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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Dorothy: Happy birthday, Master!
Claudia: Congratulations.
Dorothy: Ah, I feel like I'm in ecstasy. I've been sooo looking forward to your birthday!
We'll make sure to provide you with our most affectionate services today!
Claudia: Zzz...
Dorothy: Really, Claudia? Now's not the time for a siesta!
Claudia: Is it truly my fault for feeling tired after helping you tail our master these past few days?
Not to mention all the quirky things we had to prepare...


Dorothy: Happy birthday, Master!
Claudia: Happy birthday. I trust you'll find our festive preparations exceed your expectations.
Dorothy: Get ready for the kind of first-flight service only two veteran maids can provide, all for you and all day long!
Claudia: Make sure you don't get soft from all our grade A pampering.
Dorothy: Don't worry, Master! Even if you're as soft as a marshmallow, I'll wait on you hand and foot!
Claudia: That's what worries me.


Claudia: (Captain), happy birthday.
Dorothy: Now, do let us wait on you hand and foot...
Claudia: Dorothy. If we do so, nothing will have changed from last year.
Is it not also our duty to oversee and spur on (Captain)'s growth?
Dorothy: Oh... Well, in that case...
If it helps you grow ever more skilled in being served, do let us wait on you hand and foot!
Claudia: Sigh...
I realize today is a special day... But take care that Dorothy doesn't spoil you rotten.


Claudia: Happy birthday, (Captain). This is the start of another wonderful day.
Hee-hee... How should I go about this...
Dorothy: Grr, it's no fair!
I wanted to be the one to give special service to our master this year!
Claudia: Please, Dorothy. I beat you in rock, paper, and scissors fair and square.
I've up come up with a special birthday training menu just for you, (Captain).
Dorothy: Hrm... But...
Claudia: Besides... This could be your chance, Dorothy.
After a tiring workout with my whip, (Captain)'s going to find any service from you to be extra sweet.
Dorothy: That's a good point! Just wait for me, (Captain)—I'm going to make things right!
Claudia: Though I don't know if (Captain) will still be conscious when I'm done... Well then, let us get started.


Dorothy: Master! We just had a famous mystic tell your fortune!
And guess what? Seems all the stars are aligned in your favor today!
Hehe! Today's going to be your best birthday yet!
Claudia: If you'll please follow me, I think you will find that we spared no effort in the party preparations.
Hm? Do I seem more enthusiastic than normal?
Dorothy: Oh, there's a reason for that! See, the mystic had a message for Claudia too.
"Serve your benefactor as they have served you, and all of your wildest dreams will come true!"
Claudia: If I can only provide (Captain) with the utmost service, then soon, Lyria shall fall... Heh... Hehehe...
Dorothy: Don't you worry about her, Master. Dorothy's here one-hundred-percent out of loyalty to you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Dorothy: Good morning, Master! C'mon, Claudia, say your New Year's greetings!
Claudia: Ah, do you mean the special greeting we came up with last night? On your mark, get set...
Dorothy & Claudia: Lovely New Year! Whee!
A splendid LNY to you.
Dorothy: Wha? I thought we agreed on something more cutesy!
Claudia: But LNY is cutesy. Then again, we did decide that late at night...


Dorothy: Happy New Year, Master!
Claudia: Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Dorothy: The first thing you should do this New Year's is eat this meal I just finished preparing!
And of course, I will spoon-feed you every bite!
Claudia: Stop right there, Dorothy. The first thing (Captain) should do is get into the bath I just finished scrubbing.
Dorothy: What! Food comes first!
Claudia: How one begins the year means everything. For a clean year, (Captain) must have a clean body.
Dorothy: Master.
Claudia: (Captain).
Dorothy & Claudia: Which will you choose?


Claudia: Yawn... New Year's is a time for ease. It seems even I am wont to lounge about...
Dorothy: Well now, Claudia! The new year has just started and already you are being idle!
We must never be remiss in our duties to our Master!
Claudia: I've already tidied up—hours ago. I believe I've earned my rest.
And I am certain that even (Captain) wishes to be at leisure on New Year's Day, without worry of anyone's censure.
Therefore, there should be little issue... If I, too, take a... Zzz...
Dorothy: Oh, I do say! Claudia!


Dorothy: Master, happy New Year!
Claudia and I just got back from our shrine visit!
Claudia: I took the liberty of pulling a fortune for you while we were there.
I'll read it out loud, so pay attention.
Ahem... "If you pay the hardworking maid in your service, you'll be rewarded with luck."
"But your year will be filled with incredible fortune if you allow said maid to be accompanied by a certain beauty whenever she's on break."
Dorothy: Huh...
Wait, Claudia! Don't just make up stuff that's not written on there!
Claudia: Tch, so you saw through me...
Dorothy: Who wouldn't!
Master, I actually pulled a fortune for you too!
"Entrust your body and soul to the maid by your side for good luck. Your lucky item is a flamethrower!"
Claudia: I am certain none of those words are written on that slip of paper.
Dorothy: Aw... Well... At least keep that stuff in mind for this year, Master!


Dorothy: I'm so happy we were able to watch the first sunrise together.
Claudia: Now, (Captain), allow us to formally wish you...
Dorothy & Claudia: Happy New Year.
Claudia: And, as per your request, we've made preparations for a mochi-pounding event.
We've bought the flour, steamed the rice, and mashed the red beans.
I only wish Eugen weren't parading about in a fundoshi and being an affront to decency.
Dorothy: As for you, Master, we have some lovely happi coats prepared, so what say we get you changed?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Dorothy: Here you are, Master! We put all our heart into making these chocolates! A few special somethings went into making them, you know! Like...
Our bosoms ablaze with passion, teehee...
Claudia: Our desire to repay you for letting us aboard the ship...
Dorothy: Our expectation that we'll get to know you better...
Claudia: Our ulterior motive of hoping you'll shower us with gifts and much more a month later...
Dorothy: C'mon, Claudia! You're not supposed to say that!
Claudia: Is it not the truth?
Now to saunter over to Lyria and hand her my oh-so-special gift. Hee-hee...


Dorothy: Master! We've prepared Valentine's Day chocolate for you this year as well!
We've chosen various ingredients to give each chocolate its own unique taste!
My chocolates are sweet and full of love. Sometimes honey as well...
Claudia: My chocolates include some failed experiments.
Personally, I don't think they taste that bad...
Dorothy: Claudia! We said we weren't going to include those, didn't we!
Claudia: Blame my capricious nature. (Captain), take whichever you like.


Dorothy: Master! May I present our most wonderful...
Claudia: Valentine's chocolates.
Dorothy: Oh, this year, we decided to try making 100% identical chocolates!
But, Master... You can tell which chocolates are mine, can't you?
Claudia: Sigh... I did tell Dorothy there is no way of differentiating. Appearance, taste... They're all the same.
But Dorothy absolutely insists that you, of all people, will be able to tell.
Dorothy: Why, of course my Master would know! Isn't that right, Master?
Claudia: Oh, and as this has become a test of your abilities, I was most scrupulous in the preparation of my chocolates. There should be no difference whatsoever.
Will you indeed be able to tell? Let us see the full extent of your capability.


Dorothy: Master, we brought you some Valentine's chocolates.
Claudia: They might look familiar—just as they did last year—but we've refined the flavor.
Dorothy: You being able to tell apart my chocolates from Claudia's last year didn't sit too well with her...
So she had us make chocolates that are even harder to distinguish this time around.
Claudia: I underestimated your taste buds last year, (Captain).
Not intent on making the same mistake twice, I upped the hurdle for myself, mimicking Dorothy's culinary technique as closely as possible.
I look forward to seeing how you handle this challenge, (Captain).
Dorothy: Same here, Master! Take a bite and let us know what you think.
Dorothy & Claudia: "Aah..."


Dorothy: Happy Valentine's, Master! Here's a token of our deepest love!
Claudia: Yes, "our." That gift is from the both of us.
I understand your surprise, (Captain).
After all, Dorothy and I used to be rival chocolatiers.
Dorothy: But we've since figured out the true meaning of Valentine's!
Claudia: Indeed. Valentine's gifts are an expression of appreciation.
But we turned it into an expression of our egos.
Dorothy: Did you know, when Claudia realized what we'd done, she actually seemed quite sorry...
So this time, we decided to come together for you in the true spirit of the holiday!
Claudia: I do hope you'll enjoy the result of our collaborative effort.
Dorothy: All right, Master! Say "ahh..."

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Dorothy: Hey, Claudia... Do we still need more sweets for Halloween? I'm beat from making so many.
Claudia: I only ask that you try. Your sweets are the key to my fun time with a certain beautiful girl.
Dorothy: Okay, okay... Just make sure to keep your boundaries, okay? We wouldn't want to upset Master (Captain).
Claudia: Yes, I try to practice moderation in all aspects of my life. Beautiful girls are to be worshipped like the divine beings they are.


Dorothy: Claaaudia, aren't you going to dress up?
Claudia: Maids have no need for costumes. All we're doing is handing out candy after all.
Dorothy: Awww... That's no fuuun...
Claudia: If you have time to complain, you should be making more candy.
Dorothy: But don't you think Lyria would enjoy it if you both wore costumes together?
Claudia: !
Dorothy: And she's off. Maybe Master and I can wear matching costumes...


Dorothy: Master! I've got a lovely costume for you ready.
Claudia: Lyria, if you would please don this outfit here...
Dorothy: Oh, and I've prepared heaps of sweetmeats for the children! Would you care for a taste?
Claudia: I have packed confections for you in a separate pouch, Lyria. I'll go retrieve it, if you would excuse me a moment.
Dorothy: Why, Claudia! It's fine if you want to wait on Lyria, but you mustn't neglect Master!
Claudia: Well, I'm determined to procure myself a treat this Halloween—and that treat is Lyria's sweet smile.
Now, Lyria, I shall accompany you wherever you go. Please let me know when you are ready to depart.
Dorothy: What, that isn't fair! Master, do say you'll let me follow you everywhere too!


Dorothy: Master! I made a costume just for you!
It's cat-themed!
Even better, it's a matching costume with mine!
Claudia: Wait, (Captain). If it's a costume you need, why don't you try on this knight armor?
I happen to be wearing an identical set. Maybe you can ask Lyria to dress up as a princess, then you'll be able to escort her like a knight in shining armor... Hee-hee.
Dorothy: Oh, no you don't, Claudia! I'm the one who gets to wear matching costumes with our master!
Claudia: I need (Captain) to be my bait—Ahem, Lyria is going to need an escort.
Dorothy: Grr... Let's have our master decide!
Claudia: Well, (Captain)? Which do you choose?


Claudia: We've prepared the pumpkin pastries as per your orders. Would you like to try one?
Dorothy: Hehe! Well, Claudia, looks like the pastries are a success!
Claudia: Then it's time you fulfilled your end of the bargain. We are spending this Halloween in matching suits of armor.
Dorothy: Wait! Wh-wh-what bargain? I never heard about any bargain!
Claudia: Dorothy, didn't you and (Captain) wear matching costumes last year?
It's only fair that I get a turn.
Hehe... Now nothing shall keep me from Lyria... Hehehe...
Dorothy: Watch out for Claudia, Master! She's scheming something—I just know it!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Dorothy: Happy holidays, Master! We're pulling out all the stops to make you a fantastic dinner!
Claudia: ...
Dorothy: Yeah, yeah, I know, Claudia! Don't worry—I'll keep the kitchen clean!
Claudia: Please do. Because this is a kitchen that we, as you put it, pull out all the stops to keep tidy.


Claudia: Coldest night... A beautiful flower frolics in the snow... Hehe...
Dorothy: Gasp! Master! Lyria's in danger. Don't let Claudia get near her!
I'm too busy preparing a meal, so I can't protect her myself!
Claudia: Always thinking the worst of people... I wouldn't hurt a fly. Honest.
Dorothy: Don't listen to her, Master!


Dorothy: W-why, Claudia! Whatever are you doing, sneaking about so late at night?
Claudia: Why must you speak in such an accusatory manner?
I was simply hoping to leave a present by Lyria's pillow.
Rather, might I ask what you're doing? I believe that hall leads to (Captain)'s quarters.
You could not possibly be meaning to steal into (Captain)'s bedchamber...
Dorothy: I-I would never! I only meant to slip a present in Master's stocking!
Dorothy & Claudia: ...
Dorothy: Claudia, I believe it may be prudent to simply act...
Claudia: As if neither of us saw anything, correct?


Dorothy: Have no fear! Claudia and I can take care of this year's decorations and feast again!
Claudia: It seems like a lot of work for us every year? Oh, please. Don't underestimate us. This much is child's play.
Besides, it hardly feels like work when we know Lyria and the other crew members are looking forward to it.
Dorothy: Exactly! Master's trust in our abilities is the best holiday gift of all!
It's actually fun to clean and cook together. Right, Claudia?
Claudia: Well, you certainly know how to increase the workload with your explosions, at least.
Dorothy: Awww, don't be like that! I know you have fun teaming up with me!
Claudia: I wonder. But that's enough chitchat. Let's get started.


Dorothy: Master, there's enough powder out there to bury you in! You can't possibly go to a snowball fight in your shirtsleeves!
Claudia: You're free to have your fun, but please put on something warmer. You're just asking to catch a cold.
Though if you insist, I'm perfectly happy to let you take responsibility for your own choices.
Now, Lyria, on the other hand... No chill must be allowed to seep through her delicate frame.
But, yes... On the off chance that it does, I suppose I shall just have to envelop her in a warm embrace... Hee... Hehe...
Dorothy: What! Well, if you're going to act like that, Claudia, then I claim all rights to cuddle Master...
Wait. Master? Master?! Where've you gone?!

Fate Episodes

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The Melancholy Queen

Constance struggles with how to have her two workaholic maids, Dorothy and Claudia, get some rest. Conveniently, a letter arrives from (Captain) and the crew inviting them on a vacation in Auguste. Though Constance takes the opportunity to suggest that the two go, they see through the queen's plan to run away while they're gone and insist that she comes as well.

In the late afternoon at a castle on Sharom Island, a woman gazes languidly out the window.
Constance: ...
Her name is Constance. She is the queen of Sharom, an island of peace-loving monsters.
Dorothy: Clean, clean, time to clean. Teehee.
Claudia: You're kicking up dust, Dorothy. Please sweep more slowly.
Claudia: My intervention is always required in the aftermath of your "cleaning."
Dorothy: The aftermath, she says! Don't be a meanie, Claudia.
Dorothy: Oh? What's this?
Constance: ...
Dorothy: Queen Constance, there you go again, staring out the window endlessly. Wait, don't tell me...
Claudia: Yes, she's planning her next escape. We need to be extra wary.
Dorothy and Claudia are the unwavering handmaidens who serve Constance.
They're always on the alert as their queen is prone to run away, but this time their ruler has something else on her mind.
Constance: (Dorothy and Claudia have been working so long without any sort of vacation...)
Constance: (I wish they'd take some time off, but they reject everything I propose. What should I do?)
The queen has been racking her mind on how to give her ever-professional maids a break.
Constance: Sigh...
Claudia: A sigh... That can only mean she intends to enact her plan tonight.
Dorothy: Then we'll have to take turns keeping watch.
Claudia: Hm?
Young Steward: ...!
A monster brings a bundle of letters that just arrived at the castle.
Dorothy: Oh, Queen Constance! Some letters have arrived for you!
Claudia: Dorothy, we should have sorted through those before handing them over.
Constance: Ah, no... It's fine. I'll look at them... Oh?
One letter in particular stands out from the rest. Its sender is someone familiar to the queen, so she takes it out to read immediately...
Dorothy: Who might that be from? Oh, I hope it's from the tea merchant.
Constance: Um, I'm sorry. It's not from any merchant...
Constance: It's from (Captain) and the others!
Dorothy: From Master?
Claudia: And the others... M-meaning... Lyria as well? Wh-wh-what did she say?
Constance: Let's see... Here, I'll read it.
Written is a message from the crew saying they are heading to Auguste for a vacation and would like to meet for the first time again in a while.
Constance: "Let's have some fun together," it says!
Dorothy & Claudia: A beach vacation... with Master!
A beach vacation... with Lyria!
Constance: Y-yes! How great, an invitation for a vacation!
Dorothy: That would be a dream!
Claudia: I would be able to see Lyria... And in swimwear at that... Hee-hee.
Dorothy's expression lights up, while Claudia begins to breathe heavily.
Constance: (Ah, that's it!)
Constance realizes the answer to her problem, as she knows that the two adore (Captain) and the others.
Constance: Oh, Dorothy, Claudia... There's no pressing reason to refuse their offer, yes? Don't you think?
Dorothy: Right! I want to see Master right away!
Claudia: I, too, desire to see Lyria. She'll undoubtedly require my assistance picking out a swimsuit...
Constance: (Perfect! I can finally give them a well-deserved break!)
Constance: Very well. I wish the two of you a safe journey.
Dorothy & Claudia: ...
Dorothy: What are you saying, Queen Constance?
Claudia: Naturally, you will be joining us in Auguste, my queen.
Constance: Oh? Wh-why is that?
Dorothy: Because you'll run away without us here. Don't hide it. We'd never let that happen. Teehee.
Constance: (Oh no!)
Indeed, the queen did intend to run, but her astute attendants quickly see through her plan.
Constance: I-I-I would never! Don't be silly!
Claudia: You are coming with us, and you'll like it. Dorothy!
Dorothy: On it!
Dorothy and Claudia take their ruler, one on each arm, and drag her away.
Constance: No! Oh nooo!
Dorothy: To think, I'll get to meet Master in Auguste... I'll see to the captain's every need. Teehee.
Claudia: I live to serve Lyria! In a swimsuit! Oh, I can barely contain my eagerness... Hee-hee.
Constance: (Huh? What's this talk of serving while on vacation!)
Dorothy and Claudia are exasperated in their excitement for this chance.
Seeing this, Constance is reminded of the troublesome extremes her maids can take their duties to.

Sweet Reunion

After joining the crew, Dorothy and Claudia change into their swimsuits and enjoy some summer fun... Or rather, they dutifully attend to (Captain) and Lyria. The two handmaidens take care of everyone without the slightest intention of slowing down, and the crew, though bewildered by this, accepts it—all while Constance continues to fret over how to give them a break.

(Captain) and company arrive in Auguste and head to the beach, the meeting place for their relaxing stay.
It being one of the less popular areas, the maid outfits of their friends stand out on the spacious beach.
Lyria: Oh, over there! Hey, Dorothy! Claudia!
Vyrn: Glad we could find you okay. So, um... what's up with the heaps of luggage?
Dorothy: Hi, Master! It was such a long wait to see you!
Claudia: Lyria... It has been far too long.
Constance: Um, hello... I would like to offer my thanks for inviting us here.
Everyone is overjoyed to be reunited as they discuss all that's happened since their last meeting.
Vyrn: But hey, why're you still in your uniforms? Didn't you two bring swimsuits?
Claudia: I have mine at the ready. However, it would be in poor form to get dressed before our hosts.
Lyria: Umm... Is that the only reason?
Claudia: Lyria, I see you have already dressed for the occasion. Oh, how I would have liked to help you with your attire...
Dorothy: A maid's proper dress is this uniform! I wouldn't dare greet Master in anything less. Teehee.
  1. Oh, don't mind me.
  2. I'd love to see your swimsuit.

Choose: Oh, don't mind me.
Dorothy: Oooh... You're so kind! It makes me just the happiest!

Choose: I'd love to see your swimsuit.
Dorothy: R-really? Then at your leave, I'll go get changed at once!
Continue 1
Dorothy: Ready, Claudia?
Claudia: Yes, let's get changed. Our uniforms are far too conspicuous and make it difficult to move on the sand.
Dorothy: Come, Queen Constance!
Constance: What! N-no, I'm fine like this. I didn't even bring a bathing suit...
Claudia: Fear not—we prepared your swimwear so you wouldn't have to worry.
Constance: Y-you did? I didn't realize...
The two handmaidens pull Constance away and disappear for a short time.
Dorothy's Voice: Apologies for keeping you. Teehee.
Dorothy: Claudia and I are back and in our swimsuits.
Claudia: Now then, we are ready to begin the day.
Dorothy: And wait for it.
Constance: Oh my...
Claudia: Come, Queen Constance. Steel thyself!
Dorothy: It's a first for the skies! Introducing... Queen Constance in formal swim attire!
Constance: H-how embarrassing... I must be unseemly—this will surely spoil everyone's vacation...
Lyria: Not at all! You all look absolutely amazing!
Claudia: Not as much as you though, my lady. Your swimsuit is stunning to behold. Simply lovely... Hee-hee.
Vyrn: Looks like everybody's ready! Then let's get the fun started!
Lyria: Yes, let's go!
Dorothy: I'm ready to be of service!
Lyria: Huh?
Claudia: I'll pitch this beach umbrella and tent at once. It is my duty to protect delicate skin from the harmful sun.
Dorothy: I'll blow up the swim tubes! We brought plenty of stuff to enjoy!
Claudia: Be sure to use an excess of sunblock. Here, Lyria—let me help you with your back... Hee-hee.
Lyria: Um, hey... Aren't you going to relax at all?
Claudia: We shall serve from out of sight to make this a perfectly pleasant vacation for you.
Dorothy: No need to worry about little ol' us. Teehee. Enjoy the beach to your heart's content! It's our pleasure to be at your service!
Vyrn: Geez... That's real nice and all, but seein' as how you came this whole way, I wish you two would let loose a little.
Puzzled as they are by the diligent maids, the crew move on to enjoy some summertime fun in the water.
Lyria: Ready or not, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Fwagh!
Vyrn: Hehehe! It's on now!
Claudia: My lady!
Lyria: Hwah! Uh, is something wrong?
Claudia: If you are going to play in the ocean, I suggest a water pistol. Here, I've a variety for you to choose from.
Claudia holds up both hands, revealing a plethora of water guns for Lyria to use.
Lyria: Oh my... There's so many! Each one looks pretty fun.
Lyria: All this swimming's got me tuckered out. Hehe, my mouth's all salty from the water.
Vyrn: We're experiencin' all Auguste has to offer.
Claudia: Would you care for some specially made juice?
Lyria: Claudia?
Claudia: It's just the thing to cleanse your palate. I made it with several kinds of fruit, and...
Claudia: Hah!
Claudia: Fresh, hand-split coconut milk. This one's made just for you.
Lyria: (Captain), wanna build a sandcastle here?
Vyrn: Sounds good after the workout we got from swimming. And there aren't so many people here.
Dorothy: Will you be playing in the sand now, Master? I've got your shovels and scoops right here! Don't worry—I didn't forget a bucket. Teehee.
Vyrn: O-oh, cool...
Lyria: I'm starting to get famished.
Vyrn: Yeah, we've been at it all day. Let's get somethin' to eat.
Dorothy: Master! Leave lunch to your faithful servant! I'll make it with every ounce of my being. Teehee!
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Hey, what's goin' on here? Dorothy and Claudia are working so hard—makes me tired just looking at 'em.
Constance: I'm so sorry! It's all my fault!
The two maids are working extra hard to meet every need that (Captain) and Lyria might have.
Claudia: Say "ahh," Lyria.
Lyria: A-ahh...
Claudia: Hee-hee.
Dorothy: "Ahh," Master!
  1. Ahhh.

Choose: Ahhh.
Dorothy: Kyaaa! How exciting! Here, have another bite!
Vyrn: What is going on...
Constance: All I wanted was for them to have some rest... They've been working nonstop lately.
Constance: I should've given them regular time off to begin with, but their sense of duty compels them like this...
Vyrn: That's some strong sense of duty. They probably think if they slack off and stop watching you for one sec, you'll run right off.
Constance: Aaagh! You're right. There's no other answer!
Constance: And they're both the most enthusiastic in their maidly duties when I'm relaxing...
Vyrn: But now they've got new targets for their enthusiasm—(Captain) and Lyria.
Constance: I honestly only wanted them to enjoy playing and resting with everyone today.
Constance: What should I do? They're sure to drop from exhaustion at this rate...
Constance: And they're not even enjoying one bit of Auguste's beauty.
Vyrn: Sure beats me...

Side-scrolling Quotes

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