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What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Opening

The main sky routes have finally reopened after the cataclysm, and Reconstruction Anniversary festivities kick off in Port Breeze. While the skydwellers celebrate their accomplishments, Lucifer is attacked by a hooded assassin.

Celebratory cannon fire resounds over Port Breeze Archipelago.
Guard Captain: Please! Won't you at least consider it?
Katalina: Listen, I took command at the time only because the situation demanded it.
Katalina: Besides, even when I worked for the empire, I was just a lieutenant...
Guard Captain: The remarkable genius you demonstrated when you covered for me as I lay injured—the manner in which you rallied the men to arms and kept damages to a minimum was no fluke!
Guard Captain: You might as well be the war goddess of legend... I implore you! Please lead us as Sphiria's military advisor!
Katalina: G-goddess of legend?
Rackam: Phew! Mm, ale doesn't get much better than this!
Reformed Ralph: Hehe, that's Rackam the Ace Helmsman for ya!
Rackam: Hahaha! Sure sounds like you've pulled a one-eighty from the time you were chasing that bounty on me!
Reformed Ralph: Hey, I thought I already made amends for that. Things just got so crazy with the cataclysm and all, ya know...
Eugen: C'mon, Rackam. A real man forgives and forgets. 'Sides, it's all in the past now.
Second-Chance Sam: Aww! Spoken like a true skyfarer!
Second-Chance Sam: You fellas can put it on our tab!
Eugen: You sure? All right then, I'll go for this here, on the far right of the menu.
Second-Chance Sam: Sure thing—
Second-Chance Sam: Oh crap... Five thousand rupies for one pint?
Io: Whee! The necklace I gave up on before is half off now!
Io: Oh, what to do... I want to check out the other shops too, but—
Magic Miki: I'll take the necklace if you're not buying, miss. Been eyeing it myself.
Io: Ah, sorry... I need more time to think about it...
Magic Miki: Hey now, hoarding the goods during a sale is just wrong.
Magic Miki: And I hate to say this, but you need a decent bust to showcase that necklace.
Io: Urk! H-how does that even make a difference! Heck, it'd practically be invisible with giant knockers anyway!
Magic Miki: Ngh! I agree that balance is definitely the key here, but—
Rosetta: Ah, I can always use a fancy necklace. I'll buy it. You can borrow it any time you want, Io.
Io: Rosetta!
Magic Miki: Grr!
Magic Miki: Oh my... And I thought mine were impressive...
Some time has passed since the catastrophic series of incidents revolving around the primarchs—the remaining survivors of the original primal beasts.
With reconstruction efforts proceeding smoothly and peace ensured for the time being...
Magnates from islands all over have been invited to Port Breeze for the Reconstruction Anniversary.
Vyrn: Ahaha! I'm lovin' all this hustle and bustle!
Lyria: Me too! After the terrible disaster we went through, it's great to see everyone keeping it together!
Vyrn: What a relief, huh! It's a miracle we got through it all without losing a single person.
Vyrn: Even those who got hurt are making a speedy recovery.
Lyria: Strange, isn't it? Katalina was saying we might be under the protection of the archangels.
Lyria: I wonder what the four primarchs and Lucifer are doing now...
A profound serenity fills the air around a nameless shrine.
Within its vast, empty corridors are a sacred cocoon and a man with six wings sprouting from his back.
Lucifer: Sandalphon...
Sandalphon: Lucifer! You were here all along!
Sandalphon: Tell me, Lucifer. You govern evolution. Do you find meaning in it?
Sandalphon: Lucifer!
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: My role is winding to a close.
Lucifer places a hand on the cocoon and continues as if speaking to it.
Lucifer: I could never have guessed that the turmoil in your heart would lead to such a catastrophe.
Lucifer: However...
Lucifer: It was the will of the skydwellers, particularly that of the singularity, that brought an end to your crusade.
Lucifer: To love, and to be loved... The mere notion transcends anything we primarchs are capable of.
Lucifer slides his fingers over the cocoon in a gentle caress and narrows his eyes.
Lucifer: I've done much to promote the betterment of the skies, but a doting parent isn't always what's best for a child.
Lucifer: Sometimes it's quite the opposite.
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: Once I've accomplished my final task, I'm considering letting the skies play out their natural course.
Lucifer: I plan to return the reins to the skydwellers themselves, even if that should unbalance the elements or evolution... or lead to destruction.
Lucifer: When my role as supreme primarch is obsolete, you and I will be of equal standing...
Lucifer: I wonder... What will you think when you finally awak—
Lucifer: ...!
It was the work of a moment. Lucifer looks down to see the blade of an assassin twisting between his ribs.
Its wielder steps out from the void that has materialized behind Lucifer.
Hooded Figure: What a pathetic conclusion you've come to.
Lucifer: ...
Hooded Figure: Don't bother. You won't recover from this.
Lucifer: So you survived... It's been a while.
Hooded Figure: It wasn't easy. I've been wandering for far too long.
Hooded Figure: How many millennia have transpired since you struck me down to the depths of the skies?
Hooded Figure: Regardless it no longer matters. Thanks to you, I've gained the power to vanquish the immortal.
Lucifer: What is it you seek? Revenge for yourself... revenge for him?
Hooded Figure: Nothing so trifling. I've come for Lucilius's legacy of course. I know you've sealed it in here.
Hooded Figure: And that you're the key.
Lucifer: ...
The robed man swings his blade again, then again, severing the supreme primarch's wings.
Hooded Figure: A new age is upon us whether you like it or not.
Hooded Figure: Heh heh heh...
The fates of the primarchs are about to converge again...
As a new cataclysm dawns upon the world of the skies.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 1: Darkness - Episode 1

(Captain) and the others think back on the disaster and Sandalphon, the archangel responsible for it. Lyria finds it all too easy to relate to his past and can't bring herself to condemn him outright. The crew's conversation is interrupted by a man claiming to be a fashion designer.

Joyous smiles fill the festival grounds. The Reconstruction Anniversary is underway.
The crew, guided by Sierokarte, is having a blast with all the fun and games to be had.
Vyrn: Ahaha, that was a riot! I didn't think there were that many kinds of street performances in all the skies!
Lyria: My sides are about to burst from all that laughing, haha. Leave it to Siero to keep us entertained!
Sierokarte: I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves. That one just now was a special comedy routine.
Vyrn: Their jokes were very now. Evil gods and goddesses, freaky monsters, creepy crawlers, and all that. They even mentioned Sandalphon a bunch of times.
Lyria: Mm-hm. Everyone seemed really interested.
Lyria: ...
Sierokarte: Is something the matter, Lyria?
Lyria: Ah, sorry! It's nothing.
Lyria: Nothing at all... Actually, I was just thinking...
Lyria searches for the words to express herself, taking out the white plume by her waist.
She had picked it up upon waking from a mysterious dream shortly after the cataclysm.
Lyria: Just looking at this feather makes me wonder about Sandalphon...
Sandalphon: I'm useless scrap? How could I be nothing more than Lucifer's backup?
Sandalphon: It must be a lie... But then just what the hell is the meaning of my existence?
Sandalphon: ...!
Lyria: They're all calling him evil, but that's not the impression I got from him...
Vyrn: I'll admit he's been through some messed-up stuff, but that doesn't excuse all the crap he pulled.
Lyria: Right... I know what he did is unforgivable.
Vyrn: I guess you were looking deeper inside of him, huh...
Lyria: I don't know all the details, but...
Lyria: He wanted to be helpful to others more than anything else... Oh, the pain he must've felt to be shunned, to learn that his whole existence was meaningless...
Lyria: Causing the cataclysm was inexcusable. I'm angry that it all happened, just like the rest of you.
Lyria: But I know how it feels not to really know yourself, and I also want to help other people. So in a way, Sandalphon's problems really hit home...
Sierokarte: Lyria...
Lyria: Ahaha... Sorry for being a wet blanket. A lot's been on my mind lately—
???: A wonderful plume you have there.
Lyria: Huh... Who are you?
???: Oh, did I surprise you? I'm a fashion designer. Beautiful objects have a way of grabbing my attention.
???: If you don't mind, can I get a closer look at that?
Lyria: Um... Sure. As long as (Captain) says it's okay.
???: Hehehe... Thank you, you two.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 1: Darkness - Episode 2

After some unsettling banter, the strange man departs. As if on cue, the skies above begin to flicker. The crew raise their eyes to find primal beasts battling each other, seemingly out of control.

Lyria hands the white plume to the man claiming to be a fashion designer.
He very gently strokes the feather with an index finger, sheer ecstasy plastered across his face.
???: Ooh...
???: The proportions are sublime. The only problem is how it looks when held up to the light.
???: Gahaha! The golden ratio stares me right in the eyes! Ahhh, I'm about to pop!
Lyria: Eep!
???: Whoopsie, did I scare you? I can't help myself when I come across such wonderful material.
Vyrn: Um... You seem awfully excited over a little plume.
???: You don't know, do you? There's nothing more stimulating in the whole wide world.
Lyria: S-stimulating?
???: Mm-hm... In reference to the ideals I strive for, that is.
???: Well, thanks for showing me a good time.
Sierokarte: ...
The man places the plume back in Lyria's palm, curling her fingers into a ball around it before turning around.
???: Good day.
Vyrn: What a weirdo. Guy must be tipsy from all the partying goin' around.
Lyria: Maybe, maybe not... We should move on.
Sierokarte: Hold it right there, please. Can you give us back the real one?
???: ...
Vyrn: The real one? Whaddya mean?
Lyria: ...?
Ah! This feather's a bit small...
Sierokarte: Tsk-tsk. You don't fool me for a second.
???: You talking to me?
Sierokarte: That's right. Now be a good boy and cough up the stolen item, please.
???: I encourage you to let it go. We wouldn't want to fight on such a festive day.
Sierokarte: Oh, I don't mind at all.
???: Heh... Fine. It's all yours.
The real plume drops seemingly from out of nowhere as the man cracks a smile.
Paying no heed to Lyria's confusion, he replaces the fake in her hand.
???: Sorry about the misunderstanding. Truth is I'm a magician. I thought I'd test my sleight of hand before going on stage.
Vyrn: Okay, buster. Now you're really starting to reek of baloney. You actually expect us to believe you're a magician?
???: Oh, it's a lie, of course. Fact of the matter is I'm a patissier... Mm, you don't believe that either, do you?
???: The denizens of this world deserve more credit than I'm willing to give. Didn't think my cover would get blown so easily.
???: It was a real turn-on at least. Anyway, goodbye for real this time.
Lyria: Umm...
Vyrn: The heck was his problem? Did he call us "denizens"? Guy might be a lot more trouble than he looks.
Vyrn: I've got goose bumps just thinking about it. What's our next move, (Captain)?
Lyria: Eeep!
Lyria: Why is the sky pitch-black?
Sierokarte: Just a passing shower maybe? Except I don't see any rain clouds...
Multiple shadows shimmer into view overhead.
Light Primal Beast: Graa-oooh!
Dark Primal Beast: Aaaagh!
Lyria: Primal beasts!
Vyrn: They're fighting each other? What's the world coming to?

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 1: Darkness - Episode 3

People begin to panic, fearing a second cataclysm. Michael, primarch of fire, shows up to fight back the primal beasts, followed by Halluel and Malluel, twin archangels who guide the crew to safety.

Light Primal Beast: Awooon!
Dark Primal Beast: Graaagh!
Primal beasts of light and dark clash across the flickering skies.
Jaws drop and eyes rise as the unprecedented phenomenon rages on.
The shock of it all quickly spreads across town.
Tourist 1: Yikes! We'd better run before we get caught up in that mess!
Tourist 2: W-we need to evacuate! To the airships!
Guard Captain: Hold it! Moving anywhere right now is dangerous! Reports have been coming in of abnormalities in the open fields!
Magic Miki: So you expect us to just wait it out? I've already seen one cataclysm too many in my lifetime!
Vyrn: Holy skycrabs are we screwed!
Sierokarte: Lyria! Do you know anything about this?
Lyria: Yes, but...
Lyria: Rather than a typical frenzy, it's like they've turned into a more savage and vicious version of themselves out of fright and confusion.
Lyria: And it's not just here...
Lyria: It might be like this all over the island... Or even worse, all over the skies!
Light Primal Beast: Graaaoo!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Now they're coming into town! We'd better be ready to fight, (Captain)!
(Captain) swings a weapon at the primal beast.
It pauses for a moment but shows no signs of turning away, immediately baring its fangs for battle.
Lyria: Ngh! This isn't going to be easy...
Vyrn: Something's gotta be done about those two in the sky too... We oughta regroup with the others to come up with a pla—
Tourist 1: Rgh! Another primal beast's shown up by the eastern gate, and it's attacking!
Tourist 2: Oh skies! Is this a sign the end times are near?
Lyria: Oh no...
Vyrn: No way! Round two of the cataclysms isn't happening on my watch!
Michael: Well said, everyone.
Lyria: Michael!
Michael: I'd like you to evacuate the townspeople while I take on this beast.
Vyrn: Y-yeah, of course! You sure you'll be okay alone though?
Michael: What do you take me for? Now is my chance to redeem myself for not pulling through during the island-crashing incident...
Michael: Haaagh!
Light Primal Beast: Gwoooo!
Sierokarte: She felled the primal beast in a single stroke?
Michael: It appears light and dark have lost their way in this skydom as well. The sudden flood of ether can be the only reason...
Michael: What could possibly have happened to the supreme primarch?
Lyria: What do you mean by ether? Did something happen to Lucifer?
???: We can talk later, boys and girls. You might want to hop into this barrier we set up for now. Oh, and we'd appreciate it if you could help evacuate a few people while you're at it.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's this now?
???: Hi there, teehee. Should we get a move on? It's best not to get in Michael's way anyhow.
Michael: At ease, Singularity. They, too, are archangels.
Michael: Halluel, Malluel, proceed!
Halluel: Yep, we will! Good luck to you too, Michael!
Malluel: Okay, Singularity and friends! Let's get to it!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 1: Darkness - Episode 4

The twins explain that the flickering sky and rampaging primals signal that something terrible has befallen Lucifer. His last known location was a shrine in Canaan, which Rackam and Eugen say the Grandcypher cannot reach without a major overhaul.

(Captain) and company arrive at the town center, protected by the barrier set up by the twin archangels.
They rescued many along the way, allaying some of the turmoil that has spread like wildfire.
Rackam: Found the last one. I did a head count; every single citizen and tourist is secure.
Eugen: Injuries sustained are minimal. It's a good thing we've got plenty of first aid kits in here.
Vyrn: Thank our lucky stars! That went a lot smoother than I thought it would.
Katalina: Thankfully, everyone was able to remain calm and collected. All that emergency training must have paid off.
Io: And Michael was just incredible. It was a huge relief to see her come out and fend off the primal beasts.
Lyria: Agreed. I sensed a strange power flowing through them though. They're not going to stop so easily.
Rosetta: Sounds like we need to solve the root of this problem. Which means we need more information.
Rosetta: Hey, you two lovely twins.
The crew looks toward the pair of archangels, though the pair does not notice.
Halluel: It's been too long since we last paid Phantagrande a visit. Wasn't there a beach around this area? We ought to check it out!
Malluel: Nah, the beach is always better in the summer. You know what would be nice though? Front-row seats to the Platinum Sky Cup!
Halluel: Oh, is that the thing where they race around on speedships? Hm, dunno if this is the season for it though.
Malluel: Aww, why didn't you look it up beforehand? Or did you forget we're supposed to do recon in addition to carrying messages?
Rackam: Talk about a carefree couple... I guess archangels come in all types.
Katalina: Ahem! Can I ask you two a few questions? We were hoping to learn more about the situation at hand...
Halluel: Whoopsie, sorry! Right, about that...
Malluel: The collective will of the four primarchs led us here to ask for your help.
Halluel: Just like the previous cataclysm, the power of the singularity is needed to solve this predicament.
Malluel: Mm-hm, what's happening this time is related to that incident in more ways than one.
Katalina: What do you mean?
Malluel: Let's start with the raging primal beasts and the flickering of the skies...
The rare element ether is one of the strangest among those that make up the world.
Its nature is split between light and dark. It follows a specific cycle as it fluctuates between the two states.
When that cycle was suddenly broken, it affected the primal beasts, instilling in them an uncontrollable primal rage.
Vyrn: Erm... I dunno about this whole duality business, but I take it ether is the direct cause of our problems?
Lyria: Do the primarchs govern ether like they do the tetra-elements?
Halluel: There's only one who watches over ether and its cycle.
Malluel: The supreme primarch, Lucifer. We can only conclude that something's befallen him.
Io: Lucifer's in trouble? But isn't he, like, supposed to be even stronger than Michael?
Halluel: Yeah, we can hardly believe it ourselves. But the way ether's acting up right now makes it pretty clear...
Halluel: This isn't something that happens normally. More like this isn't something that should happen at all. If we had to wager a guess...
Malluel: Lucifer making contact with you during the previous cataclysm was definitely an irregularity.
Halluel: Of course, we're not trying to blame you here.
Halluel: But one irregularity leads to a second and a third... That's just the way of the world. There's also cause and effect, of course.
Rackam: It's all coming together now. But can't you just check to see if Lucifer's okay?
Malluel: He's in Canaan right now. It's positioned at the very center of this skydom.
Rosetta: Canaan? I've never heard of the place. Where can we find this island?
Halluel: I'm not sure I'd call the place an island. It's more like a mini-skydom in itself, surrounded by a giant mass of clouds.
Malluel: They call the area around there Sell-less... What was it again?
Eugen: Sell-less-what? Wait... You don't mean the Celestial Strait!
Halluel: Ah, bingo! Celestial Strait is right! You've heard of it?
Malluel: The tetra-elements are really scarce at the altitude where Canaan is, so it's difficult for the primarchs to operate there. That's why they'd like you to go check up on it.
Vyrn: We've got this! Full speed ahead on the Grandcypher!
Rackam: The Celestial Strait, passage to Canaan...
Lyria: Rackam?
Rackam: Not possible.
Katalina: Can you elaborate?
Rackam: With the way our Grandcypher is right now, there's no way we'd make it through the Celestial Strait.
Eugen: ...
Io: Wh-what's with the deadpan look on your faces?
Rackam: Sigh... Not like we have any other options though.
Rackam: Can you give us some time? I'll try to come up with something.
Eugen casts his eyes downward, lending credence to the grim expression on Rackam's visage.
A heavy silence follows as (Captain) and company try to take in everything that's come to light.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 2: Bonds - Episode 1

Barring the crew's way to Canaan is the Celestial Strait, an infamously treacherous sky route. Rackam is at his wits' end figuring out how to prepare the Grandcypher for the journey in such a short time, but the crew is there to support him.

Michael's heroic efforts allow the town a brief respite on the day following the Reconstruction Anniversary.
However, plans to investigate Canaan—a request from the primarchs—are at an impasse.
Rackam spends an all-nighter drafting blueprints for airship upgrades.
Rackam: Crud, this is hopeless... No matter how you slice it, there's just not enough propulsion to make it work...
Rackam: Forcing our way through with sheer speed is just asking for trouble... And we lack the buoyancy to take it slow and steady...
Rackam: Blegh! We don't have enough time, resources, or ideas!
Vyrn: You doing okay, Rackam? Here, I brought you a rice ball; Lyria made it.
Rackam: (Captain), Vyrn... Thanks.
Vyrn: Looks like the path through the Celestial Strait isn't a straight one, huh?
Rackam: Heh...
Rackam: Like I was saying yesterday, Canaan is widely considered to be an unreachable place.
Rackam: The Celestial Strait that leads there is at such a low altitude that buoyancy barely operates. The air turbulence inside defies all logic.
Rackam: The shearing winds and falling boulders hit like a comet, and one tiny misstep steering the ship could send us plummeting to the depths of the sky. There's also the space-time distortion.
Vyrn: We gotta worry about space-time too? Sounds a heckuva lot more dangerous than the Grim Basin...
Rackam: I'm not sure how much is fact and how much is fiction, but no skyfarer that's taken on the challenge has ever returned.
Vyrn: Doesn't sound like a very celestial experience.
Rackam: Yeah... I don't know if it was gallows humor or a warning about what awaits you on the other side... but either way the name stuck.
Rackam: It's become a symbol of how ironically crippling the pursuit of freedom can be.
Vyrn: ...
Rackam: Thanks for the food! Hey, I hope I didn't scare you off with all that doom and gloom?
Rackam: Relax, I'll make it all work somehow. I'm already half done with the blueprint.
Vyrn: M-me? Scared? Never! I was just thinking of ways to help you!
Rackam: Hahaha, really now? Why don't you go on and deliver rice balls to everyone else?
Vyrn: Meh... Yeah, might as well.
Vyrn: C'mon, (Captain).
Rackam: You guys might not have realized it, but you've already helped me big-time in coming by to cheer me up.
Rackam: All right, back to it then!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 2: Bonds - Episode 2

Eugen and Rackam are shorthanded as they race to complete the Grandcypher's upgrades. One after another, volunteers from town step up to help, and the impossible begins to seem possible.

At the docks, Eugen gives instructions to the workers on hand based on Rackam's blueprint.
But without sufficient material or a qualified shipwright, everyone is especially cautious about doing their part correctly.
Eugen: Yep, that plank's for reinforcing the bow! Make sure to prioritize durability over speed!
Eugen: Hey, hold it over there! That wing attachment looks like a sloppy mess; take another look at the blueprint!
Eugen: Oh, right... I'm the only one with the latest copy of it...
Eugen: Worry about the wings later! Group one, take a break! Group two, start on the deck!
Reformed Ralph: Eugen! The new materials just came in!
Eugen: Good! Go on and bring 'em in!
Second-Chance Sam: Yessiree! We're on it!
Eugen: Wait, you take a break. You look like you could definitely use it.
Reformed Ralph: He's right, you know. Like I was saying, your legs are wobbling.
Second-Chance Sam: Quit it, ya knucklehead! We don't have enough workers to go around as it is, and I won't be losin' out to any of the other volunteers!
Second-Chance Sam: If scum like us lose out to the other folks in this time of need, then we're nothin' more than a worthless drain on society!
Reformed Ralph: Y-you've really thought it through, huh... You're movin' me to tears, buddy!
Second-Chance Sam: Hey, cut that out... Anyhoo, let's carry on and see how far we can take this.
Second-Chance Sam: Ouch!
Eugen: Both of you take five over there outta the way. Consider it part of your job.
The Two: Aye, aye...
Eugen: Heh...
Eugen: It's true we're lacking in manpower though...
Eugen: That flickering in the skies is nothing but trouble... I can't even ask for help from Golonzo.
Eugen: What am I to do...
Guard Captain: Eugen! I've gathered everyone from the Sphiria patrol.
Eugen: Wha... How did... Don't you need permission for that?
Guard Captain: It's been granted! We're all in this together... Gotta do everything we can to prevent another cataclysm!
Eugen: Ha, haha... Hahahahaa!
Eugen: All righty! I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 2: Bonds - Episode 3

One of the upgrades Rackam designed is an auxiliary engine powered by magic. As Rosetta and Io work to infuse it with power, more volunteers appear, ready to lend their magic to the effort.

Io and Rosetta are on a street corner, instilling magic into an auxiliary engine.
The idea came from Rackam. Using magic allows the engine to serve as support, providing additional thrust.
Io: Grr...
Io: Rgh!
Io: Gaah!
Io: Huh? Did the magic just get up and away from me?
Rosetta: Try to keep your cool, Io. This device is a sensitive one.
Io: I know, but... It's just that every time my mind wanders back to the cataclysm, I can't help but want to put in everything I've got.
Rosetta: I see... Why not try to think of something fun as well then? Strong emotions are needed to bring out the full force of magic after all.
Io: Something fun, huh? Hm... Like what?
Io: Ah, I know...
Io: Sandalphon, you menace! Tell me when the next bargain sale is, teehee!
Io: Ah, I did it! Your advice is always the best, Rosetta!
Rosetta: W-wow. I'm just glad it worked out.
(Bargain sale?)
Magic Miki: Hello there. Can I interrupt for a second?
Io: Hm?
Io: Ah, you were at the bargain sale!
Rosetta: Is something the matter?
Magic Miki: I caught word of how you need magic to reinforce your airship.
Magic Miki: So a few of us were wondering if there's anything we could do to assist...
Io: Really? That would be great! Thanks a ton!
Rosetta: Ahaha. We could use your help right away.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 2: Bonds - Episode 4

The upgrades are completed in record time thanks to the town's tireless efforts. With Halluel and Malluel as their guides, (Captain) and the crew are finally ready to weigh anchor.

Lyria: Hngh, uhnf!
Katalina: Over here, Lyria.
Katalina: Thanks, next is the restocking of supplies.
Lyria: Mm-hm, I can handle it! I'll go to the hangar to double-check on everything we need!
Katalina: Hahaha... She's become as much of a veteran skyfarer as any one of us.
Katalina: So, Sierokarte, what was it you were suggesting earlier?
Sierokarte: Right, I was saying that just in case push comes to shove...
Days after the request from the primarchs, the crew completes modifications on the Grandcypher with help from all the townspeople.
A rush job was unavoidable due to the dire nature of the situation, but each person gave it their very best.
Halluel: Impressive... It doesn't look any different from the outside, but I can definitely tell it's souped-up.
Rackam: I'm glad you can tell. Racked my brain trying to come up with a way to get this to work.
Rackam: Truth be told, I wasn't sure we'd pull it off. But lo and behold, here it is.
Rackam: (Noa... I hope you're seeing this.)
Malluel: Ehehe. Rackam, you look like someone's tickled you positively pink.
Rackam: Th-that so? Well, any helmsman would be proud to see their ideal ship taking shape before their very eyes.
Malluel: Mmm. I love men who can wax lyrical about their ideals...
Rackam: Wha? Whoa now, give me some space, will ya?
Halluel: Ahem! Mal, what are you trying to do? You don't have to get so close to have a conversation, you know?
Malluel: Hm? Ahaha, sorry. That happens whenever I get too excited.
Rackam: It's nothing to apologize for... But have you always been like that?
Rackam: Anyway, about what you said before. Were you two serious about acting as our searchlights?
Halluel: Mm-hm. We'll take the lead through the Celestial Strait. Mal and I will search for any sign of the supreme primarch's presence on the way.
Malluel: Leave it to us! Sky maps and compasses won't do you any good in there anyway... And we want to help.
Rackam: Okay. It's gonna be one tricky voyage, so I'm counting on you two.
Rackam: (Captain), preparations are complete. We're just waiting on your decision now.
Rackam quiets down, waiting for (Captain)'s response.
  1. To Canaan.

Choose: To Canaan.
(Captain) nods with great purpose and gives the go sign.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 3: Lies - Episode 1

The Grandcypher and her crew struggle through the Celestial Strait amid gale-force winds and hails of falling rock. As Rackam and Eugen man the helm, Katalina handles attacking monsters, and Rosetta and Io do their best to clear the path forward.

???: Hoo boy... Looks like they're really headed for Canaan.
???: Then again I'd say they show greater potential than the primarchs, who only govern a single element each.
???: Hm, I wonder...
???: Bubs is wary of the singularity, but I'm all about the foreplay.
???: Hm...
???: Okay, time to scope them out. I hope you're ready to blow off some steam with me, Singularity!
A lone airship stands ready to brave the Celestial Strait.
Raging winds sharper than any blade and avalanches like rock rainstorms lie in wait.
Yet the airship shows no signs of hesitation, defiantly and relentlessly pushing forward.
Rackam: Urk, damn it! Talk about a warm welcome!
Rackam: But no way in hell are we going down today!
Vyrn: Rosetta, another tornado's coming our way!
Rosetta: I've got it handled!
Rosetta: This should do the trick... Sullen Rose!
Vyrn: You did it! You offset the tornado!
Rosetta: Io, to the right!
Io: That massive slab right there? I'll pulverize it with my magic!
Io: Elemental Gust! Hyaaagh!
Eugen: Rackam, we've got damage on the tail! I just need thirty seconds; can you keep the ship moving till then?
Rackam: Consider it done! You'd better not goof up!
Eugen: As if! I'll show you what a seasoned mechanic can do!
Wyvern: Gwooar!
Eugen: Ngh, monsters? In here? They must've been drawn in by the air turbulence!
Eugen: Ah, could your timing be any worse? Outta my way!
Katalina: Haaagh!
Monster: Raaaargh!
Monsters: Graaargh!
Katalina: Focus on the repairs, Eugen! I'll deal with the monsters!
Katalina: (Captain), Lyria! Can you lure them to the bow? We'll counter from there!
Lyria: Okay! C'mon, (Captain)!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 3: Lies - Episode 2

The Grandcypher's engines give out and the auxiliary engine gets its test run. As they sail onward, scenes begin to play out between the surrounding clouds—glimpses into the sky realm's past.

Forces of nature impede the Grandcypher on its trek through the Celestial Strait.
As chaotic as the situation is, things mysteriously settle down around the halfway point.
The twin archangels—who are a distance ahead, serving as the crew's guides—soon return.
Halluel: Yoo-hoo, singularity crew!
Malluel: Phew... Everyone doing okay?
Vyrn: Yeah, we managed somehow. How 'bout you two? I know you're archangels and all, but that can't have been easy.
Halluel: Don't worry about us. Important thing is that you guys are alive and kicking when we get to Canaan.
Malluel: It's possible there's foul play involved with what happened to the supreme primarch.
Lyria: Just don't push yourselves too hard, okay? We're friends now! So we should all go to Canaan together!
Halluel: Friends... The kindness in your heart is a beautiful thing, girl in blue. As beautiful as the rest of you.
Lyria: B-b-beautiful?
Halluel: Absolutely. Haven't you noticed how charming you are? Ah, how adorable.
Halluel: That gives me an idea. Can I have some time with you when we're past all this? I'm confident I can make you shine even more than you already do.
Lyria: Me? A-a-adorable? I, um, err—
Malluel: Cut it out, Hal. No hitting on Lyria, okay?
Halluel: Hey, I'm not playing the flirting game here, Mal. Every gem needs a little polish, and Lyria's no different.
Malluel: Do you have any idea how many hundreds of girls have misinterpreted your intentions because of that weirdo pastime of yours?
Halluel: Meh... I do reflect on it, you know...
Vyrn: Whoa... Is this the sorta stuff you've been doing for the past two thousand years?
Lyria: Ahahaha... Archangels are starting to seem a lot more like us...
Vyrn: Whoa! Did we hit something again?
Lyria: I don't see anything around though! Could it be that thing Rackam mentioned—
Rackam: (Captain)! Thank goodness you guys are here!
Halluel: Rackam! You ran into some trouble?
Rackam: The engine's at its limit. It lasted longer than I thought it might, but...
Malluel: Wh-what do we do now?
Rackam: I activated the auxiliary engine; that's how we're afloat now. It was pretty much thrown together in a jiffy, but Io and Rosetta infused it with their magic.
Rackam: It can still propel us through to Canaan. Otherwise we'd be saying hello to the pits of the skies! Hope you two are up for more navigation!
Halluel: Of course!
Malluel: Good luck to us all!
Eugen: The auxiliary engine's running smoothly. It's never a good sign when we have to run on reserves though...
Io: No worries! Me and Rosetta worked with a bunch of mages to infuse it with magic.
Io: We'll get through this...
Rosetta: I can ensure the efficacy of the magic. It'll give the primary engine some time to recharge.
Rackam: Yeah. If we can get it repaired soon enough, we should be set for the way back—
Lyria: Aaah!
Katalina: What is it! More monsters?
Lyria: No... There's something in the clouds...
Vyrn: In the clouds? What do you see?
Lyria: A ship?
Katalina: Wait, there are others out here besides us?
Io: Eep!
Rosetta: Io? Don't tell me...
Rackam: Holy smokes! Take a look at the clouds portside, guys.
Eugen: Impossible... What in the skies is that ship?
Skydweller: Is this the end for me?
Skydweller: Even if it is... victory for us skydwellers is finally at hand! The Astrals have begun retreating!
Skydweller: The skies will be finally be ours again... Their reign has gone on for far too many centuries!
Skydweller: I'll do whatever it takes for the cause...
Skydweller: Raaaaah!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 3: Lies - Episode 3

Space-time distortion in the Celestial Strait reveals to the crew an illusion of the past. They witness a confrontation between Lucifer and the Astral Lucilius and learn of Lucilius's ultimate test subject, which has the power to destroy the world.

Peeking from between the clouds are visions of past events that fade away almost as soon as they manifest.
(Captain) and company stand in shock and awe at the morass of visions, cognizant that they are getting glimpses into the past.
Vyrn: Hey, is this what you meant by space-time distortion?
Rackam: Hm, I suppose it must've been a reference to these visions...
Rosetta: This all really happened... I remember that airship in particular.
???: ...
Lyria: Isn't that—
Katalina: Aah!
???: Why the sudden interest?
Lucifer: Tell me, my friend. What more can you tell me about the rebellion of the primal beasts?
???: Rebellion? It was more akin to a large number of them rampaging simultaneously. So much so that I, as their creator, came under suspicion.
Lucifer: You mean to say those suspicions ring false?
???: And I suppose you mean to say those suspicions ring true?
Lucifer: I know you were responsible...
???: Oh?
Lucifer: Archangels serving directly under you have been sewing the seeds of sedition all over the skies.
Lucifer: The rebellion and its failure were all part of your plan from the beginning.
Lucifer: But why would an Astral like you—
???: I deemed it the most efficient way to amass cores. Thanks to which, now I'm able to proceed with experiments into the forbidden.
???: Humph... Is that all you have to say, Lucifer?
Lucifer: What's your end goal? I was under the impression your primary goal was to research evolution. But your actions say otherwise.
???: I've come to a conclusion on what evolution leads to. As have you, I'm sure.
???: The skies, the stars, people... All part of our shattered Creator, straining towards homeostasis.
???: To follow the Creator's every whim, confined to the cradle allotted to us...
???: Is most depressing. Wouldn't you agree?
???: My test subject, created from the innumerable cores I've gathered, is my monument of defiance toward the Creator. As if I'd piled up pebbles to erect a tower, hoping for a glimpse of his face.
Lucifer: You intend to continue creating these monstrosities, any one of which could destroy the world, merely to satisfy your rebellious heart?
???: Hehehe... I knew we wouldn't see eye to eye. And that you'd confront me about it.
Lucifer: Lucilius!
Lucilius: ...!
Lucifer: ...
Lucilius: What a pointless thing you've done... Those who know my research...
Lucilius: Will carry on my legacy...
Lucifer: I'll take my chances with the skies.
Lucilius: ...
Vyrn: What... did we just witness?
Lyria: I-I don't know... Only that—
Rosetta: That Lucifer stopped Lucilius, the Astral researcher who planned to create endless threats to the safety of our world.
Io: What was all that talk about his legacy though? Does that mean those dangers still exist today?
Rackam: Crap! How are we losing altitude?
Eugen: Oh hell! Must be the magnetism that operates in this area.
Vyrn: The clouds directly below are whipping into a funnel! It's like they're sucking us in!
Lyria: We're going to fall with the ship at this rate!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 3: Lies - Episode 4

Fresh obstacles seem set on sinking the Grandcypher when a group of primal beasts led by Tiamat appears and summons a much-needed tailwind. Just as they are poised to leave the Strait, Belial—the man they met at the Anniversary celebration—appears and attacks them.

The sudden pressure on the Grandcypher causes it to lose altitude.
(Captain) and company crank the auxiliary engine to full throttle and barely make it out.
Rackam: The sea of clouds is opening up! Canaan, here we come!
Lyria: Ah, it's come into view! The entrance is right before us!
Eugen: We're losing altitude... Damn, after we've come this far?
Katalina: We've already discarded all the heavy cargo... Isn't there anything else we can do?
Io: Katalina, over here! Help me chuck this container!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... The clouds are spiraling in on us. Is praying the only option we've got left?
Lyria: No... There must be something else!
Lyria: Wh-what's this feeling?
Katalina: Lyria! What's happening?
Lyria: I don't know! I just felt this sudden influx of power...
Lyria: ...!
Primal Beasts: ...!
Lyria: Tiamat! Everyone!
Katalina: This isn't your doing, Lyria?
Tiamat: ...!
Yggdrasil: ...?
Tiamat: !
Yggdrasil: !
Vyrn: Rgh! The winds are blowing like crazy!
Lyria: You all came to help us get through this?
Lyria: Thank you! Thank you so much!
Eugen: Hahahahaha! This is some mighty tailwind we're getting!
Rackam: We did it... We're gonna make it!
Rackam: The Celestial Strait may have stopped every other skyfarer, but not—
Io: Eep! What is it now!
Rosetta: Watch out, everyone! Something's by the bow of the ship!
???: Hm-hmm... Surprise, surprise...
Vyrn: It's you again! The creepy weirdo from the anniversary celebration!
???: Really now, there are people watching! Not that I mind being on the receiving end sometimes...
???: But you'll have to give me some time to switch modes. I just got done indulging my sadistic side.
The man tosses the twin messenger angels onto the deck like ragdolls.
Lyria: Halluel! Malluel!
Halluel: Rgh... Careful, everyone...
Malluel: This man... Belial... is an archangel... working for Lucilius...
Katalina: Don't say another word! I'll tend to your wounds right away!
Vyrn: So you're one of Lucifer's enemies, here to get in our way, huh!
Belial: Yep, that's the gist of it. I'm so, so sorry I had to fib about being a patissier.
Vyrn: Who cares about that! You mocking us now?
Belial: Simmer down, scaly. I wouldn't mind letting you pass... If you, Lyria, will go a round with me.
Lyria: Huh? Wh-why me?
Rackam: Stand back, Lyria. Don't listen to a thing this degenerate has to say.
Belial: Oh, so you want to get down and dirty with me?
Rackam: The hell?
Belial: A fine helmsman like you could always use another hand on the rudder, if you know what I mean...
Rackam: You rotten son of a... We're doing this, (Captain)!
Belial: Ooh, yeah! We're definitely doing this!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 4: Cocoon - Episode 1

The battle with Belial leaves the Grandcypher's deck in flames. The fallen angel departs, intent on recovering "Lucilius's legacy." Out of options, the crew load (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn onto the speedship Nightcypher and launch them toward Canaan.

Somehow the crew has survived the confrontation with Belial. The end of the Celestial Strait beckons them—painfully close.
The Grandcypher is borne forward on the wind summoned by Tiamat and the other primals, battered but determined...
Lyria: Huff... Huff...
I can see Canaan!
Rackam: Land ho! Come on, Grandcypher, I know you've got it in you!
Vyrn: Um, you guys? The deck's on fire!
Katalina: How did that happen! We weren't stocking explosives!
Belial: Heh... Hahaha... Ahahaha...
Halluel: Belial!
How did you survive?
Belial: Who do you think you're talking to? Deception is my raison d'etre.
Malluel: The Archangel of Cunning...
Don't act like you care about those assignments now! A former primarch who worked so closely with Lucilius—
Belial: Please, please—call me a fallen angel. That's the term our beloved creator Cilius chose.
Vyrn: Ha! Who cares about Lucilius! Lucifer wiped the floor with him!
Belial: Ah, Lucifer... So perfect. So just! Free of desire, innocent of sin...
What a bore.
Belial: Man, beast, or god... It's imperfection—deviation—that gives a person their charm, don't you think?
Belial: That's exactly what made Cilius so indescribably alluring to me.
Belial: Not to mention his legacy, which that supreme primarch of yours sealed away.
Belial: What I wouldn't give for the chance to worship that creation...
Belial: It could end the world! Doesn't that make you want to sink to your knees and pay your respects?
Lyria: You want to break the seal on that awful legacy?
Belial: I have to crack open that safe and share his genius with the world.
Belial: And now I really must bid you adieu.
Halluel: Wait!
What have you done with the supreme primarch!
Katalina: Keep still! Your wings are in awful shape... I know it's tough, but you have to bide your time for now.
Malluel: I know... But at this rate, we're going to crash...
Katalina: ...
Katalina: Rackam. Do you think our backup could make it all the way to Canaan?
Rackam: Maybe. If we could launch it with enough force.
Vyrn: Backup? What're you talkin' about?
Katalina: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria. Get geared up and head to the hangar. Quickly!
Lyria: Geared up? What are we going to do?
Katalina: No time to explain, Lyria. Just trust me.
Lyria: O-okay!
Vyrn: Hey... is that...
Lyria: The Nightcypher!
Before them stands a speedship: a sleek, two-person airship built for high-velocity races.
This one is called the Nightcypher. It once carried (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn to a second-place finish in just such a race.
Katalina: It was Sierokarte's idea to load it on board, just in case.
Katalina: It only seats two, so I want to send you three ahead to Canaan.
Vyrn: Hold up! What about you guys then?
Lyria: Yeah! I can be useful here too!
Katalina: Don't worry. Io and Rosetta will replenish the engine's magic, and Rackam and Eugen are working on a plan.
Katalina: Besides, judging from what Belial said, Lucifer is in grave danger. You're the only ones who can help him.
Vyrn: M-maybe so, but still...
Katalina: Halluel and Malluel said they sensed Lucifer's presence at a shrine near the center of Canaan.
Katalina: But the speedship is more of a runner than a flyer... Once we launch it from the Grandcypher, you're basically just going to be riding that momentum. It'll be dangerous.
Katalina: Can I count on you?
  1. We're all putting our lives on the line here.

Choose: We're all putting our lives on the line here.
Lyria: You'll be right behind us, won't you?
Katalina: You know I will. When the islands fell, I kept my promise to you, didn't I?
Lyria: Yes!
Lyria: Let's go, guys! We're headed for the shrine in Canaan!
Vyrn: Lyria...
Katalina: You got it! How about a song to psych ourselves up?
Katalina: A song? Oh no, not that...
Lyria and Vyrn: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Katalina: Urgh...
Katalina: Wh...

Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!

Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa!
Lyria: Hee hee...
The Nightcypher sails forth, bursting from the mouth of the Celestial Strait and arcing into the clouds above Canaan.
Katalina and the others can just make out the speedship gliding toward the distant rock formation where the shrine stands.
Reassured of the trio's safety, the rest of the crew gets to work repairing the Grandcypher.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 4: Cocoon - Episode 2

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn search the shrine in Canaan for Lucifer. They find a mysterious cocoon, and when they touch it, they find themselves in an idyllic, rural garden. The only resident of this peaceful, empty world: Sandalphon.

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn safely reach the shrine in Canaan where they hope to find Lucifer.
Its halls are oddly bare and muted in color. A pall of silence hangs so heavy that the three skyfarers can clearly hear each breath they take.
Vyrn: Man... This place is so stuffy I feel like I'm suffocating.
Lyria: Yeah. And the rooms are pretty, but... why are they so empty?
Vyrn: Right? Why make the place so big if you're not gonna put anything inside? Gives me the creeps.
Vyrn: More importantly... We should be pretty close to Lucifer now. Can you sense him?
Lyria: Yes... sort of. It's weird. It's like he's scattered all around us instead of being in one place.
Lyria: Sorry... I'm pretty sure he's somewhere in this shrine, but...
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! It's been one wacky thing after another since we entered the Celestial Strait. I'm not surprised your Lyria sense is on the fritz.
Lyria: That's true. Well, which way should we go? (Captain)—
Lyria: Meep! Wh-where's that light coming from?
Lyria looks down to find the plume she'd attached to her dress glowing. It begins to flutter, as if stirred by a strong wind.
Vyrn: What's it up to? Looks like it wants to go that way...
Vyrn: Huh?
(Captain), Lyria! There's something on that pedestal over there!
Lyria: Oh! Let's check it out!
On the stone pedestal in this empty shrine is something the three friends have never seen before.
Vyrn: What's this crazy thing? Sorta looks like an egg with a halo.
Lyria: The halo makes me think of an archangel, but... this white part is warm.
Vyrn: Don't touch it, Lyria! What if it's a trap laid by that shady fallen angel dude?
Lyria: Good point...
But there's something else strange about it...
The mysterious object on the pedestal seems to respond to Lyria's plume. They both begin to glow as if resonating with one another.
The light grows from a glimmer to a glare, until the trio's vision whites out entirely.
Vyrn: Gah! I can't see a thing!
Lyria: (Captain), Vyrn, where are you? I can't—
Vyrn: Uggh...
You guys, are you there?
Lyria: I'm here... (Captain), are you...
  1. Where are we?
  2. I'm right here.

Choose: Where are we?
Vyrn: Where are we? There was a blinding flash of light, and then...

Choose: I'm right here.
Vyrn: Well, that's a relief...
My eyes are adjusting, but... this isn't where we were a minute ago.
Continue 1
Lyria: We were all in the shrine, right? But this place doesn't even look like Canaan.
???: Well, this is a surprise. Visitors are rare around these parts.
???: Where did you come from?
Vyrn: Wah! Y-you're...
Lyria: ...!
Sandalphon: You!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 4: Cocoon - Episode 3

When the trio confronts Sandalphon with his crimes against the sky realm, the archangel mildly agrees and offers his apologies. (Captain) and Vyrn are unsure what to make of this change in attitude, but an angry Lyria accuses him of not truly repenting.

Pulled into another world, (Captain) and company are reunited with someone whose face they never expected to see again.
Sandalphon seems just as surprised as they are but nonetheless leads them back to his home.
Sandalphon: You say you were in Canaan? And were pulled inside a strange cocoon?
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: I couldn't say... It sounds like that plume is the key though.
Vyrn: You don't know either, huh? Any idea how we get back?
Sandalphon: I don't know, but you may well find the solution if you look.
Lyria: If? Sandalphon, haven't you tried to leave this place?
Sandalphon: Never. This is where I awoke after the last time we met.
Lucifer: Sandalphon... So I see the discovery of your purpose is what caused you to close off your heart.
Sandalphon: Humph... Call me childish if you wish.
Lucifer: You brought me peace of mind every time I came by the lab.
Lucifer: Your lack of a role allowed me to look upon you as my equal. Your purehearted words would always instill me with such tranquility.
Sandalphon: ...!
Lucifer: Forgive me for not noticing your feelings of inferiority earlier.
Sandalphon: Stop it! Don't think I believe this farce for even a second!
Sandalphon: But it's too late to make amends now! Hate me! Destroy me! Punish me! If you forgive me, my last 2000 years will have been for naught...
Lucifer: I am no less guilty, and so I deserve equal punishment.
Lucifer: Take solace in my core, Sandalphon.
Sandalphon: Lucifer—
Sandalphon: It is not for me to second-guess the will of the supreme primarch.
Sandalphon: I made that mistake once and attempted to destroy the sky realm.
Sandalphon: I owe you three an apology as well. I gladly accept whatever punishment Lucifer has chosen for me.
Vyrn: Yeah, well... It wasn't the kinda thing you can just wipe away with an apology, y'know?
Lyria: ...
Sandalphon: Indeed... That's why I'm ready to undergo whatever punishment is in store.
Vyrn: Punishment... huh?
Lyria: ...
Sandalphon: ...
Silence stretches between them.
Confronting Sandalphon with his crimes, punishing him for them...
Neither will undo the harm he caused.
Their idyllic surroundings mock the futility of the exercise, and the silence finally stretches so long that it snaps.
Sandalphon: Oh. That reminds me.
Lyria: Y-yes?
Sandalphon: You said you thought the supreme primarch was in danger. I can't imagine anything that could actually threaten him, but...
Sandalphon: Feel free to use this as your base of operations until you can find your way back.
Sandalphon: Time holds no sway in this little world. Why not rest a while and refresh yourselves?
Vyrn: What do you mean, "Time holds no sway?"
Lyria: What do you do here then?
Sandalphon: Haha... little enough.
I care for my coffee trees.
Sandalphon: I harvest the fruit they bear, extract the beans, roast them, brew coffee... and drink it.
Sandalphon: I've been repeating that simple cycle for years... decades... perhaps forever.
Sandalphon: It's ludicrous how many years my mind has conjured where time does not exist. At any rate, that is the answer to your question.
Vyrn: Just that... over and over? You'll go loopy!
Sandalphon: Haha... Why waste your concern on a villain like me?
Vyrn: It's not like I forgive you for what you did, but... seeing you like this doesn't sit right...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: (Captain), Lyria, let's start looking for a way outta here. First—
Lyria: You're lying.
Sandalphon: Hm?
Vyrn: Lyria?
Lyria: Why are you lying, Sandalphon? You haven't actually repented at all!
Sandalphon: ...

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 4: Cocoon - Episode 4

Sandalphon says he has abandoned his struggle to reconcile his love and resentment toward Lucifer. As Lyria presses him, insisting that reconciliation is possible, his calm begins to fracture—along with the idyllic world around them.

Sandalphon seems to be acting the model prisoner, but Lyria is unsatisfied with his attitude.
Lyria: I thought you wanted to be needed. You wanted to be useful to Lucifer.
Lyria: After agonizing over your purpose for so long, you're just going to give up and rot in here?
Lyria: Don't tell me you're satisfied with that!
Sandalphon: I don't understand why you aren't.
Sandalphon: It was you who put a stop to the cataclysm I wrought. Peace returned to the skies, and I faced judgment.
Lyria: That's not... That's not enough!
Lyria: I don't know how to put it, but... just meekly accepting punishment like this is meaningless.
Lyria: Unless you change, it won't resolve a thing!
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: What would you have me do?
Lyria: I...
Sandalphon: You think I should continue to agonize over it? You'd like me to be trapped here forever with no company but my own weaponized thoughts?
Sandalphon: That would be an effective punishment. But it would hardly be a change from my former life.
Sandalphon: Is it wrong of me to set aside the riddle which tormented me for so long and simply live in peace?
Lyria: Can't you solve it? Lucifer was trying—
Sandalphon: Do you imagine a king and a peasant child could stand on even ground and understand each other?
Sandalphon: You can't possibly fathom the difference between him and me. His gaze is fixed so much higher...
Lyria: But he was trying to reach out to you!
Sandalphon: Yes. I suppose he was moved to pity by my wretchedness.
Lyria: How can you think that? Lucifer wouldn't—
Sandalphon: Enough! What do you know about him!
Lyria: Nothing!
Sandalphon: !
Lyria: But I know at least something about you!
Lyria: You remind me so much of myself... Especially when I was in the clutches of the empire...
Lyria: I used to ask myself, "What am I? What am I doing here? Am I any use to anyone?"
Lyria: I still don't know the answers to those questions...
Lyria: But even so, I'm happy! Because I got to meet so many wonderful people!
Sandalphon: Happy...
What are you trying to say?
Sandalphon: You had the singularity to save you. No one is coming to retrieve the sacrificial pawn lying discarded by the board!
Sandalphon: That's all I am! It's what I was made to be! There's no closing the gap between player and pawn!
Lyria: Come with us to save Lucifer! The difference between you shouldn't matter—he needs you!
Sandalphon: Wh... What?
Lyria: You have to believe that you and Lucifer will understand each other one day... Or you'll never be happy!
Sandalphon: Stop it... Don't waste your breath on me!
Lyria: Why not? Stop saying that you're not worth it, that it's meaningless...
Lyria: It's not true!
Sandalphon: Silence...
Lyria: Sandalphon!
Sandalphon: Enough!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 5: Remains - Episode 1

(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and Sandalphon reappear on the floor of the shrine in Canaan. First to wake, Sandalphon senses Lucifer's weakened aura and sets out alone to find him.

Back in the shrine in Canaan, the cocoon once more begins to glow. Its threads begin to unravel, then fade out of existence.
(Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and Sandalphon appear, sprawled out on the shrine floor.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Sandalphon: Hn... Ngh...
Sandalphon: Is this... the shrine in Canaan?
Sandalphon: Why do I have a physical form? Did I manifest it unconsciously?
Sandalphon: ...!
What am I sensing? It's so weak...
Sandalphon: No. It couldn't be...
Tell me that isn't you, Lucifer!
Sandalphon: Hey, Singularity!
(Captain) and the others appear unharmed, but they show no signs of stirring.
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: It's coming from the north side of the shrine... But this has to be part of his usual machinations. Just a stratagem...
Sandalphon: My following him won't make any difference...
Lyria: ...
Sandalphon: ...
Lyria: Why not? Stop saying that you're not worth it, that it's meaningless...
Lyria: It's not true!
Sandalphon: Lyria... Girl in blue...
Sandalphon: Heh...
So be it. This time I'll show you...
Sandalphon: That this pawn can move of its own accord!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 5: Remains - Episode 2

Unable to believe that anything could threaten the all-powerful supreme primarch, yet troubled by the weakness of Lucifer's aura, Sandalphon drags his leaden limbs through the shrine searching for him. But there is very little left for Sandalphon to find.

The body Sandalphon hadn't meant to create feels leaden, clumsy.
Unable to find his balance, he staggers, the marble floors seeming to suck at his feet like thick swamp mud.
But the troublingly faint sense of Lucifer's presence keeps him struggling along the interminable, empty halls.
Sandalphon: Huff... Huff...
Sandalphon: Was it coming from behind that door up ahead? I can't sense it anymore—what's wrong with me?
Sandalphon: I don't know what game you're playing, Lucifer, but this whole affair is—
Sandalphon: Agh!
Sandalphon trips over a bit of loose masonry and ends up clinging to a pillar. He has barely enough strength to remain upright.
Sandalphon: Heh... Hahaha...
What a dashing figure I cut, tripping over rubble...
As he tries to drag himself upright, the ancient pillar crumbles, showering him in fragments of plaster and stone.
Sandalphon: Hurgh...
Sandalphon: Hah... Hrgh...
Sandalphon: Is this what you wanted, Lucifer? To see me reduced to this?
Sandalphon: Curse it!
Sandalphon: Hah... hrgh...
Sandalphon: Here I am, Lucifer...
You can jump out and yell "surprise" now.
Sandalphon: ...?
It's empty?
Sandalphon: Did I choose the wrong door?
Or have you moved on?
Sandalphon: What a waste of time. I knew I shouldn't have bothered.
???: (Anyone...)
Sandalphon: ...?
???: (Is anyone... there?)
Sandalphon: That faint voice in my head...
It couldn't be...
It's no more than a whisper in his head, but Sandalphon follows. At last he finds Lucifer.
What's left of him.
Sandalphon: Lucifer...

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 5: Remains - Episode 3

Sandalphon clutches Lucifer to his chest as Lucifer breathes his last, unable to see or hear anything around him. He passes the mantle of supreme primarch to the shocked Sandalphon, entrusting him with the protection of the skies.

Sandalphon's feet move forward without his volition, until his strength fails him and he sinks to his knees before Lucifer.
Instinctively he reaches out, clasping what's left of the supreme primarch to his chest.
Sandalphon: How...
What the hell happened!
Lucifer: (Is someone... there?)
Sandalphon: Lucifer! It's me, Sandalphon!
Lucifer: (I've lost all five of my senses... I can neither see nor hear you... if you're even there... So I haven't the luxury of choice.)
Sandalphon: What are you... Who did this? Can't you restore yourself?
Lucifer: (You who reached the unreachable land of Canaan. Whether you be one or many, I must beg a favor.)
Lucifer: (Please. I have a message for the ears of one named Sandalphon. Tell him...)
Lucifer: (Sandalphon, I leave my power and the position of supreme primarch to you.)
Sandalphon: ...!
Lucifer: (We must both atone for the cataclysm which struck the skies.)
Lucifer: (My penance is death. Yours is to live on as protector of this realm.)
Lucifer: (And one day... you must carry out what I could not—)
Lucifer: (The destruction of Lucilius's legacy.)
Sandalphon: What... are you saying?
Sandalphon: Deciding everything on your own...
Sandalphon: Shouldering all the blame, and now...
Sandalphon: Don't do this to me!
Lucifer: (Lucilius's legacy is one of evil. It represents the greatest peril ever to cast its shadow over the sky realm.)
Lucifer: (I stole it from him and sealed it away, but with my death, its revival cannot be far behind. So I beg of you...)
Lucifer: (When all of this is past, I want you to choose your purpose for yourself.)
Lucifer: (The skies are constantly evolving... Nature will take over our roles, and we primarchs can retire... and simply live.)
Sandalphon: The skies, the skies, the skies! All you ever talk about is this worthless realm!
Sandalphon: Go on! Give your powers to me and see what I do with them! I'll send it all down to the Crimson Horizon in flames!
Sandalphon: If you want to stop me, you'll have to—
Lucifer: (Ngh...)
Sandalphon: H-hey! Lucifer!
Lucifer: (I don't... have much time...)
Sandalphon: ...!
Sandalphon: Are you going... to deny yourself down to your final breath?
Sandalphon: Don't you have anything to say, not for the world, but just for yourself!
Lucifer: (That's the end of my message. I'm depending on you.)
Sandalphon: ...
Lucifer: (Ahh...)
Lucifer: (What...
What makes the sky blue?)
Sandalphon: What?
Lucifer: (For thousands of years, people have wondered... And even once they grasped the science, they continued to ask...)
Lucifer: (It struck me... Perhaps a question is really just a wish...)
Lucifer: (Longing for something... yearning for someone... Feeling elation when that desire is realized... pain when denied...)
Lucifer: (Wondering why, how, what to do...
That eternal questioning—wishing—seems to be where evolution leads...)
Sandalphon: Questioning... wishing...
Lucifer: (If I could be granted one request... I'd like to share one more cup of coffee with you... in that shaded garden...)
Lucifer: (Sandal... phon...)
Sandalphon: ...!
Sandalphon: No...
Please, no...
Sandalphon: You're our shining example... Our guiding light...
Sandalphon: This can't happen to you...
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: These pure white wings... don't belong on my back...
Sandalphon: Lucifer...

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 5: Remains - Episode 4

(Captain) and the others find a near-catatonic Sandalphon just as a terrible roar breaks the silence and the shrine begins to crumble around them. Halluel and Malluel arrive just in time to evacuate everyone.

Vyrn: Phew... Hah...
Vyrn: Th-that's the room up ahead, right?
Lyria: Yes! But I don't like how this feels... (Captain), hurry!
Upon waking, (Captain) and the others race through the shrine, following Sandalphon's trail.
They find him at last, his back adorned with six glowing wings which illuminate the surrounding gloom.
Sandalphon: ...
Lyria: Sandalphon!
Lyria takes in the sight before her and the aura surrounding Sandalphon and puts the pieces together.
Lucifer is dead.
Sandalphon has inherited the supreme primarch's powers, as well as his position.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn are struck speechless in the face of this otherworldly scene.
They are not given time to find words.
Vyrn: Wh-what was that? An earthquake?
Lyria: Aaaah!
Lyria: This...
Lyria: I sense something... I don't know what it is, but...
Vyrn: A primal beast?
Lyria: I can't even begin to describe it... Countless... things... fused together... It's somewhere deep within the shrine...
Echoing Roar: Rrraaaaah!
Vyrn: What was that! This really isn't looking good!
Vyrn: Let's just get outta here, okay? Watch your footing, guys!
Lyria: W-w-w-whoa! It's really shaking! I can barely move!
Sandalphon: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Sandalphon! Look alive—we're getting outta here!
Halluel: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria!
Malluel: Are you all right? Grab onto us and we'll fly you out of here!
Vyrn: Am I glad to see you guys! Is the Grandcypher—
Halluel: Ah—
Are you... Sandalphon?
Sandalphon: ...
Malluel: Those wings...
So then... The supreme primarch is...
Lyria: I... I don't know the details, but...
Halluel: How could this happen?
No. This isn't the time!
Halluel: Come on, everyone, we have to get back to the Grandcypher! If we don't hurry, that black beast will bury us here!
Vyrn: What black beast?
Vyrn: Ah, forget that—come on!
The twin angels airlift (Captain) and the others from the shrine.
Outside, Canaan is almost unrecognizable, the landscape overshadowed by a towering nightmare of a creature.
Echoing Roar: Rrraaaaah!
The creature rends the clouds with its wings and tears at the living rock of the cliffs with its talons, as if determined to lay waste to all it can see. The rage in its voice shakes the heavens themselves.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 6: Punishment - Episode 1

The mysterious black beast trying to destroy Canaan and the Celestial Strait is in fact Lucilius's legacy. Realizing the threat it poses to the entire sky realm, the crew try to figure out how to stop it.

Canaan and the Celestial Strait beyond are savaged by the creature's boundless dark energy. Shrine walls and cliffs alike begin to crumble, loose rock raining down from the heights.
It's impossible to tell whether the beast lashes out at random, or whether its longing for freedom drives it to shatter its millennia-old prison.
Halluel and Malluel heroically dart between its blasts, carrying (Captain) and the others to the deck of the Grandcypher.
But that faithful airship is in grave condition, only barely skyworthy.
Rackam: We're hanging on by the skin of our teeth here, but skies am I happy to see you all.
Vyrn: The feeling's mutual! But, man, you shoulda seen the twins here fly! I don't think tall, dark, and deadly over there even noticed us.
Katalina: Thank you so much, Hal, Mal. If it weren't for you, I don't know what would have happened...
Halluel: We're the ones who should be grateful. This is an archangel matter after all.
Malluel: That's right. We couldn't have predicted this situation, but now the ether has stabilized...
Sandalphon: ...
Lyria: Sandalphon...
Io: What's with him? I know what happened with Lucifer, but he could at least look happy that you saved him.
Rosetta: Let him be for now. First things first—can someone explain that black beast tearing up the landscape? It bears a resemblance to a primal beast, but...
Halluel: It must be Lucilius's legacy.
Halluel: If we can trust the visions we saw in the Celestial Strait, that creature was made by Lucilius from all the cores he harvested after suppressing the original primal beasts' rebellion.
Malluel: Countless cores... countless individual souls... forcibly melded into an unholy chimera.
Malluel: That must be why it seems to have no will of its own. It's empty of anything but that awful power...
Eugen: That Lucilius had some twisted hobbies...
Listen, the Celestial Strait's bottling that monster up for now, but it's a matter of time before it gets out into the open sky.
Vyrn: Yeah... And I've got a gut feeling it's more dangerous than any monster or primal beast we've ever faced.
Vyrn: If we let it run wild, there'll be no stopping it and no end to the destruction...
Lyria: There must be something we can do, (Captain)!
???: Rrraaaaah!
Hooded Figure: Consciousness rendered hollow... A blade forged from hatred and resentment, tempered with millennia of torment.
Hooded Figure: Defying the expectations of the gods. Heritor of Lucilius's ambitions... Pure destruction made flesh. This creature truly merits the name Avatar.
Belial: Ohh, Bubs awakens at last. Slept in a little, didn't you?
Hooded Figure: The supreme primarch was more resilient... and craftier than I expected. I didn't anticipate him passing on his powers.
Hooded Figure: But his successor is a poor substitute. He won't be able to wield those powers to any great effect.
Belial: Hahaha, I'm sure. We don't even know if the power transfer itself was a success.
Hooded Figure: Would you like to explain the presence of the singularity? I believe I told you to snip every possible sprout that might blossom into a threat.
Belial: Yeah... My bad. I've been hiding my light under a bushel to keep the four primarchs off my tail, and it's just so hard to work like that.
Belial: I suppose the supreme primarch was better prepared for this than we thought. But the longer the chase, the more excited you get for the main event, don't you think?
Belial: We're nearly there, Bubs. Shall we raise a glass, like skydwellers do?
Hooded Figure: Humph...
Hooded Figure: Ngh!
A sword bursts through the hooded figure's side, leaving both men transfixed—one literally. Belial can see his own shocked face reflected in the bloodied tip of the blade.
Belial: What... in the...
Hooded Figure: It seems you're already quite comfortable with Lucifer's powers.
Sandalphon: Don't you ever sully his name with your filthy tongue again.
Sandalphon: It's over. It's all over.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 6: Punishment - Episode 2

Sandalphon shakes off his torpor and awakens the supreme primarch's power within him. He leaves the airship to confront Belial and his hooded companion, but the black beast interrupts their battle.

Shortly before the newly appointed supreme primarch found the strength to spread his wings...
The crew were desperately scrabbling for some way to stop Avatar.
Rackam: Argh, there goes the port side! The Grandcypher can't take much more of this!
Eugen: The whole crew's running triage repairs, but it's a miracle she's still in the air at all.
Io: Wh-what do we do? We're going to crash to the bottom of the skies long before we even get a chance to fight that thing.
Rosetta: Let's keep calm, everyone. The worst thing we can do right now is act rashly.
Katalina: Right. The first thing we need is a place to land. From there we can make repairs and plan our next move.
Vyrn: Good idea! I can fly around and help look for a safe spot—
Sandalphon: ...
Lyria: Hm?
Um... Sandalphon? Did you say something?
Sandalphon: ...
Halluel: Get ahold of yourself! I know you're having a hard time right now, but what kind of supreme primarch stands by without lifting a finger at a time like this!
Malluel: If you master the power you've been given, you have the means to turn this all around! I know it isn't easy, but we need you!
Lyria: S-stop! Can you... Can you please go easy on him? He just had to watch someone he loved die...
Sandalphon: ...
I was praying.
Vyrn: Whoa!
I was starting to think he'd never talk!
Lyria: Praying?
Sandalphon: In my own way. For his soul to find peace... wherever it's flown.
Sandalphon's searching gaze rises to the heavens. His eyes narrow, focusing on a single, distant point.
Sandalphon: You filth...
Vyrn: S-Sandalphon!
Where's he going? He had his sword drawn!
Lyria: He's planning to fight alone! We can't let him do it!
Sandalphon: Hrrraaah!
Belial: Rgh! Aggro little beggar, aren't you?
Belial: Hey, Bubs! A little help here!
Belial: Huh?
Where's that old goat gotten to? Did he sink back to the Crimson Horizon or what?
Sandalphon: Don't get lonely. You're about to join him there.
Belial: Hahaha, the avenging angel look is really fetching on you. You're getting me all hot and bothered.
Belial: But your stamina's failing you, isn't it, Sandy? Those brand new powers are riding you hard.
Sandalphon: I can still finish you off before I'm done.
Belial: Oh, I hope you will. I think you'll train up nicely once you're all tired out and feeling more pliable.
Belial: And we should probably take it slow, hm? Your first time ought to be perfect... As supreme primarch, I mean.
Sandalphon: Rrraaah!
Belial: Ahahahaha!
A surge of dark energy lashes between the two, interrupting their duel.
All light is momentarily blotted out, but Sandalphon manages to evade the blast.
Avatar: Grraaaah!
Sandalphon: Curses...
So that's Lucilius's legacy?
Sandalphon: Belial? Where did he disappear to? Was he hit by that dark energy? Or...
Sandalphon: ...
Avatar: Grroooooah!
Sandalphon: You and those two wastes of skin are ghosts of a dead past. The skies have no more use for any of you.
Sandalphon: I promised Lucifer I would bury you and protect the skies.
Sandalphon: I swear by these six wings...
Sandalphon: This farce ends here.

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 6: Punishment - Episode 3

Sandalphon deals the black beast what should be a mortal blow, but it recovers with preternatural speed and prepares to unleash its full power against the Grandcypher. Fortified by the efforts of so many skydwellers, however, the airship is able to evade the attack.

Sandalphon: Paradise... Lost!
Avatar: Uurrgraaah!
Sandalphon: Huff... Huff...
Sandalphon: Ngh!
It took every bit of strength in him to defeat Avatar.
The supreme primarch's power spent, his six wings blink out of existence, and Sandalphon plummets.
The wind tears at him as he dives through an empty sky.
Rackam: Gotcha! Looks like we made it just in time!
Sandalphon: Wha...
Don't tell me you....
Vyrn: You better believe it! Don't put us through that again, okay? The Grandcypher's barely holding together!
Lyria: But you did it, Sandalphon! You really defeated that creature!
Halluel: That was the supreme primarch's power at work. But still... I'm impressed.
Malluel: Tee hee hee. Me too. But I can't sense his power anymore. Is it gone for good?
Sandalphon: I don't have any proof, but... I assume it will return with time.
Sandalphon: No!
I can feel it... It's not dead!
Avatar: Grruuuuuh!
Katalina: Oh no... It's aiming for the ship!
Io: Wh-what's it doing? It's just hanging there, glaring at us...
Rosetta: It's gathering energy! An incredible amount... Enough to wipe out multiple islands!
Eugen: Rackam, get us outta here! Give it everything she's got!
Rackam: Roger! This had better work!
Avatar: Hhhrrrraaaah!
Sandalphon: It's me it wants! You go! I'll head in the opposite direction—
Rackam: You zip it and save your strength! You're about to see what skydwellers can do!
Sandalphon: What skydwellers can do?
Rackam: Yeah! We're not as helpless as you think!
Mayor: Rackam, I've an idea for modifications to the airship. What do you think of this?
Rackam: This is pure genius! Only problem would be securing the materials on time...
Mayor: Feel free to use the ship I came here on. You can disassemble it for parts.
Rackam: You really okay with that?
Rackam: Whew, you're a lifesaver!
Eugen: Ahahaha, yeah! We skydwellers have always been a little crazy, but we turn that lunacy into reality!
Reformed Ralph: You look like you're about to keel over, bud. We really ought to take a breather.
Second-Chance Sam: Ain't nobody got time for that... Not until we finish repairs at least...
Reformed Ralph: But—
Second-Chance Sam: The job comes first! After all the dumb crap we've pulled in this world, we're gonna do right by it for once!
Io: We may be weak on our own, but together there's nothing we can't overcome!
Magic Miki: Zzz...
Magic Miki: Ah, sorry! I must've dozed off.
Io: It's okay! It happens. Instilling an object with magic takes focus after all. And... you look like you haven't slept much.
Magic Miki: Just thinking back to the cataclysm will keep me wide awake! We can't afford to let the situation get any worse! You can trust me to do my part!
Katalina: Put your faith in us, Sandalphon. The world still needs you.
Sandalphon: ...
Rosetta: Get ready! It's about to unleash that dark energy!
Avatar: Rrrraaaaagh!
Rackam: We're counting on you, Grandcypher!
The sails fill with an echoing crack. The Grandcypher's frame warps under the strain, wood and steel crying out, splinters spraying from new wounds in the deck. The engines shriek, emitting plumes of sparks.
And then the Grandcypher streaks forward, outpacing the blast of dark energy.
Vyrn: You did it! You did it, you beautiful ship!
Lyria: You're the best, Grandcypher! Thank you so much!
Sandalphon: Not bad, skydwellers...

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Chapter 6: Punishment - Episode 4

Despite their troubled relationship, Sandalphon and (Captain)'s crew are united by their resolve to protect the skies. They join forces to eliminate the black beast once and for all.

The Grandcypher clears the blast launched by Avatar, then banks. The ship swings through 180 degrees and sets a course straight back toward the creature.
Rackam: We've got a good wind behind us. Let's ride it straight into that goon!
Vyrn: Yeah! This time we'll take it out for good!
Sandalphon: You mean to fight it? You don't have a prayer in this condition...
Lyria: Of course we do! Promise you won't run ahead without us again, okay?
Sandalphon: But...
Katalina: I'm not saying our relationship isn't complicated, Sandalphon...
Katalina: But we're after the same thing. You need us and we need you.
Io: Complicated is right... But the way you are now, I might just be able to trust you.
Io: Besides, if we don't get out of here now, it really won't matter what we think of each other, so let's leave the relationship counseling for later!
Rosetta: This creature can regenerate much more quickly than a normal primal beast. If we waste any more time, the damage you dealt it will be for nothing.
Eugen: Our battle in Auguste during the cataclysm is burned into my mind...
Eugen: Show me the fire you had in you that day. Use it for something good this time.
Sandalphon: ...
Very well.
Sandalphon: Singularity... Lend me your aid. I have a promise to keep. And you have a world to save.
Sandalphon: This time... I won't fail! Lucilius's legacy ends here!
Avatar: Gwaaaaaah!
Sandalphon: Lucifer...
Sandalphon: Watch over me. Over us all!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Ending

The black beast refuses to go gentle into that good night. The four primarchs arrive and with their help, the monster is finally banished, preventing another cataclysm. Sandalphon decides to join (Captain)'s crew.

Putting aside their differences and joining forces, Sandalphon and the crew manage to triumph over Avatar.
The winds calm, and the weary skyfarers can finally take a breath before tackling the return journey.
Sandalphon: Is it... really over?
Vyrn: Huh? What're you doing, staring overboard like that?
Lyria: Um, do you want to join us for a break? We don't have any coffee, but how about some water?
Sandalphon: I'm fine. There's just one thing that troubles me...
Sandalphon: Given Avatar's abnormal regenerative capacity...
Sandalphon: ...!
Avatar: Nnn... Rrr... Rraaah...
Rackam: No way...
That thing is still kicking!
Katalina: What should we do? We can't let it go—
Sandalphon: Damn... It's got an infinite number of cores. Well then, we'll have to strike with infinite force.
Michael: I see. Simple but effective.
Sandalphon: Wha...
Michael: Haaah!
Avatar: Nnggaa...
Io: Michael! And the other primarchs!
Gabriel: It seems we arrived in time.
Uriel: This battlefield puts us at quite a disadvantage, but we have a duty to perform.
Raphael: ...
Halluel: Thank goodness you've come!
Michael: Good work, you two. Thanks to the stabilization of the ether and the destruction of the Celestial Strait, we were able to access Canaan directly.
Malluel: But the supreme primarch is...
Gabriel: I know. But let's focus on the task at hand, shall we?
Sandalphon: What do you intend to do?
Michael: Just what you decreed a moment ago, Sandalphon.
Michael: Eternal destruction!
At Michael's word, the four primarchs unleash their full strength.
Raphael: Hnh!
Avatar: Graah...
An unending stream of power...
Gabriel: Haaaah!
The onslaught finally seems to take its toll on Avatar.
Uriel: Eat this!
Avatar: Rr... aah...
Michael: Now, Singularity! Finish it off! Strike, for the future of the skies!
(Captain) nods and then launches over the rail toward the creature.
  1. Stab the creature.

Choose: Stab the creature.
Avatar: Grooo!
  1. Drive your sword through Avatar's chest.

Choose: Drive your sword through Avatar's chest.
Avatar: Rrr... Rrraaaah!
Uriel: You hit its core! Now slice it out!
  1. Slice Avatar in half.

Choose: Slice Avatar in half.
(Captain) strikes Avatar's core from its body.
Avatar: Aaah...
  1. Lyria!

Choose: Lyria!
Lyria: Got it!
Lyria: Primeval dragon, child of flame and darkness.
Lyria: Thy name is... Bahamut!
Proto Bahamut: ...!
Rackam: Did that do it?
Katalina: Looks... that way...
Michael: Hah... Well done, Lyria.
Several days later...
The Reconstruction Anniversary celebrations in Port Breeze have resumed, now livelier than ever.
Reformed Ralph: You really are a genius, Rackam! I can't believe you safely navigated the Celestial Strait!
Rackam: Hahaha, what're you sayin'? I wouldn't have had a prayer without all of your help!
Second-Chance Sam: Um, Eugen... How do you become a skyfarer? Is there some kinda exam?
Eugen: What's that now? You wanna be a skyfarer? Well, I'd say you pass the gut check with flying colors!
Magic Miki: Wait, you're giving me the necklace from the sale? Are you sure?
Io: Yeah! We never would've made it through this ordeal without your help! Right, Rosetta?
Rosetta: Hahaha, quite right. Please, we want you to have it. Think of it as a token of our friendship.
Guard Captain: Katalina! Please, accept this medal and say you'll be our military advisor!
Katalina: How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going to take the job!
(Captain) and the others slip away amid the celebrations and return to the Grandcypher. They find a familiar man waiting for them on deck, gaze intense as always.
Sandalphon: Still wasting time in port, I see, Singularity.
Vyrn: Hey, guy, aren't you sick of calling (Captain) that? Kind of a mouthful, isn't it?
Sandalphon: You're not wrong. I'll have to give the matter some thought.
Sandalphon has decided to join forces with (Captain)'s crew for the foreseeable future.
He might need the crew's help again, in the event that Avatar survived in some form.
The skyfarers, for their part, can't deny that they may need Sandalphon to help defend the skies, and so they settle on this arrangement.
Sandalphon: This is infuriating... If only I could properly harness the supreme primarch's powers...
Vyrn: Hey, take it easy. You don't have to go full bore twenty-four seven, you know?
Sandalphon: ...
Is that how you excuse your laziness?
Vyrn: What was that? You really have a way with people, you know that? Do you even care about saving the world?
Lyria: Come on now, Vyrn... You too, Sandalphon. Protecting the world is how you chose to make up for what you did, right?
Sandalphon: I'm only here to fulfill Lucifer's last request. If that should happen to mean defending the skies, then so be it.
Vyrn: Geez... You're one twisted-up dude.
Lyria: He's... He's just hiding his real feelings, that's all.
Sandalphon: Nonsense.
Sandalphon: (What makes the sky blue?
You were so captivated by the question that grew into a wish.)
Sandalphon: (Perhaps beasts like us simply envy the ability to harbor such illogical thoughts.)
Sandalphon: (The Astrals who gave us birth didn't grant us that faculty. Nor the potential to dream of an independent future...)
Sandalphon: (You wanted to see where evolution would lead. So I'll follow that path in your stead.)
With a new ally on board, the crew sets forth into the skies once more.
However the curtain is yet to be brought down.
Hooded Figure: I see...
Hooded Figure: I thought the destruction of Canaan had eliminated any trace of the supreme primarch, but I didn't plan for the succession of his powers.
Hooded Figure: No matter. More importantly...
Hooded Figure: I lost the light half of Lucilius's legacy... but was fortunate enough to acquire the dark half.
Avatar's Shade: Hrrr... haar...
Hooded Figure: So close... The final phase of this age-old plan has come at last.
Hooded Figure: Lucilius... Are you watching? I'll unify the worlds and win this war with you.
Hooded Figure: Everything will be settled at last... And I will reign.
Belial: Sigh... In the end, Bubs let me sweat and strain, while he just laid back and enjoyed himself.
Belial: Well... thanks to his laziness, I got the body I was after. Now what to do about the head...
Belial: Bubs is kind of a cold shower, but now it's my turn to play!
Covetous talons reach once more toward the sky realm.
The shadow of dark ambition falls long over the skies, too broad and too close to be evaded.
The final chapter of the archangels' story is destined to open—and close—sooner than they expect.
The End

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Light's Reverie

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn step out of their cabins one morning to find themselves floating in an empty blue sky. They are confronted by Metatron, the light half of Lucilius's legacy. To test the singularity's power, Metatron challenges (Captain) to the Light's Reverie.

It's early morning, almost time for the crew aboard the Grandcypher to rise and greet the day. But (Captain) awakens to something odd.
Stretching around the captain in all directions is the limitless blue sky. Lyria and Vyrn seem to be floating there too.
Vyrn: Wh-wh-what the heck!
Lyria: Well, we were going to wake up (Captain), and then when we stepped out the door—do you think this is a dream?
The clear atmosphere, the magnificent sea of clouds, and the gentle caress of wind draw the trio into an awed silence.
Before they have a chance to grasp the situation, the wind picks up, carrying with it something not unlike a voice.
???: One year ago, when the islands were plummeting, and the four primarchs descended to combat the calamity, the world radically changed.
???: It all happened so quickly that, indeed, no one was able to stop it.
???: I cannot guess whether they wished for our current situation. But if things persist as they are, then I fear many lives will be lost.
???: And that is something that Lucifer would not want to happen.
Lyria: Uh, um... Who are you exactly?
Metatron: I was named Metatron. But I am also known as Lucilius's legacy.
Metatron: The dark one who appeared before you earlier, he is called the same, but... Well, we are opposed entities.
Vyrn: Huh? Like you're the opposite of that freaky guy?
Metatron: When our shrine was destroyed, the seal holding us was broken. However, I was slow to awaken and thus fell to the bottom of the skies, whereupon I lost my physical form.
Metatron: You know the one named Sandalphon...
Metatron: Using his core as an intermediary, I was narrowly able to bind my residual consciousness to the skies. That is how I am able to communicate with you now.
Vyrn: Sounds way over my head, but I guess that means you're not just some mirage or something...
Metatron: The dark one and I... We are hollow creations, formed by the hands of the Astral Lucilius.
Metatron: Hollow vessels, created to be filled with great power—power comparable to that of the supreme primarch himself...
Metatron: Possessing this degree of power is far beyond the limits of the natural order. It is a miracle.
Metatron: Alas the dark one... It could not control the force it wielded...
Metatron: So it began to act under a simple destructive impulse. It was a failed creation, one that wouldn't stop until it had seen the eradication of everything in existence.
Metatron: The being fabricated to put a stop to its cataclysmic behavior was me.
Metatron: I was equipped with enough power to rival it, but I possess mastery over myself. In that regard, I am closer to Lucifer.
  1. Is Lucifer really gone?
  2. Lucifer's dead...

Choose: Is Lucifer really gone?
Metatron: You must have seen for yourselves... Those six brilliant wings on Sandalphon's back.

Choose: Lucifer's dead...
Metatron: That was an unexpected outcome... But we were fortunate to witness the birth of a new supreme primarch.
Continue 1
Metatron: We should be able to place our trust in Sandalphon as the new supreme primarch. He was very close to Lucifer.
Metatron: Lucifer himself wanted it this way, and I'm sure the four primarchs will follow him faithfully.
Vyrn: Okay, bud, sounds like you're in a pretty sour pickle. How've you got time to chat with us?
Just as the question leaves Vyrn's lips, the trio are consumed in a radiant light.
Vyrn: Gah! That hurts my eyes!
Lyria: Is that you, Metatron?
Metatron: I've used all of my remaining power to appear before you and will soon fade.
As if Metatron's manifestation is too much for him to handle, his body begins to dissolve at the extremities.
Vyrn: Whoa, buddy! Don't overdo it!
Metatron: Lucifer once challenged you with the Wyvern's Reverie... And you passed that trial with aplomb.
Metatron: That is evidence enough that you are the singularity of this world.
Metatron: However, that fallen angel's black-robed companion... I have seen him before.
Metatron: Beelzebub. He was once an Astral, the same as Lucilius, but now he's something far more repulsive.
Metatron: It is an affront that he be allowed to exist in this world... But it could be because he is a singularity himself. Of his own world.
Metatron: Perhaps we must consider the possibility that both worlds could be destroyed.
Metatron: But that will all be up to your actions in your world and his actions in his. The consequences are difficult to predict...
Metatron: Just like the dark one, I lack a will of my own. I am a being who exists only to fulfill a role.
Metatron: In the near future, malice and darkness will cover the world. The awakening of the dark one is an omen of this fate.
Metatron: My role, the reason for my existence, was to prevent such a calamity, but that is impossible now.
Metatron: What's more, to truly avert this evil, it will take not only Sandalphon's might but your power as the singularity as well.
Metatron: Lucifer believed in the possibility inherent in the power of the sky realms. I shall trust in it too.
Metatron: Since he is not here to test your current worth, it falls to me to do so.
Metatron: Prepare yourself for the Light's Reverie!

What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost - Light's Reverie: Scene 2

(Captain) conquers the Light's Reverie. Metatron disappears, leaving behind a shining red stone, and returns the trio to the Grandcypher. Though Sandalphon scoffs at (Captain) and company's account of the affair, the captain is more determined than ever to defend the skies.

(Captain) has successfully overcome Metatron's trial: the Light's Reverie.
Metatron: The evolution of the skies—I have witnessed it...
Metatron: I do not judge good from evil, but I am convinced there is a light within you.
Metatron: Blessings be upon you.
Particles of light gather around Metatron's body, and the angelic figure begins fading from reality.
Metatron: I leave you now. Although Lucifer is gone, your crew will become a sword for Sandalphon to battle the darkness.
Metatron: The sky is still young. But Lucifer and Sandalphon loved it, it is where I was born, and it is where we all reside—we all feel attachment to it.
Metatron: So I entrust the rest to you.
Metatron: As for your fate, I won't ask you to dream of me every night. I have a good enough understanding of you already.
Metatron: Lucifer saw something in you. It is the same thing that the four primarchs and I have seen in you ourselves.
Metatron: I leave you with a parting gift. If you desire power, those around you will respond to your will.
Metatron: I pray that this will give you the chance to seize that power.
Metatron completely dissipates, leaving a shining red stone in his place.
(Captain) reaches for it.
Suddenly (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn are transported back to the familiar sights of the Grandcypher.
The three stand dumbfounded, each inwardly debating whether what they experienced was a dream or reality.
But tightly clasped in (Captain)'s hand is the red stone.
Lyria: (Captain), was that all real?
Sandalphon, making his morning rounds, turns the corner and sees the trio standing there. He eyes them with suspicion.
Sandalphon: ...
Lyria: Um... Say... You didn't happen to hear any voices just a second ago?
Sandalphon: What are you talking about?
Vyrn: You're not gonna believe it, but just now, we were floating in the sky, and there was this big silver archangel talking to us!
Sandalphon: Archangel? I could tell from the look on your face that you were going to say something stupid, but you've outdone yourself.
  1. His name was Metatron.

Choose: His name was Metatron.
Sandalphon: Metatron... I don't remember an archangel with that name.
Sandalphon: Maybe you're all still half asleep.
(Captain) and the others take a moment to consider that possibility.
But their meeting with Metatron just felt too real to have been a dream.
(Captain) and the others know better than anyone the incomparable threat posed by the black beast of which Metatron warned.
(Captain) clutches the red stone and vows to prevent the second coming of this menace.
The vitality that it radiates shines even brighter, as if the will of all those who died had been made manifest.