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Special Cutscenes

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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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H-H-Happy Halloween!
I-it sure is lively, with so many children in town.
Reminds me of f-festivals in Perfetto.
Hehe... Hehehe!
All righty, candy, for everyone.
Of course, I have some for you too, Cap! Lots, and lots!

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Fate Episodes

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Taking Wing from Perfetto

Encouraged by Ferruccio and the wife of the instrument crafter to see the world and the role her instruments play in it, Cantate joins the crew on the condition that they have a workshop set up for her. The crew is more than happy to oblige.

The crew had visited Perfetto Island in hopes of repairing Selfira's instrument. Shortly afterward, Caro awakened from his slumber.
After some encouragement, he took a leap and joined the crew on their travels. The island's residents bid him a fond farewell and returned to their everyday lives.
One day, Cantate is in her workshop alone making violins.
Cantate: (What a beautiful voice! I can proudly hand this one over to Fer!)
Feeling the onset of a sharp pain in her shoulder, Cantate's joyous expression twists into a grimace.
Cantate: (Phew, I might've worked myself too hard... I suppose I could use some rest.)
Crafter's Wife: Cantate, can I come in?
Cantate: Um, yeah! Sure!
Crafter's Wife: There's mail for you. One letter from Ferruccio... and one from Caro!
Cantate: Ooh! Let's see!
Cantate's face loosens up at hearing Caro's name.
The moment the crafter's wife leaves the room, Cantate tears into the letter and begins reading.
Cantate: ("Dearest Cantate,
Are you well?")
Caro: "I am doing quite well myself. Journeying through the skies is refreshing, and I even find battling with monsters to be fun."
Caro: "With so many people and fellow primal beasts on the Grandcypher, things never get dull with the crew. It reminds me of Perfetto's plaza."
Caro: "How is everyone on the island faring? Though the weather can change rather rapidly this time of the year, I hope you all remain in good health."
Caro: "I may be away from the island now, but I continue to pray for everyone's well-being."
Caro: "P.S. In your last letter, you mentioned making great strides in your violin sales."
Caro: "I hope things haven't been too rough on that front? Take care not to push yourself too hard."
Cantate: (Ahaha... You haven't changed at all, Caro. I'm not a kid anymore.)
Cantate: (And this letter's from Fer... Must be part of his regular check-in.)
Ferruccio: "Dear Cantate,
I am happy to report that I sold one of your violins the other day."
Ferruccio: "The young man who made the purchase is of remarkable talent, being the recipient of a prestigious award."
Ferruccio: "I believe he will go on to do great things with your violin."
Ferruccio: "I've forwarded the payment to the workshop as usual. Please confirm the details of the transaction below."
Cantate: ...
Cantate checks the price at which her violin was sold.
Satisfied with the amount listed, she is about to fold up the letter when she notices more text at the very end.
Ferruccio: "Perhaps you may not realize how big of a deal this purchase is via letter alone."
Ferruccio: "If the buyer has any upcoming concerts lined up, I'll be sure to let you know. I believe it'd be a wonderful opportunity."
Ferruccio: "To see how your instrument is handled in front of a live audience and their reactions."
Ferruccio: "Well then, I'll be seeing you the next time I go to pick up another instrument. Feel free to send me a letter at any time."
Cantate: (A chance to see my instrument in action at a concert venue, huh...)
Cantate: (I suppose it could be interesting to see what kind of voices my precious babies take on when going out into the world.)
Cantate: (Not to mention it'd also be a chance to check out workshops outside the island...)
Instrument Crafter: Cantate, if you're done for the day, come join us at the kitchen table. Dinner should be ready soon.
Cantate: Yes, Master... I-I'll go now.
Instrument Crafter: ...?
You've got a funny look on your face. Everything all right?
Cantate: Er... I have something, on my mind.
Cantate: C-c-can we talk, about it over dinner?
Instrument Crafter: Sure! We're always happy to discuss anything you'd like.
Cantate nods in response, and the two make for the dining table.
Instrument Crafter: You want to travel outside the island? Well, if that's what you want, then by all means go for it.
Instrument Crafter: Is that what was on your mind?
Cantate: Y-yeah... I'd like to expand, my horizons...
Cantate: But it means I won't be able to, make violins for a while.
Cantate: Problem is, F-Fer is expecting me to make lots of violins, for him to peddle...
Cantate: I d-don't think I can travel, and make violins at the same time.
Crafter's Wife: Yeah, I think it'd be pretty hard to have it both ways.
Instrument Crafter: Hopping from one workshop to the next during your travels doesn't seem realistic either.
Instrument Crafter: After all, you can't really concentrate on your craft if it's not a place you're accustomed to.
Crafter's Wife: You can't exactly ask for a special airship that has a built-in workshop either.
Cantate: ...?
Cantate: (An airship with a workshop? Where have I heard of that before...)
Cantate: ...
Cantate: Aahhh!
Cantate: I remember now!
Cantate: I-I know someone with an airship, fitting that description!
Days later, Cantate steps onto the Grandcypher's deck.
Selfira: Cantate! It's so good to see you again.
Cantate: Hehe... Long time no see, Sel. How've you been?
Selfira: As fine as can be. When things calm down a bit, I'd love to perform with you again.
Selfira: Especially since you'll be traveling with us now, I hear?
Cantate: Ehehe... That's right!
Cantate had recalled hearing from the crew during their last visit about one of their members having a workshop aboard the ship.
With that in mind, she sent a letter to (Captain).
In it was a brief message: "I'd be happy to work for your crew, if you'll let me have a workshop on the ship."
Cantate: I wasn't expecting much, so I was s-surprised, at how fast you responded.
Vyrn: Welp, we're always happy to bring on new crew members!
Lyria: Caro and Elta were especially excited to hear that you'd be joining us.
Lyria: And I'm sure you'll become fast friends with everyone else on the ship, Cantate!
Caro: That's for sure. The crew's full of good-hearted people. I'll introduce you to the new friends I've made here too!
Cantate: Hehe... Thanks, Caro. I'll do my best.
Cantate: S-s-so what should I do first, as a crew member?
  1. Tell us where you'd like the workshop.
  2. Explore to your heart's content!

Choose: Tell us where you'd like the workshop.
Cantate: A-already? Let me, find a good spot!
Selfira: I can show you around. We'll have to decide on your bedroom too.
Cantate: Hehe, I can't wait! Appreciate it, Sel!

Choose: Explore to your heart's content!
Lyria: Other than the workshop area, there's also the dining hall, storage rooms, and more.
Lyria: We can tour the ship while introducing you to everyone in the crew!
Cantate: Whoo! The sooner I get used to this place, the better! Let's go, go!
Continue 1
Caro: Haha, I'm glad to see you're already enjoying yourself. A happy Cantate makes for a happy Caro.
Cantate: Nyehehe... Come check out the workshop, when it's ready, Caro! Maybe we can make, an instrument or two, together!
Caro: You sure? Ah, it's like you're a child all over again!
Caro: Except unlike back then, you're a proper expert now. I'm the one who could probably use some instruction...
Cantate: I-in that case, I'll teach you all there is to know, about making violins! I'm the teacher now!
Caro: Really? Haha, talk about a dream come true!
Caro: I'm looking forward to your lessons, Maestra Cantate!
Cantate: Hehe! It's settled then!
Cantate nods enthusiastically, her face brimming with joy.
She then follows Selfira and Lyria around for a tour of the ship, a skip in her step.

Finding Value

The crew, having received an invite from Ferruccio, attends a violin exhibition. After a few hours touring the exhibition grounds together, Cantate temporarily splits up from the others to browse the nearby tool shops alone.

Some time has passed since Cantate's induction into the crew.
Ferruccio comes by for a regular check-in at her workshop aboard the ship one day.
Ferruccio: Okay, one new violin accepted. Ah, wonderful craftsmanship as always.
Cantate: Hehe, thanks. I've got a really nice workshop, here.
Ferruccio: Though I was surprised at first to hear that you'd be leaving Perfetto to do your own thing, I'm relieved now that I see you're doing well.
Ferruccio: Well then, I suppose I should get going. I'll contact you again once a buyer for the violin has been decided.
Ferruccio makes for the room's exit, but then turns around as he remembers something.
Ferruccio: Oh, I almost forgot. This is for you. Feel free to go if you think you'd be interested.
Ferruccio hands a ticket over to Cantate.
Cantate: Wh-what's this? A violin... e-e-exhibition?
Ferruccio: Tycoons and collectors from all over the skies will be putting up their own personal violin collections.
Ferruccio: Violin makers will also be present to broaden their knowledge, making the event a great place for dealers to make connections.
Ferruccio: I believe it will be a great chance for you to see famous instruments that don't often come into the limelight and to interact with those of like mind...
Cantate: F-f-famous instruments! You think the Stradavario, might be there?
Ferruccio: Yes, there will be a few of those on display. The works of Strada's master and his children will be there as well.
Cantate: W-w-wow, wow, wow!
Cantate: Th-thank you so much, Fer! I'm definitely going!
The elated Cantate takes a closer look at the ticket, then hesitantly asks a question.
Cantate: U-um... Is it okay, if I invite Sel too? And also the crew...
Ferruccio: I thought you might ask that and prepared a group ticket in advance. It should be fine as long as you all remember that it's meant to be a formal occasion.
Cantate: H-h-hooray! It's going to be, a group trip!
And so Cantate invites the crew to the violin exhibition.
The great number of well-dressed attendees at the violin exhibition makes it seem like an event for high society.
Lyria: Wow... This place is almost like a castle. It's amazing...
Selfira: Being surrounded by so many people of upper standing feels a bit intimidating.
Cantate: Ooh, I have to go see that violin!
Vyrn: Ah, Craftsgirl went off on her own!
Lyria: Let's go after her!
While the others try to catch up, Cantate is already clinging to a glass case.
Cantate: I-I-I can't, believe it! That's a bona fide Stradavario!
Cantate: Uuooogh! I can already imagine, what a beautiful voice it must have!
Cantate: ...!
Cantate: Hehe... Aha, hahahaha!
Selfira: C-Cantate! Phew, finally caught up.
Cantate: Sel, Cap! L-l-look! It's a Stradavario! The real thing!
Vyrn: Look, I get that you're all fired up about this, Craftsgirl, but...
Cantate: ...?
At Vyrn's urging, Cantate turns to their surroundings.
She notices others trying to distance themselves from the crew, taken aback by her unbridled enthusiasm.
Cantate: S-sorry... I guess, I got a bit carried away...
Lyria: It just goes to show what an amazing collection is on display today. Even I find myself entranced by all the glittery instruments!
Selfira: Maybe you can tell us about violins from the perspective of someone who makes them.
Cantate: S-sure! Happily!
Cantate: F-for starters... Th-th-this here, is an early model of a Stradavario!
Lyria: An early model?
Cantate: Mm-hm! Stradavarios come in different types, depending on the period they were made in!
Cantate: A-a-and this was the first form. S-Strada inherited his master's sound, and made it, his own!
Cantate: I like the models from th-this period too. I heard it played, in school once before, and what a mellow, gentle melody it was!
Cantate: From there on, S-Strada went on to—
Cantate: N-n-next, we go down there! Strada's sons, made instruments too...
Lyria: Ah... Wait for us, Cantate!
Cantate realizes that (Captain) and Lyria aren't as quick on their feet as when they arrived at the venue.
Perhaps they are starting to feel fatigued from touring the exhibition halls for hours.
Cantate: S-s-sorry... I've been dragging you along, all over the place.
Selfira: Especially with the crowds everywhere, I wouldn't mind taking a break.
Cantate: O-okay, a break it is! There's a cafe, near the venue! Let's go there!
Lyria: That sounds great! I could go for some cake right now!
Vyrn: Phew... I'm all refreshed now!
Lyria: So what now? Where would you like to tour next, Cantate?
Cantate: Um... I wouldn't mind, seeing the tool section next.
Selfira: There are plenty of tool stalls set up near the main exhibit today.
Cantate: Y-yeah, I noticed! It'll take some time, to get through them all, so I thought I'd go it, alone.
Cantate: You guys, go wherever you'd like. W-we can meet up, later. How does that sound?
Selfira: Sounds good to me. Why don't we go see what's in the main hall?
Vyrn: Sure! I'm sure there's still plenty of stuff we haven't seen yet.
Cantate: O-okay, we can meet up at the entrance later!
Selfira: Got it. We'll see you later then, Cantate.
(Captain) and company are back at the exhibition grounds once more.
They soon come across a familiar figure.
Lyria: Hey, isn't that Ferruccio? Should we go say hello?
Selfira: Certainly. After all, in a way he's the one who invited us here.
Selfira: But he seems occupied right now. Let's get a bit closer and see what's going on.
Ferruccio: Yes, definitely up to no good. I just thought you should know.
Event Organizer: I see... Given your reputation, Ferruccio, we'll take your word for it and be on the lookout.
Ferruccio: Huh?
Ferruccio, deep in conversation with the exhibition's organizer, notices the crew and turns to them.
Ferruccio: Oh, it's you fellows. Anything I can do for you?
Selfira: Er, we just wanted to thank you for the invite to this event.
Vyrn: Everything all right with you, mister? You've got a pretty serious look on your face.
Ferruccio: It's nothing you need to concern yourself with. Enjoy the exhibition.
With that, Ferruccio takes his leave of the crew.
Meanwhile, Cantate is excitedly browsing one of the tool shops outside.
Cantate: (I can't believe how many different sizes these chisels come in... They're all really sharp too.)
Cantate: (I love the grip on this one! Maybe I should buy it as a spare...)
???: Excuse me, miss! If you don't mind me asking...
???: In what situation would you use a tool like this?
Cantate: ...?
Cantate freezes up in surprise at being suddenly spoken to.
With the chisel still in hand, she slowly turns to the voice.

Finding Value: Scene 2

Cantate is approached by a noblewoman who explains that she's come to the exhibition to sell her late great-uncle's Stradavario violin to pay for the upkeep of her family mansion. However, she was told that her Stradavario is a fake in addition to being in poor condition. Cantate decides to accept her repair request and is awestruck when she peers inside the violin case.

A surprised Cantate turns to the elegant lady speaking to her.
The lady's curious gaze is fixed on the chisel in Cantate's hand.
Cantate: U-u-umm...
Cantate: ...
Noticing Cantate choke up, the noblewoman lowers her gaze apologetically.
Noblewoman: Oh dear... I apologize for startling you. I suppose I could have been a little more tactful. Are you okay?
Cantate: ...
Cantate shakes her head, then takes a deep breath and jots something down in her notebook.
Cantate: "It's not your fault. I was born like this."
Noblewoman: Ah, so that's your story. I suppose that notebook makes it easier for you to communicate then?
Noblewoman: Perfectly fine by me. I wouldn't want you to tire yourself out though, so take your time writing your responses.
Cantate: ...!
Cantate: I-I-I, can speak, too. S-s-so, about this, chisel.
Noblewoman: Yes, you seemed rather enamored with it. The fact that it's out here at this exhibition must mean it's used in creating violins?
Cantate: Y-y-yes. We use it, for crafting, and repairs.
Cantate: A good chisel, is super important... It's, like, a third hand.
Cantate: S-s-so, I make sure, to keep one handy. I do adjustments, and I also, make sure to use a good grindstone.
Noblewoman: ...
Cantate: Er, um... You wanted to know, about the chisel, right?
Noblewoman: Yes, I don't know much about building instruments. But your passion shines through even to a complete novice like me.
Cantate: Novice?
Noblewoman: Uh-huh. I know next to nothing about violins.
Noblewoman: But I'm looking for someone who can repair them.
Noblewoman: From the way you talk about violins, you sound like a maker more than a collector.
Cantate: Yes. I deal in all, s-string instruments. But violins are, my specialty.
Noblewoman: I see... What's your name?
Cantate: C-C-Cantate.
Noblewoman: Cantate. Will you please hear me out?
Cantate: ...?
Not quite sure what she's getting into, Cantate nods for the time being.
The noblewoman begins relating her story.
Noblewoman: My family was originally a noble house. But everyone in the family has since gone off on their own, and all that remains of the family fortune is the mansion we've kept throughout the generations.
Noblewoman: Because my parents passed away early, I lived in that mansion under my great-uncle's care.
Noblewoman: Once I was all grown up, my great-uncle fell sick and I took charge of his palliative care in that mansion. He passed away just the other day.
Cantate: I-I'm sorry, to hear that... You have, my condolences.
Noblewoman: Thank you. Unfortunately there was hardly any time to grieve, because I was up to my neck dealing with financial matters.
Noblewoman: It got to a point where the family savings were running dry, and having to let go of the mansion seemed more and more likely...
Noblewoman: That's when I remembered my great-uncle telling me to open up the vault should he pass away one day.
Cantate: W-was there something inside?
Noblewoman: Yes, a single violin with the Strada label on it.
Cantate: ...!
Cantate gasps in surprise.
Cantate: A S-S-S-Stradavario! B-but how?
Noblewoman: My great-uncle was a professional violin player. Even as our noble house began to sunset, he kept up with his collection.
Noblewoman: Although he ended up selling most of his instruments in his later years... That violin was the one item he refused to part with.
Cantate: S-s-so what do you plan on doing, w-with that Stradavario?
Noblewoman: Also in the vault was a letter saying that he wouldn't mind me selling the violin to someone who'd understand its true worth.
Noblewoman: Of course, I knew that the Stradavario was a famed instrument considered to be a work of art.
Noblewoman: Which is why I believed that selling it would allow me to keep the mansion, as my great-uncle suggested in his letter.
Noblewoman: Problem is, my knowledge of violins is practically nonexistent. And I know nothing of the connections my great-uncle had among instrument makers and dealers.
Noblewoman: But then I came across a flyer for this violin exhibition. I thought if I came here, I could find someone who truly understands the value of instruments.
Cantate: T-true. There are plenty of people, in the know here.
Noblewoman: So I got my hands on an invitation and came here with the violin.
Noblewoman: I mustered the courage to speak to a rather gregarious fellow at the exhibition.
Noblewoman: Huh? Come again?
Dealer: As I said, miss, this violin is not a Stradavario. It's a fake, through and through.
Noblewoman: A-a fake? But you can see the label inside...
Dealer: Do you not realize how easy it is to forge a label? It's why I don't trust instrument makers and learned to gauge an instrument's worth myself.
Dealer: And if you ask me... this is a terribly shoddy Stradavario forgery.
Dealer: What's more, I suppose an amateur like you wouldn't be able to tell, but the insides are horribly damaged.
Dealer: Major repairs are in order if this is to function like a proper violin.
Noblewoman: My word! If only I had taken better care of it...
Dealer: Considering the repair fee, I wouldn't mind taking it off of you for free.
Dealer: But since you say it's a family heirloom, I suppose I can pay you a small sum for sentimentality's sake.
Noblewoman: No thank you. I apologize for trying to sell you something that's completely worthless.
Noblewoman: My great-uncle would be absolutely furious with me if he knew I did such a thing...
Dealer: No, no, you have nothing to apologize for! Part with the instrument, and let it trouble you no more...
Event Organizer: My, you two are having quite the conversation. Is everything okay?
Dealer: Ahem... Seeing as the lady won't be selling me her instrument, I believe I'm done here...
Cantate: A f-f-fake?
Noblewoman: That was quite a shocker for me as well. Then again, part of me thinks it's just fate.
Noblewoman: I currently have no means of keeping the mansion within the family. Perhaps it's just part of the downfall of our noble house.
The noblewoman strokes her violin case.
Noblewoman: I figure the very least I could do is use the funds from selling the mansion to repair this violin.
Noblewoman: Even if it is a fake, my great-uncle treasured it as much as a genuine Stradavario.
Cantate: ...
Noblewoman: That's why I'd like you to restore it to good condition... What do you say?
Noblewoman: Truth is, I had already spotted you in the exhibition hall. Your eyes sparkling at the sight of all those violins was what caught my attention.
Noblewoman: I'm sure my great-uncle would have been most relieved to have his keepsake restored to working order by someone like yourself who truly appreciates violins.
Pondering over the woman's words, Cantate looks up and straight into her eyes.
Cantate: I think, a repair is possible, but...
Cantate: I-is it okay, if I take a closer look, f-first?
Noblewoman: But of course. Please let me know if repairs are possible.
Cantate: ...
Cantate: ...!
Cantate flips open the violin case, and her jaw drops at what she sees.
Cantate: (It isn't damaged at all... In fact...)
Cantate: (This... This has to be...)
Cantate: ...!
Cantate gently shuts the case and closes her eyes in silent contemplation.
Cantate: (What should I do... I'm not good at these kinds of explanations...)
Cantate: (Maybe I should talk to Fer. His explanations should be easy enough for any nonprofessional to understand.)
Cantate: (But something doesn't add up. Why would anyone complain about the state of a violin kept in such pristine condition?)
Cantate: (That dealer must be...)
Cantate: U-u-unforgivable!
Noblewoman: Goodness, what's wrong? Is the violin in such bad shape that it's worth getting angry over?
Cantate: Er, n-no! Don't mind me.
Cantate: Th-the violin, is perfectly fine. I can tell, its owner took great care, of it.
Cantate: Some l-light maintenance should, bring it back, to life. It will sing, a beautiful voice.
Cantate: Leave this to me. I'll get it working, in no time at all!
Noblewoman: Really? Phew... You don't know how relieved I am to hear that.
Noblewoman: Oh, and I suppose I should first ask how much the repair fee will be...
Cantate: R-right. Um, let's see...
The woman breathes a sigh of relief as Cantate tells her the market rate for instrument maintenance.
Noblewoman: Thank goodness... The money from selling my mansion should be more than enough to cover it.
Noblewoman: Thank you, Cantate. How much time do you think you will need? I just hope I can sell the mansion before then...
Cantate: W-wait! H-hold on, to that thought!
Cantate: There's no rush, for payment. I can give you, the instrument back first, and then you can pay me back, slowly.
Noblewoman: Would that really be okay? Thank you so much for your kindness.
Cantate: I'll need, just a few days... Wh-where should I bring, the violin to?
Noblewoman: Hm... I'll be staying at an inn on the island for some time.
Noblewoman: If it's not too much trouble, perhaps you could bring it there?
Cantate: O-okay! Not a problem!
Lyria: Hey, Cantate's back!
We're over here!
Vyrn: What took ya so long? You must've been in the zone tryin' to figure out what tools you want.
Cantate: S-S-sorry... I, took on a job.
Selfira: You mean at this exhibition? I'm guessing that's what the violin case is for?
Cantate: Y-yeah. Um, did you see Fer? I need to speak, to him.
Lyria: Ferruccio? I think he's still inside. Let's go look for him!
Ferruccio: Huh? Oh, it's you, Cantate. Is everything okay?
Cantate: F-Fer. Have you heard anything about shady dealers coming to the exhibit?
Ferruccio: Wha... Don't tell me you got caught up with one of them?
Cantate: N-n-not me, but... About this violin...
Cantate opens up the case received from the noblewoman to show Ferruccio its contents.
Ferruccio: Holy...
One look at the instrument is all it takes to leave Ferruccio spellbound.

Finding Value: Scene 3

The Stradavario presented to Cantate proves to be a genuine one. It turns out a con man had tried to lowball the noblewoman. Ferruccio offers to buy the Stradavario for what it's truly worth, and the noblewoman thanks Cantate for making this all come true.

Three days later, Cantate and Ferruccio pay the noblewoman a visit at her lodging.
Noblewoman: Cantate, I've been waiting. Is the violin—
Cantate: Hehe... It's as good as new! Works like a charm!
Proud of what she was able to do, Cantate puffs her chest out and takes the instrument out of its case.
Cantate: Would you like to hear... its voice?
Noblewoman: Yes, most certainly. Would you play it for me?
Cantate: Haha, s-sure... Don't mind, if I do!
With the violin in position, Cantate gently slides the bow along its strings.
The sweet melody that fills the room captures the hearts of both the noblewoman and Ferruccio.
Noblewoman: Ah, what a beautiful sound... Just like what my great-uncle used to play for me when I was younger.
Noblewoman: I think he would be proud. Thank you so much for doing this, Cantate.
Noblewoman: Can you give me an exact number for the repair fee? I'm going to make the invoice right now.
Cantate: W-wait!
Cantate rushes over to get in front of the noblewoman.
Cantate: You don't need, to sell your house! This Stradavario, is wonderful!
Noblewoman: Yes, and I'm incredibly grateful for the work you did on it. What a beautiful tune that was.
Noblewoman: But it's ultimately a fake. And I doubt a fake could possibly net me enough to cover a mansion's upkeep.
Ferruccio: I'm happy to say you're mistaken. Your Stradavario is the real thing.
Noblewoman: Huh? But the dealer I met said it was a fake...
Ferruccio: Was that dealer a slender young nobleman with soft facial features?
Noblewoman: How did you know?
Ferruccio: He's somewhat infamous for his unscrupulous practices as a dealer. In fact, I was telling the event organizer to keep an eye out for him.
Ferruccio: He seeks out those who come into possession of famous instruments through inheritance and don't realize the incredible value of what's been passed down to them.
Ferruccio: He tries to fool them into thinking the instrument is a counterfeit and offers a ridiculously low sum for it.
Noblewoman: Why, that's just awful!
Ferruccio: When I heard your story from Cantate, I spoke to the organizer about that dealer. And indeed, that man was seen trying to make a deal with someone.
Ferruccio: That "someone" must have been you. How fortunate that you held on to your instrument in the heat of the moment.
Noblewoman: Now that you mention it, I didn't see that man again after the organizer called out to him...
Ferruccio: Perhaps he was ejected from the premises to prevent anyone else from being his victim.
After the explanation, Ferruccio straightens his posture and walks directly in front of the noblewoman.
Ferruccio: My apologies for my late introduction. I am Ferruccio, a dealer specializing in string instruments.
Ferruccio: I hope you don't mind that I went ahead and appraised the violin ahead of time.
Ferruccio: The smoothness of the shapely f-holes, the intricately carved scroll, arching that allows for both volume and sound quality without compromise, the sublime golden ratio present in every facet...
Ferruccio: And most importantly, the breathtaking richness of sound evident from even a single pluck of the strings!
Ferruccio: This is no doubt one of the violins left behind by the legendary Strada; it's a bona fide Stradavario in every possible way.
Ferruccio: Now that maintenance on it is complete, you could get at least a hundred million rupies for it—and that's a conservative estimate.
Ferruccio: You have my word on that. In fact, I'd bet my life and reputation on that figure.
Noblewoman: I-I can hardly believe it! So my great-uncle's violin really is—
Cantate: Th-the real deal! You have my word on that, too!
The noblewoman lets out a surprised yet relieved sigh.
After giving her a moment to calm down, Ferruccio takes another step closer.
Ferruccio: Now that we all know it's a genuine Stradavario in your possession, I'd like to make known my intentions of buying it from you.
Ferruccio: I will offer you a proper sum befitting of its true value.
Ferruccio: Of course, we can negotiate the specific price point from the comfort of your own home at a later date if you prefer. I wouldn't mind making the trip.
Noblewoman: Yes, that sounds good. I could not ask for a more ideal buyer than someone who understands its true worth.
Noblewoman: I'm sure that's what my great-uncle had in mind when he gave me permission to sell the violin.
Noblewoman: Ferruccio, let us talk further about this.
Ferruccio: Yes, gladly. Allow me to hand over a few things first.
Ferruccio fumbles around to get some documents in order.
As Cantate watches, the grateful noblewoman respectfully takes hold of her hands.
Noblewoman: Thank you so much, Cantate. I could not have done this without you.
Cantate: N-nuh-uh. All I did was the tune the violin, to make its voice audible again.
Cantate: And I'm happy, for the opportunity to do so. I'm the one, who should be thanking you, for trusting me with it!
Cantate: (Though I suppose there was no need to get nervous over a simple tune-up for the instrument.)
Cantate: (Looking back now, I'm glad I pulled this off myself instead of relying on Fer.)
Ferruccio: Is this not a Stradavario? Where did you get your hands on this!
Cantate relates the situation to Ferruccio, who is reeling from shock.
Ferruccio: So that noblewoman avoided a nasty situation at the last second, I see.
Cantate: And then, sh-she left the violin with me.
Cantate: I-I want to fix this, and really make its voice shine.
Ferruccio expresses a hint of concern at her words.
Ferruccio: Are you sure you want to handle it? I'm sure you realize what an incredibly valuable instrument the Stradavario is.
Ferruccio: Even the smallest mistake could be extremely costly—on the scale of tens of millions of rupies.
Ferruccio: Given the risks, it would be safer to hand this off to a craftsman with a successful record of repairing antique instruments. And I can arrange that for you.
Cantate: B-b-but I really, really want to do this! Because I know how the lady, feels!
Cantate: I swear I won't do anything, to jeopardize the value or the voice, of the instrument!
Cantate: Please, Fer! Believe in me! Let me do this!
Ferruccio: ...
Ferruccio: Seeing how passionately you feel about this, I won't say another word.
Ferruccio: Do what you can with it. I believe this'll prove to be an invaluable experience.
Cantate: ...!
Cantate: Fer, th-thanks, for believing in me.
Ferruccio: No, I'm the one who should be expressing my gratitude. The maintenance you did on the Stradavario was truly second to none.
Ferruccio: Thank you for breathing life back into the wonderful sound it produces. You should be proud of yourself.
Cantate: Mm-hm, I am.
Cantate: F-Fer... I'm really glad, I became a luthier. I don't think I'll ever stop, loving violins.
Cantate: I-I hope we get to work together, for a long time to come.
Ferruccio: My thoughts exactly. May you continue to improve as a skilled professional.
Cantate bashfully accepts Ferruccio's words of praise.
The instrument maker is more confident than ever of her skills, and she will only improve further with time.

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