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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 173 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Training kittens
Likes Things she considers cute, black-and-white statements
Dislikes Everything that isn't a win-win, tasteless things
The casino—a place where greed and passion are shuffled together like a deck of cards. This is her kingdom, and she is its empress. Though passionate when it comes to betting, she treats all her subjects fairly. Beloved, a long line of gamblers kneel before her, declaring themselves her willing slaves.
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 173cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 子猫の躾
Likes 彼女の視点で可愛いもの、白黒はっきりつけること
Dislikes Win-Winではないもの、粋じゃないもの
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Don't you think it's strange that others congratulate you just for becoming another year older?
The important thing is that you're aware of all the accomplishments you've made that year.
So with that in mind... Happy birthday!
I look forward to seeing how much you grow and achieve in the coming years.


Life's a series of choices. You're always gambling... even if you don't realize it.
Whatever happens you have to be bold and keep throwing chips on the table.
When nothing seems to be going your way, will you let your losses crush you?
Or will you bide your time and wait for an opportunity to turn everything around?
How you choose to live your life determines everything.
I hope you spend this next year happily winning again and again, my Little Kitten. Cheers!


Even though it's your birthday, Little Kitten, I can't help but feel mysteriously elated.
Maybe I'll let one of my deep, dark feelings out just for you. This stays just between us, so you better—huh. Looks like you already know better.
Little Kitten... no, (Captain). I'm really glad we met.
Whenever I see how you connect with the crew, it reminds me of something important that I thought I'd forgotten...
Whew... That's enough of that. It's your birthday, so we'll save the serious talk for later!
One more time for the road—happy birthday, Little Kitten!


Seems like we were celebrating just the other day, but your birthday's come round again.
Happy birthday, Kitten.
Your face is looking less and less like a child's these days. You're growing up.
I suppose it's disappointing in a way.
Haha, I want you to be my cute little kitten forever.
Are you ready?
Make the most of the little time that's left to you before you become an adult.


There there, my sweet, little kitten.
Hm? You don't want to be treated like a kitten?
Oh? You've overcome trials together with your friends and have already grown from a kitten into a tiger?
Haha, being confident is a good thing. Subjugation would only be the start of a fall.
However... in my eyes, you have a long way to go before you become a tiger.
You are still just my cute, little kitten.
Understood? Now, come snuggle up to me and let me hear your adorable kitty cries. I'll take good care of you.
After all, it's your birthday. You can ask all you want of me, little kitten.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, Kitten. Shall we see how lucky you're going to be this year?
Try to guess which of my hands has a coin in it...
Ha-ha! That's right! There's no coin in either of them, Kitten. Think of this as a reminder that we make our own luck.


Oh? Making some New Year's resolutions, my Little Kitten? I didn't think you cared about that kind of thing.
Haha... I'm good, thanks. Not one for resolutions.
Doesn't fit my personality. Work hard first, and worry about the details later, I say.
Sometimes you need a resolution to spur you forward...
But from where I'm looking, you respond to challenges. And the bigger it is, the harder you work to overcome it. Isn't that right?


It's so early into the new year, and you already look so glum. What's wrong? Need a shoulder to cry on?
As the captain you're not sure whether you should hand out New Year's gifts or not?
Ahahaha! Of course you don't have to!
Actually, they'd be confused if they got a present from my little kitten.
But the more that I think about it... This is a new year. And maybe the little kitten is growing into a big old cat after all.


Are you out worshipping the sun? Making wishes for the new year?
I see then... So it's a secret...
You sure have some nerve, trying to keep things from me.
You'd better get ready. The year might have just started, but...
It's time for some discipline!


To think you'd actually oversleep... I'd wanted to witness the first sunrise of the year with you.
You've got quite the adorable bed head there...
Hm? Haha, you don't have to get so stiff. I'm not planning to punish you for anything.
I meant it when I said you're adorable. But if we're going to pay a visit to the temple, we should fix your hair.
Here, kitty, kitty. Let's comb your hair back into place, shall we?
You really are a handful, aren't you... That's what's endearing about you though. You are just one hopeless, little kitten.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's!
This is for you. It's Valentine's Day after all.
Don't look so scared, sweetie. Are you asking for the whip? Or asking me out?


Don't look at me with those eyes full of want. I made sure to get you something. Obviously.
Here you go! Some of your favorite chocolates.
Haha... It's not like me to give to others so willingly?
Sometimes an owner has to give their pets food that's... easily understood, let's say.
Hm? What's that face? You want more?
In that case... Let's go do something fun together, shall we?


Leave it to my little kitten to find his way to all the chocolate year after year.
So? Did you get any from your true love? Hehe. Just kidding.
I know you cherish all of us.
I can't imagine my fair little kitten would pick one of the crew members out.
Am I teasing too hard? Sorry. Here, have a chocolate on me as a token of my apology.


Well now, Kitten. Let me hear you purr.
Say "Mrrow! Lady Christy, gimme chocolate!"
Or do you want the stimulation of the whip more than the sweetness of chocolate?
Heehee! Hahaha!
I didn't think you'd meow quite so adorably.
All right, here's your chocolate reward. Open that cute little mouth of yours.


What's the matter, little kitten? You look just about ready to make a run for it.
Hm? Oh yes, it's Valentine's Day today.
What of it?
Look at those adorable kitten eyes. Just teasing you a little sparks such an endearing reaction... It just makes me want to tease you even more.
Since it's Valentine's Day, I guess I'll pamper you for a day.
All right, come on.
Let's see, here's some sweet, sweet chocolate...
And whatever else you want from me, I'll give to you... just for today.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? These are for me? A White Day present? Well aren't you just the sweetest little thing?
It's because you're so caring and attention-oriented that you're able to accomplish great things.
Simply accepting gifts from others isn't my style, however. I hope you're looking forward to Valentine's next year!


Hrm... A present for White Day? Well, aren't you a dedicated little piggy.
Tactful little piggies make it to the market. Those who don't shouldn't even be let out of their pens.
Whatever the case, you clearly possess the qualities necessary to accomplish whatever it is you like.
Hm? Why are you looking at me like that? Is it because I complimented you?
Haha... You did get me that souvenir, so I had to repay the favor somehow. Simply receiving things from others doesn't suit me.
And yet the look on your face tells me you still want more. Let's return to your room and discuss things further there, shall we?


Pick out which one I'd like? If that's how you want it... Then I choose you, little piggy.
Ahahaha! Were you love struck? I was just teasing a little. Don't get so upset.
Woops... I guess today wasn't Halloween. A little too late for tricks then.
I'm happy with whatever you want to give me, little piggy. And that's not a lie. Honest.


Ooh... You're giving me a present? Isn't that touching..
Heehee! Are you blushing because you're shy? Or is it because there is something that you want from me?.
Aaahahaha! You don't need to hide it..
C'mon, Kitten. Be a good kid and come clean..
Let's have some fun together. It's White Day after all.


My little kitten, both time and labor are very important assets. Do you understand?
Well then, since I always use so much of my assets on you, I'd like a present.
I trust you understand what I mean.
And if you don't, then you would be the most terrible spoilsport ever to exist in—
Hmph, not bad. I like that look in your eyes.
Looks like I'll have to give you something in return then. Instead of waiting for the next Valentine's, why don't I give it to you now?
I'll give you something so good that you won't be able to live without me anymore.
Are you ready? My sweet, little kitten...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat? Are you threatening me?
Haha! You got nerve! Well then, I choose trick. What're you gonna do?
But if it's a boring trick... you're going to be sorry.


Well, aren't you having fun, Kitten? Your face tells me you want both the trick and the treat.
Haha, do as you will. Little kittens are meant to play tricks.
In fact why don't you try one on me? Let's see what you can do!
Just one thing...
If it's a boring trick, you'd better be prepared for the consequences.


Aww, my little kitten, why avert your gaze from me?
Oh, nothing to say?
Then you don't have to speak. I'll just go find some other little animals to talk to.
Of course I have to go! I have to ask them why no one ever comes to play with me!
What? Playing terrible jokes on others will just make them want to get even with me?
You're not necessarily wrong there. But it's unfair to leave people out of the festivities.
Hehe. And we'll start with you, Little Kitten. Now come get your punishment!


Oh now, Kitten... I'm not going to let you escape.
There's no need to look so alarmed.
I simply don't want to spend another year alone like last year.
That's why I'm preemptively tricking you.
Haha... Kitten, do you think that I'll let you go just because you hold out a piece of candy?
Trick or treat? That choice isn't yours to make, Kitten.
It's mine.


My, my. You should have learned your lesson last year, my little kitten.
To make a sweet request, or to offer a treat... That is up to me to decide.
I've decided on playing a trick, so I'm not about to listen to you beg.
Halloween only comes once a year. I'll keep you fully entertained with my tricks.
But it would be rather boorish to play my tricks right after I tell you I was going to do so.
So, my wriggling little kitten... Enjoy spending the entire day quivering as you wonder when I'll be playing my tricks on you.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! So did you get any presents from Santa, Kitten?
Ha-ha! I'm just kidding. I know you're not quite that young.
How about I keep you entertained instead of Santa this year?


Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with Santa. Seems a little pushy though, forcibly dropping presents on people.
Not that there's any harm in getting presents, I guess.
Seeing the smiling faces of children the world over must be all the payment he needs.
Not bad, right? A real win-win.
I just hope he has a safe night out... and doesn't get arrested for trespassing.


Well, my little kitten, you and the rest of the world are certainly feeling the spirit of the season. Looking at the splendor of the city, your heart just dances, doesn't it?
Our celebration at the Jewel Resort is quite the spectacle, you know.
How about it? Want to come peep at it? It'll be the most merry festival in all the skies.
Hehe. That's right: a merry celebration, grown-up style!


We did have an exquisite time at the Jewel Resort when it was tinseled up for the holidays—no question.
But you never got to experience the grown-up fun I had in mind, Kitten.
Do you know why?
Heehee, the reason's simple. It's because the two of us weren't alone...
If you catch my drift.
How about I show you how adults spend the holiday?
What do you say, Kitten?


Hm? Oh, it's you—my sweet, little kitten. I was just looking out the window.
The snow looks so magical, with all the colorful lights reflected on its surface...
And how will you be spending this holy night, little kitten?
Will you be celebrating in a lively fashion with everyone? Or... will you be making a getaway with a certain someone?
Hehe, you're getting pretty red. I wonder where and what you were imagining just now...
Ahaha! You don't have to sulk like that. You were being so cute that I couldn't help but tease you a little.
But tonight is a special night, so I suppose I'll give you a nice present.
Come on, let's head into town.
Don't you want to experience this holy night like never before?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Queen's Decision

(Captain) and company had come to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. Christina was at her table, playing a fun game of poker when trouble started brewing. Some men started to get violent, but our heroes worked together with the casino employees to get the situation (and the men) under control. Christina blamed the cause of the uproar on her employees’ immaturity. In order to foster her employees’ growth, she left the casino and joined (Captain)’s order.

During their travels, (Captain) and company paid a visit to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
Christina: Alright, it’s a showdown! Get ready to show your hand.
Vyrn: Whoa! That’s a great hand, (Captain)! You’ve totally got this round!
Guest: ...
Christina: What’s wrong...? I don’t like scum. Now show me your hand.
Guest: Hah...
Vyrn: What?!? You got a royal flush?! That’s the best hand possible...!
Lyria: I-I have no idea what’s going on, but... you lost, huh?
Christina: Did you think washing your body would hide that stench of yours? You’re too soft!
Guest: What are you trying to say...?
Christina: Having trouble understanding plain English, are you? Or are you trying to play dumb...? Either way, you’re a dull little piggy.
Christina: I can see right through all your little cheap tricks!
Christina: Did you really think you could come to my table... no, to my Jewel Resort... And break the rules?
Guest: Hahahahaha!!!
Guest: And here I was just going to make up for my loss the other day and leave it at that...
Guest: But nothing ever goes right for me at your table! Get out here, boys!!!
Roughneck: ...
Vyrn: Did he anticipate this?! Is that why he brought his minions with him?!
Vyrn: Hey, dealer lady! You sure you’ve got a handle on him?!
Christina: Pipe down, little lizard. No amount of little fish can hope to take me on.
Christina: However... Servants... The fact that you allowed such an uncouth person inside... means you need to be re-educated.
Guest: Christina! Act tough all you want! It won’t last!!!
Lyria: Please don’t get violent! Losing just means you have bad luck!!!
Guest: What do you want, kid?! You’re in my way!!!
Lyria: !!!
Guest: OWWW!!!
Christina: Hmph... Not only do you step foot inside my Jewel Resort with your filthy feet, but you dare lay a hand on a dear guest...
Guest: Ack! How dare you, Christina!!!
Christina: ??? What’re you yelling about now, scum? I’m simply making sure that my guests will not be dirtied.
Guest: EEEK!!!
Vyrn: Whoa... She hit him with her shoe... That must have hurt...
Casino Bouncer: I-I’m so jealous...! Wait, no I’m not! Lady Christy! Dear guests!!! Are you hurt?!
Christina: Took you long enough! What were you DOING, blockhead?!
Christina: Did you mistake my Jewel Resort for a trash can? This is no place for filthy scum!
Casino Bouncer: P-Please forgive us, Lady Christy...!!!
Guest: T-Trying to do a number on me, are you...?! Boys, pummel this cheeky woman and crush her precious casino!!!
Christina: Hmph... You think I’d let a small fry such as yourself do whatever he wants? Bouncers, it’s time to redeem yourselves!
Casino Bouncer: Yes, Lady Christy!!!
Vyrn: Alright! (Captain), let’s give Ms. Dealer Lady a hand!
Thanks to the joint efforts of Christy, her casino employees, and (Captain) and friends, the ruffians were driven off of the casino liner.
Vyrn: Whew... Now we can relax! Nice work, (Captain)!
Christina: Kitten... I’m sorry I put you through that dull charade at my table...
Christina: Servants... Care to explain that bit of clumsiness...?
Casino Bouncer: Well... I, um...
  1. It’s because you’re so reliable, Christina
  2. This kind of thing's never happened...

Choose: It’s because you’re so reliable, Christina
Christina: Well, well, kitten... You’re pretty sharp. You’ve got me convinced...
Christina: Because I always insisted on running every little thing, I neglected honing my servants’ sense of judgment. I overlooked it completely.

Choose: This kind of thing's never happened...
Christina: Hmm... That’s an interesting opinion. You’re right. There’s never been such a huge incident in the Jewel Resort before.
Christina: Thanks, of course, to my servants’ hard work... But you know what they say: relaxing in the warm water dulls the senses.
Continue 1
Casino Bouncer: We weren’t devoted enough! It’s our fault you got mud on your face, Lady Christy... Please, give us more lessons...!
Christina: I could teach you over and over and it wouldn’t do any good. You would just beg for more.
Christina: That’s why I will be leaving the Jewel Resort for a while.
Casino Bouncer: Wh-what did you say?! Please don’t! Please, Lady Christy! Without you, this casino liner will...!
Christina: The fact that you’re panicking now is all the more proof that I’ve been soft on you! You’ve become dull little servants.
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy...!
Casino Bouncer: Understood... We, your loyal servants, will mature with finesse and grace!
Christina: Hmph... You’ve got a better look on your face already. It’s not half bad.
Christina: Now then, kitten... I do believe I’ve yet to thank you.
Lyria: Oh, don’t worry about it! We’re just glad no one got hurt! Right, (Captain)?
Christina: But it’s not fair for only one side to profit from this. It goes against my motto.
Christina: I won’t compromise on this. That’s why I’m joining your order, kitten.
Christina: You kittens are sweeter than sugar. You need an owner who can look out for you when you go wandering off into danger, don’t you think?
  1. You’re exactly right, ma’am!
  2. You, own US...?

Choose: You’re exactly right, ma’am!
Christina: Hahaha! I’m not one to disappoint, so I’ll train you up real good, kitten.
Christina: No need to worry. I’m great with cats... But you knew that, didn’t you, kitten?

Choose: You, own US...?
Christina: Hm? You want to be MY owner, kitten?
Christina: Hahaha! I’d like to see that... Grow into a responsible adult that can put a leash on me.
Continue 2
Casino Bouncer: They’ll be with Lady Christy all day and all night... I’m so jealous...! Wait, no I’m not!!!
Casino Bouncer: Please, we beg of you, look after Lady Christy for us. We’re counting on you, dear guests!!!
Lyria: Sure! Of course! Welcome aboard, Christy!
Christina: Hahaha! This little lady’s just like you, kitten. Thanks for having me.
Christina: Now then, kitten...! Escort me to your Airship!
Vyrn: Good grief... Now we’ve got another scary lady friend in the books! But I guess she does seem pretty reliable!
And so, (Captain) invited Christy, the queen of the Jewel Resort, to the Order.
This competent Empress would use her beauty and strength to gain even more servants... Uhh, maybe.

Lash of Love

The party arrives at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner to see how Christina is doing. There, a battleship of the Erste Empire suddenly appears. The imperial soldiers say that they are here to inspect the Jewel Resort because their business is doing well. The employees assert that they are not doing anything shady. After a heated argument, a fight soon breaks out. To defend the employees, (Captain) and company join the fight.

Christina takes (Captain) and party to Jewel Resort for a surprise check.
Christina: I see... So you are able to maintain the quality of service here.
Casino Bouncer: Thank you for those kind words, Lady Christy! You’re right, Lady Christy! It is an honor!
Christina: An honor?
Christina: Being able to keep this up is a given! Raise the quality! Don’t let the customers get bored!
Casino Bouncer: Thank you! You are absolutely right! We will try to improve ourselves further!
Vyrn: The guys at the casino are all nice, but I don’t get how they would like being whipped...
Bunny Girl: All the employees of the casino respect Lady Christy! I don’t like being hurt by the whip though...
Christina: Oh? I didn’t think there would be someone who’d say that. I better teach you how a whip can make you feel good.
Lyria: Ahhh!
Vyrn: That was a violent shake! What happened?!
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy! An imperial battleship has pulled up alongside Jewel Resort!
Christina: What...? What do the dogs of the empire want?!
Imperial Soldier: Freeze! We are under orders of the Erste Empire to defend public morals within our air space!
Christina: So you’ve come to offer your own head. Haha. I commend your courage. I’ll make your death a painless one!
Imperial Soldier: Stay where you are and allow us to conduct the investigation! Or do you want to be banned from flying in the imperial air space?!
Casino Bouncer: We needed to be prepared for this. This investigation is too sudden! We have customers here right now!
Imperial Soldier: If you we let you know our timing, you'll have time to cover up any wrongdoing.
Casino Bouncer: How rude! Our motto is, “Show your guests a good time, and you’ll rake in the cash!”
Casino Bouncer: We swear in Lady Christy’s name that the Jewel Resort has nothing to hide!
Christina: Hmph... Looks like you can shout that at me now, huh? Not bad at all.
Christina: Get out of here, mutts of the empire. I’ll spare your life if you leave now.
Imperial Soldier: We are the ones giving orders! If you interfere with our investigation, you will be seen as traitors and appropriate action will be taken!
Christina: So you’re insistent on interfering with people’s enjoyment... Then it’s time for me to teach you a lesson!
Lyria: Christina! You can’t do this on your own! (Captain), please help!

Lash of Love: Scene 2

After Christina defeats the imperial soldiers, it seems as if the situation has calmed down. That is when Pommern appears. Fearing that the underlings would develop new tastes from Christina’s whip, Pommern brings more underlings to join the fight.

Imperial Soldier: Ugh! The place where I was smacked with the whip still stings...!
Christina: Hahaha! You like that? Addictive, isn’t it?
???: You people! What are you all doing?! You’re late for your report!
Lyria: ...! That voice...!
Imperial Soldier: Gasp! I’m sorry, Captain! The employees are giving us a surprising amount of resistance...
Pommern: Resistance...? That’s not good. Not good at all. Who do they think is allowing them to do business here?!
Christina: The customers, of course. We will never submit to dogs like you.
Pommern: Oh, my... A shameless and vulgar woman. And stupid to top it off!
Pommern: The peace and order of the skies are protected by the imperial army. That’s the only reason why your Casino Liner can fly.
Pommern: It’s a sad state of affairs that you don’t even understand that!
Christina: Gasp! You bark loud for a dog. Do you think you’re at the center of the world? Your yelping is an assault on the ears!
Imperial Soldier: Watch out! That woman...! Captain, please stand down!
Christina: Out of the way!
Imperial Soldier: Oof!
Pommern: Y-You protected me...!
Imperial Soldier: I only did what was right as your underling!
Christina: What is this? Some kind of tear-jerker? Do your little act elsewhere!
Imperial Soldier: Eep!
Christina: Here’s a bonus! Just for you!
Imperial Soldier: Oohlala!
Pommern: A-Are you enjoying this...? T-This is starting to get creepy...
Imperial Soldier: W-What are you saying, Captain Pommern?! I am a proud imperial soldier!
Pommern: T-That’s right! I’m ashamed to have doubted my underling!
Pommern: Before you start going down a weird path, we must defeat that woman!
Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir! Captain Pommern! Captain Pommern!
Vyrn: The dealer lady is in danger! We have to stop the imperial soldiers, (Captain)!
Casino Bouncer: Oh, no! We’ve already received your help earlier, but this will cause the customers to be chased by the empire!
Vyrn: Whatcha talkin’ bout?! We’re already enemies of the empire!
Lyria: And Christina is a friend of ours! Let's go, (Captain)!

Lash of Love: Scene 3

Amid the commotion, an imperial soldier takes a bunny girl hostage. (Captain) and party are forced to freeze in their tracks, but through the teamwork of Christina and the Casino Bouncer, they managed to capture Pommern instead. It seems as if the tables have turned, but Pommern uses a dark crystal to transform into a monstrosity, bringing further chaos.

Pommern: ...! You people...! I didn’t expect to see you here!
Christina: Hm...? That bearded mutt knows the kittens?
Lyria: Well, a lot has happened and it’s the reason why (Captain) and I share our destiny.
Vyrn: I didn’t want to want to see him... But we can’t ignore anyone that brings harm to our friends!
Christina: Geez, you are such a softie. But that part of you is adorable, too.
Pommern: I’ll reeducate you employees of the Casino Liner to never defy the empire ever again!
Christina: Hahaha! What a stupid joke that is. I’m the one who will reeducate you!
Pommern: Blargh!
Christina: Come on. You’re a dog - you don't stand on two legs. Kneel before me!
Pommern: Ahhh! That really hurts! Stop it this instant!
Imperial Soldier: That's right! Freeze!
Bunny Girl: Ahhhhh!
Vyrn: What?! L-Look...! He took the bunny lady hostage!
Imperial Soldier: If you don’t want to see this employee get hurt, just accept the investigation!
Christina: ...
Bunny Girl: Y-You’re talking crazy! Lady Christy! Don’t mind me and just beat them up!
Christina: You shut up. Protecting the slave is a master’s job.
Bunny Girl: No... It’s all my fault...
Imperial Soldier: All right, now stay calm, all right? Bring us your accounting books! We will confiscate it as part of our investigation!
Casino Bouncer: What?! The accounting books?! What is the meaning of this!
Pommern: Business is good on the Casino Liner, don’t you think? I’m checking to see if you have any illegal channels of funds!
Christina: So you’ll alter the books to frame us with crimes we didn’t commit, and then confiscate all the assets of the Casino Liner...
Christina: Public morals and peace, my butt! If you’re just looking to line your pockets, make a gamble fair and square!
Imperial Soldier: You...! Be quiet...! That is a false accusation!
Christina: You’re the ones falsely accusing us!
Imperial Soldier: What?!
Christina: Come on!
Vyrn: Wow, that looks like it hurt! Hey, does the guard guy envy that? Wait, what?! Where’d he go?
Casino Bouncer: Raaagh!
Pommern: Wha...?! What are you doing?!
While all eyes are focused on Christina and the imperial soldier, the casino bouncer puts Pommern in a grappling hold.
Casino Bouncer: You there! Let go of my co-worker! Or else your boss will be...
Pommern: Hehehe...
Casino Bouncer: What’s so funny?!
Pommern: What a fool you are... You don’t even know the situation you are in!
Casino Bouncer: Hah?! W-What do you look like?!
Pommern: You are a real eyesore!
Casino Bouncer: Gaaaaaaaah!
Bunny Girl: Noooo! S-Stop, please!
Christina: You...! You hurt my slaves...!
Christina: You’ve made me mad now! (Captain), don’t stop me! I will kick him out of my ship personally!
Pommern: Go ahead and try!

Lash of Love: Scene 4

(Captain) and party has defeated Pommern. Pommern grinds his teeth at another defeat. Christina’s ruthless whip cracks on him. The imperial army is forced to retreat here, but the employees feared that they would be back. However, they made up their mind to protect the casino on their own. Showing that they have grown and matured, Christina gives a satisfied smile.

Pommern: I-Impossible...! There... is no way I would lose again!
Imperial Soldier: C-Captain Pommern! Gah... You’ll live to regret this!
Christina: Hold it! This is a gift!
Imperial Soldier: Ooh! That feels... so good!
Christina: Hahahaha!
Pommern: Reeeeeeee! Please spare me!
Christina: Now for the finisher! When you’re satisfied, don’t ever show your ugly face to me ever again!
Imperial Soldier: Eek!
Pommern: Ugh...! Y-You’ll live to regret this! You got that?!
The battleship with the imperial soldiers and Pommern retreats from Jewel Resort.
Bunny Girl: Waaaah! I was so scared! W-Will they be back?
Casino Bouncer: Probably... I doubt they’ll give up with this...
Bunny Girl: We managed to survive only because Lady Christy was here today...
Bunny Girl: Lady Christy! Jewel Resort needs you! Please come back to us!
Christina: Hmph... Even if I did return, I won’t help you next time. You’ll have to find a way out on your own.
Bunny Girl: B-But why?!
Casino Bouncer: I understand, Lady Christy.
Bunny Girl: What?!
Casino Bouncer: Did you forget? Lady Christy left Jewel Resort because of our insufficient abilities.
Casino Bouncer: It is outrageous to ask Lady Christy to return because of our own faults.
Bunny Girl: B-But...
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy, please watch! Your slaves will live up to your expectations!
Christina: You got a good face on you now. Don’t turn those words into lies!
Casino Bouncer: Yes, ma’am!
Being seen off by the employees, (Captain) and Christina return to Grandcypher.
Christina: Heh...
Christina: What is it, little kitten? You’re making a slovenly grin. Hm? I’m the one that looks happy?
Christina: Oh, little kitten... You’re so uncouth in the strangest ways. You need to be disciplined!
Christina: Haha... That was an adorable cry and expression. You’ve giving me chills up my spine... Very well. I forgive you.
Christina: Well... You’re right that today was not a bad day. The slaves showed some backbone.
Christina: Haha... They had good eyes on them. As expected from my slaves. I can’t wait how they will turn out when I see them next!
Christina treats her slaves of love harshly, but full of love.
Being in love with her charms, the employees of the Casino Liner will surely put their full efforts into their work.

The Reigning Queen

The don of Jewel Resort, Garrett, uses funds from the casino to remodel an orphanage on the advice of a woman named Margaret. Upon attending the orphanage's opening event, Christina has the feeling that something is not right with the casino liner and its suspicious new employees.

Vyrn: Whoa... This is the orphanage now? It's awesome...
Christina: Yes... She's a beauty, isn't she?
(Captain) squints up at the shining windows of a handsome orphanage. The place is newly remodeled and holding a gala to celebrate its reopening.
The whole affair is being run by employees of the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
Therese: Uh... Um... Wh-where does the food go?
Bunny Girl: This barrel... sure is heavy! Uh-oh! It's gonna fall!
Casino Bouncer: Gotcha! Try not to hurt yourself, all right?
The crew stands in the middle of the hustle and bustle, taking in the scene.
Ladiva: Can you believe it? I grew up here, and it's so beautiful now... I don't know what to say...
Lyria: It's one—no, two sizes bigger! Plus...
Excited Little Boy: Look, look! Swings!
Lyria: There's a whole playground!
Ladiva: Hehe. Did you want to join them, Lyria? Go on ahead!
Lyria: No, um... I'll be fine! I don't want to play on swings or on the slides or in the sandbox... They're for kids!
Vyrn: Man, but there sure is a lot of stuff. They've even got fountains and a pool! And the casino liner paid for all this, right?
Christina: You got it. With the money we gave them, they could buy five, six airships, easy.
Vyrn: No way... What'd they do to earn all that?
Christina: Ask my minions—they're the ones who put in the hard work. Anyway, I wasn't the mastermind this time around...
Christina turns and looks at the podium. As if summoned by her gaze, an older gentleman steps up and leans over the mic.
Kindly Old Chap: Er... Ahem. Terribly sorry to interrupt, but might I have your attention for a moment? Lovely. Now, first, allow me to thank you for attending our little ceremony...
Christina: He was. That, kittens, is Garrett—the man behind the project... and the don of Jewel Resort.
Vyrn: Wait. So he's your boss?
Ladiva: That's right. He was plucked straight from the Gem Domain—to oversee airships, you know. And he manages all the casino liners in the skies.
Lyria: I-I never knew. He offered us drinks earlier, and he seemed so friendly and... well, normal.
Christina: Hah. Well, don't be too drawn by his smile.
Christina: It's his poker face, the mask of a schemer. And you won't ever get even a peek at what goes on behind it.
Vyrn: Guess you'd have to be that way if you wanted to run casino liners... Sure hope I never get on his bad side.
Ladiva: Oh, Christy. Stop frightening the poor things. And don't you be scared by her words either. Garrett's heart is brimming with love.
Ladiva: Since the founding of his first business, he's operated by one motto: why can't the casino and the player both be winners?
Ladiva: Hehe. Christy and Garrett are like-minded that way. It's why she became manager of Jewel Resort.
Christina: Heh...
Christina: It's true. Garrett cares more than anyone about customer satisfaction and the safety of our workers.
Christina: I still say he's an old conniver. But he's got his own moral code and sticks to it. He's not the kind of man who'd, say, gobble up some helpless kittens.
Garrett: Er... I and every member of the staff aboard the casino liner are proud that our work has changed both this place and the skies for the better.
Lyria: Hm... He doesn't look at all dishonest.
Vyrn: But you know, now I can't help but notice he's always wearing that same smile—like it's been painted on or somethin'.
Christina: ...
Ladiva: ...
The crew fall silent, lending their full attention to Garrett's speech. Then, just as some of the more peckish members are starting to eye the food...
Garrett: Cheers!
The feasting begins.
Sweet Little Girl: Thank you, Ladiva! I heard we got a new house 'cause you dewled a whole bunch!
Ladiva: My! Hehe. Well, that was a very kind thing to say.
Ladiva: But it wasn't just me. Everyone from Jewel Resort pooled their love together and turned this dream house into reality! Make sure to thank them lots, all right?
Sweet Little Girl: Oh, okay! Thank you, Miss Therese!
Therese: Oh. Hehe. Of course. I'm glad you like it.
Sweet Little Girl: And thank you, Lady Christy's minion!
Casino Bouncer: ...
Sweet Little Girl: Mr. Minion?
Bunny Girl: What's wrong? Aren't you going to say any—
Casino Bouncer: ...!
Casino Bouncer: Waaah! Well 'cause... I mean... they look so... happy! I don't deserve this!
Christina: Quit your sobbing! I can't even bear to look at you!
Casino Bouncer: Thank you!
Christina: You've taken your first teetering steps. So what? You're going to stand here, patting yourselves on the back? You don't think our clients deserve better?
Christina: You started this enterprise. Now figure out how to make it grow.
Casino Staff: Yes, ma'am!
Garrett: Haha. I see that time's done nothing to soften you, Christina.
Christina: Garrett!
Flashy Lady: Who's this, Gary? A mistress? Or is she the real deal?
Garrett: Neither, my dear. One might call her my right hand. She holds all of Jewel Resort in her iron fist.
Flashy Lady: Oh me! You're Gary's right hand? And an iron one at that! How marvelous!
Garrett: Yes. She can be marvelously strict, but she also knows just when to loosen the leash. Why, I'd say only she could have whipped the staff into such stunning shape.
Flashy Lady: Oh me! You oversee all these people? Dazzling! Simply dazzling!
Christina: And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?
Christina's gaze is so cold, it would have frozen a rampaging bull in its tracks. But Garrett, utterly unruffled, merely clears his throat a bit.
Garrett: Ah yes. I've yet to introduce you. This here is Margaret. My very own Lady Luck.
Margaret: Oh me! Am I your Lady Luck, Gary? How delightful!
Christina: ...
Garrett: Business has been booming since I met her.
Margaret: Oh! You blow everyone right out of the water, Gary! With a boom and a splash!
Christina: ...
Garrett: One might even say that it's thanks to Margaret this whole remodeling affair went off without a hitch.
Margaret: Hehe. Oh, you. It's because you worked so hard. You're so very talented, Gary.
Christina: Sigh... Speaking of which, I never took you for the charitable type. What strange wind blew the idea into your head anyway?
Garrett: What's this? A kitten trying to track down a fox?
Christina: ...
Garrett: I jest. I've nothing to hide. It was so I could operate casinos in this airspace. Of course, I needed a license from the island, and the fee is nothing short of exorbitant.
Garrett: So I made them an offer: waive the fee, and any extra profit from my ventures here would go straight to the well-being of the island.
Christina: And did you let everyone know it. I see the crates, Garrett. They have Jewel Resort written all over them.
Christina nods at a large pile of shipping containers, sitting patiently by the door of the orphanage. Each is emblazoned with Jewel Resort's logo.
Garrett: Sharp as ever, I see. I admit, I contrived to put them in rather noticeable locations. A bit more tasteful than advertising, wouldn't you say?
Garrett: No one wants to be a gambler. But a philanthropist? Well! Every time a wager is made at our casinos, money goes to a good cause. Who'd turn their nose up at that?
Christina: So charities get their funding, and we make a good name for ourselves. Everyone's a winner, as you'd say.
Garrett: And to take your excellent observation one step further, the higher our reputation soars, the more customers we can expect.
Christina: ...
Garrett: Haha. No need to stare any longer. I've shown you my whole hand. And there's no cards hidden up my sleeves, I assure you.
Christina: Yes... So it would seem.
Garrett: Goodness. I came for a bit of small talk, and you've managed to root all this information out of me. What a hungry little kitten.
Garrett: But of course, the more you desire, the more you obtain. I'm glad I put you in charge of the liner, Christy.
Garrett: Now, it's about time I left for a second round of greetings. Please, enjoy yourselves.
Margaret: Toodle-oo, everyone.
Garrett offers an arm to Margaret, and they stroll away.
Christina: That wily old fox... He's scheming something, I know it.
Vyrn: Hey, isn't that guy your "don"? Why'd you go all hard-boiled detective on him? Ya got somethin' against him?
Christina: Not at all.
Ladiva: Hehe. This time around, you're set on finding out Garrett's surprise... aren't you, Christy?
Christina: The old fox never tires of his tricks. But I'm not the kind of woman that likes surprises.
Ladiva: He's an entertainer, dear. Honestly, I'd like to take a page or three from his book of wonder.
Christina: Would you really...?
The entire conversation, Christina's been scanning the room, keeping an eye on her staff. Now she pauses, and her gaze grows sharp.
Excited Little Boy: Whoa! Look at the new walls!
A boy stretches out a hand. Therese, who's been looking after the children, lets out a shout.
Therese: Watch out for the jutting nail!
Excited Little Boy: Huh?
Casino Bouncer: ...!
The bouncer scoops the boy up in his arms and sets him down in a safe place. He then joins Therese, who is frowning at the wall.
Therese: Did the nail bend as they were hammering it in? In any case, we need to call the carpenters and get this fixed.
Casino Bouncer: I guess we rushed them a bit. The deadline was pretty tight...
Christina: ...
After she hears about the incident with the nail from Therese, Ladiva asks to stay the night at the orphanage to make sure nothing else is amiss.
When the ceremony ends, the rest of the crew leave her and return to the inn.
Christina: ...
Christina sits on the lobby sofa and sinks deep into thought.
Lyria: What? You're going back to Jewel Resort, Christina?
Christina: Yes. We recently took on a number of new recruits, you know, to hold down the fort during this remodeling business. It's about time they met their captain.
Christina: And...
Casino Bouncer: I guess we rushed them a bit. The deadline was pretty tight...
Vyrn: And?
Christina: And nothing. In any case, I want to see what my new minions are made of... and give them the whip, if they need it.
Christina: I'll be leaving the crew for a while. That is, if you don't mind, kitten.
  1. As you wish.
  2. I'll be expecting a reward.

Choose: As you wish.
Christina: I like a tamed pet. But if you think I want you groveling at my feet, then you've got me all wrong.
Christina: Do me a favor while I'm gone, kitten. Think long and hard about just what it is I expect from you...

Choose: I'll be expecting a reward.
Christina: Haha! So you've learned to speak your desires.
Christina: I'll give you what you want. So be a good kitten and wait... for the pleasure and the pain.
Continue 1
Christina: Well...
For the first time in forever, Christina stands by the entrance of the casino liner. But, already, she senses something different in the air.
New Greeter: Hello! And welcome to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner!
Christina: Hm.
New Greeter: Excuse me... But is this your first time at a casino?
Christina: (So the greeter's new, huh? Perfect.)
Christina: Yes. I've never really been near gambling.
New Greeter: Aha! I see! Well then, allow me to guide you. Please, come this way.
Christina: Quite a marvelous place you've got here.
New Greeter: Isn't it? Here at Jewel Resort, we spare no expense in creating a wonderful environment for our guests.
New Greeter: Ah, here's our beginner's table. Please, have a seat.
New Dealer: Welcome. I'll be your dealer for this game.
Christina: ...
New Greeter: She says it's her first time at a casino.
New Dealer: Is it? Then shall I explain the rules of blackjack to you?
Christina: Please do.
New Dealer: It's quite simple. You and I will take turns drawing cards. And whoever holds the hand that totals highest is the winner.
New Dealer: There's no limit to how many cards you can hold. But the moment your hand totals twenty-two or over, you lose.
Christina: That's all? I see.
Christina plays a few bumbling rounds with the new staff. To all appearances, she is a complete novice.
New Dealer: Agh, so close! However, that final card brings your total to twenty-two. A bust, unfortunately.
Christina: Hah. My tenth loss, huh? And here I thought all it'd take to win was basic addition. How embarrassing.
New Dealer: We all go through rough patches at first. But the more you play, the more you get a feel for the game. Now, are you ready for the next round?
Christina: Sorry, but funds are running low. I think I'm done for today.
New Dealer: Already? But you're so close to seizing victory!
New Greeter: There's no need to worry about finances. Here at Jewel Resort... we offer loans.
Christina: Loans?
Christina: All right. I'll take everything you're willing to give.
Christina is, of course, surprised by the offer, but it shows neither on her face or in her voice.
New Dealer: That brings you to a total of fifteen. I'm at sixteen, so just a little further.
The dealer picks up a card and tries to pass it to Christina.
Christina: No, I won't take it. Stand.
New Dealer: Er... But your total amounts to less than...
Christina: I said, "Stand."
New Dealer: Yes, of course...
The dealer withdraws the card and adds it to his own hand.
Christina: And that brings you to twenty-three... A bust. Looks like I win.
New Dealer: C-congratulations.
The kid gloves are off. Christina plays round after round.
Christina: Hit me. Well? Give me another card.
New Dealer: Tsk! Y-yes, right away!
Christina: Stand. Add that to your own hand.
New Dealer: Urgh!
And she racks up win after win. The fortress of chips around her grows ever higher.
Casino Bouncer: What? We're being robbed?
New Greeter: Yes. She keeps on winning, and it's not natural... At this rate, she'll eat up all our profits.
Casino Bouncer: All right. I'll check it out—make sure there's no cheat...
Christina: Did you not hear me? I said, "Split."
New Dealer: Oh... Ngh... But...
Casino Bouncer: L-L-Lady Christy!
Christina: Hah... Well, it took you long enough. The lady of the house comes home, and you can't even sniff her out? That nose of yours is failing, you old hound dog.
Casino Bouncer: S-staff room, now! If you're with a guest, stay where you are! Everybody else, get moving!
Christina stands before her staff, pale with anger.
She notices the new hires shooting looks at her and narrows her eyes.
Christina: What's our motto here at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner? Tell me!
Casino Staff: Show our guests a good time, and rake in the cash!
Christina: And what do you think that means? Look for first-timers and set them up so they can't win? Force loans on them and wring every rupie out of their pockets?
Christina: I saw what you were doing. As soon as you managed to snuff out my hand, you started me dealing me trash!
New Casino Staff: ...
Christina: Rookies. Playing dumb, are we? You understand perfectly well what I'm saying.
New Dealer: No... I don't...
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy... I'm so sorry. Looks like their training hasn't sunk in...
Christina: Look. I know these past few weeks have been a mess because of our new side-business. But this is inexcusable. You need a taste of my whip.
Christina: You, the new dealer. Tell me. Why do we need to show our guests a good time?
New Dealer: Uh...
Christina: It's so they'll come back!
New Dealer: ...
Christina: (You little rat...)
Christina flays the new hires with her words. But the whole time, a cloud of disquiet slowly overshadows her mind.
Christina: (Something's been eating at me...ever since the gala.)
In that cloud, a hazy image begins to take shape—the root of Christina's suspicions. And the clearer it grows, the uglier it becomes.
New Casino Staff: ...
Christina: (They have no fangs, no horns... no nothing.)
Christina: Hah... You're beneath my whip.

The Reigning Queen: Scene 2

Christina visits the casino and discovers that the new staff are planning to implement violent matches called blood duels. With her protests falling on deaf ears, she decides to go along with the idea in the meantime while she comes up with her own plan of action.

Ladiva: Jewel Resort's in quite a lot of trouble, isn't it?
Christina: I talked myself hoarse, Ladiva. About the value of good service, about how to make a profit. But with the new hires, it was in one ear and out the other.
Christina: I know some people simply aren't cut out for customer service. But I couldn't even turn their heads with talk of money. Not one of them cared.
Ladiva: They don't care how much the casino earns?
Christina: That, or about lining their own pockets. I bet if I slashed their pay, they'd just scoff at me.
Ladiva: But that's strange... Don't they need to put food on the table?
Christina: Exactly. I know I'm not overthinking it. Like you said, it's illogical.
Ladiva: Come to think of it...
Christina: Come to think of what? Well? Out with it. You aren't the kind of gal who'd leave a friend hanging.
Ladiva: Back at the orphanage, some things seemed... off.
Christina: Oh, I know about the child and the crooked nail. That was a near miss.
Ladiva: Yes. But we managed to explain that away, right? We did rush the workers after all.
Ladiva: But there were places where... How do I put this? It wasn't just the construction. The blueprint itself must have been all wrong.
Ladiva: The shelves, the cupboards, and the doorknobs... Everything was too large or too high for the little hands.
Ladiva: And there were a lot of blind spots because of how the furniture and walls were placed. It wasn't easy keeping an eye on the children.
Christina: I see.
Christina: Now that you mention it, I remember there was a space with no windows. But it was a... bit large for a storeroom.
Ladiva: Yes, and the basement as well. It was too big to be practical.
Christina: Hm...
The back of Christina's neck prickles. It's a premonition of danger, a sixth sense honed through long years of dealing in luck and money.
Christina: I'd better get back to the old nest.
Ladiva: I know that look. We have trouble on our hands, don't we?
Christina: You got it. This stench can only mean one thing: there's a slickster at my table.
Christina: Well. This time around, I smell a vixen.
Ladiva: You're talking about that girl, aren't you? The one who was with the don.
Christina: I am. His very own Lady Luck, huh? It's got a nice ring to it, but I say someone's playing with a stacked deck.
Christina: I can't do this alone though. I hope (Captain)'s up for some sleuthing.
New Greeter: Uh... Welcome back, Lady Christy.
Christina: Thanks.
New Greeter: ...
Christina: (Just look at that blank stare.)
Christina softly scowls to herself. Blissfully unaware, the greeter stifles a yawn and glances at the clock.
New Greeter: Uh... Lady Christy? I wanted your opinion on something.
Christina: I'm listening.
New Greeter: So earlier, the other staff and I were talking. And we came up with this idea we think would add some oomph to Jewel Resort...
Christina: Therese! I heard that Garrett's here.
Therese: Lady Christy! Um, yes, he's in the staff room.
Christina: Well, I have a few things to say to him. Everyone else, scram!
The lady of the house stalks through her casino, eyes blazing, the proposition of the new hire still echoing in her mind.
Rowdy Hooligan: You kidding me? I was just one! One damn slot away from triple seven!
Leering Hooligan: Gahaha! You unlucky bastard!
Refined Regulars: ...
Christina: ...
Christina's eyes narrow—never before has she seen such rough customers at Jewel Resort. Then she looks away and hurries on.
Garrett: Why, Christina. I didn't know you were here.
Christina: You want to see "blood duels," Garrett?
Garrett: Please, credit the new staff. It was their idea. They thought it'd make the matches more thrilling.
Christina: So you expect me to spike the floor of the ring? And cage the fighters in barbed wire like animals? Of all the brutish—
Margaret: It'll be thrilling. And so very fresh!
Christina: There'll be injuries, and some will be lifelong. But I've got bad news for you: a duelist isn't worth much maimed.
Christina: You're out of your mind.
Garrett: If so, I'm not the only one. Quite a few spectators are looking for more pizzazz.
Margaret: Oh, yes! We're already fresh out reserved tickets. Isn't that wonderful, Gary?
Christina: ...!
Christina looks down. There, on Garrett's desk, are a stack of extra tickets.
Each slip is headed with "Watch the Rise of Bloodred Star." And printed underneath is "Will Therese's light grow stronger or go out?"
Christina: Are you so thirsty for a red dawn that you'd crush our stars and dye the sky with blood? I'd think this was a crude joke, but neither of us is laughing.
Garrett: Nonsense. I don't want gratuitous violence. I'd just like a bit more zest in the performances.
Garrett: Surely a seasoned duelist would know how to keep injuries light. And I've chosen to do the test run with one of your best.
Margaret: Oh, Therese will be fine! She's marvelously tough!
Christina: "Casino and player, employer and employee... We can all be winners." What happened to that, Garrett? What happened to principles?
Garrett: We must grow our clientele. Or stagnate. And, anyway, our little orphanage stunt has drawn even more attention than I'd hoped.
Margaret: We're simply drowning in letters! And all of them say the same thing: "Help me, Gary!" My Gary is a dependable man, after all.
Garrett: I responded to as many requests as I could, but I'm starting to be stretched a bit thin. And we must keep on keeping on, I'm afraid...
Garrett: If we help some and not others, it may be seen as unjust. There'll be grievances. In the worst case scenario, hecklers will appear at the orphanage.
Margaret: That's when the staff came to us with their wonderful idea. Now, we can make money and save the world!
Christina: ...
Christina: Fine. But allow me to make a few proposals. About this "blood duel" of yours.
Margaret: Did you hear that? Christy said "fine"!
Garrett: Yes. I knew you'd come round, Christina. You aren't one to be so easily satisfied.
Christina: Hah. You know me—always eager to see the resort thrive. But we need to play our cards right.
Christina: First, we make sure that no wound gets infected. We'll build the spikes and barbed wire with gold.
Garrett: Ah, so there's no need to worry about rust. It will also add a certain splendor to the affair. A brilliant idea.
Christina: I still expect the ring to be cleaned after every round. Now, the iron stuff, we can use for decoration...
Firmly, deliberately, Christina lists her demands.
Garrett: Yes, it's all very feasible, of course. But rehearsal will take an eternity and a half, I'm afraid.
Christina: Well. That's how long it takes to achieve perfection, Garrett.
Christina: Besides, there's no harm in teasing the crowd a little. It'll heighten the anticipation.
But she keeps her true intentions close to her chest; behind the poker face, she's only hoping to buy time.
Margaret: ...
Margaret has fallen silent. She stands patiently by Garrett and watches Christina with glinting eyes.

The Reigning Queen: Scene 3

After some investigating, (Captain) and company find out that Margaret has been funneling money to other enterprises and plans to eventually shut down the casino. On the day of the blood duel, Christina and the others are shocked when monsters are suddenly brought in to make a more exciting show. Horrified, Christina decides to participate in the duel herself in order to protect everyone.

Vyrn: A blood duel? Sounds like something out of a nightmare.
Lyria: I-is everything going to be okay? Therese won't get badly hurt, will she?
Christina: I'll make sure she stays safe. Don't worry.
Ladiva: Christy, you know... I get that we need money, but this really doesn't sit well with me.
Ladiva: I can't believe Garret would abandon his old values. Not over something like this. It's so out of the blue.
Ladiva: And besides, we know our guests. They don't watch duels for the blood.
Vyrn: No one wants to see the duelists hurt, except the sort of jerks that start bar fights for fun. But folks like that have never visited the casino liner.
Lyria: Still, they might start coming now, right? What if they scare all your regulars away?
Christina: It's like you read my mind, all of you. But that old fox...
Ladiva: He's worried about hecklers at the orphanage, right? But there are measures we can take...
Christina: That's just one of his concerns. And it's not the one that forced his hand. That's what my gut is telling me, anyway.
Christina: There are rats lurking in my staff and gambling at my casino. And it's obvious someone planted them... Garrett's poker face is slipping.
Ladiva: Christy... If that was a joke, it wasn't very funny.
Ladiva tenses, and her face grows stern.
Christina: Do you really think I'd make such an obvious bluff?
Lyria: ...?
Ladiva: Honey, that poker face is his trademark. As far as I know, it's never budged.
Ladiva: The skies could crumble around him, but Garrett would remain calm and unshakeable. That smile is proof of his strength.
Christina: Well, it's flaking. Just barely, but I can see it happening.... He must have gotten caught up in something.
Vyrn: Uh... You mean somebody's blackmailing him?
Christina: You can't threaten Garrett. He'd crush you like a mosquito. He hates it when people steal from him, more than anything.
Ladiva: And anyway, there's not much you could use against him. His past is one big question mark, you know.
Christina: Well, let's suppose there is someone pulling his strings...
Christina: That just means Garrett hasn't realized he's a puppet. He wouldn't let this slide otherwise.
Vyrn: Man, things are getting fishier and fishier.
Christina: You took the words right out of my mouth. There's a stench lingering in Jewel Resort, ever since "Lady Luck" walked through my doors.
Christina: And it's not just her sickening perfume. Now, kitten...
Christina: I believe I asked for a background check. How's that going?
Vyrn: Crappy. We looked high and low for info on Margaret, but there was nothing. Zilch. Squat.
Christina: Birthplace, relations, past employment... It all drew a blank?
Vyrn: Yep. I still can't believe we didn't make any big finds. I mean, both (Captain) and Siero were on the case.
Vyrn: We heard some rumors, that's all. Looks like she's always changin' her name and hopping from island to island.
Vyrn: And the guys she's been with? Word on the street is they all went belly-up.
Christina: She's a slippery little vixen, I'll give her that. Think we can net her?
Vyrn: Not anytime soon... We don't have any proof.
Vyrn: The other case went better though. You know, the one about the construction fees. And, boy, were you right when you said somethin' shifty was going on.
(Captain) produces a report. The captain then walks Christina through their investigation into the remodeling of the orphanage and shows her a breakdown of expenses.
Christina: So you're saying a portion of the money was funneled to shell corporations...
Ladiva: Wait, but I recognize this name. Don't they have an office?
Vyrn: They did. But the owner went belly-up—not too long ago, actually. That name's all that's left of his business now.
Christina: What? You couldn't possibly mean...
Vyrn: We showed him a sketch of Margaret. And you know what he said? "I met her. And before I knew it, I was reduced to a pauper."
Christina: Before he knew it, huh? And he hasn't reported her or anything... So he's got his doubts, but no proof.
Ladiva: Isn't that silly though? He knows what happened, but he has no idea how?
Christina: That's what it's like when you're bewitched by a vixen. But I've figured out her little scheme.
Christina: The donations coming out of Jewel Resort are making their way to her purse. But she's not satisfied with just taking our money—she's trying to ruin us.
Ladiva: You're talking about the blood duels, aren't you? And our new... rude guests.
Christina: Yes. If talk gets out about them, it'll tear our reputation to shreds, and we won't ever recover. Margaret's a malicious little beast.
Ladiva: Can't we get Garrett to stop?
Christina: We won't convince him with guesses and rumors. We need hard evidence.
Vyrn: I hear you... But we followed every trail we could, and they all went cold.
Christina: Hm...
Christina: The don of a casino and a deadly temptress... Two strange characters with an even stranger thing in common: neither has a past.
Christina: Garrett's a sly old fox, and no one could ever snare him. But the vixen might know something we don't.
Christina touches her chin and, for a few minutes, falls into silent thought.
Christina: Here. This is the insignia carved into Garrett's cane. See what you can dig up.
Ladiva: It's the one he always uses, right?
Christina: You got it. That man will toss clothes and women away without a glance back, but his cane is the one constant in his life.
Ladiva: I remember him saying... it's a reminder of why he became don of a casino.
Christina: And it's all we know of his past. If we look into it, we just might find our trump card...
Christina: The ace that finally forces the vixen's hand.
Vyrn: Hm... Think folks in our crew know anything about insignias?
The casino liner's days are now numbered, and the countdown has begun.
(Captain) and the crew start their mad scramble, searching for a way to defuse the ticking time bomb.
Garrett: Hm...
Garret, poring over the casino's accounts, utters a small sigh.
Margaret: Is there something wrong, Gary? You're pouting.
Garrett: No, no. We've only to increase sales slightly, and all will be dandy.
Margaret: Oh, how splendid! I knew you had it in you!
Garrett: Haha. Pish-posh. I'd have gotten nowhere without Lady Luck at my side.
Margaret: Teehee. I'm like your muse, aren't I, Gary?
Margaret: Oh. Before I forget, new letters came for you. The first one is from a child, saying they lost their home to war.
Garrett: How devastating... We must send them all that we can, right awa—
Garrett: ...!
Goblin: Kehehehe! You lost, you did! You lost, you lost! And now your freedom is mine!
Garrett: We'll send the packages immediately. It's a... good chance for advertising.
Margaret: Yes. And the next one says, "We live in the slums, and we're scared. The adults are very cruel to us."
Cruel Man: Didn't you hear me, boy? Show me what you've gotten hidden there.
Garrett: Well, then we must see that the city is reformed. We'll contact the island, talk about measures to protect the public. If necessary, we'll call in the Crew of Enforcers.
Margaret: Lovely! Oh Gary, is there nothing you can't do? You're a superhero, in every sense of the word!
Garrett: No, I'm no hero. The true saviors are out there in the field—and I merely pay them.
Margaret: But you're not powerless, unlike those poor, starving children. You're helping them, and you're helping yourself. Isn't this the perfect win-win?
Garrett: Yes. Yes, of course.
Garrett: (It's simple. If you're at the bottom of a great, empty pit, you need a second pair of hands to raise you up...)
Margaret: Isn't it wonderful, Gary? All these children, winning out at last. Soon the skies will be full of winners.
Garrett: Yes. Wonderful indeed.
Garrett: (And if you aren't saved... then you can only sink into ever darker depths.)
Margaret: Imagine it! Every child will be a win—
Garrett: ...
Cruel Man: Think you're too good for the slums, eh? Be thankful you've got a place to live. Not many folks would put up with you. War orphans from defeated countries most often—
Garrett: Yes... We shall all be winners. If only we can rid ourselves of victory and defeat, then all may be saved.
Garrett: That's why I turned to gambling. I had no gifts, being unskilled with both sword and magic. So to survive, I—
Margaret: Hm? What ever are you going on about?
Garrett: Nothing. Some rambling delusions, is all. I must have had a bit too much to drink. I think I'll sleep soon.
Margaret: Oh, before you do! I came up with some new ideas—for the duel, I mean.
Margaret holds out a sheet of paper.
Garrett: I see...
Margaret: We won't need to tinker with the equipment, and it would be absolutely electrifying! And, well, Therese can handle it, don't you think?
Garrett: Yes. Shouldn't take long to prepare either. Let me sleep on it, won't you?
Margaret: Yes, of course. Good night, Gary!
Garrett: I must send out those packages and contact that island... Yes... And I'll need a pretty amount of rupies for that. Therefore...
Margaret: ...
Margaret: You can save all the children you like. But you'll never save your younger self. You old fool.
Christina: Today's the big day. They call it a new kind of duel, but it's nothing too different from what you've done before.
Christina: The ring will be slicked down with fake blood. Don't lose your footing and embarrass yourself.
Christina: Therese, remember. From now on, I'll have control of the reigns.
Christina stands behind Therese, gazing at her with keen eyes.
Rowdy Hooligan: Ahahaha!
Refined Regular: ...
Rough customers fill the lobby. Some grip complimentary tickets.
Therese: Lady Christy... Thank you... and sorry. If we weren't so inadequate, this would never—
Christina: No. If I'd sniffed out those rats, this wouldn't have happened.
Christina: But it's not too late. I'll whip that tottering old fox back onto the right path. Just you wait and see.
Christina sounds so strong and assured that, hearing her, Therese breathes a sigh of relief.
Therese: ...
The tension leaves her body, and she gives Christina a small nod. But then...
The Two: ...!
Christina: I know this stench...
Therese: Monsters!
The reek assails their senses and makes them reel. They hear a great commotion near the entrance.
Monster: Grr... Graaah!
Refined Regular: Eep!
Rowdy Hooligan: Gahaha! Look! He's ready to rumble!
Christina: You! Why'd you bring monsters in here? Who gave you permission!
New Greeter: Excuse me! I was the one who ordered those monsters! Wheel them over here, please!
Christina: ...!
New Greeter: Oh, Lady Christy. I can explain. Me and the other staff, we came up with a new program. It was a secret up until now.
Rowdy Hooligan: You're going to dissect these things, right? During the blood duel! I can't wait!
New Greeter: Heh. Yeah. It's going to be an exciting show.
Dainty Regular: D-dissect? The monsters?
Leering Hooligan: Heh-heh. Hope you're ready to be drenched... in guts and gore!
Christina: I never heard about this.
New Greeter: It was supposed to be a surprise. We only told some of the audience members.
Christina: You incomprehensible bug... Don't you know how disturbing your "surprise" is? We'll have guests walking out or fainting. Didn't that thought once cross your mind?
New Greeter: You don't know that. Just wait and see. Besides, we already said we were going to do it, and we can't back down now.
New Greeter: Listen, there are people looking forward to the show. And I wouldn't disappoint them if I were you. Some of them can get... kind of violent.
Christina: Fine. Then I've got a surprise for you as well.
Therese: Lady Christy, what...
Christina: It's my job to protect them, Therese... Our precious regulars, our motto, everything.
Emcee: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention? The Jewel Resort Casino Liner is proud to present its very first blood duel!
Emcee: The skies are about to split open and blood is about to pour! Now, entering the ring is our first contender, the star duelist?
Christina: Hah.
Emcee: What? I can't believe my eyes! It looks like we have a party crasher! It's the queen of the casino, Lady Christina!
Christina: Hello, my kittens. I heard we were in for a sensational show, and my whip starting aching for action.
Christina: I think I'll claim the first tango with death. Now, let the blood duel begin!
Emcee: Did I hear that right? The queen herself wants to fight! But we've got some dangerous beasts on our hands, folks! We'd better call off—
Swarming Monsters: Groooar!
Emcee: This is bad! Looks like the cages have already been unlocked! Monsters are swarming out! And they're leaping right for the queen's throat!
Christina: It's not every day a queen dances for you.
Christina: So rub your eyes, kittens. And don't you dare look away!

The Reigning Queen: Scene 4

Christina gives a satisfying performance by using fake blood with her whip. She declares to the guests that she will continue to entertain everyone at the casino, sending a hidden challenge to Margaret.

Christina: Come on! Roar louder!
Monster: Grk!
Dainty Regular: Eep!
Rowdy Hooligan: Yeaaah!
With each crack of Christina's whip, a spray of blood arcs, shimmering through the air.
The rougher members of the crowd hoot and holler. And though the more delicate cover their eyes...
Refined Regular: I've never seen anything so exhilarating!
Dainty Regular: Oh, my heart's racing!
They can't help but peek out from between their fingers.
Margaret: She injected her whip with theatrical blood. How splendid.
Garrett: Yes. For a spur-of-the-moment idea, it was very clever. Just enough gore to be thrilling, but not enough to be repulsive.
Garrett: To tell you the truth, I was a bit worried about this whole monster business. But now I can breathe easy.
Christina: How'd you like the duel, kittens? A little different from what you're used to, maybe. I hope you're not over-stimulated.
The audience claps and whistles.
Christina: Jewel Resort is always growing and changing for the better. However...
Christina's eyes sweep over the crowd, before coming to rest on a single figure.
Margaret: ...
Her teeth flash in a challenging smile as she brings the microphone back to her lips.
Christina: I don't care if you've been with us for years, or if today's the first day you set foot in this casino. We believe in showing everyone a good time. And that will never change.
Christina: It's our motto: everyone is a winner.
Margaret: ...
The women gaze steadily at each other, and in their eyes, there is a silent declaration of war.
Christina: Here at the casino liner, we'll keep trying new things and taking new risks. But rest assured—we will never forget our core values.
Christina: So keep expecting great things from us. I promise, Jewel Resort won't disappoint!
The audience showers Christina with applause. But Margaret sits quietly in the shadows, and her eyes glint coldly.
Margaret: Well, isn't Christy amazing?
Margaret: All those monsters, and they hardly put a scratch on her. Why, she even turned my little surprise on its head. The guests and the staff are stunned.
She raises her hands and begins to clap slowly.
But Christina turns her back on Margaret and exits the ring.
Christina: My minions and I, we don't like being hoodwinked... Just you wait, you vixen.
Margaret: Sigh... I must say, I was hoping for something a bit more exciting.
Margaret: Like... a tragic accident.
Christina: Hah.
So the struggle begins. And hanging in the balance is the fate of the casino liner.

Lashes Fall Tender

Christina receives a report from the crew regarding their findings on Margaret and Garrett's pasts. She returns to the casino to participate in the next and more dangerous blood duel.

In a quiet corner of the Grandcypher, a knock comes on Raduga's door.
Christina: Mind if I come in?
Ladiva: You're always welcome, Christy.
Christina walks in and takes a seat at the counter. Quietly, Ladiva prepares a cocktail and slides it to her.
Ladiva: You look tired. Are things at Jewel Resort that bad?
Christina: Well, we finally managed to get rid of them—those horrible monster dissections.
Christina: But the duels haven't stopped. And every time, the beasts keep getting bigger and stronger.
Christina: And last time? Her crowning achievement. I don't know how she got her hands on them, but she set ten trolls on me. Ten.
Ladiva: Christy... I think she really is...
Christina: Hah. She's not even trying to hide it anymore, is she? She's sick of me, and she wants me out of the picture.
Ladiva: What if I joined in on the fun? You know, try a little blood dueling...
Ladiva: Just imagine it. Dark Ladiva enters the ring, dressed in sexy black leather.
Christina: Not a bad idea. But it'd be the major comeback of a legend. I think the fans would appreciate something a bit more you.
Christina smiles up at Ladiva reassuringly. At that moment, the door to Raduga swings open once again.
Vyrn: Hey. We dug up some new stuff. Thought we'd drop in to report.
Christina: Well, aren't you the efficient kitten? Putting all those connections to good use?
Christina accepts a small stack of documents from (Captain) and flips through them.
Christina: It's more of the same. Our donations keep changing hands...
Christina: And as for our don and our murderous little vixen... Still nothing on their pasts, huh?
Ladiva: Well... what about Garrett's cane?
Vyrn: Oh, so get this. Word on the street is, it used to belong to this old guy who controls a slum or something. Isn't that wild?
Christina: Hm... I'll read your report in full later.
Christina: The fans'll be wanting me soon. The queen of blood duels, Lady Christina.
Ladiva: Christy...
Christina: You don't need to worry, Ladiva. I don't mind the occasional bloodbath.
Christina: And I swear, I'll snare that lying, sneaking vixen if it's the last thing I do.
Christina downs her drink. Then she neatly folds up (Captain)'s report and leaves the room.
The hours pass by...
Emcee: Ladies and gentlemen! Finally, it's time for our next blood duel! Are you ready to rumble!
Christina: ...
Emcee: And standing in the center of the ring is the lady of the casino, our Bloody Queen, Christina!
Emcee: So far, she's had smooth sailing on a sea of blood! But tonight, will she finally taste defeat? Let's meet our next challenger!
Emcee: The gates of doom have been opened. And would you look at those savage beasts!
Monster: Grrr...
Christina: Oh my. What hellhole were you dragged out of?
Margaret: Hehe.
As Christina shakes her head, in the audience, Margaret's eyes glow with anticipation.
Monster: Groooar!
Christina: Tsk!
The monsters in the ring are famous for being impossible to tame and extremely deadly. But no one questions why Christina is being forced to face them.
For Margaret has been very deliberate. With gentle words, she was able to convince Garrett to make every duel just a little more dangerous.
Christina: Rah!
Monster: Yip!
Monster: Grawr!
Christina: Agh!
Emcee: What's this! Has a beast sunk its fangs into our undefeated queen?
The audience, grown used to violence, leans forward. They can't tell that this time, the danger, the blood, and the pain are real.
Margaret: Hehehe...
Like the other members of the audience, Margaret's eyes open wide, but her face is flushed for a different reason.
Christina: I guess it's about time...
Christina: I prefer being on the offensive anyway.
Monster: Groaaar!
Christina: Haaah!

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 2

After her victory, Christina announces to the audience that her next opponent will be Margaret. Margaret accepts the challenge in hopes of taking over the casino once and for all. It is decided that the next competition will be a game of poker, with players having to drink a glass of poison each time they lose.

Emcee: And the last one's down! Even bloodthirsty beasts were no match for our queen!
Another victory in a countless streak. Christina stands firm and raises a single fist in the air, and the crowd goes wild.
Margaret: ...
Christina: How are you liking the new duels?
Audience: Whoo!
Christina: Hah. I was worried you were trembling in fear. But I'm glad it was excitement.
Christina: I want the best from my staff. I expect them to not only improve our current services, but also dare to offer new ideas.
Christina: And you know, these blood duels... They were dreamed up by a smart little vixen. And it'd be wrong if I didn't credit her.
Margaret: ...?
Christina holds her hand out, palm up, in Margaret's direction. The lights in the ring go dark, and a single spotlight focuses on the young woman.
Margaret: Huh?
A murmur goes through the crowd, and they all turn to gaze at Margaret. And for all her skill at acting, she can't hide her shock.
Christina: Her name is Margaret. A talented woman and a valuable support to our don, Garrett.
Margaret: (What in the world?)
Christina continues to speak—as if she weren't aware of Margaret's discomfort.
Christina: I've run this casino for a long time now, but I've never met a gem like her. And one day, an idea struck me.
Christina: What if I made her the new queen of Jewel Resort?
Margaret: What!
Margaret's hand flies to her mouth, but her cry has already been drowned out by other voices.
Refined Regular: Lady Christy means to pass on the casino? But that Margaret looks so young...
Dainty Regular: Still, I suppose she's reliable. She has Lady Christy's backing, after all.
Christina: Hah. She looks a little lost, doesn't she? But don't let her fool you. She has grit, and we can prove it.
The audience members glance at each other, then down at Christina.
Christina: I want to extend an invitation to all of you. Let's make a show out of this inheritance drama, shall we?
Christina: The vixen and I will have a competition, with Jewel Resort as the prize. And kittens? I'd like you to keep a close eye on Margaret and see just what she's made of.
Christina: How does that sound?
Christina's words ring with confidence, and the crowd falls silent.
But soon after, applause fills the room.
Margaret: (I was wondering what sort of funny thing she'd say... But me? The next manager? What is she after?)
Christina: Heh. I'm the sort of woman who rewards skill, no matter whom it belongs to.
Margaret: ...!
Christina: Well, little vixen? Are you up for the challenge?
Margaret: (Here's a chance to lay hands on the casino liner—without waiting for a little slipup in the ring. There's no reason to refuse.)
Margaret: Why, of course. Let's fight for the throne, Lady Christy.
Margaret rises to her feet, and her voice is calm and level.
Christina: Perfect. I like it when vixens bare their fangs... Oh, and you can choose the game.
Margaret: Then, let's have a round of poker.
The exchange flows on, as if it were following a script.
Christina: All right. But why don't we add a little spice?
Christina: What do you say to some torture? Instead of chips, we'll each have a glass laced with poison. And for every bet we lose, we drink.
Margaret: ...
Margaret continues to gaze at Christina, and her eyes are searching.
Christina: ...
Margaret: (Now I see...)
Christina's features are composed. But she can't hide the beads of sweat glistening on her forehead, nor the ashen color of her face.
Margaret: (All the duels have worn her down, poor thing... Poisoning me is her last, desperate act of revenge.)
Margaret: Yes, why not?
Margaret: But shall we save the games for another day? You seem terribly tired right now... Lady Christy.
Christina: All right. Another day it is then.
Silence falls. The audience—bewildered, excited, and a little bit frightened—watch the two women with bated breath.
Emcee: I-I can't believe my ears! The invincible Christina, queen of the casino liner... might resign?
Emcee: But can the enchanting vixen, Margaret, really ascend the throne? Come back in a few days, folks, to watch the game of the century!
Christina: ...
Margaret: (You mean to play poker in that condition? Against me?)
Margaret's Father: Hey! Why would you discard here! Didn't I just tell you...
Margaret's Father: Sigh... If you weren't so damn useless, I could've sent you out to gamble, and you'd have wrung the slums dry by now.
Margaret's Father: Stop crying! Skies above, I can't stand kids! You're a tool, so shut that mouth!
Margaret: Agh... Heh... Hehe!
Margaret: Don't worry... I won't botch this, Papa, I promise!
Maybe it's because she's blinded by the thought of easy riches...
Garrett: ...
But Margaret's forgotten about Garrett, who is sitting just beside her. And this whole time, he hasn't said a word.

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 3

On the day of the showdown against Margaret, Christina finds out that Garrett once won a bet against a slum boss who happens to have a daughter. The game of poker starts with Garrett as the dealer, and Margaret wins round after round thanks to the special deck of cards being used.

Margaret and Christina are seated across from each other at the poker table. The air in the casino feels charged, heavy. The game is about to begin.
Garrett: Are the two of you prepared?
Christina: I can start anytime.
Margaret: Yes. Me as well.
Garrett sets two cups of different colors before the players, each filled with liquid. Then deftly, he begins to shuffle the deck.
The Three: ...
Lyria: There really aren't any chips. That means... those cups are filled with poison, right?
Therese: Right. But they chose a nonlethal poison, in a dosage that won't kill.
Vyrn: Still... How'd this thing get so outta hand?
Therese: I think Lady Christy needs witnesses. For when she wins back the liner.
Therese glances around the room. It's packed with people, all looking towards the poker table and holding their breath.
Therese: If Margaret loses, she'll need to give up control of the casino. She can't have any more influence, and all these people will know it.
Vyrn: Are you sure about that? We learned about her past, and it ain't pretty. You think her gang's just gonna give up on the casino?
Therese: I believe Lady Christy has a plan... an ace up her sleeve that even we don't know about.
Lyria: I think you're right. She said something about... finding all the hints she needed.
Lyria: Christina! We have some more news for you!
Christina: Heh. What lovely timing. Looks like luck's on my side now.
Vyrn: So, about the don's cane. We tried digging deeper into it...
Vyrn: And you know how I said some boss controllin' some slum used to own it? Well, he did—'til he lost it in a bet.
Christina: A bet... against Garret?
Lyria: No one really knows who the winner was. But we heard it was a child. And that because of a war against goblins, he had to escape to the slums.
Christina: I see. And this boss? Did you learn more about him?
Vyrn: Yeah, looks like he has a daughter. We were like, no way! But we dug out our sketch of Lil' Miss Vixen and showed it to our source and...
Christina: Bingo.
Vyrn: Yep. Well, the daughter went missing years ago. So she might not look exactly like Margaret, but there's a resemblance.
Christina: Hah. The game's in the bag now.
Vyrn: Whoa, hold up. All we've got are rumors and guesses. There's still no solid proof.
Christina: That's how you gamble, kitten. All you get are hints—a fleeting expression, a number of cards traded in. But you put them together, and you hunt down victory.
Christina: I've already picked out my trail. Now let's see if it goes cold, or if it leads straight to the den of the vixen.
Garrett: Seeing as we're to decide the next manager of Jewel Resort, please allow me a few words. Ladies, you are familiar with our motto, I believe?
Garrett looks up, cards still flowing beneath his hands. Christina and Margaret nod at him.
Garrett: Brilliant. Well, our casino operates on a win-win premise. When our guests leave, their pockets may feel a bit lighter... but their hearts must feel fuller.
Garrett: Now, I'd long kept this hidden, but I grew up with defeat. My country was routed by goblins and my house burned. I fled to the slums, only to be exploited.
Christina: ...
Garrett: When I was a child, resentful yet helpless, I'd vent by gambling. Illegally, of course. And I always lost spectacularly.
Garrett: Then one day, I realized. The ones who profit most are the ones who make the rules. In an act of defiance, I made a bet against the slum boss. I won his staff and left the island.
Garrett: When those in power grow greedy and self-absorbed—that is when slums are formed. This casino must never fall to such depths. Do you understand?
Christina: Of course. I've known you since the casino was founded.
Margaret: Well, I'm always by your side, Gary. So I doubly understand!
Garrett: That's a comfort. Now, it's about time we began.
Garrett: First, let's review the rules. All cards that you trade in will be shredded and disposed of. Once a deck runs out, we'll open a new pack of a different color.
Garrett: Instead of chips, shot glasses will be used. They will be filled with poison, of which we've prepared a non-lethal dosage. When you lose a bet, you will empty your glasses.
Garrett: When you raise, you will receive more shots. There's no limit to the size of a bet. But rest assured. Should you overreach, we've prepared an antidote.
Christina: This is a one-on-one game between me and the vixen. We play by the usual rules of five-card draw. That's it, right?
Garrett: Indeed. Unless you have something to add, Margaret?
Margaret: Nope. It all sounds lovely, Gary.
Garrett: Then I shall deal the cards.
Finally, Garrett's hands still, and the deck sits in a neat pile beneath his fingers. He slides five cards to each player.
Christina: (Three of a kind, huh?)
Draw. Two cards.
Margaret: I fold. The first round's yours.
Christina: ...
Christina looks at Margaret sharply. But she only smiles and raises her shot glass to her lips.
Margaret: Boo... It's so bitter... And my tongue's tingling.
Garrett: The first shot is only enough to numb your mouth for about a minute or so. But as the game goes on, greater and greater doses will be administered.
Christina: Eventually, one of us'll have too much to drink and pass out... and the last woman standing will be queen.
Margaret: Oh, how ghastly. Well, I won't give in next time.
Christina: ...
Margaret: Yoo-hoo, Gary! I'd like to draw five cards, please!
Garrett: Margaret. Cards go facedown into the muck.
Christina: (She could've had a flush or a full house with that hand. But she tossed it...)
Margaret: Hehe. Sorry, Gary.
Christina: (What's she thinking? All I've got is a high card, but if I hadn't...)
The draw was a reckless move that may have cost Margaret the game. But it's also obvious it was planned.
Margaret: Hehe.
Now, Margaret acts innocent enough.
Margaret: Raise.
Christina: ...
Garrett: By how much?
Margaret: Um... Ten extra glasses!
Garrett: And what will you do, Christina?
Christina: I call.
Christina: (I've got a flush in clubs... Not a bad hand.)
Garrett: Showdown.
Margaret: Oh, they're both flushes! Is it a tie, Christy?
Christina: Don't play the fool, Margaret. You have a flush in diamonds, and mine is in clubs.
Garrett lines the shot glasses before Christina, bringing her total to eleven.
Margaret: Oh me. Will you really be all right, drinking that much?
Christina: Well... we'll see.
Christina: Ngh...
Pins and needles spread through Christina's mouth, before all sensation is lost.
Margaret: Christy? How are you feeling? You still have ten shots left. Won't it be a bit much?
Christina: Hah. You asked for them.
Christina: Time for number two.
After number two, Christina downs number three, then four, until finally...
Christina: Tsk.
Margaret: Oh me! She emptied everything! Isn't that amazing, Gary?
Garrett: Do you wish to withdraw?
Christina: Hmph. What do you think?
Margaret: Will you really be okay? You're starting to sway a bit... Oh Gary, Lady Christy won't die, will she?
Christina: Deal the cards, Garrett.
Garrett: We've run out. You'll have to wait as I open a new pack.
Christina: All right. Heh... Heh-heh...
Margaret: Um, Lady Christy? Are you really, truly all right? In the head, I mean.
Christina: Haha... Oh, how hilarious... I see your little game now, you vixen!
Margaret: What? I have no idea what you're insinuating.
Christina: Haha... All right. Let's drop this... and have a bit of a chat during the break.
Christina breathes a small sigh, as Garrett begins to shuffle the new pack of cards.
Christina: I'd glimpsed something in you, but to think it was only the tip of the iceberg... Where'd you learn to play poker?
Margaret: Well... When I was a child, I used to lay cards out on the table...
Christina: Ahaha! And?
Margaret: I always played alone. But one day, the cards started talking to me!
Christina: Heh... And since then... you've never lost a game, right?
Christina: That explains it. If you can speak to my cards, then I don't stand a chance, do I?
Margaret: How could you, Lady Christy! I'd never cheat like that!
Margaret: (But, well... I have my ways.)
Garrett: Sorry to interrupt, but the cards have been shuffled. Now, it's time they were dealt.
Margaret: Oh, of course!
Margaret gazes at Christina's hand, and her eyes flash behind her glasses.
There, on the backs of the cards, she finds reflected their suits and numbers.
Margaret: (Hehe. Oh Gary. You really are a dear, using my special-made cards.)
Garrett: ...
Before Christina can see, Margaret gives Garrett a quick wink.
Margaret: (I'm—how did he put it again? Oh, "the one who makes the rules." Which is quite unlucky for you, Lady Christy.)
Christina: Well... let the next round begin!
Christina peers down at her hand, but her bloodshot eyes fail to focus.
The card suits blur at the edges and only reveal themselves to her as soft splotches of red and black.

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 4

Drinking glass after glass of poison, Christina puts in a final bet and Margaret does the same. When Margaret ends up losing, she reveals her fear of getting thrown out by her father. Christina convinces Margaret to work for her instead, thus putting to an end to the predicament at the casino—with a new minion in tow.

Several rounds with the new pack have been played. And every time, Margaret has emerged the victor.
Christina: Again.
Margaret: Tsk.
All color has drained from Christina's face, and she clutches the table with a shaking hand. But she does not look away from her quarry.
Christina: Ah... Haha... We're off to a fun start, aren't we...
Margaret: My. How ever are you staying awake? I've already lost count of the drinks you've had.
Christina: The poor fools you've duped... They couldn't... last this long?
Margaret: I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.
Christina: I know that poker's your forte... Heh... But you still want to play dumb? What a killjoy.
Margaret: ...
Christina: Vixen. Your strategy is aggressive, it's greedy, and it's cruel... You don't learn to play like that from imaginary friends.
Margaret: ...
Christina: You're hungry... starving. Like a rat from the slums...
Margaret: ...!
Garrett: Christy. I believe where one comes from doesn't matter.
Christina: Cough... Oh, I know.
Margaret: ...
Christina: Now... what say we finish this? Raise, Garrett.
Garrett: By how much?
Christina: Hm... 10 shots. Just like our vixen friend.
Garrett: That was at the start of the game, Christina. Now, each glass contains a far greater dose of poison.
Christina: Perfect. This might come as a shock, but I'm about finished. Either I make her drink, or I lose.
Christina: Well, vixen? Will you call?
Margaret: Hehe. Why, of course.
Christina: Oh, and if I were you... I wouldn't trust Papa's advice this time.
Margaret: ...!
Christina: Who knows what you can see with those glasses?
Margaret: ...
Christina: But sometimes, even Papa misses the mark.
Margaret: Hehe. Oh me. The truth is, I once had a disastrous game of poker, and it made my vision go funny. That's the only reason I wear glasses.
Margaret: Oh well. I suppose I'll be fine for a single round. I don't want you to doubt my victory, now do I? Hehe.
Margaret: What now? Shall we redraw, but stand by our bets?
Christina: By all means.
The players slide in their hands and are dealt new ones.
Christina: All right. I'll stick with my hand.
Margaret: You will? Hehe. Then so will I.
Margaret: (Why, she only has a single pair. A bluff, perhaps?)
Margaret regards the numbers and patterns on the back of Christina's cards.
Margaret: (I wasn't lying, you know. I've gone a little color-blind. That's all the glasses were for.)
Margaret: (And would you look at that—I have a full house. Hehe. I win!)
Garrett: Showdown.
The room falls silent, as the two women lay their hands down on the table.
Margaret: What?
Christina: Hah.
Garrett: Margaret played a full house. And Christina played...
Garrett: A royal flush. The round goes to Christina.
Margaret: But that's impossible!
Christina: What did I say? Don't rely on Papa too much.
Margaret: How...
Christina: It's simple. You asked for cards that were marked on the back. I asked for cards with the markings scrambled.
Margaret: Gary... Weren't you on my side?
Garrett: I like people driven by a deep hunger. But when you rig the game so that others can't win—that's when hunger turns to gluttony.
Garrett: Who would've thought that you were the daughter of the very man who exploited me? This casino must never play by his rules.
Margaret: Ngh!
Margaret: Then you know what kind of man Papa is!
Margaret: I demand another round! Refuse me, and those children will suffer!
Christina: ...
Margaret: You see, I have a bit of a safety net... Hehe... Hehehe.
Margaret: Papa's already paid a visit... Hehe. To the orphanage, that is.
Margaret's Father: This is our new hideout, huh? Not too shabby.
New Greeter: Good thing we rushed the work, right?
New Dealer: But, man, the kids just keep coming. Where should we ship them? There's the factories or...
Margaret's Father: Isn't there a basement? Shove them in there for now.
New Greeter: Yes, and it comes well-equipped. Do you want to take a look, Boss?
Margaret's Father: You're a real piece of work, both of you. But all right. Let's see what I'm working with.
Margaret's Father: I've only got the one money-maker right now, and Margaret's making me rich. If I can get these brats trained up, well...
Margaret: This all happened yesterday, by the way. Didn't you notice? There wasn't a single new hire in the casino.
Christina: What will you do with the children?
Margaret: I don't know. Well, I expect they'll be trained in the basement and then sent off to the mines.
Christina: That's... unsettling.
Christina: What's in the basement anyway?
Margaret: Oh, lots...
Margaret's Father: Isn't this place swank? That damn kid who stole my staff's just swimming in money now, isn't he? But not for long.
New Greeter: Get this, Boss. The basement's completely soundproof. And it's got every pain-maker ever invented.
Margaret's Father: Hahaha... You really are a messed up son-of-a-gun. Let's see it then.
New Dealer: Wha... What's up with this room? This isn't a torture chamber...
Ladiva: My, my. You're finally here! I was waiting, you know. Welcome to the newest branch of Raduga!
Ladiva: Oh, sorry. Should I have asked before remodeling?
Margaret: What!
Christina: Well, isn't that strange? How could those kids be at the mines... and also on the liner.
Margaret: No!
Margaret whirls around. And there, in a corner of the room...
Ladiva: Hi there.
Margaret: ...!
Garrett: I owe you an apology, Margaret, See, your father told me everything—after I saw to it that he was behind bars.
Christina: Haha. He beat the villain and saved the orphanage... Wasn't that sweet of him?
Margaret: Ah... Ah...
Christina: Now, you wanted to skip the poison and play another round, right? But I'm afraid that's a deal I can't accept.
Christina: Here. Bottoms up.
Margaret: ...
Margaret gazes blankly at the shot glasses before her. A moment of silence passes.
Margaret: My vision... really has declined. And if I drink this terrible poison one more time... I'll lose it... completely.
Margaret: Please... If that happens... Papa will...
Christina: Sounds like our vixen's shrunk to a chirping baby bird. What should we do with her, Garrett?
Garrett: You decide. I've no right. Alone, I would've been strung along by her, to the disaster of us all.
Margaret: If I can't play... If I can't be his little money-maker... he'll toss me aside! Please, forgive me!
Christina: I've got another idea. You abandon him. Now he's nothing more than a jailbird anyway.
Margaret: No... No! Please!
Christina: Your father tried to commute his sentence... by pinning this whole thing on you. Of course, no one listened to him.
Christina: But I want you to think. Papa only sees you as a tool. So what could you possibly see in him?
Margaret: But... But... If I could only get back at Garrett... the man who humiliated Papa and took his precious staff, then... That's why...
Christina: Let me say it again. Papa's in the slammer.
Margaret: No... He'll throw me out...
Christina: ...
With nowhere left to hide, Margaret is seized by madness.
Margaret: Papa... Papa... If I go blind...
Christina: Fine. I won't force you to drink. Instead...
Christina: I'll make you into my minion!
Margaret: Eep!
Christina: You have talent. Enough to almost corner me. If I didn't have (Captain) and the crew, I would've fallen right into your trap.
Christina: Use that talent to build up Jewel Resort, and we'll count the score settled.
Margaret: But Papa will...
Christina: Don't you get it? I'm your papa now.
Christina: And I don't toss my minions aside. Don't worry. I'll spoil you rotten.
Christina: In return for a safe home, all you need to do is wag that cute tail for me. A win-win, isn't it?
Margaret: A safe home... Will you stay with me forever?
Christina: Yes. Or at least until you're through with me. As long as you've got me and my whip, that cruel "Papa" will never use you again.
Margaret: Ah... Ah...
Margaret: Yes. Lady Christy...
Christina: There's a good girl. How about we throw the welcoming party right now?
Christina: Sing for me!
Margaret: Ah!
Christina: If you want my mercy, you'll have to beg for it!
Margaret: Oh... of course! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, Lady Christy!
Vyrn: Wha... What the heck is going on?
Ladiva: Hm... Why don't we call it... tough love?
Ladiva: Margaret caused quite a lot of trouble for the casino, you know. Christina's helping her make amends.
Vyrn: Yeah, but...
Casino Bouncer: Sniff...
Casino Bouncer: I wish that was me!
Vyrn: It sure is stirring up some weird jealousy.
Ladiva: Hehe. Well, love comes in all shapes and sizes.
Christina: Say it so everyone can hear!
Margaret: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Garrett: Christy, I think that's quite enough...
Margaret: No! Not yet, Gary! I need to apologize! Properly!
Christina: Then say it again!
Margaret: Oh... I-I'm so sorry!
Garrett: ...
Thus, the web of intrigue wrapped around Jewel Resort is finally undone.
And Margaret, the web-weaver, finds herself in turn ensnared by Christina.
Christina: All right. The show's over for—
Margaret: No, I... I haven't apologized enough...
Christina: You greedy little beast!
All who step foot in the casino must leave a winner. And should Christina find any wretch who dares break that rule, she'll show no mercy with her whip.
Though maybe, it isn't the pain that tames her staff... but rather the sweet dose of love that comes with every lash.

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 5

???: Hm...? I don’t recognize you. Looks like you’re making a little money, but you’re still a total newbie, aren’t you, little piggy?
  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?

Choose: Who are you?
???: Hahaha! I can’t believe there’s anyone here at Jewel Resort who doesn’t know me!
???: Here’s your reward for making me laugh, little piggy.

Choose: What do you want?
???: Hahaha! Come on, don’t glare at me like that! I don't have anything against a bit of confidence, but can’t I strike up a conversation without “wanting” something?
???: ...Looks like this uppity little piggy needs to be taught a lesson.
Continue 1
Christina: I reign over Jewel Resort as both the floor manager and a dealer. I am the one and only Christina!
Christina: Have you acquired a taste for my games? They can really suck you in! You'll lose track of time, here at Jewel Resort.
Christina: Once you’ve tasted the thrill of sweet victory and bitter defeat, come see me, little piggy!

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 6

Christina: Hey there, little piggy! You look like you’ve gotten the hang of it. I’d say it’s about time I knocked your feet out from under you!
  1. That hurts!
  2. You’re mean!

Choose: That hurts!
Christina: Oho... I like the sound of your whimpering! Hahaha! You’re so cute! I like you, kid.

Choose: You’re mean!
Christina: And such defiance! Good. I don’t mind a kid with a little backbone.
Continue 1
Christina: I'm just trying to give you a little motivation, before you get too full of yourself and end up on the street! You ought to thank me, little piggy.
Christina: If you can control that greed for coins, in time you’ll grow big and end up covered in mud like a real pig.
Christina: Fight tooth and nail for your prize, little piggy... and I’ll decide if you’re worthy!You should feel honored!

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 7

Christina: You pig...! Don’t you tarnish the beautiful Jewel Resort with that vulgar noise!
Christina’s voice echoed throughout the majestic Jewel Resort, and the rowdy customers were dragged away by the casino bodyguards.
Casino Liner Bodyguard: To think we clumsy minions would cause you so much trouble...! Please forgive us, Lady Christy!
  1. You should forgive them.
  2. “Minions”...?

Choose: You should forgive them.
Christina: Hahaha! You’re so funny, little piggy. ...It’s not a joke.

Choose: “Minions”...?
Christina: My fans work as casino employees and are my eyes and ears!
Christina: I make them happy, and they do as they're told. Win-win, am I right?
Continue 1
Christina: Even if I have to yell at them from time to time, it just makes them happier! What's the point in pretending like I feel bad!
Christina: My motto is, “Show your guests a good time, and you’ll rake in the cash!”
Christina: Here at Jewel Resort, we have a zero-tolerance policy for buzzkills! Do I make myself clear?
Casino Liner Bodyguard: Yes, ma’am! You’re right, Lady Christy! I’m honored to receive your guidance! Thank you so much!

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 8

Christina: ...Oho... I see you’ve got quite the hoard of coins now. Your poker face is pretty good, too.
Christina: You’ve won so much, I can’t call it beginner’s luck anymore. You’ve really taken to my games... little kitten.
  1. You think so?
  2. Praise me!

Choose: You think so?
Christina: It’s not good to be too humble. Don’t force limits on yourself, kitten.

Choose: Praise me!
Christina: Your innocent face is adorable, but... Like I told you the other day, pride comes before a fall.
Continue 1
Christina: Come now, I’m just trying to teach you a lesson. People simply don’t learn without a few strict rules to follow. . . Listen Lady Luck is no fool.
Christina: A real player knows when to walk away. If you don’t, even a kitten like you will turn into a pig.
Christina: Hehe. Don’t disappoint me, now. Kitten!

Lashes Fall Tender: Scene 9

Christina: I was watching you duke it out just now... That’s a masterful winning streak you’ve got going, eh, kitten?
Christina: It feels like just yesterday you were such a newbie, and now you’re a bona fide player. Hahaha! Watching you grow... I haven’t felt a thrill like this in a long time!
Christina: You’ve been so entertaining! It wouldn’t be fair of me not to thank you. And I don’t like being unfair...
  1. What will you give me?
  2. I can't take another telling off!

Choose: What will you give me?
Christina: When you give me that hopeful look, I can’t help but want to make you happy... And I’m in the mood to give you a freebie.
Christina: Perhaps we could spend the night playing games, kitten, but I'm always busy... So maybe next time. Haha!

Choose: I can't take another telling off!
Christina: Hehe! You've enjoyed my lessons, don't deny it! Even if I can get a little strict, you know it all comes from a place of love...honest! Hahaha!
Christina: Next time, we'll have ourselves some real fun! You don't mind a little teasing, do you?
Continue 1
Christina: Head over to the Exchange Office, and you’ll find a special prize just for you, kitten. You can check it out later.
Christina: You’re the first opponent to push me this far. You ought to feel honored!
Christina: I hope you’ll continue to entertain me, my little kitten.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ハプニングがあるから楽しめる。そうだろ? Happenstance is what makes life interesting, don't you think?
ふん…弱い奴は鞭を与える価値もない Humph, the weak are undeserving of my lashes.
ゲームも戦いも歯ごたえがないとな Be it battle or gamble, it's gotta have that challenge.
見所のない奴は奴隷にしやしないさ Such weaklings have no place as my pawn.
人生は一番難しくて最高のギャンブルだ Life is the best and hardest gamble you'll ever make.
弱い者イジメはつまらないな Picking on the weak is for losers.
フェアじゃないのは嫌いでね I try to be fair, you know.
趣味?子猫の躾だ…ははっ What do I do for fun? I discipline my cat, haha.
(主人公)は可愛い子猫ちゃんだな You make a wonderful pussycat, (Captain).
なんだ(主人公)?遊んでほしいのか? You want me to play with you, (Captain)?


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