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Official Profile[edit]

Age 34 [1]
Height 176cm
Race Human
Hobbies Meditation
Likes His hometown and family
Dislikes Liars and con artists
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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It's your birthday? Give thanks to your parents.
This isn't a day to celebrate you, but to celebrate the people who gave you life.
A mother is a person who gives a part of herself and risks her life for yours.
A father is a person who guides the way when you cannot tell your left from your right.
Don't forget to appreciate them. Even if they aren't with you, your feelings will reach them regardless.


Huff... It's your birthday again. Another event that occurs once a year.
Don't let yourself get carried away. Remember where you've come from and where you're going.
Whether you realize it or not, the days passed and the days you will pass all have meaning.
That meaning will someday lead you to your destiny.
On this day of your birth, don't forget that the past connects us to the future.


It's your birthday, eh? A fine day to reflect on the past year.
What kind of year have you had? What were your accomplishments? What milestones have you reached?
If you can't think of any, it may be time to engage in some serious self-reflection and rededicate yourself to your goals.
If you can, however...
I suppose you might deserve a few words of praise from me.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Do you want something or what? You're interrupting my meditation.
What? Happy New Year? I don't remember doing anything to earn your well wishing, but I can see you're trying to do the right thing.
That said, you should know that everything I do is strictly for me... You're so naive.


A new year, huh? I suppose I owe you a great deal. Let me express my thanks.
Why that face? Are you startled by my sudden appreciation?
It wouldn't be becoming of me to forget to give gratitude where it is due.
I am, after all, the parental figure here. Although it's not my intention to be anyone's parent... I just want to show you good manners.


The new year...
Don't give me that silly smile.
The truth of the matter is, I need all of you to accomplish my goal.
I must not forget to show my respect to those helping me.
However, I'm sure your caring nature will be a burden upon us all.
Don't forget that.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Just what do you think you're doing?
A valentine? Humph. Then I suppose I'll accept it...
What's with that face? You're the one who came sniffing around me. Is it that you think I'm a brute?
I don't take your kindness for granted...
Are you done then? My time is precious, you see. So I'll be off...


What do you want? Hmm... Chocolate? Oh, right... Valentine's Day.
You certainly are considerate. You've prepared enough for the entire crew, am I right?
You have my thanks. Don't become someone who lets their kindness ruin them.
Caring for others is fine, but pushing yourself too hard to help isn't.
Pushing yourself beyond your limits to be kind hurts others more than it helps.


A Valentine's Day present...
Another year where you dutifully bring me gifts...
You always do this without fail. Astonishing...
I thank you for the chocolate.
Wait! Why are you trying to leave in such a rush.
Sit there and have something to drink at least.
I bet you're just walking around to all the rooms passing out your presents.
Take a break here.
No one wants to see a tired leader.

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey! This is for you.
It's thanks for your gift.
Didn't I tell you? Your kindness wouldn't be in vain.
Gratitude should be returned with the utmost gratitude. That's my creed after all...


Found you. Here, take this.
I'm just repaying you for the chocolate you gave me.
This is how things work. An eye for an eye, right?
I don't need any sentiment from you, just take it.
I hope it tastes alright... I don't eat things like this so I wouldn't know...


Here. Take this already. In recompense for Valentine's Day.
So you noticed...
Yes, this is the pastry you thought looked so tasty from the other day.
I can't discern good sweets from bad ones, so I only had one choice.
But I didn't think you would become this elated. Such a simpleton.
All right. Now that you have what I wanted to give you, I'm done here.
That wasn't as bad as I thought...

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Don't talk to me about trick-or-treating. The mere thought of it disgusts me.
When people say trick or treat, they're practically threatening to do something to me if I don't give them candy.
The fact that these threats are being passed off as recreation is out of the question.
Teaching kids such filth only corrupts their minds.
The only phrase they need to know for today is happy Halloween.


I believe the original purpose of Halloween was to console Jack of the Lantern.
But now it's simply an excuse for children to steal candy. How sorrowful Jack must be...
Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with a day that celebrates Jack or any others that have passed.
I'm sure they'd prefer us to have fun than to celebrate their loss solemnly.
Just be sure to have your fun in moderation... As with all things.


Trick or treat?
Fine. Take this.
Why so surprised? You accosted me in order to extort candy, did you not?
No use fussing over foolishness only indulged in once a year.
As long as you're participating, it'll probably be more amusing for me simply to follow suit.
I'm not going to say that silly catchphrase. I have no interest in candy.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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So it's the merriest day of the year. Ha! What a joke. Just because someone named the day doesn't make it special.
And only fools would go so far as to celebrate it. Peace is only temporary, and we have better things to do.
Still... I guess it's not a bad thing that people can enjoy themselves once in a while. But whatever.


Another merry day... Only because the night was longest on this day did someone decide to give it a name.
Fools are led astray by beautiful words and let themselves prance and hop.
I'm not saying it's wrong to relax now and then... I'm saying to keep that to a minimum.
Don't let yourself be another one of those idiots.


Just another excuse for people to frolic meaninglessly...
And yet some call this the holy night... How pretentious.
I suppose there are those who require such excuse to indulge themselves.
For them, this night must have significance.
Appreciation may be appropriate for those who cannot otherwise unwind in their daily lives.
However, there is nothing more inexcusable than unfettered merry. Even if it is the holiest night.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Mr. Chains and His Pupil[edit]

Ezecrain consoles Salria when he sees her taking up any chore to keep her mind off her village. Salria breaks down and cries herself to sleep in his arms. Ezecrain's hate of those that destroyed his village is rekindled.

The crew learns that the Crystal of Beginnings, a treasure stolen from Ezecrain's village, is on Sharom Island.
The crew sets out there with Ezecrain and his niece, Salria.
Salria: I'm really happy to be traveling with everyone!
Lyria: We're glad to have you on board, Sally!
Salria: If there's anything I can do to help out, please let me know.
Salria: I want to show my appreciation for everything (Captain) and everyone else is doing for me.
Vyrn: Haha! Thanks, Sally! But you don't have to worry about stuff like that.
Salria: Well... just let me know if there's anything I can do.
Ezecrain: Maybe we should first consider how much help you'd actually be.
Salria: Grr! Uncle Ezzy, I can do the laundry and cleaning and, umm... other stuff like cooking!
Lyria: Haha! Okay then, you can help me wash the upper deck a little later.
And so, Salria works dutifully and is often seen throughout the ship.
Salria: Lyria! Where do we put the garbage?
Lyria: Let's toss that in this bag over here! Thanks for helping!
Salria: Sure thing!
Salria: So we're just going to peel these potatoes?
Vyrn: Yup! Thanks for helping out. I couldn'ta done this alone.
Salria: I'm just glad I can help. I hope this turns out tasty!
Lyria: Sally, you're doing so well! You've helped us all out a lot.
Salria: Really? You mean it?
I'm happy to hear that.
Vyrn: Haha! Sally's a real pro with her hands. She peeled those potatoes super fast!
While (Captain) and crew speak joyfully with Salria, Ezecrain, in stark contrast, keeps his eyes fixed solemnly on Salria.
Ezecrain: ...
Salria: Hmm... I think the laundry's dry... I guess I'll start folding it.
Salria: All righty...
A fierce gust blows the sheets over Salria's face.
Salria: Wh-whoa!
Ezecrain: Sigh...
What are you doing, Salria?
Salria: Huff!
Thank you, Uncle Ezzy.
Ezecrain: ...
Salria: Hmm? Is there something on my face?
Ezecrain: ...
Let's deal with the sheets first.
Salria: Okay!
Salria: All righty... Now just this one and we're done.
Ezecrain: Salria.
Salria: Yes?
Uncle Ezzy, thank you for carrying all the laundry for me.
Ezecrain: Didn't do it to receive thanks.
Ezecrain: Sit here, Salria.
Salria: But we're not finished.
Ezecrain: Come on over already.
Salria: ...?
Salria obediently sits at the foot of the bed, and Ezecrain takes a chair to sit beside her.
Salria: Is... everything okay, Uncle Ezzy?
Ezecrain: ...
Ezecrain: Do you find it easier to silence your thoughts by busying yourself with work?
Salria: ...!
Ezecrain: I'm sure you already realize this, but there's no village for us to return to anymore.
Salria: I...
Ezecrain: The war was paid in lives. Too many lives... including your parents.
Salria: ...
Ezecrain: I know that you were taken before the chaos began, so you can't fully appreciate how little is left of our home.
Ezecrain: But at the very least, you ought to know it's not a place you can return to anymore.
Ezecrain: I hope that much is clear to you...
Salria: I...
Salria: I... know that, but as the daughter of the village head, I've got to do everything I can.
Salria: I'm going to get the Crystal of Beginnings. And I'll fix everything that was destroyed... I have to...
Salria: I... have to...
Holding back her tears, Salria's head sinks into her lap. In a silent response, Ezecrain moves his hand softly over her hair.
Ezecrain: A child does not need to assume the role of adult. Let your tears flow.
Salria: ...
Ezecrain: I know you hide your true emotions so as not to worry anyone.
Ezecrain: But you've been strong for long enough.
Salria: Un... cle...
Salria: Sob...
Salria: Uncle Ezzy!
Salria: Why... Why did that happen to our village? Why...
Ezecrain: I... have no answer...
Salria: Everyone was so kind. So normal... And then...
Salria: Why!
Salria: Sob...
Ezecrain cradles Salria gently in his arms as limitless tears stream from her eyes. Salria's weeping takes all of her strength and leaves her in a deep slumber.
Salria: Zzz... Zzz...
Ezecrain: "Why..."
Ezecrain: I often ask myself the same question.
Ezecrain: Who brought ruin to our homeland? Who stole the Crystal of Beginnings?
Ezecrain: I will scour every corner of the skies.
Ezecrain: I will never stop searching. I will not rest...
As Ezecrain's resolve strengthens, the rage of fire that burns in his heart grows a deeper shade of bloodred.
Though the road that Ezecrain walks is one purely of peril, he will not hesitate, and he most certainly will not falter.

The Writhing Shadows[edit]

In a discussion with Constance about the war wrought in Ezecrain's village, she explains that many regions have been destroyed by war brought on by the Foe. Ezecrain decides to return home in order to investigate whether the Foe was involved in their civil war.

Days later after the events on Sharom Island are sorted...
Ezecrain, with a piece of the Crystal of Beginnings, sets out for Cephalomancy Castle.
Salria: ...
Ezecrain: Regret's not for you, Salria. I shattered the crystal.
Salria: But...
Constance: Ezecrain, welcome home.
Is that... a piece of the crystal?
Ezecrain: Yes.
Constance: I shouldn't say this, but it's... breathtakingly beautiful.
Ezecrain: Beautiful? If only this were a stone whose value lay solely in its aesthetics.
Constance: I-I misspoke... Forgive me...
Ezecrain: I've learned of two differing opinions about how the Crystal of Beginnings should be handled.
Ezecrain: That stone's worth so much more than it appears. That its true power has been kept sealed with only simple ritual is nothing short of a miracle.
Salria: No one is allowed to study about the Crystal of Beginnings...
Salria: But Uncle Baldir didn't listen...
Ezecrain: ...
How did two diverging opinions lead to war?
Ezecrain: For comrades to take arms against one another requires a terrifying catalyst.
Ezecrain: We're missing something... There's more to this story than we're aware.
Constance: A missing element...
Constance: This may not be relevant... But I know something.
Salria: Really?
Constance: Long ago the previous ruler of Cephalomancy Castle told me...
Constance: In these skies is an entity known as the Foe.
Ezecrain: The Foe?
Constance: They move in secret and incite war wherever they go.
Salria: War...
Ezecrain: It can't be...
Baldir: They have shown me my true purpose. Shown me my talents belong elsewhere.
Baldir: They will help me lead the next generation and use the Crystal of Beginnings in new ways. We'll bring prosperity to the village.
Ezecrain: This is no coincidence!
Constance: Yes, I agree.
Ezecrain: We need more evidence.
Ezecrain: Constance, I don't mean to impose, but would you be able to take Salria in for a few days?
Salria: Uncle Ezzy?
Constance: O-of course. That's not a problem, but what will you do in that time?
Ezecrain: I'll revisit the village. There may be something of use to track the Foe.
Salria: Then let me go too!
Ezecrain: You stay in Sharom. We can't be sure of the dangers that lie ahead.
Salria: But...
Salria: If you won't take me, then go with (Captain)'s crew.
Ezecrain: Why?
Salria: I don't want anything to happen to you, and going alone is risky.
Ezecrain: You've made your point. If (Captain) agrees, I'll take them.
Salria: Great! I'll go ask for you!
The crew readily agrees to accept Salria's request.
Together they set off for the village of amethysts.

The Writhing Shadows: Scene 2[edit]

The crew follows Ezecrain to his village upon Salria's request and investigates Baldir's residence. Ezecrain finds evidence that Baldir was receiving assistance from an outside source, and so he uses the amethysts to find their location. This leads the group deep into a forest.

Lyria: Is this... the village of amethysts?
Ezecrain: Yes. Brother fought brother and countless lives were lost. It was a sea of fire.
Ezecrain: And when the flames of war went out, all that was left was a land no one could return to.
Vyrn: I... don't know what to say.
Ezecrain: You have my thanks...
Vyrn: Huh?
Ezecrain: I can't imagine how upset Salria would be if she were here to see this.
Ezecrain: It's because of your company that I was able to leave Salria with Constance.
Lyria: Ezecrain... You don't need to thank us...
Ezecrain: It's time we investigated Baldir's residence. If the Foe left anything behind, it'll be there.
In the recesses of the small dwelling, the crew discovers research findings and a diary.
Ezecrain: These documents contain the writings of Baldir and of another.
Ezecrain: And the diary indicates there was someone aiding his actions.
Lyria: I wish there was a name or something we could use...
Ezecrain: Someone was regularly supplying them with a war chest and information. They may have taken refuge close by.
Ezecrain: Maybe I should divine their location...
Vyrn: What? You can do that? But the Crystal of Beginnings was shattered...
Ezecrain: According to this, the power of the crystals changes with size.
Ezecrain: I've only got a fragment on hand, but it's more than enough for divination.
Vyrn: Neat! Then let's get to it!
Ezecrain: Impatience is not a virtue.
Ezecrain: Amethysts... Guide me!
Lyria: Wow! The amethysts are pointing us that way.
Vyrn: Awesome! Time to get this party started!
Ezecrain: We move.
With that, the crew takes its first steps into a forest of deathly silence.

The Writhing Shadows: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain) and company come across a long-abandoned base containing a map that reveals locations the Foe has eliminated. Ezecrain leaves Salria and his pieces of the Crystal of Beginnings on Sharom Island to pursue the Foe.

Through divination, the crew locates the housing of instigators who incited civil war in the village of amethysts.
Unfortunately, furniture is all that remains in the discovered lodging.
Vyrn: Tch! We were too late...
Ezecrain: Much time has passed. Search the premises for anything of use...
Ezecrain: ...
Lyria: Okay... I'll check over here.
Lyria: Hey! There's a piece of paper over here.
Ezecrain: Show me.
Ezecrain: Is this some sort of map?
Vyrn: Umm... Someone's used red to mark spots on this.
The crew searches the rest of the house, but finds nothing else of interest.
With map in hand, the crew returns to Sharom.
While the crew rests, Ezecrain visits Constance to question her about the map.
Ezecrain: I've heard of this place before. They supposedly set off a war with a neighboring island.
Constance: A similar thing happened on this island too! If I remember, there were two large cities that fought and ultimately brought ruin to the surrounding areas...
Ezecrain: This...
Ezecrain: So this map... depicts the islands the Foe has brought to destruction.
Constance: This is terrible!
Constance: How could this happen!
Ezecrain: ...
Ezecrain: Constance.
Constance: Yes? What is it?
Ezecrain: I'd like to leave Salria and my fragment of the crystal in your care.
Constance: Why, of course. That is no burden on me...
Ezecrain: Much appreciated. Now I've got nothing left to regret.
Constance: Ezecrain... You can't mean...
Ezecrain: My vengeance isn't over yet. Not until I deal with this so-called Foe.
Ezecrain: Their conquests will bring war. And famine. And death. Just like they did with my village.
Constance: That's for certain...
Ezecrain: ...
Ezecrain: (I'll give them no chance to repent...)
Ezecrain: (Even if I have to chase them to the ends of the skies... To this I vow)
Ezecrain's obsession with the Foe starts to eat away at his humanity.
The hound within him grows rabid and thirsts for blood. Ezecrain's transformation from man to beast begins.


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