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Official Profile

Age 16
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Getting better at swordplay, horseback riding (in reality, making sweets)
Likes Stories where princes make dramatic entrances
Dislikes Pathetic men

Final Uncap

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 16歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣技を磨くこと、乗馬(本当はお菓子作り)
Likes 王子様の登場する物語
Dislikes 情けない男性

Final Uncap

Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Her full name is Ange d'Erlanger.
  • Ange's design may be inspired by the titular character from Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight manga series.


  • “Bourgeon Fleuri” is French for “flowering bud”.
  • “Fleur Tourbillon” is French for “whirlwind of flowers”, or “spiraling flowers”.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Today's your day to have lots of fun! And don't worry! I'll be here to escort you around!
Let's make it a great day, (Captain)!


Happy birthday!
I baked a cake for you today!
I don't consider myself to be the type of prince that dabbles in making confectionery...
But I think you'll be quite happy with this!
Hehe, thank goodness. Seeing you smile absolutely brings out my smile!


Happy birthday! Since it's that special time, I say we do something extraordinary!
What do you think? Maybe we can ride a horse and go on a long journey.
Or maybe we could throw a dance party? I'll of course be your date to the ball!
Huh? You want to eat my candy again?
Well... I thought I might do something more prince-like...
But anything for that sweet smile of yours.
I will make you the best cake you have ever had, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Do you have a moment?
Can you follow me for a bit?
Ta-da! Happy birthday!
I thought I'd give you a taste of not just cake itself, but also a taste of what it's like to make some.
I gathered special ingredients just for you.
Well, what kind of cake do you like?
Let's you and I make the finest cake worthy of your birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Ta-da! I made another cake for you this year!
Look forward to tasting it. I noted down everything you liked when we made the cake together last year!
This kind of charming subtlety is important for a prince too, wouldn't you agree?
Well, to be honest, I only started to think this way after traveling with you.
I see just how much effort you put in as captain, even when nobody is watching.
That's why I, too, want to be a prince that acts like one whether or not anyone is watching!
I'm going to do my best with you as my role model. So I'll be counting on you, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
What? There's a New Year's card for me? But who would... Oh, Julian!
It's from Julian! Haha, looks like he's in good spirits.


Happy New Year!
I got my fortune just now. Do you know what it means?
Hmm... "Outlook looks very good."
So it's saying I'll have good luck, right?
I see. Then that means I can look forward to my princess of destiny!
You think I should wait for the right moment? Now what's that supposed to mean, (Captain)?


Happy New Year, (Captain)! It's going to be a good one.
New Year's is a time of festivities, a time when beautiful ladies dress in their best. Sadly there are also scoundrels with leery eyes.
Let's go, (Captain)! We have a duty to patrol the streets and protect innocent princesses from knaves!
And since we'd already be out for a walk, we can enjoy the sights and sounds of the new year!


Ah, yes, the dawn of another new year! Let us celebrate a new chapter in our lives together!
No, that's not quite right...
The new year begins only after I've celebrated this momentous occasion with you!
Hm, I'm not sure that gets the idea across...
(Captain)! Come with me to—
Ah, (Captain)! H-how long have you been standing there?
From the start? Oh no... I can't believe you saw me practicing...
Please forget everything you just saw and come with me for a New Year's shrine visit! Quickly now!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Have you decided what you'll be doing first this year? If not, then allow me to escort you on the first day...
Huh? The crew's having a mochi-pounding contest?
W-well, I suppose neglecting duties within the crew wouldn't be very princely. And fresh mochi is delicious...
I have no reason to refuse. A refined invitation indeed!
Just what I'd expect from you, (Captain)! I just can't say no to you, can I?
Then I shall honor your invitation and leave the escorting to you this time around! Next time, however, it'll be my turn.
Well, that's settled, so let's get going! I challenge you to a bout of who can make the best mochi!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
Huh? Girls are supposed to give chocolate today?
But I wanna be a prince...
Humph. When you look at me like that, I guess I have no choice. I'll give you some chocolate just this once.


I'll tell you a secret. Valentine's Day isn't my thing.
That's because the burden of Valentine's Day usually falls on the ladies.
But at the same time, I feel like I might miss my chance to thank you by not caring about conventions like that.
Um, so...
Please accept these from me. Not because I'm a lady but because I appreciate everything you do for me.


Greetings, (Captain). Here's a Valentine's gift.
You know, I'm not sure how I feel right now.
I'm aware Valentine's is a day to show your appreciation for someone. It should be free of ulterior motives.
But when I go out into town, I see all these ladies with scarlet cheeks, no doubt giddy with fantasies of their princes.
So where does that leave me? What if you get the wrong idea?
Sigh... This is not the way for a prince to act...


(Captain), I hereby request a sparring match with you.
The victor shall earn the right to receive a gift of Valentine's chocolate.
After all, even many a prince must fight for the hand of his princess-to-be.
Consider this a practice run, if you will.
Take up your sword, (Captain)!
Huff... Huff...
What a heated match...
You must have gone easy on me. That can be the only explanation!
Which means this chocolate belongs to you. Take it, (Captain).


Please accept this gift of chocolate from me, (Captain).
I'm being awfully straightforward this year, you say?
Haha, it's kind of embarrassing when you say it so plainly...
But you know, I'm only able to be honest because of you, (Captain).
You offer encouraging compliments, and you never tease me for giving chocolate even though I'm a prince.
It's thanks to your kindness that I feel comfortable enough to give you something.
You're really happy? And impressed by me? Ahaha, you're just showering me with praises today... It's making me blush.
C-cute? As a-always? Now I don't know if you're being nice or just a tease...
But I guess that's also what makes you popular with the princesses...

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's my turn to show all the ladies how much I appreciate them.
Happy White Day.
Hehe. If I wanna be a prince, I gotta take this chance to show how dashing I can be!


Hm, who could this package be from? Ah! Julian!
It has to be! And there's a letter too...
Haha, sounds like everything's going well these days. What else is here? Cookies and macarons!
Why don't you come have some with me, (Captain)? Um, what's wrong?
Uh, I don't know why you also have a present for me—
Oh, that's right! Today's White Day!
It completely slipped my mind... This is a failure of princely proportions.


(Captain), would you mind going shopping with me?
The reason being that today is White Day.
We'll roam the stores, tasting samples to find the perfect gift that suits a princess.
You have crew members to give gifts to as well, right? You can take care of your shopping too while we're out.
Huh? You've already taken care of it?
Guess that's why we call you our captain! I can't let a prince like myself play second fiddle to—
Er, what's all this?
It's for me?
Th-thank you...
Clearly I can't match your craftiness.
That was impeccable timing on your part. So good, in fact, that I can't stop myself from blushing.


Greetings, (Captain). Haha... What a treat it is to see even you so surprised.
You caught me completely off guard last year.
So I figured it was my turn to repay the favor with this white horse.
Ride with me. I'll be your escort.
Consider it my White Day present to you. I hope—
What the! Where's the horse going? Hey, get back here!
I'm so sorry, (Captain)! Can I ask you to help me retrieve the horse?
Once that's done, I promise to escort you with all the grace of a princely prince!


Is this... a White Day gift? For me?
Thank you, (Captain)!
These cookies look delicious! Hehe, your choice of present really fits with what I've prepared in return.
Why don't we head to the dining hall? I've made us some tea that should go perfectly with these cookies.
We shall have a grand tea time with scrumptious cookies and tea brewed from the most aromatic leaves!
How do you like my White Day present? It's a bit modest compared to previous years, but it should still be to your liking.
You always give me such delicious treats. That's why I thought to prepare something in return that could go well with your gift.
Hehe, I'm really glad you like it!
But save that smile, will you? After all, our glorious time today is only just beginning!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
4th year:
Invitation square.jpg Invitation

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
You came to play a trick on me? Hehe. If you think you can pull it off, then go ahead and try!
But if you do, then I guess I'll have to hold onto this delicious candy!


I've come to sweep you away on this whimsical night. Won't you please accompany me?
I'll protect you from all the little kiddie zombies and ghoulies trying to play tricks on you!
So without further ado—
N-no fair, (Captain)! Hahaha! You can't just... Start tickling me... Ahahah!


Happy Halloween!
Are you going to play a trick on me, my princess?
Go ahead if you prefer that to my sweet candy...
I accept my fate!
What do you think? Too dramatic? I prepared some lines for you, my princess.
Hm? You want to know whether a prank is okay or not?
I... I guess... You're going to come full speed ahead, aren't you?
But as a prince, I must resign myself to whatever you desire! Do as you must, princess!


Oho, look at that smirk on you... I guess it's safe to say you plan on pranking me again this year too.
As Halloween only comes once a year, if your heart so desires...
I promise to succumb to your mischievous desires in all my princely glory!
Come at me whenever you're ready!
...? What's wrong? I'm ready and waiting.
Regardless, knowing in advance that a trick awaits certainly makes me restless...
Rgh... What's keeping you, (Captain)! I don't think I can take the anxiety anymore!
Do your thing and release me from this torture already!


Trick or treat? Heh, I would never put my dear princess through such a difficult choice.
Here, take this delicious candy. If a trick is what you wish, that can also be arranged.
That's right. Trick and treat! That is the spell I cast on you.
You needn't give me anything in return. Your charming smile is more than enough!
Heh... There, the perfect Halloween from a gentleman! How do you like that, (Captain)?
Charming princesses tend to be on the demanding side, so I tried to cater to that.
You want both too? Then both you will have. I'd never leave a dear friend like you out of the celebration.
Let's enjoy this Halloween together to the fullest.
Come on. Trick and treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I think you and I were destined to spend this season together.
Why, just look up at the sky. The stars are shining brightly for us. They want us to be happy!
You have no idea what I'm talking about? I'm just practicing for when I meet my princess!


Happy holidays.
Hark, can you hear those sacred melodies? It's as if we're being blessed!
Take my hand and dance with me, Princess!
How was that?
Do you think I've become more beguiling and romantic in my princely capacity compared to last year?
But still my fair princess has yet to appear... Sigh...


Isn't this a splendid party? Witness how the flickering candle flames are akin to twinkling stars in the evening sky.
Amongst the radiance of these celestial bodies, would it be rude of me to abscond with one? Just one.
The celestial that is you.
How was that, (Captain)? This year I've got my lines down pat!
Then me and my darling will sneak away from the party.
The fated winter night has come!
I'll surely meet the princess of my dreams tonight!
Hm? What are we going to do after we leave the party?
Um... Actually I haven't thought that far ahead yet.


Why, you're quite the sinful captain, aren't you? First you steal my heart, and now you're already making the next move.
But it's fine. Because my heart...
And every other part of me is all yours for the taking!
(Epic delivery.)
How 'bout that, (Captain)? I think I'm getting better at this.
Huh? There's a party with the crew coming up?
Hm, as much as I enjoy being an escort on this special night...
A prince must prioritize his bonds with his fellow crew members.
I've made up my mind. Let us attend the party, (Captain)! Fun times do not wait for anyone!


Hello, (Captain)! Glad to see that the party is a success!
The smiles of people enjoying the food and conversation are as beautiful as the sparkling ornaments on the tree...
I shall take it upon myself to ensure that you have a splendid night!
Hm? Don't I want to practice escorting princesses this year, you ask?
Yes, practice is important, but I can't possibly go off to do that when our crew is holding a celebration.
I want to be a prince, but enjoying this time with everyone in the crew is also meaningful to me.
Right now, this is my priority!
But since you brought it up, would you like to be my practice partner after this?
Spending this winter night with you is something I absolutely can't give up on.
So get ready, all right? I guarantee you'll be spellbound by my princely capacity when I escort you later tonight!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

In Fate's Footsteps

Ange d'Erlanger is a prince in search of her princess. She joins the crew and takes to the skies in hopes of having a fateful encounter like the one (Captain) and Lyria shared.

Lyria: Eeek!
Lyria: Ow...
Vyrn: Whoa... You okay, Lyria? How'd you manage to trip over nothin'?
Lyria: Hehe...
Vyrn: Geez. You're gonna end up as monster chow if you aren't more careful!
Vyrn: Whoa, speak of the devil! We got a monster on our hands?
Ange: Are you okay?
Vyrn: Aah! Who are you?
Ange: The name's Ange. Ange d'Erlanger! I came as soon as I heard the commotion. But look at you! You're hurt!
Ange: To make such a beautiful damsel suffer... Those monsters will get a beating for this!
Lyria: I'm fine, really! It's just a little scratch...
Vyrn: Yeah! She just tripped is all!
Ange: What? I thought for certain you had been attacked. Well, if you say so...
Ange: Regardless, a deep, dark forest like this is no place for weak wanderers such as yourselves.
Vyrn: What! Weak? I'll show you weak! (Captain) might not look strong, but—
Ange: Hmm. It seems this is no time for talking.
Ange: Fear not, m'lady. You're under my protection now. I will not allow you to suffer further harm!
Lyria: U-um...
Ange: No need to be shy. I live to serve ladies like yourself!
Vyrn: What the? Hey, (Captain)! I dunno what this girl is after, but we can't let her outdo us!
Ange: Astounding. I had no idea you were so strong...
Vyrn: Heh heh! (Captain), weak? Don't make me laugh!
Vyrn: I'll have you know (Captain)'s the captain of a crew!
Ange: A crew, you say? You must be quite the warrior!
Lyria: Yes! (Captain) is strong! Super-duper strong!
Lyria: Hehe. Since the day we met, I've never felt safer!
Ange: I see. So there's nothing to worry about. You already have someone to protect you.
Ange: I'm a little envious, actually...
Vyrn: What? Why? Are you looking for a protector, too?
Ange: Don't be silly! I'm envious of you, (Captain)!
Ange: You've found the person you're meant to be with.
Lyria: Oh my! Me and (Captain), meant to be? Hehe.
Vyrn: Well... It was probably fate they met, at least.
Ange: I travel the world, hoping that somewhere out there a princess is waiting for her prince.
Ange: And that prince is who I want to be!
Vyrn: Say what? Uh... You know you're a girl, right? How's a girl gonna be a pri-
Ange: Th-that doesn't matter! Can't a girl be a prince if she wants to?
Ange: I don't care what anyone says! I'll be the best prince the world has ever seen!
Ange: Though I guess it does sound strange.
Lyria: I don't think it's strange at all. Although I am curious why you want to be a prince...
A rosy color creeps into Ange's cheeks as she begins to speak of her past.
As a child, she was once rescued from the clutches of monsters by a dashing prince. It was like something out of a fairy tale.
She had a hard time believing it to be anything other than fate.
Ange: So I... I want to be a prince just like that. I just know there's a princess out there in need of my protection!
Vyrn: I gotcha! So you got carried away idolizing the prince that saved you when you were a kid... Now it all makes sense!
Ange: Wait... Carried away?
Vyrn: Whoops, never mind! Anyway, I hope you meet your princess someday!
Ange: Yeah, about that... You're skyfarers, aren't you?
Ange: And you're traveling the world, right? Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to meet a princess?
  1. We'll help you find her!
  2. Sure you wouldn't rather find a prince?

Choose: Sure you wouldn't rather find a prince?
Ange: Oh, (Captain)! You say the strangest things! Why would a prince need to find a prince?
Choose: We'll help you find her!
Lyria: Hehe. I just know it'll be a great adventure if you're with us, Ange! Let's be on our way!
And so Ange joins (Captain)'s crew, hoping that one day she might find her princess.
How long will it take before she encounters her special someone?

Someday, Princess...

(Captain) and company arrive in Ange's homeland to take care of a local monster problem. There they bump into Ange's fiance, Julian.

Having received a request to hunt monsters, (Captain) and the crew arrive at a town in Auguste.
Ange: I hadn't heard it was a request from the lord of Raya!
Vyrn: But we've already accepted the mission. We can't back out now!
Vyrn: And we get monster hunting requests all the time. What's your problem with this one?
Ange: W-well... There are just some things about it that I—
Man: Whoa! Watch out!
Man: Phew. Are you okay? There sure have been a lot of monsters around here recently...
Ange: Hey! Y-you're Julian!
Julian: Is that you, Ange? You're back in town?
Julian: How have you been? I'm surprised to see you here. You know, I've... missed you.
Ange: Well, I didn't come back because I wanted to. I'll be leaving as soon as our crew's business is done here!
Vyrn: Hey, what's all this about?
Julian: Well... The truth is, I'm actually Ange's fiance. At least in name.
Vyrn: Say what? I didn't know she had a fiance!
Ange: I never accepted you as my fiance.
As the only daughter of the d'Erlanger family, Ange was betrothed to carry on her family line.
A wealthy and prominent lord proposed to Ange, setting great expectations upon her.
But Ange believed only in fated meetings. Going against her parents' wishes, she departed alone on a journey to find her princess.
Vyrn: Hmm... If you've got a fiance, that makes you more like a princess than a prince!
Lyria: Hehe! Well, I think you'd be wonderful as a prince or a princess!
Ange: A princess? Never!
Ange: I don't want my parents to decide who I marry! I want to choose my own destiny!
Vyrn: Whoa, more monsters! How'd they get in here?
Julian: I'm sorry. My father stopped protecting the town after you left, since he knew it was your home.
Vyrn: I get it now! That's why they asked (Captain) here to come and take care of the monsters!
Ange: That's terrible. I can't believe he's making everyone in town suffer just because I turned down the engagement.
Lyria: Oh no! At this rate, we'll be completely surrounded by monsters!
Vyrn: All right! For now, let's beat down the ones in front of us! Get ready, you guys!

Someday, Princess...: Scene 2

(Captain) and company manage to defeat the monsters. Julian rushes into the fray declaring that he will protect the town even while Ange is gone, but he is soon surrounded by monsters.

Vyrn: Phew... Looks like we managed to clean out all the monsters!
Ange: But more could show up at any moment. What can I do to stop this?
Julian: Well... How about we get engaged again?
Ange: No way! I know I'll find the one for me someday. That's why I can't marry you.
Vyrn: Wow. She didn't even hesitate!
Julian: Sigh... You sure are stubborn. Fine. I'll stay here and protect this town.
Julian: Don't worry. Even if you're not around, I can still keep these people safe.
Ange: Wait, but... I told you our engagement is off...
Julian: I can't help that I've fallen in love with you. Oh, never mind. I just want you to be free!
Ange: Oh... He left...
Vyrn: What was that! He's a really nice guy! What don't you like about him?
Ange: I already told you, he's not my destiny! He's just someone my parents chose as my fiance!
Ange: If I married him, I'd feel sorry for the princess of my dreams. She's out there somewhere waiting for me!
Vyrn: Geez, you're hopeless...
Lyria: Hehe. If there's someone you're meant to be with, you're bound to run into them someday.
Vyrn: Whoa! I sense something big!
Lyria: Oh no! More monsters are coming in from that way.
Ange: What! Julian is over there!
Vyrn: There's too many of them! Let's get over there and help him, (Captain)!

Someday, Princess...: Scene 3

(Captain) and company defeat the last few monsters and protect the town. Julian asks Ange to reconsider their engagement, but Ange believes only in fate and decides to continue her quest.

Vyrn: Phew... Looks like that monster was the boss!
Lyria: Yes! Now maybe this town will be at peace.
Ange: Julian, what were you thinking!
Ange: You're crazy for going against that monster by yourself!
Julian: Well... I said you could depend on me. I didn't want to betray your trust.
Julian: Although I couldn't have handled that monster by myself...
Ange: Sob... I'm so glad you're all right...
Lyria: Oh! Things seem to be getting romantic!
Vyrn: You said it! Maybe Ange will finally wake up!
Julian: I'm sorry I made you worry. Ange, this might not be the best time, but...
Julian: Could I ask you to reconsider our engagement?
Ange: Julian... I...
Lyria: Wow! What an exciting turn of events!
Vyrn: Go for it! You've got this, Julian!
Ange: I... I can't be your prince!
Vyrn: Say what!
Lyria: W-what?
Vyrn: Come on, Ange! After all that?
Ange: I'm sorry, Julian... I can't return for good just yet.
Ange: This incident has shown me something. There are still many things I have to learn!
Ange: By leaving the first time, I caused misfortune to fall upon both you and the townspeople...
Ange: That shows I'm far from becoming the prince I want to be.
Vyrn: Huh. So you really do want to be a prince...
Ange: I'm grateful to you, Julian. And to you as well, (Captain).
Ange: (Captain)... Thank you for fighting alongside me to save my town!
Ange: You're so much like a prince. The more I get to know you, the more I want to be with you.
Julian: Haha. Looks like I have a rival.
Ange: Hmm? What are you talking about?
Julian: Nothing... Anyway, this island is much too small for a girl like you.
Julian: I guess I'll stay and wait for your return. I look forward to seeing you again after you've gone out and experienced the world.
Ange: Yes. I'll surely return as a wonderful prince!
Ange: The next time we meet, my princess will be at my side! Just you wait, Julian!
Lyria: Yeah! I believe you'll become a wonderful prince, Ange!
Lyria: Hehe. I hope you'll be able to tell that special someone all about your adventures someday!
Drawn by her fate and her desire to become a prince, Ange continues her journey.
Where will she find her soulmate? Or has she perhaps met them already?

A Destined Encounter

Ange is concerned she'll never have what it takes to become a prince. The crew hears a scream coming from a young woman whose carriage is under attack and rushes off to save her.

One day (Captain) and company go with Ange to handle a local monster problem. Naturally they take care of it in no time.
But something seems to be troubling Ange as of late. On the way back, the crew decides to ask her what's on her mind.
Ange: Hmm? What seems to be the trouble?
Vyrn: Shouldn't we be asking you that? You've been lookin' kinda down in the dumps lately.
Ange: Really? But I feel the same as always...
Lyria: If something is bothering you, we're happy to talk to you about it.
Ange: I appreciate your concern, but I'm doing fine, m'lady. Really.
Ange: (Haha. Like I could ever tell anyone...)
Ange: (They can never know that I'm worried about whether I can ever become a prince.)
Ange is filled with doubt. Over time she has grown through her adventures with (Captain).
The insight from those experiences has her second-guessing whether she has what it takes to become a prince.
Vyrn: Well, if something is wrong, just tell us. We're here for ya.
But just as Vyrn finishes his sentence, the sound of destruction fills the air.
???: Aaah!
Ange: A damsel in distress!
(Captain) and Ange start running in the direction of the scream.
As they approach, an extravagant carriage under attack by bandits comes into view. Despite the guards valiant efforts, they are soon defeated.
Bandit 1: Kehehe... Well, what do we have here? A beautiful girl, I see.
Bandit 2: Bring her down here so we can take a closer look!
???: Gasp...
Ange: Stop right there!
Bandit 1: What the? Who the hell are you?
Ange: Hah. Just a prince passing through. That's all you need to know! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

A Destined Encounter: Scene 2

The woman introduces herself as Littany, and (Captain) and company decide to escort her back to town. When the bandits from earlier return, Littany's fiance Rola appears to save the day.

With a swift swing of their blades, Ange and the crew send the bandits running.
Bandit: Urk! We'll get you next time, you pompous punk!
Ange: Making threats as they turn tail to run? How uncouth.
Concerned that the bandits might return, the crew decides to escort the carriage to its destination.
Guard: Thanks to you, we were able to protect Lady Littany. You have our deepest gratitude.
Vyrn: No worries! Just don't let your guard down. Those guys might come back.
Littany: How dreadful...
Ange: Hah. Not to worry, m'lady. I will be here to protect you.
Ange flashes a smile at Littany.
Ange: Huh?
But the moment she lock eyes with Littany, Ange stops dead in her tracks.
Littany: What is it?
Ange: You're so... beautiful! Would you happen to be a princess, by chance?
Littany: Uh, well, you see...
With a somewhat puzzled look, Littany admits that she does come from a noble family.
Ange: Heh heh, I thought as much.
Ange: It could very well be that you are the princess I've been searching for.
Vyrn: Haha, don't worry about her. She's just a little crazy. That's all.
Ange: C-crazy? I'm not crazy! I just want to be a prince.
Littany: A prince? You wish to become a prince?
Ange: I sure do! I'm going to be the very definition of charming! The very image of dashing! Which is to say...
Ange: I, Ange, will be your prince. Forever at your side, ever at your service.
Littany: Haha. What a curious adventurer you are. I must confess, however, that I already have a prince.
Ange: W-what?
Guard: Lady Littany is to be married to her fiance in a few short days.
Ange: Married? To her fiance?
Littany: Yes! Oh, he's ever so handsome, ever so strong...
Littany: He's the one destined to be my prince. I just know he'll always be there for me.
Littany: When my family was attacked by thieves, he was there to rescue us.
Vyrn: You were attacked?
Guard: It was quite the incident. They caught the thieves, but Lady Littany's parents were... well...
Ange: That... That's terrible...
Littany: I'll be okay! I know my prince will always be there for me!
Littany: Tee hee. If you hadn't been there, he may have rushed to my aid instead.
Ange: Hah hah hah. How could I ever compare to that?
Littany: But Ange... do you really wish to become a prince?
Ange: Yes. The very image of dashing.
Littany: But, are you not a lady?
Ange: Y-yeah, but that doesn't mean I can't be a prince!
Littany: I'm afraid I don't believe it's possible. Being dashing and strong is part of the job.
Ange: No!
Littany: And, besides, if you became a prince, you'd be wasting those adorable charms of yours!
Ange: Adorable? Me? Have you seen how dashing I am?
Littany: Is that what you think? Well, I think you're quite adorable. Enough to inspire envy, if I had to say!
Ange: Ugh... I said I'm not adorable!
Ange: I even have all sorts of cool hobbies that only princes have!
Ange: I like riding horses, and I've been training so I can ride double!
Littany: Oh, so you like riding horses, do you?
Ange: Yeah.
Littany: Really?
Ange: Really.
Littany: ...
Ange: Urgh... Actually, I... I spend most of my days off baking cakes and desserts, but...
Littany: Aww, I knew it! You really are adorable!
Littany: Ange, let's get you out of those stuffy clothes and into a nice dress! I bet you'd look even better than I would!
Ange: I don't wanna wear a dress. That's girly.
Littany: Don't you worry! It'll look great on you. I promise! Come along now!
Vyrn: We should probably step in here, (Captain).
With a forced chuckle, (Captain) attempts to throw Ange a lifeline.
That moment (Captain) hears the unsettling sound of hooves outside and orders the carriage to stop.
(Captain) exits the carriage, weapon at the ready.
Vyrn: What the? There's so many of them!
Guard: But... We're so close to the border!
Bandit 2: Kehehe! It's time for some payback! Get 'em, boys!
Vyrn: Let's turn the tables on 'em, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods firmly, then rushes out to battle the incoming bandits.
Despite the crew's efforts, the bandits have sheer numbers on their side. Things are starting to look bleak.
When suddenly...
???: Scoundrels! Get away from Littany!
A man on a white horse rides gallantly onto the battlefield.
Littany: That voice... It's Rola!
The young man named Rola scours the field for Littany. When he casts his eyes upon her, he flashes a bright smile, revealing his perfect white teeth.
Rola: I'm coming to save you! Just hold on!
Rola: Unnamed warrior, I beseech you! Help me defeat these scoundrels!
Ange: Uh, okay... Let's go, (Captain)!

A Destined Encounter: Scene 3

Ange challenges Rola to a duel but suffers a humiliating defeat. She later discovers that Rola is plotting to steal Littany's wealth. Ange enlists (Captain) and company to save her before it's too late.

After combining forces, Rola and the crew are miraculously able to fend off the bandits.
Littany: Rola! You really have come to save me!
Rola: Of course! For you, my darling, I would go to the ends of the sky.
Rola: Oh, and who are all of you?
The crew introduce themselves and explain what has been happening.
Rola: Oh, I see. You've been protecting Littany this whole time? I thank you for your efforts.
Ange: No need to thank us. We were just helping a person in need. Of course that's all in a day's work for a prince.
Rola: Hmm? A prince you say?
Ange: Uh... Yeah. I'm trying to be a prince. Is there something wrong with that?
Rola: No, not really. I just think the life of a prince wouldn't suit a lovely girl like yourself.
Ange: ...
Ange: From what I've heard, it seems you're Littany's prince.
Rola: Well, yes. That's because I am her prince. Hah hah.
Ange: I see... Rola, I apologize for the abrupt request, but how about a duel?
Vyrn: A duel? Don't people die in those?
Ange: I want to fight you to determine which of us is better suited to be her prince.
Rola: Very well. If you believe me to be an acceptable opponent, then by all means.
Littany: I can't believe this! There's no reason for you to fight! Please stop!
Rola: Littany, she seems to have her reasons. I can't very well refuse her.
Rola: All right, then. Have at it, you adorable prince.
Ange: Much obliged. And I'm not adorable!
Ange draws her sword and takes a swing at Rola.
After a grueling fight, the duel ends with Rola victorious
Ange: Ack... Damnit...
Rola: Don't speak such foul words. They don't suit you. And neither does that sword.
Ange: !
Rola: Well, Littany. It seems it's time for us to go.
Littany: O-okay, but... Ange, are you going to be okay? You're hurt.
Ange: I'm fine. Sorry to worry you.
Littany: Oh... Very well, then.
Littany: Everyone, I must thank you for all your help. Please come and visit our kingdom.
Littany: You may lodge there free of charge. It's the least I can do, considering everything you've done for me.
Vyrn: Really? Wow, that'd be great!
Littany: Think nothing of it! And if you ever need anything, please visit us at our estate.
With a respectful curtsy, Littany takes her leave. Her carriage gradually disappears into the distance.
After Littany is no longer in sight, Ange heaves a defeated sigh.
Ange: What... what am I doing?
Ange: Sorry. I was only thinking of myself. And to top it all off, I couldn't even win when it mattered most.
Vyrn: Hey, don't sweat it.
Vyrn: Anyway it's getting late. Let's head into town.
Ange: Sorry. I'll catch up with you guys later. I just need some time to be alone.
Lyria: Are you okay, Ange? You want me to—
Ange: Thanks. But I just want to be alone.
(Captain) watches as Ange leaves in search of solitude.
Ange saunters aimlessly around the town, a dejected look on her face.
Ange: Sigh...
Littany: I'm afraid I don't believe it's possible. Being dashing and strong is part of the job.
Rola: Don't speak such foul words. They don't suit you. And neither does that sword.
Ange: Maybe they're right. Maybe I can never be a prince...
As she mutters woefully to herself, Ange recalls the face of the prince who once saved her life.
Ange: (Oh, my dear prince... Could I ever really be like you?)
Ange: Huh?
Ange tries to remember the words that the prince told her that day.
Ange: That prince... What did he say to me?
In mid-thought, Ange sees something move out of the corner of her eye.
As she turns, she sees the bandit from earlier going down a nearby alleyway.
Ange: Huh? What's he doing here?
Surprised but intrigued, Ange decides to follow the bandit.
There, at the end of the alley, she sees something she never would have imagined.
Rola: ...
Ange: (R-Rola?)
Ange watches as Rola hands the bandit some gold.
Doing her best to stay hidden, Ange leans in and listens to their conversation.
Bandit: Three... Four... Five... Yeah, I know what you mean. But this time was kinda rough. That crew shouldn'ta been there.
Rola: Seriously. We didn't need all that fighting.
Bandit: That girl sure is dumb, Rola. She has no idea she's being taken for all she's worth!
Rola: Haha, the dreamers are always such easy prey. This one included.
Ange: (Who are they talking about?)
As she listens, Ange learns that Rola has been working with the bandits to get his hands on Littany's wealth and status.
The bandits appear out of nowhere to capture Littany, and Rola rushes in to save her.
Repeating this sinister plot has gradually brought Rola and Littany closer together, and she now trusts him completely.
All of this stirs up rage in Ange's heart. But hearing Rola describe this as only the latest in a long line of similar plots makes her reluctant to take immediate action.
Ange: (Man, these guys are crooked. But if I tried to stop them here, they might get away.)
Ange: (I better get (Captain) to help me. We'll need to work together to find out more about Rola.)
With a plan in mind, Ange carefully sneaks away, leaving the scene without a trace.
Working together, Ange and (Captain) gather information on Rola and find out who he really is.
As it turns out, Rola is infamous for deceiving wealthy bachelorettes and their families. He creates a false identity, then after he marries into the family, he steals their money.
As if that wasn't bad enough, his previous victims and their families all lost their lives to his bandit friends.
Vyrn: That's messed up. It sounds like Rola's a total monster...
Ange: If this is true, Rola might have told the bandits to get rid of Littany's parents.
Vyrn: Yeah, maybe. And if he's made it this far, then...
Ange: (Captain)! We have to go save Littany!
With a nod, (Captain) leaves with Ange and heads toward Littany's estate.
Once there, they burst through the front door.
Ange: Littany! I've come to save you!
Rola: What's wrong with you? Charging in here like that.
Littany: Ange! Why, whatever is the matter?
Vyrn: That guy Rola is a total fiend!
Rola: What! How dare you say such a thing!
Littany: Yes! How could you tarnish Rola's name so? Even after everything you've done, I... I cannot easily forgive such vile words!
Rola: Guards! What are you waiting for? Seize these scoundrels!
Guard: Yes, sir!
Vyrn: Crud, here they come! Get ready, (Captain)!

A Destined Encounter: Scene 4

(Captain) and crew accuse Rola of attempting to steal Littany's fortune, but she refuses to believe it and runs away with Rola. Guards block the crew's pursuit, leaving Ange helpless as Littany departs.

Rola: Ugh. Pathetic guards. You're so useless!
Littany: R-Rola?
Rola: Littany, let's get out of here! This way!
Ange: Hold on, Littany!
Ange: That man is a criminal of the highest order! He's been lying to you this whole time!
Rola: Don't listen to them! Come with me, quickly!
Ange: He might be the one who murdered your parents!
Littany: ...!
Ange: He's known for tricking wealthy bachelorettes and their families. He's done it before, and he'll do it again!
Littany: That... That couldn't be...
Rola: Such wild accusations! Just what are you hoping to accomplish?
Ange: There's only one thing I want! I want to save you, Littany!
Littany: I can't believe anything you're saying! Rola, he's... He's my prince!
Ange: No! No, he's not, Littany! He's no prince at all!
Littany: Ooo...
Littany stands there, frightened and confused. Rola gently takes her quivering hand.
Rola: Trust in me, Littany.
Littany nods, and the two run off together.
Ange: Wait, Littany!
Guard: Master Rola! Leave them to us! You must get out of here!
Rola: Thank you! Let's go, Littany!
Vyrn: Crud, we'll never catch them now!
Ange: Littany, wait! I'm begging you!
Ange: Littany!
Ange's cries echo throughout the manor.
Holding Rola's hand, Littany runs out of sight. She never looks back.

To Wish Upon a Prince

With no leads on Rola, Ange grows more despondent by the day, but Littany soon realizes that Rola is as terrible as she feared. After Ange remembers what made her want to be a prince in the first place, she and the crew rush off to stop to the wedding.

(Captain) and company watch helplessly as Rola, the vicious princess-poaching villain, makes his escape with Littany, his bride-to-be.
Though they try their best to catch up, Rola and Littany appear to have all but vanished.
In the days following, Ange and the crew try to discover where the couple is headed, but to no avail.
Ange: Argh... We have to do something. Littany is in danger.
Ange: Damnit! Why can't we find anything?
Unable to save Littany from Rola's clutches, Ange spends every waking moment obsessing over her failure.
Ange: I couldn't rescue a damsel in distress! How am I ever supposed to become a prince?
Ange: I feel so... powerless. Maybe I really can't be a prince...
Lyria: Ange...
  1. Don't give up!
  2. That's not the Ange I know!

Choose: Don't give up!
Lyria: Yeah! You can't give up now, Ange!
Ange: (Captain)... Lyria...
Ange: (Oh... I remember now. I remember what the prince told me that day...)

Choose: That's not the Ange I know!
Ange: Am I not acting like myself?
(Captain) nods reaffirmingly and encourages Ange to keep trying.
Ange: (Oh... I remember now. I remember what the prince told me that day...)
Continue 1
Many years ago, Ange found herself lost and alone in the woods.
She was discovered by a pack of ferocious monsters, and things were looking bleak. It was then that a prince rushed in gallantly to save her.
Even when the prince was surrounded by monsters, he refused to give up, fighting ceaselessly to save Ange's life.
After vanquishing the beasts, the prince turned and smiled at Ange.
Prince: My lady, you're not hurt, are you?
Young Ange: No... I'm fine. Thank you.
Prince: Hah hah. Glad to hear it. Well, I suppose I must be going now.
Young Ange: Hey... Wait!
Young Ange: Sir prince, could I ever grow up to be a great prince like you?
Prince: Hah hah. Of course you can. I'm sure of it.
Prince: Anyone who wants to help a lady in need can become a prince. And a prince never gives up. Ever.
Ange: Yes... That's right! I can't give up now!
Ange: I can't give up on becoming a prince, and I certainly can't give up on Littany!
Ange: Thanks, everyone. Your words of support helped me to remember what I need to do.
Vyrn: Hehe, I guess we've got the old Ange back. Glad to hear it!
Vyrn: Time to go find Rola. Let's do this!
Ange: Yeah. No matter what, we have to rescue Littany before those two get married.
Ange: That's right! The ceremony! If we can just figure out where they're holding the ceremony, maybe we can find them!
Vyrn: Hey, yeah! All right, let's get out there and start lookin'!
With a nod from (Captain), the crew heads out to gather more information.
Meanwhile Littany and Rola have arrived at a nearby townhouse.
Littany: Rola? What is this place?
Rola: This is a house that my family owns. I apologize for the cramped quarters, but we must stay here for your protection.
Littany: Well, I believe I can handle cramped quarters. But Rola...
Rola: Hmm? What is it?
Littany: Those things Ange and her friends said about you... They're not true, are they?
Rola: Of course not! Why would you ask something like that?
Littany: It's just that... I can't stop thinking about it...
Littany: Considering it now, Ange doesn't really seem the type to say such things without proper cause.
Rola: Yeah? What are you trying to say? You believe her and not me?
Littany: That... that's not what I meant...
Rola: No, I think it is. Ugh, everything was going perfectly until that little brat showed up.
Littany: Rola?
Rola silently approaches Littany and grabs her by her beautiful, golden locks.
Littany: Ow...
Rola: Hah... It's all true, Littany.
Littany: No... That can't be.
Rola: You never listen, do you? I'm tellin' ya, it's all true. How long are you going to keep your head in the clouds?
Littany: ...
Rola: So, Littany... Why do you think I'm telling you all this?
Rola tightens his grip.
Littany: Ow... Agh... Please, stop...
Rola: I don't think I will. You belong to me now, my sweet little puppet.
Rola: You have no choice but to marry me. And when you do, everything that's yours will be mine.
Rola: There's no point in trying to call off the wedding either. If you do, I'll get rid of you then and there.
Rola: Just like I did with your parents.
Littany: Mother and Father? I can't believe it. You're... You're a monster, Rola! A monster...
Rola: Yeah, I know. I'm a pretty bad guy once you get to know me. That's why you shouldn't try to run away.
Rola: And if you're a good girl, then maybe I'll keep you around after we get married. Heh heh...
Rola releases his grip on Littany.
Littany: Sniff... Sob...
(Everything Ange said was true...)
Littany: (Ange... I'm so sorry...)
As tears stream down her face, Littany's heart aches over an apology she can't deliver.
Several days later (Captain) and company discover the location of the wedding.
Before long the day of the wedding arrives. The crew catches word that the ceremony has begun and rushes to get to the chapel.
Ange: (Captain)! There's no time to lose! We've got to get to that chapel!
Before they can get there, however, monsters appear and block their path.
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Crud, not now! Out of the way, you beasts!
Weapon drawn, (Captain) rushes in to defeat them.

To Wish Upon a Prince: Scene 2

Ange interrupts the wedding and challenges Rola to another duel, which she wins. Ange offers Rola a chance to surrender, but he sics his guards on (Captain) and company instead.

At the chapel the wedding is nearly over. All that remains is the final kiss.
Littany: ...
However, when the time comes, Littany stands there downtrodden and refuses to look up.
Priest: Lady Littany?
A sly grin creeps over Rola's face. He whispers to his bride-to-be.
Rola: Do you have a death wish?
Littany: ...!
Priest: Is something the matter?
Rola: No, she's just nervous. My apologies.
Rola: Come, Littany. Let us seal our vows.
Littany: Okay...
Littany trembles as she slowly raises her lips to Rola's.
But just before they touch, the doors of the chapel burst open.
Ange: Stop this wedding!
Rola: What the? How did you know we were here?
Ange: I've come to help a lady in need. And I won't leave until I do!
Littany: Ange... Sob... Oh, Ange!
Ange: Sounds like you've finally shown Littany your true colors, Rola!
Ange: And to think she put her complete and utter faith in you!
Rola: Hah. Like I care! Hey, you there! Call in the guards and get these lowlifes out of here!
Ange: Hold it, Rola! I challenge you to one last duel!
Rola: Excuse me?
Ange: Someone like you could never be a real prince! You're just a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I'm going to prove it!
Rola: Humph! Don't get cocky, brat. I already beat you once before.
Rola: But if you insist... Fine. I accept your challenge! Time to show you once and for all who the better fighter is!
Rola draws his sword and begins swinging furiously at Ange.
As the vicious battle rages on, Ange finds herself overwhelmed.
Rola: Haha! Where's your confidence now?
Ange: Ack...
Littany: Ange!
Ange: Hah hah. Don't worry, Littany. I will defeat him!
Ange: I will not rest until you're safe! A lady in need must be helped!
With a powerful swing, Ange knocks Rola's sword far away.
Rola: Gah! How did you—
Ange: Give it up, you phony!
Rola: Hah hah hah! Never! Do your worst!
Suddenly, one of Rola's guards comes out of hiding and attacks Ange.
Ange: ...!
Without missing a beat, (Captain) steps in and blocks the guard's blade.
Ange: Thank you, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Don't thank us yet! We've still got guards to fight! Let's put this creepy con man away for good, (Captain)!

To Wish Upon a Prince: Scene 3

A defeated Rola is hauled off by the Crew of Enforcers, and Ange reassures Littany that she'll meet her real prince one day. Littany responds by telling Ange that she'll find her prince too, prompting Ange to have a moment of self-reflection.

Rola: Inconceivable! My guards!
Ange: Rola, there's no one left to protect you now. Surrender.
Ange: And you have to promise. You'll never fake being a prince or bother another lady again for as long as you live!
Agreeing to Ange's terms, Rola surrenders himself to the crew. They take him and turn him over to the Crew of Enforcers.
Littany: Ange... Thank you for your help.
Ange: Hah. It was nothing, m'lady. I'd do anything to keep you safe.
Littany: Hehehe. And to think, I said you could never be a prince.
Littany: Ange... To me you will always be a prince.
Littany: Thank you for everything.
As Littany smiles, tears of joy begin to stream down her face. Ange gently reaches out and wipes away her tears.
Ange: It is I who should be thanking you, Littany.
Ange: Meeting you helped me to remember what I need to do in life. You have my sincerest gratitude.
Littany: ...
Littany: Maybe you shouldn't try to become a prince...
Ange: What? Why?
Littany: It's just that... you're too adorable. Your smile, the way you act, everything.
Ange: ...!
I-I'm not... I mean...
Littany: Heheh. The way you try to deny it is adorable too.
Littany: This is just a feeling I have, but... perhaps all you really want is to meet your own prince.
Ange: W-what? Umm... Well...
Littany: I'm sorry. After being deceived by a fake prince, I'm in no position to say such things.
Littany: Perhaps real princes don't actually exist.
Ange: No. That's not true. There are real princes out there.
Ange: And I know that someday you'll meet the one you're meant to be with.
Littany: Thank you.
Vyrn: Hey! Sorry to cut you off, but we gotta get goin'!
Ange: Right. Well, Littany, see you again someday.
Littany: I hope so. Come back and visit anytime. You'll always be welcome here.
Littany: Oh, and Ange... I know someday you'll find him. The prince you're meant to be with.
Hearing Littany's kind words, a gentle smile spreads upon Ange's face. With that Ange takes her leave.
On the way back to the ship, Ange thinks about what Littany said.
Ange: The prince I'm meant to be with...
Ange: I guess if he's anything like (Captain), I'd be pretty happy.
Blushing slightly, Ange turns and reaches out her hand to (Captain)'s.
Ange: (Captain). I couldn't have done any of that without you. I hope I can always count on you.
Looking down at Ange's hand, (Captain) clasps it tightly, bringing the two of them closer together.
Having accomplished great deeds, Ange begins to open up to who she really is. All that remains in her heart now is a simple feeling of joy.

State of the Princess

Stan tells Ange all about the princess he used to work for. From his account, Ange suspects that Stan was oblivious to the feelings that the princess had for him, and so decides to give him lessons in being a proper gentleman. They become partners on the path to princeliness.

Ange stops by to talk to Stan as he is hanging laundry on the deck.
Ange: Stan! Here you are! Do you have a moment?
Stan: Hm? Ah, hold on a second. Almost done here... and there. Something you need?
Ange: Good work! This is something I just heard through the grapevine... but did you work in a noble house?
Stan: Yup, that's right. I worked for a noble house over in Valtz. Served the princess, mostly.
Ange: That's awesome! Can you do me a favor, Stan?! Tell me how a real princess lives!
Stan: Um... Real, you say...
Ange: Hehe... Well, you see, I'm looking for a princess. And I need to know everything I can to be the perfect prince!
Stan: Hm... is that right? Well, sure. I'm glad to help if I can.
Ange: That's great! So princesses must lead pretty elegant lives, right? Tea parties every day...
Stan: Sure, they had tea parties and stuff. But it always felt like fuddie-duddies having a conference. Didn't seem like much fun.
Ange: Oh, really? Did they eat fancy cakes and drink with their pinkies out and have elegant conversations?
Stan: Whew! Pretty imaginative, aren't you? Then again, I guess that's pretty much what it was like on the surface.
Stan: Anyway. The princess had a pretty big sweet tooth but loved meat even more.
Ange: Wow! I thought princesses only ate salad!
Stan: Where do you even get that idea... Granted, the family I served was pretty big on fighting.
Ange: Wait... fighting? I thought princesses were supposed to be more... graceful. You know, wear dresses, go to balls...
Stan: Oh, yeah. There is that. But she didn't like dresses one bit. And she hated sitting around.
Stan: It was like I was... like I was her practice dummy all day, every day...
Ange: That sounds pretty rough... I guess I had it all wrong about princesses.
Ange: A brand spanking new kind of princess! I guess she'd be the one to protect you from monsters instead of the other way around.
Stan: Yeah! That's exactly what she was like!
Stan: But she was always up to some trouble. I always got dragged into her little games since we were kids.
Ange: Really? Hah! Like a tomboy? That's adorable!
Stan: But get this! Every time she got angry with me for not being a good sport, the head maid would make me apologize to her! Crazy, right?
Stan: Gah... it's all coming back to me now! I mean, you don't have to wear a dress, but at least put on something decent...
Stan: And I work for you, y'know? I say you can't talk to me like I'm your friend, but nooo...
Stan: And how am I supposed to do my other work with you bothering me all the time... Yeesh...
Stan: Sigh... She was so nice to everybody else. Why do I gotta get Miss Attitude!
Ange: Hrm... Er, Stan? Were you and the princess together for a long time?
Stan: Yeah, we were. I started working there when I was a kid myself. Why do you ask?
Ange: No reason... It's just, it sounds like she was only rude to you...
Ange: Maybe you're like a childhood friend to her... So she doesn't have to put on airs around you, right? She can just be herself.
Stan: What? No! Don't be silly! You know how many times she said I was useless? If you're telling me she didn't mean it, I'm not sure I buy it!
Stan: Sigh... It's fine if that's how she wants to act. But being a servant around someone so flippant and childish is not easy...
Ange: (Oh my gosh... He doesn't understand how she felt at all... )
Ange: Really now, Stan! You need to be more... more gentlemanly!
Stan: Huh? What are you on about, Ange?
Ange: I can't let you go on like this! You and me! We're going to be princes together!
Ange: Oh! That sounds great! And then you'll be able to understand how princesses feel!
Stan: D-don't worry about it... I'm fine really...
Ange: Go on! We'll start now! First thing's first! Proper sword technique!
Stan: Rgh! Ange! That hurts! Leggo my neck, will you?
Ange: As if! I do that, and you'll just run away. Look, the forest is right there!
Ange: Haha! And while we practice, you can tell me everything you know about working for nobles!
Stan: M-my tummy hurts... C'mon, Ange! Lemme go!
And from that day on, thanks to a bit of help from Ange, Stan begins to take his studies in swordsmanship more seriously.
Though Ange tries not to seem too excited to hear about the lives of nobility, she is more than a little zealous in making sure Stan doesn't miss a single training session.
Though it will be some time before Stan can call himself a proper gentleman, it is more than a fair enough exchange for both of them.

Prince Charming

Ange asks Seruel if she can ride on his white horse; he obliges, but their riding lesson is cut short by monsters. Ange gets to see all facets of Seruel's princely manners and strives to become a prince to rival even him.

(Captain) and company are making a supply run on Alster Island.
Seruel: ...
Young Lady 1: Oooh, Seruel! You've returned from your journey!
Young Lady 2: He's so gallant! Just look at him galloping in on his white horse! Eee, what a hunk!
After Alster's darkest hour, the popular Seruel continues to stand as the island's solid bedrock among the people.
Ange quips to herself as she watches the young ladies swoon from simply laying eyes on the distinguished royal.
Ange: Hmm... A prince riding atop a white horse...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Big Hat. Whatcha talkin' to yourself about?
Ange: Just thinking that someday when I finally do meet my destined princess, making an entrance on my own two feet is rather underwhelming.
Lyria: Now that I think about it, the prince in the picture book Katalina read to me was also riding a white horse.
Vyrn: If you ask me, that's probably not the only reason why Seruel's so popular.
Vyrn: Alster went through some rough times, ya know? I can only speak for myself, but it probably wasn't easy to fix up the town to how it is now.
Lyria: You're probably right, but seeing Seruel on a white horse is still pretty cool!
Ange: Yeah... Okay, I'm gonna do it!
Ange dips out of sight from the street as Seruel dismounts and engages the townspeople about the obstacles to Alster's restoration.
Seruel: I understand. Then please continue on as you have before.
Ange: ...
Seruel notices Ange staring at him through a hole in her hiding spot.
Seruel: Hmm...
Seruel leaves for the main road, and Ange silently tails him.
Seruel: Excuse me. Horses are easily scared by things approaching them from behind. Why not state your case if you have business with me?
Ange: Okay. I have a request. Would you allow me to ride upon your beloved steed?
Seruel: Why? If you wish to ride, the stable in town should be more than adequate.
Ange: It's not that simple. Horseback riding is a hobby of mine, if you can't tell. I've interacted with many horses in my time.
Ange: However, I have yet to see a noble, pure-white mount such as yours! I must grab this chance by the reins!
Seruel: You can't fool me. No experienced rider, as you claim to be, would ever make the mistake of standing directly behind a horse.
Ange: That's... true. Sorry.
Seruel: Hm. It would be in your best interest to pay a visit to the stable I mentioned and start learning from the beginning.
Ange: Now wait just a minute there! I've ridden horses before! I mean, technically I have...
Seruel: And how does that pertain to me? Let us assume what you're saying is true. Why does it have to be my horse?
Ange: Somewhere out there in the grand blue sky, my princess awaits. And every princess deserves a glorious prince.
Ange: On the day fate decides to be kind to us, should my destined princess not be greeted by her prince on a white horse?
Seruel: Heh, I find that to be quite charming. Clearly you are a devotee of fairy tales.
Seruel: I see where you're coming from, and I've drawn my conclusions.
Seruel: Unfortunately I must refuse. This horse is too important to me.
Ange: What!
Seruel: My time here is up. May I take my leave?
Ange: Wait! I didn't make my request simply because of the horse!
Ange: You came back here to oversee the difficulties facing the town's continuing restoration, correct?
Ange: Putting your excellent reinsmanship aside, you have the poise and demeanor of a true prince.
Ange: I want to learn how to achieve that comportment! If you're not the one to mentor me, then none of it matters!
Seruel listens to Ange's impassioned plea before letting out a sigh of resignation.
Seruel: My goodness... I'm a little hesitant to be lectured by a dreamer...
Ange: ...
Seruel: But it reminds me of my childhood when I went around causing trouble because of my overreaching ambitions.
Seruel: At the time I desperately wanted to learn how to ride. I wanted to become a wise, steadfast prince.
Seruel: To refuse someone who has the same aspirations as I once did would be untenable. You've really twisted my arm on this one.
Ange: You mean...
Seruel: All right. You shall have my support. Let's make you into that ideal prince you strive to be.
Ange: Hooray! I owe you so much!
Seruel leads Ange to an empty practice field. He helps her up onto his trusty steed.
Seruel: Let's begin. Sit tall in the saddle and maintain this posture all the way through. Now hold the reins firmly and try to give the horse a light nudge with your feet.
Ange: Okay...
Ange takes a deep breath. With a slight poke of her heels into the horse's sides, it starts a calm walk.
Seruel: Oho... You weren't lying when you said you'd ridden before. Do you want to try it without my guidance?
Ange: Sure! I'll give it a shot!
Seruel, who had been leading the horse from the side, releases the reins. The horse continues at a tranquil pace.
Seruel: Let's take it slow. Don't push it.
Ange: I'm on top of things! I can deal with this stride in my sleep!
Scanning her surroundings for the first time, Ange feels the gazes of some young ladies gathering by the field's fence, and she puffs out her chest.
Ange: (Amazing... I'm actually riding a white horse! Surely I must look like a splendid prince in the eyes of those ladies!)
Ange: Hehe, now I'll have nothing to be embarrassed about when I meet my fated princess—Whoa!
The horse abruptly throws back its head as if spooked.
Monsters are climbing over the fence and approaching from a corner of the field.
Monster: Grooar!
Seruel: Those are the monsters that have been attacking our livestock.
Seruel: Careful. Let's leave this area for now.
Seruel resumes control over the reins and leads Ange and the horse to the gate.
But the monsters are quick, and they surround the hapless pair in no time.
Ange: Whoa! Calm do—
Unable to see the monsters behind it, the horse panics.
Ange clings tightly to the saddle with her legs, holding on with all her strength, but she's ultimately thrown off.
Ange: Oof! Ow, ow...
Seruel: Haaah!
Monsters: Gurgh...
Ange: Ungh! My foot!
Seruel: Shh. Try to remain calm and collected when you're injured.
Ange: Okay...
Seruel's attack strikes fear into the monsters, sending them clamoring back over the fence from where they first invaded.
With the field quiet and the horse back at peace, Seruel extends a hand to Ange.
Seruel: It appears we'll have to cut today's session short. I'll see you back to the airship.
Ange: Mm, thanks. Huh?
As Ange is about to take Seruel's hand, she hears murmuring coming from onlookers by the fence.
Young Lady 1: Aww! Seruel offered his hand to her!
Young Lady 2: Teeheehee... Look at him kneel down and smile... Everything about him is just... I can't even...
Ange: ...
Seruel takes Ange's hand and gently puts her onto the horse.
Though the hearts of the women have already been stolen by Seruel, Ange is touched by his gesture as well.
Seruel: Here we go.
With Seruel behind her in the saddle, he commands his steed out of the field.
Ange: The more I think about it, the more I see that you are princely in every action you take.
Ange: And it's because of that aura that the ladies adore you so. I'd like to give off that type of aura too if I can.
Seruel: Hm, those women back there were a bit on the noisy side. That level of fawning doesn't exactly bring me joy.
Ange: What are you saying? Are you really going to trample on their feelings?
Ange: You're nothing like him, even though you were born into nobility.
Seruel: I get the feeling that there might be a slight misunderstanding here, but who's this him you're talking about?
Ange: Oh, he was this other prince that saved me from a monster when I was little.
Seruel: I see. Let me ask you this then. Did this prince save you in order to be praised?
Ange: Um, no, I don't think so...
Seruel: You see? Anyone who saves someone just for the accolades is a hypocrite.
Ange: Yeah, I think I get what you're saying.
Ange: Like you said, he saved me simply because I was in danger.
Ange: It's fair to say that he wasn't doing it for a dumb reason like expecting me to become his fan afterward.
Seruel: And yet the truth is there's no shortage of would-be saviors who abide by that line of thinking.
Ange: Humph. Then I suppose you also agree with that prince's credo?
Seruel: Heh. You can tell me about this person that I've never met before all you like, but the only answer I'd be able to give you is I don't know.
Seruel: But there is one thing I do know.
Seruel: I'm the leader of this kingdom, and it's with that responsibility that I do what I do. It's as simple as that.
Ange: Of course! Having the faith in yourself to save many people is what makes someone a fine prince!
Seruel: Haha. Well, far be it from me to judge your interpretation of a prince, but I believe your answer deserves a pass.
The townspeople call out to Seruel as he passes by in the street.
Although he doesn't wave back, the hint of a smile on his face and his resolute attitude say all that needs to be said.
Ange: (Hehe. My waiting princess would be ecstatic to see me become a prince with this grand of a reception.)
Ange: (I'll show you how princely I can be! I won't lose!)
Seruel, royal bloodline of a fallen kingdom, stands by his home as it continues to rebuild from past hardships.
In her heart Ange secretly competes with this prince, whose aspiring humility and fortitude has made a lasting impression on her.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
運命のプリンセスはこっちかな? Could the princess of my dreams be here?
どんな敵にだって立ち向かってみせる! I'll stand up to any enemy!
今日こそ、運命をこの手に掴む! Today is the day I take hold of my destiny!
素敵な王子様になってみせるよ! I'll make myself the most charming prince ever!
レディケガはないかい? Are you well, my lady?
僕が必ず守ってあげる! I'll protect you at any cost!
お姫様なんてごめんだよ! Me, a princess? Never!
ダンスの練習に付き合ってくれる? Would you help me practice my dance steps?
(主人公)は運命を信じるかい? Do you believe in destiny, (Captain)?
ねぇ、(主人公)!剣の稽古をしようよ! Get your sword, (Captain)! Let's spar!


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