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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 167 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weightlifting, running
Likes Meat, letting his fists do the talking, fighting, strong rivals
Dislikes Complicated procedures and formalities, conversation

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Feather aspires to become a renowned martial artist, and he certainly doesn't lack enthusiasm for his quest to the top. Ever the positive and straight-forward guy, Feather has a tendency to miss things in conversation, causing all sorts of incidents as a result. As far as he's concerned, however, it's all just incidental. Feather believes that powerful fighters attract one another. He also believes the best way to reach an understanding is to cross fists.

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 18歳
Height 167cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、ランニング
Likes 肉、拳と拳の語り合い、喧嘩、強敵(とも)
Dislikes 煩雑な手続き、話し合い

Granblue Fantasy Theater


Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Feather is a martial artist who hails from the same village as Randall. Their polar opposite fighting styles caused Feather to see Randall as his eternal rival (or as he puts it, "frenemy")—a sentiment Randall claims not to reciprocate, but clearly does. Both left their village to travel the world and hone their skills, with the far-off goal of surpassing the other.

Along with honing his skills, Feather aspires to meet and train under the "Inquistor" Ghandagoza, the legendary martial artist and founder of the Eternal Rage Style. While journeying with the crew, he eventually meets the man face-to-face during the Grandsky Rumble. After exchanging a single blow to test Feather's skill, Ghandagoza decides not to take Feather under his wing; not because Feather was unworthy, but because passing on the Eternal Rage Style to him would only impede his growth. Ghandagoza's praise sends Feather's spirit soaring as he seeks even greater heights.

Feather can be somewhat simpleminded and his hot-blooded, combat-happy personality makes him jump to the wrong conclusions quite often, but underneath all that he's actually rather conscientious and caring. When Randall is mauled by a powerful monster, Feather flies into a rage and attacks it to take revenge. After the Main Character asks him to dress up for the Halloween party and come up with a plan to make it "spooktacular," Feather puts his all into it—at least in recruiting Jamil and Melissabelle to help, even if he doesn't do much thinking of his own.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Captain! Let's celebrate your birthday with everything we've got and make this a day to remember!


I went all out last year celebrating your birthday!
So this year... I'm going into overdrive mode to make this a birthday to remember!
Get ready for my super ultra commemorative celebratory message! Here I go!


I went firing on all cylinders to make this cake! All to wish you a happy birthday!
Of course there's meat too! The main course, the desert, the presents—Lyria and I made sure it's all ready for today!
Cuz I don't really know your tastes, you know.
But thanks to her help, we managed to put together a rockin' party for you!
C'mon, (Captain)! Everyone's waitin' on your grand appearance!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Hey, how many times have I wished you a happy birthday anyway?
Whoa, we've known each other for longer than I thought!
I still haven't reached the heights you have, but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger just by sticking with you.
I'm super fortunate to have met you! This friendship's like my treasure, you know?
Aw geez, kinda makes the next time we chat a bit awkward, eh? But I'm still looking forward to it!
And just to be clear, we didn't skimp out on another great party for you!
Your crew members are getting restless waiting to wish you a happy birthday! Let's not keep them waiting!


Hey, (Captain)! So it's your birthday today!
Your progress knows no bounds... I really respect that, you know!
At this rate, someday you'll reach a level so high it'll go beyond even my imagination.
But I'm not just gonna stand around and watch you climb up there!
I'm gonna grow stronger myself so that I can stand beside you, tall and proud!
Even if I don't make it up to where you are, don't forget this guy here whom you once saw as your rival!
Happy birthday, (Captain)! Looking forward to our travels from here on out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

You ready for the first fisticuffs of the new year, (Captain)?
I've gotta let out all this excitement before I implode!


Here comes the new year! Are you ready for it, (Captain)?
I want to understand you better, (Captain)—and not just through fisticuffs either!
Let's make this the year we really get to know each other!
Kite flying's up first!


How's the new year treatin' ya, (Captain)? As for me, I can't get enough of the crisp morning air!
It feels like the new year is congratulating us on our first step into new horizons.
I went to give Randall my New Year's greetings just now...
But then he and I figured words are overrated.
I realized it the moment he visited my face with a high-flying kick.
I blocked it just in time of course, but a romp with him always gets me all fired up!
So whaddya say, (Captain)? Care for a romp with me? It'll be our first!
Actually, words are overrated. Our bodies already know the answer!


A new year has arrived, (Captain)! Make sure you grab it by the horns!
See, I realized something. I don't actually know all that much about you.
I figured we'd be able to communicate with our fists, that I'd learn everything about you that way. But, nope, part of you is still a mystery to me.
So I say we spend more time doing stuff together this year!
And I don't mean just brawling. We'll go for walks, shopping, whatever!
Now what better way to start than with a trip to the shrine?
We can draw our fortunes, have some sweet sake, and top it off with a round of badminton!


(Captain)! Let's have a battledore match!
I know we had one last year too, but something just didn't feel right. I finally figured out what was wrong!
We used rackets when we didn't need to!
This time we'll use our fists instead to hit the shuttlecock! How's that sound? Pretty good, right?
The power and speed of this match is gonna blow your mind and sting our knuckles! It'll be perfect for us!
Even if we're playing around, I still wanna have a serious face-off against you!
So (Captain), let's go! Hiyahhh!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

This is for me? Wow, thanks, man! Nom, nom...
Phew, I need to burn off some calories after taking in that much sugar!
(Captain), let's have a brawl—right here, right now! Huh? Whaddaya mean you don't get it?
There was a deeper meaning to your present?
Great, now I'm the one that doesn't get it... Go ahead and smack me, (Captain)! I'm sure it'll be crystal clear after that!


I'm so sorry about last year, (Captain).
But I think I now know the true meaning of the chocolate you gave me.
It's meant to be eaten after a match, not before.
What do you mean I'm getting this all wrong!
Punch me, (Captain)! Please! That's the only way I'm gonna figure this out!
Nooo! Please... Come back! (Captain)!


Can't believe it took me this long, (Captain)!
But I've finally figured out the meaning behind the chocolates you give me every year!
I know you've wanted to let it all out this whole time, but you've been trying your best to hold it in.
No wonder you've been angry with me. It's my fault for not realizing your feelings...
But relax. I won't run, and I won't hide. I'm here to take in every iota that you've got!
Go ahead—hit me with the pent-up emotions you've been feeling for the past two years.
Huh, chocolate? Wait, (Captain)! There's gotta be more to it than just chocolate, right?
C'mon, I know what you've been feeling. Hit me with everything you've got! My body is ready!
What's wrong? Your face is all red! You have a cold?
What are you running away for? (Captain)!


You got me chocolates? Aw yeah, I got chocolates! Thanks!
All right! I'm prepped to stop your barrage!
This year... This is the year I'll figure out the meaning behind your chocolates, so hit me with your best shot!
What? It has something to do with the shape of the chocolates?
Think about why they're heart-shaped? Hmm... Oh!
It's a riddle! Right?


(Captain)! I thought all year long about why your chocolates are heart-shaped!
Well, here's my answer! I have no idea!
I asked some girls on the airship to see if they knew the answer, but they just told me only you know!
It makes sense, I guess. It's an original riddle you made for me, so of course only you'd know! That's pretty amazing!
And I... I couldn't solve it and wasted all the effort you spent thinking it up!
And I'm pretty sure no matter how much I use my head, I'm never gonna find an answer... So please let me use my fists instead!
If I beat you in a brawl, you'll have to tell me the answer! How's that sound!
...! Why are you turning away? Don't tell me you're actually mad at me?

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

This is for you, Captain! I ran out and bought 'em! Go ahead—they're yours!
I'm grateful for everything you do for us on a day-to-day basis, Captain.
Anyway if you want to spar afterwards to work off the calories, you are totally on!


(Captain), thanks for watching out for me all the time! I've got something for you today!
We need to understand each other better... Not through our fists, but through gifts!
I know I gave you some last year too, but I just had to show my thanks!
Aww man, this is making me feel all tingly inside... You know what? I think we should fight it out after all!


(Captain), I'm always grateful for White Day every year.
Not this year though! Cuz I know what White Day's really all about now!
It's about giving back! That's why we usually give back three times that of Valentine's!
I know I haven't been able to hear you out...
But it's time to change that... with a payload of five times!
I'm ready for a hotbed of activity with you! Don't matter if it lasts for hours on end!
I want to rock you to the very core of your being! Until we know each other inside out! Because that's how much I respect your strength!
Huff, huff... How about it? You startin' to feel me now?
This box of chocolates should sum up my feelings pretty well. Here you go.


Today's White Day, and I'm gonna return the gift I got from Valentine's Day threefold.
That is to say I'd like to, but I still haven't figured out the answer to that riddle you threw at me!
I can't let you leave empty-handed though! I'll just have to figure out the riddle for next year!
In the meantime here's a gift stuffed with my feelings of appreciation!
These sweets'll give you an idea of how I feel!
Thanks as always! I'm lucky to have your kindness! Let's brawl anytime!
Hahaha! Can't wait to tussle!


(Captain)! Happy White Day!
I'm sorry about Valentine's! Believe me, I still regret what I did!
This isn't much of an apology, but it'd make me happy if you accepted these sweets!
I can't really do anything else besides give you things and say what I mean! So please forgive me!
I appreciate you a lot, (Captain)! I've got nothing but appreciation for you in my heart!
Thanks for everything! You're the best! I'm so glad I met you!
Heh! I got it all out!
It'd sure be nice if you felt the same way too!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
I heard it's the day you get to scare people so they give you candy!
I'm going all out for this event!
All right, Captain... Whoever gets the biggest haul wins!


You're on, (Captain)!
Last year it was a contest to see who could get more candy, but this year...
Let's see which one of us plays the better pranks!
May the best person win!


Halloween's on, (Captain)! And so am I!
I've given up on treats for this year. I made a bet with the kids on the crew to see who could pull off the best trick!
I know they might just be kids, but the ones in this crew are really something else! The odds might actually be stacked against me.
Can you do me a solid, (Captain)? I need you to play tricks on me.
seriously need a warm-up, but no one wants to play ball!
So I need your help, (Captain)! Come at me with every trick in the book you've got!


Trick or treat!
Phew, the onslaught of trickerations seems to be kicking off everywhere!
You can feel everybody's enthusiastic fighting spirit!
And now our own match is about to begin, (Captain)!
Let's get ready to Halloween rumbleee!
Say what? Your hands are too busy with treats?
Fine, I gotcha. We'll scarf down all the candy, and then we'll rumble!


(Captain)! I'm just itching so bad right now!
Look at all this candy I have in both hands!
Apparently my intention to play tricks was so obvious that everyone who made eye contact with me just handed me a bunch of candy!
Getting candy's great, of course! It's great, but...
You know what I'm talking about, right? Like the feeling you get when you meet a formidable opponent! It's exactly the same!
So, (Captain)... Will you let me play a trick on you? Please!
You're the only one who'd be able to take on the full extent of my tricks!
Come on, I'll give you all of this candy, so help a friend out here! Please, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I heard an old man in red is coming to visit the kids in town today!
Sounds like a true warrior... I'd love to fight him some day!


What's wrong, (Captain)? You're feeling cold?
Then I'll warm you up... by making you quiver at the sight of these fists!
You should feel warmer once you start shaking... I hope!


Hear me out, (Captain). I've got a wish to make.
We're in holiday season—the perfect time to spend with our loved ones. You know what I'm sayin', right?
I want to spend the time off with you. Because you're the only one who can do me this solid.
So you'll hear me out then?
Thanks, (Captain)! You rock!
All right, here goes! I took out a few monsters just now, but I'm still itchin' for more!
Let's you and I heat up these ice-cold festivities with a good ol' fashioned romp!
Ooh... (Captain)! You're makin' me feel warm all over!


Deck those halls, (Captain).
I still can't forget that powerful punch you landed on me last year...
The fire within you hit me hard and spread throughout my body!
I want to get stronger, (Captain)!
Scratch that, I have to get stronger!
And I need you to get me there! So if you'd indulge me...
I challenge you to a holiday deathmatch!
Basically we're gonna bust it up all night long without getting a wink of sleep!


(Captain)! Do you hear that! The bells are ringing!
And those battle gongs are telling us to have a rematch! I'll get my revenge for last year!
This must be the blessing of the holy night! You hear them, right?
We're gonna settle this tonight!
Let's see your furious fists! Your screaming soul! We're gonna rock this holy night!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Spooking Up Halloween

(Captain) asks Feather to don a costume and spook up the Grandcypher's upcoming Halloween party. Feather joins forces with Jamil and Melissabelle to set up a haunted room aboard the airship.

Halloween is fast approaching.
The Grandcypher is abuzz with candy-making crew members discussing who's going to be what for Halloween.
(Captain) is lugging pumpkins that will be carved into jack-o'-lanterns for the upcoming Halloween party.
Feather: Hey, (Captain), looks like you got your hands full! Is there anything I can do to help ya?
Lyria: Haha. Hi, Feather.
Vyrn: Yo, what's up, Feather.
  1. Put a costume on.
  2. Spook it up.

Choose: Put a costume on.
(Captain) tells Feather to dress up and make the party spooktacular.
Feather: A costume?
Lyria: Hehe. As in, dress up like a monster, scare people, and give out treats.

Choose: Spook it up.
(Captain) tells Feather to dress up and make the party spooktacular.
Feather: Spooktacular?
Vyrn: Yeah. Monsterize your bad self and dish out candy and scares!
Continue 1
Feather: Aha... You want me to scare everyone!
Feather: Got it! If that's what (Captain) wants, that's what (Captain) gets!
Feather: Whoo! Can't be idling around here then. And no peeking at my plans!
Feather: Hm, talk is cheap though...
Feather: How am I going to make people jump out of their skin?
Feather: (Captain) gave me an important duty to carry out. I can't fail my captain.
Feather: One brain alone isn't going to solve this. I'll go ask other people for their opinions!
Feather ends his brainstorming before it really began, opting for others to do the thinking for him.
Vyrn: ...
As Feather roams the passageways of the ship, he encounters Vyrn who is just floating aimlessly.
Feather: Huh? What are you doing here, Vyrn? Weren't you with (Captain)?
Vyrn: ...
Feather: Eh, guess you got your own stuff going on. Anyway I'm glad I caught you.
Feather: So about that Halloween party...
Feather: I couldn't come up with any good ideas on how to scare people.
Feather: What do you think? Anything jump out at you?
Vyrn offers Feather no answer.
Feather: Look, I'm basically admitting my lack of experience, okay?
Feather: But the one thing I can't do is let (Captain) down!
Feather: I swear I'll put my blood, sweat, and tears into seeing this through, so won't you please help me out a little?
Vyrn: ...
Feather: Are you listening? Something's not right here... You okay?
Vyrn remains silent, leaving Feather at a loss as to how to proceed.
Vyrn contemplates Feather for a moment before finally opening his mouth to speak.
Vyrn?: I'm sorry, but I'm not the Vyrn you're looking for.
Feather: Huh?
Jamil: ...
Suddenly, Vyrn is gone, and Jamil stands in his place.
Feather: Whoa! What's going on?
Jamil: I'm employing one of my clan's techniques to disguise myself as Vyrn.
Jamil: I was on my way to observe how everyone would react, and then I saw you, so...
Feather: That's freaking awesome!
Falling for Jamil's spot-on ruse has Feather's blood pumping with excitement.
The pugilist eagerly invites Jamil to join him in making the Halloween party spooky.
Jamil: I see. (Captain) requested that you provide scares in order to energize the party.
Jamil: If the master has given you this task, then you have my aid.
Feather: Seriously? You're a lifesaver!
With their ranks now at two, Feather and Jamil discuss ways to sow terror.
Feather: Hmm... Now we've got ideas, but we're short on personnel.
Feather: We could really use just one more person...
Jamil: Now that you mention it, I remember seeing a crew member rehearsing monster-like behaviors.
Jamil: We might be able to recruit that person to help us.
Feather: How about that! It's like a gift from the heavens. Where'd you see this person?
Jamil: I'll show you. Follow me.
Melissabelle: Nggh...
Jamil: What is this?
When Jamil leads Feather to where he last saw their next potential recruit, they find Melissabelle on the ground.
Feather: Hey, what happened to you? Were you attacked?
Melissabelle: I'm... hungry...
Feather: Wha...
Feather: Melissabeeeelle! Stay with me!
Jamil: Don't fret, Feather. It appears she is merely suffering from an empty stomach. I don't believe it's fatal.
Feather: Yeah, but hungry enough to faint?
Jamil: It's possible. There should be some corn nearby—
Feather: Corn!
Feather: You mean this?
Feather rummages through a sack that had tumbled to the floor. He pulls out a corncob and presents it to Jamil.
Jamil: Mm, that's it. I've seen this exact situation before.
Jamil: If we can get her to eat it, she should recover.
Feather: Gotcha. Operation Feed Her Corn is a go!
Feather: Melissabelle, can you hear me?
Feather: You should eat this!
Melissabelle: Om...
With Feather's gentle care, the Harvin is able to finish the corn.
Feather: Whoa! Her hair glowed!
Melissabelle: Phew... Huh?
Jamil: Hello. Are you back with us?
Melissabelle: Oops... Did it happen again? I'm so sorry.
Feather: We were surprised, sure, but you don't have to apologize for anything. More importantly, are you feeling better?
Melissabelle: Mm, I'm fine. Thanks for looking out for me.
Feather: Were you doing special training or something?
Melissabelle: Yeah. It's almost Halloween, right?
Melissabelle: I plan on dressing like a monster and joining the fun this year too, so I was practicing my boos.
Melissabelle: I... must've pushed myself too hard.
Feather: You can say that again. I swear I felt your fighting spirit earlier.
Feather: Melissabelle's the spookster you were talking about, Jamil?
Jamil: Yes.
Melissabelle: Erm, what are you two saying?
Feather and Jamil give Melissabelle the full rundown, and then ask her to help them make the party a spooktacular delight.
Melissabelle: Oh, I see.
Melissabelle: Okay, then I'd love to help you guys make it a spooktacular party!
Feather: Oooh! So you're on the team?
Melissabelle: Yeah. I'll do my best to be a spookster. Go team.
Feather: Yeah, go team!
Jamil: Thank you for your assistance.
Feather: Problem is Melissabelle's sparkly hair doesn't exactly scream "scary monster."
Jamil: Hmm, true. Her visage isn't one of a skulker in the night...
Melissabelle: Um... Does that mean I won't be able to scare anyone?
Feather: It's not like that at all! It's too early to give up!
Feather: We've still got time before Halloween. Besides, I haven't figured out my costume either. Let's see what the three of us can come up with!
The spooksters secretly meet and plan in the days leading up to the Halloween party.
And so the big day arrives at last.
???: Uh... Boo! I'm a ghooost!
Feather: Whoa! You hid your pretty hair so well that I didn't even recognize you!
Feather: Very nice!
Melissabelle: Gasp! Really? Hehehe, guess I'll have to put on a show today.
Feather: Now where's Jamil?
Jamil: Right here.
Feather: Wha! This zombie is you?
Jamil: Yes. I've decided to forego scaring people with my Vyrn disguise.
Melissabelle: Wow! It really is Jamil! I-incredible!
Feather: He looks like the real thing!
Feather: You two are rocking those costumes!
Melissabelle: Hehe. Your skeleton outfit looks great on you too, Feather.
Feather: Yeah?
Feather: I mean, I have you two to thank for coming up with the idea!
Feather: All right! The stage is set!
Feather: You guys are ready, right?
Feather: 'Cause we're going to own Halloween this year!
Feather: The Haunted Room is open for business!
Jamil: And away we go.
Melissabelle: Hehe. Boo!
Three costumed figures pass under a sign that reads The Haunted Room and disappear inside.
Who knows what frights and delights lurk within.

The Haunted Room

Beckoned by an Erune child waiting outside The Haunted Room, Lunalu enters in search of storybook material. The total darkness and her costumed crewmates' capers prove too much, however, and her screams of terror resound through the airship's corridors.

As the blue sky melts into black, the Grandcypher's Halloween party is kicking into high gear.
Kid: Hey, miss. You'll love this.
Lunalu is avoiding the festive shenanigans when a mysterious sign catches her eye. She stops in front of it without thinking.
Lunalu: Hm? The Haunted Room...
What is this?
Other curiosities are inscribed as well:

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Enter if you dare.

The things that go bump in the night want you.
Lunalu: Hmm... This looks like Melissa's handwriting.
Lunalu: She did say she was working on something. This must be it.
Kid: Yup, sure is. Wanna go in with me?
Lunalu: Weeell...
Lunalu: Guess I might pick up some ideas out of this. Let's take a peek inside.
With some trepidation, Lunalu enters the room.
Feather: Here we go! We got our first victim!
Feather: Who's the honorary number one?
Melissabelle: Huh? It's Lunalu.
Jamil: She's holding a memo pad. I assume she's looking for ideas for her next work.
Feather: Heh. "Walk into my parlor," said the spider to the fly.
Feather: Spook her with everything you've got!
Feather: To your scare stations, everyone!
Melissabelle: Okay!
Jamil: On it.
An eerie silence deafens the room as Lunalu looks around.
Lunalu: The atmosphere they created isn't too shabby.
Lunalu: But why is it so dark that I can barely see anything? Maybe they thought their decorations were too amateurish?
Drip. Not a speck of light graces the room. Drip. Only the sporadic fall of lonely water drops.
Lunalu: Clever. Having one's sight stolen away heightens sensitivity to sound, so each noise is more bone-chilling.
Now filled with curiosity, Lunalu coolly analyzes her situation. She moves deeper into the room, her legs never stopping.
Lunalu: Er—
Lunalu: Huh? Was that... a child's voice?
Lunalu fruitlessly scans the impenetrable darkness.
Tendrils of fear clutch at Lunalu upon the realization that she can't see anything, no matter how hard she tries.
Lunalu: Gulp... This is all part of the mise-en-scene, so...
Lunalu speaks aloud with feigned composure in an attempt to keep herself from being consumed by the dark isolation.
Feather: Looks like we got a reaction. What did we stick over there?
Melissabelle: The water noises probably threw her for a loop.
Feather: Oh, yeah. I can see that happening!
Jamil: Even so, she's keeping her composure better than expected. I'm going to turn it up a little more.
Feather: Sure. Go for it!
Jamil climbs up the wall and across the ceiling ahead of Lunalu. He watches and waits.
Lunalu: Phew... Calm... I'm totally calm... Remember—this is all fake, so...
Jamil: ...
When Lunalu reaches a point right under Jamil, he uses a paper fan to send a soft breeze her way.
Lunalu: Yaaagh! What was that!
Melissabelle: ...
From where she lies in wait, Melissabelle's hair snakes out and whips around Lunalu's feet with hair-raising speed.
Lunalu: Whaaat!
Lunalu: S-something... something just brushed past my legs!
Lunalu: Yeeek! Let me out!
The once silent room reverberates with Lunalu's screams.
She scrambles in a panic back the way she came, but the only way in or out is now locked.
Lunalu: Nooo! Why is it locked! Melissa! Are you there? You're there, aren't you?
Lunalu: Melissa?
Lunalu senses someone standing behind her. She turns.
Jamil: ...
Lunalu: Waaaugh!
Lunalu's terror pushes past its breaking point in the face of a zombie staring right back at her. Her sanity fails as she bolts.
Feather chooses this exact moment to spring out at her, laughing as he chases his prey.
Feather: Triiick ooor treeeat!
Lunalu: Waaaugh!
Lunalu runs like lightning while the man with the lightning fists attempts to keep up.
Feather: Get back here!
Lunalu: Gyaaah!
Jamil and Melissabelle have to step in to stop Feather, otherwise Lunalu will never stop screaming.

The Haunted Room: Scene 2

(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and Randall visit The Haunted Room—new and improved thanks to Lunalu's counsel. Lyria is overcome with fright, so Feather and friends call off the spookery and lead their friends to the exit.

Lunalu: Huff... Huff...
Melissabelle: Are you okay, Lunalu?
Feather: (Captain) told me to spook up the party by dishing out terror.
Feather: Did we getcha? Were you scared?
Lunalu: Are you quite serious! You took years off my life, making me scream like that.
Lunalu: Geez. You owe me those years.
Feather: Whoa! You literally got the life scared out of you?
Feather: I'm sorry about that.
Lunalu: First of all, I wasn't scared. I was just startled. That's it!
Feather: Um, they're kinda the same thing, aren't they? What's the difference?
Lunalu: You poor boy. I didn't want to have to break it to you, but your scares lack elegance.
Lunalu: The setup isn't bad, but you should spice up your operations with provocation and fluctuation.
Feather: Provocation? Fluctuation? How do we do that?
Lunalu: Are you kidding me? Why should I tell you anything?
Melissabelle: Um, I want to know too, Lunalu. Please tell me if there's anything I can improve on.
Lunalu: Eh? Even you, Melissa?
Lunalu eventually relents, unable to refuse Melissabelle who has helped her in the past.
Lunalu: You have to agitate their sense of dread. Like, make them think something's going to happen, but then do nothing.
Lunalu: You keep pushing those fake-outs onto them so they do all the work in psyching themselves out. Which sets them up for the climax.
Lunalu: At that point anything will scare the pants off them. That's when you can lower the boom.
Feather: So that's how it is!
Jamil: I see. I never would have thought of that.
Melissabelle: Wow! That's why you're a storybook pro! It's because you're such an accomplished writer!
Lunalu: Um... I'm not really at that level yet or anything... I mean... that is...
Lunalu: Anyway, I don't want to tell you how to run your room, but that's how I see it.
Feather: We appreciate your advice! Now we can super ramp up the scares!
Feather: Thank you!
Lunalu: Sure. Well, I'm off. Good luck with the spooks, Melissa.
Melissabelle: Mm, thanks, Lunalu. And good luck with your storybooks.
Feather: Wait! Hang on another sec, Lunalu!
Feather: I can't give you those years you lost back, but you can have these prize candies.
Feather: It's to commemorate your status as the first person to enter and experience the room!
Melissabelle: Happy Halloween, Lunalu.
Jamil: Thanks for trick-or-treating, Lunalu.
Lunalu: Th-thanks... Have a good Halloween.
Lunalu leaves.
The spooksters quickly scatter back to their designated stations on Feather's signal.
Feather: We've got another victim incoming!
Feather: Everyone to your places!
The spooksters quickly scatter back to their designated stations on Feather's signal.
Lyria: Oh my... It's pitch-black in here!
Vyrn: Yeah. I can't see a thing.
Randall: Ugh... How'd I get roped into this...
(Captain) has brought Vyrn and Lyria to check out the room.
They encountered Randall along the way and invited him to join them.
Lyria: I know! Wh-why don't we sing a song? Then it won't be scary at all!
Randall: Listen, ever since we walked in, you've been more annoying than a leaky faucet. Quit the waterworks.
Randall: Seriously, if you didn't want to be scared, you shouldn't have come—
Lyria: Huh? B-but I'm not crying!
Randall: No, not you. I meant this little—
Lyria: Eeep!
Vyrn: What is it! What happened?
A loud noise startles them all.
Lyria: Eeek!
Randall: ...!
Lyria: What was that! Something just went by my feet!
Vyrn: Something? What do mean something?
Lyria: Um, it felt silky, I think!
Traps are sprung one by one in the dark room. The guests can feel their hearts beating faster and faster.
Lyria: This is too scary! Vyrn! (Captain)!
Randall: For crying out loud... There are five of us, okay? We'll be fine. See? I'm right next to you!
Lyria: Wh-where are you, Randall?
Randall: It's all right, Lyria. We're both here. How are you three holding up?
Lyria: We're okay!
Hm? Did you say you're with someone?
Lyria: Vyrn... Me... (Captain)... Randall... Isn't that only four people?
Vyrn: Ow! Where'd that bright flash come fr—
Vyrn: Z-zoinks! Lyria, behind you!
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria slowly turns around...
Jamil: ...
Lyria: Yaaaah! A zombie! Don't come near me!
Lyria: Nooo! I'm sorryyy! Don't eat meee!
Vyrn: L-Lyria?
Hey, masked person! Whoever you are, I think Lyria's gone off the deep end!
Witnessing the sheer terror in Lyria, Jamil quickly removes his mask.
Jamil: I'm so sorry for scaring you like that, Lyria! There's no zombie here! It's just me, Jamil!
Lyria: Noooo! Get away from me! Waaaah!
Jamil: ...!
Oh dear...
Jamil: I'm sorry! Lyria!
Melissabelle: Oh no!
Feather: Lyria! Did we make her cry?
This emergency prompts Feather and his spook team to usher the flustered guests outside.

The Haunted Room: Scene 3

Outside The Haunted Room, Randall wonders where the Harvin child who toured the room with him has gone. Lady Grey reveals that the child was in fact a ghost, leaving Randall shaken. Once word of the genuine specter spreads, however, The Haunted Room is thronged by excited crew members.

Melissabelle: I'm sorry for going too far, Lyria!
Jamil: Lyria... Master... Please tell me how I can make up for this heinous transgression!
Feather: Forgive me, Lyria! Please punish me with your punches!
Lyria: Er, actually, I'm the one who wants to say sorry! I kind of overreacted in there!
Lyria: I mean, I already knew there would be scary things in the room, so I shouldn't have panicked like that. You were all just so amazing!
Things gradually settle down. Lyria praises the room with a high spookiness rating.
Feather and his team can finally breathe easy after seeing the smile return to Lyria's face.
Vyrn: Haha. I can handle scary stuff, so it was super fun for me!
Feather: Yeah? So did we deliver a spooktacular Halloween or what?
(Captain) nods in approval of their efforts.
Feather: All right! Thanks, Jamil and Melissabelle! Couldn't have pulled it off without you two!
Jamil: I am extremely pleased not only to receive the master's compliment, but to see Lyria's smile return as well.
Melissabelle: Heehee! Everyone worked very hard!
Randall: Would you let go of me? I'm not going back in there.
Randall: Go find yourself some other crewmate to play with!
Feather: Uh, Randall? Who're you talking to?
Randall: You yanking my chain? This little brat right he—
Randall: Wha? Hey, where'd that little snot run off to? She was just here a second ago...
Melissabelle: What are you talking about?
Feather: A kid? I don't remember seeing any kid around here.
Randall: Cut the jokes, all right? She was with us the whole time. Tell 'em, (Captain)!
Randall: You saw the Harvin kid too, right, Vyrn and Lyria?
Lyria: Um, I didn't see anyone like that...
Randall: Wait, what? I figured she was some new crew member (Captain) was showing around...
But as Randall desperately makes his claim, it's clear from (Captain)'s expression that the captain has no idea what he's talking about.
Randall: Then who the hell was that kid?
Melissabelle: Could it be...
Vyrn: Gulp...
Feather: A lost child?
Jamil: ...
A voice from outside the group offers a theory.
Lady Grey: Hehe. Everyone was having such a good time that the little one must have decided to join the fun.
Lady Grey greets the group with a knowing smile.
Randall: ...!
Lyria: Th-then... you're saying she was a real ghost?
Randall: Wait, why was I the only one that could see it? What does that mean?
Lady Grey: You probably seemed like the kindly older brother type.
Feather: A ghost? You really saw one, Randall?
Feather: That's pretty sweet! Was it a cool ghost?
Randall: Aw, shaddup! Just shut your mouth!
Lady Grey: Hahaha...
Lady Grey's words have Randall shaking in his boots.
For everyone else, a cold tingle runs down their spines.
Feather: On the plus side, now we can genuinely say The Haunted Room lives up to its name!
Feather: We're gonna push Halloween to the max!
Feather: Melissabelle! Jamil!
Feather: The night is still young!
Melissabelle: Yeah, but... it's not every day you meet a real ghost...
Melissabelle: Um, I'm a little nervous... Can I go get Lunalu and Mahira?
Jamil: In the meantime it would be in everyone's best interest to move Lyria to a scare-free zone.
Feather: Sounds good. While you guys are away, I'll go attract more guests!
Feather: Be a pal, Randall, and give me a hand!
Randall: Screw you! As if anyone would lift a finger for you.
Vyrn: Oh boy... Let's go snag some pumpkin pie while the snagging's good.
Taking Lady Grey's words at face value, Feather circles the airship with his marketing campaign.
Feather's Haunted Room would soon become the talk of the crew for its authenticity.
Curious crew members queue outside long into the Halloween night, marking the venture as a frightful success.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
菓子は挑戦状だ! Each candy is a written challenge!
トリック・オア・トリート!正々堂々勝負だッ! Trick or treat! Let's fight fair and square!
オレもお化けを見てみたいぜ! No fair! I wanna see a ghost too!
クッキーよりもパイの方が強いのか? Y'think pie's stronger than cookies?
本物を見た事がないなら説得力も薄れるか…… Hard to believe in ghosts when you've never seen the real thing...
お化けだろうが何だろうが拳で語り合えば同じだッ! Ghost, ghoul, or goblin, they're gettin' a two-fisted talking-to!
この衣装は団の女の子達が考えてくれたんだ The women on the crew designed this costume for me.
メリッサベルにとうもろこしを貰った! 美味かった! I got some corn from Melissabelle! It was delish!
さぁ、熱く語り合おうぜッ! How about that fist-to-fist chat!
ジャミルの一族の秘技……いつか全て見てみたいぜ! I gotta get Jamil to show me the rest of his clan's secret techniques!


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