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Official Profile

Age 20 Height 169 cm Race Human
Hobbies Cleaning, laundry, training, siesta (naps)
Likes Puppies, children (especially sweet girls), Dorothy and Constance's handmade sweets
Dislikes Cooking
Source [1] [2]
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Age 20歳 Height 169cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 掃除、洗濯、鍛錬、シエスタ(昼寝)
Likes 子犬、子供(特に可憐な女の子)、ドロシーやコンスタンツィアの作るお菓子
Dislikes 料理
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday to you.
I can stand to be a little less rigid just for today.
Ah, if that's the case, I guess it wouldn't hurt to do something nice for you either.


Happy birthday to you, (Captain).
It appears the other members of the crew have been laboriously preparing something for you.
The meaning of popularity escapes me, but (Captain) is very well received by everyone.
That includes myself. It pleases me when I think of the significance of this special day.


I humbly wish you the happiest of birthdays.
Hehe. Looking back on the year, I do believe you've asked quite a bit from me.
It's as if you wish for me to continue watching you into next year, the year after that, and so on until you're all grown up.
May fortune smile on you in battle. I will do everything I can to protect you as your loyal maid.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I am pleased you made it safely through another year.
I hope I played some small part in bringing you healthy and happy to this auspicious day.
Rest assured, I will continue to watch over you in the coming year.
Now follow me. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the guest of honor.


Happy birthday. Yet another year, come and gone.
It's very tranquil, is it not? Perfect for today's festivities. As a maid, I could not ask for more.
After all, it is my duty to protect the peace and happiness of those I serve.
And I assure you that, in this coming year, I will continue to do all in my power to keep you from harm's way.
I may not be able to see to your each and every need, as Dorothy does...
However, I am quite good at getting rid of pests. Just call whenever you require my assistance.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A new year has begun, hasn't it?
I have prepared special stationery for you to write your resolutions on. Please use them as you like.


Happy New Year. You mustn't laze about on the first day of a new year.
The year is young. Why not make a goal or two that you wish to achieve?
Me? I will continue to perform my duties diligently, just as I always have.


Happy New Year. As always, please allow me to take care of the menial duties. Now if you'll excuse me.
Yes? Why am I in such a hurry?
Because there's much cleaning to be done. There's dust built up everywhere and trash bags piled high. I absolutely cannot abide by that.
I must go, (Captain).


Happy New Year to you. It's always very easy to end up slacking around this time of year, so we must remind ourselves to be proactive.
I'm about to launch into the first cleaning of the year. Would you kindly assist me?
In order to enjoy the refreshment of a new beginning, the space around you needs a refreshing scrub.
We're at a critical junction here. It's not too much to ask that our captain practice good habits of cleanliness.
And you'll also be able to shake off that winter rust. A two-for-one isn't a bad deal.
Now on your feet please!
I'll polish the floors while you get the windows.


Why, is that you, (Captain)? I see that you're up and about, from the very outset of the new year.
How very prudent, considering that you are the leader of a crew.
In fact, you have made me realize you'd be a most fitting student for my lessons in conduct and responsibility.
Shall we focus on your education this year, and once again consider what it means to be captain of this ship?
It is a maid's duty to see to the upbringing of her ward, after all. Prepare yourself, for I warn you I am quite strict.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Dorothy is more skilled at making confectionaries than I am.
Nevertheless I still tried my hand at preparing chocolates for you. It would please me if it's to your liking.


Once again I've taken the liberty of preparing the annual token chocolates for you.
That is to say I bought them. I'd rather guarantee they taste good instead of trying to make them myself.
Nevertheless I hope the meaning behind my actions aren't lost on you.
So when that time comes next month... Please, please don't forget about me.


Here you are. Everyday chocolates for the captain. Please remember this for next month's festivities.
Hm? These fancy, expensive chocolates?
Forgive me, but these are for Lyria. Yours is that plain chocolate bar.
If you should ever feel depressed that your feelings aren't reciprocated, have a piece of the bar. It should lift your spirits.


I present to you a customary gift of obligation chocolate.
Oh, so you noticed. Yes, these are handmade this year.
Honestly I was just going to buy chocolate like I have every year.
But then I wandered in on Dorothy and some adorable girls making chocolate in the kitchen, and I grew jealous.
And before I knew it, I had joined them with my apron tied and whisk at the ready.
It'd be a waste to throw out this hard work, so I'm giving it to you, (Captain).
Lyria's share? Not to worry. I've already prepared the highest quality chocolate for her.


Here you are. This year's chocolates.
Yes, they're handmade. Lyria was so kind as to lend me her assistance again.
We even did a bit of taste-testing, where Lyria fed me chocolates and I her...
I never expected to enjoy myself so much... I suppose Valentine's is quite marvelous after all. Hehe.
Ahem. Excuse me for drifting off so.
In any case, do savor the chocolates. They were very carefully prepared.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake
3rd year: Chocolates square.jpg Chocolates
4th year: Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

White Day's finally here. I trust you've prepared to give three times what you received on Valentine's Day?
Whatever the present may be, a woman's heart will always beat with anticipation. I hope you don't disappoint anyone today...


Do you know what day it is, (Captain)?
That's right. White Day. It's good to see you're still capable of learning.
Now don't keep the girls waiting for their presents today. That includes me too of course.


White Day has arrived once again this year.
As such, it is under my impression that you have a most important obligation to me today.
That would be bestowing me with proof of your affection for me. It starts with "P" and ends with "T".
Ah. Yes, a present. Thank you very much.
Now then, I must be going.


Oh, a personal visit from (Captain).
Good, good. Handing a gift to a lady in person is exactly what you should do.
It seems you've heeded my advice.
Allow me to thank you for this present.
Now I do believe you have others to visit, so I shall hold you no longer and be on my way.


Is this a gift for White Day? Why yes, I happily accept.
You never forget a single person, do you, when you hand out these little presents?
Though I suppose we mustn't expect less from one who serves as the linchpin of this crew. You must pay the most careful attention to detail.
I know that I have often pestered you about proper White Day's conduct in the past.
But it seems there's no longer a need for that. Next year, I will simply await my gift.
I do look forward to White Day. Quite a bit, actually. Therefore, I trust you will continue not to disappoint me?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
Are you choosing to play a trick on me? Only if you're ready to sacrifice two or three of your rib bones.


I see it's Halloween again. Don't think for a second that you'll be playing any tricks on me.
Go ahead, give the sweets to the children.
Oh yes, Lady Lyria... Would you like another?


I'd like to propose an idea for Lyria's costume, (Captain).
Consider a calming, Catalina-blue blouse that hangs off the shoulder with a red scarf wrapped gently around her neck.
Add to the bottom a pleated skirt of the same color, and you get a stunning matching ensemble. What do you think?
Excuse me? What is she supposed to be dressed as? Um...
Oh dear, look at the time. I guess you'll just have to figure that out for yourself!


You wish to know whether I'll be donning a costume?
I'm on candy distribution duty, and for that my maid's uniform will do perfectly well.
More importantly, I need to finish sewing Lyria's costume...
Excuse me? What did you say?
Lyria wants to coordinate costumes with everyone else?
Why didn't you say so sooner!
I have to change immediately. Please wait here.


(Captain), I've come to a most important realization.
The occasion of Halloween calls for costumes. And a costume is simply attire not commonly donned by the wearer.
Therefore, if Lyria were to dress in my maid's livery, she would be wearing a costume, would she not?
Yes, you are correct to say that my garb would not fit her.
Hehe. But you forget—I am a maid.
I guessed that we would run into the problem of size. And so, I've already prepared a separate outfit suitable for her frame.
Now, come, we haven't a moment of spare. We must get Lyria dressed at once!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The holiday is finally here.
If it's not too much trouble, would you mind helping me deck the halls for the party?


Tonight's festivities are right on schedule. The preparations will be flawless.
No, I can't partake in merriment. It's my duty as a maid to make sure everything is perfect.
I will use all my power to make sure all crew members have a wonderful, enjoyable evening.


Hm, this snowy backdrop is perfect for a holy night like this.
It's forced me to give up my hunt for a succulent turkey for tonight's dinner, but even I can't deny the beauty of it all.
Imagine, if you will, the pale-blue figure of Lyria standing in pure white drifts, blowing on her fingers to keep them warm...


The sight of a beautiful young maiden frolicking on the holy night fills me with joy.
I'm happy I prepared so many ornaments so that Lyria could fully enjoy decorating the tree.
Look, she's waving us over. How sweetly she beckons...
A maid's duty is to prepare and facilitate, not to participate in celebrations...
But I'm only human. No one could resist such temptation. Hee hee.


Well. I suppose that does it for the holiday decorations.
We made quick work of the ship. I've the rest of the crew and their kind assistance to thank for that.
And, (Captain), your face shows every bit how delighted you are. As a maid, that does make me happy.
Though I must say, I've no great wish to tidy up once all the festivities are over.
Well, I just have to think of it as rifling through the leftovers and forgotten items of young ladies. That's not so bad, is it?
Really, if I find something good, I may be able to pocket it for my collection...
What's that, (Captain)? You're offering to help with the cleanup?
I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid that I cannot entrust this task to another.
After all, it is my duty as a maid... Teehee.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Traveling Maid

At the Knickknack Shack, the crew meets Claudia, who's dressed as a maid. She wants someone found but at first has reservations because (Captain) is a child. However, her weakness for pretty girls causes her to change her tune when she sees Lyria.

One day the crew reports to the Knickknack Shack after completing a mission.
Sierokarte: Well met, everyone! Perfect timing!
Sierokarte: There's actually someone here I'd like to introduce to you guys.
???: ...
Katalina: What do you mean?
Sierokarte: Oh, she was saying something about wanting help finding someone...
Sierokarte: But I almost forgot! Those spare parts you guys ordered for your airship arrived!
Sierokarte: They should be around here somewhere... But wait a second. I think I accidentally left them back in the storeroom.
Lyria: I'll go get them! It wouldn't do to keep other people waiting.
Sierokarte: Sorry about that. They should be in a small brown wooden box.
Lyria: Got it! Let's go, Vyrn!
Vyrn: What? You mean I have to go too?
Lyria: Of course! And hurry up!
Vyrn: Fine... But don't run! You'll trip!
Sierokarte: Now about that request, Claudia...
???: ...
Sierokarte: Um... Claudia?
Claudia: ...
Katalina: Huh? I think she might be sleeping.
Claudia: Wha! Um... Where am I?
Sierokarte: You okay, Claudia? The skyfarers I was telling you about are here.
Claudia: Oh... Sorry. I was getting bored, so I had a little catnap.
Katalina: You call that a catnap? It looked like you were completely asleep to me, even though you were standing with your eyes open.
Claudia: No... I assure you that it was just a nap. No true maid would ever sleep on the job.
Katalina: But—
Claudia: It was just a nap. Definitely a nap. No doubt about it.
Katalina: Huh?
Claudia: Um... I fear I haven't introduced myself yet.
Claudia: My name is Claudia. I work as a maid at a castle.
Claudia: But I recently left the castle with another maid to search for the runaway lady of the castle.
Claudia: Unfortunately that silly girl got lost in no time, so now I'm looking for people to help me find both her and the lady.
Sierokarte: And that means teaming up with someone like (Captain), who travels around a lot, would be your best option!
Claudia: Say... are you the captain of this crew?
Katalina: No... (Captain) here is.
Claudia: This kid? I don't mean to be rude, but you can't be serious. If this is meant to be a joke, it's not funny.
  1. You sound rude whether you mean it or not.
  2. But most people laugh...

Choose: You sound rude whether you mean it or not.
Claudia: So you are the captain? In that case you're quite a reckless little group of kids.

Choose: But most people laugh...
Claudia: I guess I'm going to have to withdraw my offer. I'm not the sort of fool who laughs at jokes that aren't funny.
Continue 1
Katalina: Still, I'm surprised at how rude you've been up until now. You don't seem like you're very serious about finding people to help you.
Lyria: Siero! Are these the spare parts for our airship?
Vyrn: It took forever to find them thanks to Lyria checking out literally everything...
Claudia: ...!
Claudia: Please permit me just one question. Is that pretty blue-haired girl a member of your crew as well?
Katalina: She is. But why do you ask?
Claudia: You should have told me earlier!
Katalina: What?
Claudia: I've changed my mind. (Captain), would you let me travel with you after all?
Katalina: Excuse me? But you didn't want to have anything to do with us a moment ago. What are you planning?
Claudia: Nothing. Absolutely nothing to be at all ashamed of.
Claudia: Please accept my humblest apologies for my thoughtless words before.
Lyria: What? So these aren't the spare parts?
Sierokarte: Sorry... I guess I wasn't clear enough.
Lyria: Oh dear...
Claudia: But don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I have any ulterior motives related to that beautiful young woman or anything like that... Hee-hee...
Katalina: Um... So what was that weird little laugh just now all about?
Sierokarte: Well... Claudia does have slightly unusual tastes.
Claudia: Now don't go giving them the wrong idea, Sierokarte. My tastes are not at all improper.
Claudia: People have been fascinated with beautiful women since ancient times...
Claudia: So my tastes are not at all unusual. You could even call them boring.
  1. You seem sort of predatory...
  2. Welcome to the group.

Choose: You seem sort of predatory...
Claudia: Please don't worry. I've been able to get along fine in spite of my tastes for a long time now.
Claudia: I am perfectly able to control myself. You need not worry yourself over me... Hee-hee.
Katalina: Are you sure we can trust anyone who giggles like that, Captain?

Choose: Welcome to the group.
Claudia: Thank you, (Captain).
Claudia: You can leave the cleaning and washing to me, especially when it comes to more delicate items of clothing... Hee-hee.
Katalina: Are you sure we can trust anyone who giggles like that, Captain?
Vyrn: What do you mean? She's already volunteered to do the washing, so she must be all right!
Lyria: Yeah! Cleaning and washing... You seem really dependable, Claudia!
Continue 2
Claudia: You honor me with your kind words.
In spite of some lingering reservations, the traveling maid Claudia joins the crew.
Katalina: There's something I need to tell you, Lyria. That woman... Don't let your guard down around her, okay?
Lyria: Huh? But why?
Katalina: Oh, there's nothing to worry about yet. Let's just hope I'm wrong.
Claudia: Hee-hee.

Mansion Keeper

(Captain) and company accept a mission to clean a mansion but are shocked when they see how dilapidated it is. As they struggle to cope, the unfazed Claudia gets right to work, but she is soon interrupted by monsters living in the mansion.

(Captain) and company accept a mission from the Knickknack Shack to thoroughly clean a mansion.
Claudia tells them that she'll handle the cleaning, and they head to the mansion, completely unaware of the scale of the mission.
Vyrn: Oh man... Are these ruins really supposed to be a mansion?
Lyria: Gross... It looks like there could be something living in there, (Captain).
Claudia: Not to worry, Lyria. I, Claudia, am at your side.
Claudia: Please feel free to hold me if you're feeling scared.
Lyria: Um... That's okay. (Captain)'s here too...
Claudia: I see... But please don't hesitate if you change your mind.
Claudia: Well... I dare say that a place this dirty will really benefit from a little cleaning!
Vyrn: Hmm... This place looks like it needs not only cleaning but some repairs too.
Claudia: Not a problem. I'm used to this sort of thing.
Claudia: A maid must always ensure the comfort of her master no matter how difficult the situation.
Claudia: It might be temporary, but our client trusted us with this place, and that means we have a responsibility to—
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Whoa! Looks like there are monsters in this mansion!
Claudia: Very well. A worthy opponent to warm us up.
Claudia: Monsters are just more dirt to be swept out of this mansion after all.

Mansion Keeper: Scene 2

Thanks to Claudia, the mansion is gradually restored to its former glory. But before the crew can enjoy a sense of accomplishment, a group of thugs shows up. When they say they've been living in the empty mansion, Claudia decides to punish them for their disregard of the previous residents.

Claudia gradually restores the mansion to its former glory.
Claudia: Hmm... This floor is still tarnished.
Claudia: Vyrn, please dust the upper part of those pillars. (Captain), please polish those candlestands.
Vyrn: Hey! This place is pretty clean already. Isn't it good enough?
Claudia: Certainly not. We can't say the job is complete as long as even a speck of dust remains.
Lyria: Um... What should I do?
Claudia: You relax here in that beautiful way of yours and provide moral support. My efficiency will improve tenfold with you rooting for me.
Lyria: Okay...
Claudia: Hmm... This pillar has a scratch in it. It needs repairing.
Vyrn: Come on! No one's going to notice a little scratch like that!
Claudia: It might go unnoticed, but it still needs repairing.
Claudia: And have you finished dusting as I asked?
Claudia: (Captain), please polish the doorknobs once you're done with those candlestands.
Lyria: Um... Is there anything I can do now?
Claudia: Of course! I've prepared some tea for you...
Claudia: So please sit here and enjoy it. And if you could occasionally honor me with some praise, I would be most happy.
Vyrn: Now wait just a minute! How is that fair?
Claudia: This is the best solution when you consider optimum efficiency. Haven't you heard of choosing the right person for the right place?
Thug 1: Whoa! What's this? That run-down old building looks like a palace now!
Thug 2: So you guys cleaned this place? Whoever you are, I'm impressed.
Vyrn: Who are you guys?
Thug 1: Heh... We're the ones who live here.
Thug 2: Ha-ha! This place was empty, so we naturally moved in.
Thug 1: That's right... This is our mansion, so you can all get lost now.
Vyrn: Who do you think you are? We were asked to clean this place!
Lyria: Exactly! Siero told us the request is from the owner of this mansion.
Thug 1: Ha-ha! Tell it to someone who cares, sister! If you want us to leave, you'll have to make us!
Claudia: Excuse me...
Thug 2: Whoa! Where'd this chick come from?
Claudia: You're tracking dirt into the mansion. I'm sorry for the trouble, but would you mind going outside and knocking the dirt off your shoes?
Thug 1: You're worried about a little dirt? This place was a dump!
Claudia: Excuse me?
Thug 1: Eek!
Claudia: Yes... This mansion was ignored for a long time and wasn't in the best condition...
Claudia: But no matter how it may have changed, it holds memories of those who lived here.
Claudia: And the owner put me in charge of this mansion...
Claudia: So I can't let anyone trample over those precious memories with filthy shoes.
Thug 1: Ugh... W-what are you gonna do about it, woman?
Claudia: Prepare yourselves... They don't call me Iron Fist for nothing!

Mansion Keeper: Scene 3

Claudia defeats the thugs, surprising the crew with her strength. She says she grew up in a rough area and often had to fight thugs. With the problem out of the way, the crew gets back to cleaning the mansion.

Thug: Damn... I can't move... Ugh...
Claudia: Whew... Their kind seems to sprout up no matter where you go.
Claudia: I wonder if their stupidity is universal throughout the skydoms.
Vyrn: Hey, Claudia! Who are you exactly? You seem awfully used to fighting.
Claudia: Oh, I'm nobody. Just an ordinary housemaid.
Claudia: But I didn't grow up in the safest of neighborhoods.
Claudia: I had to deal with people like them all the time when I was younger.
Lyria: Really? So that's why you're so strong!
Claudia: Well, I was infamous enough to earn myself the nickname Iron Fist...
Claudia: But I'm positively tame compared to Dorothy. She was the one who was truly feared where I grew up.
Claudia: More importantly, however, we still have a mansion to finish cleaning.
Claudia: Now let's clean every nook and cranny until this place is spotless! We're almost done!
Vyrn: Give me a break! I'm so tired...
Thus (Captain) and company finish restoring the mansion to its former glory.
The client is thrilled by their painstaking efforts.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ルリアお嬢様…ふひひ… Lyria... Teehee...
ここは私にお任せください Leave this to me.
む…エプロンに汚れが… There's dust on my apron...
手早く終わらせて先に進みましょう Let's finish this and get a move on!
メイドたる者この程度、当然です I'm only doing as a maid should.
ご用命はございませんか? Yes, how may I help?
すぴー… Zzz...
これが終わったら艇の掃除をしないと… Must clean the airship when we return...
(主人公)さんは妹はいますか? Do you have a little sister, (Captain)?
(主人公)さんお加減は如何ですか? How are you feeling today, (Captain)?


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