Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva

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Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Erune.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Maaya Uchida
NameJP イデルバ王国 国王フォリア
Voice ActorJP 内田真礼
ID 3990788000
Release Date 2017-11-27
Chapter 101 Story: Conflict

Founder and ruler of Idelva Kingdom. Despite the monumental accomplishment of building a country, her personal history was long wrapped in mystery. She was raised in confinement in an attempt to contain her incredible reserves of power; but it was not long before she was used as a secret weapon to destroy Torhid Kingdom and plunge the Nalhegrande Skydom into war.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Today is your birthday, is it not! What a wonderful day!
Given my position, I am unable to involve the country in any celebrations.
However, though it may be meager, I have prepared a special birthday celebration for you.
And as for catering, I helped prepare it myself!
Well, to be honest... It was mostly Bai Ze...
In any case today I want to celebrate your life not as a sovereign but simply as myself.
Today we can forget about ranks and formalities. Do enjoy it!


Happy birthday! How old are you now?
It's a good idea to accumulate lots of experience from a young age.
Experience is a treasure. What you hear, see, and feel is what shapes you as a person.
Although adulthood draws closer, that doesn't allow you to be conceited. Make the most of each day!
With that said, I must be on my way.
I'm preparing an exquisite experience for you that will surely impart wonderful memories.
I do hope you look forward to it!


Happy birthday!
You're really coming into your own, (Captain). Making steady improvements with each passing day is a remarkable feat.
But it can also be a fearsome thing... For power too great can also beckon destruction.
Never fail to neglect to learn more about the world and to train your mind alongside your strength.
Of course, in no way is it my place to tell you what's right or wrong...
But there is not a single person who would wish to see you bring pain unto this world.
So I'm going to give you very special treatment today to expand your horizons!
Just lie back and allow yourself to be pampered,(Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Oh! You've come at the perfect time!
I am currently being pursued... Would you care to hide me?
Every New Year's Day is the same... The greetings, the ceremonies. It's positively frightful...
Agh! Those footsteps... It's them... So my pursuers have grown in number.
Eek! I did not ask for any of this! Shall we disguise ourselves and flee from this dreaded fate together? Just for today!
Now, now, you can't refuse me, (Captain). Come on. Take my hand—we're going to make a run for it!


Happy New Year. May it be a boon for the both of us.
Sometimes I get the itch to spend New Year's secluded on a faraway island. It's nice to get away.
But I would never think to completly shut out people who come to give their regards.
Very well! Bai Ze and I will go around wishing a happy new year to everyone!
It'll be a good chance to visit all the shrines on this island.
And you're coming with us too, (Captain)!


Pholia: Happy New Year!
Hey, hold on to this kite, won't you? Actually, why don't you join in on the kite-flying show!
Hehe, so you noticed? I made the kite myself, using the shape of Bai Ze's face as a template.
I'm giving anyone who can fly the kite better than me the special privilege of petting Bai Ze in all his fluffy glory!
Bai Ze: I don't mind people admiring the lining of my fur in the slightest...
But to see my face take to the skies and back repeatedly does feel somewhat bizarre...

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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Pholia: Mm? Ah, excellent timing. I wish you to impart me with some of your knowledge.
I am currently preparing some Valentine's Day chocolate.
But do you know of a method for producing chocolate that is not harmful to dogs?
I won't pretend to be head over heels and madly in love with someone.
In fact, I am simply trying to show Bai Ze a simple act of appreciation.
Bai Ze: (My Sovereign... I am grateful that you would think of me...)
(But have you forgotten that I am a primal beast—not a mere pup?)


Well, aren't you a greedy one, barging into the kitchen while a young maiden works her magic on this special day.
Good, good! I'll take that to mean the sweet temptation of this chocolatey aroma is too inviting to overcome.
I just completed a batch intended for Bai Ze. Do me a favor and have a taste.
It's not a request I make lightly. I only bestow this chocolate upon those who earn my favor.
Now, I'd like to hear your impressions. And I hope you come up with something other than "delicious"!


Pholia: Hey, what are you staring at? Don't tell me you've fallen all over for me?
Oh, that's right. Today's Valentine's.
How forgetful of me to not have any chocolates on hand for you. What now...
Bai Ze: My sovereign, don't you think you've teased (Captain) enough?
Surely you have more treats tucked away somewhere. I spotted another box when you gave me mine.
Pholia: So you saw... Sigh... I often wonder where your sense of humor is, Bai Ze.
Then again, perhaps I went too far. Lighten up, (Captain)! You definitely have a place in my heart.
Here you go! This special box of chocolates is meant only for those I hold near and dear!

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Chocolates square.jpg Chocolates

White Day Cutscenes
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Mm? You are giving me something in return for Valentine's Day?
What a laudable attitude! Good, good, very good indeed!
But I must say that I am a bit disappointed... I like something a little different than this...
Don't worry! I'll make clear what I like and dislike from now on, so you won't ever make the same mistake again!
Come now! Let's go into town! Fetch my bags!


Oho! Could this be reciprocation for Valentine's Day?
You are truly a dutiful individual. I accept your gift with heartfelt thanks.
Wait... This is from my favorite chocolatier!
Did you learn of this fact from Bai Ze? I compliment your desire to make me happy...
But it's not quite the taste I'm used to for some reason.
Which means you and I are hitting the shops! Prepare yourself!


Oh? This is to show your gratitude for Valentine's?
You're quite the honorable one, aren't you, (Captain).
Your sense of duty has quite the profound effect on my cynical view of things...
Just kidding. My cynicism runs far too deep to change at this point.
Well, I suppose I should sample your goods to see how much of a connoisseur you are.
Let it be known that I am no easy judge... Here goes!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Well, come now, hand over the candy!
Hm? You're out of candy, you say? That's too bad...
I suppose you leave me no choice! I may appear to be an adorable monarch on the outside, but rest assured I am quite different on the inside.
Therefore I will use my wit and experience to carefully plot a dastardly prank to pay you back for this infraction!


Pholia: Trick or treat! Hand over your candy stock!
If you don't obey, my loyal werewolf will play a decidedly devious trick on you!
Bai Ze: Do I look like a werewolf?
Pholia: It's called posturing! I just need you to growl like you mean it to complete the illusion!
Bai Ze: ...
Does that mean you're letting me trick-or-treat?


Pholia: Trick or treat! Are you ready to give me an offering of treats?
Ooh... I should've known you'd be well-prepared. You never fail to impress, (Captain). I gladly accept.
Nom, nom...
Hrm? Mrg? Wh-why is it so spicy! I can feel the burning sensation in my mouth...
I see what you did! You disguised your trick in the form of a treat, didn't you!
This is unforgivable... Bai Ze, we must mete out punishment in the form of an obligatory high jump for (Captain)!
Bai Ze: Very well.
Bai Ze takes the captain in his mouth and leaps high into the air.
It was a magnificent trick you played today, for even I could not see through it.
My sovereign appears to be equally pleased. Anyhow, pardon us for our crude display of gratitude, and may you have a happy Halloween, (Captain).


Given that today's Halloween, I saw it fit to present you with special treats for the occasion.
Come now, what's with that suspicious look in your eyes, (Captain)? You think I'm trying to get payback for last year?
(You guess right...)
(Of course, I knew this'd happen. Thankfully, I made sure the leftmost chocolate is safe for consumption...)
Fine, why don't I do a taste test for you. Watch closely.
Nom, nom...
Mm, that was delicious! No surprise there, considering I made these myself!
Is that proof enough for you?
Go on, (Captain)! Feast on my chocolates!
Hm? The look in my eyes frightens you? Really now, all I'm asking is for you to take a bite!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Pholia: On your travels... Have you ever made acquaintance with Santa Claus?
As the sovereign of this land, I wish to create the best winter festival possible. Only, I find it exceedingly difficult to track that man down.
You are saying you don't know how to contact him? Then I suppose there is no other choice...
It is during times like these that I must go out and deliver happiness to the children of this land myself!
Bai Ze! Prepare the sleigh!
Bai Ze: The sleigh has already been prepared... But I won't pull it.
Pholia: Don't be ridiculous! (Captain), of course you'll be coming too! I hope you feel the winter spirit!


Pholia: It's all because of Old Man Santa Claus that the children's faces are lit with bright smiles.
I'd like to commend him for his work, though speaking to him directly is out of my control...
Eureka! I just came up with a cunning stratagem!
I'll fall asleep with a stocking in my hand and leverage what a good little girl I've been! I believe that's called a honey trap!
Bai Ze: However, in the time since we first met, I've never seen you receive a gift from him.
I assume Santa Claus is already aware of your adulthood.
Pholia: Hm, that's definitely a possibility...
(Captain)! I shall have you take my place! Do not worry; I will prepare a room for us.
We'll all lie in wait for the old man to come down the chimney!


Season's greetings! You come at an opportune time, (Captain)!
Do you remember how we missed our chance to meet Santa Claus last year?
I have a new honey trap in mind this time.
I call it Operation Body Warmer.
It can't be easy soaring through the freezing winter skies with his aging body... But one look at our warm and cozy party grounds should entice him...
The moment we've drawn his attention, we'll have to surround and corner him. That'll be our chance to invite Santa and finally reap the rewards of our efforts.
Get the other crew members here pronto, (Captain)!
We'll have to make the party so grand that Santa can't help but take notice!
C'mon! The more clamorous fellows like Cain we can gather, the better!


Pholia: Feast your eyes, (Captain)! Bai Ze and I have prepared the ultimate holiday tree for this year!
Towering over its surroundings as a massive cone which pierces the sky!
Bai Ze: She insisted on using it for this year's attempt at capturing Santa Claus's attention.
Though decorating an object ten times the size of the sovereign will prove to be troublesome.
Pholia: Troublesome? A tree of this caliber should prove to be no issue for you, my dear friend.
Quickly now, (Captain). Take a seat on Bai Ze with me. We shall hang ornaments from every branch!