News:WhatsNew 2018-02-22

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  • Weapon and summon stash limit increased to 200.
  • Critical hits may now affect non-elemental enemies regardless of the attacker's element.
  • New Co-op stages added.
  • [Wiki] We are still in the process of updating pages and verifying new content related to today's update. Wiki pages will be updated over time.

New Weapons

New Character Extended Mastery Perks

Chun-LiElize LutusErica FontaineGemini SunriseHaohmaruKaoru SakurabaKarinLinaMilla MaxwellNagaNakoruruRashidRyuSakura ShingujiSophieStahn AileronTear GrantsTeru TendoTsubasa KashiwagiYuri Lowell

New Final Uncap