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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040235000 01.jpg Colossus
Age Unknown
Height 18 m
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Nothing in particular
Likes Nothing in particular
Dislikes Nothing in particular

* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040235000 01.jpg Colossus
Age 不明
Height 18.0 m
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 特になし
Likes 特になし
Dislikes 特になし


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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Colossus: ...
Today is (Captain)'s birthday. Lyria summons Colossus on this special day to greet (Captian).
Colossus: ...
Lyria: Don't be shy! You can do it! I believe in you!
Silence descends on everyone, as well as a feeling of nervousness. Finally Colossus's reactor churns to life and breaks the town's silence with a song.
Colossus: ...!
Colossus: Brrrooom...
The sound of the running reactor begins to mimic the notes of a scale played from a stringed instrument.
Colossus: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday!
Colossus: Happy birthday to you!
Lyria: Wow! That was amazing! You're a really good singer, Colossus!
(Captain) claps without thinking, caught up in Lyria's enthusiasm.
It really is impressive that Colossus managed to sing by skillfully controlling it's reactor's rotor, timing it to produce tones at just the right intervals.
Lyria: Hehe, Colossus worked really hard and practiced every day so it could wish you a happy birthday, (Captain)!
(Captain) lets out a little laugh too, impressed by the length that Colossus went to.
Then, full of gratitude, (Captain) gives the iron giant a hearty high five, hand dwarfed by the metal one.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Tzaka the Great: Happy New Year, everyone. I apologize for dropping in so suddenly, but I wished to see how Colossus was doing.
Lyria: Oh! Happy New Year to you too, Tzaka! I'll call out Colossus for you!
Colossus: ...
Tzaka the Great: Let's see...
Not a bolt is out of place. If I had to nitpick, I suppose there are a few scratches and smudges, but nothing major.
Luckily I brought just the thing for a little bit of polishing up. Now hold still for a moment.
Io: Huh? Is that you, Master? The new year's barely started and you're already busy, I see.
Tzaka the Great: Why hello, Io! I wanted to give Colossus a bit of a polishing. Isn't our friend a sight to behold?
Lyria: Ahaha... He says "a bit," but it's been half a day.
Io: Sigh. You always lose track of time when you focus on something, Master.
Lyria: Hehe, but you know what? Colossus looks pretty happy about the new shine to its armor! A great start to the new year, right?
Colossus: ...!
After a thorough cleaning by sandpaper, polishing cloth, and various other materials, Colossus's entire body shines as brightly as a mirror. It stands a little bit taller, proud of the hard work poured into it.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Colossus: ...
Lyria: Wow!
(Captain) and company gaze excitedly into the pot resting on the flat side of Colossus's blade.
The pot itself is filled with steaming water, and a bowl full of chocolate floats on top.
You're amazing, Colossus! The chocolate is melting so fast!
Io: You said it! It's not easy to maintain a temperature consistent enough to do something like this!
Colossus: ...
Lyria: Hehe. You saw how packed the kitchen was getting and offered to help.
Io: Count me surprised though. I never could've imagined Colossus as such a good chocolate maker.
After that, (Captain) and company pour the chocolate into molds and finish making their gifts for Valentine's.
Lyria: Phew! I was worried for a second there!
Seeing the relieved smiles of the three chocolatiers, Colossus judges its mission as complete.
Lyria: Hm? You've been staring at the chocolate for a while. Did you want to try some?
Io: You can have some if you want. But can you even eat it?
Well, can't hurt to try at least.
Colossus: ...
Colossus picks up the chocolate pieces from the trays Lyria and Io hold out and throws them one by one through a gap in its helmet.
It gives one big thumbs-up before fading away.

White Day Cutscenes
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Colossus: ...
On this White Day, Colossus gazes at the deck of the ship as its reactor whirls and hums.
With a particularly high-pitched whirl, it seems to realize something and raises its head.
But then its reactor spins down after that, and its head droops again.
Vyrn: Lyria, what the heck is going on here?
Lyria: Well, uhm... Colossus heard that White Day is for returning what you get on Valentine's Day, so it wanted to do something, but...
Vyrn: So it doesn't know what to do? Must be rough, being a machine...
White Day is a day for repaying what one gets on Valentine's Day. Recognizing this as a command, Colossus stalls over this conundrum.
Tzaka the Great: Make people happy...
The view of the smiling crew members going about their White Day festivities conflicts with its top-priority command.
Vyrn: Hey, Colossus. We bought a lot of things to hand out today, but all the boxes are tied together with string.
They're tied pretty tight, so I could use some help getting 'em untangled. Plus there's too many boxes for me to carry alone. How about it? Wanna help me hand 'em out?
Its actions are decided. Colossus carefully cuts the cords with the tip of its blade, and together with Vyrn, they begin distributing the gifts throughout the ship.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Colossus: ...
From behind their hiding place, two shadowed figures stare at Colossus standing still in the middle of the town plaza.
Children: ...
Colossus: ...!
Colossus suddenly turns in the direction of the children.
Children: Aaahhh!
They are surprised at the iron giant's sudden movement but quickly duck back down into their hiding place with innocent giggles.
Colossus:: ...
After a little while, the children peek their heads out again.
Children: ...
Colossus: ...!
Children: Aaahhh!
As Colossus turns their way again, they dash away playfully.
Colossus: ...!
Children: ...
They do this thirty-eight more times, with the children showing no signs of growing bored of this visual game of tag.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Vyrn: So does anybody know where Colossus went?
Lyria: Um, I think it went searching for a tree we could use for the holidays.
During the most wonderful time of the year, (Captain) and the crew wait for Colossus to return from its trip outside of town.
Eventually the sound of people shouting in surprise accompanies heavy footfalls as the iron giant comes into view.
Colossus: ...
Vyrn: Wh-whoa! That's way too big, don'tcha think!
(Captain) and company are taken aback by the massive tree slung over Colossus's shoulder, its length longer than the iron giant is tall.
Lyria: Ahaha... You're really excited for this, aren't you?
It seems that the tree was dug out carefully with the intent to return it to its original home afterward. For now they carefully place it in a pot.
Vyrn: Haha, the townspeople are in for a big surprise! But first we got our work cut out for us decoratin' something this size!
Everyone tackles the task eagerly, each using a ladder to climb up and place colorful ornaments over the tree's many branches. Soon enough they have a holiday tree fit for the season.
Lyria: Okay, the only thing left now is to put the star on top! We're counting on you, Colossus!
Colossus: ...
It takes the offered star from Lyria and approaches the tree.
Boy: ...
Colossus: ...
But upon noticing the gaze of a boy nearby, Colossus instead offers the star to him. He happily takes the ornament and scampers into Colossus's hand where he is lifted up to the top of the tree for the finishing touch.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Metal Memory[edit]

During the War, the Draphs of Valtz created Colossus, intent on using it to exact revenge upon the Astrals. Their plans never come to fruition, and Colossus sleeps for centuries before being awoken to a fateful encounter with an archduke and his pupil.

A primal crystal rises to consciousness through a veil of noise. This might be more accurately termed an operational error than an activation.
Perhaps because its activation process was nonstandard, it has difficulty ascertaining its situation. Despite this, it determines that it is inside of a boiling hot cavern.
Draph Man 1: It's glowing! Did we do it?
Draph Man 2: I think so. Hey, can you hear us?
Two Draph men with faces covered in sweat and grime appear in its view, gazing upon it.
The two Draph seem to be seeking a verbal response, but the crystal lacks the means to speak. In place of words, it flashes its body.
Draph Man 1: You see that? It reacted to our voices!
Draph Man 2: Cough... So the rumors really were true. If you attach a primal crystal to a Sky Map piece, you can alter it.
Draph Man 1: I heard you also need these pieces to open up the Grim Basin. They're one of the few kinds of Astral power that skydwellers can use.
Draph Man 2: Who'd've thought you could use 'em to wake up a primal crystal? Bet those damn Astrals never did.
Draph Man 1: We owe a lot to the Erune on that transport ship for the info. Looks to me like we could actually give this thing instructions.
Draph Man 2: Cough... Guess it's a good thing we were forced to work in this factory for so long.
Draph Man 1: You've got that right. We know the whole command-writing process for all the tech, which is no surprise considering how long they've made us build for.
Machina Soldiers: ...
Draph Man 1: It seems like the other islands are under surveillance by the primal-crystal-powered imitation golems. But that'll also be over soon.
The Draphs' chapped lips twist into grins. Past the dark circles formed by perpetual exhaustion and sickness, their eyes sparkle.
Finally, their eyes drift away from the primal crystal and look up. From the cavern's ceiling hangs an iron giant, still in the process of being built.
Draph Man 2: Once we finish that, we just need to make sure this crystal will obey us before sticking it in.
Draph Man 1: Colossus... With a body that big, we had to get a primal crystal bigger than the ones used in the imitation golems.
Draph Man 2: It's going to be powerful. Even the Astrals will have trouble dealing with it.
Colossus. The primal crystal connected to the Sky Map piece recognizes its name as well as the form that it will one day take.
Draph Woman: Hey. If you do that, will we finally be free? Will we finally be able to leave this factory?
Draph Woman: If that's true, then please hurry! My daughter grows thinner by the day, and her sickness isn't getting any better!
Draph Man 2: Cough... Well, they won't give us enough to eat.
Draph Man 2: And the air quality here is awful. Everyone's got a permanent cough.
Draph Man 1: Right. We have to move fast before there's none of us left. But we can't panic. If the Astrals find out what we're doing, then it's all over.
Draph Man 2: Nobody's gonna mess up! I know I ain't stopping until we get the last laughs over their cold, dead bodies!
Draph Man 2: Since they came here, our rivers have been polluted with iron, and I lost everything! My family and my fields!
Draph Man 1: All our livestock are wiped out thanks to that too. The bastards take advantage of our need for food and treat us like garbage!
Draph Woman: We'll never forgive them...
Draph Man 2: We'll never forgive them!
Draph Man 1: We'll never forgive them.
Everyone's expressions go blank. With wide eyes, they turn their gazes and speak to the map piece and primal crystal.
Draph Man 1: Colossus, you're strong. You were made to fight.
Draph Woman: So please, lend us your strength.
Draph Man 2: Fight against the power of the Astrals. And then...
Draphs: Kill the Astrals! Kill them all!
At last, through the power of the Sky Map piece, the primal crystal receives something resembling an order.
Ready to respond to the Draphs' deep and bitter resentment, Colossus recognizes its first command and sets that as its top-level priority.
After that, Colossus waits patiently for its body to be finished.
All for the sake of the role it was given—to fight the power of the Astrals and kill them all.
Machina Soldier: ...!
Whether by treachery or some other means, the Astrals discover the Draphs' plans.
Draph Man 3: Argh!
Machina soldiers are made to suppress defiant skydwellers. Their actions are dictated by the commands etched into their primal crystals.
With the Draphs now branded as rebels, the very machines they were forced to build cut them down one by one.
Draph Man 1: Damn it! We only needed a little more time!
Draph Man 2: Stay calm! We can fight back too! Just hold the line until Colossus is finished!
Machina Soldier: ...!
A Draph alchemist manages to transform some of the machina soldiers into golems, adding them to the rebels' ranks.
With the narrowness of the cavern, the use of large primal beasts is out of the question for the Astrals, and destroying the island would cost them an enormous amount of resources.
For these two reasons, this rebellion is a drawn out affair.
Though the Draphs put up a commendable fight, in the end the technological gap is greater than they can overcome.
Draph Man 1: You, over there! I'm lowering the partition, so hurry up!
Draph Man 4: ...
Draph Man 1: Come on!
Draph Man 4: I can't go on... any further...
There is neither victory nor escape from this conflict. The only choice left is to retreat deeper and deeper into the cavern.
Draph Man 1: ...
Draph Woman: How much longer can we keep going like this?
Draph Man 1: Do you even have to ask? No one's giving up until Colossus is complete, and we can have our revenge!
His words are choked, like he's convincing himself to keep going.
Draphs: ...
Everyone is already exhausted from this endless fight.
Draph Man 2: How did things end up like this?
Draph Woman: Why did they take our freedom from us?
Draph Man 2: I'm done. We were fools to think we could get our lives back.
Draph Man 1: ...
Watching its comrades die one by one had stoked the flames of revenge in Colossus's breast, but all they had to burn was the iron giant's heart.
Now it struggled to kindle even the flame of hatred for Astrals.
Draph Woman: No more fighting, no more blood, no more tragedies... Please...
Colossus: ...
The Draphs' words carve themselves into Colossus's memory core.
Amidst all these retreats, however, the engineers working on the iron body have cobbled together an almost functional frame.
All that's left is to reinforce several areas, clear out the supports, and remove the construction framing.
Before they can add the finishing touches, the last of the Draphs' machina soldiers are wiped out and the final barrier is breached. The war of attrition ends.
Machina Soldier: ...!
The Astrals commanding the soldiers wave their hands, as if telling their subordinates to clear away garbage from their sight.
Orders given, the soldiers fan out and surround the Draphs.
Draphs: ...
The Draphs stand exhausted but devoid of fear, their defiance draining from their forms.
Draph Man 1: This is it, huh? End of the line when the score hasn't even been settled.
Draph Man 1: But it wasn't all in vain. Right, Colossus?
Colossus: ...
Draph Man 1: Colossus. Please. Move.
Colossus: ...
Colossus activates, tearing off its supports and framing.
Movement is possible, but it gauges that it is not at full strength, determining that any long, drawn-out fight would spell its doom.
Time, however, is not something the Draphs seem to care about anymore.
Draph Man 1: I think we're done hoping for freedom. Please, just end it all...
Colossus: ...
As soon as the command is given, Colossus grasps the enormous blade by its side and lifts.
With weapon in hand, it scans the area for targets. There are many vessels of Astral power, but its focus is on the commander leading them.
Next it references the memory of its first command etched within the primal crystal that is embedded in its chest.
Draph Man 1: Colossus, you're strong. You were made to fight.
Draph Woman: So please, lend us your strength.
Draph Man 2: Fight against the power of the Astrals. And then...
Draphs: Kill the Astrals! Kill them all!
Colossus: ...!
Its blade glows red hot. Knowing that a long battle is out of the question, it decides on the most effective course of action.
Colossus: ...!
Colossus swings the blade over its head with all its might...
And hits something in the very fabric of the air.
In that moment, the world grows silent. Then a bright, burning light envelops the cavern.
Everyone in the cavern—Astrals and Draphs alike—and even this section of the island are wrapped in light as it all vanishes into another dimension.
Colossus: ...
Neither the Astrals nor the Draphs ever expected that Colossus could possess the power to cleave into another dimension.
Many primal beasts receive their form and will from local beliefs coupled with Astral power.
Perhaps for Colossus, the Draphs' deeply held resentment toward the Astrals and the primal crystal was enough to give it a unique power of its own.
Colossus: ...
No matter the source, the consequence of far exceeding its design parameters results in heavy damage to Colossus's frame.
For the primal crystal buried within its sternum, the command to prioritize the eradication of Astrals is judged to be fulfilled.
A long time passes. Not a single soul appears before Colossus in that period.
Only the unchanging heat of the cavern and the sound of flowing iron fill the stores of its memory.
Several hundred years pass.
Out of nowhere, Colossus activates into standby at the presence of an approaching Astral and primal beast.
It senses that the Astral is covered in a form of illusion magic, warping the area around themselves.
Elderly Draph: Impossible... Is this a primal crystal?
But suddenly the presence of the Astral and primal beast vanish, leaving only the single form of an elderly Draph behind.
Elderly Draph: That young boy... Or girl, pehaps? They claimed there was a "source of power" here, and they certainly weren't kidding.
He reaches through a crack in the decaying metal frame, pulls out the primal crystal, and gazes upon it intently.
Elderly Draph: What in the world? This crystal appears to have been tampered with by skydwellers...
Brimming with curiosity, the elderly man takes his newly acquired possession from the factory ruins and brings it back with him to a lively town.
Draph Man 1: Oh, if it ain't the archduke! Lend me an ear, would ya? I've been losing so many customers lately...
Elderly Draph: Hmm... Now that you mention it, there seems to be less people around here than usual.
Child: Oh! Mister Tzaka! I just got rid of the biggest rat ever!
Elderly Draph: Hahaha! Well aren't you a brave one! Did it bite you at all? Let me have a look at you and make sure you didn't catch anything from it.
Tzaka the Great, as the elderly man is called, is stopped at every turn, but he always responds with a smile.

A Command for a Giant[edit]

After the excitement on Valtz, (Captain) and the crew arrive on Auguste and get caught up in another mess. They set their sights on stopping Leviathan, who is rampaging because of the empire's experiments. Heading for Leviathan leaves the town vulnerable to attack, but the crew has another ally who's willing to help.

Imperial Soldier 1: It's... It's here! Raise the airship up!
Imperial Soldier 2: We won't make it in time—
The beautiful waters of Auguste are second to none, drawing countless tourists to its natural attractions. On this day, however, its splendor is marred by the screams of imperial soldiers.
Io: Hey, Lyria. Do you know why the empire's airships are getting swallowed up?
Lyria: From what I can sense, primal beast Leviathan, the incarnation of the waters here, is starving so it's eating them...
Eugen: Is that because of the pollution from the empire's experiments?
Lyria: Yes, I think so. Leviathan is at its limit.
After the fight with Colossus on the Valtz Duchy, the crew traveled to the Auguste Isles.
They're now wrapped up in stopping the primal beast currently rampaging due to the Erste Empire's experiments.
Io: What the heck are they doing! Don't they know they're putting the people of this island at risk?
Vyrn: Now's not the time for chitchat! We gotta get a move on and stop Leviathan!
(Captain) nods in agreement, and the crew rushes toward where Lyria senses the primal beast, but they don't get very far.
Monsters: Groaaar!
Io: Those monsters that just popped out of the water are headed for the town, aren't they?
Eugen: They're what? You're kidding me, right?
Man 1: Yikes... Those high waves came out of nowhere. Is everyone okay?
Woman 1: Nobody got swept away, I think. We should probably head for higher ground though.
The people of Auguste climb to the tops of buildings and other high ground, reaching what they believe to be safety.
Man 2: Wha... Monsters! There are monsters coming out of the water!
A tumult arises among the people at the man's surprised voice.
Man 1: We can't stay out here! We've gotta take shelter inside sturdy, tall buildings!
Eugen: You don't think this is all Leviathan's doing, do you?
Lyria: It seems really hungry and hurt, so it's hunting the people that the waters can't reach...
Eugen: Then it's usin' the monsters to grab some people for food, huh? Things are gettin' worse by the minute.
Lyria: What should we do, (Captain)? Leviathan is really suffering.
Lyria: It's hurting a lot and struggling to the point where it has to swallow up all the life that was raised in these seas...
Io: It doesn't have to do that though, right? I'm sure it doesn't want to at least.
Lyria: Leviathan doesn't have a choice. It has to keep living, no matter what.
Io: Is that why it started going wild?
Vyrn: So... What should we do? Do we head over to the town? They won't stand a chance against that many monsters.
Eugen: ...
Eugen: No, we have to focus on Leviathan. Let's head to Auguste Falls.
Eugen: Don't get me wrong. I'm worried about the town, but if we don't take out the problem at its source then it's just gonna keep happenin'.
The crew can't keep their surprise from showing.
Eugen: I'm sure they'll be fine. Hired agents are there watchin' over the people.
Eugen manages to get the words out despite the pained expression on his face.
To save the town, there must be sacrifices; that seems to be what he's saying.
Soon after, angry roars and gunfire can be heard in the distance. The monsters have arrived at their destination.
Eugen: Let's move, (Captain). A couple hundred monsters are nothin' for 'em. They're pretty strong.
Eugen: They'll be fine. They have to be...
With clenched fists, Eugen trudges forward. (Captain) follows after, heart tugging in pain.
But Lyria comes to a stop.
Lyria: ...!
A light suddenly shines outward from Lyria's chest.
Io: Lyria? What's wrong?
Lyria: A voice is calling out to me...
Lyria: U-uhm... I think the townspeople really will be fine.
Eugen: Huh? Whaddya mean by that?
Lyria: It wants to help. That's what it's telling me from within.
Lyria delivers this message with a hand over her chest. From her expression it is clear that she isn't merely trying to put everyone at ease with words alone.

A Command for a Giant: Scene 2[edit]

The townspeople of Auguste are driven into a corner by the attacking monsters. With things looking grim, the sudden appearance of an iron giant turns things around. However, Colossus struggles between the need to protect and doing what's expected of it.

Monsters: Grooaaar!
Agent: The monsters are here! Fireee!
The agents unleash a hail of bullets into the incoming monsters.
But only a small fraction of the monsters are felled by the onslaught. There are simply far too many of them.
Monsters: Grooaar!
Agent: Damn it! Pull back! Retreat!
Townspeople: ...
Agent: Looks like we all somehow made it.
There is little relief in the agent's expression, as their lives depend on the single iron door that guards this auditorium.
The monsters that the hungry Leviathan sent will surely break the door down in no time. Will the agents be able to hold out when they do?
???: Help! Help us! Someone let us in!
Agent: What? Did we leave someone behind out there?
The agent peeks out through a small window in the door.
Imperial Soldier 1: Please! They're almost here!
Agent: Imperial soldiers! They've got a lot of nerve coming here!
Soldier's Voice: Please, I'm begging you... Please... They ate all our comrades...
Agent: You've gotta be kidding me! You know this is all your guys' fault in the first place, right!
Man 1: Yeah! You're the ones who messed up the sea with your experimentation! I say you should enjoy your just deserts!
Soldier's Voice: We'll do anything... Anything you want, so please... Don't let them eat us alive...
Soldier's Voice: ...
He grows silent after that point.
The monsters' roars draw closer. Through the small window, the agent confirms their approach.
Agent: ...
Child: Hey, mister. You're not gonna let them in?
Woman 1: ...
Child: Are they gonna get eaten by the monsters? Hey...
Man 1: ...
Imperial Soldier 1: Sob...
Monster Voices: Grrroooaaar!
Imperial Soldier 1: Aahh...
Imperial Soldier 1: I don't wanna die...
The soldiers simply fall to their knees and wait for death from the unimaginable number of monsters before them.
Agent: Damn it all!
With barely a moment to spare, the agent darts outside and yanks both of the imperial soldiers inside the auditorium.
Agent: Pant, pant... Don't think you got in for free! Get up and get ready to fight! We're gonna protect everyone in here!
Imperial Soldier 1: A-a-all right...
Soon enough the monsters reach the auditorium door and begin to slam into it with a horrible clamor.
Agent: Here they come!
Imperial Soldier 1: Pant... Pant...
The agent and the soldiers ready their weapons.
Monsters: Grrroooaaar!
The door breaks, and the monsters surge inside. With fingers shaking on the trigger, the combatants prepare themselves for one last stand. But their fears are soon overturned.
Colossus: ...
A colossal suit of iron comes crashing through the auditorium's ceiling.
Colossus: ...!
And with a single stroke of the blade clutched in its hand, the monsters are cleaved in half.
Agent & Soldier: ...!
Colossus: ...
Upon confirming that there are no monsters remaining, it hunches over and exits the auditorium doors.
Agent: What in the world was that?
Imperial Soldier 2: Sir! The detector is going off!
Imperial Soldier 1: What? You're kidding! That's a primal beast?
Eugen: So, Lyria. Mind explainin' what exactly that giant is?
Lyria: It's a primal beast named Colossus. It was created a long time ago on Valtz...
Io: My master finished building it after a whole bunch of things happened. So you know it's super strong.
Eugen: A primal beast, huh? I guess I shouldn't have much to worry about if it's the one protectin' the town...
Io: There's just something I don't get.
Io: Colossus was created to fight against primal beasts, right? Why is it protecting the town then?
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, shouldn't it be trying to go after Leviathan?
Lyria: I don't really understand it either. But I think something's changed within Colossus.
Monster: Grooaar...
Colossus: ...
The monsters take in the enormous iron giant before them.
Monster: Groooaaar!
Very quickly all the monsters turn their focus away from the people. Their new target is Colossus, an object with tremendous amounts of energy.
Colossus: ...
Its primal crystal still defers to the top-level priority command in its memory.
Colossus: ...
Faithful to its orders, Colossus heats its blade and prepares to melt through the horde of monsters.
Monster: Groooaaar!
Colossus: ...!

A Command for a Giant: Scene 3[edit]

Io's magic from the incident in Valtz has scrambled parts of Colossus's memory. The command given by the Draphs of yore mixes with Tzaka's sentiments to form a new command: "Use your power to make people happy." With this in mind, Colossus prepares to protect the town against a copy of Leviathan.

Colossus: ...!
Colossus swings its red-hot blade at the attacking monsters and vaporizes them with each swing.
Eventually silence envelops the town.
Agent: Th-the monsters are all...
Imperial Soldier 1: Completely wiped out...
Colossus: ...
As (Captain) and the crew move farther and farther away to Auguste Falls, the power Colossus is siphoning from Lyria grows progressively weaker.
It decides to save energy by shifting into standby mode upon confirming the safety of the people.
Io: Something's changed within Colossus? Is that even possible?
Io: Because it doesn't look like Leviathan's changing anytime soon.
Lyria: Colossus was the same way at first. Fighting made it sad, even though it was forced to attack me.
Lyria: But near the end it didn't see us as enemies.
Lyria: I think when Colossus got hit by your magic and fell down, that's when the change happened.
Io: My magic? I don't remember doing anything special...
Eugen: Look lively, everyone. We're almost at the falls.
Vyrn: Something tells me we're not gonna like what's waitin' over there.
(Captain) and the crew defeat monsters in their way and arrive at where Lyria had felt the presence of a primal beast.
And sure enough, Lyria is right.
Leviathan: ...
Eugen: We finally meet face-to-face, eh? These seas are a vast place, but here we are.
Eugen: I owe you a whole lot, and now's a good time as ever to pay you back some! Let's go, (Captain)!
Monster Pack: Groooaaar!
Colossus: ...!
The battle to save Leviathan commences on (Captain)'s side. Back in the town, Colossus continues its defense.
A second wave of monsters, then a third, comes at it, but it mows down each wave unflinchingly.
Colossus: ...
Alarm bells go off through its system; the aura of a primal beast grows closer.
Suddenly a whirlpool of seawater sprouts forth, a large snake-like being bursting out and writhing in the air.
Mighty Leviathan itself has appeared, perhaps frustrated with its minions' lack of progress
Leviathan: Grrrgh...
But it is only a copy of its true form made with the last of its power.
Perhaps it is impatient for more food as it fights with (Captain) and the crew elsewhere.
Leviathan: Groooaaagh!
Colossus: ...!
Though Colossus possesses strength far beyond that of a mortal, its supply of power is running dangerously low.
It has about a good twenty swings or so left with its blade before reaching its limit.
Colossus: ...
Silently it confirms its top-level priority command once again, almost as if to reaffirm its reason for existing.
Draph Man 1: Colossus, you're strong. You were made to fight.
Draph Man 1: Fight against the power of the Astrals. And then with your strength—
Tzaka the Great: Make people happy.
The command Colossus keeps following is cross-referenced with other information in its memory sector.
However, due to the blow it received from Io that shattered its primal crystal, the order of information permutated.
Whether or not this is simply coincidence or fate, the memory it conjures up from its vast storage is that of Tzaka's declaration.
Colossus: ...!
Obeying its newly acquired duty, Colossus stands tall to face Leviathan's large shadow.
It will act as the people's shield until (Captain) and the crew finish pacifying Leviathan's main form.

A Command for a Giant: Scene 4[edit]

The fake Leviathan continues its relentless assault on Colossus, driving it to its knees. Just as the last of the iron giant's energy reserves are depleted, (Captain) and the crew take down the real Leviathan, dispelling the copy. With the people of Auguste safe and smiling, Colossus deems its commands fulfilled.

Leviathan: Grooaaar!
Colossus: ...!
Colossus's energy is depleted. In an effort to keep fighting, it abandons its blade to conserve enough energy to move.
It doesn't have much longer before its energy is used up, despite its emergency procedures.
Colossus uses its armored body as a shield as best as it can and endures every attack from the large primal beast.
Leviathan: Grrrgh!
But its limit draws close again. It detaches an arm deemed unnecessary, saving just enough power to keep moving.
With the way its opponent is faring, Colossus judges that it will only be a matter of time before Leviathan is put down by (Captain) and the others.
Leviathan: Groooaaar!
Colossus: ...!
Leviathan takes it enormous jaws and sinks its teeth into Colossus's torso.
The iron giant does its best to pry the jaws open with its remaining hand, but Leviathan's sharp fangs dig deeper into its armor.
Soon enough Colossus's body begins to split apart as the sound of screeching metal fills the air.
Colossus: ...!
Its primal crystal is on the verge of being swallowed whole.
Leviathan: ...
Leviathan's copy disappears. It appears that (Captain) and the crew have succeeded in pacifying the main body.
The miasma that had covered the town disappears as well, and the seas return to peaceful silence.
Agent: Is it all... finally over?
Woman 1: I think so... Is everyone okay?
The people begin to check on one another, and upon seeing their friends and family unharmed, rejoice loudly and happily together.
Man 1: Phew. This giant really saved us.
Colossus: ...
They all approach their bruised-and-battered, kneeling hero.
Eugen: Well, looks like the town made it through in one piece somehow.
Their fight finished, (Captain) and the others have returned to town.
Io: Colossus fought so hard that it became damaged like this...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong?
Lyria: Colossus seems happy.
Lyria: It's kind of strange... When I look at Colossus, it feels like when I'm talking with Tzaka.
Colossus: ...
Surrounded by the smiling townspeople, Colossus judges its command to be finished.
It lingers for a while, perhaps basking in the peaceful aftermath and the people's joy and relief.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

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