News:WhatsNew 2019-03-22

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  • Player Rank Limit has been increased to 250.
Complete the Chapter 1 (115) Quest: In Search of Lost Treasures on Port Breeze Archipelago to unlock.
  • [Wiki] We are still in the process of updating pages and verifying new content related to today's update.

Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

Weapon m 1040809200.jpg
Weapon m 1040310500.jpg
Weapon m 1030803800.jpg
Weapon m 1030304500.jpg

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Uncap

Summon m 2040056000 02.jpgSummon m 2040003000 02.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Classes

Gladiator gran icon.jpgGladiator djeeta icon.jpg
Chrysaor gran icon.jpgChrysaor djeeta icon.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Character Skins

Leader m 310501 01.jpg
Leader m 310601 01.jpg