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Official Profile

Age 20
Height 187 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Observing movement of clouds
Likes All kinds of fruits
Dislikes Dark places, narrow places, high places
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 20歳
Height 187cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 雲の動きを眺めること
Likes 果物全般
Dislikes 暗い場所、狭い場所、高い場所
Character Release
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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain.
This is the most important day of the year for you. It marks one more year since the date of your birth.
I've changed since meeting you, Captain, and I'm going to do my best to keep moving forward.
I'm truly happy you were born, Captain.


It is your birthday today, (Captain). Blessings to you.
We wish you great joy from the bottom of our hearts. And you should thank your family and ancestors.
That is what should be done on a birthday.
Surely that will bring in another good year ahead.


Happy birthday, (Captain)! What kind of year have you had?
I hope that it was a good one.
I pray this next year will bring good things for you too.
If you are happy, I too am happy.
And if I can be part of your fond memories, I will be even happier.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I hope you had another good year.
Your eyes are shining. You have become stronger, in body and mind. I can tell.
I have great respect for you, (Captain). You are like a wise chieftain, surrounded by your people.
I am sure you can do anything. Even reach Estalucia.
I will be here to support you. Even if I am not much help.
Please, (Captain). Never give up on fulfilling your dream.


Today is your birthday, (Captain). I made cake.
It's made from my favorite fruit. I hope you enjoy it.
Please eat up and take in the nutrients. And may you achieve your many hopes and dreams.
When you need help, I will be there. At the least, I will be sure to keep you safe.
I pray for continued good fortune in our travels together.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year
It feels good to have a fresh start.
This is a very important day to my tribe. The end of one year marks the birth of another.
I pray that my family and the rest of my people are safe and healthy.
I'll be doing my best for the sake of my tribe and my friends on the ship. Let's make this a good year, Captain.


(Captain)! Help!
Streamers! They popped streamers and long ribbons came out!
Now I'm tangled and can't get them off!
Help me, (Captain)!


We have journeyed far together, (Captain).
I feel like we have become family.
Siblings in arms and in spirit.
So for all of you, I must become stronger.
I will protect my family. I will cherish my family. And I will never betray my family.
Please put your trust in me this year too, (Captain).


I drew a New Year's fortune. It said "terrible luck." What does this mean, (Captain)?
I will have the worst possible luck... all year? I cannot... believe this...
Oh. It is only snow from the branches overhead...
I was not scared! Only... on my guard.
If I am cursed with terrible luck, then I must be cautious.
By the way, (Captain). Is a person permitted... to draw a second fortune?


Another year has passed. You've grown, (Captain).
So have I. I'm braver than ever before.
I believe I have more room for improvement. For sure!
And you will become an even greater person, (Captain). My gut tells me so.
Let us make this another fine year, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Captain, did you need me for something? Sniff... Something smells good.
Chocolates? These are for me? Thank you, Captain.
But why? It's all a little sudden... For Valentine's? Sorry Captain, but I don't know what that is.
Still, I'm happy to have it. I'll definitely get you something in return.


(Captain)? What smells so sweet?
(Captain), you're giving me chocolates this year as well?
Mgh... My face is getting all hot, but I don't know why.
(Captain), don't look at me.


You bring me chocolate this year too, (Captain)?
I thank you for your kindness.
I wish to become a kind, strong person just like you.
Please watch over me until I can.
I swear to become a man you can depend on.


You made chocolate for me again this year? That makes me very happy.
Your thanks makes me feel that I have done well. It gives me strength to work even harder.
I have not forgotten my promise to become a strong, kind, dependable man.
People of my tribe never break their word. Please just be patient with me.


You have Valentine's chocolate for me this year too, (Captain)? Thank you.
I realized last year how delicious your chocolate is.
Unlike store-bought chocolate, your chocolate warms my heart.
I am glad to receive more. Very glad!
You have my thanks. Please look forward to White Day.

White Day Cutscenes
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Perfect timing, Captain. I searched high and low for this, and wanted to give it to you.
You knew today was White Day, right? You were the one who taught me about it. This is the day you give something back in return for Valentine's.
This is the first time I've done this, so I'm a little nervous.
You're happy, Captain? Thank goodness... I'm happy, too.


I have something for you for White Day.
(Captain), take this.
Of course, it's in return for Valentine's Day. But it's not just that.
It also has my feelings of thanks.
(Captain), thank you for everything.


This... is for White Day, (Captain).
Really, this present is not enough to show you all of my thanks.
Still, it is important to express.
Or so I think.
I hope my feelings shine through, (Captain), at least a little bit.


I made a White Day present for you. I hope you like it.
I am very grateful to you, (Captain). I almost wish every day could be White Day.
But eating sweets so often is not healthy. Maybe saving it for special occasions is best.
But that means I have more gratitude saved up. (Captain), thank you for everything.
Thank you. Thank you. I cannot say it enough.


Today is White Day. I prepared plenty as a thank-you gift.
In fact, I prepared too much and cannot finish it all by myself.
So feast with me, (Captain).
It'd be more fun that way. And I would be grateful.
You will? Great. Let me make us some tea.

Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Woah! Oh, it's you, Captain. You frightened me. Why are you dressed like that?
A Halloween costume? Ah, I see... We have festivals in which we don the dress of monsters and deities in my homeland, as well.
Hm? Trick or treat, you say? Is that some kind of Halloween incantation?
Understood. I'll do my best to get in the spirit of Halloween, too. Trick or treat!


The town on Halloween night is much different. It feels like another world.
There is not much light here. It is dim.
No, I am all right. Eso is stronger now. I am scared no more.
And I have the chant you gave me.
Trick or treat! With this there is nothing left to fear.


(Captain), do you have something to say to me?
I know you do! Today is Halloween!
(Captain)... Do you not wish for candy?
The word you want... begins with T.
(Captain)... Are you teasing me by being silent?
I prepared candy just for this! How could you!


I helped carve this pumpkin. What do you think, (Captain)?
The face looks too friendly? But I do not want to scare the children.
Oh, I see. It is a talisman to ward off evil spirits. So it should be frightening...
Wait. Evil spirits? Are there evil spirits here now?
I will carve a new pumpkin. A very fearsome pumpkin.
Not that I fear evil spirits! It is for the children. To keep them safe. I will begin carving immediately. For them.


(Captain), I'd like you to open this box.
Th-th-there's nothing inside! It's just an empty box!
Well then, (Captain)?
I-I'm not scared! I was the one who prepared it after all... I was just a little surprised.
So? What did you think? Was my trick a success?
You believe so? Ah, what a relief.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Captain, is something going on? Everyone seems to be in particularly good spirits for some reason.
Happy holidays? I'm not sure I understand, but seeing everyone else having fun puts me in a good mood, too.
Care to tell me about these holidays of yours, Captain? I'm sure I'll have even more fun once I know the details!


You told me of what this night meant last year, (Captain).
So this year I know the proper greeting for the season.
Happy holidays!
Did I get it right?


On this night, the town sparkles like the starry sky.
I like that the darkness does not truly fall.
Not... Not that I am scared! But everyone can enjoy the twinkling lights.
So a bright night is best. That is all.
(Captain)... Why are you laughing?


I heard a mysterious elder dressed in red enters people's homes on this night every year.
I will not sleep. I will stand guard by the children's rooms.
What? The elder distributes presents to the children? Then... he is a good person?
I see. In that case, I should show my appreciation for his kindness. I still will not be sleeping.


I have a present for you: a feather charm.
I prepared one for each member of the crew to hand out on this special day. I will be Santa.
Their smiles please me greatly. A wonderful thing.
Giving them to everyone will take time, but I'll do my best.
You get the first one, (Captain). I hope you like it.

Fate Episodes

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Tragedy in Triumph

Eso, (Captain), and the crew make a long overdue return to his verdant homeland, but they are shocked to find an ashen wasteland on arrival.

Vyrn: Hey, Eso! We're right on schedule, so it'll be just a little longer until we arrive!
Eso: Right. The island is close. We can see it soon.
During their travels, the crew encountered the tribal warrior Eso deep inside a monster-infested cavern.
Eso not in crew

Eso: Monsters don't scare me. What does is... Um...
Lyria: You wouldn't happen to be afraid of the dark... would you?
Eso: I'm not afraid of the dark! I just... don't like it much.
Raised in a remote village, Eso is incredibly brave in the face of monsters and beasts, but terrified in the face of high places and darkness.
All his friends laughed at him for that, but now he intends to show them what he's really made of. With that goal, he's come to this cave in search of a stone described in village legends.
Eso: The legends say that a god sleeps within a special stone. I'm going to find that stone, and then I'm going to show it to those guys from the village.
Eso: That should prove I'm not some coward.
The crew suspects that this stone might in fact be a primal crystal, so they invite Eso to travel along with them.
During their travels together, Eso finds his true strength and gains confidence in himself as a proud, brave warrior.
Eso is a crew member

Burly in physique and direct in personality, yet skittish in dark or high places, Eso was the laughing stock of his tribe.
But during their travels together, Eso finds his true strength and gains confidence in himself as a proud, brave warrior.
Some time has passed since then...
Vyrn: It's been a pretty long time since you've been home, huh?
Eso: Yeah. It's been ages. I haven't returned since I started traveling with (Captain).
The Grandcypher is currently on course for Eso's home island.
Eso's hometown village is on a fairly remote island within the Phantagrande Skydom.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Wait till everyone gets a good look at the new you! I bet they'll be blown away by your coolness!
Eso: You think so? That would be nice.
Eso, who had been looking out in the direction of their destination, suddenly leans over the railing.
Vyrn: What's up? See something?
Eso: There's something wrong down on the island.
Vyrn: Hmm? Island? As in your island?
(Captain) and Vyrn join Eso in squinting at an island floating before a sea of clouds.
Vyrn: Hmm... I can't see it too well from here...
Oh! Huh. Was it always that gray?
Eso: Of course not. My home should be full of green forests!
Vyrn: What... what happened here?
Eso: It can't be...
Disembarking on the island, the crew finds nothing but a bare, desolate wasteland as far as the eye can see.
Vyrn: Hey... Are you sure this is your home island?
Eso: I'm certain. I remember those mountains and hills.
Lyria: So then... How did this happen?
Katalina: This is awful. There's not even a single tree left, nor any signs of life.
Eso: ...!
Startling out of his dumbfounded haze, Eso suddely takes off at full speed.
Vyrn: Whoa! Hey, Eso, wait!
Katalina: After him! Come on, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Pant... Pant... We finally caught up...
Eso: ...
When (Captain) and company come up behind Eso, he is standing still, surrounded by rubble.
Katalina: Hmm? What is this place? It seems different here somehow.
Eso: This... is where my village was.
Lyria: What? Here?
Eso: Sniff... Father! Mother! Everyone!
Anguished, Eso runs through the debris, screaming the names of his family members and friends.
Lyria: Oh no... Eso... Is there anything we can do to help?
Katalina: There is. Let's start by looking for clues.
Vyrn: So what the heck happened to this island? Was there a big storm or something?
Katalina: No. The damage is too severe. A simple storm could never have caused such devastation.
Katalina: If I had to compare it to something... Well, it almost feels like this island was swallowed up by the Grim Basin.
Lyria: Wha? We're in the Grim Basin?
Katalina: No, I was just making a comparison. This is a strange turn of events, nonetheless.
Lyria: Eeek! (Captain)!
(Captain) suddenly trips on something while walking through the debris.
Lyria: A-are you okay, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Whoa there! Watch your step, (Captain).
Katalina: Careful now. It looks like there's a hole in the ground here.
Vyrn: A hole? Here? I guess there's a lot of rubble so it's easy to miss...
Katalina: Hmm? Wait... This hole seems to lead to some kind of basement! Get Eso over here!
Eso: This was the chief's house. I remember he had a basement.
Eso: There might be a clue down there!
Vyrn: All right! Let's go take a look!
The basement is fairly spacious, and although there is some damage, it's in much better shape than anything above ground.
Eso: There's nobody here...
Katalina: Not a soul. But at least a few people could have escaped here to avoid what was happening aboveground.
Eso: It's empty now though. Where did they go?
Katalina: Hmmm. It's hard to say. Some time has certainly passed since this tragedy happened... Maybe they evacuated to a safer place?
Vyrn: Time to search for some clues then!
Lyria: Oh no... There's nothing here.
Vyrn: Yeah, same here. Hey, Eso! Have you found anything?
Eso: No, but... There's something strange about this wall.
Katalina: How so? Oh, I see. It's a slightly different color from the rest.
Eso: Sorry, Chief. I'm breaking this.
Vyrn: Wait, what? Eso!
Eso: Nrrgh!
Eso swings his burly arms and destroys the wall.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, the wall!
Katalina: Look! There's another room beyond the wall! Is that... a box?
Beyond the wall waits an intricately decorated box, seemingly hidden on purpose.
Eso: I've seen this box in the chief's house before. Why is it hidden here?
Katalina: Hard to say. You should try opening it, Eso.
Eso: Okay.
Eso slowly opens the unlocked box.
Lyria: Oh, what is that?
Inside the box, they find a large white cloth and a letter in an envelope.
Eso: The chief wrote this letter. I'll read it out loud.
Eso: "I write this in the hopes that one of our own may find it and know what happened to our island."
Eso clutches the letter in his large hands as he reads aloud.
As you can tell from the state of the island, a large-scale disaster descended upon us.
Perhaps we unknowingly invoked the wrath of the gods, or perhaps it was mere chance... Either way, we had no means to oppose such massive power.
Everything was destroyed. The gods have forsaken this land. Therefore, we will leave.
Katalina: So the survivors have already fled. I figured as much.
Eso: There's a list of people who left... Ah! My parents' names are here!
Lyria: Yay! That's wonderful, Eso!
Eso: Thanks, Lyria. It's a relief to know they're safe.
Vyrn: That's great news! Guess we don't have to worry for now.
Katalina: Yeah. The only piece of the puzzle still missing is what caused this disaster.
Eso: There's more to the letter.
"Whoever finds this letter, if you are a member of this village, then please accept the enclosed robe."
Eso: "It has been blessed with our prayers. May you find fortune wherever your travels take you."
Eso: This robe...
Eso slowly unfurls the fabric from inside the box and wraps it around himself.
Lyria: Wow! The embroidery is just lovely!
The robe is a bright white and covered in intricate needlework.
Eso: This is a traditional design from my tribe.
  1. It's pretty.
  2. What does the design signify?

Choose: It's pretty.
Eso: It is. Our Sewsisters spent many years on this embroidery.
Vyrn: W-wow, it makes me light-headed just thinking about it! What's a Sewsister, though?
Eso: They're women of my tribe who put their hearts and souls into crafting treasures like this.

Choose: What does the design signify?
Eso: This is the island, this is the great tree... and these are flowers.
Eso points at various parts of the robe with the utmost reverence.
Eso: So much of what defined him and his people is sewn into this single piece of clothing.

Continue 1
Eso: So much of what defined him and his people is sewn into this single piece of clothing.
Continue 2
Lyria: Hehe. I can tell it's an important treasure from your tribe.
Eso: Yes. In this robe I feel their pride... and their love. I am honored to accept it.
Eso: ...
Katalina: Well, there aren't any clues as to where the villagers went after leaving the island.
Lyria: If only there was another clue of some kind...
Eso: Everyone. I have something to say.
Vyrn: What's up? You sure seem lively all of a sudden.
Eso: I want to search for where my tribe went.
Eso: And also find out what happened to this island.
Eso: So I have to leave you guys now.
Lyria: Huh? What are you saying, Eso?
Vyrn: Good grief. (Captain), will you set this guy straight?
  1. Will you be okay on your own?
  2. We're coming with you.

Choose: Will you be okay on your own?
Eso: I had fun travelling with you and the crew. Reassuring too. So I don't want to say goodbye.
Eso: But I'm a warrior. I can do this alone!
Vyrn: Geez, you're too worked up about this! We're not gonna let you go off by yourself! Right, (Captain)?

Choose: We're coming with you.
Eso: This is my problem. I don't want to involve everyone else.
Vyrn: Don't be like that. What are friends for? Right, (Captain)?
Continue 3
Katalina: Exactly. Besides, with a large-scale disaster like this... it's possible we're already involved.
Lyria: You mean a primal beast did this?
Katalina: It's too early to say for sure, but the possibility exists.
Vyrn: That's right! And even if one's not involved, we can't turn our backs on a friend!
At Vyrn's words, (Captain) turns and nods at Eso.
Eso: (Captain)... Everyone... Thank you.
Eso: I'll stay with you.
Vyrn: Now that's more like it! You're one of us, Eso!
Eso: Yeah. I'm going to fight with courage. For the sake of my home and friends.
And so, (Captain), Eso, and the rest of the crew set off once more into the sky.
They don't yet know just how this mysterious disaster will intersect with their own goals.

Inconceivable Calamity

The crew travels to the island nearest to Eso's homeland and inquires about the whereabouts of Eso's people.

Eso: I see something. An island.
Vyrn: Ooh! So that's the closest island to your old hometown, yeah?
(Captain) and the crew have left Eso's home island, which has been reduced to a barren wasteland following some kind of disaster.
Searching for any traces of the survivors who had left the island, the crew decides to start by visiting a neighboring island.
Eso: My tribe does not usually bother with other islands. But they may have come here in order to escape.
Lyria: Maybe! Here's hoping we find some kind of clue!
Elderly Villager: Well now, it's not often outsiders come to visit us!
The crew finds a small village on the island. As the village doesn't receive many visitors, they give them a warm welcome.
Lyria: Um... Did any other people happen to come to this island before us?
Elderly Villager: Let me think... Well, sometimes merchants and the like come here, but...
Elderly Villager: Oh, that's right! About three months back, we had quite a few visitors.
Elderly Villager: Now that I think about, their clothing was very similar to what you happen to be wearing, young man!
The elderly woman gestures at Eso with a smile.
Eso: Similar to me? That must be my tribe! Where are they now?
Elderly Villager: They already left, I'm afraid. I don't know where they were headed.
Eso: I see...
Elderly Villager: Oh, but that reminds me. While they were here, they went to see the damage from the storm.
Vyrn: Hmm? Storm damage?
Elderly Villager: About that...
The woman explains that just before Eso's tribe arrived on their island, they were visited by a large storm.
Elderly Villager: No one here in the village was hurt, but the other side of the island is a total mess now. The storm even changed the land itself.
Vyrn: Say what? It changed the land?
Elderly Villager: Yes, indeed. That storm tore it right up and made cliffs.
Lyria: Whoa! Cliffs? Where are they?
Elderly Villager: They're on the opposite edge of the island, over that way.
Eso: Over that way? Wait a second, that's—
The direction she's pointing at is the same direction as Eso's home island.
Katalina: Yeah. The "storm" that hit this island may have been a remnant of whatever hit Eso's island.
Vyrn: Seems like an understatement, considering it tore chunks out of this island, though...
Katalina: I wonder if it was really only a storm?
Elderly Villager: Who can say? My husband said it was as if the Grim Basin itself was spreading!
Katalina: What? The Grim Basin?
Elderly Villager: That's right. He used to be a skyfarer, you see.
Katalina: ...
Eso: I want to see those cliffs. Let's go where my people went.
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's go have ourselves a look!
The further they go from the village, the more apparent the storm's damage becomes.
Eso: Not as bad as my island. But still very bad.
Lyria: Yeah... All the plants and trees have been destroyed...
Eso: Wait. I sense a monster! (Captain), get ready!

Inconceivable Calamity: Scene 2

The crew reach the area most affected by the recent storm, which had enough destructive force to change the entire landscape. There, Eso finds signs from his people.

Vyrn: Whew, we've been walking for a while now. Are we close?
Eso: Over there. The island just splits off. These must be the cliffs.
Katalina: Okay, that woman wasn't kidding when she said, "cliffs."
Vyrn: Holy smokes... The shape of the island really did change.
Lyria: Uhm, Eso's tribe came to see this too, right?
Katalina: Yeah. I wonder what went through their minds when they saw this...
Eso: Hm? Is that—
Eso gasps as if noticing something, then suddenly takes off in a run toward the cliffs' edge.
Vyrn: Whoa, wait! Don't get too close to the edge! That's dangerous!
Eso: I knew it!
Eso sinks to his knees at the very edge and stares intensely at the ground.
Katalina: What's the matter? Did you find something?
Eso: This is a sign from my tribe!
Lyria: Huh? A sign?
Katalina: You say a sign, but it just looks like a branch impaled in the ground, next to a rock.
Eso: When we go hunting, my tribe uses signs like this. It's to tell others where prey or traps might be.
Vyrn: That's interestin'. What's this sign say then?
Eso: It's pointing somewhere. This way!
Under Eso's guidance, they follow several more signs and arrive at a small cave.
Eso: The signs point inside.
Vyrn: Uhm, Eso... Are you gonna be okay in there? It's pretty dark.
Eso hasn't quite overcome his fear of the dark yet, but he nods in response to Vyrn's question.
Eso: I won't let my dislike stop me. Besides... I'm not alone. So I'll be fine
Katalina: That's the spirit. Let's go then. There might be monsters in there, so stay on your guard, everyone!
Monster: Groar!
Eso: Out of the way! I... I'm with my friends! We won't lose!

Inconceivable Calamity: Scene 3

Heroically clearing the cave of monsters, Eso follows signs left by his people to find a leaf-wrapped letter from his chief hidden under a boulder.

Vyrn: Whew... That takes care of that. I gotta say, Eso, you've gotten really strong!
Eso: Really? You think I've gotten stronger?
Katalina: Definitely. Even in the dark, you fought valiantly.
Eso: I see... Now I really want find my tribe and show them how far I've come.
Lyria: Yes! I hope we can find them soon! We'll do everything we can to help.
Eso: Oh. The signs point here. This must be the final spot.
Vyrn: Huh? Ain't this just a big boulder?
Eso: I'll move it. Everyone, step back.
Eso: Nngh... Hrngh!
Vyrn: Th-that was awesome, Eso! Oh—
There was something under it!
Eso: This is... a letter.
Hidden beneath the boulder is a letter wrapped in a bright green leaf.
Katalina: That's clever. This way, only a strong warrior would be able to obtain it.
Vyrn: But that's a really convoluted way of giving him another letter. They could have just included it with the first one.
Eso: There must be a reason.
Eso: My tribe does not run and hide. This is not normal.
As Eso's face becomes clouded with anxiety, (Captain) gently pats him on the back.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Chin up, Eso! We're with you, big guy!
Eso: Right. Thank you.
I'll read the letter now.
Eso takes the leaf-wrapped letter from its hiding place beneath the boulder and slowly opens it.
Eso: The chief wrote this one too.
If you've made it this far, then first, allow me to apologize for all the trouble.
There was nowhere to hide this back on our island. Not a single tree.
Katalina: Hmm... So they felt the need to hide it, then.
A tense atmosphere descends on them as Eso continues to read the letter.
Eso: "I will document here what I know of the disaster that befell the village."
It did not occur naturally. Nor was it the wrath of the gods.
No. This disaster was inflicted by mortal hands.
Vyrn: Say what? People did that?
Eso: There's more.
We do not know who is responsible, but whoever they are... Their power is equivalent to those of a god's.
Eso: As powerful as a god?
Vyrn: Come on! There's no way anybody could have that kind of power!
Katalina: Indeed. Are they trying to say a normal person manipulated the Grim Basin?
Eso: Our tribe does not lie. Nor does it speculate.
Eso: They were extremely careful to get this message to me. It must be the truth.
Katalina: Understood. Is that all the letter says?
Eso: No... There's a little more.
If you're reading this letter, you likely have the white robe in your possession.
Surely you understand the meaning it holds... Wear it with pride.
You are now the hero who will carry our tribe into a new generation. I hope one day you will bring us to a new start...
With that, the letter reaches its end.
Eso: The meaning of this robe...
Lyria: Uhm... What is its meaning, exactly?
Eso: This robe is sacred. We pass it down through every generation to use in our rituals.
Eso: Many living things are embroidered here. They represent rebirth.
Eso: My tribe accepts that the almighty power of nature can bring destruction. We do not fight it.
Eso: Because we believe in the rebirth that destruction brings. That, too, is represented in this robe.
Vyrn: Wow... Guess you're responsible for a rebirth yourself now.
Eso: I want to do right by everyone.
Katalina: You will! Still though... This disaster wasn't natural, right?
Eso: Yes. I don't know who did this. But they won't get away with it.
Eso: I will find them. And I will give our tribe its rebirth. Whatever it takes.
Eso's eyes shine with a newfound resolve even in his hated darkness.
Once more, he sets off with (Captain) and the crew on their journey, now in pursuit of the mystery behind this unknown power.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
このローブ、エシオの一族の誇り This robe is the pride of my people.
(主人公)、エシオは強くなったか? Have I grown strong, (Captain)?
(主人公)達と旅ができて、嬉しい I'm glad I could travel with you, (Captain).
父さん、母さん……皆、どこに…… Father... Mother... Where did everyone go?
故郷を滅ぼした奴、エシオ、絶対に許さない The ones who destroyed my homeland will pay.
エシオ、まだまだ強くなる I can still get stronger.
暗いところは……まだ少しだけ苦手だ I still don't like dark places...
エシオも、エシオの一族も、嘘、つかない My people don't tell lies.
エシオ、一族の願い必ずかなえる I'll make sure my people's wishes come true.
(主人公)と一緒にエシオは胸を張って進む I'll proudly move forward by your side, (Captain).


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