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Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Don't you think it's strange that others congratulate you just for becoming another year older?
The important thing is that you're aware of all the accomplishments you've made that year.
So with that in mind... Happy birthday!
I look forward to seeing how much you grow and achieve in the coming years.


Life's a series of choices. You're always gambling... even if you don't realize it.
Whatever happens, you have to be bold and keep throwing chips on the table.
When nothing seems to be going your way, will you let your losses crush you?
Or will you bide your time and wait for an opportunity to turn everything around?
How you choose to live your life determines everything.
I hope you spend this year happily winning again and again, my little piggy. Cheers!


Even though it's your birthday, little kitten, I can't help but feel mysteriously elated.
Maybe I'll let one of my deep, dark feelings out just for you. This stays just between us, so you better—huh. Looks like you already know better.
Little kitten... no, (Captain). I'm really glad we met.
Whenever I see how you connect with the crew, it reminds me of something important that I thought I'd forgotten...
Whew... That's enough of that. It's your birthday, so we'll save the serious talk for later!
One more time for the road—happy birthday, little kitten!


Seems like we were celebrating just the other day, but your birthday's come round again.
Happy birthday, Kitten.
Your face is looking less and less like a child's these days. You're growing up.
I suppose it's disappointing in a way.
Haha, I want you to be my cute little kitten forever.
Are you ready?
Make the most of the little time that's left to you before you become an adult.


There there, my sweet, little kitten.
Hm? You don't want to be treated like a kitten?
Oh? You've overcome trials together with your friends and have already grown from a kitten into a tiger?
Haha, being confident is a good thing. Subjugation would only be the start of a fall.
However... in my eyes, you have a long way to go before you become a tiger.
You are still just my cute, little kitten.
Understood? Now, come snuggle up to me and let me hear your adorable kitty cries. I'll take good care of you.
After all, it's your birthday. You can ask all you want of me, little kitten.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, kitten. Shall we see how lucky you're going to be this year?
Try to guess which of my hands has a coin in it...
Ha-ha! That's right! There's no coin in either of them, kitten. Think of this as a reminder that we make our own luck.


Oh? Making some New Year's resolutions, my little piggy? I didn't think you cared about that kind of thing.
Haha... I'm good, thanks. Not one for resolutions.
Doesn't fit my personality. Work hard first and worry about the details later, I say.
Sometimes you need a resolution to spur you forward...
But from where I'm looking, you respond to challenges. And the bigger it is, the harder you work to overcome it. Isn't that right?


It's so early into the new year, and you already look so glum. What's wrong? Need a shoulder to cry on?
As the captain, you're not sure whether you should hand out New Year's gifts or not?
Ahahaha! Of course you don't have to!
Actually, they'd be confused if they got a present from my little kitten.
But the more that I think about it... This is a new year. And maybe the little kitten is growing into a big old cat after all.


Are you out worshipping the sun? Making wishes for the new year?
I see then... So it's a secret...
You sure have some nerve, trying to keep things from me.
You'd better get ready. The year might have just started, but...
It's time for some discipline!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's!
This is for you. It's Valentine's Day after all.
Don't look so scared, sweetie. Are you asking for the whip? Or asking me out?


Don't look at me with those eyes full of want. I made sure to get you something. Obviously.
Here you go! Some of your favorite chocolates.
Haha... It's not like me to give to others so honestly?
Sometimes an owner has to give their pets food that's... easily understood, let's say.
Hm? What's that face? You want more?
In that case... Let's go do something fun together, shall we?


Leave it to my little piggy to find his way to all the chocolate year after year.
So? Did you get any from your true love? Hehe. Just kidding.
I know you cherish all of us.
I can't imagine my fair little piggy would pick one of the crew members out.
Am I teasing too hard? Sorry. Here, have a chocolate on me as a token of my apology.


Well now, Kitten. Let me hear you purr.
Say "Mrrow! Lady Christy, gimme chocolate!"
Or do you want the stimulation of the whip more than the sweetness of chocolate?
Heehee! Hahaha!
I didn't think you'd meow quite so adorably.
All right, here's your chocolate reward. Open that cute little mouth of yours.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? These are for me? A White Day present? Well aren't you just the sweetest little thing?
It's because you're so caring and attention-oriented that you're able to accomplish great things.
Simply accepting gifts from others isn't my style, however. I hope you're looking forward to Valentine's next year!


Hrm... A present for White Day? Well, aren't you a dedicated little piggy.
Tactful little piggies make it to the market. Those who don't shouldn't even be let out of their pens.
Whatever the case, you clearly possess the qualities necessary to accomplish whatever it is you like.
Hm? Why are you looking at me like that? Is it because I complimented you?
Haha... You did get me that souvenir, so I had to repay the favor somehow. Simply receiving things from others doesn't suit me.
And yet the look on your face tells me you still want more. Let's return to your room and discuss things further there, shall we?


Pick out which one I'd like? If that's how you want it... Then I choose you, little piggy.
Ahahaha! Were you love struck? I was just teasing a little. Don't get so upset.
Woops... I guess today wasn't Halloween. A little too late for tricks then.
I'm happy with whatever you want to give me, little piggy. And that's not a lie. Honest.


Ooh... You're giving me a present? Isn't that touching..
Heehee! Are you blushing because you're shy? Or is it because there is something that you want from me?.
Aaahahaha! You don't need to hide it..
C'mon, Kitten. Be a good kid and come clean..
Let's have some fun together. It's White Day after all.


My little kitten, both time and labor are very important assets. Do you understand?
Well then, since I always use so much of my assets on you, I'd like a present.
I trust you understand what I mean.
And if you don't, then you would be the most terrible spoilsport ever to exist in—
Hmph, not bad. I like that look in your eyes.
Looks like I'll have to give you something in return then. Instead of waiting for the next Valentine's, why don't I give it to you now?
I'll give you something so good that you won't be able to live without me anymore.
Are you ready? My sweet, little kitten...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat? Are you threatening me?
Haha! You got nerve! Well then, I choose trick. What're you gonna do?
But if it's a boring trick... You're going to be sorry.


Well, aren't you having fun, pussycat? Your face tells me you want both the trick and the treat.
Haha, do as you will. Pussycats are meant to play tricks.
In fact why don't you try one on me? Let's see what you can do!
Just one thing...
If it's a boring trick, you'd better be prepared for the consequences.


Aww, my little kitten, why avert your gaze from me?
Oh, nothing to say?
Then you don't have to speak. I'll just go find some other little animals to talk to.
Of course I have to go! I have to ask them why no one ever comes to play with me!
What? Playing terrible jokes on others will just make them want to get even with me?
You're not necessarily wrong there. But it's unfair to leave people out of the festivities.
Hehe. And we'll start with you, little kitten. Now come get your punishment!


Oh now, Kitten... I'm not going to let you escape.
There's no need to look so alarmed.
I simply don't want to spend another year alone like last year.
That's why I'm preemptively tricking you.
Haha... Kitten, do you think that I'll let you go just because you hold out a piece of candy?
Trick or treat? That choice isn't yours to make, Kitten.
It's mine.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! So did you get any presents from Santa, kitten?
Ha-ha! I'm just kidding. I know you're not quite that young.
How about I keep you entertained instead of Santa this year?


Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with Santa. Seems a little pushy though, forcibly dropping presents on people.
Not that there's any harm in getting presents, I guess.
Seeing the smiling faces of children the world over must be all the payment he needs.
Not bad, right? A real win-win.
I just hope he has a safe night out... and doesn't get arrested for trespassing.


Well, my little kitten, you and the rest of the world are certainly feeling the spirit of the season. Looking at the splendor of the city, your heart just dances, doesn't it?
Our celebration at the Jewel Resort is quite the spectacle, you know.
How about it? Want to come peep at it? It'll be the most merry festival in all the skies.
Hehe. That's right: a merry celebration, grown-up style!


We did have an exquisite time at the Jewel Resort when it was tinseled up for the holidays—no question.
But you never got to experience the grown-up fun I had in mind, Kitten.
Do you know why?
Heehee, the reason's simple. It's because the two of us weren't alone...
If you catch my drift.
How about I show you how adults spend the holiday?
What do you say, Kitten?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Queen's Decision

(Captain) and company had come to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. Christina was at her table, playing a fun game of poker when trouble started brewing. Some men started to get violent, but our heroes worked together with the casino employees to get the situation (and the men) under control. Christina blamed the cause of the uproar on her employees’ immaturity. In order to foster her employees’ growth, she left the casino and joined (Captain)’s order.

During their travels, (Captain) and company paid a visit to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
Christina: Alright, it’s a showdown! Get ready to show your hand.
Vyrn: Whoa! That’s a great hand, (Captain)! You’ve totally got this round!
Guest: ...
Christina: What’s wrong...? I don’t like scum. Now show me your hand.
Guest: Hah...
Vyrn: What?!? You got a royal flush?! That’s the best hand possible...!
Lyria: I-I have no idea what’s going on, but... you lost, huh?
Christina: Did you think washing your body would hide that stench of yours? You’re too soft!
Guest: What are you trying to say...?
Christina: Having trouble understanding plain English, are you? Or are you trying to play dumb...? Either way, you’re a dull little piggy.
Christina: I can see right through all your little cheap tricks!
Christina: Did you really think you could come to my table... no, to my Jewel Resort... And break the rules?
Guest: Hahahahaha!!!
Guest: And here I was just going to make up for my loss the other day and leave it at that...
Guest: But nothing ever goes right for me at your table! Get out here, boys!!!
Roughneck: ...
Vyrn: Did he anticipate this?! Is that why he brought his minions with him?!
Vyrn: Hey, dealer lady! You sure you’ve got a handle on him?!
Christina: Pipe down, little lizard. No amount of little fish can hope to take me on.
Christina: However... Servants... The fact that you allowed such an uncouth person inside... means you need to be re-educated.
Guest: Christina! Act tough all you want! It won’t last!!!
Lyria: Please don’t get violent! Losing just means you have bad luck!!!
Guest: What do you want, kid?! You’re in my way!!!
Lyria: !!!
Guest: OWWW!!!
Christina: Hmph... Not only do you step foot inside my Jewel Resort with your filthy feet, but you dare lay a hand on a dear guest...
Guest: Ack! How dare you, Christina!!!
Christina: ??? What’re you yelling about now, scum? I’m simply making sure that my guests will not be dirtied.
Guest: EEEK!!!
Vyrn: Whoa... She hit him with her shoe... That must have hurt...
Casino Bouncer: I-I’m so jealous...! Wait, no I’m not! Lady Christy! Dear guests!!! Are you hurt?!
Christina: Took you long enough! What were you DOING, blockhead?!
Christina: Did you mistake my Jewel Resort for a trash can? This is no place for filthy scum!
Casino Bouncer: P-Please forgive us, Lady Christy...!!!
Guest: T-Trying to do a number on me, are you...?! Boys, pummel this cheeky woman and crush her precious casino!!!
Christina: Hmph... You think I’d let a small fry such as yourself do whatever he wants? Bouncers, it’s time to redeem yourselves!
Casino Bouncer: Yes, Lady Christy!!!
Vyrn: Alright! (Captain), let’s give Ms. Dealer Lady a hand!
Thanks to the joint efforts of Christy, her casino employees, and (Captain) and friends, the ruffians were driven off of the casino liner.
Vyrn: Whew... Now we can relax! Nice work, (Captain)!
Christina: Kitten... I’m sorry I put you through that dull charade at my table...
Christina: Servants... Care to explain that bit of clumsiness...?
Casino Bouncer: Well... I, um...
  1. It’s because you’re so reliable, Christina
  2. This kind of thing's never happened...

Choose: It’s because you’re so reliable, Christina
Christina: Well, well, kitten... You’re pretty sharp. You’ve got me convinced...
Christina: Because I always insisted on running every little thing, I neglected honing my servants’ sense of judgment. I overlooked it completely.

Choose: This kind of thing's never happened...
Christina: Hmm... That’s an interesting opinion. You’re right. There’s never been such a huge incident in the Jewel Resort before.
Christina: Thanks, of course, to my servants’ hard work... But you know what they say: relaxing in the warm water dulls the senses.
Continue 1
Casino Bouncer: We weren’t devoted enough! It’s our fault you got mud on your face, Lady Christy... Please, give us more lessons...!
Christina: I could teach you over and over and it wouldn’t do any good. You would just beg for more.
Christina: That’s why I will be leaving the Jewel Resort for a while.
Casino Bouncer: Wh-what did you say?! Please don’t! Please, Lady Christy! Without you, this casino liner will...!
Christina: The fact that you’re panicking now is all the more proof that I’ve been soft on you! You’ve become dull little servants.
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy...!
Casino Bouncer: Understood... We, your loyal servants, will mature with finesse and grace!
Christina: Hmph... You’ve got a better look on your face already. It’s not half bad.
Christina: Now then, kitten... I do believe I’ve yet to thank you.
Lyria: Oh, don’t worry about it! We’re just glad no one got hurt! Right, (Captain)?
Christina: But it’s not fair for only one side to profit from this. It goes against my motto.
Christina: I won’t compromise on this. That’s why I’m joining your order, kitten.
Christina: You kittens are sweeter than sugar. You need an owner who can look out for you when you go wandering off into danger, don’t you think?
  1. You’re exactly right, ma’am!
  2. You, own US...?

Choose: You’re exactly right, ma’am!
Christina: Hahaha! I’m not one to disappoint, so I’ll train you up real good, kitten.
Christina: No need to worry. I’m great with cats... But you knew that, didn’t you, kitten?

Choose: You, own US...?
Christina: Hm? You want to be MY owner, kitten?
Christina: Hahaha! I’d like to see that... Grow into a responsible adult that can put a leash on me.
Continue 2
Casino Bouncer: They’ll be with Lady Christy all day and all night... I’m so jealous...! Wait, no I’m not!!!
Casino Bouncer: Please, we beg of you, look after Lady Christy for us. We’re counting on you, dear guests!!!
Lyria: Sure! Of course! Welcome aboard, Christy!
Christina: Hahaha! This little lady’s just like you, kitten. Thanks for having me.
Christina: Now then, kitten...! Escort me to your Airship!
Vyrn: Good grief... Now we’ve got another scary lady friend in the books! But I guess she does seem pretty reliable!
And so, (Captain) invited Christy, the queen of the Jewel Resort, to the Order.
This competent Empress would use her beauty and strength to gain even more servants... Uhh, maybe.

Lash of Love

The party arrives at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner to see how Christina is doing. There, a battleship of the Erste Empire suddenly appears. The imperial soldiers say that they are here to inspect the Jewel Resort because their business is doing well. The employees assert that they are not doing anything shady. After a heated argument, a fight soon breaks out. To defend the employees, (Captain) and company join the fight.

Christina takes (Captain) and party to Jewel Resort for a surprise check.
Christina: I see... So you are able to maintain the quality of service here.
Casino Bouncer: Thank you for those kind words, Lady Christy! You’re right, Lady Christy! It is an honor!
Christina: An honor?
Christina: Being able to keep this up is a given! Raise the quality! Don’t let the customers get bored!
Casino Bouncer: Thank you! You are absolutely right! We will try to improve ourselves further!
Vyrn: The guys at the casino are all nice, but I don’t get how they would like being whipped...
Bunny Girl: All the employees of the casino respect Lady Christy! I don’t like being hurt by the whip though...
Christina: Oh? I didn’t think there would be someone who’d say that. I better teach you how a whip can make you feel good.
Lyria: Ahhh!
Vyrn: That was a violent shake! What happened?!
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy! An imperial battleship has pulled up alongside Jewel Resort!
Christina: What...? What do the dogs of the empire want?!
Imperial Soldier: Freeze! We are under orders of the Erste Empire to defend public morals within our air space!
Christina: So you’ve come to offer your own head. Haha. I commend your courage. I’ll make your death a painless one!
Imperial Soldier: Stay where you are and allow us to conduct the investigation! Or do you want to be banned from flying in the imperial air space?!
Casino Bouncer: We needed to be prepared for this. This investigation is too sudden! We have customers here right now!
Imperial Soldier: If you we let you know our timing, you'll have time to cover up any wrongdoing.
Casino Bouncer: How rude! Our motto is, “Show your guests a good time, and you’ll rake in the cash!”
Casino Bouncer: We swear in Lady Christy’s name that the Jewel Resort has nothing to hide!
Christina: Hmph... Looks like you can shout that at me now, huh? Not bad at all.
Christina: Get out of here, mutts of the empire. I’ll spare your life if you leave now.
Imperial Soldier: We are the ones giving orders! If you interfere with our investigation, you will be seen as traitors and appropriate action will be taken!
Christina: So you’re insistent on interfering with people’s enjoyment... Then it’s time for me to teach you a lesson!
Lyria: Christina! You can’t do this on your own! (Captain), please help!

Lash of Love: Scene 2

After Christina defeats the imperial soldiers, it seems as if the situation has calmed down. That is when Pommern appears. Fearing that the underlings would develop new tastes from Christina’s whip, Pommern brings more underlings to join the fight.

Imperial Soldier: Ugh! The place where I was smacked with the whip still stings...!
Christina: Hahaha! You like that? Addictive, isn’t it?
???: You people! What are you all doing?! You’re late for your report!
Lyria: ...! That voice...!
Imperial Soldier: Gasp! I’m sorry, Captain! The employees are giving us a surprising amount of resistance...
Pommern: Resistance...? That’s not good. Not good at all. Who do they think is allowing them to do business here?!
Christina: The customers, of course. We will never submit to dogs like you.
Pommern: Oh, my... A shameless and vulgar woman. And stupid to top it off!
Pommern: The peace and order of the skies are protected by the imperial army. That’s the only reason why your Casino Liner can fly.
Pommern: It’s a sad state of affairs that you don’t even understand that!
Christina: Gasp! You bark loud for a dog. Do you think you’re at the center of the world? Your yelping is an assault on the ears!
Imperial Soldier: Watch out! That woman...! Captain, please stand down!
Christina: Out of the way!
Imperial Soldier: Oof!
Pommern: Y-You protected me...!
Imperial Soldier: I only did what was right as your underling!
Christina: What is this? Some kind of tear-jerker? Do your little act elsewhere!
Imperial Soldier: Eep!
Christina: Here’s a bonus! Just for you!
Imperial Soldier: Oohlala!
Pommern: A-Are you enjoying this...? T-This is starting to get creepy...
Imperial Soldier: W-What are you saying, Captain Pommern?! I am a proud imperial soldier!
Pommern: T-That’s right! I’m ashamed to have doubted my underling!
Pommern: Before you start going down a weird path, we must defeat that woman!
Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir! Captain Pommern! Captain Pommern!
Vyrn: The dealer lady is in danger! We have to stop the imperial soldiers, (Captain)!
Casino Bouncer: Oh, no! We’ve already received your help earlier, but this will cause the customers to be chased by the empire!
Vyrn: Whatcha talkin’ bout?! We’re already enemies of the empire!
Lyria: And Christina is a friend of ours! Let's go, (Captain)!

Lash of Love: Scene 3

Amid the commotion, an imperial soldier takes a bunny girl hostage. (Captain) and party are forced to freeze in their tracks, but through the teamwork of Christina and the Casino Bouncer, they managed to capture Pommern instead. It seems as if the tables have turned, but Pommern uses a dark crystal to transform into a monstrosity, bringing further chaos.

Pommern: ...! You people...! I didn’t expect to see you here!
Christina: Hm...? That bearded mutt knows the kittens?
Lyria: Well, a lot has happened and it’s the reason why (Captain) and I share our destiny.
Vyrn: I didn’t want to want to see him... But we can’t ignore anyone that brings harm to our friends!
Christina: Geez, you are such a softie. But that part of you is adorable, too.
Pommern: I’ll reeducate you employees of the Casino Liner to never defy the empire ever again!
Christina: Hahaha! What a stupid joke that is. I’m the one who will reeducate you!
Pommern: Blargh!
Christina: Come on. You’re a dog - you don't stand on two legs. Kneel before me!
Pommern: Ahhh! That really hurts! Stop it this instant!
Imperial Soldier: That's right! Freeze!
Bunny Girl: Ahhhhh!
Vyrn: What?! L-Look...! He took the bunny lady hostage!
Imperial Soldier: If you don’t want to see this employee get hurt, just accept the investigation!
Christina: ...
Bunny Girl: Y-You’re talking crazy! Lady Christy! Don’t mind me and just beat them up!
Christina: You shut up. Protecting the slave is a master’s job.
Bunny Girl: No... It’s all my fault...
Imperial Soldier: All right, now stay calm, all right? Bring us your accounting books! We will confiscate it as part of our investigation!
Casino Bouncer: What?! The accounting books?! What is the meaning of this!
Pommern: Business is good on the Casino Liner, don’t you think? I’m checking to see if you have any illegal channels of funds!
Christina: So you’ll alter the books to frame us with crimes we didn’t commit, and then confiscate all the assets of the Casino Liner...
Christina: Public morals and peace, my butt! If you’re just looking to line your pockets, make a gamble fair and square!
Imperial Soldier: You...! Be quiet...! That is a false accusation!
Christina: You’re the ones falsely accusing us!
Imperial Soldier: What?!
Christina: Come on!
Vyrn: Wow, that looks like it hurt! Hey, does the guard guy envy that? Wait, what?! Where’d he go?
Casino Bouncer: Raaagh!
Pommern: Wha...?! What are you doing?!
While all eyes are focused on Christina and the imperial soldier, the casino bouncer puts Pommern in a grappling hold.
Casino Bouncer: You there! Let go of my co-worker! Or else your boss will be...
Pommern: Hehehe...
Casino Bouncer: What’s so funny?!
Pommern: What a fool you are... You don’t even know the situation you are in!
Casino Bouncer: Hah?! W-What do you look like?!
Pommern: You are a real eyesore!
Casino Bouncer: Gaaaaaaaah!
Bunny Girl: Noooo! S-Stop, please!
Christina: You...! You hurt my slaves...!
Christina: You’ve made me mad now! (Captain), don’t stop me! I will kick him out of my ship personally!
Pommern: Go ahead and try!

Lash of Love: Scene 4

(Captain) and party has defeated Pommern. Pommern grinds his teeth at another defeat. Christina’s ruthless whip cracks on him. The imperial army is forced to retreat here, but the employees feared that they would be back. However, they made up their mind to protect the casino on their own. Showing that they have grown and matured, Christina gives a satisfied smile.

Pommern: I-Impossible...! There... is no way I would lose again!
Imperial Soldier: C-Captain Pommern! Gah... You’ll live to regret this!
Christina: Hold it! This is a gift!
Imperial Soldier: Ooh! That feels... so good!
Christina: Hahahaha!
Pommern: Reeeeeeee! Please spare me!
Christina: Now for the finisher! When you’re satisfied, don’t ever show your ugly face to me ever again!
Imperial Soldier: Eek!
Pommern: Ugh...! Y-You’ll live to regret this! You got that?!
The battleship with the imperial soldiers and Pommern retreats from Jewel Resort.
Bunny Girl: Waaaah! I was so scared! W-Will they be back?
Casino Bouncer: Probably... I doubt they’ll give up with this...
Bunny Girl: We managed to survive only because Lady Christy was here today...
Bunny Girl: Lady Christy! Jewel Resort needs you! Please come back to us!
Christina: Hmph... Even if I did return, I won’t help you next time. You’ll have to find a way out on your own.
Bunny Girl: B-But why?!
Casino Bouncer: I understand, Lady Christy.
Bunny Girl: What?!
Casino Bouncer: Did you forget? Lady Christy left Jewel Resort because of our insufficient abilities.
Casino Bouncer: It is outrageous to ask Lady Christy to return because of our own faults.
Bunny Girl: B-But...
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy, please watch! Your slaves will live up to your expectations!
Christina: You got a good face on you now. Don’t turn those words into lies!
Casino Bouncer: Yes, ma’am!
Being seen off by the employees, (Captain) and Christina return to Grandcypher.
Christina: Heh...
Christina: What is it, little kitten? You’re making a slovenly grin. Hm? I’m the one that looks happy?
Christina: Oh, little kitten... You’re so uncouth in the strangest ways. You need to be disciplined!
Christina: Haha... That was an adorable cry and expression. You’ve giving me chills up my spine... Very well. I forgive you.
Christina: Well... You’re right that today was not a bad day. The slaves showed some backbone.
Christina: Haha... They had good eyes on them. As expected from my slaves. I can’t wait how they will turn out when I see them next!
Christina treats her slaves of love harshly, but full of love.
Being in love with her charms, the employees of the Casino Liner will surely put their full efforts into their work.

Lash of Love: Scene 5

???: Hm...? I don’t recognize you. Looks like you’re making a little money, but you’re still a total newbie, aren’t you, little piggy?
  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?

Choose: Who are you?
???: Hahaha! I can’t believe there’s anyone here at Jewel Resort who doesn’t know me!
???: Here’s your reward for making me laugh, little piggy.

Choose: What do you want?
???: Hahaha! Come on, don’t glare at me like that! I don't have anything against a bit of confidence, but can’t I strike up a conversation without “wanting” something?
???: ...Looks like this uppity little piggy needs to be taught a lesson.
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Christina: I reign over Jewel Resort as both the floor manager and a dealer. I am the one and only Christina!
Christina: Have you acquired a taste for my games? They can really suck you in! You'll lose track of time, here at Jewel Resort.
Christina: Once you’ve tasted the thrill of sweet victory and bitter defeat, come see me, little piggy!

Lash of Love: Scene 6

Christina: Hey there, little piggy! You look like you’ve gotten the hang of it. I’d say it’s about time I knocked your feet out from under you!
  1. That hurts!
  2. You’re mean!

Choose: That hurts!
Christina: Oho... I like the sound of your whimpering! Hahaha! You’re so cute! I like you, kid.

Choose: You’re mean!
Christina: And such defiance! Good. I don’t mind a kid with a little backbone.
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Christina: I'm just trying to give you a little motivation, before you get too full of yourself and end up on the street! You ought to thank me, little piggy.
Christina: If you can control that greed for coins, in time you’ll grow big and end up covered in mud like a real pig.
Christina: Fight tooth and nail for your prize, little piggy... and I’ll decide if you’re worthy!You should feel honored!

Lash of Love: Scene 7

Christina: You pig...! Don’t you tarnish the beautiful Jewel Resort with that vulgar noise!
Christina’s voice echoed throughout the majestic Jewel Resort, and the rowdy customers were dragged away by the casino bodyguards.
Casino Liner Bodyguard: To think we clumsy minions would cause you so much trouble...! Please forgive us, Lady Christy!
  1. You should forgive them.
  2. “Minions”...?

Choose: You should forgive them.
Christina: Hahaha! You’re so funny, little piggy. ...It’s not a joke.

Choose: “Minions”...?
Christina: My fans work as casino employees and are my eyes and ears!
Christina: I make them happy, and they do as they're told. Win-win, am I right?
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Christina: Even if I have to yell at them from time to time, it just makes them happier! What's the point in pretending like I feel bad!
Christina: My motto is, “Show your guests a good time, and you’ll rake in the cash!”
Christina: Here at Jewel Resort, we have a zero-tolerance policy for buzzkills! Do I make myself clear?
Casino Liner Bodyguard: Yes, ma’am! You’re right, Lady Christy! I’m honored to receive your guidance! Thank you so much!

Lash of Love: Scene 8

Christina: ...Oho... I see you’ve got quite the hoard of coins now. Your poker face is pretty good, too.
Christina: You’ve won so much, I can’t call it beginner’s luck anymore. You’ve really taken to my games... little kitten.
  1. You think so?
  2. Praise me!

Choose: You think so?
Christina: It’s not good to be too humble. Don’t force limits on yourself, kitten.

Choose: Praise me!
Christina: Your innocent face is adorable, but... Like I told you the other day, pride comes before a fall.
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Christina: Come now, I’m just trying to teach you a lesson. People simply don’t learn without a few strict rules to follow. . . Listen Lady Luck is no fool.
Christina: A real player knows when to walk away. If you don’t, even a kitten like you will turn into a pig.
Christina: Hehe. Don’t disappoint me, now. Kitten!

Lash of Love: Scene 9

Christina: I was watching you duke it out just now... That’s a masterful winning streak you’ve got going, eh, kitten?
Christina: It feels like just yesterday you were such a newbie, and now you’re a bona fide player. Hahaha! Watching you grow... I haven’t felt a thrill like this in a long time!
Christina: You’ve been so entertaining! It wouldn’t be fair of me not to thank you. And I don’t like being unfair...
  1. What will you give me?
  2. I can't take another telling off!

Choose: What will you give me?
Christina: When you give me that hopeful look, I can’t help but want to make you happy... And I’m in the mood to give you a freebie.
Christina: Perhaps we could spend the night playing games, kitten, but I'm always busy... So maybe next time. Haha!

Choose: I can't take another telling off!
Christina: Hehe! You've enjoyed my lessons, don't deny it! Even if I can get a little strict, you know it all comes from a place of love...honest! Hahaha!
Christina: Next time, we'll have ourselves some real fun! You don't mind a little teasing, do you?
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Christina: Head over to the Exchange Office, and you’ll find a special prize just for you, kitten. You can check it out later.
Christina: You’re the first opponent to push me this far. You ought to feel honored!
Christina: I hope you’ll continue to entertain me, my little kitten.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ハプニングがあるから楽しめる。そうだろ? Happenstance is what makes life interesting, don't you think?
ふん…弱い奴は鞭を与える価値もない Humph, the weak are undeserving of my lashes.
ゲームも戦いも歯ごたえがないとな Be it battle or gamble, it's gotta have that challenge.
見所のない奴は奴隷にしやしないさ Such weaklings have no place as my pawn.
人生は一番難しくて最高のギャンブルだ Life is the best and hardest gamble you'll ever make.
弱い者イジメはつまらないな Picking on the weak is for losers.
フェアじゃないのは嫌いでね I try to be fair, you know.
趣味?子猫の躾だ…ははっ What do I do for fun? I discipline my cat, haha.
(主人公)は可愛い子猫ちゃんだな You make a wonderful pussycat, (Captain).
なんだ(主人公)?遊んでほしいのか? You want me to play with you, (Captain)?