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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height 183 cm Race ???
(as Npc s 3030262000 01.jpg Cassius (Event))
(as of Npc s 3030273000 01.jpg Cassius (Yukata))
Hobbies Pursuit of knowledge, reading and experiments
Likes Studying the unknown
Dislikes Sentimental arguments

Character Release
彼の正体は、イベント「Second Advent」内にて語られますのでイベントストーリーにてご確認ください!


Character Release


Character Release

バトルにおいては高い頻度で発動できるようになる「敵の強化効果無効化」により、敵が有利になるような状況を防いでくれます。 また同じくダメージアビリティも頻繁に発動できるため、サポートだけでなく敵への攻撃にも一役買ってくれることでしょう。

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明 Height 183cm Race ???
(as Npc s 3030262000 01.jpg Cassius (Event))
(as of Npc s 3030273000 01.jpg Cassius (Yukata))
Hobbies 知識の探求、読書や実験
Likes 未知の研究
Dislikes 感情論

Character Release
彼の正体は、イベント「Second Advent」内にて語られますのでイベントストーリーにてご確認ください!


Character Release


Character Release

バトルにおいては高い頻度で発動できるようになる「敵の強化効果無効化」により、敵が有利になるような状況を防いでくれます。 また同じくダメージアビリティも頻繁に発動できるため、サポートだけでなく敵への攻撃にも一役買ってくれることでしょう。

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
This is my first time celebrating the day of someone else's birth. Those around me never cared for such things.
Of course I am aware of my own date of birth. Acutely aware in fact.
Date of birth and age are essential in determining how much usefulness can be reaped from my remaining years.
What? Do you find that point of view strange? How so? I am only stating a fact.
So you are saying that adding a year is proof that you are alive and not a countdown toward death.
That is how you people think. I see. I admit that is a profound notion.
Now I cannot get the meaning of birthdays out of my head. I will spend all of today with you in order to investigate what makes this day so meaningful.


Congratulations on your birthday, (Captain).
I read in a book that your kind celebrates by placing candles on a cake equal in number to the celebrator's age.
It's a very interesting practice but with one minor flaw.
Consider someone who has lived for a long time. Wouldn't the heat from so many candles melt the cake if it's too small?
Therefore I hypothesize that the size of a cake must also increase for each accumulated year.
If we were to follow my logic, then my cake would be... Gulp.
Heh. That doesn't seem half bad.


Today is your birthday, isn't it?
I attempted to imitate the habits of fossildwellers and purchase a birthday present, but I was unsuccessful in choosing one.
It would only increase the amount of work if the item was deemed unnecessary and required disposing of, resulting in the opposite of the intended effect.
Not at all, you say?
Heh... I see. You wish to tell me that my intention to present you with a gift makes you happy.
I've gradually come to understand your nature to seek value in emotions. However, the fact that I was unable to prepare a gift remains true.
Instead, I have secured a sufficient amount of rupies and time to acquire whatever item you might desire.
You may, therefore, make your own selection for your present this year. Now, let us depart for town.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I referenced your gift selections during last year's shopping trip in order to acquire a gift for you this year.
Whether this gift is the most suitable choice remains to be seen, but logically it should be close to the correct parameters.
Take it, and this as well. I was told a birthday card was also necessary.
Though I cannot understand why. If one has more to say, then why not speak it directly?
A keepsake to remember me by?
In other words, a birthday present by itself is insufficient then?
The gift and the message complement each other to form a physical memento of emotion...
Hm... It is clear there are still many concepts in this world that I do not fully comprehend.
Heh... Fascinating.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
That is what I hear everyone saying, but why?
Ah, so it is a greeting that welcomes in a new year. Does that alone warrant attention? What significance is there to the start of a new year?
Hmm... I see. The cause for celebration is all the obstacles you and your comrades overcame during that time frame.
Some things cannot be accomplished alone, thus there are situations that necessitate cooperation from friends. Sound reasoning.
Happy New Year, (Captain). I will remember to use this greeting again next year. Please do not die before then.


If I remember correctly, it is customary to prepare traditional dishes to be consumed on New Year's Day.
Black soy beans for warding off evil, herring roe to bring prosperity to one's offspring, mashed sweet potatoes to boost financial fortunes...
The fact that each dish comes with its own meaning is most fascinating.
Although I am still extremely skeptical that eating food will somehow bring wishes to fruition...
But I suppose regularly setting one's expectations is what makes a fossildweller a fossildweller.
Living is all about the experiences. I think I shall try a few of those New Year's dishes.


(Captain). Tell me, what is the purpose of this line? I am unable to see where it starts even after turning five corners. Could this be a line for ramen?
A line for praying at the shrine? What is this shrine that you speak of? What kind of food is praying?
Hm. You mean to tell me that all of these people are here to offer their gratitude for the past year, and to make new wishes at a structure called a shrine.
I do not understand. I cannot think of any merits in speaking to an architectural structure.
But from my experience here in the world of fossildwellers, there must be something extraordinary waiting at the front of this line.
The end's that way. Let's get in line, (Captain).


(Captain), I have caught wind of a dangerous weapon that only appears in the Sky Realm during the start of a new year.
According to the rumors, the weapon is white with viscoelastic properties that allow it to stretch—
Ah. Yes. Similar to the white substance you're holding right now.
You claim what you're holding is the weapon?
I think not. Even I recognize the foodstuff known as mochi.
"It's easy to choke on mochi because of its consistency"?
I have no words to describe how illogical it is for skydwellers to intentionally put their own lives at risk.
No... Perhaps such risk-taking is responsible for the evolution of modern-day cuisine... Hmm, deeply fascinating.
If so, then I shall salute those pioneering forebearers while indulging in mochi.
(Captain), where is the red bean paste? Preferably the unmashed kind.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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After receiving a gift on Valentine's Day, it is customary to return the favor on White Day.
This gift is in accordance with said custom. Take it.
Although it does not change how illogical the entire affair is.
Instead of giving a gift in order to receive a gift, the sensible thing to do would be to purchase the desired object yourself from the outset.
You are smiling. Does receiving confectionery from me make you that happy?
I do not understand. Though gifts may be identical in nature, emotions change at the point of delivery.
Curiously I do not view this concept unfavorably, regardless of how little sense it makes.
Hehe. Fascinating.
Understood. From now on I will participate in future confectionery gift exchanges.


(Captain). I was unable to arrange a gift in time for today. Sorry.
My original plan was to follow your example and make sweets by hand, but I did not know how to cook.
Therefore I propose we cook together. What do you think?
Once I learn how to cook, I can then gift you my own creation. It makes sense to kill two birds with one stone.
Though you are free to refuse if it does not satisfy you...
Hm, I see from your smile that I didn't even have to ask.
Very well. Let us wash our hands and get right to it.


I have prepared a thank you gift to express gratitude for Valentine's Day.
This box contains the same gift as last year's, but I increased the flavor parameters via repeated trial and error.
During the research process, I gained weight, and pimples appeared on my cheeks. However, I believe the results were worth it.
It bears mentioning that, while I did put in great effort to prepare you this gift, one could exchange rupies for a dessert of equal merit.
I thought I would mimic you and prepare the gift by hand, but it is still unclear to me why this method produces more joy.
Oh, it makes you happy because I spent much time for you?
So one might say that the value of the gift is not in the gift itself, but in the method done to obtain the gift.
I admit, it is an illogical mode of thinking but intriguing nonetheless. I shall handmake you a gift next year, just to be sure.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Has something affected everyone's mental state? They are all wearing costumes and repeating the same actions.
Ah, so a festivity known as Halloween is underway. There is never a dull moment around you people.
And now you hand me a mask to wear and join you?
Hmm... There is no better way to learn about other customs than active participation.
But I would not even know where to start with Halloween.
Where we go and what we do, I will leave that to you, (Captain).


I want to consult with you about a more effective method for carrying out deception, (Captain).
In order to acquire many treats, one must have many tricks at their disposal, correct?
I still find this all highly illogical, but understanding fossildweller culture necessitates participation.
As compensation for your time, I guarantee you half of the candy I receive.
Now then. Show me befitting trickery, and I will copy what you do.


You wish for me to consume this? To offer me a treat and require no compensation in return—this must be what you refer to as an act of kindness.
Though the inexplicable smile on your face is concerning, it is not my will to allow food to go to waste. I shall partake of it.
Pulse has returned to normal. My sense of taste, momentarily paralyzed from the acidity, has reached 90% recovery.
I was unable to predict that a trick could be carried about by adjusting the sourness of a treat to an extreme.
An admirable strategy—I wish to test this trick on someone myself. Show me where I can purchase this treat, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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I would like to know why you are hanging curios on a tree brought in from the outside. What is the point?
You say it is in preparation for a celebration. Interesting.
But why choose such an ordinary tree when your goal is to make this room look festive?
A tree that is naturally populated with blossoms would have saved you from unnecessary decorating. You are being inefficient.
Why are you handing me ornaments? Is this your way of asking me to help?
Hmm. Active participation may allow me to understand the reasoning behind this inefficient behavior.
Very well then. I will provide assistance.


You claim that Santa Claus is an elderly man who delivers items to children without seeking payment.
I fail to see why he would give away quality goods for no compensation. It is highly illogical.
On the other hand, it does bring smiles to the children who receive those gifts.
It could be said that the value of those smiles is a sufficient trade.
Or perhaps this is yet another example of an act of kindness.
Fascinating. I would like to meet this Santa Claus someday.


Earlier, I came across children making a strange object by stacking large spheres of snow together. What are they doing?
An activity in which snow is used as a material for making a figure referred to as a snowman... Hm, a convenient and rational way to spend one's time.
Still, the snow is bound to melt when the temperature rises again. What, then, is the purpose for making such sculpted objects?
I see. So the objective is to enjoy the season through using what is only available during the winter.
To wish to fully enjoy even the changes in climate... A very typical way of thinking for fossildwellers.
It has piqued my interest. (Captain), let's head outside. Teach me how to make this object called a snowman.

Fate Episodes

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Illogical Skies

Out of the blue, Cassius asks (Captain) and friends to join him on a walk. Surprised but happy to oblige, they agree, and the group travel to town where they find food stalls in business for the day. Cassius buys a large quantity of jam bread, nostalgic for the food that he once ate with Beatrix and the crew, and wholeheartedly enjoys the nutritionally imbalanced sustenance.

A week has gone by since Cassius returned to the skies.
He goes to see (Captain), a pensive expression on his face.
Cassius: (Captain). Vyrn. Lyria.
Cassius: ...
Vyrn: What's up? Kinda looks like someone ran over your face there. Still not feelin' a hundred percent yet?
Lyria: It wouldn't be surprising after all that happened.
Lyria: Should we ask Ilsa and the others to get a doctor for you?
Cassius: Sigh...
Cassius: Your behavior is deeply illogical. Simply appearing in your presence should not be a cause for concern.
Cassius: Relax. I may not be fully recovered, but I am doing perfectly fine without complications.
Lyria: You promise you're not pushing yourself?
Cassius: A ridiculous notion. There is no merit in concealing discomfort at the risk of worsening my condition.
Cassius: And you, Vyrn. You were entirely incorrect in your assumption about the state of my facial features.
Cassius: No one has trampled them, nor will anyone attempt to do so. There are much more efficient ways to incapacitate.
Vyrn: Riiight. Seems to me you're doin' just fine then.
Lyria: Hehehe, thank goodness.
Cassius: ...
  1. Did you need something from us?
  2. Since you're fine, want to go on a walk?

Choose: Did you need something from us?
Cassius: I came to see you with the intention of inviting you out for a walk.

Choose: Since you're fine, want to go on a walk?
Cassius: How fascinating. Did you read my mind?
Cassius: I was about to ask you for a walk myself.
Continue 1
Lyria: A walk?
Cassius: I won't be offended if you wish to decline.
Lyria: No, no, I definitely want to go! I'd love to!
Vyrn: It was just kinda surprisin' to hear you wanted to take one.
Vyrn: Is there an errand you need to run outside?
Cassius: ...
Cassius: No, it will be a simple excursion. I have no other plans.
Cassius: I appreciate that you are willing to come along, but I would prefer setting off immediately. Fortunately, the weather is pleasant today.
Lyria: Okay, let's go!
Cassius and crew travel to a nearby town for their leisurely stroll.
Cassius: Hm...
Cassius: Are those food stalls?
Cassius: A large crowd gathers around them. Is there some sort of event or festival happening today?
Vyrn: Nah, the restaurants around here periodically set up the stalls for a walk-while-you-eat street.
Cassius: Is that so? How fascinating. (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, have you already secured your nutritional intake for the morning?
Lyria: Ehehe, not yet! We should fill ourselves up with tasty foods now though!
Cassius: An excellent suggestion. It will be my treat.
Vyrn: Haha, won't say no to free grub, but you sure you got the money for it?
Cassius: You need not worry on that front.
Cassius: Beatrix assured me that, for the time being, the Society will cover my expenses.
Vyrn: Uh... You positive she didn't give you the wrong info?
Cassius: I checked multiple times, and it seems that it is a gift celebrating my return. Kindness for kindness's sake.
Vyrn: Haha, that's pretty thoughtful of 'em. They sure aren't afraid of goin' overboard, huh?
Cassius: The same could be said of you all.
With a smile, Cassius eagerly leads the group to the food stalls.
They purchase their food and find a bench in the plaza to sit on.
Cassius: I believe we have secured a sufficient amount of nutrition.
Vyrn: If you ask me, we got way more than "sufficient"...
Lyria: Strawberry, blueberry, orange... So many flavors of jam bread...
Vyrn: Why didn't you grab anything else? This ain't exactly nutritionally balanced, if you actually care about that.
Cassius: I prefer it this way.
Cassius: You are correct that such a large quantity of sugar could have negative effects on the body.
Cassius: But... Right now, this is what I wish to eat.
Cassius: An illogical meal that would be impossible to have on the moon.
Without further fanfare, Cassius takes a bite of the strawberry jam bread.
Cassius: Sweet...
Hearing Cassius mumble to himself, (Captain) recalls a familiar scene from the past.
It is a memory from the time Cassius had just arrived from the moon, injured after crash-landing.
After he requested sustenance, Beatrix gave him a loaf of bread.
Cassius: Munch, chew, chew...
Beatrix: Oh yeah! Here, spread some of this strawberry jam over it! It's super tasty, I promise!
Cassius: Strawberry jam...
Beatrix pulled said jam from her pouch and covered Cassius's bread in it.
Vyrn: U-uh, don't you think you went a bit overboard?
Beatrix: Hehe, this is the way you gotta eat it! Trust me—it always makes me feel better after I mess up!
Cassius: ...
(Does this truly have stress-relieving properties?)
He took one careful look at the pile of jam on his bread, then tried a bite.
Cassius: Sweet...
Vyrn: Sheesh, you see? You put on too much...
Cassius: No, I prefer it this way.
Cassius: (Captain). Did you perhaps recall the same event?
Cassius: Trivial as it may have been, jam bread has become one of my roots in the skies.
Cassius: I cannot properly express how much it means to partake in it again with everyone.
Lyria: We can tell it's a precious memory that's important to you.
Cassius: A precious memory...
Cassius: Heh... I suppose it is.
Vyrn: Sorry I didn't notice earlier. Let's dig in then! Dibs on the apple jam one!
Lyria: I'll have the blueberry!
Cassius: Heh...
Cassius takes another bite of his bread...
Cassius: So sweet...
And another, and another.
Each taste of the sweet jam filling him with the comfort of a new memory to treasure.

Illogical Skies: Scene 2

After finishing their bread, Cassius leads the group to a familiar ramen shop. They had eaten there together in the past, with Cassius becoming a regular patron after their initial visit. Though the line to enter is long, they eventually get to the counter. The chef recognizes Cassius and gives the group extra pork toppings free of charge. The aroma and taste of the ramen brings a smile to Cassius's face.

As soon as the group finish their jam bread, Cassius stands.
Cassius: We've spent enough time here.
Vyrn: You ready to go back already? It's only noon.
Cassius: It appears there is a misunderstanding. I only meant that it is time to move on.
Lyria: Move on?
Cassius: Indeed. I would appreciate it if you would accompany me to another location.
Vyrn: Be happy to, but we're all friends here, y'know? No need to be so stiff about it.
Cassius: I suppose. Allow me to rephrase then.
Cassius: Come with me. There is a place I would like to bring you to.
  1. Can't wait to see it.

Choose: Can't wait to see it.
Cassius: Heh... This way.
Cassius: We have arrived.
Lyria: Oh! I-isn't this...
The group arrives at a familiar location.
Vyrn: This is the place you wanted to show us? The ramen shop?
Cassius: Yes. I assume you still remember it.
Lyria: Of course! We came here together before, didn't we?
Just as Lyria says, (Captain) and company visited the ramen shop together in the past.
Though Cassius complained the entire time they waited in a long line, the meal they eventually received was more than worth it.
Cassius: As expected of a popular establishment. The shop just opened for business, and a line has already formed.
Cassius: The end of the line appears to be over there. (Captain), let us go.
Vyrn: W-wait, we just ate! You tellin' me you got room left?
Cassius: Your concern is unnecessary. As I have a full understanding of the maximum capacity of my stomach, I am certain I will be able to finish one bowl.
Lyria: I know I have room for plenty more!
Vyrn: Hmm, I guess I'm not completely stuffed...
Vyrn: Ah, fine. We're here anyway, right? Let's get that ramen!
(Captain) flashes a thumbs-up as well, and the group steps into line.
Lyria: It's kind of strange though.
Vyrn: Huh? What is?
Lyria: Normally, Cassius would time it perfectly so that we wouldn't have to wait...
Vyrn: That's true... Hey, Cassius, you seemed like you were pretty eager to get here now, but did you mistime it?
Cassius: We arrived when I predicted we would.
Cassius: And we are in line. Is that not good enough?
Vyrn: Uh...
Cassius: I concede that waiting in a long line to fill our stomachs is a waste of time.
Cassius: A completely illogical course.
Vyrn: Right... I remember you grumblin' about that last time.
Cassius: I do not understand the worth in doing so.
Lyria: But then... Why are we in line now?
Cassius: ...
Cassius can offer no answer.
(Captain) and the others gaze at him curiously, though they do not pry any further.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, I heard this place is offerin' a new pork topping.
Cassius: What? Describe it.
Vyrn: Supposed to be soft and melt in your mouth...
Cassius: Soft... and melt in my mouth? I am not familiar with such a texture.
Lyria: I wonder what it tastes like... Just imagining it is making me super hungry...
Cassius: How fascinating. I can feel the secretion of saliva in my mouth and an increased sensation of hunger.
  1. You seem pretty excited.

Choose: You seem pretty excited.
Cassius: Perhaps this wait is not a waste of time after all.
Cassius: It allows for the opportunity to contemplate and converse over the possibilities of an unknown flavor...
Cassius: A thrill that can only be found in this moment.
More time passes, until finally it is the group's turn at the counter.
Chef: Welcome! Ah, it's you!
Cassius: It has been a while.
Chef: Ahaha, it sure has! Been so long, I was starting to feel lonely without you!
Cassius: I was away on an extended excursion.
Chef: Excursion? Did you go on a trip or something?
Cassius: I suppose you could say... that it was a trip of considerable length.
Chef: Well, I'm mighty pleased that you chose to come back here to eat after all that.
Cassius: I could never forget the taste of the ramen you cooked. Returning for another bowl was high on my list of priorities.
Chef: Is that right? Gosh, now that's a compliment!
Vyrn: Wh-whoa, they're real buddy-buddy, huh?
Lyria: It's a little surprising, but... didn't Cassius come here all the time before he left?
Chef: He sure did! Every day at one point—a true regular!
Cassius: A necessary step to investigate and analyze the taste.
Vyrn: C'mon, nobody buys that. Just say you were hooked.
Cassius: I cannot deny it.
Chef: Ahaha! Let's get you set up with bowls of the good stuff then! Be done in a moment!
Soon enough, steaming hot bowls of ramen are set down on the counter.
Cassius: Is this... your new pork topping?
Chef: That's right! Heard about it already, have you?
Vyrn: That's a lotta pork... I don't think we ordered this.
Chef: It's on the house. Think of it as a welcome-back treat.
Cassius: In that case... I offer you my thanks.
Chef: You know, you seem a bit different than before.
Cassius: What?
Chef: Not in a bad way, mind you. Just... sort of like you've settled into your own skin.
Cassius: Settled into my own skin... Hmm. An intriguing concept.
Chef: But that's enough blabbing on my part. Go on, dig in!
Cassius: Very well. Thank you for the meal.
He takes a large slurp of the noodles, savoring the familiar taste he had missed.
Cassius: (An excessive quantity of nutrition, like always. It defies sense.)
Cassius: (But...)
Cassius: It is delicious.
Lyria: Yeah, it's super good!
Chef: Ahaha, glad to hear it. Hope that means you'll come back again sometime.
Cassius: An acceptable request. (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, let us return someday soon.
Without further conversation, the group wholeheartedly focus on their food.

Illogical Skies: Scene 3

Night falls by the time the group finishes their walk. Cassius finally explains his reason for inviting them out: to enjoy a normal day together with his friends, experiencing everything he never thought he'd see again upon returning to the moon. Moved by his admission, (Captain) and friends promise to stay by Cassius's side now that he is home.

After leaving the ramen shop, (Captain) and company take a stroll around town.
Before they realize it, the sun has dipped below the horizon.
They return to the plaza where they had breakfast and sit down on one of the benches.
As they relax, Cassius gazes up at the starry sky, a satisfied expression on his face.
Cassius: Night has fallen. We should return soon.
Lyria: We were out for a long time, weren't we? But I had a lot of fun!
Vyrn: Yeah, it was a real blast!
Vyrn: Can't say I ever expected to goof off with you before, Cassius, but it was great.
Cassius: I must admit, I am also... a little surprised.
Cassius: ...
  1. You had fun too, right?
  2. Why did you ask us out?

Choose: You had fun too, right?
Cassius: Hm.
Cassius: The day was not completely without its stressful moments.
Cassius: However, I did not experience any displeasure. One could potentially extrapolate, then, that "fun" was had.
"So why don't you look happy?" (Captain) asks.
Cassius: Hm...

Choose: Why did you ask us out?
Cassius: You pursued a similar line of questioning this morning. I suppose your interest in the answer has not waned.
Cassius: The reason I asked... was because I wished to go on a walk with you. I did not lie.
Cassius: But now...
Continue 1
Cassius: Now I find myself at a loss.
Lyria: I-is something wrong?
Cassius: ...
Chef: Not in a bad way, mind you. Just... sort of like you've settled into your own skin.
Cassius: Settled into my own skin... Hmm. An intriguing concept.
Cassius: I have realized that I... I am changing.
Cassius: I feel and think things that I never could have fathomed when I first arrived in the skies. It is disconcerting to consider.
Cassius: Allow me to provide an example: my true reason for inviting you out today.
Lyria: H-huh? But what...
Cassius: There was no reason.
Vyrn: Wha...
Cassius: Not a calculated one, at the very least.
Cassius: As illogical as it may seem, I only wanted to spend a normal day with friends, doing nothing of importance.
Cassius: Specifically with you three—(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn.
Vyrn: A normal day with us...
Cassius: Consuming food with unbalanced nutrition, conversing for no particular purpose, chatting in a foolishly long line...
Cassius: Partaking in meals together, and touring the town together...
Cassius: None of these activities are required to sustain one's life.
Cassius: And yet... I found myself yearning for it all when I parted from these skies.
Vyrn: You...
Cassius: I thought I would meet my end as soon as my brain was removed.
Cassius: Never to wake again. Never to experience this world again.
Cassius: But here I am once more, saved by comrades who chose to follow their emotions rather than reason.
Cassius: I suppose that might be why I felt compelled to bring us on this excursion today—
Cassius: To be immersed in the irrationality of these skies through all it has to offer.
Lyria: Cassius...
Lyria: It doesn't only have to be today! It can be forever from now on!
Cassius: ...
Lyria: Let's do all the illogical things in the world together!
Lyria: Going for walks, touring around, eating ramen and bread and whatever else we can find!
Vyrn: We're here to hang for as many normal days as you want.
Vyrn: You're free, pal. No more moon—just blue skies.
Cassius: ...
  1. Your new life's just getting started.

Choose: Your new life's just getting started.
Cassius: Indeed...
Cassius: We have plenty of days like today ahead of us.
Cassius: A ridiculous concept to consider, isn't it? But nonetheless...
Cassius gazes up at the sky once more.
Cassius: (For as much as this world lacks logic...)
Cassius: (It is fascinating in equal measure.)
Cassius: I am eager to experience it all.
From the moon to the skies, his journey was a long one.
Yet finally, as illogical as it may seem, he is home.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
酸素が美味いフッ、非合理極まりない Ridiculous as it sounds, I missed the taste of oxygen.
ミートソースは上出来な冗談だっただろう I believe my joke about the meat sauce was perfectly executed.
障害を排除前進を続ける Remove any obstacles and press forward.
非合理極まりないココロ今なら少しは理解できる I am starting to understand the meaning behind "following one's heart."
空には月にはない多くのものがある The skies are extremely vast compared to the moon.
今日も興味深く面白い出来事は起きるだろうか I wonder what sort of fascinating events will occur today.
旅行は終わりだだが観光は続けよう My vacation may be over, but I will continue to sightsee around.
(主人公)、娯楽を教えてくれ (Captain), guide me in the ways of seeking "fun."
さて、どこへ行こうか俺はもうどこへでも行ける Where shall I go next, now that I am free to choose?
(主人公)がいる場所は不思議と心地がいい Oddly enough, (Captain)'s presence alone is comforting.


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