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Official Profile

Age 16
Height 158 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for gossip topics, makeup
Likes Heavy makeup, cute stuff, sparkly things, kelp tea
Dislikes The natural look, mussed bangs, being like everybody else

Character Release

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 16歳
Height 158cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies ネタ探し、メイク
Likes フルメイク、可愛いもの、キラキラしてるもの、梅昆布
Dislikes すっぴん、前髪が乱れること、無個性

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

You're the birthday kid today! That means you get to wish for anything, Captain.
You know, I was wondering what you might want for your birthday, but couldn't think of anything.
I can totally do a happy birthday dance for you, though! You ready for it? Here I go!
Yay! Too loo too loo
Loo loo loo loo loo loo!
HBD! HBD, Captain!
HBD! HBD, Captain!
Well, so, like, how was it? Totally rockin', right?


There you are! Been looking for you all over for ya! lol
I hope the shower of birthday presents is cooling down now? Because I've got mine locked and loaded, all ready for you! ☆
Ta-da! The bestest birthday present ever!
I wasn't sure what you'd want, so I kinda went with my gut, you know? lol
I figured you'd be getting, like, a gazillion presents, so I knew had to totally stand out when giving you mine. lol


(Captain), H↑B↑D↑! ↑↑
You're always so full of smiles, you're mad strong, and you're super carefree!
Love and kisses for you all the way, (Captain)! ♡
I hope we can be together forever and ever and ever! (。・ω・。)
I'll keep working on my game so I can be more useful to you and the crew! ヽ(°∀°)ノ


(Captain), HBD! This day is so amazeballs. You don't know how hyped I am. Yay!
I'm sure I'm not the only one whose hype meter is off the charts. (*´艸`)
Like, I can't even! lol
The G. Cyph is the bomb, and it's all thanks to you, (Captain)! I can't thank you enough!
Can we be besties forever? 'Cause I think I've got what it takes to help you out big time—eventually!
I'm gonna do everything I can to prove that I'm worth my salt!


(Captain)! Happyyy birthdayyy!
(Captain)'s birthday is always, like, the most cray-cray day of the year!
I'd even say it's the day I look forward to most on the G. Cyph! I'm not kidding either!
Then again, that shouldn't come as a surprise! Everyone getting together to celebrate my favorite person is just totes awesome!
Thanks for being the bestest captain ever, (Captain)!
Here's to being BFFs forever! HBD, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

This year's been awesome! Still no boyfriend, though, lol.
I'm with you guys right now after all.
Part of me wants to go back to the village to see my mom and everyone else.
But maybe I should work on getting stronger first.
Like, I've gotta get strong enough to protect everyone. Strong like you, Captain!
So yeah, happy New Year! Whoooo!


Ah, (Captain)! HNY!
The shrine's a-waitin' for us!
We totally need to find out which one of us has the better luck this year!
Either way I just know my luck's been on the up and up ever since joining you, (Captain)! ☆


Everyone's got some kind of New Year's whatchamacallit, but what about you, (Captain)? (・∀・)
Me? I want a sweetie-pie for myself! (`・ω・´)
Oh yeah, I wanna get stronger too. But I've had that goal, like, foreverz now.
I'm all for the lovey-dovey stuff. Can't go through life alone, ya know? Getting hitched is kinda like my end goal. lol
(Captain), Lyrina, Vyrnathan, and everyone else in the crew...
I've made so many besties lately. I just gotta keep this up, and I'll nab myself a sweetie-pie in no time! Like, lol. (´∀`)
(Captain)! Wish me good luck in finding that Hottie McHotterson sooner than later, won't you? (ゝω・)ゞ"


Whoo, first sighting of (Captain) in the new year! HNY and all that jazz! Teehee!
I heard everyone's gonna be playing New Year's games. Wanna hang out with me if I go, (Captain)?
Celebrating tradition's kinda like my jam. I mean, you get to raise the roof while you're at it.
There's also the shrine visit, the mochi-munching, and, like, so much more. lolz
Getting to chill with your BFFs is one surefire way to start an awesome new year, don't you think, (Captain)? (~‾▿‾)~


(Captain), HNY!
You just woke up? Wanna come with me to the shrine and get a New Year's prayer going?
Like, I can't believe I forgot what resolutions I made last year... (´・ω・`)
Would you believe I even forget if I prayed at the shrine? 'Cause, like, I'm always in a rush on New Year's and all. Lolz
But it's all good since I get to visit the shrine with you again, (Captain).
I'm lucky just to have you G. Cyph peeps in my life. Can't get too greedy now.
Oh snap, I just thought of something! Σ(゚∇゚*)
All I've gotta do is pray that I get to pray with you again next year!
Whoo! Am I, like, totally one smart cookie or what? Teehee!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

I can't handle this. Like, I don't even have a boyfriend!
Looks like you got a ton of chocolates, Captain! Take it easy, lolz!
I get it, though. You're super strong, and a Hottie McHotterson!
These? They're chocolates we all made together.
Wait, you want chocolates from me? Does that mean what I think?
Seriously? For realsies? You're not joking!
You even talk like a hottie! I can't stand it. Like, I'm so gonna fall for you, Captain! lol.


Here, (Captain)! Chocolates full of my love just for you!
Ah, that smile tells me you're super pleased!
Nyehehe... Glad to know it!
You sure look beat though. But a few bites of my chocs, and you'll feel all better!


(Captain)! Here you go!
Ehehe, isn't it obvious?
These are the bestest Valentine's chocolates that you love munching on so much—from yours truly! (。・ω・。)
Like, lol.
I figured the cuter I say that, the better the feels for both us. lol (*´ω`)ゝ
Hehe, I could almost be your GF. (*´艸`)


Tired already, (Captain)? Is that your tummy growling? Show of hands if you want some sweets!
Chocolate's all yours! Thanks for always being so good to me!
I made them super sweet for a sweetie like you. They're gonna have you feeling way relaxed. (ゝω・)ゞ"
I'm sure you're also getting some from everyone else, but I hope all that sweetness on mine leave a lasting impression.
It'd make me one seriously happy gal if you'd savor every bite, (Captain). (。・ω・。)


You still up, (Captain)? Sorry for dropping by at this hour. (・ω・`)
This chocolate's for you! A show of my appreciation!
Huh? Why did I wait till your bedtime?
Haha. I heard that the last person you give your yummies to keeps you in their mind!
I made these extra sweet though, so you might wanna save 'em for tomorrow! 'Cuz we both know cavities are lame!
Hope you have sweet dreams about me, (Captain)! (*´艸`)
Nighty night!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Chocolates for me? Thank you! They're so fancy and cute.
You remembered I gave you some for Valentine's, didn't you? You're a hottie right down to your heart, (Captain).
Like a pure, 100 percent, no-added-ingredients hottie, lol!


Woo! A White Day present for me!
Wait, is this even, like, for realz? Ah, this is such a rush! lol
D-does this mean I'm your one and only?
Aww, don't tell me you've fallen for me...
Aaactually, you know...
I kinda think I might be the one crushin' on you! lolz
You're just drippin' with kindness, (Captain)!


Ooh, don't tell me! (*゚∀゚)=3!!
Yay, a White Day present for me! You're the bestest, (Captain)!
You really have a thing for my chocolate yummies, don't you, (Captain)? lolz You must be falling in love with me!
Ah, I'm blushing! I might totally have the hots for you too, (Captain)! ヽ(◎´∀`)ノ


What the! Whoa! This is thanks for Valentine's?
Whooooo! ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!
You just made my year. Thanks a ton, (Captain)! (*´∀`)
In the off chance I didn't get any, I'd be spending the day, like, totally vying for your attention, (Captain)!
But we both know how much you love me! You just proved it like a total boss!
Which works out, because I love, love, love you to bits too, (Captain)! Teehee. (*´艸`*)


(Captain), this is some crazy fancy wrapping... Don't tell me... (*゚∀゚)=3
Woo-hoo! It's thanks for Valentine's!
You really know how to tease a girl with your gift-wrapping, (Captain)!
Huh? You picked this out just for me, apart from all the other gifts?
I think you just made my heart melt...
Hehehe! You make it pretty clear how you feel about me!
Thanks, (Captain)! Love you! (*´∀`*)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Like, why not both? lol
Any monster that leaves you alone because you have candy is, like, way too nice.
Or way too dumb, lol.
So yeah, I'm gonna give you a trick and a treat!


Mm, (Captain)! That's some wicked sweet cosplay you've got goin' on! I need to get myself a costume!
What's that? You and Lyrina always paint your faces black and pretend to be ghosts?
Wait, isn't that just makeup though... Ghosts, you said? lolol
That stuff is, like, full-on military camouflage! Ghosts, pssh! lolz
Sure is a cutesy look though.


(Captain). Help me come up with a Halloween costume. (`・ω・´)
I'm usually all over the piratey stuff, but I kinda wanna go with a bunny theme this year. (´・ω・`)
Hm? You think I should just go with whichever one I like?
Well then which one do you think looks more cuddly on me?
I want you to think I'm cuddly, (Captain), so I'll go with the one you pick! (つω`*)


Trick or treat! You having a blast with Halloween, (Captain)?
All this spooky fun is so bangin' that I can't even! (*゚∀゚)
Except everyone gives me so many treats that I might be all candied out. (´・ω・`)
I've had so much lately that I'm starting to see a muffin-top around my tummy... (´-ω-)
Guess I'll have to work it off by running around and pranking everyone in the streets!
I call it the Halloween diet! lol You ready for, like, the bestest trick ever from me, (Captain)?


(Captain)! You ready to go in trick-or-treating in town?
Wait, what's up with that costume?(゚Д゚) It's, like, so creepy and cute! You really pulled out all the stops, huh!
Trying to hog all the attention for yourself? I'm about to slip into my costume, but I think you've already got me beat. (・ω・`)
It's all good though! I don't mind anyone who's got my stamp of approval standing out more than me!
Huh? You think I'm cute too?
Aw, you're kinda making me blush, (Captain). lolz
Gimme a sec to change. I'll be back in jiffy. (*´∀`*)
You and I are totally gonna scare up the town together!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Like, I couldn't be any happier today!
We should go see the light show in town, Captain! And drink hot cocoa too!
I can't wait for tomorrow morning! I wonder what Santa's got for me!
Huh? Santa, the one who puts presents under the tree while you sleep.
I've never met him. But I'm a good girl, so he leaves me something every year.


It's snowing, it's cold, I miss my family, and I don't have a sweetie-poo on a day like this. What a total downer...
Least that's what I thought!
I mean, you've got so many peeps who are single on the G. Cyph. lol
Like, mad props to your l33t crew and all, but we're all totally on the same level when it comes to relationship status. lolz


Season's greets, Captain!
I wanna go holiday shopping and see all the shiny lights in town! Maybe we can even check out a cafe that's, like, all glammed up in cutesy stuff! (*>ω<*)
I'm all jazzed up thinking about this date with you, (Captain)! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Hm? I'm talking about how you and I are gonna totally raise the roof tonight, (Captain)! (´∀`*)☆
Ah, but we'll have to be back before it gets too dark out!
I'm supposed to get a makeup kit from Santa—wouldn't wanna miss out on it!


Oh (Captain)! Season's greets!
Get a load of this! (*´∀`*) I made cake this year. Isn't it just totes adorbz?
I added some plum kelp jerky into the spongy mix, so it's got, like, a really funky taste.
Put it by your pillow, and Santa just might have a bite. ヽ(☆´∀`☆)ノ
I'm mega-thankful for jolly ol' Kris Kringle, and it's about time I did something to pay him back!


Oopsie! Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays! Sorry for being in a rush! (・ω・`)
I've got some stuff to buy. They were saying they forgot to buy a mini Santa to put on the cake and stuff.
Like, it's totally not the holidays without Santa, his reindeer, and some snowdudes.
That's where I come in. I've gotta do what I can to put a smile on the kiddies' faces.
Huh... You'll come with, (Captain)? Like, really really?
We're gonna go on a winter date! Like, you're serious, right? Should I redo my makeup?
I'm already as cute as a button?
Aw, (Captain)! You're totes making me blush!
Teehee! Let's get going then! Time's-a-wastin'! (*^.^*)

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

One Teenager's Vacation

Chloe learns from a local shopkeep about a beach made of star sand where wishes come true. However, certain conditions must be met for anyone to go there.

Chloe: Mm, this is oh so fine!
Well, how do I look?
Lyria: It's beautiful! I'm guessing it's a shellfish necklace? It looks so good on you, Chloe!
Chloe: For realz? Oh yeah, Lyrina, you gotta see what a cutie patootie this one is!
Lyria: Wow... Look at all the colors and sparkles!
Zooey: Hm? Is this supposed to be the corpse of a shellfish? Do people wear these things as an accessory?
Chloe: Corpse, she said. lolz
Girl, you're making me crack up, lololz.
Chloe: Ooh, that a floral lei?

Zoe, I bet you're gonna love this one.

Zooey: Oh? I'll try putting it on.
Sara: Umm... Chloe? What do you think? Do I look a little more grown-up like this?
Chloe: ZOMG, w00t, w00t! Yeah!
Chloe: Sara, sweetie, you could totally pass for a red-hot fox with that on!
Sara: Teehee...
Souvenir Shopkeep: Hello there. I take it you're all here together? Travelers perhaps?
Lyria: Uh-huh, that's right!
Chloe: Guste is, like, the place for vacations, you know.
Souvenir Shopkeep: Hahaha. Well... Welcome to Auguste.
Souvenir Shopkeep: Say, do you folks happen to know the legend of Auguste?
Chloe: Legend? All right, now you gotta tell us more cuz I'm all pumped!
As thanks for purchasing so many souvenirs, the shopkeep tells a story known only to the locals.
It's said that somewhere in the Auguste Archipelago lies a beach made entirely of star sand—named so after the starry shape of each grain of sand.
And all who find their way to this elusive beach are granted any wish.
Chloe: Word? (゚Д゚)
It'll grant any wish? Sounds pretty lit!
Lyria: Wow... A beach full of star sand... I'd love to go there!
Souvenir Shopkeep: But entry to the beach is granted only to a special few—those acknowledged by the gods of Auguste.
Lyria: Hm, a place accessible only to those who've proven themselves to the gods...
A series of conditions including the weather, the season, the timing, and much more must match up before one can venture there.
Those who overcome all obstacles to arrive at the star sand beach...
Are known to either have incredible luck... Or to have been acknowledged by the gods.
Chloe: Gods, legends, chosen ones. lolz
(´c_` )
Souvenir Shopkeep: Hahaha. You sound intrigued.
Chloe: You chickadees think we got chance at this? Might as well play nice with the gods while we're here.
Lyria: Yeah! Let's try asking the gods!
The crew leaves the souvenir shop and looks for some shade to relax in on the beach.
Chloe: Too-de-loo...
Vyrn: Hey, Chloe, is it just me, or is your skin darker than usual?
Chloe: Hm? You like my suntan? I made real sure to even it out across my body.
Lyria: It's a beautiful tan you've got, Chloe!
Chloe: That's cuz I put on, like, sooo much lotion! But aww, how sweet of you to notice, Vyrnathan. Don't tell me you're falling for me?
Vyrn: In your dreams!
Chloe: I'm a really big fan of yours, Vyrnathan. But I just don't know if we're meant for each other.
Vyrn: Geez. Lay it off, will ya?
Lyria: Ah! Wow, Chloe—you're all white underneath that swimsuit!
Chloe: Yep, yep. My skin's naturally pretty white actually.
Chloe: But nothing's cuter than a tanned body, and that's why I keep this look up!
Chloe: Ooh, you're gonna wanna see this!
Chloe tugs on her bikini strap, revealing milky white skin.
  1. Ooh!
  2. You're making me blush.

Choose: Ooh!
Chloe: Ahaha! What's with that wide-eyed look, (Captain). lolz
Lyria: Wow! You really are white over there! I can definitely see the difference!
Chloe: Perfect for the summer, right? Do I look good or what?
Lyria: Very! Don't you agree, (Captain)?

Choose: You're making me blush.
(Captain)'s cheeks turn bright red at Chloe's daring behavior.
Chloe: Ahaha!
Chloe: I know you're, like mad strong, but you can be so cutielicious sometimes, (Captain). That blush is just cray cray adorbz on you.
Chloe: Aww, now you're making me blush.

Chloe: Hey, cut it out! Haha.
Chloe's face flushes deep red as if to match (Captain)'s state of mind.
Continue 1
Lyria: By the way, Chloe, what was it you were writing just now?
Chloe: Huh? Oh, I thought I'd write a letter to my mom.
Chloe: Just to let her know I'm doin' great out here, you know? And to find out how she's doing.
Lyria: Aah, so that's what it was!
Chloe: I know she's really worried about me doing this skyfarer thing, so a letter every now and then helps keep her at ease.
Chloe: Course I made sure to include that we're chillin' at 'Guste right now!
Chloe: You know those souvenirs I picked up earlier? I'm gonna ask Siero if she can send 'em to my mom.
Vyrn: Ah, that's right. Siero mentioned she'll be dropping by Auguste.
Vyrn: Let's go pay her a visit later!
Lyria: Yeah, let's do that!
(Captain) and the others leave Chloe to finish writing her letter as they continue to enjoy the fine weather on the beaches of Auguste.
Much awaits the crew in this pleasant summer vacation with the free-spirited Chloe in their ranks.

Wish to the Stars

The crew relaxes at the beach house after a tough water gun fight, where they learn of a road leading to the star sand beach. Chloe and company are stoked to check it out the next morning.

Seofon: Just to reiterate... I'll go ahead first to draw one of them away.
Seofon: I'll deal with whoever this one person is even if it kills me.
Chloe: Hm, hm...
Seofon: The rest of them will no doubt make a move when they spot me.
Lyria: Mm, hm...
The crew is in the middle of a series of water fights. As the leader of his own team, Seofon is briefing his fellow members, Chloe and Lyria.
Seofon is taking the matter very seriously, laying out the finer details of their strategy. Chloe and Lyria nod solemnly to every word.
Opposing them is the Tweyen, (Captain), and Vyrn team.
Chloe: There's, like, no way I'd ever beat the captain in a real fight. But pit me up against (Captain) in a game like this, and I just might stand a chance! lolz
All throughout the briefing, Chloe expresses her intense desire to let rip with her water gun.
Seofon: That's the spirit, Chloe! You good to go too, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes!
Seofon: Hm... Okay, wait for my signal once the other team starts moving.
Chloe: Let's get out there and kick some booty, Lyrina!
Lyria: Ready whenever you are!
Seofon: Whooaaa! Stop, stop, stop right there! The briefing's not over yet!
Vyrn: (Captain), look! Over there! It's Chloe and Lyria!
Chloe: Gyaah! Where'd you come out from, (Captain)! No fair!
Chloe: Look at me—I'm soaked! You're taking this way too serious, (Captain). lol
Lyria: Agh! They got us! Seofon!
(Captain) comes in from a blind spot, taking out Chloe and Lyria in one swift squirt.
Seofon: Sigh... Whatever happened to that plan of action we agreed on?
Seofon: I guess it's on me to school everyone...
Seofon: Ngh!
Tweyen: Hehe, plan of action, you say? No plan is going to save you from my all-seeing eyes.
Seofon: Hahaha, no argument there... I did kinda factor that in though...
Vyrn: Hey, Tweyen! We already took out two of them here!
Tweyen: I'm done here too. Hehehe. We win.
Seofon: Yep. Game's yours, all right.
Tweyen: Three-zero... Talk about an overwhelming victory.
Chloe: They stomped me in, like, five milliseconds. lolz
Lyria: Aww, we blew it...
Tweyen: Mm-hm.
Seofon: Yep, yep, you schooled us, okay.
The team led by the leader of the Eternals suffers a crushing defeat against Tweyen, (Captain), and Vyrn.
Chloe: Wait, we've got the big kahuna of the Eternals on our side, but we lost anyway. lol
Seofon: Aww, gimme a break... Tweyen, I need you to tell them how absolutely amazing I am!
Tweyen: Hehe, I wouldn't mind telling them all about you. 'Cept I am a bit afraid it'd frighten them so much we wouldn't be able to play around like this.
When visiting Sierokarte's beach house, Chloe bumped into Seofon and Tweyen who just happened to be there.
Although Chloe was aware of the almighty Eternals ever since joining the crew...
To meet them in person was something else altogether for her, who dreams of becoming a hero one day.
Being the very personable social butterfly that she is, Chloe quickly became friendly with the two and arranged for them to join in on the water-squirting fun.
Chloe: Nyehehe, (Captain)'s wide open!
Chloe: Pwned by Chloe!
The completely drenched (Captain) squirts the water gun backwards over a shoulder without turning around.
Lyria: Agh! (Captain), that's playing dirty!
Not one to take such underhanded play lying down, Lyria squirts her own water gun.
Lyria: Ngh... Take this!
Lyria: Aah! Tweyen!
Tweyen: Hehe! Good going, Lyria!
Seofon: Whoa, what's with all the positive vibes here? Let big bro Seofon join in on the fun too!
Chloe: Aahahaha! Hope you're locked and loaded, (Captain)!
Lyria: Eeep!
They spend the better part of the morning frolicking about like children, squirting away with their water guns.
Soaked and exhausted, the crew returns to the beach house for some rest and relaxation.
Beach House Owner: You know, there was talk this morning about a road to the star sand beach opening up.
Chloe: Wha? This morning? Fer realz?
Beach House Owner: Yes, for real. I'd say the timing's just right to get a good look at it.
Beach House Owner: Hehe. Tomorrow morning would be your best shot.
Chloe: Mm! Can't wait! Man, all the good stuff comes to (Captain)! I'm so stoked!
Seofon: Hey, what's with all the hullabaloo here? Someone fill me in.
(Captain) describes the legend of the star sand beach to Seofon and Tweyen.
Seofon: Ahah. How wonderful it all sounds. So it'll grant any wish, hm?
Tweyen: Hm? Any wish...
Chloe: Aah! I can't even! But only in the morning, huh? I'll just have to tuck myself in early!
Seofon: You can count on me to tag along too. Wouldn't want anything to happen to you guys on the way there, you know?
Seofon: Tweyen, you'll come along too, right?
Tweyen: Huh? Would... that be okay?
Chloe: Like, totally! The more the merrier!
Tweyen: Hehe... Fine, I'll come along too.
Lyria: Wow, tomorrow's going to be so much fun... Star sand beach—here we come!
Their hearts filled with excitement, the crew eagerly awaits the next morning.

Wish to the Stars: Scene 2

(Captain) and the party find the underwater road said to lead to the star sand beach. Seofon summons a giant spirit sword to split the sea and open up the path.

(Captain) and company rub their weary eyes as they continue down the rocky terrain.
Having gleaned information from the locals pertaining to the location where the coastal road leading to the star sand beach appears...
The crew heads out in search of it, but Tweyen shows an expression of uneasiness.
Tweyen: Say, Seofon...
Seofon: Hm? What's the matter?
Tweyen: About the star sand beach...
Seofon: Oh? You see something already? Or is it...
Seofon: That you don't see anything?
Tweyen: You noticed too?
Walking ahead of the others and holding a different conversation are Lyria and Chloe.
Lyria: By the way, Chloe, were you able to send out that letter yesterday?
Chloe: Nuh-uh—I was thinking of maybe rewriting the whole thing.
Lyria: Oh yeah?
Chloe: I mean, we're, like, so close to finding this star sand beach!
Chloe: And when we do find it, I'm gonna send some of that glitzy star sand along with the letter!
Seofon: Heh! You're, like, totally the bestest daughter ever, Chloe—as you might put it.
Chloe: Nah, stuff like this is normal. (゚з゚)
I will say I love my mom more than anything else in the whole wide world though...
Tweyen: Seofon, wait. I wasn't done talking yet...
Seofon: Oh, it's fiiine. There's more to this world than meets the eye, you know?
Chloe: Huh, something going on with you two, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Um...
Seofon: Chin up, Tweyen. Keep making that face, and before long the entire crew's gonna be worried about you.
Seofon: We've already come this far to check it out—might as well just keep going, right?
Chloe: Everything cool with you guys?
Tweyen: Hm? Um... Yes, it's nothing... Sorry if I worried you.
Seofon: Alright then! It could be that we're just not seeing the whole picture yet! We're pushing forward, everyone!
Lyria: Yeah!
Chloe: Yass!
The crew continues through the rugged terrain of the jungle.
The path is fraught with numerous dangers—from packs of mischevious monkeys to fiendish monsters.
But with two Eternals traveling among the party, such obstacles are nothing more than a minor nuisance.
Chloe: Woo! I can see the beach!
Vyrn: Phew, finally here, huh! So where's the road that leads to the star sand beach?
Lyria: Hm... I don't see anything we can call a road here...
Now at the coastline, the crew searches for the road said to lead to the star sand beach.
But little more than the vast open sea lies before them—with no road in sight.
Seofon and Tweyen quietly observe their surroundings.
Tweyen: Hey, Seofon... Do you think there's any chance the road might actually be underwater?
Tweyen uses her extraordinary sight to find an underwater road.
Seofon: Aha, good thinking. Perhaps that's what's meant by a series of conditions matching up.
Seofon: The road was there all along; we just couldn't see it.
Tweyen: That's true, but...
Seofon: But if the tide doesn't ebb way back, forget about the road—that beach is never gonna open up.
The series of conditions that must be met for the star sand beach—located on its own solitary island—to appear simply refers to low tide.
Low tide is predominantly affected by weather and season, and the tide certainly does not look to be ebbing any time soon.
Seofon and Tweyen ruminate over how to tackle the matter.
Lyria: It's too bad, but then again it wouldn't be much of a legend if we were able to get there so easily...
Vyrn: Chalk it up to the gods of Auguste not acknowledging us.
Chloe: Aww, man... After all we did to come out here?
Tweyen: Guys...
Seofon: Don't throw in the towel just yet, boys and girls.
Seofon: Hm, how about here?
Tweyen: What is it?
Seofon: Getting a few gods to acknowledge us is child's play.
Seofon: Heh... I don't care whichever god or almighty being is up there... I'll make them acknowledge us!
Seofon grabs onto a giant sword and plunges it downward.
Lyria: Yikes!
Chloe: Eeep!
Vyrn: Whoa! What was that all about?
Seofon: Hah hah hah! How do you like that?
Chloe: Did you just, like, split the sea open?
Seofon: Hahaha! Yeah, I totally kick butt—I know. Bet you see me in a new light now, huh?
Chloe: Totes McGotes! You might as well be one of the Auguste gods!
Tweyen: Geez, did you have to go that far?
Seofon: Hm? What's wrong with a little stretching?
Lyria: Oh, look! Is that the road?
Sea Monsters: ...
Lyria: Yikes! Monsters!
All the creatures of the deep come attacking at once.
Seofon: It's up to you guys to see if we can get past this. Think you can handle it?

Wish to the Stars: Scene 3

Having finally made their way to the star sand beach, the crew makes wishes galore. When they head back to the inn, Chloe reflects on the fond memories of this summer vacation as she writes a letter to her mother.

The crew trumps the monsters and proceeds through the road that appeared under the sea, breaking into a run when the solitary island comes into view.
Chloe: Oh, hot damn! We totally made it!
Lyria: Wow! The beach is so glittery!
Tweyen: Wow! So this is the star sand beach...
Seofon: Nice indeed! This beach is on a whole 'nother level!
Chloe: Whoa, check out the starry shape on all the sand! It's, like, cray cray adorbz!
Chloe: Hey, hey, Lyrina! We get to make wishes here, right? Well, now's our chance.
Chloe jubilantly screams her wishes toward the skies.
Chloe: I want to be the cutest cutie of 'em all! And I also want, like, the hottest hottie that ever hottied in my life!
Seofon: Hahahah! Is that what girls these days are into?
Chloe: Oh, can't forget that I also want to become super strong! And that I want to chill in 'Guste at least once a year!
Vyrn: Whoa, slow down there, Chloe. Isn't that asking for too much?
Chloe: Huh?
Chloe: Aww, c'mon, Vyrnathan. No one ever said anything about the number of wishes we could make.
Vyrn: Really now!
Chloe: Just chill and go with the flow! The more wishes you make, the better!
Chloe: And that's a given!
Vyrn: You think so?
Chloe: I want to be strong enough to beat the crazy, unstoppable (Captain)! I want no one back home to get sick!
Chloe: I want Mom to be in the bestest health every single day! I want her to never worry about me!
Vyrn: Heheh. Well, that's Chloe for ya.
Lyria: Haha. She does have a point though, you know.
Lyria: I mean, we're practically in dreamland right now.
Chloe: C'mon! Wish away, everyone!
Lyria: Right!
Lyria: Erm... I want to become more of an adult! I want to become stronger too!
Lyria: And... I want Katalina to be smiling every day! Hopefully everyone will be full of smiles tomorrow too!
Lyria: Teehee, most importantly I want to be with Chloe, Vyrn, (Captain), and everyone else forever and ever!
Chloe: Totes to that!
Seofon: Well said, everyone! Gotta love that twinkle in your eyes with each wish you make!
Seofon: Here's mine: I want to party hard with all the Eternals before the year's end. Could use a vacation too!
Seofon: Actually, I'd be happy if they'd all just come together and show me that they're okay...
Seofon: Don't you think so, Tweyen?
Tweyen: One hundred friends...
Seofon: Huh?
Tweyen: ...!
Erm... Did you say something?
Seofon: Oh, it's nothing really... Haha. I was just saying it'd be great if the Eternals could all get along with each other.
Tweyen: Um... I hope you didn't hear what I just said...
Seofon: Oh no, not at all! I couldn't make out that part about how you want to make a hundred friends.
Tweyen: Aaack! You did hear me!
(Captain) and company each make their wishes at the star sand beach.
One coincidence after another led them all to come together here.
The precious bonding time they've been able to share on this delightful summer day will surely be great to look back on.
Chloe: Dear Best Mom,

I met Seofon and Tweyen of the Eternals for the first time ever today.

Chloe: Have you ever heard of the Eternals? I didn't know a thing about them till I hopped on the G. Cyph.
Chloe: I guess the easiest way to explain it is that they're crazy strong and l33t peeps.
Chloe: Oh, right! Almost forgot to mention we got to check out this totally awesome star sand beach in 'Guste, and...
While the rest of the crew is asleep, Chloe reflects on the many things she's experienced as of late.
With so much more to jot down, Chloe continues with her letter.
By the time she's done, she has written enough pages to fill a few chapters of a novel.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
暑すぎてゥケる Is it hot out here, or is it just me? lol
ゃば、クロエ盛れてる。わら OMG, am I just mega cutesy or what? Lol
ワンチャン、星の砂浜行けるくね? Maybe... Just maybe, we'll find this star sand beach.
ソーンさん、綺麗すぎじゃね?そんで鬼っょ。わら。 Tweyen's not just super strong—she's a mega-hottie too. lol
シャルるん、日焼け似合ぅ! Lotta, you look pretty smokin' with a tan!
Like, gosh, Seofon's so over the top. lol
He never shows his real self. =D
汗でメィク崩れる~! My makeup's falling off from all the sweat!
楽しぃ記憶は忘れなぃょぅに記録すんの! Gotta make sure to write down all the fun times so I don't forget!
ギュステでバカンスとかまじだんちょっょぃ。わら。 Lol, (Captain)'s totally the bomb for bringing us out to Auguste for vacation!
Sweet, check out these shellfish! Wonder if we can turn 'em into accessories...