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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3020062000 01.jpg Cailana
Age 18 years old
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Surfing, collecting pretty shells, making accessories out of collected shells
Likes Surfing, competition, free diving
Dislikes Losing, being restricted by rules
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3020062000 01.jpg Cailana
Age 18歳
Height 166 cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies サーフィン、綺麗な貝殻集め、集めた貝殻でアクセサリーを作ること
Likes サーフィン、競争、素潜り
Dislikes 負けること、規則や言いつけに縛られること

Npc f 3030251000 01.jpg Cailana (SR)
Age 18 years old
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Surfing, collecting pretty shells, making accessories out of collected shells
Likes Surfing, competition, free diving
Dislikes Losing, being restricted by rules
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030251000 01.jpg Cailana (SR)
Age 18歳
Height 166 cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies サーフィン、綺麗な貝殻集め、集めた貝殻でアクセサリーを作ること
Likes サーフィン、競争、素潜り
Dislikes 負けること、規則や言いつけに縛られること

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's a very special day.
That means we have to celebrate!
It's your birthday, (Captain)!
I've seen tons of islands ever since I joined you.
I can't thank you enough, (Captain). You've allowed me to visit beaches I never could have imagined!
That's why I got you... this!
It's a pendant I made out of seashells and pearls I've gathered from beaches across the skies!
Try it on. I bet it'll look great on you!


Happy birthday!
(Captain), check it out! The last time I went to Auguste, I got all of these pretty shells.
I arranged them in a cute pattern, and, uh, this is your birthday present, (Captain)!
All handmade presents should be more like this one--nice and simple.
Hehe. If you like this kind of stuff, I'll keep making it for you.
So keep taking me to different beaches, okay!


(Captain), Happy birthday! I'm really happy I get to spend time with you!
That a whole year has already gone by is crazy! Or maybe it just feels that way because I've joined you on your adventure.
Fun really makes time go at light speed, doesn't it!
(Captain), I really want to thank you. You've taught me that there's so much more to life than just surfing!
(Captain), we're in this together!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! It makes me so happy that we can celebrate your birthday together every year!
After all, we've journeyed together for so long and came all the way out here... We went through a ton of stuff, huh?
That's why I'm really glad we made it through another year and can celebrate your birthday like this again!
I guess that got kinda serious, huh?
It's a day for celebration, so let's forget about the sad stuff and enjoy today!
Really, happy birthday, (Captain)! I hope we can continue exploring different islands together from here on out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, you're coming too, (Captain)? I'm gonna celebrate by carving some new year waves as the sun rises!
That's the only way to really experience the new year, I say! Let's go!


Happy New Year! I just got back from my first ride of the year! It was the beeest!
Phew. I gotta say, though... I'm beat.
Yawn... I'm gettin' kinda sleepy, actually. Maybe I'll go straight to bed after this...
Say, (Captain), do you want to take a nap together? I get lonely sleeping alone...
Fwaaah... Okay! Then let's hit the hay!


(Captain), wanna go to a shrine for the first time this year?
Come on. I'll go with you!
Huh? Why am I wet?
Duh! Because I was out surfing for the first time this year!
Whew! This is the best way to start a new year!
Oh! Now I need to take the first shower of the new year too! I'll be right back!


This year's gonna be great if I'm already riding such killer waves... Mm... Zzz...
Huh? What! Where did the big wave go! And my ocean!
Oh, good morning, (Captain)! But wait! Wasn't I just surfing a second ago?
Huh? A dream? Really?
Hmph, so what if it was a dream! They say the first dream of the year always comes true, so that just means I get to look forward to the future!
Shoot! I almost forgot!
Happy New Year, (Captain)! We're gonna catch every single wave there is to ride this year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's!
Check it out, (Captain)! I got you a chocolate fountain!
Look, there's even a mini version of you riding the chocolate waves!
Don't worry about how I got one of these things! Just dig in!


Heya, (Captain)! Here's some Valentine's Day chocolates!
Truth be told, I wasn't really into this kind of stuff back at my hometown.
I was too busy catching waves, you know!
But ever since joining the crew, I've seen how into it everyone gets for these holidays and stuff.
Somehow, seeing that got me really pumped too!
So here you are! Valentine's Day chocolates from yours truly! Let me know how you like them.
Of course, you're only allowed to say that they're the best though! Hehe.


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day!
How did you like last year's chocolate?
Because this year I made them even better!
Ahah! I've still got plently of room for improvement.
When I was in Auguste I basically never did anything apart from surfing!
And you better not try to call me a land surfer! It's not like I had a choice, ya know! There's no water around these parts!
So basically, when I can't go the beach, I find myself addicted to cooking. I've come a long way, and I'm going to get better!


Here, take this. It's your Valentine's Day present!
A few things happened this year, so um... I'm sorry! This store-bought stuff is all I got!
What happened, you ask? Um... How should I put it? The more you get used to something, the more you let your guard down?
Yeah, so I got a little too excited, tried my hand at a hard recipe, and then failed super hard.
Oh, but don't worry! I'm going to eat everything I made! I'm not one to waste food!
Huh? You don't care if I failed? You still want it?
No way! You'll give yourself an upset stomach!
Geez, fine. Let's share them then!
But I'm gonna work hard, and next year I'll make sure to succeed and give you something really tasty!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Great waves today! Oh, hello, (Captain)! Didn't see you come in!
Sniff, sniff! Oh? I can smell something sweet on you, (Captain)!
Are these... fruit candies? They smell delicious!
These are for me? For White Day? Wow, thanks!


Ugh... Water... I need... The ocean... I'm totally gonna... shrivel up...
Hm? Oh... What's up, (Captain)?
A White Day present...
For me? Yay, thank you so much!
Ahh... You really are the ocean of my heart, (Captain)! I feel like I could drown in your kindness!
The ocean of your heart knows no bounds! I feel like I could swim in the skies right now! Thank you, (Captain).
Haha. But really though, we should swing by a beach every now and then.


Sigh... My body longs for the sea...
The winds are calling to me...
Wow, (Captain)! Is this a present for me?
Yay! Thank you! And what did you get me...
What... You're saying, because I can't go to Auguste sea, you've brought it to me?
Wow! You've made an ocean that exists on the outskirts of the Grandcypher with magic?
That's amazing! This is incredible!
(Captain), you mean the sea to me! I love you, (Captain)!
All right! Let's get surfin'!
Ahaha! Don't worry about it! I'll teach you everything you need to know!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Trick or treat! Decorating for tonight's party? Sounds good! Let me help out!
By the way (Captain), what are you dressing up as? Have you considered going as a sunburned surfer?
Grab a surfboard and get a swimsuit, and I bet you'll really stand out!


Happy Halloween!
Bummer! I'm all out of candy!
I thought it would be okay to get just enough for the youngest members of the crew, but even the adults wanted to join in on the fun.
Everyone was getting out of control, but then I thought, hey, it's a holiday, why not? So I ended up giving all my candy out.
So you should probably ask somebody else!
Eek! Hey now! Cut it out with the teasing!


Hey! (Captain), you came just in time!
I'm about to go to a halloween surfing event where surfers dress up.
t's not so much about people's ability to surf, but more about how good their costume looks! And of course newbies are welcome!
I still haven't picked out a costume yet. I'm not really good at stuff like that...
So I was hoping to get your opinion!
And with that, we're off to the costume shop!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)! Of course I'm gonna dress up and join the halloween surfing event again!
I feel like I didn't have enough punch last year... That's why I'm really gonna give it my all this year!
And that's where I need your help, (Captain)...
Can you join the halloween surfing event with me? Please!
The costumes this year are for pairs!
Huh? You'll come with me? Yaaay!
Thanks, (Captain)! You're too kind! I love you!
Well, I guess we should start getting ready right away! Let's go!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Look, it's snowing! I've never seen it snow before!
Back on Auguste it was sunny all year round, so I just kept riding the waves through the holidays!
The water gets pretty cold right about now.
I'd have the waves all to myself!


It's already time for the winter holidays, huh? You can feel it in the air... The town is just brimming with holiday spirit!
Just take a look around us—the night is brimming with excitement!
I used to spend my winter holidays at the beach, so I never had a chance to celebrate like this.
It's all thanks to you, (Captain)! Let's enjoy it together tonight!


Brr... It's cold...
It's freakin' freezing! It hurts! My bones are aching!
(Captain)! You came at just the right time! Could you help me?
Tonight I went to a surfer's event, but it was so cold that it was all I could think about.
Oh! (Captain), you're warm... Stay just like that...
This is great... You feel so good. This is where I should have been this whole time...


Whoa! Look, (Captain)! Everything's white, as far as the eye can see!
It snowed a lot yesterday, and the whole town got covered so fast.
Guess the surfing event this year is canceled though.
So how about this! Let's have a blast in town tonight and enjoy all the holiday festivities instead!
You're coming with me, right?
Come on then, let's go! There's only so much time before the fun's over!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Into the Granblue[edit]

The crew encounters Cailana, a daredevil surfer looking to ride the waves of Leviathan, during their last vacation of the summer. Eager to improve her skills by riding waves across the islands, Cailana joins the crew.

(Captain) and the crew are spending the last days of their summer vacation in Auguste.
???: Whoa!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! She's out there riding the waves again today!
Lyria: Yeah! The championship's coming up soon. It looks so fun!
The girl speeds ahead on the waves, and makes a perfect turn as she dances through the air.
The party is unable to turn its eyes away from the girl's effortless command of her board.
Suddenly a man appears.
Fisherman: That girl better come back to shore soon or she's gonna sprout fins!
Girl: Give her a break, Dad! The championship's just a little way off.
Vyrn: Heyo! Good to see you out on the beach.
Girl: Yep. I got up early to dive for oysters and haul them to the Fisherman's Guild.
Fisherman: Guess you could say the oyster's her world, huh kids?
Girl: Dad, cut it out! We were all just about to have a late breakfast.
Lyria: Oh, so you came down here to get Cailana!
Girl: Yeah! Over here, Cailana!
Cailana: Morning! I'll be right there. The wind's still blowing, so let me catch another wave!
Fisherman: Looks like her hands are tied... by the tide!
Girl: Hey (Captain), you guys wanna come eat with us?
Vyrn: Huh? Are you sure?
Girl: Of course! You did everyone in Auguste a huge favor by beating those monsters.
The party joins the three locals for a breakfast of grilled seafood.
Vyrn: This crab is so sweet and delicious!
Fisherman: That's good to hear. I wouldn't want our little catch to crab your style.
Girl: Eat as much as you want, (Captain). And enough of the weird jokes already, Dad!
Fisherman: What, you want me to clam up? To crawl into my shell?
Girl: Don't use me to make excuses for your bad jokes, Dad!
Fisherman: My own daughter's carping on my sense of humor!
Cailana: I love your ocean jokes, gramps. Keep 'em coming!
Cailana: You're skyfarers, right? So, like, you sail across the sky on an airship?
Lyria: We do!
Fisherman: Well isn't that just as cool as a sea cucumber?
Cailana: Ha-ha! I love it! So, is gramps right? Has it been as cool as a sea cucumber?
Lyria: Yes, it's been a very nice trip!
Cailana: That sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to see the world beyond this island someday.
Vyrn: Really?
Cailana: Auguste's great, but I want to see the ocean on other islands... and surf their waves, of course.
Cailana: My dream's to be a pro surfer, but my tournament results aren't there yet.
Vyrn: Really? I guess even as good as you are, there are still people who are better.
Cailana: That's why I want to surf as many beaches as I can. I figure it'll help me grow as a surfer, right?
Lyria: That reminds me. I heard there's going to be a surfing championship around here pretty soon!
Cailana: I'll be there for sure. The winner gets an invitation to surf other oceans.
Vyrn: How about that! If you win the championship, your dream of leaving this island will come true!
Cailana: I guess so, huh? The real challenge is off this island, but I've got to compete here first.
Vyrn: We'll be cheering you on!
Cailana: Thanks! I appreciate it!
Cailana: Uh-oh. The wind's changing.
Lyria: Huh?
The air surrounding Cailana suddenly grows tense.
Vyrn: Hey, what's gotten into you?
Cailana: That smell!
Lyria: What's happening?
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria? Is something happening with Surfer Girl here?
Cradling her board under one arm, Cailana runs toward the ocean.
One giant whirlpool forms after another, as if the seabed itself is twisting.
Vyrn: What in the sky's going on with the sea? Wait up, Surfer Girl!
Filled with determination, Cailana rushes into the water.
As Cailana's board enters the surf, she catches the riptide and begins moving away from the shore.
Cailana: Whew... Huff, huff...
Lyria: Vyrn, it's Levia—
A thick wall of water begins advancing towards the crew.
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd that come from?
At the same time, waves of tremendous height rise up just offshore.
Cailana: It's been a while since we've had winds like this!
Cailana: Today I'm going to ride this wave to the end. Come on, big guy!
The gigantic wave bears down on Cailana.
Cailana: Haaah!
Vyrn: Surfer Girl's riding that giant wave!
Cailana: ...!
Cailana hits the heavy wave directly, and struggles to stay above water.
Cailana: Ah!
Despite her good effort, the force of the water pulls Cailana under.
Lyria: Cailana! No!
Fisherman: Get to high ground, everyone! The waves'll swallow you up!
Girl: But Dad, Cailana's in danger!
Fisherman: She'll be okay. She might have wiped out, but she'll be okay. Worry about yourselves for now!
(Captain) and the crew obey the fisherman's commands, and flee for higher ground.
The waves smash against the shoreline. The spray has enough force to almost reach the top of the cliffside.
As the great wave begins to recede, the whirlpools, too, slowly lose strength and vanish.
Vyrn: What the heck makes waves like that?
Girl: Dad, I don't see Cailana anywhere!
Vyrn: Yeah, where'd she—
Cailana: Aaagh! I was this close!
Girl: Thank goodness you're safe, Cailana!
The party breathes a sigh of relief as Cailana's face peeks out from beneath the water.
Fisherman: That was the most foolish thing I've seen in my life! Made it out unscathed, at least.
Cailana: I was this close to riding it. I didn't think it'd be so big, but next time...
Fisherman: What in the sky do you think you're saying? There's not gonna be a next time!
Cailana: No need to get up in arms! I'm safe and sound, right?
Fisherman: Pure luck! You could've died!
Cailana: But I didn't, did I? And besides, it's not every day we get waves like this. I'm gonna go check 'em out.
Girl: Hold up, Cailana! I'm coming too!
Ignoring the fisherman's pleas, Cailana heads back to the shore, fisherman's daughter in tow.
Fisherman: That girl's got a bad case of surf brain, but I suppose there's not much I can do to stop her.
Vyrn: Y-yeah...
Lyria: Those waves seem to be coming from Leviathan.
Fisherman: That's exactly right, young miss. The one and only Leviathan's behind this.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah?
Fisherman: Every surfer in the sky wants to catch one of Leviathan's cascade waves.
Fisherman: They're truly legendary. Many have tried, but none have managed to successfully ride one yet.
Fisherman: She's no different. Just when it seems like she's about to tame the beast... Sploosh.
Fisherman: Talented as heck, but not enough fear for her own good.
Fisherman: She's stubborn, won't listen, and that devil-may-care attitude is gonna get her killed one day.
Vyrn: I can really feel this guy's frustration!
Monster: Squrrk!
Vyrn: We've got monsters, (Captain)! Get ready!
Vyrn: That last wave must have pulled up a bunch of sea monsters!
Fisherman: You folks sure are tough. I almost got carried away watching you!
Vyrn: Once (Captain) gets involved, we're sure to get things sorted out!
Fisherman: Hm, the bonds you share seem quite resilient.
Cailana: Hey gramps!
Vyrn: Huh?
Cailana: About the wave from before... Wait, what's with this monster?
Fisherman: These lads here took care of the monster lickety split!
Cailana: Wow, you guys are amazing!
Lyria: Done watching the waves, Cailana?
Cailana: Yeah, I'm good for now. There won't be any waves that big again today.
Fisherman: Ahem... Were you about to say something before, Cailana?
Cailana: Yeah, sorry about what happened back there. I'll be more careful. Oh, and there's a squall coming!
Fisherman: You don't seem concerned at all.
Vyrn: A squall's coming? But it's totally clear out!
Cailana: Yeah! It'll be here in—sniff, sniff—just a couple of minutes.
Fisherman: Don't underestimate her sense of smell, skyfarers!
Fisherman: Unless you're trying to get wet, you'd better get somewhere with a roof!
(Captain) and the crew hurry into a beach house to wait out the rain.
Soon, the day of the surfing competition arrives.
Vyrn: She's doing it! She's really doing it!
Lyria: We're rooting you on, Cailana!
Cailana: Thanks for cheering me on, everyone! Yay!
Onlooker 1: Good luck out there, mermaid! We're all rooting for you!
Onlooker 2: Lookin' gorgeous, mermaid! Over here!
Cailana: They're all watching me! Whoohoo!
Fisherman: Sigh... She's getting distracted during a competition again.
The cheers from the crowd destroy Cailana's focus, causing her to make a series of mistakes. She doesn't place.
Vyrn: What a shame! Your moves were amazing!
Cailana: Sorry, everyone!
After the tournament, Cailana visits the crew.
Cailana: Glad to see you're still here. You're about to head out, aren't you?
Vyrn: Really sorry about what happened during the competition, Surfer Girl. I had a blast watching, if that makes you feel better!
Cailana: Thanks! I actually have a little favor to ask you guys.
Vyrn: Huh?
Cailana: Can I follow you on your trip?
Fisherman: What?
Lyria: Oh my gosh!
Cailana: I've been thinking about it since yesterday. I may not win the competition, but I can still tag along with you, (Captain).
Cailana: Gotta admit, when I heard you guys travel the skies, I got really jealous.
Cailana: If I want to get better, I have to see other oceans, and experience other waves for myself!
Fisherman: Don't get ahead of yourself, Cailana.
Cailana: I've already made up my mind, so—
Fisherman: So wait. You think you know everything, don't you? You're not a bad surfer... but you cod... do better.
Cailana: ...
Fisherman: What do you want to do about her request, (Captain)?
  1. She can come along!
  2. Let me think about it.

Choose: She can come along!
Fisherman: Bunch of softies, aren't you?

Choose: Let me think about it.
Fisherman: Hm, not a simple matter to consider, is it?
Continue 1
Fisherman: This journey of theirs is no laughing matter, Cailana.
Cailana: I get that. I don't plan on goofing around.
Fisherman: You don't seem to get it at all.
Fisherman: They're risking their lives on a dangerous journey, you know.
Fisherman: Once you join them, anything you do could put them in danger.
Fisherman: And when monsters appear, you're going to have to fight right alongside everyone else.
Fisherman: Can you prove to me that you really understand that, Cailana?
Cailana: ...
Fisherman: Because if you can't, I'm going to stop you no matter what (Captain) happens to say.
Cailana: I...
Cailana: I love surfing. And I want see what the waves on all the other islands out there have to offer.
Cailana: But I also want to pay back everyone here who's helped me.
Cailana: Surfing's all I know, but I'll help in any way I can.
Cailana: Isn't that enough?
Girl: (Captain), Dad... Cailana's really given this some thought.
Fisherman: Does she have your seal of approval, (Captain)?
  1. We'll have a halibut time!
  2. Let me mullet over.

Choose: We'll have a halibut time!
Fisherman: Hm. Three out of ten, that one.
Vyrn: Talk about the cod calling the cuttlefish black.

Choose: Let me mullet over.
Vyrn: Clam down, (Captain)! You've dolphinitely gotta scale back on the fish puns!
Continue 2
Cailana: I liked the joke! Anyway, thanks for having me aboard!
Cailana: Take good care of Auguste's sea while I'm away, you two!
Fisherman: Didn't take long for her to change her tune!
Lyria: Thank you for coming aboard, Cailana!
And thus, the free-spirited wave rider joins (Captain) and the crew.
Cailana boards the Grandcypher, eagerly awaiting the high-flying adventures to come.

Leaving No One Behind[edit]

Cailana meets a young girl while searching for seashells on the beach, and agrees to help her create a good luck charm for a local skyfarer.

Some time has passed since Cailana joined the crew.
The crew has been asked to clean up a monster infestation on a nearby island.
Vyrn: Beautiful island, right, Surfer Girl? Sounds like there's an ocean here, too!
Lyria: Cailana's already run off on her own, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Again? Guess I shouldn't be too surprised if there's actually water nearby.
Katalina: When did she sneak away? I'm not sure if I should be impressed... or worried.
Cailana: Surf's up!
Inevitably, the crew begins to hear Cailana's shouts of joy as they draw closer to the beach.
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! Don't go running off on your own!
Cailana: Hey, Vyrn! Hey, guys! The waves here are awesome!
Katalina: Ahem. Working in a crew requires careful consideration of others. If you could avoid acting alone in the future, that would be appreciated.
Cailana: Sorry. It's just been a while since I got to see the ocean, so...
Katalina: I don't want to belabor my point. If you understand, that's enough for me.
Cailana: Yeah, I'll be careful from now on! And now I'm off to catch some waves! I'll stay where you can see me, okay? Bye!
Katalina: Goodness. She's going to require some instruction if she plans to continue being a member of the crew.
Cailana: Lyria, check it out! Isn't this beautiful?
Lyria: Wow, it is! Blue, and pink, and orange... So many wonderful colors!
Cailana and Lyria spend some time searching for seashells on the shore, where they encounter a young girl.
Island Girl: Hey, are you both skyfarers?
Lyria: We sure are! Are you looking for seashells too?
Island Girl: Yeah! I'm gonna use these to make a charm for my big brother! He's protected the ocean ever since I was born!
Cailana: He sounds like quite the heroic figure.
It turns out that the little girl's brother is a skyfarer stationed on the island.
Island Girl: I love skyfarers! They're all so strong, and kind... My brother and his friends, too!
Lyria: Doesn't that just warm your heart, (Captain)?
Cailana: In that case, how about we help you look for seashells? Sounds good, right, Lyria? Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Of course! Let's search for seashells together!
The crew searches for seashells to help the little girl's dream come true. Suddenly...
Cailana: Sniff, sniff... I'm smelling something suspicious mingling with the seawater.
Vyrn: Following your nose somewhere, Surfer Girl?
Katalina: I've just received word of a monster attack, everyone. Let's head back!
Lyria: Right! Let's go, Cailana!
Cailana: I knew I smelled something monstery. Am I good or what?

Leaving No One Behind: Scene 2[edit]

A fellow crew is in danger after a storm suddenly strikes the island. To save the young girl's favorite skyfarer, Cailana rides the treacherous waves alone.

Cailana and the crew return to the girl and begin making a charm out of the shells they gathered.
Lyria: You're really good at this, Cailana!
Cailana: I've been doing this ever since I was little!
Vyrn: Just look at you go!
Cailana: There's nothing I can't make! Your wish is my command!
Vyrn: You're getting carried away again, Surfer Girl.
After finishing the charm, the crew returns to the beach house for a light lunch.
Vyrn: Once we've had time for a break, how about scouting for monsters?
Cailana: Hold it, Vyrn.
Vyrn: What's up?
Cailana: Hm. The air pressure's dropping. Sniff, sniff... Smells like a storm's brewing.
Vyrn: Huh? But the weather's so nice right now!
Cailana: All signs point to a storm, and my forecast is never wrong.
Lyria: Can the weather really change that quickly, Cailana?
Cailana: Yeah. Especially near the beach. Once the storm comes in, you don't want to be near the sea.
Cailana: Look over there, for example. See how fast the seaward current is?
Katalina: Ah, the slightly murkier areas, I take it?
Cailana: Right. We call that a rip current, and this one in particular is especially dangerous.
Cailana: Imagine getting carried away by it in the middle of a storm and slammed into the rocky shoreline.
Katalina: I'd... prefer not to.
Vyrn: Gulp!
Cailana: At times like these, staying away's your best bet.
Lyria: Wow... Understanding the weather can save your life!
Suddenly, a group of skyfarers enters the beach house.
Vyrn: Oh, are you guys staying nearby?
Island Girl: This is for you, big brother!
Earnest Skyfarer: Having fun, sweetie? Oh, what's this?
Island Girl: It's a present!
Cailana: Ah, so this is the big brother she was talking about.
Island Girl: This charm is for you! I hope it makes you feel better!
Earnest Skyfarer: I'm sorry, but... I can't accept this.
Lyria: Huh? But she put her heart and soul into making it.
Skyfarer 1: Everyone's ready to go, Commander. Shall we depart?
Earnest Skyfarer: I have to go now, sweetie. Listen to your mommy, okay? Don't go playing anywhere dangerous.
Cailana: H-hold on a sec! At least give a reason for why you're not going to accept that charm she made for you!
Earnest Skyfarer: Heh. I don't have time to answer. You're a skyfarer. You should understand the resolve it takes to do this job. Now then, I'm off.
Cailana: What's that supposed to mean? You're awful!
Lyria: He doesn't seem like a mean-spirited person, Cailana.
Island Girl: I guess he just didn't like what I made.
Lyria: N-no, he just has some other reasons, that's all!
Vyrn: The rain's coming down harder than ever. Ocean's looking rough, too.
Lyria: We should follow Cailana's advice and stay put here.
Guest 1: Hey, didja hear? Sounds like that crew from earlier's got a few crewmembers who haven't returned yet.
Guest 2: Yeah, one of the lucky ones says they got stopped near a cave.
Katalina: Sorry to interrupt. Mind if I ask a few questions about the situation?
Vyrn: You're talking about the crew from earlier, right?
Guest 1: The Commander protected one of his wounded crew members and now he is left behind.
Cailana: ...!
Island Girl: Big brother's in danger?
Guest 2: Anyway, it sounds like the path they were on tends to get swallowed up by sea water during serious storms.
Guest 1: In a storm like this... If you tried heading back from there now, you'd probably get swept into the rip and taken away.
Vyrn: Sounds bad! But what can we do? The storm outside looks super dangerous!
Guest 2: That's right. Venturing outside at a time like this is tantamount to throwing your life away.
Island Girl: Oh, I hope you're all right, brother...
The little girl clasps the seashell charm in her hands and mutters as if in prayer.
Cailana bends over and whispers a few words into her ear.
Cailana: Hey, sweetie. I think I can save your brother. Mind if I borrow your charm?
Island Girl: Huh? Really?
Cailana: Yeah. I'm a really good swimmer, y'know.
Island Girl: I know. I saw you earlier!
Cailana: So you'll trust me, right? I'll have your brother home before you know it.
Island Girl: Okay, you can borrow it!
Cailana: Thanks! Just... keep this between us, okay?
Cailana sneaks out of the house and heads to the beach.
Cailana: It's okay. I've got this.
She braces herself against the deluge. With the beach raging in front of her and thunder bellowing around her, she takes a single, deep breath.
Cailana: (Captain) and everyone are probably pretty upset right about now. I'll just apologize when I get back.
Vyrn: Where'd Surfer Girl go? I don't see her anywhere.
Lyria: Hey, do you know where Cailana went?
Island Girl: Huh? N-no! It's a secret that she went off to save my brother, and I'm not telling!
Katalina: What did you say?
Cailana: Oof! Huff... Huff...
Cailana: Whew... Good thing the sea's so deep. But five minutes down there is just about my limit...
Earnest Skyfarer: H-hey, how'd you get here? Are you crazy?
Cailana: Whew... That's better. Oh, there you are! Are you okay? I'm uh... here to save you!
Earnest Skyfarer: What?
Cailana: Sorry... I'm a little... out of breath. Okay... the shoreward tide is... over here, so... we should be good if I can get a good line going.
Earnest Skyfarer: But how do you plan on getting us back in this storm? I don't want you doing anything reckless on my behalf!
Cailana: If being reckless might save your life, I'm gonna be reckless.
Cailana: With your injuries, if we don't get you help quick, it'll be too late. This is a race against time!
Earnest Skyfarer: Ngh...
Earnest Skyfarer: You don't have a boat. How do you plan to get back?
Cailana: By riding on this, of course!
Earnest Skyfarer: You plan to surf? In this storm? Are you insane?
Cailana: Grab the board! I'll pull you along until we reach water.
Earnest Skyfarer: Don't be ridiculous, I—
Cailana: It's fine. How long can you hold your breath?
Earnest Skyfarer: ...A minute.
Cailana: Gotcha. Oh, and before we go... I wanted to ask you something.
Cailana: Why didn't you accept her charm?
Earnest Skyfarer: I just... In this line of work, you never know when you're going to die.
Earnest Skyfarer: I didn't want to make some irresponsible promise that I couldn't keep.
Cailana: So basically, you just didn't want to have to keep a promise to your little sister? That's cold, man!
Cailana hands the charm she received from the little girl over to the skyfarer.
Earnest Skyfarer: You didn't...
Cailana: Bet you really want to get back home now, don't you?
Cailana: Same here.
(Better believe I'm gonna apologize to (Captain) and everyone when I get back!)
Cailana: Anyway, hold on tight and don't let go! I'm hopping on the next wave!

Leaving No One Behind: Scene 3[edit]

Cailana rescues the stranded skyfarer. Rather than being upset that she acted alone, the crew expresses joy over her safe return and praises her bravery.

Vyrn: She went out in this crazy storm? What do we do?
Katalina: Perhaps we can head out to sea somehow. Let me think of something...
Lyria: Oh, Katalina... Wait, what's that? Look!
Lyria points at a shadow gliding along the thrashing ocean waves toward the shore.
Vyrn: Holy smokes, it's her!
Cailana: Hey everyone! Oh. Guess they can't hear me! Still, they noticed I'm here. That's good enough for me!
Earnest Skyfarer: You're like... a mermaid. Thank you. I owe you my life.
Cailana: No problem, Mr. Skyfarer! Hold on just a little longer, okay?
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! You okay?
Cailana: Vyrn's there! And the rest of the crew, too!
Cailana, pushed to her physical limit after carrying the skyfarer across the waves, collapses on the sand as soon as she reaches the beach.
The crew quickly carries her back to the beach house.
Cailana: Is this...
Vyrn: She's come to!
Lyria: How do you feel?
Cailana: Everyone's here... Wait, where's the skyfarer?
Island Girl: This is for you, Miss Cailana.
Cailana: A seashell charm... You're giving this to me?
Island Girl: It's thanks for saving my brother!
Cailana: Thanks, but I'm just glad he's okay.
While visibly relieved, Cailana can't seem to make eye contact with (Captain) and the others.
Cailana: Listen, I'm sorry. You guys are always chewing me out for running off on my own, and I just keep doing it anyway. I don't deserve to be on this airship.
Katalina: I disagree, Cailana.
Cailana: Huh?
Katalina: We're not upset that you're breaking the rules. We're worried you're putting yourself in danger.
Katalina: I'm just glad you're safe.
Vyrn: Same here! But boy, you sure had us worried back there!
Lyria: That was incredible, Cailana! You rescued that skyfarer when no one else could!
Vyrn: Yup. Everyone said it was impossible, but you went out there and made the impossible possible!
Cailana: Oh, you guys... I thought you were just going to be upset with me again.
Cailana: Glad to see I was wrong.
Katalina: I still don't fully approve of your decision to act alone, of course.
Vyrn: Tick off Katalina at your own peril!
Katalina: Vyrn, spare us the comedy routine. We're all in this together, Cailana. If something's bothering you, we're here to talk.
Cailana: Oh, thank you, Katalina! You too, everyone!
Vyrn: A little late for that! We're all soaked through from the rain!
Cailana: You all waited for me even in rain like this. You're all such nice people...
Cailana wipes away her tears and smiles. She may be fearless, but this was enough to give even her pause.
What few realize even now, however, is that Cailana's never-give-up attitude and unwavering spirit are her greatest assets.
Whatever raging waves await, whatever crises befall her, Cailana will no doubt pull through.

For Love of the Sea[edit]

Cailana and Joel visit their hometown of Auguste and rush off to their favorite place by the sea. While fondly recollecting memories of times past, the two spot miscreants on the beach and decide to teach them right from wrong.

On one of their days off, (Captain) and the crew visit Auguste.
All the members are enjoying their time in the best way they know how.
Cailana: Wow! Just feel that breeze! It's got a scent that brings back memories!
Cailana: Haha! (Captain) said I could go out to relax! Be back in a bit!
Cailana avoids the crowded beach and instead sets out for a place she used to visit practically every day.
Joel: ...
Meanwhile, a young boy stands on some ever-so-slightly elevated rocks while gazing out into the gently undulating ocean.
Joel takes in the air of his hometown he has so pined for.
Joel: The water really does have a calming effect...
Joel: The smell, the air, all of it... I wish I could take it with me wherever I go.
???: Awesome! Nobody's around, so I get this whole place to myself!
Joel: Hmm?
Joel: Is that...
Cailana: Woo!
Cailana: Haha! This feels amazing!
Joel: Goodness... Chipper as always, I see.
Joel: ...
Joel looks out across the sea he knows so well, breathes in deeply, and leaps.
Cailana: Huh?
Cailana: Is that who I think it is?
Cailana homes in on the figure she just saw jump into the water and approaches joyfully.
Joel: Huff... Huff...
Cailana: Dude! Joel!
Cailana: Hahaha! So you came here too!
Joel: Of course I did. It's been so long since I've seen the sea of Auguste. This place helps me relax.
Joel: Look at you. Haven't changed a bit.
Cailana: Duh!
Cailana: Hehe!
Nothing beats this beach, y'know? It's got... like this soothing effect.
After their swim is over, the two head back to the shore and take in their hometown's open waters.
Joel: It's been so long since I've felt this way... There's something so nostalgic about being here.
Cailana: Hahaha! Totally! Before our adventure began it was just the norm to be here. Now it feels almost weird being back!
Joel and Cailana... Born in Auguste... Raised in Auguste...
For as long as they can remember, they have been thick as thieves. Before their journey began, the shared affection for the sea brought them together every day.
On the one hand, the calm Joel has eyes only for the sea beneath the clouds.
On the other hand, the reckless Cailana seeks to ride the monstrous waves created by Leviathan.
They seem like polar opposites at first glance, but what they both have in common are larger-than-life dreams and a genuine love for the water.
Cailana: Oh! That reminds me! I don't think the cascade's coming today.
Cailana: When I went to visit gramps, he told me so. He said they're rare nowadays.
Cailana: This stinks... It would have been totally awesome if I'd been able to ride at least one legendary wave!
Joel: Are you still serious about doing that?
Joel: Seriously... How many times do I have to tell you? Those waves are dangerous.
Cailana: Hey! You're not going to start lecturing me, are you? Come on! Gimme a break!
Joel: You'd use up your nine lives just trying to ride one of those things...
Joel: You know... The sea isn't your conquest. It's like family.
Cailana: I know that! I treat it like my baby! Anyone who lives in Auguste knows the ocean's a part of them.
Cailana: It's because I love the sea that I want to understand it better than anyone.
Joel: Sigh...
Understanding and conquering aren't the same thing... Do you normally want to conquer family members?
Cailana: Mmm... You know, you're missing my point! You can be so hardheaded sometimes!
Cailana: Sniff, sniff...
Hey! The wind is calling me! Catch ya later!
Joel: Whoa! Hold your horses! You never listen to what people have to say...
After escaping Joel's sermon, Cailana, with surfboard in possession, proceeds back to the ocean. She suddenly stops.
Cailana: Joel! Look at those guys...
Joel: What now? One minute you're running and the next you stop dead in your tracks... I can't keep up.
Cailana: Save your preaching for later! Look over there...
Cailana gestures to the shore. A group of young men in the midst of their barbeque are throwing trash into the ocean.
Joel: They're...
Joel: Tch...
Why're they...
Cailana: I thought I smelled something off! They have no respect for the sea!
Cailana: Let's get a move on!
Cailana: Stop that!
Joel: Hold it!
Ruffian 1: Whadda y'all want?
Cailana: Don't you know you can't throw trash there? You're polluting the ocean!
Joel: That trash will destroy the environment!
Ruffian 2: Huh? Say what now? Why ya gotta go and be such mood killers?
Joel: We want you to obey the rules so that everyone can enjoy the waters.
Ruffian 2: Huh? Who are ya guys, the moral brigade? Is that a new trend or somethin'?
Whadda we do with these clowns?
Ruffian 1: Tch...
Shut ya traps already! We're just tryin' ta have a good time, and you're killing it fer us!
The enraged youths begin hurling their garbage at Joel and Cailana.
Cailana: Gross! What do you think you're doing!
Cailana: You wanna pick a fight over the ocean with me? Now you've done it! I'm not letting this go!
Joel: So that's how you folks want to play it? I'm not about to stand by as you stain the sacred seas of Auguste.
Ruffian 1: Whad'ya say to me? You pickin' a fight, punk?
Cailana: Humph!
Me and Joel are pretty tough! Don't even think about screaming for mercy after we've made you cry!
Joel: This... is gonna hurt.
And so Joel and Cailana begin to lay down the law.
The ruffians stand no chance against the veterans of war.
The problematic young men are beaten in seconds and then forced to admit their wrongdoing.
Ruffian 1: Who the hell are you guys? How could you be that strong?
Cailana: What? You didn't think we were part of (Captain)'s crew just because of our good looks, did you?
Ruffian 2: We're sorry. Go easy on us. We've learned our lesson...
Cailana: I warned you we're strong, didn't I? It's a little too late to be asking us to go easy!
Cailana: Now then... How exactly will you make this up to us?
Cailana: You do know that Leviathan lives in the ocean, right? You guys basically spat in it's face!
Ruffian 1: We know. We said we're sorry...
Joel, who has only been observing up till now, opens his mouth and speaks in his usual matter-of-fact tone.
Joel: A sound mind in a sound body, as they say. For your sakes as well, you'll need some educating.
Ruffian 2: Huh? Educating?
Joel: That's right! You won't just be picking up your trash. You'll be picking up all the trash on this beach.
Cailana: Good idea! Cleaning up the beach will probably even make Leviathan happy!
Joel: Don't forget... Running along the sand will serve as training for the body too. That should be a fair punishment.
Joel: All right, get to work. If you don't hurry it up, the sun will set.
Ruffian 2: Whaaat! Please forgive us!
Cailana: Hahaha! Come on now! I don't wanna hear anymore complaints!
Joel and Cailana make sure the ruffians leave no stone unturned in their mission to remove all the filth from the shores.
Cailana: Well, that's that. The beach and those dudes seem better off than when we found them. All's well!
Joel: Agreed. When a body moves, that usually has a purifying effect on the soul.
Cailana: Hehe! Hey! That reminds me... Were you trying to tell me something earlier?
Joel: Uhh... Just forget it. It wouldn't make a difference. You don't listen to a thing I say anyway.
Cailana: Haha! Good point! Let's just agree that we both want everyone to treat our beach with respect!
Cailana: Look at that! The water is calling my name! I'm off to catch some waves!
Joel: Nothing changes... That's for the better, I suppose.
I could use a dip myself. Let's go.
While they march to the beat of their own drums, the sea will always bind these two for the rest of their days.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ドロップイン禁止! Don't drop in on my wave!
くんくんくん……変な匂い〜! Sniff sniff... Smells weird!
くんくんくん……いい匂い! Sniff sniff... Smells good!
あは♪いい波来てる〜! Nice wave incoming!
気持ち〜い! This feels awesome!
あ、綺麗な貝殻見っけ Beautiful shell sighted!
サーフィンしようよ〜! Surf's up!
お日様の匂いがする〜 Smells like sunshine!
潮の匂い?海が近いかも! I smell saltwater... The sea's probably nearby!
なめないでよね! Don't underestimate me!