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Official Profile

Age 23
Height 163 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Dancing
Likes Wholehearted people, cold beverages
Dislikes Hot food and cuisine
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 23歳
Height 163cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 踊り
Likes 一途な人、冷たい飲み物
Dislikes 熱い食べ物や料理
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Her charge attack, "Passione Perpetua", is Italian for "perpetual passion".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
I made sure to prepare a birthday cake for this very special day. Let's get everyone together and dig in!
I also made sure to get you a present...
It's um... let's just say I have to do some special preparations before giving it to you.
So is it... okay if I come to your room tonight, (Captain)?
I want to make sure we're all alone when I give it to you, if possible.
Thanks. Huh? You want a hint?
Nghh... It's a secret. But I hope you're looking forward to tonight.


Teehee. Happy belated birthday, (Captain).
This here's my birthday present. Hope you like it.
This ticket lets you ask one favor of me.
I'll do anything you want.
I'll give you a special dance... Or even anything else that might normally make me blush.
Well then, (Captain)... Tell me what it is you want...


(Captain), happy birthday.
Hehe. I'm so glad to be celebrating your birthday with you.
It's nothing... I was just lost in thought...
Time really does pass by so quickly...
Won't you just give me the green light already?
Hehe... I'm ready to give you anything you want.
(Captain), just say it already...
That you want me...
Uhhh.... N-never mind!
Forget I said anything!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
For your present this year...
I put all of my feelings into preparing a special dance for you.
So can you come watch me dance later?
Yes, it's a very special dance...
Something that's only for your eyes and no one else's.
Hehe. I hope my feelings will get through to you when you see the dance.


(Captain), do you have anything you'd like me to do for you?
It's your birthday, isn't it? I'll do whatever you say just for today.
Choose: Are you sure?
Y-yes... You can rest and put your head on my lap, or I can stay with you until you fall asleep...
O-or... other things too...
N-nevermind, forget it! I'll give you a proper birthday present later!
Forget what I just said, okay?
Well, I did mean it though....
I-it's nothing! I'll go get your present, so wait for me!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year. Let's make this another wonderful year, (Captain).
What's my resolution? Good question. To keep giving everything one-hundred percent, I guess.
That includes dance... and you, of course. Hee hee... I hope you're ready to buckle up.
I'm pretty passionate when I'm giving it my all, you know.


Hey, (Captain). I know the day's just started, but I have something to ask of you.
Can you come with me to the shrine on this island later?
I'm actually into traditional dance...
And I want you to see me when I'm dancing...
Oh, you'll come along? Perfect!
Teehee. Don't blink when I start, (Captain).
I'll put on my best dance for you.
You won't regret coming with me.


Cough... Happy New Year, (Captain).
I... think I caught a cold... I feel awful...
It's okay... It's nothing more than a little bug. If I get some rest, I'll be okay in no time.
Choose: I'll be your nurse.
Huh? Really?
Thank you, (Captain)!
Hehe... Nurse (Captain)... This might be the best New Year's present ever...


Hello, (Captain). Happy New Year.
Why are you on the deck this early?
Me? I wanted to watch the first sunrise of the year.
I heard that you can make a wish on it, so...

  • Choose: I hope your wish comes true.
    Thank you! Hearing you say that makes me want to try even harder from now on.
  • Choose: What are you wishing for?
    I-it's a secret!

Hey, (Captain). There's still a little bit of time before the sun rises, right?
Um... Will you chat with me until it's here?
Thank you. Hehe. Being able to spend time alone with you so soon into the new year...
I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.


Oh, (Captain)! Are you here again to see the first sunrise of the year?
Hehe, me too. I didn't think I'd be able to watch the sunrise with you on New Year's two years in a row... I'm so lucky.
Huh? Why, you ask?
Because it means we can spend time together, right from the beginning of the year... all night until the morning.
Nothing could make me happier.
It's pretty cold, isn't it? (Captain), move closer to me.
You're so warm, (Captain)... Can we stay like this until the sun comes up?
I want to keep you all to myself, even if it's only for a little while...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

H-happy Valentine's.
I made some chocolates for you... You'll accept them, won't you?
T-thanks. I'm going to feed them to you, so say aaah.
Urgh... I knew it... This is super embarrassing!


Anthuria: I gave handmade chocolates a shot last year, so this year I should focus on how best to hand over the present...
The book said he'd fall head over heels in love with me if I do it this way...
Mm... Okay! (Captain)'s gonna be all mine by the end of the day!
Hey, (Captain). I have a Valentine's Day present for you. Won't you accept?
Teehee, it's not chocolate... I'm the present...
Go ahead, (Captain), and have a taste...
(Captain): ...
Anthuria: ...! No, no, no! Just kidding!
I'll give you actual chocolates later, so please forget everything that just happened!


Hm... What to do... Last year I went overboard and it blew up in my face...
Okay. This year, no bells and whistles. Just a simple message from the heart.
Being direct is my best bet!
(Captain), I've made chocolates for you this year too. Here you go.
And... Those chocolates aren't full of my friendship... They're full of my love towards you!
Gasp... I did it... I did it...
I... I'm going back to my room now!
(Captain)... I meant every word I said!


(Captain), I made chocolates this year too. Would you like them?
They're homemade, of course.
I-I didn't spare any effort... These show my sincere feelings to the person most important to me, after all...
U-um, do you remember what I said last year?
I meant every word I said. I really...
W-well, it's not like you have to answer me right away.
I just want you to remember that I'm serious about my feelings.
A-anyway, I have to go for now and hand out friendship chocolates to everyone else.


H-hey, (Captain). Do you remember the chocolates I made for you last year? And... my question?
Oh, I'm... not asking you for an answer right away or anything.
I've thought about it, and... I realized I never put my feelings for you into words—only chocolate.
Th-that's why... I'm no longer going to dance around the subject.
(Captain). I... I really like you. I love you.
I hope you'll accept these chocolates... along with my feelings.
(Ahh... I really said it! I even said... love! I can't believe I actually did it!)
A-anyway, I should get going! Y-you don't have to answer me now if you're not ready!
But... Just remember that my feelings for you are as real as can be, (Captain).

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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Something wrong, (Captain)? Why did you call me out here?
Huh? T-this is for me?
B-but why? Wait... Today's White Day, isn't it?
T-thank you... I couldn't be happier.
Oogh... I bet my face must be beet red right now.
P-please don't look at me... I'm too embarrassed for words.


Everything okay, (Captain)? I came as soon as I heard you were looking for me.
A present for me? Ah, right—today's White Day. Teehee, thanks.
Huh? (Captain), what are you getting so close for?
Why did you push me to the wall?
Ngh, (Captain)... Your face is right next to mine...
I can feel your pulsating breath on my neck...
H-hey! Back off! It's too soon for—
Huh? You were just practicing something from Gift-Giving 101?
Ah, I read that book for Valentine's...
Rgh! You totally gave me the wrong idea just now! Don't make fun of me like that!
It was... so embarassing...


Hehe! (Captain), today's White Day!
So what are you going to do for me this year?
Are you going to push me up against a wall like last year? Or...
Choose: I'll grant you one wish.
What? Really?
Then... I want you to... Or maybe I want...
Uhh... But (Captain) might think I'm a little weird if I ask for that...
But... I can't pass up this chance... Uh...
(Captain), give me a few minutes! I'll think of something!
Oh no... What to do... Which one should I ask for...


You made sure to give me a White Day gift this year too. Thank you.
H-hey, do you remember what you said to me on White Day last year?
About... Granting me one wish...
I-I, um, decided on a wish.
C-could you... W-would you bridal carry me?
Or is that... too much to ask for?
Hngh... S-so this is the fabled bridal carry...
Hey, (Captain). Is it okay if... we stay like this for a while?
I've just dreamed about being bridal carried for so long...


Could I be a little selfish... just for today?
I don't want any sweets or gifts for White Day this year. Could I ask you for a favor instead?
Thank you, (Captain). I... want to dance with you. Only if you'll have me, of course!
There are some dances that are only performed when you have a special partner.
Up until now, I've avoided doing any of them.
But... I've realized that you're an irreplaceable person in my life.
Wh-what I'm trying to say is... May I have this dance?

  • Choose: I'm not much of a dancer.
    Hehe... That's fine. Here, take my hand. I'll lead, okay?
  • Choose: Of course.
    Thank you. Hehe... This is like a dream come true.

Let's get started on our lesson right away then.
A private lesson... just for you, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hee hee... Happy Halloween.
Hey, (Captain). You gonna ask me trick or treat?
Huh? Of course I don't have candy!
So instead... I want you to trick me, (Captain).
However you like.
Huh? H-hold on! What are you doing with your hands?
You're not... seriously going to prank me, are you?
Augh... I knew this was a bad idea! I was kidding! I have candy! So please! Don't do it!


This isn't an easy decision. I suppose something more revealing would be...Oh, but what if someone considers me improper?
Ah, (Captain)? I was thinking of dressing up this year. But I'm having trouble picking out a costume...
I know! (Captain), which of these costumes do you like best?
The one that's more revealing, or the one with lots of frills and lace?
Hm? Yeah, of course I want your opinion. I'll wear whatever you choose.
B-because I want you to be all over me—
Oh, never mind what I just said. So? Take your pick.
What are your tastes, (Captain)?


I... (Captain)... Um... Is today Halloween?
I-it's just... I wanted to know... Would you come with me into town?
Huh? Really? You will?
O-okay! Just wait here! I'll go put on my costume!
Hehe. (Captain)... you'll love what I'm wearing.
Hehe. Going to town with (Captain)... Like a real date...
I'll dress to impress and have (Captain) all up in my... pocket!


Oh, (Captain). Perfect timing.
Since it's Halloween today, I tried baking pumpkin pie.
Hehe. It turned out quite nicely, if I may say so myself.
Let's eat it together!
Hm? I look like I'm having a lot of fun?
Hehe, I guess so. I do like baking... or rather, cooking.
That's because there're people who'll happily eat it for me. Isn't that wonderful?
N-not to mention, they say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach...
N-never mind! Forget it!
Anyway, I'll go cut this pie. Wait right there!


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Hehe. If you don't give me any treats, I'm gonna play a trick on you!
Remember how I asked you to say "trick or treat" to me before?
I just thought that it's about time I said it to you.
So, which is it? Are you gonna give me a treat?
Or are you waiting for a little trick from me, hm?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays.
You know... I like noise and excitement, but right now I just want to spend the evening in silence...
That's why I made sure we were alone. Just me and my precious (Captain)...
Hey. Wanna spend the rest of today just like this? Together?
Wha? You do? R-really?
Ngh... No! I knew it! It's too embarrassing... Huh? You were just making fun of me?
Don't do that!


It's snowing... No wonder it's so cold.
Is it okay if I inch a little closer to you, (Captain)?
I'm not really dressed for this weather...
Can you... help keep me warm, (Captain)?
Eeep! A-are we cuddling already?
Aagh... I did say to keep me warm, but this is...
Aah! N-no! I-I can't... Ngh!
Hm? Am I blushing? That's because you were snuggling up against me...
Ngh, (Captain). I'm not cold anymore, so give me some room, okay?
Otherwise, I won't be able to handle it...


(Captain), happy holidays!
(Captain), do you have any plans for tonight?
If you don't, why not go to a party with me?
But wait... You probably can't becau—
Huh? You can?
Thank you, (Captain)!
Hehe... I get to have you all to myself on a night like this... What a dream...
Let's make the most of tonight, okay?


Oh, (Captain). There you are.
Me? I was looking for you.
Isn't it natural to want to spend such a special night with the person most important to me?
Yes. You heard me correctly.
You know how I feel about you already, don't you?
T-that's why, um... If you're willing, why don't you join me in my room tonight?
A-and we can have a party, just the two of us.
(I actually said it... But I had to if I want us to go any further together...)
(There's no turning back now. I-I can do this!)
A-anyways, I'll be waiting in my room!
U-um... You can join me whenever you want, but only if you want to, of course!


"Everyone appreciates seeing a cute Santa outfit"... Hmm.
Still, wearing one would be so embarrassing.
But if it'd make (Captain) happy...
Huh? (Captain)! Since when did you get here?
Hm? What am I reading? Oh, uh... That's a secret.
Um, (Captain)... This might sound strange but... can I ask you something?
What do you think about me putting on a cute Santa outfit?

  • Choose: You'd look charming.
    (Ngh... (Captain) said I'd look charming...)
    (Guess I have no choice now but to wear one!)
  • Choose: I wanna see!
    (I didn't think (Captain) would say that... Looks like the book was right after all.)
    (I guess I'll have to wear one now!)

Thank you. I'll put your answer into consideration.
By the way, you won't be able to take your eyes off me at the party tonight, (Captain).
So get ready, all right?

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Dancer's Troubles

During their stay at the hot spring inn, (Captain) and company go for a stroll around town as Anthuria enjoys a dip first. They find her again later, surrounded by enthusiastic fans. The fans' enthusiasm changes tune quickly when they realize Anthuria didn't travel alone.

As a reward for completing a mission, (Captain) and the crew receive complimentary tickets to a hot spring inn.
Deciding to take this as an opportunity for a break, the crew visits the hot spring town where the facility is located.
Anthuria: The layout of this inn is very interesting. I've never seen anything quite like it before.
Anthuria: It has a nice charm to it.
Peeking inside the rooms they'll be staying in, Anthuria gazes upon everything with fascination.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), what are we gonna do now?
Vyrn: If you don't have anything planned, then let's take a look around town!
  1. Sounds good.
  2. What about Anthuria?

Choose: Sounds good.
Lyria: I want to try one of those hot spring eggs I've heard about!
Vyrn: Well, I'm hankerin' for a hot spring manju.
Lyria: Are you coming with us, Anthuria?
Anthuria: Thank you for the invitation, but I think I'll go for a dip in the hot springs first.
Anthuria: I worked up quite a sweat on the way here, so I'd like to clean myself up.
Anthuria: I couldn't bear it if (Captain) thought I smelled...
Vyrn: Stayin' clean is important, I guess. So it'll be just us three then?

Choose: What about Anthuria?
Anthuria: Me? I was thinking of taking a dip in the hot springs first.
Anthuria: Since we came all the way here, I want to relax and soak in the water.
Anthuria: So don't worry about me.
Vyrn: Guess that means we're headin' to town ourselves then.
Continue 1
With a nod of agreement from (Captain), they part ways with Anthuria and go off to explore the hot spring town.
Their first destination is a surprise to no one.
Lyria: Wow... These hot spring eggs are so soft and yummy!
Vyrn: Hey, let's try that place next—
Wait, do you hear that?
They turn toward where they hear the sound coming from and find a crowd of people rushing at them with manic excitement in their eyes.
Man 1: Anthuria! I'm coming!
Man 2: You think you can get a head start on me, buddy! Think again! I'm gonna confess to her first!
Woman 1: Out of the way! The only one getting close to Anthuria is me!
In a blink of an eye, the crowd whips past (Captain) and company and vanishes just as quickly as it came.
Lyria: Umm... Was it just me, or were those people saying Anthuria's name?
Vyrn: I heard it too. Why am I gettin' a feeling of deja vu here?
Lyria: Now that I think about it... She was being chased by a lot of people back when we first met her.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Shoot! I totally forgot Fire Girl's famous!
  1. We have to find her!

Choose: We have to find her!
Lyria: Yes, we do!
With a round of affirmative nods, (Captain) and company chase after the crowd.
Together they hurriedly search through the hot spring town for any sign of Anthuria.
Before long, (Captain) and company stumble upon a large throng of people in one section of town.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, there's so many people!
Vyrn: Hey, you don't think that maybe this crowd means that...
Anthuria: Enough of this! Please just leave me alone!
Anthuria's angry voice suddenly pierces through the crowd.
But it only draws more attention.
Vyrn: Sigh... So these people are all Fire Girl's fans...
Lyria: Ahaha... She's as popular as ever.
Lyria: Wait, what are we doing! We have to help her!
At (Captain)'s nod, they plunge into the crowd.
Through some miracle, (Captain) manages to find Anthuria and grab her hand.
Anthuria: ...?
Don't touch me!
Anthuria: Huh? (Captain)?
Anthuria: I'm sorry! I didn't think it was you who touched me!
Anthuria: Y-you know, you can take my hand whenever you want, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Less talking, more running! Let's get outta here!
Point taken, (Captain) tugs on Anthuria's hand and leads her out of the throng of people.
Anthuria: Hehe... I'm reminded of the time you first saved me.
Anthuria: You took my hand just like this...
Ruffian: You idiots! Don't let Anthuria get away!
Vyrn: C'mon, how many of these guys are there!
Lyria: Oh no... I think there's more of them coming!
Vyrn: Let's get outta here, (Captain)! Lyria! Fire Girl!
Anthuria: (Captain), you really are...
Once (Captain) and company make their escape from the crowd, they do their best to stay out of sight.
Anthuria: Thank you for saving me.
Vyrn: I can't believe how popular you are, Fire Girl.
Anthuria: I'm flattered that everyone likes me so much, but I really wish they'd consider the time and place for such excitement...
Anthuria: Especially since they interrupted my precious trip with you, (Captain)...
Man 1: Say what! You're on a trip with this loser?
Lyria: Whoa! When did he—
A quick look around reveals that it's not just him. Another crowd of Anthuria's fans is gathering around them.
Vyrn: They found us already? Man, these guys just don't give up!
Lyria: Wh-what should we do? Should we start running again?
Anthuria: No, let me take care of this. I've had enough of them interrupting our hot spring trip.
Vyrn: You sure about this?
Anthuria: Yes. If I tell it to them clearly, surely they will give up.
Anthuria: And if not, well, I have a backup plan and I'm not afraid to use it.
Man 2: Yo, Anthuria! Are you really on a trip with that punk?
Man 1: And what exactly is your relationship with 'em? I saw you both holding hands a second ago!
Anthuria: Relationship? Well... (Captain) is the person I hold dearest in my heart.
Anthuria: So much so that I wouldn't mind giving (Captain) all of me...
Man 2: You what! You're kidding me!
Man 1: You're lying! You've gotta be lying! Please tell me you're lying!
Anthuria: It's nothing but the truth, so please stop interrupting our date!
Anthuria: We don't... often get a chance to be together like this...
Man 1: No... way...
Man 2: I refuse to believe this! I won't! I'll never!
All of Anthuria's fans turn their gazes toward (Captain) with unbridled hostility in their eyes.
Anthuria: Just so you all know, if anybody dares lay a hand on (Captain), anger won't even begin to describe what I'll feel.
Anthuria: In fact if that ever happens, I swear I won't ever dance again.
Woman 1: No! I'd rather die than see you quit!
Man 1: Y-yeah, that's the one thing you can't take away from us!
Man 2: I beg you! Anything but that!
Anthuria: Then I think it's pretty clear that everyone should stop getting in our way.
Man 1: Damn it! This is all a bad dream! It has to be!
Man 2: I'll never accept this... Never! I'm the only one worthy of Anthuria!
Woman 1: Better this than never being able to see Anthuria dancing again...
Anthuria's fans slowly disperse, their expressions twisted in disbelief as they mutter to themselves.
Anthuria: Sigh... Finally some peace and quiet.
Lyria: Ahaha... That was kind of amazing.
Anthuria: Thank you. But now I'm feeling quite drained.
Anthuria: I was so looking forward to enjoying this beautiful yukata too...
Vyrn: Where'd you even find one of those?
  1. You look amazing.
  2. I could look at you forever...

Choose: You look amazing.
Lyria: You do! Your hair is also done really well!
Vyrn: For sure! I can kinda understand why all those fans went nuts over you.
Anthuria: Hehe, thank you, everyone. Your words are too kind.
But mere compliments are not enough for Anthuria. With a craving for more, she bats her eyes at (Captain).
Anthuria: Say, (Captain). Would you happen to be free tonight?
Anthuria: If you are, would you like to enjoy the moonlight with me?
Anthuria: I was thinking it would be nice to spend a quiet evening together, especially since I've already gone through the effort of putting on a yukata.
Anthuria: And then maybe you could tell me how the moon isn't the only beautiful sight to behold tonight...

Choose: I could look at you forever...
Anthuria: Ah, hngh... (Captain), if you say it like that, I...
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Anthuria, you're turning redder than an apple!
Anthuria: I-I can't help myself. I never thought I'd hear those words come from (Captain)'s lips...
Anthuria: I'm just so happy... I...
Anthuria: H-hey, (Captain). Will you really look at me forever?
Anthuria: If you do, I'll do anything you want...
Anthuria: Actually I'll let you do anything you want to me... So...
Continue 2
To emphasize her point, Anthuria presses her body close against (Captain).
Lyria: Hey! Too close! You're way too close, Anthuria!
Vyrn: By the way, Fire Girl. Did you forget we're still in the middle of town?
Anthuria: Wha... Ah! Aahhhh!
Anthuria's entire body goes scarlet as she panics and flings herself away from (Captain).
Anthuria: Hngh... Well, how else am I supposed to act when (Captain) says something like that?
Vyrn: Sigh. Guess some things never change.
Anthuria: You don't have to tell me that...
Vyrn: Anyway, what are you gonna do after this, Fire Girl?
Vyrn: We're probably gonna keep exploring the town for a little while longer.
Anthuria: Then could I join you? If I wander alone, I might get caught up in a crowd again...
(Captain) gives a wry smile at that and nods.
Anthuria: Thank you. Shall we go?
Anthuria: Wait, before that.
Anthuria: (Captain), would you mind taking my hand one more time?
Anthuria: I believe my fans should leave us alone if we're holding hands.
Anthuria: Or should we link arms instead? Hehe, we can do it however you like, (Captain).
The only warning Anthuria gets is a single nod before (Captain) takes Anthuria's hand firmly.
Anthuria: Wha... Ahh?
The moment (Captain) does so, Anthuria's body flushes bright red again.
Anthuria: Uhm, (Captain)? Are you really going to... hold my hand?
Anthuria: Hngh... Y-you're really grasping me firmly yet gently...
Anthuria: Ahn... Your hand, it's enveloping me in such warmth and comfort...
Anthuria: Nngh... Hey, (Captain)... Can you hold me just a bit closer?
Lyria: Ungh... That's not fair! Hold my hand too!
Vyrn: Oh come on, you guys...
With her best efforts, Anthuria continues to try bridging the distance between herself and (Captain).
However, she still has many obstacles left to overcome before that distance is crossed.

A Dancer's True Feelings

(Captain) and company run into Yuisis at a famous footbath nearby. As everyone enjoys the hot water, they converse about the hot springs, and the subject turns very quickly to the family bath available at the inn. Anthuria decides to take this chance to invite (Captain) for some private quality time together.

(Captain) and company go back to exploring the hot spring town, now with Anthuria by their side.
While walking around, they hear of a famous footbath nearby and decide to pay it a visit.
???: Huh? (Captain)?
Upon their arrival, they find Yuisis in a yukata, her feet already enjoying the footbath before them.
Vyrn: You came for a dip in the footbath too, Crazy Girl?
Yuisis: Yeah. Wanna join me, Boss?
With nods all around, everyone wastes no time in sitting down and dipping their feet into the hot waters of the footbath.
Lyria: Wow... This feels so good...
Anthuria: It really does. The water at the inn was great, but this is enjoyable as well.
Vyrn: Oh yeah. I forgot you tested out the hot springs already. How was it?
Anthuria: It was excellent. The view from the springs was lovely, and the pools of water were nice and open.
Vyrn: Whoa... Guess we've gotta try them out too when we get back.
Lyria: I can't wait!
(Captain) agrees with a nod.
Anthuria: That reminds me. As I was leaving, the innkeeper let me know that they also have a family bath available.
Vyrn: Huh? The heck's a family bath?
Anthuria: It's a bath made for the purpose of friends and family bathing together.
Anthuria: The area is private, so no other visitors can enter while someone has it reserved. Sounds nice, doesn't it?
Yuisis: It really is. I used to use 'em when I went bathin' with my family.
Lyria: Wow. I had no idea that kind of thing existed.
Anthuria: Hehe. How about it, (Captain)? Want to go in one together?
Anthuria: If we do, I'll give your back a nice, gentle wash.
Anthuria: Or would you rather wash all of me instead?
  1. Umm...

Choose: Umm...
Anthuria: I don't mind letting you do so, (Captain).
Anthuria: I'd let you look anywhere you wanted... Touch anywhere you wanted...
Anthuria: So why don't we—
Yuisis: I like that idea. Mind if I join you guys?
Anthuria: What?
Yuisis: We never get to spend some quality nude time together, right, (Captain)?
Yuisis: I'd love to get a soak in with you.
Anthuria: You're fine with getting naked in front of other people? Really?
Yuisis: Of course. It's a little embarrassin', but we're family, right?
Yuisis: So there's nothin' to worry 'bout.
Yuisis: Y'know, you guys should join us too! How 'bout it, Vyrn, Lyria? A family bath's not much without a family!
Vyrn: Hm? I don't mind joinin'. I bathe with (Captain) all the time anyway.
Lyria: Um, I—
Anthuria: A-actually, never mind! Forget about the whole thing!
Yuisis: Huh? Why?
Anthuria: I... I don't think I can take being nude in front of everyone...
Anthuria: Especially not (Captain)... Just the thought of showing everything is...
Anthuria: Haugh!
Anthuria's body goes bright red, and that's about as much warning as everyone gets before she collapses backward.
Lyria: Eep! Anthuria! Are you okay?
Anthuria: Hngh... The world's spinning...
Yuisis: Looks like she's just a little dizzy.
Vyrn: Are you serious?
An awkward laugh is all Anthuria hears as her head is gently lifted up and laid onto (Captain)'s lap.
Anthuria: O-oh my... My head is on... (Captain)'s lap... Hngh...
Anthuria: I'm so happy... I could... I could just... Hauuuuugh!
Lyria: Eek! Anthuria's gone completely red!
Vyrn: I think you're doing the opposite of helpin', (Captain)!
Yuisis: I'll be right back with some cold water!
Anthuria can do nothing but lay there, her head woozy and eyes spinning.
Everyone else, on the other hand, do all they can to help her, without descending into panic.

A Dancer's True Feelings: Scene 2

Standing outside the inn at night, (Captain) spots Anthuria leaving by herself and follows after her out of concern. Yuisis tags along with (Captain), and together they stumble across a spectacular sight.

After a nice soak in the hot springs, (Captain) relaxes alone outside to cool off a bit.
This just happens to let (Captain) catch sight of Anthuria leaving the inn by herself.
Remembering the excitement from earlier in the day, (Captain) grows worried and follows after her.
???: (Captain)? What're you doin' out in the dark by yourself?
An unexpected voice calls out from behind.
Standing there with her face slightly flushed, perhaps from just leaving the baths, is Yuisis.
(Captain) briefly explains the situation.
Yuisis: So that's what happened. Let me help you out then. Better than goin' off alone, right?
  1. You sure?
  2. I'll be fine by myself.

Choose: You sure?
Yuisis: Yeah. I was thinkin' of coolin' off after my bath anyway.
Yuisis: Plus I'd never pass up a chance to take a nice evenin' walk with you.

Choose: I'll be fine by myself.
Yuisis: Well, I don't doubt you'd be fine alone.
Yuisis: But it's easier to deal with trouble when you've got someone watching your back, right?
Yuisis: So let me tag along.
Continue 1
Yuisis: Besides, I care about her too, y'know? She's part of the crew, which means she's family.
Nodding in understanding, (Captain) lets Yuisis join the chase.
Yuisis: I think she went this way... Huh?
Yuisis's voice trails off in confusion.
The sight they come upon is as unexpected as it is stunning.
In captivated silence, (Captain) and Yuisis can only watch the smiling Anthuria dance the night away.
Anthuria: ...
Anthuria: Sigh... That felt nice. The glow of the moon is even better lighting than I thought it'd be.
Anthuria: It's too bad I have no audience though.
Anthuria: Who's there!
Anthuria: (Captain)? Yuisis? What are you two doing here?
Yuisis: We were worried since you went off on your own at such a late hour.
Yuisis: (Captain) also told me about what happened earlier today, so we followed you just to be safe.
Anthuria: O-oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean for both of you to worry.
(Captain) and Yuisis shake their heads.
Yuisis: Forget about our worries. I'd be more worried about myself if I were you.
Yuisis: Your yukata might need a little bit of fixin' considerin' the view right now.
Anthuria: What?
Anthuria: ...!
Anthuria looks down at herself and immediately flushes red at the state of her clothing. She whips the other way and squats down in an effort to cover herself.
Anthuria: Hngh... T-turn around! Don't look! I'm going to fix this!
Yuisis and (Captain) dutifully do as they're told and turn away.
Anthuria: Haugh... I can't believe I exposed myself like this...
Anthuria: (Captain)... probably saw everything...
Anthuria: Hngh... I swear... I'm not that kind of person...
Anthuria: You can l-look now.
Anthuria: Yuisis, (Captain)... P-please forget you saw anything.
  1. I'll do my best to.
  2. You were so pretty though.

Choose: I'll do my best to.
Yuisis: Me too. I'd never disrespect the wishes of my family.
Anthuria: Th-thank you.
Yuisis: That was some beautiful dancing though.
Yuisis: My sister who loves dancing used to take me to a lot of shows, but I gotta say I've never seen anyone move like you before. You're amazin'.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Anthuria: Th-thank you. It's flattering to know you both think so.

Choose: You were so pretty though.
Yuisis: You really were. I don't think I could forget such gorgeous dancin' even if I wanted to.
Anthuria: Hngh... If you both really liked it so much, then I guess I can put up with the embarrassment...
Anthuria: ((Captain) actually said I was pretty...)
Anthuria: (I would have preferred to have been fully dressed, but...)
Anthuria: (I can't help but feel happy.)
Anthuria: (And it looks like (Captain) is a bit more interested in me now. Maybe being seen wasn't such a bad thing after all.)
Continue 2
Yuisis: But you know, for someone so famous, I'd have thought you would be more careful.
Yuisis: Why are you out here practicing so late by yourself?
Anthuria: I wasn't. I just felt like dancing a bit.
Anthuria: If I decided to dance in a place with a lot of people, I would have drawn a lot of attention.
Anthuria: Which is why I snuck off here.
Yuisis: Oh, that makes sense.
  1. Do you still want to dance?
  2. It's late now. We should head back.

Choose: Do you still want to dance?
Anthuria: No. I've had my fill. We should go back to the inn.
Anthuria: There's no telling what will happen if I dance again in these clothes either...
Yuisis: Then let's head back—

Choose: It's late now. We should head back.
Anthuria: You're right. I think it's about time we do so.
Anthuria: It's probably not the best idea to keep dancing in these clothes either...
Anthuria glances over her yukata with a strained smile.
Anthuria: Before I forget... (Captain), would you join me in my room tonight? We could... sleep together.
Anthuria: Think of it as an apology for all the trouble I've caused today.
Anthuria: Hehe, I wouldn't mind letting you use me as a pillow either.
Anthuria: Using me for anything else you'd like is also fine...
Anthuria: What do you say?
Continue 3
Yuisis: ...!
Yuisis suddenly draws her sword and sweeps the surrounding area with sharp eyes.
Anthuria: Wh-what are you doing?
Yuisis: Hmm. Nothing, sorry. Must just be my imagination.
Anthuria: Did you sense a monster?
Yuisis: Maybe... Well, never mind. Let's hurry back to the inn for now.
Trusting Yuisis's judgment, they make haste toward the inn.

A Dancer's True Feelings: Scene 3

(Captain) parts with Yuisis and Anthuria once they return to the inn. As soon as the captain is alone, a group of Anthuria's most dedicated male fans crawl out of the woodwork, demanding that (Captain) never get near Anthuria again.

Everyone soon arrives at the inn.
(Captain) parts ways with Anthuria and Yuisis, and begins to head back to the room where Vyrn and Lyria are waiting.
Man 1: I don't see Anthuria! Now's our chance! Get that brat!
The sudden shout brings about a crowd of angry men that quickly surround (Captain) from all sides.
Man 3: This is the person that Anthuria cares about so much? I've seen monsters more attractive than this!
Man 2: You said it. Anthuria deserves someone only as good as one of us!
Man 4: I couldn't agree more. This loser's gotta go!
The man reaches out and grabs (Captain) by the collar.
Man 4: Hey, buddy! I dunno how the hell you managed to trick Anthuria into liking you, but you stay away from her, you hear?
Man 4: Don't even think about getting close to her again!
Man 4: And if you don't do as we say, well, we don't need to spell it out for you, do we?
The men make a show of waving their weapons toward (Captain).
Man 4: We don't want anyone getting hurt after all. So why don't you just—
  1. Never!

Choose: Never!
Man 4: What? You moron, you think we're kidding? We're serious—
  1. I'll never abandon a friend!

Choose: I'll never abandon a friend!
Man 4: Pffft, really? Well, good for you!
Man 4: Let's see if you're still singing the same tune after we're done with you! Line up, boys!
Command given, the men all draw closer.
Yuisis: As if we'd let you!
Man 2: Oof!
Anthuria: Get your filthy hands off of (Captain)!
Man 4: Argh!
Right before harm can descend upon (Captain), Yuisis and Anthuria appear from the shadows of the inn and drive the men back.
Anthuria: (Captain), are you okay? You're not hurt?
Surprised and a little bit stunned, (Captain) dumbly nods an affirmative.
Anthuria: Thank goodness.
Man 1: Wh-why is Anthuria here with her friend? Didn't they go back to their rooms?
Yuisis: Do you really think we're dumb enough not to notice your bloodlust?
Yuisis: Especially when it's directed toward (Captain) here.
Yuisis: We rushed over as soon as we noticed.
Yuisis: This ugly aura I'm feeling though...
Yuisis: It was you guys I sensed back there, wasn't it?
Anthuria: What in the world were you all thinking of doing?
Anthuria: Were you really trying to hurt the person I hold dearest?
Anthuria: Didn't I warn you all what would happen if you tried to hurt (Captain)?
Anthuria: Think very carefully about your answers...
Before Anthuria's terrifyingly cold gaze, the men shake in their boots.
Man 1: W-we just wanted to open your eyes, Anthuria!
Man 3: Yeah, what he said! We were gonna show you this punk's true nature!
Man 3: Someone like that won't treat you right! You need one of us to—
Anthuria: Stop talking.
Man 3: ...!
Anthuria: The only person I love is (Captain). I have no interest in anybody else. Don't make me say it again.
Man 1: Why... Why! What makes that loser so special?
Anthuria: If it's reasons you want, then I've got a long list.
Immediately after the declaration, she threads her arm through (Captain)'s and pulls them close together. Her eyes blaze as she locks gazes with the person that matters most to her.
Anthuria: For example, your beautiful eyes and how they shined when you saved me the first time...
Anthuria: Or how I can't look away as I watch you chase after your dreams...
Anthuria: Or how you see me for who I truly am, and not just for my looks or my dancing...
Anthuria: But most of all... you make me want to stay by your side. Forever.
Anthuria: This is the first time I've felt this way about anyone.
Anthuria: To the point where I'd be okay with giving you all of me...
Anthuria: So I want to stay by your side...
Anthuria: B-because... I love you with all my heart.
Anthuria buries her flushed face into (Captain)'s arm, as if to hide from the words she had just spoken.
Man 1: Wh-what... just happened? You're kidding, right? There's no way I believe that!
Man 3: Your feelings are wrong! I'm... I'm the only one that can make you happy, Anthuria!
Man 2: You... If only you didn't exist, then Anthuria would be mine!
Man 4: I'm done talking! We got no choice but to use force!
Man 4: I'll make you mine, Anthuria! I promise!
Raising their weapons, the men all glare hatefully at (Captain).
Yuisis: Not only will you ignore someone's feelings, you'll also force them to obey your will? You're all worse than scum.
Yuisis: None of you truly care about Anthuria. You just want to own her like an object.
Yuisis: I can't believe you call yourselves fans. Why not just admit what you really are? Trash.
Man 4: Shut up! We're the ones in the right here!
Yuisis: They're beyond reasonin'. I guess we've got no choice.
Yuisis: No matter the reason, you dared to threaten my family.
Yuisis: Are you prepared for what happens next?
Anthuria: Even I have my limits.
Anthuria: If words won't work, then I'll just have to show you how serious I am about (Captain)!

A Dancer's True Feelings: Scene 4

With the men defeated and her embarrassing confessions out in the air, Anthuria flees back into the inn. (Captain) finds her later, and Anthuria realizes that her confessions didn't reach the captain's heart. She makes up her mind and resolves to speak her feelings one more time.

The men lie defeated on the ground, thwarted by (Captain) and company.
In the midst of all the bodies, Anthuria crouches down with her head in her hands and whimpers.
Anthuria: Hnghnnnn... I didn't mean to say those bold, embarrassing things...
Anthuria: I can't even look at (Captain) now...
  1. What's wrong?

Choose: What's wrong?
Anthuria: Aaah!
Anthuria shoots up into the air at (Captain)'s voice.
Anthuria: Aaahh, it's nothing! Nothing... at all.
Anthuria: Uhm, uhh, uhmm... I-I... I...
Yuisis: You?
Anthuria: I'm going to the hot springs!
Without giving anyone time to respond, Anthuria dashes away at lightning speed.
(Captain) and the rest simply stare after her, dumbfounded.
Slightly worried by Anthuria's earlier behavior, (Captain) walks through the inn in search of her.
Anthuria's Voice: Hngh...
It doesn't take long to catch Anthuria's whimpering voice from somewhere nearby.
Searching for the source leads (Captain) to find Anthuria rolling around the floor of her room.
Anthuria: Aah, I can't believe it... I can't believe I did that...
Anthuria: I'll never be able to look (Captain) in the eyes again...
Anthuria: Who's there? Wait, (Captain)?
Upon realizing it really is (Captain) standing before her, Anthuria flounders about and launches herself off the floor.
Anthuria: Uhm... You didn't see what I was doing... did you?
Unfortunately, (Captain) can only sheepishly nod.
Anthuria: Hngh, I can't believe you saw me doing something embarrassing again.
Anthuria: J-just so you know, I don't always do that when I'm by myself!
Anthuria: A lot of things happened today, so...
Anthuria: Wait, I should apologize! (Captain), I'm so sorry for the inappropriate things I said earlier!
Anthuria: I completely lost my cool when I heard those men talking down to you.
Anthuria: I couldn't help myself. Those bold words just slipped out...
  1. I was happy even if it was a joke.
  2. I didn't mind them.

Choose: I was happy even if it was a joke.
Anthuria: A... joke.
Anthuria: Even if I said them in the heat of the moment, those words are how I really feel...
Anthuria: B-but if you were happy to hear them, then that means I have a chance... right?
Anthuria: Then I just have to make sure you know I am serious about my feelings, without a doubt.

Choose: I didn't mind them.
Anthuria: You... didn't mind.
Anthuria: Even if I said them in the heat of the moment, those words are how I really feel...
Anthuria: But if you didn't mind that then... I might have a chance?
Anthuria: But how... How will I ever make you look at me?
Anthuria: There must be a way to convey how I really feel and make you fall for me...
Continue 1
Anthuria: H-hey, (Captain)? Do you have any plans after this?
Anthuria: No? Then would you like to enjoy the cool evening air with me?
Anthuria: I'm... a little lonely by myself.
(Captain) nods and sits down next to Anthuria.
Anthuria: Hehe, thank you.
Anthuria: You know, there's a breeze that passes through this room that keeps the floor nice and cool.
Anthuria: In the evening, the floor is at the perfect temperature.
Anthuria lowers herself to the floor.
Anthuria: (Captain), try it. I promise it feels nice and cool.
As requested, (Captain) lies back as well.
Anthuria: The breeze is so soothing, isn't it?
(Captain) and Anthuria lie together, the distance between them unchanging.
That is until Anthuria reaches out and grasps (Captain)'s hand firmly with her own.
Anthuria: (Captain), I just want you to know that what I said in front of those men was all true.
Anthuria: Every word of it.
Anthuria: I'd give you all of me, if that's what you wanted.
Anthuria: Please don't forget that.
With a gentle smile, Anthuria squeezes (Captain)'s hand.
Finally her feelings are properly conveyed.
Where her feelings will lead her, however...
No one quite knows yet.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
はだけない様に気をつけないと…… Is there any way to keep a yukata from slipping open?
有名になるのも考えものね…… Fame is more difficult to manage than I thought...
温泉はやっぱりいいわね…… Hot springs are really nice.
そういえば温泉卵を食べるの忘れてたわね I never did get to try one of those hot spring eggs.
また、みんなで温泉に行きたいわね I'd like to visit the hot springs again with everyone someday.
このユカタヴィラ、似合うかしら? Does this yukata look okay on me?
熱狂的なファンは苦手ね I'm not sure how to deal with overly enthusiastic fans.
私の舞、お見せするわ Let me show you how I dance.
(主人公)、一緒に温泉に入らない? (Captain), can we soak in the hot springs together?
(主人公)が一緒なら安心できるわ I have nothing to worry about if I'm with (Captain).


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