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Official Profile[edit | edit source]

Age 16
Height 137 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Shopping at her friend's clothing store
Likes Her grandma, limited edition items, people who praise her clothes
Dislikes Strangers, tactless people
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
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Background[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Special Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Heheheh! Since today is the Captain's one and only birthday, let's celebrate the one and only way I know!
Hee hee hee... May I present the world's one and only... iron ball-shaped cake!
Of course it has a unique flavor! It uses unique ingredients! Now for the taste test...
Yuck! What happened? I didn't expect that it would taste like an iron ball too...


Rawr! Happy birthday, (Captain).
Eheheh! You look surprised. But the year's full of surprises!
You thought I'd forget? Never! You're getting' the lion's share of my attention today!
Now I just need to make sure your birthday is an unforgettable one and only experience!


C-cough... Let's talk about the elephant in the room—the ideal gift for you.
Everyone said a song would be nice...
Great, you look happy as a clam now...
Okay, here I go... Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, dear (Captain)!
Together, everyone...
Happy birthday to you!
Yay, ten hoorays for (Captain)!
Ehehe, I'm pleased as punch to see your giant grin! I'm glad I mustered up a lion's share of courage to do that!


Grrr! Surprise! Happy purrthday!
Give you goosebumps with that little scare, did I?
Today's your special day, (Captain).
So I got a special present just for you.
It's fur-covered mask to match my costume.
Since we're twins now, I'm gonna sing you a song.
Sing along, (Captain)! It's your birthday after all.
Have a grrreat one, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Holy cow, look at all this New Year's food! Mm, so many nice treats!
Ooh, look at the cake shaped like an iron ball!
What's with that look on your face? The adorable iron ball shape makes me want to pig out!


(Captain)... Happy... New... Yawn...
Ehehe... It feels so warm in here...
Food? But I don't want to leave yet!
I guess I'll just have to... grab this tiger by the tail! Rawr!
Ehehe, caught you! Now to lay together under the darkness of the blanket!


I need to take a bull by the horns for a new challenge this year!
It shouldn't be a rat race; it ought to be something that only I can do...
The one and only thing catered to my strengths...
Urgh, my head hurts just thinking about it.
I know! I'll spend the year mulling over it! No one else would spend an entire year coming up with a resolution—except your one and only Daetta!


あけましておめでとうらろ! (Captain)、これから一緒に 初詣に行くろ!
初詣に行ったら願掛けをするろ。 願掛けをすれば願いが叶うのら。
どんな願いなのか? それは……言いにくいろ……
でも(Captain)には言うろ! あちし、友達を増やしたいろ! 100人、200人、ううん、もっと!
いろんな人と友達になったら、 (Captain)達との旅も もっと楽しくなるろ?
え…… (Captain)も協力してくれるのら?
えへへ♪ 願掛けする前に願いが叶いそうらな。 今年はきっと良い年になるろ。

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hey, umm... Take my chocolate!
Eheheh... This is the first time I've ever given anyone chocolate! You are my one and only after all!
I hope I'm your one and only too, (Captain)! I'd be buzzin' with joy if that were true!


Ah, (Captain)! This here's fer you...
Eheheh! It's Valentine's, sealy!
It feels hawkward with me starin' at ya, you say?
You have cat to be kitten me right now! How could I not stare when you look soo harpy?


Valentine's is the perfect occasion to give thanks!
I hope you know how I feel, (Captain)...
Ehehe, I practiced like an eager beaver to better express my feelings to you.
I hope we continue to get along like wolves in a pack. It's all thanks to you that I'm able to get by in the crew after all.
Thanks, (Captain)!


You remember what day today is, don't you, (Captain)?
Bingo! It's Valentine's Day!
I'm giving you chocolates so you know how much I appreciate you!
They're just for you, (Captain). And there aren't any others like them!
Teeheehee... It's great you seem to like them.
I was a bit worried since this was the first time trying out the recipe... But when I saw your face, I knew I did well!
If it means I get to see your smile, I'll make those chocolates as many times as you want.
Better start looking forward to next year!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Whoa, a present? For me? Oh, because it's White Day. Right...
It's hard to explain, but this makes me so happy. I don't have many friends, so I've never had anything like this happen before.
Eheheheh! I guess I barked up the right tree by meeting you and joining the crew, Captain!


Meowzers! I-is that fer me?
Thanks, rawr! Eheheh... Sorry, I tend to make funny sounds when I get whaley excited...
Yer excited too? Really? Teehee...
Erm, I'll say it again then... Thanks, (Captain)! Eheheh... Rawrawr!


You make me so happy with these White Day goodies every year...
Considering you're always busy as a bee, it must've been tough making these...
Let's make 'em together next year!
Huh? That defeats the point of White Day?
Ahaha, Good point, (Captain)!


(Captain), you came to thank me for my Valentine's Day gift? Feels like you're giving me the lion's share of your attention this year!
Is this for me? It's really huge!
Did you make this, (Captain)?
I knew it! I gave you some paw-made treats for Valentine's, so you're paying me back!
Thanks! I couldn't be happier! You can just keep giving me some of this every year!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Ooooh! I won't let you get away with that, Rackam!
This isn't a costume! it's good fashion, ya hear?
I'm howlin' mad! But he'll see it my way when I make him wear this matching outfit!


Roar! Trick or Treat! Grrr...
Give me candy if you don't wanna get altered into a beast too! Roar!
So? Wanna eat some candy, (Captain)? I got tons from Lyria, Vyrn, and everyone!
If you've had enough to eat, I'm sure Lyria will be happy to help! Roar!


Halloween is totally my pick of the litter!
Can't wait to get lots of treats from everyone!
Rawr, rawr... Grr... Be good, little kittens!
Erm, something's missing...
Trick or treat, rawr! There, all good now!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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We have party tonight? Brr, I'm breaking cold sweat...
I had few friends... So I'm not used to party... How to behave?
You'll be with me entire time! Woof! You make my day!


Ehehe! We get to trade presents today, (Captain)!
I bought it from my favorite store! It's so cute!
It looks nice on you! Let's roar together! One, two...
Rawr! Rawrawr!


Much cake... Such wow... Don't need a lion's share; I'll just have this one piece!
Chomp... The exquisite whipped cream on top of the spongy texture is so fine...
Ah, (Captain)! Look at all this yummy cake! Here, you can have your pick of the litter!
Wait, this is supposed to be for the party later?
Grr... My fault for getting ahead of myself...
It's a shame we can't get high off the hog together, but I'm to blame. I'll just have to bear with the guilt—and like a bear I will!
Huh? You'll give me half? But that's supposed to be your portion!
Teehee. You're so good to me, (Captain)... Thanks...


あちし、いいことを聞いたんら。 聖夜には、良い子のところに
だから、あちしもプレゼントを もらうことにしたんのら。
え? どっちかは(Captain)が プレゼントしてくれるろ?
やったぁのら! やっぱり(Captain)は優しいのら!

Fate Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Into the Wild[edit source]

Due to a slight misunderstanding, Daetta is scolded for her incorrect way of speaking by an old woman, causing her to revert to her wild nature. As her grandmother had formerly encouraged her in the past over her unique style of speech, Daetta is especially hurt by the criticism from this old woman, who resembles her grandmother. When she realizies the how pained the old woman is over her mistake, Daetta comes back to herself.

Daetta not in crew

Stopping by at a certain town, the crew buy a rare weapon from an antiques dealer.
As the crew observe the rare item excitedly, a girl suddenly appears.
???: That!
???: That my iron ball! Give back!
???: How dare you remake to mace like that!
Lyria: Huh? This?
Searching for her stolen iron ball, the onesie-wearing Daetta sees the crew as potential culprits.
After clearing the misunderstanding, the girl appears sad, and so the crew find her missing iron ball for her.
Daetta: You saved me… thank you…
Katalina: What's wrong? You don't seem that happy…
Daetta: Well… I… I like be unique, you see…
Daetta: Even though I got rare item… you guys have one from same workshop… if I wear now, then…
Lyria: B-But! That's OK, I mean… we'll be like matching friends now, so that's great!
Daetta: Friends?
Katalina: That's right. We've overcome many hardships together. Surely we can consider ourselves friends, now!
Daetta: …You got good point! If we together, then we all be matching!
Daetta: All right, I decided! I join you guys! That way we can fight as matching team!
And thus, Daetta joins (Captain)'s crew as a friend on their journey.
However, one day…
Vyrn: Hey, look here! Take it easy, Daetta!
Lyria: U-um, please calm down a little!
Daetta: GRAGGGH!
Vyrn: Whoa! Watch it!
Lyria: Ohh… why is she acting this way?
Daetta has suddenly started bearing her fangs. The reason for this abrupt change in attitude? Well…
A few days before this, after gathering materials in the forest, the crew is heading to the armor shop of their client.
Vyrn: Heh heh, I can see it now. The store of the old woman who gave our request!
Daetta: Hey, hey! I can go report?
Lyria: Yeah, of course! But how come?
Daetta: Hee hee. Then I going ahead, 'K?
Old Woman: Oh my, medicinal plants again? Your boyfriend's a delicate thing, isn't he?
Village Girl: Hee hee… You just don't understand, granny. That's what's so cute about him, geddit?
Old Woman: Hmm? Now what's this "geddit" business? The other children were saying the same thing…
Village Girl: You don't know, granny? It's the latest slang. Everyone in the city says it!
Old Woman: (Sigh). You should cut that out, it's unseemly. Besides, words used wrong are the tools of evil, as they say.
Village Girl: Ha ha, you're so old-fashioned! You should pick some slang up too, granny. And then you can pick up a boyfriend!
Old Woman: Look here! Don't make fun of your elders!
Village Girl: Aw, come on! No need to get mad, jeez…
Old Woman: Honestly… well, so sorry for being single. Humph. The youngsters of today…
Daetta: Heya, back now! We got loadsa materials for ya!
Old Woman: COME NOW! What have I told you about using words properly, child?
Daetta: Urk?
Old Woman: Huh? Oh, a skyfarer? Dear me, I just assumed you were one of the village children again…
Daetta: S-s-s-sorry… I… I…
Old Woman: Hmm? Oh, that wasn't directed at you just now, dear. I'm sorry, did I startle you?
Daetta: Ugh… (sob)… uhhh…
Vyrn: Yikes? H-hey, Daetta?
Lyria: W-wait! No, don't go back into the… forest…
Old Woman: Oh dear, I am sorry. I must have really frightened her… or perhaps I said something hurtful in some way…
Vyrn: Erm, well… Daetta's just, kinda… self-conscious about her way of speaking, I guess.
Lyria: Hmm… but she's been fine about it lately. I wonder what could have happened?
Old Woman: Oh dear me! What have I done?
Daetta: GRAGGH!
Vyrn: Gah… she's gone completely wild again… oh man…
Lyria: This is awful… and after we finally found her again, too…
Lyria: Oh, I know! Daetta, are you feeling hungry?
Daetta: …guh?
Lyria: Here, some bread and fruit for you! I'll j-just leave it down here, OK?
Daetta: …………
Daetta: Yaaaaahhhh!
Daetta: (Munch munch munch…)
Vyrn: (Sigh). Looks like you took the basket with you into the forest. Have you calmed down now?
Daetta: …(gulp).
Daetta: Get away, human… this is holy ground of beasts…
Lyria: Oh, she spoke! I'm not quite sure what she means, but still…
Vyrn: Jeez. Come one, Daetta, let's go back to the village! If we don't, it'll be really bad for—
Daetta: Don't wanna! Hate humans!
Daetta: If gotta worry about language, being a beast is better!
Lyria: U-um… please listen! That old lady made a mistake, you see!
Vyrn: Yeah, that's right! You understand, right Daetta?
Daetta: …………
Daetta: Yeah. But… different with grannies.
Daetta: My granny encouraged me alla time 'bout speaking. Said made me special.
Daetta: So even if it's mistake… even if it's different granny… getting scolded… makes me sad…
Lyria: Ohh… so that's what it was…
Vyrn: Mmm… but if you don't go back, Daetta, that old woman's gonna be in trouble.
Daetta: Huh? What do you mean?
Old Woman: (Huff…) (Huff…) I'm sorry, Daetta!
Lyria: Huh? Why are you here? You have to get your sleep!
Daetta: Gr-granny? You look pale… what's wrong?
Vyrn: Oh, that's right… since that time, she's been in bad shape, worrying over what she did, hardly eating and all…
Daetta: What? All 'cuz of me?
Old Woman: No, no… It's my fault… I said something awful to you…
Daetta: …Granny! Ride my back!
Old Woman: Eh? B-but…
Daetta: No worry! Grab on tight, 'K?
Vyrn: What the! What crazy speed!
Lyria: Wow! She'll be at the village in no time!
Old Woman: Thank you… I'm so sorry for this…
Daetta: No, all my bad! Gotta hang on, 'K?
Old Woman: It's all right, this is quite comfortable. Did you make these clothes yourself?
Daetta: Oh… this… thought would be more like beasts, so I…
Old Woman: These are wonderful. They suit you so perfectly, and they're so cute!
Daetta: C-cute?
Daetta: He… hee hee… We gonna dash on ahead now. Ready?
And thus, Daetta returned to the village with the old woman, the two having reconciled over the mistake.
After this, not only did she continue to wreak havoc among monster packs with her iron ball, but she also became a reliable ally.

Lovin' the Wild[edit source]

The party are proceeding up a mountain path on a request, when they encounter a single injured monster. Looking at the wound, Daetta instantly determines the monster sustained the injury from a fellow monster bite. Just then, a pack of monsters close by raises a cry, and an enraged Daetta rushes toward it.

Having undertaken a request to transport goods, the party is heading toward a village on the side of a mountain.
Daetta: You guys are all so slooow! Sun's gonna set soon!
Vyrn: Wheeze… pant… H-hold up… you're too fast, Daetta!
Lyria: Ha ha ha… you're full of energy!
Daetta: Hm? OK, let's take break. I go get water!
Vyrn: Whew! I can finally catch my breath. Come sit down, Lyria.
Lyria: Whoa! V-Vyrn, behind you!
Injured monster: …………
Vyrn: Gah! A monster?
Daetta: Get back! I take out monster!
Daetta: H-huh? This monster… hurt.
Injured monster: …Rrraaawwwlll.
Vyrn: Wait, what? Did that weird cry come from this guy just now?
Injured monster: …Rrraaawwwlll.
Lyria: Er… hmm… it actually sounds… kinda cute…
Daetta: …………
Vyrn: Huh? Uh-oh, there's a large pack of monsters over there!
Injured monster: …………
Lyria: Huh? It's afraid of those other monsters? B-but why?
Daetta: …This little one… I…
Vyrn: Huh? What's with that serious face?
Daetta: This wound from bite. Bite wound from other monsters.
Daetta: …Because it have different voice.
Lyria: Oh! Th-the monsters are coming this way!
Daetta: I won't forgive it… I gonna get you all!
Vyrn: Huh? H-hey! Don't just charge in by yourself like that!

Lovin' the Wild: Scene 2[edit source]

Naming the monster "Wulfric," Daetta takes it along with them on their journey, but Wulfric doesn't seem best pleased with the idea, not warming up to the party at all. Even so, Daetta refuses to give up on it, likening the creature's situation to her own past, when she was shunned due to her poor communication skills. Just then, some skyfarers visiting the village notice Wulfric, and attempt to deal with it.

The crew has reached the village safely and delivered the goods it was requested to transport. However…
Daetta: This guy gonna travel along with us. Right, Wulfric?
Wulfric: …………
Vyrn: Hey, it's, uh, glarin' at me pretty bad. You sure it's not angry at being forced to come with us?
Lyria: Hmm… I do think it's a little dangerous… The people in the village were kinda scared, too…
Daetta: No problem! Watch. Wulfric, shake!
Wulfric: Grrarrgggulll!
Daetta: Yowch!
Vyrn: Yikes! I-it bit Daettra?
Daetta: Wh-what you mean? This his way to show affection! Right, Wulfric?
Wulfric: Grrarrgggulll!
Lyria: Eek! I-it's biting her on the head!
Vyrn: Gaaahh… I can't see this ending well…
Daetta: Wulfric! I brought you food from inn!
Wulfric: …………
Daetta: What's wrong? If you not eat, your wounds not heal!
Daetta: Nnghh… come on, open mouth!
Wulfric: Grauwww…
Daetta: Huh? Ahh, gotcha. No strength for eating, huh?
Daetta: Then I take care of you first. I brought bandages, 'K?
Wulfric: Grauwww…
Daetta: No time be picky, Wulfric. Your life is on line!
Wulfric: …………
Daetta: OK, good boy.
Daetta: I'm same as you. Was bullied by all children around, hated speaking.
Daetta: But now fine. I have friends who understand… speaking fun now.
Daetta: I hope Wulfric can be same!
Wulfric: …………
Skyfarer 1: Phew… we finally made it to the village… that took ages…
Skyfarer 2: Yeah, let's find a place to rest, first. Man, I'm hungry as a… as a wolf!
Skyfarer 1: Oh, hello, Miss. Could you tell us the whereabouts of the nearest—
Skyfarer 1: GOOD GRIEF! Whatever are you doing with that monster?
Daetta: Huh? Oh, n-not monster! This little one only—
Skyfarer 2: You beast! I'll deal with you this instant!
Wulfric: …Guarrrhhhlll!
Skyfarer 2: UGH! Curse it… Even though it's injured… Guess this is what they mean by "beware the wounded beast"!
Daetta: Yaahh! No, s-stop, Wulfric!
Vyrn: What in the sky's goin' on here? Why are Wulfric and the skyfarer…
Lyria: Th-this is awful! At least one of them's going to get badly hurt at this rate…
Daetta: Ngh…
Daetta: All my fault! We gotta stop both!

Lovin' the Wild: Scene 3[edit source]

Although the party manages to resolve the fight, the skyfarers show contempt for Daetta's attempts to tame Wulfric. Faced with the reality of the situation, Daetta is forced to make a difficult decision, finally choosing to release Wulfric into the mountains. At the very end, however, Wulfric opens its heart to her a little, before departing into a forest.

The party resolves the situation, as the skyfarers make clear their opinion on the futility of Daetta's attempt to tame a monster.
Distressed by this, Daetta makes the agonizing decision to depart from the village and part with Wulfric in the mountains.
Daetta: Wulfric… sorry I drag you along with us…
Wulfric: …Rrr?
Daetta: Listen, your voice special, unique. So you not worry about teasing, 'K?
Daetta: You meet good friends someday. Was same for me! So, Wulfric too… you…
Lyria: Ohh… Daetta…
Daetta: …Here, lunch. You eat this, and we say goodbye.
Wulfric: …………
Vyrn: Oh… Guess monsters can't just chow down like us while they're aware of their surroundings. We better leave the food here and go…
Daetta: Wulfric…
Just then, Wulfric gently nuzzles Daetta's face, and begins to eat the food from her hand.
Daetta: Oh!
Wulfric: Gruuaaarrlll.
Daetta: Rraa, rrawww?
Wulfric: Gruuaaarrlll.
Daetta: Rrrarr! Ra-rarrrwwwrr!
Vyrn: Erm… are these two… actually talking right now?
Lyria: Hmm… well, they're certainly communicating something. That's the feeling I get.
Daetta: Take care! Come see again!
Daetta continues waving until Wulfric passes over a ridge and disappears from view.
From that time on, it is said that incidents of monsters attacking humans decreased in that mountain vicinity.
And the story of the miraculous bond between a voyaging maiden and monster was long the subject of conversation between villagers.

References[edit | edit source]