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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3020004000 01.jpg Galadar
Age 45 years old
Height 208 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Crafts, knitting
Likes Handicrafts of all kinds
Dislikes People touching his horns
A Draph warrior with a craftsman's touch, Galadar can handle anything from delicate handiwork to ship repairs, displaying an expert level of care and attention to detail that few would expect from such a hulking warrior. Galadar overwhelms his foes with swings from his mighty hammer, and the sound of his bellowing laughs lend courage to his allies, no matter how dire the situation.

Npc f 3020004000 01.jpg Galadar
Age 45歳
Height 208 cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 小物づくり、編み物
Likes 手芸全般
Dislikes 角を触られる事

Source [1]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ha ha ha ha ha! Happy birthday, we'an!
Aye, I got ye a wee present!
Ah, ye're at a good age. Just be sure to look after yeself while ye still have somethin' worth lookin' after.
Now the present... Ye get one of me weapons. Go on and take whichever one ye want!
Ha ha ha ha ha!


Gahahaha! Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Ye know, steel tends tae grow brittle and rust away ower time.
But when ye get a real craftsman usin' the best material there is, a weapon gets sharper every time it's used.
If ye ask me, we folk are no different.
Someone livin' wi' a strong will and true friends only gets stronger ower th' years.
That's how I imagine ye to be, (Captain)!
Bwahahaha, keep it up, Captain!


Dahahaha! Happy Steel Day, (Captain)!
Hm? Birthday? Ye sure it ain't Steel Day?
Meh, no point' sweatin' the small stuff.
Anyhoo, did ye know life's an allegory fer steel?
Everyone starts out weak and brittle, cryin' red when on a bad day.
But when ye temper to perfection, they're all ready to take on the world.
So like I said...
Happy Steel Day! Three cheers to this wonderfully steely day!
Happy Steel Day! Dahahaha!
And don't take this fer a mere jest either! It took me a while to come up wit' the idea!


Dahahaha! Happy birthday, (Captain)!
This year, ye get crude iron! That means it has nae been wrought or refined yet.
What? You cannae ken why I'd give ye such a gift?
At first I was plannin' tae give ye a finished weapon...
But I thought it'd be more festive if I guided ye through the process of forgin' yer own!
I want ye to mark every step the metal takes from crude iron to the gleamin' weapon that watches o'er ye in battle!
Well? Come along then! No time to dawdle!
Nothin' less than a legendary weapon will do for my captain's birthday!


Happy birthday! Hope it's a fair one for ye, (Captain)!
Here, a present! It's a bit o' new defensive gear I adjusted to match yer growth spurt.
How many times now have I given ye armor or iron on yer special day, I wonder...
Since hoppin' aboard your vessel, I've spent countless days on the anvil, workin' blades and forgin' mail.
And over that time, our bonds have become as strong as iron.
Let's keep temperin' it though, so next year they'll be as strong as steel! Dahahaha!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I always see the new year as a fresh start, ye know?
No holdin' back now, we'an.
This fresh cake made wi' an iron fist is all yers!
Ye should know tho'-it's really just a steel brick! Bahahaha!
How's that fur a New Year's gift? Gahahaha!


Bwahaha! Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I'm bein' overly cheerful, ye say?
Mwahahaha! I spend mah days forgin' pipin' steel! That's bound tae make anyone happy!
Why don't ye try it too?
Klink, klank, klonk! Klink, klank, klonk! Och, I just love that sound!
Bwahahaha! Ye can expect another year o' th' best weapons from me, Captain!


Dahahaha! Happy New Iron, (Captain)!
Hm? I've got the holiday name wrong?
Ohoho, I wouldn't call it 'wrong' per se. 'Tis a new greeting I came up wit' just now!
What's that? Now ye want to know the best time to use it?
Ain't it obvious? Ye say it during the birth of shiny new iron!
Happy New Iron!
C'mon, say it wit' me, Cap'n! Happy New Iron!
Dahahaha! 'Tis always a resounding joy to see new iron come into the world!


Dahahaha! Another year's upon us, Cap'n! Happy New Iron!
Ah, what a glad occasion! We're gonnae have a fine year, I can feel it in me bones!
I know! How'd ye like a tour of me forge, eh? Ye can help me temper an' fold, an' we can ring this new iron in proper!
That's decided! So let's be off, an' not a moment tae waste!
Dahahaha! Happy New Iron!


Oi! (Captain), a happy New Year to ye!
Looks like y'er handlin' yer business early this year.
It's a good thing for a we'un to get a head start on their goals!
Hm? Me? I've been in me forge for a fortnight now.
Was so busy poundin' the iron, time slipped me mind, and suddenly it was the new year.
Guess that's what I'll be doin' with the upcomin' year too! Dahahaha!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's, ye say?
Gahahaha! Why, aren't ye a whimsy one?
Not that I mind though.
If ye ever need any weapons polished, ye just let ol' Galadar 'ere know!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Cheers for the chocolate, pal.


By my beard, is this really happenin'?
An old fart like me is undeserving of yer sweet gifts.
But, oh my, ye sure are a curious one, (Captain).
Huh? Ye think I'm upset?
Gah hah hah! On the contrary I couldn't be happier!
Cheers for keeping an ol' man like me in mind, (Captain)!


Dahahaha! Kept ye waitin', huh!
I bet that thing yer holdin' is...
It can be only be one thing...
You know what I'm talkin' about, right? That thing fair maidens pour all their heat and heart into to forge in the sacred kiln!
Steel! Yep, tell me I'm right!
Bingo, ye say?
Dahahaha! I didn't take ye for a jokester!
Aaanyway, be it steel or chocolate, (Captain), I'll gladly take anything from—
Dahahaha! Now yer just makin' me blush, (Captain)!


Well, if it isn't (Captain)! What brings ye by me forge?
What've ye got there? Somethin' fer me?
Och, aye. Today's Valentine's Day, isn't it?
Dahahaha! I'd clean forgotten. Didnae think it had aught t'dae with me.
Eh? Which would I prefer, chocolate or iron?
Hmm... That's a thorny one, we'an. From yer hands, either'd make me a happy man.
If it's steel, we can temper it together. If it's chocolate, we can share it.
What? Ye're givin' me both? Och, Cap'n, yer generosity knows no bounds! Dahahaha!


Oi, (Captain)! Seems like a roger of a morn! Ye here to take a load off?
Dahaha! I jest, I jest! Y'er here to deliver me Valentine's Day present, aren't ye?
I knew ye would. After all, ye bring one every year like clockwork.
It's become one of the few days I can remember.
Dahaha! Thank ye, (Captain)!
I'll remember this for White Day! Look forward to it, hear!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

It was quite the challenge deciding what to give in return.
I picked out a few items, but nothin' quite fit the way I wanted...
Well? Does this strike yer fancy?
Ah, ye like it? Glad to hear it!
'Twas either this or a steel hammer! Seems I chose wisely!


Gah hah hah! Happy White Day, (Captain)!
I'm no good wit' these formalities. Sure took me a long time to figure out what to get ye.
So when I asked everybody on the crew, they suggested I make some cookies.
It was kinda lik' monkey-see, monkey-do for me, but I did it! I hope ye'll accept, (Captain).
Gah hah hah! Me efforts haven't been in vain!
Oh gosh! From the flour, to the sugar, to the nuts, to the eggs... Oh, and the butter...
Even wit' all that, I was afraid they'd taste too plain, so I added a wee helpin' of quality iron powder for that special flavor. And now this batch is as stiff 'n' heavy as me hammer!
Gah hah hah! I kid, (Captain).
Relax. I made sure they're edible!


Dahahaha! Looks like I made it right on time, (Captain)!
What's wit' my ragin' excitement, ye ask? Well, I made somethin' fer Wh-White... Day...
Dahahaha! There, I said it!
Hm? Yer bettin' it's just steel?
Och, c'mon now. Even I wouldn't stoop to that level... Or would I?
Dahahaha! By my bearded hammer, how did ye know? Steel it is!
I thought to bake ye some cake at first, but when I went to check the dough I stuffed in the hearth...
It came out as charcoa—I mean high-grade steely sand!
Hey, chin up! Come here—I've got somethin' for ye!
Here's a mighty fine steel gauntlet to make yer happy White Day!
Dahahaha! Steel makes the world go round!


Ahoy there, Cap'n! I got somethin' for ye!
Today's a day for returnin' kindnesses!
This Valentine's Day, ye gave me iron and chocolates.
I cannae let ye outdo me! Gottae return yer generosity wi' interest!
So hold out yer hand, (Captain)!
Whoa there! Careful!
Flex your core there, (Captain), or ye'll throw yer back out.
What d'ye mean, what is it? What a fool question!
Have ye nae eyes t'see? It's an alloy! Mixed by yers truly!
One metal for each of your gifts to me!
An alloy of two makes for a stronger weapon than one metal alone! Dahahaha!


(Captain)! Here's a gift to thank ye for Valentine's Day! Go on, don't be shy!
I remembered the date, so I was able to prepare a proper present for ye!
Behold! It's called the sword cookie!
It's flavor is as sharp as any blade—or so they said when they sold it to me.
Not sure what it means, but I liked it because it was named after a weapon.
Oh? Ye like it too? Course you do! It's brilliant!
Well, I'm glad that worked out! Dahaha!

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
3rd year:
Weapon s 1020600400.jpg Crusher Glove
4th year:
Galadar's Alloy Ingot square.jpg Galadar's Alloy Ingot
5th year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm? You want some candy?
Ack, you should've asked earlier.
As you can see, I'm all out!
Chocolate? Hmm... How about a chakram instead?
Cookies? Hmm... I can give you a kukri blade, if you'd like.
Caramel corn? How about a caramel carbine? Might be a bit big for your bag, admittedly.
Candy apples? How about a candy claymore?
Bwahaha! Indeed it's weapons all the way down!


Bwahahaha! The witching hour has arrived once again, (Captain). All Hallows' Eve!
What's that? You want me to lend you something fun to use as a costume?
As you wish, (Captain). You can have as much as you'd like from my personal stores!
Of course, all I've got in there are weapons and armor.
You're always ready for a battle, so you're not exactly going to look much different from normal!


Trick or iron, (Captain)!
Dahahaha! Have at ye, Halloween!
Oi, what's wit' the outfit, (Captain)? Ye plan on playin' a trick on me in that?
Yer gonna have to try harder if ye wanna surprise me.
How 'bout I fashion ye a mighty big costume?
Come again? Ye prefer full-bodied armor? Maximillian style or with a tower shield?
Dahahaha! Iron or iron!
An easy choice, if ye ask me!


Dahahaha! Iron or Iron, Cap'n!
Hm? I went straight to the ironclad iron option this year?
Don't look so dour! Feast yer eyes on this mountain of metal!
This is a year's worth of weapons and armor!
Yer here looking for a costume again, aren't ye?
Well this time I'm prepared!
If ye're off to pillage candy, ye need the proper equipment!
Come now, pick whatever strikes yer fancy! Take it all, if ye want! Dahahaha!


(Captain), feast yer eyes upon this! I've forged a pile o' weapons n' armor for Halloween!
The centerpiece is my patented lightweight Halloween mail!
Look here, Halloween's normally a day for the we'ans, idnit?
Thought I'd make some armor the tikes could wear. They'd look a right mess trying to hoof around the adult kind.
(Captain), ye've friends all around, don't ye? Ye must flap about with tons o' types on Halloween night, eh?
If ye catch sight of any we'ans without proper armor, ye be sure to suit 'em up with my handiwork!
Iron or iron! Dahahaha!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Sorry I'm missin' the white hair.
But a red-haired Santa's just as good, right?


Bahahaha! Season's greetings, (Captain)!
Ye've been a good we'an this bygone year, so Galadar Santa here's gotten ye a gift!
Och, sae ye don't like bein' spoken to like a child?
Gahahaha! If ye ask me, ye're still just a fledgling!
But enough blatherin'! Here, have a taste of mah special steel candy canes!


Dahahaha! Pardon my steely stench, but Galadar Santa's here again!
Anyhoo, have ye been a good kid this year, (Captain)?
Oho, so ye have, eh? This calls fer a present from Galadar Santa!
What's that? Ye bet it's just a lump of cold steel?
Dahahaha! Right on! Nothin' but steel here!
But ye've got another thing comin' if ye think that's all I've got!
This is forged from the finest steel ye can find in my hearth.
With layers upon layers of steel coating serried upon it.
Dahahaha... A steel cake made by one of the steeliest men on this side of the skies!
No need to say another word! Go on and feast on my specially steely mille-feuille!


Dahahaha! Galadar Santa returns at last, tae answer the prayers of all the wee lads an' lasses!
I trust ye've been a good we'an this year as well, Cap'n?
Ohh! That's what I like to hear! Well then, ye've earned yer present!
What's that? You wannae know what manner of iron I have for ye this year?
Why... I do believe ye've come to look forward to my gifts!
Dahaha! Ye gladden me heart! An' I'll nae disappoint ye!
I tempered this especially for ye, (Captain)!
A dessert that one an' all can enjoy on this holiest of nights...
Galadar's Special Steely Puddin'!


Huh. Guess that's how it is.
Oh, (Captain)! Havin' a merry festival, I hope!
I plan on bein' Galadar Santa again this year, so I've made a grand present for all the we'uns on the ship!
It's a mammoth tree, forged tip to stump from the finest iron! Makes for a pretty solid holiday, eh?
What do ye think? The sparkle is perfect for the season, eh?
Normally people decorate the tree to add a little pizzazz, but when the tree itself is the star, well there's no beatin' that.
Everybody aboard the ship is gonna feel the holiday spirit when they get a load of this thing! Dahaha!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Pride of a Craftsman[edit]

The party, their affairs in order, found themselves meeting a Draph by the name of Galadar.(Captain) had just acquired an axe. It turns out Galadar had made it in his younger years.But the party had seen the true value of the weapon that he had wished to take so dearly.Deeply impressed, Galadar said he would join them in their travels.

(Captain)'s party was at the KnickKnack Shack making arrangements for their journey.
The party prepared to leave with their new equipment. A voice from behind stopped them.
???: Hey, you...yeah, you with the lizard.
Vyrn: Quit calling me a lizard! And? You need something?
Galadar: Sure do. The name's Galadar. See you got yourselves a mighty fine axe, there. Mind if I take a look?
Vyrn: Sure... if looking is all you want to do. You okay with that, (Captain)?
Galadar: Sorry 'bout that. I'll give it right back...
Lyria: Wow...I don't it's good to have an axe that close to your face. What do you think he's looking for?
Galadar: Dahahaha! That's definitely the one!
Galadar: Who'dve thunk I'd see it in a place like this! Wonders never cease!
Vyrn: Wha-what's wrong?

What's your deal, man?

I don't see what's so funny...
Galadar: Dahahaha! No, no. It's just this situation.
Galadar: But I do have something I wanna mind handing over that axe?
  1. What? No.
  2. Why do you want it?

Choose: What? No.
Galadar: Dahahaha! Ah, but you won't even hear me out!
Galadar: 'sides...there's something I need it for.

Choose: Why do you want it?
Galadar: Dahahaha! I'm sorry! Truly I am! I'm talking about handing things over and you don't even know why!
Galadar: I'll spill, but promise you won't laugh...
Continue 1
Galadar: That axe...I first laid eyes on it years and years ago. Made it, in fact.
Galadar: But seeing it's unfinished. Definitely not my best work.
Galadar: I mean, I got a reputation here.
Galadar: I'm trying to get back all of that half-baked junk I made back in the day. My pride's on the line, here.
Vyrn: Haha...thought you had a good set of eyes on you. Now I know why.
Lyria: Do you really need to take it?
Galadar: Don't worry. You won't lose any sleep. I'll whip up something nice to replace it.
Lyria: That's not what I'm worried about. It's doesn't seem that bad to me.
Galadar: Well how about that! You must be a hand and a half at smithing, eh?
Lyria: Not really. I don't know much about weapons or any of that stuff.
Lyria: But...I can feel that whoever made this put their heart and soul into it. I really can.
Galadar: Dahahaha! That's too rich!
Galadar: But heart and soul, eh. I did kind of go wild with it back then, y'know, to make up for my lack of skill...
Galadar: You know what? Go ahead and use it. If you're happy, I'm happy.
Vyrn: Leave it to us!

We've put this baby through its paces and it still hasn't chipped!

We'll take good care of it!
Galadar: Dahahaha! But I helped you, so you can help me! I've decided I'm going to travel with you.
Lyria: Wha? We're always glad to have more people...but why?
Galadar: Not everyday you meet someone who sees to the heart of a weapon! I think it'd be a real treat to travel with you.
Galadar: And I'll bet you find your share of fighting. That oughta keep me busy!
With a booming laugh shaking his great frame, the Draph craftsman joined (Captain)'s party.
Too many times the count, our heroes were saved by the fruits of his unparalleled skill.

The Skill of a Master[edit]

During the fight, Katalina’s sword Rukalsa chips. Galadar says that to repair, they must use a special mineral. The party heads to the mountain with many monsters.

Pushing aside the large pack of monsters, (Captain) and party rest for a brief moment.
Galadar: Hey, you guys! Be sure to maintain your weapons after every battle!
Galadar: Swords and axes are more delicate than they seem.
Vyrn: You can count on me! We’re okay! Right, (Captain)?
Katalina: Yes. I should maintain my weapons...
Katalina: Ahh! It cannot be...
Vyrn: What happened?! What’s with the hysteric crying?
Katalina: ...! M-My sword... Rukalsa... is chipped...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! I told you so!
Galadar: Weapons will all break eventually! Here, let me see it.
Galadar: Hm. I can fix this no problem. I’ll reforge it for you right away.
Katalina: Really?! Thank you...!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! It’s a bit early for you to thank me!
Galadar: I don’t have the necessary materials right now...
Vyrn: W-What happened? Why are you crouching down all of a sudden? Does your stomach hurt?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Draph stomachs must be weak!
Galadar: It’s not that... I was feeling the earth here. I’m sure we can get minerals in the mountain on the other side.
Lyria: Wow! You know that just by touching the dirt?
Galadar: I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born in a place like Valtz where it’s great for blacksmiths.
Galadar: When I lived with nature, I just learned it naturally!
Katalina: I see! That’s good to hear... Then let’s head to the mountain right away!
Katalina: Everybody ready?! The mountain has many monsters. I won’t allow you to interfere with the repair of Rukalsa!

The Skill of a Master: Scene 2[edit]

Monsters appear before the party as they pass through the collapsing cave with Galadar leading the party.

Vyrn: This is such a cramped cave... I’m going to bump my head a lot in here.
Galadar: Bwahahaha! You should just stick to the wall like a lizard and you’ll be fine!
Vyrn: I told you I'm not a damn lizard! What about you? You’re hitting your head everywhere. You okay?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Not to worry! My head is tough!
Lyria: Um... No matter how tough your head is, wouldn’t it still hurt?
Katalina: Hm? Every time Galadar hits his head, the cave feels like it’s shaking.
Galadar: Now that you mention it, every time I enter small caves, they usually collapse. I have no idea why.
Vyrn: Hmm... I have a really strong feeling it's your fault.
Vyrn: Whoa! Monsters have the worst timing! Let’s take care of them and get out of here!

The Skill of a Master: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain) and party safely obtain the mineral. The skilled blacksmith Galadar fixes Rukalsa, much to the joy of Katalina. By Galadar’s policy, a harsh burden will be placed on Rukalsa.

(Captain) and company obtain the mineral and Galadar quickly begins repairing Rukalsa.
Katalina: Ugh... Galadar! W-What is the meaning of this?!
Galadar: Hm? What do you mean?
Katalina: T-This weight! The chipped part is certainly fixed... But why did it become this heavy?!
Lyria: Katalina... If it’s that heavy, why don’t you put it down for a second?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! You don’t know anything!
Galadar: Listen to me. Weight is power!
Galadar: The heavier your weapon, the better it is!
Katalina: But...! T-That may be true, but you have to be considerate of the person using it...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Just work out more!
Katalina: Ahh...! W-We’re done for...
Vyrn: Whoa! Katalina’s sword is stuck in the ground!
Vyrn: Oh, no... Hey, (Captain). If you’re going to ask Galadar to fix the weapon, you have to be prepared.
In the end, they ask Galadar again to repair Katalina’s sword, which allows her to wield it once more.
But Galadar still waits for his chance to turn everyone’s weapon into a heavyweight version of itself.


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