chulainn: Ferd... Wake up... C'mon, Ferd...
Medb: ...
Elisheba: Chu... lainn...
Seruel: Run!
Chulainn: ...!
Medb: What's with that look in your eyes...
Medb: I am the one who should be disgusted!
Intent on strangling Chulainn to death with brute strength alone, the true dragon brings her claws down on the dragonewt.
Chulainn: Huh?
???: Forgive me.
???: I overslept.
Chulainn: S...
Chulainn: Sir Naoise!
Medb: ...!
Medb: A dragonian? Deirdre! Where is your pride as a true dragon! How could you confer your power to a mere mortal!
Scathacha: ...
Medb: How unsufferable! True dragons are better than this!
Naoise: Scathacha does not need to shine as a true dragon in order to protect her beloved Alster Island.
Naoise: And I will never forgive someone who tramples over our homeland.
Naoise: True Dragon M—nay, Evil Dragon Medb! Your end is nigh!
Medb: ...!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 5: We Stand United - Episode 4

The battle heats up with Naoise, Heles and her royal guard, and the rescue party all joining the fray. Now having the upper hand, Naoise finally lands the decisive blow against Medb.

Medb: "Evil dragon," you say? How dare you insult me, Medb—most cherished of Ailill!
Medb: Now I'm going to have to do so much more than crush your skull! So what if your new blood has given you power! That power is Deirdre's, not yours!
Medb: I'll efface your soul from the skies for all eternity!
Responding to Medb's fury, the wyverns grow fiercer in their assault.
Wyvern: Gwooaaaar!
???: Fire!
Chulainn: Ah!
Chulainn: Sir Seruel, look!
Seruel: I see it...
Seruel: I suppose I wasn't the only one who had to wait for my chance to shine.
Seruel spots his sister leading a squadron of royal guard skyskimmers in the distance.
Heles: Fire away at the wyverns! And don't worry about precision!
Royal Guard: We're on it!
Wyvern: Gwoooh?
Royal Guard: Wouldn't want to shoot you by accident. Don't wander away from the ship!
Wyvern: Kwee!
This particular wyvern previously wandered into Alster Island in a battered state. It was offered shelter in exchange for help growing crops.
Having shaken off the Curse of Intoxication, the wyvern found Heles collapsed at the mountain summit and brought her to safety with the royal guard.
Heles: Thank you for taking initiative. Stay with us awhile.
Wyvern: Kwee!
Vyrn: There it is! Alster Island's Great Court!
Lyria: That's a lot of wyverns to deal with...
Pushing through the last remaining dark clouds, the rescue party soars into the skies of Alster Island.
Jeanne d'Arc: This is awful... Even from up here, we can see how bad things are.
Jeanne d'Arc: You won't get away with this, Medb!
Nezahualpilli: Hah hah hah! Landfall at last!
Nezahualpilli: (Captain), you and the others take command from the skies! Land troops, with me!
After a rough landing on the grasslands outside the royal capital, the rescue party's volunteer army comes pouring out of the airships, ready to do battle.
Medb: Ugh, it's just one after the other!
Naoise: I am your opponent!
Medb: Silence!
Medb: A flimsy mortal like you could never be my match!
Naoise: Hraaagh!
Naoise kicks off the air, extending the height of his jump as he prepares to drive his spear into Medb.
Medb: The moment you blink is the moment it's over!
Medb: Now diiieee!
Naoise: ...!
As fierce as her attack is, it is imprecise due to her heightened mood, allowing Naoise to easily parry it.
Naoise: Yaaaargh!
With all his might and Scathacha's mana empowering him, Naoise plunges his spear past Medb's reverse scale.
Medb: Ngh...
Medb: Ailill!
Seruel: ...!
Naoise: ...
Naoise: ...
Seruel: Naoise!
Naoise: Seruel!
Former prince and knight exchange a firm handshake, their friendship as true as ever.
Scathacha: ...
Chulainn: Ferd... We did it. Sir Naoise beat Medb...
Chulainn: Ferd...
Ferdia: ...
Her core shattered, Medb's mana fades into the wind in the form of black flower petals—a sign that the war's end draws near.
But until then, the threat of the other opposing true dragon, Ailill, still stands.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 6: A Lesson for the Living - Episode 1

As Medb's magical remains rain down on the Great Court's roof, Ferdia awakens to find Medb in baby form. Elsewhere, Ailill simply stands watching as Lyria uses the power of primal beast Sharom to dissipate the last remaining traces of Medb's Curse of Intoxication.

Naoise, now awakened as a dragonian by way of Scathacha's blood and power, has vanquished Medb.
The magical remains of the true dragon rain down on the roof of the Great Court...
Ferdia: ...
Giving off an unintended side effect.
Ferdia: Huh?
Ferdia: Cu... Are you... crying?
Adrift in a sea of consciousness, Ferdia opens his eyes to hear a weeping voice.
???: Ngh... Gwaaah...
Ferdia: A dragon?
???: What... is this...
???: I am a true dragon! Greater than all other life-forms!
Ferdia: Huh...
Ferdia: (Medb? How did she get so small?)
Reeling in surprise, Ferdia recalls that he participated in the battle on the Great Court roof.
Ferdia: (Did I die?)
Ferdia: (Chulainn and the others aren't here... Are they alive at all?)
Ferdia: (Medb's present form can only mean she was defeated...)
Medb: Tell me how wonderful, beautiful, and noble I am!
Medb: Just like Ailill!
Ferdia has no words for the little dragon acting like a spoiled child.
Medb: Ailill... Ailill!
Medb: Why aren't you here! I need you! I want you to look at me!
Medb: We are the only two equals in the world—the truest of true dragons! I'll show you! So please...
With no one to respond, Medb continues to wail into the darkness.
Medb: Don't ever forget me!
Ferdia: Medb...
Ferdia makes to pat Medb on the head as he's always done for Chulainn but stops short.
Ferdia: ...
Medb: Ailill...
Lyria: So I hold the talisman like this, and then...
Lyria: Sharom, if you can hear me... Please lend us your strength to quell the Curse of Intoxication!
With the talisman from Constance in hand, Lyria calls on Sharom for the final part of the spell devised by the rescue party.
Islander: Huh...
Islander: What in the...
Sharom's pollen spreads across Alster Island, freeing its people from the Curse of Intoxication.
Ailill: ...
Ailill stands watch as the last remaining traces of Medb's curse fade away.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 6: A Lesson for the Living - Episode 2

While Ailill walks to the capital at a relaxed pace, the crew reunites with the Alster crowd at the Great Court's roof. But their reunion is short-lived, as Ailill soon shows up in the castle town and transforms into his true dragon form.

Ailill: So it's come to this, Medb...
Ailill: It was no different with you after all. We are each but a single life in the grand scheme of things.
Ailill: And as all living beings are born into this world, they must also eventually pass on.
Ailill: What's lost is one day recreated with a new form, only to perish and rise anew again.
Ailill: All life is incorporated into this cycle, meaning nothing really holds any meaning. That's all the world really is.
Ailill: The Omnipotent created the world to be this way.
Ruminating to himself the ways of the universe, Ailill heads for the capital at a relaxed pace.
Ailill: None of it holds any meaning.
Ailill: That being the case...
Vyrn: Hey! You guys all right?
Vyrn: Aw crud, you're beat up pretty badly!
Seruel: Taking out Medb alone nearly wiped us out. The Great Court would no longer be standing if not for (Captain) and the rescue party.
Vyrn: Wasn't easy gettin' here... But we made sure to bring oodles of supplies you guys are sure to need later!
Naoise: Thank you...
Scathacha: As much as I'd like a moment of repose, Ailill still awaits. There's no telling what he has in store for us...
Naoise: Scathacha!
Scathacha: Well, speak of the devil... He's practically flaunting himself!
Ailill stands in plain sight in the castle town, making no effort to hide himself.
Ailill: ...
The mere presence of his true dragon mana is enough to crush the surrounding tattered streetscape, turning it all into rubble.
Ailill: Since none of this means anything, I might as well end things by offering a tribute to Medb.

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 6: A Lesson for the Living - Episode 3

Jeanne d'Arc, Nezahualpilli, Naoise, and Heles take the battle to Ailill. (Captain) and the crew chip in by ramming into Ailill with the Grandcypher, but he simply gets irritated and responds by raining down a torrent of devastating magical arrows in the area.

Elisheba: It's a good thing our doctor was safe amidst all this chaos!
Great Court Aide: Lady Elisheba! The beds at the banquet hall are ready for use!
Elisheba: Good! Start putting the injured on those beds!
Seruel: Those of you able to press on, refill our supplies of arrows and bullets. Tend to the cannons and catapults!
Knight: Yes sir!
Sir Quill: Wouldn't be right to leave everything to the rescue party. Not as long as we've still got some fight in us!
Seruel: Yes, we must do everything we can...
Islander: Sir Seruel! Is there anything I can help with?
Sir Quill: Hm? You must be...
Islander: I'm ashamed to admit I let the curse get to me... But because the knights kept us sheltered, I remain unharmed.
Islander: There are plenty of others like me who've recovered and are willing to help. Just say the word!
Seruel: Thank you. As a fellow resident of Alster Island, let us work together to overcome this crisis.
Islander: Gladly!
Nezahualpilli and Jeanne d'Arc are at the Great Court's garden, making preparations to meet Ailill in battle.
Nezahualpilli: Hah hah hah! Seems like we can still be of help! I'm always ready for a battle on the ground!
Jeanne d'Arc: It'll be up to us to keep Ailill at bay until the airships are ready to move out.
Jeanne d'Arc: Now then... With me, Orleans' finest!
Ailill: Finally, someone to greet me.
Jeanne d'Arc: All units, charge!
Jeanne d'Arc's elite troops rush Ailill en masse.
Jeanne d'Arc: Rgh!
Jeanne d'Arc: True Dragon Ailill! Is that the extent of your power?
Ailill: Let's find out.
Choose: Here goes nothing!
Jeanne d'Arc: I'm not... finished yet!
Ailill easily stops the seemingly foolish attack before anyone can reach him.
Ailill: Ah, I see.
Nezahualpilli: Yaaaargh!
Ailill: An ambush from behind while I'm focused on the enemy ahead. Though ultimately a pointless strategy if it doesn't work.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hm...
Nezahualpilli: We'll see about that!
Naoise: Uooohhhhh!
Ailill: I'd almost forgotten about the dragonian, powered by Deirdre's blood.
Ailill: But you've only just awakened. Your movements suggest you lack control over your newfound power.
Heles: Use all our ammunition! This is going to be the final battle!
The catapults rain down hails of stones on Ailill.
Vyrn: Tch, he's makin' us look like a total pushover!
Naoise and the others buy just enough time for the airships of the rescue party and skyskimmers of the royal guard to get into formation.
They begin blasting their cannons away at Ailill. Collateral damage on the castle town is unavoidable as clouds of dust billow around him.
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)!
Jeanne d'Arc: No...
Nezahualpilli: Are you okay!
Jeanne d'Arc: Thank you for the rescue!
Ailill: Meaningless. So utterly meaningless.
Ailill: All of it...
Naoise: You don't get to decide our worth!
Ailill: ...
Ailill: !
Vyrn: Gooooo!
Taking advantage of the never-ending hail of projectiles, the onslaught of attacks, and the blinding effect of the dust clouds, the Grandcypher flies full speed ahead—straight into the true dragon's body.
Ailill: ...!
While shielding Lyria from the impact of the collision, (Captain) takes a good look to see if the attack had any effect.
Ailill: ...
Ailill: Now I see how Medb felt...
Ailill: Most irritating indeed...
Vyrn: Crud! He's gonna get away!
Ailill takes to the skies at a speed far surpassing that of the Grandcypher before coming to a sudden stop.
Ailill: Heh...
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh no...
Naoise: This is bad!
Naoise quickly jumps in between Jeanne d'Arc and Nezahualpilli to protect them from the torrent of magical arrows.
Vyrn: Ack!
The poorly armored airships are first to fall when struck by the magical arrows.
Seruel: Urgh! We won't get anywhere at this rate!

The Dragonblood War - Chapter 6: A Lesson for the Living - Episode 4

Ailill gathers all of his mana, intent on sinking Alster Island. But before he can go through with it, Medb—using the last of her consciousness within Ferdia—controls Ferdia just long enough to fire a magical bullet at Ailill as proof to the fellow true dragon that she once lived—her mark on the world. The bullet lands a direct hit on Ailill, creating an opening for (Captain) and company.

Scathacha: ...
Scathacha: (A shame I fail to muster my mana when I need it most!)
Chulainn: Waaah!
Chulainn: Huh?
Ailill: Heh...
Ailill: Time to end this. Future renditions of ourselves will replace us all one day anyway.
Ailill: ...
Miach: Ah!
Constance: What powerful magic! Is he trying to nullify the island's natural buoyancy?
Miach: Is... Is that even possible?
???: ...
Miach is awestruck by the terrifying display of magic.
But a ray of hope seems to pass through his line of sight.
Ailill: ...?
Vyrn: The heck was that?
Seeing the Grandcypher make an emergency landing after crashing into Ailill, Naoise and others quickly hop on.
Naoise: I don't know what just happened, but now's our chance with Ailill's power dispersed!
Following Naoise's group, Seruel and Heles arrive on the backs of allied wyverns.
Seruel: (Captain)! Can the Grandcypher still fly?
  1. You bet your bottom rupie it can!

Choose: You bet your bottom rupie it can!
Heles: We cannot let Ailill escape! Please take us to the skies!
Vyrn: You got it!
With no time to check on the damage to the Grandcypher's hull, the crew steers the ship toward Ailill once more.
Ferdia: ...
Chulainn: Ferd...
Chulainn: Ferd!
Overjoyed, Chulainn nearly leaps into Ferdia's arms, but Scathacha—noticing that Ferdia pulled the trigger—stops her.
Scathacha: ...
Chulainn: Lady Scathacha?
Paying no heed to the stern-faced Scathacha, Ferdia's attention remains entirely focused on Ailill in the skies.
Ferdia: Ailill...
Ferdia: If it must be meaningless...
Ferdia: Then at the very least...
Ferdia: Let the never-ending source of agony be a reminder of me...
Ferdia: ...
Ailill: Medb!
Sensing Medb's mana in his injury, Ailill's eyes open wide.
The Grandcypher reaches him before he fully grasps what's happened.
Heles: True Dragon Ailill! For the sake of all life on Alster Island...
Seruel & Naoise: Prepare to be slain!

The Dragonblood War - Ending - Episode 1

Ailill is defeated at long last, bringing an end to the war. Scathacha later senses that her end is near and expresses concern for the island's future. But as she gazes upon the castle town from the Great Court's roof, she realizes that all its denizens are working hard for a brighter tomorrow. She closes her eyes, burning the view of her beloved island into her mind.

Ailill: Ugh...
Pierced by the Gorm Glas, Ailill loses all strength and quickly plummets from the skies.
Ailill's body lands on the roof of the Great Court, just as Medb's had earlier.
Ailill: Is it my turn now...
Ferdia: Ailill.
Ailill: ...
Moving only his eyes, Ailill realizes that the figure standing over him is the one who controls Medb's remnants.
Ferdia: Medb did her best to be a true dragon worthy of you.
Ailill: I know... True dragons like her have come into and out of being countless times.
Ferdia: Medb fell because of her overbearingly proud and selfish demeanor, thinking herself far superior to everyone bar you.
Ferdia: But the only reason she never considered others to be full-fledged individuals like herself is because you never bothered to teach her.
Ailill: The blame lies with me?
Ferdia: You say everything is meaningless, but it only seems like that because nothing interests you.
Ferdia: That's all it boils down to, Ailill.
Ailill: ...
Ferdia: It's a shame you failed to realize this, even in your final moments.
Chulainn: Ferd?
When Chulainn approaches with consternation, Ferdia playfully ruffles her hair like he always does.
Chulainn: Aahhh!
Ferdia: Sorry to make you worry. Seems like I'm okay after all.
Chulainn: Um... Are you sure about that?
Chulainn: You're bleeding all over... And those wounds look like they hurt...
Ferdia: The wounds are closed up now. See?
Chulainn: Sniff...
Chulainn: Waaaaaah! Ferd, you big dummy!
The weeping Chulainn clings to Ferdia, reaffirming that he really is okay.
Scathacha: (Being showered with massive amounts of Medb's blood and mana must've kept him alive.)
Scathacha: (Naoise's blood proved to be a poor match with my own. But for Medb, it appears her blood is highly compatible with Ferdia's.)
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha, feeling exhausted, takes a deep breath and settles herself down.
Chulainn: Lady Scathacha! Are you okay?
Scathacha: Fortunately, yes. I'm glad to see you're safe as well.
Scathacha tilts her head upward to see the Grandcypher returning from its battle with Ailill.
Helmsman: Let's start by packing the storehouses at the docks with food!
Elisheba: Much appreciated.
Lyria: Is it okay if we drop a ladder here to bring out the medicine and medical supplies?
Elisheba: Of course. Our current supply is nearly exhausted...
Lyria: We brought you so much that you won't be running out anytime soon!
Elisheba: Thank you so much...
Heles: Feldrac, Constance. I apologize for inviting you to a conference only to greet you with this mess...
Feldrac: Oh, there's no need to apologize. I was able to establish camaraderie with many mortals, making this trip well worth it.
Constance: I'm just glad we were able to defeat Medb and Ailill.
Constance: Besides...
Clever Girl: Fluffykins, isn't that kind of heavy? Need a hand?
Sincere Monster: Gwooh!
Clever Girl: No? Well... just don't push yourself too hard!
Constance: Wow... It's really nice to see people getting along with monsters outside of Sharom Island!
Constance: Heles did tell me about this, but I wanted to see it with my own two eyes!
Heles: Man and monster will have to work closer than ever to rebuild Alster Island.
Heles: Queen Sharom, I would be most grateful if you could share with parliament what works well in improving relations with monsters.
Constance: Yes, gladly!
Old Woman: Gracious, it's Seruel!
Old Woman: We heard you suffered an injury, but I suppose you're all healed up now?
Seruel: Yes. Thank you for your concern.
Seruel, Nezahualpilli, Jeanne d'Arc, and Quill are touring the castle town to see how its residents are faring.
Jeanne d'Arc: How awful for the island's residents to have to suffer such tragedy three times now...
Sir Quill: We've lost many good knights. Fortunately, we do not have to spare any resources to battle the monsters.
Sir Quill: But of course, we must always be ready for any threats from outside the island. We'll need to reorganize the army.
Seruel: If such a thing as fate truly existed, I would like for nothing more than to strike it down with my blade, for so cruelly taking the lives of so many innocents.
Seruel: What lies before us is a broken and tattered homeland. We'll have to mend it step by step.
Jeanne d'Arc: It is as you say, Seruel... We will always be glad to travel from Orleans to help you. You need only say the word.
Nezahualpilli: My gut tells me rebuilding this place might not be so tough.
Nezahualpilli: Because I can see the light—the hope for a better tomorrow—shining in everyone's eyes.
Seruel: Yes, I am equally confident in the island's future.
Seruel: Alster has always been my pride and joy...
The lively voices of the citizenry, who are already starting to rebuild, reaches Seruel's ears.
Miach: ...
Miach: Father...
Miach: Come in.
Ferdia: Hello. Lady Miach, we're here to assist in any matters you might need help with. I'm Ferdia, and this is—
Chulainn: Chulainn!
Miach: Thank you. I have no favors to ask of you right now, so maybe you can ask elsewh—
Miach: ...
Is something the matter?
Chulainn: Lady Miach. I believe your father is... Sir Mac Nessa?
Miach: Yes, he is... How did you know?
Chulainn: I got the chance to talk to him for a bit...
Miach: Oh, really? He always was a man of few words. So what did you talk about?
Chulainn: Um... He said that...
Chulainn: He loves you...
Chulainn: And that you should follow your own path in life...
Miach: ...!
Miach: Father!
Chulainn goes up to Miach, expressing concern.
Chulainn: Lady Miach, there's no need to hold it in.
Miach: As the child of the former duke...
Miach: It wouldn't be right of me to spoil the mood when everyone is celebrating.
Ferdia: No one will see you if you close the curtains.
Ferdia: We've heard from Lady Elisheba how you had to spend years studying abroad, so please... take all the time you need.
Miach: ...
Miach: ...
Miach: Father... Father!
Elisheba: Scathacha. May I suggest that you take it easy and continue to rest your weary bones?
Scathacha: I know my limits. Worry not.
Scathacha, collapsed on a bed, gestures for Elisheba to leave her be. The former royal chamberlain wears a worried expression as she turns to leave.
Scathacha: "Worry not," eh...
Scathacha: As much as I appreciate her concern, my core's destruction is not something that can be stopped.
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha: To think that my death draws so near... Will the dragonian be able to suppress the rage of the monsters?
Scathacha: Surely he'll have Chulainn's help too... But then that means...
???: You must be one half of a dyad!
Scathacha: Huh?
???: Really now! I've come to learn that dyads prefer to conceal their dyad status!
Scathacha: What an outlandish—
Scathacha: Wait. That aura about you...
???: Yes, I am the darkness that casts a shadow over all things in the world.
Fediel: Having existed since the time of the sky's creation, I lie beyond the boundaries of all nature! My name is Fediel!
Scathacha: You're the dark one of the Six Dragons! What have you come to Alster Island for?
Scathacha: Rgh...
Fediel: Calm yourself, sapling. True dragons are frail, especially the young ones. I trust you do not wish to push the daisies yet?
Fediel: Well, I wouldn't want to see that either! I have so much to learn from you!
Scathacha: Hmph, what gives you the right to speak of my demise!
Fediel: I take it that blond dragonian and you make a dyad? That would explain the half-dragon child! Yes, that must be it!
Scathacha: Rgh... You have no idea how wrong you are.
Fediel: Then tell me! Who is your true partner!
Fediel: How are those of entirely different species able to do the deed and pass on the torch! I must know!
Scathacha: Huh?
Scathacha: Fediel. Do you mean to say you've become interested in the natural laws of the Sky Realm?
Fediel: That's exactly what I'm saying! So tell me already...
Scathacha: I believe... this island is going to struggle to hold on to life.
Fediel: What do you mean!
Scathacha: Once I've passed on, Alster's defenses will become brittle. There may not be room for the next generation of offspring.
Fediel: Then I'll protect this island!
Scathacha: Are you serious?
Fediel: I certainly am!
Scathacha: (What is Fediel playing at here... Though she'd certainly be of tremendous help to Alster, at least until Naoise gains full control over his new powers.)
Scathacha: (I suppose it's worth considering...)
Naoise: Scathacha? I heard voices coming from your room. Who—
Fediel: Ah! For you to enter Scathacha's private chambers unsolicited proves you two make a dyad!
Scathacha: Gah, I've heard enough from you!
Scathacha pushes herself off the bed, then leaves the room with Naoise's help.
Naoise: Scathacha!
Naoise: You should be resting now. Your wounds are deep, and—
Scathacha: Not you too.
Naoise: Sigh...
Scathacha: If you don't want me walking around, then carry me.
Naoise: Very well. Where do you wish to go, Scathacha?
Scathacha: I need to think. Any quiet place nearby will do.
Naoise: Understood.
Naoise: Hm?
Chulainn: Ah! Sir Naoise! Lady Scathacha!
Scathacha: You're here too, huh.
Miach: I needed some air and asked Ferdia and Chulainn to join me.
Miach: I'm glad I came this way. It seems like a great spot to watch the islanders go about their day.
Scathacha: Indeed.
Scathacha looks ahead for a view of the castle town, greatly scarred by the war and missing any semblance of the everyday life that used to fill its streets.
But the firm resolve of the islanders to rebuild their home is clearly present.
Scathacha: (Was I worried for nothing?)
Scathacha: (Perhaps this island doesn't need me or anyone else to protect it...)
Scathacha gently closes both eyes, this charming view of her beloved island indelibly etched into her mind.
The End


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