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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 132 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Playing with dolls, making hand shadow puppets
Likes Hansel and Gretel, chocolate
Dislikes Baths, brushing her teeth
Final Uncap
Character Release


Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 17歳
Height 132cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 人形遊び、手影絵遊び
Likes ヘンゼルとグレーテル、チョコレート
Dislikes お風呂、歯磨き
Final Uncap
Character Release


Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]





  • Her dolls' name, Hansel and Gretel, are based on the German fairy tale Hänsel und Gretel.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Gretel: Hmm? What is it Danua? Ah! I think you need to say that yourself!
Danua: C-Captain... Ha... Happy... Birthday...
Hansel: Danua's made a cake for you too. Blow out the candles and make a wish!


Gretel: Hey (Captain)! Danua says she wants to throw a big birthday celebration for you!
Hansel: She went all out and baked you a cake, (Captain). It's pretty good!
Danua: (Captain)... Happy... birth... day...
(Captain) tries to pet Danua, but Hansel and Gretel block the attempt.
Gretel: Hold it! You misinterpreted her intent a little bit there!
Hansel: Yeah. She doesn't want you to pet her. She wants to pet you.
Gretel: Okay then! Let's get started!
Hansel and Gretel lead (Captain) to lie down.
Danua gently begins petting (Captain)'s head, which rests softly on her lap.
Danua: Pet... pet... pet... pet...
Pet... pet... pet... pet...
(Captain) dozes comfortably as Danua strokes their head.


Danua: Zzz... Zzz...
Hansel: Nnn... Nnn...
Gretel: Mhh... Mhh...
(Captain) opens the door and finds Danua, Gretel, and Hansel lying near the table.
Next to them is a cake. As they waited for (Captain) to return home, sleep got the better of all of them.
Danua: Hmm? Wel... come ba... ck.
Hap... py bi... rth... day...
Pet... me... Pet... me...
(Captain) gently caresses Danua's head with a kind stroke.
Danua: Zzz... Zzz...
(Captain) looks over at Danua's peaceful slumber and quietly partakes of the cake.


Danua: (Captain)... Hap...py... birth...
Hansel: Danua's got a present for you
Gretel: There's a whole pack of coupons: a shoulder rub coupon, a dishwashing coupon, a cheer-me-on coupon, and even a head pat coupon.
Danua: One...
Hansel: She's telling you go and use one now. What's it going to be, (Captain)?
After a few moments' thought, (Captain) hands Danua the coupon that says "Cheer Me On."
Danua: Cheer... On!
Hurray... hurray... (Captain)!
Hansel: The hug was a bonus. Now you'll be okay no matter what happens.
Gretel: No slacking after all this encouragement! Keep pushing on all year!


Danua: Cake...
Hansel: Danua's saying she baked birthday cake for you.
Gretel: Mm, does that look good! She really wanted to put a smile on your face, (Captain)!
Hansel: She's got another present for you.
Danua stands before (Captain), swinging her arms and hips rhythmically before leaping in joy.
Danua: Ha... ppy... birth... day!
Gretel: Hahaha! An original dance just for you!
Danua: (Captain)... You too...
Hansel: She wants you to try the dance yourself, since it's a present and all.
Gretel: Danua's not gonna go easy on you, (Captain)! You'd better give it your all!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Gretel: Danua says happy New Year!
Danua: Sniff... Sniff... Achoo!
Hansel: Danua's not a fan of the cold. Warm her up so she doesn't catch a cold.


Danua: Snore... Snore...
Gretel: Hey, Danua! You're gonna catch a cold sleeping there!
Danua: Sleepy...
Hansel: Looks like she's all tuckered out trying to stay up past midnight.
Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: Hahaha! Sounds like she's running into you in her dreams, (Captain)!
Hansel: Sorry, (Captain). Is it okay to let Danua continue resting her head on your lap?
Gretel: Sigh... I'll go get the blankets!


Gretel: Okay! Do you have a Queen? Yes?
Danua: Um... Here... Hehe...
Hansel: She seems happy to have given her Queen.
Gretel: Danua, it's your turn.
Danua: Two...
(Captain) hands over a Two of Hearts.
Danua: Gehehe... Two...
Hansel: She says now she has a pair.
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua seems to really like Go Fish!


Danua: Sleepy...
Gretel: Hey! It's morning already! Are you going to lay in bed forever?
Hansel: Perfect timing, (Captain). Danua's being a big sleepyhead who won't get up.
Gretel: She won't make it in time for the big New Year's meal. Hurry up and do something, Captain!
(Captain) quickly pulls the covers off Danua.
Danua: Heehee! (Captain)...
Hansel: Mhm... Yes, yes... Danua's happy that you woke her up.
Gretel: Was this her plan all along? Danua's always hungry for your attention!


Danua: Let's eat...
Hansel: That food looks so good. We dolls can't really eat, but it'll be fun just to watch.
Danua: This too...
Hansel: Danua's got more food for you, (Captain).
Gretel: Whoa! Dish out that much grub, and (Captain)'s gonna have a tough time finishing it all!
Danua: Together...
Danua takes the dish stacked high with food and puts it down as she takes a seat next to (Captain).
Hansel: I guess volume's not gonna be a problem if it's for the both of you.
Gretel: But Danua prepared this especially for you, (Captain). So make sure you eat plenty, okay?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Danua: Valen...
Hansel: Today's Valentine's Day, and Danua has something she wants to give to you, (Captain)!
Go on. Take it!
Danua: Choco...
Gretel: She gave it her all to make 'em! I helped out too! Go ahead. Eat up!


Hansel: Got a second to talk, (Captain)?
Gretel: Not that it really matters! Check it out!
Danua: I...
Hansel: Hm... Yes, yes... It sounds like Danua has something she wants to give you, (Captain).
Gretel: Not that it really needs to be said! It's a Valentine's present!
Danua: Aaaah...
Hansel: Say aaah, (Captain).
Gretel: Danua said she wanted to make them herself this time!
Hansel: Not that we really had room to offer opinions on the matter. We're puppets.
Gretel: No idea how they turned out, but I'm sure they were made with lots of love!
Danua: So...


Hansel: (Captain), do you have a second? Danua has something for you. Danua.
Danua: (Captain)...
Hansel: This is a homemade treat. Eat up.
Gretel: There's one more thing Danua would like to give you!
Danua: Hehe... (Captain)... Smooch...
Danua blows a kiss at (Captain).
Hansel: She says it's an air kiss. All that practice paid off.
Gretel: Hahaha! Today's your lucky day, (Captain)! Take it all in!


Danua: (Captain)... Valen...
Hansel: You said you'll hand those out alone this year. Do you think you can handle it, Danua?
Gretel: Shhh! If you keep poking your head in, (Captain) is going to see you!
Danua: Here... Choco...
Hansel: There, now you've given some to everyone.
Gretel: Phew... I was watching on the edge of my seat!
Danua: Snicker!
Hansel: Oh, you're pumping your fist and smiling. Good job, Danua!


Danua: Welcome b...
Gretel: Good work on the assignment, (Captain)! Danua's been waiting forever to see you back here!
Danua: (Captain)... Good (Captain)...
Hansel: She's ready to reward you, (Captain). Consider it a cue to open your mouth wide.
Danua: Teehee...
Gretel: Whoa, she's holding onto (Captain) real tight all of a sudden!
Hansel: She's been waiting like a good little girl all this time, so she wants some attention now. Hope you don't mind, (Captain).

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: (Hey, (Captain)! Danua may be acting like nothing's going on, but she's super expectant right now!)
Hansel: (Yeah. She's been practicing for White Day since a couple days ago, so we're counting on you to make this a good one.)
Gretel: (She's squirming! Get over there and give her a present already!)
Danua: Me?
(Captain) hands over a present to Danua and says a few words of appreciation.
Like a flower greeting spring, a massive smile blossoms forth across Danua's face.
Danua: Th-thanks...
Hansel: Attaboy, (Captain)!
Gretel: Seconded! You really delivered!


Hansel:Hm? Did you bring something to repay Danua for Valentine's Day?
Danua: Hmm...
Gretel: Danua seems happy! Good job, (Captain)!
Danua: Hehe... (Captain), nom...
Hansel: Right, right... She seems to be saying, "nom," (Captain).
Gretel: Haha! Danua wants to eat with you! She wants to be fed!


Danua: Sweets... Thanks...
Hansel: She's happy to get chocolate from you. She's been waiting since last night and boy was it worth it.
Danua: Hehe... (Captain)... Sits...
Gretel: She wants to thank you. Sit on her bed. Come on! Hurry it up!
Danua: Squeeze...
Hansel: It's a hug of thanks. (Captain), can we hug you on both sides as well?
Gretel: She wants us to thank you all together! Ready, set, squeeze!


Hansel: Seems like (Captain) is going to give you a thank-you present for Valentine's Day.
Danua: Present... Heehee...
Gretel: You've been saying how excited you were since yesterday! It's great you got something this year too!
Danua: (Captain)... Thank... you...
Hansel: Looks like Danua wants you to feed her, (Captain)...
Gretel: She's waiting with her mouth open... Don't be shy—put it in her mouth!


Danua: (Captain)?
Gretel: You got a White Day gift from (Captain) this year too? Way to go, Danua!
Danua: Teehee... Ahaha!
With a skip in her step, Danua takes out the tea set she had prepared in advance and then seats (Captain) down.
Danua: Tea...
Gretel: She's gonna put on some tea, so the two of you get to drink up together!
Hansel: Looks like there's treats to go with that. Hope you can spare a bit of time, (Captain).
Danua: Please?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Danua: Hallow...
Trick or...
Hansel: Danua gets scared pretty easily. If you could skip the tricks and go straight to treats, that'd really help us out.
Danua: Treats... haha...
Gretel: Wow, look at all the candy you got, Danua! Not bad, huh?


Hansel: Hey, did you know today's Halloween?
Gretel: Ah, so it is! Say, (Captain), have you seen Danua?
Danua: Boo...
Gretel: Whoa! So that's where you were hidin'! You scared the stuffing outta me!
Danua: Scaredy...
Hansel: You sure are happy about tricking Gretel, Danua.
Danua: Heeheehee...
Gretel: Well, that was a good one Danua! You deserve a treat!
Danua: Thanky...
For you...
Hansel: Mmhmm... Looks like she wants you to have it, (Captain). You should be happy.
Gretel: Hey, that wasn't meant for you, (Captain)!
Danua: Ahahah...


Danua: No... pa...
Hansel: No... No... You shall not pass!
Gretel: If you must get through, pay in candy!
(Captain) gives Danua a candy.
Danua: This... not...
Hansel: She's trying to eat our candy too!
Gretel: So that's how you want to play... (Captain), fall in line!
Danua: I'm... done...
Gretel: Danua! You can't have (Captain) all to yourself!


Danua: Like?
Hansel: Mm... Yes, yes... Danua's asking if you like her costume, (Captain).
Gretel: You know it's snazzy. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Danua: Hee hee hee...
Gretel: Huh? You wanna know if that costume is the one she was sewing yesterday?
Hansel: Danua says she's going to make you wear it as a Halloween trick, (Captain).
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua's done listening. Like it or not, you're getting tricked!


Danua: Teehee... Heh heh heh!
Hansel: Danua's bursting with joy over how you're wearing the same costume she gave you last year.
Gretel: Goes to show that you've taken great care of it throughout the year! No wonder she's tickled pink.
Danua: (Captain)... Snicker...
Hansel: She's inviting you to head out together for some trick-or-treating action.
Gretel: Whoa, look at her grab (Captain)'s hand! Hope the captain's ready for a wild night!
Hansel: Now if you could just make sure she doesn't get too carried away. Let's get going, Captain!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Hansel: Danua wants to wish you happy holidays!
Danua: Hee hee hee... Let's play...


Danua: Cake...
Hansel: Oho. It sounds like Danua wants to eat that cake over there, (Captain).
Gretel: Watch it, Danua! If you eat nothing but sweets, you're gonna start putting on weight!
Danua: No...
Hansel: Hmm... Danua insists she won't.
Gretel: Yes you will! Let's exercise first! Come on!
Danua: Don't wanna...
Gretel: Don't make that face at me! (Captain)! You shouldn't spoil Danua like this!
Danua: Captain...
Hansel: What do you want to do about this, (Captain)? The decision is yours.


Danua: Cookies...
Hansel: Hm... Hm... Danua's happy that the cookies are ready!
Gretel: These taste great! Thanks for helping me, (Captain)!
Danua: Take...
Hansel: Really now? Danua wants you to have one, (Captain).
Danua: Take...
Gretel: Stop that! If you give all your cookies away you won't have no more to decorate the tree.
Danua: No...
Hansel: Danua's saying she won't run out. (Captain) can decide how many Danua eats.


Danua: Orna...
Hansel: Mhm... Yes, yes... Danua's saying she wants you to look at her hand-made ornaments for the tree.
Gretel: She put together little dolls of me and Hansel. Aren't they cute!
Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: Hm? Is this a doll of (Captain)? It's a spitting image of the captain!
Danua: Me...
Hansel: Danua made one of herself too so that we can all be together on the tree.
Gretel: Hey now, (Captain), no need to get so embarrassed. We all like being together, right?
Danua: Heehee!


Danua: Snow...
Hansel: Hm, hm... Danua said the snow's starting to fall.
Gretel: Whoo, what a lucky holiday season it's gonna be! I can already feel it!
Danua: Outside...
Hansel: Huh? Aah... (Captain), she's saying she wants to play outside with you in the snow.
Gretel: Danua's always loved making snowmen! And with this much snow, we can make a jumbo-sized one!
Hansel: But it's really chilly outside. Make sure you warm yourself up before heading out, Danua.
Danua: Sca...
Gretel: (Captain), Danua's got a scarf to help keep you warm. We can go out there as soon as you put it on!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Misunderstood Puppeteer

(Captain) and company mistake Danua for a wanted criminal. Danua, however, is actually pursuing the true culprit, a monster disguised as a little girl. Thanks to her, the true villain is caught, and Danua joins the crew.

At Sierokarte's behest, our heroes turn up at a nearby city.
As they wander the streets, the crew overhears rumors about a recent serial murder case.
Vyrn: Is it me, or does this town seem a little on edge?
Draph Man: Hey! Have you heard? There're rumors of a phantom slasher around these parts!
Erune Youth: Really? Sounds scary. I wonder what kinda person does that...
Draph Man: They say the criminal has been slashing at people with some kind of sharp blade. You know, like the one that girl's holding...
???: ...!
Lyria: Aaah!
Vyrn: Whoa! That was close! Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: I'm okay. We just bumped into each other, that's all...
Sierokarte: Hello, everyone!
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd you come from, Siero?
Sierokarte: Rejoice! It's me! Your beloved idol, Siero!
Vyrn: Yeah, yeah! So what do you want this time?
Sierokarte: Allow me to cut to the chase. You've probably figured it out by now, but I want you to capture that rogue slasher everyone's talking about!
Vyrn: I had a feeling that's what you wanted! What should we do? Wait, never mind. I already know what you're gonna say.
Lyria: The way things are going, the townspeople won't be able to live in peace! So let's all work together to catch the slasher!
The crew follow the criminal's trail to the town outskirts when a scream tears through the air...
They find an injured girl facing off against a suspicious Draph covered in blood.
Girl: Help!
???: ...!
Vyrn: You're that girl from earlier!
???: Uh-oh...
???: Uh huh... Uh huh...
???: Danua says we're in serious trouble, Gretel.
Gretel: Duh! I can tell that much for myself, thank you very much! Hansel! How are we getting out of this one?
Hansel: How? All we can do is make a run for it!
Vyrn: Hold it! We're not letting you out of our sights!
Little Girl: Waah...
Lyria: A-are you all right? Come with us, okay?
Vyrn: What is wrong with you? How could you attack such a little girl?
Danua: No...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says we're not the culprits. Hear that, Gretel? We're not the culprits.
Gretel: No, we sure aren't! But they've got the wrong idea, so we gotta force our way outta here!
Just as Danua and her puppets try to escape, the little girl suddenly attacks Lyria.
Lyria: Aaah!
Danua: Danger...
Danua shields Lyria from the blow, and the crew isn't sure what to make of this sudden turn of events.
Vyrn: What the... Wh-what in the world's going on here?
Little Girl: Hahahaha! What a bunch of idiots! You're all so stupid, I can't take it anymore!
Little Girl: Hahaha! Don't worry! I'll be nice... and kill you all together!
Monster: Grooar!
Vyrn: Did... Did she just turn into a monster?
Gretel: She's revealed her true form! All of you get back! Hansel!
Hansel: Danua! I'm going to unleash your magic power. Think you can handle it?
Danua: Yeah!
Vyrn: We'd better help them out! Let's go, (Captain)!
Magic power begins to gather on Danua's fingertips. In an instant, magical threads shoot from her fingers, manipulating the puppets to attack the monster with graceful swordplay.
Danua rescues the crew from peril. It turns out that the true culprit behind the string of attacks was a monster disguised as a little girl.
Lyria: This is bad! Danua's hurt! She needs first aid!
Danua: Fin-...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says she's fine. Just a scratch.
Gretel: Didn't anyone ever teach you people not to judge a book by its cover?
Vyrn: But you guys look totally suspicious...
Gretel: Hey! You're a talking lizard!
Vyrn: How many times do I need to correct people about this?
Danua: Ask...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua wants to know if you guys are skyfarers.
Vyrn: Huh? We are... Why do you care?
Danua: Ship...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua wants to ride on your airship.
Vyrn: Excuse me? Wh-what should we do, (Captain)?
  1. This must be fate.
  2. We need to treat her wounds!

Choose: This must be fate.
Vyrn: Well... They might be kinda weird, but I guess they don't seem all that bad. If you're cool with it, (Captain), then I am too!

Choose: We need to treat her wounds!
Vyrn: For now... Let's just get back to the airship and get her some first aid!
Continue 1
Gretel: Quit babbling and take us there already!
Danua: Please...
Hansel: Okay... Okay...
Hansel: Danua says pretty please, weird lizard.
Vyrn: Hey! You added that last part! Knock it off!
Lyria: Welcome aboard! It's nice to meet you, Danua... and your cute dolls, too!
And so, the crew welcomes the spirit medium Danua and her bizarre puppets onboard. What she is really after remains to be answered.

The Least I Can Do

Danua wishes to summon the spirits of her murdered family and place their souls into puppets. In order to grant her wish, (Captain) and company travel through a monster-infested forest to a witch's dwelling.

Danua finally opens up to (Captain) and company during their journey, revealing her true purpose in the process.
Danua's wish is to guide her murdered family's souls into puppets.
(Captain) and company head to a forest to visit a witch who can grant Danua's wish.
Vyrn: I hope this one will be a real witch! I'm sick of all the fake magic going on!
Danua: Real...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She says... There's no mistake. This is the real deal. By the way, Gretel, is this the right path?
Gretel: Hahaha! It's fine! Totally fine! Just leave it to me! I can just tell, Hansel!
Hansel: You can just tell? That's not reassuring... You're never right about this stuff, Gretel.
Gretel: Excuse me! You're the one that gets lost all the time! Hansel!
Vyrn: Hey, this isn't the time to be fighting! What are you going to do if you get us lost?
Danua: Pebbles...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She says... I dropped some pebbles along the way to mark our way back.
Lyria: Wow! Great job, Danua!
Danua: Pat...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says... I want the usual as a reward. Go ahead, (Captain).
As directed by Hansel, (Captain) pats Danua on the head.
Danua closes her eyes and appears to concentrate as she purrs with glee.
Danua: Monst-
Hansel: What? What!
Hansel: She says she can sense monsters nearby. Here they come. Get ready!

The Least I Can Do: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party arrive at a house made of candy deep in the forest. A woman, who calls herself a student of the witch the crew seeks, welcomes the party in. Attracted by the smell of candy, monsters appear and a battle ensues.

The party moves through the forest, but gets lost among the indistinguishable scenery.
Vyrn: I'm starving... Can we get some apples up in here?
Lyria: Sigh... I can't walk another step...
Danua: Light...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says she sees a light over there. Can you see it, Gretel?
Gretel: I see a house! Hey Hansel! Let's head to the light!
The party walks toward the light and smells a waft of sweetness coming from the house, which, as it turns out, is made entirely of candy.
A roof made of chocolate bars is supported by walls of cake rolls, surrounding candy windowpanes.
Lyria: Wow! I-It's like a dream come true!
Vyrn: That looks good! Hey, can I eat this?
Gretel: Hey! Don't eat that! What if it's poisoned?
Danua: Wait...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She says someone's coming.
???: Oh, my! What adorable little children! You wouldn't happen to be guests, would you?
Danua: Witch...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She's wondering if you're the witch of the forest.
???: No. I am but her disciple.
Gretel: Perfect timing! Can you let us inside to meet her?
???: Um... She's currently out in the forest, but you're welcome to wait inside!
Vyrn: Thanks a bunch!
Monster: Grrrr...
Vyrn: All these monsters are attracted to the smell! Hands off the candy!

The Least I Can Do: Scene 3

The witch tries to sacrifice (Captain) and company to summon her own family. Danua frees the binds on her friends and fights the monstrosity the witch has become.

The party enters the witch's house.
The party eats a grand feast prepared by the student while they wait for the witch to return.
Vyrn: Hey, lady. When is that witch coming back?
Witch's Student: Well... I do believe she'll return in a little bit...
Lyria: Yawn... I'm starting to feel sleepy...
Danua: Sleep...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says she's starting to get sleepy too.
Vyrn: Yawn... I can't keep my eyes open... (Captain)...
Gretel: Hey! What the hell did you do to Danua? (Captain)! Get a damn grip!
Witch's Student: Heheheh... That's it... Sweet dreams.
Hansel: Looks like we're in hot water, Gretel.
Witch's Student: Oh? What do we have here? Be good little dolls and sleep for me, won't you?
Gretel: Hey, Hansel! Now isn't the ti—mph!
(Captain) and company wake up to find themselves sleeping on a frigid stone floor.
They get up to look around. It's dark. The air is damp. It appears they're in some kind of underground cathedral.
Vyrn: Mmrm... What is this place? Hey! What's with these ropes? I can't move!
Lyria: (Captain)... It's dark and scary... T-there aren't any ghosts here... are there?
Danua: Hazy...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says her head feels hazy. How are things on your end, Gretel?
Gretel: Hansel! Never mind that! Do something about these ropes! Hey! Here she comes!
Witch: Hahaha... I am the witch you were looking for. I'll need you to stay still until my forbidden ritual is ready.
Vyrn: Let us go! What are you gonna do with us? Were you lying about being able to infuse dolls with souls?
Witch: I'm sorry for tricking you. But I didn't lie about that. You will become my sacrificial dolls, all so that I may give life to my family once more.
Lyria: Why would you do such a thing?
Witch: Wahahaha! You thought you could use forbidden magic to revive the dead and not have to pay a price?
Witch: Sorry, dear. If it's any consolation, I'm sure you'll be able to see your family on the other side... Well, now... Buh-bye!
Danua: Cut...
In the next moment, Danua's finger begins to emit light. These are the magical strings used to control Hansel and Gretel.
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says the ropes have been cut.
Gretel: Don't just sit there. Let's get her!
Witch: How unfortunate... I was going to kill you in your sleep to make it painless... But you leave me no choice... Graogh!
Black smoke surrounds the witch, whose body splits in two. From within emerges a terrifying monstrosity.
Vyrn: Uh-oh! This is bad!
Lyria: That looks like it hurts... But we can't lose! Here she comes, (Captain)!

The Least I Can Do: Scene 4

Danua feels down for not being able to summon her family's spirits. While (Captain) looks on, Danua is comforted by Lyria and Vyrn. With hesitation in her voice, she expresses thanks.

After defeating the wicked witch in the underground cathedral, the party returns to the Grandcypher.
Danua looks into the sky with melancholy. Her only wish is to see her family again... even if that means using the dark arts.
Vyrn: You okay, Danua? There's always a next time. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yup! I'm sure there's a way to make your wish come true somewhere out there!
Danua: ...
Hansel: You probably want to leave her alone for now.
Gretel: (Captain)'s got the right idea! Just stay by her and silently wait. That's the way to do it!
Vyrn: Listen... we're your friends... so if anything happens, we're there to help!
Lyria: Please don't push yourself too hard. Just let us know if you need help with anything.
Danua: I...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says she has something she wants to tell you.
Gretel: Whoa! What is it now?
Danua: Than-
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua wants to thank all of—Gwah!
Gretel: Hansel! Shut up for a second!
Danua: T-thank you... everyone...
Danua digs deep to find what little voice remains and muster the courage to say thank you.
Though her emotional scars have not yet healed, Danua's voice is returning. Little by little... Day by day...

Tragic Night

The crew asks Hansel and Gretel about the fateful night Danua's family was murdered. After learning of the horrific happenings, the crew decides to search Danua's old home for any clues to the killer.

Danua continues her search for the man who murdered her family, as well as the forbidden arts necessary to channel their departed souls into dolls.
Tonight is a night like any other, and with it comes her usual routine.
Danua: Please...
(Captain) pats her head, gently leading Danua to slumber.
Lyria: Hehe... Seems like Danua's really grown close to you.
Vyrn: Yup! She's getting some peaceful rest for sure!
Danua falls asleep in (Captain)'s lap, and (Captain) peers over at Hansel and Gretel.
Hansel: What's wrong, (Captain)? Have your legs gone numb?
Gretel: Hahaha! No need to overdo it!
(Captain) shrugs, only to pull things in a more serious direction by asking about the incident from Danua's past.
Gretel: Well, I suppose it is about time we told you.
Hansel: You sure you wanna hear about this, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods, and Hansel begins telling the story of that loathsome night...
Danua: Hm... Hmmm... Hm? Waaah!
Danua's Brother: What's wrong, Danua? Had a bad dream?
Danua: N-no. It's nothing, but... I just...
Danua's Brother: Ah! I see. Scared to go to the bathroom alone?
Danua: I-I don't have to go! Besides, I can go by myself!
Danua's Brother: Wow! When I was your age, I was a scaredy-cat.
Danua: Hmph! What a loser!
Danua's Brother: Well, since you're such a big girl, I'll give you a treat!
Danua: I-I don't need anything from you!
Danua's Brother: Oh? That's too bad...
Danua: B-but... if you insist... I wouldn't mind.
Danua's Brother: Really? How about a sleepyhead-rub? Pat... Pat... Pat... Pat...
Danua: Okay, okay... Go ahead... Go ahead...
Danua's Brother: I hope you'll have sweet dreams tonight.
Danua: You too. Good night.
Danua's Brother: Haha... Good night, Danua.
The two siblings sleep through a night like any other.
But a loud noise soon rouses them from their slumber.
Danua's Brother: Ngh... What was that?
Danua: Brother?
Danua's Brother: It's all right. Hansel and I will go check it out. You stay here and wait.
Hansel: Gretel, look out for Danua.
Gretel: Like you even gotta tell me!
Danua: W-wait, brother... I'm going with you.
Seeing the fear in her eyes, Danua's brother reluctantly allows her to come along.
Danua's Brother: If you insist. Stay behind me.
Danua: Okay... I will.
The siblings stay close together as they follow the sound.
???: It's your fault... All of you... All of you...
They find what appears to be a man muttering to himself.
Danua's Brother: You're...
Danua: B-brother?
Danua's Brother: Close your eyes, Danua! Don't look!
Danua: Huh?
Her brother is shaking at the sight of their parents lying on the floor in a sea of red.
Danua's Father: Get... back...
Danua's Mother: Run...
???: Hm? Oh look, the kids...
???: Hey. Cough it up now, and I'll let them live.
Danua's Father: It's in... the basement... Grghk...
Danua's Mother: Don't hurt... my children... please...
???: Heheh. Fine.
???: But living in a world without your parents is a tragedy, don't you think?
The mysterious man creeps his way toward the siblings.
Danua: B-brother...
Gretel: Hold up! You're not really plannin' to fight this guy, are you?
Danua's Brother: Hansel! Gretel! Look after Danua for me!
Hansel: Look after her?
Danua's Brother: Take Danua away from here! Now!
Hansel: Okay... Let's go, Gretel.
Gretel: Tch... Damn it all!
Danua: B-brother... Don't do this...
???: I'll be there in a moment. And it'll all be over just as soon.
Danua's Brother: Not if I have anything to say about it.
Danua's brother knocks over the spirit lamp on the table.
The flame from the lamp sets the tablecloth ablaze, creating a wall of fire between the two siblings.
Danua: B-brother... No!
Danua's brother turns to face her, smiling through the roaring flames.
Danua's Brother: It's okay... I'll be with you soon.
Hansel: Just leave the rest to us.
Gretel: Keep yourself in one piece, or there'll be hell to pay!
Danua's Brother: Haha! That's a promise! Danua... See you soon!
???: Haha... Hahaha... Don't worry. You'll be with him soon.
Danua: Brother!
Hansel: Let's go, Gretel.
Gretel: Aye, Hansel.
Danua: Brother, no!
Gretel: Danua... we're sorry.
Danua: Waah! No! No! No!
Danua: Brother! Daddy! Mommy!
Hansel and Gretel half-drag a wailing Danua away from the carnage.
The three run down the road into the night, the flames behind them lighting their path.
Danua cries out for her family over and over. Her voice grows raspy and hoarse.
And then... she loses both her family and voice entirely.
In time, she begins to dream of revenge... and of bringing her deceased family back to the world of the living.
Lyria: Oh my... What a terrible thing to happen.
Vyrn: Yeah... That's a tragic story.
Hansel: We did all we could to get her away from him then.
Gretel: But today, we'd never run from that guy.
Lyria: So, you haven't been back to the house since?
Hansel: Aye. Considerin' her feelings and all.
Then, (Captain) suggests to Hansel and Gretel that they all go back to her old home and look for clues to find that person.
Gretel: Well... Danua might be strong enough to do it now.
Hansel: Aye, I'm all for it. Especially with (Captain) and everyone else around, Danua would feel much more relieved.
Gretel: Alright! Let's leave first thing in the morning!
Hansel: We just might find something new.
Vyrn: Great! Sounds like a plan!
Lyria: Yep! Let's rest up for tomorrow!
The next morning, (Captain) and company talk to Danua about visiting her old home.
For a moment she seems hesitant, but her concern soon turns to determination and she agrees to move forward with the plan.

Tragic Night: Scene 2

The crew visits the ruins of Danua's old home and discovers a basement housing what appears to be a puppeteer workshop. Danua finds a familiar doll couple there, but is attacked by doll corpses from behind before she can greet them.

(Captain) and company go to visit Danua's childhood home.
With heavy hearts, the crew begins searching through the ruined remains.
Danua: ...
Hansel: No need to overdo it, Danua.
Gretel: Just have a seat and leave this to us!
Danua: Here...
Hansel: Hm? Uh huh... Uh huh... Danua says she's found something odd.
Gretel: Hey, (Captain)! Come search over here!
(Captain) and company carefully search the area Danua's pointing at.
They feel a slight breeze coming from the floor and try removing one of the metal floor plates.
Danua: Basement...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... She says this leads to the basement.
Gretel: What is this? Do you know anything, Hansel?
Hansel: No. I can't believe there's a hidden basement!
Vyrn: Gulp... Guess we'll just have to take a look.
They reach the the bottom of the stairs to find a large basement.
Danua: This...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... She says this place looks like a puppeteer's workshop.
Gretel: Huh? Since when was this place here?
Everyone searches the underground room, which curiously appears to be a well-tended puppeteer workshop.
In the very back of the workshop, Danua finds two dolls.
Danua: Papa... Mama...
The eyes of the dolls suddenly light up in response to her voice.
Gretel: Hey Hansel! Look at this doll.
Hansel: Ah... These are...
The dolls lined up behind Danua suddenly begin to move.
Doll Corpse: Grrr...
Gretel: Oh no!
Hansel: Gretel!
Gretel: Tch! Don't worry about me! Just protect Danua!
Caught off guard, Hansel and Gretel hurry to Danua. But it's too late.
Doll Corpse: Grrr!
Lyria: Watch out, Danua!
Vyrn: Argh! Can you reach her, (Captain)?
Doll Corpse: Groooar!
Danua: Papa? Mama?
Just when it seems like the doll corpse is about to strike Danua...
The male and female dolls protect her.
Doll Couple: ...
Danua: Huh?
With the dolls creating an opening, everyone hurries toward Danua.
Gretel: Let's go, Hansel!
Hansel: Leave it to me, Gretel!

Tragic Night: Scene 3

Though unable to speak, the doll couple expresses its deep love for Danua through cuddling. (Captain) and company look on warmly at the touching family reunion.

After clearing out the doll corpses, the crew turns to face the doll couple once again.
Danua: Papa? Mama?
Papa and Mama: ...
Unable to speak, the doll couple instead chooses to cuddle sweetly with Danua.
Hansel: Gretel, what's going on here?
Gretel: Couldn't tell you. But Danua sure looks happy!
Hansel: I don't really need to explain this, do I?
Danua: Hans... Gret...
Gretel: Let's go!
Hansel: On it.
Danua: We're all... together...
Vyrn: Hehe! I've never seen Danua look so happy before!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm so glad we came, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company watch as Danua huddles happily with her family.


The crew finds a doll couple in the puppeteer workshop under Danua's old home and reads through a memo describing the forbidden magic used to channel souls into dolls. While reading, the room suddenly fills with mist.

(Captain) and company visit the home where Danua grew up only to find it in ruins.
After finding their way underground, they discover a puppeteer's workshop and two curious dolls.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria... Those two dolls are Danua's mom and dad, right?
Lyria: Yeah... Right, (Captain)?
At that moment, the doll couple makes its way over to greet the crew.
The two dolls bow again and again in front of the crew to show their appreciation.
Papa: ...
Vyrn: Hey... What are they saying?
Gretel: They're really grateful you've all helped look out for Danua!
Mama: ...
The dolls use gestures to express their gratitude to (Captain) and company.
Lyria: It's no problem. Danua has been helping us out a lot, actually!
Danua: (Captain)...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... Danua says she's only made it this far because of you.
Papa and Mama: ...
The parents begin waving and jumping excitedly to express their thanks.
Gretel: Ha ha ha! I think they got your point!
Danua's parents and the crew finally get a chance to have their meet-and-greet.
One question remains. What's this workshop? The crew poses the question to the dolls.
Papa and Mama: ...!
Gretel: Hm? You need to calm down if we're going to understand what you're saying!
The dolls frantically attempt to explain, but it's no use. So they spread open a book on the table.
Gretel: We get it! You want us to read this thing!
Hansel: Allow me.
Hansel begins reading what appears to be notes related to an experiment.
Hansel: Forbidden magic exists with the power to channel human souls into dolls...
Hansel: Those who have already crossed the gate to the underworld can be brought back to the world of the living.
Hansel: However, to permanently fuse the soul and the doll requires a certain power...
As Hansel reads the book, a strange smoke begins to fill the underground room.
Papa and Mama: ...
Danua: Smoke...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... She says that this smoke is suspicious... Danua, try holding your breath.
Gretel: Hey! Quit your dilly-dallying and let's get out of here!
Everyone hurries toward the door to escape...
But a giant golem blocks their path.
Golem: Groooar!
Vyrn: T-this isn't good, guys!
Lyria: Yeah... My legs feel so... heavy...
Gretel: Tch... Fleshy humans sure are a handful.
Danua: Ngh...
Hansel: We don't have time for this! Let's go, Gretel.
Gretel: I gotcha! Let's hit 'em hard and fast!

Catharsis: Scene 2

Sleeping gas puts the crew to sleep, and when they come to, the man who killed Danua's family stands before their eyes. He tries to unleash the forbidden magic sealed within Danua's left arm, however, her dolls suddenly jump back to life to protect her.

After getting a whiff of the mysterious smoke, everyone in the crew begins to fall asleep.
And when they come to, they find themselves imprisoned.
Vyrn: What happened? How did we... When did we...
Danua: Agh...
Lyria: What happened? Danua, are you okay?
Danua: Lyri...
Danua's been imprisoned with the rest of the crew, and looks understandably worried.
???: I see... If you lose consciousness, you lose your connection to the doll...
Vyrn: Who was that just now?
A man with an eerie smile appears before them.
???: Hmmm? Didn't you come here looking for me?
Danua: Who...
???: Don't you remember? I'm the man who purged your parents and brother.
Danua: ...!
Vyrn: You've got some nerve showing up around here! Who are you?
Rogue Puppeteer: Me? I'm a rogue puppeteer. I have no name.
Rogue Puppeteer: Allow me to ask the same of you. Not that it matters. You'll be dead soon enough.
Rogue Puppeteer: Shall we have a little chat before you meet your ends?
The rogue puppeteer begins to tell a story.
Rogue Puppeteer: I heard rumors of a way to infuse human spirits into dolls, and paid a visit to a certain pupeteer.
Rogue Puppeteer: But he refused to see me. Said the magic was too risky to use.
Rogue Puppeteer: He was so happy. Ignorant in his familial bliss.
Rogue Puppeteer: That's why I had to show him. Show him how it feels to lose your loved ones.
Rogue Puppeteer: If I did that... then he'd finally understand how desperate I was!
Vyrn: That's why you killed Danua's family? What's wrong with you?
Rogue Puppeteer: That's right. Is what I did truly so terrible? People are driven by selfish desires!
Rogue Puppeteer: Unfortunately... the forbidden magic I was looking for was nowhere to be found down here.
Rogue Puppeteer: It was sealed within your arm all along, Danua.
The man grabs Danua by her left arm.
Danua: Ow...
Rogue Puppeteer: I will use the spectral threads sealed within this arm to channel souls into the dolls...
Lyria: Please stop! You're hurting her!
Rogue Puppeteer: Bwahaha... And I've obtained such a bounty of new materials to work with, too.
Rogue Puppeteer: You will all serve as the perfect catalyst for the forbidden spell!
The rogue puppeteer binds (Captain) and Danua to a pedestal imprinted with a summoning circle.
With a firm hold on Danua's arm, he begins muttering the incantation.
Rogue Puppeteer: It is time. Gate to the underworld... Open!
When the puppeteer invokes the seals, a dark mist begins seeping from Danua's arm.
A vortex of darkness quickly envelops them, from which a gate to another dimension appears.
Danua: Stop...
Rogue Puppeteer: Heh... Hahaha... Soon. Soon the forbidden spell will be mine!
Danua: Stop...
The spectral threads are released from Danua's left arm.
Danua: Stooooop!
At that very instant, the dolls connected to Danua's spectral threads come back to life.
Hansel: Sorry we're late, Danua.
Papa: ...
The dolls destroy the bonds that restrained the crew.
Mama: ...
Gretel: Now, Danua! Let's turn this guy into doll stuffing!
Danua: I won't let you... have control anymore!
Rogue Puppeteer: You've outlived your usefulness! Now it's time for you to meet your maker!
Golem: Groaaar...
Danua: Papa... Mama... Here it comes.
Papa and Mama: Danua...
Danua: Please... Lend me a hand... Hansel... Gretel...
Hansel: Of course we will!
Gretel: Let's do it!
Danua: I'll... save... everyone!

Catharsis: Scene 3

Danua believes the rogue puppeteer is defeated for good, only for him to open a gateway to darkness. After Danua's family sacrifices itself to protect her, she finds herself able to speak again, but temporarily loses herself in sadness. Ultimately, she gains a renewed sense of determination.

Rogue Puppeteer: Not yet... I can still fight!
Despite being soundly defeated by (Captain) and company, the puppeteer grows ever more hostile and resistant.
Grudge: Groooar...
Just then, a swarm of vengeful spirits appears at the gate to the underworld.
Rogue Puppeteer: What? T-this cannot be!
The spirits of those who had once been wronged by the puppeteer appear and begin dragging him into the gate.
Rogue Puppeteer: No! Let go... Let go of me!
As the light glowing from Danua's left arm begins to dim, the ominous gate begins to close as well.
And thus, (Captain) and company make it through this string-pulling crisis unharmed.
Danua: Everyone...
Vyrn: Huff... Looks like... everyone's okay...
Danua: I'm so glad.
Lyria: Right! Wait... Huh? Danua, did you speak just now?
Danua: I... did?
The dolls gather around Danua.
Papa and Mama: Danu... a...
Danua: Sob... Papa... Mama...
Danua: Can you pat me on the head?
The parents hold Danua tight, gently stroking her hair as she sobs.
Hansel: Good for you, Danua.
Gretel: She's really outgrown them, wouldn't you say!
Vyrn: Hehe! Well that settles that!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm so happy she found her parents!
(Captain) and company look on at the touching family reunion.
But just then, the dark gate to the underworld suddenly reopens.
Rogue Puppeteer: Ahahaha... As if I'd let you get away!
After using the last of his power to reopen the gate, the puppeteer grabs Danua and drags her toward the vortex.
Danua: Ahhh!
Papa and Mama: Danua!
Her parents desperately try to pull Danua away from the puppeteer.
But despite their best efforts, Danua is only drawn deeper and deeper into the dark beyond.
Vyrn: We've gotta rescue 'em!
Lyria: Let's give them a hand, (Captain)!
But (Captain) and company can't get any closer to Danua.
Danua: Papa! Mama!
Gretel: Hmph! What a sore loser! And a jerk, too! Let's get 'em, Hansel!
Hansel: Understood, Gretel.
Hansel and Gretel, along with Danua's parents, stand before the puppeteer.
Danua: Hansel! Gretel!
Hansel: Danua, you'll be just fine.
Danua: Hansel?
Gretel: Don't look so sad, Danua! You're not alone anymore!
Danua: Gretel!
Rogue Puppeteer: Enough of this, you useless dolls!
Papa and Mama: Goodbye, Danua... We... love... you...
Gretel: Haha! It was a short reunion, but it was fun. We're off!
Hansel: This is goodbye, Danua. (Captain)... Everyone... Take good care of her.
Danua: Papa! Mama! Hansel! Gretel!
Danua: No... No... There's so much I want to tell you!
Danua: I wanted us to live together... as a family!
But her plea ends in vain, as the dolls begin to disappear with the puppeteer beyond the gate.
The gate to the underworld closes once again, and a silence fills the room.
Lyria: How could... This is... the most horrible thing I've ever seen...
Vyrn: No way! We couldn't do anything!
Danua: Sob... Sniff... How could this happen...
Danua's family comes together to protect her once more.
Danua has lost her family and dolls, but gains something else in return: her voice.
She sobs loudly as (Captain) and company guide her back to the airship.
It takes several days for her heart to mend from the loss.
Vyrn: Hey, Danua. Are you all right?
Lyria: Sob... I'm so sorry, Danua. I couldn't do anything...
Danua's concerned companions gather around her.
Danua: Sniff... Thank you, everyone...
Danua smiles gently, fighting back her tears.
Time had stopped for her ever since that fateful day... but now things are slowly starting to move once more.
Danua: (I need to be strong... for my family.)
Danua: (Papa... Mama... Hansel... Gretel...)
Danua: (Thank you for loving me.)
Danua, her face still wet with tears, looks out at the sky unfolding before her.
What majestic sights await her?
No matter what the future brings, she'll face it alongside her friends.
Fate will no doubt shine upon them, like the brilliant blue sky above.

Dear Dollies

A pleasant chat between Danua and Anna is spoiled when Danua reacts badly to Anna's attempt to repair Hansel. Later, Anna learns that Hansel is an important memento of Danua's dead older brother. She convinces Danua to let her fix the rip in Hansel's head, but it turns out the magic animating the puppet won't allow his appearance to be changed.

Anna: Hehe... And you know? When we first met, I thought for sure you guys were another hallucination...
Hansel: Guess that's what happens if you don't step outside every so often.
Gretel: Hahaha! No it doesn't! That's weird, any way you look at it!
Nightmare: Shut it, pal! We were just caught off guard, that's all!
Danua: Hahaha! Hehe!
It is another fine day aboard the Grandcypher. Anna, Danua, and their dolls are having an animated chat.
Anna: Hehe... I still thought so after we left the forest, to be honest.
Danua: Hehe... Hahaha!
Gretel: Hoho! Hey, Hansel! Looks like someone's got the giggles!
Hansel: Indeed. I can't recall the last time I saw her like this.
Vyrn: What's goin' on over here? You two sure seem like you're getting along!
Lyria: Hehe... It's like you've been friends forever!
Gretel: I know, right? Danua's usually such a sourpuss, y'know?
Anna: Really? Hehe... Wow, I'm honored.
Anna: And, um... I've been meaning to ask...
Gretel: Hm? Spit it out! Why so serious all of a sudden?
Anna: Well, um... It's your head, Hansel... There's a little bit of cotton sticking out of it...
Hansel: What, this? Don't worry about it. It's always been like that.
Lyria: Hrm... Now that you've said it, I can't stop looking...
Vyrn: Yeah! Why not get it fixed up?
Anna: I... I've had a lot of practice with Nightmare—let me do it! I'll have Hansel looking great in no time!
Danua: ...!
Danua reaches out quick as lightning to slap Anna's hand away. Her eyes stay on Anna's face, round with fear.
Anna: Huh?
Danua: ...
Vyrn: Hey, what's the deal with Danua all of a sudden?
Lyria: I don't understand... Why would she do that?
Anna: ...
Hansel: Hey, Danua, about this afternoon. That could've gone better, don't you think?
Gretel: Sigh... And just when you two were getting along so well. She's probably all ticked off now...
Danua: ...
Anna: Um... E-excuse me!
Gretel: Anna...
Anna: I-I'm sorry... Earlier today, I startled you, didn't I?
Anna: Um... Danua? Are you mad at me?
Danua: No!
Anna: Hehe... Okay. That's a relief...
Anna: Tell me... Why don't you want to fix Hansel?
Danua: ...
Hansel: Hrm. Perhaps we should handle this.
Gretel: Yeah...
The dolls explain that Hansel is a memento of Danua's older brother.
Anna: Ohh...
Hansel: Yup. That's probably why she wants to keep me exactly the way she got me.
Anna: But... Since he's so important to you, don't you want to take extra special care of him?
Anna: You can't keep Hansel that way... It's not good for him. Or for you either, Danua.
Danua: ...
Danua lapses back into silence, but then she holds Hansel out to Anna.
Hansel: Oh?
Danua: Please...
Anna: Okay! I'll fix him right up. D-do you mind waiting a bit?
Danua: Uh-uh!
That night, Anna takes a needle and thread in her practiced hands and sits down to repair Hansel.
Hansel: ...
Anna: Oh dear...
No sooner has Anna finished sewing than Hansel's rip reopens. It happens again and again. And again.
Anna: I, um... I'm not sure I understand the finer points, but...
Anna: But I think it might be the magic you used to bring Hansel to life, Danua...
Anna: It might mean that his appearance can't be changed...
Hansel: I see. So what you're saying is, a needle and thread aren't gonna do the trick.
Gretel: Hahaha! You're gonna hafta stay ugly, Hansel!
Anna: I-I'm so sorry... I don't know much about doll-making...
Danua: ...
Danua: Tanks...
Anna: What?
Hansel: Thanks. She's saying thanks. I think she means she's just happy you tried.
Anna: Hehe... Oh, I see. Well, it was my pleasure, Danua. Really.
Danua: Heh!
For Danua, this is an enthusiastic response.
Anna may not have been able to repair Hansel, but she certainly has brightened the expression on Danua's face.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
人形だからって甘く見るなよナ! Don't think you'll have it easy just because we're dolls!
三枚に卸すぞコラァ! We'll slice you to ribbons!
ホラホラ! ダヌア、ボサッとすんナ! Danua, c'mon, wake up and smell the roses!
ヘンゼルはダヌアの兄貴の人形だったのサ I used to be Danua's brother's doll.
ふん、ふん…家族に会いたい、とな Umm, hmm... I wish I could meet my family...
ふむ、ふむ…チョコが食べたい、か Mmm, hmm... I want some chocolate...
ダヌア、汚れたから風呂に…嫌がるな! Danua, let's clean you up in the bath... Come back!
み…ん、な…まも、る…! I'll... protect everyone!
(主人公)…な、で…て… (Captain)... Please... pet me...
(主人公)、ダヌアと仲良くしてやってくれ Be good to Danua, (Captain).

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Click to reveal card data

Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.

"Danua wants to know who you are."
"We're not weirdos! Don't get the wrong idea!"


Evolve: Give all other allied followers Clash - Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.
Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.

"Hey! You better hand over the pats now, bub!"
"Captain, please reward her with the usual, ceremonial patting."

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Danua, Grim Puppetmaster
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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